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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 15


"The Lottery" - Part 15 (mf, oral, mast, inc, con)

Sally and her brother climbed into the back seat of
the Lincoln. Anne slid across the seat and sat next
to her husband. Marc put his arm around Anne and
pulled her snuggly to his side.

Sally asked her dad, "How long before we're home?"

"We have about two hours, depending on traffic."

Sally leaned her head against the door behind her
dad, curling her legs on the seat. Tom glanced at his
sister. He could see the rust colored body suit that
covered her bottom and stared at his little sister's
firm butt and thighs. He closed his eyes and
remembered the night of the storm and the following
morning. He became erect as he thought about Sally
taking him into her mouth and sucking him off and
started to doze off.

Anne and Marc whispered to each other in the front
seat. Sally could not make out what they were talking
about. Every once in awhile, they would laugh.

Sally said, "Dad, could you please turn down the air
conditioning? I'm getting chilled."

Her mother said, "There is a small blanket under the
front seat, just cover up."

Sally reached under the seat beneath her father.
Unable to locate the blanket she searched under the
passenger seat. Sally pulled the thin blanket from
under the seat and unfolded it. She curled up against
the door again, pulling the blanket over her. Unable
to find a comfortable position, she fidgeted in her
seat. Finally, she flipped around, put her head on
Tom's leg, and covered herself with the blanket.

Sally could feel her brother's leg muscle flinch
against her ear. She put her hand on Tom's leg and
squeezed it firmly. He rested his hand on his
sister's side. She could feel her brother move his
hand ever so slightly. Sally looked at her parents in
the front seat. Anne and Marc were paying no
attention to them in the backseat. She rolled onto
her back and looked up at her brother. Tom looked
down at her. He gazed into his sister's green eyes.

Sally smiled at Tom and mouthed, "You still owe me!"

He smiled at the young girl and nodded his head,
indicating he understood. Sally shifted her head,
pressing the side of her face against Tom's hardening
penis. She felt it grow along the side of her head,
reaching for the waistband of his cotton slacks.

Sally sat up and turned around, replacing her head
with her bare feet in her brother's lap. She located
the erect object in Tom's crotch. Under the stealth
of the blanket, Sally used her toes to massage her
brother's erection. Tom, feeling that he would be
unable to control himself, removed his sister's foot.
Sally looked at her brother and saw him mouth the word

The teenage girl smiled at Tom and said "Ok."

Sally woke up to her brother shaking her leg. "We're
home," he said "Time to get up."

Sally sat up and looked around. She recognized the
two-story house and yard surrounding it. She looked
at her legs and realized that her skirt had bunched
around her waist. The blanket was lying on the floor.
Tom smiled at his sister as she pulled the skirt down,
covering herself.

Tom opened his door and swung his legs out then went
to the rear of the car and helped his dad remove the
suitcases. Sally picked up a couple of the packages
from the trunk and went into the house where Anne told
her to take her things up to her room.

Sally walked through the kitchen into the large great
room, noticing the house smelled a little funny from
being closed up for the past month. She went up the
wide staircase to the second floor and walked down the
hall past her parent's bedroom and the guest rooms, to
her bedroom door.

Sally stood at the door and looked around. Her queen-
sized bed was neatly made. On the shelves, that lined
one wall, were the dolls she had cherished as a child.
She put the packages on her desk and went to the
window. She looked out over the large backyard. She
wished they had a pool like her cousin did.

Anne yelled to Sally, "Come and help with the rest of
the unpacking."

Sally went back out to the car, gathered more of the
bags, and carried them into the house, carried them
upstairs and set them outside the door of the bedroom
they belonged in.

Once the car was emptied, She went back to her room
to unpack her suitcases and put things away. She
removed the clean clothes and put them into the proper
drawer or in the closet. She took out the sex toys
she and Kim had purchased and hid them in her dresser.
Sally remembered what her mom had said about the toys,
she removed them from the dresser and put them into
the top drawer of her nightstand. She gathered her
dirty clothes and took them down to the laundry.

Sally was sorting the soiled items into the proper
piles when her brother walked into the room. He
carried an armful of his dirty things. Tom dropped
the pile onto the floor and turned to leave.

Sally yelled to him "Aren't you going to sort them?"

"I never do, mom always takes care of it."

Sally picked through the stack of clothes tossing
them into their proper place. She looked on the rack
of clean clothes for a tee shirt and found one of her
father's white v-neck undershirts. Sally removed the
short jacket and skirt she wore over the bodysuit,
reached between her legs, pulled open the snaps at the
crotch, and pulled the bodysuit over her head. She
pulled on the tee shirt and returned to sorting the

Sally was bent at the waist when her brother returned
with another armload of soiled clothing. He stopped
and stared down at his sister's breasts. They were
perfectly visible through the gap the large shirt created as it hung away from Sally's chest. Tom
dropped the items, smiled at his sister, and turned to
leave. Sally smiled back at her brother, realizing
that she had provided him with a view of her nude

Having completed her task, Sally went back to her
room and slipped on a pair of running shorts. She
went across the hall and walked into her brother's
room. Tom was sitting on his bed looking at a
photography magazine.

Sally asked, "What are you doing Tom?"

"Just looking at this magazine."

Sally sat next to her brother and said, "What are you
going to do tonight?"

"I'm just going to chill out, and watch television."

"Do you want to rent a movie?"

"Sure, why not? Is there anything you want to see?"

Sally thought for a moment, "It doesn't matter to

Tom went downstairs and asked his dad if he could use
the car to go to the video store.

Marc told him it was ok, but to come right back
because he and Anne were going out for a while. Tom
ran out to the car and drove off.

Sally went into the great room, turned on the
television, sat on the couch and waited for her
brother to return. Anne came into the room and told
her daughter that she and her dad were going to go
shopping, and would be home later.

She told her mom that she and Tom were going to watch
a movie.

Tom came into the room, carrying the videotape. He
told his mom goodbye as he passed her.

Tom tossed the tape on the coffee table and told his
sister her was going to change his clothes. He ran
upstairs to his bedroom. Sally heard her dad yell
goodbye and she heard the backdoor close. Sally
picked up the movie and examined the case. She
realized that her brother had picked out a horror
movie. Sally didn't particularly like that type of
movie, but she decided she would watch it anyway.

Tom returned, dressed in a pair of baggy athletic
shorts. The red nylon shorts were held in place with
a drawstring that tied in front. He put the tape in
the VCR, picked up the remote and pressed the buttons
on the handheld device starting the movie. Tom sat on
the opposite end of the couch from his sister. He
reached over and turned off the table lamp, leaving
the television as the only source of light in the room.

The flickering light of the television lit the room.
The screen showed pre-views of new movies. Tom used
the remote control to fast forward past the
advertisements and get the start of the movie.

Sally watched the images on the screen and realized
it was one of those poorly made B movies. There were
scenes of topless women running from knife wheedling
men, only to be caught and stabbed. Sally voiced her
disgust and left the room.

Tom paused the video and followed his sister to her
room. "What's the matter with you," he asked.

Sally looked at Tom and then making a face said, "I
just don't want to watch a bunch of big breasted women
running around!"

Tom thought for a moment then apologized to Sally.

"I'm just tired. I think I'm going to get some
sleep." Tom nodded and left her room, pulling the
door closed behind him.

Sally removed her shorts, turned down her bed, and
slid between the sheets. She lay on her back, staring
at the ceiling. Her thoughts were of her cousin and
the things they had shared. She remembered Kim
pushing the pink vibrator into her and the feeling of
fullness she experienced.

Sally's hand drifted to her crotch and slipped into
her panties. She ran her fingers through the small
patch of pubic hair that remained, after she and Kim
had shaved each other. She felt around the small tuft
and decided that she needed to shave the stubble that
was forming. Her fingers traveled lower, brushing
over her clitoris. Sally didn't linger at her button,
but went lower to the lips of her vagina and lightly
rubbed the puffy flesh, slowly parting the folds to
access the cavity within. She could feel the moisture
as it made her finger slick and probed into her
vagina, adding another finger.

Sally was not trying to masturbate herself, just
explore. She closed her eyes, trying to form a mental
picture of her genitals. She spread her fingers and
felt her opening stretch, only to return to its normal
size when she relaxed them. Sally was lost in her
self-discovery when the sharp report of the phone next
to her snapped her back to reality.

Sally removed her hand from her now damp panties and
answered the phone.

"Hi sweetie" she heard her cousin say. "What are you

"I'm in bed. My brother rented some stupid movie that I didn't want to watch. How about you?"

"I just finished unpacking and was checking my email,
my parents and brother are watching television."

The girls chatted about the ride home after they
parted at the restaurant. Sally told Kim about
teasing her brother.

"Sally, I'm truly going to miss you sleeping next to

Sally was quite for a couple of minutes then said,
"Oh you are, are you. What would you do if I was
there with you?"

Kim spoke very softly, "I would kiss you and rub your
breasts. I would roll your nipples between my finger
and thumb, and pull on them to make them hard."

Sally could feel herself become excited at the
detailed explanation Kim provided of her molestation.
She pulled her tee shirt up and used her own hand
mimic Kim's words.

Kim went on. "I'm licking your breasts and sucking your hard nipples."

Sally moaned as her vivid memory relived the actual
feeling of Kim's teeth gently biting her hard

"I'm kissing and licking down your naked tummy. I
pause to probe your navel with my tongue."

Sally traced the imaginary path with her fingertips,
pushing one into the small depression on her stomach.
Sally could feel her vagina tingle as her finger
replicated Kim's probing tongue.

"I'm burying my finger into your steaming pussy."

Sally pushed her fingers into her soaking wet hole.

"I'm sucking your clit as I finger you."

Sally rubbed her hardened clit with her thumb and
stroked in and out of her heated cavern. Kim heard
Sally moan loudly as she reached the summit of her
orgasm. Kim was silent, listening to Sally's labored

Sally said, "Wow, that was great. That was the first
time I have ever had phone sex."

"I came too!"

Kim and Sally continued to talk. Sally heard a knock
on her bedroom door. Sally told Kim to hold on and
set the phone on the bed. She walked to the door and
opened it.

"Hi mom" she said, "what's up?"

"We're home, I just wanted to check on you."

"I'm talking with Kim."

Anne left, closing the door. Sally picked up the
phone and said, "I'm back."

"I have to go, but you and Tom need to come over
tomorrow and see what my dad had done while we were

"OK, I'll see you tomorrow," and the girls hung up.

Sally went downstairs and found her brother. She
told him what Kim had said about going to her house.

Tom told his sister he had to help Jack clean the
boat and was planning on going over there anyway. She
asked him about the movie. He told his sister that it
wasn't very good and he was sorry that he had rented
it. She told him she was tired and going to bed. She
went into the kitchen where her mother and father were
putting away the groceries they had bought. She told
her parents good night and went to bed.

The following morning, Tom opened Sally's bedroom
door and stuck his head in. "Good morning" he

Sally slowly opened her eyes and looked toward the
noise. She saw her brother standing in the doorway.
"What time is it?" she said in a sleepy voice.

"Almost nine" Tom replied, smiling at his little

Sally pulled the covers back, revealing her legs, and
panties. Her shirt was bunched around her waist. The
iridescent burgundy panties, she had put on the day
before, were pulled tight into her crotch. Tom could
see the puffy lips of her pussy that spilled out the
sides. Sally, still half asleep, couldn't figure out
what her brother was looking at so intently. She
noticed the shiny material of his red nylon shorts
bulge. When she realized that she was exposing
herself to him, she smiled back. The two heard their
mother call them. Sally slowly stood up, allowing the
large white tee shirt drop down and cover her.

Sally walked over to her brother and pressed herself
against him. She could feel the firmness of Tom's
penis against her tummy. She raised herself on her
toes and kissed the excited boy on the cheek.

"I'm going to shower," she said, "I'll be down in a
little while."

Tom, feeling a bit embarrassed, said, "We're supposed
to go to Kim and Jack's today."

He turned and left her room. Sally went into her
bathroom and turned on the shower.

Sally stepped into the warm spray. She wet her hair
and poured shampoo on her head. After working the
lather through her hair, she stood under the water and
rinsed the soap away. Soaping her body thoroughly,
she paid special attention to her breasts and vagina.
As she applied the slippery substance, she noticed the
once bare skin of her pubic area had a little stubble.
Using a razor, she removed the foamy soap, along with
the excess hair of her crotch and legs. She put her
foot up on the bench and tried to shave the area she
couldn't see. As the sharp razor scraped against her
vaginal lips, she thought about her cousin and the
trim Kim had given her. Having completed her task,
she turned off the water and stepped out onto the mat.
Sally wrapped herself in a terry cloth robe and dried
her hair.

Sally went into her room, walked to the window and
looked out into the backyard. The sun was shining.
She opened the window and let the warm breeze into the
room. Sally decided that it was warm enough for
shorts. She walked to her dresser, letting the robe
slip off onto the floor. The nude teen picked up a
bottle of lotion and poured some into her hand. Sally
stood in front of her full-length mirror. She moved
her feet apart and applied the lotion to her freshly
shaved crotch. Her fingers smoothed the creamy
substance over her pubic mound and down between her
legs. She pushed her middle finger between the lips
of her vagina. Slick from the lotion, the digit
penetrated her easily. Flattening her palm over the
thin strip of remaining pubic hair, she moved her hand
over the soft mound. Each time she pushed down, she
would curl her middle finger into the depths of her
pussy. She could feel the tight tunnel become moist
and hot.

With her finger still firmly imbedded in her, Sally
moved to the bed and sat on its edge. She used her
free hand to remove the pink vibrator from the
nightstand. Sally removed her soaking wet finger and
replaced it with the fake penis. Spreading herself
open with the fingers on one hand, she used the other
to push the cool pink object deep in her hole. The
teen worked the thing in and out slowly until all but
an inch was imbedded in her. She stopped moving the
vibrator and allowed herself to take in the sensation
of being filled. She closed her eyes, absorbed in the

Sally didn't hear her brother say, "Hey kid, mom, and
dad left. Lets get going." As Tom said it, he opened
the door to his little sister's room.

Tom stood in the doorway in complete shock. He could
see Sally, her eyes still closed, gently twisting the
dildo buried deep in her pussy. He stood there for
what seemed like an hour, his penis quickly growing to
its full size. He reached into the waist of his jeans
and adjusted himself, pointing it straight up. Tom
softly cleared his throat, causing his sister to look
right at him.

Sally made no attempt to conceal her actions. She
smiled a devilish grin at him and proceeded to pull
the device out, leaving only the pointed tip still
hidden. She closed her eyes again and pushed the
vibrator, gradually making it disappear.

Tom felt faint, his breathing labored. He couldn't
believe the things he was witnessing. Slowly he
walked over the bed and stood between his sister's
wide spread legs. He lowered himself to his knees,
placing his hands on Sally's freshly shaved legs, just
above her knees. He slowly slid his hands over the
tops of her thighs, moving closer to the point where
her legs met. He rose up, took one of his sister's
hard nipples between his lips, and sucked gently.
Sally used her free hand to pull her brother's head
tight to her breast. Tom opened his mouth and sucked in as much of the firm flesh as he could, probing her
nipple with his tongue. Sally moaned, pulling harder
on Tom's head.

Sally was now moving the phallic object in and out of
her vagina at a vigorous pace. Her brother released
her breast and licked over and around both her
breasts. He began to trace a path from between the
firm globes down towards her stomach. He pressed his
tongue into her navel. His hands were holding her
sides as he pulled her tummy tight to his face. Tom
continued his journey down. He used his lips to pull
at the short pubic hair that adorned his sister's

Sally removed the vibrator and tossed it onto the
bed. She grabbed her brother's head with both hands
and pulled him to her vagina. When Tom's hot tongue
touched her clit, she fell back on the bed and wrapped
her legs around her brother's neck and shoulders. The
teenage girl used her legs to pull him tightly to her
crotch and her hands to massage her breasts. She felt
her brother's tongue probe at her stretched opening,
and finally slip in. Sally moved her hips, rubbing
her engorged clitoris over Tom's nose.

Sally's movements became uncontrolled. She bounced
her hips on the bed, rubbing her pussy over her
brother's face. She squeezed her breasts and pulled
hard on her nipples. She felt her orgasm begin deep
in her belly. The teen's body stiffened, her legs
pushed strait out, resting on Tom's shoulders.

Tom felt the contractions of her vagina on his tongue
and tasted the hot liquid that flowed freely. She
jerked and bounced, her orgasm reaching its peak. The
young girls body went limp. Her legs fell along her
brother's side, her arms flopped out to her side. Tom
fell back and lay on the floor. She remained on the
bed, breathing hard.

Regaining her composure, Sally sat up and looked at
her brother. She could see a large wet spot on the
front of his blue denim jeans, caused by his
uncontrolled ejaculation.

Sally said, "Thank you, now we are even."

Tom smiled up at his naked sister. "I'm going to
change, and then we can go."

Sally laughed, "I need to clean up too, but I will
be ready in a few minutes."

Tom slowly got to his feet and left his sister's
room. Sally went into the bathroom and used a
washcloth to wipe away the secretions that covered her
pussy and the crack between her buttocks.

Sally washed off the vibrator and returned it to the
drawer. She selected a pair of pink satin bikini
panties and a matching bra. As she hooked the bra's
front closure, she noticed her breasts were a little
tender. The teen made a mental note to be a bit
gentler in the future. She flipped through the
clothes hanging on long pole in her walk-in closet,
selecting a cranberry tank top and a pleated red mini
skirt. She pulled the top over her head and hid her
bra straps under the narrow shoulder straps. She
stepped into the skirt and pulled its elastic
waistband up over her hips. The top was short,
revealing about two inches of flesh around her middle.

Tom removed his stained jeans. He felt the drying
semen pull at his hair as he pulled off his boxers.
After cleaning up the remains of his ejaculation, he
dressed in clean boxers and jeans. He quickly ran a
brush through his short hair and gathered the soiled
garments. He left his room and met his sister in the

"You want me to throw these in the washer?" She
asked Tom, taking the clothes from his arms.

Tom's face turned red as he looked into Sally's
bright green eyes. He noticed her light brown
shoulder length hair, framing her cute face. Tom's
view of his sister was changing, she was no longer his
irritating little sister, but a cute girl. He felt
very different about Sally. He couldn't put his
finger on the feeling, only that over the past month
it changed.

Tom followed her into the laundry room and watched as
she dropped his jeans and boxers into the washing
machine. His eyes trailed her movements as she
gathered an armful of dirty clothes from one of the
neat piles on the floor. He watched as her short
skirt rose to reveal her firm tanned thighs when she
bent at the waist.

Sally filled the machine with the additional items
and poured a capful of liquid detergent over them.
She spun the knob on the front of the control panel
and closed the lid.

"There" she said. "Our tracks are covered."

Tom smiled and said, "Thanks."

The siblings walked out the backdoor and got into the
car. Their parents had taken the Lincoln, leaving Tom
the small two door second car. Tom got into the
drivers seat and watched his sister climb into the
bucket seat next to him. Sally sat with her feet flat
on the floor in front of her, her skirt sliding up the
reveal the tops of her thighs. Tom pulled the shifter
into reverse and backed the car out of the garage. He
turned it around in the large driveway and drove to
the street.

Kim and Jack only lived two blocks away, but Tom
would rather drive than walk. As he turned the first
corner he glanced at his sister. Her skirt had
shifted, exposing the side of her leg. Sally caught
him looking at her out of the corner of her eye. She
grinned at Tom and flipped her skirt up, showing her
brother the small panties she wore. Tom snapped his
eyes back to the road.

"Do you mind if I tease you?"

Tom shook his head no.

"That's good, because I like to!"

Tom turned the car onto his cousin's street and
traveled the short distance to their driveway. He
parked the car and started to get out.

Sally, feeling devilish, asked, "Are you going to
open my door?"

Tom walked around the car and pulled the door open
for his sister. Sally, being very un-lady like, swung
her right leg out, then her left, giving Tom a clear
view of her panty covered crotch.

"Behave yourself," he said. Sally and her brother walked to the front door and walked in.

Sally yelled "Kim."

Sally heard her cousin answer, "Hold on, I'll be
right there."

Tom and Sally started towards the kitchen and Kim met
them in the hallway. She was very bubbly. Kim said,
"Wait for Jack."

The three kids talked, waiting for Jack to come
downstairs. When he arrived, Kim said, "Let's go."

Tom and Sally questioned their cousins about what was
going on.

Jack said, "Dad had some things done to the house
while we were gone. I think you will be surprised."
Jack and Kim led their cousins through the house. Kim
grabbed Tom's arm and her brother grabbed Sally's.

"Ok now close your eyes." Kim said.

Tom and Sally did as they were told and Kim and Jack
guided them into the large family room and to the
sliding glass doors. Jack slid one of the doors open
and pulled Sally through it, Kim and Tom close behind.

Tom could smell the chlorine of the swimming pool and
hear the water as it ran from the filtering system.

Kim said, "Open your eyes."

Tom and his sister opened their eyes. They were
silent as they looked over the area that a month ago
was an outdoor pool. Don had a contractor completely
enclose the pool and the large tiled area around it,
in glass.

Jack said, "Now we can swim year round."

The new addition was beautiful. The three sides of
the structure consisted of a series of glass panels,
each about eight feet wide and ten feet tall. In the
two far corners were large planters filled with green
tropical plants. The ceiling, also glass, had three
white fans suspended from the aluminum framework, each
turning slowly.

Jack and Kim led their awestruck cousins to the new
pool house, located along the right wall. As the four
teens made their way to the door of the pool house,
they passed a large sunken hot tub. There were chairs
and lounges placed along the sides of the enclosure.
Kim opened the door to the pool house and the four
walked in.

The room was about fifteen feet wide with a series of
louvered doors along the back wall and a row of canvas
chairs on the opposite wall. The first three doors
led to small changing rooms, each with a bench and
clothes bar. The forth door was a bathroom.

Kim pulled Sally into the room behind the fifth and
last door. Sally stared into the largest shower stall
she had ever seen, except the one in her middle
school's locker room. The light gray ceramic tiled
room had a wooden bench along the back wall. Four
showerheads extended from the walls, one on each end,
and two evenly spaced above the wooden bench. Their
bright chrome covered hoses hanging below them. Each
of the devices had its own set of controls as well as
a master control to activate all four simultaneously.
Kim looked to see if she and Sally were alone.

Kim said, "Can we have fun in here or what!"

Sally smiled at Kim, remembering the showers they
shared at the beach house.

Sally told Kim that everything was wonderful. She
also told Kim that she liked having an outdoor pool in
the summer. Kim smiled and pulled her cousin towards
Jack and Tom. Jack opened two small doors in the wall
of the pool house. Behind them was a computer monitor
and keyboard. Jack hit a button on the keyboard and
the screen came to life. A series of menu choices
were listed on the small screen.

Jack explained that the computer controlled
everything for the pool and new enclosure. Kim and
Sally listened to Jack as he went over the options.
He said that you could even dim the lights from here.
"Now watch this," he said.

Jack typed in a couple of commands and the four teens
went back out to the pool area. All of a sudden, the
large glass panels began to move. The panels on the
long wall, facing the backyard, parted in the middle
and moved away from each other. Each glass panel
gliding in front of the one next to it, until they
stopped at opposite ends, one stacked in front of
another, creating an opening forty-eight feet wide.
The panels on the wall across from the pool house also
opened. When all the panels had stopped moving, there
was a glass roofed outdoor pool.

Because the day was warm, Jack left the area open.
Don and Marge came out and asked their nephew and
niece what they thought of it.

Sally and Tom told them it was wonderful and asked it
their parents had seen it. Just then Anne and Marc
walked out of the house, answering the teen's question.

Anne said, "We are going to go to the tailor's and
pick up you school clothes. Then we are going to do a
little shopping. We will be back in about four or
five hours." As Anne spoke, she used her arms to
point the other adults, indicating all of them were

The girls said, "Ok, we are going to hang out here.
Maybe we can help Jack and Tom with the boat."

The two young girls followed their parents through
the house and outside. The adults got into the
Lincoln and drove away. Kim and Sally went to the
side of the garage to see what their brothers were
doing. Tom and Jack already had the cover removed
from the boat and were inside it. Jack had placed a
stepladder next to the boat to make it easier to get

Sally climbed up the steps of the ladder and looked
into the boat. "Is there anything Kim and I can do to
help you guys?" she asked.

Jack said, "There is always something that need to be
done. Climb aboard."

Kim looked up at her cousin. She could see the pink
panties that covered her butt, under her short skirt.

Kim asked Sally, "Do you want some shorts to wear?"

Sally said, "No, I'll be fine" and climbed over the
side of the boat. She wasn't concerned about working
in her short skirt. After all, everyone had seen each
other nude.

Kim dressed in short denim shorts and a crop top,
climbed the ladder, and joined the others in the boat.
Her short blue top showed most of her tan belly. The
blue denim shorts rode low on her hips and high on her
thighs. The shorts would rise, revealing the bottom
of her buttocks, as she mover around. The short crop
top was held away from her chest by her bra-encased
breasts. When she would bend to pick up something up,
the shirt would fall away from her body and provided a
view of the light blue garment beneath it.

Jack directed his sister and cousins, telling them
what needed to be done. Tom was sitting on the deck
sorting lures and putting them into their proper
compartment of the plastic boxes scattered about.
Sally stooped down in front of her brother, resting
her bottom on her heels. Her knees were slightly
parted, giving the boy a view of her pink panty covered crotch. Sally kept her eyes affixed to his,
watching Tom glance up her skirt than back at his

Kim saw what her cousin was up to and decided to get
into the act. She made every effort to twist and bend
so her brother could see under her shirt. Kim said,
"I'll be right back." She climbed out of the boat and
down the ladder.

Sally asked, "Where're you going?"

"To pee." Kim went through the garage and into the
house. She came back a few minutes later and climbed
back on board.

"What now?" she asked her brother.

"The cabin needs to be straightened."

Kim went into the small cabin followed by her
brother. She knelt on the cushions and reached for
the sleeping bags. Her brother was standing behind
her. Kim, on all fours, asked him. "Where do you
want these?"

Jack stooped to see what his sister was talking
about. When he did, he could see under Kim's shirt.
Hanging from her chest, Jack saw her now nude breasts.
Kim had removed her bra when she went into the house.
Kim looked back at her brother and saw that he was
looking at her breasts. She wiggled her shoulders,
causing the firm flesh to sway from side to side and
smiled at her brother.

Jack smiled back and said, "They go in the house.
Hand them to me and I will take them."

Kim passed the two rolled sleeping bags to Jack. She
backed out of the cabin and went to the back of the

Sally was helping Tom put away the various lures.
She looked up at Kim and noticed she was braless.
Sally winked at her cousin and returned to the
remaining lures. The four teens worked for another
hour, until everything was stored in its proper place.
The noonday sun was beating down on the kids making
them warm. The two girls flashing their brothers at
every opportunity had the boys a little warmer. Jack
and Tom replaced the cover while their sisters waited
on the ground.

With the cover secured, Jack folded the ladder and
carried it into the garage. The four teens went into
the kitchen for cold drinks. Kim took four cans of
soda from the refrigerator and handed one to each of
the others. The four teens drank from the cans. Jack
and Tom empted the contents in one long swallow. The
boys set their empty cans on the counter.

Jack said, "I'm hot, anyone feel like taking a dip?"

Everyone agreed that a swim would feel good.

Sally asked Kim, "Can I borrow a suit?"

"Sure, come with me." The girls went to Kim's room
to get suits and towels.

Once in Kim's room, Sally told her cousin about her
brother and the things that happened that morning.

"No kidding. Was he any good?" Kim asked.

"Very good," Sally answered, "but not as good as

The two girls laughed. Kim pulled two suits out of
her drawer, handing one to Sally. They grabbed towels
from a closet in the hall and went down to the pool.

Jack and Tom were waiting, dressed in shorts. Jack
was getting ready to dive into the deep end of the
pool when Kim said, "don't you think you should wash
off some of that sweat?"

Jack nodded and started for the pool house. Tom
followed his cousin. As the two boys were about to
enter the building, Jack said, "You guys want to wash
our backs?" The boys laughed and went through the
door. They didn't see their sisters look at each
other and smile.

The young girls waited for their brothers to get into
the shower room. They went into the pool house and
quickly removed their clothes. Standing nude, the
girls started to giggle, and then opened the door to
the shower room. Kim and Sally stepped into the
shower with their brothers.

Kim said, "Give me the soap if you want your back
washed Jack." Her voice startled the boys, who were
under the showers spray washing their hair.

Jack and Tom turned and looked at the two naked
teens. Kim picked up a bar of soap and started to rub
it on her brother's back. As soon as Jack's back was
covered with soap, Kim tossed the bar to Sally. She
missed it and had to pick it up from the floor. Sally
applied the soap to her brother's nude skin. The
girls swapped the bar of soap back and forth, washing
their brothers.

Kim took her soapy hand and began to rub it over
Jack's hard penis. She carefully washed his dangling
balls. Sally had the soap and was doing the same to
Tom. The girls knelt in front of the boys and washed
their legs. Kim moved, allowing the spray to rinse
away the lather. When all of the soap was gone from
Jack's body, Kim took his rigid penis and stroked it
lightly. Sally was rinsing her brother when Kim
opened her mouth and took in her brother's tool.

Kim sucked on the very end, still sliding her hand
over the length of it. Jack moaned as she allowed
about half of it to glide past her lips.

Sally had Tom's penis deep in her mouth, bobbing her
head up and down on it. She could tell that, even
though Tom had cum once today, he wouldn't last much
longer. As soon as Sally felt his manhood swell in
her throat, she backed off and stroked him.

Kim could tell what her cousin had in mind and
mimicked her actions. Jack let out a loud moan and
his cum came jetting out the end of his penis. His
sister could feel the member throb in her hand as it
shot stream after stream of hot semen onto her face.

Sally rose slightly and rubbed the head of her
brother's hot rod over her hard nipple.

Tom said, "Oh my!" And erupted, covering Sally's
breasts with his cum.

Sally continued to milk her brother's penis,
directing the ropes of cum over her chest. The two
boys sat down on the bench. They were spent, their
penises shrinking to their normal size.

Tom said to Sally, "I guess I owe you again?"

Sally smiled, tossed the soap to her brother and
said, "Not for long,"

The boys washed their sisters naked bodies. They
massaged their breasts and covered them with soap.
When the girls were clean, they rinsed themselves
under the spray heads and sat side by side on the
bench. Jack and Tom knew what to do. They knelt
between their sister's legs and covered their freshly
washed sex with their mouths. Tom and his cousin
sucked and licked the girls.

Kim reached over and took one of Sally's nipples
between her finger and thumb. She rolled the hard
protrusion, gently pulling it. Sally put her hand on
Kim's breast and massaged it. Kim felt her orgasm
building. She released her cousin's breast and threw
her legs around her brother's head. She pushed her
heals into Jack's back, raising herself off the

She pushed her pussy hard onto her brother's face.
"Put your fingers in me!" she begged Jack.

Jack pushed two fingers into his sister's wet hot
hole. He moved them in and out the best he could as
Kim bucked against them. Jack felt her pussy squeeze
his fingers as his little sister came.

Sally's orgasm was much milder that Kim's. She had
already gotten off once today and was satisfied with
having her brother service her softly.

The girls, basking in the afterglow of their orgasms,
leaned back against the wall of the large shower.
Jack and Tom stood up from their kneeling positions
and sat next to their sisters. Once everyone had
regained their composure, the four teens stood, turned
off the water, and left the shower room.

The teens, not really knowing why, put on their
swimsuits and went out to the pool. They jumped into
the cool clear water and swam around for a few
minutes. One by one the kids exited the pool and
relaxed in the lounge chairs around the pool.


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