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The Lottery Part 3


"The Lottery" - Part 3 (MF, FF, ff, inc, mast, con)

Kim and Sally stepped outside on the balcony. It was
about eleven o'clock and they assumed everyone was in
bed. They noticed the lights were off in the boy's
room. As they looked towards the beach, they could
see a faint orange glow and hear laughter. They
decided to walk down and tell their parents goodnight,
as they wouldn't see them in the morning.

As they walked down the path the talking and laughing
became louder. The teens were just about to walk into
the party their parents were having, when what they
saw stopped them in their tracks. The four adults
were sitting around a small fire drinking wine, in the

The girls crouched down behind some tall grass and
watched as their mothers and fathers talked and
laughed. All of a sudden Don stood up. The girls could see his penis hanging between his legs. He
started towards the water, announcing he was going

The rest of the group followed Don into the water.
They splashed and swam for a few minutes then started
back to the beach and fire. The night air was cool,
and the teens could see the hard nipples on the
women's breasts. Marge's large breasts bounced as she
and Anne ran back to the blanket and wrapped towels
around their bodies. Anne's breasts were not quite as
large as Marge's, in fact they were closer in size to
her daughter's. The other thing the girls observed,
both of the women were completely shaved!

Marc grabbed his penis and balls and said they were
freezing, Don agreed, mimicking Marc's action. After
the men dried themselves, they stood by the fire to
warm up. Kim and Sally stayed quite, their mouths
hanging open. The next thing that happened almost
caused the girls to gasp out loud.

Marc walked over to his sister Marge and said. "So,
you want to warm me up sis?"

"Sure thing big brother." She replied.

The two teens watched in awe as Kim's mom rose up on
her knees and took her brothers penis into her mouth.
They saw her cheeks caved in from the suction she was
applying to the soft meat in her mouth. She reached
under Marc and took his balls in her hand and moved
them around softly. They noticed that Marge started
to move her head back and forth on her brother's
member. Marc put his fingers in her hair and started
to move his hips. Then Marge backed off and the girls watched as his now hard eight-inch penis slipped out
from her lips.

Marge took her tongue and swiped it over the large
bulb at the end of his shaft, and then she licked down
the length of it before putting it back in her mouth
and pushing forward until the entire thing was in her
throat. Her nose pressed into his hair and his balls
bounced against her chin as Marc pushed in and out of

At the same time they could see that Don was on his
back on the blanket, with his sisters pussy planted
firmly on his face. Anne moved back and forth over
his mouth as Don reached up and pulled at her nipples.
His penis was pointing at the open sky as his younger
sister slid her hand up and down its length. Don was
bigger than Marc, measuring ten inches.

Anne moaned as Don keep up his assault. The girls were sure they knew what he was doing, as they have
been getting each other off for a little over a year.
They stared at the action as Anne leaned forward, and
Don pushed his tongue at her ass. Don said something
to Anne and she bent forward, jacking his penis with
in inches of her face. Don's hips started to push up
matching the action of his sister. Then his penis
erupted, shooting his cum up and in to his sister's
waiting mouth.

Anne lowered her head and engulfed about half of
Don's member sucking and swallowing. Anne sat up and
clutched at her breasts as she reached her own climax.
When she had finished she rolled off Don and watched
Marge as she continued to suck on Marc.

Anne crawled over to the couple, slid her head
between Marge's legs, and started to suck and lick at
her dripping pussy. In only a few minutes, Marc was
spraying thick ropes of hot white cum on Marge's face
and her breasts, while Marge reached her own orgasm.

All four of the adults got up and walked to the water
and slowly waded in until they were about waist deep.

Sally slid her hand up and under the leg opening of
Kim's silky shorts. Kim's pussy was hot and wet.

"Me too," Sally said. "Lets get out of here while we

The girls rose, walked back to the house and went to
their room. The two barely spoke to each other as
each one tried to absorb what they had witnessed.

While lying in bed, Kim was the first one to speak.
"That was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen,"
she whispered, "I can't believe my mom messes around
with her brother and my dad doesn't care."

"Well, your dad sure seemed to liked what he was
doing with my mom." Sally replied. "Did you see the
size of their things? I don't know how our moms can
fit the whole thing in their mouths. Have you ever
seen one hard before Kim?"

"No, have you?" was Kim's answer.

"Well" Sally began. "One time I saw my brother masturbating."

Sally told Kim the story of how she had seen Tom
behind the garage with a dirty book, looking at the
pictures and rubbing his hand back and forth in front
of himself. She went on and told Kim that she didn't
really see his penis, but she knew what he was doing.

The two girls lay facing each other and talking about
the things they had seen that night. Kim reached over
and put her hand into Sally's panties and slowly
rubbed her still wet pussy. Sally did the same to
Kim, and they fell asleep.

The buzzing of the alarm startled the girls out of a
sound sleep. They got up mumbling about having to get
up so early. After taking care of the normal morning
routine the girls got dressed for the fishing trip.
Kim picked out a low-cut black bra with matching thong
panties. Sally selected bikini panties and matching
bra in hunter green. Both girls wore nylon warm-up
suits, Kim's was black and Sally's was navy blue.
They picked up the beach bags they had packed the
night before and went down to the kitchen.

They sat down at the table where their brothers were
already eating breakfast. Anne came around the corner
in her robe.

"What do you two want to eat?" She asked the girls.

Just juice and cereal they answered. Sally couldn't
get the picture of her mother straddling her Uncle's
mouth and the hot cum splattering her face and chest.

Kim could still see her dad's penis buried halfway
into her Aunt's mouth.

"What is the matter with you two?" She asked the

"Nothing, it is just so early." Replied Sally.

Kim and Sally finished their breakfast and got up to

"You guys be careful," Anne said, and gave Sally a
quick kiss. Sally wondered if she could taste her
Uncle, or Aunt for that matter, on her mother's lips.
She decided that it was all in her imagination and
went out the door with Kim.

The morning was cool, the girls checked to see if
their hardening nipples shown through the light warm-
up jackets they were wearing. Convinced they were
proper, they climbed on the boat.

"What shall we do with our stuff?" Kim asked.

Jack, while warming the motor and getting things
ready replied, "You can stow your gear below, in the

The girls went through the door of the cabin and put
their bags on the v-bunk. This was the first time
Sally had been on the new boat and Kim had only looked
over the side while it was on the trailer in the
driveway. They looked around the small cabin. It
looked like it might sleep four people if they were
small and didn't mind being close. Kim opened a small
door and saw the head.

"Look at this Sally." She called.

The two of them looked into the very small room to
see a miniature toilet. "It looks like you have to
pull your pants down out here and back in." She

They went back up and found their brothers preparing
to leave. Tom was untying the lines and Jack was
punching numbers into the GPS.

"What are you doing that for Jack?" his sister asked.

"This is a GPS, a global positioning system, I am
putting in some coordinates that the men in town told
me about." He answered, and went on to tell her how
the device worked.

Jack backed the boat out of the slip and headed for
the spot he had been told about. The lake was fairly
calm with waves only about one foot high. The boat
cruised along, the engine moaned steadily. After
about a half an hour, Jack eased the throttle back and
set the autopilot for the course they were going to

"Kim" Jack called to his sister. "Could you please
sit here and keep and eye out for other boats? You
don't have to steer, the autopilot will do that for

As the two switched places, Kim put her arm around
her brother and pulled him close.

"Thanks for taking us Jack," she said. Jack smiled
and let her slip into the helmsmen seat.

Kim and Sally stayed under the cover of the hardtop
as the two boys started to set lines. They trolled
for about an hour, Jack and Tom were busy changing
lures and things while the girls sat and watched for
other boat traffic.

All of a sudden someone yelled "Fish on."

Tom grabbed the rod and held it high as the fish
started to strip line off the reel. The girls turned
around and watched Tom fight the fish. He would turn
the handle on the large reel, taking in line, only the
have the fish strip it off again. After about twenty
minutes, Tom got the fish to the back of the boat and
Jack netted the twenty-pound King Salmon.

Kim looked for other boats then went back to see the
fish. Sally was leaning over looking at the fish when
Kim noticed that Tom was looking down her jacket at
her bra-covered breasts. Jack worked the hook out of
the fish's mouth and picked it up by the gills. Kim
got her digital camera out of her bag and took
pictures of the two boys and the fish. Jack and Tom
reset the lines and cleaned up the mess the fish had

Kim grabbed Sally's arm and pulled her forward as she
resumed her duties. She whispered to Sally what she
had seen. Sally smiled and said that she knew.

The sun was up now and it was getting warm. Kim told
Jack that she wanted to change so he or Tom would have
to watch. Tom came forward and the girls went below,
pulling the door closed behind them.

In the cabin, Kim turned to Sally and said. "What do
you mean you know that Tom was looking down your

Sally explained she had caught him looking but didn't
do or say anything.

"Why not?" Kim asked.

Sally went on to say, what is the big deal? We are
down here getting ready to change into our suits, and
they only cover half of what my bra does. Besides,
Sally continued, I think it is kind of fun to tease
them. Kim thought about what Sally was saying and
then agreed with her.

The two teens removed their jackets and bras,
replacing them with the tops of their new suits. Then
the bottoms were exchanged. The girls slipped their
cover-ups on and went back on deck.

"Jack, how can Kim and I get out on the bow to get
some sun?" Sally inquired.

"You have to go up through the hatch in the cabin to
get out there." He replied, "But be careful you don't
fall off."

The girls returned to the cabin and opened the small
hatch that lead to the bow. They grabbed their towels
and Kim stuck her head out first. She lifted herself
out and on to the bow, Sally followed right behind
her. Out on the bow, they spread their towels out and
sat on them. Sally removed her cover-up, making sure
everything was where it belonged. Kim did the same
thing and lay down on the towels.

Again the boys had another fish on. Kim dropped down
into the cabin and went out to take her place at the
helm. Jack was fighting this one as Tom watched.
Jack fought with the fish, finally getting it to the
back of the boat for Tom to net. Another King was in
the cooler, this one bigger than the last. The boys were so excited with the large fish that they didn't
notice Kim's suit. She returned to sun herself with
her cousin.

Two hours had passed with no action. The girls left
the bow, put the short sundresses they used to cover
their suits on, and went out on the deck.

"Jack can we go swimming to cool off and have some
lunch?" Kim asked her brother.

"Sure" Jack said. "It seems that the fish have
shutdown for now anyway."

Jack and Tom pulled the lines and stowed the
equipment. Jack turned the boat towards shore and
took off. He watched the depth sounder and slowed
down as they reached shallow water. When they were in
about four feet of water, Jack stopped the boat and
lowered the power anchor.

The lake was very calm and the sun was high in the
sky. Jack put the swim ladder out and said, "Go ahead
and swim."

Sally said. "Aren't you guys going?"

The boys said sure and proceeded to zip the legs off
their cotton pants and remove their shirts. Tom was
the first to dive in followed by Jack. The boys called to their sisters the join them. Sally and Kim
removed their sundresses and jumped feet first into
the water. When they did, Kim's top rode up over her
breasts, but she didn't notice it.

Jack swam over to Kim, having seen the whole thing.

"Nice tits sis," he said with a smile.

Kim looked down and saw her two breasts completely
exposed. Kim quickly turned her back and fixed her
top. She swam over to Sally and told her what had

Sally giggled and said. "I wonder if that made his
penis get hard?"

Kim splashed Sally and said, "You're a brat!"

The four teens swan around for about fifteen minutes
when Jack announced he was going to get back on the
boat. Tom followed Jack to the ladder and the boys climbed on board. The girls went to the stern and Kim
went up the ladder and sat on the swim platform
waiting for Sally. Then they both stood on the
platform to get back on the deck.

Jack glanced at the girls then snapped his head up to
stare, bumping his elbow into Tom's ribs. Tom looked
to see what Jack wanted. The two of them stood in a
trance as they saw their sisters standing in their wet
bikinis. The material was almost transparent. They
could see the hard nipples, surrounded by the darkness
of the areola topping the firm breasts. They glanced
down to see the small strip of hair that sat above the
puffy lips of the girl's crotches, visible through the
thin bottoms of the suits.

"Stop staring at us and hand us our towels," Sally
snapped. The boys stumbled around the deck, handing
the girls each a towel.

The girls quickly wrapped themselves in the towels
and made their way past the boys to the cabin. As
they were stepping through the door, Sally and Kim
heard Tom say to Jack. "My nuts are freezing!"

Sally whispered to Kim. "I know how to warm them
up." The girls giggled as they went into the cabin to
shed their wet suits, remembering the sights on the
beach last night.

"What the hell is so funny?" Jack called to the

"Nothing," Kim said as she pulled the door closed
behind her.

Inside, Kim smacked Sally gently on the ass and said,
"You are sure getting nasty!"

Sally smiled and told her cousin, "What are you
talking about? You are the one that is always talking
about seeing a guy's penis."

"I know," replied Kim, "but they're our brothers."

The two teens removed their wet suits and hung them
on a hook in the small head, dried themselves and put
on the panties they had worn earlier. They pulled the
sundresses over their heads.

"Look Kim." Sally commented, "A penis is a penis,
besides it didn't seem to matter to our parents who's
it was."

"I have never thought about my brother like that,"
Kim told Sally, as she brushed her blonde hair.

"Well I have, ever since I saw him in the back yard
that time, I have wondered what he looked like nude."

The girls emerged from the cabin to find the guys making sandwiches. They noticed that the shorts they
were wearing were still wet and clinging to their
bodies. Kim and Sally looked at their brother's asses
and could see how the thin cotton shorts formed over
the firm flesh and defined the crack that ran from
their waists to the point where their legs met. When
they turned to hand the girls the lunch they prepared,
they could see the hump of their genitals in the front
of the wet garments.

The four teens sat and ate their sandwiches and drank
the sodas they had brought. They made small talk
about the morning of fishing and how blue the water

Jack then turned to Kim, and said, " You know that
mom and dad will kill you if they see that bikini."

Tom quickly agreed with his cousin.

"They aren't going to find out about them." Sally
said. "Unless you guys say something. But then there
is that thing about you peeking into our bedroom."
They finished their lunch and relaxed in the sun for a

Tom asked Jack if he wanted to go swimming again, to
cool off. It had been an hour since lunch and the
afternoon sun was hot. Jack agreed and asked his
sister and cousin if they wanted to go too.

"Don't know," replied Kim, "all you guys do is stare
at us."

"Well what the hell do you expect?" Jack said.
"We're only human, and you two running around nearly
nude is hard to ignore."

"You might as well not even wear those suits." Tom
added. "Its like their not even there when they are

The girls made some halfhearted remarks about their
brothers being perverts, but in reality they both were
becoming a bit turned on.

Then Sally took the offensive. "Like you guys would
go skinny dipping in front of us!"

Kim just looked at her cousin, wondering if she had
lost her mind.

"You two are all mouth, and no action."

Kim was starting to look worried. Sally had just
laid down a dare. She watched Jack and Tom to see how
they would react.

Fully expecting the boys to back down, both girls were shocked as Tom and Jack looked at them, then each
other. They shrugged their shoulders, turned their
backs to the girls, removed their shorts and dove into
the cool blue water. Kim and Sally sat in shock at
the sight they had just witnessed. The only thing
they had really seen is two naked butts go over the
side of the boat, but the thought of their brothers'
nude bodies had started their minds going.

"Now what are we going to do?" Kim asked Sally, as
the boys splashed around behind the boat, taunting
them to join in.

"Shit!" Sally said, "I guess there is only one way
out of this."

With that Sally stood up, pulled her sundress over
her head and removed her hunter green panties. Sally
stood nude watching Kim, wondering what she would do.

"I hope you know what you are getting us into," Kim
said, as she too removed her dress and panties.

The boys stared in disbelief as their sisters jumped
into the lake away from them. They swam around to the
front of the boat and hid from their brother's eyes.

"Well, we did it," Kim said to Sally, as she watched
her cousin's nipples harden on her buoyant breasts.

"Yes we did." Sally replied, "But now what?"

As they pondered their next move, they suddenly felt
water being splashed at them from both sides. The
boys had snuck around the sides of the boat and were
splashing them non-stop. The girls dove under the
water to avoid to torrents of water, and swam away.
Kim, swimming with her eyes open saw the crotch of one
of the boys. She could not be sure which one it was
because the water clouded her vision. She did notice
that the penis, and balls that hung below it were
drawn tight to his body. As she surfaced, she looked
back to see that it was her brother.

Sally swam over to Kim. Kim told her about seeing
Jack's penis. The two talked for a few minutes then
made their way to the ladder to exit the cool water.
When they reached the deck of the boat, they saw their
two brothers sitting on deck chairs, NUDE. They could
see their flaccid penis' hanging between their legs,
the boys had their heads back and their eyes closed as
they warmed themselves in the sun. The girls stood
there nude staring at their brothers and admiring
their boldness.

Jack opened his eyes and said, "What's the matter,
haven't you guys ever seen a cock before?"

The two teens blushed. "No," they lied in unison.

They spread towels on the deck as sat Indian style,
facing the boys. The sun warmed Kim and Sally as they
sat there. Each teen was wondering what was going to
happen next. Kim un-crossed her legs and leaned back
on her elbows, giving the boys a clear view of her
nearly bald sex. She and Sally watched as they
noticed the boy's penises starting to grow.

"Can we watch you guys touch yourselves?" Sally

"No," replied Tom, "That's gross."

"Well" Sally continued, "It didn't seem like you
thought it was gross when you were in the back yard
awhile ago."

Tom turned bright red, realizing his sister had seen
him masturbating.

Sally sensed her brothers discomfort, and said, "Its
no big deal, they said in sex ed that everyone does

"That may be true," replied Tom, "but not in front of
other people, especially a sister."

Kim found herself getting very turned on listening
and watching the goings on. She sat up and with her
right hand started to rub her left shoulder.

"You guys are just too uptight," she said, as her
fingertips trailed across her breasts and she slowly
began to rub the hard nipple of her left breast. She
used the very end of her index finger to circle the
small protrusion, and then rolled it seductively
between her thumb and finger.

The others sat and stared at Kim as she put her left
hand on her knee and gradually traced her inner thigh.
The boys were starting to get uncomfortable as they
felt the blood fill their already throbbing penises.
Sally watched Kim and began mimicking her actions.
Kim's hand moved up and covered her wet pussy as she
spread her legs further apart.

Tom and Jack could see the moisture glistening in the
sunlight as Kim ran her finger between the soft lips
of her sex. Stopping at her sensitive clit she moved
in small firm circles over the hard little button that
she knew would provide the pleasure she strived for.
Sally had inserted her middle finger into the warm
wetness between her outstretched legs and was pushing
it in and out at an increasingly faster pace.

The demonstration by the two fourteen-year-old
sisters, on the deck, was more than Tom and Jack could
stand. Jack was the first to wrap his hand around the
seven-inch shaft that was begging for attention. Soon
Tom followed, pumping his six-inch manhood through his
fist. The girls watched their brothers pump their
penises as they fingered themselves and rubbed and
pulled at their nipples.

The teens continued to masturbate themselves until
they heard Tom start to groan. They watched as he
increased the pace of his stroking. Soon Tom threw
his head back and began spewing his hot semen from the
end of his cock. The girls stared, fingering their
pussies faster as they watched the white creamy cum emerge. They saw the substance flying across the
deck, some of the hot liquid landing on Sally's leg.
This was all it took for her to reach her orgasm. She
could feel the walls of her hot pussy contract around
the two fingers she had inserted. She felt the warm
juice flow out of her and down between the crack of
her bouncing ass.

Jack was the next one to shoot his cum into the air
and onto the deck of the boat. Kim's pussy began to
squeeze her fingers as she reached her climax.

The four teens sat, spent and exhausted. The girls watched as the boys penises softened in their hands
and returned to their normal size. After what seemed
like an hour, Kim stood up and jumped into the water.
The cool wetness brought her back to reality as she
realized what had just happened. Sally jumped into
the lake and swam over to Kim.

"Was that hot or what!" she exclaimed.

"Yes it was," Kim said, "I never thought that would
happen, and now I don't know what to do about it."

Sally asked, "What do you mean Kim?" As they heard
the boys dive from the side of the boat into the

"I am not sure, I just need time to think about what
happened." Kim told Sally, as she swam back to the
ladder and climbed aboard, followed closely by her

Kim and Sally gathered their things and went into the
cabin to change. After dressing in their bra,
panties, shorts and tee shirts, the girls went out on
deck. While the girls were in the cabin, their
brothers had gotten back on the boat and put their
shorts and shirts back on.

Jack turned on the blower as Tom retrieved the
anchor. Jack started the boat and headed back towards
the house. The ride back was quiet, each teen lost in
the thoughts of what had just transpired.


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