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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 24


"The Lottery" - Part 24 (mf, oral, inc, con)

The annoying alarm buzzed next to Kim's head. She
pushed the snooze button and rolled onto her back.
She thought about telling her mom she was sick and
missing school. When the alarm buzzed again she
decided to get up and go, even if her heart wasn't in

She went into her bathroom and showered. When she
washed between her legs, she noticed her tenderness.
Even though it was uncomfortable, she used her finger
to clean herself inside the best she could. She also
noticed that her pubic hair was beginning to grow and
thought about shaving but decided it could wait, and
finished her shower, turned off the water, and stepped
out. She quickly moved through her morning routine,
slipped her robe on, and went to wake Jack.

Kim walked into her brother's room without knocking.
She walked up to his bed, noticing his shorts on the
floor. Shaking his shoulder, she called his name
softly. Jack opened his eyes and looked up at her.
She was smiling broadly, her face had a rosy glow to

"Time to get up Jack," she told him. "We have to go
to school."

He groaned, rolled away from her, and pulled his
blanket over his head. "I'm too tired to go, let me

Kim sat on the edge of his bed and continued to shake
his shoulder.

"Come on Jack, you have to drive me to school. Take
a nice shower and you will feel better."

She was in a gleeful mood this morning and didn't
want to start the day with an argument. Playfully,
she stuck her hand under his covers, reached over his
hip, and wrapped her hand around his penis. She
pulled it a couple of times and said, "Let's go lover,
it's getting late."

Jack knocked her hand away and said, "Ok, get out of
here so I can get up."

She bounced up and down on his bed a couple of times,
tickled his ribs, and jumped off his bed.

Jack chuckled to himself as he watched her skip
across the floor on her way back to her room. He too
felt good this morning, even with the lack of sleep.
He climbed out of bed headed for the shower, noting
the time.

Kim flipped her terrycloth robe off, tossed it onto
her unmade bed, and went to her dresser. Her
movements were more like music-less dance than her
normal shuffle. She grabbed a white bra and panties and quickly pulled them on. While completing her
school garb, she heard a relentless song playing in
her head. She tried to fight it off, but was unable.
It wasn't until she was heading downstairs that she
realized it was one of the songs from the night
before, the one she and her brother had sex to.
Having realized its significance, she hummed the tune
out loud.

Jack was already at the kitchen counter eating his
breakfast when Kim entered the room. She sat down at
the counter leaving an empty stool between her and her
brother. Her mom placed a bowl of hot cereal in front
of her, and poured a glass of juice.

"You certainly are bubbly this morning Kim," her
mother said.

Kim was still humming the song that reminded her of
last night's activity. Marge couldn't help but see
the sparkle in her daughter's blue eyes, or the rosy
color in her cheeks.

"You must have slept well last night."

"Very well," she answered, just before she put
another spoonful of oatmeal into her mouth.

"How did the dance lesson go?" Marge asked her son.
She poured a cup of hot coffee and sat between the
two. "Do you think you will need more practice?"

Jack finished his glass of orange juice and picked up
his empty dishes. He stood up and carried them to the

"It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I
think I still need to work on it."

"He is a real good dancer," Kim said, "but he still
has a lot to learn."

She picked up her dishes, walked to the sink, and
stood next to Jack. They rinsed the bowls and juice
glasses under water and put them into the dishwasher.

"I'm sure he did just fine," Marge said, with a
giggle in her voice. "You know that the more you do
it, the better you get." She watched her two children
as they quickly looked at each other. Jack mumbled
something and left the room.

Marge called Kim's name and the young girl turned to
her mom. She held out the small round container that
contained the birth control pills to her daughter.

"Be sure you take these like you're supposed to Kim.
It is more important than ever!"

Kim's eyes opened as wide as they could. She took a
very deep breath and reached for the pills, to take
them from her mom's hand. Marge maintained her grip
on the package and looked into Kim's eyes. A big
smile grew across her face and tears filled her eyes.

"My little girl is growing up," she said, and
released the pills. "You had better hurry or you two
will be late for school."

Kim put her arms around her mom and hugged her. She
quickly let go and walked away. "She knows." She
thought to herself as she looked for Jack.

Kim picked up the backpack that held her books and
went to the garage. Jack was sitting in the car
waiting, the motor running. She opened the passenger
door, tossed her books into the backseat, and climbed
in. Jack backed down the drive and into the street.

"Mom knows what we did Jack,"

"What!" he exclaimed. "Why do you think that she

Kim told him about the exchange of her pills and the
look on her face.

"What pills are you talking about Kim?"

"I have been taking birth control pills for a month.
The doctor up north prescribed them for Sally and I to
help with our periods. Well, I ran out Sunday and mom gave me next months supply." She held the small white
container up for her brother to see, and put it back
into her purse.

Jack sighed in relief. His greatest fear, his
sister's pregnancy, removed. "Kim, you have no idea
how upset I have been all morning. When I was in the
shower, I realized that you might be pregnant. Why
didn't you tell me?"

"Well," she smiled, "I didn't plan on having sex with
you, at least not last night. So I figured it didn't
matter if you knew about the pills."

He glanced at her and their eyes' met. "I didn't
plan it either Kim."

Kim wiggled in her seat and giggled.

"I know," she said. "Jack, will you please do me a

"What Kim."

"Please don't call it my cunt. I don't like that
word ... it sounds so dirty."

"What do you want me to call it? vagina sounds too

Kim thought for a minute. "Call it my pussy or,"
remembering the name her babysitter Mary used, "my
kitty. And I will call yours, your dick or cock,
unless you have another name you would prefer."

Jack laughed out loud as a litany of possible names
for the male sex organ ran through his head.

"That's fine, you an call it anything you want to."

"Do boys have other names for it? What do guys call
their things?"

Jack was having trouble keeping his mind on his
driving, his sister's questions causing uncontrolled
laughter. "Dick, prick, choad, mule, tool, crank,
love muscle..."

"Ok, ok, I get the point!" she giggled. "How about a
girl's ... um, pussy? What do you guys call that?"

"Cunt, pussy, twat, gash, slit, split tail..."

He listed some of the names he had read in the
magazines that had provided his source of excitement,
up to a few weeks ago. Now it was thoughts of his
little sister's body and their experimentation that
would arouse him for his frequent masturbation

Kim was also laughing. "Those names are sick. I
hope you won't talk about me like that."

Jack pulled into the school's parking lot and looked
for a space.

"I don't and won't talk about you to anyone, about
anything like that. Except maybe Tom or Sally, they
talk to us about stuff. Besides, your language wasn't
the cleanest I have heard last night, you have never
said those things before, at least not to me."

Jack parked the car, the two got out, and walked
towards the school.

"I was so turned on last night I wasn't even sure who
I was, let alone what I was saying. I guess when you
are having sex, things change, even the names we use
for body parts." She giggled and added, "Oh, by the
way cows have tits, girls have boobs."

Jack turned to her and said, "You're wrong there Kim,
girls have tits too, and you have great tits!"

Kim smacked his arm and said, "Thank you, I'm glad
you like them."

The teens walked through the doors of the school
building and went to their respective classes,
agreeing to meet by the car at the end of the day.

When Kim got to her first hour class, Sally was
already there.

"You're late Kim," she whispered. "What happened?"

"Nothing, we got up a little late," Kim whispered
back, "I'll talk to you at lunch."

Sally nodded and turned the attention back to the
school news and announcements that were displayed on
the television at the front of the classroom.

The girls chatted between classes, but Kim was silent
about her and Jack's activities. During their third
hour math class, Kim felt a rumble deep in her belly.
She excused herself from the class and went to the
restroom. In a stall, she examined the crotch of her
panties and discovered a small spot of blood. She
removed a small plastic package from her purse, opened
it, and placed its contents into the crotch of her
stained underwear. "No cramps," she thought as she
pulled the panties and pad into place. "I guess the
pills really work ... for more than one thing." Kim
hummed the persistent song as she walked down the hall
to her classroom.

At lunch, the girls went through the line and carried
their trays to a vacant table, away from the rest of
their classmates. They sat across from each other and
talked quietly.

"Did you teach Jack to dance?" Sally asked, "I would
have never guessed that is why they didn't want to go.
Tom and I danced last night, he really needs
practice." Sally took a bite of her sandwich and
waited for her cousin's reply.

"Yes, we danced. Jack is really pretty good at
dancing among other things." Kim had a big grin on
her face as she talked with Sally.

Sally caught Kim's statement. She looked at her and
could see the brightness in her blue eyes. She
watched as the girl squirmed in her seat and fidgeted
with her food.

"What other things?"

Kim looked around the lunchroom. Confident no one
was paying any attention to the two of them, she
leaned across the table and said, "We did it last

Sally looked like a deer caught in the headlights of
a car. She sat speechless and stared at her cousin.
After several moments, she said, "Oh my god! How did
it happen? Did it hurt? Did you like it? Where did
you do it? Would you do it again with him? Are you
sore? Are you ok with it?"

Kim interrupted her cousin's barrage of questions.
She sat back in her chair, feeling like she had just
been named Miss America. "I will tell you about it
later," she said. "By the way, my period started this
morning. I didn't have any cramps or headaches, those
pills really work."

"I know, mine started last night. You better hope
the pills work ... for what they were intended."

The girls laughed and finished their lunches. They
went to the rest of their classes and met in the
parking lot after school ended.

Sally grabbed the sleeve of Kim's blazer and tugged
on it. "Tell me what happened," she said, "I want all
the details."

"Why don't I come to your house after I go home and
change. We won't have time to talk much before Jack
and Tom get here. Sally, please don't say anything to
anyone, even Tom. If Jack wants him to know, he will
tell him."

Kim walked with Sally across the parking lot towards
the car.

"Ok, I won't say anything, but I can't wait to hear
about it."

Sally released her grip on the blazer and walked
beside her cousin. As they approached Jack's car,
they heard someone calling their names. They turned
and looked around, trying to find the source. Kim
spotted Megan walking towards them.

"Hi guys," the tall redhead said, "How was the rest
of your weekend? I had a great time on Saturday, I
hope we can do something like that again."

"Great," Sally replied, "We went fishing with our
brothers on Sunday. What did you do?"

Megan leaned against the car, her books clutched to
her small breasts. "I just hung around the house
Sunday, no one was around. I didn't know you guys went fishing. Where did you go? I have never been
fishing before, is it fun?"

"We went on Lake St. Clair," Kim said, "My brother Jack has a boat. He and Sally's brother have been
teaching us to fish this summer. We got to go salmon
fishing with them on our vacation. I really like
fishing, we caught fish that were this big up north."

Kim stretched her arms out indicating the size of the
fish they had caught on Lake Michigan.

While the girls were talking, Jack and Tom walked up
to them. Sally introduced Megan to the two boys.
Jack and Tom said, "hi," and told their sister's it
was time to go.

"I will see you tomorrow Megan," Sally told her, "We
will have to get together again real soon." She went
with Tom to their car and the two drove away.

Kim said, "I have to go too, I will see you tomorrow.
Maybe we can eat lunch together." Kim got into the
car and waved at her through the window, as her
brother pulled away.

Jack drove out of the lot and onto the street. "What
did Tom say?" Kim inquired.

"About what?"

She looked at her brother and said, "About last night."

"Nothing," he replied, "I didn't tell him about it.
Did you tell Sally?"

"Yes, sort of, but I told her not to say anything to
Tom. I figured you would have told him."

Jack looked strait ahead as he drove. Kim turned in
the seat, pulling her skirt up slightly and tucking
her left leg under her right. "Jack, are you ashamed
of what happened between us last night?"

Jack shook his head no, but didn't look at his
sister. "What are we going to do about mom and dad?
They are going to kill us."

He flinched when Kim reached across the seat and put
her hand on his shoulder. "I don't think so Jack.
Remember what they said, they wouldn't be mad no
matter what we did. I guess we will just have to wait
and see if they say anything about it."

She sat quietly and waited for her brother to
respond. He turned onto their street, drove slowly to
their driveway, and turned in. He parked the car in
the garage and turned it off, but didn't move. Jack
sat behind the steering wheel, his hands gripping the
top of it. He had a blank stare on his face, like he
was off somewhere else, if only in his mind. Kim saw
tears welling up in the corner of her big brother's
eyes. She pressed the release on her seatbelt and
slid next to him. She put her arm around his neck and
pulled his head to her shoulder in an attempt to
comfort him.

The confused boy relaxed slightly, his sister's
attention having a soothing effect on him. He felt
her stroke the back of his head as she silently held
him. "Please talk to me Jack. Have I done something
that made you mad?"

She felt him shake his head no. "I am just confused
Kim," he said, a slight sob in his voice. "I have all
these strange feelings going on and I just can't seem
to sort them out. What happened last night was the
most wonderful thing I have ever experienced, but I am
afraid that when it all sinks in you will hate me for
it. Kim, I have very strong feelings for you. You
are my sister and I love you, like a sister. Now that
we have done what we did, I have other feelings,
feelings I can't explain."

Kim pulled away from him so she could look into his
eyes. "I'm confused too Jack. I also have feelings
and emotions that I can't explain. You and I have
done a lot of different things recently. Things that
I never thought I would do, especially with my
brother. You make me fell sexy and grownup, you
haven't been treating me like a little sister, you
have been treating me like a friend. Now you and I
have had sex. That doesn't make me feel that we can't
still be friends, it makes me feel closer to you."

Jack wiped his eyes with the back of his hands. He
forced a smile and put his hand on her knee. "How did
you get so wise at fifteen? You always have the right
answers or know the right thing to say. When I am
with you I can't seem to find any words to describe
how I feel." Feeling a little better, he began to rub
her leg. His hand went higher up her thigh, under her

Kim quickly put her legs tight together. Her brother gazed into her eyes with a puzzled look on his face.

Kim smiled at him and said, "My kitty had its throat
cut, and you wouldn't like it."


"I have my period silly," she giggled, "I don't think
you want to touch me right now, at least not there."

She took his wrist and removed his hand from her leg.
She could see that she was having an effect on him,
whether he liked it or not. She reached out, touched
the prominent bulge in the crotch of his pants, and

"Your dick seems to have a mind of its own."

He knocked her hand away from his involuntary
erection and reached for the door handle.

"Girls are so lucky. No one can tell that they are
excited." Jack exited the car, his sister right
behind him.

"Not by looking," she said.

The siblings went into the house, Jack to the
kitchen, Kim to her room.

She removed her school clothes and dressed in jeans
and a sweater. She straightened her bed and put her
books on her desk before going back downstairs.

In the kitchen, Jack had his head stuck in the
refrigerator, looking for something to eat. Kim went
to the bulletin board and read the note her parents had left.

"Mom and dad went shopping," she said. "I'm going to
go over to Sally and Tom's house. I will talk to you

She though about giving her brother a kiss goodbye,
but decided to give things a rest. Jack said
something that she couldn't understand, and waved to

Kim grabbed a jacket and left for her cousin's. As
she walked along the street, she tried to gather her
thoughts. A stiff breeze from behind blew her
straight hair around her head and into her face. She
wished she had brought something to tie it back with,
but settled for hooking it behind her ears.

The afternoons were getting shorter and cooler as
fall approached. She didn't mind fall, she would be
able to wear her sweaters and jeans more often.
Looking down at her chest, she admired the way the
tight wool garment accented her breasts. She also
liked the feeling that her tight blue jeans provided,
and knew her butt looked good in them.

She turned the corner onto her cousin's street and
slowed her pace for a moment. "What is going to
happen, where will this all lead?" she said out loud.
She walked up the driveway and entered the house,
without knocking.

Tom was sitting in their family room, eating a

"Hi Tom. Where is Sally?" she asked him.

Tom swallowed his food, took a drink from his glass
of milk, and said, "In her room I think."

Kim ran upstairs and into Sally's bedroom. She
flopped on her bed and said, "HI."

Sally was in the process of changing her clothes.
She had on jeans and was just about to pull her
sweater over her head. "Hi Kim. What took so long?"

"I had to do a couple of things before I could come

Sally sat on the bed, folded her legs, leaned
forward, and said, "Tell me what happened."

"Well, after I talked to you on the phone, I took
some of my CDs to the rec-room and played some music.
I taught Jack to dance. First we did a few of the
simpler fast dances and then we did the Hustle. Jack
learned real fast, he is a good dancer. We worked on
the fast stuff and then I showed him how to slow
dance. That was a little harder. I don't know how to
lead and I don't really know how to slow dance. We
figured it out and after a while we got pretty good.
Then we danced close, you know, like a boyfriend and
girlfriend. Well, one thing lead to another and we
ended up on the couch."

"What was it like to ... you know ... have it in you?
Was it like our toys?" Sally squirmed on the bed, her
cousin's story exciting her.

"Sally, you have no idea! There is just no way to
describe it. The feeling is so different from using
our toys. There is ... there's just something that I
can't explain."

Kim thought back to last night. She envisioned her
brother below her, his penis imbedded in her vagina.
She felt her vagina tingle as she remembered the
feeling of Jack swelling and then flooding her with
his semen.

"Tell me all the details, Sally said, "Tell me what
it feels like. Did it hurt? Are you going to do it

Kim became very somber. She sat for a moment and
organized her thoughts. "Sally, there is no way I can
answer you, and frankly, I don't want to. Not because
I don't want you to know, but someday you too will do
it the first time with a guy and it should be your
experience, yours and the guy you do it with."

Sally felt a little hurt, but she understood. She
thought back to the night she and Tom almost had
intercourse and how she was unable to convey the
feeling to Kim. She looked at her cousin and said, "I

"I am so glad you understand Sally, it was ... it was
just so special." Kim grinned and said, "My mom knows!"

"What! How?"

"I don't know how, not yet, but I know she knows. I
could tell by the way she acted this morning and the
things she said."

Sally sat with her mouth open. She couldn't believe
how calm Kim was acting. "What did she say about it?"

"Nothing about what we did, but when she gave my
pills, she said I should be sure to take them
everyday. Then she made a comment about growing up."

The girls sat on the bed and continued to talk, Kim
changed the subject.

In the basement, Tom and his dad were laying out the
space for a darkroom. They used tape to mark the
walls and doorway on the tiled floor. The darkroom
was to be built in a corner of the basement, in an
area that provided easy access to the plumbing. Marc
had hired a contractor to construct the new darkroom,
and he would begin tomorrow.

"When can I go and buy the equipment?" Tom asked his

"Anytime you want to, but it won't be of much use
until the room is done." Marc stepped back and looked
at the tape that marked the floor. "Nine feet by
twelve feet," he said, "that should be big enough for
you Tom. I will have them put in the electrical and
heating ducts when they build it."

"This is going to be great dad. How long do you
think it will take to build it?

"Just a few days Tom, you need to be patient." Marc
walked to the stairs and his son followed him.

Tom ran upstairs and knocked on Sally's closed
bedroom door. His sister invited him.

Tom said, "Hi Kim, how you doing? Sally, dad is
having a darkroom built in the basement for me, I'm
going to go and buy the equipment today so I can start
reading about it."

Tom paced around the room. His excitement over the
darkroom was very obvious, and caused the girls to
laugh at him.

"That's nice Tom, when do you think you will be able
to start developing your own pictures?" Sally said.

"Soon sis, real soon," he said, "I'm going to call
Jack and see if he wants to go to the camera store."

Tom called his cousin and told him about the new
darkroom and the plan to go to he photo store. Jack
agreed to go with him, and Tom drove to his house and
picked him up. During the trip to the store, Jack was
very quiet and just looked out the window.

"What's bugging you?" Tom asked, "You haven't said a
word since I picked you up."

Jack shrugged his shoulders and continued to stare
out the window. After a few minutes he turned to Tom
and said, "It's Kim. Well, it is actually Kim and I."

"What is the matter with you and Kim? Is everything
all right?"

Jack turned in his seat and faced Tom, he cleared his
throat and said, "Um ... We sort of got carried away
last night when she was teaching me to dance. Now I
don't know what is going to happen. All I am sure of
right now is that it is really bothering me."

"What do you mean you got carried away?"

Tom pulled into the parking lot of the camera store
and parked the car. He shut off the engine and turned
to his troubled cousin.

Jack told him about the evening. He went into detail
about learning to dance fast and then slow. He
described how Kim taught him to slow-dance like a boy and girl would do when they are close.

"... the next thing I knew we were kissing and
touching each other. She took off her dress and
showed me the sexy underwear she had on. Tom, you
would not believe how she looked! It was a one-piece
black thing that you could see right through. Anyway,
we had oral sex and ended up with her sitting on my
lap on the couch." Jack shifted in his seat, trying
to conceal his growing penis.

"So what is the big deal, it's not like you two
haven't done that before." Tom, also excited by his
cousin's story, adjusted himself.

"Tom, she put my cock into her cun..., um, pussy and
we did it. We went all the way! Now I don't how it
will affect our relationship, I sure as hell don't
what her hating me." Jack left out the part about
falling asleep and waking to do it again.

"Holly shit Jack, that is so hot! I almost did it
with Sally, but you ... you really got it. How was
it? Did you like screwing Kim?"

"It was great! I have never felt anything like it in
my life, but I am still concerned about Kim. I could
never forgive myself if she ends up hating me. Let's
go do your shopping Tom."

Jack opened his door and got out of the car. He
walked with Tom to the camera store and just before
the boys went in, Tom said, "Jack, I am sure that
things will be cool with Kim. It's not like you
forced her to do it, is it?"

"No, she was very willing. If anything it is the
other way around."

Jack finished what he was saying and opened the door
of the camera store. The two boys went to the counter
and found the same man that had helped them before.

"Hi," Tom said to the salesman that helped him buy
his camera, "I want to setup a darkroom and learn how
to develop my own film and print photos."

The man smiled, remembering the young man's last
visit and the commission he had earned. "Great," he
said, "Color or black and white. There is different
equipment for each one."

"I want to do both. I will start with black and
white, but I want to do color also. Can the same
enlarger be used for both?"

The clerk told him that he could use one enlarger and
that some of the equipment was the same, but he would
need some extra things to do color film and prints.
He showed Tom a catalog of items and the two set out
to gather the required equipment.

While his cousin and the salesman were going from
isle to isle, gathering the things Tom would need,
Jack went to the digital camera section. He
remembered the pictures his sister had taken with her
camera, on the boat, and thought it would be nice to
have one of his own.

Jack stood in front of a glass case, perusing the
assortment of cameras. A girl, about nineteen, walked
over to him and asked, "May I help you?"

He told her that he was thinking about buying a
digital camera, but knew very little about them. She
asked him what he planned to use it for and how many
pictures he would take at a time.

"I don't really know," he said, "I like to fish and
want to take it on the boat when I go. I would like
to be able to take quite a few pictures."

She took several cameras from the case and set them
on the counter. She picked them up one at a time and
explained the differences between each model.

"How much would you like to spend?" she asked, "There
is a broad range of prices for these cameras."

"I don't care about the price, I just want to be sure
it is the best."

Jack was handling a small unit, much like his
sister's. He looked through the viewfinder at the
girl and pushed the zoom button.

She smiled at him and asked if he would like to see
one that had interchangeable lenses. When Jack nodded
yes, she smiled again, went to another cabinet, and
removed a top of the line camera. She handed it to
him and began to tout the advantages of the larger
camera and how much better the photos would be.

He asked, "Do you have a brochure on this one? I
would like to see what accessories are available." He
again looked through the camera at the sales girl and
acted like he was taking her picture.

Tom called him from the end of the counter and said
that he was all set for tonight. He had a large
number of boxes stacked on the floor and the counter.

The girl that was helping Jack handed him a booklet
on the camera that he was interested in and said, "Why
don't you take this home and read it. My name is
Cindy, you can ask for me when you decide." She took
back the brochure and wrote her name and the store's
phone number on it. "Call me if you have any

Jack thanked her for her help and went to where Tom
was filling out some paperwork. Tom pointed to
several packages and said, "I'm going to take these
with me, and the store will deliver the rest. My
darkroom won't be ready for a few days so I don't
really need all of the stuff yet."

The salesman took Tom's credit card and processed the
transaction, this time with out asking for
identification. Tom signed the sales slip and picked
up some of the packages, leaving several for Jack. As
the two boys were leaving the store, Cindy said, "Nice
meeting you sir. I hope to see you again soon."

"Thanks Cindy, I'll see you later. By the way, my
name is Jack."

"Bye Jack," she smiled, "I look forward to it."

The boys loaded the new darkroom equipment into Tom's
car and headed for home.

"I think she likes you," Tom said, "Maybe you need to
take up photography."

Jack laughed at him and said, "I am thinking about a
digital camera, but who knows."

When they got back to Tom's house, he took Jack down
stairs to see where his darkroom would be. The boys put the new equipment onto some shelves and Tom
removed several of the instruction manuals from the

"It's getting late and I have homework, can you run
me home?"

"Sure, Tom answered, "Do you want to see if your
sister is still here, I can take her home too."

Jack shook his head yes and they went upstairs to
find Kim. She was still in Sally's room talking with
her. "You ready to go home?" Jack asked. "I still
have homework to do and it is getting late."

Kim said she was ready and told her cousin goodbye.
They followed Tom downstairs and out to the car. He
quickly drove the two blocks to their house and
dropped them off. Kim and Jack waved to Tom as he
pulled away and went into the house. Jack told his
sister about looking at the camera and showed her the
brochure. He told her that he thought it would be
nice to have a camera he could take on the boat and on

When they got to their rooms, they each went to their
own. Kim said, "You can always use my camera, if you
want to Jack." She walked through her door and heard
her brother say thanks.

When Tom got back to his room he laid on his bed and
began to read the material that came with his new
equipment. His sister walked in, dressed in her
nightshirt, sat on his bed, and said, "How was the
shopping trip Tom? Did you get everything you needed?"

He looked up from the book he was reading and said,

"So what did you and Jack talk about?" She pried,
"Did he say anything about learning to dance?"

"Yea, he told me."


"Yes Sally, he told me everything. He is really
worried about how it will affect his and Kim's
relationship. I think he feels real bad that it
happened, if it makes her mad at him."

"She isn't mad at all. She is worried about the same
thing. I guess they will just have to talk it out. I
know everything will be fine." Sally folded her legs
under her and her nightshirt rose to mid-thigh. She
twisted around, trying to get comfortable. Her
brother's legs were stretched out next to her, his
head propped up against the headboard. She placed her
hand on his leg and said, "Tom, do you think it would
hurt our relationship if we ... you know?"

"Sally, I have no idea, but I have thought about it a
lot since the time we almost did. I would be lying if
I said that I didn't want to. I guess we may never
know." His eyes glanced at her crotch. He could see
her blue panties and an unfamiliar bulge between her
legs. "What is that?" He said, pointing under her

"What's what?" she said, knowing full well what had
attracted his attention. She giggled as she watched
him shift around, his face turning red.

"This!" He reached under her nightshirt and probed
the padded hump with his finger. "What's this?"

Laughing out loud, she quipped, "It's a pad! I have
my period."

Tom quickly removed his hand from her crotch and
turned his reddened face down. Sally noticed the rise
in his jeans and slid her hand up his leg and over the
bulge. He looked into her face and smiled as she
massaged his genitals through his pants.

"Where are mom and dad?" she asked in a low voice.

"They are shopping with Aunt Marge and Uncle Don.
They said they would be home about nine or so."

Tom groaned as his sister increased the pressure on
his now hard penis. He wiggled against her hand in an
attempt to shift the hard shaft and find comfort.

She got up on her knees and hovered over him. Sally
undid the button at the waistband of his jeans and
lowered his zipper. Gripping the sides of her
brother's jeans, she encouraged him to lift his butt
and allow her to pull them and his boxers down. He
helped the young girl pull the garments over his hips
and down to his knees. When his penis sprang free,
she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it lightly.
She released him, pulled her nightshirt over her head
and sat back on her heals.

"What are you up to Sally?" Her brother asked, as he
pushed up to meet her hand.

"I just want to make my big brother feel good," she
said, "Do you want me to stop?"

Sally rotated her hand back and forth as she stroked
up and down. When she reached the top of his penis,
she ran her thumb over the very end, smearing his pre-
cum over the head.

"Oh no, don't stop," he groaned, "please don't stop,
it feels so good."

Tom reached up and squeezed her breasts with both
hands. She leaned forward to provide easier access to
him. He rubbed his fingertips over her swollen
nipples as she continued to slowly jack him off.
Sally threw one leg over her brother's legs, bent
over, and kissed him on his lips. She probed his
mouth with her tongue, never stopping her steady

When his hand ventured down the smooth skin of her
stomach, she stopped him.

"Tom, you can't do that tonight, I'm messy down

He quickly withdrew his hand and placed it back on
her breast. He tweaked her hard nipples causing her
vagina to jump in response. She sat back up strait,
looked into his hazel eyes, and bent forward again,
this time kissing the pre-cum covered head of his
penis. She felt it jump in her hand as her tongue
circled the velvet helmet. Tom put his hand on the
back of his sister's head, when she stabbed the small
slit, and pushed it down.

Sally was determined to make him last for a while.
She turned her head, pushed his penis flat to his
belly, and licked his balls. She hooked her wet
tongue under one of the orbs and lifted it until it
slipped off and dropped. She flattened her tongue,
ran it from the base to the head and back, several
times. She rested her hot tongue on the underside of
his shaft and felt his heartbeat. Hooking a finger
around his penis, she stood it strait up and engulfed
half of it. Tom bucked his hips up trying to push
more of his over heated member into his sister's
sucking mouth.

"Oh Sally," he begged, "Suck my cock. Make me cum.
I can't take much more."
He moved his hands from her firm breasts to the sides
of her head and continued to buck up into her mouth.

She put her hands on his hips in an effort to control
his movements. She slowly lifted her head, looked up
at him, and said, "Relax Tom, stop trying to force

She replaced her mouth on his penis and used her
tongue to swipe under the head. When she felt him
stop bucking, she slowly lowered her mouth over the
entire length of his swollen member. She gagged a
little as the head of his penis hit the back of her
mouth and pressed into her throat. Sally stopped her
downward trek and allowed the reflex to subside. She
pushed down again and completely engulfed his
throbbing penis. His pubic hair tickled her nose and
she felt the warmth of his balls on her chin.

Tom began to moan out loud and turn his head from
side to side. Sally felt him swell in her throat and
backed off, leaving half of the shaft in her mouth.
She bobbed her head up and down on the slick member
and sucked it firmly. Her brother's legs tensed and
jerked around between hers. She felt him swell and
begin to empty his semen into her sucking mouth. She
swallowed as fast as she could, capturing his entire
load. When the jets of cum subsided, she cleaned him
with her mouth and tongue, savoring the bittersweet
flavor of her brother's hot sticky discharge.

She held him in her warm mouth until he softened.
Sally took his penis in her hand, removed her mouth,
and gently laid his spent manhood on his belly. She
straightened up, climbed off his legs, and sat on the
edge of the bed. She ran her fingers through the dark
hair on his head, feeling the dampness from his sweat.
She picked up her nightshirt and pulled it over her
head and hips, hiding her blue panties beneath it.

"Tom," she said softly, "Remember what we talked
about earlier? Do you remember you said we may never
know if going all the way would have an effect on our

"Yes," he said, as he pulled his boxers up and his
jeans off.

Sally stood up and leaned over her brother. She
kissed him firmly and said, "I want to know." She
started to walk to the door, turned around and said,
"Goodnight Tom, I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight Sally, and thanks."

She smiled at her big brother, left his room, and
went to her own. She went to her bed and climbed in,
not bothering to brush her teeth. She decided she
wanted to fall asleep with the taste of Tom's cum lingering in her mouth. As she laid thinking about
her brother's comments about finding out about how
having intercourse would affect their relationship,
Sally carefully slipped her hand into her panties.
She used her fingertip to find her clit and began to
rub it slowly. She ran her tongue over her lips and
teeth searching for the tiniest trace of her brother's
cum. She increased the speed of her fingertip on her
hard clit, bringing herself to a subtle but satisfying

With her own desires quelled, she fell asleep.


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