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The Lottery Part 36


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. 2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

The Lottery - Part 36 (mf, ff, oral, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision

The next morning, Sally slowly came to life. She opened
her eyes and saw her brother's penis, half erect only
inches from her mouth. She moved her head a little and
gently kissed the end of it. The uncontrolled twitching of
the organ amused her as she licked at it. Remembering what
Kim had said before she and Tom had gone to bed, she
slipped out of the bed and covered him.

Sally quietly left the room, crossed the hall and opened
Kim's door. She went to the bed and gently shook her
cousin's shoulder, being careful not to wake Jack. She
watched as the sleeping girl slowly opened her eyes and
looked up. Sally put her finger to her lips and waited for
her cousin to wake up completely.

Kim smiled and got of her bed, leaving the warmth of her
sleeping brother behind. She followed Sally into the hall
and closed the door.

Speaking softly, Kim said, "Morning, sleep well?"

"Once I got to sleep," Sally whispered with a big grin.

Kim smiled and said, "Me too."

Sally moved close to her naked cousin, put her arms around
her and said, "Happy birthday."

Kim hugged her equally nude cousin, running her hands over
her soft back.

"Thanks Sally. Go and get your underwear from last night,
I have a little surprise planned for the guys."

The two girls broke their embrace and went back to the
rooms they had slept in. They gathered their things and
went back into the hall. Kim had also grabbed a robe. She
told Sally to follow her and walked to her parents' room.
She took one of her mom's bathrobes, handed it to Sally and
the girls went down stairs.

"I need a shower," Kim said. "Let's go to the pool house
and get cleaned up."

They walked through the family room and out to he pool
area. In the pool house, they put their things on a bench
and went into the shower room. The girls each turned on a
showerhead and stood under the warm spray, letting the
water cascade over their bodies.

"This feels so good Kim," Sally said, as she ran her
fingers through her hair.

"It sure does. So how was your night with Tom? Did you
two have fun?"

"Oh yes, we had a great time. I came so many times I
thought I would pass out. How about you and Jack? From
the sounds we heard, you must have fun too."

"It was the best yet, he made me nuts."

The girls exchanged details of their encounters as they
shampooed their hair. When Sally told Kim about Tom
putting his finger into her butt and his penis into her
vagina Kim gave her a strange look.

"You really like things in your ass don't you?"

"Kim, it makes me so hot, I feel like I could cum a
hundred times. I wonder how it would feel to have a cock
in my ass? I just can't help thinking about it."

Sally moved under the showerhead with Kim, took the soap
and began to wash her back. She rubbed her hands slowly
over her, making sure she didn't miss an inch of Kim's soft
skin. She turned her around and started to wash her front,
coating her with suds.

Kim moaned when Sally applied the soap to her breasts and
massaged them gently. After tweaking her hard nipples,
Sally rinsed away the soap, took a nipple into her mouth
and sucked it as she washed between Kim's legs.

"That feels so good Sally, your mouth and hand is making
me hot."

Sally continued to suck on Kim's nipple and reached for
the spray head. She directed the warm water between Kim's
spread legs and rinsed the soap away. After adjusting the
showerhead to a thin pulsating stream, she pointed it at
Kim's clit. Sally used her fingers to part the puffy lips
of Kim's labia and moved the softly pounding water over her.

Kim moaned and held Sally's head to her chest, rubbing her
other breast. Sally removed her mouth from the firm
breast, turned Kim around and bent her over. Kim put her
hands on the bench and pushed her butt back at Sally while
she continued to massage her crotch with the warm water.

Pushing her finger into Kim's heated vagina, she stroked
in and out. Keeping the stream of water on her cousin's
clit, Sally took the bar of soap and rubbed it over Kim's
round butt. She moved the soap between her cheeks and
moved it up and down. Sally dropped the soap, returned her
hand to the slippery flesh and continued to rub.

After pushing the button on the showerhead that stopped
the flow of water, she pushed two fingers into Kim's
vagina, moving them in and out slowly. Kim moaned as her
cousin strolled the inner walls of her sex, slowly rocking
her hips. When Sally's fingertip touched her tight anus,
Kim let out a groan, lowered her head and pushed her butt
into the air.

Sally moved her soap slick finger around the tight pucker,
applying more pressure. When her finger pushed past the
tight ring, Kim gasped. Sally slowly moved her finger
against the resistance of Kim's anus, pulling back a little
and then pressing forward. With her other hand, Sally
fingered her cousin's vagina, rubbing her clit with her

"Just relax Kim, just relax, and enjoy it."

Kim tried to relax her muscles and let Sally work her
finger into her. The soap had Sally's finger slick and
when she felt Kim's tight anus relax, she pushed it into
her all the way. She slowly moved her fingers in and out
of both of Kim's holes, feeling her own fingers through the
thin membrane.

"Oh god Sally, that feels so good! Do it faster!"

Sally increased the speed of her assault and wiggled her
fingers when they were deep inside. Kim moaned and humped
her self against her cousins probing fingers, feeling her
impending orgasm build.

"Sally, fuck my pussy with your fingers, fuck my ass and
pussy hard!"

Kim's body tensed up and quivered as she came. She
gripped the probing digit that was in her butt and her
vagina convulsed around Sally's fingers. When her climax
had reached its peak and began to subside, Kim reached for
her cousin's wrists and pulled her hands away, leaving her
openings empty. She turned, sat on the bench and fell back
against the wall.

Sally smiled, picked up the soap and began to wash
herself. Kim watched her lather her body and stand under
the spray, rinsing the suds away. She could feel small
spasms deep within her vagina, as she sat quietly, basking
in the afterglow of her climax.

"Want me to help you?" Kim asked, her breathing still

"That's ok, I will be fine. You just relax and enjoy."

Sally finished her shower, turned off the water and
offered her hand to Kim. She pulled her to her feet, put
her arm around her and guided her into the common area of
the pool house. She waited while Sally took two towels
from the shelf, and used one to dry Kim off. Kim took the
towel and rubbed through her hair and Sally dried herself.

Finally, Kim began to regain her composure. She wrapped
the towel around her wet hair and sat on the bench. Slowly
she rubbed the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair that
covered her mound.

"I wonder if you can wear this out?" she said, cupping her
sex. "At this rate I don't think mine is going to last
until I'm twenty."

Sally laughed at her and said, "I don't think you can wear
out your pussy Kim. Why did you want to bring our new
lingerie with us?"

"Well," Kim said as she hooked the waistband of her
panties and pulled them on. "I figured that if the guys got all turned on seeing us in them last night, they might
like to see us again. I like to showoff, I think I'm
becoming a voyeur."

"Don't you mean an exhibitionist Kim? A voyeur is someone
that likes to see other people, an exhibitionist is
somebody that likes to have other people see them."

Kim thought about what Sally said for a moment.

"Really? Well then, I guess I am turning into both an
exhibitionist and a voyeur. I get all turned at the
thought of being seen, and watching. Maybe I am just a sex
fiend Sally, there isn't anything I have done so far that I
haven't liked."

"Oh no!" Sally giggled. "My cousin is turning into a

"I'm not a slut Sally, but I kind of like to act like one
when I'm with you, Tom, and Jack. It can be very exciting
once in awhile."

"I was just teasing Kim, I like to do that too. It makes
me hot when the guys see me nude or in sexy things, like
last night."

The girls giggled and Kim laid out her plan for the
morning as the two put their sexy underwear on. They
pulled the stockings up their legs and fastened the garters
to them. After slipping into the long terrycloth robes,
they went to the kitchen.

Together, they began to fix breakfast for them and their
brothers. They mixed pancake batter and put sausages into
a frying pan.

Kim said, "I'm going to go wake Jack and Tom up and have
them get ready."

"Don't you think they will see that you're wearing
stockings under your robe?"

"With the way Jack is when he first wakes up, I doubt he
will even know it's me."

Kim went to her room and stood close to the bed. She
gently shook her brother, waking him. He half opened his
eyes and looked up at her standing in her robe.

"What?" He groaned.

"Time to get up Jack, breakfast is almost ready. Go and
get Tom up and take a quick shower. Sally and I will be in
the kitchen."

"Ok, what time is it anyway?"

"It's a little after nine. Come on and get going. I
don't want your breakfast to be ruined."

Jack rubbed his eyes and cleared his head. He realized
that the other kids would be there at noon for Kim's party.
When he looked like he was going to get out of bed, Kim
turned and left, reminding him to hurry. She went back to
the kitchen to help Sally with the cooking.

The two girls moved around the kitchen setting the counter
and getting ready to start the pancakes.

"Sally, I can see why you like to have things in your
butt, it made me so hot. At first I thought it was kind of
gross, but I really liked it."

Sally smiled and said, "One of these days you will have to
try the little silver vibrator, it will make you feel like
you're going to explode."

The girls laughed. They heard the showers running
upstairs and lit the stove beneath the sausages, deciding
they would start the pancakes when they heard the water
stop. They waited patiently, listening for the boys to
finish in the shower. When they heard the water stop
running, Sally began to cook the pancakes while Kim turned
the sausages.

As soon as a batch of the golden brown cakes were done,
Sally stacked them onto a platter and started another. She
was pouring the batter onto the hot griddle for the third
time when Jack and her brother walked into the kitchen,
wearing only boxer shorts.

The two boys sat at the counter and waited for the girls to serve breakfast.

"You two sure looked nice in your dresses last night," Tom
said. "But your underwear was the greatest. I thought I
was going to bust when you took off the dresses and showed

"Really guys, you liked us in those things?" Kim quipped,
knowing the answer to the question.

"Oh yes," Jack said. "You two looked better than the
girls in the magazines. When you put on your little show I
thought I was going to lose it, without even touching

Kim and Sally giggled, amused by their brother's reaction
to the sexy lingerie. They turned their backs to them,
untied their robes and dropped them to the floor as they
turned around to face them.

"So you like us dressed like this?" Sally said.

The boys were speechless. They both sat and stared at the
girls. Kim and Sally acted as if they were dressed
normally and began to serve their brothers breakfast. Once
everything was on the counter, they went around and sat
next to the memorized boys.

Jack cleared his throat, stood up and went to Kim. He
wrapped his arms around her, pulling her scantly dressed
body to his.

"Happy birthday," he said, kissing her on the mouth.

"Yeah, happy birthday Kim," Tom said, and also gave her a
hug and a kiss.

"Thanks guys, now eat your breakfast before it's cold."

The four teens ate quietly. The girls could tell that
their brothers were very excited by the tenting of their
boxers. Kim got a devious grin on her face and stuck her
fork into the end of a sausage. She took the syrup bottle
and poured some onto the sausage.
"What does this remind you of Sally?" She asked as she
put the sausage into her mouth and sucked the sweet syrup
off of it.

Jack and Tom watched as Kim sucked on the small tube of
meat and used her tongue to lick the sticky syrup from it.
Sally immediately picked up a sausage with her fingers,
coated it with syrup and mimicked Kim.

"Mmmm," she said, "It would remind me of a cock, if it was
much bigger."

"You're right Sally, it would."

Kim slid off her stool, turned her brother to face her and
fished his hard penis out of his boxers. She took the
syrup bottle, covered the end of her brother's rigid member
with the warm sticky substance and lowered her head to his
lap. Noisily, she licked and slurped, cleaning the sweet
syrup from him.

Sally giggled and repeated the same thing on her brother.
The two girls poured the syrup onto the boy's penises and
licked them clean several time. Soon they forgot about the
syrup and just sucked on the boys.

Jack reached under Kim and put his hands over her breasts.
She rested her hands on the tops of his legs and moved her
head up and down, engulfing over half of her brother every
time she pushed down.

Tom held Sally's head as she stroked the hard flesh
between his balls and her mouth. She rubbed the underside
of his penis with her tongue and twisted her head back and
forth. When she felt his cum surge past her fingers, she
began to suck harder, swallowing his load. Still sucking gently, she held his penis in her mouth until the throbbing
ceased and he began to soften. She removed him from her
mouth and stood up facing him.

Sally looked over towards Kim and Jack to see her devour
his entire length. They watched as Jack began to shoot his
semen down her throat as her rubbed her bra-covered
breasts. Jack moaned as his sister kept her nose pressed
into his pubic hair and let him empty his balls. When he
stopped, Kim slowly raised her head and let the softening
flesh slip through her lips. She felt the ridge of his
penis touch the inside of her lips and stopped, caressing
the end with her tongue.

Jack let go of her breasts and put his hands on the sides
of her head. He pulled her up, his penis making a popping
sound as it was pulled free of her still sucking mouth.

"I just love cock for breakfast," Kim said. She jumped
back onto her stool and resumed eating her now cold food.

The four teens laughed and went back to try to eat. As
they finished their meal Tom turned to his sister.

"Would you mind if I took a few pictures of you dressed
like that Sally?"

Sally looked over to Kim and shrugged her shoulders. Kim
smiled at her and got off the stool, picking up her dirty

"You can take some of me if she doesn't want too Tom," Kim
said. "Just as soon as the kitchen is cleaned up."

The two boys jumped from their stools and rushed around
the counter, collecting the dirty dishes and putting them
into the dishwasher. They even washed the pans and put
them away. Kim and Sally watched as they finished cleaning
up in record time.

"You guys get ready while Sally and I go fix our hair,
we'll be right back."

The girls went to Kim's bathroom and brushed out their
hair. They brushed their teeth and went back to the
kitchen. The two boys were gone, so they went into the
living room and found them setting up the equipment. Kim
and Sally waited, watching Tom fool with his lights and
Jack get his camcorder ready.

"Stand over there please," Tom said, pointing to a spot in
front of his camera.

The girls moved to the place he had pointed to and stood
side by side. Jack had his camcorder on, taping the two.
Tom told them how to pose, snapping photos as they moved
into position. For the next half an hour, the boys photographed the girls in various poses.

Tom said, "I think that's enough for now, I want to see
how these turn out before I shoot any more film."

Jack turned off the camcorder and the teens went into the
family room. Sally checked the time and noted that it was
almost eleven o'clock. She knew that the other kids would
be there soon and she had to get Kim out of the room.

"Kim," Sally said. Let's get dressed and walk to my
house. I want to go swimming this afternoon and I need to
get my suit."

"I have plenty of bathing suits Sally, you can use one of

Sally winked at Kim and said, "I want to get my white one."

Kim smiled at her, knowing that she had something in mind.
She stood up and said, "Ok, let's go."

The girls went to Kim's room and removed their lingerie.
They dressed in jeans and sweaters, Sally borrowing clothes
from Kim. Once they were dressed they headed downstairs
and to the front door. They started down the walk and
Sally stopped.

"Wait a second Kim, I have to go get a key from Tom."

Kim nodded and waited while Sally ran back into the house.
She went to her brother and cousin and asked Tom for the
key. He went into the living room and took it from his
camera bag and handed it to her.

"We'll be back in a little while, you guys get every thing
ready. When you are set, call me and we will come home."

The boys agreed and she went back outside to Kim. The
girls walked to Sally's house, talking about what they did
at breakfast.

"Licking the syrup off Jack's cock was cool Sally. Did
you like doing it to Tom?"

"Oh yes! It was real sexy. Maybe some time we can cover
ourselves with something and have them lick it off of us."

"Yeah, like whipped cream. That would be fun!" Kim said
with a giggle. "We could put it in our pussies and they
could lick it out."

The girls continued to talk about the different ways their
brothers could use whipped cream in their sex play. They
rounded the corner to Sally's street and walked to the house.

Once inside, Sally dawdled around. They went to her room
and she took her white bikini from her drawer and put it
into a beach bag. She changed out of the clothes she had
borrowed from Kim and put on a miniskirt and a tank top.

Kim sat on her bed and waited while Sally sorted through
some clothes, taking Kim's jumper and putting it into her

"Sally, do you think the twins like us? I kind of like
Paul, he is really cute. He was fun to dance with last

"I like Brad too Kim, they are both cute, but then again,
they look alike."

The two girls laughed and then Kim said, "Have you thought
about messing around with him?"

"Yeah, but I don't know if I will. I don't think he knows
too much about sex."

"Sally! Until a couple months ago, neither did we.
Learning is has been one of the best parts."

"You're right, I just don't know if I am ready to fool
around with another guy, I mean Tom is so fun and good to
me and I don't want him to be mad."

Sally thought for a moment and said, "Why, are you
thinking of messing around with Paul?"

"I would kind of like to know what it is like with someone
else. I don't mean go all the way necessarily, but to just
fool around the idea makes me excited. I really care about
Jack too, but he is going to want to find someone he can
take out, someone like Megan. If they get together, and
she comes out of her shell, they may end up in bed."

"I think that Lisa and Tom are getting close and it will
only be a matter of time before he is trying to make out
with her or she is trying with him. This is all just too
confusing Kim, I guess we will just have to wait and see
what happens."

The phone rang and Sally picked it up. She talked to Tom
for a moment and replaced the receiver.

Sally stood up and headed for her bedroom door.

"Tom wants me to bring a suit for him. He asked for the
one he bought up north."

Kim followed Sally into Tom's bedroom and watched as she
opened his drawer and removed the small suit. She closed
that drawer and opened the one she had found the magazine
in. Searching through a stack of papers she located the
book and took it out.

"You have to check this out Kim," she said, and handed her
the magazine.

Kim sat on Tom's bed and began to flip through the pages.
She looked at picture after picture of men and women in
various sex acts. When she found one that showed a man with his penis in a woman's ass, she froze.

"Look at this Sally, this girl has his cock in her ass!"

Sally sat next to her cousin and looked at the picture.

"Looks cool doesn't it Kim?"

"It looks like it would hurt Sally, look at the size of
his cock. It has to be twice as big as Tom's or Jack's!"

Another photo showed the man with his penis in his hand
and a woman kneeling in front of him.

"There is no way she is going to fit that thing into her
mouth," Kim said. "It's huge!"

She turned the page and sure enough, the girl had about
half of the monstrous penis in her mouth. The two girls could see that her mouth was stretched to accommodate him
and her throat was budging.

Kim closed the magazine and handed it back to Sally. She
put it back where she had found it and closed the drawer.

"That has to be trick photography Sally, she just couldn't
get all that into her mouth."

"I don't know, it might be. Lets go back to your house
and take a swim. All of this talk has me warm and I need
to cool off or I'm going to attack you."

Kim laughed at her and they left. On the walk back to
Kim's they discussed how cold it was getting and that
winter would be here soon. When they arrived at Kim's,
Sally led her to the front door. Once inside the house the
girls went to Kim's room to put on their suits.

Sally glanced at the time and saw that she had to keep Kim
occupied for a little longer. She took off her clothes and
sat on the bed, pulling her legs up and apart.

"Kim, will you check and see if I need a trim? I want to
be sure my hair doesn't show."

Kim knelt between her legs and looked at her crotch. She
ran her fingertips over her vaginal lips and up to her
mound. Sally pulled at her legs, spreading them further
apart when she felt Kim touch her.

"Looks fine to me Sally," Kim said as she stroked the soft
skin. She pushed her finger into Sally's vagina and moved
it slowly.

"There doesn't seem to be any hair in here either, but let
me get a closer look."

Kim bent her head forward and covered Sally's sex with her
mouth. She ran her tongue over her puffy lips and poked at
her clit with the tip. Sally moaned when she felt Kim's
hot tongue pushing into her vagina and quickly moved away.

"Let's wait until later Kim so we can spend a long time
doing it."

Kim stood up and removed her jeans and top. She took off
her underwear and went to her drawer for a bathing suit.
She picked up the leopard print micro suit and dropped it
back into the drawer, opting for her white one like Sally's.

The two girls put on the bikinis and their cover-ups.
Sally checked the time again and said, "Let's go."

They went downstairs and into the family room. Kim
noticed that the drapes, that covered the door wall, were
partly closed. She followed Sally out to the pool area and
stopped in her tracks when she heard a group of people

Kim looked around and saw Jack, Tom, Lisa, Brad, Paul, and
Megan all standing in front of her. They all walked over
to Kim and one by one they hugged her. The last one to
wrap their arms around her was her brother. He squeezed
her tight and smiled.

"Are you surprised Kim," he asked, still holding her. "I
wanted to throw this party for you on your fifteenth
birthday. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it
because mom an dad were going out of town, but they said it
was ok."

"Yes Jack, I'm very surprised. Thank you for thinking of

Kim and her brother broke their embrace and Kim talked
with Lisa, Megan, and Sally. She looked around and saw
that they had decorated the pool area with balloons and a
large banner, which hung on the back wall. There was a
table set up with snacks and a cooler for sodas.

Kim's eyes filled with tears as she took in all the things
they had done to prepare for the party. When she began to
thank everyone, they all said that it was all Jack's idea.
Kim walked over to her brother and asked him to follow her.
She led him out of the pool area and into the house.

Shielded from the others, Kim threw her arms around his
neck and kissed him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth
and sucked his tongue when he did the same.

"Thank you so much Jack, this is the best birthday present
you could have gotten me."

The two hugged for a moment longer and returned to the
rest of their guests. Kim went back to the girls and Jack
talked with the guys. After talking for a while, Megan
said, "Who wants to go for a swim?"

The teens agreed that it was a good idea and went to put
their suits on. Tom asked his sister where his suit was
and she told him it was in Kim's room. The guys all went
upstairs to change, Megan and Lisa went into the pool house.

"Did you know about this?" Kim asked Sally, while they
waited for the others.

"Yup, I had a hard time keeping it a secret too. Brad
almost slipped on the way home from the dance."

"What do you mean?"

"He almost said 'see you tomorrow' when he got out of the

Kim and Sally were laughing when the other two girls came
out of the pool house. Kim was surprised to see that her
two friends had the same bathing suits as she and her
cousin. Megan pulled at the small bikini as she walked up
to the girls, trying to make it cover as much as possible.

"Where did you guys get the suits?" Kim asked. "They are
exactly like Sally's and mine."

Sally said, "I called the store up north and had them ship
them to me. I thought it would be fun for all of us to
have the same suit. I ordered them as soon as Jack told us
about the surprise party."

"This is so cool," Kim said, "You guys look good in them."

Kim thought for a moment about Tom's request when he
called Sally's house earlier. She was about to ask if the
boys were going to be wearing the skimpy Spedo suits that
Tom and her brother had bought on their vacation. Her
question was answered when she saw the boys walk into the
room, all wearing the small suits.

The girls all checked the boys out, noticing the distinct
outline of their gentitalia through the thin fabric. When
the guys walked away from them, the girls stared at their
firm butts, watching them flex as they walked.

Lisa whispered to her friends, "There sure won't be any
question if the guys get boners today. They will have a
real hard time hiding them in those suits."

Kim and Sally laughed, remembering the day on the boat
that their brothers first wore their suits and how their
penises poked their heads out of the top of the suits.
Megan chuckled nervously at the mental image Lisa's
statement brought to mind.

Jack turned on the stereo system and filled the room with
music. The girls and guys gathered, sat in lounges and
chairs, and discussed the dance. Megan began to relax when
she realized that no one was staring at her. She noticed
that the rest of the group seemed very comfortable in their

Soon, Megan joined the conversation, confessing that when
she got home last night she woke her parents up to tell
them what a great time she had.

"I talked with my mom and dad for an hour last night. It
was the first time, in a very long time, I sat on my
parent's bed and talked with them. I hardly ever go into
their room, let alone talk with them about anything."
Megan said.

Lisa had left her camera at Jack's house last night and
she asked him if she could have it.

Tom jumped up and said, "Come on Lisa, I will show you
where your stuff is, I want to get my camera too."

As they walked towards the door wall, Jack asked Tom to
grab his camcorder too. Tom waved his hand over his head,
indicting that he understood. He and Lisa went into the
living room and gathered their equipment. Tom put a new
roll of film into his camera and Lisa attached her flash
unit. They went back to the pool and Lisa took a few shots
of the group that was still seated.

Brad said, "I'm going swimming." He stood up, went to the
diving board, and dove into the water.

Paul and Jack joined him, followed by Tom. The girls chatted and watched the boys, as they swam and splash
around in the pool. Kim left the other girls, went to the
pool house, and turned on the hot tub so it would be warmed
up if they wanted to use it later. She grabbed a stack of
towels, took them out by the pool, and put them on a table
so they would be handy when the kids got out of the water.

Kim returned to her friends and sat back down, listening
to them talk. Lisa was telling Sally that she drove a
snack cart at the country club in the summer to earn money.

"I just drive around and sell beer, soda, candy bars and
chips to the golfers," Lisa said. "They pay me by the
hour, but the tips is where I really make my money. It is
really fun, I get to be out in the sun all day, and I get

"The golfers tip you when they buy the stuff from you?"
Sally said.

"Yup, and some of them tip real good. If I wear a
miniskirt and a tight tank top, they tip even better. Some
days I can make two hundred dollars in tips alone, but on
other days I only get twenty or thirty dollars. My
brothers carry golf clubs from the cars and put them onto
the carts for the members. When they are done golfing,
they clean the clubs and put them back into the cars. They
get good tips too."

"What a great summer job," Kim said. "Sally and I use to
baby sit, in the old neighborhood, but we never made that
much money."

Sally got up and said, "Anyone want to go for a swim or
sit in the hot tub?"

The girls all stood up and agreed to go swimming. They
walked to the edge of the pool and one by one, jumped into
the water. They milled around in the deep end of the pool,
away from the boys. When Kim climbed up the ladder to dive
from the board, Megan noticed that her thin white bikini
was almost see through. She could see Kim's neatly trimmed
pubic hair and her nipples through the translucent fabric,
as it clung to her body.

Megan waited for Kim to dive back into the pool and she
swam over to her.

"Kim," Megan said. "Do you know that you can see through
your suit when it gets wet?"

Kim giggled and said, "Yup, you can see through yours too."

Megan looked down at her small breasts and could see the
dark skin of her areola and her nipples clearly, even under
water. She folded her arms over her chest and tried to
tread water by moving her legs.

"What am I going to do Kim?" She said, her voice
trembling. "I can't get out of the water like this."

Sally and Lisa swan over to the girls to see what they
were talking about. When Kim told them, they tried to
reassure Megan that it was no big deal. Sally put her hand
on the tall redhead's back and rubbed her gently.

"Don't worry about it Megan," Sally said. "No one will do
or say anything about it. I think it is kind of sexy

The three girls talked to Megan and tried to make her
relax. They told her that it was ok if the boys saw them,
that she shouldn't be ashamed of her body. Megan began to
calm down a little. She glanced around the pool and could
see that the guys were more interested in throwing a
volleyball around than the girls.

"Come on Megan," Lisa said. "It's not like we are at the
beach with a bunch of strangers, we all know each other
here. Although, I would wear this suit at the beach, I
love to tease guys. They are so funny when they are trying
to look and not get caught doing it."

Kim and Sally giggled at her confession, knowing that they
liked to do the same thing. Megan called Lisa a tart and
told her she was bad. Soon, Megan forgot about her suit
and went back to swimming and playing around in the water.
She looked over to the boys to make sure they were still
occupied and climbed out of the pool. She went to the
diving board, bounced up and down on the end of it, and
dove into the water.

The four girls lounged around in the pool a little longer
and decided to get cold drinks. Megan climbed out at the
deep end, away from the boys and went to the table, picked
up a towel and tried to dry her suit. The other three
girls went to the shallow end, near the boys, and slowly
got out, giving them an opportunity to see them in their
wet suits.

The guys stopped their game for a moment and watched the
girls get out of the water. They could see the girls'
hardened nipples and trimmed bushes as they walked along
the edge of the pool. As soon as the three girls passed,
they went back to their game, making quiet comments to each

Megan watched the display her friends were putting on.
She felt a slight tingle in her loins as she watched the
guy's reaction to them. When the three girls came over to
Megan, she told them that they were bad.

"I know," Kim said. "Does anyone want a soda?"

The girls all laughed and said that they would each have a
cold drink. Kim took four cans from the cooler and passed
them out. The girls sat and giggled about Kim, Sally, and
Lisa's boldness and drank their Cokes. Lisa picked up her
camera and took some shots of the boys in the pool. When
the boys noticed the flash, they scrambled out of the water
and stood, side by side at the edge of the pool.

The four guys began to pose for Lisa, flexing their
muscles and acting like the body builders they had seem on
television. The girls giggled, as the boys put on a show
for them, and called out directions for different poses.
Even Megan joined in the girls' fun, making somewhat more
restrained comments than her counter parts.

After a few minutes of the fun, the boys joined the girls.
They each took sodas from the cooler and sat near the four
girls, bragging about their muscular bodies. The entire
group laughed as the boys went on.

Tom picked up his camera and said, "Ok girls, it's your
turn now."

Giggling, the four girls got up, went to the edge of the
pool, and stood next to one another. Tom started to take
pictures of them, Jack pointed his camcorder and taped the

"Are you guys going to just stand there?" Paul said.

"Yeah, move around a little and show that you guys are
alive." Brad added.

Still giggling and talking to each other, the four girls began to pose for the boys. They turned their backs and
looked over their shoulders as the boys shouted out
instructions as the girls had done. The girls moved and
swayed to the music that played, Jack and Tom continued to
take pictures.

Brad and his brother were getting a little carried away
with watching the girls. Brad yelled out, "Show us your

"Shut up Brad," Lisa yelled at him. "You can be such a
pervert sometimes."

Brad settled down and apologized for making the lewd
remark. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be crude."

The girls forgave him and went on with their poses. Even
Megan was getting into the act, mimicking her friends. As
the boys watched, they whispered among themselves. Tom
asked them to turn around so he could take a few more shots.

When the girls turned their backs to the boys, Jack and
Tom quickly put their cameras down and the four boys charged across the floor, grabbed their date from the night
before, and jumped into the water.

The girls came up from underwater coughing and brushing
their wet hair away from their eyes. They took after the
boys, trying to push them under water. The guys, being
stronger, resisted and foiled the girls' attempts at
revenge. The four girls regrouped and attacked in pairs.
Kim and Megan went after Paul first, pushing him under the
water. Sally and Lisa went after Brad, caught him, and
shoved his below the surface. The girls turned their
attention on Jack and Tom. Kim and Megan dunked Jack and
Lisa and Sally dunked Tom.

Once everyone felt they were even, the eight teens quit
their rough housing and moved to the shallow end of the
pool. They all stood near each other in waist deep water
and laughed about the foray. When Megan realized that the
boys could see the girls' nipples, hardened by the cool
water, through the thin white suit tops, she just ignored
it. She laughed and talked with her friends as if nothing
was out of place.

Brad said, "You guys want to play chicken?"

The girls all looked at one another and shrugged their
shoulders. To everyone's surprise, Megan said, "Sure, why
not. Same teams as last time."

The teens all agreed to the pairings and the girls climbed
on the boys shoulders. The guys held the girls' legs
tightly and the battle began. Megan and Jack attacked Lisa
and Tom, while Paul and Kim went after his brother and
Sally. The teens grabbed and pulled at one another, trying
to pull their opponent into the water.

Lisa and Tom got the best of Megan and Jack, toppling her
into the pool. They stood aside and watched them gang up
on Sally and Brad, knocking her from his shoulders. While
they went over to wait with the other two losers, Kim
grabbed Lisa from behind and pulled her backwards off her
brother. Kim raised her arms into the air and she and Paul
declared themselves the winners.

The teens regrouped and the second round of jousting
began. The girls fought hard to stay atop of their
partners, but they began to fall. Kim and Paul were taken
out first by the other three teams. They all ganged up and
dethroned the last rounds winners before taking after each

At the end of the second battle, Jack and Megan were the
victors. The teens continued to play the game, the winner
of the last round being taken out first. The next game
found all four couples huddled close and pulling at one
another. The four girls sat high on their partners'
shoulders and reached out and grabbed at the closest
opponent. Kim was in the grasp of Lisa and Sally, when
Sally took the string that ran across Kim's back and pulled
the end.

The small triangles of material, that once concealed Kim's
breasts, dangled from the string that went around her neck.
Rather than concede the battle, Kim grabbed Sally and
pulled her top completely off. She then went after Lisa
and soon the three girls were fighting each other topless.
Megan grabbed Kim from behind and pulled her off Paul's
shoulders. When she hit the water, she lost the top and
stood nude from the waist up watching the others fight.

Soon Lisa and Jack overcame the other two teams and Lisa
raised her arms in victory, her bare breasts exposed for
all to see. The girls dove under the water and retrieved
the tops of their suits. Kim fed the string of hers
through the small panels and adjusted them. Megan stood in
shock as she observed the other three girls cavalier
attitude about being topless in front of the boys.

Lisa balled the top of her suit up, tossed it onto the
deck next to the pool and said, "Well, I guess I don't need
that anymore."

Megan went over to Kim and Sally as they too tossed their
tops onto the deck. She stood near them, staring in

"What are you guys doing?" Megan asked. "Aren't you
going to put your tops back on?"

Lisa moved over to the girls and stood close, listening to
them talk.

"Why?" Sally said. "One of these guys will only pull it
off again. Besides, the guys have all seen boobs before,
it's not like they live in a cave."

Kim and Sally giggled, remembering their mom's statements
the day they were all sunbathing in the nude.

"I just can't do that," Megan said. "I can't run around
topless in front of the boys."

"No one is asking you to Megan, we don't want you to do
anything that makes you uncomfortable. It's ok if you keep
your top on, no one will care either way," Kim said.

Sally went over to Brad and told him to stoop down so she
could get back onto his shoulders. She climbed onto the
boy and felt him grab her legs.

"Ok, breaks over," Sally said. "Let the games begin."

Kim climbed on Paul and Lisa on Tom. Megan went to Jack
and put her legs over his and he stood up, raising her into
the air. She looked at her topless friends and the battle

Megan became aware of the feeling that having her crotch
rubbing on the back of Jack's neck was creating deep inside
her. As he moved around, trying to get close to their
opponents, she could feel her suit rub her clit. She tried
to ignore the sensation, but couldn't.

The teens pushed and pulled, knocking Megan off Jack
first. They moved to the side and watched as the three
girls fought, their breasts standing out from their chests.

Megan observed the other kids in the pool. She noticed
that no one was paying any attention to the fact that her
friends were half nude. She contemplated the situation
feeling out of place again. The feeling was one that she
had experienced for most of her teen years, and she didn't
like it. She took a deep breath, looked at her friends
again, and turned her back to Jack.

Reaching behind her back, Megan untied the suit and pulled
it over her head. She set it on the deck near the other
tops and slowly turned to face the group. When Jack
glanced at her, she turned red and tried to smile.

Looking into Jack's eyes she said, "I'm sorry they're not
bigger like the other girls are."

Jack smiled at her and said, "Megan, they look perfect to

He turned his attention back to the game and watched as
Kim and Sally held each other and fell into the pool

Tears filled Megan's eyes as she stood next to Jack. Her
heart felt like it would burst as she realized that she was
one of the gang. She had never felt so much joy in her
life as the memories of the past weeks flashed through her
mind. She remembered the first day of school and how she
felt that she would just muddle her way through the year as
she had done in the past. Now here she was, a different
person. She had gone to the school dance and enjoyed every
moment. She had friends that only cared about who she was,
not what the other kids at school said she was.

When the other girls saw her, they went to Megan and stood
near her. Jack went over to the other guys and talked with

"Are you ok with this?" Lisa asked, pointing to her nude
chest. "You don't have to do it just because we are you

Megan smiled brightly and said, "Yes, I'm ok. In fact,
I'm more than ok. I have never felt better in my life. I
finally feel that I'm part of the group and not an
outsider, and it feel wonderful."

She told the girls what she had said to Jack about her
small breasts and what he told her. The girls all chuckled
and decided to go and sit in the hot tub for a while. They
left the pool and walked across the room to the churning
tub. As they walked, Megan held her head high and her
shoulders square.

The boys watched the girls as they made their way to the
hot tub. The combination of being topless and their wet
suit bottoms made them appear nearly nude. When the boys saw them settle into the hot water of the tub, they decided
to join them.

The boys climbed out of the pool and walked to the hot
tub. Even though the scene was anything but sexual, the
girls were having an effect on them. The four girls watched the guys approach them and could see that they were
somewhat excited. Their penises were enlarged by the sight
of the girls, not fully erect, but noticeably bigger.

One by one, the boys stepped into the hot tub and sat next
to their partner. None of them considered the other a boy friend or girlfriend, but they had seemingly paired up.
The eight teens relaxed in the hot water, each glancing
around at one another.

"I have pizza being delivered at about five o'clock," Jack
said, glancing at the clock on the pool house wall. "I
hope everyone is hungry."

"I'm starved," Paul said. "All of that horsing around has
made me very hungry."

"It's almost five," Kim said. "I think I could eat a
whole pizza myself."

The kids all laughed at Kim. Slowly, the boys moved
closer to the girls, and they moved closer to them. Soon
the hot tub contained four distinct couples as opposed to
the group of eight that they had started out as.

Each teen was fully aware of the other. They were each in
contact with their counter part. Kim could feel Paul's leg
pressed against hers, but made no attempt to move. She,
like the other teens, was enjoying the feeling that being
in contact gave them. They all sat quietly, listening to
the music, lost in the moment.

Sally, feeling a bit brazen, put her hand on Brad's leg
just above his knee. She didn't move it, but could tell
that he knew it was there. He flexed his leg muscle and
she gently squeezed him back. When the kids heard the
doorbell, they all began to get out of the tub.

Brad and Sally were the last to begin moving. Before
standing up, Sally rubbed her hand over the boy's leg,
lightly brushing his crotch before removing her hand and
standing up. Brad remained in the tub, unable to stand up
because of the instant erection he got from the brief touch.

"Come on Brad," Sally teased, knowing that he must be
hard. "Let's eat."

"I'll be right there, I want to relax for a minute."

Sally went back to him and leaned over. She made sure
that no one could hear her and said, "Let's go jump into
the pool."

Brad smiled shyly and waited for her to walk to the edge
of the pool. He glanced around to make sure no one was
watching, climbed out of the hot tub, and darted across the
floor, jumping into the cooler water in the pool. Sally
stood on the edge and watched as he swam around, allowing
his erection to subside. She turned and went to the tables
and helped Lisa and Megan put plates and napkins out while
Kim and Paul got sodas.

Jack came into the pool area carrying several large flat
boxes of pizza. He put them onto the long table that had
been setup for snacks and opened two of them. Brad climbed
out of the pool, walked over to the table, and put a couple
of slices on his plate. He looked at Sally, smiled, and
went to her side.

"Thanks, it worked," he said, his face red from

Sally grinned and said, "No problem." She turned away and
went to sit with the rest of the girls.

While the teens sat in two groups eating their pizza and
talking, the three sets of parents walked into the house
from the garage a couple of hours early. The men had
finished seeing the show and the women had their fill of
shopping, so they decided to come home.

Marge went to the family room and was about to walk
through the sliding glass doors when she stopped dead in
her tracks. She gazed out to the teens and saw that the
young girls were topless. When the rest of the adults
approached her, she put one finger to her lips and held her
other hand out like a traffic cop.

The five adults stopped and looked at her with questioning
faces. She backed away and had the group follow her into
the hallway.

"The kids are having pizza," she said, "and the girls are
topless. I don't think they saw me."

The six parents looked at each other. Anne said, "What do
you guys want to do? Should we leave and come back later?"

They were all talking about their options when Diane said,
"What the hell guys, if you can't beat em, join em"

They all chuckled and quickly went upstairs to Don and
Marge's bedroom. Anne and Diane had the suits they had
taken on the trip and Marge, who had a one piece on the
trip, took a two-piece suit from her drawer. Quickly the
six adults removed their clothes and put on their suits,
the women only putting on the bottoms. They all went back
downstairs and into the family room.

Nonchalantly, Don strolled out to the pool area, followed
by Marc and Bob.

"Hi guys, we're home," he said, startling the teens.
"How's the party going?"

Kim looked up at her dad and saw he was wearing his swim
trunks. "Great dad! How was the trip?'

Megan crossed her arms over her naked chest in an attempt
to hide the fact that she wasn't wearing the top of her
suit. She looked at the other girls and noticed that they
made no attempt to cover themselves. When she looked
towards the door wall, she saw the three moms walk into the
room, as topless as she was.

The adults made no mention of the girls. They went to the
long table, put pizza on their plates and sat at another
table. Marge took sodas from the cooler and passed them
out. She walked up to her daughter, gave her a big hug and
said, "Happy birthday. Were you surprised by the party?"

"Yes mom," she said. "I was very surprised. I had no
idea that these guys had it planned. How was your trip?
Did you have a nice time?"

Marge and Kim chatted for a moment and she went back to
sit with the rest of the adults. They all wished Kim happy
birthday and talked among themselves.

Megan leaned over to Kim, finally dropping her arms.
"What in the world is going on Kim? Why aren't your
parents mad at us?"

"Like I told you before Megan, it's no big deal. It's not
like we all run around the house nude all the time, but we
have been taught not to be embarrassed about our bodies or
being seen nude by other family members."

Lisa said, "Yeah, the same with my family. We have even
gone to a clothing optional resort together. It isn't
about sex Megan. It's being natural and comfortable with

Megan just shook her head. She was having trouble
understanding all of the things that were happening.

When the parents were finished eating their pizza, the
three women pulled chairs up to the girls' table. They
began to ask about the dance and how everything went. All
of the teens began to talk at once, telling about the
wonderful time they had had. When they told the moms about
all of them being named dancers of the night, they
congratulated the girls. Soon the women were all talking
about the dance and the trip to Chicago.

Megan forgot that she was nude from the waist up and
joined in the chatter. The guys all pulled their chairs
over to the girls' table and joined the conversations.
They all talked among themselves and soon there were
several conversions going on.

The guys all got up, went to the hot tub and climbed in.
The men talked with their sons about the dance and enjoyed
listening to them go on and on about how much fun they had.

Marge turned to Megan and said, "I hope we didn't shock
you too much dear. When I saw you guys all sitting around
topless I thought about leaving and coming back later.
Then we all thought it would be nice to be a part of Kim's
party so we just joined you."

Megan said, "Well, to be perfectly honest Mrs. Graham, it
is all a little overwhelming. When the girls lost their
tops while we were playing chicken I was shocked and
embarrassed. After a little while I saw that no one paid
much attention to each other and I just joined them. When
I saw Mr. Graham walk in I thought we were in big trouble,
but then I saw you and the other ladies and decided that
things were ok."

Diane put her hand on Megan's back and rubbed her gently.
"I just hope that your parents don't get mad at us or you
about it Megan."

Megan shrugged her shoulders and said, "It's my life Mrs.
Phillips. I'm almost eighteen and I guess I can make my
own decisions."

The women and girls went on talking about the day and the
dance. Anne got up and said, "I going to jump into the

The other two adults stood up and said that they were
going to join her. Together, the three women jogged across
the floor to the pool and jumped into the water. The guys and the teenage girls all watched the mature women's
breasts giggle as they ran.

Megan said, "A quick swim sounds great!" She too went to
the pool and joined the moms. She swam over to the women
and stood near them.

"I can't tell you how much I like being friends with all
of your kids," Megan told them. "For the first time, for
as long as I can remember, I am happy."

Megan's eyes began to fill with tears as she talked.
"Mrs. Graham, I can't begin to tell you how much I like
Jack. He is the nicest guy I have ever met. All of the
guys are the greatest and treat me nice, but Jack was the
first guy I ever had a real date with and it was wonderful.
I don't like him in a boyfriend-girlfriend way, just as a
good friend, at least for right now."

Marge swelled with pride as she listened to the girl praise her son. She was happy that he had acted like a
gentleman and made Megan feel comfortable. Lisa jumped
into the pool and went over to her mom and the rest of the
women. They stood in the cool water and talked.

Sally and Kim were still at the table. She leaned over
and whispered into Kim's ear, "I touched Brad's crotch in
the hot tub and made him hard."

"Wow Sally, what does he feel like?"

I'm not really sure, I just sort of bumped into him with
the side of my hand, but I intend to find out."

"You do! When are you going to do that?"

"I don't know when or how, but I want to. I might let him
feel me up too, if he wants to."

Kim touched her cousin's breast briefly and said, "What
guy wouldn't want to touch these boobs?"

The two girls laughed and joined the rest of the women in
the pool. They all milled around in the water and talked
about the upcoming week.

"Mrs. Phillips," Sally said. "Do Lisa and her brothers
have school tomorrow?"

"It's Monday Sally, why wouldn't they?"

"Well, we are off and I was just wondering if they got the
day off too."

"I haven't really thought about it. Do you have something
in mind for tomorrow?"

"Nothing special," Sally said. "I just thought that if
they didn't have school we could all get together and do
something, like go to a movie."

"Let me think about it Sally, I will let you know."

Diane turned to Lisa and asked, "How about you, would you
like the day off tomorrow?"

"Heck yes," Lisa said. "It sounds great to me."

The women got out of the pool, picked up towels, and dried
themselves. They went over to the table and sat down. The
guys also climbed out of the hot tub and sat with the girls.

"I think we should get dressed and go home," Diane said.
"It has been a long weekend and I'm tired."

Brad and Paul began to protest, but their dad looked at
them and said, "Now boys."

The twins got up and started for the pool house to shower
and get dressed. Jack and Tom also went to change,
realizing the day was coming to an end.

The girls and the parents all went upstairs and changed
their clothes. When everyone had dressed, they all met by
the pool.

Lisa picked up her camera and headed for the living room
to put it away. Tom followed her with his camera and also
started to put his equipment into the cases.

"Lisa," he said, not looking right at her. "Would you
like to go to the movies or something next weekend?"

"I would love to go out with you Tom, but I can't next
weekend. I have a photography workshop that I signed up
for and I will be out of town."

Tom sat on the couch and watched her put her stuff into
her camera bag. She was sitting on the floor Indian style,
her short skirt high on her legs.

"What are they going to cover at the workshop Lisa?"

She started to tell him about it and then reached into her
camera bag and removed a brochure. She leaned over to him
and he took it. Tom read the information while she
finished putting her things away.

"This sounds great Lisa, I wish I could go. They are
going to cover so much in just three days. I really need
all the help I can get."

"You should go Tom, it sounds like it is going to be a
real good workshop. I am really interested in the lighting
and filters seminars."

"Yeah, and they are going to cover color darkroom
techniques, I would love to do that."

They talked about the classes for a few more minutes.
When Lisa heard her dad call, she got up and picked up her
camera bag.

"Why don't you check with your mom and dad? If they say
it is ok, you can call tomorrow and see if they have any
openings left. I'm going to leave right after school on
Thursday, I have to take a bus because my dad doesn't want
to drive there and back two times."

"Great Tom, we can talk about it tomorrow. Your sister is
trying to talk my mom into giving us the day off because
you guys don't have school."

They were starting to leave the living room when Lisa
stopped, turned to Tom, put her arm around him, and gave
him a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist and
kissed her back. They each opened their mouths and flicked
their tongues together.

Lisa finally broke the kiss and looked up at him. "Wow
Tom, that was a great kiss! I want to thank you for taking
me to the dance last night and the great day."

Tom smiled at her and they went out to the family room.

Lisa and her family left and Megan stayed a little longer,
talking with Jack. He walked her out to her car and held
the door for her as she got in. She started her car and
before Jack closed her door, she took his arm and pulled
him down to her. She put her hand behind his head and drew
his mouth to hers. They kissed softly for a moment and
then Megan opened her mouth and pressed her tongue against
his lips. Jack opened his mouth and her tongue went in and
sought his. They kissed passionately for several minutes
and Megan backed away.

"Thanks for being so great Jack," she said with tears in
her eyes.

Jack nodded and gave her another kiss. He stood up and
told her he would see her soon. The two said goodbye and
Jack watched as she pulled away. He went back into the
house and out to the pool to clean up.

Tom went to help Jack and the two girls went up to Kim's
room they talked about the possibility of going to the
movies with the twins the next day and what they would like
to see. Kim turned on the television and the two girls sat
on Kim's bed watching it.

After Tom and Jack were finished cleaning up the things
from the party, they went into the family room and sat with
their parents. Tom took out the brochure that Lisa had
given him, showed it to his parents, and asked about going.

Marc read the small pamphlet and talked with Anne. They
told Tom that it was ok with them if he wanted to go,
providing he could register on such short notice.

Don said, "What are you guys going to do tonight? You
don't have to get up early for school tomorrow."

"I don't know," Jack said. "I think I'm going to kick
back and relax. It has been a busy two days."

Anne asked Tom if he and his sister were going home or
spending the night with Jack and Kim.

"I don't know, I will go and check with Sally."

Tom went into the kitchen, called Lisa, and told her what
his parents had said about the workshop. They talked for a
bit and decided to talk about it more tomorrow. Jack and
Tom went upstairs to see what Sally wanted to do tonight.

The boys went into Kim's room and found their sisters
lying on her bed, dressed in tee shirts and panties.

"Are you going to stay here or go home tonight Sally?"
Tom asked.

Sally looked over at her brother and said, "I don't know,
there is a good movie coming on in a few minutes and we
want to watch it."

Jack asked, "Can we watch it with you two?"

Kim said, "Sure, but you aren't going to sit on my bed in

The two boys went to Jacks bedroom and returned wearing
shorts and no shirts. They climbed into Kim's bed and lay
next to their sisters, waiting for the movie to start. Kim
asked Jack to turn off the light and they settled back to
watch the show. The movie began and within a half an hour
they were all asleep.

Marge went up stairs to see what was going on and found
the four teens in Kim's bed. Carefully, she pulled the
covers over the exhausted kids and left them. She went
down to the family room and shared her discovery. Anne and
Marge decided to leave them alone and let them sleep.

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