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The Lottery Part 34


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. 2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

The Lottery - Part 34 (mf, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision

Kim woke up feeling something firm pressing into her butt.
She quickly realized that it was her brother, rubbing his
hard penis against her. She tried to look to see if he was
awake too, but was unable to see his face. He had his arm
around her waist, holding her tight to his rocking body.
She gently pushed back into him and enjoyed the feeling.

When Jack began to moan and move faster, she moved her
bottom against him. She could feel him pulling her closer
as he began to hump her butt in earnest. Kim giggled to
herself when she felt his body get rigid, knowing that he
was ejaculating. Soon after he relaxed, she rolled over to
face him.

Kim shook the sleeping boy's shoulder and called his name
softly. When he began to stir, she kissed him on the

"Morning sexy," she said. "Did you have a nice dream?"

Jack rubbed his eyes and opened them. He looked at his
sister and said, "What did you say?"

"I asked if you had a nice dream. You were very excited."

"I don't know what you are talking about Kim."

Kim pulled back the covers and pointed to his crotch. He
looked down and saw the dark wet stain on the front of his
shorts. He climbed out of her bed and turned away.

"I'm so sorry Kim. That is the second time I've done that
to you."

Kim swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat up.
She reached out and ran her hand over Jack's back.

"Don't worry about it. I just hope that it was me in your
dream. I think it is kind of cute actually."

Jack turned and faced his sister. He tried to smile and
said, "It was you Kim, I was dreaming about the truck last
night. Except we were in the back and there were people
walking by watching us."

"Now who's the voyeur?"

"It was only a dream Kim, I couldn't do that in front of

"I know silly, I was just kidding you."

Jack told Kim he was going to go and clean up. He left
her room and went to his.

Kim got up, checked her bed, and made it, she went into
her bathroom to get ready for school.

Sally tossed and turned in her bed. She suddenly woke up,
her body covered in sweat. Her hand was in her wet
panties, a finger buried in her vagina. Slowly, she
removed her hand and tried to remember her dream. Sitting
up and hanging her legs over the side of the bed, she
recalled having sex.

The setting was outside, the warm sun on her nude body.
As she recalled the details of the dream, she realized that
her partner was Brad and not her brother. Shaking her head
to clear the cobwebs, she stood up and went to her
bathroom. When she had finished, she sat back on the edge
of her bed and returned her hand to her panties.

Sally rubbed herself, using a finger to massage her still
hard clit. She wondered if she had had an orgasm in her
dream, but couldn't remember. As she worked her finger
between her legs she became aroused again. She pulled off
her panties and lay back on the bed, returning her fingers
to her vagina,

This just isn't getting it she thought to herself, I want
more. She got up, went to Tom's room and opened his door.
Quietly, she walked to his bed and looked down at her
sleeping brother.

Tom was lying on his back, his arms above his head.
Carefully, she lifted the covers and gazed at his crotch.
His penis was semi hard, barely tenting his boxers. She
could see his manhood through the parted fly in his
underwear. Using her fingers, she carefully pulled his
penis out of his fly and laid it gently on him.

Sally pulled the covers off her brother, exposing him from
his knees up. She lightly ran her fingertips along the
bottom of his penis, watching it twitch under her touch.
As she ran her fingers over his length, she watched him
grow, soon reaching his full erection.

Tom moved a little and moaned when she touched the purple
head and ran her finger over the tip. She saw a small drop
of fluid leak from his slit and she collected it on her
finger and put her finger into her mouth. She put her free
hand between her own legs and fingered herself, feeling the
wetness of her heated hole.

Cautiously, she climbed into his bed and put her leg over
his hips. As she hovered above him, she took his penis in
her hand and stood it straight up. She lowered herself
onto the hard shaft, letting it slip into her wet pussy.
Slowly she moved down, feeling him fill her. She stopped
when her pubic bone touched his and held still.

Sally fought the urge to move up and down on him, and
concentrated on the wonderful feeling that having his penis
deep inside her created. She could feel her vagina quiver
around Tom's cock and nipples ache. Moving as carefully as
she could, she removed the large tee shirt she had slept in
and tossed it onto the floor.

Tom opened his eyes when she put her hands on his chest
and leaned forward. He looked up into his sister's eyes
and tried to focus. He saw Sally's face, framed by her
light brown hair, with a big smile. He shook his head to
insure he wasn't dreaming and looked into her bright green

"Good morning Tom," she said.

Sally rose up slowly and lowered herself, feeling his
hardness glide easily into her depths. He looked down a
little at her bare breasts and hard nipples. She leaned
forward and kissed his forehead, eyes and lips, running her
tongue around his closed mouth. She pressed her breasts into his chest and rubbed them against him.

Tom put his arms around her and held her close. He
attempted to move, but she stopped him.

"Just hold still for a minute Tom, I want to feel your
cock in my pussy,"

"Ok," he moaned, "but I'm not going to be able to hold out
too long, I feel like I'm ready to cum."

Slowly Sally began to move on him. He could feel he warm
moistness of her vagina surrounding his cock. He began to
move under her, pushing his hips up to met her downward

"Tell me when you are ready to cum Tom," she panted into
his ear, her own orgasm building rapidly.

Picking up speed, she slid up and down over the throbbing
shaft. She moaned each time he was fully in her and her
clit touched the base of his penis. She rose up and put
her hands back on his chest and stared into his eyes.

"Sally, I'm going to cum!" he said as he reached for her

Quickly, Sally pulled off of his cock and scooted down his
body. She leaned over and took his slick cock into her
mouth and pressed down, letting half of it slide thorough
her lips. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and
stroked him, feeling her juices that coated him.

Tom groaned and grabbed her head. He released his spunk into her mouth and pushed up as she sucked and swallowed.
She could feel pulse after pulse cascade through his penis,
shooting into her sucking mouth. When she felt the pulses
begin to weaken, she removed him from her mouth and coated
her lips and chin, with his last few spurts.

Sally rubbed the head of his spent cock over her lips and
face, smearing his cum over her skin. She let go of him
and sat up, his cum glistening on her face. She slid up
and rubbed his limp penis with her wet pussy, slowly
rotating her hips. Using her tongue, she licked her lips
and pulled as much of the sticky substance into her mouth
as she could.

Walking on her knees, she rubbed her crotch over Tom's
belly and chest to his face. She lowered herself onto his
mouth and felt his tongue push into her. He moved his head
up and down and licked her hot wet pussy.

Suddenly, Sally climbed off her brother and stood next to
the bed. She bent down, picked up her tee shirt and pulled
over her head.

"Time to get ready for school Tom," she said, "We don't
want to be late."

Tom sat up, put his penis into his boxers, and said, "What
was that all about?"

"What's the matter, didn't you like it?"

"Oh yes, I liked it, it's just that it was such a
surprise. You can do that anytime you want to, I love to
have my cock in your pussy or have you suck me."

"Good, I love it too, especially the way you taste. I
can't seem to get enough of you sometimes. I'm going to
take a shower and get dress. You had better get going too."

Sally smiled at him, his hardening cum still covering her
face. She turned and headed for the door, leaving him
sitting on his bed.

"Want me to wash your back Sally?"

"Not this morning Tom, we don't have time."

Sally left his room and went to hers, closing her door
behind her. She pulled off the tee and went into the
bathroom to shower.

Jack and Kim were in the parking lot at school when Tom
and his sister arrived. He parked his truck and walked
over to Jack, followed by Sally.

The two boys walked away from the girls after every on
said good morning, leaving Kim and Sally to talk. Sally
told Kim about her dream and what she did with Tom before

Kim listened to her cousin as she described the encounter
with her brother and how hot it had made her. When she was
finished, it was Kim's turn.

"Jack and I broke in his truck last night. He took me to
the library and we did it behind the building, right in the
front seat."

"You had better be careful Kim, you're going to get caught."

"That is what makes it so exciting, the chance of getting

"I can't believe you and Jack made love in the parking lot
of the library."

"Oh Sally, we didn't make love, we just fucked."

Ahead of the girls, they could see their brothers slapping
their hands together in a high-five. They laughed, knowing
the boys were exchanging stories too.

The school day went quickly for the girls and they met in
the parking lot after their classes. They walked to the
trucks and waited for their brothers.

Kim said, "Can you come over after school Sally? I have
something I want to show you."

"Ok, I will have Tom drive me over after I change."

Kim saw her brother walking with Megan as they approached
the truck. The girls all said hi, and talked for a few

"Sorry I missed you guys at lunch," Megan said. "I had to
run to the store."

"That's ok," Sally replied.

The three girls talked for a few minutes and they all left
for home.

After going home and changing, Tom drove Sally to Kim's
house. They went into the family room and talked with
their Aunt and Uncle for a few minutes and then asked about
Jack and Kim.

"Jack is in the garage doing something with his truck and
Kim is upstairs." Marge said.

Tom went to the garage and Sally went upstairs.

Kim was walking up and down the hallway wearing a long
bathrobe and her new shoes. She turned around and walked
towards Sally when she heard her name called.

"What is it that you wanted to show me Kim?"

Kim giggled and told Sally to followr her into her room.
She closed the door and told her cousin to close her eyes.

Sally stood with her eyes tightly shut and waited. Kim
took off her robe and stood in the middle of her room.

"Ok Sally, you can open your eyes now."

Sally opened her eyes and stared at Kim. She was dressed
in her new lingerie and shoes.

"Wow Kim, you look so hot. Where did you get them?"

"At the mall," she said. "I went back to the store that I
bought my dress from and picked them up yesterday. I
didn't like the pantyhose my mom gave me so I went to get
thigh-highs like Megan. The girl at the store showed me
the garter and stockings and I really liked them, so I
bought them."

"Has your mom seen them?"


"And she didn't mind you wearing this stuff?"

"Not at all, in fact she said that she usually wore
stockings because she doesn't like pantyhose either."

"Has Jack seen you in them?"

"No, not yet. Just my mom and dad."

"Your dad? He saw you dressed like this?"

"Yup, my mom asked if I would show him. I figured that he
has seen me naked so why not."

"Wow! Why haven't you shown them to Jack?"

"I will, but not right now. I am going to wait until the
right time to show him."

Sally went to Kim and ran her hands over the sexy items.
She felt the stockings and the bare flesh above them.

"I have just got to have some too Kim, I'm going to ask
Tom to take me to the mall when we leave here."

Kim removed her new lingerie, wanting to keep it clean for
Saturday. She took out a white sports bra and pulled it
over her head and put on a pair of pink flowered panties.
She went to her closet and returned with a pair of jeans
and a sweater. After putting her clothes on, she sat on
the bed.

"Sally, why don't we see if my mom will take us to the
mall? That way I can go with you and Tom won't find out
you have new underwear."

"What difference does it make if Tom knows? After all, we
are sleeping together and having sex."

"Well, you know that our parents are going to be in
Chicago when we get home from the dance. I thought that
you and Tom could spend the night here and we could have
some fun with them."

"So that's why you haven't let Jack see your new things."


Kim told Sally about her plan for Saturday night after the
dance. She said that she had planned on it just being her
and Jack, but when she found out her parents weren't going
to be home, she decided to invite her and Tom. The girls talked for a while and then went to ask Kim's mom to take
them shopping.

Marge agreed to take them to the mall and the three women

In the garage, Jack and Tom were planning the surprise
party for Kim. Jack had talked to Megan, Lisa, Sally and
Lisa's brothers about it and everyone agreed to come. The
boys talked about a plan to keep Kim out of the pool area
until everything was ready and about what they were going
to have to eat and drink.

"I ordered a big banner for the wall," Jack said. "It
will be ready tomorrow. Megan said she would pick up the
cake and Lisa and her brothers."

The two boys continued to talk about the party and the
things they would like to do at it.

Marge and Sally followed Kim into the mall and to the
store that she had purchased her things. Kim found the
sales girl that helped her the day before and told her what
they needed. The sales girl asked Sally about her dress.

"It's dark blue with lace on top," Sally said. "It is
tight on top and full below the waist."

"I think I have just the right thing for you, they came in
this morning."

The sales girl led the three to a rack and she showed
Sally a blue bra.

"Is this the right color?"

"My dress is a little darker, but that would be ok if it
is all you have."

"We will keep looking. What type of bra do you like?
Padded or not?"

"I don't like the padded bras," Sally said, cupping her
hands below her breasts. "I'm not wearing a bra now and I
don't think I need any padding."

The sales girl laughed, as did Kim and her mom. She took
them to another rack and presented another bra that would
match the dress much better.

"That's perfect," Sally said. "It will match my dress
just fine."

Kim said, "Do you have any of the panties with the hooks
on the side like mine that will match it?"

While the two teens went with the sales girl, Marge began
to look through the vast selection of lingerie the store
offered. She picked up several things and carried them
around as she perused the racks of sexy things.

The sales girl found panties and a garter belt that
matched the bra and took the girls into the dressing room.
Sally quickly removed her jeans and sweater, not bothering
to go into one of the booths. She put on the bra and the
sales girl helped her with the garter. She gave Sally a
pair of sample stockings and helped her attach them to the
lace suspenders.

Marge walked into the dressing room and told Sally how
good she looked in the outfit. Sally told the sales girl she would take the items, but also needed stockings. They
went to the hosiery section and looked through the samples.
Kim showed her the stockings she had selected and Sally
took the same ones.

While the girls were paying for Sally's things Marge
picked out several pairs of stockings and took them to the
register along with her other selections. Kim watched the
sales girl sort through the things her mom had decided on
and put them into a bag. After they had paid for their
things, the three women left the department.

"I can't believe I have never been in here," Marge said as
they walked through the store. "They have the most
beautiful lingerie I have seen."

"I saw what you bought mom," Kim said. "Those things
should make dad happy."

"Oh they will make him happy Kim, very happy."

"Maybe I should tell my mom about this store Aunt Marge.
I'll bet she would like it too. She could pick up some
nice things to make my dad happy," Sally said, giggling.

"Some of these things are for your mom Sally, and your dad
will be very happy too."

The three of them laughed and looked at the different
things in the store.

"Kim said, "I need to find a pair of slippers for the
dance. Megan said that all the girls have their shoes off
about half way through the evening and I don't want to ruin
my stockings."

Sally thought that it was a good idea and said she would
like a pair also. They went to the footwear department and
asked about slippers. The sales person told them they
would have to the sleepwear department, over by lingerie.

"That figures," Kim said.

They turned around and headed back the way they came.
They located the slippers and the girls found just the
right thing, in colors that would match their dresses.
After completing their shopping, they headed for home.

Marge said, "Your dad and brother are going to be starving."

They drove back to Kim's house and went inside. Don was
sitting at the dining room table with Jack and Tom, eating

"Hi honey," Don said. "I made dinner for everyone. Marc
and Anne are on their way over to eat with us."

Marge laughed and said, "Well, I'm glad to see you guys waited for us to eat."

The girls all laughed, grabbed plates and sat down just as
Marc and Anne walked in. They all ate the pizza and talked
about the kids day at school, the dance and the parents trip to Chicago. After they were finished, the guys cleaned up and the women went upstairs to look at the
things Marge and Sally had purchased.

The four women went into Marge's bedroom and took their
things out of their bags. Anne sat and watched as Marge
sorted through the lingerie and handed her several items.

"I picked these up for you Anne, I hope you like them."

Anne looked at the bras, panties and garters and smiled.
She stood up and took her clothes off and began trying
things on. Marge also stripped and put on her new items.
The teens watched as their moms modeled the sexy items,
changing until they had tried everything on.

"Sally," Marge said. "Why don't you try on your things
for your mom?"

Sally smiled and took her bag into the bathroom to change.
Marge told Kim to see if she could get her dad and Uncle up
to the bedroom, without the boys.

Kim ran downstairs and looked for her dad and Uncle Marc.
They were in the family room watching television.

"Where are the guys?" Kim asked.

"Out in the garage," her dad said. "Why?"

"Come with me, mom wants you two."

The men followed Kim upstairs and to the master bedroom.
She stuck her head into the door and asked if it was ok.
Her mom waved her in and her dad and Uncle followed.

The two men smiled and whistled when they saw their wives
standing in their sexy garments. While they stared at the
two women, Sally came out of the bathroom.

Marc said, "Sally you look lovely and so grown up."

Sally blushed as she stood in front of her dad and Uncle
dressed in her new lingerie. Her blue bra was very shear,
and low cut and her nipples were clearly visible. The tiny
matching panties barely covered her pubic mound and were
equally as shear. The men looked at her garter belt and
the stockings it supported, smiling at the young girl.

"Kim has the same outfit in red," Marge said. "Don't you
think Sally looks great?"

Don nodded and Marc was almost speechless. They looked
from one scantly clad woman to the other.

Finally Don said, "Come on Marc, if we don't get out of
here pretty soon, these women are going to be in trouble."

The two men turned to leave and Anne said, "That's what
Marge and I hoped for."

Don and Marc laughed and left the room. The women took
off their things and dressed in the clothes they had come
in. They put their new things back into their bags and
went downstairs.

Sally took her bag, along with her mom's, and put them
into her dad's car so Tom wouldn't see them. She went into
the kitchen and joined the other women.

"Well Sally," Anne said. "I guess we should get going.
You have school tomorrow and it's almost eight. You and
Tom still have your homework to do."

"I finished all my work at school today. If Tom has
homework he can go home in his truck and I can go with you."

"How about you Kim," Marge said. "Do you have homework

"No, we didn't get much today and I did mine in school too."

They talked for a bit and Marge said, "Well if we are just
going to sit around and talk, we might as well do it in the
hot tub. Anyone like to join me?"

"Sounds good to me," Sally said. "Can I borrow a suit Kim?"

Kim looked at her mom and then back at Sally. "Why
bother?" she said.

The women all laughed and headed out to the hot tub. Kim
went into the pool house and started the tub and went back
out with the rest of the girls. They all took off their
clothes and climbed into the tub. Kim moved quickly into
her favorite spot and located the warm rush of water. They
all sat quietly, relaxing in the hot water, feeling it
swirl around them.

The four women talked about the store that Kim, Sally and
Marge had shopped earlier that afternoon. Marge told Anne
that the store had some of the nicest clothing she had seen
at the mall. The two women agreed to go shopping there
together as soon as they could.

Kim and her cousin listened to their mom's talk about
shopping and what they would take to Chicago. After a
little while, they ended their conversation and just

"Mom," Sally said. "Can I ask you a question?"

"What is it honey?" Anne replied.

"Well, I don't really know how to say this, but I am
curious about something, something about boys."

"I will try to answer your questions Sally."

"Um I noticed that when we played strip poker and when we
were on the beach up north, and we were all naked dad and
Uncle Don didn't get you know."

"Didn't get what Sally?" Anne said.

"They didn't get excited like Tom and Jack."

The two moms began to laugh. Kim, equally curious, and
Sally blushed and looked down into the water.

"Girls, that's the difference between boys and men. When
guys are your brother's age they react differently than
older, more mature men. Don't get me wrong, your father's
like looking at naked women. They are just able to control
themselves, most of the time." Anne smiled as she

"It seems that Jack and Tom get a you know, every time
they see us, or you two, naked or even in a bikini bathing

"Yes I know," Marge said. "Your brothers seem to always
get hard-ons. They can't help it girls, that is just the
way it is. When boys are younger, their hormones do most
of their thinking for them. As they mature, things change.
I would bet that you two get a funny feeling when you see
them nude too, it's only natural."

The two teens nodded, Kim said, "I get all tingly in my
vagina. Sometimes I feel light headed, especially when I
touch Jack, or he touches me."

"Yeah, me too," Sally said. "What about if we go to one
of those resorts, are our brother's going to be sticking
out all the time?"

"No girls, I think that after a very short time they would
be fine, and so would you two. If we were to ever go to a
place like that, the boys would get use to being naked and
seeing other people naked." Marge said.

Anne said, "So girls, how are things going with your
brothers? Are you guys getting along?"

Both girls said that everything was great with their
brothers. They were getting along better than they ever
have. They told their moms that the boys treated them like
people, rather than little sisters.

"That's great," Anne said. "We are glad you guys aren't
fighting with each other anymore. I remember how it use to
be, and I like to see the change. So tell us, how do you
two like sex, so far?"

Kim and Sally were shocked at Anne's boldness. They sat
quietly for a few moments, each thinking about the question.

"It's ok, I guess," Kim said. "It just seems like it
doesn't last very long. I really expected something

Anne and Marge roared in laughter. Once they regained
their composure, Marge said, "Oh how well I remember. It
seemed like sex only lasted for two minutes, at least after
your father put it in me."

Kim and Sally smiled, each one thinking about their
encounters with their brothers.

"Is it always going to be that way?" Sally asked shyly.

"No honey, it will get better someday." Anne said.

Kim looked away from the two adults and softly asked, "How
long can our dads do it?"

"Over an hour, if they want to. It's that maturity thing
again, the older men get, the better they become at sex.
Your fathers were the same way when they were your
brother's age, but that all changed." Marge said.

"An hour!" Sally exclaimed. "Don't you get sore?"

Anne smiled and said, "Not very often."

"Does dad like it when you talk dirty while you are having
sex mom?" Sally said.

"As long as you tell them how good they are and how big
their cocks are." Marge giggled.

Anne looked up at the clock and saw it was almost nine.
She stood up and said, "Sally, we have to get going, it's

The four of them got out of the hot tub and went to the
pool house to dry off. As they were rubbing themselves
with the towels, Kim asked, "Do you think dad get excited
when he sees me naked or in sexy underwear like last night?"

"He's a man Kim. What do you think?" Marge told her
daughter. "Of course he gets excited. You, and Sally, are
very cute and sexy young ladies. Any man would get excited
seeing you two. That is why it is so important to keep
your activities private, not all men are like your fathers
or brothers, and you guys could end up in trouble if you're
not careful."

Sally and her family left for home and Kim went to her
room. She put her short red pajamas on and lay on her bed.
Using the remote, she turned on the television and began to
flip through the channels. She found a program that looked
interesting and decided to watch it. She put the remote on
her nightstand, curled up under the covers and fell asleep,
the television still on.

Jack came upstairs and went to his sister's room. He saw
that she was sound asleep, turned of her television and
went to his own bedroom for the night.

The next couple of days were uneventful. The four teens
went to school, came home and did their homework, and then
went to bed. None of them slept together or had any sexual

Saturday morning arrived and Kim was up early. She went
into the bathroom and took a long hot shower and very
carefully shaved her legs and pubic area, trying to avoid
any nicks or cuts. After her shower, she fixed her hair
and went downstairs to eat. She was the only one up and
sat quietly at the kitchen counter with a bowl of cereal in
front of her. She pushed the cereal around in the bowl of
milk, thinking about the dance.

Marge walked into the room wearing her robe. She made
coffee and sat next to her daughter.
"Is everything alright Kim?"

"Yes mom, I just have butterflies in my stomach. I guess
I'm just thinking too much about the dance. I want
everything to be perfect tonight."

Marge stood up and put her arms around her daughter,
pulled her close and held her.

"Kim, everything will be fine. You have to stop worrying
about it and go and enjoy yourself."

"I know mom. It's just that this is my first dress up
dance. I want to look pretty tonight and have fun."

"Sweetheart, you will look beautiful tonight and all of
you guys will have a ball. It's important not to let the
fact that your brother is dancing with Megan or other girls upset you. He loves you and cares about you very much and
after the dance, everything will be the same as it has

"Thanks mom, you always seem to understand."

Marge released her and sat back down. Kim began to eat
and finished her breakfast.

"Mom, what should I wear to the spa this morning?"

"I would wear something comfortable Kim. Jeans or a skirt
and a button down blouse."

Kim looked at the time and went to her room. She put on a
wrap-around skirt and a short-sleeved blouse. She put on
her socks and shoes and called Sally.

The girls talked about going to the spa and getting ready
for the dance. Sally said that Lisa called her last night
and said that she and Megan would pick her up at about ten-
thirty. Kim looked at the clock and saw it was a quarter
past ten and told Sally goodbye.

Kim went back to the kitchen and asked her mom if she was
dressed ok.

"You look fine honey. When is everyone going to be here?"

"I just talked to Sally, she said that Megan and Lisa were
picking her up in a few minutes and then coming here."

Kim paced around the house, waiting for her friends and
cousin. She kept going to the front door and looking
outside. After a few minutes, Megan pulled into the drive.
The three girls got out of the car and went into the house.
They all went into the kitchen and told Kim's mom how much
they appreciated the chance to go to the spa.

Marge said, "You are all welcome, I hope you enjoy it."

They all talked about the plans for later and left. As
Megan drove towards the spa, all of the girls talked about
the dance.

Lisa said, "I can't believe I'm going to the spa, I
usually go to one of the cut-rate places for a haircut.
I've never had my hair styled by a hairdresser."

"I have never been here either," Kim said. "I wonder what
it is like?"

Megan pulled into the parking lot of the spa and the girls went inside. Kim told the receptionist who she was and
that they all had an appointment. Oh yes Miss. Graham, we
are all set for you. She asked each girl their name and
escorted them into the salon. Each girl was directed to a
chair and a stylist was assigned to each girl.

For the next two and a half hours, the girls had their
haircut and styled, their nails done and were given
facials. The stylists asked each girl about their dresses
and applied make-up that would highlight them. When the
stylists were finished, they put the make-up into little
satin bags and gave it to the girls.

Kim, Sally, Megan and Lisa stood in front of a large
mirror and admired themselves and each other.

Megan said, "I never knew I could look like this, I feel
so beautiful."

All of the girls agreed that the spa had done a wonderful
job. Kim went to the receptionist and asked about paying
for everyone.

"Mrs. Graham has taken care of everything, you ladies are
all set."

The girls left and went back to Kim's house. They went in
and found Marge in the family room, reading a book. She
looked up at the teens and smiled.

"You girls look wonderful. Your hair is so nice, I'm glad
you all decided to have it done down like that."

The girls all thanked her and chattered about their
experience at the spa.

"I have never felt so special Mrs. Graham," Lisa said.

The girls all agreed that the trip was great and thanked
Marge again.

"It's two o'clock now girls, what are you going to do
until it's time to get dressed?"

"I am going to sit in a chair and wait Aunt Marge," Sally
said. "I don't want to mess up my hair or make-up."

Marge laughed at her niece and said, "I don't think that
is necessary Sally, just be careful."

The girls talked with Marge for a little longer and
decided to go. Megan, Lisa and Sally went out to the car
and Kim went to her room. She sat at her desk and turned
on her computer. She surfed around for a little while and
found she couldn't sit still.

She kept looking at the time, waiting for the moment she
could begin to get dressed. She heard her brother in the
hallway and went to see him.

Jack was carrying his tux, in a plastic bag, into his
room. He hung the garment on his closet doorknob and
turned to his sister.

"You look great Kim. I can't wait to see you in your

"I can't wait to see you in your tux either Jack. When
are you going to get ready?"

"I don't know, in a little while. What time is it?"

"Three-thirty, everyone is going to met here at about five-

"Ok then, I have plenty of time."

"Jack, why didn't any of you guys want our dress colors
for your bowties? I thought that you were going to wear
ones that matched."

"When we went to the tuxedo rental shop, they told us that
everyone from school was picking coats with tails and
bowties and vests that matched their date's dresses. We
all decided that if we were going to go to the dance with
the prettiest girls there, we weren't going to look like
all the rest of the guys. We all rented formal tuxedos
with black bowties. I hope you don't mind."

Kim smiled at her brother. She felt great that the guys would think enough of the girls to do something so nice.

"I don't mind at all Jack, I think you guys are the best."

"Thanks Kim, I think you are the best too."

Kim went back into her room, sat down on her bed and
turned on the stereo. She listened to the music and
remembered she had something to do. She went through her
CDs and selected several that had slow songs on them and
took them down to the family room. She put them into the
cabinet by the CD player and went back to her room.

Thinking about her and Sally's plans for after the dance,
Kim began to feel a little excited. She wanted to touch
herself, but decided against it. She got up and walked
around her room, unable to settle down. She went into her
closet and inspected her outfit, deciding everything was

The phone rang and she picked it up. It was Sally. She
asked Kim if she had started to get dressed yet and what
she was doing.

"No, I haven't started yet," Kim said. "I'm just trying
to pass the time. I can't sit still."

Sally told her that she felt like bouncing off the walls
too. She asked if Jack told her about the guys and their

"Yes, he told me. I think the guys are so sweet."

The two girls talked for a bit and then Marge came into
Kim's room. She told her cousin goodbye and hung up the

"I think you should start to get ready Kim. It's almost

"Ok mom, I will."

Marge closed her daughter's door and went to the bed.

"Where is your purse Kim? We need to make sure everything
fits in it."

Kim took out the red purse and gave it to her mom. She
put Kim's make-up in it and asked if she had bought an
extra pair of stockings. Kim nodded and went to her
closet, returning with the stockings. Her mom opened the
package and asked Kim if she had anything to put them in.

"No mom. What should I use?"

Marge thought for a moment and told her to go to the
kitchen and get a plastic lunch bag. Kim ran downstairs,
returning with the bag her mom asked for. Marge removed
the stockings from the package, folded them carefully, and
put them into the bag. She fit them into the purse and
asked if she had anything else to go in it. Kim got her
school ID and gave it to her mom.

"Ok, lets start getting you dressed."

Kim went into the closet and came out with the bag
containing her new lingerie. She took off her clothes and
underwear and put on the new items. Her mom handed her the
new stockings and asked if Kim had anything to do in the

"Maybe I should try to pee before I get dressed."

Kim put the stockings on her bed and went into the
bathroom. She came back into the bedroom, sat on the edge
of the bed and pulled the stockings over her legs. The new
stockings were a different length than the sample pair she
had. Her mom helped her adjust her garter belt and stepped

"I just can't get over how good you look in that outfit."

Kim smiled and went for her dress. Her mom helped her put
it on and zipped it up the back. Kim buttoned the small
cuffs and put on her shoes. She stood in front of her
mirror and admired herself.

"How do I look mom?"

"Just wonderful Kim. You look so grown up in that dress.
I have something for you, I'll be right back."

Marge left Kim's room. She knocked on Jack's door and
told him to get ready. He opened his door and said that he
might need some help. Marge hollered down the stairs for
Don, telling him to come and help Jack.

Marge went to her room and returned to Kim's, carrying a
red crocheted shawl. She draped it over Kim's shoulders
and stepped back.

Kim ran her hands over the shawl, feeling the soft
material. She looked into the mirror at her reflection,
turning around.

"Oh mom, it's beautiful. I just love it. Thank you very

"Ok Kim, I guess you are as ready as you're going to get.
Let's go downstairs to wait for the other kids."

Kim and her mom went down to the family room. Kim sat on
the couch and waited for her brother to come down stairs.
After a few minutes, Jack and his dad came into the room.
She looked at her brother and felt her heart speed up and a
lump form in her throat.

Jack stood in the room, dressed in his tuxedo. Kim
couldn't get over how handsome he looked. She stood up,
went over to him and ran her fingers over the satin lapels
of his jacket. He stepped back, looked at his sister in
her red dress, and whistled.

"You look great Kim," he said.

"So do you Jack."

Their parents complemented them on how they looked and
told them they would be the best looking guy and girl there.

As the family stood and talked, they heard Marc yell from
the garage.

"Anyone home?"

"We're in the family room Marc," Don said.

Marc walked into the family room carrying the two cases
with Tom's light in them. He set them down and went back
to the garage.

"You need any help Marc?" Don asked.

"No thanks, I've got it."

He came back into the room with Tom's camera bag and a
suitcase. Don took the suitcase and put it aside.

Sally and Tom came in and joined their cousins. Sally
looked stunning in her blue dress and Tom was as handsome
as Jack in his tux. The four adults told the kids how nice
they looked and Tom grabbed his camera equipment.

"Help me set this stuff up Jack."

Jack grabbed the lighting cases and followed Tom into the
living room. The two boys set up the lights and Tom put
his camera on the tripod. He consulted his notes, moved
the lights around and changed the settings on his camera.

"Kim, Sally, come here for a minute. I need to have you
model for me. The two girls went into the living room and
stood in front of the camera. Tom made a couple of test
shots to be sure the lights were working and moved one over
a bit.

"Thanks, you girls sure look hot tonight."

"You and Jack look good too," Kim said. She turned to
Sally and whispered, "Good enough to eat."

Sally giggled and said, "Sounds good to me, think we have

Kim smiled and moved away. She saw Jack standing in the
room, his camcorder pointed at the girls. Kim and Sally
stood next to each other and posed for him.

Marge heard the doorbell and went to answer it. Bob and
Diane were standing there, their kids behind them. Marge
held the door and the family walked in. The two boys looked at their dates and smiled. They walked over to Kim
and Sally, and told them how nice they looked.

"You guys look great too," Kim said.

"Yes, you both are very handsome tonight," Sally added.

Lisa went over to Tom and set down her camera bag. She
wore a strapless hunter green satin dress. A matching
short matching jacket covered her shoulders.

"You are beautiful Lisa," Tom said as he looked at her.

"Thank you Tom, you look very handsome yourself. Are
these the lights you told me about?"

"Yes, great aren't they?"

Tom and Lisa looked over his photo equipment. He answered
her questions and told her how the lights worked.

Again the doorbell sounded and Marge opened the front
door. Megan was there with her parents.

"Mom, dad, this is Mrs. Graham. Mrs. Graham, this is my
mom and dad."

Marge shook hands with Megan's parents and invited them
in. She led them to the family room and the adults all
introduced themselves. Lisa's parents knew the Stones from
the country club.

Megan went into the living room and over to Jack. She had
on a black, long sleeved dress with a scoop neckline.

"Wow Megan, you look great." Jack said.

"Thank you Jack you look very nice too. I would like you
to come and meet my parents."

Jack, and the rest of the kids, followed Megan into the
family room. She introduced her parents to Jack, Tom,
Sally, and Kim. They all shook hands and talked for a few

Tom said, "Let's get some pictures."

The teens went back into the living room and stood as
couples so Tom and Lisa could take pictures. Jack also
used his camcorder to tape the group. They switched around
several times until everyone had their photo taken.

Lisa called for her dad to come take a few group shots.
The teens stood next to each other and Bob took shots with
both Lisa and Tom's camera. Don had come out and took
video with Jack's camera. Once all the photos were taken,
everyone gathered in the family room. They all talked at
once, making it hard to understand anything.

Don whistled and everyone became quiet.

"How are you guys going to get to the dance?" He asked.

Tom said, "I guess we can all go in my Expedition, it will
seat eight."

"Well," Don said, "I guess you guys had better get ready
to go. You don't want to be late for dinner."

The parents all said goodbye to their kids, giving them
last minute instructions. The kids started to head for the
garage to go to Tom's truck, but Don stopped them.

"Go out through the front door," Don said. "You don't
want the young ladies to walk through the garage in their
beautiful dresses."

The group of teens turned around and went to the front
door and stood in the foyer. Don opened the door for them
and they went outside.

Parked in the circle drive was a stretch limousine, the
driver stood by the door holding it open.

"Why don't you guys go in this, a truck is no good for
such good looking couples."

The parents stood on the porch and watched as their
children walked to the limo and got in.

Jack climbed in first, followed by Megan. One by one the
kids got into the plush car and sat on the leather couch-
like seat. The driver opened a bottle of sparkling white
grape juice and poured some into champagne glasses for each
of them. Laughing, the teens toasted to a great night.

The adults gathered around the long car and wished their
kids well. The driver closed the back door, went up front,
and pulled out of the drive, as the parents all waved.

On the way back to the house, Marge asked if anyone would
like a drink or coffee.

The group decided on coffee and sat in the family room
while Marge and Anne brought it out. After everyone was
served, Jerry, Megan's dad, asked if he could see the pool
that Megan had told him about.

The group got up and went into the pool area. Jerry and
his wife Susan looked around the large glass room. Don
took them into the pool house and showed him the computer
and sound systems.

"This is very nice," Jerry said. "It would be nice to be
able to use the pool year round."

They all went back to the family room and sat down.

Jerry said, "I want to thank you folks for all you have
done for Megan. I have never seen her so happy or excited
about life. Ever since she started to chum around with
your children, she has been a different person. Megan
knows Lisa, Paul, and Brad from the club, but it wasn't
until recently that she started to talk about them. I have
no idea what it is, but it's great that she is coming out
of her shell."

"Megan is a very nice young lady," Marge said. "We love
having her around."

The adults sat and talked for a few more minutes and then
the Stones excused them selves. They told everyone that
they had another engagement and were late, but they felt
they had to come and meet the parents of her friends.

After they had left, the three couples went into the
family room. Don said, "Well guys, let's go to Chicago."

They gathered their things and headed for Don's Suburban.
He put their bags in the back of the truck and they left
for the airport and the private plane Don had chartered for
the trip.

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