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The Lottery Part 33



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ¸2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at

"The Lottery - Part 33 (mf, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision

Jack and Kim met Tom and his sister in the parking lot at
school the next morning, just as they did every school
morning. The girls walked together and talked, following
their brothers.

"Megan likes Jack," Kim told Sally.

"Really? How do you know?"

"She told me last night. She came over after we went
shopping and we went swimming. She asked if I would mind
if she went out with him."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her I didn't mind. What was I going to say? I
couldn't tell her that Jack and I were having sex and I
didn't want her to go out with him."

Sally giggled and said, "No, I guess you couldn't tell her
that. Are you really ok with the thought of him dating her?"

"I really don't have much choice in it Sally, there's
nothing I can do about it if Jack asks her out."

"I know what you mean Kim, I think that Tom likes Lisa
too. He is always talking about her and taking pictures
with her. They have talked on the phone everyday since
they met. Maybe this whole dance thing was a bad idea."

The two girls were well behind their brothers as they
talked. They walked slowly, waiting for the last minute
before they had to go to class.

"No Sally, I think we did the right thing by setting it up
with Lisa and Megan for the dance. I want Jack to be happy
and if going with Megan makes him happy, I will just have
to accept it. It doesn't mean that he and I have to stop
loving each other or messing around."

"You're right Kim we should be happy for them, not mad or
jealous. After all, we might want to go out with guys and
we wouldn't like it if they got all pissed off at us. Did
you and Jack sleep together last night?"

The girls were getting close to the building and the other
kids. Kim said quietly, "No, I slept alone in my room and
Jack stayed in his. How about you?"

"I slept with Tom last night. We had fun in bed. He
kissed my pussy forever and I must have cum ten times.
Then we screwed and fell asleep naked. I am going to have
to figure out what to do about leaking all over, I hate
sleeping in the wet spot."

The girls began to laugh as they walked into the building.
They walked down the hall and went to their first class.

At lunch, they met up with Megan and the three girls ate
together, never mentioning Jack or Tom. They agreed to go
to the spa together on Saturday, and Megan would pick up

Kim said, "I'm going to ask Jack to drive me to the mall
after school, I want to get some of those footy things so I
can wear my new shoes around the house. I want them to be
comfortable for the dance."

"That's a great idea Kim," Sally said. "Could you please
pick some up for me too?"

Kim nodded and the girls took their trays up to the window
and put them on the counter to be washed.

Megan said, "Bring slippers to the dance. The time I
went, most of the girls had their shoes off before the
night was half over."

Kim and Sally thought it was a good idea to take slippers.
They walked to their next class, agreeing to meet after

In the parking lot after school, Kim found Sally talking
with Megan and her brother. Tom was walking up at the same
time Kim got to the group. They all chatted for a moment
and walked to their vehicles. Kim got into the passenger
seat of Jack's truck and put her books into the back seat.

"Jack, could we stop at the mall on the way home please?
I have to pick some thing up."

"Sure, I want to go to the book store anyway. I want to
see if they have any books on camcorders."

He backed out of the parking spot and headed out of the
lot. As her brother drove to the mall, Kim thought about
how interested in the camcorder he was. She felt good by
the fact he seemed to like it so much.

"Jack, the girl at the camera store said that if you had
any questions about the camcorder, she would be glad to
help you."

He stopped at a traffic light, removed his tie, and
unbuttoned the collar of his shirt.

"Ok," he said, "but I think I'm doing fine by myself."

The light changed and he pulled away. Kim also removed
her tie and undid a couple of buttons of her shirt. She
reached into her shirt and scratched her breast. Jack saw
her out of the corner of his eye.

"Need any help?" he chuckled, "I would be happy to offer
my assistance."

Kim giggled and said, "Sure Jack I would love to have your
help." She leaned across the seat and rested her arms on
the armrest.

Jack reached over and scratched her breast through her

"That's not much help Jack, you aren't scratching where it

He put his hand into the opening of her shirt and into her
bra. He used his fingers to scratch her firm breast and
tried to drive at the same time.

Kim giggled and sat back. She could feel her nipples
beginning to harden and her vagina tingle.

"We better wait until later, I don't want you to have an

Jack pulled into the mall parking lot and found a space.
He pulled the big truck into the spot carefully and turned
it off. They unfastened their seat belts and Jack folded
the armrest up. He slid over to Kim, put his hand on her
leg and slipped it up to her panties. He stroked her
crotch and she parted her legs.

"Got any other itches here I can help you with?"

Kim moaned as she felt his fingers slip under her panties and touch her bare flesh. She reached into his lap, pulled
down his zipper and put her hand into his slacks. She
wrapped her hand around his penis and stroked it. When he
pushed a finger into her, she pulled his penis out of his
pants and rubbed it up and down.

Jack groaned as she stroked him. She looked around
briefly and bent over, taking him into her mouth. She
sucked gently, coating him with her salvia. Jack pushed
his finger deeper into her as she licked around the head of
his cock and jacked him off into her mouth. When he began
to move his hips up to meet her mouth, she pulled away.

"We had better wait until later," she giggled.

Kim removed his hand from under her skirt and adjusted her
panties. Jack tucked his still rigid penis into his pants
and pulled up his zipper. They straightened their clothes
and got out of the truck.

"I love when you suck my cock Kim. You do it so good. I
was about to cum when you stopped."

Kim smiled as she walked along side her brother. Megan
doesn't stand a chance, she thought to herself.

When they got into the mall, they agreed to meet in an
hour or so and decided on a place they would wait. Jack
walked off towards the bookstore and Kim went to the store
where she had bought her dress. She remembered seeing a
large selection of lingerie and headed in that direction.

When she reached the department, she began to look around.
A sales girl walked up to her and asked if she could help.

"I'm going to a dance on Saturday and I need to get some
new things to wear," Kim told her.

"The academy's fall dance?"


"I went to school there too, the fall dance was always
great. What do you need?"

"I need to get a new bra and panties and I also need some
thigh-high stockings."

"Ok," the girl said. "What color is your dress?"

"It's red."

The girl led Kim to the racks of bra and panty sets and
began to show her several choices.

"Do you like padded bras?"

"Not really, I like the shear ones."

The girl smiled and took a low cut red lace bra from the
rack. She held it up for Kim and said, "How about
something like this?"

Kim felt the shear fabric and soft lace.

"This is very nice."

"Come with me and you can try it on."

Kim followed the girl into the dressing rooms and stepped
into a booth. She removed her school shirt and white bra,
replacing it with the red one. She stepped out and looked
at it in the mirror. The sales girl adjusted the thin
satin shoulder straps and examined the fit.

"How does that feel?" she asked. "It looks real sexy on

"I like it, do you have matching panties?"

"I'm sure we do, what kind do you like? Bikini, thongs,
briefs, we have a full selection."

Kim went into the small booth and removed the red bra and
put her white one back on. She pulled her shirt on,
buttoned it and put her blazer back on. She handed the
delicate red garment to the girls and said, "I don't know.
What do you think?"

The sales girl asked her about the dress. She wanted to
know how tight it was and how long. Kim described it to her.

"You said you wanted thigh-highs, have you ever worn
stockings and a garter?"

Kim told her she hadn't even worn pantyhose, except to
shop for the dress. She said that she didn't like the way
they felt and they came up too high on her.

"Follow me," the girl said.

They went back into the lingerie area and to a rack of
garter belts. The girl showed Kim several different styles
and explained the difference in them. She suggested one
that would ride high on her hips with long frilly
suspenders, each with a small red satin bow at the end.

Kim nodded and said that it looked fine. She told the
girl that she didn't know anything about them.

The sales girl took Kim back to the dressing rooms and
told her to remove her skirt, shoes and socks. Kim took
off her things and the girl wrapped the garter belt around
her waist, fastening it in back. She straightened it and
went to a shelf. She handed Kim a pair of stockings and
told her to put them on.

Kim sat on a small bench and pulled the stockings over her
legs. When she stood up, the sales girl showed her how to
fasten the suspenders to the tops of the stockings and she
adjusted their length.

Kim stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself.
She liked the way the garter and stockings fit her and how
the lacy suspenders ran over her butt.

"I love them, but they look dumb with these white panties."

The sales girl chuckled and agreed that they indeed looked
out of place and assured Kim that a new pair of panties would cure that.

As Kim admired herself in the mirror, she asked, "What do
you do about going to the bathroom, take them off?"

"That is one way, or you can wear your panties over them.
That's a little uncomfortable though. Get dressed and we
will go and look at panties."

Kim removed the stockings and garter, and put her clothes
back on. She followed the girl back to the racks of
panties and waited as she looked for just the right pair.

"How about something like these?" she said.

Kim looked at the girl's offering. The panties had shear
panels in front and back, trimmed in lace. The waistband
was also lace, with small clips on each side.

"With these," she said, "You can unhook them. That way
you don't have to mess with the garter or stockings."

Kim took the panties from her and looked them over

"I will take these too. How about stockings."

They went to another area in the department and the sales
girl showed her several different samples. Kim looked at
the vast array of stocking types and selected ones with
French lace tops. The girl showed her the different colors
available, and she picked a light charcoal, based on the
girl's recommendation.

"You will want two pairs so you can take a spare with you.
If you get a run you will be able to change."

Kim asked about the footy socks and the girl handed her a
package. Kim told her she would need another package and
the girl picked them up. They went to the register and Kim
gave the girl her credit card.

The sales girl processed the transaction and handed Kim
the bag with her new things, telling her to come back.

"Thank you for all your help, I will be sure to come back
and shop here."

Kim left and walked through the store. She found a small
red purse and purchased it.

Back in the common area of the mall, she waited for her
brother. She thought about the movie she had seen and the
sexy outfit the girl wore. She also remembered her
brother's reaction when he saw the woman.

Jack walked up to Kim carrying a bag from the bookstore.
Together they left the mall and went to Jack's truck. On
the ride home Jack asked what she had purchased.

"Just some new underwear and a purse," she said.

When Jack asked if he could see them, she refused.

"You will just have to wait until later, then I might show

"Ok, I'll wait."

"Jack, could you please stop by Sally's? I have something
for her and I want to drop it off."

Jack nodded and drove towards their house. He pulled into
Sally and Tom's drive, parked the truck and followed Kim
into the house.

They went into the family room and said hi to their Aunt
and Uncle.

"Hi guys," Anne said. "Jack is in the living room playing
with his new lights and Sally is in her room."

Kim went to Sally's room and Jack went to see what Tom was

"Hi Sally, what's up?"

"Just doing my homework. Did you get the footy things?"

"Yup," Kim said. She tossed a package of the socks to

"Cool, thanks for picking them up."

Kim told her cousin about messing around with Jack in the
mall parking lot. Sally giggled as Kim told her the story.
" and then I sucked on it for a couple of minutes." She
told her.

"You are getting a little daring aren't you Kim. Did he

"No," she smirked. "I stopped just before he did. I
thought he was going to be mad, but he was real cool about
it. It was very exciting doing it where someone might see
me, it made me real hot."

The girls talked for a few more minutes, planning for next

In the living room, Tom had his new lights set up and a
large stuffed teddy bear sitting in a chair. He was moving
the lights around, taking pictures and making drawings and

Like at Jack's house, the large formal living room was
seldom used. It was furnished with a couch, loveseat and
two matching chairs. End tables and lamps finished off the

"How are the new lights Tom," Jack asked.

"I don't really know yet, I am taking some test shots to
see how I do. These strobes are great, they can do so much."

Tom explained how the lights worked, how he could adjust
them and about the remote triggers. Jack listened to him,
not really understanding what he was talking about.

Jack told Tom about his trip to the mall and how his
sister played with him. The two boys laughed about it,
making comments about sex with their sisters.

Jack sat on the couch out of Tom's way. While he watched
him set up the next shot, he said, "So Tom, what do you
think about Lisa?"

Tom stopped what he was doing and sat next to Jack. "I
think she is cool, she sure knows a lot about photography."

"That's cool. What do you think about her as a girl? I
mean do you think you two are gong to go out or anything?"

"She is ok Jack, I think she is cute and sexy. I might
ask her to go out, I will see how things go on Saturday at
the dance. I really don't know if she likes me. How about
you and Megan?"

"She is real nice too Tom, but as a girlfriend I just
don't know. I have been thinking about asking her to go to
a movie or something, but I think I'm going to take it
slow. Like you, I want to see what happens at the dance."

Tom thought for a moment and said, "How about Paul, Brad
and our sister's, have you thought about that?"

"Yeah Tom, I have thought about it a lot. I get a little
jealous when I see Kim with Paul. She told me she kissed
him the night at the country club. It made me feel funny.
I guess I have to let go of it though, I can't really get
too mad at her and think about dating Megan."

"I know what you mean Jack, it drives me nuts to see Sally
with Brad. I wonder if she has kissed him yet? You are
right though, we can't think about other girls and think
that Kim and Sally won't think about guys. We can still
fool around with them even if we have other girlfriends, as
long as no one finds out."

The boys changed the subject and Tom went back to his
camera set up. Kim and Sally came into the living room and
watched Tom.

"Do you want a live subject for that Tom?" Sally asked.

"Sure, the teddy bear doesn't have very good skin tone."

Kim and Sally stood next to each other where Tom told
them. He took several shoots, moving the lights and making
notes between each one. Kim told her brother to join them
and he stood with the girls. Tom shot photos until he ran
out of film.

"We have to go Jack," Kim said. "I have some things to do
at home."

The teens said goodbye and Jack and his sister headed for
home. When they got there, Kim immediately took her books
and the things from the store to her room. She took off
her school clothes and hung them up. She was just about to
put on her nylon warm-up suit when her mom came into her

"Don't you say hello when you get home anymore?" her mom asked.

"I'm sorry mom, I just wanted to get out of my school

"How about letting me see you in your new dress, I have
been dying to see it."

"Ok, mom."

Kim took off her white bra, replacing it with a black one.
She went into her closet and brought the new dress out.
Her mom helped her take the dress out of the garment bag
and put it on. Marge zipped the dress up and stood back to
look at her daughter.

"Kim it's just beautiful!"

Marge watched as Kim slowly turned around. She couldn't
believe how grown up her daughter looked in the dress.

The new dress was made of satin, with a v-neck and back.
The top of the dress had shear red material that covered
Kim from the diving v to her neck. The same shear fabric
formed the long sleeves, with small cuffs at her wrists.
It fit snug on top and flared at the waist, flowing down to
her knees.

"Did you get pantyhose to wear too?'

Kim shook her head no, not sure if she wanted to tell her
mom about the sexy lingerie she had bought.

"Do you want me to pick some up for you? I could go the
store tomorrow if you want me to."

Kim hemmed and hawed, she finally said, "Thanks mom, but I
already have stockings to wear. Jack took me to the mall
after school today and I picked up some new underwear and

"Can I see them?"

"Ok mom, help me take this off."

They removed the dress and Kim put it back into the bag.
She took it into her closet and returned with the package
from the store. She took out the purse, the new bra and
matching panties and handed them to her mom.

Marge looked at the sexy lingerie and said, "These are
very nice Kim. Why don't you put them on for me?"

Kim removed her underwear and put on the new items.

"How about your stockings, can I see them too?

Kim took a package of the stockings out of the bag and
handed them to her mom. Marge looked at them and said,
"These are very nice honey, but you know they won't stay up
by themselves."

Again Kim reached into the bag and handed her mom the
garter belt.

"Well well, what do we have here?" She held the small
garter belt up with the lacy suspenders dangling from it.
She handed it to Kim and told her to put it on.

Kim wrapped the belt around her waist and fastened it
behind her back. She pulled it around until it was
straight. Boldly, she pulled the sample stockings she had
tried on at the store out of the bag and put them on.

Marge watched as the young girl smoothed the stockings over her tan legs and fastened the suspenders to the tops.
She stood in front of her mom in the lingerie and waited
for her comments.

"You look very sexy Kim. Don't you think that this outfit
is a little too sexy for a fifteen-year-old?"

"Awa mom, I didn't like the pantyhose you gave me, they
were uncomfortable. Megan showed me her thigh high
stockings and I was going to get them, but when the sales
girl showed me these I bought them instead. I really love
them mom, please can I wear them?"

Marge chuckled as she examined her young daughter. She
remembered how much she liked to dress sexy when she was
young, although she never had much opportunity or the nice
things Kim had on.

"Yes honey, you can wear them. To be perfectly honest, I
hate pantyhose too and wear stockings most of the time.
Your father really loves them. When he knows I am wearing
them he can't keep his hands off me."

The two women laughed and Kim went to her closet,
returning in her new shoes. The shoes had small high-
heals, about an inch and a half high. Kim was a little
unstable as she walked across the carpeted floor towards
her mom.

"Do you like my shoes with this outfit mom?"

"Yes honey, they look very nice."

Kim removed her new lingerie and put it away. She put on
her warm-up suit, pulled a pair of the footies out of the
bag and put them on. She stepped back into her shoes and
told her mom she was ready to go downstairs.

"Why are you wearing your new shoes?"

"I want to break them in so they are comfortable for the

"That's a good idea Kim, let's go."

They went downstairs and into the family room. Kim's dad
was sitting in his chair, reading the paper. He peered
over the top of the paper and said hello to Kim.

"Hi dad, how are you today?"

Don folded the paper, put it on the side table and said,
"Just fine sweetie. How was school today?"

Kim told him that school was good. She told him about the
things she was learning in her classes. They talked for a
few minutes and Jack came into the room.

"I'm glad you're here Jack," Don said. "Your mom and I
want to talk to you two about something."

"What's up dad?" Jack said.

"Well, there is a big golf show this weekend and your
Uncle Marc and I would like to go. We also want to take
your mom and Aunt Anne."

"That's cool dad, where is it?" Jack said.

"It's in Chicago."

Kim looked at her parents, tears forming in her eyes, and
said, "When would you guys leave? The dance is Saturday
and I wanted you two to see all of us dressed up."

"Oh Kim," Don said. "We wouldn't miss that for the world!
We would fly to Chicago after you guys left for the dance
and be home Sunday afternoon."

"That's ok then dad, as long as you get to see me in my
new dress."

Kim got up and went to her dad's chair. She sat in his
lap, put her arms around his neck and hugged him. He
hugged her back and said, "Kim, I wouldn't miss seeing you
in your new dress or Jack in his tux."

Kim kissed her dad and smiled. As she wiggled around on
his lap in her slippery nylon warm-up suit, she felt
something pressing against her butt. Quickly she jumped up
and went to her mom and hugged her.

Kim said, "Dad, why do you have to go all the way to
Chicago, don't they have golf shows here?"

"Yes they do honey, but this is a show for sporting goods
stores and pro-shops. Mr. Phillips asked us to go with
him. We wouldn't be able to even go if he didn't invite us."

"I see," Kim said. "Is Mrs. Phillips going too?"

"Yes, your mom, Aunt Anne and Mrs. Phillips are going to
go shopping while us guys go to the show."

The family talked for a little while. Don told the kids
that they were taking a private plane to Chicago and would
be home about six o'clock on Sunday. He said that Sally
and Tom could stay over or they could stay at their house
if they wanted to.

Marge got up and said, "I have to start dinner, or we
won't eat until nine." She went into the kitchen and Don
picked his paper up and began to read it again.

Kim headed towards the pool area and Jack asked what she
was doing.

"I'm going to walk around on the tile floor with my new
shoes, I want to break them in and get use to them."

Kim went out to the pool and began to walk around the
large room. She liked the way the heals clicked on the
hard tile as she walked. She made several trips around the
pool, reversing directions several times. She went into
the pool house and turned on the stereo system.

Back in the pool area, she began to dance to the music.
She found it a little difficult to dance in the shoes, but
got better as she practiced. While she was moving to a
fast song, she saw her brother come out with his camcorder.

Jack pointed the camcorder at his sister and taped her as
she danced. She smiled at him and tried to look sexy as
she moved to the music. He taped her for about fifteen
minutes and went to a chair to sit down.

Kim went over and looked over his shoulder as he replayed
the video.

"You're getting good Jack, you kept me in the picture the
whole time."

Jack could feel her hands on his shoulders and feel her
warm breath on his neck. He looked back at her and said,
"Maybe I should get a tripod for this. Then we could make
our own movies."

Kim thought for a moment and then smacked her brother on
his shoulder.

"You're a pervert!" she said. Even though the idea
intrigued her. She thought about being in bed with her
brother and having the camcorder record their every action.
She got a little excited at the thought of watching her and
Jack making love on a homemade video.

"It was just an idea," he said. "I didn't mean to upset

Kim wrapped her arms around him from behind and whispered
into his ear, "It's not really a bad idea, and I'm not
upset." She blew gently into his ear and released him.

Smiling, Jack got up and headed for the door. "I'll see
you later Kim."

"Ok Jack, where are you going?"

"To the camera store!"

Kim laughed at him and went back to her dancing. She
continued to dance for a while and went to the pool house
and turned on the hot tub. She went to the rack that had
her bathing suit hanging on it and began to reach for it.
Changing her mind, she went out to the hot tub.

Glancing into the family room, she removed her shoes,
socks and warm-up suit. She stepped into the swirling hot
water and sat down. She laid her head back and relaxed in
the tub, feeling the water warm her.

Kim closed her eyes and thought about her brother's idea.
She moved around so a jet of the warm water hit her in the
crotch. She parted her knees and relished the feeling of
the water massaging her vagina.

Lost in her thoughts, Kim was startled by her mom's voice.


Kim opened her eyes and looked up at her mom. "Yes, is
dinner ready?"

"Not for about an hour. Where is your suit?"

"I decided not to wear it. Is it ok?"

Marge smiled and began to remove her clothes. "Of course
it's ok honey, mind if I join you?"

"Not at all mom, climb in."

Marge finished stripping and got into the tub with her.
She settled back and allowed the water to cresses her.

"Oh, this feels do good Kim," she said. "I just love the
warm water."

Kim watched her mom move around next to her and a big
smile form on her face. Kim giggled when her mom said,
"You've got to love the water jets!"

They relaxed together in the hot tub, sitting quietly.
Kim looked at her mom and said, "You guys are really
starting to spend a lot of time with Mr. and Mrs. Phillips."

"Yes, they are becoming friends. You dad, Aunt, Uncle and
I really don't have too many friends, it's nice having
someone to do things with."

"That's cool mom, I like Lisa and her brothers too."

"They seem like nice kids, we're glad you guys get along."

"Mom, I probably shouldn't say anything, but Lisa told
Sally and I that their family all use the sauna at the club
when it is closed."

"We know."

"Well, she said that they are nude sometimes when they do."

"Yes I know, Diane told us that they do. She also told us
that the have gone to a clothing optional resort in Florida."

Kim sat quietly for a moment and said, "That's cool, I
kind of wish that we could go to one someday. I would like
to see what it is like. After all, if it is optional to
get naked, I could always wear a swim suit or something if
I was uncomfortable."

"Yes you could," Marge said. "I don't know, maybe someday."

"Mom, I wonder if Lisa and her brother's fool around with
each other."

"Kim, I have no idea. It isn't something that they would
talk about anyway. You know that we have talked about
keeping that a secret."

"I know, I was just wondering."

They sat in the hot tub for a little longer. Marge said,
"I have to go and finish getting dinner ready." She stood
up and got out of the tub.

Kim also got out and they picked up their clothes and
headed to the pool house to dry off. As they walked across
the floor, they heard Don say, "How long before dinner?"

Kim and her mom turned around and faced Don. He looked at
his naked wife and daughter and smiled.

"In just a few minutes honey, Kim and I just have to get

They turned, went into the pool house and dried
themselves. Kim put her warm-up suit back on and rubbed a
towel in her hair. Her mom dressed and left for the
kitchen. Kim turned off the hot tub and music and left too.

Kim went to her room, took off her new shoes and the
socks. She put on her tennis shoes and began her homework.

In the family room, Jack watched television with his dad.
His mom came into the room and sat down.

"Mom, dad," Jack said, "I need to talk to you about

Don hit the mute on the remote and said, "What is it son."

"I was sort of planning to have all our friends over on
Sunday afternoon and have a surprise party for Kim's
birthday. She always seems to get left out because we
celebrate our birthdays together, and usually on Tom's or
mine. I was wondering if I can still do it, now that you
guys are going to Chicago?"

"I don't know Jack," his dad said, "That's a lot of
responsibility with us being gone. Let your mom and I
think about it and we will let you know later."

"Ok dad, I understand."

Don pushed the mute button again and the sound returned on
the television. Jack got up and told them he was going to
do his homework and to call him for dinner.

Don and Marge talked about Jack's request. Marge called
Anne and discussed it with her. After hanging up with
Anne, she called Diane and told her about Jack's plan.

"Well Don, they all think it will be ok. We will be home
early and will be able to join them. The kids have Monday
off at school, something about conferences, so they don't
have to get up early. I think it would be ok, Jack seems
to have his heart set on it."

"It's ok by me then," Don said.

Kim went to Jack's room and sat on his bed.

"Jack, can you please take me to the library after dinner?
I need a book for history so I can finish a report."

Jack looked up from his desk and said, "Sure, I'll take
you Kim."

Kim went back to her room and waited for her mom to call
her for dinner. She worked on her math and English,
finishing everything but her history assignment. She
turned on her computer and checked her email, and then
surfed around.

Marge called up the stairs for them to come and eat. Kim
and Jack went to the dining room and sat down for dinner.
The family chatted about a winter vacation around the
holidays and discussed where they would like to go. Jack
reminded them they had talked about Florida and going

"Will Tom and Sally be going on vacation with us?" Jack
asked with a mouth full of food.

"I would think so," Marge said.

"Great," Jack said, "Tom and I can go fishing together

"Yeah, and Sally and I can hang around on the beach." Kim

After dinner, Kim helped her mom clean up, and asked her
brother about going to the library. He told her he would
be ready in a few minutes.

Kim thought about going to her room and putting her
underwear on, under the warm-up suit, but decided that she
was just going to run and get the book she needed and it
really wasn't necessary. She sat in the family room and
waited for her brother.

Jack took off his school slacks and shirt and put them
away. He grabbed a pair of knit shorts and pulled them on,
figuring that he would wait in the truck for Kim. He
pulled a tee shirt over his head, put on his boating shoes,
and went downstairs.

"You ready to go kid?" he said to his sister.

"Yes, but you are going to freeze dressed like that. It's
getting cold at night."

"I don't plan on getting out of the truck."

"Whatever, let's go."

They went to the garage and got into the truck. Jack
pushed the remote to open the door and pulled out. He
watched as the garage door closed and left.

Jack waited in the parking lot of the library while Kim
went in for her book. He listened to the radio and read
the truck's users manual. After a few minutes, Kim came
back and got into the truck. He looked across the front
seat at her and began to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"You're right Kim, it is getting cold out."

Jack reached over and touched Kim's nipple. The cold air
had caused it to get hard and show through the thin nylon
material of her jacket.

Kim looked down at her chest and lunged across the seat at
her brother. She began to tickle him and called him a
brat. Jack tried to fight her off, but she kept attacking
him. Finally, he got the upper hand and held her against
him, pinning her arms behind her back.

Jack continued to hold her in an attempt to calm her down.
She wiggled around against him, her breasts pressed into
his chest. She glanced into his lap and noticed that
during the wrestling, his penis had gotten hard and was
poking out of the leg opening of his shorts.

Kim moved her head to his and kissed him. She pressed her
tongue against his lips and he opened his mouth and let it
slip in. He relaxed his grip on her and rubbed his hand up
and down her back, over the nylon jacket. She reached down
and stroked him, sliding her hand into the loose-fitting

Jack moaned into her mouth when he felt her rub his balls.
He put his hand on her breast and rubbed it, feeling her
hard nipple against the palm of his hand.

Kim broke the kiss and moved away a little, still rubbing
his hard penis. "Why don't you find someplace a little
more private?" she cooed.

Jack put the truck into gear and drove around the
building, looking for a secluded place to park. As he
drove, Kim put her head on his thigh and lay across the
seat. She licked the head of Jack's exposed penis, running
her tongue along the ridge.

Jack put his hand on her head and ran his fingers through
her hair. He found a spot, next to a dumpster, behind the
library and backed the truck in. When he put the truck in
park, Kim engulfed him and sucked him gently. He put his
back against the door and opened his legs. She pushed his
shorts up, exposing more of his hard penis and took it into
her mouth.

Putting both hands on the side of her head, Jack pumped
his tool into her mouth. Kim moaned around the firm flesh
and rubbed her tongue against the vein on the bottom of it.
He began to buck his hips faster as she sucked him.

Kim pulled her mouth off of him and stroked him with her

"Oh Kim, don't stop sucking my cock, I am almost ready to

"Not so fast Jack," she said. She released him and sat
next to him. She began to kiss him and he put his hand on
her breast again. She was getting hot and her breathing
began to increase.

Kim pulled the zipper of her jacket down to give him
access to her bare flesh. She put her hands on the back of
his head and pulled his mouth to her chest.

"Suck my boobs and nipples Jack, make me as hot as you are,"

Jack sucked on her boob and caught her nipple between his
teeth. He bit down firmly, being careful not to hurt her.
She knelt on the seat and spread her legs apart. Jack put
his hand against her crotch and rubbed her.

Kim ground herself against his hand. She took her hands
from the back of his head and pushed the nylon pants down
so her could touch her better. She tried to part her legs
but the pants around her knees would only let her open them
so far. Jack put his hand into her wet crotch and slipped
a finger into her.

"Push it in me Jack, push your finger into my pussy. Rub
my clit and make me cum."

Jack worked his finger in and out of her and rubbed her
clit. He sucked her breasts, switching between the two.
She pulled away from his mouth and gripped the elastic
waistband of his shorts. Tugging at them, she worked them
down his legs to his knees. She bent over and put her
mouth back on him and sucked him in.

The two fingered and sucked each other, groaning out loud.
When the lust of the teenagers reached its peak, Kim
removed her mouth from Jack's cock and pulled him to the
middle of the seat.

Franticly, Kim pulled her pants off one leg, straddled
Jack and lowered herself onto him. She bounced up and
down, driving his cock deep into her pussy. Jack gripped
her breasts and squeezed them as he pushed his hips up into

Kim stopped moving, lowering herself down until he was
deep in her vagina. She flexed her vaginal muscles,
massaging the penis buried in her.

"Oh Jack, I love the feeling of your cock in my pussy."

"I love to feel your pussy around my cock too Kim. I feel
like I can't hold out any longer."

Kim began to move again, sliding up and down his cock.
She felt him swell inside her and his body tense up.
Continuing to bounce on his cock, she felt him pulse his
hot semen into her. She reached between them, rubbed her
clit and also came, her pussy gripping him as she did.

Jack stopped moving and Kim fell against him. She could
feel his penis begin to shrink inside her, taking away the
feeling of fullness she so enjoyed.

"Jack, do you have any tissue in here? I don't want to
mess up your seat when I get up. It felt like you squirt a
gallon of cum into my pussy and I'm going to leak all over."

Jack reached over and opened the glove box. He took out a
couple of napkins, from a fast food restaurant, and handed
them to her. She held them between her legs and slowly
rose up. She covered herself with the tissue in one hand
and held his flaccid penis with the other.

Kim bent over and sucked the soft flesh into her mouth and
licked their combined juices off of it. She let it slip
out of her mouth and licked her lips.

"Mmm, that's the best part," she said. She held the
napkins in place and worked her pants back on, pulling them
firmly into her crotch to hold the paper in place.

Jack pulled his shorts up and adjusted his balls and
penis. He slid behind the steering wheel and leaned back.

"Wow Kim, that was great. Was that making love or fucking?"

Kim zipped up her jacket, reached into her pants and
removed the napkins. She pushed a button on the door,
rolled the window down and dropped the damp napkins on the
ground next to the truck. She rolled the window up, slid
next to her brother and fastened her seat belt.

"That was fucking," she giggled. "Now your truck is
officially broken in."

Jack pulled away from their hiding place laughing.

"I guess you're right Kim, it's now broken in. What am I
going to do with you?"

Kim wrapped her arms around her brother's and said,
"Anything you want Jack, anything you want to."

They rode home quietly, Kim snuggled up to Jack. When he
turned into the driveway, she unfastened her seatbelt and
moved over to the door. After parking the truck in the
garage, he closed the door and they got out.

Before going into the house, she kissed him and said,
"Will you sleep with me tonight please?"

Jack nodded and the two walked into the house. They went
into the family room to say hi to their parents, but they
weren't there. Kim looked out at the pool area and saw
them in the hot tub, sitting next to each other. She slid
the door open and walked out.

"Hi mom, hi dad, we're back from the library."

"Ok Kim," her mom said. "Did you find the book you needed?"

"Yup, I have it right here. I'm going up to my room to
finish my homework, see you later."

Kim left and went up to her room. She took off her warm-
up suit pants and inspected the crotch. She could see the
traces of her and Jack's discharge on the pants, so she
decided to take them to the laundry. She removed the
jacked and put on a pair of royal blue silk pajamas. The
sleepwear had a short-sleeved top and boxer style bottoms.
She thought for a moment and removed the bottoms and went
into the bathroom to clean herself up.

When she was done, she put the bottoms of her pajama's
back on and took her warm-up suit to the laundry room. She
sorted through the dirty clothes and filled the washer.
She started the machine and left to complete her schoolwork.

Jack was in his room doing his homework when Kim walked
in. She went to him and put her arms around his neck,
stroking his chest.

"Thanks," she said.

"For what?"

"For what we did in the truck, it was so fun. I really
liked doing it when there's a chance of being caught, it
makes it so exciting."

"So my little sister is becoming a voyeur now. The next
thing you know you will want to do it in the mall."

"Sounds good to me, want to go after school tomorrow?"
Kim laughed.

"Get out of here and let me do my homework."

Kim giggled, released her brother's neck and bounced out
of his room, humming the song they had first made love to.
She took the book she had picked up at the library and
began to read, making notes for her report.

While typing her report on her computer, she heard someone
knock on her door. She said, "Come in." Never turning

"Hi honey," her mom said.

Kim stopped typing and spun around in her chair. "Hi mom,
what's up?"

Marge was dressed in a short robe, Don stood in the
doorway, also in a robe, their hair still wet from the hot
tub. She walked over to her daughter and whispered into
her ear.

"Honey, I know this sounds a little strange, but would you
consider letting your father see your new outfit?"

"No mom, not at all. Let me go put my dress on."

Again Marge whispered to Kim, "Well, that's not really the
outfit I was talking about. I would like you to show him
your new lingerie."

Kim was silent. She looked into her mom's eyes as she
contemplated her request. What the hell, she thought to
herself, he's seen me naked. She smiled and stood up.

"I'll be right back mom, please close my door. I don't
want Jack to see me."

Kim went into her closet and pulled the door closed behind
her. She took off her pajamas, put on her bra and panties,
and pulled the stockings up her legs. She wrapped the red garter belt around her waist and clipped the stockings to
the fasteners.

Marge closed the bedroom door, thinking it was odd that
Kim didn't want her brother to see her. She stood with her
husband and waited for Kim to come out.

After stepping into her new shoes, Kim opened the closet
door. She wasn't really sure that she wanted to do this,
but she had already told her mom she would. Slowly, she
stepped into the bedroom and stood in front of her parents.

Don took a deep breath and let out a low whistle. "Who
are you, and what did you do with my daughter?"

Kim turned around slowly as her parents watched.

"Isn't she beautiful Don?" her mother said.

"Just stunning. I can't believe she is growing up so fast."

Kim blushed and went back into her closet. She took off
her lingerie, put her pajamas back on and went back into
her room. Her mom and dad were still their waiting for her.

Marge went to her and gave her a hug. "Thank you, you
didn't have to do that."

"It's ok mom, I didn't mind. Do you think dad liked it?"

"Oh yes honey, I'm sure he did."

The two whispered so Don couldn't hear what they were

"We are going to bed now Kim," she said. Don't stay up
too late."

"Goodnight mom and dad, I'll see you in the morning."

Marge and Don left and Kim returned to her work. She
thought about modeling her underwear for her dad and about
what had happened when she was sitting on his lap. She
tried to make sense of it all, but decided it was ok.
After all, he is a man, and she knows how men react to women.

Kim finished typing her report and printed it. She put it
into her backpack for tomorrow and turned off her computer.
She turned on her television and lay on her bed, watching a

About an hour later, Jack came into her room and lay down
next to her. He put his arm out and Kim put her head on
it, snuggling up to him. They watched the end of the
movie, turned down the bed and got under the covers. Kim
turned off the television and lay next to Jack on her back.
He rolled onto his side and put his arm around her.

Kim took her brother's hand and guided it under her pajama
top to her breast. She turned her head to Jack and kissed
him gently on the lips.

"Goodnight Jack," she whispered. "I love you."

Jack squeezed her firm breast and said, "I love you too
Kim, goodnight."


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