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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 14


"The Lottery" - Part 14 (mf, ff, oral, mast, inc, con)

Kim awoke when she felt a nudging against her leg.
She opened her eyes and looked at her cousin lying
next to her. Sally was rhythmically rocking and soft
moans were escaping her. Kim looked at the clock, it
was six in the morning. There was sunlight flowing
into the room through the open drapes. Kim could see
Sally had her hand in her shinny burgundy panties.
She saw the rise in the material move as Sally's hand
rubbed between her legs. Sally's other hand covered
her breast, her fingertips making small circles over
her hardened nipple. Kim looked at Sally's eyes.
They were closed, but not forced shut. Kim could see
the movement of her cousin's eyes beneath her eyelids.
Sally's hand movements started to increase in speed.
Kim couldn't be sure, but she thought the teen had
one, or more, fingers buried in her vagina.

Soon Kim could feel her own excitement welling up
inside her. The mere sight of Sally's masturbation
was turning Kim on. Kim slid her own hand into the
panties of her baby doll nightie. Her fingers crept
slowly over the bare mound, which only a few short
weeks ago was covered with soft curly hair, into the
slit of her now moist vagina. Kim parted the swollen
lips and traced up and down the length of her sex.

Kim placed her clit between her thumb and forefinger
and rolled the hard nub. She watched Sally as she
penetrated herself then returned to her clit. Kim
reached under her top and grasped her breast. She
squeezed it firmly, and then concentrated on her hard
nipple. She pulled on her nipple, sending electric
pulses to the fingers in her vagina. Kim could feel
her self-induced orgasm start deep in her belly and
rumble through her body. She felt the hot walls of
her pussy tighten around her fingers. Her body
tensed, her vaginal moisture covered her hand, and a
low moan escaped her throat. Her orgasm was not real
powerful, but satisfying.

Kim returned her attention to Sally. Sally was
smiling at Kim. Kim smiled back at her cousin and
rolled onto her side facing away. Sally scooted up to
Kim's back and wrapped her arm around her. The two
contented teens drifted back to sleep.

The banging on the door brought Kim and Sally out of
their slumber. Anne called Sally's name before
opening the bedroom door.

"Time to get up!" Anne said.

Sally sat up and asked her mother the time. Anne
told her it was seven o'clock and they were planning
to leave in two hours. Anne pulled the door closed
and went to wake the boys.

Sally shook Kim and said, "Wake up sleepy head, it's
time to get ready to go home." Kim swung her legs off
the bed and sat up. "Good morning nasty girl."

"Me" Kim replied, "You were the one that got me

The girls laughed at each other and stood up. Kim
flipped the covers over the bed in a feeble attempt to
make it.

Pulling the tee shirt she had slept in over her head,
Sally told Kim that she had the most erotic dream she
had ever had. Sally described a heated encounter that
included Kim and her brother Tom. Kim pressed Sally
for detail. Sally told that she and Tom were in bed
and her brother had just entered her. She explained
that it was so real that she could feel him stretch her opening. Sally told Kim that as Tom began to pump
in and out of her, she walked into the room. Sally
went on, saying that Kim watched for a moment then
removed her clothes.

Sally said, "You were facing Tom and lowering your
pussy to my mouth."

Kim asked Sally, "What happened next?"

"I woke up and found you playing with yourself!" She
said laughing.

Kim told her cousin she was sorry, but she just
couldn't help herself.

Sally assured Kim it was ok and just a dream.

The girls continued to talk as they went into the
bathroom to get ready for the trip home.

Kim started the water, remover the baby doll nightie,
and stepped into the shower. She applied shampoo to
her hair and massaged it in. Her head was tipped
back, her eyes closed when she felt the cool air hit
her. Sally had opened the sliding door and joined her
cousin. Kim stepped under the sharp spray, rinsing
the suds from her hair.

"You know we aren't going to be able to do this as
often when we get home." Sally said, as she ran her
fingers through Kim's hair.

Kim wrapped her arms around her nude cousin's body
and replied, "I know, I'm sure going to miss it."

The two young girls held each other close, each
stroking the other's back. They parted and resumed
their showers. They talked about the past four weeks
and all the fun they had. They assured each other
that they would get together as often as they could
when they were back home.

The girls finished washing themselves and exited the
shower stall that had provided so much intimate fun.
They dried off and stood in front of the steamy
mirror, brushing their wet hair. Kim took out the
blow dryer and directed the hot air over her hair,
forming it with the brush. Her own hair dry, Kim
pointed the dryer at Sally's head and worked on her
cousin's hair.

Finished in the bathroom, the girls gathered their
things and returned to the bedroom. They were in no
hurry to get dressed. They packed their toiletries
into their overnight cases. They took out the outfits
they had selected for the five-hour ride home.

Sally pulled her rust colored body suit over her head
and smoothed the fabric over her body. Before
snapping the crotch closed, Sally stepped into a pair
of pink French-cut bikini panties. She snapped the
thin strips of material together between her legs and
turned around, looking at herself in the full-length
mirror. Confident that the snug bodysuit concealed
her panties, Sally wrapped her light tan skirt around
her waist and buttoned it at her side.

Kim put on her dark green bodysuit over a hunter
green thong and wrapped a brown mini skirt around her

The girls admired themselves in the mirror, and then
completed their packing. Kim and Sally put on the
short jackets that matched their outfits and picked up
the packed bags.

Kim and Sally carried their bags down the stairs and
out to the cars. Jack was maneuvering the Suburban
backwards as Tom directed him to the boat trailer.
Once the truck was in position, Tom turned the handle
of the trailer jack, lowering it to the waiting hitch.
Jack came around behind the Suburban and helped Tom
finish connecting the lights and safety chains.

"Jack, will you please put these in the car for me?"
Kim asked her brother.

Jack said, "sure." and took the two small bags from
his little sister. Sally put her things into the
trunk of the Lincoln.

"Where are mom and dad?" Sally asked Tom.

He told her that they were just finishing up and
would be out in a few minutes.

The four teens stood in the cool morning air, talking
about the trip. They started to talk about school and
the things they planned to do at home when Don and
Marc came outside.

They were each carrying suitcases in each hand. Jack
and Tom ran over to their fathers and helped them
carry the items to the proper vehicle.

Marc asked the kids "Are you guys all ready to go?"

The teens told him they were.

"I suggest you take one last look around." Don said.

The teens agreed and returned to the house to be sure
they had not forgotten anything. They went to their
rooms and looked under the beds and in the bathrooms.
Kim found a pair of panties under the bed and put them
into her purse. After completing their inspection,
the four kids went downstairs. They walked through
the house searching for anything that may have been
over looked.

Confident that everything was in order, the two
families gathered outside. The adults exchanged
details of the planned trip home. Kim and Sally got
into the backseat of the Town Car. Jack and Tom
jumped into the Suburban. Marge and Anne joined their
daughters. Anne started the car and drove down the
driveway to the road.

Anne said, "We are going to stop in town and get some
breakfast, and then head home."

Kim and Sally sat quietly, watching the vacation home
disappear behind them. They saw their dads and
brothers pull onto the road and slowly close the gap
between the cars. Each young girl was lost in her
thoughts of the past weeks.

"Well, did you two have a good time?" Marge asked.

Sally replied, "It was the best vacation ever Aunt
Marge. I just hope all of us can do it again

Marge and her sister-in-law smiled at each other and
assured the girls that they would be spending more
time together. Anne turned into the parking lot of
the restaurant they had agreed on and parked the car.
Don found a spot big enough for the truck and trailer
and parked. Jack walked around the rig, checking the
hitch, chains, and boat. He made sure every thing was
secure and joined the rest of the family in front of
the small diner.

Inside, the eight family members found a table that
would seat the entire group. They ordered their food
and chattered about the trip and the long ride that
lay ahead. The girls were going to stop at an outlet
mall. The guys, traveling slower because of the boat,
would meet them for lunch near the mall.

The food arrived and the talk stopped while everyone
ate. After they were done, the kids went outside to
wait for their parents to finish their coffee.

Jack and Tom headed for the Suburban, Kim and Sally
sat on a bench in front of the restaurant.

"Do you really want to do it with Tom?" Kim asked

Sally sat swinging her legs, staring at the boys as
they crossed the parking lot. She turned to Kim and
answered, "It was just a dream Kim, and he's my

"I know, it's just that I have been thinking about
all the things we have done these last four weeks. I
get turned on just thinking about it."

"So do I, but... well, I just don't know."

The four adults came out of the restaurant and
interrupted the girls.

"Let's go girls." Marge said as she and Anne walked
to the car.

Kim and Sally jumped up, followed their moms to the
car, and took their seats. Kim and Sally stared out
the side windows of the car as Marge pulled away.

Jack and Tom climbed into the Suburban and waited for
their dads to get in. Don and Marc climbed in and Don
started the truck. He eased the big rig onto the road
and followed the women out of town. Once on the
highway, the four men watched as the Lincoln pulled
away. After a few minutes, they could no longer see
the car.

Jack and Tom talked about the fishing and the things
they had learned about the big lake. The planned
their next trip. They would be fishing for walleye on
the lake near home.

Don and Marc listened to the boys go on about how
they would rig for the walleyes and where they would
launch the boat. The boys talked non-stop for about
thirty minutes. They waited patiently for an
opportunity to bring up the subjects they were to
discuss with their sons. Finally the two boys stopped
talking and just looked at the road ahead.

Marc spoke first, "Did you guys enjoy the trip?"

Tom said that they did.

"Would you two like to do something like this again?"
Marc continued.

Jack said, "I would like to go back next year for
more fishing." The conversion continued along the
same line, talking about returning the same beach
house, fishing, and golf.

Don said, "Are you boys ready to start school?"

Jack and Tom said they were.

"Are either of you planning on trying out for
sports?" Don asked.

Jack said, "I may tryout for soccer, but I don't have
any interest in lacrosse."

Tom said, "I think I will see if they have a
photography club. I messed around with it at our old school, but could never afford the necessary

Marc smiled at his son and said, "Well that shouldn't
be a problem any more." Marc asked Tom, "How about

Tom said, "Maybe soccer, I really don't know."

The talk of the upcoming school year went on for
almost a half an hour. They went over their
schedules, transportation, and grades.

Don, not really knowing how to approach the subject,
said, "Boys, you know that what all of us did on the
beach that night is not to be shared with anyone
outside the families. If it were to get out that we
had all sat around in the nude, drinking wine, we
could have trouble we don't want."

Tom asked, "Was that illegal Uncle Don?"

Marc answered, "No, it's not illegal for us to be
nude, but most people wouldn't understand it. What
you guys saw when you spied on us is considered taboo and could cause legal problems however."

The boys sat in silence, thinking about the night
their sisters showed them the hiding place and the
activities of their parents.

Jack asked his dad, "How long have you and Aunt Anne
been messing around?"

Don and Marc were taken aback. They didn't expect to
be asked about any details about the relationship
between them and their sisters, at least not so
abruptly. Tom questioned Marc regarding the same

Don looked at his brother-in-law, and the two men began to tell their teenage sons about the first time
they had any contact with their sisters. They
alternated between the two of them, explaining how the
girls had teased them and how they ended up
masturbating each other. When Don and Marc had
finished their story, Don asked the boys if they had
been messing around with their sisters.

Jack answered, after a hesitation, "We sort of played
with ourselves one afternoon on the boat." Jack or
his cousin didn't go into any detail about that day.

Their dads told them about the dangers of sex with a
family member and the fact that it was incest. They
explained to the boys that if it ever came to "going
all the way" they must be sure they take the necessary

Marc said, "I don't want to be a grandfather right

Don added, "And that goes for any girl!"

Jack changed the subject. He asked his dad if he had
ever been to one of the nudist camps that he had
mentioned the night at the fire.

"No" Don replied.

"Would you like to?" Jack asked.

Don said that the four adults had discussed it.

Marc said, "Why, would you boys like to go to one?"

Tom said, "Jack and I have talked about it and
thought it would be fun."

The two men laughed at their sons. They made jokes
about them running around with a bunch of naked women.
The boys joined their father's laughter.

After the four men had calmed down, they started to
talk about school again. Tom brought up the fall
dance and the request their sisters had made.

Marc said, "Well if that is what the four of you kids
want, it's ok with me."

Don agreed, and said, "You will have to be very
careful that no one ever finds out that you guys are

Tom and Jack agreed. Seemingly the four had talked
about everything that they were willing to discuss at
that time. Jack and Tom looked out the window at the
passing scenery. Don and Marc talked about the great
golf courses they had played.

Marge sat with her back against the door of the car.
She had her left foot on the seat, her arms folded on
her knee. The long summer dress she wore was buttoned
from the scoop neckline to just below her waist, her
tan thighs exposed. Anne looked at Marge, from her
angle she could see the crotch of her sister-in-law's

Marge was watching her daughter in the backseat. Kim
sat with one leg tucked under her, her skirt had
ridden high on her legs. Marge glanced at her niece.
Sally sat with both feet on the seat, her legs
together, her arms wrapped tightly around them.

Marge said to the girls, "Is there anything you two
want to talk about?"

Kim and Sally looked at each other, knowing that
Marge was referring to the toys. Sally replied, "Not
really Aunt Marge. Why do you ask?"

Anne looked at her daughter in the mirror and said,
"Sally, you know we found the sex toys in your drawer,
and the bloody sheets."

Kim and Sally remained silent. Neither girl was
willing to acknowledge her mother.

Marge said, "You know, it's really no big deal. You
two aren't the first girls to break their hymen that
way. It happens all the time."

Sally had a tear running from the corner of her eye
down her cheek.

Kim saw that her cousin was beginning to cry and
said, "What do you mean it's no big deal? We aren't
virgins anymore." Kim started to cry also, feeling
ashamed at what she and Sally had done.

Anne said, "Girls, what do you mean you're not virgin
anymore? Did you guys do something with your

"No" Sally sobbed, "Just the toys."

Anne said, "Girls, girls, just because you don't have
your hymens intact, doesn't mean you're not virgin.
You have to have a male partner to lose your

The teens asked what the women meant by that.

Marge explained that intercourse was required to lose
one's virginity. She went on and said, "What is
broken on a boy when he loses his virginity?"

Kim and Sally said they didn't know.

Anne said, "I wouldn't be too concerned about it, you
guys just won't go through the pain when the time

Kim asked her mom, "Did you guys ever do anything
like that when you were young?"

Marge and Anne started to laugh. The young girls quizzed them about what was so funny.

Anne said, "Yes, Marge and I did something like that
when we were young!"

Kim and Sally pressed their moms for details.

Marge told them that when she and Anne were fourteen
or fifteen, dildos and vibrators were not as easy to
come by as they obviously were today. Marge told the
girls that she and Anne were goofing around one day
and things got a bit heated between them. She said
that Anne used the handle of a hairbrush on her and
she returned the favor. Kim and Sally relaxed and
started to giggle at the thought of their moms with a
hairbrush inserted in their vaginas.

Anne asked what was so funny.

Kim said, "I can just see the brush sticking out from
between your legs."

Marge and Anne joined their daughter's laughter as
they each drew the mental image Kim referred to.

Anne said, "After all of the messing around, we found
that the brush handle was not long enough to break our
cherries. We ended up unbroken until your fathers did
the job."

Kim asked her mom, "What's a cheery?"

Again, Marge and Anne laughed uncontrollability.
They explained that a "cheery" was another name for a

Sally asked her mom about the first time she ever did
anything with her brother.

Anne told the girls about the episode with Marge and
the girl's fathers.

Kim said, "Mom, did you ever date anyone other than
dad in school?"

Marge said that she had dated a couple of guys.

"How about you mom?" Sally asked Anne.

She said she also had dated another boy for a short

Kim asked her mom to tell them about it.

Marge said, "After the night of Suzie's party, Anne
and I would not talk to Don or Marc. A boy from
school had asked me out to the movies and I agreed to
go. I dated him for about a month. Then, one night
after a movie, we went to park at the gravel pit. We
were making out in the car and began to feel me up,
under my sweater, and I let him, I liked the way it
felt. Things got a little carried away and soon he
had my sweater and bra off. The boy took out his
penis and put my hand on it.

I rubbed him and he tried to put his hand down my
pants. When I stopped him, he put his hand on the
back of my head and pushed me down to his hard penis.
I tried to do what I had seen at the party, but I just
gagged. When I tried to sit up, the boy held my down
and came on my face. I broke free and slapped him,
then cleaned up on his shirt. I got out of the car
and walked home. I never dated him again."

Sally asked Anne, "When was the first time you...
um... well..."

Anne said, "What do you want to know Sally?"

Sally looked down and said, "When was the first time
you gave a guy a blow job?"

Anne was startled by the young girls question. Anne
looked at Marge and shrugged her shoulders. She
remembered that the four parents had agreed to answer
the kid's questions.

Anne looked at Sally in the rearview mirror and began
to tell her story.

"I met a boy at school and went on a couple of dates
with him. One night we were stopped in front of my
house, kissing. The boy asked me to suck his dick,
when I told him I didn't know how, and I didn't want
to, he got mad. He told her that me that I might as
well because he was going to tell the guys at school
that I blew him anyway. I started yelling at the guy
and calling him names. He told me to get out of the
car, and he took off, spinning his tires.

I went into the house crying and very upset. Don was
watching television our mom was out with friends. He
asked me what was wrong. I told him I was ok and went
to my room.

Don followed me, and came into my room. He asked me
again what had happened. I told him about the guy and
what he said he was going to do. Don got real mad and
said he would take care of it. Then he came over, sat
down beside me, and put his arm around my shoulder. I
laid my head on his chest, and let him hold me until I
stopped crying.

I asked him why guys were all such pigs. He told me
that he didn't know, and said that not all guys were
like that. I confronted him about the night at
Suzie's party and his behavior. He told me that he
just got caught up in the moment and wasn't thinking
clearly. I asked if he enjoyed having Suzie do that
to him. He said that he did like it, but he would
have never done it if he knew that Marge and I were
going to stop talking to him and Marc.

I didn't know why, but I kissed my brother. We held
the kiss for a long time, opening our mouths and
French kissing. I broke away from him and asked if
all guys liked it. He asked me what. I asked him if
all guys liked to have their penises sucked. He
turned red and nodded yes. I thought about his answer
and asked him if he would teach me how. He agreed and
I learned that night."

Sally asked her mom, "What happened to the boy?"

Anne replied, "Your father and Uncle beat his ass,
and told him if he said anything they would tell
everyone he was gay."

The girls laughed at the comment.

* * * *
Anne's memory went back to that night. She got off
her bed and knelt on the floor between her brother's
legs. She remembered the line of cheerleaders at the
party and how they just waited for the next guy to
step up.

Anne looked up at Don and said, "Well, what now?"

Don looked down at his sister's upturned face, her
eyes still red from crying. He reached out his hand
and Anne took it in hers.

Don pulled her up and told her to sit beside him.
"Anne," he said, "You make it seem so dirty when you
act that way."

Anne looked into her brother's eyes and said, "That's
what the girls did at the party. I haven't ever done
anything like this, and I really don't know what to

Don put his arm around his little sister and pulled
her close. He brushed a few strands of hair away from
her eyes, bent forward, and kissed her forehead.

"Anne, the only times I have been with a girl is at
the party and when you, Marge, Marc, and I messed
around that time. I don't know how to start."

Anne put her hand on her brother's neck, drew his
mouth to hers, and kissed him.

Anne took Don's hand and placed it on her breast. He
massaged the firm flesh through the thin sweater and
bra that covered his sister's breasts. The siblings
continued kissing, probing each other's mouths with
their tongues.

Anne pulled back, crossed her arms, and gripped the
bottom of her sweater. She pulled the garment over
her head, revealing her bra. The white bra completely
covered her breasts. The padding of the lingerie made
her appear bigger than she really was. Don stared at
his sister as she reached behind her and unfastened
the two small hooks that held the bra securely in
place. Relived of the tension, she let the bra slide
down her arms, exposing her firm breasts.

Don studied the shape, noting the eraser-sized
nipples that crowned each mound. Anne placed her
brother's hand against her now naked flesh. He
squeezed her, feeling the hardness of her nipple press
into the palm of his sweating hand.

Anne and Don resumed their kissing. She put her hand
against the crotch of his jeans, feeling the hard
shaft hidden beneath the course fabric. He moaned
into his sister's mouth as she gripped his manhood.
He felt like he would cum in his pants as Anne's small
hand moved over the length of it.

She again stopped the kissing. Don's hand was still
attached to her breast as she fumbled with the buckle
of his belt. She pulled at the leather strap that
surrounded his waist. Once the belt was parted, she
worked to open the button on the waistband of the
denim pants.

Don grew impatient. He reluctantly released her
breast and aided her in opening his jeans. He lifted
himself slightly and the two teens worked the tight
jeans over his hips and down his legs. Anne could see
the bulge in her brother's white briefs. He hooked
his thumbs in the elastic waistband and removed his
underwear. She watched as his erect penis jumped,
freed from its confinement.

Don put his hand on her leg and slid it slowly under
her skirt. She parted her knees, allowing her
brother's hand to explore her inner thigh. She jumped
slightly as his hand bumped against her panty-covered

She took his blood-engorged penis in her hand. She
wrapped her fingers around it, feeling the firmness.
She remembered the last time she held it and the
pleasure her brother expressed when she stroked it.

Anne slowly moved her hand up and down, reversing the
direction of her strokes when her hand reached the
velvety crown and again at the base.

Don rubbed his hand back and forth over the cotton
material of his sister's now damp panty crotch. The
two teens sat in silence, slowly masturbating the

Anne felt her brother's penis swell and felt him push
his hips against her hand. She looked down at the
object in her hand, watching the skin cover the head
as she moved her hand up, only to unsheathe the
purplish covered helmet when she returned to its base.
Anne felt the surge of his semen travel up his penis,
and watched as the white substance jetted out of the
slit at the very tip. She kept up her strokes as
string after string of his cum exited his throbbing
shaft. Soon the discharge reduced and ran down the
head of his penis and pooled on Anne's fingers and

Anne let go of her brother and examined the hot
sticky fluid on her hand. She extended her tongue and
tasted the spunk. Don watched as she licked her hand
clean. She found the taste a bit strange, but it
didn't sicken her as she thought it might.

Don said that he was sorry for not being able to
control himself.

She smiled at him and told him it was ok. Anne asked
her brother, "Can you do it again?"

Don said that it took a little while to re-charge.

Anne felt her brother's hand against her now soaked
panties. She stood, reached under her skirt, and
removed them and sat back down next to Don. She
guided his hand back to her overheated vagina.

He rubbed her, feeling the slickness, running his
finger between the lips of her sex. She spread her
legs further as she felt his finger enter her. He
slowly pushed his finger in and out of the tight
cavern. Anne jumped, and then started to hump his
hand as he added another finger. His thumb bumped her
clit, sending a wave of pleasure through her entire
body. She told her brother to rub the small button as
he stroked her from the inside. Anne quickly came,
her pussy gripping her brother's fingers. As the
pleasure subsided, she pulled Don's hand away from her
over-sensitive crotch.

Anne lowered herself to the floor between her
brother's naked legs. She slid her hands along the
tops of his thighs, from his knees to his hips. She
took his hard penis in her hand, extended her tongue,
and licked the head, tasting the residue of his
earlier ejaculation. She parted her lips and kissed
the very end of her brother's erection. He moaned as
she opened her mouth and slowly descended on his
manhood. He felt her teeth brush the tender head as
it disappeared into her mouth.

Anne closed her lips around the hot flesh and swirled
her tongue over the soft head. She traced the ridge
that separated the soft velvety head from the firm
shaft, wrapped her hand around his shaft and moved her
head down, engulfing about half of the throbbing tool.
She raised and lowered her head allowing a little more
into her mouth on each down stroke.

Anne gagged as his penis touched the back of her
throat and readjusted her hand to prevent him from
going too deep. Don moved in unison with his sister's
bobbing head. She felt the swelling and throbbing
that she had felt earlier and knew that she would soon
feel her brother's cum in her mouth. She briefly
considered removing the object from her mouth when
heard him let out a loud moan and tell her that he was
going to cum. She backed off as he shot his hot cum into her mouth and sucked and swallowed capturing his
entire discharge. When she felt the pulsing stop, she
held his penis gently in her coated mouth as it

Anne and her brother were basking in he glow of the
moment when they heard a car door slam. She jumped up
and quickly put on her bra and sweater. Don grabbed
his clothes and ran for the bathroom. The two teens
heard their mother call their names as she came into
the small house. Anne fixed her hair and went to meet
her mom. As she walked past the closed bathroom door,
she smiled.

* * * *

Anne snapped back to reality. She was wet from her
reminiscing. Kim asked her mom and Aunt about her and
Sally's idea about the dance. They said that if that
is what the four of them wanted it would be ok with
them, but cautioned the girls about keeping the fact
that they were cousins a secret. The girls assured
their moms they knew and wouldn't tell anyone.

Marge asked the two girls, "So, just how far have the
four of you kids gone?"

Kim and Sally told their moms that they had
masturbated each other and had oral sex. The girls didn't say what they had done with whom. They quickly
changed the subject. The two adults sensed the girls'
reluctance to provide any more detail and let it drop.

Kim said, "Mom, remember what dad said at the
campfire about the nudist camps?"

Marge replied, "Yes, I remember. Why do you ask?"

Kim continued, "Have you and dad ever gone to one?"

Marge told her young daughter that they haven't gone
to one, but they had discussed it.

Sally said, "I think it would be sexy to walk around

Marge thought for a moment then replied, "Being nude
is not as sexy as being dressed. If you don't have
any clothes on, it leaves nothing to the imagination.
When you dress properly, like you two are now, it is
much sexier."

Sally looked at her cousin. She could see her tanned
legs. She looked at Kim's chest. Her jacket was
unbuttoned, allowing Sally to see the mounds of her
breasts in the tight bodysuit. Sally silently agreed
with her Aunt.

"Do you think we will ever go to a nudist camp?"
Sally asked.

"We may," replied Marge, "It all depends on if
everyone agrees. It wouldn't be fair if anyone in the
family was uncomfortable with going."

Kim said, "I think I would like to go, besides,
didn't dad say some of the camps were clothing

"Yes," Marge said, "Some of the resorts we have
investigated, are clothing optional."

Kim and Sally chatted between themselves about going
to a resort. Marge and Anne listened to the teens
talk about seeing "men" in the nude.

Anne pulled the car off the freeway and into the
parking lot of the outlet mall. The four women went
from store to store, looking for the things the kids
would need for school. They picked out backpacks for
each of the four teens. They bought new white panties and bras to conform to the schools strict dress code.
The moms selected socks and boxers for their sons.
After an hour of shopping the women placed their
packages into the trunk of the car and went to meet
the guys.

Marge, Anne, and the girls waited in the restaurant
for their husbands and brothers. They ordered drinks
and talked about getting home. The teens went to the
bathroom together. In the small room, they talked
about the conversation they had with their moms. They
also talked about not being able to be so close, once
they were home.

Kim said, "Come on Sally, we only live a couple of
blocks apart. It's not like we will never see each

Sally said, "I know, but it has been so nice to sleep
next to you every night."

The girls finished in the bathroom and returned to
the table. Their dads and brothers were sitting with
their moms. The group ordered lunch and talked about
what was going to happen when they got home.

Don said, "I guess it makes sense for Kim and Marge
to ride the rest of the way with Jack and I. That way
Marc, Anne, Tom, and Sally won't have to come to our
house first."

The four adults agreed on the plan.

The two families finished their lunch, paid the bill,
and left the restaurant. Anne opened the trunk of the
car and she and Marge separated the new items they had
purchased earlier. After quick goodbyes, each family got into their vehicles to continue their journey home.


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