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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 19


The Lottery - Part 19 (ff, oral, toys, inc, con)

Marge saw light coming from Kim's bedroom door as she
and her husband reached the top of the stairs. She
held her finger to her lips to tell Don to be quiet
and headed down the hall to their bedroom. Inside,
she pulled a nightgown over her head.

"Don, I'm going to go see why Kim is still up, I'll
be right back."

Don pulled up the boxers he wore to bed and told her
to hurry.

Marge went to her daughter's door and knocked
lightly, not wanting to wake her if she was sleeping.

"Come in."

Marge opened the door and walked to Kim's bed. She
was sitting on top of the blankets, reading a book.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping young lady?

She sat on her daughter's bed and looked at her.

Kim gave her mom a halfhearted smile. "I guess so.
It's just that I have so much on my mind I can't seem
to sleep."

Kim put her book on the nightstand and leaned back
against the headboard. Her mom sat next to her and
put her arm over her shoulder. Kim lifted her bottom
and adjusted the long pink nightshirt she wore.

Marge sat quietly for a moment then asked, "Is there
something you want to talk about?"

The young girl leaned over and put her head on her
mom's chest. She could feel the firm flesh of her
mom's breast on the side of her face. Her mom tightened her grip on her and used her other hand to
stroke her hair.

"Mom, I am confused by all the things that have
happened over the past couple of months. It just
seems like I am growing up too fast!"

Marge hugged her daughter and held back a chuckle.
She knew what the teen was going through and wished
she could help, but she knew only too well that only
time and life's experiences could solve her dilemmas.

"Honey, you will get through all of this just fine.
You are growing up, but not too fast. All of these
new feelings are natural. All young girls and guys have to go through puberty. This time in your life
can be fun, if you want it to be, or a nightmare. I
know you are torn between dolls and boys ... let me
assure you, that in the long run, boys will win and
you will get on with your life."

Kim cried softly as she listened to her mother,
snuggling closer to her she said, "I guess I already
knew most of what you said is true. It's just that I
don't think about just any boy, it's my bro..."

Marge stopped her before she could finish. She moved
her daughter so she could look into her teary eyes,
using her fingers to softly brush Kim's tears away.

"Your hormones have no idea that Jack is your
brother, he's just a guy that you spend a lot of time
with. I can tell you have feelings for him, that's
natural. Your body is telling you one thing and your
brain something else. Whether you choose to act on
your feelings or listen to your brain is up to you.
Whatever you decide is ok with your father and I."

Kim tried to absorb her mother's words. Was she
telling her that it was not wrong to have feelings for
her brother? Was she telling her that it's all right
to have sex at fifteen? Some of the teen's questions
were answered, but her mom was also creating more
things for her to think about.

"Mom, why don't Jack, and I ever see our
grandparents? You and dad never even talk about

Marge was taken aback. She knew this question would
arise someday and she thought she would be prepared.
In reality, she had no idea what to tell her daughter.
Marge sat stunned for a few minutes.

"Kim, that is a long story. I think we should wait
until your dad and Jack are with us to discuss it."

Kim told her mom it was ok to wait for the rest of
the family. "I am getting tired now and I want to go
to sleep."

Marge kissed Kim and told her goodnight. She helped
the young girl get under the covers and tucked her in.
She turned the light off and pulled the door closed.
Marge went back to her room, climbed into bed next to
Don, and put her arm around his waist.

"Is everything alright?" he asked.

Marge told him about their conversation and how Kim
was just growing up.

"Tough times for teenagers. I am glad it is all
behind us."

She pulled herself closer to Don. "She asked about
our parents."

Don rolled over and faced Marge, put his arm around
her. "Well, we knew it was going to come up someday.
What did you tell her?"

She explained that she told Kim that it would be
better if she waited until the whole family was there
to talk about it.

Don kissed her and said quietly, "I guess we should
get your brother, my sister and their kids together
and go over it just once."

Marge agreed with him and said, "goodnight."

Kim lay in her bed unable to sleep, thinking about
the things her mom had said. Maybe she was normal,
and it was all right to have these feelings. It still
was very confusing to her. She thought about Jack's
reaction to the girl in the movie.

Kim tossed and turned then finally fell asleep.

The next morning brought a repeat of the one before.
The alarm woke Kim at six o'clock. She headed for the
bathroom, and performed her morning ritual. Before
she dressed she knocked on Jack's door to wake him.

Jack and Kim met their cousins in the parking lot at
school. Kim walked to first hour with Sally, telling
her about the things her mom had said.

Sally said, "I'm glad that you told me Kim, I was
beginning to think I was sick."

Kim laughed at her remark. "Me too."

Kim and Sally found Angela and Megan in the lunchroom
and asked about Saturday. The two older girls told
them that it sounded fun and would be there. Kim
said, "That's great, be there about noon, and bring
your bathing suits so we can go swimming."

After school, the girls met their brothers in the
parking lot. Tom was showing Jack the photos he had

Kim said, "Let us see them."

Tom handed the stack of prints to Kim.

The girls looked through the photos, making comments
about each one.

"You need to learn to compose your shots," Sally
said, "Some of them look funny."

Tom nodded his head. The new camera focused,
adjusted the aperture and shutter speed, but it didn't
compose the picture.

"I guess I just have to practice some more. I have
been reading the books I have, but the only way to
learn is to take more pictures." The four teens
started to walk towards their cars. "Do I have any
volunteers for models?"

Sally turned to her brother. "Not if you are going
to make us look like we do in those pictures."

Kim, Sally, and Jack all laughed.

Tom said, "I will do better next time. When you see
the pictures of Jack and I when we go fishing, you
will beg me to take your photo."

Kim walked next to Sally as they made their way to
the cars. Kim said, "You know, I should walk with Tom
and you with Jack. If we are going to the dance with
the guys, people should start to see us together."

"You're right Kim." Sally moved next to Jack and Kim
walked along side Tom.

When the four teens were near Jack's car, Kim said,
"Meet us at our house."

Kim put her arm through Tom's and said, "Let's go."

She walked to Tom's car with him and waited for him
to unlock the door. Tom opened the door for his
cousin and Kim got in. Tom ran around to the driver's
side and climbed behind the steering wheel.

"Why are you riding with me?" Tom asked Kim.

"Because if we are going to the dance together, we
should be seen with each other."

"Oh, I get it," He backed the car out of the parking
space, and headed for the driveway.

Jack followed Tom back to Jack's house. The four
teens went inside and to the kitchen. Kim took out
four sodas and passed the cold beverages out. They
sat at the counter and chatted about their plans for
the weekend.

"Sally and I are having our big sisters over
tomorrow." Kim bragged. "Do you guys know Angela and
Megan? They are juniors too."

Kim felt good about having the two older girls over.
Before moving, all her friends were her own age. She
didn't mind the fact the girls in the old neighborhood
were the same age, but hanging out with the two older girls made her feel special.

"No, I don't know them." Tom said. "Will Jack and I
get to meet them? Maybe they will go to the dance
with us."

Sally said, "I don't see how you guys will get to see
them, your going fishing."

The two girls looked a bit hurt by Tom's comment
about the dance. Jack saw the concern in his sister's
eyes, but didn't want to let Tom know what he was

"Maybe Tom and I will stay home and meet your
friends. Are they cute?" Jack said.

Kim was getting a little angry with the boys and
Sally was too.

Sally said, "You guys just leave our friends alone.
How would you two like it if we started to hit on the
guys you know?"

Jack laughed and said, "Our friends are older. Why
would they want to go out with you two?"

Tom joined in his cousin's laughter and said, "Let's
go Sally. I want to get out of these clothes and into
something more comfortable. Jack and I still have to
get the boat ready for tomorrow."

Sally got up and finished her drink. She put her can
away and followed her brother towards the car.

She said to Kim, "I'll be back in a little while, I
am going to change and get my things."

The four said goodbye, then Tom and Sally left.

Kim went into the family room and talked to her mom and dad for a few minutes then went up to her room.
She removed her school clothes and looked through her
closet, trying to decide what to wear. Standing in
her white bra and panties, she flipped hanger after
hanger. She heard a knock at her bedroom door and
went to answer it, putting on her robe and tying it
closed. She opened the door and saw her brother standing in the hall, dressed in jeans and a tee shirt.

"What do you want?" she said sharply.

Jack knew she was upset. "I just wanted to say I'm
sorry for teasing you and Sally downstairs."

Kim looked at her brother. She was still hurt by his
comment and wasn't going to let him off easy.

"Fine! I didn't really want to go to that damn dance
anyway. You and Tom can just find someone else to go
with you."

Kim closed her door, leaving her brother standing in
the hall. Jack was a little shocked. He had never
heard his little sister use language like that. Jack
went downstairs to wait for Tom.

Kim sat on her bed seething. She thought about her
mom's words the night before. Maybe it was just
hormones. Why was she upset that her brother wanted
to go to the dance with someone else anyway. She and
Sally could certainly find boys that would take them.
Maybe, she thought, Angela and Megan knew some guys that would go with her and her cousin. Kim went back
to her closet, selected a pair of sweatpants, a bulky
sweatshirt, and put them on. She went downstairs and
joined her parents in the family room.

"What time are your friends coming? Marge asked her

"About noon."

The young girl sat on the floor and watched the
program her parents had on the television.

Marge studied her young daughter, sensing there was a

"Kim, is there something bothering you?"

Kim shook her head no, unconvincingly. Marge didn't
press the issue, deciding to wait for a better time.

Kim sat with her parents for the next hour. She paid
no attention to the program they were watching. Her
mind was flooded with the things her brother had said
and the memories of the last six weeks. The more she
thought about these things the more confused she
became. Kim decided that her brother really thought
of her as his little sister and the sex games didn't
mean the same things to him as they did to her. On
the verge of tears, she got up and went to the pool
area to be alone.

Kim sat in a lounge and stared at the blue water in
the pool. She watched it swirl around the filter
inlet, lost deeply in her thoughts. She felt empty
and tears began to run slowly from the corners of her

She heard Sally call her name, snapping her out of
her trance. Her cousin was walking across the tile
floor, headed in her direction.

"Hi Kim, what's up?"

"Just thinking about stuff."

Sally sat down in a chair next to the perplexed girl.
She studied her cousin's eyes, seeing that she had
been crying. Sally reached over and put her hand on
Kim's arm, squeezing it gently. "You want to talk
about it?"

"I am just upset about what Jack said about the dance
and staying home to meet Angela and Megan. I guess
I'm just being stupid. I mean, why should we think
that our brothers are anything more than just our
brothers? They like us when we are messing around
with them, but I don't think they want anything more
than that."

Sally thought about what Kim said. She also thought
about the other night when she and Tom almost went all
the way. Sally moved her hand to Kim's face and wiped
away her tears. Stroking her cousin's cheek with her
fingertips she said, "It will be alright Kim. They
are just being guys."

The two girls sat in silence, mulling over their
private thoughts. Marge watched the young girls from
the door wall. She could tell that something was
wrong and walked out to the girls.

"Hi girls." Marge said. She pulled a chair close to
the teens and sat down. "Is everything ok?"

Sally looked at the adult and replied, "Yea, just boy troubles Aunt Marge."

Marge smiled at the two girls. She knew what they
were feeling. She could remember her youth and the
conflicts with her brother Marc.

"You know, the boys may be just as confused as you
two are. After all, they are growing up too. The
things that have happened of late didn't just happen
to you girls, the boys have been involved too. They
see you guys as their little sisters, but you two
tease them and act like they are just guys. You can't
expect them to understand what you are
have to tell them." The girls listened intently as
Marge talked. "I'll bet the boys never initiated any
of the things that have happened. In fact, my guess
is that you two started it, whenever things got

Kim and Sally nodded in agreement. They thought
about the several times they had messed around with
their brothers, and for the most part, Marge was
correct. Kim thought maybe her mom was right. Maybe
she was wrong about her brother and was just

Kim looked at her mom and said, "It's just that
sometimes Jack and Tom says such mean things."

Marge leaned forward and put a hand on each girl's
knee. She looked at the two and, with a smile, said.
"They are just trying to get to you two, and seem to
be doing a good job of it. boys would like to think
that they are all God's gift to women. In reality, it
is the other way around. After all, in the beginning,
God created woman to be his gift to Adam. You two
need to cut the boys a little slack. They really do
like you two in a way that you don't understand. They
just are not real good at expressing their feelings."

Kim and Sally were smiling now. The things Marge was
saying were beginning to make sense.

"What should we do Aunt Marge?" Sally asked.

Marge leaned back in her chair and said, "Well...if
you two really want my opinion, I will give it to

Kim begged, "Please."

"If you two want to really know how your brothers
feel, back off. Don't run around half naked and don't
tease them. If they ignore you, then you will know
that they were just fooling around and you gave them
their first glimpse of sex. My guess is that you both
will be pleasantly surprised and the boys will come on
to you."

Devilish grins filled the young girls faces. Their
minds went into overdrive as each of them thought
about the things Marge was telling them.

"Aunt Marge," Sally said, "did you and my dad have
these problems when you two were young?"

"Oh yes, many times! I thought that Marc hated me
and was just being nice to get sex. As you know,
things worked out well for us. Someday you two will
understand, but for now, just take it easy."

Marge stood up and put her chair back where it
belonged. She started to walk back to the house when
she stopped and turned to the girls. "For now," she
said, "just have fun. You two will grow up soon
enough." She smiled at them and went back to the

"I feel like such a fool," Kim said to Sally, "I
guess we shouldn't take the guys so seriously."

Sally smiled brightly and said, "You're right Kim!
Maybe we should take each other seriously instead."

Kim knew exactly what her cousin was referring to.
She felt her stomach quiver as she reminisced the
things she and Sally had done and enjoyed together.
She thought to herself about the upcoming night and
the fact that her cousin would be staying over.

"Let's go for a swim before dinner." Sally said as
she stood up, grabbed Kim's hand, and pulled her up.
The two girls went to Kim's room to change into their

Kim pulled her sweatshirt over her head and pushed
down her sweatpants and panties. She unhooked her
white bra and tossed it onto the loveseat with her
other things. Standing at her dresser, she opened the
drawer containing a growing assortment of swimsuits
and selected an older two-piece. Stepping into the
bottoms, she watched Sally strip off her jeans and

Sally said, "I only brought the white one we got up
north" holding the bikini up. "Can I wear one of

"Sure, help yourself," pointing to her drawer. Sally
pulled out a red one-piece suit and slipped it on.

The teens returned to the pool and dove from the side
into the warm water. They swam around and splashed
each other. While the two girls were playing in the
heated water, Jack and Tom walked into the pool area.
They stood at the side of the pool and watched their
sisters romping around. The girls swam to the shallow
end and sat on the steps, the water at neck level.

"Hi" Tom said. "What are you guys doing?"

Kim and Sally looked at the tall boys, Kim said
sarcastically, "We're playing tennis!"

Jack chuckled at his sister's remark and Tom realized
the stupidity of his question. Kim and Sally giggled
quietly and whispered about the boys.

"We'll see you guys later, Tom and I are taking the
boat to his house and leaving from there in the

Kim and Sally turned their attention back to the boys and said, "goodbye," and resumed their conversion.

Jack and Tom left the pool, feeling shunned.

"I wonder what's eating those two!" Tom said to
Jack, as they climbed into the Suburban.

Jack started the truck. "I think we pissed them off
earlier when we teased them about their girlfriends."

"Oh well, they will get over it. Let's go."

Jack eased the truck and boat down the drive and onto
the street. He drove slowly through the neighborhood,
glancing at the large, widely spaced homes. He
remembered the old neighborhood where the small houses
were barely fifteen feet apart. He said, "I don't
like the idea that the girls are upset with us Tom.
Maybe we should go back and talk to them."

"I'm not too worried about it. They'll be fine. We
can talk to them tomorrow if they are still mad at

Jack agreed with Tom and pulled the truck into Tom's
driveway. He parked the truck and trailer off to the
side so his Aunt and Uncle could get their car out of
the garage.

Kim and Sally walked up the steps of the pool and sat
in lounge chairs. Looking up at the glass ceiling,
they could see the sun was setting. Sally looked at
the clock on the pool house wall. "It's only six
o'clock and it's already getting dark," she said to

Kim glanced at the clock to confirm the time and
replied, "Yup, I think we should go and find out
what's for dinner."

The two girls went to the pool house and removed
their wet suits, hanging them to dry. They went into
the shower room and each turned on a spray head. The
two girls washed the chlorine out of their hair and
soaped their bodies. The watched each other cover
themselves with the white lather and rinse it away.
The girls turned off the water, went back into the
large common area, and took towels from the cabinet to
dry with. Realizing they didn't bring any clothes
with them, they wrapped a towel around their bodies,
another around their heads, and headed back to the

Don and Marge were in the family room when the girls walked through. They watched them walk past and go to
the stairs. The towels came down just below their
bottoms and the adults could see the edge of their
naked butts as they walked by.

Marge called out, "Are you two ready for dinner?"

Kim replied, "As soon as we get dressed," as she and
her cousin rounded the corner and went upstairs.

Marge moved over to her husband and put her hand on
his crotch.

"What's that all about?" he asked.

"I was just making sure those little girls weren't
turning you on," she replied, smiling at him.

Don chuckled at his wife's comment. " know
how it is!"

Marge moved her hand to her own crotch and said, "I
sure do, I remember when you asked me to shave this."
She rubbed her hand over her pubic mound and
continued, "And now I really know why! You wanted me
to look like a little girl!"

Don looked into his wife's eyes. "So!"

Marge removed her hand and sat on Don's lap. She put
her arms around his neck and kissed him. "You don't
have designs on your young daughter do you," she cooed
into his ear.

"No," he said sharply, "but I do enjoy looking."

Marge wiggled her butt in his lap. "You dirty old man!"

Kim and Sally removed their towels and went into the
bathroom the fix their hair. Kim stood in front of
the counter, pointing the hot stream of air from the
blow dryer at her head. As she used a brush to form
her blonde hair, Sally stood behind her and watched.

She put her hands lightly on Kim's hips and moved
them up her sides. Kim could feel goose bumps form as
Sally's fingers reached the sides of her breasts and
gently tickled them.

"You have such beautiful boobs, I love how they

She cupped her hands under Kim's firm breasts and
rubbed her thumbs over the hardening nipples. Kim
turned off the blow dryer and holding it at her side,
leaned her head back on Sally's shoulder. Kim closed
her eyes and relaxed as her cousin massaged her. She
could feel the warmth of Sally's breasts pressed into
her naked back.

Kim moaned when Sally rolled her stiff nipples
between her fingers and pulled them away from her
chest. She reached behind Sally's head and ran her
hand over her cousin's wet hair. She turned to face
Sally and kissed her softly and quickly on the lips.
She handed the blow dryer to her and said, "Later."

Sally giggled and took the dryer from Kim. She
turned it on and began to dry her hair. Kim smiled at
her cousin and went back into her room.

Kim sat on the love seat and thought about what she
would wear for the rest of the night. She put her
hand between her legs and felt the moisture that had
formed along her slit. Kim yelled to her cousin,
"What are you going to wear tonight?"

Sally, having finished with her hair, came into the
room. She went to her overnight bag and pulled out
her blue nylon warm-up suit. "This," she said,
displaying the garment. "And this," Sally continued,
retrieving a pair of navy blue thong panties. Sally
pulled on the panties and adjusted them. She put on
the pants of the warm-up suit and the jacket, not
wearing a bra.

Kim said, "You look so sexy." She got her black warm-
up suit out of her closet and went to her dresser.
She looked through her panty drawer and then pushed it
closed. She put the silky nylon suit on over her nude
body and pulled the zipper of the jacket up midway,
allowing the tops of her breasts to show. The girls giggled and went downstairs.

Marge was in the kitchen fixing dinner. The two
teens joined her, asking if they could help. "Yes,"
she said, "you two can set the counter for your

Kim asked her mom, "Aren't you and dad eating?"

Her mom stirred the food that sizzled in a frying pan
and said, "No. Your father and I are going to dinner
with your aunt and uncle. We are meeting the Millers."

The Millers were a family from the old neighborhood.
The girls use to play with their daughters. The
youngest was Millie, she was a year younger than the
two cousins, and her sister Gail was a year older.
The family lived on the next block over from Kim's old house.

Kim took two plates from the cupboard and Sally got
silverware. The teens set two places at the counter
and sat to wait for their food. Marge filled the two
plates with stir-fried chicken and vegetables. She
put a scoop of white rice on the plates and asked the
girls, "Would you like anything else?"

Kim and Sally said, "No, this is fine." And began to
eat their dinner. Marge went upstairs to get ready
for the evening.

The two girls ate and talked. They made plans for
tomorrow when their friends came over.

"What do you think they will be like away from
school?" Sally asked Kim.

"I don't know, probably the same as in school."

Sally finished her food and took her plate to the
sink. "Maybe we can learn about the guys they know."

Kim also finished and cleaned the counter. She
rinsed the dishes and put them into the dishwasher.
Kim turned to Sally. "Maybe they know a couple of
guys that will take us to the dance, that would show
Jack and Tom!"

The girls finished cleaning up and went up stairs.
They walked past the bedrooms to the end of the hall.
Kim opened the door to the large recreation room. The
room, built over the garage, was huge. Kim's dad had
fixed it up with a big television, a stereo system,
and a pool table. One wall was lined with overstuffed
couches and chairs. The opposite wall had windows
overlooking the pool and backyard. On the far end of
the room were a bar and a large bathroom with a shower
stall that two people could easily fit into. The
floor was covered in thick plush cream-colored

Kim turned on the stereo and put a CD in the player.
The girls sat on the floor, against a couch and
listened to the loud music.

Marge walked into the room and up to the girls,
dressed in her panties and bra. She was pushing the
thin wire of an earring through the small hole in her
earlobe. "I left the Miller's number on the board
next to the phone," she said. "We will also have the
cell phone if you need us."

Kim picked up the remote control and reduced the
volume of the stereo. She watched her mom finish with
her jewelry and asked, "What time will you be home?"

"I'm not sure, but it may be late."

Marge gave the girls some last minute instructions,
and returned to her room to finish dressing. Kim
turned the music back up. A few minutes later, Marge
and Don came back to the recreation room and told the
girls goodbye. Kim stood up, kissed her mom and dad.

"See you later."

Marge and her husband left the room, went downstairs,
and out to the car.

The girls sat and listened to the music. Song after
song blared out of the speakers, the girls singing
along. When the CD was finished, Kim got up, went to
the stereo, and opened the door of one of the
cabinets. She flipped through the stack of CDs,
looking for another to play. Sally came over, looked
with her, and selected another CD.

The girls talked and listened to the music for
another hour.

Sally said, "Do you want to do something else Kim?"

Kim stood and turned off the stereo system and said,
"Sure, what do you want to do?" The girls left the
recreation room and walked down the hall towards Kim's

Kim reached for the handle, but Sally grabbed her arm
and said, "Let's go in the hot tub!"

Kim followed her cousin downstairs and out to the
pool area. She went into the pool house and entered
the required commands on the computer to start the hot
tub. She went to the tub, removed her clothes, and
joined Sally, who was already sitting in the swirling

The two girls sat near one another, feeling the
soothing effect of the hot water. Sally moved a
little and found a jet of water that would hit her
between her legs. Kim realized what she was doing and
scooted next to her. She put her hand over Sally's
breast and squeezed it firmly. She could feel her
nipple harden against the palm of her groping hand as
she massaged the firm flesh.

Kim moved her hand down over the girl's tummy
stopping at the small patch of short pubic hair that
adorned her cousin's mound. Kim pulled gently on the
short hair and then moved her hand lower. Using her
fingers, she spread Sally's puffy lips, allowing the
pulsating water to reach her clit.

Sally moaned and turned her head to face Kim. She
put her hand behind Kim's head and pulled her to her
mouth. Softly, the girls kissed. They opened their
mouths and tangled their tongues. Kim sucked Sally's
tongue into her mouth and inserted a finger into her
vagina. Sally humped her hips in an attempt to drive
the intruding digit deeper into her hole.

Kim removed her finger and pushed away from Sally.
She submerged herself in the foaming water and moved
between her cousin's wide spread legs. Gripping
Sally's thighs, she covered her sex with her open
mouth and pressed her tongue into the cavern that her
finger had occupied. Sally placed her hands on the
back of Kim's head and held her tight to her quivering
sex. Kim, unable to hold her breath any longer,
pulled away and exhaled the contents of her lungs
directly at Sally's crotch.

When Kim surfaced, Sally pulled her mouth to hers and
kissed her.

"Let's go up stairs."

The two girls exited the hot tub and went into the
pool house. Kim turned off the hot tub and the girls went into the shower.

They used the removable showerheads to rinse each
other, playfully directing the spray at each other's
breasts and pussy's. They finished their play and
turned off the water. Back in the common area of the
pool house, they dried themselves and left for Kim's
bedroom. As they passed the hot tub they picked up
their clothes and then went into the house.

Sally grabbed at her cousin's butt as she followed
her up the stairs. Kim swatted at the girl's hands in
an unsuccessful attempt to stop her from pinching the
soft flesh. The girls ran into the bedroom, threw
their clothes on the loveseat, and flopped on the bed.
The two naked teens lay on their sides, facing each

Sally used her fingertips to move a few strands of
damp hair away from Kim's eyes. She moved along her
cheek and under her chin, barely touching her. Sally
ran her fingers down Kim's neck to her shoulder and
made small circles on her soft tan skin.

Kim shuddered when her cousin's fingers moved to her
breast and slowly traced the fine line that separated
the dark areola from the rest of her breast. Kim's
nipple hardened, causing the darker flesh beneath it
to crinkle. She could feel the familiar tingle in her
vagina as Sally rolled her hard nipple between her
finger and thumb. Sally leaned over, took Kim's other
nipple between her lips, and sucked it strongly. She
opened her mouth and drew more of her firm breast in,
flicking at her nipple with her tongue.

Kim heard a dull pop as Sally pulled her mouth off
the firm breast she was sucking so greedily.

She looked into Kim's eyes and asked, "Where are your

Kim scrambled from the bed and retrieved the vibrator
she had bought on their vacation, leaving the purple
dildo in her drawer. She also pulled out the bottle
of flavored lubricant and carried both items back to
the bed. Sally, in the mean time, had removed the
slender silver vibrator from her overnight bag.

Sally joined her cousin on the queen-sized bed and
pushed her on her back. Covering Kim's body with her
own, Sally started to kiss her softly on the mouth.
The girls could feel their breasts mashed between them
as they squirmed their bodies together. Sally slid
down, licking as she went, until she again had one of
Kim's breasts in her mouth. She moved from one of the
firm mounds to the other, sucking, and nibbling, until
both nipples stood hard.

Kneeling between Kim's legs, she used her knees to
spread her cousin's legs as she replaced her mouth
with her hands on her breasts. Sally licked down the
girl's stomach, pausing to drill her navel. Kim
moaned as her cousin probed her navel and massaged her
breasts. When she felt Sally's tongue move closer to
her pubic mound, she pushed her hips up in an attempt
to make contact.

Sally slid her hands along Kim's sides, slipping them
beneath her soft buttocks. She lifted her cousin's
crotch, covered it with her mouth and pushed her
tongue into the teen's wet cavern as far as she could.
Kim bucked against Sally's face as she moved from her
hole to her clit and back. Kim grabbed both of her
own breasts and pulled at her nipples.

Sally groped around on the bed until her hand felt
the soft vibrator. She picked it up and, removing her
face from Kim's vagina. She pressed the blunt end of
the device against the soft folds of her pussy. Sally
watched closely as she pushed on the vibrator. She
noticed how the puffy outer lips of Kim's vagina folded inward, preventing the phallic device from
entering her. Sally worked the vibrator up and down
Kim's slit, moistening the head with her vaginal
secretions. When she turned on the device and touched
it to her clit, Kim lifted her legs high in the air
and grabbed the inside of her knees, spreading herself
as far as she could.

Kim could feel the vibrations of the fake penis send
shock waves through her body as Sally continued to rub
it against her hardened clit. She gasped when she
felt the vibrator push against her opening and into
her vagina. Kim pulled back on her wide spread legs
while Sally slowly moved the object in and out of her

"Faster ... deeper ... " Kim cried, bucking her hips
up to meet her cousin's action.

Sally pushed the entire eight inches into Kim's
vagina and twisted it right then left. She pumped the
buzzing device in and out at an ever-increasing pace,
as Kim screamed out her pleasure. Kim felt completely
filled as the toy stretched her further than she had
ever been before. With her eyes closed tightly and
her head shaking from side to side,

Kim yelled, "Fuck me with that thing ... fuck me till
I come!"

Sally smiled when she heard her cousin use the F
word. She had heard Kim use it before, but not very
often and never in the same context. She used her
free hand to rub Kim's clit, sending the girl over the
edge. Kim's vagina contracted around the vibrator as
her orgasm washed over her. She was breathing hard
and writhing around the bed.

Sally lost her grip on the vibrator when Kim rolled
completely over. She pulled herself onto her knees
and humped wildly in the air, the vibrator extending
from her convulsing hole. Sally reached between her
cousin's legs, gripped the device, and again started
her assault.

Kim's body stiffened and she collapsed face down on
the bed. Sally removed the vibrator from her vagina and stretched out next to Kim. She watched as Kim's
muscles quivered beneath her skin and listened to her
labored breathing. Once her breathing returned to
normal, Kim rolled onto her side, took Sally's face in
her hands, and kissed her.

"Wow!" Kim said, "That was the best ever ... thanks!"

Sally smiled and said, "You're welcome."

Kim put her hand between Sally's thighs and slid it
up to her sex, feeling the heat and moisture it

"It seems like you are excited too."

Sally nodded and parted her legs to provide better
access to Kim's roving fingers. Kim nudged Sally onto
her back and put her mouth over her breast. She
licked and sucked Sally's nipple causing it to harden
against her lips. Kim bit gently on the flesh and
rolled it between her teeth. Her fingers were
traveling between the moist lips of Sally's vagina and
bumping into her clit.

Sally moaned as Kim inserted two fingers into her
pussy and put her thumb against her hard clit. Kim
kissed and licked down the young girl's chest and
stomach, stopping at the thin patch of pubic hair.
She pulled the short curls gently with her teeth and
then moved lower.

Kim extended her tongue and pressed its tip against
Sally's clit as she slowly stroked in and out of her
hole with her fingers. Sally bent her knees and put
her feet flat on the bed. She pushed, raising her
butt off the bed and into her cousin's face. Kim
removed her slick fingers from the hot cavern,
replacing them with her tongue. She moved her head so
her chin would rub against Sally's clit as she piston
her tongue into her dripping crevice.

Kim picked up the vibrator that had just satisfied
her, and brought it to Sally's vagina. Using her
fingers to part the swollen lips, Kim pushed the dildo
into Sally's hole.

Working it slowly in and out Kim stroked the inner
walls of her cousin's cavern until only the very end
remained exposed. Kim twisted the small knob on the
end of the device, bringing it to life. Sally moaned
as the vibrations coursed through her body. Leaving
the vibrator unattended, Kim covered her cousin's
breasts with her hands and massaged them firmly. She
covered Sally's mouth with her own, pushing her tongue
deep inside. Sally humped against the vibrator that
filled her. She moaned into Kim's mouth and sucked her tongue.

Kim pulled away from Sally's head and knelt between
her flailing legs. She grabbed the vibrator, pulled
it almost completely out of Sally's pussy, and then
pushed it back in. Kim continued to remove and
replace the object in Sally's now dripping hole. Kim
could see the fluid run from her slit down into the
crack of her butt. Using her finger, Kim traced the
trail of moisture to Sally's anus. She pushed her
fingertip against the tight pucker and made small

Sally groaned and pushed against the probing finger.
Kim rolled Sally onto her stomach, pulled her hips up,
and pushed her head down onto the pillow. She
continued to work the vibrator in and out of her
cousin's vagina with one hand, searching for the slim
silver toy with her other.

Kim found the silver vibrator and turned it on. She
reached under Sally and touched it to her clit,
causing her to jump. Kim removed the eight-inch dildo
from Sally's pussy and replaced it with the hard thin
silver one. She moved it in and out rapidly, covering
it with the slick juices that leaked out of her
cousin's overheated hole. When Kim removed the hard
object from her pussy and pressed it against her anus,
Sally screamed into the pillow. Kim pushed harder,
feeling the thin tube slip past Sally's clutched
sphincter muscle.

Sally, her head and shoulders pressed into the
pillow, reached back and spread her butt cheeks apart.
She was begging for more as Kim slowly plunged the
first three or four inches of the silver vibrator into
her ass. Kim picked up the larger vibrator and pushed
it into Sally's vagina. She alternated her strokes so
that when the silver vibrator was coming out, the
larger one was going in.

Sally felt like she was going to explode with the two
sex toys in her. She felt completely filled as her
ass and pussy clamped down on the plastic intruders.
She could feel the tremors of her orgasm building deep
within her as Kim continued to drive the objects in
and out of her two holes. Sally screamed into the
pillow as her body convulsed and shook. She felt her
muscles contract and force the thin vibrator out of
her bowels. She straightened her legs and collapsed
on the bed, the large vibrator still dancing in her

Sally reached behind her, removed the object from her
overworked vagina, and laid motionless, face down.
Kim picked up the two sex toys and turned them off.
She set them on the nightstand and lay next to her
worn-out cousin. She lightly stroked Sally's back and
watched her body rise and fall with her breathing.
After a few minutes, Sally rolled onto her side and
faced Kim.

"You have to try that! I have never felt so turned
on in my life!"

Kim leaned into her cousin, kissed her forehead.
"Maybe next time." The girls lay quietly and stared
into each other's eyes, neither one knowing just what
to say.

Finally Kim sat up and swung her legs over the side
of the bed, stretched her arms over her head and stood
up. She picked up the two vibrators and walked
towards the bathroom. She looked over her shoulder at
Sally. "Wash my back?"

Sally giggled, bounded out of bed, and followed Kim
into the bathroom. The two girls showered, washing
each other. They took the opportunity to shave each
other, carefully removing the light hairs between
their legs. Kim washed the toys. They dried each
other, went back into the bedroom, and put the
vibrators away.

The two girls climbed into bed, still naked, Kim
turned off the light and turned to Sally.

"You know, I still like doing it with you the best."

Sally put her arm around Kim's shoulders and replied,
"me too." The two girls drifted off to sleep, gently
hugging one another.

Later that night Marge and Don returned from their
evening out. They went upstairs to their bedroom and
began to undress. Marge slipped a white satin
nightshirt on, buttoning the middle button. She
walked down the hall to her daughter's room and
quietly opened the door. A broad smile came across
her face, as she looked at her daughter and niece,
still nude, embracing each other. She could still
smell the aroma of the girl's activity that lingered
in the room. A feeling of contentment came over her
as she closed the door and returned to her own room.
"Is everything alright?" her husband asked.

"Perfect," she said as she climbed into bed next to


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