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The Lottery Part 2


"The Lottery" - Part 2 (ff, inc, con)

When they returned to the beach house, they found
their parents sitting on the porch talking.

"What did you kids buy in town." Marc asked.

Jack and Tom quickly poured the contents of the bags
on the table and started explaining how each item is
used and when. While the boys went on non-stop about
what they had learned, the girls showed the beach bags
and towels to their mothers. Earlier, they had hidden the new bikinis in their purses.

"We are going for a swim." Sally announced.

The girls ran into the house and up to their shared
room to change. In the bedroom the teens stripped off
their clothes and put on the suits that they had
brought with them, hiding the new items before they
put on their cover-ups and left.

The girls walked down to the beach in front of the
house and noticed their brothers on the boat. They
walked out the pier, got on board, and quizzed the
boys on what they were doing.

"Putting away the new tackle and rigging the rods for
our fishing trip tomorrow." Tom responded. "What are
you two up to?"

Kim said that she and Sally were going to go swimming
and get some sun. The girls left the boys to their
tasks and went back the water.

They removed their cover-ups and slowly waded out
into the lake. It was August, the water was still
cool, but not unbearable. Sally was the first to dive
into the water, closely followed by Kim. When the
girls emerged, they were in waist deep. Kim looked at
her cousin. Sally's nipples were hard and pushing at
her top.

"Are you cold or happy to see me?" Kim asked as she
slid her hand down Sally's flat belly and into the
bottoms of her suit.

Sally spread her legs slightly as Kim's fingers slid
through the wet hair that covered Sally's sex. Kim
continued to go deeper until her finger curled and
stroked the soft lips of Sally's pussy. Sally moaned
and pushed her hips forward providing an easy access
for her. Kim kept gliding her finger over Sally's
pussy, and then slipping into the teen's hole. She
moved in and out then rubbed her hardening clit as she
removed her hand from the confines of the suit.

"You little bitch." Sally growled. "You're always
teasing me!"

"Just wait until later and I will show you what
teasing is all about."

The girls swam for a few more minutes then made their
way to the beach. They spread their towels out and
proceeded to lie on their backs, soaking in the sun.
Kim retrieved a bottle of oil from her bag and handed
it to her cousin.

"Would you please rub some of this on me?" she asked

Sally took the oil and Kim rolled over. She poured
some oil on Kim's back and started to slowly spread it
over her tan skin.

"Try not to get any on my suit." Kim told her.

Sally said, "ok." and unhooked the band of material
across Kim's back. As she applied the oil, Sally
allowed her fingers to lightly stroke the sides of
Kim's breasts. Kim could feel the familiar feeling
between her legs. She rose slightly providing better
access for her cousin. Sally glided her hands under
Kim's breasts and circled her nipples with her
fingertips. Her nipples hardened as Sally took them
between her thumb and finger and rolled them firmly.
Kim could feel herself getting wet as her cousin
kneaded her breasts and attacked her nipples. Sally
removed her hands and spread some of the oil on Kim's
legs. As she rubbed the warm slippery fluid over and
around the back of Kim's legs, her hands came closer
to the fourteen year olds sex with each stroke.

Sally glanced around to see if anyone was watching.
Certain that they were all alone, she slid her hand
under the elastic of Kim's bottoms and massaged her
ass. Kim spread her legs as Sally's fingers trailed
down through the crack between the globes of her ass.
Her fingertip rubbed gently against the small rosebud
of the young girls anus, causing Kim to push back
against the finger that was driving her crazy. Sally
moved her finger lower feeling the hot wetness of her
cousin's crotch. She went further and found the small
clit hidden in the folds of Kim's now dripping pussy.
Her finger rubbed firmly over and around the hooded
button then plunged deep into the hot wet cavern.
Sally added another finger and pushed deeply until she
could feel the barrier that confirmed her cousin's

Kim moaned deeply, feeling her impending orgasm begin
to well up deep inside. The walls of her pussy gripped Sally's fingers as she humped against them.
All of a sudden Kim pushed her legs together and held
the probing fingers as she came. Flushed and
exhausted, Kim rolled over and pulled her cousins lips
to her own. The two girls kissed deeply. Kim soon
broke the kiss and thanked Sally, telling her she
wanted to return the favor. Sally noticed that the
neck of Kim's top had become untied and she was
sitting there topless. The girls laughed as Kim
covered herself and secured the top of her suit.

Just as Kim reached for the oil to coat Sally, she
heard the two boys coming from the boat. The girls quickly stretched out on their backs and acted like
they were sun bathing.

"What are you two up to?" Asked Jack as he and Tom
stood at the girl's feet blocking the sun.

"Just catching some rays big brother." Kim replied.
"Do you two have the boat ready for our fishing trip
in the morning?"

"What do you mean by our fishing trip?" Jack
snapped, "Just Tom and I are going."

Then Sally piped in. "Why can't we go with you guys,
we want to learn to fish too?"

The boys stood looking down at their younger sisters
and continued to argue that fishing was for men not

All of a sudden Tom started to smile and stepped to
the side allowing the sun to strike the girls in the
eyes. As the girls covered their eyes to block the
sun, Tom nudged Jack and glanced down at Kim. The
boys started to giggle and told the girls that mom had
called them on the ship-to-shore radio and said that
dinner was ready.

Jack and Tom made their way up the hill to the house
still laughing. "Your sister sure has a hairy cunt."
Tom said. The boys pushed at each other as they
trotted back to the porch.

"What the hell was that all about?" Kim asked Sally.

"I don't know." Sally returned as she stood and
picked up her towel. Sally started to laugh out

"What is so funny?" Kim asked.

"Look" said Sally pointing to Kim's crotch.

Kim bent forward and looked down at herself, noticing
the strip of cloth that normally covers her was pulled
up in to her folds reveling her soft curly pubic hair
flowing along each side of her suit. Kim quickly used
her fingers to adjust the material and hide the source
of her cousin and brother's amusement.

"I am so embarrassed." Kim said. "How am I going to
face the guys now?"

Sally was still laughing as she told Kim "Don't worry
about it. Do you think it is the first time those two
have seen anything?"

"I don't know." Kim said as she picked up her
things. "Why do you ask?"

Sally started to tell Kim about her brother. It
seems he is always trying to peek at her. Kim just
shrugged her shoulders and started the walk up the
hill. As she was walking, she started to think about
Jack and if he ever tried to peek at her.

Once back at the house, the girls noticed that their
brothers were discussing something with their parents.
The two said hi and went to their room to change. It
was about eight o'clock and the sun was setting lower
in the west sky. The girls chatted about their day as
they removed the suits and got dressed for dinner.
Kim selected a pair of kaki walking shorts and a
forest green tube top. Sally slipped a sundress on
over her bare breasts and panty covered bottom.

Back on the porch, the men were grilling stakes and
chicken while their mothers were carrying salad and
things from the kitchen. The girls went inside and
helped gather the rest of the things they would need
and went outside to set the table.

While the two families ate dinner, they watched the
sunset. The sky was bright orange as the sun sat on
the horizon. The group talked about the day and the
things they had done. Tom and Jack talked about
getting up early to go fishing and where the local
fishermen had told them to go.

Don and Marc talked about the championship golf
course they were going to play in the morning and how
they wished they could have gotten a better tee time.
Marge and Anne talked about going shopping in a couple
of near by towns.

"Girls" Marge asked, "What's on your agenda for

"We want to go on the boat and go fishing with Jack
and Tom." Sally responded to her Aunt's question.

Jack and Tom sat quietly, and then Jack said. "Ok,
you two can go but the boat is leaving the pier at
6am. If you are not there we will leave without

The girls agreed and Don started to lecture the girls on the rules and safety factors.

"Jack is the captain and in complete charge on the
boat. You must do what you are told and help when
asked. It is very easy to get into trouble on the
lake and the only way to avoid it is to behave."

The girls agreed to the conditions of the trip.

The sun had completely set and the stars filled the
sky. The four women started cleaning up and putting
things away. Don went into the house and brought out
a bottle of wine and four glasses. He removed the
cork and poured equal amounts into each glass. Marge
and Anne came out and sat with their husbands, staring
out in the moon lit lake.

Jack and Tom went up to their room to get ready for
bed, knowing that it would soon be time to leave. Kim
and Sally also went upstairs to get ready to tomorrows

As the girls sat on their bed, something caught Kim's
eye. Out on the balcony she could see two shadows
moving slowly. Very quietly, Kim said. "I think our
brothers are out there trying to peek in at us."

"Oh really!" Sally exclaimed, "Watch this."

She stood up and moved a few things around looking
into the full sized mirror on the wall. She could see
the outline of her brother and cousin against the moon
lit sky. She stepped away from the mirror and told
Kim to get ready to open the door leading out to the
balcony. Kim agreed and stood up and started to act
like she was turning down the bed. Then Sally did
something that shocked Kim. With her back to the
doors she reached down and pulled the short sundress
over her head. She stood there for a second in just
her panties then started for the bathroom, keeping her
back to the glass as she moved.

"Go ahead." She called to Kim.

As Sally stepped into the bathroom Kim spun around
and opened the door.

"What are you two perverts up to?" She scowled.

The two boys fell backwards and sat there with a dumb
look on their faces'.

"Um Ah..." The two boys stuttered, both searching
for a reasonable explanation why they were peeking
into the girls window. Sally stepped outside, having
replaced her dress.

"Kim, I think we should tell our parents on them."
Sally said. "I'll bet they wouldn't get to go fishing
for the whole month."

Jack and Tom told the girls they were sorry and it
would never happen again. They pleaded with the girls not to tell.

"Ok" Kim said, as she watched the boys grovel. "We
won't tell, but you two best remember that if you are
mean to us we will."

The two boys agreed and scrambled to their feet and
went back to the bedroom next door.

The girls went back inside and pulled the heavy
drapes closed to guard against prying eyes. Once they
were sure the room was secure, Sally removed her dress
again as Kim pulled the tube top over her head and
removed her shorts.

"I am going to try on my new suit." Kim said,
retrieving it from its hiding place. She tied the
thin string around her chest just under her breasts and then tied the string around her neck. Pulling at
the fabric under her orange sized breasts, she tried
to cover as much as she could. She then pulled the
panties down over hips and stepped into the bottoms.
She retied the strings at the top of each hip and
smoothed the thin white Lycra material over her pubic
area and ass.

Sally, likewise, had put the new suit on. The two
girls stood in front of the large mirror and pulled
and adjusted the suits.

"You know what is going to happen when these get wet
don't you?" Sally said to Kim as she gathered the
back of the suit and turned it in to a thong.


Sally told Kim to follow her into the bathroom.
Sally opened the sliding shower door and turned on the
water, and adjusted the temperature. After the water
was warm enough, Sally pulled Kim into the stall with
her and removed the spray head from its hook. She
directed the water at Kim wetting her from top to
bottom. She then turned the spray on her body and did
the same. Sally turned off the water and the girls stepped from the shower to inspect themselves in the

The first thing they noticed was their breasts. The
fabric had become almost transparent reveling the dark
areola and the nipples it surrounded. The next thing
that they saw was their pubic bush, the wet suit lay
flat against their curly pubic hair, showing it

"Well!" Kim said, "Looks like these are not for
swimming in public."

"Maybe not," Replied Sally. "But it's exciting isn't

The two teens looked at each other and discovered
their pubic hair was showing around the leg openings.
No matter how much pulling and adjusting they did,
they could not conceal all of it.

Kim piped up. "What the hell, I didn't spend all the
money on this suit to leave it in a drawer." Kim went
back to the bedroom, returning nude, carrying her make-
up case. "Take that thing off." She told her

Sally removed her suit and looked at Kim as she
rummaged through the case.

"Sit on the toilet and spread your legs." Kim
directed Sally.

Sally sat down and moved her knees apart as Kim knelt
in front of her with a pair of small scissors. Sally
smiled as Kim went to work trimming the light brown
curly hair that covered her. When done, Kim stepped
back and looked at short patch of hair the remained,
none longer than an eighth of an inch. The teens
swapped places and Sally trimmed Kim to the same

Kim led Sally into the shower, turned the water on,
wet the trimmed hair, and had Sally sit on the bench.
Kneeling, Kim covered her crotch with shaving gel and
proceeded to shave the area. Sally sat back with her
eyes closed as she felt Kim's hand pulling at the skin
around her pussy and the razor scraping the hair away.
Done, Kim took the spray head and washed away the
remaining gel. She used her hand to rub the area and
be sure all traces of gel and undesired hair were

Kim moved closer to inspect the job, pushing Sally's
knees further apart. As she admired her work, Kim
became excited looking at her cousin's almost bald
pussy. Kim had left a small patch of hair just above
her slit about three quarters of an inch wide and an
inch and a half long. Kim could also see that Sally
had become excited. She could smell her and see the
glistening of the moisture escaping the bald slit
before her. Kim moved forward and ran her tongue up
the pink lips and back down.

Sally jumped at first, but then relaxed to enjoy the
tingle she felt. She placed her hands on her breasts and squeezed them. She took her nipples between her
finger and thumb and rolled the hard protrusions.
Sally felt like an electrical wire ran from her
nipples to her pussy.

Kim was now probing into her depths pulling out to
run the tip of her tongue over Sally's clit. She
leaned forward, wrapped her lips around the object,
and sucked gently, sliding a finger into her cousin's
over heated hole. Kim could feel the spasms in
Sally's belly through her forehead, which was pressed
against her.

Sally started bucking her hips against the fingers
and tongue that was bringing her such great pleasure.
About that time Sally grabbed the back of Kim's head
and held it tight to her pussy. As she started to
cum, Kim could feel the jerking deep in side of Sally,
the juice flowed from her pussy on to Kim's hand and
into her mouth. She continued lapping her cousin
until Sally pushed her head away and fell back against
the wall. Kim took a quick shower as Sally

Once Sally had regained her composure, she shaved Kim
in the same fashion. The girls went back into their
bedroom and got dressed for bed. Sally put on an over
sized tee and a pair of panties, while Kim selected a
pair of PJ'S that consisted of baggy boxer style
shorts and matching top made of thin red nylon.


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