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The Lottery Part 29


The Lottery - Part 29 (mf, inc, con)

When Sally woke up, she could feel something poking
her in the butt. She opened her eyes and realized she
was still in her brother's bed. Slowly she rolled
over onto her back and then her side and faced Tom.
He was still sound asleep, his arm draped over her

Reaching between them, she found her brother's penis
and began to rub it slowly. She felt it grow to its
full length as she worked her hand up and down the
shaft. She slipped her hand into his sweatpants and
resumed her massage.

Tom woke up and looked into her eyes. He smiled at
her, moved close and kissed her forehead.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?"

"Oh yes, very well. I see you're ready to go again."
Sally grinned as she increased the pressure on his

Tom removed his sister's hand from his sweatpants.
"Not right now, I have to pee. What time is it?"

"Seven o'clock, why?"

Tom climbed over her and walked towards the bathroom.
Looking over his shoulder he said, "The camera store
is going to deliver the rest of my darkroom equipment
this morning. They are supposed to be here by eight
or eight-thirty."

"Ok, I can take a hint. You just wanted me for my

Tom stopped in his tracks and turned around. He
walked back to his bedside, pulled Sally out and stood
her up. Wrapping his arms around the young girl he
hugged her tightly and said, "Don't ever say that, not
even as a joke. I hope you never feel that I use you
for anything, let alone what we did last night. What
we shared is very special to me Sally, and I don't
want to demean it with jokes."

"I'm so sorry Tom, it was special to me too. Kim was
right about how it feels, you just can't explain it
with words. No matter what happens, we'll always have
this memory to cherish. I don't feel that you used me
at all. What I do feel is very close to you and

Tom kissed her head and released her. Standing back
a little, he gazed into her pretty green eyes. His
stare traveled slowly from her head to her toes and

"I love you too."

Tom turned and went into the bathroom, closing the
door behind him.

Sally's eyes filled with tears of joy. She walked
out of his room and into hers. Glancing around, she
realized that her bed was still made from the night
before. She wondered if her parents had checked her
room last night. If they had, she thought, they would
know that she had slept with her brother, or at least
not in her own bed.

Deciding that what's done is done and there was
nothing she could do, she pulled her nightshirt off
and went to shower.

After completing her morning ritual, she dressed in
jeans and a button down shirt, and went downstairs for
breakfast. Tom was eating a bowl of cold cereal, her
mom sat next to him drinking coffee.

"Morning mom, where's dad?"

"Your father left a bit earlier, he and your Uncle
were going to take care of a few things. How did you

Sally took a bowl from the cupboard and sat next to
her brother. She filled the bowl with cereal and
covered it with milk. "I slept great."

As she ate her food, she kept glancing at her mom,
looking for any indication that she knew about the two
teen's sleeping arrangements. Her mom didn't make eye
contact with her, she just sipped her coffee and
looked straight ahead.

Tom jumped off his stool and ran to the front door
when he heard the bell. The deliverymen from the
camera shop were there with his new equipment. He
directed them to the basement and showed them where to
stack the boxes.

"I think your brother is excited about his new

"Yes, it is all he has talked about for the last few
days. Mom, could I get Tom some lights for his
birthday? He really wants them."

"I don't know Sally, how much do the lights cost?"

Sally finished her meal and took her and her
brother's bowls to the sink. She turned on the water
and rinsed them, then placed them into the dishwasher.

"About a thousand dollars, I think."

"A thousand dollars for lights! Don't you think that
is a bit steep for a birthday present? Besides, what
will he use the lights for?"

"They are studio lights of some kind, they are used
for taking pictures."

"Well, I will have to talk to your father. I think
it may be too much."

"Ok, we can talk to dad about the lights when he gets
home. I am going to go to Kim's for a while and help
her get ready for this afternoon. Lisa and her
brother's will be there about four."

Anne twisted her stool around and faced her daughter.
She watched the young girl finish at the sink and walk
back to the counter. "Sit down Sally, I want to talk
to you."

Sally jumped on a stool next to her mom and said,
"What do you want to talk about?" She thought she
already knew what was coming and she was ready.

"You know Sally, this is the first time you guys have
had a boy-girl party. I want you and your brother to
behave yourselves."

"I know mom, we won't do anything wrong."

"I know you will be good, it is just that when a
group of young people get together well things can
happen, even if you never intended them to. All I am
asking is you think before you act."

Anne left the kitchen and Sally sighed in relief.
She wasn't sure if her mom knew about her and Tom
sleeping together. She finished cleaning up the
kitchen and went downstairs to find her brother.

Tom was outside his darkroom sorting through the
boxes of equipment the deliverymen had dropped off.
As she approached him, he took an arm full of items
and slipped into the special door.

"Did you get every thing?" Sally asked after
entering the darkroom.

"I think so. There is so much here. I will have to
go to my room and get the original paperwork and
compare it to the equipment to know for sure."

"If you tell me where it is, I will get it for you."

"Thanks, it is in my middle desk drawer in a folder
marked photo. Just bring the whole folder, I am going
to keep all of that stuff down here anyway."

Sally went to her brother's room to retrieved the
folder. When she picked it up, she found a magazine
hidden beneath it. She hesitated, then picked it up
and began to flip through the pages. The glossy book
was full of pictures of men and women engaged in
various sex acts.

Smiling, she tucked the magazine into the folder and
returned to the basement.

"Is this the folder you wanted?" She smirked.

Tom took the folder and opened it, seeing the dirty
magazine on top of his papers. His face turned bright
red and he began to stammer.

"Um ah where'd you get this?"

"You know darn well where I got it, it was in your

Sally was giggling at her brother's embarrassment.
She tried to look disgusted, but she couldn't help

"Is this the type of things you look at when you play
with yourself? Do you like to look at pictures of
people having sex?"

Tom shuffled his feet and stared down at the floor,
embarrassed that his little sister had found his book.

Sally snatched the magazine from his hands and opened
it. She again looked at the pictures, this time with
a little more interest. Thumbing through the pages,
she came upon a photo that showed two girls and one
guy. One of the girls was sucking on the man's penis
while the other girl sat on his face.

Searching further she found a photo of the same
scenario, only this one was of two men and one girl.

"Wow! That looks like fun," she giggled, showing the
picture to Tom. "Do you want to try that? I could be
the girl!"

"Don't be sick," he said, grabbing the book back from

Sally went to her brother, put her arms around him
and held him tight. "Sorry, I was just goofing

Tom dropped the magazine on the counter and returned
her hug. He stroked her back and buried his nose in
her hair, smelling the fragrance of the shampoo she
had used that morning. He could feel her breasts pressed into his chest and felt her hand slid down his
back, coming to rest on his butt.

Sally could feel his uncontrolled erection grow
between them as they held their embrace. She slowly
moved her hips from side to side, caressing his penis
with her stomach.

"If we don't stop this, we may be late for the
party," she said.

Tom released her, nodded and went back to putting
away his things. She jumped up on the counter and
watched him scurry around the darkroom, putting things
on a shelf only to move them to another spot.

"Why don't you get everything in here and then start
to put it away? That way you'll know how everything

"That's a good idea, want to help me?"

Sally jumped onto the floor and followed him into the
light-lock door. She stood as close as she could to
him as he closed the inner door and opened the outer
one. They steeped out into the basement and each
gathered several items. One at a time, they went back
into the darkroom and repeated the process until all
the equipment was moved.

While moving the boxes into the darkroom, Sally
couldn't get the images she saw in the magazine out of
her head. She could feel the familiar tingle start
between her legs as she thought about having sex with
two guys. The more she thought about the girl in the
photo, on her hands and knees, with one man feeding
her mouth, the other man behind her, his penis buried
in her vagina, the more excited she became.

Sally leaned against the counter and watched her
brother dig through the boxes, pulling out gallon
sized brown bottles and large trays. She stared at
his ass while he bent over, noting how cute it looked
in his tight jeans.

"Do you really think those pictures are sick?" she

"What pictures?"

"The ones of two guys and a girl, you know in the

Tom stopped and went to the counter and stood next to
her, resting his butt on the edge. He stood quietly
and thought about her question and then reached for
the book. Flipping through the pages, he found the
photo that she had referred to and stared at it.

"You mean this one?"

Sally looked at the open page and shook her head yes.
She slid along the counter until she was right next to
him, their bodies touching.

"Yeah, that one. Don't you think it is kinda sexy?"

Tom looked into her eyes and said, "Sexy? No, I
don't think it is sexy, exciting maybe, but not sexy."

"What's the difference?"

Tom put the magazine on the counter, stood in front
of Sally and slowly unbuttoned several of the buttons
of her shirt. He paused for a moment and looked at
the hunter green bra she wore and undid the remainder
of the buttons. He gathered her shirttails and tied
them just below her breasts, allowing the green
garment and her flat tummy to show.

"That is sexy!" he said, as he placed his hands on
the sides of her breasts. "See the difference?"

"I think so," she said, and unsnapped her jeans. She
lowered her zipper an inch or so and folded the jeans
down so the top of her panties showed.

"Like this? Is this what you like?"

Tom moved his hands from her breasts and gripped the
sides of her jeans, tugging them down slightly and
exposing more of the green panties."

"Yes, like this. This is very sexy, but you can't
run around in public like this, mom and dad would kill

Sally giggled, rolled her waistband down, and turned
around, showing her brother her rear. He could see
the Y of her thong panties and the very top of the
crack of her ass. Using his fingertips, he traced the
silky fabric and the soft flesh of her butt.

Tom's gentle touch sent shivers through her body and
sparks into her crotch. She turned slightly, faced
the counter and grabbed the edge. Bending over, she
wiggled her butt at her brother. He put his hands on
her hips and pressed his hard penis against her ass,
moving it up and down.

Sally moaned and pushed back into his hardness,
feeling it move over her covered ass. She used one
hand to lower the zipper of her jeans and attempted to
work them down.

"Want me to help you?" he asked, pulling down on the
denim material.

"Yes," she panted, helping him push the jeans down to
the floor.

Tom lowered his own zipper and freed his rigid cock.
He moved back to her and moved the hot, naked shaft
between her cheeks. She reached behind her and pulled
the thin strip of nylon from between her ass cheeks,
removing the last bit of insulation that separated her
from him.

Bending at the knees, he let his penis slide down in
her crack. When he pushed, she felt the tool press
against her anus, causing her to jump. She reached
between her legs, took hold of him and guided his cock
to her slit. He could feel the heat generated from
her wet pussy as his cock slid along her swollen
vaginal lips. She used her fingers to press him
against her, moaning each time the head of his penis
bumped into her clit.

"Oh Tom, she moaned, "that feels so good. Rub your
cock on my pussy."

Tom bent forward, covering her back with his torso
and moved his hands to her breasts. He squeezed them
and held the bra-covered mounds firmly as he continued
to stroke her clit with his cock.

"I'm going to cum Sally!"

"In me I want you to cum in my pussy!"

Sally grabbed him and searched her slit for the tight
opening to her warm tunnel. When she felt the end of
his penis against her hole, she shoved back, causing
the hard flesh to penetrate her. Her fingers went
immediately to her clit and rubbed it franticly, in an
attempt to achieve her own orgasm at the same time as

Tom shoved his cock in and out of her at a fevered
pace, getting closer and closer to his release. He
moved his hands from her breasts to her shoulders and
pulled her back to him, his hips slapping against her

Sally pulled at her clit and rubbed it, feeling her
orgasm build. She was breathing hard and enjoying the
feeling of Tom's cock moving in her.

Suddenly she heard Tom let out a groan and felt his
body tense. He pushed into her and held her tight.
She could feel his penis pulse deep within her vagina as he sent his semen into her heated body. Sally felt
her own orgasm begin as her brother's subsided. Her
vagina griped his member and she pushed back in an
attempt to keep him in her.

The intense feeling left her as quickly as it had
arrived, leaving her wanting more. She folded her
arms on the counter and rested her head on them,
trying to catch her breath.

The two teens stayed coupled for a few moments, both
of them with their pants around their ankles.
Finally, Tom straightened up, his penis pulling free.
He reached for Sally's shoulders and pulled her up.

"Do you have anything I can clean myself up with,"
she asked. "I'm dripping."

Tom, pulling his jeans and boxers up said, "No, I
don't have any tissue or paper towel in here yet."

"Oh well, I'll just have to be gooey till I change."
She pulled her panties around and covered her vagina,
letting them absorb the leakage. "I don't mind, as
long as it is your goo."

Tom smiled at her and watched as she re-buttoned her
shirt, tucked it in and fastened her jeans. He went
to her, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her
lips. She returned his soft kiss, probing his mouth
with her tongue. After a moment, she broke the kiss
and moved away.

"Maybe next time you want to screw me, you'll kiss me
first," she giggled.

"Oh shit! I am so sorry," Tom said, realizing what
he had done. "It's just that you got me so worked up
and "

Sally stopped him. "Tom, I was just teasing. I
didn't mind at all, in fact I really liked having you
bend me over and do it to me but I loved how we did it
last night."

Tom smiled and finished fastening his pants. He
said, "I really liked it last night too. I can't wait
until mom and dad take off for a weekend and we can be
together without worrying."

"That would be great, we wouldn't have to get dressed
for days."

Sally kissed her brother again and started for the

"Well, I have to get going. I am going to go to
Kim's and see if she needs any help. Please don't
spend too much time messing around with this stuff, I
will help you tomorrow, if you want."

"Ok, I won't be late."

Sally left and went upstairs, passing Jack as he made
his way to the darkroom.

"Hi Sally, where is Tom?"

"In his darkroom."

Her dad was sitting at the counter having coffee with
her Uncle and mom.

"Dad, can I get Tom some lighting for his birthday?
He really wants some studio lights for taking

"Your mother told me. I don't see why not, if that
is what you want to get him. When will you have time?
Isn't your party this afternoon?"

"Yes, but not till four. It's only ten o'clock now
and I will have plenty of time."

Marc reached into his pocket and took out his wallet.
He pulled a credit card out and handed it to her.

Sally glanced at the card and quickly looked back at
it. It had her name on it.

"Is this for me?"

"Yes, but you are not to use it without asking me or
your mom first."

The young girl threw her arms around her dad's neck
and jumping up and down, said, "Thank you, thank you,
thank you. I will only use it when you guys say it is

Sally ran upstairs to her room, picked up the
telephone and called Kim.

"Hi, this is Sally do you need some help to get ready
for the party ok, I am going to grab a few things and
come over My dad gave me a credit card no kidding.
I want to go to the camera store and buy Tom some
lights for his birthday that is a great idea, see you
in a few."

Back in her room, Sally quickly peeled of her soiled
jeans and panties. She examined the outside of the
crotch of the jeans to see if she had leaked through
the fabric. She removed her panties, shirt and bra,
and then took a quick shower, being careful not to get
her hair wet.

Sally went to her dresser and then her closet. She
picked out several outfits and packed them into her
duffle bag. She selected two different swimsuits and
put those into the bag. She put on panties and a
matching bra, clean jeans and a tank top. After
grabbing her things from the bathroom, she took the
bag downstairs to wait for Kim and Megan.

"Kim and Megan are going to pick me up," she said to
her mom, "Kim wants to get something for Jack's
birthday too."

After a few minutes, Kim and Megan came into the
house. They walked into the kitchen and said, "hi"

"Megan, this is my mom and dad. Mom, dad, this is

Megan shook the two adults hand and said, "Pleased to
meet you Mr. And Mrs. Lewis. I have heard so much
about you. Hi Mr. Graham, how are you this morning?"

"Just fine Megan, I hear you taught Jack and Kim how
to play pool."

Megan giggled and replied, "I use to play with my
dad, when he had time."

Don stood up and called his daughter over to him. He
reached into his shirt pocket and handed her a credit
card. He gave her the same instructions that Marc had
given Sally about using the card.

Kim hugged and kissed her dad, thanking him
repeatedly. "I was thinking about getting Jack a
camera or something for his birthday. He said he was
looking at them when he and Tom were getting the
darkroom stuff."

"That's fine, just don't go overboard." Don rejoined
Marc and Marge at the counter.

"Let's go girls," Sally said, and the three of them

Megan drove the cousins to the camera store and
parked the car. The three of them went into the store
and Sally looked for the salesman that had helped Jack.

"Hello, I am Sally. You helped my brother Tom with
his camera and darkroom equipment."

"Oh yes, I remember Tom, how is he?"

"Just fine, thank you, I want to get him some studio
lighting for his birthday. Can you help pick out what
he will need?"

"I certainly can, let's go over to the lighting
section and see what we have."

Megan walked over to the lighting with Sally and the
salesman. She put her hand on his arm and said
quietly, "Do not screw her or her brother will never
come in here again."

The salesman nodded that her understood. He wasn't
about to do anything to piss Tom or his little sister off.

The man pointed out several types of strobe lighting
and attempted to explain the different uses for each

"I think he would want something he can take to
different places. He doesn't have a real studio,"
Sally said.

The salesman thought for a moment and said, "I think
I have the perfect setup for Tom. This set just came
in on trade and is like brand new. If you were to buy
it all new, it would cost about two thousand dollars.
I can let you have the whole package for nine hundred
fifty dollars."

Sally examined the large cases containing the lights.
There were three large strobes, one small one and one
the salesman called a hair light. In addition to the
lights, there was an assortment of stands and other

"Is there any warranty on this equipment?" Megan

"We will give him a six month warranty and if this
isn't what he wants, he can bring it back and pick out
something else."

Sally talked with Megan for a couple of minutes then
said, "Ok, I will take it. Please put the warranty
and return policy in writing for me."

The salesman went to the counter and began to fill
out the paperwork.

Kim stood by the digital cameras and talked to the
girl behind the counter. She told her that her
brother wanted to get something for the boat, as well
as other things.

"Is your brother Jack?" she asked. "I remember him
from the other day. My name is Cindy."

"Yes, Cindy, that's him. What can you recommend?"

"He was looking at a couple of models, I think he
liked this one the best." She took a camera from the
cabinet and handed it to Kim.

Kim looked over the unit and asked a few questions
about it.

Cindy answered her and then offered, "I think you
should look at a digital camcorder. It provides the
functionality of both a still digital camera and a
camcorder. It would let Jack make movies of his
fishing trips and take pictures."

"That's a great idea, let me see what you have, maybe
I will get him that and if he doesn't like it he can
bring it back. Besides, I already have a digital
camera that he can use."

The girl showed Kim a couple of different units and
told her about them.

"I will take this one."

The sales girl went into the backroom and returned
with a new camcorder. She suggested several
accessories for the unit.

Kim decided on the camcorder, a spare battery pack, a
case and several tapes.

Cindy said, "Please tell Jack to stop by if he has
any questions. I will be glad to help him."

"Thank you," Kim replied, wondering why the salesgirl
was so interested in her brother. She walked down to
where Sally and Megan were completing their
transaction and told them what she bought her brother.

When the girls handed their credit cards to the
clerks they examined them carefully.

"Do you girls have any identification?"

"No, Kim said, "We aren't old enough to drive yet.
You can call our dads, they will ok it."

The salesman took Sally's telephone number and called
Marc. He talked with him for a few minutes and

"No problem, everything is set."

The three girls, with the help of the salesman,
lugged the equipment out to Megan's car and put what
they could into the trunk and the balance in the back
seat. All three climbed into the front seat and
started for home.

"What are we going to do with this stuff till
tomorrow?" Sally asked.

Kim took her cell phone from her purse and called her
house. "Hi mom, Kim is Jack home great, we have his
and Tom's birthday presents and we don't want him to
see them ok, be home in a few."

Kim put the phone away and said, "Jack is still at
your house Sally, my mom can help us hide this stuff."

"Megan," Sally said, "How do you know so much about
warranties and getting things in writing?"

"My dad is a lawyer, remember?"

Sally chuckled and said, "Oh yeah, that's right."

The three friends chatted about the party for the
entire ride home. When they arrived at Kim's house,
Marge came out and helped carry the things into the
house. The four women wrapped the packages and stuck
them into a closet.

Megan said, "I have to run home and take in the mail,
I will be back in about a half an hour."

"Ok," Kim said, "Sally and I will put the finishing
touches on the pool area and we will see you back

Megan left and the two girls went out to the pool
house to be sure there were enough towels.

Alone in the pool house, Sally said, "Tom and I did
it last night. We went all the way and then I slept
in his bed until morning."

"Wow Sally, how was it?"

"Kim, it was the greatest! You were right! I'm so
glad you didn't tell me about you and Jack. There's
no way to explain it in words." Sally told Kim about
the dinner and the photo shoot and how they ended up
in bed.

"I know what you mean Sally, isn't it wonderful?"

"That's not all, when I was helping him in his
darkroom this morning, we did it again. Not like last
night, this time he just bent me over the counter and
did me from behind. It was quick, but fun."

"Are you going to do it again?"

"I sure hope so, it's the best."

"We better get going, Megan will be back soon."

The two girls went to Kim's room so Sally could change.

Sally stripped off the clothes she had come in, took
a dark blue skirt and a tan top out of her bag and put
them on the bed. She pulled out matching navy blue
underwear and put them on, followed by the skirt and
top. She went into the bathroom and closed the door.

"Are you going to spend the night?" Kim asked, when
she returned.

"I don't know. I will have to see. Tom may want me
to go home if you know what I mean."

The two girls were laughing when Megan walked into
Kim's room.

"What's so funny?"

Kim, thinking quickly, said, "I was just teasing
Sally about her skirt, she has it tucked into her

Sally looked behind her and saw that she had the hem
of her skirt stuck in her blue panties.

"I thought I would wear my skirt like this. Do you
think the boys would mind?"

All three girls laughed and Kim and Megan both tucked
their skirts into their panties. They were looking at
each other and themselves when Marge walked in and
asked what was going on.

""How do you like our new style mom, this is how we
are going to go to the party."

Marge laughed and smacked Kim on her butt. "I don't
think so girls, you might catch cold."

Sitting down on the bed, Marge said, "You guys think
that's funny, but one time when I was out to dinner
with Don, I caught my dress in my pantyhose in the
bathroom and walked across a crowded restaurant like
that. I was so embarrassed and upset, I made him take
me home before we ate."

Now all four women were laughing, the three girls trying to picture Marge walking through the restaurant
with her butt exposed.

"Weren't you wearing clean underwear Aunt Marge?"
Sally giggled.

"I wasn't wearing any underwear!"

Now the four of them roared. Kim was holding her
side. Megan didn't know how to react. After a few
minutes they calmed down and the uncontrolled laughter
subsided. Marge left the room and the girls sat on
Kim's bed.

"Your mom is so cool, I wish mine was that much fun."
Megan looked a little somber as she spoke. "We never
share things like that."

"We are real lucky, our parents are great," Kim said.
"It is just so easy to talk to them."

"I have to pee, Sally said. She went into the
bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Megan turned to Kim and said, "I can't stop thinking
about what happened. It's like you woke up something
deep inside of me and now I can't get it out of my
mind. Is there something wrong with me because I feel
like this?"

"There is nothing wrong with you Megan, you just
discovered that sex isn't always the way it happened
to you the first time. You know, it can be fun and

"Um ah Kim," Megan stammered. "Do you think we
could you know do it again sometime?"

Kim smiled at her friend, put her hand on her leg and
slid it up to her crotch. She gently stroked Megan's
pubic mound and said, "You bet we can, anytime you
want to."

Megan was beginning to moan and move against the hand
that stroked her. The girls heard the toilet flush
and Kim quickly removed her hand.

Sally walked back into the room and glanced at the
two girls, noticing the grins on their faces.

"Let's pick out some CDs for later," Sally said.

The girls looked through Kim's collection of music,
picking out the latest ones as well as the ones with
good dance songs. They divided the stack between them
and headed for the door.

"I'm going to get a snack," Kim said. "Anybody else
want something?"

"Sounds good to me," Megan said.

The girls went to the pool house and placed the CDs
by the new stereo system and loaded the changer with
six of the small disks. They went to the kitchen and
hunted for snacks.

Kim grabbed a box of crackers, some cheese and the
three went into the family room to wait for their


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