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The Lottery Part 4


"The Lottery" - Part 4 (mf, inc, oral, con)

Once the boat was back in the slip, Jack was the
first to speak. "No one can ever know about this. If
our parents find out we will be grounded for life. It
is important to act as normal as we can."

All four of them agreed. Kim and Sally however
doubted, that their parents would react as Jack
thought they would.

After the boat was secure and cleaned, Jack and Tom
each grabbed their fish. The girls picked up the bags
they had brought and the four cousins made their way
up the hill to the house.

The four adults were in the large hot tub when the
kids got to the porch. Don started to stand up and
the girls held their breath. When they saw his swim
trunks they relaxed, they were not sure they could
take it if their parents were at it again.

Don and Marc climbed out of the tub and went over to
look at the two large fish the boys were carrying.
Anne and Marge commented from the hot tub telling the
men to clean the fish and they could have them for

The four male members of the family went to the small
hut in the back of the house that was designed for
fish cleaning.

The girls carried their things up to the bedroom they
shared and put them away. Kim sat on the bed
reflecting on the day she had spent with her brother and cousins, while Sally went into the bathroom to
shower. Sally came out wrapped in a towel and asked
Kim if she was ok.

"Yes," she answered. "I am just a little tired and a
lot confused." Kim went on to explain that she felt
guilty for her actions this afternoon and just how
excited she had become seeing her brother nude, and
Tom she quickly added. Sally sat next to Kim on the
bed and put her arm around her cousin's shoulder. She
pulled the girl close and told her that she had the
same feelings. The two girls hugged and comforted
each for a few minutes, and then Kim went to take a

When she returned from the bath, Sally was gone. Kim
dressed in shorts and a short-sleeved shit. She
buttoned the shirt, leaving the top two undone. After
brushing her hair, Kim went down to join the rest of
the family.

In the kitchen her mother and Aunt were gathering the
dishes for dinner. Kim went over and helped carry
them out side and set the table. Her mother came
outside and walked over to Kim. "Is everything ok?"
Marge asked her daughter.

"Yes mom." Kim replied. "We had so much fun today
fishing and riding on the boat. I sure hope the boys will invite us again."

"Well, if you ask them nicely, I am sure they will
let you go with them." Marge finished her sentence
and went to the grill to see if Don was done cooking
the fresh fish.

Everyone was seated at the table when Don set the
platter of grilled filets in the middle of it. "I
hope these are as good as they look." He said, as he
sat next to Marge.

It was agreed the fish was delicious as the eight
members of the family dined. The sun was sitting low
in the sky, providing a beautiful backdrop. Tom and
Jack talked about the fish and how hard they fought.
The girls talked about their duties as lookouts and
swimming in the lake.

Kim looked at her brother and said, "Next time can
Sally and I catch a fish?"

"What do you mean next time," her brother quipped.
"What makes you think Tom and I want you two to go

Kim got her best puppy-dog face on and said.
"Pleeease big brother."

Jack looked at his sister and then at Tom, smiled and
said "Sure, why not. It wasn't that bad having you
guys along."

After dinner the women cleared the dishes and put the
remaining food away. The two young girls sat on the
porch and watched the sun set on the lake. Jack and
Tom asked if they could go into town and get more
lures for tomorrow. The adults agreed they could go,
and the boys went through the house the car.

Kim and Sally sat on the porch with their parents looking at the lake and the star filled sky. They
could see the clouds drift past blocking their view of
the stars from time to time.

Anne said, "You girls look exhausted, why don't you
go up to bed."

The two girls agreed, kissed their parents goodnight
and went up to their room.

Kim closed the door and the drapes before she began
to remove her clothing. She went to her dresser and
took out a white baby-doll pajama outfit. She put the
thin white panties on and pulled the, lose fitting,
top over her head. Sally put on her usual tee over
her panties and the two got into bed.

Kim kissed Sally gently on the cheek and told her
goodnight. As the two drifted off to sleep, neither
one could get the images of the afternoon out of their
mind. Kim could feel a slight stirring in her loin as
she remembered her brother's hard penis as his hand
stroked it. She felt her cousin's arm encompass her
as she fell asleep.

Kim woke to thunder. She looked at the clock on the
table next to the bed and saw it was 2am. She got up
and went to the bathroom. When she came back in the
room she could see that Sally was still sound asleep.
She went to the window and pulled back he drape, she
could see lightning in the sky.

Opening the large French door, Kim stepped out onto
the balcony. The stars had all disappeared behind the
clouds that filled the sky. Except for an occasional
flash of the lightning, the night was pitch black. As
Kim stood by the railing, she heard a door open behind
her. She turned to see her brother step out of his
room, dressed in a pair of boxer shorts. A bright
flash of lighting backlit Kim, allowing her brother to
see through her thin nightgown. Jack could see her
firm breasts pushing the flimsy material away from her
flat stomach, and the small bikini panties that
covered her bottom. Jack smiled as he felt movement
in his boxers.

"What are you doing out here?" He asked.

"The thunder woke me up."

The two stood there staring out into the darkness.
Jack couldn't take his eyes away from Kim. Each time
the lightning flashed he was treated to view of his
younger sister's body. Each time he saw it, his penis
grew. Kim glanced down at Jacks boxers and noticed
that they were pushed away from his body.

Then suddenly Kim reached over and ran her hand over
the hard object. Jack shuddered as Kim slipped her
small hand through the opening in the front of his
underwear and wrapped her fingers around the hot,
throbbing shaft.

As she slid her hand up and down the length of his
manhood she was amazed that it felt hard and soft at
the same time. She could feel the ridge that marked
the beginning of the soft purple head. While
massaging his penis with her right hand, Kim reached
up and pulled Jacks head down to hers with her left.
Her soft lips found his, and she kissed him deeply.
She pushed her tongue between his lips and ran it over
his teeth.

Jack responded by opening his mouth and letting her
probing tongue find his. Kim pulled his penis out
through the opening in the boxers. He could feel the
combination of the cool night air and his sister's hot
hand. He started to thrust himself into her hand,
moaning into her open mouth.

Kim felt the member in her hand begin to twitch and
pulse. She remover her hand and searched for the twin
globes she saw earlier in the day. Kim held the
weight of Jack's balls in the palm of her hand,
rolling them gently. She took his right hand and
placed on her breast, holding it tightly to her.

"I wanted to do this so bad this afternoon, but I was
afraid to with Sally and Tom there." Kim cooed in
Jack's ear.

Jack rubbed Kim's breast as he felt her hot breath on
his neck.

"Kim," he panted, "I can't believe you are jacking
off my cock. Your hand feel so good."

Kim returned her hand to Jack's penis and resumed her

Jack took his hand, put it under the thin white top
of her nightie, and rubbed the palm over her breast.

"I love the feel of your tits Kim," he said, as he
squeezed her flesh. He took her nipple and rolled it
between his fingers.

Kim ran her thumb over the head of his penis, feeling
the moisture that was leaking from its small slit.

Kim removed her hand and put her thumb into her
mouth, tasting the salty sweetness of her brother's
per-cum. Kim found the taste acceptable, so she bent
over and ran her hot tongue over the head of his now
raging hard-on.

Jack jumped as he felt the gentle roughness of his
sister's tongue licking the end of his cock.

"Oh Kim," he sighed, "I love the feeling of you
licking my cock."

Kim looked up at her brother in the darkness and
said, "Do you want to put your cock into my mouth?"

Jack moaned, "Yes Kim."

Again using the name that her brother seemed to
prefer for his penis, she asked, "Jack do you want me
to suck on your hard cock?" Her warm breath coated
his rigid member as she spoke. She could feel the
wetness of her own pussy between her legs, she had
never felt so hot or turned on as she did right now.
She thought to herself, Sally never had me this hot
even when she licks my pussy.

Kim licked the underside of his cock, from his hairy
balls to the mushroom cap head. She tried to remember
what she had seen on the beach the night before.
Tentatively, she opened her mouth and allowed the head
of Jack's cock in. She felt the head slide over her
tongue and past her teeth.

Kim closed her lips around the shaft just behind the
head and let it rest there, her hand lightly stroking
the meat that remained outside of her mouth. This was
more than Jack could stand! He started to pump his
hips at her face trying to force more of his cock into
her mouth. When he did this he bumped the back of her
throat and caused her to gag. She quickly pulled off
of him as he started to explode, the first surge of
his cum hitting her square in the face.

Kim pointed his cock away as it continued to pulse,
with wave after wave of cum squirting into the night
air. As the jets lessened, she returned his cock to
her mouth getting the last couple of weaken spurts in
her mouth and on her tongue. She could taste the
bitterness of his cum as it lay on her tongue, she
removed his spent shaft and savored the flavor of her
big brother and then swallowed the sticky substance.
She pulled him back into her mouth and cleaned what
was left of his spunk from his deflating cock.

Kim stood up and hugged her brother. His hands
returned to her breasts as she kissed him. He could
taste the faint remain of his own juice on her lips.
She took one of his hands and put it into her

Jack could feel the heat rising from between her legs
as he pushed his hand deeper into her crotch. His
brushed the small patch of pubic hair that remained as
his fingers slipped between her legs, her smooth pussy wet from her juices. His fingers probed the folds of
the sensitive lips that ran along both sides of the
hot vaginal cavern.

Kim was on the verge of her own climax when she
stepped away from Jack. Her brother look confused as
she remover her panties and told him to sit on the
wooden surface of the balcony. As he sat there, Kim
moved up to him, taking his head in her hands and
drawing it to her sex.

Jack's head leaned back as she pulled his face into
her. Jack wasn't sure what to do, so he extended his
tongue and lapped at the wet pussy that his sister was
presenting to him. She took one hand from Jack's head
and used her fingers to spread her lips for him.

When Jack's tongue found the small button of her
clitoris, Kim jumped with pleasure.

"Yes Jack, right there," she moaned, as Jack pushed
at the hard clit with his probing tongue. "Suck on
it," she told him.

Jack took the clit between his lips and sucked gently.

"Put your fingers in me Jack," she directed.

Jack took his hand away from the firm ass it had been
holding and kneading and inserted a finger into her
hot, flowing hole.

"Another one," she grunted, as she rocked her crotch
against Jack's mouth and invading fingers.

Kim's pussy started to convulse and grip Jack's
fingers. He sucked on her little clit and rubbed it
with his tongue. As she reached the most spectacular
orgasm of her young life, she could feel her juice
running out of her and onto Jack's hand and chin.

Coming down from her climax, Kim released Jack's head
and stepped back. She picked up her panties but
thought she best wait a few minutes before putting
them back on. Jack stood up next to his sister at the
rail that surrounded the balcony. He put his arm
around her shoulders and pulled her near.

"I am sorry I made you gag," Jack told his younger
sibling, "I just couldn't control myself."

Kim looked into his eyes, and said, "I know you
didn't do it on purpose, it just shocked me. I have
never done anything like that before, and I am not
sure how to do it."

The two kids stood in the night air holding each
other and softly talking about the things they just
did. They both agreed they would like to experience
more and made a pact to try again. Kim kissed Jack
and told him goodnight. As they headed to their
bedrooms, Jack asked Kim if she and Sally had planed
on fishing in the morning.

"We didn't talk about it," Kim said, "If we are there
we will go." With that, the teens walked back into
the house, Kim pausing to replace her panties.

Back in her room, Kim climbed into bed next to her

"OH MY GOD!" Kim jumped as Sally spoke, "That was so
hot that I came twice."

Kim rolled over to face Sally.

"You saw what we did?" Kim inquired.

"Yes I did," Sally responded, "I heard noises outside
and thought the guys were out there trying to peek at
us. I got up and saw you were gone so I went to the
door just in time to see you bend over and lick his

"Cock," Kim said, "Guys don't call it their penis,
they call it a cock."

Sally continued to quiz Kim. "What does it feel like
in your hand, in your mouth? What did it taste like,
was it nasty?"

Kim assured Sally that it felt and tasted wonderful.
She told her cousin that she had never cum so hard or
been so hot.

Kim asked Sally if she wanted to go fishing with the
guys tomorrow. Sally said she did. As the girls fell
back to sleep, Sally thought to herself that tomorrow
may turn out to be the best day of her life so far.


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