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The Lottery Part 32


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. 2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

"The Lottery" - Part 32 (ff, con)
By: Dark Vision
Jack's family rode in his new truck, Tom's in his. The
teens sat in the front seat and the parents in the back.
The drive to the country club took about a half an hour.

While they rode along in Jack's new truck, Kim sat so her
brother could see under her skirt. He kept glancing
between the mirror, to see if his parents knew what was
going on, Kim and the road in front of him.

When the two boys pulled up to the door of the stately
building, valets came out to the trucks. They opened the
doors for the women and handed the boys tickets. Jack and
Tom watched as the men drove their new trucks to the lot
and pulled them into the parking spaces.

Don held the door and the two families walked into the
large clubhouse, and followed him to the dining room. The
host spoke to Don and led the group to a private room. The
teens were surprised when they entered the room, seeing
Lisa and her family sitting at a long table. Megan was
also there, seated next to Lisa.

The group began to sing Happy Birthday to Jack as he and
the rest of the two families made their way to the table.
Mr. Phillips got up and shook Jack's hand and invited them
all to sit down.

Jack sat next to Megan and Tom next to Lisa. The twins
got up and made room for Kim and Sally. After everyone was
seated, Don turned to his son and asked, "Well, are you

"Very surprised," Jack said.

Jack stood up and said, "Thanks for coming everyone.
Tom's birthday is tomorrow so this is his party too."

Everyone wished Tom a happy birthday. Mr. Phillips said,
"Sally we understand you just had a birthday and Kim is
going to have one next week. I guess this party is really
for all of you."

Kim and Sally thanked him and went back to talking with
their new friends.

Lisa said, "Dad, can we show them around before dinner?
It will be too dark if we wait until we have eaten."

Bob told her to go ahead and give them the tour. He told
them to be back in about an hour.

The eight teens got up and followed Lisa out of the room
and through the clubhouse. She took them down stairs and
showed them her dad's pro-shop and the room where the
golfers hung around.

The group went out side and Lisa showed them the swimming
pool and tennis courts. She led them into another building
and showed them the locker rooms.

"You guys have got to see this," Lisa said.

She opened a door and they all stepped into a large sauna.
The kids looked around at the redwood benches and the
heater, filled with rocks, in the corner.

"Do they have one for the men and another for the women?"
Sally asked.

"No," Brad said, "Everyone uses this one. Sometimes,
after the club is closed, we get to use it all by ourselves."

Brad bumped into his brother and quietly said, "That's
when it's the best."

Lisa heard her brother and gave him a dirty look. Sally
noticed her strange stare, but let it go.

After looking over the facilities, Jack said, "You guys want to see Tom and my birthday presents?"

Megan said, "Sure Jack, I would love to see them. Where
are they?"

Jack and Tom led the group out to the parking lot and over
to the two new trucks. "Here they are," he said. "The
pickup truck is mine, the Expedition is Tom's."
Brad and Paul walked over to the trucks and began to look
them over. Sally, Kim and Lisa were a few steps behind the
rest of the group.

"What was that all about in the sauna?" Sally asked Lisa.
"You really looked mad at your brother."

"It's nothing really, sometimes we go into the sauna naked
when we are alone."

"With your brothers?" Kim said.

"Well, with the whole family actually. We have only done
it a few times."

"That's cool," said Sally. "It sounds like fun."

"It is, but please don't tell anyone."

"We won't," said Kim, concealing the fact that she and
Sally have been nude with their families.

The girls caught up to the guys and Megan. Lisa looked
over the trucks and told Tom and Jack how nice they were.

"We had better get back guys," Lisa said. "Our parents are going to be wondering where we are."

The teens headed back to the clubhouse. Lisa walked with
Tom and talked about photography. He told her about the
mistake he had made in his new darkroom and how he had
ruined the three rolls of film.

"That happens Tom," Lisa said, "You just have to be more
careful. Until you get use to developing film, you should
do one roll at a time. That way if you make a mistake, you
don't mess up all of your pictures."

"That's a good idea. Maybe next time I develop film, you
can come over and help me."

Lisa nudged him and said quietly, "Yeah sure, you just
want to get me in the dark don't you."

Tom smiled and his face turned red. He didn't answer her,
he just walked along next to her until they got to the
front doors of the clubhouse.

The teens went back to the private room and took their
seats. Kim and Sally sat between Paul and Brad and talked
about the club.

"Well guys. What do you think of the club?" Marc asked.

"It is really nice dad," Tom said. "It seems that there's
a lot to do."

Jack and Megan sat and talked quietly to each other. She
told him how much she liked his new truck and asked if he
would take her for a ride sometime.

The waiter came over and took everyone's dinner orders.
Soon, servers were placing salads in front of everyone and
filling water glasses. As dinner progressed, the talk
between the teens turned to school.

"It must be great to go to school at home," Kim said. "I
would love to be able to wear my pajamas to school."

"It's not like that at all Kim," Paul said, "Our mom makes
us get showered and dressed just like we were going to a
regular school. We start at the same time every morning
and take our breaks and lunch just like real school."

Paul's brother and sister nodded in agreement.

Mrs. Phillips said, "I don't make it easy on them, and
three times a week they have to go to the public school for
physical education. Brad takes music and Paul has a golf
team he belongs to."

The girls started to talk about buying dresses for the
dance and decided to go shopping together on Tuesday after

"What is the proper dress for the boys?" Marge asked Lisa.

"They can wear suits or tuxedos Mrs. Graham"

"What do you boys want to wear, suits or tuxes?" Marge
asked them.

The boys talked among themselves and decided to let the
girls choose.

Kim said, "I would love to see you guys in tuxedos. I
think you all would look handsome."

"Me too," Sally said. "Will you guys wear tuxes for us?"

Jack turned to Megan. "What do most of the guys wear?"

"I have only been to one dance, but I guess it was about
half and half. I remember that most of the jocks wore

Jack said, "Then I vote for tuxes, I sure don't want to be
part of that stuck-up group of spoiled brats."

The rest of the boys agreed and decided to go to the
rental on Monday.

"You boys should wait until the girls pick their dresses
before you order your bow ties, so they will match." Anne
said. "I think you can get measured and then call them on
Wednesday to tell them what color you need."

"Maybe we could go and look for our dresses on Monday,"
Lisa said. "That way the guys will have a little more time."

The girls agreed that they would go to the mall on Monday
right after school. Jack told Paul and Brad that he and
Tom would pick them up as soon as they went home and changed.

The group continued to chat, and finished their dinners.
The waiter brought out a cake for the birthday and every
one sang to the four teens. When they were done with their
cake, the kids asked if they could go outside for a while.
Their parents told them to wait for a few minutes.

Mr. Phillips went out and came back with packages for the
four teens. They opened them and found CDs and sweaters
from the country club. Paul gave Kim a card with a gift
certificate to a music store in it. And Brad gave the same
thing to Sally. Lisa handed Jack a package and card.
After reading the card, he opened the package and found a
book on Great Lakes fishing. Tom got a book on darkroom
techniques from Lisa.

The four kids thanked everyone and they all left their
parents to finish their coffee.

Outside, they split into groups. Paul, Brad, Kim and
Sally walked over to the practice green. Lisa and Tom sat
on a bench, and Jack and Megan walked away from them.

Lisa and Tom talked about his darkroom and taking
pictures. Tom told her that his sister had bought studio
lighting for him and he told her about all of the units.
They decided to get together during the week, take some
pictures and develop the film.

Jack and Megan walked around the manicured grounds of the
club. As they walked, she turned to him.

"Jack," Megan said, "Did Kim talk to you?"

"Yes she did Megan."

"I really like you Jack. You are so nice to me. You and
your family haven't judged me by what the other kids at
school say and that means a lot to me. All of this is
going to take a little getting use to. I am still afraid
because of what happened, but Kim has really helped me to
work it out. I know that all guys aren't like the guy that
raped me, but I am still a little uneasy. I hope you

"I understand Megan, you don't have to worry about me or
anyone else in my family. You just be yourself and we will
take things as they come. As for the kids at school, if
anyone messes with you anymore, they are going to have to
answer to Tom and I. I assure you they won't like it."

Jack and Megan sat on a bench. Megan slid over next to
Jack and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "Thanks Jack, you
are so sweet."

Jack put his arm around her shoulders and gave her a quick
hug. He removed his arm and put it on the back of the
bench, being careful not to touch her. Megan leaned into
him and reached for his hand. She pulled his arm back on
her shoulders, and held his hand.

The two sat quietly for a few minutes until they heard
Jack's dad call for them. They got up and went back to the
clubhouse and gathered with the rest of the group.

After saying goodbye to each other, the families had the
valet bring their cars and they all went home.

Once they were home, Marge told Jack and Kim they should
go and get ready for bed. The two kids went up to their
rooms to change.

Kim took off her sweater and skirt then put them away.
She turned on her new television and flipped through the
channels, selecting the music station. She went to her
dresser and was deciding what to wear to bed when she heard
a knock on the door. Dressed in her bra and panties, she
opened it.

"I'm sorry," Jack said. "I'll come back when you are done
getting dressed." He started to back out of the room.

"It's ok, come in. I was just messing with my birthday
present. Isn't this the greatest?"

"Yes, it's very nice. I talked with Megan tonight about
what you told me. I think everything is cool."

"That's great Jack. I really like Megan and I'm glad you
are so nice to her."

Kim took off her bra and pulled a nightgown from her
drawer. Jack watched as she pulled the gown over her head
and let it fall down over her panties.

"So, where did you and Sally go with Paul and Brad after

"We just walked around by the golf course and talked.
They are really shy, I don't think either one has ever been
with a girl."

"Really? How do you know?"

Kim giggled and said, "They don't know how to kiss."

"You kissed him?"

"Yes, Sally and I just wanted to thank them for the gifts.
It wasn't like we kiss, more like kissing mom or dad. They
got all embarrassed and their faces turned red."

Jack went over to his sister, wrapped his arms around her
and kissed her. They held the kiss for a long time,
pushing their tongues into each other's mouths. Jack ran
his hand up and down her back, squeezing her butt when he
rested his hand on it. Kim moaned into his mouth and put
her hands on his ass, pulling him tight to her. She
massaged him through his boxers and felt his penis begin to
press against her tummy. Slowly, they parted and Jack took
a step back.

"You mean he didn't kiss you like that?'

Kim was panting, "No Jack nothing like that."

She stepped away from him and tried to regain her
composure. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

"I'm going down to tell mom and dad good night," she said.
"Are you coming?"

"Almost," he chuckled.

The two went downstairs and into the family room. Their
parents were sitting next to one another on the couch

"We just came down to say goodnight and thank you for the
great birthday," Jack said.

"Yeah, thanks a lot. Everything was wonderful."

"You two are welcome," their dad said. "Sit down for a
minute, your mom and I want to talk to you two."

Jack and Kim sat on the other couch and waited for their
parents to speak. Don put his hand on Marge's leg and
rubbed it softly.

"I don't really know how to bring this up, but I am going
to give it my best shot," Don said. "Your mother and I
know you two have been messing around and that it has
progressed into full blown sex. We aren't mad at you guys for it, but we have been talking and we feel that there
needs to be a clear understanding."

Don looked to his wife for support.

Marge said, "If you two want to make love, or have sex,
that is up to you. You both have met someone now and we
are worried that you two might get jealous if the other one
has a relationship. I know it may be hard for you guys to
understand now, but it is possible to be in love and to
make love with more than one person. You know that I have
sex with my brother and your dad with his sister. Because
we married brothers and sisters, it makes it easy for us.
You two, on the other hand, won't have that luxury. When
you guys have boyfriends or girlfriends, you will have to
keep your relationship secret, if you choose to have one."

Marge stopped and took a drink from a can of soda she had
sitting on the table next to her. Kim and Jack sat
quietly, trying to digest what their parents were saying.

"The point is," Don said. "You guys have to not only be
very discreet, but you also have to be understanding of
each other. It would kill your mother and I if anything
ever came between you two. You guys are all we have and
all that you have. This is our family and we don't want
anything to break it up."

"Do either of you have any questions?" Marge asked.

The teens sat and thought for a moment. Kim said, "Mom,
does Aunt Anne and Uncle Marc know about Tom and Sally?"

"Yes they do Kim," she said. "They are having this same
talk with them tonight."

"I guess I'm going to go to bed now," Kim said. "I think
we need time to think about all this."

Jack nodded and the two got up and went to their parents.
Marge and Don stood up and the four of them hugged each
other. The kids told them goodnight and turned to leave.

"There is one other thing," Marge said.

Kim and Jack stopped and turned around.

"Your father and I know how it is to be in love when you
are a teenager. We will respect your privacy. If your
door or doors are closed, we won't come in unless we are
invited. Do you two understand what we mean?"

Kim and Jack thought for a moment and Kim said, "Yes, I

Jack nodded and they turned and went upstairs. Kim went
into her room and Jack followed.

"What did mom mean about the doors?"

Kim smiled at her big brother and said, "She means that if
we want to sleep together, she won't come into our rooms
and try to catch us."

Kim turned off the television and put one of her new CDs
into the player. She turned it on and turned down her bed.

"Really," Jack said. "That's great, I love sleeping with

Kim climbed into bed and giggled. "You do, do you."

"Yes, last night was the greatest, and waking up with you
next to me was wonderful."

Kim pulled back her covers and said, "Well get in here

Jack closed her door and climbed into bed next to her. He
faced her and kissed her gently on the lips. Kim put her
arm around him and pulled him close. He rolled onto his
side, with his back to her. She spooned up to him and
draped her arm over his waist.

"Goodnight Jack, I love you."

"Goodnight, I love you too."

The two teens fell asleep, snuggled together.

Kim woke up in the morning and looked for Jack in her bed.
She saw that he wasn't there and got up to find him. She
looked in her bathroom and then went across the hall to his

Jack was sitting at his desk, reading the manual for his
new camcorder. He had the unit on the desk in front of him
and would pick it up and push a couple of buttons and
return to the book.

"Good morning Jack."

Jack turned around in his chair and said, "Good morning,
how are you?"

"I'm fine, when did you get up?"

"I woke up about an hour and a half ago. I watched you
sleep for a while, but I didn't want to wake you so I came
in here to learn about my new camcorder. You are really
cute when you sleep, I never noticed before."

Kim walked over and stood next to him and watched as he
examined his camcorder and its manual. She put her arms
around his neck and held him to her chest. "I thought you
were mad at me when you weren't in bed."

Jack reached up and stroked her arm. "Why would I be mad
at you?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm just being silly." She bent
over and kissed him on the top of his head. "I'm going to
go and get ready for school."

"So am I," he said. He put the manual down, stood up and
turned around. He put his arms around her and hugged her
to him. When she looked up, he kissed her.

Kim hugged him and then pulled away. She smiled at him
and said, "I better get going." She walked towards the
door and left his room. She went back into her room and
removed her nightgown. She was pulling her clean underwear
out of her drawer when she heard her mom behind her.

"Good morning Kim."

Kim turned around, dressed only in her panties, and said,
"Morning mom."

Marge walked into her room through her open door. She
glanced across the hall and noticed that Jack's door was
also open. She sat on Kim's bed and watched her daughter lay out her white bra and panties.

"Do you need something mom?

"No honey, I just wanted to stop by and see you. Don't
you close your door anymore?"

"Sometimes, I really don't think about it too much
anymore. It's kind of nice now, not being so self
conscious about being in my underwear."

Marge smiled and watched as Kim went into the bathroom and
turned on the shower. She watched her pull off her panties and step into the shower, before leaving and going
downstairs to start breakfast.

Kim finished her shower, fixed her hair and got dressed
for school. She went down to the kitchen and sat at the
counter with Jack.

"How can you get ready so fast?" She asked her brother.

"I don't spend as much time in front of the mirror as you

The two teens ate their breakfast, told their mom goodbye
and left for school. Kim got into Jack's truck and
fastened her seatbelt. Jack climbed in, started the truck
and backed it out of the garage. Jack pulled out onto the
main road, right behind Tom and Sally. He followed them to
school and the boys parked their new trucks well away from
the other cars in the lot.

The four teens got out of the trucks and Kim went over to
Tom and kissed him. "Happy birthday cousin."

"Thanks Kim."

"Yeah," Jack said, "Happy birthday."

The four began to walk towards the building, chatting.

"Kim and Sally lagged behind their brothers a little and

"Did your mom and dad have a talk with you two last
night?" Kim asked. "Ours did."

"Yes they did. I thought I was going to explode when they
said that they knew that Tom and I had sex. Then when they
said it was ok, I almost fainted."

"What did they say about sleeping with Tom, in the same
bed I mean?"

"They said it was up to us. What did your parents say?"

"The same thing, they even knew that your mom and dad were
going to talk to you last night."

The two girls continued to talk about what their parents had said, and what it all meant. They could see that their
brothers were talking about the same thing.

"So," Kim said. "Did you two sleep together last night?"

"Yup, but we just slept. It was nice."

"Us too."

They heard their names being called from across the
parking lot. They looked and saw Megan making her way over
to them. When Jack and Tom heard her they stopped and
waited for her and their sisters to catch up. The five
teens began talking about the party at the country club and
walked to the building.

Megan walked close to Jack, matching his pace. The kids
that were gathered outside the doors watched as she
approached with Jack at her side. When Jack saw them
staring at her, he switched his books and slipped his arm
around her waist. At the doors, he removed his arm, opened
the door for her and put his hand on her back as she walked
through it. He also held the door for Sally and Kim.

Kim smiled at her brother as she walked past him and said,
"You're the greatest guy in the world Jack."

Inside the building they stood together for a moment.

Megan turned to Tom, kissed his cheek and said, "Happy
birthday Tom."

"Thanks Megan."

Megan said, "Kim and Sally, I will see you guys at lunch,

"Cool," Sally said. "See you at lunch."

The teens went to their first hour class.

The girls met at lunch, went through the line and sat at
their usual table. They talked about going shopping after
school and which stores they wanted to go to. All around
them they could hear the other kids whispering about Megan.

Kim said softly, "These kids are all assholes. Why do
they have to be like that?"

Megan said, "Don't worry about it, I've gotten use to them
talking about me behind my back. You know, you two are the
luckiest girls in the world. You have the greatest
brothers and parents anyone could have."

Kim and Sally both blushed. "I think so," Kim said.

"Me too. They can be so sweet, when they want to." Sally

Tom and Jack stopped by the girls' table. Jack sat down
between Kim and Megan and Tom sat next to Sally. "What are
you guys up to?" Tom asked.

"Just girl talk." Sally replied.

"I was just saying how great all you guys are," Megan
said. "I have never felt so happy. You guys are the best."

Jack pressed his leg against his sister's and rubbed her
slowly. He smiled and said, "I think our sister's are
great too Megan."

The four teens were a little embarrassed by what Megan was
saying. They fidgeted in their seats and finally, Kim
said, "We had better get to class." She pressed her leg
back against her brother's, stood up and they all left the

After school, they all met in the parking lot. Jack and
Kim walked with Megan to her car and waited for her to get
in. She rolled down her window and told Kim that she would
pick her up in about an hour. They all said goodbye and
Kim and Jack went to his truck.

On the ride home Kim sat quietly, lost in her thoughts.
She replayed what Megan had said at lunch and what her
parents said the night before. She watched her big brother as he drove, thinking how lucky she really was. She also
thought about Jack and Megan and how she was going to
handle their relationship, should one develop. She really
liked Megan, but was in love with her brother.

Jack pulled into the garage and turned off the truck. He
turned to Kim and said, "We're home."

Kim snapped out of her trance and climbed out of the
truck. She followed Jack into the house and into the
kitchen. Their mom and dad were sitting at the counter
talking when they walked in. The two adults quickly
stopped talking and said hi to their children.

"How was school today?" Don asked them.

"It was ok, I guess," Kim said.

Jack went to the refrigerator and looked for something to
eat. He took out cold pizza and went into the family room.

"What's wrong Kim?" Her mom asked.

"I don't know mom, it's just the kids at school. They are
so stuck up and mean."

"What do you mean Kim?" she said.

Kim told them about how the kids talked about Megan and
how Jack put his arm around her. She went on about what
Megan had said at lunch.

They talked for a few more minutes, her parents assuring
her that the kids at school had the problem, not them.

Kim said, "I'm going to go and change, Megan will be here
soon to go shopping."

Kim left and her mom followed her up to her room. Marge
sat on the love seat and watched as her daughter removed
her school clothes, hung them in her closet and came out
with a pair of jeans.

"You know Kim, if you are going to be trying on dresses,
it might be better if you wore something a little easier to
take off and put on."

"Like what mom?"

"Well, when I go dress shopping, I usually wear a dress.
It's easier to slip it on and off."

Kim went back to her closet and returned with a cute blue
dress. She stepped into it and buttoned it up the front.

"Is this better mom?"

"Yes, I think so. Are you going to look for shoes too?"

"I guess I should, I never really though about it."

"If you are going to be trying on shoes, you should wear

"I don't have any mom, I have never worn anything but
tights before."

"Follow me, I think I can help."

They went to Kim's parents' bedroom and her mom opened her
dresser drawer. She hunted through the drawer and pulled
out a pair of new pantyhose. She handed the package to Kim
and told her to put them on.

Kim took the pantyhose from the small plastic pouch and
sat on her mom's bed. Marge told her how to put them on
with out running them. When Kim stood up and pulled them
up, the waistband came up over her navel.

Marge chuckled and said, "I have the same trouble, I think
they make them for amazons."

"They will be just fine, thanks mom."

Kim went back to her room and took out a pair of shoes.
She slipped them on her feet, noting how much different
they felt without the socks she was use to wearing. After
inspecting herself in the mirror, she headed for the stairs.

She went into the family room to wait for Megan. Her
brother was on the couch, watching television.

"What have you got on?" He said.

Kim looked around to be sure they were alone, pulled her
dress up and said, "Pantyhose, do you like them?" She let
her dress fall, "Mom let me have them to wear shopping."

"You look sexy in them."

Kim heard the doorbell and ran to answer it. Megan said,
"Are you ready to go?"

"Yes," she said.

She yelled to her mom that she was leaving and went out
with Megan. They got into her car and drove to Sally's

Kim walked into the house, followed by Megan. Sally was
in the kitchen, talking with her mom.

"Why are you guys so dressed up?" She asked.

Kim told what her mom had said about shopping. Megan was
dressed in a skirt and blouse, also wearing pantyhose.

"I told you so," Anne said. "Why don't you run and change."

"Ok, ok, come on guys, let's go to my room."

The three girls went up to Sally's room and sat on her bed
while she took off her jeans and sweater. She went to her
closet and selected a jumper and button down shirt.

"Isn't that my jumper?" Kim asked.

"Yup, it's the one I borrowed from you."

Sally was putting on her shirt when her mom came in and
handed her a pair of pantyhose. "Here Sally, you can wear

Sally pulled the pantyhose on and like Kim's, they came up
over her stomach.

Kim pulled her dress up and showed her that she wasn't

"Do you have this problem Megan," Sally said.

Megan lifted her skirt and showed the girls her thigh high

"I wore these today, but the pantyhose fit me because I'm

Sally put on a pair of appropriate shoes and the girls left to pickup Lisa.

Megan pulled up in front of a nice brick ranch house. The
three got out and went to the door. Megan knocked and Paul
opened for them.

"Come on in," he said. "Lisa is in the family room."

The three girls walked into the family room, Paul walked
close to Kim.

"Hi Lisa," Megan said. "You ready to go?"

Lisa looked at her new friends and saw they were all
dressed in skirts or dresses.

"Why are you guys all dressed up? I thought we were just
going shopping."

Kim explained what her mom had said about trying on
dressed and shoes.

"Follow me, I'll change," Lisa said.

The girls went to Lisa's bedroom and she pushed the door
closed. She took off her slacks and tee shirt and looked
into her closet for a dress. While she was standing there
in her panties and bra, someone knocked on her door.

"Lisa, I need the math book," Brad said.

"It's on my desk."

Brad opened the door and walked to Lisa's desk. He said
hi to the girls, picked up the book and left.

"You let your brothers into your room when you are getting
dressed?" Megan said.

Lisa laughed and said, "When you live in a small house
with only one bathroom, there isn't much room for too much
modesty. Besides, my underwear covers more than some of my
bathing suits."

"That's exactly what my dad says," Kim giggled.

"Well for you Kim it's really true. I have seen your
bathing suit." Lisa said.

The girls laughed and Lisa put on a dress and pantyhose.
She got her shoes and the group headed for the door.

Brad was sitting at the kitchen table working on his

"When are you guys going to get your tuxes fitted?" his
sister said.

"Tom and Jack are going to pick us up in a little while

The girls left and headed for the mall. Lisa sat in the
front seat with Megan, Kim and Sally in the back. The
girls pulled into the upscale mall's parking lot and went
into the first store they came to.

They went to the section that had semi-formal dresses and
began to look through the racks. Megan found a cute black
dress and went into the dressing room to try it on. Kim
followed her and helped her pull the dress over her head.
Kim zipped the dress up and smoothed the fabric over her

"You look cute in this dress," Kim told her. She ran her
fingers along the scoop neckline, just above her breasts.

"I don't know, I think I will look around."

Kim unzipped the dress and helped Megan pull it off. Her
hands brushed Megan's breasts as she worked the garment
over her head. Megan smiled at her and put her skirt back

The girls took the dress back to the rack and continued to
look. After seeing about every dress the store had to
offer, the girls moved on.

Kim found a red dress in the next store and went into the
dressing room to see what she would look like. She took
off the dress she came in and put the red one on. She
looked at herself in the mirror and went out to find her

Sally said, "Wow Kim you look so hot in that dress. It
fits you perfectly."

The other two girls agreed and Kim decided to get it. She
asked someone to help her in the dressing room and Megan
followed her in. The tall girl pulled the zipper down and
helped Kim take the dress off. Kim bent over to pick up
the dress she had come in off the floor because it had
gotten knocked of the cloths hook. When she bent at the
waist, Megan's hand came in contact with her butt.

Kim held still for a moment to see what Megan would do.
Slowly, Megan rubbed her hand over Kim's bottom, feeling
the slippery fabric of her panty hose. Kim leaned back a
little causing the pressure of Megan's hand to increase.
Suddenly, she removed her hand and put Kim's new dress on
the hanger. Kim retrieved her dress, stood up and pulled
it on, not saying a word.

The two girls came out of the dressing room and Kim took
the dress to the register to pay for it. The lady behind
the counter put the red dress into a garment bag and zipped
it closed. She told Kim there saw a swatch of the material
inside the dress in case her date needed it to match the

For the next two hours, the girls went from store to store
until they had all purchased a dress for the dance. With
dresses in hand the next stop was the shoe stores. Again
the girls hunted the mall each finding just the right shoes
for their dresses. After four hours of hard shopping, the
girls left the mall and headed for the car. They carefully
hung the dresses and Megan headed out of the parking lot.

On the way home, they stopped at a fast food restaurant
and had burgers. They talked endlessly about the dance and
their new dresses. After they had finished their meals,
they left for home.

Megan dropped Lisa off first and then Sally. When she got
to Kim's house, she went in with her. The two girls looked
around the house for Kim's parents and found a note saying
they were gong to the club for a couple of hours. Kim
looked into the garage and saw that Jack's truck was gone.

"Jack must be with the guys getting their tuxedos. My mom and dad are out. Do you want to go up to my room for a
while and check out my new entertainment center?"

"Sure Kim."

Kim took her new dress and they went up to her room. She
hung the dress in her closet and turned on the stereo
system. The two girls sat on Kim's bed and talked while
they listened to the music.

Kim jumped up and said, "I have to get these pantyhose
off, I don't know how girls can wear them all day." She
picked her dress up and pulled them down her legs.

"That's why I like the thigh high stockings, they are more
comfortable to me."

Kim said, "I will have to get a pair and try them."

Megan thought for a moment and said shyly, "Would you like
to try mine on? You can if you want."

Kim smiled at her and said, "Sure, why not."

Megan stood, pulled up her skirt and took off her
stockings. She handed them to Kim and said, "here."

Kim lifted her dress and held it with her chin she sat on
the edge of the bed and put the thigh highs on while Megan
watched. When she had both of them on, she stood up and
looked at herself in the mirror.

"This is much better," she said, "but they seem a little

"I may have stretched them out a little Kim, try this."

Megan went over to Kim and folded the tops of the
stockings down. When she did, her hand brushed Kim's crotch.

"How is that?"

"Much better Megan. I think I may get a pair for the

Kim removed the stockings and handed them to Megan. She
pulled up her skirt and began to put them back on, but

"I guess I really don't need these anymore tonight."

She carefully folded them and put them into her purse.
She sat back down and lay back on the bed next to Kim. She
bent her knees and put her feet on the edge of the bed, her
knees in the air. Kim rolled onto her side and propped her
head on her hand.

Feeling a little frisky, Kim took her foot and rubbed
against Megan's ankle. She moved it up and down slowly,
watching her for a reaction. After a few minutes, Kim
moved it a bit higher on her leg, stroking her calf with
her toes.

"That feels kind of nice Kim, it makes me tingle when you
do it."

Kim snickered and moved around a bit. She replaced her
foot with her hand and rubbed her leg, moving up to her
knee. Using her fingertips, she traced small circles on
Megan's knee.

Megan giggled and let her leg down so it hung off the edge
of the bed. When she did, it caused Kim's fingers to move
up her thigh.

"It tickles when you do that, but it feels good too."

Kim continued to make small figure eights on her thigh,
moving a little higher up her smooth skin. Megan pulled
her other leg up to her butt, causing her skirt to rise up
and expose her panties.

Moving her fingers to the inside of Megan's thigh, Kim
flattened her hand and started to stroke her. Megan
twitched as she felt Kim's hand get closer to her crotch.
When the edge of Kim's hand brushed her panties, Megan
moaned, reached over, and ran her fingers through Kim's hair.

Kim rubbed against the soft material that covered Megan's
sex, applying a little more pressure. She moved closer to
Megan and put her head on the girl's chest, her cheek
resting on her breast.

Megan moved her hand down Kim's back and rubbed her. Her
hand reached Kim's bottom and she massaged the firm flesh.
Kim cupped Megan's crotch and squeezed her, rubbing the
heal of her hand on her mound. Megan pushed her hips into
her hand and moaned as Kim kept rubbing her.

Kim moved her hand up a little and slipped it into Megan's
panties. She stroked the small patch of trimmed pubic hair
with her fingertips. Megan had her legs spread so wide
that it pulled her panties tight against her crotch and
prevented Kim from reaching her sex.

Kim pulled at the elastic waistband of the girl's panties and said, "It would be better if we took these off, if you
want to."

"Ok," Megan said.

She put her legs together and Kim worked the panties down
and off her feet. Kim stood up and removed her dress and
tossed onto the love seat. She lay back down next to Megan
and resumed her petting. She could feel Megan's moisture
when her fingers traveled over her vaginal lips. She
stroked the swollen flesh with her fingertips and caused
Megan to groan.

Megan reached over and put her hand on Kim's tummy and
rubbed her soft skin. Slowly, she moved lower until her
hand was on her panties.

"That feels nice Megan. Do you like what I'm doing to you?"

"Oh yes Kim, it feels wonderful."

Kim parted the moist lips with her fingers and rubbed the
soft hot flesh between them. Megan jumped when she felt
Kim's fingertip touch her clit, and clutched her panty-
covered crotch.

Kim slowly inserted a finger into Megan and began to move
it in and out. Megan moved her hips into Kim's hand and
slipped her hand into Kim's panties.

"Want me to take them off?" she asked as she pushed into
her pussy.

Megan slowly nodded her head yes and Kim sat up and
removed her panties. She put her hands on Megan's small
breasts and massaged them through her shirt and bra. She
began to unbutton her shirt, stroking the skin that was
exposed with each button. When she had all of the buttons
undone, she pushed the shirt off her shoulders. She sat up
and let Kim remove her shirt and bra and lay back, wearing
only her skirt. Kim leaned forward and put her mouth over
one of the small breasts and sucked it in.

When she felt Kim's tongue probe her nipple, Megan grabbed
her head hand held it tight to her chest. Kim sucked and
licked her breasts moving back and forth between the two.
Megan unhooked Kim's bra and freed her breasts. She
reached up and gripped one of them, squeezing it firmly.

Kim moaned into Megan's chest and licked around her breasts.

"Do you like to have your boobs sucked?" she asked Megan.
"They taste so good."

"Oh yes, suck my boobs, bite my nipples."

Kim took one of her nipples between her teeth and pulled
it gently. She slid her hand down her tummy and began to
finger her again. Megan spread her legs as wide as she
could and moaned out loud. Kim felt Megan's hand on her
pussy and opened her legs to her. Megan probed around
Kim's wet vagina, finding her opening. She pushed a finger
into her and started to finger her at the same pace that
Kim was fingering her.

"That feels so good Megan, finger my hot pussy." Kim
groaned into Megan's chest.

Megan moved her finger in and out of Kim faster, making
her pant. Kim kissed and licked down Megan's stomach, and
put her head between her legs. She sucked Megan's clit
into her mouth and poked it with her tongue.

Megan began to thrash around under Kim. She bucked her
hips up into her face and moaned.

"Kim, what are you doing? Oh god that feels so good.
Kim, eat my pussy."

Megan was overcome with lust. She didn't know what to do.
When Kim covered her vagina with her mouth and pushed her
tongue into her, Megan came hard. Kim could feel her pussy contract around her tongue and taste her juices. Megan's
entire body stiffened and she called Kim's name out over
and over.

When the convulsions stopped rippling through her body,
Megan moved away from Kim and lay on her back panting. She
was covered with sweat and moaning softly, deep in her

After a few minutes, Kim said, "Are you alright?"

Megan nodded yes and continues to lay still. Finally, she
rolled onto her side and opened her eyes. She looked at
Kim and said, "That was the most wonderful feeling I have
ever had. I am sorry if I didn't do the same for you, but
when you started to kiss me down there, I just lost it."

"That's ok, you made me feel good, maybe next time."

Kim glanced at the clock and said, "It's almost eight
thirty. My brother will be home soon."

Megan quickly got up and started to dress. "Do I have
time to clean up real quick?"

"What time do you have to be home?" Kim said.

"Not for an hour or so, why?"

"Want to go for a quick swim?"

"That would be great, can I borrow a suit?"

"Sure," Kim said.

She went to her dresser and pulled out a couple of suits
and gave one to Megan. The girls put the suits on,
gathered their clothes and went down to the pool. Kim
turned on the lights and they went into the shower. They
removed the suits, showered quickly and put the suits back
on. Together they went to the edge of the pool and dove in.

The girls swam several laps in the pool, they rested at
the edge for a while, and climbed out. They sat on the
side of the pool, their legs dangling in the water.

"Kim," Megan said. "Do you think that what the kids at
school say is true about me? I mean well I really liked
what we did in your room. Maybe I'm really a you know a

"I don't know. I don't think I'm one."

"Why not? Why do you feel that you're not one?"

"Well, I get all tingly when I'm around boys. I like what
we did Megan, but I still want to do things with guys."

Megan moved her feet lazily in the clear water and stared
down at her legs. She was very quiet for a moment and then
said, "Kim, please don't get mad at me, but I kind of feel
all funny when I am around your brother. He is so nice,
not like the other guys I have known."

"Why would I be mad at you because you like my brother?"
Kim said, feeling the knots of jealousy in her stomach.
She briefly remembered her dream about her brother and
friend, but also remembered what her parents said.

"I don't really know. It's just that you two seem so

"Megan, we are very close. My family and my cousins are
all I have."

"Then you wouldn't care if I went out with him?

"Of course not. Why did he ask you to go out?"

"No," the tall redhead said with a big smile, "but I
really hope he will ask me sometime. I think it would be
fun. When we talked at the country club after dinner, he
told me that I would never have to worry about him, and I
believe what he says."

"Do you want me to tell Jack that you want to go out with

"I don't know Kim, maybe we should wait. I would rather
it was his idea."

"Ok, I understand. I have to get going, I still have home
work to do, and it's getting late."

The girls went to the shower and rinsed the chlorine off
their bodies and hair. They dried themselves and dressed.

Kim walked Megan to the door and walked out to her car
with her. Megan turned to Kim before getting in and said,
"Thanks for everything, I had a great time."

Kim began to giggle and said, "So did I, you are very

Megan blushed and said, "Thanks, maybe next time, I will
try that."

"Ok, I'll look forward to it. Oh, have you tried
masturbating yet?"

"Oh yes, and I think I am getting pretty good at it."

The two girls laughed and Megan got into her car. Kim
waved at her as she pulled around the circle drive, in
front of the house, and drove away. She went back into the
house and up to her room.

Kim glanced across the hall into her brother's room and
saw him sitting at his desk, doing his homework. She
walked into his room and said, "When did you get home Jack?"

"I got back about an hour ago. We went and had our tuxes
fitted, got something to eat and came home."

"I see, why didn't you come out to the pool and say hi?"

"You and Megan looked like you were talking and I didn't
want to interrupt you two."

"You were right, we were talking about girl stuff. I'm
going to go and do my homework, I will talk to you later."

Kim went to her room, removed her dress and underwear and
put on her pajamas. She sat at her desk and began to do
her homework. At about nine thirty, her mom knocked on her
closed door and waited for Kim to answer.

"Come in," she said."

"Hi honey, did you find a dress?"

Kim jumped up and went to her closet, returning with the
garment bag containing her dress. She opened it and took
it out for her mother to see, holding it up to her body.

"Oh Kim, it is beautiful. I just love the color. Do you
want to try it on for me?"

"Can I do it tomorrow mom? I am tired and I have to
finish my homework."

"That will be fine honey, I guess I can wait until
tomorrow. By the way, your Aunt Anne and I made
appointments at the spa for you girls on Saturday morning
to have your hair and nails done. You guys have to be
there by ten."

"Thanks mom, will you drive Sally and I there?"

"We will make sure you get there. We made appointments
for all four of you girls, our treat."

Kim put her new dress away and hugged her mom. "Thank you
so much mom, you're the greatest!"

Marge hugged her daughter and left. Kim returned to her
homework after calling Megan to tell her about the spa.
She also called Lisa and told her what her mom had said.

"I know," Lisa said, "My mom just told me. Your parents are so nice Kim, I could never have afforded to go the that

The girls talked for a few minutes and hung up. Kim
worked on her math assignment, but found it hard to
concentrate. The thoughts of Megan and her brother kept
running through her mind.

Kim cleared her head the best she could and finished her
homework. She went downstairs, told her parents goodnight
and headed back to her room. She went into Jack's room and
found him lying on his bed, studying the camcorder manual.

"Have you got that thing figured out yet?"

Jack looked up and said, "I think I'm beginning to
understand it. It just does so much. I may never be able
to do everything."

"I'm sure you will figure it out Jack, you're smart. I'm
going to bed now, see you in the morning."

"Ok Kim, goodnight."

Jack went back to his reading and Kim went to her room,
leaving her door open. She turned off the lights and
climbed into bed, pulling her covers over her. As she
drifted to sleep, she thought about her evening with Megan
and the things her friend had said about Jack.

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