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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 23


"The Lottery "- Part 23 (mf, first, inc, con)

Jack pulled out of the drive and drove home. He
parked the car in the garage and went into the house.
His parents were in the kitchen, discussing dinner.

"Would you like to go out for dinner Jack?" His
father asked. "Your mom doesn't feel like cooking
tonight and I don't want pizza."

"Sure why not," Jack replied, taking a can of soda
from the refrigerator.

"Please tell your sister to get ready," his mom said.

Jack nodded as he drank from the can of soda. He
emptied its contents and dropped it into the bag of
empties, to be returned to the store. He ran up the
stairs, two at a time and stopped at Kim's door.
Using the side of his fist, he rapped on the closed
door and waited for his sister to open it. Kim pulled
the door open and saw her brother standing in the

"We are going out for dinner," he told her, "get
dressed." Jack turned and walked into his room,
closing his door firmly behind him.

Kim went into her bathroom and tried to fix her hair.
Frustrated in her attempts, she took her brush and
hair ties downstairs.

"Where is mom?" She asked her dad.

"She's in the bedroom getting ready to go."

Kim went back upstairs to her parents' bedroom. She
knocked on the door and opened it, not waiting for a
reply. Marge was standing in her panties, putting on
her bra.

"Can you braid my hair please," Kim asked, "I can't
make it do anything."

Marge hooked her bra, bent forward, and adjusted the
cups. She sat on the edge of the king sized bed and
told her daughter to sit on the floor. Kim lowered
herself between her mother's legs and handed her the
brush and ties.

Marge sat above her teen daughter and pulled the
brush through her blonde hair. She started at the top
of her head and began gathering her hair, forming a
French braid.

"Are you feeling any better?" She asked Kim.

"Not really, I still feel bad that Jack is mad at me.
I'm going to ask him if he wants me to talk to Megan
about the dance. Maybe if he knows that someone will
dance with him he won't be so upset with me."

Marge finished fixing her daughter's hair and handed
the brush back to her. Kim stood up, thanked her mom,
and went back to her room to get dressed. She went to
her dresser and grabbed the first pair of panties and
bra she found. She put them on and went to her closet
to find an outfit. Kim took a pair of jeans and a
pullover top back to her bed and put them on. She
looked at herself in the mirror, turning around slowly.

"I look like shit!" she said out loud.

She pulled off her top and jeans, and put them back
in the closet. She looked at the underwear she had
selected, a pair of power blue, cotton panties, and an
old white bra. She removed the items and searched her
drawers for something sexier. As she dug through the
pairs of panties and stacks of neatly folded bras, she
remembered the things she had concealed from her
mother when they were shopping before their vacation.
She closed the top drawer and opened the bottom one.
Beneath her sweaters she found the bag containing the
lingerie she had purchased, but never had the occasion
to wear.

Kim sat on her bed and poured the contents of the bag
out next to her. She sorted through the items,
carefully separating the matching bras and panties.
She found the garment she was hunting for, a very
sheer black, bra top teddy. She pulled the silky
lingerie over her head and down over her breasts. She
adjusted the thin wires, which surrounded the bottoms
of her firm breasts, and the shoulder straps. She
snapped the front and back of the bottom of the
garment between her legs.

The teddy was so sheer that she could clearly see her
nipples and skin through it. The top plunged down
between her breasts leaving a gap of bare skin almost
to her navel. The bottom was trimmed in lace and
designed to fit loosely over her butt and pubic area.
She contemplated wearing panties, but decided against
it. She examined her profile in the full-length
mirror. She liked how the sides of her sexy new teddy
were cut high, exposing her hips to her waist.
Satisfied with the way she looked, she went to the
closet to find just the right thing to wear.

Kim flipped through her ever-growing assortment of
clothes, searching for just the right thing. She
would take a combination into her room, hold it up to
her body, and return it to the closet. Finally, she
settled on a short, knit, wine colored dress. She
slipped her arms through the short sleeves and wrapped
the dress around her.

One side of the dress crossed over the other and was
held in place by a belt that tied in the back.
Inside, a pair of small snaps secured the garment at
the waist. She selected a pair of open-toed sandals
to complete her outfit and slipped them onto her feet.
Standing in front of her mirror, she straightened the
neckline, making sure it was even. She liked the way
the dress's v-neck plunged down and met between her
breasts, revealing just a hint of their tan cleavage,
the hem stopped midway down her thighs.

In the bathroom she applied a small amount of mascara
and eyeliner. She dabbed perfume on her neck and
between her breasts. Delighted with her appearance,
she left her room and went downstairs.

Her mom, dad, and brother were in the family room
waiting for her. Her dad began to say, "What the heck
took so ... " He stopped, let out a low wolf whistle
and said, "You look wonderful!"

"Thanks," she said, as she held her arms straight out
and turned around slowly. Her action caused the
already short dress to rise even higher, exposing her
tan thighs.

Marge smiled at her daughter. Kim looked older than
her soon to be fifteen years. Her mom, wearing a
simple, button-down, kaki dress, said, "I feel under
dressed now maybe I should go change."

Don stood up and said, "You look just fine, let's go."

Kim noticed that her brother, as mad as he was,
couldn't help staring at her. She smiled to herself
as she followed the rest of the family out to the
Suburban. Kim and her brother sat in the backseat of
the truck. When she fastened her seatbelt, she made
sure the shoulder strap ran between her breasts as it
crossed her chest, making her boobs appear larger than
they were. She watched her brother out of the corner
of her eye as she crossed her legs at the knee,
revealing the top of her tan thigh. He kept glancing
at her as their father drove to the restaurant.

The family dined quietly in the small family style
establishment. The only conversation was between Don
and his wife. They discussed their plans for a winter
vacation and the several destinations they had

"I would like to go to Florida," Jack said, breaking
his silence. "There is good fishing down there in the
winter. I have been reading about the Tarpon fishing
in the Keys and would love to have a chance to try it."

"I pick Florida too," Kim said agreeing with her
brother. She would have selected anywhere he wanted
to go, in hopes of him forgiving her. "I could keep
up my tan."

The four family members continued their conversation,
agreeing that Florida was at the top of the list for
their next adventure.

The server walked up to the table and presented a
desert tray. He asked if he could tempt anyone into
something sweet. Everyone declined so he left the
bill on the table and walked away. Don paid the check
and they left for home.

The four went into the family room, Don turned on the
television and changed to the program guide.

"Titanic is on tonight," Don said, "Does anyone want
to watch it?"

Marge said, "I would like to see it again. What time
does it come on?"

"In twenty minutes. How about you kids, want to
watch the movie?" Don changed the channel to the one
the movie would be on and sat in his recliner.

Kim sat on the couch and thought for a moment. "I
think I will pass tonight dad, it's three hours long
and I have school tomorrow. I'm going to check my
email and go to bed." Kim got up and went to her
father, kissed him and told him, "goodnight." She
went over to her mom and repeated the process.

Marge followed her daughter upstairs, and to her
room. "Are you alright?" She asked, "I don't want
you to say anything to your brother that would upset
him. I will talk with Jack tomorrow and see if we can
get this business cleared up."

"I'll be ok. I just don't want him mad at me."

Marge went to the door, turned, and said,
"goodnight." She walked across the hall and knocked
on her son's door. She opened it after she heard Jack
say come in.

"Jack," she said, "Kim is very upset that you are mad
at her. What is this all about?"

Jack was laying on his bed, reading a book on fly-
fishing. He put it down next to him and sat up.

"I just don't want to go the stupid school dance,
that's all. It doesn't really have anything to do
with Kim." He stood up and walked into his bathroom.
As he pulled the door closed he said, "I will talk to
her later, I am going to get ready for bed and watch
some tv in the rec-room."

His mom said, "Ok Jack, I will see you in the
morning." She left his room and went to her own to

Kim removed her shoes and turned on her computer.
She sat in her desk chair and waited for it to boot
up. Once the screen had finished loading she checked
her email. Not finding anything new, she signed out
and shut it down. She picked up a magazine and sat on
her bed. She flipped through the pages, unable to
concentrate. She was still upset because Jack was mad
at her.

Kim decided to talk to her brother and try to clear
things up. She went to his room and knocked on his
door. The door wasn't closed tight and swung open
when she knocked. She peeked inside. Jack wasn't in
the room and the bathroom door was open. She returned
the door to its closed position and walked towards the
stairs. Hearing voices coming from the recreation
room at the end of the hall, she went to the room and
opened the door. Her brother was stretched out on a
couch, reading a book.

The young girl walked over to the couch and stood
above her brother, still dressed in the wine-colored
dress she had worn to dinner. "Jack, can we talk
about today?"

He looked up from his book and said, "If you want
to." He returned his attention to the book, not
reading, just flipping the pages.

Kim sat on the end of the couch near his bare feet.
Jack had removed his dress slacks and sport shirt and
put on a pair of nylon shorts he use to wear for gym
and a dark tee shirt with the name of a popular band
across the chest.

"Why are you mad at me? What did I do to make you so
upset? Are you mad because Sally and I don't want to
try to fool people about us being cousins?"

Jack laid the book on his chest and looked up at Kim.
He could see that her eyes were filled with tears, one
running down her cheek.

"Look Kim, I just don't want to go to the dance. It
has nothing to do with you."

Kim wiped her eyes on the back of her hands. "Last
time we talked about it you and Tom were excited to go
and now you don't want to. I just want to know why."

He removed the book from his chest and put it on the
end table that sat next to the couch. He sat up and
put his feet on the carpeted floor. Bending forward
and resting his arms on his knees, he stared at his
fingers as he tapped the tips together. In a very low
voice he said, "I don't know to dance." He didn't
look up at Kim, he just sat and played with his

Kim was silent. She thought to herself, "So that's
it, he is afraid to go because he can't dance." The
young girl gazed at her older brother. She could tell
that what he told her was hard for him to say.

"Jack, I could teach you. It's not really that hard
to dance." Kim's voice quivered as she spoke. She
watched carefully for any type of a reaction from him.

He turned his head towards his sister without lifting
it. "You would really teach me to dance? I have
never even tried to dance, I don't know where to
start." He straightened up and looked into his
sister's teary eyes. "Fast and slow?"

"Anything you want Jack, I know some of the newer

Kim was smiling now. Not because she was amused at
her brother's inability to dance, but because he might
not stay mad at her.

"Wait here, I'll be right back."

Kim jumped up and ran down the hall to her room. She
shuffled through her CDs and selected several. She
picked up her telephone and quickly called Sally.

"Sally ... hi, this is Kim. I think I know why the
guys don't want to go to the dance ... Because they
don't know how ... I am going to try to teach Jack
tonight ... Ok, goodbye."

Kim hung up the phone and ran back to the recreation
room, carrying a stack of CDs. She went to the stereo
system and put one the disks into the player. She
turned it on and adjusted the volume.

Kim stood in front of her brother, swaying to the
music. "The first thing you have to do is relax," she
said. Kim's feet were planted in one spot, her arms
swinging along her sides. "You just have to move to
the beat of the music. Fast dancing is really easier
than slow dancing, because your partner doesn't pay
that much attention to you."

Jack watched his sister as she moved in front of him.
She started to move her feet and pop her fingers.
Jack stood up when she extended her hand to him. He
tried to study Kim's action, moving slightly.

"Do you remember the movie The Wizard of OZ?" She

Jack nodded that he did.

"Well, you need to be more like the Scarecrow. You
look like the Tin Man."

Jack laughed at her analogy, and started to flail his
arms around. "You mean like this?"

"Not exactly, but that's better. Just relax and move
to the music."

Kim stopped dancing when the song ended, and she
waited for the next one to start. She showed Jack how
to move his feet and added a turn. The next song was
a little faster than the last one. Kim began to move
as soon as it started, so did her brother.

He was starting to get the hang of the movements. He
was smiling now and really starting to enjoy himself.
He watched his little sister as she moved her feet and
arms in what seemed to be perfect time to the music.
He also noticed that her dress would fly open and
reveal her tan legs when she turned just right. She
knew that he was looking at her, but it didn't matter,
she was thrilled that he was no longer mad.

After dancing to several songs, Kim said, "It's time
to learn the Hustle." She went to the stereo and
changed the CD. "The Hustle is a line dance," she
explained, "There may be fifty people dancing together
at one time." Just before she started the music, she
asked, "Want something to drink?"

"I'll take a Coke," he said, sitting on the edge of
the couch, trying to catch his breath.

Kim ran down the hall and stairs. She stuck her head
into the family room and said, "hi."

Her mom and dad were sitting together on the couch,
watching the movie. It appeared that it had just
started. Marge could see the happy look on her
daughter's face.

"What put you in such a good mood?"

"I am teaching Jack to dance," she said with a bubbly
voice. "We are just about to learn the Hustle."

Marge smiled at her daughter. She now knew what was
upsetting Jack. "I would have never guessed." She
told Kim.

Kim said, "yup," reading her mother's mind. "I'm
going to get some Cokes and go back upstairs."

Kim bounced out of the room and into the kitchen.
She took four cans of soda from the refrigerator and
went back to the rec-room. She handed her brother one
of the cold cans, set one on the table for her, and
put the other two in the small refrigerator by the bar.

"Are you ready?" She asked her rested brother. She
picked up the remote control and started the music.

Jack stood up and moved next to Kim. "I guess so."

She told him to watch her and began to go through the
steps of the dance. "It's simple, you just do the
same things over again and follow the line in front of

Jack watched as she moved.

"Ok," she said, "just do what I do."

The two danced to the same song four times, until
Jack could do the steps without thinking about it.
When the music started for the fifth time, he said, "I
need to rest." The teens sat on the couch and drank
from their cans.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Kim asked.

"No, it was kind of fun in fact. I had always
thought that dancing was hard, but it seems easy."
Jack finished his statement and took a long drink from
the soda can. He set the empty on the table and
asked, "What's next?"

"Slow dancing," she said with a smile. "This might
be a little harder for me to teach you, the guy is
supposed to lead. We will just have to do it
backwards until you get the hang of it."

Kim changed the CD and started the music. She showed
her brother how to hold his hands, one on her hip the
other in her hand. She stood away from him and tried
to show him how to move his feet.

They danced around the room to two songs. By the end
of the second one, Jack was leading her in a simple
four-step routine. The next song on the CD was fast
and Jack broke into the dance steps his sister had
taught him earlier. Kim picked up the remote and
stopped the song. She looked at the jewel case the CD
came in and programmed the player to only play the
slow songs and then repeat them.

As the music started, she walked up to her big
brother and looked up into his eyes. "That's how you
dance with someone you don't know real well. When you
really like a girl, you dance closer with her."

Before she started to dance with Jack again, Kim
walked to the wall, twisted the knob of the light
switch and dimmed the lights. She walked back to her
brother, put her arm around his waist and pulled him
close. She took his arm, put it around her back, and
held his other hand close to her shoulder.

"Now don't step on my feet."

Jack started to dance and Kim followed. They moved
together to the music. As they danced, Kim let go of
Jack's hand and put her arm around his waist like the
other one. He put his arm around her back and pulled
her closer. Kim moved her hands over the small of his
back as they danced.

Jack could feel her breasts pressing into his chest.
He moved his hand over her back in the place that was
usually crossed with the strap of her bra. Kim turned
her head and laid it against his chest. The teens
were well aware of the warmth they were generating
between them. Kim put her leg between his and pulled
even closer. She could feel his stiff penis, trapped
between her stomach and his pelvis.

Kim looked up at Jack, his hand still moving from her
neck to her waist along her backbone. "There isn't
one," she said.

Jack said, "oh." Embarrassed that she knew what he
was searching for. He felt her hands slip down and
gently grip his buns. She took one of her hands,
guided his hand to her butt, and returned to his.
Jack moved his other hand to her firm ass and the two
teens continued to dance, massaging each other's

Kim, feeling the excitement of their dancing and
touching, removed one hand from his butt and put it
around his neck. She looked up into his eyes and
pulled his mouth to hers. The teens stopped moving
their feet and stood, gently swaying to the music,
their mouths locked together. Kim opened her mouth
and ran her tongue over her brother's lips. He opened
his mouth slightly and she pushed her tongue in.

As they kissed, Kim put her hands under his tee shirt and ran her fingers over his warm naked flesh. Jack
held the back of his sister's head, keeping their
mouths pressed tightly together. They took turns
inserting their tongue into the other's mouth.

Kim, breathing very deeply, moved slightly away from
her brother. She reached behind her and untied the
belt that held her dress closed. She pulled apart the
two small snaps and let her dress slip down her arms
and onto the floor.

Jack took a deep breath as he looked at her in her
shear, black teddy. His eyes traveled from the diving
neckline to her crotch. He could see her hardened
nipples through the fine material. Kim put her hands
around her brother and pulled him tight to her. They
resumed their kissing and touching. Kim felt Jack's
hand glide down the back of her lingerie to her butt.
She moaned softly when his hand slipped under the
garment and touched the bare skin of her ass.

Kim pushed a hand under the waistband of his shorts
and massaged his bottom. Jack broke away, removed his
shirt, and pulled her back to him. He felt the silky
teddy rub against his naked chest as his sister moved
in his arms. He shuttered as Kim traced his ear with
the tip of her tongue and sucked gently on its lobe.

Kim glanced at the clock as she guided her brother to
the couch. They still had almost two hours before the
movie their parents were watching ended. Slowly, she
guided her brother towards the couch,

Jack fell back and sat on the couch when the backs of
his legs hit the cushion, Kim fell on top of him. The
two teens franticly groped at each other's bodies.
Kim slid down her brother's body and knelt between his
legs. She gripped the waistband of his shorts and
pulled at them. Jack lifted his butt off the couch
and allowed his shorts to be pulled down his legs.
Kim lifted his feet, one at a time and completely
removed the garment, leaving him naked. She kissed up
his leg, starting at the top of his foot and traveled
slowly over his skin. When she was only inches away
from his throbbing penis, she switched, and kissed
down the other leg.

Jack moaned as she ran the tip of her tongue over his
flesh. He straightened his legs and wrapped them
around her back, his heals resting on her ass. Jack's
legs twitched as she rubbed the tops of his thighs and
began her kissing journey back up his leg. When her
face was even with his hard penis, she extended her
tongue and licked its underside from his balls to the
velvety purple head. She moved up, kissed his
stomach, and stuck her tongue into his navel. Jack
used his legs to pull her tighter to him. Kim put her
hands on top of his shoulders and rubbed his penis
with her breasts.

Jack tried to push up against the silky material that
encased her firm breasts.

"Oh Kim," he moaned, "that feels so good. Rub your
tits on my cock!"

She gazed down between their bodies and watched as
she rubbed the hard member with her breasts. She made
a slow circular motion with her chest. Jack's penis
rubbed across her hard nipples making her moan into
his chest.

She lifted her head and knelt in front of her very
excited brother. She hooked her thumbs under the
shoulder straps of the teddy and pulled them down,
exposing her breasts to him. She rolled the lingerie
down to her waist and looked into Jack's eyes.

"Do you like it when I rub my boobs on your cock
Jack? Does that make you hot?"

She reached between them, took his manhood in her
small hand, and stroked it, twisting her hand as she
traveled its length.

"Do you want me to rub my boobs on your cock some
more Jack? Do you want to slide it between my hot

Kim's language was driving him nuts ... and
surprising her. She was unaware of where her words
came from or why. He had never heard her talk that
dirty in their past encounters. Kim reached between
her legs, unsnapped the crotch of her teddy, and
pulled it up to her waist. She moved so she was
straddling one of her brother's legs. She lowered her
crotch to his leg and rubbed her hot, soaking wet,
vagina over it. Kim bent forward again and lightly
rubbed her nipple along the underside of his penis.

"Yes Kim, rub my hard cock with your tits. It feels
so good when you do that."

Kim took his hands and placed one on each of her
breasts. She positioned his throbbing penis between

"Squeeze them together and fuck my boobs Jack. Let
me feel your big hard cock on them. Rub it on my
nipples and make me cum!"

Jack pressed the sides of her breasts, encompassing
his penis. Kim moved herself up and down the seven-
inch shaft, feeling its heat between her breasts.
Jack thrust his hips matching her movement, backing
off occasionally to rub her nipples on his penis.
Kim's actions made her crotch travel over his leg,
coating it with her moisture. When Kim felt that Jack
couldn't hold out much longer, she pulled away.

Jack looked like someone had just taken his favorite
toy away. His eyes told Kim that he was close to
coming and didn't want to stop. Kim looked into his
blue eyes, smiled at him, and said, "Do you want more?"

Jack nodded his head. Kim bent over and took him
into her mouth. She curled her tongue around the soft
helmet shaped head, tasting the pre cum that coated
the end of his penis.

She pulled off and asked, "You like that? Do you
want me to suck your cock Jack? Do you want me to
swallow you hot cum?"

Jack was beside himself. His hips bounced up and
down uncontrollably, his penis slapped against his
sister's face. Kim didn't need to hear the answer to
her sexual questions she knew what he wanted. Again
she lowered her head onto his member, taking over half
of it into her mouth. She sucked it firmly and bobbed
her head up and down, allowing it to glide over her
lips and tongue. Kim reached under him and cupped his
balls in her hand. She squeezed them gently and
rolled the orbs with her fingers.

She removed her hand from his balls and lowered her
head, forcing his entire length into her throat. She
gagged as the head pushed past the tight opening of
her throat, but she was relentless. Kim fought off
the reflex and swallowed around the intruder. When
her throat contracted around the head of his penis,
Jack pushed up and drove it deeper.

She remembered her experience with Sally, and slid
her hand under her brother's ass. Her fingers were
slick from the saliva that ran down his penis onto his
balls. She felt Jack holding the sides of her head
with his hands, keeping her from moving. She took one
of his hands and placed it on her breast. Jack
massaged her breast firmly, and then pulled at her
nipple. Kim held her head still and allowed him to
pump his penis in and out of her mouth.

As her brother fucked her sucking mouth, Kim pushed a
finger against his anus. Jack let out a deep loud
moan as her finger moved past his tight pucker and
into his bowels. Jack could take no more. He
intertwined his fingers in Kim's braided hair and
released the first of many streams of hot cum into her
mouth. Kim sucked and swallowed as much as she could.
She felt wave after wave of her brother's hot sticky
seed hit the back of her mouth and top of her tongue.
His bouncing motion dislodged her finger from his ass
and she returned her hand to his balls. She felt the
last of the weakened pulses travel up his penis and
onto her tongue.

Completely spent, Jack leaned his head back on the
couch. His little sister, still holding his penis in
her mouth, breathed heavily through her nose. She
circled her exhausted brother's waist with her arms
and as he softened, laid her head on his thigh, still
sucking him gently. Eventually, Jacks penis returned
to its flaccid state and fell from Kim's mouth. She
didn't move for several minutes. She watched as her
brother's penis flexed slightly and hung over his
empty balls.

After she regained her composure, Kim moved up and
sat next to her brother. He put his arm around her
and held her to his side. In the background, the
music was still playing, the same songs repeating

Kim nuzzled her nose into his neck and kissed him.
Jack looked down at her, took her chin in his hand,
tilted her head up, and kissed her cum covered lips.
He opened his mouth and extended his tongue,
encouraging her to do the same. He licked at her
lips, her teeth, and the inside of her mouth. He
could taste his slippery cum in the young girls mouth
as he twisted his tongue in it. Kim pulled away from
her brother and looked up into his eyes. She purred
softly into his chest.

Finally, after several minutes, Kim spoke. "Would
you like a coke?" She asked.

Jack nodded and she got up and padded across the room
to the bar. Kim washed her hands in the small sink
under the counter, removed two cans from the
refrigerator and carried them back to the couch. She
handed one of the cold sodas to Jack and opened one
for her. Silently they sat and drank from the cans.

Jack reached across Kim and placed his can on the
table. He took her face between his hands and kissed
her deeply. She wrapped one arm around his shoulders
and held her soda with the other hand. Jack lowered
his head to her breast and ran his tongue over her
nipple. Kim put her half empty can on the table and
used both hands to hold his head to her bosom.

Jack could taste the salty remains of his pre cum that had coated his sister's breasts. He sucked on
one nipple and rolled the other with his finger and
thumb. Kim parted her legs when she felt his hand
rubbing the inside of her thigh. He slid his hand up
and rubbed her, still wet, hairless vagina. He parted
her puffy lips and stroked her slit, stopping to
circle her hard clit.

Kim released his head and fell back on the couch.
She dropped one leg over the side, onto the floor, and
put the other on the back of the couch. Jack sat
between her spread legs, stroking her slit.

"Put your finger in me Jack," she said, rotating her
hips against his hand.

He pushed his middle finger into her hole and stroked
the slick walls. Kim slowly moved her hips against
his hand in an attempt to make contact with her over
sensitive clitoris. She put her hand between her legs
and used her fingers to pull her lips apart. Jack
stared into the pink folds of his sister's vagina. He
could see the wet pink flesh that guarded her tight
cavern and the small hard bump at the top of her
gaping slit. Kim put her fingertip against the hooded
bud that begged for attention and rubbed it firmly.
Jack bent over and nudged her finger away, replacing
it with his tongue. He stabbed at her clit with the
tip of his stiffened tongue and increased the speed of
his probing finger.

"Another one Jack, put another finger in me and
finger fuck my pussy."

Kim moaned out her instructions and ground her sex
against Jack's hand and tongue. She clutched her
breasts and pulled at her nipples. Jack sucked on her
clit and inserted another finger into her tight sex,
and pumped his two fingers in and out of her. Kim
could feel the shock waves of her brother's tongue and
finger action meet the sparks generated from her
fingers on her nipples, deep in her tummy. She felt
the contractions start around the fingers that were
embedded in her. She covered her mouth with her arm
and screamed into it as the first tremors coursed
through her body.

It was all Jack could do to maintain contact with his
sister's bucking crotch. Every time she would bounce
up his mouth would come off her clit and he would dive
back at it. Kim thrashed around on the couch her head
turning from side to side. She felt her juices run
down the crack of her ass. When the spasms begin to
subside, she pushed Jack's head and hand away from her
tingling crotch.

"Wow," she said, "That was the best yet. I have
never had an orgasm that strong before."

Jack smiled and sat back on the couch. His penis had
hardened to a full erection again, and was moving with
his heartbeat. Kim sat up, looked at her brother's
extended manhood, and smiled. She knew that she was
responsible for his excited state. Kim's eyes met
Jacks and the two looked deeply into each other. Kim
moved as if she was programmed. She got up and walked
on her knees, over to her brother, and straddled his
legs. She sat on his knees, pulled her rumpled teddy
over her head, and tossed in the direction of her
discarded dress. Kim leaned forward, kissed him
tenderly, and reached for his hot member.

She probed his mouth with her tongue and slowly
stroked his penis. She held it firmly and slid closer
to him. Jack's arms went around her and stroked her
back. She moved again, this time her wet vagina made
contact with his cock as she adjusted its position.
Releasing the throbbing shaft, she slowly rubbed her
vagina over the length of Jacks penis, trapped between
her sex and his belly. He jumped when he felt the
heat of her sex on the head of his manhood. Kim
continued to massage him with her crotch. She began
to breath heavily, and rested her head on Jack's

In a move that shocked Jack, Kim reached between them
and held his penis tight to her dripping silt. She
was almost out of control from the feeling of his
hardness rubbing her clit. She gently bit the top of
his shoulder and moaned into his flesh.

She pulled back so she could look into his eyes. She
smiled at her big brother and said, "I love you Jack."

"I love you too Kim," he said. Then Jacks eyes
sprung wide open and he sucked a full breath of air
into his lungs through his open mouth.

Kim had rose up, positioned his penis at her opening,
and lowered herself onto his hard tool. She closed
her eyes and moaned as she slowly settled down and
felt Jack's penis stretch, and fully penetrate her.
Once he was completely inside her she sat motionless,
enjoying the feeling of fullness his penis was
providing. It was much better than the fake phallus
that had invaded her before. This was the real thing,
this was her brother, and this was the answer to her
most erotic dreams. She savored the heat of the hard
flesh as it twitched within her.

Jack stared into his sister's eyes in disbelief.
"Kim, what are you doing," he asked.

She was still motionless and could feel her brother's
heartbeat telegraph through his penis into her vagina,
making them one. She looked deep into his eyes again
and said, "I am making love to my brother, I am giving
you my virginity and hopefully taking yours. Now I
want you to fuck me. I want you to drive your big
cock into me and make me cum."

She rose up and lowered herself. She pressed her
breasts into his chest and began to move up and down
over the entire length of his hard penis. Jack moved
his hips up as she lowered hers. He gripped her waist
and guided her up and down on his increasingly
sensitive cock.

Soon the two teens were bumping at each other at an
increasing speed, moaning and growling to each other.
Kim was moving very fast now, as was Jack. She tried
to find a way to make some kind of contact with her
clit, but their inexperience and uncontrolled mating
prevented it.

Jack said, "Kim I'm going to cum! I can't hold it."
His eyes were shut tightly and his face contorted.

She pushed down on him and felt his penis deep

"Go ahead and cum! Fill me!"

Kim rotated her hips and ground her pubic bone
against Jacks pubic hair. She felt his body tense and
his penis swell deep within her cavern. She felt his
penis expand and contract as he ejaculated into her
depths. Jack's body went limp and Kim collapsed
against him. He was still inside her and she could
feel him shrinking beneath her.

The two teens were now exhausted. They held each
other close, neither one making any attempt to move.
Kim kissed the side of her brother's face and rested
her head on his shoulder. He had his arms around her,
his fingers locked together over her butt. The song
that had started when they began their lovemaking,
ended. They sat like that for a long time, breathing
deeply, Jack's semi-hard penis nested in Kim's warm
vagina. Together, they fell asleep.

The movie that Don and Marge watched came to an end.
They turned off the television and made their way
upstairs. Don went into their bedroom, Marge decided
to check on her children. She went to Kim's room and
looked into the open door. She couldn't see her
daughter anywhere. She walked across the hall and
checked Jack's room. It too was empty. Marge walked
down the hall to the recreation room. "Those kids are
never going to get up for school" she thought. She
reached out, turned the doorknob, and pushed the door

Her first reaction to the sight before her was to
begin yelling, but she didn't. She glanced around the
room and saw her teenage children's clothes scattered
about. She gazed quietly at the two teens on the
couch, nude, embracing each other, sound asleep. From
her angel she could not see her son's penis buried in
her daughter's vagina, but she didn't need to, she
knew what had happened here tonight. She too had had
sex with her own brother, on many occasions.

Marge heard something behind her and turned to see
what it was. Don, wondering what had happened to her,
was coming to find his wife. She held her finger to
her lips indicating he should be silent. She motioned
for her husband, the father of the teens, to join her.
He walked up behind Marge and peered over her
shoulder. He absorbed the sight of his kids, locked
in a lover's embrace. He smiled to himself and pulled
his wife away from the door. She quietly pulled it
closed and followed Don back to their room.

The pair removed their clothes and climbed into bed.
Lying on their sides, facing one another, Don said,
"Well I guess it was just a matter of time."

Marge smiled, reached down and wrapped her hand
around his soft gentiles, and said, "Yup, just a
matter of time."

She kissed Don softly and slid beneath the covers.
She put his penis into her mouth and sucked it to its
full ten-inches. Marge crawled up, threw her leg over
Don's, and used her hand to guide him into her pussy.
The couple lay motionless and drifted to sleep
connected like their children were.

Kim woke up sometime later, unaware that she and her
brother had been discovered by their parents. She
could feel the stirring of Jack's penis, still inside
her, as it began to expand. She stayed still as she
felt it growing and snaking its way deeper into her
tender vagina. Jack's eyelids fluttered, his
breathing was labored. "He's dreaming," she thought
to herself, "I wonder if I'm part of it?"

She moved her hips slightly, aligning her opening
with his expanding penis. When she moved, she could
feel that their sexual secretions, from earlier, had
them glued together. Carefully she reached between
their bodies, gently used her fingers to separate his
pubic hair from her mound and put her arm back around
his neck.

Jack unconsciously moved his hands to her sides and
moved her up and down his erect penis. Kim wrapped
her arms around her sleeping brother's neck and
followed his movements. Her brother's involuntary
intercourse began to arouse her. She increased the
speed of the rise and fall of her naked body.
Removing one arm from Jack's neck, she slipped her
hand down her warm stomach to her vagina. Kim
massaged her clit with her fingertip and pushed it
against the top of her brother's slick shaft. The
stimulation caused by his penis against her hardened
clit, brought her quickly to the edge of an orgasm.

The increased heat and the erratic movements of Kim
brought Jack out of his slumber. He felt his little
sister's vagina grip his penis as it slid in and out
of her wet hole. Her vaginal contractions coaxed his
semen out of his balls, shooting it deep into her for
the second time tonight. Kim groaned out loud when
she felt him swell inside her, her vaginal walls
tightening around him.

As they reduced the speed of their action, they could
hear the sounds of their lovemaking emitting from
their sexual connection. Kim collapsed against her
brother's chest, he held her. In the background they
could hear the stereo replaying the slow music that
had brought them together earlier in the evening.

Kim looked at the clock on the stereo system, and
then back at Jack.

"It's two in the morning," she whispered, "we should
go to bed."

He nodded and helped her off his lap. Her tight
vagina pulled at his softened penis as his cum covered
member pulled free with a sloppy pop, and flopped on
his leg. Kim cupped her hand between her legs to
catch any discharge and headed to the bathroom. After
cleaning herself up the best she could, she returned
to her brother. She picked up her clothing and held
it over her naked body.

Jack had put his shorts and tee shirt back on and was
sitting on the couch. He had turned the stereo off.

"Kim," he said, "I didn't plan what happened, please
don't be mad at me."

She sat down next to her brother, clutching her
clothes to her chest. She placed her hand on his knee
and looked into his eyes.

"I didn't plan it either, but I'm not sorry it
happened. It was the most wonderful thing ever, and I
don't just mean the sex. That was nice, and I liked
it a lot, but being so close with you was even better.
I don't know what is going to happen now, but I will
always remember this night as the best in my life."
She took her hand from his leg and put it behind his
head, pulled him to her and kissed him.

Jack broke the kiss and said, "I'll always remember
it too."

The two teens got up and walked down the hallway,
they kissed again briefly and went into their rooms.

Kim dressed in a pair of cotton panties and a
nightshirt, climbed into bed, and drifted off to
sleep, knowing her brother's semen was deep inside her.

Jack lay in his bed, his mind replaying the night's
events. He had had sex for the first time and it was
with his little sister. "Incest, that's what it was,"
he thought to himself. How could he face Kim again?
What if his parents found out what had happened?
Then, he remembered the feeling of her body against
his. He remembered her mouth as it engulfed his cock,
his cum squirting into her as she sucked him.

His overworked penis began to swell as he thought
about her hot wet pussy wrapped around his cock and
the feeling of her sliding up and down over it. He
reached under the covers, pushed his shorts down, and
grabbed his penis. He couldn't get the image of her
firm breasts against his member or her dirty talk out
of his head. He stroked himself slowly thinking about
the night's episode. His pace increased as he thought
about doing it again with her.

Finally exhaustion overcame his excitement. He
released his penis and contemplated pulling up or
removing his shorts. Deciding to sleep with out them,
he pulled them off his legs and dropped them on the
floor next to his bed. Jack fell asleep, still
thinking about Kim and their newfound relationship.


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