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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 20


The Lottery - Part 20 (mf, con, nc)

Saturday morning came and the two girls were awakened
by the sound of Marge's voice. "Good morning girls,"
she said, shaking her daughter's shoulder.

Kim opened her eyes and saw her mom standing over her
and Sally. She glanced down and discovered that the
covers had been kicked away, the two teens revealing
their nudity from the waist up. Kim grabbed the sheet
and pulled it over her and her cousin.

Sally opened her eyes as Kim covered her and smiled
at her aunt. "What time is it Aunt Marge?"

"Nine o'clock, your dad and uncle have gone golfing,
and your mom and I are going shopping and to the craft

Sally rolled over and pulled the sheet over her head,
mumbling, "I want to go back to sleep."

Kim watched her mom leave the room after telling her
goodbye. She sat up in bed and pulled the sheet away
from Sally's head. "We better get going, they will be
here soon."

Sally groaned and sat up, "Who will be here?"

"Megan and Angela, don't you remember they are coming
over at noon?" Kim said, as she stood up and walked
to the bathroom.

"Oh yeah, I remember now." She got out of bed and
followed Kim into the bathroom.

The girls prepared themselves for the day, showering
and fixing their hair. Kim went back to the bedroom
and made the bed. She went to her dresser and
selected a pair of cranberry bikini panties and a
matching bra. She was pulling her tight fitting red tank top over her head when Sally came into the
bedroom. Kim wrapped a black mini skirt around her
waist and fastened it at her side.

Sally selected a pair of white satin panties and a
white bra. She put her underwear on and removed a
pair of white shorts from her overnight bag. A white
tee shirt completed her outfit. The two girls straightened Kim's room and went downstairs.

In the kitchen the girls fixed breakfast and ate at
the counter. Kim looked at the board and saw a note
from her mom. She went over, pulled the small piece
of paper from the bulletin board and read it.
Climbing back on her stool, she said, "It's just from
my mom telling us where she will be and what time she
will be home."

Sally nodded and finished her cereal. The two girls rinsed their dishes and put them into the dishwasher.

Kim said, "It's only ten. What do you want to do
until they get here?"

Sally shrugged her shoulders. "Watch television?"

They went into the family room and turned on the TV.
Sitting together on the couch, the girls watched a
rerun of an old sitcom.

Kim turned to Sally. "Did you really like that thing
in your butt?"

Sally giggled, "Yes, it was so hot. I can't explain
how it felt, but it was great!"

Kim continued to quiz her, "Did it hurt?"

Sally shook her head. "No. It was a little tight at
first, but once I got used to it, I liked it."

The girls returned to the program. They were
watching the beginning of a movie when they heard the
doorbell ring. Kim jumped up and ran to the front
door with her cousin right behind her. Kim opened the
door and saw Megan standing on the porch.

"Come in Megan," Kim said, "Where is Angela?"

The tall redhead stepped into the foyer and said, "Hi
Kim, hi Sally, I don't know where she is, but she said
she would be here."

Kim closed the door and lead Megan into the family room.

Megan was dressed in a tight, black, scoop neck top
and a pair of tartan shorts, her long legs were
covered with black tights. She carried a tote bag and
her purse. Megan put her things down and sat on the
couch, talking with the two girls. "Your house is
very nice," she said to Kim.

"Thanks, I will take you on a tour when Angela gets

The girls started to talk about their school. The
doorbell sounded again. Kim left Megan and Sally in
the family room and went to answer the door. It was
Angela. Kim greeted the girl and led her to the
family room to join the other two girls.

"Hi guys!" Angela said as she walked into the family room. "What's up?"

Angela was dressed in a pair of dark blue sweatpants
and a baggy sweatshirt. She dropped her small duffel
bag on the floor and flopped onto a chair.

Kim asked the girls, "Would you like the see the

Megan and Angela both said "sure," and followed Kim
as she walked from room to room.

After the brief tour, they all went back to the
family room.

Angela said, "Let's go swimming before it gets too

"That's no problem here," Sally said, standing up and

Kim went to the door wall and opened the drapes that
concealed the sliding glass doors that led to the
pool. She slid open one of the glass panels. "Here
we are."

The four girls filed through the sliding door into
the enclosed pool area. Megan and Angela turned
around slowly, looking at the large glass room.

Megan said, "This is great!"

Angela walked to the hot tub and asked, "Can we use
this later?"

Kim was filled with pride, knowing the two older girls were impressed with the pool.

"Sure we can," she said. "We can use anything we
want to."

Sally went back into the family room and gathered the
two bags the girls had brought with them and returned
to the pool. She handed each girl her bag.

"Let's get changed and go for a dip."

Angela sat down on one of the chairs and removed her
shoes. She started to pull her swimsuit from her bag
when Kim said, "We can change in the pool house."

Angela stood up and followed Kim and the others into
the pool house. Sally was about to explain that there
were private dressing rooms when Angela pulled her
sweatshirt over her head.

Kim and Sally looked at each other, shrugged their
shoulders and began to undress. The two younger girls took the suits they had worn the day before off the
rack where they were left to dry. When Angela had
completely removed her bulky top, Kim and Sally
couldn't help but stare.

Beneath the oversized sweatshirt, Angela wore a white
bra that looked like nothing they had ever seen
before. The bra was constructed more like a harness
than the delicate lingerie the girls were accustom to.
The two large cups had wide straps that went over the
busty girls shoulders and attached to a five-inch band
of elastic that circled her body. Six evenly spaced
hooks fastened the garment in the middle of her back.
When Angela released the hooks, she revealed the
largest breasts the two young girls had ever seen.

Angela noticed the girls were watching her. She
placed a hand under each of the melon sizes mounds and
held them out.

Proudly she announced, "Forty triple D, aren't they

Kim and Sally could only nod their heads as they
watched her release her breasts. The sheer weight
caused them the hang low on her chest. When Angela
bent over, pushing down her sweatpants and panties,
the large mounds dangled away from her chest hanging
down at least six inches. Standing up, completely
nude, the girls could see the thick mat of black curly
hair that covered the girl's crotch.

Kim and the other two girls removed their clothes and
began to put on their suits. Megan was very thin and
small breasted. Her A-cup breasts looked so small in
contrast to her friend's massive globes. Her waist
was trim, with hips that flared slightly. Her pubic
mound was adorned with sparse curls of fine red hair.
When Megan stood with her legs together, a gap formed
between her thighs that looked wide enough to lay a
hand in. Her vaginal lips hung down slightly, her
clitoris peaking out from between them.

The four girls finished putting on their suits and
went out to the pool. Megan's suit was a cute yellow
and black two-piece. The top tied around her back and
neck, the bottoms were high cut bikini style.

Angela's black swimsuit consisted of a top that
resembled a sports bra and boy-short bottoms. The
girls all dove into the deep end of the heated pool
and swam around. They splashed water at each other
and played a makeshift game of tag.

Kim was the first to exit the pool. She asked the
other girls, who remained in the water, if they would
like sodas. They all said yes, Angela requesting a
diet soda.

Kim went into the kitchen and put sodas, plastic cups
with ice and snacks on a tray. She returned to the
pool area and set the tray on a table near the chairs
the other girls were now sitting in. Kim served her
guests their drinks and passed the bowl of chips
around. The girls talked about school as they ate
their snacks and drank the cold sodas.

Angela asked, "Can we go in the hot tub now?"

"Sure," Kim replied, getting up, and going into the
pool house.

Sally jumped up and said, "Come with me, you have to
see this."

The two older girls followed Sally into the room and
watched as Kim typed the commands into the computer
that started the hot tub.

Megan asked, "What else does the computer do?"

Kim explained to the girls how she could adjust the
water temperature in the pool or the hot tub, open the
glass walls that surrounded the pool, adjust the
environment of the pool area and turn on and off
lights, among other things.

"That is so cool," Megan said. "We can only use our
pool in the summer because it's outdoors."

Angela said, "My dad should see this." Adding
quietly, "If he was ever home."

The girls went out to the hot tub and stepped into
the water.

The girls sat in the hot tub and felt the swirling
hot water relax them. Angela sat across from Kim and
Sally, her head leaned back on the padded edge of the
tub. Angela sat up and asked the younger girls, "So,
who are you guys fucking?"

Kim and Sally looked at each other in disbelief.
They glanced at Megan, who seemed to take the question
in stride.

"She's not fucking anybody, she doesn't like boys."
The foul-mouthed girl looked at the cute redhead and
asked, "Do you?"

Megan just shook her head no and turned away from her

Angela redirected her attention to Kim and Sally,
"Well, are you guys fucking someone or not?"

Kim shook her head no and Sally said, "I'm not."

"Well," Angela said, "if you aren't or if you're not
ready to, you won't get dates with the cool guys at
school. The geeks will take you out, but the jocks
won't give you the time of day unless you put out."

Kim and Sally sat spellbound, they didn't know what
to say, if anything.

Angela went on, "I started to do guys when I was
twelve and now I can get a date with almost any guy in
the school."

Kim timidly asked, "Who did you do it with the first

Angela, unashamed of her activities, said, "He was a
boy at Barber. When I was in the seventh grade, the
boys knew I would let them touch my big tits. They
would take me to the store and buy me sodas and we
would go behind the building and smoke. One day
Darren, an eighth grader, was feeling me up and asked
me to touch him. He pulled out his cock and I jacked
him off. After he squirts his cum all over, he told
me to lick him. I got down on my knees and gave my
first blowjob. He came again, this time in my mouth.
I didn't like the shit so I spit it out. He said he
wanted to fuck me and he would tell the guys at school
that I blew him if I didn't. I didn't really care if
he told anyone or not, but I let him do me right there
behind the dumpster."

Kim and Sally listened to the girl tell about her
adventure like she was describing a trip to the mall.
They couldn't believe that she was so open about her
sexual activity. Megan sat expressionless, obviously
having heard the stories before. When Kim looked at
her, Megan just rolled her eyes.

Angela continued, "After I screwed the twerp, he told
his buddies anyway. The next thing I knew I had more
guys asking me out than I could ever hope for. I just
figure what the fuck, it works for me! Now I can't
think of anything better than a nice stiff prick
stuffed in my cunt."

Sally asked softly, "Your parents let you date at

"Sure why not, I mean as long as I am not in their
hair, they don't give a shit what I do. My dad is on
his third wife, my real mom died when I was five. I
have been raised by nanny's ever since. My dad is
always out of town on business and he takes my
stepmother with him. That just leaves Sophia, my
nanny, and I. She won't say anything to my dad
because I caught her giving him head one afternoon.
Sophia doesn't want me to tell my stepmother because
she will lose her job, so now she does what I tell her
to, and I keep my mouth shut."

Kim and Sally were dumbfounded. They had never heard
of these things and didn't know how to take it. In
their old neighborhood, they knew kids who had
divorced parents, but no one had a nanny. Nor did
they know any twelve-year-old girls that were as
sexually active as Angela said she was at that age.

Kim asked, "Are you going with anyone now Angela?"

The dark haired girl stood up and sat on the edge of
the hot tub, her hands resting on the padding, her
legs swinging in the water. A roll of flesh formed
around her middle as she leaned forward. Angela's
thighs were thick and pressed together, her knees

"I have been going out with Steven, the lacrosse team
captain. He throws some of the best parties for the
team and their friends. There are always more guys than girls at the parties, so finding someone is easy.
Maybe you two would like to go to one, I'm sure Steven
wouldn't mind."

Sally said, "Maybe, we will have to see. My parents don't let me date yet, at least not one on one."

Kim added, "My mom might let me go, you'll have to
tell me when the next party is so I can ask."

Angela looked at the clock on the pool house wall and
said, "Listen, I've had a great time, but I have to
run. Steven and I are going out tonight and I have to
get ready. Maybe we can do this again, or maybe your
parents will let you have a party. I know a lot of
cool guys that would like to come."

Angela stood up, walked to the pool house and went
inside to change.

While Angela was getting dressed, the other three
girls got out of the tub and sat in lounge chairs.
Kim and Sally, still shocked by Angela's stories, sat

Megan said, "Don't mind her, she is really kind of
nice ... when she wants to be. I don't hang around
with her too much anymore, not since she changed."

Kim asked, "What do you mean, changed?"

Megan replied, "Wait until she is gone, then I will

The three girls started to talk about school and
their classes. The younger girls asked her about the
fall dance.

"I don't go, no one ever asks me, and the one time I
went alone, no one danced with me."

Angela came out of the pool house and walked up to
the other girls. Her wet hair pulled back in a
ponytail, wearing the sweatpants and sweatshirt she
came in.

"Well guys, I have to get going, I'll see you in
school Monday."

Kim stood up and walked Angela to the door saying,
"Thank you for coming, I hope you had a good time."

"Thanks for having me over, I really enjoyed it.
Maybe we can get together again and do something
else." She left, waving goodbye to Kim.

Kim went back to the pool area and rejoined Megan and
Sally. Sitting down in her lounge chair she said,
"That was certainly different! Was Angela just
bragging or are the things she said true?"

Sally added, "Yea, what's going on with her anyway?"

Megan picked up her cup of soda and took a long
drink. She put the plastic cup on the table next to
her and said, "I have known her for a long time. She
wasn't always like this, but as we got older the kids
at Barber started to tease her. The boys would make
fun of her size and call her mean names and the girls didn't like her because she had big boobs. When
Angela was eleven, she wore a c-cup bra, I was still
wearing a tee shirt!"

Kim and Sally nodded, remembering their own flat
chests at that age.

"In the sixth grade, the boys started to grab at her
boobs whenever they got a chance. Angela found out
that if she let the boys feel her up they wouldn't
call her names. The girls that knew about her would
have nothing to do with her. I ended up being one of
her only female friends in grade school."

"Did Angela think guys wouldn't like her if she
didn't let them do those things?" Kim asked the tall

Megan sat up in the lounge chair and put her feet on
the tiled floor. Kim and Sally, who were facing her,
could see wisps of her fine red pubic hair along the
sides of her yellow bikini bottoms that were pulled
tight in her crotch. Megan noticed the girls'
glances, but made no effort to conceal herself. The
older girl picked up her soda, brought her long legs
up and sat Indian style.

"Yes," Megan replied, "Angela felt that the only way
any boy would pay any attention to her was to let them
do the things they wanted to. This went on for the
remainder of the sixth grade, she would let almost any
boy that asked her to touch her boobs, but only
through her top, never bare skin. Then, during the
summer between the sixth and seventh grade, she really
changed. She started to wear sexier clothes and her
language got nasty.

We used to ride our bikes to a park near the house
and hang around with some of the kids we knew from
school. One day we were sitting on one of the picnic
tables and a couple of boys from middle school came up
and started to talk to us. They seemed nice so we
invited them to sit with us. Well the next thing I
knew, Angela was making out with one of the boys, and
he had his hand under her top. The guy asked her to
show them her breasts, so she lifted her top and bra,
exposing herself to them. I was so embarrassed that I
just left her with them and went home."

Kim and Sally sat and listened to Megan's description
of her friend's exploits. They were shocked that a
girl so young could be that overt.

Kim, feeling the need for a break, said, "Let's go
swimming again."

The other two girls agreed and the three of them
jumped into the pool. Their swimming and splashing
soon turned into a free-for-all, each teen trying to
dunk another. Megan swam up behind Kim, wrapped her
arm around her waist, and pulled her underwater. As
Kim tried to get away, her attacker's fingers caught
the top of her two-piece suit and pulled it up over
her breasts. Kim surfaced, stood in the shallow end
of the pool and tried to catch her breath.

Sally and Megan laughed at Kim as she stood there,
brushing her hair out of her face, her breasts fully
exposed. Kim felt the cool air on her breasts,
causing her nipples to harden. Casually, she pulled
her top over the firm mounds and swam after Megan,
vowing revenge. The girls continued their play for a
little while longer. Megan looked at the clock and
announced that she had to get going.

The girls climbed out of the pool and went into the
pool house. Megan asked if there was some place she
could rinse the chlorine out of her hair.

Kim said, "There's a shower over there," pointing at
the door. Sally had already pulled her suit off and
was walking into the shower room.

"Great, I will use it as soon as Sally is done."

Kim, removing her top and bikini bottoms, said, "It's
big enough for four people, if you don't want to

Kim walked to the shower room and Megan removed her

Kim and Sally were rubbing shampoo into their hair
when Megan joined them.

"This is so nice," she said.

She turned on one of the showers and stood under the
spray, rinsing her long red hair. Kim looked at her
new friend's breasts. They were small, about the size
of a half an orange, but firm. Her nipples were tiny
and pink, reminding Kim of her brother's. Megan asked
for the shampoo and Sally handed the bottle to her.
She applied the fragrant liquid to her hair and set
the bottle on a bench. Megan worked the lather into
her hair and then rinsed it away. She picked up a bar
of soap and quickly washed her entire body.

Having finished in the shower, the girls went out
into the common area. Kim removed clean towels from
the cabinet and handed Sally and Megan two each. They
all wrapped one around their wet hair and used the
other to dry themselves.

Megan asked, "How did you guys get such nice tans?"

Sally told their new friend about their vacation and
sunning in the nude.

Megan sat on a chair and while drying her long legs
asked, "How long have you two been shaving?" pointing
to Kim's hairless crotch.

Kim and Sally both giggled, Sally answered, "We did
it on vacation. We both bought these white bikinis
that you could see through when they got wet, so we
had to shave."

Megan smiled. "I have thought about doing it, but
never had the guts. I was afraid what my mom would
say if she saw me like that."

As the girls were dressing, Kim asked Megan, "What
did Angela mean when she said that you didn't like

Megan looked down, slowly putting on her black
tights. She stood and pulled the tights over her hips
and smoothed the sheer material over her legs. She
put on her padded bra and tight top, straightening it
so the scoop neckline was in its proper place.
Picking up her plaid shorts, Megan sat down and held
them in her lap.

"I was over at Angela's house one afternoon," she
began. "We were in the seventh grade, and she had
already let several boys screw her. Both of her
parents were out of town and her nanny had gone
shopping. Two of her male friends showed up and
Angela invited them in. We were all sitting in the
family room, listening to music. Angela and one of
the boys started to dance to a slow song and his
friend, Daniel, asked me to dance. I danced with him
for a few songs and then he kissed me. I never really
had kissed a boy before, and I liked it."

Megan stepped into her shorts, stood and pulled them
up. She tucked her tight black top into the shorts,
zipped and buttoned them. She removed the towel from
her head and shook out her long red hair. She took a
brush out of her bag, sat back down and began to pull
the brush through her damp hair.

"We all sat on the couch and started to make out.
Angela and the boy she was with were really getting
into it. He had her shirt pulled up and was feeling
her boobs. Daniel was just kissing me. He put his
tongue in my mouth and I French kissed for the first
time. The next thing I knew, he had his hand on my
chest and was rubbing my boobs. This was the first
time I ever made-out and I was getting real excited.
I looked over at Angela and saw she had this guy's
dick out and was rubbing it. He had one hand under
her skirt and his mouth on one of her boobs. I closed
my eyes and went back to kissing Daniel. He
unbuttoned my top and put his hand on my bare chest.
I tried to pull his hand out, but he kept kissing me
and telling me how cute I was. Then he moved to my
crotch! He tried to force my legs apart and rub me

Megan finished brushing her hair and pulled it into a

Kim and Sally had finished dressing and were
listening to Megan's story. They could see tears
forming in the girl's eyes as she went on.

"I told Daniel to stop, that I didn't want to do
that, but he kept trying. I took his hand and put it
back in my shirt, in hopes he would be satisfied with
touching my boobs. By now, Angela and her friend were
on the floor. She had his dick in her mouth and he
had his fingers in her pussy. The only thing she had
on was her skirt, and it was pulled up around her
waist. When Daniel saw what his friend and Angela
were doing he took my shirt off and started to kiss my
boobs. He sucked on my nipples and pulled them with
his teeth. I could feel myself getting wet down there
and I was torn between my excitement and fear. Then
he put my hand on his dick! I could feel it jump in
his shorts. I just let my hand sit there, not moving
it at all. He covered my hand with his and made me
rub it. I could feel how hard it was even through his
clothes. He unzipped his shorts, pulled it out and
put my hand back on it. It was the first time I had
seen a boy's dick, except for the one that Angela had
in her mouth, let alone touch one. I had no idea what
to do or expect."

The tears were streaming down the older girl's cheeks
now. She used a towel to wipe her eyes.

"I know we just met, but I like you guys and this is
the first time I have really talked about this to
anyone. The kids at school, I know, wouldn't
understand and I could never tell my mom, she would go

Kim said, "I ... or we understand. You can be sure
that we would never tell anyone about the things you
are telling us."

Megan smiled. "I hope not, but I just have to get
this off my chest. It has been bothering me for

Kim and Sally both reassured her it was ok and she
went on.

"Anyway, here I was with his dick in my hand, and he
was sucking my boobs. Mind you that I had never even
masturbated up to this point in my life! I had no
idea what I was feeling. I had just turned thirteen,
I was scared, and I was curious. I felt Daniel's hand
return to my crotch ... but this time I didn't stop
him. When he rubbed me there, I about went nuts. I
could feel a strange sensation building in me and I
liked what I felt. I didn't even notice that he had
undone my pants and pulled down the zipper, until I
felt his fingers against my bare pussy. When he
touched my clitoris, it felt like electricity was
running through my entire body. I even spread my legs
so he could go deeper. I didn't realize that I was
stroking his dick, my mind seemed like it was in
several different places all at once. I was lost in
the moment and when he put a finger inside me, I lost

I had my first orgasm and it felt great! By the time
I came back to earth and was able to comprehend what
was going on, Daniel had my pants down past my knees
and was climbing on top of me. He tried to push his
dick into my pussy, but I fought him off. Then the
little bastard slapped me and told me I was going to
get fucked, like it or not."

Megan was crying now, her face full of rage. Kim
moved next to her, put her arm around her shoulders
and tried to comfort her. Sally moved closer also,
she put her hands on the girl's knees and asked,

"Are you alright?"

Megan nodded her head and dabbed at her teary eyes.
Once she regained her composure, she went on.

"I felt helpless," she sobbed, looking to her new
friends for understanding. "My legs were tangled in
my pants and they had been pushed down to my ankles.
Daniel, who was much heavier than me, had me pinned on
the couch. Angela had taken her boy to another room.
Daniel held my arms over my head with one hand, and
took his dick in the other and pushed it into me. I
screamed for him to stop, but he just kept going.

I could feel him tear through my hymen as he pounded
on me. The pain was almost unbearable and I was
crying. The whole thing only lasted a couple of
minutes, but it seemed like hours. He pulled out
after he came in me! He stood up and said, 'that was
pretty good wasn't it? You are lucky to have me for
your first time!'

I was still crying and pulling up my pants when
Angela and her friend came back into the room. I
picked up my shirt and was putting it on when Angela
asked, 'What happened?'

I screamed the little bastard raped me!

Angela told the boys to get out of the house and
tried to make me feel better. I just told her to
leave me alone and I rode my bike home."

Megan had stopped crying and was calming down. She
asked if she could have something to drink.

Kim said, "Sure, do you want to go back out by our

Megan nodded yes and the three girls gathered their
things and went back by the pool. She picked up her
cup and emptied it in one long swallow.

"Would you like more?" Sally asked her.

She nodded yes and Sally went to the house to get
more cold drinks. Megan sat sideways on the lounge.
Kim sat next to her and put her arm around the girl's
shoulders again.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Kim asked.

"Oh yes, in fact it feels good being able to talk
about it."

Kim held the tall girl snuggly and then began to rub
her back. Sally returned with the sodas and handed
one to each girl. She sat across from the two of them
and drank her soda, waiting for Megan to go on.

After Megan pulled the tab on the top of her can and
took a big drink, she started to continue her saga.

"Three weeks later I missed my period. I didn't know
what to do, but I had learned enough in sex-ed to know
that I might be pregnant. I bought one of those home
tests and found out that I was knocked up. I was
really in a jam, I couldn't tell my parents and I
didn't know anyone that could help me. Out of
desperation, I called my older brother. He was in
college and living at school. I told him that I was
pregnant and I needed help. He never asked what
happened, but said he would see what he could do. Two
days later, he showed up at my house. He had a
friend, a French foreign exchange student, who gave
him a pill for me. I took the pill and two days later
my period started."

Sally and Kim sat and tried to comprehend the things
she was telling them. Neither girl could imagine the
horror or guilt she must have endured.

Kim asked, "What happened to Daniel?"

Megan tried to smile. "His family moved away a
couple of months later. I heard that his dad was
transferred to New York, or someplace out east."

Sally put her hand on Megan's knee. "Have you ever
talked to Angela about this?"

Megan leaned gently into Kim while she was stroking
her back.

"I tried to talk to her the next day, but she only
made light of it. She said that it was going to
happen sooner or later and it was really no big deal.
That was the last time I brought it up. That day was
the last time I was with a boy. I just can't stand
the thought of someone doing that to me again. I know
that all boys aren't like Daniel, but I am just too
afraid to find out if the next guy is. I would really
like to meet someone, but ... " Her words trailed off.
She drank more of the cold soda and sat up straight.

Kim removed her hand from her back and asked, "Why
are you still friends with Angela? Don't you blame
her for what happened to you?"

Megan shook her head, "No, I don't blame her, I blame
Daniel. He was the one that raped me, not Angela.
Besides, most of the kids at school think I am a
lesbian or something and won't hang with me. As bad
as Angela is, she is still my best friend, in fact she
is my only friend. I never go to the parties she was
talking about because I know what goes on at them.
From what Angela tells me they are sex fests attended
by a bunch of spoiled rich brats, smoking dope and

"That doesn't sound like anything I would like." Kim

Sally nodded her head in agreement with Kim adding,
"I hope we can become friends. Kim and I don't really
know anybody around here and it would be nice to have
someone to do things with."

Megan smiled at her two new friends, stood up, and
said, "I really have to go. I have had the nicest day
I can remember is a long time." She hugged Kim and
then Sally.

The two girls walked Megan out to her car and said,
"Goodbye, lets get together again real soon."

The tall girl said, "I look forward to it," and got
into her car. Kim and her cousin waved as she pulled
out and drove away.

The two teens went back into the house and out to the
pool. They picked up the empty soda cans, the tray of
snacks and carried them into the kitchen. After
cleaning up the kitchen, they sat at the counter and
began to discuss the day's events.

"I can't imagine how hard it must have been for
Megan," Sally said, "I can see why she doesn't trust
guys! She must have been devastated by the fact that
Angela didn't even help her and told her it was no big
deal. I don't think I would still be friends with

Kim turned on her stool to face Sally. "I know what
you mean, and then not being able to talk to her mom,
or anyone else about it ... I would have gone crazy."

"You know Kim," her cousin said, pausing to gather
her thoughts, "we really have it made. We have moms
that we can talk to about anything, great dads, and
cool brothers even if they are a pain at times. Both
of the girls we have met at school, so far, have
problems. If all of the kids at the academy are that
messed up, I'm not going to like going there."

"Me either, I remember the story our moms told us,
about when they were cheerleaders, and I just won't go
out with some guy, let alone have sex with him, just
to be part of the A list. If Angela is right, and
that's what it takes, then I just won't date guys from
the school! I am not going to get a reputation as a
slut like Angela must have!"

Sally jumped off her stool and walked to the
refrigerator, she opened the door and reached for a
can of soda.

"Want something"?

Kim nodded yes and Sally pulled out another can.

"Where are we going to find boys to date?" she said
as she climbed back onto the tall stool. She handed
Kim her soda, "If we can't find nice guys at school,
where do we look? You know we can't spend the rest of
our lives with our brothers! We may get away with
acting like we aren't related for a while, but sooner
or later someone is going to catch on and the shit's
going to hit the fan! I want to be able to go out
with a group of kids and not have to worry about it."

Kim was lost in what her cousin was saying. She
pictured in her mind being at a school function with
her brother and cousins and someone saying that they
knew they were related.

"You're right, we can't keep up the fa‡ade forever.
Maybe we could go to the fall dance as a group and not
two couples. That way we can meet, and dance with,
who we want to and so can our brothers. Besides, the
way those guys have been acting lately, I'm not sure I
want to even act like they are our dates! Who knows,
we might get invited to a party, they can't all be as
bad as Megan said they were."

"That works for me," Sally replied, "and I think it's
a great idea. We'll tell the guys about the change in
plans and we won't have to worry. We only told Angela
and Megan that we were just friends, but that is easy
enough to correct. By the way, what do you think
about Megan? I mean, do you think she is a lesbian or
something? I like her and would like to be friends
with her, but if she is one ... what would the other
kids at school think about us?"

"Remember the night on the beach, by the fire?" Kim

Sally nodded her head yes.

"Remember what my dad said about being who we are? I
think part of what he was trying to say is, we don't
want to be judged by what we have, what we wear or
what other people say, we want to be judged by our
actions. If we act like the other kids at school and
treat Megan, or anyone else, bad because of what other
people say, we are no better than them. I want to
make up my own mind about people, not form an opinion
based on what someone tells me about them. I like
Megan and if the kids think I am strange or a lesbian because I'm her friend ... screw them, I really don't

"Who's a lesbian?" The girls heard someone say.
They turned around and saw their moms walking into the
kitchen, carrying several bags. They set the bags on
the counter and sat next to their daughters.

"So who's a lesbian?" Marge asked again.

"Um ... no one," Kim said, "We were just talking."

"So, tell us about your afternoon," Anne said, "Did
you two have fun with your friends?"

"Yes," Sally replied, "we had a great time. Angela
couldn't stay all afternoon, but Megan just left. We
learned a lot about the school and the other kids."

"Do you guys want to tell us about it or not?" Marge
asked the girls.

Kim said, "Well, there isn't a lot to tell. We went
swimming, sat in the hot tub, had drinks and snacks,
and talked, a lot."

The two adults could detect their daughter's
reluctance to go into detail about the afternoon, but
they could also see that something was bothering

"Are your two new friends nice?" Anne asked, trying
to ease the girls into a conversation.

"Megan is real nice mom," Sally said, "but Angela ...
well she is kind of ..."

Kim chimed in, "She's a slut! She told us she has
been doing IT since she was in the seventh grade. Her
language is terrible too, she can't seem to get out a
sentence without swearing. She also said that the
only way to get a date with one of the so-called cool
guys is to sleep with them!"

Marge and Anne looked at each other and then at their
daughters. They could see that Kim was upset and that
Sally agreed with her assessment of Angela. After
contemplating her response, Marge said, "Do you girls remember the story about the cheerleaders when we were
in high school?"

The girls nodded yes.

"Well the people that hung around with that crowd
were all thought of the same way. You two need to
choose your friends very carefully and base those
friendships on facts not rumors. I think you guys will find that in high school things change. When a
girl is easy she is a slut, but when boys are sexually
active they are studs! It isn't fair, but that is
just the way it is. Once a girl is known to be having
sex, the guys think that the girls that hang around
with her are probably easy too and they will try
things that they might not try otherwise."

Sally turned to Kim and said quietly, "Maybe that's
why Megan had her trouble." Kim agreed with her.

"Maybe that's why Megan had what trouble?" Anne

"Well." Sally replied, "It's kind of personal.
Megan has been a friend of Angela's forever. When she
was thirteen she was at Angela's house with a couple
of boys. One of the boys tried to do things with her
and now she doesn't date. She said that she is afraid
of boys. Now the kids at school think she is a, you
know, a lesbian, because she doesn't go out with boys.
Kim and I like her but we don't want the kids to think
we are that way too because we hang around with her."

"Well girls," Marge said, "That is something you are
just going to have to work out for yourselves. It is
important that you remember the things we have talked
about over the past month or so, and the things you
learned at the campfire on the beach. It is also
important that you treat people the way you want to be
treated, even if it isn't the easiest way."

Just as Marge finished her statement, they heard Tom
yell, "Who wants fresh fish for dinner?"

He and Jack walked into the kitchen with big smiles
on their faces, carrying a cooler.

"We caught eight nice walleyes and about twenty
perch." Jack said as he and Tom set the cooler on the
floor and opened the lid. The four women walked
around, looked into the white cooler, and saw the fish.

"What are you boys going to do with them?" Marge

"We are going to clean them and eat them!" Jack
replied as he pulled a big walleye out by its gills.

"Where are you going to clean them, Jack?" Kim asked
her brother.

"We thought we could clean them right here in the

Marge looked at her son and nephew. "Oh no you're
not! You boys take them out side and clean them. I
don't want my kitchen to smell."

Jack and Tom grumbled as they picked up the cooler
and carried it out of the kitchen. The boys took the
fish out to the garage, set up a table on the
driveway, and covered it with newspaper.

Kim jumped off her stool and said, "I'm going to go
watch the guys clean the fish." She turned to her
cousin. "Are you coming?"

Sally stood up and was following Kim to the garage
when the two girls heard Marge say, "We can finish
talking later, girls."


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