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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 16


"The Lottery" - Part 16 (MF, FF, MM, oral, inc, con)

The four teens were still lounging by the pool when
their parents returned. Anne and Marge walked out to
the pool area.

"Hi kids!" Marge said, "What are you guy up to?"

Jack said, "We finished with the boat and decided to
go swimming to cool off."

Anne asked, "Have you kids had any lunch?"

Kim said, "No, but we're hungry."

Anne said, "Ok, Marge and I will fix some sandwiches.
After you kids eat we want you to try on your school

Anne and her sister-in-law went back into the house
to prepare lunch for their children.

Sally grumbled, "I'm not really looking forward to
having to wear those outfits the school requires."

Kim said, "I know, but it won't be that bad."

Jack joined the girls' discussion saying, "I would
rather wear jeans and stuff like at our old school."

Tom voiced his agreement with Jack adding, "I think
the whole dress code sucks!"

The two adult women returned to the pool area. Anne
carried a tray with sandwiches, chips, and sodas. She
set the tray on one of the round glass tables and
called the teens to eat. The four kids got up and
made their way to the table. They sat quietly, eating
the corned beef sandwiches and potato chips. When
they had finished, Kim gathered the dishes, placed
them on the tray, and carried it into the kitchen.

Sally followed Kim into the house. Their moms were
sitting in the breakfast nook, drinking iced tea.

"Where is dad?" Sally asked her mother.

"He and Uncle Don had to go pick up a couple of
things," she said, "They will be back soon."

Marge said, "Are you two ready to try on your new
school clothes?"

Kim answered, "I guess so."

The four women got up and went to Kim's room. Marge
and Anne carried the new outfits, still covered by the
plastic garment bags the tailor had provided. They
hung the clothes on one of the long poles that ran the
length of Kim's large walk in closet. As the two moms
unzipped the dark garment bags, Marge said, "You two
get out of those suits and into your underwear."

Kim and her cousin stripped off the swimsuits they
were wearing and took them into the bathroom, hung the
suits on a towel rack and returned to the bedroom.
Sally put on the pink bra and panties she had come in,
while her cousin selected clean white panties and bra.

Marge and Anne handed their daughters the white
Oxford shirts they were required to wear. The girls slipped their arms through the long sleeves and
buttoned the shirts to their necks. They put on
little crossover ties and snapped the fasteners that
held them closed. Next, the women handed the girls the navy blue wool skirts. The teens stepped into
them and pulled the short zippers up in the back.
They raised the skirts around their waists and pulled
gently on their shirttails. Releasing the wool
skirts, they adjusted them, making sure the seam was
centered in the back. The dark skirts stopped about
four inches above the young girls knees. Kim looked
at Sally, then herself in the full-length mirror.
Turning sideways, she could see that her butt was
defined, even if only slightly.

The girls' moms handed their daughters the matching
blazers. Kim and Sally put on the jackets and
buttoned the middle of three brass buttons. The front
of the blazers had darts above their breasts, allowing
the jackets to conform to the rise in the girls'
chests. The academy's insignia was embroidered, in
gold, on the left breast pocket. The girls sat on the
bed and pulled on the thin white knee socks, which
indicated they were sophomores.

The girls in each grade were defined only by the
difference in their socks. Sophomores wore white,
freshmen gray, and juniors' navy blue. The senior
girls were required to wear nylon stockings.

The girls stepped into the white and blue saddle
shoes that completed their outfits. They stood in
front of their mothers, turning around slowly. Marge
and Anne watched the young girls model the new
clothing. The girls looked older than the fifteen
year olds they would soon be. The moms smiled as they
watched Kim and Sally start to strike poses.

"OK, that's enough." Marge said, "Let's go
downstairs. I want your brothers to change so we can
get pictures."

Kim and Sally followed their mothers down the wide
stairway and into the family room. The two teens sat
on the couch while Anne called the boys into the house.

"We want you and Jack the put on your school
clothes." Anne said.

Tom looked at his mom and replied, "Why?"

Anne said, "We want to see if everything fits."

The two boys went through the family room. On the
way to Jack's room they spotted their sisters sitting
on the long leather couch.

"I like you in your mini skirt better!" Tom said to
Sally as he and his cousin walked by.

"Me too!" Sally replied, as the boys exited the huge
family room.

Tom and Jack went into Jack's bedroom. They removed
their shorts and put on their boxer shorts. Jack
stuck his head out the door and yelled, "Where are the

Marge and Anne rounded the corner from the stairs and
Marge said, "Here they are."

The two women walked into the bedroom carrying
garment bags. They handed the bags to their sons.

"Put these things on." Anne told the boys.

Jack and Tom, feeling a bit embarrassed, held the
bags in front of their nearly nude bodies.

Jack said, "'t you two going to leave?"

Marge said, "No."

The boys hung the bags in Jack's closet and unzipped
them. Their outfits consisted of navy blue slacks and
matching blazers, white shirts, and navy blue ties.
The two boys stepped into their trousers as their
mothers looked on. The two women could see that the
boys were affected by their presence. They noticed
that they were becoming erect as they buttoned their
pants and pulled up the zippers. The boys put on the
white shirts and wrapped the ties around their necks.

Jack and Tom fumbled with the ties, neither one sure
how to tie them. Marge and Anne laughed as they
watched the boys struggle with the thin strips of

"Let us help you guys." Marge said.

Anne added, "You two are just like your fathers.
They can't tie one either!"

The women adjusted the length of the ties, explaining
to their sons what they were doing. They flipped,
tucked, and pulled until the ties' knots were snug
against the boys' necks. They shifted the tight bulge
of the knots until they were centered between the
sharp points of the shirts' collars. The boys put on
the blazers and buttoned them appropriately. The two
moms stepped back and admired their sons.

"You two look very handsome." Anne said, "Now put on
your shoes and socks. We want to take pictures."

Jack and Tom complied with their moms' wishes,
pulling on the black socks and shoes.

The boys followed their moms down to the family room
to join their sisters. The girls, still sitting on
the couch were making comments about the outfits they
had to wear.

"Ok kids, go stand in front of the fire place."
Marge said.

The teens moved in front of the large stone fireplace
that covered one entire wall of the family room. Each
teen stood next to their sibling. With the fireplace
as a backdrop, Marge took several pictures.

The kids were getting ready to go change back into
more comfortable clothes when their dads walked into
the room. Don and Marc looked at their sons and
daughters. They told them how nice they all looked.

The four teens thanked their fathers for their
comments and headed for the stairs.

Jack and Tom pulled at their ties as they followed
their sisters up the stairs. They watched the girls rear ends shift from side to side as Kim and Sally
walked up, taking one stair at a time. When they
reached the doorway of Kim's room, she and Sally
turned and walked in. Kim didn't bother to close the
door, which was directly across the hall from her
brother's room.

Jack and Tom went into Jack's room. Jack was pushing
his door closed when he noticed that the girls were
undressing. He motioned to Tom to come over to the
doorway and they watched as the girls, their backs
turned, removed their blazers. Kim and Sally pulled
down the short zipper on the back of the skirts and
stepped out of them and disappeared into the closet.
When they returned, they were wearing only their
panties and bras. Sally smiled through the open door
at her brother and cousin, and put on the skirt and
top she had come in. Kim removed the white bra and
pulled a tight tee shirt over her head, completing her
outfit with the denim shorts she wore earlier.

The girls exited Kim's room. Sally stuck her head
into Jack's room. She shifted her eyes from her
brother's crotch to Jacks.

She smiled and said, "I see you guys liked the show."

Tom said, "It was great!" The boys turned slightly

The two girls turned and went downstairs. The boys,
fully erect, quickly changed into their street clothes
and left to join the rest of the family.

The boys went into the family room. Their parents and sisters were all seated on various couches and
chairs. Marge and Anne were sitting together on the
love seat. Marge nudged her sister-in-law and glanced
at the boys. The women could see the remains of their
sons' erections in the crotch of their pants. Anne
smiled at Marge and asked the four teens if they had
anything planned for the evening. All four of them
shook their heads no.

Don looked up from the paper he was reading and said,
"Well, what would everyone like to do?"

Anne said, "We could order pizzas and just hang
around here, if you don't mind the company."

Marge added, "Then we don't have to cook."

The four kids nodded in agreement and Don went to the
phone to order their dinner.

"It will be about an hour." Don said, sitting down
in his recliner and picking up the paper.

Kim asked her brother and cousins, "You guys want to
play cards or something?"

Jack said, "I do." And went to a cabinet to get a
deck of cards.

The four teens sat on the floor in a circle. Jack
shuffled and dealt the cards. Kim sat across from
Sally, her brother to her right. Sally sat Indian
style, her short skirt pushed down between her legs,
concealing her pink panties. The kids took turns
pulling a card from the neat stack in the middle of
the circle they formed, keeping the one they wanted,
and discarding the one they didn't. By default, it
was the boys against the girls. The parents watched
as the games progressed. When the doorbell rang
announcing the arrival of their dinner, it was tied at
two games apiece.

Marge and Anne went to the door and paid the young delivery boy for the pizzas. They walked back into
the house and asked if the families would like to eat
out by the pool. They all stood and indicated their
agreement by walking to the sliding glass doors that
led to the large patio.

The kids gathered at one table, their parents at

Marge said, "It feels like it is cooling off."

Don said, "It sure does. Jack would you please close

"Sure." He went into the pool house and entered the
commands into the computer that would cause the glass
panels to close.

Jack returned to the table. He took a paper plate
and placed two slices of the hot pizza on it.
Everyone was enjoying the dinner. The large glass
panels were sliding across their openings, enclosing
the two families in new addition.

Jack, his mouth half full of food, asked, "What does
everyone want to drink?

The three kids said "Sodas."

The adults answered "Cold beer."

Jack went into the kitchen, returning with his hands
full of the requested beverages. He set a six-pack of
beer on the adults' table and handed each of the teens
a soda.

Between bites of the crusty pie, Kim said, "You guys know that Sally and I are going to beat you at

Tom washed the mouthful of food he was chewing down
with a large drink out of his soda can and said, "No
way you two are going to win!"

Jack agreed with his cousin adding, "We only let you
guys win two games so you wouldn't quit."

Sally, wanting to get her two cents in said, "We'll
just have to see about that!"

The teens finished their meal, cleaned up the table,
and went back into the family room. They assumed the
same position they had been sitting before dinner and
resumed the game.

The four adults watched their children through the
sliding glass doors that separated the pool area from
the family room.

Marge said, "Those kids remind me of us more and more
each day. Remember when we use to play cards when we
were kids?"

Marc said, "I sure do, only the way I remember it we
had a different method of keeping score."

The four parents laughed at Marc's comment.

Anne said, "Yes, I can remember losing my shirt a few

Don chimed in, "And your pants!"

The four were now laughing uncontrollably. They
returned their attention to the kids. They were
watching their parents with baffled looks on their

Don and Marc finished their beers and reached for the
two remaining cans.

Don pulled the tab on his and said, "I wonder if they
would let us play too."

Marge looked at her husband. She could see a funny
gleam in his eyes.

Marc said, "Let's ask."

Anne questioned Marc. "Are you suggesting that we
invite the kids to play strip poker?"

Marge, to the surprise of the rest of them, said, "We
don't have to force them to play that way, we can just
join in and see what happens."

Anne checked the time on her gold wristwatch. She
said, "It's seven-thirty now, the kids have to be at
school early tomorrow."

The four teens had to be at the academy at seven-
thirty in the morning. The normal school day started
at eight, but because they were new they had to go in
early. They were to attend an orientation for first
time students, before joining the rest of the student
body for an assembly.

Marge and Anne got up and started to clear the table.
Marc and Don picked up the empty beer cans and pizza
boxes. The four adults carried the things through the
family room, into the kitchen.

Marc polled his counter parts, "Well, what's the
verdict? Do we ask them or not?"

The adults chatted amongst themselves. It was
decided that it could do no harm.

Marge stated, "We are not going to ask them to do
anything they don't want to do. After all, we can
always play our way, after they have gone to bed."

The adults agreed on the terms and walked into the
family room.

"Who's winning?" Don asked.

Jack said, "We are still tied. Four games apiece."

Marge asked, "Can we play?" The four teens looked at
each other then their parents.

Sally said, "Sure, why not."

Marc said, "What are we going to play with eight
people?" Everyone exchanged their idea of a game that
eight people could play.

Don finally came up with the idea of poker. He said,
"We can play five card stud poker. We will make up
two man teams, each team playing one hand,"

Kim said, "Ok, guys against the girls."

Jack picked up the cards and stacked them neatly.
Marge sat with Kim, Don with Jack, Anne with Sally,
and Marc joined Tom. They expanded the circle so that
everyone was sitting next to each other.

Sally said, "I don't know how to play poker!"

Kim said, "Neither do I."

Don, taking the deck of cards from Jack, said, "Your
mothers do, they can teach you."
Shuffling the cards, Don asked, "What are we going to
play for?"

Kim asked, "Can't we just keep score?"

Don explained that poker was a game that involved
betting. He said, "Let's play a practice hand and I
will show what I mean. The game of poker is usually
played for money, but we can use anything we want. I
think there is a box of poker chips around here

Marge got up and went to a small cabinet in the
corner of the family room. She sorted through the
items and returned with a round container. Circling
the outside of the container were neat stacks of round
plastic chips. Marge returned to the group and took
her place between her husband and daughter.

Marge distributed even amounts of the chips to each
team. She said, "All the colors have the same

Don dealt five cards to each pair of players. The
adults picked up the cards and fanned them out. Each
parent explained the cards and the object to their
younger partner.

Marge told Kim, "We have three fives. We will throw
away the other two cards and get two new ones." Marge
tossed the two cards in front of Don and said, "We'll
take two." Don replaced the cards. Marge picked them
up and added them to the three she kept. "We now have
three fives and two jacks. That is called a full
house." Kim paid close attention to her mother's
description of the hand. "If this was a real hand and
not practice, we would make a bet. The object is to
either beat the other hands or make them you think you

After each team had replaced the cards they wished
to, they started to lay their hands out.

Don said, "We have two pair."

Marc said, "Tom and I have three of a kind."

Anne and Sally had a small straight, leaving Marge
and Kim with the winning hand. The teens said that
they understood the game and real play began.

Don told everyone to ante one chip to start, and he
dealt the next hand. The teams each placed their
first bet then discarded. After picking up the new
cards, each team placed another bet. Marge and Kim
bet three chips. Sally and Anne raised two. Marc and
Tom folded, Don and his son called. The players
placed their cards face up in front of them. Kim and
her mom had a flush, winning the hand. Kim giggled as
she reached for the pile of multicolored chips.

The game progressed. Each team had won and lost.
Soon Kim and her mom had a large stack of chips in
front of them. Don and Jack were down to their last
three chips. It was Tom's Turn to deal the next hand.
He flipped the cards out and each team picked them up.
Don and Jack had a good hand, but lacked sufficient
chips to bet. Don studied his hand and the faces of
the other players. Marc and Tom had bet three chips.
Anne and Sally had raised two. Marge and Kim examined
their cards. Marge tossed seven chips on the pile
making another raise. All eyes turned to Don and Jack.

Don examined the cards carefully. He and his son had
three of a kind. They still had the draw to come.

Don said, "How much is my shirt worth?"

The teens all looked at him in amazement, the
remaining adults just smiled.

Anne said, "I think a shirt is worth eight chips!"

Marge and Marc agreed, the kids just sat dumbfounded.

Don said, "OK," and removed his shirt, tossing it
into the pile of chips. He removed one chip and added
it the three he and Jack had remaining. Dressed only
in his slacks and socks, he said, "I call."

Tom dealt the cards, replacing each teams' discards.
Don and Jack drew two aces, making a full house.

It was Marc's turn to bet again, "We'll bet three,"
he said.

Anne and Sally looked at their cards and Sally said,
"We'll see your three and raise you three." Kim and
her mom whispered between them.

Kim, with a big smile, said, "Mom and I will see your
six, and raise you three.

Anne and Marc matched the bet, leaving it all up to
Don and Jack. The father and son discussed the hand.
Jack took off his shirt and added it to the pile. Don
tossed one chip in with it.

"We have a full house," he announced.

Marge laughed and said, "Well that's not good enough!
We have a flush." Kim spread the five spades out in
front of her and her mom. The mother and daughter's
hand beat everyone. Kim again pulled the pile of
chips to her, this time with her dad and brother's

Kim realized that the stakes were changing. She
said, "I have to go to the bathroom," and stood up.
She ran up the stairs and returned a few minutes

Her mom leaned over and asked Kim, "Why didn't you
use one of the bathrooms down here?"

Kim cupped her hands around her mom's ear and
whispered, "I wasn't wearing a bra." Marge giggled
quietly and returned to the game.

Anne and Sally inventoried their chips. Sally
counted the six remaining chips and said, "You know
mom, we could be in trouble."

Anne nodded and said, "Just play carefully."

The next hand was dealt. Each team placed their
bets. Anne and her daughter had to use all of the
remaining chips in order to continue. Sally picked up
the cards that were given to her to replace the three
she had thrown out. She combined them with the two
she and her mom had kept. "Two aces and two fours,"
she whispered to Anne. "What do we do?"

Anne smiled at the young girl and said, "We play
them. I'll do the betting." Sally nodded and her mom said, "We will see the bet and raise you three." With
that Anne pulled her shirt over her head and dropped
it into the pile, removing two chips.

Anne sat next to her daughter in her low cut bra.
The light green garment revealed the very top edge of
her dark areola. She felt slightly aroused and her
nipples pressed against the thin fabric, allowing
everyone to detect her condition. The players
revealed their cards. Anne and her daughter were beat
by Marc and Jack's hand.

The teens were beginning to giggle at the turn of
events. Tom felt himself begin to stiffen as he
looked at his mother.

Marc laughed at his wife's display and said,
"Remember when we didn't even use chips?"

Anne said, "I sure do."

Sally and her brother looked at their parents.

Jack said, "You mean you guys played cards for

Marge said, "Yes Jack, it's called strip poker."

Kim was a little shocked. She shifted her position
slightly and asked, "Can we play that way?"

"Maybe some other time," Marge said, "You guys have
to get up early for school and can't stay up too

Sally said, "It's only eight-thirty, can't we play
for a little while?"

Anne and Marge looked at each other. Don and his
brother-in-law waited for their wives to make the

"Ok" Anne said, "but only for a short time."

The girls agreed, their brothers just kept silent.

Don said, "Here are the new rules. Jack, Anne, and I
get our shirts back so we are all even. There is no
betting. The losing team has to remove one item of
clothing each. Socks count as one item, shoes don't

Everyone accepted the new rules. Jack and Marc
removed their shoes. They were the only ones wearing

Sally said, "Kim and I are not wearing any socks.
What do we do?"

Marc smiled at his daughter and said, "Well the guys aren't wearing bras!"

The whole group broke out in laughter at his remark.

The young girls agreed. Kim said, "Deal."

The cards were dealt. Marc and Tom lost the first
hand and remover their shirts. The next hand was Anne
and Sally's loss. Anne removed her shirt again.
Sally stood and began to reach under her skirt.

Her mom said, "You may not want to do that."

Sally thought about her mom's statement. She
realized that she could be exposed sooner that the
others and removed her tee shirt. The mother and
daughter sat in their bras, Sally in her pink one,
Anne in blue.

The game went on. Each team had lost a few hands.
Soon the eight players were all down to their
underwear. Kim and Marge each wore white bras and
panties. Marc, Jack, and Tom were dressed in boxers.
Don wore a pair of black briefs. Kim looked
cautiously at her father. She could see the bulge of
his penis and balls in the tight briefs. She felt a
slight tingle at the sight of four men dressed only in
their underwear. Marge observed the kids. They were
all casting glances at their parents and aunts and

Marge said, "I think we have played long enough. It
is getting late."

The four teens protested. Jack said, "It's only nine-
thirty. Can't we stay up for another hour?"

Anne said, "One more hour, then its time to go to

The four kids nodded their heads in unison.

Anne and Sally were the next losers. They both
unfastened their bras and removed them. Jack and Tom
started to become aroused at the sight of the women's
bare breasts. Anne's nipples stood erect and were
large in comparison to the rest of her breast,
extending a good three quarters of an inch, and as big
around as her finger. Sally's nipples were much
smaller than her mothers, about the size of a pencil
eraser. Her dark areola crinkled, her nipples drawing the dark skin taut.

The cards were dealt again.

Marc and Tom lost the next hand. They stripped off
the last remaining item of clothing. The four women
noticed Tom's semi-erect penis. Tom tried to conceal
his condition as he sat down on the floor. Anne gazed
at her son's penis, remembering his father's when he
was sixteen. She could see his sack, drawn close the
base of the swollen flesh. Sally also noticed her
brother and father. She could see the distinct
difference between her brother's penis and that of a
full-grown man.

It was Sally and her mom's turn to deal next. Sally
picked up the deck of cards and mixed them. She
returned her concentration to the game, and
distributed the cards.

Don and Jack were the next to fall.

Kim watched her father out of the corner of her eye.
Don lowered his briefs, revealing himself completely.
His daughter noted how much thicker his flaccid penis
was compared to her brother's, even in Jack's partly
erected state. Kim was not sure how to judge the
length, but she thought her dad's soft tool was almost
as big as Jack's when he was hard. She could see the
large sack containing his testicles sway as he sat
down. The young girl directed her eyes to her brother as he uncovered the familiar genitals veiled by his
boxers. Her eyes darted between her obviously excited
brother and her dad. She smiled to herself,
remembering her brother covering her with his hot cum earlier in the day. Kim could feel her nipples harden
beneath her bra. The young girl quickly diverted her
attention away from her father and brother.

The next round had Sally and her mom removing their
panties. The two women sat, side-by-side, nude. Tom
and Jack looked at the naked women and felt their
arousal heighten. Marc could see the moisture forming
between the hairless lips of his daughter's vagina and
noticed the narrow patch of hair that rode just above
it. The boys, much to the amusement of the adults,
found it difficult to hide their rising manhood.
Marge and Kim, still in their panties, declared
themselves the winners. The rest of the group, having
nothing left to lose, agreed.

They all sat casually, no one making an effort to get

Don said, "Well, I guess we could go for a quick

Jack and Tom thought that was a great idea and bolted
towards the sliding glass doors. Jack pulled one of
the doors aside and the two embarrassed boys dove
headlong into the deep end of the cool water. They
swam laps from one end of the pool to the other,
trying to reduce their penises to their normal state.
The two boys, slightly exhausted, hung on the edge of
the swimming pool, relieved that their hard-ons were

The rest of the family walked out to the pool area.
Marge and Kim removed their panties and walked down
the steps into the shallow end of the pool. Soon all
eight family members were in the pool. They swam and
splashed around, feeling the cooling effect of the
water. Anne and Marge exited the water.

Anne looked at the clock on the pool house and
announced the time. "It's ten o'clock," she said,
"Time for you kids to go to bed.

The two women picked up towels and sat in a couple of
the lounge chairs.

The four teens reluctantly walked up the steps of the
pool and onto the tiled surface around it. They went
into the pool house and picked up towels to dry
themselves. The kids went into the family room and
sorted through the pile of garments on the floor,
retrieving their clothes. The kids put back on their
clothing and went back out to the pool.

Kim said, "I'm going to bed. Thanks for letting us
play strip poker, it was cool."

Sally told her mom, "Yes, thanks. Tom and I are
going home."

The teens said goodnight to their parents.

Tom said, "I guess we will see you guys tomorrow
morning," to his cousins. Jack and Kim said their
goodbyes and went upstairs. Sally and her brother went out to the car and headed home.

Kim went into her bedroom and began to remove her
clothing, wondering why she had bothered to get
dressed in the first place. She was in her bra and
panties when she heard a knock at her door. Making no
attempt to cover herself, she opened the door to her
brother. Jack was dressed in his boxers and a white
tee shirt.

"What's up Jack." She walked over to her dresser
and removed a pair of pajamas. She stepped into the
yellow pants, pulling them over her panty-covered

Jack said, "What do you think about the card game?"

Kim put her arms into the sleeves of the pajama tops
and slowly buttoned it. "It was fun," she said,
"Maybe someday we can play again."

Jack watched as his sister reached under the silky
top and pulled her bra straps over her arms, reached
behind her back and then pulled her arms out from
under the garment, holding the white bra.

"Tom and I talked to dad and uncle Marc about one of
those nudist places. They said we might go someday...
if everyone agrees."

Kim walked to her bed and sat on the edge. She
picked up a hairbrush and began to pull it through her
damp blond hair.

"I don't know" she said, "We talked about it too.
Being nude around the family is one thing, but I'm not
too sure about being with a bunch of strangers."

Jack thought about what his sister had said. "Will
you think about it?"

Kim answered, "Sure I will think about it, in fact I
have been thinking about it a lot. You seem like you
really want to go."

"I think it would be different."

A big smile crossed Kim's face. She looked into her
brother's eyes and said, "You and Tom just want to
look at a bunch of naked girls. Besides, how are you
going to walk around all day with that thing sticking

Kim pointed at her brother's crotch. Jack's
hardening penis was poking its head through the
opening in his underwear. He quickly pulled up on the
waistband, making his penis duck back into the

Kim giggled at her now embarrassed brother, she said,
"It's like a turtle."

Jack joined his sister's laughter, thinking her
statement was funny.

Kim set down the hairbrush and pulled back the
blankets and sheets. She swung her legs onto the bed
and pulled the covers up to her neck.

"Please shut off the light and close the door on your
way out."

Jack could take a hint. He flipped off the overhead
light and pulled the door behind him.

Kim rolled onto her side and snuggled her head into
her pillow. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep.
Her young mind raced with thoughts of the day. She
felt excited by the attention she was receiving from
her brother and Tom. She felt confused about the
feelings that were filling her. Kim was experiencing
emotions that she had never felt in the past. She
replayed the day's events as she drifted to sleep.

Jack removed his clothing, leaving on his boxers. He
got into his bed and covered himself, using only the
sheet. He thought about his sister in the shower and
his mother at the card game. Jack reached beneath the
sheet and slowly rubbed his stiffening penis. He
massaged it gently, feeling it grow to its full
length. Closing his eyes, he could see a mental image
of his little sister's mouth sliding over his cock.
Jack fell asleep, still seeing Kim's wet hair swaying
as she bobbed her head on him.

Don and Marc climbed out of the pool. They each
pulled a chair over to the lounges their wives sat in.
The two men sat facing the women, each of their feet
on their wives' lounge. Marc looked at Anne. She was
so beautiful sitting before him, completely nude. He
smiled at her and she smiled back. Anne pulled her
feet back and parted her knees giving her husband, and
brother, a view of her hairless crotch. Marc opened
his legs to allow his wife to see his genitals, his
soft penis hung over his testicles. The four adults
sat quietly examining each other.

Marge said, "Do you guys think we are taking this
nudity thing a little too far too fast?"

Marc answered, "The boys told us the four of them
were already experimenting and that they had
masturbated in front of each other on the boat."

Anne said, "Well, the boys didn't tell you
everything. Kim and Sally told Marge and I that they
had oral sex."

Don laughed and said, "They sure sound like chips of
the old blocks."

All four parents laughed at the quip.

Marge added, "The girls also have toys, if you know
what I mean."

Don looked at his wife and said, "Do you mean sex

"Yes," Marge replied, "We found them while putting
away some of the girl's clothes at the beach house."

"And that's not all, we found bloody sheets." Anne

Marc asked the women, "You mean to tell me they took
their own virginity?"

Anne responded, "No, I am telling you they broke
their cherries."

Don looked at the two women in disbelief. "It's the
same thing."

Marge snapped at her husband, "It's not the same! As
far as Anne and I know, the girls have not had one of
those stuffed into them." She pointed at Don's penis
as she made her statement.

Don backed off slightly, "Ok, ok, but I still think
that broken is broken!"

Marc supported his brother-in-law stating, "I have to
agree with Don, if the cherry is busted they aren't

Marge was beginning to become aggravated with the two
men. She sat upright in the lounge and said, "You
guys can beat your meat and stick it up each other's
asses until the cows come home and you think you are
virgin until you fuck some girl in the pussy! Well
that's bullshit! As far as I am concerned a girl is
virgin until she has intercourse! Haven't you two
ever heard of a young girl breaking her hymen doing
gymnastics or riding a bike? Do you think that an
eight year old is no longer virgin if she losses it
that way?"

Marc and Don mulled over the things Marge said. Anne
shook her head in support of Marge.

Marc said, "I suppose you are right. It wouldn't
make sense that a little girl wasn't virgin because of
an accident."

Don and Marc both said, "I'm sorry," and let it drop.

"Besides, it is better than the back seat of a car."
Anne said to the men, referring to how she and Marge
had their hymen's broken.

Marge was seething. She sat back in the lounge,
folded her arms across her breasts, and stared at the
ceiling. Anne looked at her husband and brother,
shaking her head from side to side. Don and Marc,
knowing they had upset their wives, sat quietly. Marc
watched his sister's eyes for any sign of

After a few minutes, Marge relaxed her arms, allowing
them to rest in her lap. She also parted her legs
slightly. She said, "Now back to my original
question. Do you think we are letting things get out
of hand?"

Don and Marc, wisely, didn't answer. They waited to
see what was going to develop between their sisters.

Anne said, "Marge, do you remember when we were in
our teens, how our parents would preach about now
nasty sex and nudity was? I thought I was going to be
blind because I touched myself. It took a long time
to get over some of those feelings and fears. Do we
want our children to go through that?"

Marge replied, "I guess not, but I don't want to
force it on the kids either."

Don decided it was safe to speak. "I don't think we
are forcing anything on the kids, they were the ones
that wanted to play strip poker. I think if we just
pay close attention, we will be able to pick up on any

The four adults agreed to keep a close eye on the
children's behavior, and made a pact to stop any
activity they felt was harmful.

Anne asked, "What are we going to do for the kids'
birthdays? The girls will be fifteen and the boys seventeen this month."

It was the beginning of the birthday season for the
four teens. First was Sally, followed by Jack three
weeks later. The day after Jack's birthday was Tom's.
Kim, born a month premature, would turn fifteen a week
later. In the past, the teens' parents would hold a
single party for all of them, usually close to the
boy's actual birthdays.

Marc said, "Don and I have been talking about what to
get the boys. We feel that new vehicles would be
nice. They have to drive to and from school every day
and the extra vehicles would be helpful."

Marge said, "What kind of cars are you guys thinking

Don said, "We think the boys would like trucks or
SUVs. Jack needs something to pull the boat with and
Tom likes the SUV type of styling."

Anne Asked, "What about the girls?"

Marc said, "Well, we can't get them cars yet, but we
thought that they would like new entertainment centers
for their rooms."

The women agreed to let the guys handle the birthday
presents this year. The four adults decided, like
years past, to celebrate all of the children's
birthdays on the same day. They would get Sally
something tomorrow, saving her big present for the
group party.

Marge said, "Do you remember when birthdays and
Christmas would have us so upset that we could barely
eat? We would have to save all year just to get them
something small."

Don said, "I sure do remember, you girls would pickup
extra days at the restaurant and Marc and I would put
in for all the overtime we could get. I am glad those
days are gone forever!"

Marc looked at his three counterparts and said, "You
know, those days weren't all bad. We didn't have much
money, but we still had fun. Even though we can get
our kids or ourselves just about anything we want,
having the family together is still the most important

All four of the parents nodded their heads in

Marge suggested they all go into the family room and
watch some television before going to bed. The four
adults got out of their chairs and walked into the
family room. Don turned off the few lights that
illuminated the pool area and closed the sliding glass
door. They all sat on the couch. Don and Marc in the
middle, Anne and Marge on the ends. Marge turned on
the television. The eleven o'clock news was just
starting. The glow of a single table lamp and the
large screen tv were the only lights in the room. The
four sat and watched as the newscaster told of the
day's events.

Marc said, "Hey, does anyone want some of this

Anne and Marge looked at Marc. He reached over,
picked up Don's soft penis, and stroked it slowly.
The women watched as Marc moved his hand up and down
Don's growing shaft. Don laid his head back and
closed his eyes. He was enjoying the way his brother-
in-law's experienced hand worked over his manhood. He
reached over into Marc's lap and groped around for his
penis. Finding it, already half erect, he began to
stroke it as Marc was doing to him. The two wives
watched as their husbands masturbated each other. The
movement of the two men's hands was very slow and soon
timed in unison.

Marge walked over to Anne and sat next to her. She
took her head in her hands and pulled Anne's mouth to
hers. The two women's lips met and their tongues
darted in and out of the other's mouth. Anne lowered
her hand to Marge's breast and kneaded the firm flesh.
She broke the kiss and took one of Marge's nipples
between her teeth. Nibbling on the hard protrusion,
she poked the very end with her rapid darting tongue.
Her hand slid down Marge's belly to the junction of
her legs. She pushed two fingers into her sister-in-
law's now wet pussy.

Marge moaned as Anne moved her fingers in and out of
her hot pussy. Anne released the nipple she was
sucking on and watched as her husband lowered his
mouth onto Don's throbbing tool. She told Marc to get
it good and wet because she wanted Don to bury it in
her. Marc pushed his head down engulfing over half of
the ten inches of hot meat.

Marge and Anne watched Marc slide his mouth up and
down Don's penis. Anne moved next to her brother and
sitting on the very edge of the leather couch told her
brother to give it to her. Don pulled Marc off his
cock and knelt on the floor between his sister's legs.
Marge came over and took his penis in her hand and
guided it into Anne's slit.

Don slowly pushed forward, sinking himself into his
sister's vagina. Marge and Marc watched the lips of
Anne's pussy wrap around the thick hot member. Marge
snuck her hand between the lovers and massaged Anne's
clit. Marc stood next to his sister and used his hand
to present his penis to her mouth. Marge replaced his
hand with hers and quickly engulfed the entire eight
inches of throbbing cock. Marc drove himself in and
out of her sucking mouth. He pulled out and flipped
Marge onto her stomach on the couch next to Anne. She
spread her legs and her brother drove his penis into
her from behind.

Marc reached between Don's legs and cupped the heavy
balls that were slapping against Anne's ass. He
rolled them in his hand, squeezing tenderly. Don
increased his pace. He pushed Anne back and leaned
over her. Don's buttocks were in the air. Marc
pulled out of his sister and moved behind Don. Marge
grabbed his penis with one hand and pulled on the
cheek of her husband's ass with the other. She
pointed Marc's rigid tool against the tight brown
pucker of Don's anus. Marc pressed forward, his cock
slick with his sister's juices. He felt the head pop
past Don's tight sphincter muscle and into his anal
passage. He waited for his brother-in-law to become
accustom to the intruder. He felt him relax and
another few inches slid in. Marc started to move,
sliding in and out of Don's ass. He matched his
thrusts to those of Don who continued to drill Anne.

Marge watched as the three moved with each other.
Don was grunting as Marc stretched him. The threesome
began to thrash around wildly. Marge had three
fingers buried in herself, pinching her clit with her
other hand. Unable to take anymore, Marge threw
herself onto Don's back and pushed her crotch into
Marc's face. Marc devoured her sex. He drove his
tongue into the hot cavern. He took her hard clit and
held it between his teeth. Marge's juices were
flowing onto her husband's back as her brother ate

Don threw his head back and pushed into Anne as far
as he could. His cum surged out of his cock and into
his sister's sucking pussy. He felt the contractions
of the hot tunnel as pulse after pulse of cum filled
her. Marc was next, squirting his load into Don's
bowels. Marge was on the verge of her own orgasm and
went over the edge when she became aware of her
husband being filled. Marc licked and sucked the best
he could.

Completely spent, the four collapsed into a tangled
pile. They lay together, breathing heavily. After a
few minutes, they began to untangle themselves. They
sat next to one another and attempted to regain their

Marc said, "I need a shower."

Don got up and went out to the pool area and into the
pool house. The other three followed him into he
shower. Don turned on the master control, bringing
all four of the showerheads to life. Each of them
stood under the warm spray, letting the pulsating
water cascade over their still heated bodies. Don
picked up the soap and went to Marc. He lathered his
hands and washed Marc's now flaccid penis. He then
went to Marge and very seductively applied the
slippery lather to her entire body. He removed a
showerhead from its hook and adjusted the spray to a
gentle rain like pressure. He directed the water over
her body, using his hand to rinse away the soap. When
he had finished, he returned the showerhead and
embraced his wife. He held her warm wet body against
his and kissed her deeply.

Anne and her husband finished washing each other.
Don turned off the water and the four went into the
open area to dry themselves. The two couples walked
hand in hand back to the family room. The two women
sorted through the clothes, handing each item to its
owner. Marc and Anne dressed, leaving off their
underwear. Anne gathered her bra, panties, and Marc's
boxers and folded them. Don and Marge remained nude.
Marge picked up their things and carried them into the
laundry room. She sorted them into the proper piles
and returned to the family room.

Don said, "It has been a long time since you did that

Marc smiled and said, "I see you still like it!" The
two men laughed and walked behind their wives to the
door. Don and Marc each hugged and kissed their
sister goodnight.

Marc said, "I will see you tomorrow Don. We can run
over to the dealership and check out the trucks."

Don said, "OK, but not too early. I plan to go back
to bed after the kids leave for school." As he said
it, he pulled his naked wife close to him.

Marge said, "I'll call you tomorrow after Kim and
Jack are gone Anne."

"Ok and goodnight." Marc and Anne left and Don and
Marge went upstairs to their room.


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