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The Lottery Part 12


"The Lottery" - Part 12 (mf, MF, ff, oral, mast,
inc, con)

The four adults gathered in the large living room,
each dressed for bed. Don and Marc were in their
underwear. Anne wore a short nightshirt that barely
covered her panties. Marge had on a pair of cotton
pajamas with a button down top and boxer styled

Anne went up stairs and checked the teens to be sure
they were sleeping. She opened the boys door and
looked in to see the two of them sleeping soundly.
Quietly entering Kim and Sally's room she could see
the two girls, their arms intertwined, also asleep.

Anne returned to the living room and joined the rest
of the group. They talked about the night's events.

Marge said, "I guess I'm not sure what we should
next, but I don't think we can just act like nothing

They agreed that they needed to confront the teens
regarding the sexual activity they had seen their
parents engaged in.

"I don't know how we should approach the issue," Marc

"Well," Don said, "I think that we should talk to the
boys and the girls separately."

They all agreed and decided that the long ride home
would be a good opportunity to broach the subject.
The guys would take the Suburban and the boat, the
four women returning in the Town Car. They discussed
how much they should offer in the way of details.
They decided to tell them when the activity started
and answer the kids questions the best they could.

Then Don, out of the blue, said, "The girls are
certainly growing into good looking young women."
Marc nodded his agreement.

Anne and her sister-in-law were taken aback by Don's
comment. It was the first time either man had alluded
to their daughters' appearance.

"And just what do you mean by that remark?" Marge

"I mean that Kim and Sally are developing nicely.
How could I help but notice them?" Don replied.

Marc added, "They remind me of you two when you were
about that age." Marge and Anne giggled at their
husband's remarks.

Anne said, "Well, your sons are developing quite well

The four adults were now laughing and making
suggestive little remarks about their children's

They sat on the couch trying to regain their
composure. Marge and Anne sat next to each other,
their mates on the opposite sides. The couch was
quite large, but each adult was in contact with the
one next to them.

Marge said, "Anne and I made a discovery you guys should know about. When we were cleaning up the
girls' room we found blood on the sheets."

Don asked, "What do you think it was from? Do you
think the girls have been messing around with their

Anne said, "We don't think they have done anything
with the boys... yet."

The women went on to tell their husbands about
discovering the sex toys in the dresser drawer, and
what they had seen on the beach. They decided that
the blood must be from the girls using the toys to
break their hymens.

Anne said, "I guess it is better than loosing it in
the backseat of a car... if you know what I mean."

Marge agreed with her sister-in-law, remembering
their own experience with the boys that would become
their husbands.

Marc snickered and said, "You mean the two girls...
together? Who would have dreamed that two girls would
do anything like that?"

Again the four laughed, knowing what Marc was
referring to.

"Remember when Marc and I caught you two going at
it?" Don asked.

The two women nodded and Marge said, "I do, and I
thought I would die! I also remember that Anne took
it all in her stride."

The four started reminiscing about that day.

* * * *

It was a very warm October day, starting out cool,
and then getting hot as the afternoon sun heated the
air. Marge and Anne walked home from school together,
on their way to Anne's house. Anne and Don's mother worked afternoons at a new job, leaving the siblings
home alone until about eleven o'clock at night.

The two girls were still exploring each other and
growing accustomed to being sexually active with a
member of the same sex. They were in a hurry to get
the house and change into cooler clothing. As soon as
they walked through the door of the supposedly empty
house, they pulled the sweaters they had worn over
their heads as they walked to Anne's room. They were
unaware that their brothers were home from school
early and in the kitchen. They saw the two girls walk
by in their bras.

Once in Anne's bedroom the girls removed their slacks
and sat on Anne's bed in their white bra and panties,
talking about the day at school. The bedroom window
was open, allowing a gentle breeze to cool the two
girls. Marge got up and turned on a fan that was
sitting on the dresser. She stood, with her arms
extended straight out from her sides, letting the
artificial wind bathe her body. After a few minutes,
she returned to the bed and laid back, her legs
dangling over the edge.

Marge pulled one of the bra cups away from her breast and showed Anne her hardened nipple. Anne bent over,
took the small protrusion into her mouth, and sucked gently. Marge moaned with pleasure as she took Anne's
head and held it in place. Anne used her hands to
pull the shoulder straps of Marge's bra down her arms,
folded the cups down, and exposed both breasts.
Marge's moaning increased as her friend alternated
between the small nipples, sucking and licking each

Marge slid her free hand inside her panties and
rubbed her clit. Anne stopped her oral attack on the
breasts and knelt on the floor between Marge's legs.
She gripped the overheated girl's panties and pulled
them down her legs. Pushing Marge's knees apart, Anne
leaned forward and ran her tongue over the wet slit
before her. She licked up and down its length,
pausing at Marge's clit to give the nub some special

Marge was on the verge of her orgasm when she heard a
noise from the window. Looking over, she saw Marc and
Don watching them. Marge quickly pushed Anne's head
away and tried to cover herself. Marge saw the two
boys run away from the window, as she told Anne about
seeing them. Anne didn't seem too concerned that they
had been caught. Marge questioned her about her lack
of embarrassment and the fact that Anne made no effort
to cover up.

Anne told Marge that she knew that Don watched her,
just like she watched him. Marge questioned Anne
about the voyeurism and the fact she didn't mind.
Anne finally admitted to her friend that she and her
brother had even messed around with each other.
Marge, wrapped in the bedspread, pressed Anne for
details. Anne told her that her brother had walked
into her room and caught her masturbating, and before
the night was over they had touched each other.

Marge was a little stunned. She quizzed Anne about
incest and the ramifications of being caught by her
mother. Anne assured the puzzled teen that it
happened when her mother was away, and it was only
once. Anne also told Marge that she would do it again.

The two girls dressed and went outside. They found
Marc and Don sitting at the picnic table in the
backyard. Anne called the two boys peeping toms, Don
told her to pull her shade when she was going to have
sex with another girl. Marc and Marge felt a little
uncomfortable with the exchange between the brother and sister.

The girls started to walk away when they heard Don
say, "When's the next show?"

Marge and Anne ignored the comment and continued to
head for the house.

Back in Anne's room, Marge asked her friend if she
would put on a show for the guys. Anne said that she
would. Marge was now very excited, partly because of
the things Anne was doing to her before they were
interrupted, and partly because of being caught. She
was also turned on about the prospect of seeing Marc
nude and doing some of the things that Anne had told
her about.

Marge shocked Anne by telling her that she wanted to
see if they could turn the boys on so much they would
go and masturbate. Anne was more that willing to
comply. The girls cooked up a plan and set it into
motion. They removed their bras and changed their
tops into loose fitting shirts, which would provide a
view of their breasts when they bent forward. Anne
selected very short nylon running shorts for each of
them to wear.

Dressed in the seductive attire, they went to the
kitchen and took four sodas from the refrigerator.
The two girls took the cold drinks outside and to the
picnic table. The boys were still sitting there.
Marge reached over to her brother, handing him a soda.
She was bent at the waist offering him a view of her
firm young breasts down the gaping opening in her
shirt. She watched Marc's eyes to be sure he had seen
her naked breasts. Standing up slowly, she smiled at
her brother when they made eye contact.

Anne put on a similar display for Don. The girls joined their brothers at the table, sitting across
from the two. The boys stared at the young girls,
trying to steal a peek when the girls moved. Marge
was getting a bit brazen. She put her hand into her
shirt, complaining of an itch, and scratched the
bottom of her breast. The action caused her entire
breast to become exposed to the boys' probing eyes.

Anne, picking up the cue, told Marge she would help
her and replaced Marge's hand with hers. Marc and Don
sat and stared at the girls, their mouths wide open.

Marge told Anne to follow her. The two girls got up
and went back into the house. On the way back to
Anne's room, they commented on the boy's reactions.
In the bedroom the girls removed their shirts and
began to fondle each other's breasts. They kept an
eye on the window, watching for their brothers. As
soon as Marge spotted the boys peeking in, she lowered
her head to Anne's breast and started to suck on it.

Anne was moaning softly as her young friend rolled
her very hard nipple between her teeth. She held
Marge's head to her nude torso, and looked right at
the boys.

"Want to join us?" Anne said to the two startled

Marge never stopped suckling the nipple in her mouth
as Anne informed her that the boys were coming.

Marge reluctantly released Anne's breast to
acknowledge the presence of the two fifteen-year-old
boys. Anne and Marge sat next to one another on the
bed as the boys stood in silence.

Don was the first to speak, asking the girls if he
and Marc could see their pussies.

The girls smiled at the crude description of their
vaginas, and Marge said, "We'll show you ours if you
show us yours."

The boys nervously shifted from foot to foot as they
contemplated the girl's offer. Don and Marc looked at
each other and saying why not, removed their jeans,
briefs and shirts. The girls stared at their
brothers. This was the first time Marge had seen her
brother's penis. She looked over his erect manhood,
noticing the purplish helmet like head and the veins
that ran its length to the dangling orbs between his
legs. She snapped back to reality when she heard one
of the boys say it was the girls' turn.

Anne and Marge stood up from the bed and removed the
nylon shorts. They hadn't worn panties beneath the
garments, and were now equally naked.

Don and Marc's gaze switched between the two girls,
observing their pubic areas. Marc noted that his
sister had a sparse covering of very light hair, and
that Anne's hair was darker. Like Marge, Marc had
never seen his sibling nude. In fact he had never
seen any girl nude.

The girls sat back down on the bed, allowing their
legs to part slightly. Marc could now see the pink
puffy lips of his sister's sex. He studied the crack
that started just below the curly blonde hair and
disappeared into the folds of her ass. Anne watched
Marc looking at her friend. She reached over and with
her fingers, separated the lips of Marge's vagina,
revealing the swollen moist slit and the small nubbin
of her clitoris. Anne put her finger on Marge's clit
and rubbed it in small circles. Marge moaned at the
touch of her friend's finger and closed her eyes. She
lay back on bed, spreading her legs to allow greater
access to her now dripping vagina. She felt Anne's
finger trace her along the inner folds and jumped as
the probing finger penetrated her.

Marge felt a pair of hands cup her breasts and start
to massage them roughly. She knew they didn't belong
to Anne, so she looked to see who was squeezing her.
She saw Marc leaning over, his hands planted on her
firm small breasts. She told him to be gentle, and
using her own hand, showed him how to roll the
sensitive nipples between his fingers.

Anne removed her hand from between Marge's legs.
Marge looked over to see that Anne and Don were now
feeling each other. She watched as Anne's hand
circled her brother's penis and stroked slowly. Don
was kneeling next to his sister, one hand massaging
her breast the other fingering her vagina. Anne kept
up her actions on Don's penis as it hovered over her
naked tummy.

Marge told her brother to get up next to her like Don
was next to Anne. Marc got on the bed and assumed a
kneeling position next to his young sister. He sat
back on his heels and looked at his sister's body.
She reached over and touched the head of her brother's
penis, watching it jump uncontrollably. She wrapped
her hand around the firm flesh and felt it pulse
against her fingertips. She slid her hand down to the
base, feeling his balls against the side of her hand.
Releasing his penis, she put her open hand under the
hanging sack that contained his testicles. She gently
encompassed the warm sack and felt its weight.

Marc returned his hand to Marge's breast and began to
rub and squeeze it, and the nipple that stood proudly
in its center. With the other hand, he sampled the
warm moist vaginal area that was between his sister's
parted legs. Marge took Marc's penis in hand, and
began to stroke it just like Anne was doing to Don.
Marge felt her brother groping aimlessly between her
legs. She took Mark's hand in hers and guided him to
her clit. He attempted to pull on the small, hard

Marge moved his hand away and told him to watch. She
took her fingertip and massaged herself. Marc
understood what she wanted and replaced her hand with
his. As her brother touched her in just the right
way, Marge bucked her hips against his finger. She
felt her orgasm build and stroked faster on the hot
meat in her hand.

Marge felt something hot and wet hit her breast and
chest. Looking over at her Anne and her brother, she
saw the stream of white goo shooting from Don's penis.
Marge's orgasm began, causing her body to shudder and
her vaginal muscles to contract. She moaned loudly,
shaking her head from side to side. Marge felt Marc's
penis pulse as it shot his semen out the slit in its
velvety head. The first two long ropes of the sticky
substance struck Anne, the rest landing on Marge's

Marc, totally exhausted, collapsed next to his
sister. Marge watched as the firm penis, that she had
just held, returned to its normal size and flaccid
state. Anne and Marge lay next to each other as the
hot cum their brothers had sprayed them with cooled
and dried.

The four teens cleaned up and dressed. The two boys left the room. The girls talked about the experience
they had just encountered, vowing that it would not be
the last time.

* * * *
Don and Marc were stroking their very erect penises'
as their memory of that fateful day subsided and they
returned to the present. Marge looked at her husband
and smiled as she watched his hand travel over his

She replaced Don's hand with her own and said, "Can
you imagine you daughter doing this to her brother?"

Don watched his wife's hand glide up and down his
penis and replied, "I certainly can!"

Marge bent over and took her husband's penis deep
into her mouth.

Don moaned and said, "You are the best little cock
sucker in the world."

Anne had removed her panties and was lowering herself
onto Marc's hard penis. As she impaled herself on the
hard tool, she said, "What about me big brother?"

Don thought for a minute then said, "Ok, I guess it
is a tie."

He felt Marge's teeth squeeze his penis right at the
base. Knowing there was no way out of his
predicament, he ran his fingers through his wife's
hair and moaned deeply. Marge released the pressure
and resumed her oral stimulation.

The two couples continued to enjoy their activities.
The men came, Don filling his swallowing wife's mouth,
Marc shooting into Anne's hot vagina.

The four relaxed on the couch, and then Marge said,
"There is something we all need to agree on, do we
encourage or discourage the kid's sexual activity?"

The four of them discussed the options they felt were
available to them. They talked about how their
parents had made sex something shameful and dirty.
They also discussed the fact that it didn't stop them
from engaging in sex acts, only that they felt guilty
when they did anything.

After weighing the pros and cons, they all reach an
agreement that they would monitor the kids the best
they could, and let nature take its course. The four
knew, deep down, that if the kids got started, there
was very little they could to stop it. Only the four
teens could call it quits.

Satisfied they had a plan, at least for the short
term, the four adults got up and headed to their
respective rooms. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day
as they packed and prepared for their return home.

Marge took Don's hand as they walked into the
bedroom. She turned to her husband and said, "Are we
doing the right thing with the kids?"

Don replied, "I'm not sure, but who the hell knows
what the right thing is anyway?"

The two climbed into bed and Marge snuggled up to
Don. Marge asked her husband, "Just how tired are

Don said, "I am ok, why?"

Marge reached under the covers and removed the
bottoms of her pajamas. She rolled him onto his back,
turned around, and lowered her bald pussy to his
mouth. Don extended his tongue and slid it into the
hot wet cavern as his wife rode his face. He sucked on her clit and reached under her top to pinch her
nipples. Within minutes she was coming. He could
taste the sweetness of her secretions as they ran from
her vagina into his mouth. Having completed her
orgasm, Marge turned around and lay next to Don. She
could feel that he had become hard again.

Marge whispered, "You are just like a kid sometimes."

With that she removed his boxers and climbed over
him, reached between their bodies, and inserted him
into her wet hole. She slid down until he was fully
engulfed, and put her head on his chest. Together,
they fell asleep, joined in a lovers embrace.


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