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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 25


"The Lottery" - Part 25 (mf, mast, oral, inc, con)

Kim and Sally met in the parking lot at school the
next morning. As they walked across the paved surface
towards the school buildings, Sally said, "Kim, I
really want to do it with Tom. I want to know what it
is like to have him inside me."

"It will happen when, and if, it happens," Kim
replied, "But don't rush it. It was just so natural
when Jack and I did it."

"Are you going to do it again with Jack?"

"I don't know. I'm going to wait and see what he
does. I want the next time, if there is one, to be
his idea and not mine." Kim opened the door as she
finished her statement. She saw Megan in the hall and
called her name.

"Hi Megan, how are you doing today?" Sally said as
she and Kim caught her and walked on either side.

"I'm ok, how about you guys?"

"Just great!" Sally said, "Are you going to the
dance next weekend?"

Megan looked at Sally and said, "I don't think so,
the dances aren't much fun for me. None of the guys will dance with me because they think that I am ...
well you know."

As the two cousins approached their classroom, Kim
said, "Meet us at lunch today. We can talk about it

Megan nodded and walked away. Kim and Sally went
into their first hour class and took their seats.

At lunch the three girls met in the cafeteria and sat
together. As they ate their lunch, Kim said, "Megan,
you should come to the dance. Our brothers are going
to be there and they don't have anyone to dance with.
You would like them once you get to know them."

"I just don't know," the tall redhead replied, "The
last dance I went to was terrible, I ended up going
home early because no one would even talk to me. If
you guys hang around with me at the dance, they won't
talk to you either."

Sally said, "Well, Kim and I don't have anyone to go
with. Do you know anyone that would like to dance
with us? We don't want to just stand around and look

Megan said, "I have some friends that don't go to
this school, they are home schooled. They might want
to go. My friend Lisa is seventeen and her twin
brothers will soon be sixteen. They are really nice,
and might like to go. I guess I could ask them."
Megan was smiling, she felt that she might have a
chance to go to the dance and have fun.

"I have an idea," Kim said, "Why don't I ask my mom if we can all get together at my house this weekend.
That will give everyone a chance to meet and then we
can see if it will workout. We will have to ask our
brothers too, they will have to agree to go."

The three girls talked about the weekend and the
possibilities of them all going to the dance as a
group. Megan told the cousins that her friend Lisa
was kind of cute and a lot of fun to hang around with.
She said that Lisa's brothers were ok, but she didn't
really know them that well.

When Kim and Sally asked what they looked like, Megan
said, "They are identical twins, they look almost
exactly alike. They have short brown hair, green eyes
and are about the same height as me." The redhead
blushed a little and added, "They aren't as cute as
your brothers though."

Kim and Sally giggled, Kim said, "I will call you
tonight and let you know if we can have a party. Give
me your phone number again."

Megan jotted her number on a sheet of paper and gave
it to Kim. The three girls took care of their lunch
trays and went to their next class.

After school the weather had turned cold and rainy.
Kim and Sally waited for their brothers inside the
building near the doorway. When the two boys arrived,
the four ran across the parking lot to their cars.

The girls had agreed to get together after school at
Sally's house and make plans for the weekend. Inside
the car, Kim said, "Jack, will you take me to Sally
and Tom's after I change? Sally and I want to talk to
you and Tom."

"About what?"

"I will tell you when we get there, ok."

Kim sat sideways in her seat looking at her big
brother as he drove. She thought about him dancing
with another girl and felt jealous. She remembered
their evening of dancing and the things that followed.
She wondered how she would feel if Jack was to have
sex with another girl. Kim knew in her heart that it
was bound to happen someday, but she still felt
uncomfortable with the thought.

"We're home," she heard her brother say, snapping her
out of her thoughts. "Let's go and change so we can
got to Tom's."

The siblings went into the house and into the
kitchen. Jack went to the refrigerator, as he always
did, and searched for a snack. Kim called for her mom and went to the family room when she heard her answer.

"Hi mom," she said, "Where is dad?" She went over to
the couch her mom was sitting on and joined her.

"He and Uncle Marc went out for awhile, they'll be
home later." Marge put the book she was reading down
and talked with her daughter.

"Mom, Sally and I were wondering if we could have
some friends over this weekend. Megan knows a girl and her two brothers that might want to go to the
dance with the four of us. That way Jack and Tom
would have someone to dance with, and so would Sally
and I."

"I don't see why not, we are going to celebrate
yours, Sally's, Tom's and Jack's birthdays on Sunday,
but Saturday would be fine. Do these kids go to
school with you guys?"

"No," Kim said, smiling at the fact she was going to
host her first boy-girl party, "They are home

Marge looked out towards the kitchen to see if her
son was within earshot.

"Kim," she said softly, "Are you going to be ok with

Kim nodded yes.

"You know I know don't you?"

Again her daughter nodded.

"Do you know how?"

Kim shook her head no and squirmed in her seat.

"I saw you and your brother the rec-room that night,
sleeping on the couch. When your dad and I came up
for bed, I didn't find you two in your rooms, so I
went to the rec-room and found you there."

Kim sat silently. She didn't know what to say or do.
"Does dad know?"

"Yes, he was there too and saw you."

"Are we in trouble?" Kim was scared to hear her
mom's answer.

Marge moved next to her daughter and put her arms
around the teen. She stroked her back and said, "Not
with your father and I, but things could get very
complicated for you and your brother if you guys aren't careful. You two know that having sex with a
family member is taboo. You must be very cautious
around other people not to let on about your
relationship with each other."

Kim relaxed in her mother's arms. She had tears
running down her cheeks.

"Mom, we didn't plan it, it just sort of happened,"
she sobbed, "We were dancing slow and the next thing
we knew we were..."

Marge interrupted Kim and pulled her tighter to her.

"I don't want to know the details. What happened,
happened and there is nothing you can do or say to
change it. Just be sure that it doesn't ruin your
relationship with your brother."

The two women were still embracing each other when
Jack walked into the room. His mom had her back to
him, but he could see his sister's face clearly. When
he saw she was crying, he quietly turned around and

Kim broke her hug and said, "We have talked about it
some. I know that Jack and I will work it out."

Kim stood up and told her mom that she and Jack were
going to Sally and Tom's house and they would be home
later. She kissed her mom and went to her room.

Kim removed her blazer and skirt. As she was hanging
them up, Jack knocked on her door. Kim, dressed in
her underwear, opened the door for her brother and
invited him in. He sat on the love seat and watched
as she pushed her slip down her legs and stepped out
of it. She pulled her camisole over her head and put
the two items into her drawer.

"Kim," he said, "Were you and mom talking about what
I think you were talking about?"

"Yes, mom said that she and dad saw us on the couch,
sleeping. She also said that we weren't in any

Jack fell back in relief. He feared that their
parents would be mad at them for what had happened.
Kim picked up a pair of jeans, went into the bathroom,
and closed the door. She came out a few minutes later
wearing her jeans and her white bra. Jack gazed at
his sister's breasts. He could see her slightly
hardened nipples through the snug sheer material that
covered the firm mounds. Even though he was not
thinking of her sexually, he could feel his penis

Kim noticed that he was staring at her. She said,
"Are you ready to go?" She went to her closet and
returned wearing a tight, green and black striped,

"Yup," he replied as he stood up, "I'm ready."

The two left and drove the two blocks to their
cousin's house. Sally was in the family room watching
television with her mom when Kim and Jack walked in.

"Where is Tom?" Jack asked his aunt.

"He's downstairs watching the workmen build his

Jack went to the basement to find his cousin.

Kim sat next to Sally and asked, "Aunt Anne, did
Sally tell you about our idea?"

"Yes she did Kim. I think it is very nice of you two
to think of your brothers. It isn't easy for boys their age to ask girls to dance, especially strangers."

The three women sat and talked about school and the
upcoming dance. The boys came upstairs and joined the
girls in the family room.

"They have all he walls up and are working on the
plumbing," Tom said, "They should be done in a few
days." The boy's excitement showed in his eyes. He
couldn't wait to have the darkroom and begin to
develop his own film.

"Let's go into the kitchen and get some drinks,"
Sally said.

She got up and walked out of the family, her brother and cousins right behind her. Sally took four cans of
soda from the refrigerator and handed one to each of
the other teens. They all sat at the counter and

"So what do you girls want to talk to us about?"
Jack asked.

Kim and Sally took turns telling their brothers about
their plan for the dance and the get together on
Saturday. They told the boys about Megan and her

"Megan!" Tom said, "Isn't she a lez? Some of the
guys at school said she didn't like boys ... if you
know what I mean."

Sally spun around and snapped at her brother, "Do
you always believe what other people say? Don't you
remember what Uncle Don told us on the beach that
night about being judged by what we do? How would you
like it if someone said you were queer because you
didn't have a girlfriend? You really piss me off
sometimes Tom!"

"Ok, ok, I'll meet your friends," he said, "How about
you Jack?

"Yeah, I will meet them too, I would like to have
someone to dance with next weekend."

"Great," Kim said, "I will call Megan and she can
call her friends to come over on Saturday."

The boys got up and left, the girls sat at the
kitchen counter and made plans for the party. Sally
got a piece of paper and started a list of the things
they would need. The two girls bubbled as they tried
to cover every detail.

After about an hour, Jack and Tom came back to the

"Let's go Kim," Jack said, "I have homework to do."

They said goodbye to Sally and Tom and left. On the
way out they also said goodbye to their aunt.

Back at their house, Kim and her brother went to
their rooms. Jack sat at his desk and started on his
homework assignments.

Kim called Megan and told her the good news. The two
girls talked for a while about the upcoming weekend.
Megan said she would call her friends and call Kim
back. They hung up and Kim settled in to do her
homework. She had completed two of her subjects when
the phone rang.

"Hi Kim," Megan said, "I called Lisa and told her
about the dance and coming to your house on Saturday.
She said that it sounded like fun and would talk to
her brothers about it. Do you think we can go
swimming again?"

"Sure, we can swim and maybe use the hot tub. Sally
and I will pickup food and sodas for everyone."

"Sounds great Kim, I can hardly wait for the weekend.
I will see you at school tomorrow and let you know
about the boys. I have to go now, goodbye Kim." The
two classmates hung up and Kim returned to her work.
After she finished her math, she decided to take a
break and call Sally.

She told her cousin about Megan's call and that Lisa
had agreed to come. The girls talked about the party,
planning the menu.

"Kim," Sally said, "Have you thought about Jack being
with another girl? I have been thinking about Tom and
how I would feel about seeing him with someone."

"Yes, I have thought about it. I really don't know
how I will react. You know Sally, they are going to
meet girls and go out with them, and we will meet boys too. I guess we will just have to see what happens.
This whole summer has been a little strange, if you
know what I mean."

"I know Kim," Sally sighed, "I just don't think about
Tom like a brother all the time, or Jack as a cousin.
I guess you are right, we will just have to see what
happens, but it doesn't make me feel any better about
the idea."

The two young girls finished their conversion and
hung up. Kim went to Jack's room, knocked on the
door, and waited for an answer. After several
minutes, she heard her brother say, "Come in."

Kim opened his door and walked into the room. "I
just talked to Megan and Sally," she said, "Everything
is all most set for Saturday."

Kim abruptly stopped talking. She looked at her
brother lying on his bed in sweatpants and no shirt,
his face flushed. She glanced at his crotch and
noticed the familiar bulge between his legs. Her eyes
searched around his bed and she spotted a book, face
down, next to him. Kim sat on the edge of his bed and
reached for the book. Jack tried to intercept her
hand, but failed. She picked up the book, turned it
over, and read the title out loud.

"The Joy of Sex!" She exclaimed, a broad smile
forming, "Where did you get this?" Kim began to flip
through the pages.

"Give me that!" Jack said, wrenching the book away
from her. "I found it in box, in the garage."

The teens face was red with embarrassment. He pulled
back the covers of his bed and hid the book under
them. "Tell me about Saturday," he said, trying to
change the subject.

"I told you, everything is almost set. Megan has to
talk to Lisa about asking Lisa's brothers. Jack ...
were you ... um ... masturbating?" Kim's voice
reduced to a whisper. She stared into her brother's
eyes, knowing the answer to her question.

The embarrassed boy gently shook his head yes, and
looked away.

Kim got up, walked to his door, and pushed it closed.
She returned to his bed and sat down even with his
hips. After sitting quietly for a few moments, she
said, "Were you thinking of me while you were doing

He again shook his head yes, the redness returning to
his cheeks.

"Will you show me?"

Her voice was low and raspy. The thought of her
brother masturbating and thinking of her was making
her excited. She could feel her nipples harden
against the sheer fabric of her bra and her pussy tingle.

Jack remained motionless, his head turned away from
his sister. His penis began to stiffen again as he
mulled over Kim's request. He jumped slightly when he
felt her hand on the inside of his thigh, slowly
rubbing him. He turned his head and looked into her
bright blue eyes. Without saying a word, he lowered
his sweatpants and exposed his hard penis to her. He
wrapped his hand around the hard flesh and began to
stroke himself, never taking his eyes away from hers.

Kim was the first to break the eye contact. She
watched as her brother's hand slowly slid the skin of
his penis up and down the shaft, pushing it over the
smooth purple helmet and back. She climbed over him
and lay sideways on the bed, her head on his chest.
She watched intently, studying how he masturbated

"It is so beautiful," she said, "I love to look at
your cock."

She couldn't see Jack smiling, but heard him whisper,

Kim worked her tight sweater up over her breasts and
unhooked her bra. Her fingers toyed with her hard
nipples, rolling and pulling at them. She took his
free arm and pulled it over her, placing his hand on
her breast. Kim continued to massage one breast while
Jack did the other. She kept her free hand over his
as he squeezed and released her firm flesh. "That
feels nice," she said.

She saw a drop of fluid escape the small slit at the
very top of his penis. She watched as he used his
thumb to spread the pre-cum over the head. Kim slowly
flexed and released her thighs, causing her pad to
push against her clit. She heard her brother begin to
moan, the low groans resonating from his naked chest
into her ear. He began to increase the speed of his
pumping and the firmness in which he squeezed her

As he got closer to his release, Jack inadvertently
lowered his hard cock so it was pointing at his
sister's face, only a few inches from her. She could
see the head flair as his hand slid quickly back and
forth over his heated cock. She watched as the small
slit drooled his clear fluid, the droplets falling
onto his stomach.

Kim started to saw her legs and pull harder at her
nipples, her orgasm closing in on her. She felt
Jack's body tense and his stomach muscles contract.
He pulled his feet to his butt, his knees in the air.
He was groaning loud, opening and closing his legs as
his hand moved at a blurring pace. She knew he
wouldn't last much longer and made an attempt to move
her head away from his cock.

The first jet of cum flew from the end of his penis,
landing on Kim's forehead. The next pulses shot the
hot sticky substance into her retreating face. When
she realized she couldn't escape, she again moved
closer and came as he sent stream after stream of cum at her.

Kim shuddered as her orgasm rumbled through her body.
She held her legs tightly together and gently massaged
her breast. She watched as Jack's ejaculation reduced
to a dribble, his penis softening. She slowly sat up
and faced her brother, her cute round face splattered
with his cum. Staring into his eyes, she used her
finger to squeegee the sticky discharge into her open
mouth. When she had moved all of the fluid from her
face, she bend over and licked the remains from his
stomach and pubic hair. Kim pushed Jack's hand away
from his flaccid penis, took the reddened flesh into
her mouth, and cleaned it thoroughly. She felt his
cock stir against her tongue and pulled away.

Jack watched as she hooked her bra over her breasts and pulled her sweater down over them. She climbed
over him and stood next to the bed, looking down at
his half naked body.

"Thanks," she said, "That was great. Maybe we can
read your book together sometime." Kim ran her hand
over her brother's sweat covered brow and bent to kiss
his forehead.

Kim turned and walked towards the door.

"I would like that, reading the book together I

He watched as Kim opened the door, looked carefully
down the hall and left, pulling the door closed behind

In her room, Kim examined herself in the mirror.
Somehow, his cum had missed her sweater, but hot her
hair. She took a tissue and tried to clean the
hardening substance from her blonde locks, to no
avail. She quickly considered a shower, but opted for
a dip in the pool. She removed her clothes and
remembered the pad between her legs. Disappointed by
the fact she had her period, she went into the
bathroom to shower.

Kim was leaning into the shower stall adjusting the
water, dressed in only her panties, when she heard the
door to her bedroom open.

"Kim," Jack said, standing in the bathroom doorway,
"Could you do me a favor?"

She looked under her outstretched arm at him. She
could see a somewhat serious look on his face.

"If I can." She turned to face her brother.

"Could you let that grow?" Jack was pointing to her
covered pubic area.

Kim giggled at his strange request. "The hair shows
around my swimsuit if I don't shave, remember."

Jack thought back to the day in the beach when he and
Tom had walked up on Kim and Sally and how her curly
pubic hair was visible along the edges of her swimsuit

"Oh yeah, I remember," he said. "Oh well, it was
just a thought."

Kim could see the disappointment on her brother's
face as he backed out of the bathroom. After he was
gone, she removed her panties and disposed of her pad.
She stepped into the shower and held her head under
the warm water. She applied shampoo and carefully
washed her hair, making sure all traces of cum were
washed away. She soaped her body and took the
showerhead off its hook to rinse. As she pointed the
spray between her legs, she ran her hand over her
pubic mound. She could feel the soft hair that had re-
grown. She examined it closely, noting its quarter
inch length.

She thought about her brother's request as she spread
shaving gel over her legs. She picked up her razor
and began scraping the gel and hair from her legs,
stopping before she removed any pubic hair. "Maybe I
can just shave underneath and trim the rest." She
thought to herself. Carefully she removed the hair
from her pussy lips and along their edges. She
trimmed the small patch of hair above her slit making
sure it was neat. After she had finished her shower,
she turned off the water, and got out to dry off.

Kim brushed her damp hair back, dressed in a pair of
hunter green silk pajamas and grabbed her robe. She
slid her arms into the arms of the terrycloth robe as
she left her room, tied it around her and went

Marge was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Kim
walked in. She sat at the counter and watched her mom mixing something in a large bowl.

"What's for dinner?" she asked.

"I am making a casserole. Are you hungry?"

Marge spooned the contents of the bowl into a baking
dish and used a large spoon to smooth the top.

"Yes, where is dad?"

"He and your uncle aren't back from their errands
yet, he should be home soon."

Marge noticed that something was bothering her

"What the matter Kim, is something upsetting you?"

She put the casserole into the oven and walked around
the counter. She sat down next to the teen and waited
for a reply.

"I wanted to go swimming, but I couldn't because of
my stupid period."

Marge laughed at her, put her arm around her
shoulders, and said, "Haven't you ever heard of
tampons? You can go swimming if you use them instead
of a pad, and they are much more comfortable."

"I never thought about using them before. I don't
even know how they work."

Again Marge laughed. She thought to herself, it
wasn't like she had never had anything up there

"Come with me," she said, standing up and taking
Kim's hand. The two women went upstairs to Marge's
bedroom. She closed the door and lead Kim into the
bathroom. "Pull down your pants and panties and sit
on the toilet." She told Kim as she opened a drawer
and took out a pink box.

Kim pushed her pajama bottoms and panties down to her
ankles and sat on the toilet. Marge took a small
tubular item from the box and removed the plastic
wrapping. She showed her daughter the applicator and
explained how to insert it. Kim reached between her
legs and poked around with the object, trying to find
her opening.

"Here, let me help you," Marge said as she knelt
between her daughter's spread legs. She reached out,
parted the young girl's vaginal lips, and said, "Now
try it."

Kim pushed the applicator between her mother's
fingers and felt it slip into her pussy. She pushed
on the plunger, ejecting the tampon into her vagina.
Marge released her daughter's lips and said, "There,
that wasn't so hard." She ran her hand over Kim's
short, soft pubic hairs and asked, "Letting it grow

Kim stood up, bent over and looked between her legs.
She could see the white string hanging from her

"Yes, I thought I would let it grow out again, at
least for awhile. I kind of like being shaved though,
it makes it easier for swimming. You know, the hair
doesn't poke out around my suit."

Marge nodded in agreement. Kim disposed of her pad,
pulled her panties and pajamas up and they left the

"Wow, It is more comfortable!" Kim said, as the two
walked down the stairs and went back to the kitchen.

"I talked with Megan and Sally tonight, it looks like
everything is set for our party on Saturday. Megan
said that her friend Lisa would come and she would ask
her brothers. We were thinking of having everyone
over at about four, if that's ok."

"That's fine with me," her mom replied. "Do you want
me to make food for you and your friends? I could
make sloppy-Joes or something."

"That would be great, if you don't mind. There will
be eight of us."

Kim and her mom talked over the plans for the party.
Marge told her that she and her dad would be home, but
would stay out of the way. Don walked into the
kitchen and asked the women what they were talking

"My party next Saturday," Kim said. "We are having
some friends from school over. Dad, may I use your
portable CD player for the party, we want to have
music out by the pool."

"Yes you may, as long as you don't blow the speakers
by playing it too loud."

Don took a can of soda from the refrigerator as he
answered his daughter and joined her and his wife at
the counter.

"How long before dinner? I want to go finish my
homework." She jumped off the stool and started for
the door.

"About a half an hour," her mother replied.

Kim went back to her room and started on her work.
She felt warm and removed her robe. She was just
about finished when she heard her mom call upstairs
and tell her that dinner was ready. Kim closed her
books, went to her brother's room, and walked in
without knocking.

"Dinner's ready Jack."

He was sitting at his desk studying when she came in.

"Ok, I'll be right there. I just want to finish this
last chapter." He had changed into his jeans and a
tee shirt, his sweatpants were on the floor next to
his bed.

She went down to the dining room and joined her
parents. Sitting at her usual place at the dining
room table, Kim asked for the casserole her mother had
prepared. She spooned the hot food onto her plate and
began to eat.

"Where is your brother?" Her dad asked.

"He's finishing his homework. He said he would be
right down."

The three family members were finishing their meal
when Jack came into the dining room. He sat down,
filled his plate and began to eat before saying a

"So, what am I getting for my birthday?"

Don said, "You will just have to wait until Sunday.
We aren't going to tell either of you anything, so
just drop the subject."

Jack glanced at his sister seated next to him. He
noticed a gap between two of the buttons in her silk
pajama top. He could see the tanned flesh of her
breast through the small portal. The boy shifted his
eyes between his food and his sister, glancing around
occasionally to see if he had been discovered.

Marge and Don picked up their plates and carried them
into the kitchen, leaving the siblings alone. Kim,
fully aware of her brother's stares, turned and smiled
at him.

"Do you find something interesting over here?" she
asked, pulling one leg up and resting her bare foot on
the edge of the chair.

Jack smiled and his face turned red as he shook his
head yes. He returned to his dinner and ate the last
of the food on his plate. Kim stood up and walked
towards the doorway, stopping just short of the arched
opening. She turned around and loudly cleared her
throat. Her brother looked up and she quickly lifted
her top, flashing her breasts at him, and pulled it
back down. She spun around to leave and ran into her
father, who was standing right behind her.

The young girl's face showed her surprise, and then
her embarrassment. "Oops!" She exclaimed, as she
took a step back and then rushed around her chuckling

Don shook his head from side to side and muttered,
"kids." He looked at his son who just shrugged his
shoulders and returned to his seat. Marge walked into
the room, carrying two cups of hot coffee. She placed
one cup in front of her husband and sat in the chair
next to him. Jack excused himself and took his dirty
dishes to the kitchen.

Don sipped the hot black liquid, turned to his wife and said, "Your daughter just flashed her boobs at

Marge looked at him, threw her hand to her chest and
said, "What do you mean MY daughter, she is your
daughter too. Besides, didn't Jack like it?"

"He seemed to, but I missed it."

Marge slapped him on the shoulder and said, "You
dirty old man, you shouldn't be looking at her
anyway." She pulled her tee shirt over her breasts and grinned, "Here, look at these if you want to see

He reached out with both hands and rubbed her exposed
breasts. He took her nipples between his finger and
thumb, and pulled them straight out. Marge moaned
softly as her husband rolled the hard protrusions and
closed her eyes. "Oops again." They heard their
daughter say. They looked in the direction of her
voice, only to see her leaving the room.

The two parents smiled at each other, Marge pulled
her shirt down and they both picked up their cups.
They sat quietly drinking their coffee, each lost in
their own thoughts.

Kim went into the family room and watched television
until it was time to go to bed. She went to her room,
climbed into bed and pulled her covers over her. She
lay quietly, thinking about watching her brother masturbate for her. The image of his hard penis was
clear in her mind and the memory of his cum shooting
over her face caused her vagina to stir. She thought
about the taste of his discharge and its sticky
texture. Finally Kim drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday morning the four teens met in the school
parking lot and walked together to the school
building. Once inside, the boys went one way and Kim
and Sally the other. They looked for Megan as they
walked to class, but didn't see her.

The two cousins sat together in the lunchroom and
talked about hosting their first party. Megan walked
up to their table, carrying a tray, and joined them.

"I talked to Lisa this morning before school," Megan
said, "She said that her brothers would come on
Saturday, but would wait and see about the dance. I
guess they want to make sure you guys are cute or

The three girls giggled and ate their lunches. Kim
said, "I hope they are cute too, we can be just a
picky about them as they are about us. I hope they
are nice guys, I don't want to end up with some creep
to go to the dance with."

Sally nodded her head and said, "What do they look
like Megan?"

Megan told them the boys, Paul and Brian, were always
nice to her whenever she went to Lisa's house. She
gave the two younger girls a brief description of
them, but didn't go into too much detail.

After the girls finished their lunch, Kim told her
new friend that she would call her that night and they
could make plans for Saturday and they went to the
rest of their classes.

After school the four cousins met in the parking lot
and went home. The routine of school was beginning to
settle in. Homework, phone calls, time on the
Internet and then off to bed, only to get up the next
morning and start over.

The workmen were just about done with Tom's new
darkroom by Thursday evening, only a few finishing
touches were needed before it would be ready. Tom
called the camera store and made arrangements to have
the balance of his equipment delivered on Saturday

On Friday morning Kim and Jack were heading out the
door for school and saw two trucks pull into the

"I wonder what dad is having done now." Jack said,
as he and his sister got into the car.

"I have no idea, but I hope they don't mess up my
party." Kim pulled her door closed and Jack drove

At school Sally and Tom walked up to their cousins as
they walked towards the old buildings. Sally pulled
Kim away from the boys and said, "My period is finally

"I am done too. I wasn't sick or didn't have any
cramps this time. My mom gave me tampons and said I
could go swimming if I used them and they are so much
more comfortable."

"Really, didn't it feel funny having something stuck
up inside you?"
Kim shook her head no. "It was weird at first, but
now I don't even know I'm using one."

Tom and Jack were already in the building when the
girls arrived at the door. Kim opened the door and
held it for Sally.

"Hi Kim, hi Sally." They heard Megan say.

Sally said, "Hi Megan, how are you today? Are you
ready for tomorrow?"

"Yes," the tall redhead replied, "but I have a
problem. My parents have to go to my grand parents tonight and they won't let me stay home alone."

"Does that mean you can't come on Saturday?" Kim
asked. "Can't you stay with someone?"

Megan was almost in tears as she said, "There isn't
anyone for me to stay with. All my relatives live too
far away and Lisa and her family have something going
on tonight."

"Well that sucks!" Sally snapped, "What are we
going to do? You just have to come."

Kim said, "I'll call my mom and ask if you can stay
at my house. She can call your mom and talk to her,
if you want."

Megan smiled and wiped her eyes. "Really? Do you
think I can stay at your house? I don't want to miss
the party."

The three girls went into the restroom and Kim used
her cell phone to called home. She explained Megan's
dilemma to her mom and asked if she could stay. A big
smile crept across Kim's face. She gave her mom Megan's phone number and her mother's name. She
thanked her mom repeatedly and returned the phone to
her purse.

"She is going to call your mom and take care of it."
Kim told Megan. "We had better get to class or we
will be late. Sally and I will meet you at lunch and
we can find out if it is ok for you to stay."

The three girls went into the hallway and to their
classrooms. Kim asked Sally, "Do you want to stay
tonight too?"

"I will have to ask my mom, I don't know what she has
planned for tonight."

Megan was waiting in the lunchroom when Kim and Sally
walked in. She ran up to the two girls and put a hand
on each one of their arms.

"I called my mom," she said, "I can stay with you
tonight Kim and go to the party."

The girls went through the line and placed their
lunches on their trays. They went to the table they
had shared in the past and sat down. Megan was
bubbling with excitement. She didn't get many offers
to spend the night at someone's house, or go to a
party. She asked endless questions about the two
younger girls brothers.

"What are you two going to wear tomorrow?" she asked
Kim and Sally.

"I haven't thought about it," Kim replied, "Maybe a
skirt and sweater or jeans and a tee."

"I am going to bring several outfits," Sally said,
"I can never decide what to wear until the last
moment. If I don't have anything I like with me, I
can always borrow something from Kim. What kind of
bathing suit are you two going to wear?"

The girls chattered for the remainder of the lunch
period. They agreed to meet in the parking lot after
class and finalize their plans for the evening. They
went to their last classes, but all three found it
difficult to concentrate on their schoolwork.

At the end of the school day, the girls met outside
the door. They were all talking nonstop, each
attempting to be heard. Jack and Tom walked up to the
group and listened to the girls talk about clothes and
music for the party.

The brothers, with out saying a word, grabbed their
sisters and pulled them towards the cars. Megan
followed, continuing their conversation.

Jack noticed the looks of the other students as the
group of five made their way across the parking lot.
He could see the strange faces they made and the
observed their whispers, although he couldn't hear
what was being said.

When the group arrived at Jack's car, they stood
together for a few more minutes. Kim told Megan
goodbye and walked to the passenger door. Megan
turned to Jack and said, "You saw them too, didn't

Jack nodded his head, indicating he did, and
understood what she was referring to.

"I'm so sorry," she said, "Maybe this whole thing is
a bad idea. The kids here don't really like me and
now they are going to start talking about you guys too."

Jack looked straight into Megan's dark blue eyes. He
could see that she was embarrassed because of the way
the other students were behaving. He could also tell
that she was hurt. Jack set his books on top of the
car and put his arm around her. He pulled her to his
side and said, "Screw them all!"

Megan's expression changed from despair to joy. She
smiled at Jack, put her hand on his arm, and said,
"Thank you, I really appreciate it."

Jack pulled her firmer to his side and then released

"I will see you tomorrow."

The elated girl giggled and said, "No, I will see you
later tonight. I am going to stay with Kim because my
parents are going out of town. I have to go home and
get my things, then I will be over."

Jack opened the door and climbed into the car. "Then
I will see you later." He started the vehicle and
backed out of the parking space.

"What was that all about?" Kim asked, "What were you
guys talking about?"

Jack pulled onto the street and drove towards their

"Megan was upset because the kids were whispering and
staring at us. She said she didn't think she should
hang around with us because the kids would talk about
us too."

"What did you say?"

"I said screw them!"

Kim looked around to see if anyone from school was
near them. She unfastened her seatbelt, leaned over
to her brother and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you Jack, you're the greatest."

She saw a big smile on his face as she returned to
her side of the car and reconnected her seatbelt.

Kim's heart felt like it would explode in her chest,
she was sure her brother could hear it pounding. The
young girl never took her eyes off him for the
remainder of the ride home. She was so proud of him
because he didn't care what the other kids said about
them or their relationship with her new friend.

Jack drove up the driveway and pushed the button on
the remote garage door opener. He waited as the door
slowly rose, noticing the Suburban was missing. He
pulled into the garage, turned off the car and opened
his door.

"I wonder where mom and dad went?" he said.

"I don't know, maybe they went shopping." Kim walked
into the house and went into the kitchen. She knew
there would be a note explaining where her parents were. She pulled the small piece of paper from its
normal spot and read it out loud. "Your father and I
went shopping to pick up a few things for the party.
We will be home soon. Love mom."

Kim tossed the note into the trash and headed for her
room. She was about half way up the stairs when she
heard her brother call her.

"What do you want she yelled back?"

"Come here and see what dad had done while we were at
school. You aren't going to believe this."

"I'll be right down," she replied, "I want to put my
books away."

She went to her room, put her backpack on her desk
and quickly shed her school clothes. She stepped into
a pair of boxer styled cotton shorts, grabbed a tee
shirt and ran back down stairs. She pulled the tee
shirt over her head as she walked into the kitchen.

"Where are you?" she yelled.

"Out here"

Kim went to the family room and out into the pool
area. She saw the new diving board her father had
installed at the deep end of the pool. Just as she
reached the new addition, she heard loud music fill
the large glass room. Looking up, she saw new
speakers suspended from the ceiling. There was one in
each corner and two in the middle of the glass
ceiling. Kim went into the pool house and found Jack
looking over the new stereo system that had been
installed next to the computer.

"This is so cool," her brother said, "It has a DVD
player, a CD player and a receiver."

He picked up the remote control and walked out next
to the pool. He pushed the buttons on the device,
adjusting the volume of the music. He changed the
station on the receiver and then started the CD
Player. Jack glanced around the room and then said,
"Holy shit! Look at that."

Kim looked at the wall, next to the sliding glass
doors to the family room, and saw a large flat panel.

"What is it?"

Jack pushed a few buttons on the remote control and
the panel came to life. "It's a flat screen
television monitor." He found the music channel and
turned the volume back up.

The two stood and watched the video on the new tv and
listened to the music that blared from the speakers.
Kim began to sway and then started to dance to the
music. Jack watched his sister move her feet and
swing her arms to the beat of the song the band on the
program played. He moved in front of her and began to
mimic her movements. The two danced until the song
ended. Jack turned down the volume and said, "This is

Kim went to the new diving board, climbed the three
steps and walked out to the end of the springy
platform. She bounced up and down on the board, her
arms straight out from her sides to help balance her.

"Check this out Jack."

Kim continued to jump on the diving board, going a
little higher each time she did. Her brother watched
her bouncing, and said, "Be careful you don't fall."

Just as he finished his statement, she missed the
board and toppled into the pool. She swam to the
corner, pulled herself up the ladder and climbed out
of the water. Standing at the edge of the pool,
soaking wet, she yelled to her brother, "Get me a
towel please."

Jack, laughing hysterically, went into the pool
house, grabbed a towel from the cabinet and carried it
out to his sister. By the time he got back to her,
she had removed her tee shirt and shorts. She grabbed
the towel from him and began to dry off.

"You look like a drowned rat," he told her, still
unable to control his laughter.

Kim decided the towel was not going to remove enough
moisture from her white bra and panties. She turned
her back to her brother, stripped off the wet
underwear and wrapped the towel around her. She
picked up her wet garments and went into the house and
to the laundry room. Kim rummaged through the clean
clothes, found one of her father's white undershirts
and slipped it over her nude body. She tossed her wet
clothing into the dryer and turned it on, and went
back out to the pool to find her brother.

Jack was sitting in a lounge chair watching the new
television. He looked over at his sister when he
heard her call his name. He noticed that the shirt she wore barely covered her butt. His eyes widened
when she put her arms up and rubbed the towel on her
head to dry her hair. The shirt rose, revealing her
naked pubic area. He smiled to himself when he saw
the triangular patch of short pubic hair on her mound.

"What are you smiling at?"

She glanced down and discovered the source of her
brother's amusement. Quickly she dropped her arms,
allowing the shirt to conceal her exposed crotch. She
giggled, threw the damp towel at him and left the room.

Kim went upstairs, dressed in clean dry clothes and
went back to the pool to wait with her brother for
Megan to arrive.


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