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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 22


The Lottery - Part 22 (ff, inc, con)

Kim woke up to the buzzing of her alarm clock. She
focused on the green digits and thought, "Five, it's
so early."

She pushed the snooze button and lay back on her
pillow for ten more minutes of sleep. Her arm went
around the sleeping girl next to her and rested
against her bare midriff. Sally's nightshirt had
bunched up around her, just under her breasts. She
slowly stroked her soft skin, from the waistband of
her nylon panties to the gathered material. Her hand
made small circles as it glided over the near nude
body of her cousin. Sally moaned in her sleep and
pulled her feet up, allowing her legs to part.

The clock buzzed again, signaling the ten-minute
snooze time had expired. Again, Kim reached for the
annoying clock, turning off the alarm. She returned
her hand to the warm flesh she had been rubbing and
ventured farther. She ran her hand down between
Sally's parted legs and cupped her crotch. She
squeezed her firmly and used her fingertips to trace
up her stomach and under her nightshirt. Kim teased
her cousin's nipples until they became hard and stood
away from her breasts. She cupped and massaged each
breast before returning to her now moist vagina.

Sally woke up as Kim slipped her hand under the snug
panties she wore and stroked her moist vaginal slit.
Sally gasped when she felt Kim's finger rub her
hardened clit, then plunge into her wetness.

"Good morning sleepy head," she said, slowly moving
her finger in and out of her wet pussy, her movement
restricted by the panties. "It's time to get up and
go fishing."

The excited girl, now fully awake, lifted her butt
off the bed and pushed her panties down past her
knees. She spread her legs as wide as she could to
give Kim's probing finger better access to her hole.
She began to rub and squeeze her breasts and humped
herself into Kim's hand.

Kim got up onto her knees and removed her finger.
She bent down and covered Sally's pussy with her mouth
extended her tongue, poked at her clit and then pushed
into her sex. She lifted her head from the overheated
girl's crotch and jumped out of bed onto the floor.

"That's enough for now," she said, "we have to go."

Sally used her hand to replace Kim's mouth and tried
to bring on her orgasm. Kim pulled the remaining
covers off her, grabbed her arm, and pulled Sally to
the edge of the bed. She released her arm and grabbed
the panties, which were now around her ankles, and
pulled her legs out of the bed.

Sally reluctantly sat up and said, "You can be such a
little bitch! I was just about to cum when you
stopped eating me and again when you stopped me from
doing it myself."

"Later," Kim said, grabbing the panting girl's arms
and standing her up. "The guys are going to be
knocking at our door anytime and we have to be ready."
She let go of her arms, walked to the door, and opened

Sally stood next to the bed with her panties still
around her ankles and asked, "What are you doing?"
She stepped out of the panties and picked them up.

"I'm going to see if our brothers are awake yet. I
want to know how much time we have to get ready."

Kim crossed the hall and knocked softly on Jack's
door. When she didn't get a reply, she opened it and
looked inside. Jack was still sleeping, his alarm
buzzing next to his head. She crossed the room and
shook her brother's shoulder. When he rolled onto his
back, she could see a bulge in covers, from his
morning erection.

Smiling, she again shook him and said, "Jack, it's
time to get up."

The drowsy boy slowly opened his eyes. He looked up
at his sister, bent over him, her hand on his
shoulder. His eyes traveled down and gazed at her
breasts, exposed beneath the gaping pajama top. Kim
realized what had caught his attention and slowly
straightened up. She watched her brother unconsciously scratch his crotch and rub his

"You don't have time for that," she said, and turned
to leave.

Jack quickly pulled his hand away, realizing what she
was referring to and sat up.

"Is Tom up yet?" he asked.

"I don't know Jack, but Sally and I will be ready in
about fifteen minutes."

Kim left her brother's room and returned to hers.
Sally was in the shower when she entered the bathroom
and removed her pajamas. She brushed her teeth and
waited for her cousin to finish.

Sally turned off the water, stepped out of the
shower, and pulled a towel from the rack.

"Are the guys up yet?" she asked.

Kim nodded and replied, "Jack is, I didn't check on
Tom." Stepping into the shower, Kim added, "I will be
finished in a minute." She slid the glass door closed
and turned on the water, feeling it refresh her.

Kim finished her shower and dried herself. She
pulled her wet hair into a ponytail and secured it
with an elastic band. Sally was pulling the pink
thermal bottoms of her new long-underwear over her
butt, when Kim came into the bedroom, covering the
thong panties she had selected for the day.

"Are you going to wear a bra today?" she asked Kim,
"I don't think I will, it was a little uncomfortable
under this top."

Kim shook her head no as she watched her pull the
pink top over her head and tuck it into the matching

Kim put on a pair of red bikini panties and the pink
thermals that matched her cousins. The two girls put
on the sweatpants and sweatshirts, they had chosen for
the day, and stuffed the last few items they would
need into the duffel bag. Sally picked up the bag and
the girls went downstairs.

Jack and Tom were sitting at the counter eating
breakfast when the girls walked into the kitchen.

"Do we have time to eat?" Sally asked.

"If you hurry." Jack said.

Kim and Sally fixed bowls of cereal and juice. They
joined the boys at the counter and ate quickly.

"Have you been outside yet?" Kim asked.

Jack looked up from his bowl and answered, "No, not
yet, but it is going to be chilly until the sun comes
up. You two had better take jackets." He finished
his breakfast and put his dirty dishes into the sink.
"Hurry up," he said, "Tom and I will go hook up the
boat." The boys left the kitchen and headed for the

The two girls finished their meal, rinsed their
dishes, as well as their brother's, and put them into
the dishwasher.

"Why are boys such slobs?" Sally said as the girls picked up their bag and followed them into the garage.
Kim just shrugged her shoulders.

The four teens climbed into the Suburban and Jack
eased the big rig down the driveway into the street.
It was still dark as he pulled onto the main road and
drove towards the lake.

They would be fishing on Lake St. Clair today. It
wasn't really a lake, but a very large river delta
between the Saint Clair River to the north and the
Detroit River to the south. The average depth of the
lake was only about twelve feet, with a dredged
shipping channel to allow the freighters access
between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. In the fall the
walleyes could be found along the edge of the channel,
the perch in the weed beds.

Jack drove to the public launch ramp and parked the
rig in the staging area. The four teens got out of
the truck, Jack and Tom prepared the boat to launch.
Kim felt a chill from the northerly breeze, she zipped
her jacket to the neck in an attempt to keep warm.

The boys removed the canvas cover and stored it in
the back of the Suburban. They removed the straps
that secured the transom to the trailer. Jack tied
the dock lines to the fore and aft cleats and handed
them to Tom. He got into the truck and backed the
boat trailer down the steep ramp to the water. Tom
handed the line attached to the bow to his sister and
told her to hold it tight.

The boat entered the water as Jack backed down the
ramp. When about two thirds of the hull was in the
water, he stopped the truck and went to the front of
the trailer. Jack told Tom and the girls he was ready
and released the boat from the winch. The twenty-
seven foot boat rolled down the trailer and into the
lake. Tom and the girls used the lines to pull it to
the floating dock and secure it.

Jack said, "I am going to go park the truck. Does
everyone have their things?"

"Wait," Kim called, "I have to get our bag."

She ran from the dock the side door of the Suburban
and retrieved the duffel bag with Sally's and her

"Can I ride with you?" Jack nodded and pulled his
door closed, Kim jumped into the front seat and joined
him. He put the truck into gear and pulled away from
the ramp, the trailer leaving a trail of water behind.
Jack found a parking space close to the ramp and
pulled the truck into it. He and his sister got out
and walked back to the boat.

"Do you think we will catch any fish today?" she
asked as she tried to keep up with her brother's wide
steps. Kim carried her duffle bag in one hand and
grabbed at Jack's arm with the other, trying to slow
him down. Jack matched the young girl's pace,
allowing her to walk next to him, still holding his

"I think we should be able to find the fish again
today," he said. "They shouldn't have moved."

His sister was hugging his arm close to her side as
they walked. He could feel her breast pressed against
his upper arm, even through her jacket. He pulled
away from her grip, gave her a gentle smack on her
butt, and said, "Let's go!"

The siblings walked down the dock to the boat. Tom
had the engine running and was pulling rods from the
lockers and placing them into the rod-holders. Kim
climbed down the steps onto the deck of the boat and
stowed the duffle bag in the cabin. Jack untied the
lines, removed them from the cleats, and coiled them
neatly. He jumped from the dock to the deck and took
his place at the helm.

Jack pulled back on the gear lever, backed the boat
away from the dock and turned it towards the lake. He
adjusted the speed so the boat wouldn't create a wake
in the dock area.

Kim asked him, "Can I sit with you?"

Her brother moved over and patted the seat next to
him. She moved into the seat and looked out over the
bow to the lake ahead.

Sally watched Tom prepare the rods for the type of
fishing they would be doing.

"Are we going to use lures like we did for Salmon?"
She asked him.

He shook his head no and tied a lead weight to the
line. He hooked a three-foot harness, made up of
beads, a spinner and three hooks to the line.

"What are we going to use?"

Tom reached for a small square box and removed the
lid. He poked around inside and pulled out a large
night crawler.

"Worms?" Sally shouted.

Kim turned to see what her cousin was yelling about
and saw the long slimy night crawler dangling from
Tom's fingertips. "Yuck," she said, "Who is going to
put them on the hooks for us?"

Jack and Tom started to laugh uncontrollably. Tom
had to lean against the gunwale to keep from falling.
The two girls watched their brothers grip their sides
as they continued to laugh.

"You guys are going to put them on your hooks," Jack
said, "if you want to fish."

Kim and Sally pouted in an attempt to get their
brothers to handle the worms for them. When the boys saw their lower lips stuck out, they laughed louder.

Jack eased the boat past the no-wake buoys and pushed
the throttle down causing the craft to surge forward.
The boat bounced over the one-foot waves as he set a
course for the spot they would begin fishing. He and
Tom had marked a few waypoints in the GPS the day
before and Jack thought he would start at the closest
one, about six miles out. They would set up a drift
along the edge of the shipping channel. The light
northerly wind would provide enough speed to give the
worm harnesses good action.

Sally walked forward and stood next to Kim. The
increased speed made it too cold to stay with Tom at
the stern. The two girls could see the sun coming up
in the east, just breaking the horizon. The water was
not as blue as the large lake they had spent their
summer vacation on, but it wasn't dirty either. As
the amount of light increased, they could see other
boats scattered on the water. A large freighter was
making its way along the channel. They passed behind
the ship several hundred yards away.

Jack slowed the boat, turned it south and turned off
the engine. "We will start here," he said, "Time to
get up Kim."

She stood up and moved to the rear of the boat,
giving her brother room. Jack joined Tom and pulled a
crawler from the container.

"Come on you guys," he said, "we'll show you how to
do this."

The girls watched their brothers curl the sharp hooks
through the long brown worms. The boys explained that
the night crawler had to hang straight on the hook so
it looked natural. They lowered the rigs into the
water and let out line, stopping occasionally to feel
the weight on the bottom. Once the proper amount of
line was released, they held the fishing rods and
watched the tips for an indication of a bite.

"Ok girls," Jack said, "your turn."

Kim and Sally each removed a fishing rod from the
holders that held them upright and examined the
harness on the end of the line. Kim removed the cover
on the worm box, gazed into the dark moss, and
apprehensively poked around. She jumped when her
fingertip made contact with one of the slimy
creatures. Kim moved closer to her brother and
presented the worm box with one hand and the fishing
rod with the other.

"Will you please do it?" she pleaded. "I just can't
touch them." Sally shook her head no and made a face
at the thought of handling the worms.

Tom started to laugh again. He looked over to Jack
and said, "I just don't understand it. You girls will
put a dick in your mouths, but you won't touch a
worm." Jack joined Tom's laughter, almost dropping
his fishing rod overboard.

Sally took the worm box from her cousin and said, "We
aren't going to put anything in our mouths anymore!
You two are being brats!"

The two boys stopped their howling and looked at
their little sisters. Jack took the worm box from
Sally and dug out a crawler. He hooked it on his
sister's fishing rod and repeated the process for
Sally. Each boy helped his own sister get their lines
into the water and told them what to expect if they
got a bite. The girls stood, side by side, holding
their fishing rods with the tips pointing over the
stern. Jack and Tom held theirs over the sides as the
boat slowly drifted in the breeze.

Kim leaned over to Sally and whispered, "Quick
thinking, it's amazing what a blow job will get you."

Sally giggled at her cousin and whispered back, "Or
the thought of not getting one."

Now the girls were laughing and their brothers were
looking at them trying to figure out what was so funny.

Tom asked them, "What is so funny?" Just as he
finished his question, the tip of Kim's rod made
several quick jerks downward. "Pull up," Tom said,
"you have a fish." Kim pulled back on the fishing rod
and began to real in the line.

Jack helped her guide the fish to the side of the
boat and he scooped it up with the net.

"Nice fish," he said, as he removed the hook from its
mouth. "About three pounds."

Tom stuck his rod into a holder and went to get his
camera. "Hold it up," he told Kim, composing the
picture in the viewfinder.

Kim proudly held the fish out for Tom and he took
several shots. Jack opened the cooler and Kim dropped
the fish in it. He put another worm on her rig and
she lowered it back into the water. Over the next two
hours they caught four more fish. Jack caught two,
Tom and Sally one each.

The sun was higher in the sky now and was warming the
air. Kim and Sally had removed their jackets earlier
and were now ready to shed their sweatshirts. The two
girls continued to fish, dressed in their matching
pink thermal tops. The boys couldn't help but notice
that although it was getting warmer, the cool air was
having an effect on the girls. They could see the
small bumps of their nipples in the tight pink fabric,
as they stood away from their breasts.

"What are you staring at?" Sally asked her brother,
knowing the answer.

Tom turned red, having been caught by her.

He boldly reached out, ran a fingertip over the
protrusion, and said, "this."

She smiled at her brother, and with her back to her
cousins, pulled the pink top up, flashing him. She
quickly pulled the top down and returned to fishing.

Jack said, "We haven't caught anything in a while, I
think I will run back and start this drift over."

He reeled in his line and told the others to do the
same. He went forward, started the boat, and turned
it around. Kim pushed her sweatpants down and sat on
the seat to pull them over her shoes. Sally sat next
to her and did the same thing. When Jack repositioned
the boat and turned of the engine, the four teens
returned to fishing. Kim and Sally dressed in their
thermal underwear.

Kim caught the next walleye and while fighting it,
Jack hooked one. The fishing got fast and furious,
with at least one of the group reeling in a fish at
any given time. Sally, not wanting to wait for one of
the boys to be free to do it, reached into the worm
box and pulled out a night crawler. She carefully put
it on the harness like her brother had shown her and
dropped it over the side. Kim saw what she did and
after catching her next fish, baited her own hook too.

The action lasted for about an hour. Then, as
quickly as it had started, it stopped. The four teens
stood and held the fishing rods waiting for the next
strike. After a half an hour had passed without a
bite, Kim put her rod into a holder.

"It's getting warm," she said, "I'm going to get out
of these and put on something cooler."

Kim walked forward towards the cabin, pulling her
pink top over her head as she went. She stepped into
the cabin and came out a few minutes later wearing her
white bikini.

Sally followed her cousin's example and went to
change, waiting until she was in the cabin to begin
undressing. She came out wearing her suit that
matched Kim's and resumed fishing.

Jack announced that he was going to find another spot
and told everyone to pull in their gear. Once the
rods were in the holders, he fired up the boat and
headed for another area of the lake.

Kim and Sally sat on the raised engine housing as
they motored across the water. The wind was in their
faces, their hair blew straight out behind them. Tom
picked up his camera and took several shots of the
girls. The two teens put their hands on the housing
behind them, arched their backs, and pushed their
breasts into the air. They crossed their legs at the
knee and tried to strike poses like they had seen in
the magazines.

Jack shifted his attention from the lake in front of
him to the two girls behind him and back.

Tom peered out from behind his camera and said, "Come
on girls, show us your tits."

The girls shook their heads no as Tom pleaded with
them. Jack joined in asking the girls to act sexy.

"Were not going to do that," Kim said, "so some
pervert can see us when you get them developed. If
you get your own darkroom, maybe."

The girls sat up and Tom put the camera away. When
he returned from the cabin, minus the camera, the
girls pulled their tops up, displaying their breasts.
Jack turned around when he heard Tom whistle and saw
his sister and cousin sitting with their breasts exposed. He also whistled at them.

Sally whispered something to Kim and the girls covered themselves. They stood up and turned around,
bent over, pulled their bottoms down, and mooned the
boys. Jack and Tom stared at their sisters' bare
butts. They could see the puffy, hairless lips of
their vaginas peaking out from between the young girls legs. They felt the stirring of their penises as they
watched them wiggle their buns.

The girls stood up, pulled their suits back up, and
sat back on the engine cover.

"You two are such teases," Tom said, "Someday I am
going to catch you like that with my camera."

It was noon and the sun had warmed the temperature to
eighty. Jack stopped the boat and started to prepare
to fish again. There were no other boats in the area
and the lake had flattened out. The wind had died
down to the point that the boat just sat motionless in
the water.

"I guess we will have to try for perch," Jack said,
"There isn't enough wind to drift for walleye."

He and Tom changed the rigging of the fishing rods
and fished quietly over the side. Their lines hung
straight down from the rod tips as they slowly jigged
up and down. Kim and Sally went into the cabin and
out on to the bow to get some sun. They looked around
for other boats. Once they were confident they were
alone, they removed their tops and stretched out on
their towels.

Jack was the first to notice what his sister and
cousin were doing. "Check it out." He said, pointing
at the topless girls.

Tom looked out through the windshield at the girls.
He jumped up on the gunwale and edged along the side
of the cabin until he was staring down at them. "Nice
tits!" he said, startling them.

Jack popped his head up through the hatch and smiled,
"Yeah, nice tits," he agreed.

The boys climbed onto the bow and joined their
sisters. Kim and Sally rolled over onto their
stomachs and raised themselves on their arms. Their
brothers had a clear view of their breasts as they
hung down from their chests.

"Kim and I have been talking," Sally said, pulling
herself up and sitting Indian style across from her

"About what?" He said, never lifting his eyes from
her breasts.

Sally, feeling a bit uncomfortable to have her
brother talk to her bare breasts, picked up her top
and put it on.

"About the dance at school," she said. "We don't
think it is a good idea to try and act like we aren't
related. If anyone finds out all hell could break
loose and we could get into trouble."

"We thought that we could just go as a group," Kim
added, also sitting up and putting her top on. "That
way we can dance with anyone we want to. If someone
finds out we are cousins, its no big deal."

She glanced at her brother's crotch and could see
that he had an erection. When she returned her eyes
to his, she could tell he knew that she was looking at

The girls could see the disappointment in their
brother's faces. They had been looking forward to
going to the dance with the girls.

Tom said, "What if none of us finds someone to dance
with, do we just stand around the punch bowl?"

"No," Sally replied, "I mean I guess we could dance
with each other, cousins do it all the time at
weddings. We just don't think it's a good idea to go
as boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Whatever," Jack said. Kim could tell by the look on
her big brother's face he was upset. "I'm just not
going to go the fucking dance." He swung his legs
over to the hatch and lowered himself into the cabin.
"We're done fishing, let's go home."

Jack went to the rear of the boat and began to put
away the fishing gear. Tom dropped into the cabin and
came over to help him. They removed the tackle from
the fishing rods and put them into the lockers. Jack
went forward and started the engine.

Kim and Sally climbed down into the cabin and sat on
the bed. "They are mad at us," Kim said, "Maybe we
should have just gone like we planned." She removed
her suit and put on the shorts and top she had in the
duffle bag.

Sally also changed and packed their clothes into the
bag. "They will get over it," she said. "Besides,
the dance isn't for a few weeks. Maybe they will meet

Kim thought for a moment. "I have an idea," she
said, "Maybe we could ask Megan if she knows any girls that will go with Jack and Tom."

Sally shrugged her shoulders and said, "We can ask."

The girls came out of the cabin and sat under the
hard top. Jack had the boat running as fast as it
would go. The four teens rode back to the ramp in

Jack backed off the throttle, as he approached the no
wake zone. The boat slowed down and glided through
the water towards the launch ramp.

"How many fish did we catch?" Kim asked trying to
break the silence.

"Go count them." Jack snapped back at her.

Kim and Sally got up and went to the rear of the
boat. Jack eased the craft up to the dock and shut it
off. He raised the out drive and turned off all of
the electronics. Tom took the dock lines out and tied
the boat to the dock.

"I'll be right back." He told Tom and he walked to
the truck. He backed the trailer down the ramp and he
and Tom loaded the boat, while the girls stood on
shore and watched.

Jack pulled the rig over to the tie down area and the
boys secured the boat to the trailer. The girls climbed into the backseat and waited for their
brothers to finish.

The two boys climbed into the front seat of the truck
and Jack started for home. Everyone sat in silence
for the entire trip. Kim and Sally stared out the
side windows and their brothers looked strait ahead.

When the teens arrived home, Jack backed the boat
into its parking place and he and Tom unhooked the
trailer from the truck. The girls stood and watched
their brothers remove the cooler of fish and carry it
to the garage.

"Do you want us to help clean the fish?" Kim asked.

Jack and Tom took the table from the garage and set
it up on the driveway. "No," Jack said, "Tom and I
can do it ourselves." The boys covered the table with
paper and began to clean the walleyes.

Sally gently grabbed Kim's arm and said, "Let's go.
They don't want us around. I feel dirty from being on
the boat and need a shower." The girls went through
the garage into the house.

Marge and Don were sitting in he family room,

"How was the fishing trip?" Don asked, "Catch

Kim said, "It was fine. Jack and Tom are cleaning
the fish now. We are going to get cleaned up." The
girls left the room and went upstairs to Kim's bedroom.

Don looked at his wife and asked, "What the hell was
that all about?"

She said, "I have no idea, but I think I will try to
find out." She got up and headed for the stairs. Don
decided to go and see what the boys were doing.

Kim and Sally were sitting on Kim's bed. "Your
brother is really pissed off!" Sally said, "And Tom
is too." Marge walked into the room, with out
knocking, as Sally finished her statement.

"About what?" She asked.

"The dance," Kim replied.

The girls told Marge about the things they had talked
about on the boat and the boys' reaction. They
explained that they felt it would be better if they
didn't hide the fact they are related because of what
might happen if someone found out. "I just don't know
why they are so upset. I thought they would like to
be able to dance with who ever they wanted to."

Marge sat on the bed between the girls. She said,
"Well, I guess they were planning on going with you
two. It is much easier for girls to met boys to dance
with than it is for them to met girls. Your brothers
are shy and they might think that you two will have
fun at the dance and they will be left to stand
around. The dance isn't for three weeks, so I think
it would be better to just wait and see what happens."

"Kim and I thought we could ask Megan if she knew
anyone that would like to go with them, or at least
dance with them." Sally said as she stood up and went
to the duffle bag as she spoke. She removed the
items, put them on the loveseat, and sorted the
clothing. She found the clean underwear she had
packed. "I am going to take a shower."

Marge got up and said, "Maybe I will talk to the boys and see if I can straighten things out." She left
Kim's room and returned to the family room.

"Do you want to go for a swim?" Kim asked her
cousin. "We could use the shower in the pool house."
Kim picked up her white swimsuit and waved it in the

"Sure, it would help me relax after this afternoon
and all the crap that went on." She tossed her
panties and bra on the love seat, picked up her suit,
and put it on. "Come on, let's get wet." She flashed
a big smile at Kim and headed for the door.

Kim giggled, knowing what her cousin was thinking of.

The two girls went downstairs and out to the pool.
They showered and put the white bikini swimsuits back
on. Kim raced her cousin the pool, and dove into the
deep end. The girls swam back and forth over the
length of the swimming pool, ducking underwater and
pushing off the tiled walls on their turns.

After completing ten laps, the two teens stopped at
the deep end and folded their arms on the edge of the
pool. They rested, trying to catch their breath after
the strenuous swim.

Kim said, "I'm getting out and going to sit for a

She swam to the ladder in the corner and climbed the
rungs. As she walked over to the lounge chairs, she
hooked her fingers under the bottom of her suit and
pulled it over her butt. She sat in a lounge chair,
leaned against the padded back, and watched Sally swim
two more laps.

Sally exited the pool and went over to her cousin.
She pulled a lounge chair next to Kim's and sat down.

The girls sat quietly, staring out the glass wall
into the backyard. It was close to four o'clock and
the sun was low in the sky. The leaves of the trees,
that lined the large yard, were changing to their fall
colors. A gentle breeze made the tops of the trees
sway and caused an occasional leaf to flutter to the
ground. Soon the trees would be bare and the brightly
colored leaves would cover the lawn.

Sally sat up and curled her legs under her. She
reached out and rested her hand on Kim's thigh. "It
will be alright, the guys won't stay mad forever. I
think your mom is right, they are just shy."

Kim turned her attention to Sally. "I hope so, I
feel so bad. I would never do anything to hurt my
brother or yours. Don't they know it is just as hard
for us? Most boys won't ask us to dance because they
are shy! You remember how it was at our old school
dances, the boys on one side of the gym, the girls on
the other. The only kids that danced were the ones
that were going with someone. We had to dance with
each other if wanted dance at all."

"Sure I remember. At the winter dance last year that
dweeb Kevin Marks asked me to dance, and stepped on my
feet the whole song. I think that he was the only boy to ever ask me to dance." Sally giggled as she
thought about the boy and his attempt to dance with

"I'm going to talk to Megan tomorrow and see if she,
or someone she knows, will dance with Jack. I just
want my brother to have fun."

Sally stroked Kim's thigh, creeping ever closer to
her crotch.

"I want Tom to have fun too, but I don't think I will
ask Angela. I don't want her to get her hands on him.
There is no telling what she might have, you just know
that she doesn't practice safe sex."

Kim took Sally's wrist in her hand and removed it
from her thigh just as it bumped against the crotch of
her suit. "Not now, I'm just not in the mood."

Sally nodded, acknowledging the fact that her cousin
was still upset. She returned to her reclining
position and asked Kim, "Are you going to tell Jack
that you are going to talk to Megan?"

"I don't know, I guess I should. It might make him
even more upset with me if I don't. In fact, I should
probably talk to him before I ask her."

Tom stuck his head out the family room door and
yelled, "Let's go Sally. We are finished cleaning the
fish and I have to get my homework done."

"I'll be ready in a few minutes," she replied, and
got up.

The girls went up to Kim's room to change. Sally put
on her bra, panties, sweatpants, and sweatshirt. She
brushed the tangles out of her hair and pulled it into
a ponytail. The girls sorted the clothes they had
taken on the fishing trip and Sally put hers into her

Kim removed her damp swimsuit and hung it in the
bathroom to dry. She took her terry cloth robe off
the hook it hung on and covered her naked body. "I
will see you at school tomorrow," she said, tying the
robes belt around her waist.

Sally said, "goodbye," and left Kim in her room. She
went downstairs and found her brother talking with

"I'm ready," she said, "anytime you are."

Tom asked Jack, "Can you drive us home?"

Jack nodded yes and the three teens left. No one
said a word during the short ride to Tom and Sally's
house. When they arrived, the two siblings got out of
the car. Sally walked to the house, Tom said, "I'll
see you tomorrow Jack," and followed his sister into
the house.


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