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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 17


"The Lottery" - Part 17 (mf, oral, inc, con)

Sally woke up to the music that came from her clock
radio. She sat up and pushed the button that silenced
the alarm. "I'm fifteen today!" She thought to
herself. Sally got out of bed and walked into her
bathroom, pulling her tee shirt over her head. She
stood in front of the mirror and stared at her
reflection. She studied her firm breasts, still tan
from the days spent topless in the sun. She smiled to
herself, remembering the fun she and her cousins' had
being naughty.

The young girl twisted the knobs of the shower and
stepped into the warm spray. She washed her hair and
applied conditioner. Taking the container of body
wash, she applied a generous amount to the white
shower puff. She moved the sudsy puff over her body,
cleansing herself thoroughly. She used the razor to
remove the hair on her legs and pubic area. After
rinsing, she stepped out of the stall and dried off.
Sally wrapped a towel around her wet hair and slipped
into her robe.

Back in her bedroom, she looked at the clock. It was
only five-thirty. She still had plenty of time to get
ready for the first day of school. Sally turned on
the small radio and tuned it to her favorite station.
She swayed with the music as she selected the
underwear she would wear. A white bra, and plain
white cotton panties were her choice. She removed the
towel and shook her shoulder length light brown hair.

Sally returned to the bathroom and used her hair
dryer to blow the moisture out of her hair. Once dry
she took out her curling iron, shaped, and styled her
locks until they were neat. She rolled her hair under
so it was just short of her shoulders. Sally applied
the minimal make-up they were allowed to use at the
academy. Mascara and a little eyeliner was the only
thing that a freshman could wear. Confident her
appearance was acceptable, she went back to the
bedroom dress.

Six o'clock, she noted the time. She left her room
and went across the hall to wake Tom.

Sally turned the brass doorknob and pushed the door
open. She was just about to yell at Tom. The teen
caught herself before making a sound. She looked at
her brother as he slept soundly.

Tom was lying on his back, his left arm curled under
his pillow, his right resting at his side. Her eyes
traveled down the length of her older brother's body.
The sheet that he had covered himself with was
twisted, revealing his left leg. Only a corner of the
blue fabric covered him from the waist down. Sally
stared at the junction of his legs. The sheet was
slightly tented, rising and lowering with his
breathing. Quietly she walked to the side of his bed.
She carefully lifted the corner of the sheet. She
gazed at his morning erection. His penis had found
its way out of the fly in his boxers and pointed at
his head.

Sally held the sheet up and watched as the blood
engorged flesh twitched. The movement of his proud
manhood matched his shallow breathing. She carefully
studied her brother's penis. She noted the blue veins
that ran along the length of it. She could see the
defined ridge that started under the plum shaped head
and ran along the bottom of the pink shaft,
disappearing into the black and red boxer shorts.
Sally remembered the texture of her brother's member,
having felt and tasted it the day before.

Sally gently lowered the sheet, covering him and
hiding his penis from her eyes. She walked back to
the doorway and gripped the knob. Standing in the
hall, she called her brother's name. Tom turned his
head away from the source of the noise. She called
him again, this time a little louder. Tom opened his
eyes and looked towards the door. He rubbed his eyes
and swung his legs over the side of the bed, the sheet
falling away.

"What do you want?" he said.

"It's time to get up and get ready." Sally smiled at
Tom, realizing he was not aware of the fact he was
revealing himself to her.

"What time is it?" he asked in a sleepy voice.

"After six."

Tom was starting to become fully awake. He noticed
he was exposed and grabbed the sheet, pulling it over
his lap.

"Happy birthday!" he told his giggling sister, "Sorry
about that."

Sally composed herself. "Thank you and I really
didn't mind."

Tom looked at his little sister, his face slightly
pink from embarrassment and said, "Now get out of
here, I have to go pee."

Sally went back to her room to get dressed.

Kim was up at five-thirty also. She showered and
fixed her hair. She went into her bedroom and put on
the white cotton bra and panties her mom had purchased
at the outlet mall. Looking at herself in the full-
length mirror, she decided she didn't like the new
underwear. She pulled on a black half-slip and
adjusted it. Kim was frustrated with the look of her
undergarments. She walked out her bedroom door and
went to Jacks door. She knocked firmly on it and
yelled for her brother to get up. Kim went down
stairs and into the kitchen. Marge was getting
breakfast ready for her two kids.

Kim walked up to her mom gripping the top of the bra
cups and said, "I hate this thing!"

Her mom watched her as she pulled the garment from
side to side, trying to improve the fit.

"Well it looks a little large." Her mom said,
pulling her daughter's hands away and slipping her
fingers between the bra cups and Kim's breasts. "I
think you still need to wear a b cup" Marge could feel
the gap between the material and her daughter's firm

Kim looked into her mother's eyes. "What am I going
to do?"

"You'll just have to make do for today, I will go the
mall and get some new ones later."

Kim sat down at the table, and with tears welling in
her eyes, told her mom, "Please get something nice,
this thing makes me feel like an old lady."

Her mom looked at her daughter, dressed in her slip
and bra, and agreed that the bra looked like the ones
worn years ago. "I will find something nice." Marge
set a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice in front of

"And sexy" Kim pleaded.

The teen was eating her breakfast when Jack came into
the room. He had on his slacks, shirt, with his tie
hanging around his neck. He said, "I can't tie this

Marge went to her son and explaining her movements,
tied the tie.

Jack thanked her and sat down with his sister to eat.
Jack was use to seeing Kim in her underwear on school
mornings. Kim would often eat breakfast in her bra,
for fear of spilling something on the top she was
going to wear to school. Marge placed Jack's food in
front of him. As the two ate, Kim said, "Don't forget
Sally's birthday is today." Her brother nodded his
head, his mouth full of food.

Marge asked, "Did you get her anything yet?"

Kim said, "No."

Jack again shook his head.

Their mom said, "We are going to your Aunt and
Uncle's house for a barbeque and cake to night. Will
you have time to go shopping after school?"

Kim said, "I think we only have a half day today, we
should have time to go to the store."

Don walked into the kitchen. He went over to the
counter and poured a cup of coffee. He joined his two
children at the table. He said, "Good morning. I see
everyone is ready for school. I guess the dress code
has changed a lot." He gestured towards Kim as he

"Dad!" The young girl said, "I still have to put on
my skirt and blouse."

Don smiled at her. Jack got up, carried his dishes
to the sink, and set them down.

Kim finished her meal and thanked her mom. She went
upstairs to finish dressing. She put on the white
oxford shirt and buttoned it. She slipped the
crossover tie under the collar and snapped it.
Sitting on her bed, she pulled on the shear white knee
socks. Kim stepped into her skirt and pulled the
zipper up. She adjusted the garment and reached
beneath it to pull down on her shirttails.

Kim went into her bathroom and removed the circular
pill container from the drawer. She pushed out one of
the small round pills and swallowed it. She noted
that only four pills remained. Kim thought to
herself, next week I will have my period. She put on
the blazer that completed her school outfit and went
back downstairs to wait for her brother.

It was seven o'clock when Jack came into the kitchen,
dressed for school. "Time to go," he told his

The siblings told their mom goodbye and left for the
academy. On the way out, Kim grabbed two pens from
the desk. She handed one to her brother and put the
other into the small black purse she carried.

Jack backed the small car out of the garage. The
vehicle was older, the family car they had for several
years. When Don won the money in the state's lottery,
he bought the new Suburban, but kept the older car for
a second vehicle.

The two teens rode quietly. The academy was about
three miles from their house. Jack turned into the
driveway of the new school. The road twisted through
the trees, opening into a large parking lot. Jack
followed the signs to the student parking area. Jack
drove up and down the rows of parked cars, pulling
into the first empty spot. He and Kim got out and
walked towards the large buildings that made up the
campus of the academy.

Kim and her brother heard Sally call their names.
The two waited for their cousins to catch up with

"Happy birthday." Kim and Jack said to Sally.

"Thanks guys," she replied.

The four continued to the largest building. They
followed the small signs that directed the new
students to the auditorium. As the group walked, they
reminded each other to keep their relationship

The academy was made up of four old dark brick
buildings. There was an administration building, a
large field house that contained the gymnasium,
swimming pool, and locker rooms, and two buildings of
classrooms. The exterior of the buildings was covered
with green ivy. Covered passageways connected the
four buildings together.

The four walked down a hallway, following the other
first time students. They went into the large
auditorium and sat in the seats that were labeled for
them. Kim and Sally were in a section for freshmen,
their brothers in another area for first time upper

Promptly at seven-thirty the dean stepped to the
podium. He spoke into a microphone, welcoming
everyone to the academy. He told them what to expect
over the next couple of days and the school year. He
told the students that they would receive handbooks
detailing the dress code and the academy's rules for
behavior. He went on about the institution's history,
listing the names of some of the alumni, all of the
names recognizable. They were industry leaders, men and women in government, doctors and lawyers, just to
name a few. He spoke of the academy's unsurpassed
record for students moving on to higher education,
after they had been graduated.

The dean's speech lasted until seven-fifty. He told
the audience that they were to make their way to the
gymnasium. There, they would join the rest of the
student body and be given their schedules.

In the gymnasium, there were tables lined up. Each
displayed as sign indicating the class and
alphabetical range the table served. Kim and Sally
stood in their respective lines, waiting to be given
their information.

The academy had a program to help the freshmen. The
program was called, big sister little sister for the
girls and big brother little brother for the boys.
The program paired the freshmen student with a junior,
who would help them get acquainted with the school.
Kim and Sally were given the names of their big
sisters, along with their class schedules. The person
at the table told the girls where to go to meet with
their big sisters.

Kim met Megan, very tall thin girl. She had long red hair that she wore straight. The top of Kim's head
was even with Megan's shoulder, forcing Kim to look up
to talk to her. Megan showed Kim to the bleachers and
to two sat amongst other pairs of students.

Sally's big sister was Angela. She was shorter than
Sally, standing just four-eleven. Angela was stout
with black hair and eyes. She and Sally moved towards
the bleachers and sat near Kim and Megan.

Angela said hi to Megan, and introduced Sally.

Megan introduced Kim and the girls began to talk

Megan said, "Angela and I have been friends since
grade school, we went to Barber before coming here."
Barber was a private school for grades one through

Kim said, "Sally and I have been friends that long
too. We went to Eisenhower before coming here."

Neither Megan nor Angela had ever heard of the

"Where is that school?" Angela asked.

Sally told the girls, "It's in Detroit."

Angela asked, "Is it a public school?"

Sally said, "yes."

The two upper classmen glanced at each other, the two
cousins could see the look of disapproval on the
girl's faces.

Megan asked Kim and Sally, "How did you two meet and
come to go to the academy?"

The teen cousins thought for a moment and Kim said,
"Our dads are business partners."

Megan and Angela accepted the girls' explanation.
They reviewed the class schedules with their new
little sisters. They told the girls how the room
numbering worked and how to determine which building
each room was in. As the girls talked, a voice came
over the paging system. The announcer told the
students it was time for them to go to their first

The four girls left the gymnasium together. Kim and
Sally had the same first hour math class. Angela and
Megan lead the girls to the proper building and into
the classroom.

Kim and Sally looked around the carpeted room. The
desks were more like the type you would find in an
office than a school. In the front of the room was a
whiteboard, replacing the familiar chalkboards they
had at their last school. The instructor's desk sat
angled in one corner. A large tv monitor hung from
the ceiling in the other corner.

Angela and Megan explained that the first hour class
was also the girls' homeroom. They would receive
information on the tv prior to the start of class.
The instructor asked the new students to sit at a
desk. Angela and Megan went out into the hallway to
wait along with the other big sisters and big brothers.

The instructor, referring to a chart, called each
student's name and assigned him or her a seat. He
passed out the class syllabus and briefly went over
his expectations. He asked his new class if they had
any questions. No one raised their hand and he
excused the group.

The rest of the morning, the four girls went from
classroom to classroom. Kim and Sally shared four
classes. They each had different instructors for the
other three.

Megan and Angela showed the new girls their lockers.
They had decorated the girls' lockers with pictures
and cards. The lockers were more like a small closet
than metal boxes they would have had at the public
school. The big sisters exchanged telephone numbers
with Kim and Sally and told them they would see them

Kim and Sally went outside to wait for their

Sally asked Kim, "What do you think of the first

"I think it will be OK. It sure is different from
our old school."

Jack and Tom walked up to the girls.

Jack said, "Well what do you guy's think?"

Kim looked at her brother and said, "Sally and I were
just talking about it. I guess it will be OK. The
kids here seem stuck up."

Jack and Tom nodded, and started to walk to the cars.

Jack said, "Tom, I will talk to you later. Kim and I
have to get going."

Sally said, "Goodbye, we will see you two later for
my birthday."

Kim and Jack climbed into the car and drove out of
the parking lot.

Jack said, "The parking lot looks like an exclusive
car dealers lot. I have never seen so many expensive
cars in one place."

Kim looked at the cars as her brother drove down the
long row of cars. There were BMW's, Mercedes, Saabs,
Lexis's, and a number of American luxury cars. As
Jack pulled out into the street, Kim saw Angela in a
new Mustang convertible. Kim waved to the girl.
Angela waved back at Kim with a cigarette between her
fingers. Kim returned her attention to her brother.

"Jack" she said, "Have you ever tried smoking?"

Jack looked at his sister in disbelief, "No! Why do
you ask?"

"I was just wondering. Are we going to go to the
mall to shop for Sally's birthday presents?"

Jack turned, heading towards their house. "Not until
I change out of these clothes."

Kim smiled at Jack, "Ok, I want to change too."

Jack drove down their street and into the driveway.
He pulled the car up to the closed garage door and
shut it off.

Jack and Kim went into the house. Kim called for her
mom. Marge was in the kitchen, cleaning up.

"Hi mom," Kim said, "Did you get to the mall yet?"

Her mom turned off the water and said, "Yes I did,
and your new things are up in your room. Do you want
me to come up and show you what I bought?"

Kim walked to the refrigerator and removed a soda.
"Sure" she told her mom. "I will meet you up there."

Kim took her soda and went upstairs to her room. She
removed the blazer and hung it in her closet. She had
removed the small tie and was unbuttoning her shirt when her mom walked in.

Marge picked up a bag she had left on the desk and
took it to the bed. She sat down and began to pull
the new items from the bag. Kim removed her shirt and
lowered the zipper in the back of her skirt. She
stepped out of the wool garment and clipped it on a

"Show me what you bought mom."

Marge held out a white bra. It wasn't padded and
hooked in front. Kim removed her bra and tried on the
new one. It was very sheer, the young girls nipples
visible through the material. Kim adjusted the
shoulder straps and looked in the mirror.

"It's very pretty, but I don't think the school will
allow it."

Kim ran her hands over her covered breasts. The cups
of the bra had a thin row of lace that ran across each
of the firm mounds.

Marge again reached into the bag and removed a white
camisole. "Here, try this on with the bra."

Kim lowered the silky garment over her head and
pulled it into place. She smiled at her mom and said,
"Oh...this is wonderful."

Marge then handed her daughter a pair of matching
bikini panties.

"This should complete the outfit."

Kim pulled off her slip and panties and stepped into
the new lingerie. She turned to see her backside in
the mirror.

Marge brought out several more combinations. Kim
tried on each one. The last outfit was not intended
for school. The black and white bra and panty set was
made up of a very sheer bra that was almost see-
through. It was mostly black with thin white stripes
that ran from the top to the bottom of the small cups.
Very thin spaghetti straps went over Kim's shoulders
and a narrow band of elastic around her back. The
matching panties were trimmed in lace with thin
strings that tied at each hip. Kim slowly put on the
very sexy items and examined herself in the mirror.

"Oh mom! I just love these, they're so sexy!"

Marge looked at her daughter and agreed that the
young teen did indeed look sexy.

"I am so glad you like them, I know I feel better
about myself when I wear nice underwear." Marge and
her daughter laughed at her comment.

"Mom, when was the first time you did it with dad?"

Marge looked into the girl's eyes. "Did what?"

Kim sat down on the bed next to her mom, still
dressed in the black and white lingerie. "
know...made love with him."

Marge thought for a moment. She was careful with her
answer. "Well, the first time your dad and I made
love was about three months after I learned I was
pregnant with your brother."

"I'm confused. If the first time you made love was
after you were pregnant, how did you get that way?"

"By having unprotected sex."

Kim had a funny look on her face. She thought for a
little while before saying, "Isn't it the same

Marge smiled, "No, not at all."

"What is the difference?"

"Well" her mom began. "Sex is something you do to
make you feel good. Making love is making your
partner feel good. Making love is not just having
intercourse. It is so much more."

"Can you explain it to me?"

"I will try," Marge said. "Having sex is not unlike
masturbating. You do it to get yourself off, and your
partner does the same. Sex can be very quick and hot
or slow and steady, but it is just not the same as
making love. Two people can spend all day making
love, most of it with your clothes on. It is the
quick smiles and occasional touching, the kissing and
innuendos. When you get together, you spend the time
and effort to bring as much pleasure to your partner
as you can, not worrying about your own. When two
people make love, each one is working to please the

Kim listened to her mom's explanation. When Marge
was done, Kim asked, "When was the first time you had

Marge looked at the young girl and said, "Prom night!
Now get dressed, Jack is waiting to go to the mall."

Kim giggled and went to her closet. She selected a
pair of jeans and a sweater. She removed the new
underwear, deciding to save them for a special
occasion. Marge could see that her daughter's nipples
were slightly erect and she could smell the faint
aroma of her excitement. Kim put on a pair of green
panties and a bra that matched.

"You know, she said to her mom, "A few months ago I
only had one matching bra and panty set. Now I have
so many it is hard to decide which ones to wear."

Marge smiled as she watched Kim pull on her tight
blue jeans and put on her black v-neck sweater. She
too had a fine selection of new clothes, including

The two women walked downstairs and into the family room.

Jack asked, "Are you ready?

Kim said, "Yup, let's go." The two teens left for
the mall.

Tom and Sally were sitting in the kitchen, eating
lunch. Sally asked her brother, "What are you going
to do this afternoon?"

Tom finished his mouthful of food. "I'm going to
workout for awhile then I don't know. Why?"

"I was just wondering. Will you show me how to
workout on the new equipment. I don't want big
muscles! I just want to get into shape."

"Sure, why not. Go and change, I will meet you in
the basement."

Sally put her plate and glass into the dishwasher and
ran up stairs. Tom finished his lunch and went to

Tom was already in the workout room his dad had made
in the basement when Sally got down there. She looked
over the machines, all lined up, along a mirror-
covered wall. There was a television suspended from
the ceiling in one corner, a stereo and VCR sat on a
shelf just below it. Tom had put a CD in the stereo
and had the music playing loud. He was on the
treadmill, running at a medium pace. Sally, dressed
in a pair of very tight black Lycra bike shorts and a
white sports bra, sat on the weight machine and waited
for her brother to finish.

Tom stopped the treadmill and said, "The first thing
we need to do is warm up. If you don't warm up
properly, you can hurt yourself."

Sally nodded and stood next to her brother, facing
the mirror.

"The first thing we do," he said, "is stretch."

Tom stood, with his feet apart and his hands on his
hips. He started to rotate at the waist first right
then left. Sally mimicked her brother's actions. He
sat on the floor with his legs spread. He leaned
over, stretching his right hand towards his left foot,
and then reversed the motion.

His sister did the same thing. Tom watched Sally in
the mirror as she moved. He could see the outline of
her vagina in the tight shorts. Tom, dressed in a
pair of loose fitting nylon running shorts began to
feel his penis stir. Quickly he stood up and diverted
his attention.

Sally got up and said, "What's next?"

Tom sat on the bench of the weight machine and laid
back. He placed his hands on the bar above his head
and pushed it up, bench-pressing the weight. After
ten reps, he moved a pin, reducing the amount of
resistance and instructed his sister on how to
properly do the exercise.

Sally pushed against the bar, but it didn't move.
Tom moved the pin again, setting the weight as low as
it would go. Sally was able to do ten reps with the
lower weight. As she pushed the bar up then lowered
it, Tom watched her chest. He could see her hard
nipples against the fabric of the sports bra. When
she pressed up, her breasts would rise, only to
flatten slightly when she lowered the bar.

Tom demonstrated several exercises to his sister.
Each one designed to work a different part of the
body. Sally did each one, the amount of weight
greatly reduced from that of her brother's. Tom said
that he usually did three sets of each and finished on
the treadmill and Stairmaster.

"I have some errands to run" he told Sally. "Don't
over do it or you will hurt!"

Sally, doing leg lifts on the machine, said, "I
won't, I just want to try some of the exercises again."

Tom went to his room to shower. Sally stayed in the
basement repeating the things her brother had taught
her. She did three sets of each exercise, cooling
down on the treadmill. Having completed her workout,
Sally turned off the stereo and lights. She went
upstairs to get ready for her birthday dinner.

Sally removed her sports bra and peeled the tight
Lycra shorts over her hips and down her legs. She
went into the bathroom and showered. After drying
herself and pulling her damp hair into a ponytail, she
went to select her outfit for the evening.

Sally pulled a pair of red bikini panties from her
drawer. She picked up a bra and began to put it on.
Before fastening the small hook between the cups, she
removed it and put it back, deciding to go with out.
She went into her closet and flipped through the tops
that hung along one side. Sally removed a tight red tank top from its hanger and pulled it over her head.
Turning to the other side of the closet, she selected
a pair of bib-overall jeans. She stepped into the
pants and adjusted the shoulder straps. A pair of
white socks and tennis shoes completed her outfit.

Sally went downstairs to look for her mom.

Anne was in the kitchen, preparing the food for
dinner. Sally sat at the counter and watched her mom trim steaks and mix potato salad.

She asked her mom, "Can I do anything to help?"

Anne smiled at her daughter and said, "You could set
the table. We will need place settings for eight."

The fifteen year old went to the cupboard, removed a
stack of plates, and carried them into the dining
room. She put one on the table, in front of each
chair. Sally made several trips to the kitchen to
complete her task.

Sally stood next to her mom at the counter and asked,
"Where is dad and my brother?" Anne carried the
platter, stacked with steaks, to the refrigerator, and
put it on a shelf.

"Dad is outside starting the grill, and Tom isn't
home yet." Anne continued to move around the kitchen.
She was almost done with the preparation. Sally sat
at the counter and watched her mom.

"Mom" the teen said. "How old were you when you got
pregnant with Tom?"

Anne took a deep breath and continued her work. She
thought about her answer before saying, "I was

Anne knew that her daughter could have figured out
her age when she had become pregnant, but answered
anyway. Sally's eyes followed her mom as Anne
finished the last few things she had to do. Anne
picked up the cup of tea she had been drinking and sat
next to Sally.

Anne sat quietly with her teen daughter. She
observed the young girl's eyes, staring into space.
Anne cleared her throat and said, "What's the matter
Sally? You act like there is something bothering

Sally snapped out of her trance. She turned to her
mom and said, "I don't know what it is. I have just
been thinking about the vacation and all that has
happened." The teen shifted on her stool and
continued. "I'm just confused. I mean...well you
know about Kim and I and about the things we have done
with each other. And you know that we have
experimented with our brothers."

Tears were forming in the young girl's eyes. She
leaned towards her mom and placed her head on Anne's
shoulder. Anne put her arms around her daughter and
held her, saying, "I know what you have told me. Is
there something else you want to share?"

Sally felt secure in her mom's arms. She looked at
the floor and said, "I guess
know...Isn't it wrong to do things with another girl?
Isn't it incest to do things with my brother?"

Sally was crying softly.

"Honey, you know how your father and I feel about it.
You know that we have done things with our siblings
and that I have done things with aunt Marge. It is
only wrong if you think it's wrong. You don't have to
do anything you don't want to."

Sally wiped her eyes on the back of her hand. She
looked at Anne and said, "I don't know what I think."

Anne could see that her daughter was struggling with
these feelings. She could remember how she felt when
she first had sexual relations with her brother.
Knowing that only Sally could sort it out for herself,
Anne said, "Sally, you have to do what you feel is
right. No one can make these decisions for you. Even
if your father and I said not to, you will still do
what you want. I just want you to remember one thing.
Anything you do must be your decision. No one can
force you to do something you don't want to do when it
comes to your body. As far as messing around with
your brother or cousins, incest is illegal, but as far
as I'm...your father and I are concerned, if you love
someone its alright."

Sally stopped crying and hugged her mom. She pulled
her head back a little and kissed her on the lips
softly. She smiled and said, "Thanks mom, I think I
understand what you said. I feel so much better

The two women were still hugging when Marc walked
into the kitchen. He looked at his wife and daughter and said, "The grill is ready whenever you are."

Anne ran her hand over Sally's head and pulled gently
on her ponytail. She said, "We are ready too. You
can put the steaks on when everyone gets here."

Sally released her mom and stood up. She walked over
to her dad and wrapped her arms around his neck.
Hugging the tall man she said, "I really love you
two." She kissed her dad on the cheek and let go of
his neck. Sally walked to the sliding doors that lead
to the deck and pushed it open.

As she went outside she could hear her dad ask her
mom what was going on. She smiled when she heard her
mom say, "Girl talk."

Sally sat in a chair and gazed out across the large
yard. The grass was still green and manicured. The
yard had been professionally landscaped. There were
gardens of flowers separated by neatly trimmed
evergreens. A brick path snaked its way through the
gardens. The night was beginning to cool. Fall was
just around the corner. The trees that were scattered
about the yard were beginning to change colors. Soon,
Sally thought, the leaves would be gone.

Sally's thoughts were interrupted by her Aunt's
voice. "Hi there birthday girl!" Her Aunt Marge
walked over to her chair and gave Sally a quick kiss.

Don said, "Happy birthday Sally." He walked into the
house, followed by his wife.

Kim sat next to her cousin and said, "Hi, what have
you been up to?" Sally told her that she had worked-
out with Tom.

Jack asked his cousin, "Where is Tom?"

Sally said, "He isn't home yet." Jack nodded and
went into the house.

Kim and Sally sat on the deck chatting about the
day's events. Sally looked into the house to be sure
they were alone and told Kim about the conversion with
her mom. Kim listened to her cousin, waiting for her
to finish. When Sally was done, Kim told her about
the talk she had with her mom. The two girls stopped
talking when Marc came out with the steaks.

Marc used tongs to place the meat on the hot grill.
The girls could hear the sizzle as he cooked the
evening dinner.

Tom and Jack come outside and sat near their sisters.
The four teens talked about their day at school.
Sally couldn't help looking at her brother. She
watched his mouth as he talked with Jack. Her eyes
traveled down his body, stopping to study the slight
bulge in his jeans. Kim noticed what held Sally's
attention and used her elbow to jab her cousin in the
ribs. Sally snapped her eyes away from her brother and grinned at Kim. Kim smiled back at her and the
two got up and walked into the yard.

Kim said, "You sure make it obvious!"

Sally bumped into Kim and replied, "I couldn't help
it!" Sally laughed and said, "Just wait until you're
fifteen, then you will understand."

Kim laughed at her cousin's remark. The girls were
at the back of the yard when they heard Marc yell.
"Come and get it."

The two families sat at the table and ate the steaks
and other things that Anne had prepared. The parents asked about the kid's first day at school. The teens
took turns telling their parents about the school and
the kids they met. They explained the big
sister/brother program and the girls told about the
way their lockers had been decorated.

When everyone had finished eating, Marge and Anne
cleared the table. They returned to the dining room,
Anne carrying a cake with fifteen candles distributed
around the top. She set the cake in front of Sally
and told her to make a wish.

Sally closed her eyes and thought for a moment. She
looked at the brightly burning candles and blew them
out. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday." Marge scooped
ice cream onto plates and Anne added a slice of the
cake. Once everyone was done, Sally was presented
neatly wrapped packages.

Sally read the card attached to the first one, it was
from Kim. She tore the paper away and opened the box.
She held up a cute top and mini-skirt set. Next she
opened Jack's present. It contained two CDs of her
favorite group. Her aunt and uncle gave her jeans and
tops. Her parents gave her a new fall jacket. Sally
opened the card from her brother. She read the funny
quote about getting old. She removed the paper from
the small package and lifted the lid on the box it
hid. Inside was another box. Sally opened the hinged
lid of the black box, revealing a thin gold chain with
a small charm. She carefully lifted the chain and
looked at the little unicorn charm. She turned it
over and read the engraved words to herself. "To the
best sister in the world - Tom"

Sally could feel tears fill her eyes as she handed
the chain to her brother and asked him to put it on
her. Tom unhooked the tiny clasp and stood behind his
sister. He placed the gold necklace around her neck
and fastened the hook.

Sally thanked everyone for the gifts. She told them
it was the best birthday ever. Sally remembered past
birthdays. She would get nice things, but not as nice
as this year. The clothing came from the better shops
at the mall, not the discount stores. And the gift
her brother had given her was the first real jewelry
she ever owned.

Kim and Sally went into the family room to listen to
the new CDs. Jack and Tom followed their sisters.
Sally put the disks into the player and started the
music. She and Kim sat on the floor reading about the
groups from the small booklets that accompanied each
one. Jack and Tom sat on the couch and made plans to
go fishing on Saturday.

The kid's parents came into the room and sat with
their children.

Jack said, "Dad, can I use the suburban to tow the
boat Saturday? Tom and I want to go fishing."

Don replied, "Sure. Where are you going?"

Jack told his dad that he and Tom were going to go to
the lake for walleye.

Marge looked at her watch. She said, "Let's go, you
guys have school in the morning."

Kim and Jack got up and told everyone goodbye.

Sally said, "Thanks for the gifts." She stood up,

Her mom asked, "What is wrong with you?"

Sally moved slowly replying, "I am a little sore."

Tom said, "I told you not to over do it, you are
really going to feel it in the morning."

Sally smiled at her brother and said, "No one likes
an 'I told you so', I will be fine."

The two families told each other goodnight. Sally
thanked them again for her gifts and walked them to
the door.

Sally went back to the family room and turned off the
stereo. She kissed her mom and dad and said,
"Goodnight, I'm going to go to bed" Her parents told
her that they would see her in the morning.

Sally turned to Tom and said, "Thanks again big
brother. Goodnight."

"Goodnight kid, I hope you feel better in the morning."

Sally went up to her room and pushed the door closed.
She removed her bib overalls and top, hanging them in
her closet. After carefully removing her gold chain,
she went to her dresser and reached for her familiar
tee shirt. Looking at the cotton shirt, she decided
against it and placed it back in the drawer. She
opened another drawer and took out a silk nightshirt.
She slipped into the dark blue garment, closing the
three large buttons that ran up the front. Sally
liked the way the garment felt on her skin. She
admired herself in the mirror, pulling the fabric
against her firm breasts. The teen turned off the
bright overhead light and turned on the softer lamp on
the nightstand. She picked up a magazine and climbed
into her bed.

Sally put her pillow against the headboard and leaned
back. She flipped the pages of the magazine, looking
at the ads for clothes and makeup. She started to
read an article on dating when she heard her door open.

Tom stood in the doorway, dressed in a pair of
running shorts. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Every muscle in my body hurts."

Tom smiled at his sister and said, "Well, you will
live." He started to back out of the room.

Sally sat her magazine on the nightstand and asked,
"Is there anything I can do so I won't hurt in the

Tom knowingly replied, "I have some ointment that may
help. I used it after football practice last year."

His sister smiled, "Can I use it, please?"

"Sure, I will get it."

Tom left the room, returning with a white tube. He
walked over to his sister's bed and reached out to
hand it to her.

Sally took the tube from him and asked, "What are mom and dad doing?"

"Watching a movie on cable."

Sally removed the cap from the ointment and smelled
it. "It's not too bad. Would you please put some on

Tom shifted from one foot to the other. He looked at
his sister as she put on her best puppy-dog face. Tom
took the tube from her and said, "OK."

Sally flipped onto her stomach and scooted down in
one motion. She was laying flat, her arms along her
sides, her palm up. Her head was turned to one side,
facing towards her brother. Tom sat on the edge of
her bed and squeezed a dollop of the cream into his
hand. He rubbed his hands together and applied the
ointment to his sister's legs. Sally could feel the
heat the cream generated in her sore muscles. Tom
started just above her feet and worked the balm into
her flesh.

He could feel her muscles jump as his hands traveled
over her calves. He could see her red panties peaking
out of her nightshirt. They were pulled into her
crotch, exposing the firm tanned flesh of her
buttocks. Tom put more of the thick substance in his
palm and worked his way over the crook of her knees to
her thighs. His slick hands glided up and down her
thighs, massaging them as he moved.

The contact with his sister's bare flesh was arousing
Tom. He stopped for a second to adjust his growing
erection. Sally pulled her nightshirt up slightly,
exposing her panty-covered butt.

"Does that hurt too?"

"Everything hurts, but you're making me feel better."

Tom climbed onto the bed and straddled his sister's
legs. He applied the soothing balm to her buttocks,
moving quickly to her back. He rubbed her shoulders,
under the silky material. Sally moaned softly as her
brother massaged her neck and the top of her shoulders.

Sally suddenly said, "Hold on a minute."

Tom sat up, his butt resting on her heels. Sally
pushed herself up, kneeling with her back to her
brother. She quickly unbuttoned the nightshirt and
let it slide down her arms. She tossed the garment on
the bed next to her and resumed her position.

"I don't want to get any of that stuff on my clothes."

Tom looked down at his sister's all but nude body.
He picked up where he had left off, rubbing the
ointment into her skin. As his hands traveled down
her sides, he could feel the flesh of her breasts as
it pressed out from her sides. He could feel each rib
as his fingers moved over her sides, his thumbs
traveling along her spine. Sally felt the warmth
building between her legs. The tingling was amplified
each time her brother's fingertips brushed her breasts.

Tom was feeling the excitement too. His penis was
throbbing in the confines of his nylon shorts. As he
leaned forward to reach the very top of his sister's
shoulders, his penis would lightly touch her leg.

"I guess that about covers it," he said.

Sally rolled over and faced up. She looked at her
older brother and said, "Aren't you going to do the

Tom slid back until he was no longer in contact with
her legs. He squeezed the white cream out of the tube
into his hand and spread it over her shins. He
couldn't draw his eyes away from the young girl's
crotch. He could see the red material of her panties disappear into the folds of her vaginal lips. Even in
the low light of the table lamp, he could see the dark
spot her moisture formed in the tight v of her
panties. Tom slowly worked his way up her legs to her
thighs. He rubbed slowly, his thumbs coming ever so
close to her pussy.

Sally glanced at her brother's crotch. She could see
the outline of his hard penis in the thin material of
his shorts. Tom was sitting on her legs, just above
her knees. He massaged her sides and tummy with the
warming balm. He could see her ribs where her stomach
fell into her body. He was moving his hands along her
sides, staring at her breasts. The nipples were hard
and standing out away from her areolas. The dark
circles of flesh crinkled as her nipples tried to
extend further. Tom ran his slippery hands over the
firm mounds, squeezing each one.

Sally moaned as her brother moved the firm flesh on
her chest. She felt her vagina jump as his thumbs
brushed over her hardened nipples. Unable to stand
the overwhelming sensation, Sally reached up and put
her hands around her brother's neck. She pulled his
head down and his lips to hers. Sally felt her
brother's lips part to accept her tongue. She pushed
it deep into his mouth and searched for his. Sally
teased her brother's tongue into her mouth and she
sucked it gently.

Tom lowered himself to her hot body. He felt her
breasts press into his chest and the heat of her
crotch on his penis. Sally parted her legs and Tom's
hard manhood settled into her grove. He moved his
hips rubbing the hot hardness against his sister's

Sally could feel him contact her clit as he humped
her. She pulled her feet back and spread her legs
further to improve the connection. The two siblings
were locked at the mouth. They groped each other
running their hands over hot naked flesh. Sally
rolled Tom onto his back. She kissed his neck and
shoulders. She rubbed her breasts over his skin,
feeling her nipples tingle. She slid down and licked
the small nipples on her brother's chest, causing him
to moan. She continued her journey, savoring the
taste of Tom's sweaty body.

When her tongue pressed into his navel, Tom thought
he would loose it. Sally could feel him bucking
beneath her, trying to make contact with his penis.
She sat up and looked down at his writhing body. She
put her hand on his covered penis and rubbed it
slowly. Sally moved her hand to Tom's thigh and
reached under his shorts. She massaged his testicles,
rolling the firm orbs in her hand. She wrapped her
fingers around his hard shaft and moved it up and down
over the flesh.

Tom was moaning and trying to match his sister's
movements. Sally removed her hand and gripped the
waistband of the shorts. Tom lifted his hips as she
pulled the only barrier to his manhood, down his legs.
She slipped the shorts over his feet and tossed them
to the floor.

Sally put her hands on her brother's legs, just above
his knees. She slowly leaned forward, sliding her
hands up his thighs and over his hips. She used her
tongue to bathe his hot tool, starting at his balls
and licking to the head. Tom's penis jumped as her
hot tongue wet the purple head. She sucked the
rubbery end into her mouth and stabbed the tiny slit
with the very tip of her tongue. He moved his hips
off the bed and slid his tool into her mouth. Sally
swirled her tongue around the rubbery head and sucked gently. She moved her head up and down on the firm

Sally could feel the coolness of the air on her
crotch as it mixed with her wet pussy. She removed
her head from Tom's penis and pulled her soaked
panties off. She spun around and offered her pussy to
her brother.

Tom grabbed her buttocks and pulled her hairless slit
to his extended tongue. He snaked it into her wet
hole and covered her lips with his mouth. He could
taste the sweetness of her free running fluids. He
stabbed at the hard hooded button and sucked it
between his lips.

Tom could barely keep her clit between his lips as
she ground herself into his face. She began to slowly
use her hand to cover the distance between her
brother's balls and penis head. She saw a drop of
fluid form at the slit and she quickly wiped it away
with her lips, coating them with the salty secretion.
Again she engulfed him in her hot mouth and moved her
sticky lips over the hard flesh.

When she felt his penis begin to pulse, she quickly
removed her mouth and hand. She sat up and watched
his manhood stand proudly from his crotch, twitching
and jerking in time with his heartbeat.

Sally placed her hands on her breasts and rubbed
them. She pinched her nipples and pulled them away
from the twin mounds. She could feel the electrical
connection between her nipples and her brother's
tongue as it probed her clit. Sally felt her orgasm
building in her belly. She could feel the walls of
her vagina contracting, gripping Tom's tongue when he
moved it from her clit and pushed it into her. She
released the hard nipples from between her fingers and
thumbs, rose up off her brother's face, turned around
and stretched out over his body, pressing her lips to
his. Two overheated teens traded each other's tastes,
their tongues licked over the others lips and darted
in and out of open mouths.

Sally rubbed her wet pussy on her brother's hard
penis, coating it with her juices. Tom gripped his
sister's buttocks, pulling her against him as he
gyrated his hips to match her movements. She felt the
end of the hot tool rub her clit, bringing her back to
the edge of her orgasm. She and her brother moved
wildly, slamming their sex together.

Sally rose slightly and moved, causing her brother's
penis to push at her opening. He felt the wet heat
that his sister emitted and bounced his hips up,
causing his penis to slide through the folds of her
soft vaginal lips, but miss its mark. She continued
to rub her clit on the slick shaft that was trapped
between them. She rose up again and moved against the
end of Tom's penis. The satiny head poked around in
the folds of flesh that guarded Sally's tight
entrance. The two teens shifted and pushed in an
attempt to align themselves. For the second time in
as many tries, his penis missed and was again trapped
between them.

The fevered pace of the two siblings efforts was more
than Tom could bear. He felt his balls tighten and
the rush of his semen traverse through his shaft.
Sally felt Tom rubbing faster against her and the
familiar pulse of his ejaculating penis. She felt his
body stiffen and jerk uncontrollably. The young girl instinctively wrapped her legs under her brother's and
pulled him close. She could feel his hot cum squirting between them and coat their bellies. Sally
let go, rubbing her clit on the hardness of her
brother's penis, bringing herself to an orgasm. She
felt her vagina quiver as the waves of pleasure
traveled the length of her body. She could feel her
juices flow and mix with her brother's discharge. The
two teens bucked and pressed against each other in an
attempt to find a closeness they had never felt
before. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through
the two teens as they ground their entire bodies
together, sliding easily on the sweat-covered skin of
the other.

The spasms began to subside. Exhausted, Sally
collapsed on her brother. She lay quietly returning
to her normal state. Tom stroked his sister's hair
and held her close. The two teens were completely
engrossed in the afterglow of their sexual encounter.
Sally rolled off Tom and lay next to him for a moment.
The two watched as the other's heavy breathing caused
their chests to rise and fall. Tom and Sally were
still touching as they lay side by side, feeling the
heat of their bodies.

Sally got up, went to the bathroom, and wet a
washcloth in warm water. Sally returned to the
bedroom and used the cloth to wipe away the sticky cum that was smeared over her brother's stomach and
flaccid penis. She bent over, took the soft flesh
into her warm mouth, and sucked gently. Sally could
feel Tom's penis stir as she lifted her head and
released it. She walked back into the bathroom and
cleaned herself.

When she returned to the bedroom, Tom was still
laying on his back. She sat on he edge of the bed and
ran her fingertips over his chest. She leaned over,
kissed him deeply, and whispered "thank you" into his
ear. Tom looked deep into his sister's eyes, and
forced a smile. He pulled her to him and held her

Tom kissed Sally on the forehead and said, "Sorry."

Sally nodded, sat up, and found her panties. She
pulled them over her legs and stood to pull them up.
She reached over Tom, picked up her nightshirt, and
slipped her arms through the short sleeves.

Tom, watching his sister button the shirt, grabbed
his shorts and pulled them on. Sally sat down next to
her big brother and leaned against him. He put his
arms around her and held her.

She looked at him and said, "That was hot! You know
we almost did it!"

Tom shook his head and asked, "Are you sorry that we
went that far?"

Sally thought for a moment and took her brother's
cheeks in her hands. She looked into his eyes and
said, "Not at all. I am kind of sorry that we didn't
do it."

She kissed him, stood up, took his hand, and pulled
him to his feet. She put her arm around his waist and
guided him to her door. Before opening the door, she
kissed her brother again.

Tom reached for the knob and turned it to open the
door. As he stepped into the hall, Sally said, "Maybe
next time."

Tom smiled at his little sister and said, "I wish I
could stay and sleep with you."

Sally smiled back at him and repeated, "Maybe next

She watched her brother cross the hall and go into
his room. She pushed her door closed and went to her
bed. Sally turned off the light and pulled the covers
over her. She could still smell the aroma of their
encounter as she drifted to sleep.


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