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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 26


The Lottery - Part 26 (mf, first, inc, con)

Sally was in her room selecting several outfits for
the party. She picked out jeans and a tee shirt, a
mini skirt and sweater and a couple of bathing suits.
While she was going through her clothes, changing her
mind several times, she heard her brother rap on her
door and call her name.

"Are you dressed?" he asked.

"You can come in Tom, I'm just trying to decide what
to wear tomorrow."

Tom opened her door and walked into the room. Sally
was dressed in a short, pleated mini skirt and a black
bra. He watched as she pulled a red sweater over her
head and straightened it. The tight garment accented
her firm breasts as it hugged her body.

"Want to come and see my new darkroom? The workmen
are almost done and I will be able to use it next

Sally was really more interested in picking out her
clothes for the party, but seeing her brother's
enthusiasm, decided to go.

"Sure, I would love to see it," she said, pulling the
sweater off. "Just let me change my top." She picked
up a tee shirt and quickly put it on and followed her
brother down to the basement.

The new room was painted white on the outside, with a
funny looking door on one end. Sally looked over the
black, metal, cylindrical device and asked, "How does
this thing work?"

"It is a light-sealing door, it allows you to go into
the darkroom without letting any light in."

Tom rotated the door revealing a small, round passage
with no apparent opening into the darkroom. He
stepped into the opening and told his sister to join
him. Sally stepped in next to Tom and he closed the
outer door.

"It's tight in here with two people," Sally said,
pressed against her brother.

Tom opened the inner door and they moved into the new
room. On the wall, opposite the door, was a stainless
steel counter with a sink, like you would find in a
restaurant's kitchen. On the adjacent wall a low
counter spanned the entire width of the room. The
interior of the darkroom was coated in black paint.

"My enlarger will go here," he said, pointing to a
place on the counter.

Tom explained where each piece of equipment would be
located and went through a mock demonstration of the
process of developing photos.

Sally watched her brother as he moved around the room
talking and pointing to the various shelves and

"Just how dark does it get in here?"

Tom moved to the panel of switches and turned off the

"This is how dark it is when you are working with

Sally stood in the total darkness, her eyes strained
to find the slightest trace of light. She held her
arms out in front of herself and moved slowly towards
the last place she had heard her brother speak.

"Where did you go?"

She continued to move around slowly, searching the
darkness with her hands. Her hand came in contact
with his chest and he started to laugh.

"It is impossible to see with the lights off, but you
can't have any light at all or you will ruin the
film." He turned on the red safelight. "This is how
it is when you print photos."

Sally blinked her eyes, trying to adjust to the dim

"This is really nice Tom. When will you do your
first roll of film?"

"Next week, I hope. I am having the rest of the
equipment delivered tomorrow morning."

Sally put her hand on her brother's shoulder, and
said, "Don't forget the party tomorrow. I will be mad
if you don't come."

"Don't worry, I will be there. I want to meet your

Tom walked over to the cabinet under the sink and
opened the doors. He looked over the space, thinking
about what he would put where.

Sally sat on the low counter and swung her legs.

"So Tom, do you still want to take my picture? I
might let you now that you can develop your own film,
but you have to promise never to show them to anyone."

"I won't!" The excited boy exclaimed. "When can I
take some?" He stopped looking around his darkroom
and turned his attention to his sister.

"I don't know," she said, as she put one hand behind
her head, cocked it to the side and her other hand on
her hip. "Do you want me to pose like this?"

Tom held up a make believe camera and acted like he
was taking her picture. He moved around in front of
her, telling her to smile. She turned sideways on the
counter, put her arms behind her and arched her back,
pushing her breasts into the air. She flipped her
head into different positions.

"Or more like this."

Tom continued to take his imaginary photos. Sally
pulled one of her feet back, pointing her knee
straight up. Her short skirt slid down her leg,
revealing her thigh.

"Want me to go and get my camera now?"

"Why not? It might be fun. Do you know when mom and
dad will be back?"

"No I don't. Maybe we should wait until we know we
will be alone to take the pictures."

Tom's voice reflected his disappointment. He really
wanted to take some pictures of her, especially if she
was willing to take off some of her clothes.

"Come on," she said, jumping off the counter. "We
can do them in my room. That way if they come home
you can just run across the hall to your bedroom."

The two left the darkroom and headed up to their
bedrooms. Tom went into his room and retrieved his
camera, flash and a couple rolls of black and white
film. He selected his 28 - 80mm zoom lens and grabbed
his tripod. He started to carry the equipment to
Sally's room and stopped. He put the gear on his desk
and went across the hall.

"We had better do it in my room," he said. "That way
if mom and dad do show up, the equipment will be where
it belongs."

Sally agreed and followed her brother back to his
room. She sat on the bed and watched him put the film
into the camera, attach the lens and flash unit. He
carefully checked his settings and then pointed the
camera at Sally. After taking a couple of shots of
her sitting on the bed he said, "Ok, what do you want
to do?"

"I don't know what to do, I have never done anything
like this. Any suggestions for me?"

Tom went to his CD player and started it. The song
that played was very fast and made to dance to. Sally
stood up and began to sway with the beat of the music,
trying to pose for Tom as she did. She could hear the
shutter of the camera clicking, and see the bright
flash, as she moved around in front of her brother.
As she danced, she became a little braver and pulled
her tee shirt up over her bra and then back down.

"Do that again, only slower this time," he said from
behind the camera.

Sally pulled the shirt up again and held it above her
black bra. She pulled the garment over her head and
danced for Tom in her skirt and bra. As she became
more comfortable with the idea of having her picture taken in her bra, she started to stop and hold a pose
for a moment before changing positions. She turned
her back to her brother and pulled her skirt up
showing her matching black panties.

"Damn it! I just ran out of film."

He rewound the film in the camera and loaded a fresh
roll. When he pointed the camera back at Sally, she
had her skirt up around her waist. He just stood
frozen, staring at her. She smiled and dropped her

"What's the matter, don't you want to take any more

Tom fidgeted with his camera. The sight of his
sister was beginning to arouse him.

"Yes, I do want to take more pictures of you. You
just caught me by surprise."

The young girl giggled. She reached behind her,
unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor.
When she bent to pick it up, Tom was treated to a view
of her panty-covered butt. He quickly snapped a
picture before she could stand up again. Sally tossed
her skirt next to her tee shirt and began her
seductive dance. She turned and bent as her brother attempted to capture her on film.

Sally hooked her thumbs into the shoulder straps of
her bra and eased the thin black bands down her arms.
Giggling, she flipped the cups of the bra off her
breasts, wiggled her shoulders and recovered the firm
flesh. Turning her back to Tom, she unhooked the
fastener between the cups and turned back to him. She
opened and closed the bra flashing her breasts at him,
allowing him to get a few shots of her bare breasts.

Flipping the bra to the floor, she covered herself
with her hands. She moved to the music and smiled
brightly for her brother. The music ended and she
walked to the CD player to restart the same CD they
had been listening to. Just as she was about to push
the play button, she heard her mom call from down

Quickly, Sally put her bra, shirt and skirt back on.
She glanced at her brother and could see he was turned
on. The knit shorts he had put on after school, were
pushed out in front by his erect penis.

Sally walked up to her brother, ran her hand over the
length of his penis, smiled and said, "We'll have to
continue this later. It would seem that you are
enjoying it as much as I am."

Tom smiled and nodded to her and she left the room.

Sally bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen to
see what her mom wanted. She walked to her mom's side
and said, "What do you need mom?"

"Your father and I are going out for dinner and to a
movie," Anne said. "What do you and your brother want
for dinner?"

Anne looked into the refrigerator to see what she had
that would be easy to fix.

"I don't know," Sally responded. "I will go and ask
Tom if he wants anything special."

She went back upstairs and asked her brother about

"I don't care," he said, "Do you want to go out and
grab something?

"Sure, why not. I will go tell mom not to bother
fixing anything, and you get dressed."

Sally went back to the kitchen and told her mom that
she and Tom were going to go out and eat.

"Are you and dad going out with Aunt Marge and Uncle

"No," your dad and I are going out together. It has
been awhile since we have done that. Are you going to
Kim's for the night?"

"I don't know yet. I may just stay home and get my
things ready for tomorrow and get my homework out of
the way."

Anne went upstairs to change and Sally waited in the
family room for her brother. Her dad was reading the
paper when she walked in.

"How are you doing today?" he asked, never looking up
from the paper. "How was school?"

Sally sat on the couch across from her dad.

"School was fine today. We are having a party at Kim
and Jack's house tomorrow. Megan is bringing her
girlfriend and her girlfriend's brothers to meet the
four of us. We might go to the dance with them next
weekend, if everything works out."

"That sounds like fun," Marc said. He folded the
paper and put it onto the end table next to his chair.
"Who are these kids and how do you know them?"

Sally explained that Megan was Kim's big sister from
school and Lisa and her brothers were Megan's friends.
She told her dad that she had only met Megan, but was
looking forward to meeting the other kids. Sally and
her dad chatted about school and the upcoming birthday

Anne walked into the family room and said, "Let's go
Marc, I am hungry. We will have to hurry if we are
going to eat and make it to the movie on time."

Sally's parents told their daughter goodbye and left.
She went up to her room to fix her hair and change her
top. She put the tight sweater that she had worn
earlier back on and applied her makeup. When she was
confidant she looked just right, she went across the
hall to her brother's room.

Tom was standing in his boxer shorts, holding two
pairs of slacks.

"Which one should I wear?"

"The navy blue ones, with your black shirt."

Sally sat on his bed and watched as her brother dressed for the evening.

"We are only going to eat you know. You don't have
to get all dressed up."

"I know," he said, as he buttoned his shirt. "I just
wanted to look nice." Tom finished dressing and
reached out his hand to Sally. "Ready to go?"

Sally took her big brother's hand, stood up and
hooked her arm through his. She smiled up at him and
said, "Yes, I am ready."

They went to a little chinese restaurant, not far
from the house. They shared a small, square table in
the corned of the dimly lit dining room. Sally
decided to sit catty-corner to her brother, rather
than across from him. The two siblings talked about
Tom's new darkroom and the upcoming dance as they
waited for their food to be served.

The server came over carrying a large tray, set it on
a stand and placed the teen's dinners on their table.
They spooned the hot food from the silver serving
dishes onto their plates and began to eat.

About half way through the meal, Sally felt her
brother's knee touch her leg. She looked up and into
his eyes and smiled. Tom smiled back at her and moved
his leg, rubbing his knee against her bare leg.

When he had finished his food, he placed his hands in
his lap and watched his sister eat. She felt a little
uncomfortable having him stare at her, but said
nothing. Just as she took her last bite, she felt his
hand touch her knee and begin to trace small circles
with his fingertips. She could feel goose bumps form
on her skin as her brother lightly stroked the naked
flesh of her leg. She moved her dirty plate out of
the way, slid her chair closer to the table and her
brother and rested her arms on the tabletop.

Tom glanced around the nearly empty dining room and
moved his hand up to her thigh. She parted her legs
slightly, allowing him to move his touch higher. Both
of them kept a lookout for the server or anyone that
might notice what he was doing. He moved closer to
her crotch as he rubbed her inner thigh. When his
fingers brushed against the silky material of her
panties, a small gasp escaped her closed mouth. She
clamped her legs together, holding his hand firmly
against her vagina.

After a few moments, Sally reached under the table,
took her brother by the wrist and removed his hand.
She looked into his dejected eyes and said, "If you
don't stop, I am going to cum and then everyone in the
building will know what you were doing."

Tom turned red and shifted in his chair. He reached
under the table and tried to adjust his erect penis in
his pants. "Are you ready to go?" he asked.

Sally nodded and stood up. She waited for her
brother to put the money for the meal and tip on the
table and together they walked out of the restaurant.
They walked to the car, he opened her door and waited
for her to get in before closing it. He ran to the
other side of the car and jumped behind the wheel.
They sat silently as he started the car and pulled

Once on the main road, he asked coyly, "Do you want
me to take more pictures?"

Sally grinned and said, "Maybe... if you want to."
She was still excited from her brother's attention in
the restaurant.

Tom turned into the camera store's parking lot and
said, "I have to get some film and check on my
darkroom equipment. Do you want to come in with me?"

"I think I will wait here, if you aren't going to be
too long."

"It should only take a few minutes, I'll be right

Tom got out of the car and trotted into the store.
He talked to the salesman about his delivery and asked
for several rolls of black and white film. He went
over to the books that were displayed and quickly
searched for one he had seen during another visit. He
picked up his selection and took it to the register to
pay for his purchases.

After completing his transaction, he dashed back to
the car and got in. He tossed the bag on the seat
between he and Sally and started the car.

"What did you buy?" she asked, reaching for the white
plastic bag. She opened it and removed the book Tom
had purchased. "Sensual Poses" She read from the
book's cover.

"Is this for me?"

Tom shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you want."

Sally flipped through the pages of photographs,
looking at the way the scantly dressed models were
posed. She studied the position of each one, the way
they held their arms, head and body.

"What kind of lights do they use to take these?" she
inquired, "It looks so different from the pictures you

"They use studio lighting, special lights and flash

"Are you going to get those kind of lights? It makes
the girls in the pictures look so sexy."

She continued to look at the glossy photos in the
book. She wondered if she could ever look as sexy as
the models in the pictures.

Tom turned onto their street and drove to their
driveway. He pulled in and parked the car in the

"I would like to get better lighting someday. I
don't think dad will go for it yet, not after spending
all the money for the dark room." He opened his door
and got out of the car.

Sally exited the car and followed him into the house.

"Maybe mom and dad would get you the lights for your
birthday. You could always ask."

"Oh, I don't know Sally, they would cost a lot of
money. About a thousand dollars I think."

"A thousand dollars! That is a lot of money."

She carried the book into the family room, sat on the
couch and continued to look at the photos.

Tom sat next to her and together they commented on
how each girl was posed. The illustrations showed how
the lighting was set up for each different shot.

"See how they use several lights to get the right
effect? I only have the flash that goes on the camera right now."

As they looked through the book, they found a section
on natural lighting. It showed how to use everyday
lamps to get good photographs.

"Look," Sally said pointing to the pages, "They show
how to do it with regular lamps. We could try to do
that if you want."

Tom read the information about the different setups
and studied the pictures. He quickly covered the
whole section on natural lighting.

"Where do you think it would be best to try this?

Sally thought for a moment and said, "We can do it in
my room. I have my desk lamp and I think dad has one
of those reflector lamps in the garage. You go look
and I will meet you upstairs."

Tom handed the book to her and went out to the garage
to search for the light his sister had mentioned.

She ran up stairs and into her room. Carefully, she
removed the covers from her bed, leaving only the
light blue sheet that covered the mattress. She
folded the bedclothes and set them into the corner,
out of the way. She went to her dresser, removed
several items and put them into her walk-in closet,
deciding it would make a good dressing room.

Sally called Kim and told her that she was going to
stay at home tonight. She asked if Megan was there
yet and told her cousin she would be over in the
morning. They talked for a few minutes and hung up.

Tom walked into her room, carrying two of the
reflector lights Sally had said she had seen in the
garage. He had installed a one hundred watt light
bulb in each one, set them on the floor and went to
his room to get the rest of his gear. The two teens
worked together, carrying his tripod, camera and other
equipment from his room to hers. He screwed the
camera to the tripod, fastened the flash to it and
connected the remote shudder release.

They looked at the examples in the book and used
chairs to hold the clamp light in position. As they
adjusted everything, Sally asked, "Can I take some
pictures of you too?"

Tom laughed and said, "Sure, I guess it is only fair."

Once everything was setup, Sally sat on the bed and
waited for Tom to get ready. She watched as he looked
through the viewfinder and adjusted the zoom lens. He
moved the lights slightly in an attempt to get things
as close to the book as he could.

"You know Tom, you should really take notes so you
can compare the pictures to your set up."

Tom agreed it was a good idea and went to his room
for a notebook and pencil. When her returned he made
a quick sketch of the setup and said, "Well, are you
ready to start?"

Sally nodded her head and mimicked one of the poses
from the book. Tom snapped a couple of shots and
moved the lights, noting the changes in his notebook.
After taking about ten shots of her in her skirt and
sweater, he said, "Ready to try something a bit

Sally giggled and pulled her sweater over her head.
She clutched it over her bra-covered breasts and with
a big smile said, "If I am going to take off my top,
you should too." She continued to hide herself,
waiting to see what her brother was going to do.

Tom laughed and removed his shirt.

She folded her sweater and put it out of the way.
They took more pictures, Tom behind the camera, Sally
posing on the bed. She reached between her breasts and unhooked the black bra, tossing it over to the
spot she had put her sweater. Topless, she resumed
her posing. She noticed her brother was getting
aroused as she moved from one pose to another. He
would stop and adjust the lights, turning them on and
off, or adding the flash bounced off the ceiling.

Sally decided to kick things up a notch and removed
her skirt. She sat on the edge of the bed with the
garment in her lap. Tom knew what she wanted, and he
removed his pants without being asked.

She placed the skirt on the pile of other clothes and
said, "I want to take some of you."

Tom traded places with his sister, she behind the
camera and him on the bed. Sally followed his
instructions and took a few shots of her brother,
dressed only in a pair of silk boxer shorts.

"Can't you do anything with that?" she said, pointing
to his erection.

"Sorry, it seems to have a mind of its own." He
crossed his legs in an attempt to conceal his
condition from the camera.

Sally giggled at her brother and his inability to
control his excitement.

"Well, It's time for a costume change."

Sally went into her closet and pulled the door closed
behind her. She selected the nightie that she and Kim
had bought on vacation. She pulled her black panties down and stepped out of them. She picked them off the
floor, noticing the dampness in the crotch. She
slipped the transparent g-string bottoms of her
negligee on and adjusted the small triangle of
material over her almost hairless pubic mound. She
slipped the skimpy top over her head and pulled it
down over her breasts.

When she stepped out of the closet and into the room,
her brother turned to look at her. He stood
spellbound, his mouth hanging wind open. He stammered
trying to find right words to say to her, but could
only manage, "Wow!"

Sally sashayed across the room and back to the bed.
She lay down on the bed and struck a seductive pose.
Tom tried to adjust his camera, but couldn't
concentrate. Finally, he was able to snap a couple of
shots as his, almost nude, sister moved around on the

"My turn," she said, climbing off the bed and walking
to the camera. "You go and lay on the bed."

Sally stood behind the camera and directed her
brother in several poses.

"Take off you boxers," she said, watching him through
the viewfinder.

Tom reluctantly removed his shorts and flipped them
on the floor. He stood naked, facing the camera, as
she snapped a picture. She carried the remote shudder
release over to the bed, stood next to Tom and pushed
the button. They heard the camera click and the film

"You are sure no one will ever see these?" she asked.

"Only if you show them to someone or tell me it's ok."

"Good, lay down on the bed."

She pushed her brother down on the mattress and
climbed over him. She glanced at the camera, making
sure they would be in the picture and wrapped her hand
around his straining penis. Slowly she slid her hand
up and down over the hard shaft and pushed the button
on the remote,

"What do you think you are doing?" he asked.

"I'm taking a picture of me jacking you off!" She

Sally kept up her hand action, watching as her
brother became increasingly excited. He gasped when
she bent forward and licked the head of his engorged
penis, snapping a picture of her tongue snaking around
the velvety helmet. When Sally lowered her mouth over
him, Tom moaned out loud.

Tom reached under her flimsy top and massaged her
breast. She sat up, pulled the sheer garment over her
head and dropped it on the bed behind her. She then
wiggled out of the tiny g-string and tossed it away
also. When she returned her mouth to his penis, Tom
pulled her legs around and placed one on either side
of his head.

Sally pushed the button on the remote again,
capturing them as she lowered her wet vagina to his
mouth. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her
tight to his sucking mouth. She released his penis
and sat up, pushing herself into his probing tongue.

"Eat my pussy Tom!" she shouted as her brother's
tongue reamed into her hot hole.

She reached back, took his hands and brought them to
her breasts.

"Squeeze my boobs and eat my pussy," she cried.

Tom massaged her breasts, and licked and sucked her
clit. She ground her crotch into his face, moaning
loudly. Sally again wrapped her hand around his penis
and quickly rubbed up and down it. She bent forward
and engulfed just over half of his manhood, sucking noisily. When he began to pinch and pull her hard
nipples, she pushed her face down, taking his entire
length into her mouth and throat. She gagged on the
intruder but didn't letup. Her brother moaned into
her tight cavern when he felt the vibrations her
gagging created on his penis.

Pushing her up and off his mouth, he yelled, "Suck my
cock Sally, suck it hard!"

Bobbing her head up and down, she worked on the firm
flesh in her mouth. Tom started to buck his hips up,
driving him deeper into her throat. She continued to
slobber over his hard penis and pushed her vagina back
down onto his mouth. She could feel him swell in her
throat and backed off, leaving half of his cock in her
mouth. She wrapped her hand around the exposed flesh
and stroked it as she sucked.

Tom took her clit between his lips and sucked on the
hard bud as he stabbed it with the tip of his tongue.
Sally felt her orgasm start deep in her belly and
rumble through her body. She felt like every nerve in
her crotch was exposed and her brother's tongue was
touching each one.

Sally felt the first spurt of hot cum slam into the
back of her throat as her brother reached his summit
of pleasure. Jet after jet of the hot sticky
substance filled her sucking mouth, coating her tongue
and teeth. She swallowed his entire load, savoring
the final drops that leaked from his spent penis.

Tom continued to suck on her clit and pull at her
nipples until she sat straight up and yelled. He
pushed his tongue into her contracting hole and felt
her fluid coat his face. Her body shook and tensed as
the slow building orgasm reached its crescendo.

Soon her vaginal convulsions subsided and she rolled
off her sweat-covered brother and lay beside him. She
gazed at his flaccid penis lying against his leg.
Sally put her hand on his hip, pulled him onto his
side and took his spent manhood into her small hand.
She moved her head closer to him and used her tongue
and mouth to clean the last traces of his salty cum from the soft flesh.

Sally pulled his leg under her head and rested on it,
letting his penis lay quietly in her mouth. Tom could
feel the cool air bathe his cock as she inhaled around
it and her warm discharge on his balls as she exhaled
through her nose. She could feel the warm, soft flesh
she savored twitch against her tongue as she held it
completely in her mouth.

Tom's breathing was beginning to return to normal.
His face was coated with his sister's sweet fluid. He
ran his tongue over his lips, tasting the nectar she
had left on them. He used his fingertips to trace the
small tuft of pubic hair on her mound. The two teens
lay quietly, slowly regaining their composure.

Feeling Tom's hot flesh begin to expand in her mouth,
Sally sucked gently on his penis. Soon he was hard
again, filling her mouth. She moved her head slowly
back and forth over him until his erection was fully
restored. Slowly, she pulled her head away as she
sucked firmly. With only the head remaining between
her lips, she swirled her tongue around the rim of the
soft helmet.

Sally let his penis slip out from between her lips,
sat up, turned around and lay next to Tom. She
covered his mouth with hers and the two tasted the
other's secretions. Lovingly, without words, the two
kissed each other, probing the other's mouth.

After a few minutes, Sally broke their kiss, looked
into her brother's eyes and pulled him on top of her.
He laid still, his body covering hers, her nose
nestled into his neck. Neither one moved, they just
laid together feeling the other breath. Sally kissed
his neck softly tasting his sweat with the tip of her
tongue. She could feel his hard penis trapped between
their bellies, throbbing with his heartbeat.

Tom gently moved his hips, rubbing his hard cock
against her pubic bone. She spread her leg and
shifted so the tip of his penis pressed against her
opening. She reached between their bodied, wrapped
her fingers around his penis, and rubbed it up and
down her slit. She felt the hot probe part her soft
vaginal lips and contact her clit. She moved him over
the hard bud, causing her to jump.

As she continued to move the head of his penis over
her hot wet pussy, Tom began to slightly pump his hips
into her. She aligned him with her vagina and the
next time he pushed, she pushed back. They felt his
penis enter her and the both held still for a moment.
She pushed her hips up, allowing a little more of the
hard shaft to penetrate her hot cavern. Slowly, they
worked together, until over half of his penis was
buried in her.

Sally removed her hand and wrapped her arms around
his neck. He started to move in and out of her,
picking up speed. He thrust himself forward,
embedding his entire length into her vagina. When he
began to pull back again, she said, "Stop and just let
you cock sit in my pussy, I need to adjust to it."

The two teens were still, their pubic bones pressed
against one another. Sally could feel his penis throb
within the confines of her tight hole. After a few
moments, she became accustom to the feeling of being
full. She lay still beneath him, not really knowing
what to do. She had thought that everything would
just come naturally, but she was afraid of doing
something wrong. In her dreams, this moment was

Tom felt her pussy grasping his cock and fought the
urge to cum. He began to move out slowly and then
pushed back in. She began to move her hips in a
circular motion, rubbing her clit against the top of
his tool. The two pushed and ground their bodies
together at an increasing tempo and began to match the
other's movement.

Sally's legs bounced off the bed next as her brother slid in and out of her. She hooked her feet behind
his knees and tried to spread wider. Tom's balls
slapped at her ass as he pumped her with his sensitive
piston. He felt the familiar churning in his balls
that signaled his impending orgasm and the end of his
first experience of intercourse.

Tom's arms were next to her body, his upturned hands
firmly gripping her shoulders. As he pushed forward,
he pulled her into his thrusts. Sally could sense her
brother's urgency and tried to force her own orgasm.
She humped up in an attempt to maintain the contact
between her clit and her brother's penis. All of a
sudden she felt his body stiffened, he pushed deep
into her and began to pump his semen into her
clutching vaginal passage.

Sally cried out softly as she felt his penis expand
and contract. She held him tightly with her arms and
legs as he continued to empty his load into her.
Soon, his body relaxed and he collapsed onto her.
Sally unhooked her legs from his and lay quietly below
her new lover. She moved one hand to the back of his
head and stroked his sweat-dampened hair.

The two held their embrace, still joined at the
crotch. His penis softened, but did not come out of
her pussy. Their labored breathing was matched and
they felt their chests press tightly together. Sally
kissed her brother's neck and cooed softly, enjoying
the closeness of their encounter.

Tom rolled slowly off her, his penis making a squishy
noise as it pulled free. He lay next to her heated
body, pulling her close to him. Sally could feel the
hot cum, her brother had injected into her, leak from
her vagina and into the crack of her ass. She pressed
her legs tightly together in an attempt to contain the
spillage, but to no avail.

Sally rolled onto her side facing Tom. She ran her
hand over his chest and said, "That was the most
wonderful feeling I have ever had. You made me so hot
that I thought I was going to bust."

Tom turned his head, looked into her eyes, and
replied, "It was great. I just wish I could have
lasted longer for you."

Sally rose up and rested on her arm. She took his
chin in his hand, kissed him on the mouth and smiled.

"We did just fine, for our first time. I'm sure we
will both get better with some practice."

"You would do it again with me?"

Sally glanced at the clock on her nightstand and
noted it was only nine o'clock. She rolled onto her
brother and rubbed her dripping sex over his deflated

"Yes I will do it again with you ... right now, if
you can get it hard again."

She continued to massage his limp member with her
crotch. She put her hands on the bed next to him,
pushed herself up, slid forward and pushed one of her
breasts into his mouth.

Tom sucked greedily on the firm flesh and used his
tongue to flick at her hard nipple. Because of the
difference in their height, when she slipped forward,
she lost contact with his penis. Her still leaking
vagina coated his stomach with their combined fluids.
He heard her moan as he lapped at one breast and
massaged the other with his hand.

Sally moved her leg slightly and felt his sticky
penis touch her inner thigh. She could feel it twitch
against her as it filled with blood for the third time
in an hour. Moving her other leg inward, she trapped
the growing member between her thighs and flexed her
muscles, causing him to groan into her breast.

Tom removed his hand from her breast and used both
hands to grip her ass. He rocked her back and fourth
causing his still slick penis to slide between her

"Are you ready to do it again?" she asked.

Tom released her breast from his mouth and groaned,

Sally spread her legs, pulled her knees up along his
sides and lowered herself down until she felt him
against the length of her slit. She put her hands on
his chest, pushed herself up and looked down into his
eyes, sliding slowly over his once again hard penis.

"Does that feel good on your cock?" she asked, as she
rubbed him against her clit.

"Oh yes," Tom said, placing his hands on her hips and
guiding her movements. "Your pussy is so soft and hot
... it makes me feel so excited when you do that." He
stared into his sister's bright eyes and smiled up at

Slowly, she rose up and tried to align him with her
tight opening. Like their first attempt she was
unable to make him slip into her vagina. She reached
around behind her, gripped his penis and held it
firmly against her. She moved it back and forth along
her parted vaginal lips seeking her wet opening. When
she felt the head slip into her, she pushed her hips
down and engulfed his entire shaft.

Sally moaned as she reacquainted herself with the
feeling of his penis deep inside her. She cautiously
rose up until only the head of his penis was in her
and lowered herself again. Slowly she repeated the
movement, stopping just before he came out of her

"That is so hot!" she moaned, gazing between their
bodies and watching his manhood disappear into the
folds of her vagina.

Tom looked down to see what she was referring to and
stared as she exposed and concealed his hard cock. He
removed one of his hands from her hip, rubbed her
breast, slid his fingertips down her stomach and
pressed them against her clit. He rubbed the hardened
nub firmly watching the expression on his sister's

"Oh yes, rub me right there! That makes me so hot!
Oh Tom, you are going to make me cum ... please don't

Tom kept up his assault on her clit as she began to
bounce faster on his throbbing penis. He felt like he
was going to explode into her again at any moment.
She stopped her bouncing and rocked against his

The heated young girl sat straight up, grabbed her
breasts and pinched her nipples. Her hips ground her
clit against her brother's fingertip and she felt her
orgasm build.

"Yes, yes, yes," she screamed out loud, as her vagina contracted around Tom's cock.

Sally thrashed around uncontrollably atop her
brother, her orgasm causing her body to tremble. She
felt his cock swell in her convulsing tunnel and begin
to fill her with cum again. She dropped her hands to
her brother's chest and pounded her hips up and down
on the spewing cock inside her.

When her vaginal spasms subsided, she fell forward
onto his chest and his penis pulled out of her. She
breathed heavily into her brother's chest, her
sensitive breasts flattened against him.

The two teens were drenched in sweat from their
vigorous sexual activity. Sally felt her brother's
second deposit of cum leak from her and onto him.
They lay together for a while, each basking in the
glow of their own experience.

"I need a shower," she finally said, breaking their
silence. "Want to wash my back?"

Sally rose up slowly and looked down to where their
crotches met. She saw a thin string of cum stretch between her small patch of pubic hair and the pool of
liquid on Tom's belly. She watched as the white
sticky filament broke away from her and returned to
the puddle below her.

"Don't move," she said, climbing of the bed. "I'll
be right back."

Sally dashed into the bathroom and pulled two wads of
tissue from the roll. She held one between her legs
to catch any more leakage, returned to her brother and
cleaned him up. She saw a large wet spot on her light
blue sheet next to Tom.

"Get up," she said, grabbing the corner of the sheet
and pulling it off the bed. "I don't want this to
soak into the mattress."

Tom jumped off the bed and helped her remove the
stained sheet. She balled it up and tossed it onto
the floor. She walked back towards the bathroom,
clutching the tissue.

"Well, are you coming?"

Tom smiled and followed her into the bathroom. She
turned on the water and stepped into the shower. Tom
climbed in right behind her. The two soaped each
other's bodies and ran their hands over the other's
slippery flesh. He shampooed and rinsed her hair.
When they were finished, they dried each other while
still standing in the shower stall.

Sally and Tom stepped out onto the small rug that lay
on the floor. She rose up on her toes, threw her arms
around his neck and kissed him tenderly. He hugged
her back and stroked her bare back with his hands.

Settling back onto her feet, she rested her head
against his chest. She pressed her hips to his and
said, "Thank you Tom. I wanted you to be my first."

Tom put his hand on the back of her head and held it
to him. He slowly ran his fingers through her damp
hair and replied, "I wanted you to be my first too."

They stood and held each other for a few more
minutes, and then Sally said, "I have to get the
sheets into the wash and make my bed. You take your
equipment back to your room. I don't want mom and dad
to get home and find out what we were doing."

They broke their embrace and went back into her
bedroom. Sally pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a
tee shirt over her naked body. She gathered up the
sheets, carried them down to the laundry room and
stuffed them into the washing machine. She took a set
of clean sheets from the cupboard and went back to her

Tom had finished moving his photographic equipment
from her room to his. He had put on a set of sweats
like his sister had and went to help her make the bed.
Once her bed was made and the room was cleaned up,
they went down to the family room to watch television.

Tom sat on the couch and she joined him. She
snuggled up to his side and put her hand on his leg.
He used the remote to flip through the channels,
settling on a movie they both agreed to.

"It's almost ten," Sally said, "I wonder when mom and
dad will be home."

"I have no idea what time they will be back. What
difference does it make?"

Sally wrapped her arms around her brother's arm and
giggled, "Well, I thought that if we had time we

Tom pulled his arm free and put it around the young girls shoulders. He chuckled and said, "I think we
have created a monster." He pulled her close and
kissed the top of her head.

Sally looked up at him and with a puppy-dog face
asked, "Is that a bad thing?"

Tom stopped his laughter and turned to her. He took
her chin in his hand, kissed her and said, "No Sally,
I think it is a good thing. We just have to be
careful. You remember what Uncle Don said about it
being illegal and all."

Sally nodded and said, "I know."

They watched the movie for a while, still cuddled
together. When they heard the electric garage door
opening, they separated and sat on opposite ends of
the couch.

Their mom and dad walked into the family room and
joined their children.

"How was your dinner and movie?" Tom asked.

"Very nice," his mom answered, "We had a wonderful
night. I am tired now and I think I will go to bed."

The two teens noticed the big smile on their dad's
face as he stood up, stretched his arms over his head
and with a fake yawn said, "Me to... You two
shouldn't stay up too late either, you have a busy day

Sally and Tom agreed they would turn in soon and told
their parents goodnight.

Marc and Anne headed upstairs, leaving the siblings
alone. They could hear their parents giggling as they
went up the stairway.

"I'll bet I know what they are going to do," Sally

Tom nodded and laughed at his sister's observation.

After waiting for a few minutes, Sally crawled, on
her hands and knees, across the couch and put her head
on his leg. She stretched out and watched the movie.
Tom put his arm over her shoulders and rested it

Sally felt loved and content snuggled up to her big
brother. She rolled onto her back and looked up at
him. When she did, his arm fell across her chest.
She put her hands on his arm and held it tight to her
breasts, gently moving it across her firm flesh. He
looked down, smiled and cupped one of her boobs in his
hand. He squeezed and released the mound, only
applying the slightest pressure.

"Please be gentle," she said, "They are still a
little tender."

She picked up his arm by his wrist, pulled her tee
shirt up and placed his hand on her bare skin. As he
massaged her, she felt his penis stirring under her
head. Moving slightly and turning back on her side,
she put her hand over the stiffening shaft and gripped
it lightly.

Tom and Sally watched the movie on the television, he
lazily rubbed his finger across her nipple and she
gently held his hard penis. When the movie ended,
Sally sat up, reluctantly letting go of the firm shaft
that had warmed her hand and pulled away from Tom.

"I am going to bed," she said, pulling her tee shirt down. "I want to go to Kim's early and help her get
ready for the party."

"I am going too. They are going to deliver my
darkroom equipment in the morning and I want to be up."

They left the family room and walked slowly to the
stairs. Tom stopped, turned around, and went back to
turn off the television. He scurried back to his
sister and walked with her up the stairs. They
stopped in the hall, between their rooms and kissed
each other good night.

Sally stripped off the sweatpants and tee shirt. She
pulled a clean pair of pink panties from her drawer,
slipped them on, and put on a silk nightshirt, slowly
buttoning the three large buttons that held the
garment closed. She turned off her light and climbed
into the bed that she had shared with her brother only
a few hours ago.

Sally tossed and turned in her bed as she reminisced
the evening's activities. She thought about how
wonderful if felt to have her brother's penis buried
inside her. She felt her vagina tingle as she
remembered him squirting his cum into her and the
warmth of his body.

Deciding that it was impossible for her to fall
asleep, she got out of bed, went to her door and
opened it quietly. She crept down the hall to her
parents' room and listened outside their door.

After standing motionless for a few minutes, she
heard her dad snoring. Confident they were sound
asleep, she walked back to her room, closed her door
and crossed the hall to Tom's room. Slowly she turned
the doorknob and pushed his door open enough for her
to slip in. She carefully closed the door, walked to
his bed and crawled in next to him.

"What's up?" her sleepy brother asked.

Sally snuggled up to him, put her arm around his
naked chest, and said, "I don't want to sleep alone
tonight. Do you mind if I stay with you?"

Putting his arm around her and spooning up to her
back, he said, "no," and the two fell asleep.


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