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The Lottery Part 37


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. 2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

The Lottery - Part 37 (mf, ff, ffm, oral, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision

The morning sun came in through Kim's window and
illuminated the bed. Jack opened his eyes and shielded
them from the bright light. He got out of the crowed bed
and pulled the drapes, blocking the sun. He looked at his
sister and cousin sleeping soundly. Kim and Sally were
next to each other, Tom on the far side of Sally.

Jack thought about going to his room, but decided to crawl
back into bed next to Kim. He lifted the covers and
glanced at her lying on her back. The tee shirt she wore
was up around her waist, exposing her panties. He slid in
along side of her, lowered the covers and rolled onto his
side facing her.

Being very careful not to wake Kim, he placed his hand on
her stomach just above her panties. He slowly and lightly
stroked her soft skin and watched her sleep. When he
slipped his hand under the waistband of her skimpy
underwear, a smile formed on her face.

Jack used his fingertips to rub the soft hair that adorned
her mound. He watched her chest rise and fall with her
breathing and her nipples harden under the thin material of
her shirt. Kim pulled her leg back, bent it at the knee
and let it rest on his hip, opening her crotch. He moved
his fingers lower and traced the puffy lips that guarded
her sex.

Kim moaned deep in her throat when he ran his fingertip
along her moistening slit and parted it. He could feel the
slick discharge that lubricated her and it allowed his
finger to easily penetrate her vagina. He pushed his
finger into her slowly until it was buried as far as it
would go. He held still and felt her warmth and wetness
grow around his finger.

Rolling her head to face Jack, Kim opened her eyes and
looked into his. She moved her head close and whispered,
"That feels so good."

Jack smiled back at her and rubbed her pubic hair with his
thumb, his finger still deep inside. She reached between
them, pushed her hand into his shorts, and gripped his
erect penis. She too held still, just feeling his heart
beat in the hard flesh. After a few minutes they both
closed their eyes and fell back to sleep, still touching
each other.

The gentle motion of his penis being stroked awoke Jack
again. He opened his eyes and looked down to see Kim
kneeling between him and Sally, who was still fast asleep.
In one hand his sister was holding the elastic waistband of
his shorts, in the other his rock hard member. Jack raised
his butt off the bed and she pulled the shorts down his legs.

Once his penis was free of the restrictive garment, Kim
bent down and licked him. She ran her tongue around the
head of his penis before taking him into her mouth and
sucking firmly. Kim used her tongue to bathe his hot shaft
and coat it with her saliva. When his penis was wet from
the velvety head to his balls, she removed it from her mouth.

Kim moved up, straddling her brother's hips. She had
removed her panties and was lowering herself to him. She
held him firmly in her hand and rubbed him along her moist
slit. When the head of his penis parted her lips, she
pushed down and felt him fill her. Kim leaned forward, put
her hands on her brother's chest, and began to move up and

Kim glanced over to her cousins and saw that Sally had her
eyes open. She was watching Kim's crotch glide up on
Jack's penis, almost entirely exposing it, then slide down
and hide it from her view. When Sally's eyes met Kim's,
they both smiled.

Turning her attention back to Jack, Kim began to speed up
her movement. Her brother started to push up to met her as
she pushed down. The two siblings kept up their sexual
coupling and Jack began to get close to his release.

Jack turned his head towards Sally and Tom. When he saw
Sally watching them her froze. Placing his hands on Kim's
hips, he attempted to pull her off him, but she resisted.
Kim increased her efforts and began to bounce up and down
on Jack, causing the bed to shake. The increased activity
woke Tom up and he watched his two cousins having sex only
a few feet away.

Unable to resist his sister's persistence, Jack gave up
his efforts to dislodge her and began to push into Kim
again. Kim flexed her vaginal muscles and it was more than
he could take. His body tensed and he began to fill his
sister's with his semen. Pulse after pulse of his cum traveled from his tightened balls into her hot vagina.

When she felt his body relax, she stopped moving and held
him deep inside her.

"What was that all about?" Sally said, feeling her own
vagina tingle.

"I was just thanking Jack for my party."

Tom said, "Well what about me? I helped too."

Kim giggled and said, "That's up to Sally."

Sally smiled and scooted down on the bed. She pulled
Tom's shorts down and engulfed his hard penis in her mouth.
She bobbed her head up and down on him and removed her mouth.

Holding her brother's rigid penis straight up, she said,
"His cock is ready to be thanked Kim."

Kim looked at her brother for his approval. Jack nodded
and Kim rose up, letting Jack's spent penis flop onto his
belly, and moved quickly over to Tom. She put one leg over
his hips and hovered over him. As she lowered herself,
Sally guided his penis into her dripping vagina.

"Does that sloppy pussy feel good on your hard cock Tom?"
Sally asked her brother.

"Oh yes," he grunted as Kim bounced on him.

Sally leaned over Jack, took his semi hard penis into her
mouth and cleaned off the juices that his sister had coated
it with. She sucked and licked him until he was not only
clean, but getting hard again. She let him slip from her
mouth and laid down between Jack and Tom, her head near
their hips.

As Sally watched her brother's penis slide in and out of
Kim, she put her hand on his balls and began to massage
them. Her other hand went between them and she rubbed
Kim's clit. Kim pushed down and stopped moving, enjoying
the feeling that Sally's fingertip was providing. She
began to flex her vaginal muscles and squeeze Tom's shaft.

"Where did you learn to do that?" He grunted.

"Why Tom? Do you like it when I squeeze your cock with my

"Oh yes, it feels great!"

Kim began to move again and Sally felt Tom's balls draw
up. She told Kim he was ready and watched as her brother mixed his cum with Jack's in Kim's cavity. When he was
spent, Tom relaxed and looked up at his cousin sitting on

"Thanks for the party Tom," Kim said, "I hope you enjoyed
your thank you card."

"It was great Kim. You have to teach Sally that little
trick you do with your pussy. I have never felt anything
like that before."

Kim began to get up from Tom and Sally quickly rolled onto
her back. She took Kim's hips in her hands and guided her
crotch over her mouth.

"It's my turn now," Sally said. She pulled Kim down to
her mouth and covered her sex.

Kim felt Sally snake her tongue into her overheated hole and suck the combined fluids of her sexual activity out of
her. While her cousin sucked and swallowed, Kim told Tom
to get on his knees. She turned her head to him and sucked his soft penis into her mouth to clean him. When she had
removed the slick substance from his tool, she pulled her
head back and bent over to lick Sally's crotch.

The two boys watched their sisters devour each other's
crotches and gently stroked themselves. When Kim felt her
orgasm build she removed her head from Sally's vagina, sat
up and grabbed her own breasts.

Kim moaned, rubbed the firm mounds of flesh on her chest
and moved her sex against Sally's mouth.

Removing one hand from her breast, Kim put her hand on
Sally's crotch and began to finger her.

"Someone needs to fill this pussy with cock," she said.
"Sally needs to cum too."

Jack looked over to his cousin. Tom shrugged his
shoulders and smiled at him.

Jumping out of bed, Jack took Sally's ankles and pulled
her legs over the side of the bed. He slid her across the
sheets until her butt was just on the edge of the mattress.
Kim scooted around in an attempt to maintain contact with
Sally's mouth and tongue.

Jack took Sally's legs and held them wide open. He moved
forward and tried to penetrate her gapping sex. After the
second unsuccessful attempt, Kim took his penis and guided
it into her hole. When Sally felt Jack's penis push into
her, she moaned and sucked Kim's clit hard. This sent Kim
over the edge and her climax ripped through her body.

Surge after surge of pleasure coursed through her
quivering body as her cousin continued to suck and probe
her over sensitive clit. When Kim could take no more, she
rolled off Sally's face and lay on the bed panting. After
a few moments, Kim gathered enough strength to position
herself to see Jack's penis slide in and out of Sally's

"Does that feel good Sally? Does Jack's cock fill your
pussy and make you hot?"

"Oh yes Kim his cock feels great in my pussy. I love the
feeling of a cock in me." Sally moaned as she talked. She
reached over her head and groped for her brother's penis.
When her hand found his hard member she pulled on it.

"Bring your cock over here Tom, I want to have it in my
mouth. I want your cock in my mouth and Jack's in my pussy."

Tom moved over to his sister and pushed his penis into her
mouth. He groaned when she closed her lips around his
shaft and began to suck. Kim could see her cheeks cave in
as Sally vacuumed his flesh into her throat. Tom pumped
himself into her mouth and Jack into her vagina.

Jack began to squirt his second load of the morning into
Sally. He pushed up against her crotch and held his tool
deep inside her. Sally moaned around her brother's penis
and wiggled her hips.

The moment Jack pulled out, Kim was on her knees between
Sally's legs, and licking up her brother's cum as it leaked
out of her slit. She covered her with her mouth and sucked the tangy fluid from her. Kim licked her clit and again
Sally moaned.

The vibrations of Sally's moaning sent Tom into his orgasm
and he shot his cum down her throat. She could feel him
swell in her mouth, and the rush of cum that traveled
through his thick vain with her tongue. When Tom was
finished, Sally released him and sat up. She grabbed Kim's
head and held it tight to her crotch as she climaxed.

When Sally fell back on the bed, Kim stood up and lay next
to her. The four exhausted teens lay motionless, trying to
regain their composure. After a little while, Kim began to

"We should have parties more often, I just love saying
thank you."

The rest of the group began to laugh at Kim's remark and
they started to list off all of the occasions they could
think of to warrant a party. Kim finally sat up and got
out of bed.

"I'm going to take a shower, we should get going before my
mom and dad get up."

Slowly the teens got out of Kim's bed. Tom and Jack went
to his room and Kim and Sally went into the bathroom to

Sally pulled her tee shirt over her head, started the
shower and got in. Kim heard her phone ringing and went to
answer it.

"Hi Paul, how are you this morning That's good Wait a
minute and I will ask her."

Kim went into the bathroom and opened the shower door a
crack. She looked in at her naked cousin and watched for a
moment as Sally rubbed soap over her body.

"Paul's on the phone," Kim said. "He wants to know if we
want to go to the mall and a movie with his brother and him."

Sally stepped closer to the door and said, "I don't know,
what do you think?"

"We really don't have anything else planned, it might be

"Ok, let's go. It's better than hanging around the house
all day."

Kim went back to her room and picked up the phone. She
told Paul that they would like to go, but they would have
to check with their parents first. Kim told him that she
would call him back in a little while, and hung up. She
went back to the bathroom and waited for Sally to finish in
the shower.

After they finished in the shower, the girls fixed their
hair and joke about the morning's activities with the boys.

"Sally, I got so turned on when I saw you watching Jack
and I screwing, that I thought I was going to bust. For
some reason it is a turn-on for me to have someone watching
me, like when Jack and I were behind the library."

"I was turned on too, and when Jack started to do it to me
while you and Tom were there, I got real excited. Maybe we
are just a little strange. I mean it doesn't seem normal
to want to have other people see me doing it."

The girls continued talking and fixing their hair. When
they were done they went in to Kim's room to dress. Kim
took a pair of panties and an older padded bra from her
drawer and put it on. She got a pair of tight fitting
jeans from her closet and wiggled into them. A pullover
sweater completed her outfit.

"Why are you dressing like that?" Sally asked.

"I don't want to give Paul any ideas. If I dress in a
miniskirt and a sexy top, he might think I want to mess
around with him."

Sally gave her a strange look and said, "Don't you?"

Kim giggled and replied, "Yeah, I guess I do, but I don't
want to seem easy. I want to just see how things go with

"That's a good idea Kim, I think I will wear jeans too."

Sally put on the clothes that she had from the day before
and told Kim they would have to go to her house so she
could change. The girls left Kim's room and headed for the

As they were walking down the hallway, the girls saw their
parents all come out of Kim's mom and dad's bedroom. They
all smiled at each other and proceeded downstairs, the
girls following the adults.

Jack and Tom were already in the kitchen, discussing their
plans for the day. Jack told his cousin that his dad had
rented a building to store the boat in and he wanted to
take it over there.

When Tom saw his dad, he told him that he had called about
the photography workshop and there was an opening. He said
that he registered and would be leaving on Thursday, right
after school.

"What about school on Friday?" Anne asked her son.

"I was hoping I could miss school."

His parents laughed and agreed to let him cut classes that
day, but told him not to make it a habit.

Kim and Sally asked their moms about going to the mall and
a movie with Paul and Brad. Marge and Anne told them that
would be fine.

Tom called Lisa and told her that he could go to the
workshop with her. Lisa told him that she and Megan were
going shopping for a while this morning, but would like to
see him later. They talked for a few more minutes and
decided that Lisa and Megan would meet Tom and Jack at
Tom's house and try to process a roll of black and white

After he hung up, Tom told Jack about the plans, and Jack
told him that it sounded good.

Marge and Anne began to fix breakfast for everyone, frying
eggs and bacon. Kim and Sally made toast and set the
dining room table.

After they had all eaten, Kim and Sally asked Tom to run
them to her house so she could change. He told them he was
ready if they were. The four teens went to Tom's truck and
they drove the two blocks the house.

"Tom," Sally said. "Could you please drop Kim and I off
at the mall? We are going to meet Brad and Paul there."

"Sure," he replied. "Do you two have a hot date with them

"Just a movie and maybe something to eat, I wouldn't call
it a hot date." Sally said.

"I think I had all the hot date I can handle for a while
this morning." Kim said.

They all laughed and Tom pulled into the drive. The four
teens went into the house and to Tom and Sally's rooms.
Sally changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater, much like
Kim's. Once everyone was ready, they left for the mall.

Marge and Anne were talking in the kitchen when the phone
rang. She answered it, talked with the person on the call,
and hung up.

"That was Elizabeth Stone," she told Anne. "She and her
husband would like to come over and talk to us today."

Don and Marc overheard her telling Anne about the call and
came into the kitchen. They sat at the counter with their
wives and listened as they talked about the request.

"I'll bet I know what they want to talk about," Anne said.
"They must know about the party and all of us girls being

"She didn't say what they wanted, but you are probably
right. What should we do?" Marge said.

Don thought for a moment and said, "We will just have to
wait until they get here. There is really nothing to do
but be honest. After all, it's not like we forced Megan,
or any of the girls, to take off their tops."

Marge got off her stool and went to the refrigerator. "I
guess you're right Don, we will just have to wait. I need
to find something to serve when they get here, it will be
at lunch time."

Anne went to help Marge prepare a lunch for their guests
and Marc and Don went back to the family room. Jack and
Tom came in and told their parents they were going to take
care of the boat and go to Tom's to develop some film. The
boys each grabbed a Coke and went out to the boat. Jack
backed his new truck up to the trailer and connected it to
the hitch. After easing the big rig out of its parking
place, he drove to the building his dad had rented for the
Kim and Sally waited by the fountain in the middle of the
mall for Paul and Brad. They talked about the clothes they
could see displayed in the store windows and the things
they would like to buy. The boys showed up a few minutes
later and they all greeted each other.

After talking for a little while, the two couples began to
walk through the nearly deserted mall. They talked about
what movie they would see and what they would do for lunch.
They had meandered around for about a half an hour when Kim
spotted Megan and Lisa.

Kim and Sally sped up to catch their friends, the boys followed slowly behind them.

"Hi," Sally said. "What are you two up to?"

Lisa said, "Taking Megan shopping for a few things."

"I decided that if I'm going to be a new person, I need a
new wardrobe," Megan giggled. "Lisa is going to help me
find some clothes that are a little more stylish than the
ones I have been wearing."

"Do you guys want to come with us?" Lisa asked Kim and

"I would love to," Kim said, "but we are with Paul and

"Tell my brothers that you will meet up with them later,
I'm sure they will understand." Lisa replied.

Kim and Sally went over to the twin brothers and talked
with them for a couple of minutes. The other two girls watched as they both kissed the boys and walked back.

"I hope you guys didn't have to promise them too much,"
Lisa giggled. "I know they can drive a hard bargain."

"They were real sweet about it," Kim said. "I didn't have
to promise anything. Sally and I are going to meet them at
the arcade later."

Megan said, "Well if everyone has their love life
straightened out, let's go shopping."

The girls laughed and headed for the first store.

They walked through the petite section, looking at the
different things. Megan picked put a cute miniskirt and
went to try it on. When she came out of the dressing room
the other girls told her she looked great. Megan changed
and held onto the skirt. She selected several different
skirts and tops, and purchased them.

"What else do you need?" Kim asked her.

"Some nice jeans and slacks would be nice."

They went to Kim's favorite store and Megan tried on
several pairs of jeans. She decided on two pairs of blue
jeans and one black pair. She found some tight tank tops
in her size and held onto them.

"How about some new underwear?" Sally asked.

"I would like to look, my mom has always picked up my
undies." Megan said.

Kim smiled and said, "Come with me, I know just the place."

She led the girls through the store to the lingerie
department and found the sales girl that had helped her and
Sally. She took the girls to the bras and began to show
Megan the vast assortment of sexy items.

Megan looked at the bras that the sales girl showed her
and said, "These are very nice, but I need something with
some padding."

The sales girl asked her why and Megan said, "Because I'm

Looking around to be sure no one was looking, the sales
girl lifted her top and displayed a very shear black lace
bra. "Twenty-nine A," she said.

Megan looked at the girl's equally small breasts and
giggled. "Ok, I'll try one on and see how it feels."

After selecting several different styles, the group made
their way to the dressing room. Megan took off her blouse
and white padded bra and tried on one of the soft shear
ones. She looked at herself in the mirror and asked if she
could put her top on to see how it looked. The sales girls told her it was fine and Megan slipped into the blouse.

"Well, what do you think?" The sales girl asked. "It
looks great to me."

"I don't know," Megan said. "It looks like I don't have
any boobs at all."

"You look fine Megan," Kim said. "Sexy lingerie is to
make you feel good. It just doesn't matter what other
people think."

The other three girls agreed with Kim and encouraged her
to buy some of the frilly underwear. Megan nodded her head
and said she would. She removed the bra and dressed in her
padded one.

"Your right Kim, that other one feels so much nicer."

The girls returned to the racks of lingerie and Megan
selected a dozen new matching outfits. They walked towards
the register to pay for the things. As they walked through
the sleepwear, Lisa picked up a pair of silk pajamas. They
had a waist length top and tap-pant bottoms. She put her
hand under the delicate fabric and noticed that it had a
translucent quality. She thought about her upcoming trip
and decided she would rather wear them than the old tee
shirts she normally slept in.

After Megan and Lisa paid for their things, Kim and Sally
decided that they would go and find the guys. The four
girls left the store and split up, Megan and Lisa headed
for their car, Kim and Sally the arcade.

The two girls walked around the video machines until they
located Paul and Brad. They crept up behind the boys and
put their arm around them.

"Do you two know any cute guys that would like to take a
couple of girls to a movie?" Sally said.

"Yeah, we are looking for a date for the rest of the day."
Kim added.

Paul and his brother turned around and the girls kept
their arms around them. They smiled at Kim and Sally and
asked if they had a good time shopping.

Kim stretched up, kissed Paul on the cheek and said, "Yes
we did, thanks for being so understanding."

"That's cool, we had a good time too," Brad said. "Are
you ready to go?"

Kim and Sally told them they were ready and the four teens
left the arcade and walked towards the movies, their arms
around each other's waists. They stood outside the movie theater and studied the marquee, trying to decide which
movie to see.

Kim told the boys that she wanted to see one that didn't
have too much violence in it and Sally agreed. They
finally settled on which film they would watch and the boys bought tickets.

They went into the concession area, bought popcorn and
sodas and went to the theater. Looking around, the boys were happy to see that it was almost empty and selected
seats in the rear. Kim and Sally sat next to each other
with Paul and Brad on either side of them. The theater
darkened and the movie began.

The teens shared the box of popcorn and watched the big
screen. Paul put his arm on the back of Kim's seat and let
his fingers dangle on her shoulder. When Kim felt him
start to rub her arm gently, she leaned closer to him.
Paul pulled her to him, his eyes still watching the movie.

When Brad saw what his brother was doing, he put his arm
around Sally and pulled her to him. She put her head on
his shoulder and waited for him to make his next move.
Brad turned to her, kissed her head, and rubbed his hand on
her arm. She turned to face him and kissed him on the
mouth. Sally returned his kiss, opening her mouth to
accept his probing tongue.

Kim could hear her cousin and Brad kissing and turned to
Paul. Soon, the four teens were making out passionately.
They had forgotten about the movie and the other people in
the theater. Kim shifted in her seat and tried to get
closer to Paul, but the armrest kept them separated. The
two kept their mouths locked together and pushed their
tongues around the other's. Paul moved his hand from her
arm to her back and started to rub her.

Brad and Sally were also kissing and rubbing each other's
backs. She had one hand on the back of his head, holding
him firmly to her mouth. He began to rub her side, his
thumb barely touching the side of her breast as it passed.
When he moved his hand around and touched her breast, Sally
clamped her arm down, grabbed his wrist, and pulled him
away. He went back to rubbing her back, and started to
advance towards his goal again.

Paul was also trying to touch Kim's breast. He moved his
hand from her back and placed it over her padded mound,
only to have her remove it. The two boys continued in
their quest, each attempt stopped by the girls. After a
half an hour of heavy breathing, sloppy kissing and
fighting off the groping hands of the two boys, Kim and
Sally said they had to go to the bathroom.

The boys welcomed the opportunity to adjust their hard
penises in their tight jeans. While the girls were gone,
they each told the other about their conquests up to that

"Do you think they will let us feel them up?" Paul asked
his brother.

"I hope so Paul. I don't know why they haven't let us,
they ran around topless yesterday."

"I know, but mom and Lisa lets us see their tits sometimes, but we can't touch them either."

"Not mom, but Lisa has let us feel her tits before." Paul

Kim and Sally fixed their hair in the bathroom and talked
about the boys.

"Paul is sure trying hard to get his hand on my boob
Sally. How about Brad?"

"He is trying too, but I haven't let him. Not yet at
least." Sally said.

"Are you going to let him feel you up Sally?"

"Maybe, he is getting me turned on with all the kissing.
I will just wait and see what happens. How about you Kim,
are you going to let Paul?"

"I think so, at least on the outside. He is working at it
pretty hard. Will you let Brad touch your pussy?"

"No, I think that is a little too much for the first date."

"Me too, I will probably let him get under my sweater, but
not in my pants."

The girls giggled about the boys and the things they were
talking about. They went back and sat with Brad and Paul,
hoping they had cooled off a little. Once the girls were
back in their seats, the two boys immediately put their
arms around the girls and resumed their kissing.

Within minutes of the girls return, Paul was running his
hand along Kim's ribs. When the bottom of his hand pressed
against the side her breast, she didn't stop him. Instead,
she turned slightly moving her breast into his hand. Paul
gripped her firmly and began to maul her padded mound,
making her wince. She grabbed his wrist and jerked his
hand away from her.

"Take it easy, that hurts," she said quietly.

Paul returned his hand to her breast and his mouth to
hers. He massaged her and pushed his tongue in and out of
her mouth. Kim could feel her vagina begin to tingle from
him rubbing her. She pressed her legs together tightly and
flexed her thigh muscles. Paul removed his hand, slid it
down to her waist and under her sweater.

Kim moaned softly as his hand rubbed up and down her bare
skin. When he moved to her bra encased breast, she pressed
gently into his hand. He moved from one breast to the
other, exploring the firm mounds he had seen the day
before. When he attempted to get his fingers into her bra,
she stopped him again. Paul continued to try to get under
the garment that guarded her treasures from him and Kim
fought him off.

Brad had also succeeded in getting his hand under Sally's
snug sweater, but like his brother, was unable to get under
her bra. The four kids kept up the teenage mating ritual
until the movie ended and the lights in the theater came
on. They all got up and left the uncomfortable seats.

Kim and Sally looked at the boys out of the corner of
their eye, watching as they attempted to adjust the
erections they had been sporting for over an hour. The
girls headed for the bathroom, telling the boys they would
be out soon. Paul and Brad also went to the restroom to
make themselves a little more comfortable.

"I almost came in there," Sally said, "My panties are

"Mine are too, I wish Jack was here to take care of it for

Sally giggled and said, "You don't want Paul to take care
of that itch for you?"

"No! I'm not going to let him touch me there at least not

The girls talked for a little longer, comparing their
encounter with their first dates. They left to wait for
the guys.

In the boys' bathroom, the twins also talked about their
conquests. They told each other how far they had gotten
with the girls.

"Kim wouldn't let me get my hand under her bra," Paul
said. "If she would have let me, I bet I could have turned
her on enough to let me touch her pussy."

"Sally wouldn't let me touch her tits under her bra
either. You know Paul, it is only our second date with
them, and we're lucky to have gotten to second base."

"I know, but it is cool to think about it." Paul quipped.

"If we try to go too fast, they might not go out with us
again. I'm just going to back off a little and see what
happens. They just turned fifteen, it's not like they are
going to let us fuck them or anything. They are just as
virgin as we are."

The boys laughed and left to meet their dates. Their
penises had softened and they could walk in public without
being self-conscious.

When they were all together again, they walked towards the
food court to eat. Brad put his arm around Sally's waist
and his fingers into the back pocket of her jeans. Paul
saw what his brother was doing and copied him. When they
arrived at the food court, they selected a fast food
restaurant and ordered.

Don, Marc, and their wives were sitting in the family room
watching television and drinking coffee and planning a
winter vacation. They heard the doorbell and Don went to
answer it. He led the Stone's into the family room and
asked them to sit down.

The men all shook hands and they all greeted one another.

"Would you two like some coffee?" Marge asked.

"That would be fine," Elizabeth answered.

Marge went to the kitchen and returned with a tray
containing a carafe of coffee, cream, and sugar. She
poured each of Megan's parents a cup and went to sit with
Don. They all chatted for a few minutes and then Don broke
the ice.

"We think we know why you folks wanted to talk with us,"
he said. "I want to assure you that nothing "

Jerry interrupted him and said. "Don, you have it all
wrong. Please let us explain why we came over."

Jerry looked to his wife and she smiled.

"Saturday night, after the dance, Megan came to our
bedroom and woke us up," Elizabeth said. "She hasn't done
that in years. She was all smiles and told us about the
dance and the great time she had with your children and how
much of a gentleman Jack was. We haven't seen her that
excited in so long that we had almost forgotten how happy
she was as a child. After talking our ears off for an
hour, we finally had to tell her to go to bed and we would
talk more in the morning."

"The kids all said that they had a great time at the
dance," Anne said.

Jerry said, "The next morning she was just as bubbly as
the night before. We heard a moment-by-moment replay of
the entire evening. She couldn't stop talking about it or
the fun she had."

Jerry stopped talking and took a sip of his hot coffee.
He was dressed in a pair of casual slacks, a golf shirt,
and a sweater. His outfit was much different than the one
he wore the night of the dance, he was dressed in his usual
suit and tie then. Elizabeth also was dressed casually,
wearing a simple dress.

Marge looked at the two of them and tried to figure out
where this was going. She was sure that they didn't come
over the just tell them about the good time Megan had at
the dance.

"I am glad to hear that she had such a great time, and
that our son behaved himself," Marge said, "but I don't
think that is why you came over here to talk to us. Is
there something else you want to talk about Elizabeth?"

"Please," Megan's mom said, "call me Liz. You're right
Marge, that isn't the reason that we wanted to come over.
We have something far more important that we want to talk
with you about. You see, Megan has been a very troubled
girl for a long time. We noticed it when she was about
thirteen or so. We have sent her to the best doctors we
could find and it never made any difference. Now all of a
sudden she has changed and that's what we want to talk with
you about."

Marc got up and poured some more coffee for him and the
others. "How has she changed?" he asked.

Liz said, "She seems alive now. She is interested in how
she looks and doing things. Before when she came home from
school she would put on a pair of sweat pants and a
sweatshirt and spend most of her time in her room. Lately,
she is in jeans and a nice top when we get home from work
and she is in the family room watching television or

Jerry said, "Last night when she came home from here, she
asked no, she demanded to talk with us. We were a little
shocked by her assertiveness, she had never been so adamant
about something before. Megan told us about what had
happened to her when she was thirteen and how it has
affected her life."

Liz had tears running down her cheeks. She took a tissue
from a box on the end table and wiped her eyes. Marge
moved over and sat next to her.

"Kim and Sally told us she had a problem when she was
younger, but not the details," Marge said. "The girls also
told us that she wasn't well liked at school."

"Megan told us that she had been raped by a boy at her
friend Angela's house and became pregnant. Her brother got
a pill from a friend from college and it terminated the
pregnancy." Liz was crying, Jerry's eyes were filled with
tears. "She never told us, or anyone else about it until
she met your daughters. Megan told us that your girls accepted her for who she was and didn't listen to the nasty
rumors the kids at school spread about her."

Jerry wiped his eyes with the back on his hand. "Last
night we found out more about our daughter, and ourselves
than we have could have imagined. We found out that we
have been too busy to know our child or the things she
needed. Today is the first time in ten years that I have
taken a day off of work. I have been mistaken in my
thinking that the most important thing to my family is my
success. Our son moved to the west coast after he finished
college and we only see him once or twice a year when he
comes here. We haven't even gone to visit him once in the
three years he's been out there."

Marge went and made more coffee and the parents continued
to talk. Megan's parents told them about her home life and
all of the things they had denied her.

"Megan told us about the shenanigans in the pool and how
the girls ended up topless," Liz said, a smile replacing
the look of sorrow. "At first Jerry and I were upset and
wanted to call someone to report it. When Jerry said he
was going to do something, Megan became irate. She told
us, in no uncertain terms, that if we did she would go and
live with her brother. Megan told us that she had never
felt a part of anything or any group before and now she
did. When she told us what happened when you and the
Phillip's got there we began to understand."

"Well," Don said. "We may have used poor judgment in what
we did last night. We realize that your daughter isn't
part of the family, but she was part of the group. We had
several choices when we saw the kids, leave and come back
later, go and yell at them or join them. We all decided on
the latter."

"We know," Liz said. "Megan told us all about you folks
joining the party and the women being topless. She also
told us that there was nothing sexual about it and she even
forgot that she was topless. Like we said earlier, it's
like she came alive. She has always been very self-
conscious about her body and wears very conservative
clothing. Today, she and Lisa were going shopping for a
new wardrobe, it's the first time she has been excited
about shopping for clothes. I have always felt that if I
didn't buy her things, she would still be wearing the same
clothes she had four years ago."

"I still feel that we shouldn't have done what we did,"
Anne said. "It's just that we would rather the kids do the
things like that here at home as opposed to somewhere else.
We have always been very open to them and want then to feel
they can talk to us about anything."

"Megan said that your girls would tell you anything that
is on their minds," Jerry said. "Do you think it is too
late to develop that kind of relationship with Megan, or
have we waited too long? I would give or do anything to
improve things between the three of us."

"It's never too late," Anne said. "You just have to try
and establish the kind of relationship you want with her.
Take interest in her activities, offer advice instead of
criticism, don't be shocked by what she tells you and above
all accept her for what she is and is becoming. Megan is
starting to grow, she is experiencing new things. You have
to let her spread her wings and make mistakes. When she
does goof up, support her and guide her."

"What about having sex? Aren't you afraid that the girls are going to start fooling around?" Liz asked.

"Liz," Marge said. "Kids are going to experiment with
sex, there's nothing you can do to stop it. I can only try
to be sure that the girls and their brothers are
knowledgeable about it. I would rather they ask us about
sex than find out from some guy in the backseat of a car.
Our parents never told us anything and Anne and I ended up
pregnant at sixteen. I don't want that to happen the our

Marge and the other two women moved into the kitchen and
the men went out by the pool. Anne was making a fresh pot
of coffee and Marge was fixing sandwiches when Kim and
Sally came in. Paul and Brad's mom picked them up at the
mall and drove them home.

"So girls, how was your date?" Anne asked.

"It was fun mom." Sally said.

"What was the movie about?" Marge said.

"I don't really know," replied Kim. "I didn't see too
much of it. Paul and Brad had other ideas."

"I hope the boys behaved themselves in the dark," Marge

"We only let them kiss us and touch our boobs through our
bras. We didn't want to let them think we were easy."
Sally told them.

"With some of the bras you two wear you might as well not
have one on," Anne said.

Kim and Sally pulled up their sweaters and showed the
women the padded white bras that covered their breasts completely.

"Not today," Kim said, and they pulled their sweaters
down. "We are going upstairs to my room, see you later."

The girls left the kitchen and went to the pool to say hi
to their dads and then upstairs. Liz sat at the counter is
a state of disbelief, having observed the open
communications of the mothers and daughters that Megan had
told her about.

"I hope I can achieve a relationship that is close to that
with Megan," Liz said. "When she told me that your girls could tell you anything Well, I could have never imagined."

"I wish I could go to the show and get felt up again,
being a teen was so much fun." Marge said.

All three of them began to laugh and Marge carried the
food out to the pool. They all sat at a table and ate the
light lunch, the women still giggling.

"Are you going to tell us what is so funny?" Jerry asked.

Liz looked at Marge and Anne to see if it would be all
right to share what she has seen with the men. They both
nodded and Liz told about the girls talking about their
dates. Jerry listened to his wife describe what she had
heard and seen. He shook his head and joined the women in
their laughter.

"I really thought that Megan was exaggerating when she
said that the girls talked to you about any and everything.
I will never disbelieve her again." Jerry said.

The six parents spent the next several hours talking about
kids and sex. Marge, Don, Anne, and Marc shared some of
their early life experiences with Megan's mom and dad.
When the Stones began to open up about themselves, the both
discovered that they didn't know as much about each other
as they thought they did.

Jerry and Liz left after eating and talking with their new
friends. They all agreed to get together for dinner or a
party and include the Phillips. Marge and Anne cleaned up
and sat in the kitchen discussing the afternoon's events.

Megan and Lisa left the mall, Megan overloaded with
packages from her shopping spree. Lisa helped her carry
the bags and put them into the car.

"I want to stop at my house and put these things in my
room," Megan said.

They drove to Megan's and carried the new things up to her
room. Megan sorted through the bags, searching for a new
outfit to wear. She selected a black pleated mini-skirt and a dark blue button down top. Opening another bag, she
removed the new lingerie and laid it on her bed.
Carefully, she matched the bras and panties into sets and
neatly folded several camisoles she had purchased.

Picking up a pair of black thong panties and a matching
shear bra, she said, "I'm going to change into this for
today. I have never worn thongs before, I wonder what they
will feel like?"

Lisa said, "They take a little getting use to, but you
don't have any panty lines when you wear them."

Megan removed her clothes, went to her bathroom to freshen
up, and returned to her room. She put the tiny panties on
and pulled them up over her small hips, looking at her near
naked butt in the mirror. Picking up the bra, she put her
arms through the thin straps and fastened it between the
transparent cups.

Megan's mom knocked on the door and walked into the room.
She looked at her daughter and smiled. Liz went over to
Megan and began to adjust the shoulder straps of the dainty

"This looks real nice on you Megan," she said, "and I love
the panties. I have always wanted to try a pair of thongs,
but never had the nerve."

"You can borrow mine anytime you want mom," Megan said
pointing at the bed. "I picked up several pairs."

Liz looked over the selection of sexy lingerie that was
spread out on the bed. She picked up a lacy red outfit and
held it out.

"I bet you father would love to see me in an outfit like
this," she said smiling.

Lisa giggled and said, "I'll bet Mr. Stone would like to
see Megan in her outfit too. I think she looks real sexy!"

"Yes she does Lisa," Liz chuckled, "I'm sure your right
about Jerry, he would think so too."

Megan blushed as she listened to her friend and mom talk.
In the back of her mind she thought about her dad seeing
her in her underwear and it intrigued her. Megan had
always wanted her father's attention and approval, but it
seemed he was always too busy for her.

"Well maybe I will let him see me in these. Do you really
think he would approve mom?"

Liz smiled and said, "He's downstairs Megan. Do you want
me to ask him?"

Megan looked stunned. She turned to her mom and said,
"He isn't working? Is he sick or something mom? He never
misses work."

"No, he's just fine honey, we had something's to do today
so he didn't go to the office. So, do you want to show
your dad your pretty outfit?"

Megan thought about her father seeing he in her underwear.
She remembered the party and spending the afternoon topless
with her friend's parents and decided that if they could
see her like that, he dad could see her in her lingerie.

"Yes mom I think I would like to show dad. Do you think
he really wants to see me?" Megan said nervously.

Megan's mom said, "Yes, I'm sure."

She handed her daughter a robe and asked Lisa to wait.
Together, Megan and her mom went to the study to find her

Jerry was sitting at his desk going over some papers when
they walked in. He looked up at the two and smiled.

"Hi Megan," he said, "how are you today?"

"I'm great daddy, how are you. mom said you took the day
off from work today."

Her dad chuckled and said, "I certainly did, and it feels

"Jerry," Liz said, "Megan has something she wants to show
you, but she is a bit uneasy."

"What is it honey? What do you want me to see?"

Liz stood behind her daughter and helped her slowly remove
her robe. Megan stood still in front of her father and
watched his eyes travel from her head to her toes, stopping
at her breasts and crotch. She felt her vagina begin to
tingle when a broad smile formed on her dad's face.

"Do you like them daddy? I bought them at the mall today
when Lisa and I went shopping."

Turning around slowly, Megan let him see her near nude
butt and the thin band of black material that disappeared
into the crack. When she faced him again she looked into
his eyes for approval.

Her dad was speechless. His breathing was slightly
labored as he absorbed the sight of his daughter. He
hadn't seen her in any state of undress in many years and
he was amazed at how mature she had become. Liz watched
her husband stare at the young girl and could see the
excitement in his eyes. He was glad he was seated at his
desk, because it hid his growing penis.

"Megan, you look beautiful! You have grownup so much in
the last few years. It is so hard for me to believe that
you are my little girl."

Megan's heart filled with joy, her dad was showing the
interest in her that she had longed for. She put her robe
back on, went to her dad, and hugged him.

"I'm glad you like them on me daddy."

Liz and Megan went back to her room and joined Lisa.

"Did your dad like your outfit Megan?" Lisa asked.

Megan was smiling from ear to ear. "Oh yes, I think he
really liked me in this. I'm so glad that you, Kim and
Sally talked me into buying them."

The three women talked and Megan showed her mom the other
things she bought. Megan put on her new miniskirt and
blouse, and put the other things away.

"We are going to Tom's house to develop film in his
darkroom," Megan told her mom. "I'll be home later."

"That's fine Megan, why don't you stop and show your dad
this outfit too. I'm sure he would want to see it."

They all want back to the study and Megan modeled her
clothes for her dad. He whistled at her, and told her how
nice she looked. Megan hugged him again and kissed his
cheek. She told her parents goodbye and she and Lisa left
for Tom's house.

"I can't believe I did that," Megan told Lisa as she
pulled away from the house. "Two days ago I would have
never considered anything like that, and now I'm getting
turned on showing my dad my underwear."

"You are breaking out of your shell Megan. Pretty soon
you will stop living in the past and start to enjoy life."

"I hope so Lisa, I have been feeling sorry for myself for
so long that I was beginning to think that I would never
have any fun. The last month or so has been great and this
weekend was unbelievable. I never thought I could do what
I did on Sunday, let alone enjoy it."

"It's fun to be able to do something like that once in
awhile, but I wouldn't want to make a habit of it," Lisa
said pulling into Tom's driveway. "So how are things going
with you and Jack? You two seem to be getting along."

"I'm really starting to like him a lot Lisa, he is so

Megan parked and turned off the car.

"Maybe you should go on the pill or something, you can
never tell what might happen."

Megan thought for a moment and said, "I'm not planning on
having sex with Jack, at least not right now, but you're
right, you can never tell. I think I will ask my mom about
it and go to the doctor's. What about you and Tom? Maybe
you should go on the pill too."

Lisa giggled and said, "I've been taking the pill since I
was fourteen."

"Why, have you been having sex with someone?"

"No, I'm still virgin. My mom caught my brothers and I
playing house once, and she took me to the doctors the next
day. She had the doctor prescribe the pill for me and I
have taken them ever since."

"Were you guys naked?"

"Oh yes, I was the mommy and Brad was the daddy. When my
mom came into my room, he was laying on me and rubbing his
cock on the outside of my pussy. When she saw us she
freaked, she thought he was inside me."

Megan giggled at the thought of Lisa being caught like
that. "Did she ever catch you doing anything with the
twins after that day?"

"No she never caught us."

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