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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 18


"The Lottery" - Part 18 (MF, mf, oral, inc, con)

Sally awoke the next morning when she felt someone
gently shaking her shoulder. She opened her eyes and
saw her brother standing over her. He looked down on
his sister, watching as she came out of her sound

Tom asked her, "How are you this morning?"

Sally rubbed her eyes and rolled from her side to her
back. "Kind of sore." The young girl sat up and
stretched her arms over her head, groaning as her over-
worked muscles strained.

"I hope it is from exercising and not from last

Sally smiled at her older brother. "Oh... it's
definitely from the workout!"

Tom watched his sister standup and head towards the
bathroom. His eyes were fixed on her bottom as she
walked slowly away from him. "You'd better hurry,
it's after six, and we don't want to be late for
school." Sally formed a circle with her thumb and
forefinger and held it over her head indicating that
she understood.

As Tom walked to his sister's bedroom door, he
watched her remove her silky nightshirt and drop it on
the floor with her back to him. She looked over her
shoulder, and smiled as she hooked her thumbs in the
thin waistband of her panties and lowered them. Tom
left her room, pulling her door closed behind him.

Sally turned on the shower and stepped in. She stood
and let the hot water cascade over her head and down
her body. The girl wished she had more time to spend
in the pulsating spray, but knew she had to shower
quickly. She moved through her morning routine in
record time, choosing to wear her hair in a ponytail
rather than spend the additional time required to
style it. Sally dressed in her school clothes and
gathered her things. She went downstairs and joined
her brother for breakfast.

The two siblings told their parents goodbye and left
for school. Sally sat quietly in the front seat of
the car as her brother drove to the academy. She was
deep in her thoughts as he pulled into the parking lot
and selected a space. Tom turned off the ignition and
opened his door.

As he began to step out, Sally said, "Tom...I really
wanted to last night. Do you think I am bad for
wanting to have sex with you?

Tom felt his penis jump at his sister's statement.
He sat back into the seat and looked at his younger

"Sally, I really wanted to do it too. I don't think
you are bad for wanting to have sex... and I don't
think I am bad either."

Tom reached over, took his sister's small hand in
his, and held it firmly. The two sat for a few
minutes, then Tom released her hand and got out of the
car. Sally opened her door and stepped out into the
cool morning air.

Tom heard Jack call his name and walked over to meet
his cousin. The two boys walked towards the
buildings, talking about their upcoming fishing trip.
Kim walked next to Sally, and talked about the
birthday dinner and the gifts. Kim noticed that her
cousin seemed reserved and asked, "What's up with you

"I need to talk to you. Can I come over after

Kim looked puzzled. She turned to Sally and said,
"Sure... what's the matter?"

"Nothing is wrong, I just need to talk and this is
not a good time or place."

Kim and her cousin went into the building and to
their first class. For the remainder of the day, the
two girls went from class to class, picking up books
and homework assignments.

At lunch the two teens met up with Megan and Angela.
The four girls sat at the same table and talked about
the first full day of school. They discussed boys,
Angela telling them the best guys to date. The girls talked and laughed until the bell sounded, announcing
the end of the lunch period.

Kim and Sally told their new friends goodbye and went
off to their next class. As they walked down the
hall, Kim said, "Do you think we should invite them
over to my house this Saturday? We could go swimming
and maybe get to know them better."

Sally said, "That sounds great, I will see Angela
next hour and ask her." The girls went into their
classroom and took their assigned seats.

Kim and her cousin had different classes the last two
hours. They didn't see each other until they met in
the parking lot at the end of the day. Sally told Kim
that she had talked with Angela and the two girls would like to come over.

Kim said, "I will clear it with my mom... but I don't
think there will be any problem."

The two girls agreed to meet at Kim's house after
Sally went home and changed. They got into the cars
with their brothers and left the school's parking lot.

Kim and Jack talked about school on the ride home.
Kim asked her brother, "So Jack, have you met any cute
girls yet?"

Jack looked at her and replied, "None as cute as

Kim could feel her face warm at her brother's
statement. Jack was pulling into the driveway when
Kim cleared her throat and said, "You are so sweet
Jack, but I am your little sister."

Jack parked the car and got out. He leaned down and
stuck his head into the car, "I don't care if you are
my sister. I still think you are the cutest and
sexiest girl in the school."

He stood up, closed his door, and went into the house
before Kim could respond.

Kim sat in the car mesmerized by her older brother's
comment. She carefully replayed the words in her
mind. Could it be that her brother thought of her as
more that just his kid sister? Could he have the same
kind of feelings that Kim felt for him? Was all of
this just a silly infatuation or was there more?

Kim slowly got out of the car and went into the
house. She stopped in the kitchen to look for her
brother. Looking around, she could see that no one
was in the room. She spotted a note on the small
bulletin board next to the telephone. She read that
her parents had some errands to run and they would be
home for dinner. She went up to her room and set her
books on her desk. She looked at her brother's closed
bedroom door and considered knocking on it. The young girl decided against it and began to remove her school
clothes. She carefully hung the long skirt and blazer
in her closet. She removed her white shirt, decided
she could get another day out of it, and placed it on
a hanger.

Kim looked at herself in her mirror. She liked the
way the new underwear looked on her. She removed the
white camisole and folded it neatly. She removed her
bra and put it into her drawer with her others,
selecting a black replacement. The white panties were
tossed in the laundry basket and a pair of black
bikini panties replaced them. She picked out a dark
blue sweater and denim mini skirt and slipped them on.

Kim sat at her desk and took out her math book. She
opened the book to the proper page and started to work
on the next day's assignment. She was completing the
last problem when she heard her door open. Sally came
in and sat on her cousin's bed.

Finishing her work, Kim put her school things away
and joined Sally on the bed. "So what's up?"

Sally turned to Kim, pulling one leg under her. She
was wearing a pair of jeans and a ribbed top. She
fidgeted, looking at her hands, avoiding her cousin's
eyes. Finally Sally looked up at Kim. "We almost did
it." Kim looked at her cousin with a bewildered

"Who almost did what?"

Sally pulled her other leg onto the bed and tucked it
under her. She told Kim about her brother coming to
her room and rubbing the ointment into her sore
muscles and the sex that followed.

"I tried to get his penis to go in, but I couldn't do
it before he came."

"What was it like Sally? Did you get off?"

Sally smiled at Kim. "It was great! I couldn't
believe how good it felt to have his cock between my

Kim was a little shocked at her cousin's use of the
word cock to describe her brother's penis.

"Was it an accident...or did you plan for it?"

"It started out with Tom just helping me to relieve
my soreness. As he rubbed the stuff on me I got
turned on and wanted to cum. I didn't really think
about screwing him until I was so hot I could barely
stand it. When I felt him between my legs, I decided
to go all the way."

Kim was getting a little turned on by her cousin's
account of the encounter with Tom. She thought about
what her own brother had said in the car. She tried
to imagine doing the things Sally described with Jack.
Kim shifted on the bed, pulling her foot up so it
would rub her tingling vagina. Sally was talking to
Kim, but she was lost in her own thoughts.

"Kim" her cousin said, "Are you still here?" Sally
could see the girl gently rocking against her foot.

Kim snapped back to the present. "Sorry, my mind was

Sally reached over and lifted the hem of her cousin's
mini skirt. She could see Kim's foot pressed into her

"Does my story turn you on?"

Kim giggled, "Yes. I was just thinking about what it
must have been like."

Sally slid her hand up Kim's leg, resting it tight
against her panty-covered sex. She could feel her
cousin's moisture through the thin black material.
She hooked her finger into the leg opening and touched
Kim's bare flesh, causing the girl to jump. She
stroked the moist slit slowly, bumping into the little
clit hidden in the folds of her vaginal lips.

"It is like nothing I have ever felt. I don't think
I have ever been so turned on. It was all in slow
motion, like a movie."

As she talked, Sally pushed her finger into the warm
cavern of Kim's vagina, and stroked in and out slowly.
Kim spread her legs to give her cousin more access.
When Sally pressed her thumb against her clit, Kim
came with a shuddering orgasm.

Sally removed her hand and Kim stood up, reached
beneath her short skirt, and removed her panties.

"I don't want to get them soaked."

Kim hid the panties under the covers in case anyone
happened to walk in. "Where are our brothers

"Tom wanted to go the camera store. I think Jack
went with him."

The two girls talked about having Megan and Angela
over on Saturday and school.

Tom and Jack were standing at the counter in the
camera store. The sales clerk was showing Tom the
newest Nikon auto focus camera and explaining its
features. He asked Tom what type of photography he
was interested in. Tom told the man that he liked to
take pictures of scenery and that he and Jack fished
and would like to take shots of their catches. The
clerk set out a couple of zoom lens and a flash unit.

Jack said, "Well, are you going to get it?"

Tom picked up the camera and pointed it at the
window. He pressed the shutter release and the
motorized unit clicked away. Tom handed the camera back to the man. "I'll take it all."

The salesman started to fill out the paper work while
Tom and Jack looked at the accessories available. Tom
selected a tripod and a camera bag. He added the
items to the growing pile of equipment on the counter.
Tom was all smiles as he watched the man record the
serial numbers of the camera body and the three lenses
he had selected. Two of the lenses were zoom, a 28 -
80mm and a 70 - 250mm, the fixed lens was a standard

The sales clerk handed Tom the bill listing all the
equipment and he compared it to the items on the
counter. Satisfied everything matched, he handed the
man his credit card. The clerk asked for his
identification and compared the photo on Tom's
driver's license to the young man. He flipped the
credit card over and matched the signatures.

"Is everything alright?" Tom asked.

"Yes, it seems to be. It's not often we get someone
your age in here buying this type of professional
equipment. With credit card fraud as bad as it is, we
can't be too careful."

The man went to the register to complete the sale.
He handed Tom the slip to be signed and compared the
signature to the one on the back of the card. While
he put the equipment into large bags, the clerk asked
Tom if he planned to do any darkroom work.

Tom said that he might after he learned to use the
new camera.

The two boys carried the bags out to the car and
headed home. As they drove Tom chattered about his
new things and the pictures he was going to take. He
told Jack that he would bring the camera on Saturday
and maybe he could get some good pictures on the

Jack laughed at his cousin's excitement. "If it was
a little warmer, you could get some great pictures out

Tom thought about Jack's comment then joined the
laughter, realizing his cousin was referring to the
girls on boats. "Well there is always next year!
Maybe by then I will have a long telephoto lens."

Tom and Jack went to Tom's house and took the new
things up to his room. Tom pulled the items out of
the bags and arranged them on his bed. The new Nikon
came with a video that explained its operation. The
boys took the tape, and the camera down to the family room. Tom put the tape into the machine and started

Jack watched Tom as he viewed the tape and compared
the things it explained to his new camera. Tom had
paused the tape and was pushing the buttons on the
camera, changing the program when Jack said, "Tom, I'm
going to go home and do my homework. I will see you

Tom looked up. "OK, see you tomorrow."

Jack left and drove the two blocks to his house and
parked the car in the garage. He went in and walked
into the kitchen. Jack opened the refrigerator and
looked for something to eat. He removed a container
and sat at the counter, eating leftover chicken.

Sally and his sister came downstairs and into the

Kim said, "Hi Jack. When did you get home?"

Jack answered, with his mouth full, "A few minutes
ago. I went with Tom to get his new camera."

Sally said, "Tom said he was going to get one. Is it

Jack looked up at Sally. "It's the best!"

Kim told Jack she was going to walk Sally home and
she would be back soon. Jack said. "Ok," still
eating the cold chicken.

The two girls went out the back door and walked down
the driveway. Don and Marge were turning in the drive
as the teens reached the street. Marge rolled down
her window and asked, "Where are you two headed?"

"I am going to walk Sally home. I will be back for

Marge told the girls to be careful and rolled up her
window as Don continued up the driveway.

Kim and Sally walked along the deserted road. The
sun was going down and a cool breeze rustled the
leaves of the trees that lined the sides of the road.
Kim felt the cool air on her bare legs and realized
she had failed to put her panties back on. She looked
behind her to make sure they were alone.

"Hey Sally, look at this."

When Sally looked at Kim, she lifted her skirt,
revealing her nudity.

Sally giggled at her cousin. "You are so bad. What
if the wind blows your skirt up?"

Kim thought for a moment and replied, "Well if it
does and it is just us, it's no big deal. If there is
someone watching, they get a show."

The two young girls laughed out loud and continued to
walk towards Sally's house.

As the girls walked up to the back of the house, they
saw a bright flash come from the family room window.
They went in the back door and walked into the family room. Tom was pointing his new camera at the various
objects in the room, snapping pictures.

Sally said, "Hi Tom. Is that your new camera?"

"Yes," he pointed the camera at his sister and
cousin. Sally quickly put her left hand on her hip
and her right behind her head, striking a pose. The
bright flash went off in the girl's eyes. Kim grabbed
the hem of her short skirt and pulled it away,
curtsying to her cousin. Tom snapped another picture of the girls.

Kim said to Tom, "Show me how it works and I will
take one of you and Sally."

Tom showed Kim how to look through the viewfinder and
which button to push. He went to his sister's side
and stood next to the teen.

Kim looked through the lens at them. "Come on you
two, act like you like each other."

Sally put her arm around her brother's waist and Tom
put his over her shoulder.

Kim said, "That's better!" And snapped the photo.

Kim handed the camera back to Tom and looked into his
eyes. Tom took the new camera from his cousin and
glanced at his sister.

Kim said, "I have to be going, I don't want to walk
home in the dark."

Tom asked, "Do you want me to drive you home Kim?"

"No, I think I will walk."

Marc and Anne came into the room just as Kim was
leaving. Anne said, "Hi Kim, how are you tonight?"

"Just fine, I am going home to do my homework."

Anne asked, "Do you want a ride?"

"No thank you. I want to walk."

Kim's Aunt looked at the teen and said, "Well OK, but
you call us as soon as you get home."

She agreed to call and walked out the backdoor.

Marc asked his son to show him the new camera. Tom
and his dad sat on the couch. Tom showed his dad all
of the features of the new unit. He let Marc look
through the viewfinder and take a couple of shots of
Anne and Sally. Anne listened to her son's excitement
as he kept repeating himself. She said to Tom and
Sally, "You two need to go and do your homework. I am
going to fix dinner."

"Hey kid," Tom said as he followed his sister up the
stairs, "you want me to take some nudes of you?"

Sally looked over her shoulder and considered her
brother's offer. When she realized that he had to
have the film developed at a photo processor she said,
"No, I don't want the people that develop them to see
me naked."

Tom thought about her answer. "Oh...I see what you
mean. I don't want them to see you either."

Tom decided that he was going to talk to his dad
about setting up a darkroom. Maybe his sister would
agree to pose if he could process his own film.

Tom and Sally went into their rooms and started to do
the night's assignments. Tom found it hard to study,
thinking about his cute sister in a bevy of sexy
positions. He even thought about asking Kim if she
would like to join in. As he thought about the
possibilities, he had an idea. He walked over to his
sister's room, knocked lightly, and opened the door.
Sally was at her desk reading her history book.

"Sally, how about in your bikini or underwear."

Sally looked up from her book and at her brother.
"Maybe, now go do your homework or dad will take that
thing away."

Tom pulled her door closed and returned to his room,
encouraged by her answer.

Sally hesitated before resuming her studies and
thought about her brother's suggestion. She imagined
herself dressed in her skimpiest lingerie, posing for
her brother's camera. She also thought about Kim and
the fun the two of them could have at a photo shoot.
The ringing of her telephone snapped Sally back to
reality. She picked up the handset and said,

It was Kim letting her know she had arrived home
safe. Sally talked with her cousin for a few minutes
then popped the question.

"Kim, Tom wants to know if I would pose in my bikini
and underwear for him. I told him maybe, then I
thought about you and the fun we could have. What do
you think?"

Kim was silent for a moment. "It might be fun, I
will have to think about it."

The girls finished their conversation and hung up.
Sally went back to her book and studied until her mom called her for dinner.

Kim went up to her room and thought about her
cousin's request. She went to her desk and removed
the small digital camera she had used on vacation.
She turned on her computer, connected to camera to the
proper port, and downloaded the contents onto her hard
drive, opened the photo editor and began to view the
images. She came to the set of pictures of her and
Sally on the boat, topless and holding the large

Kim studied each shot, thinking of the fun the four
teens had had on that trip. She minimized the screen
and went to Jack's door. Kim didn't knock and walked
in. Jack was lying on his bed reading his English

"Jack, come and see what I have on the computer."

Jack set down the book and followed his little sister into her room. She clicked on the icon that displayed
the picture of her and Sally, holding a fish, topless.
She showed him the rest of the photos of the fishing
trip. Jack stood behind his sister's chair, resting
his hands on its back. Kim absentmindedly pulled her
legs up and crossed them under her. As she made the
adjustment, her skirt rose, revealing her panty-less
crotch. Jack noticed her.

"When did you stop wearing underwear?"

Kim blushed, realizing that she hadn't thought to put
her panties back on. She stared at the screen and
said, "Sorry, I forgot I didn't have them on."

Jack finished looking at the photos. "Well you had
better put them on before mom finds out."

Kim nodded her head in agreement, got up from the
chair, and went to her bed. She reached under the
blanket and retrieved the black panties she had hidden there. Jack watched as Kim stepped into the small
panties and pulled them up. She adjusted them and
dropped her skirt.

"There, is that better?"

Jack smiled. "No, but it will have to do."

The siblings laughed and returned to the computer.

Jack asked to see the picture of Kim when she was
fighting the fish with one breast exposed. She
brought up a page of thumbnails and clicked on the
photo. Jack looked at the picture carefully and said,
"You sure look sexy with one of your boobs hanging

Kim giggled at her brother. "Do you really think

Jack put his hands on top of his sister's shoulders,
turned her to him, and replied softly,
"Yes I do."

Kim stared into her brother's eyes, and then directed
her gaze to his crotch. She could see his swollen
penis pointing down his right pant leg. She reached
out, ran her fingers over the lump, and felt it jump.
"Isn't that uncomfortable?"

Jack turned away, reached into his pants, and
adjusted himself. He turned back to his sister. "Yes
it was."

Again the two giggled and Jack left to finish his

Before he reached Kim's door she said, "Jack can I
talk to you for a minute?"

Jack leaned in the open doorway. "Sure Kim. What's
on your mind?"

Kim spun her desk chair around and faced her brother.
Her short denim skirt was hiked up on her legs giving
Jack a view of her now panty covered crotch. She made
no effort to conceal herself from her brother's

"Sally called and asked if I wanted to pose for Tom
in my bikini."

Jack looked at his sister's face. "So?"

"Well...she said he wanted to take pictures of she
and I in our underwear too."

Jack had a confused look on his face. "Do you want
to have him take your picture like that?"

"I kind of think it would be fun, but I just wanted
to know if it was alright with you? And if you would
be there, if I decide to do it?"

Kim's words weren't sinking in for her brother. He
wondered why she was asking his permission to do

"Kim, if you want to have your picture taken with
Sally, go ahead. I don't know what I have to do with

Just as the words left his mouth, it dawned on him
exactly what his little sister was trying to say. He
saw a frown begin to form on her cute face and quickly
added, "If you do, I insist that I am with you."

Kim's frown turned into a big smile. She jumped out
of her chair and ran to her big brother, throwing her
arms around his neck. She hugged him and said, "Thank
you, I wouldn't have done it if you weren't there."

Jack hugged the young girl, feeling her breasts press
into his chest. He kissed her quickly on the forehead
and let her go. "I have to finish my homework, I will
talk to you later." Jack left her room and returned
to his.

Kim went back to her desk, took out her schoolwork,
and began to study. She was finishing up when she
heard her mom call her name. Marge walked into her
room and told her that dinner was ready.

"I will be down in a minute, I have to put these
things away."

"Ok, but hurry, I don't want the food to get cold."

Kim put her books away. Her mom went to Jack's room
to tell him about dinner.

The family sat at the dining room table enjoying the
roast beef dinner Marge had prepared. Kim asked,
"Mom, would it be alright if Sally and I had our big
sisters from school over this Saturday?"

Marge looked up from her plate. "Of course you can,
Jack and Tom are going fishing, and dad is going to
play golf with Uncle Marc."

"Thanks, what are you going to do on Saturday?"

Marge smiled and thought about her daughter's
request. "Your Aunt and I were planning to go to the
mall and to a craft show. Why, would you rather I
stayed home?"

Kim shook her head no and returned to her dinner.

After the family had finished their meal, Kim helped
her mom clear the table. Don and Jack went into the
family room to watch television.

"Kim," Marge said, loading the dishes into the
dishwasher. "Why don't you have Sally spend the night
on Friday? That way you two can clean up the pool
area before your friends arrive."

Marge finished putting the dishes into the machine
and added, "I will pickup some snacks and sodas for
you tomorrow. Is there any thing special you want?"

"No, just some chips and stuff will be fine."

Kim and her mom went into the family room to join Don
and Jack. The two men were watching a movie on one of
the cable channels. Marge sat next to her husband on
the couch. "What are you watching?"

Don rested his hand on her knee and replied, "I'm not
sure, it had already started."

Jack was sitting in a recliner watching the movie.
Kim sat on the floor and rolled onto her stomach,
rested her elbows on the floor and put her chin in her
upturned hands. She bent her legs at the knee and
pointed her feet towards the ceiling.

The four of them watched the action on the large
screen. A man and woman walked into a room and began
to kiss passionately. Kim watched as the man's hands
roamed over the woman's body. He was dressed in a
suit and she in a black dress that stopped about four
or five inches above her knees. The couple on the
screen broke their kiss and the man stepped back a

The woman reached up to the top of her head and
removed the clip that held her hair. She shook her
head and her long brown hair cascaded down over her
shoulders. Her hands went to her lover's waist and
she slid them up his sides under the suit coat he
wore. When she reached his neck, her fingers loosened
then removed his tie.

The man wrapped his arms around her back and lowered
the zipper of her dress. He moved his hands to her
shoulders and slowly pushed the material off her
shoulders and down her arms. Once past her breasts,
the dress free fell to the floor and she stepped out
of it. Kim heard her brother, who was seated directly
behind her, take a deep breath as the woman stood in
front of the man dressed in her lingerie and high

Kim looked at the woman's sexy undergarments. Her
breasts were held in place by a black bra, a black
garter belt circled her narrow waist, with thin black
suspenders that ran down her legs to the lace tops of
her dark stockings. Her panties were black satin with
two triangles of glossy fabric held by a lace
waistband. As the woman moved back into the man's
arms, Kim looked back at her brother.

Jack was staring at the sexy images on the
television, his mouth half open. Kim glanced at her
parents who were also absorbed by the couple's
actions. She turned her head back to Jack and caught
his eye. This time he was looking at her. She looked
back at her parents then quickly moved her hand to the
hem of her skirt and pulled it away from her legs,
giving her brother a view of her own black panties.
Kim looked back at her brother and dropped the

Jack blushed and returned his attention to the movie.
The man reached between the woman's breasts and
unhooked her bra. The scene changed and showed the
couple in a bed covered by a sheet. They both looked
exhausted from their implied lovemaking.

Marge had caught her daughter's teasing out of the
corner of her eye. She smiled to herself, remembering
the times she would entice her own brother. Her mind
drifted to her teenage years and an incident that
happened just a few days after prom night.

* * * *

Marge had arrived home from school and was having a
snack when she heard her brother come in the front
door. He walked into the kitchen, went to the
refrigerator, and removed the carton of milk. Not
bothering with a glass, he opened the cardboard
container and drank directly form it. She watched as
he swallowed several mouthfuls of the cold white
liquid, noticing a trickle of the milk run out of the
side of his mouth and down to his chin.

Marge couldn't help but think about her own mouth and
her brother's cum as the liquid formed a large droplet
at the edge of his jaw, and then fell to the tiled
floor. He returned the milk to the refrigerator,
closed the door, and finally realized he was not alone.

"You are such a slob," she said as he wiped his mouth
with the back of his hand.

"So? What's up?"

Marge finished her chips and stood up, rinsed her
glass, and set it in the sink.

"Nothing much, I just got home myself."

Marge, still in her school clothes, was dressed in a
white button down silk blouse, a tight navy-blue knit
mini skirt, and white thigh-high stockings. He was in
jeans and a pullover sweatshirt.

Marge looked at him as he bent at the waist and
rummaged through the cupboard looking for something to
eat. Her eyes were affixed to his narrow, but firm
butt, covered by the faded jeans. Her eyes traced
down his thighs and then back up. She brushed him
lightly as she walked past, on her way to the living

Marge picked up her latest issue of a teen magazine
and walked to the couch. She tucked her left leg
under her as she sat down, her right thigh rested on
its calf, gently swinging from side to side. Leaning
back, she flipped through the pages of the thin book.
She found a short story about dating and began to read
it. Her position caused the thin silk material of her
blouse to strain against her ample breasts. At
sixteen, her C cup breasts were larger than most of
the other girls in her class.

Marc walked into the living room and sat in an over-
stuffed chair that sat angled from the couch and
provided an unobstructed view of the television in the
corner. He set his plate on the small table that
separated the chair from the couch, went to the TV,
and turned it on. He looked at Merge as he returned
to the chair and picked up the plate.

"Where is mom?"

Marge looked up from her magazine. "She went
shopping and is going to meet dad after he gets out of
work. They are going to dinner and to a movie with
the Simons."

Marc grunted his acknowledgment and took a large bite
of his sandwich.

Marge watched her brother as his attention shifted
from the television show to her.

Pretending to be reading her article she realized
that, in her position, her blouse was gaping between
the buttons and giving her brother's eyes access to
the side of her bra covered breast. She began to
swing her right leg a little harder, causing her tight
skirt to ride higher on her thigh. After a few
minutes of the amplified movement, her skirt was high
enough to reveal the bare skin above her thigh high
stockings. Marc shifted in his chair in order to
improve his angle and view.

Marge was enjoying the reactions of her brother. She
took one hand away from the magazine and in a
seemingly unmindful manner, began to play with the top
button of her blouse. She unbuttoned, and then re-
buttoned it several times, leaving it open as she
moved her hand away to turn a page.

The sixteen-year-old girl began to feel a bit more
brazen. She straightened her legs, swung them onto
the couch, and lay down with her head towards her
brother. She pulled her feet close to her butt, her
knees pointing up. Marge rolled one side of her
magazine under the other to allow her to hold it
comfortable with one hand. Her free hand returned to
her blouse and resumed the manipulation of her button,
selecting the next one down.

Marc, knowing she couldn't see him, stared at her.
When she undid the next button, he could see the top
of her creamy white breasts and the lace trimmed edge
of her bra. The impromptu show was having an effect
on him, he could feel his penis begin to grow and
extend down his pants leg. Looking into his lap, he
could see the outline of his erection, as he became
more and more rigid, he grew uncomfortable. Marc
picked up his empty plate and walked to the kitchen.
He reached into the waistband of his tight jeans and
rearranged himself so his hard penis pointed straight

Walking back into the living room, he noticed that
her skirt had ridden higher on her firm thighs,
displaying a band of flesh above the tops of her white
stockings. When he was midway between the door and
the chair, Marge looked away from her magazine and at
her brother's crotch. She could see the bulge his
erection made in the front of his jeans, her eyes
remained fixed on him.

"Got a problem there, big brother?"

Marc tried to force a smile to cover his
embarrassment. "Yes."

Marge swung her legs over the edge of the couch,
making no attempt to pull her skirt down, sat up and
said, "come here."

Her brother walked over to her slowly. When he was
within reach, she placed the palm of her hand over his
penis. Her blouse was open half way to where it
tucked into her skirt and her bra-covered breasts were
in clear view. Marc looked at the soft flesh that was
visible from his standing position. He shifted his
eyes from her breasts to the hand that rubbed over the
front of his jeans.

Marge looked up into her excited brother's eyes,
undid his belt, and unbuttoned his jeans. She lowered
his zipper and worked the tight denim pants down his
hips, along with his underwear.

He stood in front of his sister, his jeans, and
shorts around his knees, and watched her take his
penis in her hand. She stroked it lightly, running
her thumb over the end, smearing the fluid that formed
around its velvety head.

Marge guided her brother to the couch and sat him
down next to her. She stood up and with her eyes
glued to his, finished unbuttoning her blouse, removed
the silk shirt and reached to her side, unfastened the
small hook on the waistband of her skirt, lowered the
zipper and slid it down her legs.

Marge knelt on the floor, removed his shoes, and
pulled his jeans and shorts over his feet. Marc
pulled his sweatshirt over his head and tossed it on
the floor. Still in her white bra, blue panties and
stockings, she sat next to her brother.

Marge leaned closer to him, placed her head on his
chest, and wrapped her hand around his stiff member.
He put an arm around her shoulders and stroked her
back, his other hand rested on her leg, just above her
knee. He stroked her leg slowly, feeling the
sheerness of the white nylon stockings. His fingers
ran softly over the elastic band that held the
stockings up. His other hand moved from side to side
along her bra strap, searching for the hooks that
would set her firm breasts free.

Marge watched his penis as her hand moved the skin up
around the plum shaped head and back down, revealing
the ridge that separated it from the hard shaft.

"It's in front," she whispered to her brother as he
searched for her bra's closure.

Marc slid the hand that stroked her leg up over her
tummy and cupped her breast. He fumbled between the
cups of the garment in an attempt to expose his
sister's breasts.

Marge, sensing her brother's frustration, moved her
free hand up to her chest. She hooked her finger
between the strained bra cups and with a flick of her
finger unhooked the garment. The elastic of her bra
caused the cups to spring away from her breasts,
freeing them to her brother's eyes and hand.

Marc encompassed one of the firm mounds and squeezed.
While she was slowly and gently stroking her brother's
penis, he groped and mauled her breast. She reached
up, took his wrist in her hand, and pulled it away
from her.

"Take your time and don't be so rough. We don't have
to hurry."

She returned his hand to her breast and he resumed
his massaging, this time much gentler. He cupped her
firm breast and ran his thumb over her hardened
nipple, sending a wonderful tingling to her vagina.
His free hand was back at the top of her stocking,
tracing the bare flesh between her panties and her
covered leg. She parted her knees and scooted down,
encouraging him to move his hand higher.

Marge sucked in a deep breath and clutched his penis
when her brother's hand slid up her inner thigh and
pressed against the damp crotch of her panties. She
used her free hand to grab the blue fabric at her hip
and try to push away the barrier that kept her brother from touching her sex. Marc helped her, pulling at
the other side of her panties, together they slipped
the covering away from her. She raised her bottom and
the blue nylon panties slid down her legs to her
ankles. She kicked them of and spread her legs for
her older brother.

Marc ran his fingertips through the soft curly pubic
hair that covered her mound in a perfect triangle, he
could feel the light wisps of hair that grew along the
edge of her puffy vaginal lips. His fingers parted
her lips, as he moved them gently along the moist slit
and pushed the middle one into her.

Marge moved her hips against her brother's probing
finger trying to get it deeper inside her hot cavern.
While he moved his finger in and out of her vagina at
a steady pace, he rolled her nipple between his thumb
and index finger, switching his attention from one
hard protrusion to the other.

Marge increased the speed and pressure of the hand
that was wrapped around her brother's hot shaft. She
lowered her head, rubbing her cheek down her brother's
bare chest, opened her mouth and kissed him at the
base of his penis, trapping her head between his
stomach and his hot member. She turned and covered
the top of the hard flesh with her mouth and used her
tongue to coat it with saliva as she moved up and down
its length.

When she opened her mouth wide and engulfed him, Marc
let out a moan. Without removing him from her mouth,
the two teens shifted around so that Marc was lying on
the couch with Marge on top of him. Her head was
between his legs, her forearms resting on his thighs.
One of her small hands encircled his penis, while her
other hand cupped his balls. She rolled the firm orbs
gently and moved her sucking mouth over his hard tool,
allowing the full length to slid down her throat
several times.

Marc grabbed her buttocks and pulled her vagina to
his mouth. He licked the outside of her lips and then
pushed his tongue into her. When his tongue pressed
against her hard clit she could feel the pulses in her

Marge humped herself on her brother's face and drove
her mouth down over his penis. She felt herself gag
as the hot intruder pushed into her throat. The young girl fought off the reflex and pushed harder until she
felt his pubic hair against her chin and his balls
against her nose. She used her hand to rub the fleshy
sack over her face.

Marc reached under her and pushed two fingers into
her vagina. He sucked and gently bit her blood-
engorged clit as he moved his fingers in and out of
her hot wet hole. Her vagina was secreting its
lubricating fluid over his hand and face. He felt the
soft walls of her sex grip his fingers and her body
shake as she reached her orgasm. His own release was
close, as he felt her vagina contract and relax in
wave after wave of shuddering spasms.

Marge was out of her mind with pleasure. She could
feel her stomach jump and the presence of her
brother's fingers. The overheated girl lifted her
head until only half of her brother's penis remained
in her sucking mouth. He bucked his hips and tried to
push himself back into the tightness of her throat.

Marge wrapped her hand around the base of his piston
to keep it from going too deep. She felt his balls
draw up and the surge of cum pass her fingertips,
filling her mouth. She sucked and swallowed as spurt after spurt hit the back of her throat and dropped to
her tongue. She collapsed onto her brother's hot body
and held his penis in her mouth as the last dribbles
of the hot salty substance contacted her tongue. When
the ejaculations stopped, she slowly licked around the
silky head and shaft, savoring her brother's flavor.

Exhausted, they remained still. Marc's penis became
flaccid in her warm mouth, but she refused to remove
it. His labored breathing caused a gentle breeze of
warm air to cool her soaked crotch.

As they lay quietly, Marge moved her tongue gently
over her brother's limp organ. She was breathing
through her nose and waiting for her heart rate to
return to normal. Neither of the teens said a word,
choosing to just glow in each other's warmth.

Soon Marge detected movement from the soft flesh she
held between her lips. She sucked gently and
increased her tongue's movement. Slowly her brother's
soft flesh began to grow and become firm. She
engulfed it entirely and continued her oral massage,
waiting until it pressed against the back of her
throat before she released a portion of it. Once it
was at its full state of erection, Marge pulled her
head slowly up and off the member, causing a pop as it
cleared her lips.

The young girl turned around and on her hands and
knees, hovered over her brother. She bent down and
touched his mouth with hers, parting her lips, and
extending her tongue. She licked her juices from her
brother's face and then pushed her tongue into his

Marc could feel the slickness of her mouth and taste
the salty bittersweet remnants of his cum. He sucked gently on her tongue and moaned into her open mouth.

Marge reached between the two of them, wrapped her
fingers around her brother's penis and shifted it and
herself until the blunt end of his sex aligned with
hers. Holding him firmly, she lowered herself and
felt the firm organ penetrate her. She removed her
hand and moved slowly down on him, impaling her vagina with the hard flesh.

For the second time in the teens' life they were
coupled, this time with a different partner. Marge
held still feeling the presence of her brother, she
liked the feeling of fullness the throbbing penis
created deep inside her. She rose slightly, then
slowly lowered herself.

While it was the second time she had a penis in her
vagina, this time was different. There was no urgency
to get done, no discomfort like the first time, no
steering wheel to get her foot caught in, no door
handle to poke into her back. She thought, this is
what intercourse is supposed to be.

Marc could feel her move gently on him. Her hot
vagina gripped him tightly and slid effortlessly on
him. He had only been in her for a couple of minutes,
but could already feel the churning that signaled his
climax. He pushed up to meet her movements and
attempted to match her rhythm. He looked up into her
eyes then down to her swaying breasts. His penis
jumped inside her and he stiffened his legs.

Marge pushed down hard and rubbed her clit against
his pubic bone in an effort to reach her climax before
Marc would empty his seed into her. She looked at her
brother's eyes and saw they were closed tightly. She
could see that he was biting on his lower lip trying
to hold out as long as he could. She wanted this to
be good for her brother so she rose up until only the
head of his penis was still embedded in her and
slammed down. She quickly repeated the action again
and again. Her brother was moving his head from side
to side and bouncing up to meet her hot vagina.

Marge sat up and put one hand on her clit and the
other on her breast. She rubbed her clit, pinched,
and pulled her nipple. She continued to bounce on her
brother's hard penis as she brought herself close.
Marc grabbed her hips and drove himself deep inside
her, pushing her up and down. She felt her orgasm
begin as Marc groaned and for the second time tonight
came in her.

Marc was spent and trying to calm down, but she
continued to rub her clit and nipple and bounce on his
lap. He reached out, seized her free nipple, and
pulled on it. He felt her vagina grip his softening
organ and heard her moan as she reached her orgasm.

Once the convulsions deep within her stopped, she
fell forward and hugged her brother. Again spent and
exhausted, the two siblings lay together.

After about ten minutes, Marge got up and sat on the
edge of the couch, still wearing her white thigh high
stockings. She reached to the floor, picked up the
blue panties, and pulled them on. She gathered the
rest of her clothing and tucked them under her arm.
She looked down at her brother, still flat on his
back. His penis, covered with their fluid, lay
against his leg.

Marge smiled at him and bent over, taking him into
her mouth. She sucked the sticky substance from the
soft flesh, savoring the taste of their mixed

The teen stood up, smiled at her brother. "I'm going
to take a shower. You want to wash my back?"

Marc smiled, picked up his things, and followed her
to the bathroom.

* * * *

"Hey, are you still here?" Don said to his wife.

Marge looked around and focused on the TV. The
credits were scrolling on the screen. She looked over
to her children, still in the same places they were
when she took her trip down memory lane. She glanced
at the clock.

"You kids go to bed now. You have school in the

Kim got up and kissed her mom and dad goodnight.

Jack said, "Goodnight, I will see you in the

As Jack and Kim disappeared around the corner, Marge
put her hand on Don's leg and moved it up to his

"Would you like to soak in the hot tub for awhile?
She asked, rubbing her husband's heavy genitals.

"Sure, what's gotten into you?"

She kissed him softly. "You, I hope."

The two got up and went into the pool area. Don
turned on the hot tub and watched as his wife removed
her clothes. He reached between her legs and felt her
dripping wet vagina.

Don started to remove his clothes and asked, "What
the hell were you thinking about?"

Marge reached for her husband's hand. "Come in here
and I will tell you."

Marge picked up her husbands thick penis and started
to massage it.

"Remember when I told you about the first time I
fucked Marc?"

"Yes, is that what you were thinking about in there?"

His wife nodded yes and began to talk about her
daydream. Don felt his penis growing in her hand and
reached between her legs. She spread her knees apart
and her husband pushed two fingers into her still hot

When Marge had finished her story she stood up and
bent over the side of the hot tub. Don stood behind
her and pushed his hard ten-inch cock into her pussy,
grabbed her shoulders and started to pump her. She
reached between her legs, found her clit, and began to
rub and pull it.

The pair continued their activity. After about a
half an hour, they reached their orgasms together.
Marge turned around to clean her husband's penis with
her mouth.

After she had claimed the tasty juices, she said,
"When we were the kid's age, we could have done it
four times by now."

Don laughed. "Don't you remember? We did."

The couple picked up their clothes, shut off the hot
tub, and went to bed.


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