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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 39


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ł2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

The Lottery - Part 39 (MF, mf, mmf, oral, mast, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision

Lisa was in her room, dressed in only her panties and bra,
when her two brothers came in, sat on the bed, and watched
her putting her clothes away.

"What do you two want?" she asked.

"We just wanted to talk to you Lisa," Paul said.

"Did you two have a good time at the movies?"

"It was fun," Brad said. "Sally is a real good kisser."

Lisa turned her back to the boys and removed her bra. She
pulled one of her dad's old tee shirts over her head and
went to the bed and sat between her brothers. They had
removed their jeans and shirts and were in their white
cotton briefs.

"Is that all you guys did? Just kiss them? It looked
like you were feeling them up when we came into the rec-

The boys shifted nervously on the bed and told their
sister about the things they had done with Kim and Sally.
As they talked, Lisa's eyes darted back and forth between
the boys' crotches. She could see their penises growing in
the confines of their snug underpants.

"Kim wouldn't let me get under her bra," Paul said. "She
let me play with her tits but on the outside."

"Yeah, Sally too," Brad added.

"It was the only the second time you two went out with
them, what did you think was going to happen? When I go
out with a guy, he doesn't get to do that much until we
have been dating for a while, if he ever does."

"I guess you're right Lisa, we were pretty lucky. I had a
great time with Sally." Brad said.

Both of Lisa's brothers were now fully erect. She looked
at their bulging briefs and began to giggle.

"It looks like you two haven't taken care of yourselves
yet today. Did those girls leave you guy all horny?"

Paul rubbed his crotch and said, "Yes they did, darn it.
Then with everyone running around nude tonight well, it's
more than a guy can take."

Lisa put her hand on Paul's crotch and squeezed him.
"Poor baby, you must be very uncomfortable like that."

Paul groaned when she rubbed him and said, "Very
uncomfortable Lisa."

With her other hand she rubbed Brad through his underwear.
The two boys fell back on Lisa's bed and let their legs
dangle over the edge. They had played this game before and
knew the rules. Lisa was in control and if they didn't do
things her way they would have to play with themselves.

Lisa stood up, turned, and faced the bed. "I bet you guys would be more comfortable if your cocks weren't in these
tight things."

Gripping Paul's underwear she pulled them down his legs.
She removed Brad's next and stood looking at their rigid
penises. Reaching out with both hands, she cupped the
boy's balls and moved them around in her hands gently.

"Have you and Tom done anything together yet?" Paul
asked, breathing heavily.

"Yeah Lisa, have you let him play with your titties yet?"
Brad said.

Lisa wrapped her hands around her brother's hard members
and stroked slowly up and down.

"No, but he hasn't tried. We have just kissed a little."

"Doesn't he like you? He is always hanging around close
to you," Paul said.

"Yes, I think he likes me, he is just being a gentleman.
I have never gone out with a guy like him before, it's
really kind of nice. I get tired of having to fight off
guys trying to grab me all the time."

Lisa released the hot penises, reached under her tee
shirt, and removed her panties. She told her brothers to
scoot up on the bed and then laid down between them with
her feet near their heads. Both of the boys stared at her
naked crotch as she put her hands back around them. She
let go of Paul, reached over him, and grabbed a pillow.
Folding it, she put it under her head so she could watch
herself play with her brother.

The little game had been the same for a couple of years,
every once in a while Lisa would masturbate her brothers.
She enjoyed the feeling of their penises in her hands and
would stroke them until they were on the verge of their
orgasm. When she felt they were close, she would stop and
wait until they had calmed down before resuming her
activity. On more than one occasion, she spent over an
hour before she would finish them.

When the game first began, the boys couldn't last more
that a few minutes, but after a while, they could last as
long as she wanted them to. The boys were allowed to look
at her and she would often get completely naked for them,
but they were not allowed to touch her.

Lisa continued to jack off the boys, as they lay
motionless on either side of her. She felt herself
becoming aroused tonight, something that almost never
happened. Increasing the speed of her hands, she felt Paul
begin to move his hips, she removed her hand from him and
concentrated on Brad. When he began to get close to his
release, she released him too.

Sitting up, she pulled her tee shirt over her head. She
looked down at her nipples and saw them standing away from
her breasts. The boys watched as she put her hands to her
chest and began to massage herself, pulling at her nipples.
She had never done anything like this in front of the boys before and found their reaction exciting.

Paul and Brad watched wide-eyed as their sister played
with her breasts and pulled at her hard nipples. Brad
reached down and took his penis in hand and began to stroke

"Do you guys like it when I play with my boobs? Does it
turn you on?"

Both boys nodded and Paul started to stroke himself. Lisa
pulled her legs under her and knelt between the boys. She
pushed her knees into their sides and told them to move
over a little. When the two moved away from her, she
spread her legs wider.

Paul and Brad watched in amazement as she put one of her
hands between her legs and rubbed her pubic mound. Lisa
was getting more and more excited as she touched herself
and watched her younger brothers. When she moved her
fingers lower and touched her vagina, she could feel the
moisture and heat that was being emitted.

"How about when I touch my pussy? Does that make you two
hot? You know, if you guys keep rubbing your cocks, you
will cum too soon."

Paul and Brad stopped stroking themselves and watched as
Lisa continued to play with her crotch and breasts. She
told them to lie on their sides and face each other. When
they did, she leaned back, pulled her legs out from under
her, and put them over the boys. She told them to move
closer to her, so they pushed their hips against her sides.

Lisa took her hands away from her breast and crotch, took
their penises' in her hands, and rubbed them on her
breasts. Her brothers were staring into her gaping crotch
and studying the puffy lips.

"I want you to touch me," Lisa said. "Just be gentle and
stop if I tell you to."

For the first time in several years, she was allowing them
to play with her most private parts. They had touched her
before when they played house, but she had put a stop to it
until now. The boys slid their hands along her thighs and
gently probed at her. When one of them, she wasn't really
sure who, touched her clit, she tighten her grip on their
penises. She rubbed the heads of the boys' manhood over
her nipples and moaned when someone put a finger into her.

As the three teens touched and rubbed one another they all
became more excited than they had ever been when playing
the game. Lisa could feel her brothers poking their
fingers into her virgin vagina, sometimes both of them had
a finger in her at the same time.

"One of you touch my boobs," she moaned, "I need to have
someone play with them."

Paul and Brad both reached up and put their hand on one of
her breasts. They massaged the firm flesh, remembering
what Kim and Sally had told them about being gentle. Lisa
moaned and told them to pull on her nipples and she stroked
the full length of the boys' penises.

Feeling her climax near, Lisa released the boys' penises
and put her hands on her brothers and massaged her breasts with them. She moaned out loud as she felt her vagina spasm around the fingers that were pushing into her. Her
whole body tensed up and became rigid. She clamped her
legs together and held the boys hands still. Screaming
out, she pulled their other hands away from her breasts and
held them away from her.

Lisa relaxed her legs and told the boys to move their
hands. When they had pulled their fingers out of her, she
relaxed and tried to catch her breath.

"That was the best you guys, thank you. I have never had
an orgasm so intense in my life."

Sitting up and folding her legs Indian style under her she
looked down at her brothers. She could see that the purple
heads of their penises were glossy from the pre-cum they
leaked. She looked at her breasts and saw the streaks of
the sticky substance drying on them. Even though she had
just cum, she was still very excited.

"How about us?" Brad asked, "We still haven't cum yet."

"Hold on a minute and let me calm down first, I always do
you two and that was the first time for me."

Paul put his hand on her leg and rubbed it softly, slowly
moving closer to her crotch.

"Want me to do it again for you Lisa? I don't care if you
don't want to play with me, you are always so cool about it."

Lisa smiled at Paul and said, "Thanks, you're sweet. I'll
be ok, but if you want to touch me again you can."

Paul moved his hand higher on her leg and brushed her
swollen labia with his fingertips. Lisa took his penis in
her hand and slowly stroked it, bring it back to its fully
erect size.

"Hey, how about me? Aren't you going to jack me off too?
I'm sorry for being pushy Lisa, I won't do it anymore."

Lisa thought for a moment. She was feeling the tingling
return to her vagina and her nipples begin to harden again.
She wrapped her hand around Brad's shaft and started to
stroke it.

"You can touch my boobs Brad, I like it when you do that."

Brad moved so he could reach her breasts and she could
still rub him. He used both hands to massage them and ran
his fingertips over her nipples. Lisa began to moan as her
two brothers touched her, she let out a groan when Paul
slipped his finger into her and began to slide it in and
out of her wet vagina.

In a move that shocked Paul, Lisa shifted around and
straddled his head. He stared up at her hairless crotch
and wondered what she was up to.

"Paul," she said panting, "Will you eat my pussy? I have
always wondered what it would feel like."

With out saying a word, Paul put his hands on her hips and
pulled her down to him. He opened his mouth, covered her
vagina, and licked her wet slit. Lisa moaned and jerked on
the penises she held in her hands. She rubbed her crotch
on Paul's mouth and her clit on his chin. She felt him
push his tongue into her tight hole and stroked her
brother's faster.

Paul pushed her up off his mouth and said, "I have always
wondered what it would be like too Lisa." He moved his
head up a little and licked around her opening.

Lisa looked between her legs and watched his tongue
touching her. She smiled, bent forward, and kissed the end
of his penis. She covered the soft head with her tongue,
coating it with her spit. She could feel his penis twitch
as she licked under the ridge and poked at the small slit
with her tongue.

Brad watched in awe as she opened her mouth and made the
first couple of inches of his brother's penis disappear.
She closed her lips around it and sucked gently.

"I can't believe that you are giving Paul a blow job
Lisa." Brad said. "Will you do that to me too?"

Paul pulled his sister back down to his mouth and she took
more of him into hers. She moved her mouth up and down his
shaft, taking a little more each time. When Lisa had just
over half of his seven inches in her mouth, she felt it hit
the back of her throat, causing her to gag. Quickly she
backed off and removed her mouth from him. She coughed a
couple of times and took a deep breath.

"You have to relax," Brad said.

Lisa lifted herself from Paul's mouth and looked at Brad.
"How the hell would you know Brad, I thought I was going to

Paul was still on his back, looking up at his sister's
crotch. He began to chuckle and said, "Go ahead Brad, tell
her how you know," he said.

"Um aha well," he stammered, "I read it in a book once."

Lisa moved off Paul and looked at her two brothers. She
saw the funny looks on their faces and wondered what was
going on. All of a sudden her eyes opened wide and she

"You two have sucked each other's cocks haven't you!
That's how Brad knows about it, isn't it."

The two boys were lost for words. Their sister had
seemingly discovered their deepest, darkest secret. They
stammered and turned their heads away from her, but she was
sure that they had messed around with one another.

"It's not like we are gay or anything," Paul blurted out,
"We were just messing around one night and we tried it."

Lisa stared at her brothers in disbelief and wondered how
the two boys could do such a thing. She suddenly got a
mental image of her brothers with each other's penises in
their mouths and became curious.

"Will you teach me how to do it?" she asked softly, "I
promise I won't tell anyone. I have never done it before
and I want to learn how."

The two boys were still lying on their backs, Lisa sitting
between them. She tried to put on her best puppy-dog face
to entice them. Putting her leg over Brad's head, she
lowered her self to his mouth.

"I'll let you two eat my pussy and finger fuck me if you
will teach me how to give a blow job."

She felt Brad poke at her slit with his tongue. She
reached down and took his penis into her hand and stroked
it. Bending forward she put it into her mouth and tried to
push in as much as she could. She started to gag again and
pulled off his hard tool.

"I just can't do it," she said, "It makes me gag as soon
as it touches the back of my throat and I feel like I'm
going to be sick"

"You just have to get use to it Lisa," Paul said.


"You have to relax your throat Lisa, then you won't gag,"
Paul replied.

Lisa was beginning to get turned on from Brad's probing
tongue. She told him to suck on her clit and shuddered
when he found it. Putting her hands to her breasts, she
pulled at her nipples and felt it tingle in her crotch.
Breathing heavily, she moved off Brad's mouth and knelt on
the bed.

Again she took Paul's penis into her mouth and tried to
suck it, again she gagged.

"I can't do it," she said.

Brad sat up and rubbed her back, "You just have to keep
trying," he said, "You will learn."

Lisa just shook her head no. She lay on her side and
propped her head up with her hand. Staring at her brothers
she felt like she had failed and wondered why she couldn't
do what she wanted to do.

Paul looked over at her and saw how disappointed she was.
He stroked her head and began to feel sorry for her.

"It's no big deal Lisa, you don't have to do that if you
don't want to."

"I do want to Paul, I just can't seem to keep from
gagging. I don't believe that anyone can put it all in
their mouth, everyone has to gag on it."

"That's not true," Brad said, "It can be done."

"You guys are only trying to make me feel better aren't

Both of her brothers shook their heads no. They looked at
each other and shrugged their shoulders. Brad moved near
Paul, bent over, and took his brother's penis into his mouth.

Lisa watched as he worked his mouth up and down on Paul's
hard penis. He kept taking more and finally had the entire
length in his mouth and throat. Paul moaned as his brother bobbed his head up and down on his penis, moving up until
only the head was hidden and back down.

"You see Lisa, Brad can take it all and you can too if you

Brad moved away from his brother and looked at Lisa. "See
Lisa," he said, "I told you it could be done."

While Brad was encouraging Lisa, Paul took his penis into
his mouth and took it down.

"You see Lisa, Paul can suck my whole cock."

When Paul pulled away from Brad, Lisa took his place. She
put her hand around his wet tool and stroked it. Bending
forward she let it glide past her lips into her mouth.

Paul said, "Now just take it easy. When you feel like you
are going to gag stop and relax. When the feeling is gone,
try to take a little more."

Lisa worked her mouth over Brad's penis as Paul coached
her. When she felt like she was going to gag, she backed
off a little and waited for the feeling to subside. Slowly
she worked on his member and began to get comfortable with
the feeling of it touching the back of her throat.

"That's it Lisa, suck on Brad's cock," Paul said. "If you
keep it up you will get a wonderful surprise."

Lisa realized that if her brother came, he was going to
shoot his stuff into her mouth. She pulled away before
getting the whole thing into her mouth. She turned to Paul
and grabbed his penis.

"I think I will suck your cock for awhile, I'm not too
sure I'm ready to have that stuff in my mouth," she said.

"It's not really all that bad," Paul said sheepishly.

"You mean you guys have cum in each other's mouths? What
does it taste like?"

"Kind of salty and a little bitter, but not all that bad."
Brad said. "It's not as sweet as your pussy though, that
tastes great."

"Yeah it does," Paul agreed. "I could eat you for hours."

Lisa was determined to learn how to give a blowjob, if it
took all night. She put her mouth over Paul's penis and
again began to work on getting as much as she could into
her. While she moved her mouth down until she felt the gag
reflex and relaxed, Brad moved behind her and started to
lick her vagina. He rolled onto his back, pulled her down
to his mouth, and pushed his tongue into her hole.

Remembering what she had said about sucking on her clit,
he probed her with his tongue until he felt the hardened
little nub. He poked at her and covered the spot with his
mouth and sucked. When Brad pushed a finger into her, she
gasped and Paul's penis slid into her throat.

Lisa's first reaction was to pull back, but she didn't.
Remaining still, she became accustom to the intruder and
began to move her head. She worked his penis in and out,
feeling more and more confidant.

"You are doing great Lisa," Paul said. "Suck my cock and
make me cum for you."

Lisa pulled her mouth off him and absorbed the feeling of
Brad's tongue and fingers. He had two fingers in her and
was moving them rapidly. Lisa knew that she was going to
cum soon, so she again moved towards Paul's penis.

"Am I getting better at sucking your cock Paul? I want to
do it right for you. Tell me what to do and I will try.
Please tell me when you are ready to cum so I can pull it
out if I want to."

Paul nodded and she covered him with her mouth. Lisa
moved her head up and down on him and waited for his

"Use your tongue on the bottom of my cock and suck a
little harder."

Lisa moved her tongue along the thick vein and around the
velvety head. She increased her suction and moved her head

"Play with my balls while you suck me."

Lisa reached under him, took his balls into her hand, and
began to play with them. Brad was bringing her to the
point of no return and she knew she would climax soon.
Paul began to move, sliding his penis in and out of his
sister's mouth.

"I'm going to cum Lisa!"

Deciding she wanted to taste his spunk, she sucked harder
and let him slide into her throat. Brad was working
feverishly at her vagina and she began to moan. When she
did, the vibrations in her throat sent Paul over the edge
and his penis erupted. She backed off and held him in her
mouth as he sent spurt after spurt of his hot cum into her
mouth. She was unable to swallow while Paul was filling
her mouth with his cum, so she just let her mouth fill.

Brad's busy mouth drew Lisa's orgasm from deep within her
and she began to quiver. Paul's ejaculation subsided and
she let his softening penis slip from her mouth. She moved
the thick hot cum he had deposited around with her tongue
and swallowed. Rolling off Brad onto her back, she felt
the tremors of her second climax still running through her

Paul lay exhausted next to her and Brad sat up, still hard.

"I did it," Lisa said, "I got the whole thing into my
mouth. It wasn't that hard after you guys told me how.
You were right Brad, cum doesn't taste that bad, in fact I
sort of liked it."

Lisa looked over to Brad and saw that his penis was still
rock hard. She reached over to his and began to stroke it.

"Thanks for eating my pussy Brad, I could get addicted to
that. I have cum twice tonight and each time it got better."

Paul sat up and Lisa put her hand into his crotch. She
massaged his soft penis for a minute and rubbed his balls.

"This is the first time I ever touched a soft cock," she
said. "It feels real nice."

As she rubbed the two boys she thought about what it would
be like to have Tom's penis in her mouth.

"How about me?" Brad said, snapping her out of her
thoughts. "I haven't cum yet tonight."

Lisa thought for a moment and said, "Why don't you start
on him Paul and I will finish."

Paul smiled and shook his head yes. When Brad got out of
the bed and stood next to it, Paul knew what he wanted him
to do. Rolling onto his back, Paul scooted across the bed
until his head hung over the edge. He looked up and saw
his brother move to him, his hard cock in his hand. Paul
opened his mouth and Brad pushed his penis into his
brother's open mouth.

Lisa sat up and watched as Brad moved his hips and slid
his tool in and out of Paul's mouth. She could see her
brother's throat swell each time Brad pushed his entire
length into him. Lisa's hand went to her crotch and she
began to slowly finger herself and she watched the two
boys. The sight of Brad fucking his brother's mouth was
turning her on again and she wanted to cum.

Moving to the edge of the bed, Lisa lay on her back and
hung her head over the edge like Paul was. Brad pulled out
of his mouth and moved in front of his sister.

"I'll try that, but go slow ok."

Brad nodded and pointed his penis at her mouth. She
wrapped her hand around it and guided it in. Brad moved
slowly, pushing his penis into her mouth. She kept her
hand around his hot shaft to limit how much he could put in
until she got use to the novel position.

While Brad slowly moved his penis in and out of her mouth,
Paul crawled between her legs and began to lick her. She
was surprised at the welcome feeling and spread her legs as
wide as she could. Removing her hand from Brad's penis,
she let him push deep into her throat. In the position she
was in, she found it easy to take him into her throat.

Brad leaned forward and put his hands over her breasts and
rubbed them. The combination of having Brad's hands on her
breasts, Paul's tongue in her vagina and a penis in her
throat was more than she could take. She began to cum and
reached behind Brad grabbing his butt. She pulled him into
her mouth and relaxed a few times before she felt his penis
swell in her throat and begin to squirt his cum into her.

Wanting to taste him, she pushed him back slightly so his
cum would hit her tongue. She sucked and swallowed his
discharge, finding it easier to do this time. Paul had two
fingers buried in her and he could feel her vaginal walls
grip them.

When Brad was done emptying his load into his sister's
mouth, he pulled out, dragging his soft flesh across her
face. She clamped Paul's head with her legs and held him
until her orgasm subsided and her body relaxed.

The three of them lay on Lisa's bed and relaxed.

"Wow Lisa," Brad said, "You sure learned how to suck cock
fast. That was great!"

Lisa ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth and
over her lips. She smiled and felt good about learning,
even if it was with her brothers.

"You guys are pretty good at eating my pussy too, but I
really think you're going to need a lot more practice."

They all laughed and talked about the sexual experience
they had enjoyed.

Paul said, "I wonder if Sally and Tom have ever messed
around, or Kim and Jack?"

"I wouldn't think so," Brad said. "Just how many brothers
and sisters do you think fool around with each other?
After all, this is against the law. We could get in big
trouble if anyone ever found out."

"Well, I won't tell if you guys won't." Lisa said with a
giggle. "Now you two go to bed so I can get some rest.
It's late and we have school in the morning."

Reluctantly, the boys picked up their underwear and headed
for their bedroom. They all said good night before Paul
pulled Lisa's door closed.

The kid's parents sat around the pool relaxing. They
talked about the activities in the pool earlier, and how
much fun it all had been.

"I have never been nude in front of other people before,"
Liz confessed. "It was very exciting for me."

Don asked if anyone would like a drink. Everyone told him
what he or she wanted and he went onto the house to prepare
them. He returned with a tray of plastic cups, containing
the drinks and passed them out.

"I think I'm going to relax in the hot tub for a little
while," Don said.

He walked over to the tub, removed his suit, and stepped
into the water. The rest of the group soon joined him,
each removing their swimsuits before getting in. Once they
were all comfortable, they picked up their previous

"How long have you folks been doing this?" Jerry asked.

"Doing what?" Anne said.

"Getting naked and lounging around. You all seem so at
ease with the whole nudity thing."

"Well for us," Anne said pointing to her husband and Don
and Marge, "Ever since we were teens."

"You're kidding!" Liz said in surprise."

Marc told the group about catching Anne and Marge skinny-
dipping at the gravel pit and how one thing led to another.

Dianne said, "It was about five years ago for us, Bob was
teaching golf in Florida and we went to a clothing optional
resort. We liked the lifestyle and have been going back
ever since. We don't do it around the house, but we don't
really worry about being caught either."

"How did your kids feel about it?" Jerry said.

"Lisa was only twelve and the boys ten. She was a bit
upset at first, but she met a couple of girls her age and
everything worked out fine. The boys were just too young to really know what was going on, but they sure learned as
they got older." Bob replied with a chuckle.

"I think I'm really beginning to understand why Megan
feels so comfortable around all of you, and why your
children are so well adjusted. You folks just don't care
about all of that society bullshit. You are going to live
your lives the way you want to and the rest be damned."
Liz said.

Don said, "I think I'm going to jump into the pool for a
minute and cool off. All of you sexy women are starting to
get me cranked up."

Don climbed out of the hot tub and walked to the edge of
the pool. The women all noticed that his penis was about
half erect. The rest of the men also went to the pool and
dove into the cooler water. Jerry, not being use to being
around nudity was obviously affected, his penis almost
fully erect.

"I would love to wrap my lips around Don's cock right
about now," Marge said. "It just looks so tasty."

Anne and Dianne laughed and Liz was stunned. She couldn't
believe that Marge had just said what she did.

"You really do that?" Liz said.

"Suck Don's cock?" Marge said, "Hell yes I do, I love it.
Don't you do it with Jerry?"

Liz shook her head no. "Never, I have always thought it
was dirty. He asked me to when we were first dating, but I
wouldn't so he stopped asking."

"Does he eat your pussy?" Dianne asked.

Again Liz shook her head no.

"Never?" Anne said.

"He tried when we were on our honeymoon, but I stopped
him. We really don't have sex very often, and when we do,
it's with the lights off." Liz said.

Marge looked at their new friend and said, "Girl, you
don't know what you have been missing. There are few
pleasures in life as good and having your clit sucked or a
fat cock in your throat. I think if I had to choose
between oral sex and eating, I would starve to death."

The three women laughed and Liz sat dumbfounded. She had
heard this kind of talk in college, but that was many years
ago. She felt goose bumps cover her body when she conjured
up a mental image of a man's penis in her mouth.

"Do you guys let them you know in your mouth?" Liz asked.

"Do you mean cum? Yes, I let Don cum in my mouth, I love
the taste of his cum." Marge replied.

Anne and Dianne both agreed with Marge. They told Liz how
exciting it was to feel their husbands penises swell and
fill their mouths with the tangy substance. Marge was
getting turned on by the discussion and moved over so that
a water jet hit her between her legs. She put her hand
under the water and spread her labia open and pulled back
on the hood that concealed her clit.

When Marge closed her eyes and put her head back, Anne
began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Liz asked.

"Marge is getting off on a water jet," Anne said.

Liz looked at her funny and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't

"Don't you masturbate either?" Anne said.

"No, never. My roommate in college use to do it at night
when she thought I was sleeping, but I never tried it."
Liz said.

Anne smiled and moved next to Liz. She put her hands on
the načve woman's sides and started to scoot her in front
of one of the jets. Liz's body stiffened when she felt
Anne's hands touch her. She quickly looked over to the
pool to see what her husband and the other men were doing.

"Just relax," Anne said. "They are talking about golf or

Anne guided her and forced her knees apart. When the
strong stream of water struck her crotch, Liz's eyes opened
wide. Anne kept pressing the rigid woman's legs apart
until she was spread wide. She moved her fingers to Liz's
vagina and pulled the soft folds of her hairy labia apart.

Liz gasped when she felt another woman's hands on her
vagina. She tried to move, but the sensation the water was
providing prevented her from doing so. When Anne removed
her hand, Liz quickly replaced it with her own.

Anne and Dianne watched as Liz became engrossed in her
first experience with masturbation. They could see that
the woman's breathing was changing and her eyes were rolled
back in her head. Suddenly, Liz's body began to quiver and
her mouth fell wide open. They could tell by the movements
of her arm that she was rubbing herself. Marge had stopped
pleasuring herself and also watched as the woman had her
first self-induced orgasm.

Liz's body went limp and she gasped for air. She spread
her fingers and ran them through her hair several times and
shook her head back and forth. Marge and the other two
women smiled and watched as Liz came down from her orgasm
and began to relax.

"Oh my god," Liz said, slightly embarrassed by her
display. "I have had several orgasms in my life, but never
anything like that. It felt like there was electricity
running through my body and every nerve ending was being
touched. If you guys will excuse me, I have to go to the

Liz got out of the hot tub and walked across the tile
floor to the pool house. While she was gone, the other
woman talked about her having an orgasm. They were
chatting quietly when Liz returned and they changed the

Their husbands got out of the pool and rejoined the women
in the hot tub. Don and Marc could see that their wives
were up to something by the sinister look on their faces.

"Did you guys have a nice swim?" Marge asked as she took
Don's penis into her hand and started to pull on the soft

Anne also wrapped her fingers around Marc's soft member
and rubbed it. "Looks like that cool water in the pool has
you all shrunk up."

Don and Marc smiled at their wives and enjoyed the feeling
their hands were providing them. When Dianne figured out
what was going on she reached for Bob. Soon the three men were becoming aroused. They sat talking like nothing was
going on, discussing plans to play golf if the weather held

Liz could tell that her friends were playing with their
husbands. She looked at Jerry and saw that he knew also.
Cautiously, Liz moved her hand into her husband's lap and
let it rest on his penis. When he turned and looked at
her, Liz smiled, wrapped her fingers around it, and held it

Jerry was a bit shocked at his wife's boldness. It had
been years since she had touched him and rubbed his penis.
He glanced around the hot tub and saw that the other three
couples had began to kiss and the men were fondling their
wives' breasts. He turned to Liz, took her chin in his
hand, and kissed her tenderly.

Soon the eight adults were making out like a bunch of
teenagers at a basement party. Jerry put his hand on his
wife's breast, began to massage it and pull at her nipple.
The two were caught up in the moment and doing things to
each other they hadn't done in over twenty years.

Liz gasped in shock when she saw Marge move Don so he was
sitting on the edge of the tub. She stared at his big hard
penis over Jerry's shoulder and watched as Marge took it
into her mouth. Unable to take her eyes away, she watched
Marge slowly work her mouth up and down Don's hard shaft
until her nose was buried in his pubic hair, her arms
wrapped around him and gripping his butt.

When Liz tightened her grip on Jerry's penis, his
attention was drawn to the activities next to he and his
wife. He groaned into her ear and watched Marge's mouth
work over the entire length of Don's ten-inch penis.
Hearing splashing behind them, Jerry and Liz turned to see
Anne sitting on the edge of the hot tub and Marc's face
stuffed between her wide spread legs.

Dianne and Bob were next to begin, he stood up, put his
hands on Dianne's head and pushed his penis into her mouth.
Liz and Jerry looked from one couple to another, watching
them use their mouths to satisfy their partner. Marge
glanced at Liz out of the corner of her eye, removed her
mouth from Don, and smiled.

Staring right at Liz she whispered, "Go for it!"

Liz's eyes opened wide and she smiled back. Not quite
sure of what she was doing, she coxed Jerry onto the edge
of the hot tub, next to Don. She stared at his exposed
tool and moved her hand up and down over the full ten and a
half inches. Jerry jumped when she stuck her tongue out
and touched it to the bulbous head. She glanced back at
Marge and watched as she took the very end of Don's penis
into her mouth and waited for Liz to do the same.

Opening her mouth, Liz let her husband's penis past her
lips for the very first time. She held her head very still
and looked to Marge for guidance. Slowly, Marge moved her
head up and down, letting a little more of Don's shaft into
her mouth each time. With her hand, she stroked the
exposed flesh between his crotch and her mouth. Liz began
to mimic Marge's action and felt Jerry's hands on the side
of her head.

Soon Liz was moving up and down on him, taking almost half
of his length before reversing. Jerry sat in disbelief,
watching his wife perform oral sex on him. The only other
time he had experienced it was in high school with a girl he dated in his senior year, and then only once.

Don looked at Jerry and said, "Tell her what you want."

Jerry looked at him with a blank stare, wondering what he
was talking about. Don realized that he was new to all
this and began to coach Marge so Jerry would understand.

"Oh Marge," Don said, "Suck my cock. Take it all baby, it
feels so good."

Jerry said to Liz, "Baby you have no idea how long I have
wanted this. Suck my dick Liz, suck it hard. Use your
tongue and suck my cock."

Jerry's talk began to excite Liz and she increased her
effort. The other three couples stopped and watched as she
sucked, licked, and rubbed Jerry's hard tool.

"Rub my balls Lizzie, suck my hard cock, and rub my

Jerry was beside himself with pleasure. He knew that soon
he would empty his load and began to buck his hips into his
wife's sucking mouth.

"Oh god Lizzie, I'm going to cum!" He grunted, wanting to
give her fair warning.

Liz was also overcome with passion and in a split second,
decided to taste her husband's cum. She increased the
speed of both her hand and mouth, pushing him into her
until she could feel him hit the opening of her throat.
She felt his balls pull up and his penis swell as the first
shot of hot cum erupted into her mouth. She kept up her
suction and tried to swallow his spunk as it filled her

The couple had not had sex in quite a while. Jerry
continued to squirt his cum and Liz kept sucking and
stroking him. When she felt the surges stop, she rested
and let his softening member remain in her mouth. She
attempted to catch her breath by breathing through her
nose, but to no avail. She let him slip out of her mouth
and collapsed onto his legs.

Jerry gently stroked her head and began to relax.
Finally, Liz lifted her head, turned around, and sat in the
hot swirling water. She glanced around and saw six smiling
faces, all looking at her. Liz began to giggle like a
schoolgirl and pulled her husband into the tub next to her.
She climbed onto his lap, put her arms around his neck, and
put her head next to his.

"I am so sorry Jerry," she said softly into his ear.

"For what Liz?" Jerry said, "That was wonderful!"

"For not doing that for you for all these years, it was
wonderful. I can't remember when I have been so turned
on." Liz said, pulling him closer.

Marge was the first to speak, "Now was that all that bad

"Oh no Marge, just the opposite. It was great!"

Marge sat on the edge of the tub next to Jerry and Liz.
She spread her legs wide, putting her feet on the tiled
floor. She crooked her finger and motioned for Don to come
over to her. He wasted no time in kneeling between her
legs and covering her vagina with his mouth. Marge moaned
when he pushed his tongue into her and moved it in and out.

"Ok Jerry," Marge said. "It's Liz's turn. Liz, you get
up here next to me so he can eat that hot pussy for you."

Liz looked into her husband's eyes and he lifted her onto
the edge of the hot tub. He put his hands on the inside of
her knees and pushed her legs apart. He looked into his
wife's gaping crotch for the first time and stroked it with
his fingertips. He found her clit and rubbed it in small
circles, as Liz tried to spread her legs further apart.
Slowly, he leaned forward and replaced his finger with the
tip of his tongue. Liz's hips rose and she pushed her
crotch into his mouth, feeling him cover her. When Jerry
pushed his tongue into her vagina, she grabbed his head and
pulled him tight to her.

Jerry slid his hands under her butt and lifted her to his
mouth. He wasn't quite sure what to do, this was the first
time he had ever had his face in any woman's crotch. He
sucked and probed the hot flesh in his mouth, feeling his
wife squirm in his hands.

Liz felt herself begin to climax and she clamped her legs
on her husband's head she began to moan out loud and bounce
her vagina against his mouth.

"Eat me Jerry!" She shouted. "Shove your tongue into my
pussy and suck my juice."

The pleasure of her second intense orgasm of the night
ripped through her body. She let go of his head and
grabbed her breasts, squeezing them roughly. She pulled
her large nipples and pinched them as she flooded her
husband's mouth with her discharge. Liz was completely
oblivious to the fact that there were other people watching
her. She screamed and thrashed about, feeling her whole
body tense and relax in uncontrolled spasms. When the
overwhelming feeling of her climax began to diminish, she
pulled at her husband's head, trying to get his mouth off
her overheated sex.

"I want you in me now," Liz said. "Stuff your cock into
my cunt and fuck me."

Jerry moved up and positioned his penis at her opening,
she wrapped her legs around his waist, dug her heals into
his butt and pulled him into her. He began to pump his
rock hard penis in and out of Liz at a fevered pace. He
couldn't remember ever fucking her this hard before.

"Oh Jerry, your cock feels so good in my pussy. Fuck me
hard Jerry, fuck me like you never have before."

Neither one of them could believe that Liz was talking
like she was. She was so consumed with love and passion
that she didn't know what she was saying. Jerry continued
to pound his penis into her and felt his balls slap against
her butt.

"You are so hot Lizzie, your pussy feels so good around my
cock, fuck me baby, make me cum and fill you with my seed."
Jerry said to her. "I going to cum Lizzie, I'm going to
cum in your hot pussy."

"Hold on, I'm almost there Jerry, hold on so we can cum together."

The two bounced into each other and grunted out their
sexual song. Jerry grabbed one of her breasts and began to
roll her nipple between his finger and thumb.

The other couples were in various stages of their own sex
acts, but they were all watching Liz and Jerry. Suddenly
Liz's body began to spasm and she clinched Jerry as tight
as she could. Together they reached the peak of their
sexual pleasure and came together for the first time in
their married lives. They both stopped moving and pressed
their crotches tightly together and felt their orgasms
course through their bodies. After a few moments, they
collapsed into one another's arms and kissed.

Jerry lifted Liz off the floor, turned, and sat down into
the hot water, his penis still buried in her quivering
hole. They both looked around and saw that their new
friends were still going at it, some screwing, others
having oral sex.

"I can't believe we just did that," Liz said. "I would
have never thought that I could make love in front of other
people. It was the most exciting thing I have ever done.
When I felt your mouth on my pussy, I thought I was going
to pass out. I don't know why I never let you do that
before Jerry, I feel that we have missed so much."

Marge, having just finished swallowing a load of Don's
cum, overheard Liz talking to Jerry.

"You two have just released some of the pent up desires
that have always lived deep inside you. If you two really
didn't want to do the things you just did, you wouldn't

Anne chuckled and said, "You suck a pretty mean cock for a
first timer Liz. It wasn't all that bad was it?"

Liz shook her head no and felt Jerry's penis pull out of
her vagina. "Not at all Anne, in fact it was good. You
guys are right about it being tasty, I loved it."

Jerry looked around at the rest of the people in the hot
tub. "Just what is it about you folks and this place?
First you change our daughter into a lively young sexy
woman and now this. Have you given us all drugs or

Everyone laughed. Don said, "No Jerry, we didn't give you
any drugs. We just didn't tell you that what you, Liz and
Megan wanted to do was wrong. My guess is that most of the
people in this country are running around with desires
hidden inside them and are afraid to explore them. In
Europe, for instance, it is common for women to sunbathe
topless or nude on public beaches. Over here, it's illegal
for the most part. In other cultures sex among family members is normal and here we make it taboo."

"I think it is all about choice," Bob added. "You should
be able to have freedom of choice in your own home. I
mean, what the hell difference does it make if I choose to
have sex with a group of people or alone with just my wife?
It should be our choice and not the directive of some
social norm that I don't care to prescribe to."

"I don't know about the rest of you, but if I don't get
out of here I'm going to look like a prune," Anne said.
"I'm going to take a shower and have another drink."

The group left the hot tub and made their way to the pool
house. Don and Marge went into the shower room first,
followed by Dianne and Bob. Liz and Jerry began to sit
down to wait until the others were done.

"Come on you two" Marc said. "There is plenty of room in
the shower for everyone."

Liz and Jerry looked to one another, shrugged their
shoulders and followed Anne and Marc into the shower. Don
had turned on all four showerheads and each couple stood
under one. Sensually, the couples took turns bathing one
another and rubbing their soapy bodies together. When they
were finished, they went out into the common area and dried

They all migrated back to the family room and sat down,
still nude. Don fixed drinks for those that wanted them
and sat next to Marge. They talked about various subjects,
until the men were discussing golf and the wives their
children. After an hour or so, the Stones and Phillips
decided to leave. They put their clothing back on and told
everyone goodbye.

After they had left, Don went over to his sister and stood
in front of her. She smiled up at him, took his penis into
her hand, and guided it into her mouth. Marc pulled Marge
off the couch and onto the floor. He lay on his back and
she lowered herself onto his mouth and then leaned forward
and took his penis into hers.

The four siblings sucked and licked at one another until
they had all cum and then decided to go to bed. Marc and
Anne dressed and left for home, Don and Marge went upstairs.

Liz pushed the armrest up in the front seat of Jerry's
Cadillac and slid next to him. She rested her head on his
shoulder and put her hand into his crotch.

"Is this thing all worn out?" She asked, rubbing him.

When she felt it begin to grow, she lowered his zipper and
pulled it out. She stroked him gently as he slowly drove
along the dark street.

"I guess not," she said.

Liz turned and knelt on the soft leather seat, bent down
and took Jerry's penis into her mouth for the second time
in her life. She sucked him gently and bobbed her head up
and down on the hard tool. Removing her mouth, she licked
the underside of his throbbing penis.

"You have such a beautiful cock Jerry, I can't believe I
have never noticed before."

Again she engulfed him and took as much as she could into
her mouth. She sucked and rubbed him with her tongue and
hand. Trying to please her husband, she attempted to take
all of him, but was unable. For the remainder of the ride
home, Liz sucked and stroked his penis.

Jerry pulled the car into the garage and turned it off.
"Let's go inside and to bed," he moaned.

Liz lifted her head and said, "No honey, I want to suck
you right here in the car."

Moving her hands to his belt, she unfastened it and opened
his slacks. She helped him push them down and returned her
mouth to his penis. Jerry reached over her back, pulled
her dress up, and began to rub her butt. She bobbed her
head up and down on him until she felt him swell and fill
her mouth with his sticky cum, sucking and swallowing until
he was spent. She removed her mouth and cradled his
flaccid flesh in her hand.

"You don't mind if I become a cock sucker for you do you?
I think I can get it all in if you let me practice."

Jerry pulled his wife up and kissed her, pushing his
tongue into her mouth. He could taste the salty remains of
his cum on her tongue and sucked it off.

"I don't mind if you suck my cock as long as I can eat
your pussy too Lizzie."

Sliding across the seat and opening her door, she said, "I
don't mind at all, in fact that is what I hoped you would
do before we go to sleep tonight."

Jerry climbed out of the car and hooked his slacks, not
bothering to fasten his belt or zip them. He went to his
wife and took her hand.

"It would be my pleasure to eat your pussy Liz, let's go."

Together they walked into the house, hand in hand. When
they walked into the family room, they were surprised to
see Megan sitting on the couch in her nightgown, watching

Megan glanced up at her parents and did a double take.
She had never seen them holding hands and she saw that her
dad's pants were unzipped.

"Did you guys have a good time tonight?" Megan asked.

Her dad turned and fixed his slacks and her mom said, "Yes
we did Megan. You should go to bed now, I will tell you
about it in the morning."

The young girl got up from the couch and went to her
parents. She kissed them, told them goodnight, and went up
to her room. Megan crawled into her bed and pulled the
covers up. She thought about the day's events and the
things she did with Jack. Remembering holding his penis
and tasting his cum, she slipped her hand into her panties,
and started to rub her crotch.

Closing her eyes, she tried to visualize Jack's hard cock,
but the image of her dad in the pool kept popping into her
mind. She pushed her finger into her wet vagina and slowly
stroked in and out, rubbing her clit as she did. When she
felt her body begin to respond, she put her other hand into
the tight panties and ran her finger over her clit.

After struggling with the restrictive garment, she pulled
her black thong off, spread her legs and returned her hands
to her vagina. No matter how hard she tried, she was
unable to get the thought of her father out of her head.
Megan pushed two fingers into her hole and took her clit
between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand. She
pulled at the small button and shoved her fingers as deep
into her as she could.

Megan could feel her juices running between the firm
cheeks of her butt and took her hand from her clit to trace
them. When her finger touched the tight pucker of her
anus, she shuddered. Rubbing her tight ring with her slick
finger brought out a feeling she had never experienced
before. When she pressed her finger against the orifice
she gasped and let it slip in. Holding very still, she let
herself become accustom to the strange pressure.

Slowly she eased her finger into her butt, working it in
and out. She began to moan when she had the digit buried
up to the first knuckle. Again she relaxed for a moment
and fought the urge to tighten her muscles. She could feel
the feeling her finger produced in her rectum in her stomach.

When she moved the fingers in her vagina, she could feel
the one in her ass through the thin membrane that separated
the two cavities. She began to move both of her hands,
rubbing her fingertips together. Finally, in a desperate
attempt to fully penetrate her butt fully, she backed the
finger out and shoved it back in, as hard as she could.

Megan groaned and began to move the fingers of both hands
in and out of her holes as fast as she could. She felt the
muscles in her whole body contract and her orgasm begin.
When the wonderful feeling of warm afterglow began, she
slowly eased her fingers out of herself and collapsed on
the bed. On impulse, she put the fingers that were in her
vagina in her mouth and savored her sweet juices. She
licked them clean, thinking about Kim when she licked her

After going into her bathroom and washing up, she returned
to her bed and slipped between the covers. Her mind
drifted back to the day that Danny had raped her, but the
image was not a vivid as it had been in the past. She
could no longer see his face and the details were foggy.
As she drifted into a sound sleep, she thought about Jack
and prospect of making love to him someday.

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