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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 10


"The Lottery" - Part 10 (mf, oral, inc, con, mast)

The next morning, Sally was jarred from her peaceful
sleep by the noise emanating from the alarm clock.
Forcing her eyes open she looked at the source of the
annoying sound. The digital numbers signaled it was
time to get up if the two girls were to join their
brothers for fishing.

Sally shook Kim and told her to get out of bed. As
Kim started to move, Sally went into the bathroom and
turned on the shower. She stepped into the cool spray
and adjusted it to a more comfortable level. Sally
wet her hair and looked down to see the water had a
pink tint to it. She was a little startled, searching
herself for the source. Looking between her legs, she
could see the remaining traces of dried blood. Using
her fingers to rub the dark brown substance, she
watched as it disappeared into the drain.

Gently she probed her tender vagina. She felt the
crusty remains of her virginity as she slowly and
carefully cleaned herself. Sally took the soap and
rubbed it over her body, then rinsed. She paid
special attention to her vaginal area, making sure all
traces of blood were gone. After washing her hair,
she shut off the water and stepped into the now steamy

Kim was at the sink, brushing her teeth. Sally
looked at her naked cousin, seeing the blood that
remained on her. "Kim," she said, "look." Kim looked
down see what Sally was pointing at.

"I Know." she said.

Spitting the remains of the toothpaste into the sink,
Kim said, "Come with me."

Sally watched her cousin's firm ass as she walked to
the bed and pointed out the blood on the sheets.

"What are we going to do about this?" Sally

Kim quickly made the bed, covering the evidence of
last night's activity.

Kim went back to the bathroom and showered. When
finished, she quietly called Sally.

"Are you sore too?" Kim asked.

"Kind of," Sally answered. "Feels like my muscles
after I work out too hard."

"Yea," Kim confirmed. Then looking directly into her
cousin's eyes Kim said, "No regrets." As both a
statement and question.

Sally hugged Kim, kissed her lips, and said, "None."

The girls maintained their embrace for a few moments,
then separating Kim said, "We had better hurry or
those guys will leave us again."

Sally agreed and went to select her wardrobe for the

"What are you going to wear?" Sally said over her
shoulder. Kim responded that she was going to put on
the nylon warm-up suit. Sally glanced at her Kim to
see her pulling on a pair of white cotton panties and
the pants of the warm-up. She pulled a long-sleeve
top over her head, without a bra, and slipped the
jacket on.

Sally selected a pair of print panties and copied her
cousin's attire. Slipping on the jacket, she sat on
the bed to put on her socks and shoes. She
immediately jumped up and wiped her hand over a small
rise in the covers. Smiling, she reached under the
covers and retrieved the object that had startled her.
It was the blood stained vibrator. She searched
further until she found the purple dildo.

Holding the objects up for Kim to see Sally said, "We
had better hide these."

Kim laughed and Sally took them to the sink, rinsed
them and drying them with a towel. Sally hid the
items in a drawer, remembering the night before.

The girls packed their beach bags with the sexy white
bikinis and towels. They left the new suits Anne had
bought them behind. Looking at the time, they started
down the stairs, with fifteen minutes to spare. They
stopped in the kitchen and grabbed the bag containing
their lunch from the refrigerator, and headed for the

They reached the end of the pier in time to hear Jack
start the motor.

"Good morning," Kim smiled at her brother, "Did you
guys sleep well on the boat?"

Jack said, "It was fun, Tom and I would like to take
a short trip one day."

The girls stepped from the wooden surface of the pier
onto the dew-slick deck.

Sally slipped and Tom caught her in his arms, keeping
her from falling. He held his sister close, as Sally
regained her footing, then released her. During their
embrace, Tom noticed the absence of a bra strap across
her back. The girls went forward and stowed their
bags in the small cabin and the food in the cooler.
They saw the two new sleeping bags balled in the
corners of the V bunk.

The girls yelled at their brothers for being slobs,
and proceeded to fold and roll the bags into neat,
self-contained, packages. They picked up the boys sweat pants, which they must have used as pajamas, and
put them into the backpacks their brothers used to
store their belongings. With the cabin straightened
to their satisfaction, the girls went on deck to see
if they could help the boys.

Tom said to Kim, "See what's in the bag for

Kim looked at her male cousin and in a sarcastic
voice said, "What did you say?"

Tom, realizing it was posed as more of a command than
a question, said, "please."

"That's better," Kim chuckled and took the bag of
food from the cooler. She walked to the back of the
boat and removed the items from the bag, arranging
them on the raised housing that concealed the boat's

There was lunchmeat, cheese, chips, a carton of milk,
sodas, and a box of donuts. Kim asked, "Are there any
cups on the boat?"

Jack told her she could find them under the seat on
the port side.

"Um ... is that right or left?" She asked her
brother, revealing her lack of knowledge regarding
nautical terms.

Jack smiled at his sister, and said, "Left."

Kim went to the locker under the seat and opened to
door. Inside she found a large plastic box. She
removed it and, kneeling on the deck, opened the cover
and examined the contents. She found a stack of
neatly folded hand towels, a bar of soap, a smaller
box full or assorted hardware and a stack of plastic
cups. She removed four of the cups, closed the lid on
the box, and returned it to its proper place. She
tore four pieces of paper toweling from the roll
mounted on the inside of the door. Sally was putting
away the food items they wouldn't need as Kim
separated the paper towel, placing two donuts on each

Tom had untied the lines and Jack was easing the boat
out of the slip. Kim carried a cup of milk and two
donuts to the helm, placing the milk into a cup
holder, and the donuts on the dash. Jack thanked her,
grabbing one of the round little cakes and taking a
large bite, washing it down with milk. Kim returned
to the motor housing that served as their table and
picked up her breakfast. She went forward and asked
her brother if she could share his seat. Jack slid
over making room for his younger sister, and patted
the seat next to him. Kim climbed up and sat next to
Jack, the seat, while designed for two, was narrow.
She felt the presence of her brother's hip and thigh
as is rested tightly against her own.

Jack picked up a small slip of paper and looked at
the numbers written on it.

"What's that?" Kim asked.

"They are coordinates for a spot the men in town gave

Kim watched as Jack pushed the buttons on the GPS,
between bites of food and swigs of milk. Soon the
display showed a map with an arrow pointing at an

Jack pointed at the icon and said, "I just have to
steer the boat so we reach that spot."

Kim sat next to her older brother and watched as he
piloted the craft. The waves were about one foot,
causing the boat to rise and fall gently.

"Can I drive?" Kim asked.

Jack said, "Sure, let's trade places."

The two teens traded spots on the seat and Kim took a
firm grip of the wheel with both hands. Jack
instructed her on how to keep the arrow of the GPS,
and the boat, on its course. He cautioned her on over-
steering and explained the ship-to-shore radio.

"Who do you talk to on that thing?" Kim asked.

"Anyone that has a radio. Like other fishermen or
the hand held radio dad has," Jack replied.

"Can we call dad?" Kim said, reaching for the mic.

"Not at this hour," Jack laughed, "They're still

Kim looked at the time on the GPS it was only seven

Kim asked Jack to hold the wheel, telling him it was
getting warm under the protection of the hardtop.
Jack reached over and took a firm grip, holding the
boat on course. Kim pulled the zipper down on the
black nylon jacket and worked it off her shoulders.
As she did, her brother couldn't help but notice her
breasts as they were thrust forward. Kim wiggled the
garment down her arms and off. She took over the
steering duties from Jack. He observed how the thin
form-fitting shirt accented her breasts. He could see
the faint outline of her nipples atop the dark areola
that bled through the shirt.

Jack redirected his attention to the GPS. He noted
that they would arrive at the waypoint in about ten
minutes or so. Patting the top of Kim's thigh, he
said, "Keep her steady, I am going to get the rods

He got up and went to the stern where his two cousins
were sitting.

"Let's get rigged," Jack told Tom.

Tom and Jack removed the rods from the holders and
tied the lures they would start fishing with on the
lines. As they returned the prepared rods to the
appropriate holder, they noticed Sally. She sat in
the starboard jump seat. The wind created by the
boats forward motion pasted her jacket to her chest.
The cool air had a visible effect, causing her nipples
to show. Sally was completely aware of her
appearance, and the fact that her brother and cousin
had noticed. Jack asked Sally to move so he could
attend to the rods on that side of the boat. Sally
got up, went forward, and joined Kim at the helm.

Kim told Jack that the GPS was beeping. Jack went up
and, reaching over Kim, pulled back on the throttle.
The boat slowed to about two miles an hour. Jack
returned to the stern and started to set the lines
with the help of Tom.

Once everything was in place, Jack went to the helm
and set the autopilot. He told the girls they could
come back and wait for a fish to strike. The group
stared at the rod tips for almost two hours, changing
lures from time to time. Even though it was only a
little past nine o'clock in the morning, the sun was
out and warming the air.

Sally told Kim she was going to change and went to
the cabin. Kim followed her cousin into the cabin,
pulling the door closed behind her. The girls removed
their warm-ups, shirts, and panties.

"How do you feel down there?" Kim asked, pointing at
Sally's pubic area.

Sally looked at Kim and told her that she was still a
little tender. Kim nodded in agreement. The
teenagers removed their white bikinis from the bags
and put them on. Each girl pulled out a pair of nylon
shorts and stepped into them.

Back on deck, Jack had changed course, saying that
the spot they had been told about wasn't producing
anything. Kim looked out over the fantail and saw
they were now moving away from shore.

The girls moved into the sun and continued to watch
the rods. It was ten o'clock when Kim saw one of the
rods spring from its bowed stance and start jumping.

"Jack," she called, "look at this rod."

Jack yelled, "Fish on!" and pulled the rod from its
holder. He pulled back on the stressed rod, reeling
like mad on the small handle. With the slack removed
from the line, he handed it to Kim and said, "Here you
go kid!"

Kim took the fishing rod from her brother and
immediately felt the fish try to pull it from her
hands. She put the butt of the long rod into her
stomach and pulled back on it. Jack barked out
instructions as Kim fought the fish. He told her to
keep the tip high, and reel down on the fish, then
pull the tip up again. Kim cranked the reel and held
onto the rod. She complained that the end of the rod
was hurting her tummy as it jabbed her at the waist.

Jack got out a small plastic harness and put it
around his sister's waist. He helped her put the end
of the rod into the small swivel cup on the device as
he cinched the strap behind her. Kim would reel in
some line, only to have the fish strip it back off the
Every time Kim pulled back on the rod her forearms
would mash into her breasts. The action of her arms
finally pushed the material that covered her right
breast off to the side exposing her.

Sally said, "Hey Kim, your boob is showing!"

Jack and Tom looked at Kim to see what Sally was
talking about. There she stood, fighting with the
relentless fish, her breast completely uncovered.

"I don't care!" Kim yelled in reply, "I'm going to
get this fish if it kills me."

Soon, they could see the silver fish near the surface
of the water. Jack continued to coach his sister as
the fish approached the back of the boat. Tom removed
the net from its holder and stood poised the scoop up
the large salmon. No one was paying any attention to
the now near topless fisherman as she reared back on
the fish and reeled as hard as she could. The fish
was huge. It rolled onto its side and gave up as Tom
speared the net into the water and encased the fish in
the mesh.

Jack helped Tom hoist the fish out of the water and
onto the deck. Kim relieved the pressure of the line
and Jack wrenched the treble hook out of the fish's
jaw with a pair of pliers. Kim, out of breath and
exposed, stood and vibrated with excitement. She
watched as her brother and cousin untangled the fish
from the net.

Once clear, Jack picked up the fish and held out to
his sister. Kim stared at the fish. It seemed that
it was almost as long as she was tall. She handed the
rod to Tom and reached for "HER" fish. Proudly, she
gripped it through the gills as Jack instructed. Kim
told Sally to get her camera so they could get some
pictures. As Kim held the fish, almost dropping it
because of its weight, Sally snapped several

Sally said to Kim, "Do you want some pictures we can
show to our parents?"

Kim looked at Sally with a puzzled look on her face.
"What are you talking about?" she asked.

The boys and Sally started to laugh. Finally, Kim
looked down and saw the source of their amusement.
Both of her breasts were exposed, her nipples standing
at attention. Kim joined the others in their
laughter, handing the large fish to Jack so she could
cover herself. She rinsed the fishy slime from her
hands and pulled the white material of her suit over
her breasts.

"You had better erase those Sally." Kim told her
cousin, taking the fish from her brother. Sally
giggled and said that maybe she would and maybe she
wouldn't. Sally took more pictures of Kim and her
fish, including the boys.

Jack took the camera and shot one of Kim and Sally.
Tom said to his sister and cousin, "Why don't you guys let us take one of the fish with your boobs out?"

The two girls giggled at Tom, then Sally grabbed the
cups of her suit and pulled them aside, She reached
around Kim, repeated the action, and put her arm
around her cousin's shoulder. Jack snapped several
pictures as the four teens roared.

Just as Jack got the fish weighed and put the twenty-
two pound salmon in the box, another rod went off.
Jack grabbed it, gave it to his cousin, and told her
that this one was hers. Sally grabbed the rod and
started to fight the fish as she had watched Kim do.

Kim removed the harness and put it around Sally,
helping her put the end of the rod into the holder.
Sally struggled with the fish as it raced away from
the boat, then came back as she reeled for about ten
minutes. Out in the distance, the fish broke the
surface and tail-walked on the blue water. Sally
reeled quickly, gaining on the fish.

"This isn't so hard," she quipped.

Kim came up behind the teen as she bent forward and
pointed the rod tip at the fish, and then reeled back.
Kim reached around her cousin and grabbed the small
panels that covered her breasts.

Pulling them aside Kim said, "Here, try it topless."

Sally's breasts popped into view as Kim and the boys laughed. Sally told them it wasn't fair, that it was
accidental when it happened to Kim.

Sally cut her protest short as the fish came near the
back of the boat. Kim took snapshots with the small
digital camera as Jack and Tom prepared to land the
fish. Once on the fish was on the deck the four teens
relaxed again. Sally held the fish for pictures, her
breasts still out of her suit top. Kim, feeling it
was only fair, uncovered herself for a shot, then
concealed her own as well as Sally's breasts.

The fish weighed in at twenty-five pounds, the
largest of any fish that had been caught up until
then. The girls teased the boys that they were better

Tom put the lines back in the water as Jack went to
the helm and turned the boat to cover the same area
they had caught the large fish in. He worked back and
forth over the same water. Tom caught a nice salmon,
about eighteen pounds and Jack reeled in one just over
twenty pounds.

When an hour had passed with no additional fish, Kim
and Sally told their brothers that they wanted to eat
lunch and go swimming. The boys agreed and Jack
pointed the boat towards shore as Tom and the girls brought in the tackle. With all of the equipment
stored where it belonged, Jack increased the speed and
headed for shallow water. He pushed the buttons on
the GPS as they skimmed along the smooth water. He
yelled back to his crew that they were over thirty
miles from the beach house.

Jack slowed the boat and anchored in about four feet
of water. The girls took the food from the cooler and
made sandwiches for all of them. After lunch, Sally
told the boys that she was going to stretch out in on
the bow and get some sun. She and Kim went in the
cabin and up through the hatch to the bow. Spreading
their towels out on the warm fiberglass, the two girls removed their tops and lay on their backs.

Jack and Tom sat in the deck chairs, relaxing in the
warm afternoon sun. The four teenagers rested for
about an hour. Tom told Jack that he was hot and was
going to take a swim to cool off. Jack agreed and the
boys went into the cabin to change into the bathing
suits they had purchased at the sporting goods store.
Sally and Kim could hear their brothers below them as
they changed their clothes.

The girls heard the splash as the boys jumped into
the lake. Kim sat up and put the top of her suit on,
telling Sally she was going to join the boys. Sally
dressed and they jumped from the bow into the water.
Bouncing in shoulder deep water, the girls moved to
the rear of the boat. Jack and Tom were standing in
the water talking when their sisters approached.

"What are we going to do this afternoon?" Kim

Jack said that they wanted to try to catch more fish,
and would return to the spot that was so productive in
the morning. Kim and Sally told the boys they would
like to catch another fish too.

The four of them milled around in the cool water a
little longer. The girls decided to go back and get
more sun and made their way to the swim platform.
With her back to the boys, Kim reached down and pulled
the bottom of her suit to the side.

"What are you doing?" Sally asked.

"Taking a pee," Kim answered.

Sally and Kim giggled. Sally duplicated her cousin's
action telling her it was a good idea. The girls fixed themselves and climbed the short latter to the
platform. They watched their brothers' dive under the
water and surface at the back of the boat. Jack asked
the girls to move so he and Tom could get out of the
lake. The girls moved onto the deck and turned to see
the boys exit the water and stand on the swim platform.

The two young girls were not ready for what they saw.
Their brothers, facing away were wearing very small
Spedo swimsuits. They could see the tight muscles of
the boy's butts as they stood there. When Jack and
Tom turned to come aboard the cousin's could clearly
see the outline of the boy's genitals. They watched
as Jack and Tom joined them on the deck.

Sally let out a low whistle, indicating her approval
of the suits. The boys blushed and picked up their
towels to dry off. Sally and Kim sat in the deck
chairs, while the boys sat on the side of the boat.
They talked about the morning fishing and wondered if
the afternoon would be as good.

Jack and Tom looked at their sisters in the wet,
almost transparent bikinis they wore. Sally caught
them out of the corner of her eye, and repositioned
herself in the chair. Turning towards Kim, she hooked
one leg over the armrest, giving the boys a view of
the thin strip of thin white cloth that covered her
vagina. Kim caught on to what her cousin was up to
and put a foot up on the seat of the chair. The girls talked and snatched glimpses of their brothers. The
boys were looking right at their sister's laps as they
attempted to carry on a conversation.

As Kim and Sally sat, they squirmed in their seats,
causing the material of the suits to tighten and
define their sex. They noticed the slight movement in
the front of the thin nylon suits the boys wore as
their penises began to stiffen. They said they wanted
to even their tans, and removed the tops of their
suits. They leaned their heads back and closed their
eyes. The effects of the girl's nudity started to
really affect their brothers. Jack and Tom stared
blatantly at their younger sisters. Through tight
slits in their eye lids the girls could see the boys penises grow until the head of Jack's pushed up and
out above the waist band. He tried to pull the suit
over the hardening member, but there just wasn't
enough of the suit to cover it.

The girls started to stir, causing the boys to turn
their backs to them and look out over the water.
Sally smiled at Kim and stood up. Kim followed her
cousin as she spanned the five feet of deck that
separated them from their brothers. She walked up
behind Tom and circling his torso with her arms,
flattened her breasts into his back. Kim did the same
thing to Jack, quietly asking the boys what was the

"Nothing!" Jack shot back over his shoulder.

Kim and Sally stood behind their older brothers,
gently rubbing their hardened nipples across their
backs. Sally used her hand to rub her brothers
stomach laying her head on his back. Slowly she
widened the circles she traced on her brother's bare
skin, her fingertips brushing lightly over the velvety
head of his fully erect penis. The two girls stood
quietly, hugging their brothers and making casual
contact with their manhood.

The action of their sisters was almost more than the
oversexed boys could take. Jack and Tom shifted back
and forth, trying it improve the feeling of the girls teasing fingertips. Sally slid her hand down over the
length of Tom's hard-on, causing him to stiffen. She
traced it from the head to the point it met his balls,
separated only by the thin material of the Spedo. She
moved up and off his penis and ran her fingers through
the hair on his belly to his navel. Tom shuddered as
his sister circled the indention, then moved back
towards his crotch. When she got to the waistband,
she slipped her fingers inside and over his hot
throbbing tool.

"Oh Sally," Tom moaned, "Please rub me."

Sally glanced at Kim and Jack, she saw her cousin had
pushed her brother's suit down and was stroking the
length of his penis. Sally wrapped her fingers around
her brother and with her free hand released him from
the confines of the suit. The boys were starting to
reach a point where they could no longer control
themselves. They pumped their hips, sliding their
throbbing hard-ons' in their sister's soft hands.
Sally began to increase the speed and pressure on
Tom's penis.

"Stroke my cock!" He begged his sister. "Please
make me cum."

Sally cupped his balls as she pumped faster on his
dick. Tom was moving his hips in time with her
welcome hand. Sally could feel his balls tighten in
her hand as Tom sent a long rope of semen out the end
of his cock and into the water. Kim was pounding her
brother as he erupted and the two boys pulsed cum over
the side of the boat.

The girls stopped their stroking and held their
brothers softening penises, gently massaging them.
When their brothers had calmed down, Kim turned Jack
to her, kissed him, and said, "Let's go fishing."

Sally laughed and helped her brother tuck his penis
into the bathing suit.

The girls returned to their chairs and the boys started the boat, pulled the anchor, and headed back
to the fishing grounds.

Kim and Sally sat topless in the deck chairs as the
boat surged through the blue water. Jack saw some
other boats ahead and told his sister and cousin they
needed to put their tops back on. Reluctantly, the
girls picked up the tops from the deck, tied, and
adjusted them.

They walked forward and stood next to their brothers
as Jack guided the boat on its course. Kim climbed
into the seat with her brother and felt his bare skin
against hers.

She put her arm around his shoulders and whispered
into his ear. "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I

Jack nodded, never taking his eyes of the water in
front of him.

The GPS indicated they were at the place they caught
their last fish. Jack set the autopilot and he and
Tom set up the rods and downriggers.

With the lures down and the boat on its troll, the
boys went below and changed from their suits into
their shorts, shirtless they returned to the deck.
Kim told Sally she wanted to get out of her suit for a
while and went into the cabin. Not bothering to close
the door, Kim removed her damp suit and slipped into
her nylon shorts, she found a tank top in her bag and
put it on, without underwear. As she exited the cabin
she saw Tom sitting in the seat directly in front of
the door. Their eyes met and Kim walked past him, not
saying a word. Sally was next to change, replacing
her suit bottom with shorts, and leaving the bikini
top on.

"Lucky Lady ... Lucky Lady ... this is Land Locked."
the words came out of the radio, breaking the

Jack grabbed the microphone that hung next to the
radio and replied, "You have the Lucky Lady go

Don was on the hand held radio. He asked his son how
everything was going. Jack told him about the four
fish they had in the box and that they were still
fishing. Don told Jack not to stay out too late and
signed off. Jack returned the microphone to its clip
and watched the rods.

The brothers and sisters sat and watched the lake as
they fished. The boat was on a north track. One of
the rods went off and Kim grabbed it. She fought the
fish, bringing the small ten pound Coho to the back of
the boat. Sally grabbed the net and said she would
net it. The girls finished the fish off without the
aid of the boys.

Kim asked Jack to show her how to reset the rod.
Jack explained how the downrigger worked and the
brother and sister team put the rod back into action.

An hour went by with no action. Jack looked at the
time and saw it was getting close to five. He thought
to himself, they would fish for about another hour and
head for port.

Sally pointed at the sky northwest of their position.
"What's that?" she asked.

The group looked out to the horizon and saw a very
black sky. Jack quickly turned the radio to the
weather station. The mechanical voice repeated small
craft warnings for the area they were in. Jack turned
on the radar and let it warm up. He peered into the
rubber hood and saw the massive storm on the screen.

Acting quickly, he told Tom and the girls to pull the
rods. Without any questions, the three teens started
to pull in the gear at breakneck speed. Jack opened a
locker, took out four life jackets, and gave one to
each person. "Put these on," he told them, "It might
get rough."

Kim and Sally were getting a bit scared as Jack and
Tom moved around the boat putting things away and
tying down anything that was loose.

Jack told Tom to point the boat towards shore as he
removed a chart from its storage place. He knelt on
the deck with the chart spread out in front of him.
He asked Tom for a reading from the GPS and located
their position. Studying the coastline on the chart,
Jack located a cove. He gave Tom the coordinates and
Tom entered them into the GPS. It was about ten miles
to the point Jack had selected.

The lake was starting to get rough. The northwest
wind blew, increasing in velocity. The twenty-seven
foot boat rose up on each four-foot wave then fell
into the trough before rising on the next one. Tom
was doing a good job of controlling the boat in the
following seas. Jack looked into the radar again,
seeing the fast approaching storm headed right for
them. The small radar only had a sixteen-mile range,
but the storm filled the screen. There was no telling
how large it really was.

The rain started and Jack asked the girls to help him
put up the foul weather curtains. They fastened the
top of the clear plastic panels to the back of the
hardtop and secured the bottom to the snaps on the
deck. Jack pulled down the zipper, sealing the
driving rain out of the now protected area.

Tom continued to saw the wheel back and forth, trying
to stay on course. He had been holding his own, but
the seas were still building. The four teens looked
out over the bow, they could see blackened sky as the
boat ascended the now six foot waves, and a wall of
water as it rode over the crest and plunged downward.
Whitecaps were now topping most of the small mountains
of water.

Kim gripped Jack's arm pulling him close, she was
truly alarmed.

Sally moved into the seat next to her brother and
asked, "Are we going to make it?"

Jack heard Sally's question and assured everyone that
the boat was seaworthy. Jack moved next to Tom and
studied the GPS. They had been working their way
towards the safety of the cove for over an hour, and
were still three miles away.

Time passed slowly for the group. Another forty-five
minutes had passed, and there was still no sign of
land. The boat pitched and yawed, causing Jack and
Kim to collide. Jack grabbed his sister and helped
her into the seat across from Tom and Sally. The
small windshield wipers struggled to keep the
cascading rain clear and allow Tom to see.

Kim yelled, "Look, I think I see land."

The other three squinted to see the dark outline of
the shore. Jack stood close to his cousins and
alternated his gaze from the shoreline to the GPS.
Lighting began to streak through the sky, illuminating
their destination. Jack spotted the small inlet and
guided Tom.

Jack looked at the depth sounder and watched the
numbers descend in its digital display. "We don't
have much water," he warned Tom.

Tom nodded and concentrated on the task at hand. The
boat slipped between the large rocks that lined the
narrow passage. About one hundred yards into the
inlet the water calmed. Visibility was still poor,
but the violent rocking of the craft had subsided to a
great degree. Tom reduced his speed, only going fast
enough to maintain steerage. Out to the starboard
side, Tom could see the small cove that would provide
safe harbor. He guided the boat into the still water,
pulling back on the lever, disengaging the engine.

Jack pressed the switch that lowered the anchor and
the boat came to rest. Jack adjusted the scope of the
anchor line, turned off the engine, and collapsed in
the seat next to Kim.

Jack rested for a moment, and then went to the radio
to try to contact their parents. He was sure that the
moms would be frantic. Taking the microphone, he
called into the device and awaited a reply. After
several attempts with no response, he gave up and
returned the mic to its clip.

"Now what?" Tom inquired.

Jack went into the small cabin and returned with a
cellular phone. "I guess we could try this."

Don had given the phone to Jack in case of an
emergency. Jack turned the power on, and as the phone
went through its cycle, he asked if anyone knew the
number to the beach house. Kim, Sally, and Tom all
shook their heads negatively. As the four stranded
teens pondering their next move the small telephone
made a funny sound, signaling an incoming call.

Jack pushed the tiny button on the dial pad and held
the device to his ear. "It's dad," he announced.

Jack explained the situation to his father, assuring
him that everyone was all right. He told Don that
they had found the small cove and it provided a
barrier to the storm. He said they had food and would
be safe here and could wait out the storm. The time
was nearing seven o'clock and it was getting very
dark. He told his father that he would call in the
morning and wrote down the telephone number for the
beach house.

The kids sat and listened to the wind howl through
the rocks and trees that cut them off from the raging
lake. The rain pelted the hardtop and the plastic
windows that protected them. Jack instructed Tom to
shut off all of the electronic devices. He removed
his life jacket and moved to the zippered opening of
the foul weather curtains.

Sally said, "You are not going out there are you?"

"Yes," he replied, telling her that he had to switch
to the spare battery so they would be sure to have
power to start the boat for the return trip. With
that, Jack raised the zipper and slipped through the
gap into the pouring rain. He went quickly to the
small access door and rotated the switch from battery
one to number two. Jack dashed back into the dry area
under the hardtop and closed the opening.

"My god you are soaked!" Kim said to her brother.

Jack's shirt and shorts were drenched from the brief
trip into the elements. Kim went below and retrieved
Jack's sweat pants, a shirt, and a towel. She handed
him the towel and told him to remove his wet things.

Kim, Sally, and Tom turned away as Jack removed the
wet items and rubbed himself with the dry towel. He
stepped into the navy blue sweat pants and pulled his
shirt over his head.

"Here," he said, handing the wet clothing to Kim.
She hung the garments on hooks to dry.

"I am getting tired," Sally said. "I think I am
going to try to lay down."

Sally went into the cabin and Kim followed. Kim was
pulling the door closed so she and Sally could change
into something warmer when Tom grabbed the door and
asked for his sweat pants. Kim handed them out to him
and secured the hatch. She removed the nylon shorts
and tank top, replacing them with the warm up suit.
She pulled the silky pants over her bare bottom and
slipped into the jacket, zipping it three quarters of
the way up. Sally took off the top of her bikini and
put on her jacket, opting to sleep in her shorts.
Each girl used the small head, and then returned to
the deck.

Tom had changed also, wearing his sweats and a tee
shirt. Kim asked Jack to put the cushion in place
that completed the bed in the cabin. He went below
and placed the odd shaped cushion over the gap that
provided the limited standing area of the cabin,
turning the entire cabin into a bed.

Kim and Sally went back into the small cabin and
unrolled the sleeping bags. The girls stretched out,
their feet into the narrow bow, and pulled the warm
sleeping bags over themselves. Kim watched as Sally
took her beach bag and formed a pillow.

Kim smiled and said, "Now that's a great idea," And
repeated her cousin's action.

The young girls lay motionless, feeling the gentle
rocking of the boat. Soon after they were in place,
their brothers joined them. Tom and Jack moved in
between their sisters and under the covers.

All four of them stared at the headliner only a
couple of feet above them. The cabin was dark except
for the defused glow of the anchor light that came
through the hatch.

Sally said, "You two guys were awesome today."

Kim agreed with her telling the boys what a great job
they had done getting them to a safe place.

Tom and Jack acknowledged the girl's praise. The
four said goodnight to each other and tried to settle
in for some much needed rest. Kim rolled onto her
side, facing away from Jack. Sally lay on her back
next to her brother, pulling his arm under her head.
She moved her head onto Tom's shoulder. All of them
shuffled about, trying to find a comfortable sleeping
position, each very aware that they were next to a
member of the opposite sex, even if it was a sibling.

The turning and twisting continued, until they
finally found positions that were acceptable. Sally
had rolled onto her side, her left arm under her
brother's head, and her right over his upturned chest.
Tom's right arm circled Sally, his hand resting on her
hip, his left hand on his stomach between his sister,
arm and the waistband of his pants.

Kim remained on her side facing away from Jack. Her
brother, also on his side, spooned against Kim, his
left arm under her head, his right draped over her
body. Kim took Jack's left hand and pulled it up so
it rested on the side of her face, trapping his arm
under hers and holding it firmly across her chest.
Jack was aware of his sister's breasts as his forearm
lay between them.

Soon the rocking motion of the boat lulled the
intertwined teens to sleep.

Kim suddenly awoke. She opened her eyes wide trying
to assess her strange surroundings. She remembered
the storm and was aware of where she was. The boat
was motionless; its gentle rocking has ceased. She
felt her breast being squeezed gently, and then
released in a rhythmic cadence. She also felt a
throbbing against her bottom, matching that of her

Kim looked down, being careful not to move too much,
to see Jack's hand encompassing her breast. His
breathing was slow, indicating he was still asleep,
and unaware of his actions. Kim relaxed a little,
feeling the warmth of her brother's obvious erection
as it, and his hand simultaneously pulsed against her.
Jack moved his hips slightly, rubbing himself over the
silky material of Kim's nylon pants. The movements
continued for a few more minutes, then stopped. She
felt Jack's rigid penis press into her, and a slight
surge run along its length.

Kim closed her eyes to try to fall back to sleep as
her brother's hand lay limply on her chest. She
smiled to herself, knowing the Jack had just
ejaculated and that she, was in some way, part of his
erotic dream. Kim had almost drifted into a state of
unconsciousness when she felt Jack roll away from her
and exit the cabin. Kim lay still, hearing the door
close quietly behind him.

Kim got up and followed her brother, trying not to
wake her sleeping cousins. She saw Jack standing
outside of the protective cover of the hardtop. The
sky had cleared and the bright stars cast an
illuminating white glow over the open deck of the
boat. She watched curiously as Jack stood close the
side of the boat, staring out into the night. Then
she saw an arched stream of liquid rise from his waist
and cascade into the water below. Kim chuckled,
knowing what her brother was doing. When she was sure
he had finished, she went out to join him.

Their eyes met as Kim walked over to her brother.
She glanced down, her eyes tracing his body until they
settled on the telltale wetness in the front of his
sweat pants. Kim raised her gaze back to her now
embarrassed brother's eyes. She looked deep into the
dark blue pools of his eyes. The corners of Kim's
lips rose into a smile.

Jack finally broke the silence, "I'm so sorry Kim,"
he said, "I didn't do it on purpose."

Kim walked right up to Jack and wrapped her arms
around his waist, laying her head against his chest.
Holding him close, she told him she knew it was not
intended, and added that she was not mad or offended.
Jack returned the hug as the two stood there in the
cool night air.

"I do have a problem though," she said.

"What's your problem sis, "he questioned.

"I have to pee and Tom and Sally are blocking the


"What did you say?"

"On a boat it is a head, not a bathroom." Jack
grinned as he spoke.

"Whatever, I still have to go."

Jack said that he would go and wake their cousins so
she could use the head.

Kim thought for a moment then said, "Don't wake them
up, I have another idea."

She broke away from Jack and went through the foul
weather curtains. Kim opened the small door of the
locker under the port seat and pulled several sheets
of paper towel from the roll. Returning to the rear
of the boat, Kim wiped the top rail dry. Saving one
of the pieces of toweling, she told her brother to
turn around. She pulled him backwards and told him to
stand still.

Kim lowered the black warm-up suit pants, feeling the
cool air on her bare skin. Steadying herself by
holding Jack's shoulder, she sat to the top rail and
scooted back until the backs of her knees were against
the boat. Still gripping her brother, she leaned
forward and released the hard stream of urine into the
water. Jack stood there listening to his sister, and
then felt her stand behind him. She used the towel to
pat herself dry, carefully folding it to conceal its
contents. She pulled the pants over her bottom and
around her waist, then asked Jack where she could put
the used paper. Jack showed her to the white plastic
pail they used for trash.

The two siblings stood close to each other, leaning
against the side of the boat, starring into the star
filled sky. They spoke quietly, talking about the
storm and the trip to their present location.

In the cabin, Tom was still sound asleep. Her
cousins had awakened Sally. She lay next to her
brother, her head resting on Tom's chest. She looked
at the tented crotch of the sweat pants he wore.
Sally watched as the fabric rose and fell in tune with
her brother's breathing. Carefully, she extended her
hand and lightly traced Tom's erection. When there
was no reaction, she placed her hand inside the
waistband of the thin pants and touched the naked
flesh of his penis, lightly running her fingertips
from the velvety head to his balls.

As her fingers traveled over his hot manhood, Sally
could feel it twitch. She returned her touch to the
head, rubbing her thumb over the very end. She could
make out the small slit, and feel the nocturnal
secretion that leaked out. Sally gathered a small
amount of the fluid and, removing her hand, brought
her thumb to her mouth. She extended her tongue and
tasted her brother for the first time. The salty,
slick fluid excited her and she felt the familiar
tingle in her loins. Her tongue savored the tiny
amount of pre-cum until the taste was completely gone.

Bolder now, Sally returned her hand to the inside of
her sleeping brother's pants. She wrapped her fingers
completely around his penis and stroked it slowly.
Tom moaned softly as her hand traveled up and down.
She looked into the gap her arm had created between
his stomach and the sweat pants. Sally could barley
make out the dark head in the low light of the cabin.
She searched the front of the garment for a fly.
Finding the slot in the material, she carefully
unbuttoned the single button in the center and worked
Tom's penis out into the air.

Tom's moaning became more frequent as she resumed the
long gentle strokes. Sally was getting wet as she
played with her brother. She studied him, and then
made the decision to learn more. She raised her head
and bending forward, ran her tongue over the head of
his penis. Sally's hot wet tongue brought Tom out of
his deep sleep. Barely opening his eyes, he could see
his sister's pink tongue as it circled the tip of his
throbbing cock. He saw her hand slide up and down,
stopping just beneath the mushroom shaped end then
glide back to his balls.

Sally opened her mouth and took him in, rubbing the
underside with her tongue. When she closed her lips
around the hot, hard flesh and started to lower her
head, it was more than the teenage boy could take.
Sally felt his semen rush past her fingertips, which
rested against the underside of his penis, and
immediately felt the hot liquid hit the back of her
mouth. She quickly swallowed and awaited the next
surge. Her hand pumped her brothers cum out of his
throbbing meat and into her sucking mouth.

Sally felt Tom's hand on the back of her head as the
pulsing diminished. Sally removed herself from the
penis and cleaned the end of it with her cum-slick
tongue. She lay her head back on his chest and
watched at his penis softened and then replaced it in
his pants, redoing the button. As she lay there, Tom
caressed her hair, watching her head rise and fall
with his breathing. Sally licked her lips and again
savored the new flavor. She liked the consistency and
its salty tang.

Tom lifted his sister's head from his chest, telling
her that nature called.

Sally smiled and moved, allowing her brother to get
up. They moved the cushion that blocked the door to
the head and he stepped inside. When Tom was done,
Sally went into the head.

Tom opened the cabin door and the two joined their
cousins on the deck.

Sally went up to Kim and took her arm, puling her
away from the boys and under the hardtop.

"You'll never guess what happened," Sally said.

"Sure I can." Kim replied, taking her finger and
gathering some of the remnants of her cousins'
activity from Sally's cheek, and holding it up.

Sally smiled and licked the small drop of cum from
Kim's finger and smiled saying, "It was so good and

Kim gave the girl a knowing smile and told her about
Jack and about peeing outside. The girls giggled as
they watched their brothers bump their shoulders
together, signaling their conquest.

Kim pushed the power button on the GPS and read the
time. Turning the unit off, she stuck her head out
between the parted curtains and said, "It's only three
o'clock, we are going back to sleep." The girls went
back into the cabin and crawled under the sleeping
bags. The boys followed and the four teens snuggled
together and feel back to sleep.


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