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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 13


"The Lottery" - Part 13 (mf, ff, oral, mast, inc, con)

The next morning, Marge got up and went into the
kitchen. Marc and Anne were sitting at the table,
drinking coffee. Marge walked over to the pot of hot
black coffee and poured a cup. She added cream and
sugar, and stirred the mixture as she sat down with
her brother and sister-in-law.

"Where's Don?" Marc asked Marge.

"He's getting up and should be out in a few minutes."
She replied.

The three sat and drank their morning beverages. Don
walked in, poured a cup for himself and joined the
rest of the adults.

"So, what's the plan for the day?" Anne asked.

They all talked about what needed to be done to get
ready for the trip home. They decided that the men would take care of the boat and loading the cars. The
women would pack and clean the house up.

Don said, "I would like to be on the road by nine
o'clock tomorrow morning."

Everyone agreed it was a good time to start home.
Marge explained that the four women wanted to stop at
the outlet mall on the way back to do some shopping.
She went on to say that the kids needed some things
for school.

Marc said, "I thought that they had to wear uniforms
at the new school."

Anne said, "The kids do have to wear special clothes
to school, but they need back packs and other

The men agreed, telling their wives that they
couldn't travel as fast because they were towing the
boat. On the way up to the vacation house they all
stayed close, but on the way back it wasn't necessary.
They decided to meet for lunch at a restaurant close
to the mall.

The adults were still sitting at the table when their
children started to come downstairs. Kim was the
first to walk into the kitchen and bid her parents,
aunt, and uncle good morning. Kim still wore the
short red pajama outfit she had slept in and her robe
that she had failed to tie shut. The silky material
highlighted her breasts, her nipples forming small
bumps, even in their non aroused state. She didn't
notice the four pairs of eyes that followed her every

Kim took a bowl from the cabinet and filled it with
cereal. She went to the refrigerator, opened the
door, and stared into the cold interior. She found
the carton of milk and removed it. Reaching to the
back of the top shelf, she retrieved the container of
juice. Kim sat at the large wooden table and poured
milk over the flakes in the bowl. She realized she
had forgotten a glass for the juice and returned to
the open cabinet to get one. Sitting back down she
became aware of the adults glancing in her direction.
Causally looking down she noticed that her nipples
were clearly visible, having hardened from the cold
air that escaped the refrigerator. Feeling her face
become flush, she closed the robe and secured the tie.

Sally was the next one to come into the room. She
got a bowl and glass, and joined her cousin for
breakfast. The girls listened as their parents laid
out the day's plan. Tom and Jack joined the rest of
the family in time to hear what was in store for them.

Don, Marc, and the boys would take care of loading
the boat and the girls would pack their things.

Kim said, "Sally and I wanted to pick up a couple of
things in town. Can we go with the guys?"

Anne replied, "You two can go, but you have to pack
your things before you go swimming or anything else."

The girls agreed to the terms. After finishing their
meal, they went up to their room to change.

The girls quickly showered and dressed in shorts and
tee shirts. They combed their wet hair and pulled it
into ponytails. Sally went out of the room and yelled
to her dad, "How long before you are ready to leave?"

Marc answered, "In about an hour."

Sally returned to the bedroom she and Kim had shared
for the past four weeks.

"We have an hour," she told Kim. "Want to get
started with the packing?"

Kim nodded and took the suitcases from the closet.
Kim tossed them on the bed and opened them. She and
Sally removed the clothes from the closet and placed
them into the large bags. They talked about what they
would need to keep out for the ride home in the
morning. They emptied the contents of the dressers
and packed them neatly into their suitcases.

Sally held up the two sex toys and asked Kim, "Which
one do you want?"

Kim studied the two dildos that she and her cousin
had used to pleasure themselves. Kim took the soft
purple penis, and rubbing it seductively over her face
she said "This one." She licked the head of the
phallic object, then opened her mouth and pushed it in
until the head was hidden. Kim closed her lips around
the fake penis and ran her tongue over it, feeling the
ridge below the helmet like end. Slowly she moved the
purple dildo in and out of her mouth, until she had
about five inches of it buried. sucking firmly on it
she pulled it out with a pop. Kim smiled at Sally and
said, "I need the practice."

Sally laughed at her cousin and grabbed the wet dildo
from Kim. She put it into her mouth and quickly
engulfed the entire length. Removing it she said, "So
do I."

Kim snatched the thing back and wiped it off. "Yea
right." Kim hid it in a pair of jeans in her

The two girls were laughing out loud when they heard
Marge say, "What's so funny?"

"Nothing" Sally said, "We're just horsing around."

Marge sat on the bed watching the two girls pack.
"Don't forget you will need something to sleep in
tonight and your toiletries for the morning," she
said. She grinned as she watched her daughter suddenly delve into her suitcase to retrieve clean
underwear for the next day. "So what are you two
going shopping for?" Marge asked.

The girls told her they had seen a cute body suit and
skirt outfit in one of the shops. They also wanted to
just look around for the last time. Marge told the
teens that they would have to be quick about their
shopping, because it wouldn't take their dads and
brothers long to get to boat ready. The girls told
her that they would not dawdle around.

Marge asked, "What are your plans for this

Kim and Sally told her that they would like to spend
some time on the beach. Kim's mom said that would be
ok, providing they had their work done. The girls assured her they would, and Marge left the room. The
girls completed their packing, leaving out only the
items they felt they would need.

Kim and Sally went to their brother's room and found
them stuffing their belongings into their suitcases.

"Guys are such slobs." Sally told Kim.

Jack looked at the two girls and said, "What's the
big deal, it's our stuff."

"Whatever," Kim said. "What are you guys going to do
this afternoon?"

Tom and Jack told their sisters they didn't know, and
asked them the same question. Kim told them she and
Sally were going to go swimming and lay in the sun.

Sally asked Jack, "Is fishing all done for this

"No," Jack replied, "The walleye will be biting back
home in a couple of weeks. By the way Sally, don't
you have a birthday soon?"

"Five days." Sally told him.

Jack thought for a minute then said, "Next Wednesday?
Isn't that the first day of school?"

Kim answered for her cousin, "Yes, sucks doesn't it."

The girls told their brothers they would be on the
porch waiting for them, and left the room.

Outside the girls found their dads sitting on the
porch. Marc asked how much longer the boys would be.

Kim told her uncle she had no idea, but wished they
would hurry. Don suggested that he and Marc take the
girls into town and wait for the boys there. Sally
ran upstairs and told Jack and Tom what was going on
and to get a move on. The boys said they were almost
done and would see them at the marina in a little
while. Sally went back to the porch and told her dad
what the boys said.

Don said, "Let's go."

On their way through the house, they told the women
the plan and went to the truck. Don pulled the
Suburban onto the two-lane road that led to the small
town. As they rode along the scenic route, Marc
looked at the girls in the back seat and said, "So,
are you two ready to start school?"

"I guess so," Sally told her dad, "It's going to be
hard not knowing anyone. I think I will miss my
friends from the old school."

Marc assured her that she, and Kim, would meet new
friends quickly. He went on to say that the academy
was one of the best schools in the state.

Don, looking at the teens in the rear view mirror,
said, "I want you two to promise us that you won't do
anything stupid, or anything that you don't want to,
just to try to fit in. You are two very attractive
young ladies and the boys will be hitting on you right
from the start. Just choose the people you associate
with very carefully."

Kim and Sally blushed at Don's comments. Kim, placed
her hands on her hips, cocked head to the side and
said, "We know better than that. We won't do any dumb
things." The girls knew what Don was referring to
when he made the statement.

Sally asked, "How old do I have to be to date?"

Marc told his daughter that all depends on what kind
of date she was talking about. She could go out with
a group, provided he got to meet them first, but to go
on a one on one date... Don agreed with his brother-
in-law, and told Kim she would also have to get good

Don turned down the main street that was lined with
the little shops. Kim said that anywhere would be ok
to let them out. Don pulled to the side of the street
and told the girls they would meet them at the ice
cream store on the corner and to watch for the car and
boat. Marc asked if they had enough money, pulling a
large stack of folded bills from his pocket.

The girls assured him they still had plenty of money
left from the thousand dollars they each were given at
the beginning of the vacation. Kim opened the door
and the girls stepped out. They waved at their
fathers as Don pulled into the street and headed for
the boat launch.

"Where do you want to start?" Sally asked.

"Over there," Kim said, pointing to the shop with the
little back room.

Sally giggled and the two girls walked across the
street to the store. Inside, Kim looked for the girl that had let them buy the toys the last time they were
there. She spotted her hanging clothing on one of the
many racks.

Kim nudged Sally and said, "She's here."

"Who is here?" Sally asked with a puzzled look.

Kim pointed towards the girl and Sally smiled.

They went to the area in the store where Kim had seen
the bodysuits and started to flip through the rack.
Kim picked a green and a light blue bodysuit, Sally
selected one in black and another in a rusty orange.
They moved to the racks filled with short skirts and
searched for something that would match. Each girl selected several skirts and headed to the dressing

Kim and Sally removed their shorts, shirts, and bras.
Kim stepped into the green one first, putting her arms
through the very thin string like shoulder straps.
She pulled the stretchy sheer material down, snapping
the crotch together between her legs. She looked at
herself in the mirror. The snug garment hugged every
curve of her body, slightly flattening her breasts.
The fabric was thin enough to accent her firm breasts,
and heavy enough to conceal her nipples.

Sally was putting on the black one-piece suit as Kim
wrapped a short skirt around her waist. Having
completed the task of trying on the clothes, Kim said,
"Now all we need are short jackets to wear over

Walking out into the store, dressed in their new
outfits, the girls searched for the items necessary to
complete their outfits. The girls selected neutral
colored jackets that left a gap between the bottom of
the jacket and the waistband of the short wrap-around
skirts. The short tops had a single button that
closed the garment just below their breasts. They
examined each other and themselves in a mirror. They
decided that they would take all of the items they had

The two girls returned to the dressing room and put
on their shorts, bras and shirts. They gathered the
new items and headed for the beaded doorway in the
back of the store. Feeling much bolder than their
last visit to the room, they took their time looking
at the items hanging on the wall.

The teens perused the different sex items, noting the
size and shape of each one. Sally picked up a very
thin, short silver object. She asked Kim what this
might be for.

Kim read the print on the package and said, "Oh my
god! It's for your ass!"

Sally took the thing back from Kim and confirmed what
her cousin had told her. Sally continued to browse
the toys, still holding the bright silver bullet
shaped device. Kim found a vibrator that was about
eight inches long with the diameter of a half dollar
coin. The toy was soft and pliable like her purple
dildo, only this one provided the stimulation of the
pink vibrator they had selected last time. In her
mind she compared its size to her brother's erect

On one of the racks in the middle of the room, Sally
found a very sheer black nightie. She put her hand
under the material and noticed that she could see
through it clearly, a small g-string bottom matched
the top. She went over to Kim and held the top up to
her chest, showing her that the garment barely covered
her breasts. Kim liked the sexy little outfit and
selected a red one for her.

The two youngsters checked out a counter filled with
various creams and lotions. Kim picked up a bottle of
flavored lubricant and read the label. She saw it
could be used on the dildos for vaginal or anal
penetration. Thinking of the little vibrator that her
cousin had, she held onto it.

Kim said, "We had better get going, our dads will be
waiting for us."

The girls went to the counter and presented their
selections to the girl that had helped them before.

The girl behind the counter smiled at the two teens
and said, "I guess you liked the last toys you

The girl rang up the items and placed them into bags.
She reached under the counter, brought out two
packages of batteries, and added them to the bag.
Holding up the thin silver vibrator she said, "You
will just love this one."

Kim and Sally were embarrassed and could feel the
heat in their cheeks. They handed the clerk two one
hundred dollar bills, received their change, and left
the shop.

The girls walked down the street to the ice cream
shop, looking for their fathers and brothers. They
had not arrived yet, so the girls ordered drinks and
sat on a bench. The two retrieved the new toys from
the bag and put them into their purses. They also
concealed the new sexy little outfits.

They waited for about twenty minutes for the guys to
get to the agreed meeting place. The girls were
starting to get worried about their dads and brothers,
when they saw the big Suburban and the boat on its
trailer come around the corner.

"What happened to you guys?" Sally asked.

Jack explained it was his fault. He told the girls that he had his dad stop at the bait store to thank
the men there for all their help.

The girls climbed into the back seat with their
brothers. Don started back to the beach house.

Don pulled the truck into the drive and maneuvered
the boat into an open area on the grass. Tom and Jack
jumped out and disconnected the trailer from the
Suburban. Don parked the truck and told the kids to
finish their packing.

Sally said, "We have packed everything we can for
right now. Do you want us to bring the suitcases

Don told the kids to bring down what they could and
save the rest for the morning.

Sally and Kim went up to their room and put away the
things they had bought, saving the bodysuit outfits
for the trip home. They lugged their suitcases down
the single flight of stairs and set them where Don had
told them too. The girls checked with their moms to
see if there were other things that need to be
attended to.

Marge and Anne told the girls they had everything
under control. Kim asked her mother if she and Sally
could go to the beach for a swim and some sun. Marge
told the girls they could, but to be back for dinner.

Kim and Sally went up to their room and changed into
their white swimsuits. Not bothering with a cover up,
they went downstairs and outside. Sally could hear
Jack and Tom in the back of the house.

She pulled Kim's arm saying, "Let's go and see what
they are doing." Sally walked to the back of the
house, her cousin in tow. They found their brothers
in the boat.

"What are you guys doing?" Kim asked.

"We are getting to boat packed for the trip home."
Jack called back.

Kim asked her brother if she and Sally could get into
the boat too.

Jack told the girls to climb aboard.

Sally and Kim went to the back of the boat. They
tried to reach the short ladder that provided access
to the swim platform. With the boat on the trailer,
the girls were unable to lift their leg high enough to
reach the bottom rung.

"We can't reach the ladder." Kim said.

Jack said to hold on and he climbed out of the boat
to aid the girls. Jack stood next to the short ladder
and interlaced his fingers. He held his hands out for
his sister's foot. Kim put her hands on her brother's
shoulders and her bare left foot into the makeshift
step. She pushed off with her right leg and Jack
lifted her up. As Kim put her right foot on the
boat's ladder, her breasts brushed her brother's face.
Kim moved up the two steps onto the swim platform and
climbed into the boat to wait for Sally.

Jack's young cousin stepped in front of him and
placed her foot into his hands. Jack began to lift
Sally to the ladder. She pulled on Jack's shoulders,
pressing his face firmly into her breasts. She slowly
rose up causing Jack's face to travel along her tummy
until Sally's leg was fully extended. When she was
upright, Jack's nose was squarely in Sally's crotch.
She held her position for a moment, and then continued
into the boat. Kim confronted Sally about what she
had just done.

"What was that all about?" Kim asked Sally.

"Oh, nothing," she said, "I was just teasing him a

The two girls stood against the side of the boat as
Jack climbed back on and returned to his tasks. Kim
watched her brother putting away the fishing rods and
tackle. She felt funny inside. Kim was not sure what
it was, but thought it might be jealousy. She tried
to clear her head of the thoughts and started to ask
endless questions about just what the boys were

Sally turned to Kim and said, "I'm bored, let's go

The two girls told their brothers they were going
down to the lake, and they would see them later. Kim
and Sally climbed down to the bottom rung of the
ladder and jumped to the ground, unassisted.

Kim and Sally walked down the hill to the beach.
There was a gentle breeze coming from the west over
the lake, cooling the air. The day was getting hot as
the afternoon sun shown brightly in the cloudless blue

Sally said to Kim, "I am going to miss this place, it
has been so much fun."

Kim walked along the water's edge, zigzagging in and
out of the surf. Kim said, "I am going to miss it
too, but I do want to get back home."

The girls talked as they walked along the beach.
Sally had a blanket draped over her arm. Kim carried
the beach bag with the towels and lotion.

Kim was noticeably quite as she shuffled her feet in
the wet sand. Sally saw that her cousin seemed

"Kim, what's wrong?" She asked.

Kim continued to walk saying, "I'm not sure Sally, I
felt mad, and hurt when I saw you rub against my
brother. I know I shouldn't feel that way, especially
with you, but I did."

Sally stopped Kim and turned to face her, "Kim, I was
just fooling around. You know I wouldn't do anything
to intentionally hurt you. You know that he and Tom
are going to meet girls at school and start to date."

Kim replied, "I know, I guess with all that has
happened this past four weeks, I just feel differently
about him now. I have all these new emotions that I
am not use to, and I guess... I guess I really don't
know what I feel."

The girls continued their journey closing in on the
place they had shared with their mothers earlier.

Kim pointed to the gap in the dunes saying, "Let's go
up there and leave our stuff, then go swimming to cool

Sally and Kim disappeared into the hills of sand and
spread the blanket near the spot they had been before.
The two girls walk to the water and waded out in to
the cool blue lake. When they were waist deep, Kim
dove under the water, surfacing about twenty-five feet
from her cousin. The water was just below Kim's

Kim waited for Sally to follower her into the deeper
water. Sally bounced along until she reached her.
The two began splashing water at each other. Kim
jumped at Sally, wrapping her arms around the teen's
head and shoulders and pulled her under. The girls emerged coughing and shaking their hair out of their

Sally lunged at Kim yelling, "I'm going to get you,
you little bitch!"

As Sally attempted to pounce on her, Kim moved and
Sally went under the water next to her. Sally
remained underwater and swam back to Kim. Kim could
see her in the clear water as she approached. Kim
tried to escape, but her cousin got a hold of the
bottoms of the small white bikini and pulled the ends
of the string waistband. Sally popped up waving her
prize in the air over her head.

Kim, now bottomless, moved towards Sally trying to
convince her to return the suit. Sally laughed and
started towards the beach, Kim only a few feet behind.
As the water got shallower, Kim realized that her
cousin had no intention of returning her bottoms.
Sally charged up the sandy beach into the gap in the
dunes. Kim looked up and down the shoreline, not
seeing anyone, she ran after Sally.

Her cousin had almost made it to the blanket when Kim
tackled her, sending Sally face first into the warm
sand. The girls wrestled in the gritty sand, Kim
trying to take back the small piece of white cloth
Sally held. As they rolled and grabbed at each other,
Sally found her head between Kim's thighs.

Sally stopped fighting and pressed her face into her
cousin's nude crotch. Sally drilled her tongue
between the lips of Kim's sand covered pussy. She
found the little nub at the top of Kim's now wet slit
and poked it rapidly with the tip of her tongue. Kim
let out a squeal of delight as her cousin worked over
her hardening clit. She pulled Sally's face tight to
her and spread her legs as far as she could. Sally
sat up ending the assault.

Kim, breathing rapidly said, "Why did you stop?"

"Way too much sand." Sally giggled. She handed
Kim's bikini bottom back to her and said, "I'm going
to go and rinse off this sand."

Kim covered herself with the damp suit and the girls ran back to the lake. They moved out to the chest
deep water and removed their suits. The girls rinsed
the gritty sand out of the tops and bottoms of their
suits. Kim spread the lips of her vagina and used her
finger to remove the sand that had found its way into
her. She cleaned between the cheeks of her buttocks
and put the bikini back on, Sally was already dressed.
The girls returned to the blanket to rest.

Kim and Sally stretched out on the blanket. They lay
on their stomachs, their heads resting on their folded
arms. The two girls faced each other, talking about
the upcoming school year. They talked about the clubs
they might join. They expressed concern over whether
or not they would be accepted by the other girls at
the school, and more importantly the boys.

There was an annual fall dance, held in October.
They wondered, out loud, if there would be enough time
to meet a boy that would invite them to the event.

Kim said, "You know, no one knows that we are
related. If we don't tell anyone, we could go with
Jack and Tom. Your brother could be my date, and mine

Sally thought about her cousin's idea and said, "We
would have to get the guys to agree not to tell any
one we were cousins, but it might just be a good

They decided to confront Jack and Tom about the
possibility. They agreed that if anyone of the four
of them got a real date it wouldn't work.

Kim and Sally talked on and were beginning to discuss
the school's dress code when they heard voices.
Looking at the path that led to their little hideaway,
they saw their brothers approaching.

"Here they are," Tom, said to Jack. "What are you
guys doing?" He asked the girls.

"We're getting ready for a dance!" Sally replied

Kim said, "We are just getting some sun and talking."

The boys asked what they were talking about. Kim and
Sally told them that they were discussing school and
the upcoming year. They talked about the fall dance
and told their brothers about their plan for dates.

Jack laughed at the girls saying, "Now what makes you
two think Tom and I won't be able to get dates?"

Kim and Sally sat up and looked at their laughing
brothers. Finally Kim said, "Well just how many dates
have you two had?"

Jack and Tom stopped laughing and sat down on the
blanket with their sisters. They mumbled between
themselves, not really saying anything.

"Just as I thought." Kim said, "Except for Sally
and I, you two have never been close to a girl."

Now Sally and Kim were the ones laughing.

The boys hemmed and hawed, not saying anything in
response. Then Sally threw down the gauntlet.

"TRUTH or DARE" she said to Jack, "Have you ever
kissed a girl other than Kim?"

Jack stuttered and admitted that he hadn't.

Sally then posed the same question to her brother.

Tom sheepishly said, "No." Not wanting to be out
flanked by his sister, he said, "Have you two ever
kissed another guy?"

Kim said that she hadn't.

Sally admitted, "Billy Johnson kissed me behind his
garage once." Billy was a boy from their old neighborhood, he and Sally had 'gone steady' when they
were twelve.

The game progressed, Jack asking Sally, "Did you let
Billy or anyone else other than Tom, touch your

Sally thought for a moment and said, "I'll take the

Jack pondered the request he was about to make, and
then said, "I dare you to take off your top and show
us your tits."

Sally, feeling like she should have admitted that she
had let Billy feel her small twelve-year-old breasts through her shirt, untied the strings that held her
top in place and removed it. Now the game was heating
up, the questions giving way to dares.

Sally said to Jack, "I dare you to show us your

Jack shrugged his shoulders, stood up unfastening his
shorts, and said, "Why do you call it that, it's a
cock." With that Jack dropped his shorts, revealing
his lack of underwear and his hardening penis.

Tom, not wanting to be out done by his male
counterpart dared Kim to do the same thing. In the
matter of minutes, all four teens were again nude in
front of each other.

With no clothing left to remove, the dares became
bolder, each teen trying to out do the other. All
four sat on the blanket, the boys visibly excited.
Kim and Sally's nipples were erect, but the true
measure of their arousal was concealed between their
closed legs.

Jack was the next to make a dare. "Sally" he said,
"I dare you to touch Kim's tits."

Tom and Jack smiled, they were sure they had won the
game, feeling that there was no way that Sally would
comply with the request. Much to the boy's amazement,
Sally moved behind her female cousin and reached
around her, ...cupping each breast in a hand. Tom and
Jack watched as Sally massaged Kim's breasts, tweaking
her nipples before letting go. Sally returned to her
original spot and flashed a quick smile at Kim.

Tom, feeling a little frustrated, dared Kim to touch
Sally between her legs. Kim smiled at the boys and
then at Sally. Sally parted her knees and Kim cupped
her mound, rubbing gently, she looked over her
shoulder at the boys and said, "Like this?"

Before removing her hand from her cousin's wet
crotch, Kim slid a finger into the hot tight hole and
moved it in and out slowly. Kim removed the probe
from Sally and sat back down.

Sally got a big devious grin on her face and said to
Tom, "I dare you to lick Kim's pussy."

Tom had never done it before, but he was not shy
about trying. He got on his knees and moved towards
Kim. Kim laid back and parted her legs giving Tom
access to her sex. Tom bent forward apprehensively
and as Kim raised her hips, Tom covered her with his
mouth. He didn't notice any unpleasant taste or odor,
so he extended his tongue and licked the moist slit.

Kim moaned as her cousin ran his tongue up and down
her pussy lips. Kim used her fingers open the depths
of herself to his hot probing tongue. Tom, not really
knowing what she wanted, sat back and stared at the
junction his mouth had just covered. Before Kim
released the spread lips, he could see the hot bright
pink flesh that was normally hidden. He saw the small
bud at the top of her vaginal opening and decided it
was her clitoris.

The teens were reaching the height of there sexual
arousal. The boys felt their penises throbbing,
seeking a release. The two girls were being taken
close to their own orgasm, only to have the feeling
subside between each encounter.

Tom said, "Sally, I dare you to do sixty-nine with

Kim watched her brother for a reaction. Sally,
feeling that if she didn't cum soon she would explode,
moved over to Jack. She pushed him onto his back.
Jack wasn't quite sure what was supposed to happen, he
had heard the term, but didn't really know how to
execute the act.

Sally, having engaged in the mutual oral stimulation
with Kim, straddled Jack's head, placing a knee on
either side. As she lowered herself, Jack could see
the moisture in between the lips of her pussy. Sally
continued her decent until she felt contact with
Jack's closed mouth. Jack opened his mouth and,
remembering the brief encounter with his sister,
extended his tongue. Sally felt the electricity flow
through her as Jack's hot tongue slipped between the
lips and into the wet vagina above him.

Sally leaned forward and wrapped her small hand
around Jack's engorged penis. She heard her brother say, "Put it in your mouth," as she stroked the hot
shaft. Sally smiled at her brother.

Sally looked at Kim and in an overheated voice said,
"I dare you to do this to Tom."

Kim quickly pushed Tom onto his back and planted her
spread crotch on Tom's surprised face. She rocked her
wet sex over his chin, waiting for his hot tongue to
molest her pussy and bring the orgasmic release she
desired. She took Tom's manhood in her hand and
stroked it quickly. She could see Sally bending
forward to kiss her brother's hard hot cock.

Kim quickly bent over, not wanting to be beaten by
Sally, and took her cousin's penis into her mouth.
She noticed the difference in size between the hot
member that was resting on her tongue and that of her
brother. The faint remembrance of Jack's flavor came
to her as she sampled the fluid that escaped from Tom.

Kim glanced at Sally to see her bobbing her head
slowly over half the length of Jack's penis. Kim,
feeling Tom's probing tongue discover her clit, pushed
her head down, taking the entire length into her
throat. She fought of the gag reflex and allowed the
pulsing meat to fill her mouth. She moved her tongue
on its underside feeling Tom's rapid heartbeat
telegraph its thumping into her mouth.

Sally was grinding her bald pussy against Jack's
face. She removed him from her mouth and told him to
suck her clit. Jack located the blood filled button
and gently rubbed it with his lips, sucking firmly.
Sally took Jack's cock back into her mouth and
swallowed it completely.

Kim was bouncing her hips on Tom's mouth and sucking on him as she slid her head up and down his penis.
She felt Tom increase the trusting of his hips, as he
tried to match Kim's movement. Suddenly Tom pushed
his hips up quickly, pushing his entire cock into
Kim's throat again. Kim felt the intruder swell and
the first gush of hot cum go down her throat. She
pulled back leaving only the top third of Tom's
squirting tool in her mouth and tried to ingest the
entire load of hot sticky semen. Kim swallowed
repeatedly as the erupting continued. She felt the
pluses diminish and the last of Tom's ejaculate drip
onto her coated tongue. Kim lifted her head, letting
the still firm flesh slip from between her lips, and
flop onto Tom's stomach. Kim pushed against Tom's
mouth feeling his tongue penetrate her.

The combination of giving her cousin a heated head
job and the attack on her pussy pushed Kim over the
edge. Her orgasm began building quickly and caused
her to moan loudly. She placed her hands on Tom's
naked hips and rocked against the probing tongue. She
rubbed her clit on his chin until she felt the
contractions begin deep within her. Tom could feel
Kim's juices cover his lips and run along the sides of
his face. He sucked the fluid from her secreting
pussy, tasting the sweetness of his younger cousin.

As Kim's orgasm subsided, she looked at her brother and Sally. Sally's cheeks swelled as her brother filled her sucking mouth with his cum. Sally was
unable to swallow his entire offering, and some of the
white sticky fluid escaped her and ran down his hard
penis. Sally released him and rolled onto her back
next to her spent cousin.

The four exhausted teens lay staring at the sky, each
of them sexually satisfied. As their heavy breathing
returned to normal, Jack said, "I guess we could take
you two to the dance." The two girls smiled at their
brothers, feeling content. Then Jack added, "Unless
we find a couple of hotter chicks."

Kim and Sally both smacked Jack. Sally said, "Well I
hope they will blow you, because you just got your
last one from us!"

Kim smiled at her cousin's quick remark and nodded
her head in agreement. Kim said, "I bet you guys will
end up jacking off after the dance."

Jack and Tom looked at the their sisters trying to
determine if they were serious. Kim and Sally
maintained an unsympathetic look, letting the boys suffer a little because of the comment Jack had made.

Kim stood up, put her suit back on, and told the
others she was going for a swim. Sally and the boys agreed that was a good idea and after putting their
clothes back on, followed Kim to the lake.

Kim still felt a little jealous about her brother being with Sally, but after her session with Tom, it
wasn't as bad as the first time she had the feeling.
The four teens walked slowly into the lake, feeling
the cool water erase what was left of their sexual
arousal. They went out until the water was deep
enough to swim in and one by one they dove under the
surface. The four swam and relaxed in the clear blue
water for about a half an hour. Sally was the first
to head for shore, followed by her brother and cousins.

Jack caught up to Kim and walked beside her as they
exited the lake. Jack looked at his cute younger
sister. Her wet white suit revealed her nipples,
hardened by the cool water. He could see the dark
circle that surrounded the small protrusions, just
slightly darker than her completely tanned breast.
The thin material clung seductively, accenting the
firm mounds that sat proudly on her chest. When they
were in water only knee deep, Jack fell back a couple
of steps and admired Kim from behind. The split that
ran from just below her waist down between her legs
was filled with the back of her suit, exposing her
firm buttocks. He watched as Kim used her fingers to
pull the material from her crack and stretch it over
her butt. A couple of quick steps put Jack back at
his sister's side.

He lightly bumped his shoulder into hers and said, "I
hope you guys weren't serious about it being the last

Kim looked into her brother's eyes and could see that
he was truly concerned that he had upset her. Kim
hugged her big brother's arm and said, "We'll see."

The four teens walked back to their hideaway. Kim
and Sally folded the blanket and handed it to Jack.
Kim picked up the beach bag and they all headed for
the beach house. They walked silently along the sand,
no one saying anything.

When they arrived at the large house, they found
their parents sitting on the porch. Marge asked the
kids if they had enjoyed their swim. Jack responded,
telling his mother that they had fun.

Anne said, "What do you guys want for dinner?"

Kim asked, "What do we have?"

Anne and Marge listed the leftovers that were in the
refrigerator. The kids said it that didn't matter,
they would eat what ever they fixed.

Don said, "Well, that doesn't sound very convincing.
Do you want to run into town for burgers?"

Jack and Tom said that they would like that, the
girls agreed.

"Ok, go and get dressed. We will leave as soon as
you are ready."

Jack and Tom ran up to their room and started to get
ready. Kim and Sally also went to their room. Kim
removed her swimsuit and sat on the bed.

Sally was untying her top when Kim said, "So, how was


"How was Jack?"

Sally finished removing her suit and sat next to Kim.
She told Kim that it was ok and she liked it when he
licked her pussy. She told her cousin that she
thought she was going to explode. Sally also said she
thought she would drown when he came. Sally quizzed
Kim about her brother. Kim told her that he needed
some practice eating pussy. The girls laughed and
Sally went to take a shower.

Kim sat on her bed thinking about the day and the sex
she had with Tom. She wondered what it would be like
to go all the way and feel a penis fill her vagina.
While deep in her thoughts, she heard a knock at her
door. She slipped her short robe over her naked body
and answered the door. Kim saw her brother standing
there with a look of concern.

"Kim, are you alright?" He asked his sister.

Kim leaned against the doorframe and listened for the
shower. She looked into her brothers eyes and said,
"I guess so, why do you ask?"

Jack told her that she seemed distant and upset. Kim
stared at her feet, swinging one leg back and forth.
She told Jack that she felt all mixed up and didn't
know how to deal with the new feelings. She went on,
confessing that she felt jealous, seeing him with
Sally. Then she added that she would get over it.

Jack pulled his little sister close and gave her a
hug. He assured her that everything would be ok. Kim
laid her head on her brother's chest and returned his
embrace. As she held him tight, her robe parted
allowing her breast to come in contact with Jack's
bare skin. Kim felt the warmth of her brother as she
shifted slightly, increasing the contact and pleasure.
Jack lightly stroked her damp blonde hair, and then
kissed her on top of her head.

Kim shuddered at the display of affection from her
big brother. Kim heard the shower stop and
reluctantly eased her embrace. She looked back into
Jack's eyes. Stretching up, she placed her lips to
his and kissed him deeply. Jack returned the kiss,
parting his lips and meeting Kim's tongue with his.
Kim could feel a rush of warmth fill her body. She
broke the kiss and stepped away from Jack. He could
see the sides of her breasts in the gap the untied
robe formed as well as the small patch of hair that
topped her pubic area. Kim slowly closed her robe and
told Jack she had to get ready for dinner. She turned
and went back into the room, closing the door behind

Sally was blow-drying her hair when Kim entered the
bathroom. She turned on the shower and stepped in.
Kim washed her hair and body. She looked at the small
strip of hair that was left on her pubic area. She
ran her fingers over the short soft hair, and then
picked up the razor and removed it. She looked again,
this time seeing her baldness. She smiled, thinking
how Jack had been so interested in their mother and
aunt's bald pussy. She thought to herself about how
Jack would react the next time he saw her nude. Kim
finished her shower and stepped out. She wrapped a
large towel around her, patting it against her skin to
absorb the moisture. She wrapped another towel around
her head and tucked in the end to secure it.

Kim went into the bedroom and saw Sally selecting her
bra and panties. "I think I will wear these." She
said, holding up a matching outfit. Sally stepped
into the navy blue panties and put on the matching

Kim nodded and told Sally she looked good in blue.

Sally chuckled and said, "I know, but did I look good
when I blew." The two girls laughed at the reference
to the day's games.

Kim removed her towel, revealing her now hairless
crotch to Sally and said, "You made it look like a
penis belongs in your mouth." Again he girls laughed.

Sally was finding it hard to speak, but finally
blurted out, "Yeah, and you look good with balls on
your chin."

The two teens were laughing so hard now that they had
pains in their sides. Kim sat on the bed and tried to
compose herself.

Sally walked up to her cousin and placed her hand on
her crotch, rubbing it gently, she said, "I like your
new hairdo, or should I say hairless do?"

Kim reached out and pulled Sally to her, resting her
head on her cousin's bra covered breasts. Kim pressed
her own breasts into Sally's midriff. She held Sally
for a moment then released her and stood up. Kim
picked up a white satin bra and panty set and put on.
She went to dry her hair while Sally put the shorts
and tee shirt on she had worn earlier in the day. Kim
dressed in her shorts and shirt, and then the girls went downstairs.

Their brothers and parents were waiting for them in
the living room. Kim's dad asked what took so long.
Marge informed her husband that it took girls longer
to get ready. Don smiled and said that he had
forgotten that fact. The two families went out to the
Suburban and left for town.

When they returned to the house, Marge asked if
anyone wanted to spend some time in the hot tub.
Everyone thought it would be a great way to spend the
last night at the beach house.

Marc and Don started for the porch when Marge said,
"let's get our suits on."

Don gave his wife a strange look and then went to
their room to change. While Marge was putting on her
two-piece suit, Don asked, "What gives?"

Marge told him that she and Anne felt that the night
on the beach was enough for right now. Don grudgingly
agreed and put on his trunks.

The boys wore their new Spedo swimsuits and the girls their white bikinis. The two families went out on the
porch and looked up at the star filled sky. There was
no moon, but the bright stars cast a white glow on the
calm lake. Don turned on the pump for the hot tub and
the water began to swirl.

Waiting a few minutes for the heater to bring the
temperature up, the families stood and reviewed the
four-week vacation. Each member reflected one of
their favorite activities, at least the ones they
could share in the mixed group. One by one they
climbed into the warm agitating water. Even though
the tub was very large, it was impossible for the
eight of them to fit, without touching the persons on
either side. They carefully jockeyed for position.

Don sat with Marge next to him, then Marc, Anne, Tom,
Sally, and Jack, with Kim sitting between her brother and dad. They all relaxed in the tub. Kim was aware
of her brother's leg pressed against hers. She also
noticed the contact with her father.

Jack stretched his arms out on the edge of the wooden
tub, one behind his sister's head, and the other
behind Sally. Kim laid her head back and rested it on
her brother's arm. The only thing visible, in the
darkness, was the eight heads that circled the tub.
Soon there were several conversations going on. Don
and Marc talked about golf, Marge and Anne talked
about the things they had to do when they returned,
and Kim and Sally talked about clothes, across Jack's

As the two teen girls talked about the newest styles,
Kim rested her hand on Jack's thigh. Jack, like Tom,
stared into the sky, ignoring the chatter around them.
Jack jumped a little as his sister lazily moved her
hand up and down his thigh. Each time she moved up,
she got closed to his confined penis. Jack could feel
the stirring in the tight suit and cautiously looked
around to be sure no one noticed what Kim was doing.

To Jack's dismay, Kim and Sally started to discuss
lingerie. They debated the difference between under-
wire and natural bra cups, sheer versus padded, front
closure versus back closure. Jack was getting
uncomfortable with the conversion and was about to
interrupt the girls when he felt the side of Kim's
hand contact his cock.

Kim didn't move her hand. She just applied enough
pressure to let him know it was there. Jack's penis
immediately grew to its full size, pushing out the leg
opening of his suit. Kim felt the head of his penis
touch her. She moved her hand to cover the rubbery
helmet. Kim gently squeezed the end of Jack's sex
tool and he responded by shifting around. Kim worked
more of the flesh out of the tight suit and wrapped
her fingers around it.

She looked at the adults to be sure no one was paying
any attention to her and began to milk the firm flesh.
Starting at the point his penis exited his suit. Kim
applied pressure one finger at a time. She created a
rhythm, squeezing him with one finger then the next.
Jack could feel the pressure of his sister's fingers,
as they seemed to roll from the base to the ridge of
his cock. Kim could feel it jump in her hand each
time the she reached the head.

Jack was getting tense and he felt his balls
churning. He knew if he didn't stop his sister's
action, he was going to cum. Jack turned his head to
look at Kim. She flashed a devilish grin at her
brother and increased her musings. Kim could feel the
hard penis begin to throb. She felt Jack's thigh
twitch against her leg. Then, sitting with his entire
family within a few feet of him, he erupted. Kim
could feel the semen surge through the length of his
cock. She put her thumb over the small slit at the
end of Jack's manhood in time to feel the juice squirt
out. Several strong pulses and Jack was spent. Kim
held him as he softened. She released him and
carefully tucked his flaccid penis back into his
swimsuit. During the whole process, she never stopped
her conversion with Sally.

A little while later, Marge said she was turning into
a prune and she stood up to get out of the communal
bath. Soon every one followed, deciding it had been a
busy day and they had a long drive home facing them

The family members dried themselves and went to their
respective rooms.

On the way up the stairs, Jack whispered to Kim, "The

Kim nodded and went into her room with Sally.

"What the hell were you doing to your brother?"
Sally asked Kim.

"Nothing, why?"

Sally told her that she felt Jack's strange movement
under the water. Kim said that she didn't know what
Sally was talking about and removed her bikini. Kim
put on her white baby-doll nightie and slipped her
arms into the short robe. Sally pulled her long tee
shirt over her head and stepped into a pair of
panties. Kim went to the doors that lead to the
balcony and her cousin went into the bathroom. Jack
was waiting for her when Kim got outside. Jack asked
his sister if she was nuts and trying to get them both
in trouble.

"No, I just wanted to take care of my big brother."

"Well you certainly did that!" He smiled at Kim and
winked with one eye. He said, "Thank you, it felt
great. I suppose I owe you now."

Kim winked back at Jack and replied, "You sure do."
Just as she finished her sentence,

Sally came out onto the balcony. "What are you two
up to?" She asked.

"Looking at the lake and the sky." Kim answered.
Tom joined the three teens and they all stood staring
out into the night.

"I don't know about you guys," Jack said, "but I am
bushed." Jack told every one goodnight and went into
his room.

Tom, Sally, and Kim all agreed and saying goodnight,
went to bed. Kim and Sally talked briefly then fell


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