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The Lottery Part 28


The Lottery - Part 28 (mff, ff, mast, inc, con)

Kim tossed and turned in her bed. She thought she
heard a door close and muted laughter from the
hallway. Slowly she got up, went into the bathroom
and opened the door to the guest room. Gazing into
the darkened room, she saw that Megan's bed was empty.
She pulled the door closed, ran through her room to
the hallway and opened her brother's door, discovering
that his bed was also empty.

Kim felt panicked; she ran downstairs and searched
for her brother and friend. She looked in the family room, the kitchen and the pool area, they were nowhere
to found. She went back upstairs, rechecked the
bedrooms and found them still vacant. She was about
to go and look around outside when she noticed a
sliver of light coming from the rec-room door.

Quietly she crept down the hall, pausing near the
door. She peered into the room through the small gap
in the partly closed door.

Megan and Jack were sitting on the couch kissing
passionately, their arms around one another, their
hands exploring the other's body. Jack slid his hand
under her shirt and began to massage her breasts. She
moaned out loud and pulled her shirt over her head,
giving him unobstructed access to her small breasts.

Kim watched as her brother lowered his head to her
boobs and licked the hard nipples of each one. He
opened his mouth wide and sucked an entire mound into
it. Megan grabbed the back of his head and pulled him
to her chest.

"Suck my tits, bite my nipples," she heard Megan say
to him.

Jack pulled off the tit that was stuffed into his
mouth, pushed her back on the couch and pulled her
bottoms down her legs. Kim heard Megan scream when
her brother shoved his face between her wide spread
legs and attacked her pussy. Megan wrapped her long
legs around his shoulders, put her heals into his back
and pulled him into her.

"Turn around Jack, I want to taste your cock while
you suck my pussy"

Kim couldn't believe what she was hearing. Only a
few hours ago her friend talked about her fear and
lack of experience.

Jack stood up, pulled off his shorts and turned
around. He climbed over the tall girl, straddling her
head with his knees, and bent forward to get back at
her crotch. She reached up, wrapped her hand around
his penis and stroked it. With her free hand, she
grabbed his butt and pulled him down. She opened her
mouth and guided his hard shaft past her lips and into
her mouth.

Megan released his penis, put her other hand on his
ass and pulled him down, taking his entire length into
her throat. She used her hands to show him what she
wanted, pulling and pushing until he was fucking her
throat. As his hips shoved his cock in and out of her
mouth, Jack continued to suck and tongue her pussy.

Kim stood spellbound as she listened to the sucking and slurping of the two teens. She could feel herself
becoming aroused as she stared at her brother and her
friend. She let her hand drift down to her own crotch
and she rubbed herself through her panties. She felt
her breasts against the silky material of her
nightshirt, her nipples were hard and sensitive. She
took her other hand and squeezed her breast, running
her fingertip over her hard nipple.

Megan pushed Jack's hips up until his cock was free
of her mouth. She licked the length of his shaft,
stopping at his dangling balls. She opened her mouth
and sucked one and then the other. Jack had stiffened
his tongue and was driving it into her vagina like a
small pink penis.

"Fuck me Jack," Kim heard Megan say, "Turn around and
shove that hard cock into my hot pussy, and fuck me!"

When her brother stood up and turned around, Kim
could see that his face was covered with Megan's
juices. He knelt between her legs, put his hands
behind her knees and pushed her legs up to her
shoulders. Kim could see the girls bright red hairless vaginal lips and her juices running out
between them and into the crack of her ass. She
watched her brother poke at her opening a couple of
times and then slide completely into her.

Kim had her hand in her panties and was fingering
herself as she watched Jack pump in and out of Megan's
swollen hole. She could see the girl's face and the
look of lust in her eyes. Megan hooked her legs on
Jack's shoulders, put her hands on the couch next to
her and humped back at him.

Kim couldn't believe her eyes. He brother repeatedly
rose and lowered himself sliding his penis in and out
of her. They kept up their rapid pace for ten minutes
or more.

Then Megan said, "On the floor, I want it from behind."

The two scrambled off the couch onto the plush
carpeted floor. Megan got onto her hands and knees,
and Jack knelt behind her. He used his hand to guide
his slick tool back into her vagina, grabbed her hips
and renewed his assault on her crotch.

Megan was facing the doorway that Kim was hiding
behind. Her face was red and sweat was running from
her forehead, dripping onto the floor. She matched
Jack's tempo, rocking back and forth. Her small
breasts hung down from her chest and her nipples were
red and hard.

Kim had pushed her panties down and off to get better
access to her vagina and heated clit. She watched the
two carry on with their seemingly endless session and
pushed two of her fingers in and out of her own wet
hole. She opened the door a little wider to get a
better view of them and her eyes met Megan's.

The bucking redhead raised her hand, crooked her
finger and curled it towards her, enticing Kim to
enter the room.

Kim removed her hand from her crotch, opened the door
and walked towards the two lovers.

"Would you like to join us," Megan said to her, "I
would love to taste your pussy while your brother fucks me. Take off your clothes and come here."

As if in a trance, Kim removed her nightshirt, walked
over to Megan and stood in front of her. She looked
down and saw her smile, her head bouncing from Jack's
movements behind her.

"Lay down and slide under her," she heard her brother say. "You can lick my balls while I fuck her."

Kim lowered herself in front of Megan and scooted
between her arms until she was looking up at her
brother's swinging balls, and watched his cock slide
in and out of Megan's heated hole.

Jack reached over to the couch and grabbed two throw
pillows. He put them on the floor and told his sister to put her head on them. Kim placed the pillows under
her head, bringing it up to their mated crotches. She
stuck out her tongue and pushed it against Megan's
hard clit. She could feel the underside of her
brother's penis move along the tip of her tongue and
his balls bounce against her forehead and eyes.

Kim jumped when she felt the girl above her push her
tongue into her vagina. She felt her rub her chin on
her clit and lick her from the hard bud to her anus.
She moaned into Megan's crotch when she felt the
girl's hot tongue press into her tight asshole. Megan
removed her mouth and pushed her fingers into Kim's
opening, pumping them at the same speed that Jack's
cock was pumping her.

"You are so tight Kim, I can only fit two fingers in
your pussy."

Megan moaned and put her mouth back over her vagina as Kim sucked on the girl's clit. It was longer than
Sally's and she could suck it like a tiny penis. She
stabbed at it with the tip of her tongue as her held
it tightly between her lips. She opened her eyes and
saw her brothers balls begin to tighten. She reached
up, cupped the orbs in her hand and massaged them.

Megan pulled her mouth off Kim's dripping pussy and
crawled away from Jack. She rolled onto her back,
pulled the pillows from under Kim's head and slid them
under her ass. Jack moved up to her and pulled her
legs apart. He shoved his hard cock back into her hot
cavern and resumed pumping in and out.

"Sit on my face Kim, put that hot pussy on my tongue."

Kim lowered her crotch onto the redhead's waiting
mouth and groaned when she felt Megan's tongue snake
its way into her.

Looking into her brother's eyes, she grabbed her
breasts and squeezed them.

Jack reached out and replaced her hands with his,
rubbing and massaging her firm mounds. He leaned
forward, kissed her and sucked on her tongue.

Kim jumped when the girl below her caught her clit
between her teeth and bit gently on the hard nub. She
felt Megan's hands join Jacks on her breasts and pull
at her nipples.

"I'm going to cum," Jack announced. "Who wants my
hot load?"

Kim stared into her brother's eyes and shouted, "I
want it, its mine!"

Jack pulled out of Megan and presented his cock to
his sister.

She opened her mouth and sucked it in, tasting
Megan's juices. She held his hips and helped him
force the hot tool into her throat.

Kim could feel her orgasm building. She bounced her
hips into her friends face. She felt the blood rush
to her crotch, filling her vaginal lips and causing
her clit to throb.

All of a sudden Kim sat up in her bed. Her body was
drenched in sweat, her fingers buried in her vagina.
She pulled her hand out of her panties and tried to
get her bearings. She shook her head in an attempt to
clear it.

"It was a dream!" she said out loud.

Quickly she jumped out of bed and went to Megan's
bedroom door. She opened it quietly and looked in to
the room. Her friend was sound asleep, the covers
pulled tightly to her neck. She eased the door
closed, returned to her room and sat on the edge of
her bed. She thought about the details of her dream
and how real it all seemed. Glancing at the clock she
saw it was seven-thirty in the morning.

Kim went across the hall to her brother's room,
quietly opened the door and stepped in. She walked
over to Jack's bed and looked down on her sleeping
sibling. He was on his back covered from the waist
down. As she stood and stared at him, the memory of
the dream returned. She wondered how she would react
if, and when, he actually had sex with another girl.

Jack moved slightly, startling her. He pulled knee
up, causing the blanket to fall away and reveal his
boxer shorts. His penis was about half erect, and the
head was peeking out from the leg opening. He reached
down and scratched himself, pulling his boxers up in
the process.

Kim giggled to herself as she continued to watch him.
She reached over and touched the tip of his penis and
watched it jump. A devilish grin formed on her face
and she knelt next to the bed. She wrapped her
fingers around the stiffening member and stroked it

Jack's penis grew in her hand until he was fully
erect. She kept up her stroking, running her thumb
over the tip. Kim bent over and licked the velvety
helmet that toped his hard tool. She could taste the
secretions that oozed from the small slit.

"What the hell " Jack said, looking down at his
sister. He watched her tongue bathe the head of his
morning erection. He noticed her big smile and bright
eyes. "What are you doing?"

Kim took him into her mouth and moved her lips slowly
over his penis. She pulled her head up and turned to
face the bewildered boy.

"Just waking you up, do you want me to stop?"

She returned her mouth to his penis and lapped its
length. His boxers concealed his balls, but she still
tried to search for them with her tongue.

Jack took her head in his hands and toyed with her
hair. He moaned, "No, don't stop. I love it when you
suck my dick. It makes me so hot that I can hardly
stand it."

His breathing was beginning to speed up as she
continued to lick and nip at his swollen member.

Kim undid the buttons that held her night shirt closed, removed her mouth from Jack's crotch and
replaced it with her hand. She stroked him slowly and
moved her mouth to his, kissing him briefly. Quickly,
she stood up, flipped the covers off her brother and
laid on top of him. She ground his rock hard penis
with her panty covered crotch and rubbed her bare
breasts into his chest.

Reaching between them, she pulled the crotch of her
panties aside and coated his cock with her juices.
She adjusted her position and placed the head of his
penis against her opening. Kim rocked her body until
Jack's penis slipped into her vagina and slid
completely inside her. She kept up her motion for a
few minutes and then climbed off him. Standing next
to the bed, she took him into her mouth and cleaned
the mixture of their juices from his penis.

Jack grabbed for her head and tried to pump his shaft
into her mouth. He was on the verge of shooting his
load and didn't want her to stop. Kim sensed his
impending ejaculation and removed her mouth. She
stood straight up and looked down at her brother's
writhing body and smiled.

"I have to get going. We can finish this later if
you still want me after spending the day with Megan
and Lisa."

"You are a tease," he said, grabbing his penis and
stroking it. "I will get you for this!"

"Go take a cold shower and save that for later." Kim
giggled at her brother's predicament. She knew he was
going to finish himself after she left. She went over
to him, pulled his hand away from his penis and tried
to pull him out of bed.

Jack reluctantly got out of bed and stood next to his
sister. He tucked his hard penis into his boxers and
said, "You get out of here, I have things to do."

Kim wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled his head
down and kissed him.

"I'll bet you can't wait to finish what I started,"
she giggled.

She pressed herself into him and felt his still hard
penis against her stomach.

Jack removed her arms and walked towards the
bathroom, leaving her standing in the middle of the
room. Leaving the door open, he turned on the shower
and stepped in. He yelped as the cold water cascaded
over his overheated body.

"I'll bet I can wait," he said, sticking his head out
of the shower stall. "I hope you can too." Jack
moved his head back into the cold water and began to
wash himself.

Kim walked into his bathroom, slid the glass door
open and said softly, "I can wait for you Jack." She
smiled at her nude brother and returned to her room.

After making her bed, Kim went into the bathroom and
took a quick shower. She was standing in front of the
sink drying herself when she heard a gentle knock on
the door to the guest room.

"Come in.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you weren't dressed."
Megan said, watching Kim rub her towel over her body.
"I'll come back when you are finished."

"Its ok, come on in. I just got out of the shower
and was drying off. Did you sleep well last night?"

Megan stepped into the bathroom and said, "I slept
great! How about you?"

"Me too, I didn't want to get up, but I have so much
to do."

"Kim, can we talk about last night? I don't know
what to say, but I feel we need to talk about what
happened. That was the first time I have ever
experienced an orgasm like that. I mean well after
Daniel did what her did to me I tried to masturbate,
but I could never finish. Last night was only the
second time I have really had an orgasm."

"Did you enjoy it?" Kim asked, standing in front of
the mirror brushing her wet hair. "You know, my mom says, that just because you do things with another
girl it doesn't mean you are a lesbian. A lot of
girls our age experiment with each other and there is
no harm in it."

"It was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt. I
didn't know that doing things like that could be so
well, so nice. You didn't make me feel dirty or used
like I felt after the episode at Angela's house."

She was looking down at her bare feet as she spoke.
She was finding it hard to look at Kim as she divulged
her inter-most thoughts.

Kim sat on the closed toilet seat and held her foot

"Do you think I should do my toe nails for today?"

She reached into a drawer, removed a set of clippers
and a file and pulled her foot up, resting it on the
seat. She began to clip and file her nails.

Megan knelt in front of Kim and took the clippers and
file out of her hand.

"I can do them for you, if you want."

She looked up at her friend's eyes, searching for

"Sure, that would be great."

She leaned back and watched Megan go to work on her
foot. After she had finished, she moved Kim's foot
from its rest and put the other one in its place,
clipping and filing the nails neatly.

"What color of nail polish do you have?"

Kim stood up, her nude crotch only inches from
Megan's face, and opened a cabinet door. She selected
a light pink polish and handed it to Megan.

"What do you think of this color?"

"This is nice, what else do you have?"

Megan stood up and looked into the cabinet at the
assortment of small bottles. She reached into the
cabinet to move them around, her arm brushing against
Kim's bare breast. "Ops, I didn't mean to do that."

"Sure, sure you were just trying to cop a feel," Kim
giggled. "You just can't keep your hands off me can
you?" She was laughing now, watching her tall friend
hem and haw.

"You're right," she said softly, "I can't"

Megan turned red and faced away from her.

Kim, seeing her friend was embarrassed, stood behind
Megan and wrapped her arms around her waist. She
pulled the tall girl tight to her and said, "It's ok,
I like to touch you too."

She slid her hand under the girl' tee shirt and
rubbed her soft tummy. Megan moaned as Kim moved her
hand up and cupped her small breast. She moved from
one small mound to the other, teasing her nipples
until they were firm. She removed her hand and turned
her around.

"So, what color should I use on my nails?"

Megan, feeling a bit flushed, grabbed a bottle of red polish, and said, "How about this one? It will make
you look sexy not that you need any help with that."

"Ok, red it is. Do you want to do it for me?"

Kim sat back down and extended her leg.

"I would love to," Megan replied, kneeling on the
floor and taking her ankle in her hand. She put Kim's
foot on top of her thigh and shook the small bottle.

"You know," Kim said, moving her foot and rubbing her
toes over Megan's crotch. "If you don't keep up with
the trim it will start to itch." She moved her toes
through the opening in the boxers Megan wore and
stroked her pubic mound.

"That's ok," Megan said, removing the probing foot
and returning it to the top of her thigh. "I have my
own personal pussy barber to keep me trimmed if she
wants to."

"Anytime," Kim giggled.

Megan coated Kim's toes with the red polish. When
she was finished, she stood up, removed her clothes
and started the shower. Kim sat swinging her freshly
painted toes, and watched Megan step into the shower.
She recalled her dream as she watched the girl wash
her hair and cover her body with soap. She couldn't
get the image of Megan, on her hands and knees, being
screwed from behind by Jack.

"I'm going to go and get dressed," she yelled to the
girl in the shower.

Kim went into her room and selected a set of matching
red bra and thong panties. She stepped into the
panties and put on the bra, hooking it in front. She
made her bed and straightened her room, gathering her
clothes from yesterday and put them into the hamper.

She was just about done when she heard a knock on the
door. "Who is it?" she said, closing the door to the

"Me," she heard her brother say. "Can I come in for
a minute?"

Kim opened her door for Jack and said, "What's up?"

"I was wondering what I should wear today WOW, you
look hot." He stammered as he stared at his little
sister in her red underwear. His eyes traveled from
her face to her toes and back, stopping at her breasts.

"How about your gray Dockers and that nice black
shirt?" Kim smiled at her brother and added, "That
outfit makes you look sexy."

Jack pulled his eyes away from her lacy bra covered
breasts and said, "Ok, if that is what you want, I'll
wear it." He smiled at her and turned to leave.
Looking over his shoulder he quipped, "You sure have
nice tits!"

Kim pushed him into the hall and closed the door.
She heard the shower stop and went to the bathroom
door and knocked lightly. "Can I come in and fix my

"Sure," Megan replied, "I'm just drying off."

Kim went in and stood next to her friend in front of
the mirror. She glanced at Megan's neatly trimmed
pubic mound and said, "So, how do you like the new

"I just love it," she replied, rubbing her hand over
the short red hair that remained. "I would have never
done it before, but I'm glad you talked me into it."

The two girls finished fixing their hair and
dressing. Kim put on a short black miniskirt and a
tight red tank top. Megan selected the dark green
skirt and the matching short-sleeve shirt she had
shown Kim the day before.

"You look cute in that outfit," Kim said. She walked
over to Megan and flipped her skirt up revealing her
white panties. "You need to get some panties to match
your skirt."

"Your red panties don't match you skirt."

"I know, but they match my toenails." Kim giggled.

"I don't have any sexy underwear like you do, I never
had any use for it." Megan was beginning to look sad

Kim thought for a moment then went to her dresser.
She looked through one of her drawers and found a pair
of sheer hunter green thong panties and a matching
bra. "Try these on," she said, "I think they will fit

Megan took the items from Kim and laid them on the
bed. Quickly she removed, shirt, skirt and white
cotton panties and bra. She stepped into the panties and pulled them up over her hips. She put on the
delicate bra and fastened it between her small breasts.

"You look good in those," Kim said, watching her
friend admire herself in the full-length mirror. She
moved behind her and adjusted the panties so the thin
strip of material was straight in the crack of her

"There, that's better."

"Thank you for letting me wear these, I feel so sexy
in them." Megan said as she turned and looked at her
rear in the mirror. She ran her hands over the silky
material that covered her pubic mound and then up to
her breasts. "The bra is a little too big for my
boobs, but I still love it." She cupped her hands
over her breasts and squeezed them gently.

Kim took a deep breath and said, "You had better get
dressed or we may end up doing something you might be
sorry for."

Megan put her shirt and skirt back on and
straightened herself. She smiled at Kim and said,
"I'm Ready."

Kim and Megan went downstairs to get some breakfast
and get ready for the party.

"Good morning Jack, good morning Mrs. and Mr.
Graham," Megan said as she and Kim walked into the

"Good morning Megan," they all replied.

"Did you sleep well?" Marge asked.

"Oh yes, very well. The bed in the guest room is
very comfortable."

The two girls joined Jack at the counter, sitting on
either side of him. They watched him eating the
pancakes and bacon Marge had prepared for breakfast.
Marge placed a plate in front of each of the girls and
a platter of pancakes on the counter.

Kim and her friend each took several of the fluffy
round cakes and placed them on their plates. They
added bacon and covered the food with syrup. Kim's
mom poured a glass of juice for them and went into the
family room to have her coffee with Don.

"Do you guys want some help getting ready for your
friends?" Jack asked.

"Yes, thank you," Kim replied. "We want to set up a
table in the pool area for the food and clean up the
pool house a little."

"No problem just let me know what you need. I may
run over to Tom's to see his new equipment before
everyone gets here. The camera store is going to
deliver it this morning."

Kim glanced at her brother. "You will have plenty of
time, just don't hang around over there too long, I
don't want you to be late."

The three teens finished their breakfast and went out
to the pool. Kim explained to Jack what she had in
mind for the party.

"We can put one of the long tables from the garage
right here for the food and use a cooler for the
sodas." Kim pointed to the spots she had picked out
for the things. "Come with me Jack, we can go and get
a table."

The siblings left Megan by the pool and went into the
garage. Jack picked up one end of the table and
waited for Kim to pickup the other. When she bent
over to grab it, he looked down her top at her red bra
and breasts.

"Very nice, I love the red bra."

Kim looked up at him and grinned. She took the
bottom of her pleated skirt in her hand and pulled it
up, showing him her matching red satin thong. She let
the skirt fall and gripped the table.

"That is enough for now, you won't be able to walk
around. Besides, I don't want anyone else to see your
hard cock, it's mine!"

Jack laughed at her and they carried the table out to
the pool. Jack unfolded the legs and they moved it
into place.

Kim said, "Let's move some of the chairs and lounges
so we have room to dance later."

The three of them slid the lounges and chairs around
on the tiled floor, opening a large area in front of
the large screen television. While Megan was moving a
chair, her skirt got caught on the arm and lifted it
up. Unaware of her exposed butt, she carried the
chair over to the end of the room.

"Cute panties." Kim said.

Megan quickly put the chair down when she realized
she was displaying her green panties to Jack and Kim.

"Oh my god, I am so embarrassed."

Jack and his sister laughed at her, as she made sure
her skirt was covering what it was supposed to.

"You don't have to be embarrassed Megan," Jack said,
"I didn't mind at all."

Kim smacked her brother's arm.

"You can go to Tom's if you want to, we can finish
here. Megan and I will make sure the pool house has
towels and stuff, then we are done."

"Ok, I will be back in a little while."

Kim and Megan went to the pool house and Jack left.


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