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The Lottery Part 38


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. 2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

The Lottery - Part 38 (mf, ff, mast, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision

Lisa opened her door and got out of the car, Megan
followed her up to the front door of Tom's house, and they
waited for someone to answer the bell.

"Hi Lisa, hi Megan," Tom said after opening the front door
and inviting the girls in. "How are you guys doing? Jack
is in the family room, we have been waiting for you. I put
a new roll of black and white film in my camera so we can
take some pictures."

The girls listened to Tom talk non-stop as they followed
him. When they got to the family room, Jack said hi.

Megan went to the couch and sat next to Jack. She told
him about their shopping trip at the mall and the clothes
she bought, leaving out the new lingerie. She stood up and
turned around, showing him her new skirt and top.

"You look real nice Megan, I'm glad you guys had fun. Tom
and I got the boat put away for the year, I can't wait
until spring so we can go fishing again."

The four teens talked for a little longer, sitting together.

Tom said, "What should we take pictures of Lisa?"

After thinking for a minute she stood up, grabbed Megan's
arm and pulled her to her feet. The girls moved to the
middle of the room and stood side by side.

"How about a couple of hot babes?" Lisa said. "We can be
your models."

Tom picked up the camera and took several shots of the
girls. He told Jack to join them and took a couple more.
Lisa stepped away and told him to take a few of just Jack
and Megan. Jack put his arm around her and held her at his
side. Megan put her arm around Jack's waist and Tom took
the photos.

"Here Jack," Tom said handing him the camera. "Take some
of Lisa and I."

Jack pointed the camera at them and they smiled, their
arms around each other's waist. After taking several
shots, Jack handed the camera back to Tom and his to take
one of Megan alone.

Tom took the tall girls picture and then directed his
attention to Lisa. He took a couple more shots of her and
they all went out side. Tom used the last of the film
taking photos of his new truck. He rewound the film and
they all headed for the darkroom.

In the basement, Tom showed the girls the mini gym. They
crossed the large basement and went into the darkroom.
While Tom and Lisa prepared to process the film, Jack went
out of the darkroom and returned with a folding chair. He
opened it and placed it near the wall, opposite the counter
that Tom was using.

Once Tom and Lisa had everything ready to go, Tom said
that he needed to turn out the lights. Jack motioned for
Megan to sit in the chair he had brought in.

"What are you going to do Jack?" Megan asked.

"I can stand here, go ahead, and sit down."

Megan took Jack's arm and guided him to the chair.

"Sit down and I will sit on your lap, if that's ok with
you," Megan said.

Jack grinned, sat down, and pulled Megan onto his lap.
She sat sidesaddle on his legs and he put his arms around
her waist. When Tom turned the lights off, Megan leaned
into Jack's chest. She put her hand on one of his and
gently stroked the back of it.

Tightening his arms around her waist, Jack inhaled deeply
smelling the fragrance of her soft red hair. Megan moved
her head closer to his and increased the pressure on his
hand. Not sure what she wanted, Jack gently kissed her
neck. Megan put her arm around him and ran her fingers
through the hair on the back of his head, pulling him into

Tom and Lisa were busy loading the film into the
developing tank and completely unaware of Jack and Megan's
activities. When Megan turned to Jack and kissed his lips,
a slight moan escaped his throat. He opened his mouth when
he felt the tip of her tongue bush his lips and pushed his
out to meet hers.

The two kissed deeply, Megan stroking the back of his head
and hand. Jack could feel his penis come to life in his
slacks and start to expand. In a move that caught Jack off
guard, Megan took the hand she was rubbing and moved it to
her breast. When he gently squeezed her small breast,
Megan felt goose bumps form on her entire body.

Moaning into Jack's mouth, she leaned into his hand. He
could feel her hard nipple against the palm of his hand
through the thin material of her top and bra. Megan could
feel the pressure of Jack's engorged penis against her leg.
Knowing that it must be uncomfortable for him, she stood up
and leaned over to his ear.

"Do you want to fix that Jack, I know it must be

Jack rearranged his penis, pulling it up so it pointed at
his waistband. He pulled Megan back down onto his lap and
whispered "Thanks," into her ear.

She snuggled against him and again felt him against her
thigh. Moving slowly, she turned and faced away from him,
scooting her bottom against his throbbing member. When she
sat down, her skirt pulled up and uncovered her butt. The
only thing between them was the slacks Jack was wearing.

Megan leaned her head back and Jack began to kiss her ear.
She took his hand and moved it to her breast again, this
time under her shirt. Jack covered her firm flesh with his
hand and massaged it gently. He traced her nipple with his
fingertip through the shear material that covered it.

Feeling a rush of pleasure travel from her sensitive
nipple to her vagina, Megan wiggled her bottom against
Jack. He put his hands on her hips and moved her slightly
to take some of the pressure off his throbbing penis. His
hands felt the bare flesh of her hips, exposed by her hiked
skirt. Quickly he removed them, not wanting to upset her.

"Sorry Megan," he whispered into her ear, "I didn't
realize your skirt was pulled up."

"It's ok Jack, it felt nice."

"Well, you had better fix it, Tom will be turning the
lights on soon."

Megan stood up and pulled her skirt down over her bottom.
She held it in place and sat back down on Jack's legs.
They waited for the lights to come on, signaling Tom and
Lisa were finished loading the film.

"Watch your eyes," Tom said. "I'm going to turn the
lights on."

"Turn on the safe lights first," Lisa said. "That way it
won't hurt our eyes."

Tom flipped on the red safe lights, filling the darkroom
with a soft glow. After a few minutes, he turned on the
regular lights and glanced at his cousin.

"Did you two have fun in the dark?" He asked them. "You
were very quiet over there."

Lisa giggled and she and Tom began to fill the film tank
with developer.

"Yes we did," Megan said, shocking everyone. "Why, are
you two jealous?"

The four teens laughed at her brash comment. Megan even
realized that her statement was out of character for her.
She and Jack went to the counter and watched Tom and Lisa
as Tom agitated the film tank.

"Tom," Megan said, "Is there a bathroom I could use?"

"I'll show you where it is," Jack offered. "They're busy
with the film."

Jack led Megan out of the darkroom and to the mini gym.
He pointed to a door and told her that he would wait for
her. She came out after a few minutes, went over to Jack,
and put her arms around his waist.

"That was nice Jack," she said.

"Going to the bathroom?"

"No silly, what you were doing in the darkroom. You know,
when you touched my boobs." Megan said with a grin.

She briefly compared Jack's gentle touch to the rough
treatment she had experienced at the hands of Danny, on
that terrible day. She pulled Jack closer to her, looked
up at him, and pressed her lips to his. They kissed
softly, slowly exploring each other's mouths with their
tongues. Immediately she felt the tingling return to her
now wet vagina. She shivered slightly in his arms and
broke their tender kiss.

Felling flushed and excited, Megan began to giggle. She
wanted to show Jack her new sexy underwear, but wasn't sure
how to approach him or how he would react. The two stood
silent with their arms around one another.

"We had fun shopping today," Megan said. "Kim and Sally
were there with the twins and they went with Lisa and I for
awhile. They helped me pick out a lot of new things,
things I would have never bought if I was alone."

She stepped back and smiled at Jack.

"You said you liked my new skirt and top," she said,
turning slowly. "Do you want to see what else I bought?"

Jack watched her turn around, his eyes darting up and down
over her body. He liked the miniskirt and her thin legs.
He smiled at her when she was facing him again.

"Sure Megan, did you bring the other clothes with you?"

Megan turned her back to Jack, unbuttoned her blouse, and
turned back to him. She reached for the hem of her short
black skirt and pulled it up to her waist.

"I meant my new bra and panties," she said, her face
turning slightly red. "Do you like them too?"

Megan turned around and showed him her butt and new thong.
She dropped her skirt and began to button her blouse. Jack
moved to her, put his arms around her waist, and pulled her
close. She stopped buttoning her blouse and wrapped her
arms around his neck. He could feel her breasts against
his chest. He slid his hands up her back, under her shirt,
and caressed her soft skin.

Moving his hands to her sides, he felt the soft material
of her bra. Jack moved his hands to her front and covered
both of her breasts with his hands. He rubbed the palms of
his hands over her and felt her nipples respond.

Megan cooed into his ear as he rubbed the hard protrusions
with his fingertips. Stepping back, she looked down and
watched him gently touch her. She took his wrists and
moved his hands away, bringing each one to her lips and
kissing it. Slowly buttoning her blouse, she looked into
his eyes.

"We had better get back to the darkroom Jack, they will
wonder what has happened to us."

Jack nodded and watched as she fastened the last button of
her blouse. They walked back to the darkroom pausing
before going in.

Megan kissed Jack on the cheek and said, "Are you sure my
boobs aren't too small? The other girls are so much bigger
than I am."

Jack lightly patted her on the bottom and said, "I told
you before, I think they are perfect. Quit worrying about

"I like you Jack and I want you to be happy with me."

"Megan, my parents taught Kim and I that you should like
someone for what they are. I don't like you for any one
part of you, I like you because you are you. Stop being so
self conscious about your body and you will have a lot more
fun in life."

Megan's eyes filled with tears. She held Jack tight and
said, "You are the best guy a girl could ever hope for
Jack. I want to have fun I want to have fun with you.
Please be patient with me, I still have some issues to deal
with. Having all of you guys as friends is really helping

The two hugged for a moment and went back into the
darkroom. Tom was holding the strip of negatives up to the
light, examining each one. Lisa was standing behind him,
her arms around his waist, looking at the film.

"They came out great," Lisa said. "Where have you two

Megan stood next to Lisa and looked at the negatives. "We
were talking."

Tom said, "As soon as these are dry, we can print some

Tom hung the strip of film in the dryer and turned it on.
"It will take about an hour for them to dry, want to get
something to eat?"

The teens all agreed they were hungry and headed upstairs.
They decided that they didn't want to mess with making
anything and left for a fast food restaurant. Tom and Lisa
sat in the front seat of the Expedition, separated by the
console. Jack and Megan sat in back, behind Lisa, snuggled
close to each other. Megan put her hand on Jack's leg just
above his knee and gently squeezed it, he put his arm
around her and rubbed her arm.

Tom pulled into the parking lot and found a space. The
four teens went into the restaurant, ordered their food,
and found a table. They all talked about Kim's party and
the fun they had.

"I couldn't believe it when you took your top off Megan,"
Lisa said.

"Neither could I," she admitted. "I don't know what came
over me, but it just seemed like the thing to do at the
time. I have changed so much so fast that I'm not really
sure that I still know who I am."

"If you want my opinion," Tom said. "You are the person
you have always been. You have listened to the assholes at
school so long that you started to believe them. The stuff
you have done in the past few weeks is normal for kids our
age what ever normal is."

"You're right Tom. It is just that I have been so afraid
of everything ever since ever since I was hurt."

Tom and Lisa looked at her wondering what she was
referring to. They were unaware of the things that had
happened when she was thirteen. Jack knew and kept silent
feeling that if Megan wanted to say anything she would.

"What are you talking about Megan," Lisa asked.

Megan took a bite of her burger and a long drink of her
Coke. She thought for a moment and began to tell Tom and
Lisa about Danny and what he did to her. Her eyes began to
fill with tears as she told them about the horror of that
dreadful day and the long lasting affect it had had on her

Jack leaned closer to Megan and put his arm around her
shoulder, comforting her as she finished her story.

Megan wiped her eyes with her napkin and began to smile.
"I have kept that all to myself for all this time and now
I'm telling about it freely. I even told my parents last
night. They have been sending me to shrinks for years and
it never helped, because I wouldn't even tell the doctors."

"I have heard that you have to face your fears to conquer
them," Lisa said. "It wasn't your fault you know. That
guy was the jerk and he was the one that was wrong."

"I know that now," Megan said. "After I met Kim and Sally
and told them I was able to begin healing. Now I have you
guys as friends too, and it gets easier. I have known you
from the club Lisa, and you were always nice to me, but now
I feel that you are my real friend and I like that."

"I am your friend Megan and so are the rest of these guys.
I'll bet that the more new things you do, the less you will
think about the past, and someday you won't think about it
at all. I know you can never forget something like that,
but at least it won't control you."

Jack held her firmly and said, "Lisa is right Megan.
We're young and should be having fun. If you stick with us
you will be acting as crazy as the rest of us in no time."

"Thanks for being so understanding you guys. I could have
never come this far with out you, or Kim and Sally. Those
two girls are so mature for their age, and so wise. If it
hadn't been for them I would have never met Jack and Tom,
and Lisa and I may never have become good friends."

Tom said, "Well, are we ready to go? The film should be
dry by now and I would like to try printing some pictures

The four friends cleaned up their table and left for Tom's
house. They went down to the darkroom and Tom and Lisa
began to pull out the things they would need. Jack and
Megan watched as they put trays on the counter and filled
them with the various chemicals needed to process the
prints. Tom uncovered his enlarger and Lisa put the
negatives into the carrier.

After turning off the white lights and turning on the safe
light, Tom took a sheet of paper from the light tight save
and put it into the holder.

"You're not quite ready for that yet," Lisa said. "First
we have to compose the picture and focus the enlarger."

Tom put the paper away and watched as she adjusted the
enlarger and sharpened the image. She set the timer and
told Tom that he could get the paper out now. He pulled a
sheet out and again placed it into the holder. Placing it
under the enlarger, he pushed the lever on the timer and
exposed the print.

When the enlarger shut off, he removed the sheet and put
it into the tray with the developer. They all watched as
the image began to appear, and Tom gently rocked the tray.
Once the desired density was achieved, he moved it into the
stop-bath and timed it.

When the print was done, Tom turned on the lights and
examined the photo.

"It looks good Tom," Lisa said. "Ready to do more?"

"This is great," Tom said. "I'm ready to print the rest."

Jack and Megan decided to leave them to their hobby and go
and sit down somewhere comfortable. They told Tom and Lisa
they would be back soon and left the darkroom. Jack led
Megan up to the family room and turned on the stereo. They
sat on the couch and listened to the music.

Megan leaned over, put her head on his shoulder, and
pulled his arm around her. She put her arm around his
waist and relaxed against him. Neither one said anything,
they just enjoyed the closeness. While they were each lost
in their own thoughts, the phone rang. Jack got up and
answered it. After talking for a few minutes, he hung up
and returned to the couch.

"That was my Aunt Anne. She said that we are supposed to
go to my house for dinner later. I will tell Tom and Lisa
when they are done in the darkroom."

Jack put his arm back around Megan and she returned hers
to his waist. They sat quietly for a little while and then
she kissed him. Jack turned to her and the two began to
kiss each other deeply. They probed each other's mouths
with their tongues and began to rub their hands over their
bodies. Megan felt him move to her breast and she moaned
into his mouth.

The feeling of his hand rubbing her breast made Megan
begin to get excited. She felt her passion build and her
fears dissipate. She wanted more so she moved her hands to
her blouse and slowly unbuttoned it so Jack could touch
her. He replaced his hand on her breast and teased her
nipples until they were hard and poking against the thin
material of her bra.

When she unhooked the garment and revealed her small
breasts to Jack's hand he pulled his mouth from hers.

"Are you sure you want to do this Megan?"

"Yes Jack," she panted, "I'm sure. Please touch my boobs and kiss me."

Jack returned his hand to the firm bare flesh and massaged
it. Megan leaned to kiss him and he stopped her.

"You stop me anytime you feel uncomfortable, ok"

Megan nodded and pressed her lips to his. She was
completely lost in the heat of their kissing and Jack's
gentle touch. She felt like there was a direct connection
from her nipples to her crotch. When Jack bent down and
kissed her breasts, she grabbed the back of his head with
one hand and held him tight to her. As he flicked his
tongue on her nipples, he felt her body quiver in
excitement. He opened his mouth and covered one of her
breasts, licking it.

"Oh Jack, that feels so good," she said.

Megan moved her hand from his side, put it on his leg and
began to rub him. She could feel the muscles in his thigh
flinch as she moved from his knee to midway on his inner
thigh. Each time she moved up, she went a little higher,
increasing the pressure.

Jack removed his mouth from her breast and said, "Be
careful." He returned his mouth to her breast and resumed
the oral stimulation he had been providing her.

Moving her hand up further on his leg, she bumped into his
engorged penis, which was pointing down his pant leg. She
moved her hand away for a moment and then returned it to
the spot she had encountered his manhood. Her hand rested
against the end of it and Jack moaned into her breast.

Megan lifted her hand and laid it on Jack's hard penis.
She slowly gripped it with her fingers and felt it throb in
her hand. Jack began to suck harder on her breast and she
slowly moved her hand over his confined shaft. Jack
removed his mouth and kissed her. He moaned into her mouth
and put his hand on her wet breast.

Completely consumed by the moment, Megan increased her
movement on his penis. Jack took her wrist and removed her
hand from his rigid tool.

"It is getting uncomfortable," he said.

"I'm sorry, do you want me to stop?"

"No," he said, "I just have to move it so it isn't down my
pant leg like that."

Megan put her head on his chest, moved her hands to his
belt, and began to undo it.

"Do you mind if I help you?"

Jack kissed the top of her head and told her that he
didn't mind at all.

Megan unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his slacks, and
pulled down his zipper. Carefully, she reached into his
open pants, found his penis, and pulled it up. She fished
it out through the fly of his boxers and began to stroke
it. She looked down at her hand and watched it glide over
him, feeling the heat his penis emitted.

"It's so beautiful Jack, I have never really seen a cock
before. It feels wonderful in my hand."

Jack groaned and said, "If you keep that up I'm going to
make a mess."

Moving his hand down her back to her butt, he began to rub
it. He slowly worked her short skirt up until his hand
touched the bare flesh of her bottom. Megan scooted closer
to Jack, giving him better access to her butt. She
continued her steady stroking on his penis, her eyes still
glued to it.

"Should I stop Jack?"

"I don't want you to Megan, but I'm going to cum if you
keep it up."

"Don't you want to?"

"Yes, I just don't want to get it all over everything."

Jack moved his hand over her smooth bottom and down her
thigh. She moved and his hand went between her legs and
touched her panty-covered crotch. He rubbed his fingers
over the silky material and felt her push up into his hand.
Megan moved again, laying on her side, and rested her head
on his thigh. She parted her legs, hanging one off the
edge of the couch.

"Please touch me down there Jack."

Jack moved his hand down and covered her open crotch. He
rubbed her, feeling the wetness of her panties. Feeling
like he couldn't hold out any longer he began to hump his
hips into her hand. He slipped his fingers into her
panties and down to her hot vagina. Stroking her lips with
his finger, he felt them part and he touched her clit. He
rubbed his finger over the hard nub, feeling her move her
body into his probing digit.

The only other time Megan had felt so excited is when Kim
licked her where Jack's finger was. When she felt him push
his finger into her vagina, her orgasm began. She twisted
back and forth on the couch as the tremors ripped through
her. She had stopped stroking Jack and was overwhelmed
with lust. Jack felt her vagina grip his finger and a
flood of warm fluid run over his hand.

When her spasms began to subside, she clamped her legs
together, trapping his hand. She lay motionless for
several moments, feeling the afterglow of the best climax
she had ever experienced.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"I'm more than ok Jack."

Megan relaxed her legs and allowed his hand to pull free.
She resumed the movement on his still rigid penis feeling
it throb in her hand. In the matter of minutes, Jack was
right back where he was before, on the verge of coming.
When he felt his balls tighten and the familiar pressure
begin in his penis, he held his hand over the end of it and
waited for his eruption.

The first spurt of hot cum shot up into his hand and
dripped onto hers. She kept stroking him as the sticky hot
cum rose up through his penis, hit his hand, and fell to
hers. When the spurting stopped and his cum dribbled out
of the head of his penis, he turned his hand palm up, to
the substance from hitting the furniture or floor.

Megan gazed down at her cum covered hand and Jack's
softening penis. Carefully, she slid her hand up, wiping
most of the hot liquid from him, and off his penis. She
sat up and looked at his discharge. She took her other
hand and ran her fingers through the sticky cum, testing
its consistency.

Curiously, she touched her fingertips to her tongue and
tasted it. Much to Jack's surprise, she licked the cum from her fingers and hand. When she had cleaned her own
hands, she took Jack's and also licked it clean.

"Mmmm," she said, "I know what I'm going to do with this
stuff next time."

Jack said, "What?"

Megan leaned down, took his soft penis into her mouth, and
gently used her tongue to bathe it. She remembered seeing
Angela suck on a boy's penis and did the same to Jack's.
As she moved him around in her mouth, she felt him begin to
grow. She pulled off of him and sat next to him, putting
her arms around his neck. She turned her face to him, not
knowing if he would kiss her after what she had just done.

Jack covered her lips with his and pushed his tongue into
her mouth. They kissed for a few minutes and then pulled

"That was the most incredible feeling I have ever had. I
never knew that I could get so turned on or cum so hard.
I'm so happy it was with you Jack, I never thought I could
be with a guy again."

Jack stood up and fastened his slacks and belt. He pulled
Megan to her feet, wrapped his arms around her, and hugged

"Are you sure you are alright with this? I don't want to
go too fast and hurt you. You mean a lot to me and if you
say no more, I will understand."

"You're not going too fast Jack, I really enjoyed having
you touch me and touching you. This is all new to me.
When I was you know, I thought that sex was cruel and
dirty, now you've shown me it can be gentle and sweet.
Someday I may even want to have intercourse, but for now
this will have to do. I don't think I'm ready for that yet."

Jack kissed her on the forehead and said, "Let's go and
see what Tom and Lisa are up to."

They went down to the darkroom, knocked on the door, and
went in. Tom and Lisa stood close to each other. Their
faces were red and their breathing was labored.

"Now just what have you two been doing?" Megan asked.
"Did you get anymore pictures done?"

Lisa smiled at her and said, "We got them all done Megan,
and before you start asking questions, you should button
your blouse right."

Megan looked down and saw that she had missed a buttonhole
and her blouse was cockeyed. She unbuttoned and re-
buttoned it, not bothering to turn around. She went over
to Lisa and whispered in her ear.

"Do you want to go to the bathroom with me?"

Lisa shook her head yes and the two girls left the
darkroom. As they walked across the basement, Megan
gripped Lisa's arm, she was bubbling with excitement.

"What has you so giddy?" Lisa asked her.

"Oh Lisa, you wouldn't believe what I just did with Jack!"

"You didn't screw him did you? Not without any protection."

"No, we didn't do that, but he did put his finger in me
and made me cum so hard that I felt like I was going to
faint. It was so exciting Lisa, I just never knew. What
happened with you and Tom?"

Megan didn't tell her about jacking him off or tasting his
cum. She decided that she would wait until another time,
if she told her at all.

"We were just kissing. I wanted to do more with him, but
I didn't know when you guys would be back. You know Megan,
you had better get to the doctors quick. You and Jack are
going to get going one of these days and not know when to

"I know, I'm going to talk to my mom tonight."

"That's cool, when does your period start?"

"It should start Wednesday or Thursday. Why do you ask?"

"The doctor will want you to start taking the pill right
after your period."

Megan and Lisa finished in the bathroom and returned to
the darkroom. Tom showed Jack and Megan the photos that he
and Lisa had developed.

Jack told Tom and Lisa about the phone call from Tom's
mom. They decided to finish cleaning up and head over
there. Jack helped Tom and Lisa put the last of the
equipment away and they all left, taking the stack of
prints with them.

Jack drove his truck and Tom his, Lisa and Megan went in
Megan's car. When they pulled into Jack's driveway, Lisa
and Megan noticed their parents' cars.

"I wonder what my mom and dad are doing here," Megan said.

"I don't know, mine are here too."

The girls got out of the car and followed the boys into
the house. They went to the family room and looked out
into the pool area. The kids saw their parents sitting in
the hot tub, only their heads visible. The four teens went
out to the pool and said hi the group of adults in the tub.

"Hi Megan," her mom said.

"Hi mom, what are you and dad doing here?"

"Mrs. Phillips invited us for dinner and we decided to
come. While we were waiting for you guys to get home we
all thought that relaxing in this wonderful hot tub was a
good idea."

The teens all greeted the adults and asked if they wanted
to see the pictures they printed. They told them about
their day and the things they did. The kids went to a
table and sat down and waited for their parents to come
over and look at the pictures.

"Where are Kim and Sally?" Tom asked.

"They are up in the rec-room with Paul and Brad
playing pool I think." Marge said.

Anne said, "I'm going to get out for a minute and look at
Tom's pictures."

When Anne stood up the kids saw that she was not wearing a
top. As the rest of the women exited the tub, they
realized they were all topless.

Megan's mouth fell open when she saw her mom in only a
bathing suit bottom. She couldn't remember the last time
she had seen her in any state of undress, let alone
topless. She went over to her mom and pulled her aside.

"Mom, what is going on here?" Megan asked the half naked

"Nothing Megan, we are just enjoying the hot tub. Your
father and I came over here earlier and talked with Kim and
Sally's parents. They told us a lot of things that we
never knew. A little later, Mrs. Graham called and asked
us to come back and we did."

"I never would have thought that you and dad would do this."

"Well Megan, did you think you would have gone topless in
front of other people two days ago?"

Megan and her mom sat down away from the rest of the group
and continued their conversion.

"I guess I see what you mean mom, but I'm just a kid, you
and dad are so "


"Yes! I can only think of dad in a suit and working."

Liz reached across the table and took her daughter's hand.
She smiled and looked into her eyes.

"Your father and I have had some time to think after we
talked to you and with Kim and Sally's parents today. We
have decided that we have neglected you for far too long.
We want to enjoy the rest of your teen years with you Megan."

Megan moved over to her mom and threw her arms around her
neck. She hugged her tightly and cried softly.

"Mom, there isn't anything in the world that would make me
happier. I love you and dad and want to spend time with

Megan's mom began to cry too, she stood and returned the
young girls hug, kissing her on the forehead.

"After seeing how the other parents have so much fun with
their kids, we've made plans to do the same. We want you
to be happy Megan. Your father has even said that he isn't
going to work so much anymore. Another thing we have
learned is that we want you to be able to talk to us about

Megan released her grip on her mom and moved back. She
sat back down and asked her mom to sit down also.

"I'm glad you said that I can talk to you about anything
mom, I have a question that I want to ask and I have been
trying to figure how to bring it up."

"What is it honey?"

"I want you to make an appointment for me to see the

"What's the matter, are you sick?"

"No mom, I want to to go on the pill."

"Ok Megan, I will call tomorrow. Can I ask if you are
having sex?"

"No mom, but if it turns out that I do, I don't want to
get pregnant again. I don't think I could handle that."

"I understand, is it ok if I tell your father about it?"

"I don't care if he knows mom, I don't want to have
anymore secrets between any of us."

"Neither do I sweetheart, neither do I. Let's go and see
the pictures you guys took."

Megan and her mom went to the table and looked through the
stack of eight by ten photos. Liz commented on how nice
Megan and the other kids looked. She looked carefully at
one of the photos of just Megan.

"Tom, would you please make me a copy of this one. It is
such a great picture of Megan."

"Sure Mrs. Stone. In fact, you can have that one and I
will make another for me."

"Thank you Tom," Liz said.

Jack said, "Let's go up to the rec-room and see what the
others are up to."

The four teens went upstairs and were walking down the
hall to the rec-room. Jack saw that the door was closed
and he told the others to be quiet. He slowly turned the
knob and pushed the door open. Looking into the room, they
saw Kim and Sally on the couch making out with Paul and Brad.

"What is going on in here?" Jack said sharply.

The four younger teens scrambled to sit up, the boys pulling their hands out from under the girls' sweaters.
When they saw who was standing at the door, they relaxed.

"You scared the crap out of us Jack," Kim said, as she
pulled her sweater down and over her bra.

Paul and Brad sat next to the girls and turned red, having
been caught.

"Sorry," Paul said, "We were just fooling around a little."

Jack and the rest of the group walked into the room and
sat down near the others. Lisa smiled at her little
brothers and giggled at their discomfort.

"It's ok," Jack said. "We just came up to see what you
guys were up to. I guess you got bored with playing pool."

The teens all talked, Tom showed his sister, Kim, and the
twins the pictures he and Lisa developed. The girls told
him how good they were and asked when they could watch him
process some.

"Next time we do it we will tell you and you can watch."
He said pointing towards Lisa. "Lisa really did most of
it, I'm just learning."

Sally said, "What are our parents up to?"

"Swimming and sitting in the hot tub," Megan said, "and my
mom is topless."

Brad said, "Are all the women topless?"

"Yes you little pervert," Lisa said. "Why, do you want to
go down there now?"

Brad dropped his head and shook it no. Lisa giggled and
rubbed her hand over Brad's head. She bent down and
whispered to him, "Yes you do, and I don't blame you."

The young boy grinned and looked up at his sister, she
smiled at him and walked away. Lisa went over to Kim and
motioned for the other girls to join her. They all walked
to the other end of the room and stood near the bar.

"Do you guys want to go down and join our parents? I know
my little brothers do."

The four girls talked about Lisa's question and decided
that they would like to go swimming. They went back by the
boys and told them they were going to put bathing suits on
and go down to the pool. The boys all said that they would
like to go too and headed for Jack's room. The girls went
to Kim's room and selected suits.

Megan asked Kim if she could wear her white bikini and Kim
handed it to her. Sally took her white suit and asked Lisa
if she wanted it. Lisa said no and selected a black two-
piece from the drawer. Kim took out a red and white bikini
she hadn't worn in a long time and the girls headed to the
pool house to shower.

The parents were all in the pool lounging in the water.
The women were along one side talking and the men were on
the other side.

As the girls walked through the pool area, Kim asked, "Do
you mind if we go swimming too?"

Marge said, "Not at all, get your suits on and jump in."

The four girls went into the pool house, took off their
clothing, and went into the shower room. Kim turned on the
main control and the four showerheads began to spray warm
water. The girls washed their hair and rinsed the shampoo
out of it. Kim took her showerhead from its hook, adjusted
it to form a narrow stream, and pointed it at Megan.

Soon the other girls had their showerheads in hand and
were pointing them at each other. They were all giggling
and trying to avoid the other's attack. When Megan got
close to Lisa, she pointed the spray at Megan's crotch.
Megan stopped and let the spray hit her between her legs.
When Kim saw what was going on, she let go of her
showerhead, went over to Megan and turned her around. She
pulled at the tall girl's shoulders, bending her at the
waist and exposing her crotch to Lisa.

Lisa moved the sharp stream of water up and down over
Megan's crotch, striking her clit. Megan bent further
forward to allow the water to hit more of her. When she
bent down, her face was even with Kim's crotch and only
inches away. Finally, Megan stood up and turned away from

"That will get you going," Megan said.

The girls all laughed and began to soap their bodies.

Lisa stood near Kim and said, "You want to wash my back
for me?"

Kim took the soap and applied it to her back, rubbing it
all over. She put her hands on Lisa's butt and covered it
with suds. Kim put the soap down and rubbed her with her
hands, moving them to her breasts and briefly massaging
them. Sally and Megan watched the two and Megan began to
wash Sally's back.

Lisa said, "If you keep washing my boobs Kim, we will
never get out of here. I am going to end up taking
advantage of you."

Kim smiled and said, "You think so do you. Well, not if I
get to you first."

Kim moved her hand to Lisa's crotch and rubbed her. She
slid her finger through her slit, parting her lips and
rubbing her clit. Lisa put her hand between Kim's legs and
began to return the favor.

Megan and Sally were also touching each other and probing
one another's vagina. They both had a finger stuck into
the other's hole and were stroking it in and out.

Kim pulled away from Lisa and said, "We had better get
going. Our parents will wonder what is taking so long.
Maybe one of these days we can have a pajama party and
spend the night."

The girls all left the shower and put their suits on,
including the tops, went out to the pool and dove into the
water. They swam around for a little while and watched the
boys playing with a ball. The adults were still at the
edge of the pool talking.

Brad missed the ball when Tom threw it to him and it
landed by the girls. He swam over to retrieve it and
stopped by Lisa.

"Aren't you guys going to take your tops off and show us
your tits like mom and the other women?" Brad asked his

"Go and play your game you little pervert," she said.

Brad mumbled something and went to the other end of the

Lisa went over by the other girls and they asked what her
brother said.

"He wanted to know if we were going to take off our tops,"
Lisa said. "The guys never take off their suits so why
should we."

"You're right Lisa," Sally said, "We should get even with

"How?" Kim asked.

"Well," Lisa said with a devilish grin, "we could pull
their suits off of them."

The girls all began to giggle and talk about how funny it
would be. They agreed to try and get Brad's suit because
of what he said. Slowly the four girls moved apart and
began to close in on the unsuspecting boy.

Brad was standing in waist deep water when the girls sprang their attack. Kim and Sally grabbed him around the
head and shoulders, dragging him under water. Lisa grabbed
the waist of his trunks and pulled them down his legs. She
surfaced and waved her prize over her head, taunting her
naked brother.

When Brad lunged at her, she tossed his trunks to Kim.
The girls threw his trunks back and forth between them and
Brad tried unsuccessfully to get them back. The adults
watched the kids and laughed out loud.

Lisa took the trunks and swam into the deep water. Paul
decided to aid his brother and moved towards her. Kim,
Sally, and Megan tackled him and removed his trunks too,
tossing them to Lisa.

"Isn't this getting a little out of hand?" Megan's mom asked Diane.

"No Liz," Diane said, "The girls are just getting even for
all the times those two boys peeked at Lisa. She's always
catching them trying to see her when she's undressed. I
think it serves them right. Besides, they are just having
a little fun, no one is getting hurt."

"You know girls, I think our daughters have the right
idea," Marge said. "Here we are standing around with our
tits hanging out and our husbands are covered. What do you
think we should do about that?"

They all laughed and made their way over to the men. They
each stood near their husband and talked about the game of
keep away the kids were playing. While they talked, Jack
and Tom both lost their trunks, without too much of a fight.

"Well, it looks like the girls got the best of them this
time," Anne said.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that, Marc said.

The boys, with nothing to lose, turned the tables and went
after the girls. Lisa was the first to have her top taken
away, followed by Megan. Kim and Sally tried to get away
from the boys but were unable to out swim them. They lost
their tops and all the women at the pool were topless.

"You're right Marc," Jerry said. "It looks like the boys have evened the score."

Megan's dad followed his daughter with his eyes as she
played in the pool. He was amazed at the display and the
lack of concern by the others. While the men watched their
young daughters, their wives all grabbed their trunks as if
on queue.

When Kim saw what the women were trying to do, she called
to the other girls to go to their aid. The four swam over
to their parents and helped their moms take away the men's
suits. The boys went to the group and joined in. Soon the
kids and the parents were all wrestling with each other and
stopped only after the entire group was nude.

Megan looked around at the naked men, comparing the
differences in their penises. Earlier that day she had
seen one, up close, for the first time and now there were
eight of them exposed to her, even if it was under water.
As she glanced around, her eyes fell on her dad's crotch.
She stared at his manhood, noting how it hung over his
large balls. When she moved her eyes up his body, she saw
he was also staring at her, his eyes fixed on her crotch.

Jerry's gaze met his daughters and they stood looking into
one another's eyes. He looked down over her body and back
up, smiling at her. She returned his smile and moved
slowly towards him. When she was standing right in front
of her dad, she tried to speak, but was lost for words.

"You're beautiful Megan," he told her.

Megan moved closer, put her around him, and hugged him
briefly. She felt his bare flesh against her and his
strong arms hold her. She backed away, but kept her eyes
on him.

"Thank you daddy," she said, before moving away and going
to her mom.

"I guess that I'm the only one here that doesn't shave
their crotch," Liz said to Megan. "When did you do that?"

Liz pointed at the neatly trimmed strip of red hair that
adorned her mound.

"Kim did it for me mom. My hair was always sticking out
around my suit and it was embarrassing."

Liz laughed and said, "I know what you mean Megan, I have
the same problem."

Megan looked down at her mom's thick dark bush and said,
"I could help you shave it, if you want."

"I think I will take you up on that before we go swimming

Kim and Sally stood close and made comments about Paul and
Brad. They tried to compare them to their brothers. They
giggled and made snide remarks about what they would look
like when they were hard.

The group lazed around the pool for a while and then Marge
climbed out. She sorted through the suits that had been
tossed onto the floor around the pool and found hers. She
pulled on the bottoms and began to tie her top around her

"Well gang, I'm going to start dinner," Marge said.

One by one the rest of the group climbed out of the pool,
found their suits, and put them back on.

Kim helped her mom fix dinner for the group. Marge had
fixed a large ham and made potato salad. She and Kim set
the food out and called everyone to eat. The adults sat in
the dining room and the kids went out by the pool. After
they finished their dinners, the parents went to the pool
and told their kids that they had to get ready to go home.

Lisa and her brothers took Megan home and Tom drove Sally.
Jack and Kim went upstairs to their rooms and changed. Kim
put on her silk pajamas and Jack put on a pair of boxers.
After he had changed he went to Kim's room to watch
television with her.

"How was your first real date Kim? Did you and Sally have
fun with Paul and Brad?"

"Yeah, it was fun. We went to the movies and had
something to eat at the mall."

"How was the movie?"

"I really don't know Jack, we spent most of the time in
the theater with our eyes closed."

Jack tried not to laugh at his little sister. "How could
you see the movie with your eyes closed?

"Don't be a brat Jack, Sally and I were making out with
Paul and Brad, like when you came up stairs."

"Oh, I see. Did you let him get very far with you?"

Kim climbed onto the bed and sat with her back against the
headboard. She told her brother about how Paul had felt
her up and that she wouldn't let him under her bra.

"Did you get turned on kissing him?"

Kim went on and told him about how hot she got and how wet
her panties had become. As she divulged the details of her
day with Paul, she noticed that Jack was becoming erect.
She reached over and put her hand on his crotch and rubbed
his expanding penis.

"Does it make you excited to hear me talk about kissing
Paul? Is that why you are getting hard?"

"Yes," he admitted, "It turns me on. When you were doing
it with Tom this morning I thought I would cum from

Kim put her hand into the fly of his boxers and rubbed
him. Jack moaned when he felt her hand on his bare flesh
and put his hand on her crotch. He moved over the slick
material of her short silk pajamas and then slipped his
hand under the waistband.

When his fingers dipped between her legs and touched her
vaginal lips, she shivered. Kim got up, closed her bedroom
door, and took off her pajamas. She got back into bed,
helped her brother remove his shorts, and stretched out
next to him. She put her hand back on his hard penis and
he returned his to her vagina.

"Your pussy is hot Kim, are you still turned on from being
with Paul?"

"No Jack, that's all because of you."

Jack pushed his finger into her and moved it in and out.
He could feel her getting wetter as he probed her depths.
Kim moved her hand on his hard penis, watching the tight
skin move.

"It feels good when you finger me Jack."

It feels good when you jack me off too Kim."

The two sat with their backs against the headboard, slowly
masturbating each other.

"How are things going with you and Megan Jack? Have you
two done anything together yet? You know she really likes

"Things are fine with us, I like her too. We have even
messed around a little."

Kim tightened her grip on Jack and sped up her stroking.
She looked into his eyes and smiled at him.

"So, what have you two done Jack?"

"We have just kissed and touched each other a little," he
said as he put another finger into her vagina.

"Oh really, have you touched her boobs yet?"

The conversation he was having with his sister was
exciting Jack, he moaned slightly as she ran her thumb over
the head of his penis, smearing his per-cum around.

"Yes, and her pussy. She touched my cock too, and made me

Kim removed her hand from her brother's penis, threw her
leg over his, and lowered herself, guiding his throbbing
member into her slick hole. She slid down his shaft and
pushed her breasts into his face. He took one of her
nipples between his lips and sucked it.

Putting both hands on the back of his head, she pulled him
tight to her chest. She flexed her vaginal muscles and
massaged the hard intruder that was deep in her. Jack
opened his mouth wide and sucked as much of her breast as
he could. He rubbed his tongue over her hard nipple and
moaned into the firm flesh.

Moving slowly up and down on him, Kim said, "Do you want
to fuck Megan? Do you want to put your big hard cock into
her pussy and squirt your cum into her?"

Jack nodded yes, never removing his mouth from her breast.
Kim moved faster on him, slamming her crotch down onto his
with each stroke.

Kim's fast movement was bringing Jack to his limit. He
could feel his balls churn and his cum race through his
penis. He tightened his muscles and held Kim tight as he
filled her vagina with his cum. She felt him swell in her
and squeezed him as he came.

Kim's own orgasm began as her brothers subsided. She put
her hand between them and rapidly rubbed her clit, pushing
her over the edge. Her vagina began to spasm and Jack
could feel the uncontrolled flexing around his softening

When she was done, Kim lay against her brother's chest and
relaxed. She could still feel him inside her and slowly
gyrated her crotch against his.

"Jack," she said softly, "will you still want me when you
start making love with Megan?"

Jack moved her away so he could look into her eyes. "Of
course I will Kim. Why do you even ask? Besides, I think
we are a long way from anything like that."

Kim smiled and then her face turned very serious. "When
and if you ever fuck her, I want to watch you two."

Jack was speechless, he thought about his sister's strange
request and said, "We'll see Kim, I don't know if she would
want you to watch us."

"I won't tell her if you don't," she said, as she moved up
and let him slip out of her.

Kim ran to the bathroom to clean up. When she returned,
Jack was right where she had left him, his flaccid penis
laying on his leg. She got into the bed and moved to him
on her hands and knees. She took his slippery penis into
her mouth and cleaned him thoroughly.

"I love that part," she said. "You taste so good."

Jack slid down in the bed and she lay next to him. Almost
simultaneously, they reached for each other's crotches.
The two siblings lie quietly next to each other, softly
fondling the other's sex, and soon fell asleep, snuggling
close together.

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