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The Lottery Part 40


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. 2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

The Lottery - Part 40 (Mf, MF, Ff, mast, oral, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision

Tuesday morning Jack and Kim met Megan in the school's
parking lot. They stood next to Jack's truck and waited
for Tom and Sally to arrive.

"Did you have a good time at my house last night?" Kim
asked Megan.

"Yes, it was fun. I can't believe my parents were acting
the way the were, or that they got naked in front of

"Sometimes things seem to happen around my parents that
don't happen anywhere else. What time did your mom and dad
get home last night?"

"It was after eleven I guess, I was watching television in
the family room when they came in." Megan said, and then
whispered into Kim's ear, "My dad's pants were unzipped and
his belt undone when they came in. I wonder what they were
up to?"

Jack saw Tom pull into the lot and went to greet him,
leaving the two girls alone.

"Maybe your mom was giving him a blowjob in the car," Kim

"My mom! I really don't think so Kim, I just can't
imagine my parents doing something like that."

"You never know," Kim said, as Sally walked up to them.

"You never know what?" Sally asked.

Kim told her about what Megan had said and how she had

Sally laughed and said, "She's right Megan, you never know."

The girls quit talking when Jack and Tom walked over to
them and they all headed for the school buildings. Megan
walked next to Jack, her arm around his waist. When they
went inside, some of the kids walked up to Megan and acted
like they were old friends. Megan was polite, but when the
other kids were out of earshot, she called them assholes.

They all laughed at Megan's remark, said goodbye and
headed to their classes. Megan met Kim and Sally at lunch
and they sat at their usual table. Glancing around the
lunchroom, Megan noticed that the kids were still looking
at her and talking, only now they would wave to her when
she caught their eye.

"I just can't believe how fake they all are," Megan said,
"and to think I wanted to be a part of that. I'm so glad
things have worked out the way they have for me, I'm just
so happy."

"What are you doing after school Megan," Kim asked.

"My mom is taking me to the doctor's," she said.

"Is anything wrong?" Sally said.

"No, just a checkup and I am going to start taking the
pill," Megan said, smiling.

"Oh, I see," Kim said. "Do you have plans for my brother?"

"No plans Kim, but if we do ever do anything, I don't want
to get pregnant. It was terrible last time and I never
want to go through that again. The next time, I want it to
be because I planned it."

"I think you're smart Megan," Sally said.

The girls finished their lunch and left for class. Megan
told them she was leaving school early and she would see
them tomorrow.

Marge was sitting at the kitchen counter drinking coffee
with Don. They were talking about the previous night and
how Jerry and Liz had joined into their fun. As they
laughed about witnessing the couple's first experience with
oral sex, the phone rang.

"Hello," Marge said.

"Hi Marge, this is Liz."

"Oh, hi Liz, how are you today? I hope you and Jerry
aren't mad at us for last night."

"Mad! How could I be mad? Jerry and I had the best sex
we have ever had. I just can't believe that we have been
missing so much."

"Well," Marge chuckled, "I guess you guys will just have
to catch up on old times then."

Liz laughed into the phone, and said, "I found Jerry in
his office this morning getting a blowjob from his

"Oh Liz, what did you do?"

"Swallowed, I'm his secretary!"

The two women laughed uncontrollably as Don sat and
wondered what they were talking about.

"Marge, I think that if I hadn't of had pantyhose on, he
would have put me on his desk and fucked me right there.
It was such a turn on doing him in his office, the thought
of being caught really excited me."

"Maybe you should buy some crotch-less pantyhose or
stockings Liz."

"You're right Marge, that's a great idea. Wouldn't he be
shocked if I pulled my dress up and he saw them?"

"Yes, I'm sure he would."

"Ok, I have to get back to work. Thank you for last night
Marge, I think things are going to be very different from
now on."

"Goodbye Liz, I'll talk to you later."

Marge hung up the phone and sat down next to Don. She
told him what Liz had said and that she was grateful for
last night. Don and his wife talked for a little longer
and then went into the family room.

Megan left school two hours early and drove home to meet
her mom. At the house she went up to her mom's room and
found her flipping through the clothes in her closet.

"Hi mom, what are you doing?"

"Hi Megan, I'm just looking at my wardrobe. Do you think
I dress old fashion?"

"I don't know mom. Don't you have to wear suits and
things like that for work?"

Liz walked from the closet and sat with her daughter on
her bed.

"Yes, I do have to dress professionally, but I want to be
in style too. Some of the things I wear are several years
old. I want to change the way I look you know, younger."

"I could always lend you one of my new miniskirts mom,
that would make you look younger."

Liz laughed and told Megan that she didn't think a
miniskirt would go over too well at the office.

"We had better get going," Liz said. "We don't want to be
late for the doctors."

"Ok mom, I'm going to run and change out of my school
clothes first."

While Megan went to her room to change clothes, Liz opened
her dresser drawers and looked at her assortment of
underwear. Most of her panties were full cotton briefs and
all but a very few pairs were white. She sorted through
her bras and saw that they were also very conservative.
"Damn I'm plain," she mumbled out loud. She heard Megan
call to say she was ready to go, so Liz closed her drawer
and left her room.

Megan's mom drove to the doctor's office. On the way she
told her daughter that she had made an appointment with her
doctor instead of Megan's regular physician.

"Why am I going to your doctor mom?"

"My doctor is a ob/gyn, she specializes in woman's
medicine. Your doctor is just a family doctor and I felt
it was time you changed, at least for some things."

Megan accepted her mom's explanation and stopped asking
questions. Liz pulled into the parking lot of the doctor's
office and turned off the car. She glanced at her watch
and decided they had a few minutes before they needed to go

"Megan, I think the doctor is going to want to give you a
pelvic exam. It can be a bit embarrassing the first time,
not to mention uncomfortable."

Liz explained the procedure to her daughter and Megan
listened intently. After her mom had finished, they got out
of the car and went into the office. Megan and her mother waited in the waiting room to be called. Liz picked up a
magazine and began to flip through the pages. When the
nurse called Megan's name, she stood up and looked to her

"Do you want me to come with you Megan?"

Megan nodded and the two of them followed the nurse into
the examination room. The nurse told Megan to remove all
her clothes and put on a gown. After the nurse left the
two of them, Megan unbuttoned her navy blue blouse and hung
it on a hook. She took off her short skirt and also hung
it up.

Liz looked at her daughter as she stood in her matching
navy blue lace bra and thong panties. She decided that she
too would buy some of the sexy underclothes like her
daughter's. Megan removed her bra and panties and slipped
her arms through the armholes of the light green gown.

When the doctor came into the room, she asked Megan a list
of questions, and filled out several forms. She asked the
young girl to lower her gown and examined her breasts,
listened to her chest with a stethoscope and probed her
belly with her fingers. The doctor told her to lie back on
the table, and opened a drawer on the side of the paper-
covered bench.

After removing two strange looking devices from the drawer
and attaching them the exam table, the doctor helped Megan
put her feet into the stirrups. She stood at the end of
the table, pulled Megan's gown up, and looked between her

"This may be a bit uncomfortable Megan," the doctor said.
"Just try to relax and it will be over in a few minutes."

Megan winced when she felt a cold hard object pressed
against her vagina. When the doctor inserted the speculum
and began to stretch her open, she cried out in discomfort.
Liz took her daughter's hand and held it firmly until the
doctor had finished.

The doctor removed Megan's feet from the devices that had
her legs spread, and told her they were all done. She
helped her up and told her that everything looked fine.

After spending a few minutes talking with Megan and her
mom, the doctor wrote a prescription for the pills and told
Megan she could get dressed. They left the doctors office
and got into the car.

"That was terrible!" Megan said. "How often do you have
to have that done?"

Liz laughed and said, "I know that it isn't the most
pleasant thing to have done to you, but the doctor only
does that twice a year, if you don't have any problems."

"That's good, the stretching part wasn't so bad, once I
got use to it, but why does that thing have to be so cold?"

"I have no idea Megan, it's just one of the mysteries of
life. Would you mind if we stopped at the mall on the way

"No, why?"

"I thought that I would pickup a few new things and I
would like your help. I have decided to change my wardrobe
a little, you know, something a little more in style."

"Cool mom," Megan said. "I know just the store to go to.
They have really nice clothes and the sales girls are great."

Once at the mall, Megan led her mom to the store Kim had
taken her to. The two went from department to department,
selecting new clothing for Liz. She selected several new
business suits, with shorter skirts than she had worn in
the past, new silk blouses, new dresses, and an assortment
of matching skirts and tops.

"Megan," Liz said, as they headed for the shoe department.
"Where did you get your new lingerie? I want to get some
sexier things for myself."

"I bought them in this store mom, we can go to that
department when you are finished getting your new shoes."

"Ok Megan, but after I get the shoes we should put these
things into the car. All of these bags are getting heavy."

In the shoe department, Liz tried on various styles. She
selected several pairs of high heals that would match the
new outfits. Megan noticed that the new shoes had higher
and thinner heals than the ones her mom usually wore.
After paying for her new items, the two of them went to the
car and put the packages into the trunk of the car.

Liz and her daughter walked through the store to the
lingerie section. They looked at the wide assortment of
bras, panties, and other garments the store offered. While
they looked at the bras, a sales girl came over and asked
if she could help. She immediately recognized Megan and

"So, how have the new things worked out for you?" she
asked Megan.

"Just great," Megan said, "You were right about the bras,
they're much better than my old ones."

"I see you two have met before," Liz said.

Megan told her mom about coming to the store with Lisa,
Kim, and Sally, and how much help the sales girl had been
in selecting new underwear. The girl thanked Megan and
asked Liz what she was looking for.

"Well, I'm not really sure. I just know that I want
something a little sexier than the old fifties style
underwear I have worn for years." Liz said.

"I'm sure we have something that you will like, let's
start with some new bras and go from there. What size do
you wear?"

"Thirty-four B," she said.

Elizabeth Stone was the same height as her daughter, but
not as thin. She had slightly larger breasts than Megan,
but the same narrow waist. Her thirty-four, twenty-five,
thirty-six figure and her five foot seven inch height, made
her look slender. She was in very good shape for a woman
that was forty-six years old, with firm legs, from hours of
playing tennis.

The sales girl showed her several different styles and, as
she had done with the younger girls, explained the benefits
and drawbacks of each one. Liz picked out an assortment of
styles and the three women went to the dressing rooms so
she could try them on.

After trying on all of the bras she had brought into the
dressing room with her as well as some that the sales girl went out and selected for her, Liz settled on three
different styles, her favorite being the delicate, shear,
lacy type that Megan now wore.

The women also picked out panties that would match the new
bras, and Liz even selected several pairs of thongs. For
the next hour, Liz and Megan went from rack to rack with
the helpful sales girl, adding to the growing pile of
items. Liz found new slips in both full and short half
style and gave them the sales girl.

"Well," the girl said to Liz, "all you need is some
stockings and garters and you will be set, or do you prefer
pantyhose? I would also recommend a couple of camisoles,
if you like shear blouses."

"I have always worn pantyhose, but I would like to look at
some stockings," Liz said. "What would you suggest?"

The girl led Megan and her mom to the garters and showed
them the different types. Liz took two different ones to
the dressing rooms and tried them on with the sample
stockings the store provided their customers. While Liz
tried on the garter and stockings, the sales girl left for
a moment.

Megan looked at her mom, dressed in the lacy garter belt
and shear stockings. She decided that she too would buy
some of the sexy items and wear them instead of the thigh
stockings she had been wearing. The sales girl returned
with a red lace bustier and showed to the two women.

"Have you ever considered any thing like this?" she asked.

Liz and her daughter looked at the delicate lingerie she
held up. Megan felt the fabric and asked what it was made

"Nylon and lycra," she said, "It will hug you very close."

"I don't know," Liz said. "That may be just a bit much.
It doesn't look all that comfortable to me."

"Ok, but they are very comfortable and fit well under
tight outfits. I wear them all the time and just love them."

"Can I try one on?" Megan asked. "I think it looks cool."

Megan removed her clothes and slipped into the garment.
The sales girl handed her a pair of stockings and Megan
pulled them on, clipping the long stretchy suspenders to
their tops. Liz looked at her daughter and decided that
she would also try on the bustier.

"We have matching g-strings for them too," the girl said.

After her daughter had removed the one-piece garment, Liz
put it on and looked into the mirror. She turned and gazed
at the reflection of her profile, and studied how her firm
bottom looked.

The sales girl could see that Liz liked the bustier and
also suggested the same type of garment in a thong styled
teddy. Liz told her she would like to see one and the girl left to get her one, thinking that today was going to be a
high commission day.

She returned with several more items and Liz and Megan
tried them on. After making their final selections, they
followed the sales girl to the register to pay for

"One thousand fifty two dollars and sixteen cents," she

Megan's mom handed her a credit card, waited while the
transaction was processed and signed the slip. The two
women picked up the bags off the counter and headed for the

"Is dad going to be mad when he finds out how much money
you spent?" Megan said.

"I don't think so honey," Liz said, "at least not after he
sees me in my new undies."

Megan and her mom laughed and made a few comments about
the new lingerie they had bought. Megan thought about how
her dad had reacted when he saw her in her skimpy bra and
panties and wondered if he would like to see her in the new
things too.

When they got home, they set about removing tags from the
new clothing and putting things away. Megan took her new
lingerie and put it into her drawers, along with the things
she had bought last time. She removed some of her older underwear to make room, and unable to decide where to put
it, she tossed it into the trash.

Megan went back to her parents' room and found her mom dressed in only a pair of lace thong panties.

"What do you think? How do they look?"

Megan looked at her mom, smiled and said, "Hairy!"

Liz looked into the mirror and saw dark curls of pubic
hair around the edges of the small panties and the definite
bulge her thick mat created on her mound. She joined in
her daughter's laughter and pulled at the panties, trying
to conceal the hair.

"This will never do Megan, I'm going to need a trim. Will
you help me please?"

Megan nodded and followed her mom into the bathroom. She
had her sit on the toilet, took a pair of scissors, and
began to trim her mom's matted hair. Using her fingers to
stretch out the tight curls so she could clip them short,
she cut away as much as she could.

"I will have to use a razor to do the rest mom. Why don't
you start the bath and I will be right back."

Liz turned the water on and began to fill the sunken
whirlpool tub in the corner of the bathroom. When the
water was at an acceptable level, she turned it off and
stepped in. She relaxed in the hot tub and waited for
Megan to return.

Megan walked into the bathroom, removed her robe, and got
into the tub with her mom. She watched as her mom washed
herself, standing to rub her soapy cloth over her breasts and down her stomach to her knees. Before she sat down
again, Megan took the washcloth and rubbed it on her mom's

Liz sat down and Megan rinsed the soap from her body with
the washcloth, lingering at her mom's breasts.

"Ok mom, it's time for the shaving gel. Why don't you sit
on the edge of the tub?"

Liz slowly rose up and sat on the edge of the tub. When
Megan began to apply the gel to her newly trimmed mound,
she leaned back against the wall. Rubbing her mom's mound
and crotch, Megan worked the gel into thick foam, took the
razor, and knelt between her legs.

"What do you want me to do mom?"

Liz thought for a moment and said, "Like yours honey."

Megan began to carefully scrape away the hair on her mom's
pubic mound, leaving a thin strip above her slit. She
pushed her legs apart and started to remove the hair from
her crotch, using her fingers to pull the lips of her
vagina tight. When she was finished, Megan used her bare
hand to rinse away the traces of shaving gel that remained.

"I'm done mom, sit in the tub so we can rinse you

Liz lowered herself into the water and let her daughter rub her and remove the last bits of remaining gel. When
she was finished, Megan stood up and extended her hand to
her mom. Liz pulled against Megan and stood up in the tub.
She looked down at her freshly shaved mound and smiled.
Megan got out and grabbed a small mirror from the counter
and held it between her mom's legs so she could see the
hairless labia.

"It looks very different Megan, I think I really like it."

Following her daughter out of the tub, Liz stood on a
small rug. She felt Megan begin to pat her back with a
towel and closed her eyes. When she felt the towel against
her crotch, she let a soft moan escape from her throat.

Once they were both dry, Megan led her into the bedroom
and told her mom to lie on the bed. She looked at the
young girl strangely, but followed her instructions. Megan
knelt beside her mother, took a bottle of lotion from the
nightstand, and poured some of the slippery substance into
her hand.

When her mom felt Megan's hand between her legs, she
slowly opened them and allowed her to rub the lotion over
her freshly shaved skin. Liz tried to fight the feelings
that began to well up inside her as her daughter's fingers
massaged her hairless crotch, but she couldn't. Megan's
soft hands applied the lotion to her inner thighs and again
she moaned.

Megan looked at her mother's spread crotch and saw a trace
of moisture forming along her slightly parted lips. She
gently traced her mom's slit and her finger pressed into
the soft folds.

"Oh Megan, what are you doing?" she groaned as she felt
her daughter increase the pressure.

"Just relax mom. Doesn't it feel good?"

"Yes it does, it feels wonderful, but you shouldn't be
doing that to me."

Megan removed her fingers momentarily and poured some of
the lotion onto her mom's stomach. With one hand she
spread the lotion over her, the other hand she returned to
her crotch. When Liz felt her hands begin to rub her
breasts and coat them with the soothing lotion, she closed
her eyes and moaned out loud.

Smiling, Megan bent forward and put her mouth on her mom's
vagina. She extended her tongue and licked her from the
bottom up to her clit. Parting her mom's hot puffy vaginal
lips with her fingers, Megan pushed her tongue into her wet
pink opening. She felt her mom's hands join hers on her
breasts and rub her soft mounds. Megan pulled at her
nipple and again her mom moaned.

Liz's body stiffened and began to shudder. Megan covered
her vagina with her mouth and sucked as her mother came,
flooding her mouth and tongue with her juices. Megan tried
to keep her mouth on her mom as the woman bounced and
twisted beneath her. As suddenly as it began, Liz's climax
subsided and her body relaxed.

Megan sat next to her mom on the bed and watched her chest
rise and fall from her labored breathing. When Liz opened
her eyes, Megan smiled at her.

"I'm sorry mom, but I just had to know what it was like to
taste a women's pussy. Kim did that to me once and I
thought I was going to faint. Pleas don't be mad at me."

Liz sat up, put her arms around her daughter, and pressed
her naked breasts into hers. She rocked the young girl gently and stroked the back of her head.

"I'm not mad at you honey, I understand. It was
wonderful! Megan, that is only the second time in my life
that someone has kissed me there. The first time was last
night with your father."

"Really mom, why?"

Liz relaxed her grip on Megan and told her about her sex
life up to last night. She told her that she had been
taught that oral sex was dirty and should never be done.
When she confessed to performing oral sex on her father Megan's eyes opened wide.

"What was it like mom? How did it feel to have a penis in
your mouth? Did you let him cum in your mouth?"

"It was very nice and yes, he came in my mouth. I can't
believe that I waited all this time to do that for your
father, or for me."

Megan and her mom sat on Liz's bed nude and talked for an
hour or so about many things they had never discussed with
each other or anyone else in the past. When they heard
Jerry calling from downstairs, they got off the bed. Liz
began to get dressed, putting on a pair of slacks and a
button down top. Megan took her robe, went to her room,
and put back on the miniskirt and top she had worn to the

Liz came into Megan room and asked her not to tell her dad
about the shopping trip because she planned to surprise him
later. Megan giggled and told her mom that her secret was
safe. Together, they went downstairs to greet Jerry and
decide what to do for dinner.

The two women met Jerry in the family room. He had
removed his tie and jacket and was sitting in his recliner
reading the paper. Megan ran over to him, put her arms
around his neck, and hugged him.

"Hi daddy, I'm glad you're home."

Jerry hugged his daughter and said, "I'm glad to be home."

Megan released his neck and sat opposite his chair, on the
couch. She tucked one leg under her butt and turned on the
television. Liz went to her husband and kissed him. Megan
noticed that it was not the normal peck on the cheek that
they had exchanged in the past, but a full-blown passionate
kiss. The display of affection between her parents wasn't
something Megan was use to seeing.

Liz and her husband talked about dinner and decided to go
to a restaurant.

"I'm going to run upstairs and change and then we will
go," he said.

Again Megan was surprised. Her dad would normally just
wear the suit he had worked in when they went out, but
tonight he was going to change. When he returned in a pair
of slacks and a sweater, Megan giggled.

"You look nice daddy," she said. "It isn't very often
that I get to see you in anything other than a suit."

Jerry smiled and said, "Well honey, things are changing
around here."

The three of them left for Jerry's car, Liz climbed into
the front seat, slid over next to her husband, and invited
Megan to sit up front also. She got in next to her mom and
fastened her seatbelt. When her dad looked over to her, he
saw that her miniskirt was high on her legs, revealing her
thighs. He grinned, pulled out of the drive, and headed
for the restaurant.

They went to a restaurant that Jerry and Liz had visited
many times. Jerry ordered a bottle of wine for he and his
wife, Megan ordered a Coke. The young girl gazed across
the table at her parents and thought about the big change
in their behavior. Her mom had just spent a ton of money
on new clothing and lingerie and her father was dressed
casually. She giggled to herself as she watched them
whisper to each other and hold hands.

"You know that you two look like a couple of teenagers,
don't you?" Megan said to her parents.

"Does that bother you Megan?" her dad said.

"No daddy, not at all. In fact I think it is cute," she
said with a big grin. "Mom tells me that you two had a
great time last night and even learned a few new things."

Jerry turned beet red and looked at his wife. He picked
up his glass of wine, took a big gulp, and set the glass
back on the table.

"Just what did your mother tell you about last night?"

"Almost everything I think, daddy."

Turning to his wife Jerry said, "Everything?"

"Well, not the details," Liz said, "but in general yes,

Jerry sat looking into space, completely stunned. His
mind drifted back to the things he and his wife had done in
the hot tub, in front of others, on the ride home, in there
bed and at the office. He felt himself becoming aroused at
the thought of his young daughter knowing what he and Liz
had done.

"Well um how did it make you feel after hearing about it?"

Before Megan could answer her dad, the server brought
their dinners. He placed the plates of food in front of
them and asked if they needed anything else. Jerry ordered
another bottle of wine and the server left to get it.

"If you really want to know daddy, it made me all tingly
and hot."

"All right you two," Liz said. "That's enough of this
conversation. Eat your dinners while they are hot."

Megan turned her attention the grilled chicken breast on
her plate, cutting it with her knife. Liz put her napkin
on her lap and rubbed her husband's crotch before returning
her hand to clear sight. She leaned over to her husband
and whispered into his ear.

"It turns you on knowing that Megan is aware of what we
did doesn't it?"

Jerry shook his head yes and put a piece of his steak into
his mouth. He attempted the think of something other than
the fact that his daughter knew about the blowjob he got,
or that he had preformed oral sex on his wife, but
couldn't. He looked across the table and noticed how
bright Megan's eyes looked and how rosy her cheeks were.
He also saw the tight little smile on her face, even when
she was chewing her food.

Megan raised her eyes from time to time, stealing glances
of her parents. She could see that were whispering
something to one another, but couldn't hear what they were
saying. Every once in awhile, her mom would giggle and put
her hand under the table. Megan finished her dinner and
ordered a desert from the server, her mom and dad ordered
coffee and after dinner drinks.

When everyone was finished, Jerry paid the check and they
left. On the way to the car, he handed the keys to Megan
and told her to drive. She had never driven her dad's big
car and she felt privileged. She got into the driver's
seat, started the car, and adjusted her seat. He mom and
dad climbed into the back seat and snuggled up to each other.

"Home James!" her dad said.

Megan drove home, glancing into the rearview mirror at her
parents. They were very close together and kissing. She
saw her dad's hand cover her mom's breast and begin to
massage it. She turned her eyes to the road and ignored
them for the rest of the ride. When she pulled the car
into the garage and turned it off, she told her parents to
knock it off and go into the house.

Liz and Jerry laughed at their daughter, got out of the
car, and went into the house.

"I'm going to go and do my homework," Megan said.

She went to her room, sat at her desk, and started to
study. She was in the middle of a chapter of a book she
was reading for English when the phone rang. She put her
book down and answered it.

"Hi Jack, how are you tonight?"

"Great Megan, what are you doing tonight?"

"I went out to dinner with my parents and now I'm doing my

"I just finished mine. Where were you after school, I
looked for you."

"I had to go to the doctors today, didn't I tell you?"

"Oh yeah, you did, I guess I forgot. Anyway, I called to
see if you wanted to do something this weekend."

"Sure Jack anything with you."

"Great, I will talk to you tomorrow and we can make plans."

Jack and Megan chatted for a few more minutes and hung up.
She returned to her homework, finishing the chapter she had
to have done for class tomorrow. Deciding it was time for
bed, she took off her clothes and hung them up. She
removed her bra and put it into her drawer, leaving her in
only her red thong panties.

Megan took a tee shirt from her closet and pulled it over
her head. The shirt was not her normal sleeping attire,
rather a short shirt that only came down to her waist. She
turned down her bed, turned off the lights, and climbed in.
As she lay thinking about the things she had done with her
mom today, she heard her parents pass her door on the way
to their room.

Knocking lightly on Megan's door, her mom came in to tell
her goodnight. She leaned over the bed and kissed her
daughter on the forehead and said, "Goodnight honey, thanks
for the nice day."

Megan looked up at her mom and saw that she was holding
her unbuttoned shirt closed.

"Goodnight mom, I had a great day too. I hope we can do
it again sometime."

"Me too, I had a good time shopping with you." Liz said
as she stood up straight and turned for the door.

"Yeah, that too," Megan said. "Will you tell daddy to
come and tell me goodnight please?"

Liz felt her already excited vagina tingle at her
daughter's remark. She knew what she meant and was more
than willing to engage in the sexual activity they shared

"Yes, I'll tell him. Try to keep him here for a couple of
minutes so I can get changed for bed."

Megan told her mom that she would try to detain her dad.
After her mom left Megan got out of bed and went into her
bathroom, leaving the door open a crack. When she heard
her dad calling for her, she opened the door and stepped
out, leaving the bathroom light on.

Dressed in his cotton pajama bottoms, her dad said, "Hi
honey, I came to tell you goodnight."

Megan went to her dad, put her arms around his neck, and
leaned into him. She could feel her small breasts flatten
against his chest and his warm breath on her hair.

"Goodnight daddy, thank you for taking me to dinner
tonight. I really had a good time."

Jerry could feel penis jump in his thin pajamas, it was
already semi erect from the fooling around he, and his
wife, had been engaged in downstairs. He tried to move
away from his daughter, but she held him tight. When she
pushed her hips forward, he was sure that she was aware of
his condition.

Kissing her on the head, he was surprised when she looked
up and kissed him back, on the mouth. The kiss wasn't
sexual, but it wasn't the normal father daughter kiss
either. Thinking that it was the wine that was making him
feel the way he was, he hugged her and let her go.

"I'm going to go to bed Megan, I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok daddy, goodnight."

Jerry went back to his bedroom and opened the door. The
room was pitch black and he was unable to see a thing.

"Turn on the light Lizzie, I don't want to trip."

When his wife turned on the light, Jerry sucked in his
breath and opened his eyes wide. Liz was standing between
him and the lamp on the nightstand in a see through
babydoll nightgown. The shear red garment exposed her
breasts and a matching g-string. He remembered the outfit,
he had bought it for her just after they were married, but
she would never wear it.

Jerry walked to his wife and took her into his arms. They
kissed passionately, falling onto the bed. When he tried
to reach for the light to turn it off, she grabbed his arm
and drew his hand to her breast. He massaged her through
the thin red material and she probed his mouth with her
tongue. After a few minutes of kissing and touching, he
sat up and pulled her up with him.

Pulling on the black ribbon that held the sexy gown
closed, he opened it and stared at her breasts. Slowly, he
covered both of them with his hands and rubbed them firmly.
As he pulled at her nipples and squeezed her still firm
flesh, she slipped the gown off her shoulders and let it
drop onto the bed.

Liz stood up on the bed, her crotch only inches from his
face, and slowly rolled the tiny g-string down her legs.
When he saw her neatly trimmed pubic mound he reached out
and ran his fingertips through the strip of short hair. He
moved his hand down between her legs and discovered she was
completely hairless there.

Still standing, she parted her legs and moaned as he
pushed his finger into her wet opening. She looked down at
him and watched as he slowly withdrew his finger and
inserted it again. Dropping to her knees, she helped her
husband remove his pajamas. She took his hard penis into
her hand and began to stroke him.

"Lizzie, your hand feels so good on my cock," he groaned.

Pushing him onto his back, she said, "So you like it when
I stroke your big hard cock do you? Would you like me to
lick that for you?"

"Oh yes, please do! I love to feel your tongue on my cock."

Liz bent down and ran her wet tongue around the head of
his penis. She wet the entire end and covered it with her
mouth. Jerry moaned as she sucked more of his hot member
into her mouth and used her tongue to stroke the thick vein
along the bottom of it.

"Was that good?" she asked after removing her mouth from

Jerry pulled her over his face and said, "Very good,"
before pulling her hairless crotch to his mouth.

Moving her hand up and down her husband's penis, she
moaned when she felt his tongue push into her. She slowly
rocked her crotch over his face in an attempt to have his
tongue make contact with her clit.

"That feels so good Jerry," she moaned.

She removed her hand from his penis and placed both of
them onto the top of his thighs, increasing the speed of
her hip movement. Jerry licked and sucked on her vagina,
gently tugging at her swollen lips with his teeth.

Megan could hear her parents and slipped out of her bed.
Very quietly, she crept down the hall to their bedroom
door. When her father had gone in, he failed to close the
door completely, providing a thin crack for Megan to look
through. When she saw her mom straddling her dad's face
and rocking her sex against his mouth, she gasped. She
could also see her father's hard penis pointing at her
mom's belly.

Standing quietly, Megan slipped her hand into her panties and began to rub herself. She could feel her heart begin
to race and her breathing increase.

"Suck my pussy Jerry," she heard her mom say.

Megan pushed a finger into her vagina and stroked it in
and out slowly, not wanting to climax too soon. When her
mom took her dad's penis in her hand and began to stroke
it, Megan's body quivered and she bumped the door slightly,
causing it to open about half way.

With one hand still in her panties, she reached for the
door with her other. She looked up and directly into her
mom's eyes. Megan began to panic at the thought of being
caught peeking at her parents. She yanked her hand out of
her panties, but was unable to take her eyes off her mom and dad.

Liz smiled, and winked at her daughter. She mouthed,
"Want to come in and watch?"

Megan didn't know what to do. Part of her felt like
running back to her bedroom, but another part of her wanted
to go in. She stood and thought about her mom's strange
request and returned her hand to her heated crotch.

Liz again released her husband's penis and put her hands
on her breasts, keeping her eyes locked to Megan's. Again
Liz winked at her, removed a hand from her breast, and
waved for Megan to come into the room with them.

Megan pointed at her dad and said quietly, "How about
daddy, won't he be mad?"

Liz had her legs clamped against Jerry's ears and he
didn't hear his daughter's question.

"Want me to ask him?" Liz whispered.

Megan had her finger buried as deep as it would go into
her vagina, and was bumping her clit as she pumped it in
and out. She was extremely excited and confused. Even
thought she knew that what she was about to do was wrong,
not to mention illegal, she took a step into the room.

Slowly she closed the distance between her and her parents bed, taking very small steps. As she got closer, she could
clearly see her father's manhood sticking up and away from
his body, and watched it move in time to the rocking of her
mom's hips on his face. When Megan began to sit down on
the edge of the bed, her mom groaned out loud and pushed
her crotch down hard on Jerry's face to mask the movement.

Megan sat on the bed only inches from her dad's slightly
spread legs, even with his knee. Her mom reached down and
took his penis in her hand and stood it up straight for
Megan to see.

"Do you want to touch it?" Liz whispered.

Feeling dazed, Megan shook her head yes and extended her
hand towards her father's hard penis. She could see that
it was about the same length as Jack's, but much thicker.
As her fingers neared it, she could feel the heat the
throbbing member was emitting.

Jerry flinched and pushed his wife up and off his face
when he felt Megan's hand encircle his shaft just below her
mom's. He looked down through the opening of Liz's legs
and saw his daughter's hand wrapped around him. Unable to
speak, Jerry watched as his wife removed her hand and his
daughter's began to stroke him.

The two women heard him mumble something as Liz again
lowered her crotch to his mouth. Megan was now beside
herself with lust. She was stroking her father's hard cock
and watching her mother have her pussy eaten. Megan
removed her hand, pulled off her tee shirt and panties, and
moved between her dad's legs.

Again, she took hold of her dad's hard penis and resumed
her motion. Her mom reached over to her and ran her hands
over her daughter's breasts, teasing her blood filled
nipples. Megan scooted closer, put her free hand between
her dad's legs, and cupped his heavy balls. She could hear
him moan into her mom's crotch and see his hips begin to
push up and down, matching her strokes.

Megan saw a small drop of fluid form at the slit on top of
her father's penis and she leaned forward and touched her
tongue to it. The sharp salty taste sent shivers through
her body, right to her vagina. When Megan opened her mouth
and covered the velvety head of the hot member, her dad
pushed her mom off his face again.

Liz moved off her husband to give him a clear view of his
daughter, as she ran her tongue around the head of his
penis in her mouth. Jerry didn't know what to do, he felt
that he should stop her from sucking on him, but the
felling was just too overcoming.

Putting her hand on Megan's back and rubbing it up and
down along her spine, Liz watched her daughter take more
and more of her husbands penis into her mouth. When the
thick hot flesh hit the back of her mouth, Megan stopped
her descent to keep from gagging. She wrapped her hand
around him to gage the depth and began to slowly move her
mouth up and down. She pulled up until she felt the ridge
touch her lips and then reversed her direction.

"Oh Megan," he said. "You shouldn't be doing that to me."

The young girl removed her mouth from her dad's penis and
looked into his eyes.

"Do you want me to stop daddy? Do you want me to stop
sucking your big thick cock? I'll stop if you want me to
daddy, but you taste and feel so good that I don't want to."

Jerry looked into his daughter's pleading eyes. He
watched as she wiped the drool from her chin with the back
of her hand, still stroking him with the other. Megan
moved so she was kneeling next to her dad, bent over, and
took him back into her mouth. She sucked a little harder
than she had before and bobbed her head up and down a bit

When her dad said, "Don't stop Megan, suck daddy's cock."
She increased her efforts.

Megan took more of his penis into her mouth even though it
made her gag and she had to back off. She pumped her hand
over the firm flesh she couldn't stuff into her mouth and
moaned around him.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Liz move behind
Megan, lie on her back and pull her daughter's crotch to
her mouth. She pushed her tongue between the girl's puffy
vaginal lips and covered her completely with her mouth.

Pulling her head off her dad's penis, she said, "Lick my
pussy mom! Lick and eat me while I suck daddy's big hard

Jerry was beside himself as he moved his head back and
forth, watching his wife lick his daughter's vagina, and
her sucking on his cock. He reached out and put his hand
on Megan's small breast and massaged. He took her nipple
between his finger and thumb and rolled the hard protrusion

Megan moaned around her father's throbbing penis and
ground her crotch into her mom's mouth. She felt her
orgasm begin to rumble through her body as her mom took her
clit and sucked it.

"Megan I'm going to cum!" she heard her dad say. "You
better move or you will get it in your mouth."

Lost in her own climax, Megan moved her sucking mouth up
and down her dad's cock at a fevered pace. She could feel
the head bang into the opening of her throat, but the gag
reflex didn't come. Feeling her juices flow into her mom's
mouth, she pushed down hard on the hot shaft in her mouth
and felt her dad's pubic hair against her nose. Unable to
control it, she gagged around her father's cock.

The strange vibrations her gagging produced was all that
Jerry could stand. Megan felt the cock buried in her
throat swell and begin to pulse. Remembering how Jack's
penis reacted, she knew that she was about to have her
throat filled with her dad's cum.

The multiple orgasms her mom's mouth was pleasuring her
with, had Megan's body quivering. She could feel her
vagina contracting and every muscle in her body spasm.
Pulling her mouth up, she held the head of her dad's penis
in her mouth and felt the first wave of semen hit the roof
of her mouth.

Megan began to swallow as fast as she could, but was
unable to ingest her dad's entire load of cum. She could
feel it running out the corners of her mouth and onto the
hand she still had wrapped around the gushing penis. Liz
sensed that her husband was ejaculating and moved her head
from between Megan's legs to watch.

Liz could see her husband's hot sticky discharge pooling
on Megan's hand. She could also see that her daughter was
still sucking on him and swallowing. When Jerry's penis
began to dribble the last of his load, Megan rolled onto
her side, letting her dad slip out of her mouth.

Megan's mom took her hand and licked up the cum that the
young girl was not able to swallow from it. When she had
cleaned her daughter's hand, she took her husband's penis
into her mouth and cleaned it too.

Once the three lovers had regained their composure, Megan
moved so she was lying between them. She put a hand on
each of her parent's hot bodied and relaxed.

"Thank you for that," Megan said. "It was wonderful."

"Yes honey, it was wonderful, but it was also very wrong.
What we just did was incest and we could all be in big
trouble if we were discovered." Jerry said.

Megan gently stroked her mom and dad and said, "What we
did may be illegal daddy, but I don't think it was wrong.
How can it be wrong, for people who love each other, to
make love with each other? How can it be so bad for me to
swallow the same cum that brought me into this world or to
please or be pleased by the mom who has loved me and cared
for me, for so long?"

Liz and Jerry listened to their daughter's words. Maybe
it was the wine, or maybe it was a way to deal with the
guilt, but she made sense.

"I don't really know what has happened over the last few
days, but I agree with Megan," her mom said. "Today when
she did what she did, I felt closer and greater love than I
have in many years. I don't think it is such a good idea
to make a regular habit out of it, but once in a while it
would be nice to make love or just have sex, with the two
most important people in my life."

Jerry said, "I just don't know, I need some time to think
about all of this. I agree that what just happened between
us was warm and loving, not to mention very sensual, but I
still feel guilty. Like I said, I need some time. Let's
get some sleep and we will talk about it later."

Megan sat up, kissed both of her parents on the mouth, and
said, "Can I stay with you tonight?"

Jerry looked to Liz and saw her shrug her shoulders. He
put his arm around his naked daughter and pulled her down
in between them. Megan laid on her side facing her mom and
she turned to face the young girl. Jerry rolled onto his
side and moved up to Megan's back, sandwiching her between
him and his wife. Reaching behind him, Jerry turned off
the light, returning to room to darkness. He draped his
arm over Megan and let his hand rest on his wife's side.

Together they slipped into a deep sleep, each one basking
in the afterglow of their sexual activities.

The next morning, Megan woke up alone in her parent's bed.
She climbed out of the bed, made it, and found her clothes.
Still nude, she went to her own room to get ready for

Megan finished getting dressed and went downstairs. Her
mom was in the kitchen, drinking coffee.

"Good morning mom, where is dad?"

"He had to go in early this morning."

Megan sat down and said, "I wanted to tell him goodbye
before her left."

"I know honey, he didn't want to wake you. He did kiss
you before he left though."

Megan smiled, content with the knowledge that her dad
remembered to kiss her goodbye. She drank her orange juice
and ate the sweet roll her mother had put out for her.

Liz sat close to her daughter and said, "Honey, are you
alright with what happened last night? I hope you aren't
sorry that I asked you to come in and join us."

"I'm fine mom, and I'm not sorry at all. It was great
being with you two and I hope we can do it again sometime."

"We'll have to see Megan, I not too sure how your father is taking this. He seemed kind of distant this morning. I
will talk to him though and see what's up."

"Ok mom, I see you are wearing one of your new outfits
today, you look very nice."

Liz stood up and turned around so her daughter could see
the new blue suit. She lifted her skirt and showed her the
stockings and garter, as well as the lace thong she had on.
She lowered her skirt, smoothed it out, and sat back down.
"You look hot mom! Has dad seen your new things yet?"

"No, he left before I got dressed. I plan to surprise him
at work today."

"I'm sure he will be surprised mom, you had better be
careful he doesn't attack you in the office."

"That's the plan Megan," Liz said with a big grin on her

The two women laughed, cleaned up the kitchen and left.
Liz went to work and Megan to school.

Megan parked her car close to the spot that Jack would
usually park his truck. She sat in her car, listening to
the radio and waited for Kim and her brother to get there.
When she saw Jack's big truck pull into the parking lot and
turn towards her, Megan turned off her car and got out.

Jack and Kim climbed out of his truck and saw Megan coming
over to them.

"Hi Megan," Kim said to her.

"HI Kim, hi Jack, how are you guys today?"

"I'm ok, but I wish I didn't have to go to school," Jack

Both Kim and Jack noticed that their friend was a bit
bubbly this morning. They stood and talked waiting for Tom
and Sally to get to school. Jack went to the back of his
truck to look at something, leaving the two girls alone.

"Why are you so cheerful today?" Kim asked Megan.

"I had a great day yesterday Kim. My mom and I went to
the mall after work and shopped for over two hours. You
wouldn't believe it, but she spent over a thousand dollars
on underwear for her and I. She also bought a whole new
wardrobe. When we got home she had me shaver her and then
we went to dinner with my dad."

"Sounds like you were busy Megan. How did things go at
the doctors?"

"It was ok, I didn't like it when she put that thing in me
and stretched my pussy."

Kim laughed at her, remembering her own experience. Sally
walked up and asked them what was so funny. When Megan
repeated her story about the doctor, they all laughed.

The girls called to the guys and told them it was time to
go. Jack and Tom came from behind the truck and they all
started across the parking lot towards the school. Megan
positioned herself between Jack and Kim. She hooked her
arms in theirs and walked with them.

When they all got into the building, they headed for their
first hour classes, agreeing to meet for lunch.

Liz walked into the law offices of Stone, Burk, and
Williams. As she made her way towards her desk, every eye
in the open secretarial area watched her. Steven Burk, one
of Jerry's partners, did a double take when her saw her
crossing the room.

Dressed in a new gray suit and four inch high heals, Liz
knew that her co-workers were surprised. Her pleated skirt
stopped above her knees, much shorter than her old attire,
and her form-fitting jacket accented her firm breasts. She
had a bounce in her step and it caused her butt to sway
seductively as she walked.

Liz went strait to Jerry's office, knocked on the door,
and opened it, when she heard her husband say, "Come in."

Stepping into his office, she closed the door behind her.
Jerry was reading some papers and looking down as Liz
approached his large wooden desk. She sat in one of the
upholstered side chairs and waited for him to finish what
he was doing. After undoing the single button of her
jacket and opening it so he would be able to see her white
silk blouse, she crossed her legs, allowing her skirt to
rise slightly.

"I'll be with you in a minute," Jerry said. "I just have
to finish reading this."

When Jerry put down the papers he was studying and looked
up, he gasped. His eyes traveled up and down over his
wife's body, examining the new outfit she was wearing.
When he looked at her breasts, she pushed her shoulder's
back, causing her lacy bra to show through her shear silk

"Well, what do you think?" she said, standing up slowly
turning around and sitting back down in the chair. "Do you
like it?"

"Yes, you look great," he replied. He couldn't get over
how much younger his wife looked in her new clothes, or how

Jerry continued to look at her as she stood up and walked
around his desk. She leaned against the desk and looked
down at her husband, noticing that he looked troubled.

"Are you alright Jerry? You look a bit distant."

"I don't know, I just can't get what happened out of my
head. I keep seeing Megan's mouth on my cock and hearing
her talk the way she did."

Liz put her hand on his cheek and stroked the side of his
face. She said, "I know Jerry, I can't seem to stop
thinking about it either, but it doesn't really trouble me.
I find it exciting to think that we all shared something so
personal and intimate. Megan told me that she feels the
same way I do."

"I hope she isn't mad at me for what we did."

"Sweetheart, the only thing she was upset about this
morning is the fact that she didn't get to tell you goodbye."

Liz moved some of the papers on his desk and sat on it,
her legs dangling over the edge.

"I have another surprise for you, but you will have to
look for it," she said.

"Can you give me a hint, or do I have to search the office
for it?"

"The only thing I'm going to tell you is, it's on your

Jerry thought for a moment and put his hands on her knees.
He rubbed the stockings she had on, noting how much
smoother they were than what she usually wore.

"You're getting warmer."

He pushed his hands under her skirt along the tops of her
legs, squeezing and releasing her firm thighs. When his
fingertips reached the lace tops of her stockings and then
touched her bare skin, he smiled.

"Now what do we have here?" he said, removing his hands
and lifting the hem of her skirt so he could peer under it.

Jerry lifted her skirt away from her legs and she parted
them to give him a better view. He stared at the thin
black straps that came down from her waist and attached to
the stockings. He returned one hand to her leg and used
the other to hold her skirt. Rubbing slowly up her leg, he
pressed his fingertips against the black lace crotch of her
panties. Slowly, he stroked the thin material that covered
her pubic mound and could feel the small patch of short
hair under the panties.

Hooking his finger under the material of her new panties,
he began to probe her now moist slit. When his fingertip
made contact with her clit, she pushed her legs together
and slid off the edge of the desk.

Bending down, she kissed Jerry and said, "If you don't
stop now, I'm going to take off my clothes and fuck you
right here on your desk."

Jerry stood up and hugged his wife, running his hands down
and gripping her butt. He flexed his strong hands,
squeezing her soft buns.

"So what's wrong with that Lizzie, it sounds like a good
idea to me."

"Later Jerry, we have work to do."

As she walked around the desk to leave, she lifted her
skirt and showed him the back of her thong and near naked
butt. Smiling over her shoulder, she asked what he needed

"I want to talk with you about a file that Sam brought to
me this morning. I'm not really sure what to do about it."

Sam Mitchell was a money manager that worked for the law
firm, he was the money manager for Don Graham and Marc
Lewis. He had brought the file to Jerry to do some tax
shelter work, not knowing that he knew the families.

Liz pulled a chair around so she could see the file her
husband was referring to and looked at the name on the edge
of it.

"I can understand your dilemma, what are you going to do?"

"I think I will call Don and Marc, tell them that Sam gave
it to me and see if they would rather have someone else
take care of it."

Jerry pressed the button on his speakerphone and dialed
Don's number. When Marge answered, he asked for her husband.

"Hi Jerry," Don said. "What can I do for you?"

Jerry told him that he had his file and wanted to get Marc
in on the conversation. He put Don on hold, dialed Marc's
number and when he answered, he pressed a button to
conference them all together.

"Don, Marc, Sam Mitchell brought me your file and wants me
to do some tax shelter work for you guys. I didn't know if
you two would have a problem with it or not, so I called."

"I don't care if you do the work Jerry," Marc said, and
Don agreed.

"Ok then, I am going to look over the file and see what we
can do. I will most likely want to create a trust for you
guys and try to keep Uncle Sam out of your pockets. I
haven't even opened the file so I don't know how much money
we are dealing with but this type of work is my area of

"Sound's good to me," Don said. "Let us know if you need
any information."

"Will do guys. By the way, Liz and I had a great time at
your house the other night, I would love to get together
again real soon."

They finished their conversation and hung up. Jerry
opened the file and began to look at the investment reports
that Sam had provided.

"Holly shit!" Jerry said. "They're loaded. I had
assumed that they were doing ok by the house and cars, but
those two families will never have to work."

Liz became curious and asked her husband just how well off
they were.

"Well, it seems they won the lottery and bought the cars
and houses. They hired Sam to manage the funds and he has
made a few very successful investments for them."

"Great Jerry, what is the bottom line?" Liz said, her
curiosity getting the best of her.

"Don and Marc won thirty-two million dollars, after taxes.
They gave Sam thirty million to invest for them and he has
hit some real home runs. It looks like he stuck about
twenty million into some very safe municipal bonds that
provide tax free returns and has been playing with the rest
of it."

Jerry flipped through the spreadsheets in the file and
began to punch the buttons on his calculator. When he was
finished, he started over and ran the numbers again.

"As close as I can tell right now, they are worth
somewhere between sixty-five and seventy-five million
dollars. Sam has been day trading in some dot-com
companies and has more than quadrupled the ten million he
has been investing."

"You should have Sam invest some of our money, maybe you
wouldn't have to work so hard, and we could spend more time

"You're right Liz, I think I will talk to him. Now I had
better get busy and start figuring out how to help Don and
Marc keep all of this money."

Jerry began reviewing the information Sam had provided and
Liz went to her desk to get her work done. About four
hours later, he called her on the intercom and asked what
she wanted to do for lunch. Liz looked at her watch and
noticed it was well past noon.

"I don't know honey," she said quietly into the receiver,
"Want to go out or shall I order from the deli?"

"The deli sounds good, soup and a sandwich for me."

"Ok, I'll order and come in when it gets here."

Liz walked into Jerry's office carrying a bag containing
their lunch. They sat on his couch and ate while he told
her about what he was discovering about their new friends.

"They make more in one day now, than they did in the last
ten years. Sam will have their portfolio worth over one
hundred million before the end of the year at this rate. I
am going to have to act fast or they are going to have to
pay a lot of taxes."

Liz listened to her husband as she ate her salad. She
could only dream about having enough money to allow them to
stop working. Realizing that she didn't really know how
much money she and her husband had, she decided to ask.

"Jerry, just how much money do we have? I know you have
been investing for a long time, but you have never
discussed it with me."

"The last time I checked out portfolio, we had about two
and a half million, most of it is mutual funds."

"I think we should consider letting Sam work with some of
the money Jerry, maybe he can do for us what he is doing
for the Grahams' and the Lewis'. "

"I guess we could Liz, it's just if we lose it "

Liz cut him off, "Then we will just have to make more
Jerry. If Sam does well for us then we won't have to work
so hard."

Jerry finished his lunch and put his trash into the bag it
had come in. He sat back on the couch and relaxed. Liz
also finished her salad and took all of the trash and put
it into the wastebasket. She went back to the couch, sat
down next to her husband and kicked off her new shoes.
Tucking her feet under her, she put her head on Jerry's
shoulder and put her hand into his lap. Gently rubbing him
through his suit pants, she relaxed in his arms.

Liz felt her husband's penis grow as it reacted to her
touch. She gripped it and moved her hand over its length.
Jerry put his hand on her leg and slid it up until he
reached her crotch. They gently rubbed one another for a
few minutes.

"If we don't stop this," Jerry said, "I'm going to take
advantage of you."

Liz moved her hand, pulled down his zipper and fished his
penis out through his fly. She bent over and ran her
tongue over the head of his penis and took it into her
mouth. Jerry hooked his finger under the crotch of her
lace panties and rubbed her vaginal lips, feeling the
moisture that seeped from them.

Removing her mouth from his wet member, she stood up and
pulled her skirt to her waist. She watched her husband's
eyes lock on her crotch and a smile form on his face.

Straddling his legs, Liz pulled her panties aside and
lowered herself onto his throbbing penis. She held still
and allowed him to push his hips up, sinking into her.

Jerry put his hands on her hips and began to thrust up
into her hot wet vagina. "Oh Lizzie, your pussy feels so
good around my cock." He groaned.

Unbuttoning her blouse and unhooking her bra, she pushed
her breasts into his face. He sucked on one of her nipples
and rolled it between his teeth.

"Fuck me Jerry, suck my tit and shove your cock in me."

Liz held his shoulders and bounced on his hard penis,
softly telling him how good it felt to have him in her. In
a matter of minutes, he began to shoot his semen into her
hot hole. She felt his body stiffen and pushed down on
him, burying his penis deep in her vagina. When he relaxed
she got up, fixed her panties and cleaned him with her mouth.

"I'm never going to get any work done around here if you
keep doing things like that Liz," he said as he tucked his
wet penis back into his suit pants and zipped them.

Liz straightened her skirt and said, "Then you better get
rich quick, I would rather suck and fuck than work anyway."

The two laughed and Jerry told her that he agreed. He
said he would call Sam and tell him to get a bit more
aggressive with their investments. Jerry went back to his
desk and tried to pickup where he had left off, his wife went back to her desk. For the rest of the afternoon, they
worked and thought about the lunchtime quickie they had
just engaged in. The couple had never so much as kissed in
the office in the past, but now they were eager to try
anything sexual.

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