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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 27


The Lottery - Part 27 (ff, con)

Kim and Jack were still watching the new television
when their mom called to them. "Someone is at the
door," she yelled.

Kim jumped up, ran to the front door and opened it.
"Hi Megan," she said to her friend, "come in."

The tall girl followed Kim into the house and up the
stairs to her room. She led Megan through the
bathroom that separated her room from the guestroom.

"You can put your bag in here.

Megan looked around the bedroom and set her bag on
the floor near the bed.

"This is really nice, I'm so glad your mom said I
could stay with you tonight."

Kim told her friend she could put her things into the
dresser and the closet. She sat on the bed and
watched Megan take her clothes from her bag and put
them into one of the dresser drawers. She held up a
cute mini skirt and showed it to Kim.

"I think I will wear this tomorrow," she said,
holding the skirt up to her waist, "with this top."
She unfolded a short-sleeved button down shirt that
matched the skirt.

"What are you going to wear?"

"I haven't decided yet. Maybe later I can show you a
couple of outfits and you can help me pick one out."

Kim stood up and told Megan to follow her downstairs.
She wanted to introduce her to her parents and show
her the new additions to the pool.

The two girls went into the family room and talked to
Kim's parents.

"Mom, Dad, this is Megan... Megan, my mom and dad."

Marge said, "We are pleased to meet you Megan, Kim
has told us how much you helped her at school."

"I am pleased to meet you too Mr. and Mrs. Graham.
Thank you for inviting me to spend the night."

The four chatted for a few minutes and then Kim
pulled her friend, by the arm, out into the pool area.
She showed her the new diving board and the large
television. Kim took her into the pool house and
showed her the new stereo system. They walked over to
where Jack was watching television and sat down.

Jack turned to the girls and said, "Hi Megan, glad
you could make it."

"Hi Jack, I am so happy to be able to stay. I wanted
to thank you for what you said today, you made me feel

Megan's face turned pinkish as she talked to Jack.
Her cheeks were dotted with light freckles, which were
highlighted with her embarrassment.

"No problem," he said. "They're all just stuck-up
jerks anyway."

"Isn't he the greatest?" Kim beamed, "He is just so

Jack felt a bit uncomfortable as he listened to his
little sister talk about him. He smiled and returned
to watching the television.

Kim noticed that Megan kept glancing at the hot tub.
She stood up and said, "Let's go up to my room and
talk Megan."

The two girls went through the family room and up to
Kim's bedroom. They sat on her bed and talked about
their favorite bands and the type of music they liked
to listen to.

"Your brother is really nice. I don't feel
uncomfortable around him at all."

Kim was torn between jealousy and pride. She was
happy that her friend liked Jack, but really didn't
want anything to develop between them, even though she
knew that she couldn't stop it if it did.

Kim thought for a moment then said, "Do you want to
go sit in the hot tub?"

Megan grinned and nodded her head yes. She got up
and headed towards the guest room to get her swimsuit.
Kim went to her dresser, removed a conservative two-
piece suit and went into the bathroom. She took off
the jeans and tee shirt she had worn after her
unexpected dip in the pool and turned on the shower.
Just as she was stepping into the shower, Megan came
into the bathroom, still dressed.

"We can shower up here," Kim said. "My dad doesn't
want anyone in the pool or hot tub without a shower

Kim climbed into the stall and quickly washed
herself. She opened the sliding glass door, stepped
out and grabbed a towel.

Megan was still in her bra and panties. She unhooked
her bra, pulled her panties off and got into the
shower, which Kim had left running.

When she was finished, she opened the door and Kim
handed her a towel. The two girls put on their
swimsuits and were ready to go down to the hot tub.
Megan stopped and looked at her self in the mirror.
She hooked her fingers into the leg openings of her
bottoms and pulled at them, trying to conceal the red curly pubic hair that peeked out.

"This is such a pain. I can never get all my hair
inside my suit."

The redhead tugged and pulled, but no matter how hard
she tried, a few of the curls found their way out into
the open.

"Why don't you just shave there?" Kim asked,
pointing to her crotch. "It makes things so much

"I don't know ... I am just afraid of what my mom would say, if she ever saw it. And," she giggled,
"I'm scared that I will cut myself."

Kim laughed and said, "I know the feeling ... I was
sacred the first time I was shaved there. Are you
ready to go?"

Megan nodded and they headed downstairs to the pool.
Kim went into the pool house, started the hot tub and
rejoined her friend. The two girls climbed into the
swirling water and sat down opposite each other. They
felt the warm water relax them as they sat quietly.

"Kim," Megan said, sheepishly, "What do you mean 'the
first time you were shaved there.' Didn't you do it

"No, Sally and I shaved each other the first couple
of times, it's too hard to do alone, not being able to
see. We didn't want to cut ourselves either."

Kim was startled by her brother when she heard him
say, "Um ... do you two mind if I join you for awhile?"

Kim looked at her friend to see if she cared. Megan
said, "I don't care, if Kim doesn't."

Jack looked at his sister. She shook her head yes
and he left to get changed into his suit. A few
minutes later he came back, dressed in his trunks, his
hair wet from his shower. He stepped into the hot tub
and sat between the two girls, closer to Megan. The
three sat and talked about their classes in school and
the things they liked to do. When the subject of
fishing came up, Jack went on endlessly about his boat
and the fish he and Tom had caught the past summer.

The girls listened to him go on. Kim had either
heard the stories before, or had been there.

Megan said, "I have never been fishing. It sounds
like fun."

She was mesmerized by Jack's recount of his fishing
trips. She stared at him, making Kim feel a little

"Maybe Jack can take us fishing next summer," Kim
said, making sure she included herself in the plan.
"Tom and Sally like to fish too, we could all go."

They all agreed that a fishing trip would be fun.
Kim changed the subject, asking about Lisa.

"Tell us about your friend. Is she nice? What does
she look like?"

"Lisa is cute. She is short and thin with brown
hair. She is a little different from the girls at
school, not so stuck up."

Megan talked about her friend. She told Kim and Jack
that she had never gone to private school. She lived
with her mom and dad about three miles away.

"Where does she go to school?" Jack asked.

"Lisa and her brothers are home schooled by their
mom. They went to the public school but they're
parents didn't like it and they couldn't afford a
private school. Their mom had been a school teacher,
at one time, so she decided to teach them herself."

Megan shifted around on the seat. Kim noticed her
eyes light up as she squirmed around trying to be

Kim glanced at Jack to see if he was aware of Megan's
activities. She saw he had his head back, looking up
at the ceiling. Kim looked at her friend, smiled and
repositioned herself to obtain the same effect Megan
was enjoying. The three teens remained in the hot tub
for another fifteen minutes.

Kim said, "I think I have had enough, I don't want to
be water logged for tomorrow."

She stood up and climbed out of the tub. Megan, not
wanting to be alone with Jack, also got up and
followed Kim out of the warm water.

The girls were saying bye to Jack when he looked up
at them. Unconsciously, Jack's eyes were drawn to
Megan's crotch. When she noticed, she quickly began
to walk away. The girls went to the pool house to dry

Inside the pool house, Megan looked quickly between
her legs. The jet of water she had discovered in the
hot tub had rearranged the thin strip of her suit that
covered her vagina. Both sides of the suit had wet
red curly hair visible along the edges.

"Look at this," she said to Kim. "Will you help me
take care of this please?"

She tucked her pubic hair back into her suit the best
she could, wrapped her towel around her waist and
waited for Kim.

"Sure I will help you. I saw you found a water jet
in the tub."

Megan gasped when she realized that Kim was aware of
what she had been doing.

"You saw me?" she said, "I am so embarrassed. I hope
your brother didn't see me!"

"I do it all the time, I love the way it feels. I
don't think Jack has any idea what was going on."

Kim left the pool house with Megan right behind her.
They both quickly passed by Jack, went through the
family room and upstairs.

Megan went to the guest room, removed her swimsuit
and put on a robe. She went through the bathroom,
hung her suit to dry and went back into Kim's bedroom.
She paced nervously, watching her friend remove the
wet two piece suit and put on her own bathrobe.

Kim sat on her bed and asked, "Why are you so nervous?"

Megan sat on the loveseat opposite Kim and stared
down at her hands, folded in her lap. She shuffled
her feet in the thick carpet and then said, "I just
feel kind of funny. You appear so confidant and open
about things and I ... well, I am just uneasy about
everything. You, your brother, Sally and Tom are so
nice to me. You guys don't seem to care about what
anybody thinks or says about hanging around with me.
I guess I am just not use to it ... having friends at
school. Angela spends all of her time with Steven so
I don't see her too much, and she can be a little
tiring. All she wants to do is talk about what she
does when she is with Steven, never any girl talk."

"I can only speak for myself," Kim said. She flopped
onto her side, propped her head on her hand and
shifted her legs. The movement caused her robe to
open slightly, uncovering her legs to the point that
the re-growth of her pubic hair was almost visible.
"But, I really don't care what other people say or
think about who I choose to hang with. I am a big
girl and can make up my own mind about my life and my
friends. Our parents have taught us that a person
should be judged by what they do and who they are, not
what they have or what other people say. My brother,
my cousins and I try to practice what we were taught."
Kim immediately stopped talking. She realized that
she had just told her friend that Tom and Sally were
her cousins.

Megan snapped her head up and looked right at Kim.
"I knew it, I had a feeling that you guys were


"You and Sally look like sisters. I wasn't sure, but
I thought you guys were related."

Kim told her that the four were in fact cousins and
about the relationship between their parents. She
explained that they never said anything because of the
upcoming dance, and their plan to go together.

"We didn't know anybody. Sally and I really want to
go to the dance but we were afraid we wouldn't have
anyone to dance with. We all decided that if no one
knew we were cousins, we could go together. You know,
it's not like we lied, we're friends too."

Megan's befuddled expression changed. A big smile
came across her face and a muffled giggle escaped her
mouth. She sat back, relaxed a little and crossed her
legs at the knee. She hemmed and hawed for a few
moments and said, "You still want to help me shave?"

Kim swung her legs off the side of the bed and stood
up. Her robe flipped open for a moment, revealing her
new growth of soft hair.

"Let's go and get started." She walked into the
bathroom, opened a drawer and removed a small pair of

Megan joined her in the room and stood quietly, not
really sure what to do next.

"Take off your robe and sit on the toilet."

The tall girl reluctantly removed her terrycloth robe
and hung it on the back of the door. She moved in
front of the toilet and sat down, her legs pressed
tightly together, her arms crossed over her breasts.
She watched as Kim approached, the scissors held above
her shoulder, making a clicking sound as she opened
and closed them.

"HI, I'm Kim the pussy barber. What will it be
today?" She knelt on the floor in front of her and

"You're crazy Kim!" Megan said, also laughing, "I
don't know, I have never shaved my crotch before.
What do you suggest?"

Kim thought for a moment, stood up, opened her robe
and said, "Well, it is your crotch and you can do
anything you want to, or with, it you want to. I am
letting my hair grow here for now, but I may change it

She pointed to her own neatly trimmed, perfect
triangle of short hair.

"I think we should leave as much as we can at first,
it is easy to take off, but hard to put back on." She
knelt back down and again snapped the scissors open
and closed.

"Let's start with something like yours, and then
we'll see," Megan said sheepishly.

Kim nodded and put her hand on the girl's knee. She
pushed gently in an effort to spread her legs and give
her access to the patch of red curly hair that covered
her mound. She noticed that the soft curls reached
half way to her navel. Megan parted her legs and Kim
began to clip at the matted hair. She reached over to
the counter, picked up a comb, and used it to separate
the curls and pull her hair away from her body.

Megan looked down at her friend and watched as her
pubic hair fell into the water below.

"It feels strange," she said, as Kim clipped away,
"to have another girl touch me there."

Kim stopped cutting her hair and looked up with a
puzzled expression. "This is the first time you have
been touched by another girl?"

Megan shook her head yes. "I have only been touched
by another person once, and you know about that time.
Everything you have heard is a rumor. The kids at
school started it because I would never go out with
any of the boys that asked me."

"Stand up, turn around and bend over, I can't reach
under you like this. You see what I mean about
forming my own opinion. I didn't know if you were
what they say you are, but I really didn't care. What
you do is your business."

Kim resumed her clipping, using her fingers to push
her friends vaginal lips to the side. She noticed
moisture forming along her slit and felt it, as her
fingers brushed her gapped labia. She glanced up at
Megan's small breasts and saw her tiny pink nipples
were erect. She gently slapped her on the butt and
said, "Time for the razor, I have done all I can with
these scissors."

Megan stood up and glanced down into the toilet bowl,
and saw her red curly hairs floating on the water.
Looking between her legs she said, "Do I have anything
left down there?" Her mound was still covered with
hair, only it was much shorter now. Her rubbed her
hand over the trimmed turf and smiled.

"I never thought I would have the guts to do this."

"Ok, in the shower and on the bench. We aren't done

Megan obeyed Kim and stepped into the shower stall.
She sat on the small bench and waited for Kim to

Kim pealed off her robe, dropped it on the floor and
climbed in the shower. She removed the showerhead
from its hook, turned on the water and directed the
spray at Megan's crotch. After she was sure it was
completely wet, she applied shaving gel between
Megan's spread legs. She flattened her hand and
spread the gel over the redhead's entire mound. She
knelt down and began to carefully scrape the unwanted
hair from the sides of her vaginal lips and inner

Megan leaned her head back against the tiled wall and
closed her eyes. A slight moan developed deep in her
throat and escaped from between her tightly closed
lips. Megan could feel herself becoming aroused as
Kim pulled and pushed at her vagina, covering the
entire area with the sharp razor. Unconsciously, her
hand covered her bare breast and her fingertip circled
her taut nipple. The girls breathing increased and
she began to shift her head from side to side, moaning
out loud.

Kim was aware of the girl's state of excitement. She
took the showerhead, pointed it at Megan's crotch and
used her hand to clean away the remaining gel. She
let her fingers linger for a moment, rubbing back and
forth over the newly shaved area.

Megan's body stiffened as she achieved a small
orgasm. Kim quickly removed her hand, stood up and
turned off the water.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry," Megan said.

Her upper torso was bright red from a combination of
sexual excitement and embarrassment. She stood up,
covered her breasts with her arms and continued to
apologize to Kim.

"I don't know what came over me ... I never thought
that I would react that way. Can you ever forgive me?"

Kim stepped out of the shower and pulled her
quivering friend out by her arm. She took a towel
from the rack and began to dry her off. She knelt on
one knee in front of her and rubbed the towel up and
down her wet legs, pushing them apart slightly. Kim
patted her crotch and dried her butt and back. She
took a bottle of lotion from the counter and, while
Megan stood motionless, applied the slippery cream
over her reddened crotch.

"Well, what do you think?"

Kim positioned a handheld mirror so her friend could
see her hairless vaginal region. She twisted and
tilted the reflective glass, providing Megan with a
complete view of her handiwork. Kim had left a small
triangle of short red hair that pointed at very top of
the girl's slit. She noticed that, unlike her own,
Megan's clit slightly protruded out between her small
vaginal lips.

Megan took the mirror and looked herself over,
tracing her vaginal area with her free hand.

"Wow! I never would have thought I would look like

She went into Kim's bedroom and examined herself in
the full-length mirror.

"Thanks, it looks great!"

Kim came into the room carrying their robes. She
handed Megan hers and tossed her own on the loveseat.
Kim grabbed a pair of jeans and pulled them on,
without panties. She took a tee shirt out of her
drawer and covered her braless upper body.

Megan went to the guest room, dressed in a pair of
shorts, and cropped button-down shirt that exposed her
flat tummy, and returned to Kim's room.

She sat on the bed, next to Kim and said, "I really
am sorry for what happened. It is just that when I
felt you touching me ... well, I couldn't help it."

"Forget it," Kim said. "Let's go downstairs, and see
what my mom has to eat."

The two girls stood up and started for the door.
Megan grabbed Kim's arm and turned her around. She
put her arms around her and hugged her tightly. Kim
put her arms around Megan's waist and held the tall
girl against her, her head resting on her small
breasts. When they broke apart, Megan looked at Kim,
with teary eyes, and said, "Thank you for being so
great and understanding."

Together they went down to the kitchen and looked in
the refrigerator for food.

"Mom," Kim called into the family room. "What do we
have to eat?"

"Jack and your dad just ran up to the carryout for
chicken and ribs. They will be back in a few minutes."

The girls went into the family room and joined Marge.
She was sitting on a couch watching television.

"So," she said, what have you two been up to?"

"We were just talking up in my room." Kim replied.
"And giving Megan a bikini trim."

"I see," Marge said, never looking away from the
television. "Dinner should be here soon."

The girls went out into the pool area. Megan turned
to Kim and said, "Kim! How could you tell your mom about that? I am so embarrassed, I can't face her

"I tell my mom almost everything, I just didn't think
about it. She doesn't care if you got a trim and she
won't say anything to anyone about it."

Kim sat in one of the lounges and watched the music
video that her brother had left playing.

"I have a hard time telling my mom when I have my
period, let alone that I shaved my pussy."

Megan began to calm down and sat next to Kim.

"It must be so cool to be able to talk with your mom,
I wish mine was that understanding."

Kim changed the subject. She felt she might have
said too much about her relationship with her mom already.

"So, do you want to try out your new trim after
dinner? We could go for a swim."

"I think I have had enough for one day, we will be in
the pool again tomorrow. Maybe after dinner we can
listen to music and talk for awhile."

Kim smiled and said, "Anything you want to do is fine
with me."

They watched the videos until Marge called them for
dinner. The girls went into the dining room and took
seats next to each other. The family chatted as they
ate their dinner, including their guest as much as
possible. Don asked her about her parents and school.

"My dad is an attorney and my mom works in his
office," Megan said. "They go out of town quite often
because of my dad's clients. School is much better
this year Mr. Graham, ever since I met Kim, Jack, Tom
and Sally."

Kim caught her brother, out of the corner of her eye,
continually glancing at her friend. She felt the
familiar pangs of jealousy begin to well up inside
her. Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, she
attempted to see if Megan knew that her brother was
watching her.

Megan seemed oblivious to her secret admirer and
continued to talk with Marge and Don. Kim finished
her meal, picked up her dishes and carried them into
the kitchen. Megan followed and placed her things in
the sink.

"What do you want to do now?" Kim asked.

"Can we listen to some of your CDs and relax for a
little while?"

Kim grabbed a few sodas and the girls went up to the
recreation room. She turned on the stereo and
selected a couple of CDs, while Megan looked around
the room. Megan walked over to the pool table and ran
her hand over the green felt surface. She went to the
back of the room, looked around the bar and went into
the bathroom.

"This is so cool," she said, as she made her way back
to Kim. "Do you play pool?"

"I have tried, but I'm not very good. My brother likes to play and so does my dad."

The two girls sat on the floor, their backs against
the couch. They started to talk about their favorite
bands and the type of music they each listened to.

Kim, out of the blue, said, "I think my brother likes
you. He was staring at you during dinner."

Megan blushed slightly and turned to her.

"I saw him a couple of times, but I don't know if he
likes me ... he really doesn't know me. Besides Kim,
I don't know if I am ready for anything like that. I
still have bad dreams about what happened with Daniel.
I can't even think about being with a boy without
remembering that day."

"What do you think about when you masturbate, if you
can't think about boys?

Megan was shocked by Kim's boldness. "You don't mind
saying what's on your mind, do you? I mean no matter
what you can talk about it." She shifted around and
folded her legs under her. "To be honest, I haven't
masturbated ... not since that day. The thing in the
shower was the first time I have had a ... well you

Kim smiled and put her hand on Megan's bare knee.
"You need to get over that. You can't live in the
past forever."

The tall redhead nodded in agreement.

"Hi guys," they heard Jack say. "Do you mind if I
join you for a while?" He remained in the doorway,
waiting for an answer.

Kim glanced over her shoulder at her brother. "We
are talking Jack, you know, girl talk."

"Oh, ok, I understand. I will see you two later."
He turned to leave.

"Wait," Megan said. "You can come in Jack, we can
talk later."

He spun on his heals and walked over to the girls,
taking a seat on the couch. The three teens sat

"Does anyone want to shoot some pool?" Jack asked,
getting up and going to the pool table. "We could
play cut-throat or something."

The girls jumped up, went to the wall-rack and
selected a cue stick for each of them.

"How do you play cut-throat?" Kim asked.

To the surprise of Jack and Kim, Megan said, "We each
are assigned one third of the balls. The object is to
have your balls left on the table when the other two
players are out. Kim you take one through five, Jack
six through ten and I will have eleven to fifteen."
She took the triangular rack from its hook and
arranged the balls. She slid it back and forth,
stopping it at the proper place. Carefully, she
removed the rack and said, "Kim you break."

Kim and her brother stood side by side, their mouths
hanging open. They watched as their guest spun her
cue-stick into a small square of green chalk,
carefully covering the leather tip.

"I have a pool table at home too," Megan said. "My
dad and I use to play a lot."

"This should be interesting," Kim said as she took
her stance at the end of the table. She stroked the
cue-stick across her hand and drove the cue ball
towards the rack. The balls spread out around the end
of the table, but none of them went in.

They each took their turn, shooting until they
missed. At the end of the first game, Megan still had
three balls left on the table, making her the winner.
They played several more games, each game won by Megan.

The redhead was stretched across the table, in an
effort to make a shot. Kim, standing behind her, and
next to Jack, could see her small, bra covered,
breasts under the short top she wore. She quickly
glanced at her brother and discovered he too was
watching her. When Megan completed her shot, she
stood up, allowing the shirt to recover her exposed

"Jack," Kim said, "would you please get us a soda?"

When he walked away, she turned to Megan. "When you
bend over like that, your shirt rides up and your
boobs show."

Megan covered her mouth with her hand in surprise.
She dashed down the hall to her room and returned
wearing a tee shirt, neatly tucked into her shorts.

"Did your brother see?" She whispered to Kim.

"I think so, he was watching real close on that last
shot," she giggled.

Jack came back to the pool table with the cans of
soda. He handed one to his sister and another to
Megan. He looked curiously at her, noting she had
changed her shirt.

Megan avoided eye contact with him as she took the
soda. She took a drink from the can, put it on a
table and said, "I'll be right back." She walked to
the back of the rec room and into the bathroom.

Kim slapped her brother on the arm and said, "Stop
staring at her, you are making her uncomfortable."

Realizing he had been caught, Jack stammered, "Sorry,
I couldn't help it." He put his cue into the rack and
said, "It's getting late, and I am going to go to

As he was walking towards the door, Megan came out of
the bathroom and walked back to the pool table.
"Where are you going?" she said to Jack.

"I'm going to go to bed, it's getting late and we are
going to have a busy day tomorrow. Goodnight Megan,
goodnight Kim, I will see you guys in the morning."
Jack left and went to his room.

Kim put her cue stick into the rack, turned and said,
"He's right, it is getting late. I think I will get
ready for bed too. We can talk some more if you want

Megan put her stick away and the girls took their
sodas to their rooms. Kim stripped off her clothes
and dressed in a nightshirt and panties. She went
into the bathroom, brushed her teeth and started to
brush her hair. Megan knocked on the door and waited
for a reply.

"Come in," Kim said, "I'll be done in a minute."

Megan walked in and stood next to Kim at the sink
counter. She was wearing a tee shirt and what
appeared to be boy's boxer shorts.

Kim looked at the girl's reflection in the mirror and
said, "You wear boys underwear?"

"Only to sleep in. My brother left some when he
moved out for college and I inherited them. They are
so comfortable that I have been sleeping in them ever

The girls finished cleaning up and went into Kim's
room to talk. They sat on her bed, Indian style,
facing each other.

"I feel so stupid about what happened when we were
shooting pool," Megan said, "I never thought about my
shirt being too short to bend over like that. Your
brother must have gotten quite a show."

Kim started to laugh, "Yes, I am sure he did. Oh
well, it isn't the first time he has seen a girl's

"It wouldn't have been too bad, if I had boobs like
you or Sally." Megan cupped her hands under her
breasts and pushed them up. "I only have these little

The two girls laughed and talked for another half an
hour. Finally, Kim said, "Megan it is getting late.
I need to get some sleep for tomorrow. I have to get
up early and get things ready before everyone gets

Megan unfolded her long legs and got up.

"Ok, I will help you in the morning. Goodnight Kim."

She walked towards the bathroom, paused and turned

"Kim, do you remember what you said about forgetting
about what happened in the shower? I can't." She
quickly turned and rushed to her room.

Kim sat and thought about her friend's statement.
What was Megan trying to tell her? Did she feel good
or bad about what had happened? Was the older girl afraid that what the kids at school said was true.
She wasn't sure of what to do, but she knew that she
had to go and talk with her.

The confused teen got up and paced around her room.
She walked through the bathroom, knocked lightly on
Megan's door and walked in, leaving the bathroom door
slightly ajar. A narrow shaft of light from the open
door fell across Megan's prone body, illuminating the
girl. Kim walked to the side of her bed and sat on
the edge.

"Are you ok Megan?" Kim stroked her back, listening
to her soft whimpers.

Megan rolled over slowly, causing Kim's reassuring
hand to brush her breasts before she moved it lower.
She could see tears in her eyes and running down her

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I just feel ... well, I just feel so
happy. No one has ever been as nice to me as you and
your family has been." She cried, as she tried to
explain her feelings to Kim. "Then there was the
thing in the shower. I just can't get that out of my
mind. I know you were not trying to seduce me, or
anything like that, but it had an affect on me, one
that I have never experienced before."

Kim slid her arms under the weeping girl and pulled
her up. She held her close, gently rubbing her back.
Megan put her head on the younger girls shoulder, her
arms hanging limply at her sides, and tried to regain
some composure.

"It's ok," she said, moving her hand to the back of
her head. "It happened to me too, when Sally shaved
me. It wasn't like we were trying to do something
nasty, it just felt ... you know, it just happened."
She wasn't going to tell her anything about her and
Sally or the sexual activities they shared.

"Kim," Megan said, sitting up and looking at her
friend, "have you ever ... um ... done anything ...
with another girl?"

"When I was about twelve my babysitter taught me how
to masturbate." Again, she didn't say anything about
Sally, remembering the things her parents had said.
She wasn't sure if they were referring to brother and
sister sex of if it meant her cousins too. In any
event, she wasn't going to take any chances.

Megan put her head back on Kim's shoulder and wrapped
her arms around her waist. Kim resumed stroking the
back of her head, as the two remained embraced. She
could feel herself becoming aroused from the close
contact with Megan. She felt the girl's small firm
breasts pressing into her own and the heat from her

Megan turned her head slightly, resting her lips
against Kim's neck and hugged her tighter. Her warm
breath bathed the naked flesh, causing goose bumps to
form on her skin. When Megan kissed her neck, Kim let
a groan escape and pulled away. She looked into the
girl's eyes and smiled.

"I'm sorry Kim," she mumbled, "I didn't mean to do

Kim eased her friend down onto the bed and pulled
back the covers, exposing her legs. She put her hand
on her thigh and rubbed it lightly. With each stroke
she moved higher, her fingers finally touching the hem
of the boxer short pajamas Megan wore. Slowly she
traced small circles on the girl's inner thigh.

"What are you doing?" Megan asked in a low raspy

Kim put her finger to the redhead's lips and said,
"Just relax."

She slid down and stretched out next to Megan,
continuing to rub her thigh. She slipped her free arm
under her head and let her hand rest on her chest.
"You can stop me anytime you want to," she whispered.

Megan, her eyes closed, shook her head slowly from
side to side. Kim could feel the tension in the
girl's body subside as she moved higher on her thigh.
Being very cautious not to rush, Kim moved closer to
Megan's shaved vagina. She could feel the heat
emanating from her crotch as her fingers contacted the
flesh along her vaginal lips.

Kim used her other hand to find Megan's breast.
Lying on her back caused the small mounds to flatten
making her tiny nipple the only noticeable protrusion.
Kim's fingertip rubbed the hard nipple through the
thin material of her tee shirt. She could hear Megan
moan as she rolled her nipple between her thumb and

Megan was on the verge of losing her control. She
jumped as Kim's fingers glided between the folds of
her wet pussy lips and came to rest against her
engorged clitoris. When Kim began to massage the
hardened bud, Megan pulled the pillow from under her
head, covered her face and screamed into it, her
intense orgasm shuddering through her body.

Kim could barely maintain contact with the girl's
clit as she twisted and bounced on the bed. Megan
continued to yell into the pillow as her body went
stiff, and then she collapsed, flipping the pillow
away from her face. She was panting hard, trying to
catch her breath. Kim sat up next to the spent girl,
put her hand on the side of her face and rubbed her

"Are you alright Megan?"

"Oh Kim! That was the best ... I mean the only time
... I don't know what I mean. Thank you, I never knew
it could be like that ... with anyone." Megan sat up
and threw her arms around Kim's neck. She held her
and thanked her over and over.

"Ok, ok." Kim said, as she pried the clutching
girl's arms away. "At least now you have something to
think about when you want to masturbate."

The two girls laughed and then Kim said, "I am going
to bed now. You get some sleep and I will see you in
the morning."

"Goodnight Kim."

Kim left Megan's room and pulled the bathroom door
closed as she walked to her own room. She also closed
her bathroom door to insure some privacy. She climbed
into her bed and immediately shoved her hand into her
panties and attacked her pussy with her fingers,
pushing her over the edge and bringing on the orgasm
that had been building in her. When her body quit
quaking, she closed her eyes and fell asleep, her hand
still cupping her sex.


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