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The Lottery Part 21

The Lottery - Part 21 (mf, con, rom)

The two young girls went out to the garage to see how
their brothers cleaned the fish they had caught. The
boys were standing, side-by-side, at a table,
filleting their fish. Kim and Sally watched as the
boys removed the heads and carefully separated the
white meat from the bones.

Sally said, "yuck!" Gazing at the pile of entrails
and severed fish heads. "How can you guys touch that

Tom smiled at his little sister's discomfort and
replied, "Oh, it's not too bad, you just have to get
used to it."

He ran the long, thin blade of his knife through a
large walleye, right behind its head and sawed it
towards the tail. He flipped the slab of meat over
and slid the sharp blade carefully between the skin
and the firm white meat. Using the tip of the knife,
he removed the rib bones and tossed the fillet into a
bowl of water.

"You guys did real good today!" Kim said, standing
across from her brother. "When are you two going

She picked up a knife and poked at one of the heads
in the pile. Reflexes caused the mouth of the fish
head to move and she dropped the knife on the table.

"Are they still alive, even after you cut off their

Jack looked up from the fish he was working on and
told her, "No, they are dead. Tom and I may go again
tomorrow if the weather is good, the fish are really

He and Tom finished cleaning the last of the fish.
Jack took a shovel from the garage, dug a hole under
an evergreen, and buried the remains.

Returning to the table he said, "It helps them grow!"
Anticipating the next question the curious girls'
would ask.

"So how was your tea party?" Tom asked the girls mockingly. "Did you and your friends have a nice
time?" He helped Jack remove the things from the
table and put them on a workbench in the garage. The
boys folded the table and put it away.

"We had a nice day with Megan and Angela," Kim told
her cousin, "Megan is very nice and although a bit
strange, Angela is alright. The four of us just swam,
went into the hot tub, and talked."

The boys were finishing up their clean up when Don
and Marc pulled into the drive. They got out of the
car and removed their golf clubs from the trunk.

Don asked, "How did you guys do fishing today?"

Jack and Tom told their dads about the fishing trip
and the fish they caught. "We would like to go
tomorrow," Jack said, "if I can use the suburban
again. We have a hot spot and would like to try to
catch a few more fish before I have to winterize the

"I don't see why not, I don't have anything planned
that would require the truck." Don turned to his
daughter and niece and asked, "Did you girls have a
good time with your friends?"

Kim and Sally nodded yes and told the men briefly
about the afternoon.

Kim asked Jack, "Can Sally and I go fishing with you
guys tomorrow? We don't have any plans and it's
supposed to be a nice day. I would like to catch
another fish, like we did up-north."

Jack thought about his sister's request. He looked
at Tom to see what his feelings were. Tom shrugged
his shoulders, indicating he didn't care. "I guess
so, but we want to leave early, about six."

The group walked through the garage and into the
house. Jack took the bowl of fresh fish into the
kitchen and put it on the counter. Marge put the bowl
into the sink and began running cold water over the
fillets, rinsing them thoroughly. She asked her
sister-in-law, "Would you folks like to stay for

Anne went over to the sink to help and said, "sure."
The two women went about preparing the meal and their
husbands went out to the backyard and relaxed.

The four teens had settled in the family room and
turned on the television. Sally asked her brother,
"Did you take any pictures today?"

"Yes, I shot a whole roll. We dropped them off at
the one-hour photo shop on our way home. They should
be done by now, maybe I will go and pick them up
before dinner."

"Great, I would love to see them."

Jack and Tom went out to the kitchen and told their
mom's they were going to go pick up the pictures.

Anne said, "You two hurry, it won't be long before

Kim flipped the channels on the TV, looking for
something to watch. She found the weather channel and
watched to see what kind of day tomorrow was going to

"Look Sally, she said, "it's going to be eighty
tomorrow. We should be able to get some sun!"

Sally nodded as she watched the forecast. "Cool in
the morning, slight southwesterly breeze, warmer in
the afternoon, no rain." She said, repeating the
words that scrolled across the screen. "It sounds

Kim's mom yelled for the girls to come and set the
table. They went into the kitchen and collected the
dishes and other things they would need and took them
into the dinning room.

Sally asked, "Do you think I could stay here again
tonight? That way I can sleep a little later.
Besides, I really liked sleeping with you again, I
miss it."

The girls went back to the family room and waited for
dinner. Their brothers came in, Tom holding the
envelope of pictures.

Kim told Sally, "I don't see why not."

The boys sat on the couch next to the girls, Tom
pulled the photos out and handed them to Sally.

"Don't see why not what?" he said.

"I am going to stay here tonight so I will be up in
time to go fishing with you guys." She said, looking
at each picture and then handing it to Kim. "These
are much better than the last batch, you are getting
the hang of your new camera."

Tom said, "Thanks, I am doing better with my
composition. The books I have been reading have

The girls finished looking at the pictures from the
day's trip. Kim handed the stack back to Tom and
complimented him on his work. Anne called the kids,
telling them dinner was ready. The four teens went
into the dining room and took their place at the table.

A large platter of fillets sat in the middle of the
table. Coleslaw, French fried potatoes, green beans,
and fresh bread surrounded the hot fish on separate
plates and bowls. They passed the food among
themselves until everyone's plate was full. As the
two families ate, the men told their wives about their
game of golf, the girls talked to each other about the
day and the boys, their mouths full most of the time,
talked about where they would fish tomorrow.

Once everyone had their fill of the fish and other
things, Marge went into the kitchen and brought out a
plate of cookies. Anne served hot coffee to the
adults and the kids drank milk.

When the meal was complete and the table cleared, the
two families went into the family room. Don pulled a
chair over to the door wall and sat facing the rest of
the family members.

"I think it is time we had a talk," he said.

The teens stopped their chatter and looked at him.
Each kid had any number of things racing through their
heads as they waited in anticipation to hear what Don
had to say. The two women looked at their children
and saw they were uneasy.

"I understand, that you kids have been asking about
your grandparents. I want to try to explain what
happened and why you have never seen them. First of
all, our father died when we were young, I was
thirteen, and Anne was eleven. Our mother, your
grandmother, never remarried and raised us by herself.
She was set in her ways and very strict. The small
town we lived in was in the Bible belt and all of the
folks went to the same church. Your grandmother and
Marc and Marge's parents, your other grandparents,
knew each other from church, but weren't really

Don surveyed the room, he could see that the kids
were trying to follow him, but because of the
relationship of the four adults, it was difficult.

"We were never told about sex. We had to learn from
the limited sex education at school and what we heard
from the other kids in the neighbor hood. We were
pretty načve about the whole sex thing. We knew how
babies were made, but nothing of the romantic side of
sex. When Marge and Anne met, things changed and
through experimentation, we found out that sex could
be fun."

Don stood up and began to pace. He knew what he
wanted to say, but he was having trouble finding the

"For the first year or so after the four of us met,
we had an on again off again relationship with each
other. It wasn't until Marc and I were seventeen and
your moms were turning sixteen that we started to date
each other as boyfriends and girlfriends."

Anne could tell that her brother was starting to get
a little uncomfortable with the explanation. She
walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Want me to take over?" He nodded and joined Marge
on the couch.

Anne sat in the chair, "Your fathers were the
greatest boyfriends a girl could ask for. They always
treated us well and never talked to their friends
about what we did together. They took Marge and I to
the prom and a couple of months later, she and I found
out we were pregnant."

"Well," she continued, "when your grandparents found
out things got real ugly." Marge and I were allowed
to finish that school year, but as soon as school was
out for the summer things changed. It seems that my
mom and your other grandparents had been talking to
each other. Marge and I hadn't begun to show when
school ended and no one in town knew we were pregnant."

Anne's eyes were filling with tears. Marge went to
her side and put her hand on her shoulder. "Are you
ok?" she asked.

Anne shook her head and said, "yes." Marge stayed at
her side as she went on.

"The last day of school was a Friday and your
fathers' graduation ceremony was held that night. The
next day your grandparents, all three of them, sat us
all down for a talk. We were told that we were no
longer welcome there and would have to leave. They
gave us an old car, one thousand dollars and told us
to pack our things. They said that if we wanted to
act like adults, we could live like adults."

Anne had tears running down her cheeks, as did Marge.
They looked at their children and saw the girls were
also crying, the boys were fighting it. Don got up
and gave the women tissues to dry their eyes.

"That afternoon," Anne said, slightly sobbing. "The
four of us packed all of the things we could fit into
the car and left. We had no idea where we were going
to go or how we were going to live. After driving all
night, we ended up in a little truck stop in Kentucky.
We were the only people in the restaurant except for a
nice waitress and the cook. She came over and talked
with us for a long time. When we finally told her
what had happened, she told us that you could get
married in Kentucky at sixteen without your parent's
permission. Your fathers proposed to us in the booth
at the truck stop."

The two women had stopped crying and giggled
remembering the two boys on their knees next to the

"It was Sunday, and there was nothing we could do
about it that day. We found a little motel and
checked in to wait for Monday. Because we didn't have
very much money, we shared a room. We spent the day
walking around the little town and talking. We
decided that we would go to Michigan because that is
where the auto plants were and the best place to find
jobs. That night we went back to the motel and went
to bed."

Anne stopped talking, turned to Marge, and whispered,
"Remember that night?" Marge nodded her head, smiled
and then began to chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Marc asked.

"Just memories," Marge said to her brother.

Anne went on, "Monday we spent the day taking care of
the legal matters, and we were married by a justice of
the peace. We went back to the truck stop for dinner
and thanked the waitress, and left for Michigan. Once
we got here, we found a motel that rented rooms by the
week and moved in. Your fathers went out the next day
and looked for work. Things were pretty good at that
time and they found jobs at the same shop. Within
three weeks we were able to rent a small house and
move in. We bought a couple of mattresses at a second
hand shop and for the first month that is all the
furniture we had. Your fathers were able to work a
lot of over time and soon we were picking up a few
things for the house. Marge and I found jobs at a
restaurant as waitresses, and worked there for sixteen

Anne asked Marge to finish the story.

"That fall you boys were born and we called your
grandparents to tell them. We were told to never call
again. So, that's why you kids have never met your
grandparents and why we don't talk to them."

The four teens sat silently for a few minutes after
Marge stopped talking.

Jack said, "Do you know where they are now?"

Don said, "No, we have never heard from them in a
very long time. We sent Christmas cards and pictures
for a few years. When the girls were two, the cards
were returned by the Post Office as undeliverable, so
we stopped sending them."

Don gestured to Marc and the men joined their wives.
Standing side by side, their arms around each other,
Don said, "We don't ever want anything like that to
happen to you kids. We love you and want you to be
able to talk to us and tell us anything. We also want
you to know, that no matter what, we will never treat
you kids like our parents treated us. We want you
guys to be a part of our lives forever. We want to
enjoy our grandchildren and help you anyway we can.
The four of us grew up in fear and we don't want that
to happen to you. So please, always feel that you can
come to us with anything."

The four kids went to their parents and hugged them.
The girls began to cry.

"Thank you for telling us," Kim said, "I will always
love you and never feel afraid to talk to you."

The other three teens all told their parents' thanks
and that they loved them. The two families hugged and
comforted each other for a while then returned to
their seats.

Sally asked her brother, "Can you please run me home
so I can get some things for tomorrow? I will need
something warm to wear on the boat in the morning when
we go fishing."

Tom nodded and asked his dad for the keys to the car.

Jack said, "Tom, why don't you get your things and
stay here too. That way we can get an early start."

"Ok," Tom said, "let's go Sally. I want to get back
and get to bed. Five o'clock is going to come

Sally jumped up and went over to Kim. The two girls discussed their wardrobe for the day on the boat.

Sally said, "I'm ready Tom, let's go."

The brother and sister left, Kim and Jack went
upstairs. Kim went to her room and selected the
clothes she would wear tomorrow. She picked out a
pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt for the morning,
shorts, and a tee shirt for the afternoon and her
white bikini swimsuit. She packed everything except
the sweats in a small duffel bag and set it near the
door. She went into the hall and through her
brother's open door.

Jack was sitting on his bed reading the latest copy
of a fishing magazine when his sister sat beside him.

"Jack, I want us to promise to always love each
other, no matter what. I don't ever want us to grow
apart. I know that we will fight, I guess all
brothers and sisters do, but I don't ever want us to
hate one another."

Jack laid his magazine on the bed and turned to his
little sister. He looked into her sparkling blue
eyes, smiled, and put his arm around her shoulder.

"I could never hate you. You piss me off sometimes,
but I get over it. The eight of us are the only
family we have and you are my only sister. I love you
Kim and will always protect you."

Kim threw her arms around his neck and held him
close. Her eyes filled with tears as she rested her
head on his shoulder. She released his neck and said,
"thanks." She stood up and started to leave the room.

Jack said, "Hey!"

Kim turned and looked at him.

"Besides, you have a great ass."

She went back to the side of his bed and smacked him
on the arm. Then she put her arms around his neck
again and said, "So do you." She kissed his forehead
and left the room.

In the family room the four adults sat and talked
about the events of their teenage years and how they
would never cause their children the same pain.

Don asked, "Anyone for the hot tub?"

Everyone agreed that that sounded like a good idea
and went out to the pool area. Marge closed the
drapes, blocking the view of the pool and hot tub from
the family room. The kids knew that when the drapes
were closed, it meant do not disturb. Don went into
the pool house, started the hot tub, and returned to
the rest of the group. Quietly, the four undressed
and climbed into the hot water. Don and Marge sat
across from their brother and sister. The four
relaxed in the tub, no one was speaking.

Marge thought back to the little town in Kentucky.
She remembered that Sunday afternoon after Don had

* * *

The four teens walked along the deserted streets of
the small mining town. The shops were closed and only
occasionally did they see another person. Marge and
Don held hands as they walked. The four talked about
their future and the dreams they had. Marc and Anne,
also hand in hand talked about buying a house and car.

The afternoon was warm and sunny. They stopped in a
small park in the center of town and sat on a wooden
bench. Don put his arm around her and kissed her
deeply. Marge was happier than she had ever been in
her short life. She kissed her husband to be back,
stroking the back of his head. Marc and Anne also
embraced and kissed each other.

They spent the rest of the afternoon in the park,
leaving when the sun was beginning to set. They
stopped at a store and to buy bread and lunchmeat to
make sandwiches with back at the room. Hand in hand
the four walked back to the small motel.

Their room was barely big enough for the two double
beds and the single dresser. The bathroom had a small
shower stall and a toilet. The sink was in a counter
just outside of the bathroom and part of the main
room. A small table in the corner by the door had two
un-matching chairs pulled up to it. Thin tattered
curtains covered the only window.

Marge and Anne made sandwiches while Don showered and
Marc watched the small black and white television.
When Don came out of the bathroom, Marc went in.

While Marc showered, the two girls went out to the
car and searched through the cardboard boxes their
clothes had been hastily thrown into. They picked out
nightgowns and clean clothes for the morning.

Back in the room, Marc was sitting on one of the
beds, watching tv with Don. The four ate their meager
dinner and the girls went into the small bathroom
together to clean up.

"You know," Marge told her soon to be sister in law,
"This is the first time we will sleep with them,
alone, and all night. Are you scared?"

Anne removed the clothes she had worn for two days.
"No, are you?"

"A little, but I will be alright. I can't believe
they asked us to marry them. Yesterday we were
wondering what we would do and now we are going to be

Marge pulled off the last of her clothes and stepped
into the small shower stall. Anne sat on the toilet to wait her turn.

"I have dreamed about marrying your brother Marge,
but my vision of the wedding was a little different.
I wanted you to be my maid of honor and to have a
large group of attendants and brides maids. Now it
will just be the four of us."

Marge climbed out of the shower, leaving the water
run for Anne. She pulled one of the small coarse
white towels from the wire rack on the wall. Anne
climbed into the shower and pulled the plastic curtain
closed. Marge dried her self and wrapped the towel
around her head to dry her hair.

"I guess it is just going to be the four of us for a
while, at least until the babies come."

She rubbed her stomach, noting that she was
developing a very slight bulge. She knew that no one
could tell she was pregnant, not by looking.

"Do you think they will still like us when we are
fat?" Marge asked.

Anne turned off the water and opened the curtain.
She reached for a towel and stood in the small
enclosure to dry herself.

"Sure they will," she said. "After all, the babies
are theirs too. I wonder how long we can have sex, or
how long the guys will want to."

The two girls started to laugh. They slipped into
the old cotton nightgowns they had brought in and
pulled the wet towels from their hair.

Anne said, "I wish I had something sexy to wear
tonight. I don't really think Marc will be turned on
by this old thing."

"Do you think you will really have it on all that
long?" Marge said, opening the door into the room.

"I hope not!" Anne giggled as she followed Marge out
of the bathroom.

The guys were sitting on the beds, watching

Don said, "It took long enough. What were you two
doing in there?"

Don and Marc were wearing boxers and tee shirts.
Neither of them wore pajamas to sleep in. The boys stood up, turned down the covers of their beds, and
invited their brides to be to join them. Marge and
Anne sat on the edge of the beds and looked at their
brothers then at their boyfriends. Anne swung her
legs onto the bed, put her pillow behind her, and sat
against the headboard. Marc sat next to her and
pulled the covers up to their waists. Marge and Don
mimicked their siblings and the four teens sat in
silence, watching TV.

The events of the last two days caught up with them
and they all realized that their lives were changed
forever. They were young and on their own. They
would have to make the best of things no matter how
hard things became.

Marge wrapped her arms around Don's arm and pulled it
to her side. He could feel the soft flesh of her
breast pressed against his arm and the warmth of her.
He turned to face her and saw the tears in her eyes.
Gently he kissed away the small drops and whispered,
"I love you Marge, and I will always love you. We
will be fine and I will make you a good husband. No
matter what happens I will take care of you and the
baby." She felt comforted as Don rubbed her stomach.

"Will you still feel that way when I am fat and
ugly?" She whispered into his ear.

Don wrapped his strong arms around her and held her
tight. He stroked her damp hair and kissed her
forehead lightly. He reached over her and turned of
the small lamp that sat on the table between the beds.
Marc got up, turned off the television, and returned
to bed.

Don and Marge slid down and lay on their sides facing
each other. The room was dark except for the flashing
light of the pink neon sign that filtered through the
thin curtains. The glow fell across Marge's face for
a moment and then she was lost in the darkness. Don
put his arms around her and kissed her on the mouth.
The kiss was soft and lasted for minutes. She relaxed
her lips and allowed his tongue into her mouth,
sucking it lightly. Don rubbed her side and brushed
her breasts.

Marge broke the kiss and quietly removed her
nightgown. She pulled Don's shirt over his head and
dropped it to the floor. He rose up on one elbow a
she laid on her back. He ran his hand over her
stomach and whispered, "That's our baby sweetheart."

He glided his hand up and covered one of her breasts.
Massaging it firmly, he felt her nipple harden against
the palm of his hand. She moaned as he ran his
fingertip over the protrusion, taking it between his
thumb and finger. He rolled her nipple and pulled it
away from her breast.

Don moved his hand to her other breast and lowered
his mouth to the one he had been teasing. He sucked on the firm flesh and probed her nipple with his
tongue. She held the back of his head with one hand
and stroked his bare side with the other. He
increased the suction on her breast when she moved her
hand to his crotch and squeezed his penis.

Marge hooked her thumb in the elastic waistband of
his boxers and tried to push them down. He released
her breast and helped her remove the last item of
clothing between them. She wrapped her small fingers
around his hard shaft and stroked it slowly.

Don put his hand between her legs and rubbed her
vagina. He could feel the moisture that escaped from
between the puffy lips. He used his middle finger to
part her and rub along the length of her opening. She
increased the pressure on his penis when his finger
made contact with her engorged clit.

When Don's finger slipped into her, she covered his
mouth with hers and moaned into it. She drove her
tongue into his mouth as he stroked the inside of her
dripping pussy.

"Rub my clit." She pleaded.

He used his thumb to push against her button and
continued to finger her. Marge released his penis and
pushed him onto his back. She climbed on top of him
and lowered her crotch to his. Gently she rocked back
and forth, wetting his member with her wet vagina.

Marge rose up and used her hand to put his penis
against her opening. She lowered herself slowly and
felt the hard flesh impale her. Don bucked up to meet
her, driving himself completely into her. She kissed
him and said softly, "Take it easy, just lie still and
let me do it."

Don attempted to relax, but he was so excited that he
couldn't. He started to move his hips against her as
she rose and lowered herself on him.

Marge glanced to the bed next to them and saw her
brother on top of Anne. She could see his butt raise
and lower, under the blankets, at a rapid pace. She
returned her attention to Don. She rose up and off
his throbbing penis and let it flop onto his stomach.

"Relax," she said, "we don't have to hurry anymore."

She laid on him and waited for him to clam down
before she reinserted him into her pussy.

She put her hands on his chest and pushed herself up,
sitting on him with his penis buried inside her. He
reached up with both hands and covered her breasts,
massaging them. Marge rose up until he was almost out
of her and then pushed back down. She enjoyed the
feeling of being filled and stretched. Don pinched
and rolled her nipples as she slowly rode him. She
again glanced at her brother and Anne. They had
finished their lovemaking, and were watching her and
Don. She ignored them and concentrated on making love
to her soon to be husband.

Marge increased the speed of her humping. Don moaned
out loud and began to move in time with her. As she
came down on his tool, he pushed up against her.
Together they pushed against each other. She felt his
body stiffen and his pace quicken. She lay down
against him. He put his hands on her hips and guided
her up and down. He pushed hard against her and held
her to him as he emptied his semen into her
contracting cavern. She ground her clit against the
base of his penis and felt her own orgasm reach its

Completely exhausted, they laid quietly together,
Don's semi-hard penis still concealed in her cum filled hole. Marge nestled her face into his neck and
fell asleep.

* * * *

Marge felt her husband's hand sliding up her leg and
bump into her crotch. "Are you ok?" he asked.

Marge shook her head yes and said, "Just remembering

Don knew what she had been daydreaming about and just
smiled at her. He stroked her under the swirling
water and kissed her on the cheek. "I don't know
about you guys," he said, "but I'm getting water

He stood up and Marge followed him out of the hot
tub, Marc and Anne right behind them. The four went
into the pool house and showered together.

After they had dried themselves, they went to the
tub, retrieved their clothes, and dressed. They
opened the door wall and went into the family room.
The four adults were sitting on the couch when Tom and
Sally returned.

"Where are Jack and Kim?" Sally asked.

Marge told them that she thought they were upstairs.
The two kids left the family room and ran upstairs.

Kim was in her room finishing her homework when Sally
came in.

"Tom and I stopped at the store on the way back,"
Sally said, "Look what I bought us."

She sat on the bed, opened the shopping bag she had
carried in, and removed the contents. Kim joined her
on the bed and she handed her one of the garments from
the bag.

"What are these?" Kim asked as she unfolded the pink
clothing. She held up a pair of knit pants and a
matching long-sleeved shirt. The items looked like
they were much too small for her as she held the shirt against her chest.

"Thermal long underwear," Sally replied, "Tom said it
might be cold on the boat in the morning so I picked
them up for us. See, mine match yours." She held her
own outfit up for her cousin to see.

"They look too small," Kim said, standing up and
removing her skirt and top.

Dressed in only her cranberry panties and bra, she
pulled the bottoms on. She stretched the pink pants
over her legs and hips, pulling the crotch tightly
between her legs. She put the shirt over her head and
pushed her arms through the sleeves. Grabbing the
bottom of the tight top, Kim pulled it over her
breasts and down to her waist. Standing in front of
the mirror, she examined the new underwear. She
noticed how the fabric clung to her body, defining
every mound and valley. She could see the outline of
her panties and bra in the pink material.

"I just love them!" Kim exclaimed, watching Sally
shed her jeans and shirt and put on her matching
outfit, "I could even sleep in these. Let's go and
show the guys." The two girls went across the hall
and into Jack's bedroom.

"How do you two like our new outfits?" Kim asked the

Jack and Tom looked at their shapely sisters as they
stood next to each other, their hands on their hips.
Jack let out a low wolf whistle and Tom grabbed his
camera. He snapped several shots of the two girls as
they turned around slowly for him. The girls giggled
at the boy's reaction and began to pose for them. Tom
kept shooting pictures as the girls tried to look sexy.

"You two look real cute." Jack told them, "And those
outfits should keep you warm tomorrow. It is going to
be cold on the lake until the sun gets up. You two
should get some sleep, we have to get up early."

The girls agreed, bounded out of his room and back
into Kim's room.

Kim flipped the door closed and pulled the tight pink
thermal top over her head. She pushed the matching
pants down and, hopping on one foot, pulled them over
her left foot. Reversing the process she finished
removing the new garment and carried it to the
loveseat, folded it carefully and put it with the
sweat suit she would wear tomorrow morning. After
removing her bra, Kim put on a pair of pajamas and
went to brush her teeth.

Sally removed her pink outfit and fished a nightshirt
out of her duffel bag, pulled it over her head and
joined her cousin in the bathroom.

"We should put our things in one bag for tomorrow,"
she mumbled around the toothbrush stuck in her mouth.
She spit the foamy remains into the sink and rinsed
with water.

Kim removed the elastic band that held her ponytail,
shook her head, and picked up her hairbrush.

"That's a great idea, then we will only have to carry
one bag," she replied, pulling the brush through her
hair. "How do you think I would look with short hair?
I have been thinking of cutting this off."

She held her hair at her neckline and waved the
blonde locks at Sally.

"I think you would look cute, and it would be much
easier to take care of."

Sally took Kim's hair in her hands from behind and
held it along side her head, trying to show her how it
would look. "How short would you cut it?"

"Maybe to here," Kim said, holding the side of her
hand parallel to the bottom of her chin. "I will look
through a couple of my magazines and find something I
like and ask my mom. This long hair is such a hassle
sometimes, especially with the pool." Kim pulled away
from Sally and said, "Let's go tell our parents goodnight and get some sleep. The guys want us up

The girls went downstairs and found their parents sitting in the family room.

"We are going to bed." Sally announced, "We just
wanted to say goodnight."

Sally and Kim kissed their parents. Sally whispered
into her mom's ear, "I only have one pill left mom, we
need to get more."

Anne said, "I know, Aunt Marge and I have already
taken care of that for you two. You guys get some
sleep and we will see you tomorrow."

As the two teens walked to the stairs they heard
their dads asking their moms what they had taken care
of, and then muffled laughter. They went upstairs and
to Kim's room. The girls saw Tom in the hall, headed
to one of the guest rooms. "Six o'clock," he said as
he passed the girls, "If you aren't up, we won't
wait!" The two girls nodded and went into Kim's room.

Kim pulled back the covers on the bed and the teens
jumped in. After jockeying for position, Kim turned
off the light on the nightstand and said, "Goodnight
Sally, see you in the morning."

She rolled on her side, put her arm over her cousin
and fell asleep, snuggled against Sally's warm body.

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