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The Lottery Part 41


This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. 2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29@hotmail.com

The Lottery - Part 41 (mf, anal, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision

Thursday arrived and Tom woke up excited about going to
the photography workshop with Lisa for the weekend. He had
packed his things the night before and had his suitcase
ready to go, along with his camera equipment. He went to
his sister's room and woke her up.

"Good morning Sally, time to get up for school."

Sally rolled onto her side and looked up at her brother.
He was standing next to her bed in his boxers and a tee
shirt. Slowly, she swung her legs over the side of the bed
and sat up.

"Morning Tom, what time is it?"

"About six, time to get up and get ready for school."

Sally rubbed her eyes and asked, "What are you so geeked
up about?"

"I'm going to go to the workshop today and I guess I'm
just a little excited about it."

"That's right," she said, "You and Lisa are going to be
gone this weekend."

Tom noticed that his sister looked a bit put off by the
fact he was going to be with Lisa all weekend. He thought
that she might be jealous about is and tried to figure out
a way to put her at rest. Sitting on the bed next to her,
he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him.

"I wanted to get up early so we would have a little time
together before I had to leave. I'm going to really miss
you when I'm gone."

Sally relaxed her stiff body and snuggled up to him. She
put her arm around his waist and hugged him tightly.

"I'm going to miss you Tom. I hope you have fun and learn
a lot at the workshop."

Tom turned to face her and put his lips to hers. They
kissed each other softly for a moment, and then he pushed
his tongue against her closed lips. Sally opened her mouth
and let his tongue into her mouth, and sucked it lightly.
For the next few minutes they pushed their tongues back and
forth between their mouths and began to rub their hands
over the other's body.

When she felt her brother's hand slip under her tee shirt,
she raised her arms and allowed him to pull it over her
head. She stood up, took off her panties, and tossed them
and her shirt into the laundry basket.

"Want to take a shower with me Tom?"

Tom got off the bed, removed his clothes, and followed her
into the bathroom. He waited while she turned on the water
and adjusted it. When Sally stepped into the shower stall,
he was right behind her. She circled his waist with her
arms, pulled his naked body to hers, and backed up under
the warm spray. Together they stood and let the water flow
over them and kissed.

Sally reached between them, took his penis in her hand,
and stroked it. Tom moved his hands to her butt and
squeezed her flesh. When he picked her off the floor,
Sally released his penis and wrapped her legs around his.
She could feel his hard penis against her belly and she
moved her body against it. Tom groaned and pulled her up
so his member rubbed her pubic bone.

Using her legs and arm, she climbed up his body until his
penis slipped between her legs and pressed against her
crotch. Tom moved his hands to her thighs and supported
her weight. Sally squirmed around until she felt him at
her opening.

"Stuff you hard cock into my pussy Tom, and fuck me
standing up."

The two siblings moved around until they felt Tom's penis
push into her vagina. Sally let out a groan and humped
herself on the hot penis inside her. They bounced against
each other for a few minutes, but the water was making
their bodies slippery and hard to hold on to.

"I feel like I'm going to drop you Sally, we need to try
something else."

Tom and his sister separated and she quickly turned around
and bent over, putting her hands against the wall. Tom
took hold of his penis, guided it back into her hole, and
began to pump in and out of her. He reached around her and
put his fingers on her clit and rubbed it. Sally bent over
a little further, put her hands between her legs and cupped
Tom's balls.

Rolling his orbs gently in her hand, Sally bucked back
against her brother. She kept bending more and more,
sticking her butt into the air. Suddenly, Sally pulled
away from Tom, grabbed the soap and began to rub it on his
penis with both hands. Tom humped his heated shaft into
her hands and began to moan. She let go of him with one
hand, moved it behind her and coated the crack of her butt
with the slippery suds.

Still rubbing his penis with one hand, she pushed a soapy
finger into her tight anus and moved it around. Carefully,
Sally forced another finger into her butt and tried to
stretch herself. Turning around and bending over she
spread her cheeks and presented her virgin anus to her

"Put your cock up my ass Tom," she pleaded. "I want you
to try and fuck me there."

Tom grabbed his soapy penis and pressed it against her
tight anus. He pressed into her and she pushed back. When
the end of his penis pushed pasted her ring, she yelled out
in pain. Holding still, his penis still in her bottom, Tom
waited to see if his little sister wanted to stop.

"More Tom," she groaned. "Put more of your cock up my ass."

Rocking against the resistance of her tight sphincter, he
felt his penis slowly go deeper into her bowels. Sally put
two fingers into her vagina and felt his penis through her
thin membrane. Becoming accustomed to the thick intruder,
she relaxed her muscles and let him slide into her until
his crotch pressed against her buns. The feeling of the
tight orifice around his throbbing penis was almost more
than he could stand. Tom felt his balls begin to churn,
signaling his impending climax. He began to pump in and
out of her, holding her hips with both hands.

"Your ass is so tight and hot Sally, I'm going to cum."

"Cum in my ass Tom, fill my asshole with your hot cum."

Sally was moving her fingers in and out of her vagina as a
breakneck pace. She could feel her brother's penis rubbing
against her fingers as he drove in and out of her. Tom's
body tightened and he pulled back on Sally, slamming into
her as far as he could. He felt his cum explode from the
end of his shaft and into her bottom.

"I'm coming Sally, I'm shooting my hot cum up your ass."

Sally moved her fingers to her clit and rubbed it rapidly.
Her orgasm was starting and she wanted to feel it while Tom
was still embedded in her butt. When Tom tried to pull
away from her, Sally tightened her muscles and prevented
his retreat.

"Wait a minute Tom, I'm coming too. I want to feel your
cock in my ass when I cum."

Sally's climax started deep in her tummy and blasted
through her quivering body. She kept up the assault on her
clit and moaned out loud. Tom could feel the spasms of her
body around his shriveling penis as his sister pushed back
against him.

Soon, Sally's body stopped convulsing and she relaxed.
Tom slowly pulled his soft penis from her tight cavity and
leaned back against the wall. Sally turned to her brother and kissed him. She looked down at his flaccid manhood and
saw the remnants of their anal lovemaking. She took the
soap and washed him, cleaning the small traces of brown
feces away. After rinsing him completely, she bent over
and took him into her mouth and sucked him, swirling her
tongue around the soft helmet that topped his penis.

After bathing his penis with her mouth, Sally stood up,
grabbed the soap and began to wash her brother. When she
was done, he returned the favor. The two teens got out of
the shower, took towels and slowly dried one another off.
Sally picked up her blow dryer, turned it on and pointed it
at her head. Tom watched for a few minutes as she moved
the stream of hot air around her head and her hair danced
in the air.

"That was really good for me Tom, did you like it," she
said over the noise of the hair dryer.

"Your ass is really tight, it was different."

Sally turned off the dryer and turned to her brother.
"Would you do it again?"

"You bet," he said, putting his hands over her breasts and
rubbing them. "I would do anything you want, if it makes
you happy."

Sally stretched up and kissed her brother. "Thanks Tom,
now you had better go and get ready for school."

Tom left Sally's bathroom, grabbed his clothes and went
across the hall to his own room. He quickly finished up in
his bathroom and dressed in his school outfit. When he
left his room, he could see Sally getting dressed through
her open door. He crossed the hall, went into her room and
sat on the edge of her bed. He watched as she pulled her
panties up her legs and adjusted them. When she slipped
her arms through the straps of her bra, he jumped up and
kissed her breast before she covered them.

"You can be so silly sometimes Tom," she said as she
reached behind her and fastened her bra.

"I just like watching you get dressed."

"Don't you mean undressed?"

"That too, but you are also sexy when you are putting your
clothes on."

Sally giggled and finished dressing, her brother watching
her every move. When she was ready, they went downstairs

Hi mom and dad how are you this morning?" Sally said.

"Just fine dear, how are you two?" Her mom replied.
"I'm great mom, I can't wait to get out of school and go
to the workshop," Tom said after downing a large glass of
orange juice. "Lisa and I want to leave as soon as we can
so I don't have to find the hotel in the dark."

"Are you and Lisa staying at the same hotel?" Marc said.

"No, she had already booked a room at a motel about a mile
from the hotel that the workshop is being held in. My room
is there." Tom replied.

Sally grinned when she heard that her brother and Lisa
weren't staying at the same place.

"Why didn't she get a room at the hotel?" Sally said.

"I guess because it cost too much," Tom answered. "The
room I had to take was kind of expensive, but it was the
only one left."

The two kids finished their breakfast and left for school.
When they got to the spot that Tom usually parked in, they
saw Kim and Jack.

"Hi Kim, hi Jack," Sally called out after she got out of
the truck. "How are you guys this morning?"

"I'm ok Sally, how are you doing?" Kim said.

Sally went over to Kim and pulled her away from their

"Tom and I fucked in the shower this morning Kim, it was
the greatest."

"That's cool Sally." Kim said.

"That's not all Kim he fucked me in the ass!"

"You're kidding! Really? How was it? Did it hurt?"

"It hurt a little at first, but once I got use to it, it
was great. I got so hot and felt so full I thought I would

"Did he cum up your ass Sally?" Kim asked.


The two girls talked and waited for Megan to show up.
When she pulled into the lot, Jack walked to her car and
opened her door. She stepped out and Jack gave her a hug
and a quick Kiss. They walked over to the others, everyone
greeted one another, and they headed for the school

Kim and Sally walked behind the boys and Megan.

"Kim, are we going out with Paul and Brad this weekend?"
Sally said, loud enough for the other's to hear.

"I would like to do something Sally, but Paul hasn't asked
me yet. Besides, I have to check with my mom and dad."

"Me too, but I still would like to go out with Brad,"
Sally said, lowering her voice. "I think he is cute."

Kim giggled and said, "Yeah, I think Paul is cute too.
We'll figure out something to do, even if they just come
over and go swimming."

The kids all went into the school building and off to
their classes.

At the end of the day, the teens all met outside the
school. Megan stayed close to Jack and Tom seemed anxious
to go.

"Megan," Kim said, "Do you want to come over and go
swimming this weekend? Sally and I are thinking about
asking Paul and Brad."

Megan walked over to Kim and whispered, "I'd like to come
over, but I can't go swimming if you know what I mean."

Kim looked at her and thought for a moment. "Oh I
understand. You could always wear a tampon, that way you
can swim"

"I have never used one before, is that what you use?"

"Yes, they are much more comfortable. I don't feel like I
have a load in my panties when I use them instead of a pad."

Megan smiled and said, "I'll give you a call, I have to
see what my parents have planned for the weekend."

Tom grabbed Sally by the arm and said, "Are you coming
home with me? I want to get going."

Sally said goodbye to everyone and told Kim she would call
her later. She and her brother walked towards his truck,
Sally almost running to keep up with him.

"What's the big hurry?" Sally asked her brother as they
reached his truck.

"I want to get going, I have to put my stuff in the truck
and pickup Lisa so we can get on the road."

Tom put his truck in reverse and backed out of his parking
place. Sally fastened her seat belt and sat back, hiking
her skirt up so her thighs showed. When Tom was on the
main road, away from the school, Sally reached over and put
her hand on his leg. Rubbing his thigh, she kept moving
her hand higher and covered his crotch.

"Do you think you will have a few minutes before you
leave?" She said in a husky voice.

Tom felt his penis fill with blood as she gently massaged
it. He looked at the clock on the dashboard and considered
her offer. Even after their escapades in the shower, he
was feeling excided by the prospect of messing around
before leaving.

Sally kept up her fondling until Tom parked his truck in
the drive and turned it off. They both went into the
house, Tom adjusting his hard-on so it wasn't so obvious,
greeted their parents, and went upstairs and into their

Leaving her door open, Sally quickly shed her school
clothes as her brother watched from across the hall. She
had decided to try to get him to fool around before he left
for his trip. Tom also took off the jacket, shirt, and tie
he wore and then removed his slacks. The two stood in
their rooms, staring at each other.

Smiling at her brother, Sally removed her bra and panties,
and took a clean pair of thongs from her drawer. Carrying
the tiny garment on her out stretched finger she went to
her brother's room and flipped them on the bed. Without
saying a word, she knelt in front of him, pulled his boxers
down, and began to stroke his erection.

"I love the feel of your cock Tom, I really like to have
it in me. Did you like it when you had it in my ass this

Sally slid her hand over his penis as she talked to him.
She ran her thumb over the head and smeared it around.

"That feels so good Sally. I liked fucking you in the ass
today, it's so tight."

"What do you want to do now Tom, do you want me to suck on
it for you?"

Sally leaned into him and licked the bulbous head of his
penis. She opened her mouth and took him deep into her
throat, closing her lips around his shaft. Tom put his
hands on the side of her head and slowly pumped his member
in her sucking mouth.

Removing him from her mouth, she licked the underside of
his penis and his dangling balls. She gently sucked one of
the orbs into her mouth and moved it around with her
tongue. Tom groaned, fully enjoying his sister's oral
attention. He put his hands under her arms, pulled her to
her feet, and moved her to the bed.

When the back of Sally's legs hit the edge of his bed, she
sat down. Tom knelt at her feet, spread her legs, and
buried his face into her crotch. He pushed his tongue
between the folds of her heated lips and licked her clit.
Sally put her hands between her legs, pulled her lips apart
and used a fingertip to pull the sheath that covered her
clit back, exposing her sensitive nub to his probing tongue.

Sally shuddered when he sucked on her exposed clit and
scooted her butt closer to the edge of the bed. Tom pushed
his tongue into her sex and moved his head back and forth.

"Please put you cock into my pussy Tom. I want to feel
you deep inside me."

Tom got up off his knees, lifted her legs up, and pressed
his hard member into her crotch. Sally grabbed him and
aligned him with her opening, groaning as she felt him
slowly penetrate her. When his pubic bone met hers, he
held still and savored the wet warmth of her vagina.

"Your pussy feels so good around my cock Sally, it's all I
can do to keep from coming."

"I want you to cum Tom," she said as she ground her crotch
into his. "I want to feel your cock swell up inside me and
fill my hot pussy with your cum."

Tom reached up and covered her breasts with his hands and
began to move. He pulled back until only the head of his
penis was in her and then shoved himself back in. Fighting
the urge to cum, he continued to slide in and out of her
slick vagina. Sally rubbed her clit, trying to reach her
own orgasm before her brother emptied his balls into her

Holding her breasts firmly, Tom began to slam his penis
into her. She wrapped her legs around him and pressed her
heels into his butt.

Still rapidly rubbing her clit, Sally felt her climax
begin. Her vagina contracted around Tom's penis and he too
began to cum. Holding himself deep in his sister's
convulsing tunnel, Tom shot his seed into her. Sally could
feel his penis swell and jerk in her tight hole, adding to
her orgasm.

Completely emptied, Tom fell forward and covered Sally's
sweaty body with his. She put her arms around his neck and
held him close, breathing heavily into his ear. The two
began to relax in each other's arms when Tom's phone rang.
He reached over to the nightstand and picked it up.

"Hi Lisa," he said, "No, Sally and I just finished working
out and I'm going to jump into the shower and come over to
get you Ok, see you in a few."

Tom hung up the phone and stood up. Sally pushed her legs
together to keep from leaking his cum onto the bed and sat
up. She took his penis into her mouth and sucked on the
soft flesh, moving her tongue around it. She let him slip
out of her mouth and looked up into his eyes.

"Is that what you call it," Sally giggled, "a workout?"

"Well, I couldn't really tell her want we were doing could

Sally stood up and hugged her brother. "Sure Tom, you
could have said that you just fucked your sister and would
be over after she cleaned your cock with her mouth, I think
she would understand."

Tom and Sally began to laugh out loud and make cute
remarks about their lovemaking.

"I have to take a quick shower and get going Sally. Want
to help me?"

Sally followed him into his bathroom and for the second
time that day they showered together. This time they just
washed one another and quickly finished and got out. After
they had both dried off, Sally found her thong panties, put
them on, and went to her room to dress. Tom put on clean
boxers, a pair of jeans, and a sweater.

He went to Sally's room and hugged and kissed her before
telling her goodbye.

"I'll see you Sunday Sally, have a good weekend."

Even though she was sad to see him go, Sally told him that
she hoped he enjoyed himself too and learned a lot at the
workshop. Tom grabbed his suitcase and camera bag, and
went to tell his parents goodbye.

Marc and Anne wished him well and told him to call them
every day. Tom agreed to call and headed for his truck.
He put his things into the back and left to pick up Lisa.

Lisa heard Tom pull into the driveway and opened the front
door before he could get out of the truck. He went into
her house, said hello to her brothers and followed her into
the kitchen.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, how are you this afternoon?"
Tom said.

"Just fine Tom," her dad said, "How are you? Are you
ready for the trip?"

"Yes, I have the truck filled up and my cell phone with
me. I hope to get to the hotel before dark."

Dianne said, "I packed you two some snacks for the ride,
that way you won't have to stop and eat."

"Thank you Mrs. Phillips, that is great. I think it takes
about three hours to get there and I know I will be
hungry." Tom said.

Bob and his wife went into the living room with their
daughter and Tom. Bob helped Tom carry Lisa's things out
to the truck and put them away. Lisa carried the cooler
her mom had prepared for them and put it into the back
seat. After kissing her parents goodbye, she climbed into
the truck and fastened her seat belt. Tom shook her dad's
hand and assured him that he would drive carefully. He got
into the driver's seat, started the truck, and backed out
of the driveway.

Lisa waved to her parents and Tom pulled away.

"This is going to be so much fun Tom, I can't wait to get

"I'm looking forward to it too Lisa, I hope we can learn
half of what is in the brochure. They are sure going to
pack a lot of information into three days."

Lisa had selected a short brown corduroy jumper and a dark
green long-sleeved nylon blouse for the trip. She took off
her shoes and folded her legs under her, Indian style, and
watched out the window as Tom drove towards the Interstate.
The two talked non-stop about the workshop and the things
they hoped to learn.

Tom turned onto the entrance ramp and sped up, merging
with the oncoming traffic. Lisa asked him if he wanted a
soda, and reached into the backseat for the cooler when he
said yes. When she turned around and knelt on the seat to
reach the small cooler, Tom noticed how her short jumper
rose up, revealing her thighs. He drove in the traffic,
his eyes darting between the road and her bottom.

When she turned back, her eyes caught his, and she smiled
at him, realizing what had his attention. She pulled the
tab on top of the can of soda and handed it to him.

"I hope I didn't distract you, I wouldn't want to get into
an accident," she said with a giggle.

Tom also laughed and assured her that he would be careful.
Lisa sat back folded her legs again, not really caring
about her skirt, and drank her soda. They picked up their
conversation and talked about some of the things they would
like to do in life.

"Where are you going to go the college Lisa," Tom asked.

"I'm not sure yet, I have been thinking about State or the
University downtown."

"Are you going to go for photography?"

"Probably journalism, I would like to be a photo-
journalist and work for a magazine or something. What are
you going to do?"

"I don't have a clue, a year ago I thought I would go into
the service and earn some money for college, but now I
don't think I'm going to go that route. Maybe I will just
travel the world and take pictures or something."

Lisa turned and put her back to the door, facing Tom. He
glanced at her and could see her copper colored panties beneath her skirt. She folded her hands into her lap and
pushed the skirt between her legs, blocking his view.

"What about working, what would you do for money?"

Tom shrugged his shoulders and looked straight ahead.
Lisa watched him and thought about all of the things she
had seen since meeting Tom and his family.

"You don't have to work," she said, "do you? I have
noticed that your dad and Uncle are always around. I never
really thought about it, but they don't work either do they?"

Tom shook his head no. "My Uncle and dad are investors.
They have done very well for all of us."

Lisa started to become more and more curious about Tom and
the two families.

"You don't have to answer me Tom, but just what kind of
investing do they do?"

Tom thought about her question and realized that someday
she may find out how the families really became so wealthy.
He decided that to lie now was against everything his
parents had taught him. Tom began to tell her about living
in the city and how his dad and Uncle Don worked in a shop
and his mom and Aunt were waitresses in a family restaurant.

Lisa listened to him tell his story. "What happened that
changed you guys so much?"

"We didn't change Lisa, we just have money now. Sally,
Jack, Kim, and I are really very lucky. We know what it is
like to live like we use to. Most of the kids at the
school I go to never knew anything else. The big
difference is our parent's care about us and not just their
careers. They are more like your mom and dad they're cool."

"You really think my parents are cool Tom?"

"Hell yes, they are great! I think that's why our parents get along so well. They all know about real life and are
not trying to be something they're not. I mean just think
about it, how many parents would have done what our parents did the day of Kim's party? I bet that most of the kids
from my old neighborhood would have gotten their asses
kicked, if their parents had come home and found the girls running around topless."

"I guess you're right, most of my friends' parents would
have gone ballistic over something like that. Finish your

"Ok, last summer my Uncle Don bought a lottery ticket and
he won. He split it with my family and now no one has to

"Can I ask how much they won, it must have been quite a

Tom cleared his throat and said, "It was something like
thirty million or so, I'm not really sure. All I know is
that they were very happy, and my parents and my Aunt and
Uncle all quit their jobs and we moved in the matter of a
few weeks."

"I knew something was different about all of you guys.
Your sister and Kim are so nice and cool, not like the
spoiled little shits that come around the club in the
summer. Some of those little bitches won't even say hi to
my brothers or me."

Tom saw a sign for a rest area and asked Lisa if she
wanted to stop.

"Yes please, I have to pee."

Slowing down, he pulled the truck into the rest area and
parked. They got out of the truck and Tom walked over to
Lisa. She stretched, putting her arms straight over her
head. The action pulled her jumper up and Tom smiled.

"You had better be careful, you will give everyone a show."

Lisa quickly dropped her arms, realizing that she was
indeed exposing way too much. She took Tom's arm and they
walked to the restrooms. Tom finished first and waited
outside for Lisa. When she came out they walked back to
his truck, arm in arm. Tom opened the door for her and
watched her climb into the truck. As she pulled her skirt
down, she smiled at him and he closed the door.

When Tom got into the truck, Lisa asked him if he wanted a
sandwich. He told her he was a little hungry and she
reached for the cooler again, this time being a bit more
careful about her jumper.

Do you want to eat here or on the road Tom," she asked,
opening the lid on the cooler.

'We can eat here, it will be safer than while I'm driving."

Lisa handed him a neatly wrapped sandwich and a small bag
of potato chips. She opened a can of soda and put it into
one of the cup holders in the console that separated them.
They ate quietly and finished their food. Tom took the
trash and threw it into one of the large barrels that lined
the parking area. Once he was back in the truck, they
continued their journey.

Lisa settled into her seat, her back against the door.
This time when her skirt rose and provided Tom with a clear
view under it, she didn't bother to fix it.

"Tom, what's it like to be able to buy anything you want

"It's great Lisa, I would be lying if I said it wasn't."

"I guess it would be great, I had to save all summer to
have enough money to go to the workshop. I wanted to get a
new lens, but I just couldn't do both, unless I slept in a
dumpster or something."

Tom shifted around in his seat as he drove. He thought
about what Lisa had just told him and had an idea, but
didn't know how to present it, at least not without
sounding like he was coming on to her.

Lisa watched him drive and squirm around. She could tell
he was thinking about something, but she had no idea what
it was. After several miles of silence, she decided to ask.

"Is something bothering you Tom? You look so distant and
deep in thought."

"Well," he said. "I was thinking that there might be a
way you could get your new lens and not have to sleep in
the street. I just don't know how to bring it up without
sounding "

"Just tell me Tom, I won't get mad."

Tom stammered and finally said, "I was just thinking, I
have a big room at the hotel and if you wanted to, you
could share it with me and it would save you the money you
are going to spend at the motel you're staying at. I guess
it is really a dumb idea though, isn't it?"

"I don't think it is a dumb idea at all Tom, I think it is
really sweet of you to offer, it would save me a lot of
money, and I could get the lens."

"It's up to you Lisa."

Lisa thought about staying in the same room with Tom and
about the lens.

"I'll tell you what, lets check you in first and see the
room. If we think it will work out, I will cancel my room
and stay with you, if not I can always go to the motel."

"That works for me, I just don't want you to get the wrong
idea or anything."

Tom drove a little further and saw the sign for their
exit. He told her that they were almost there and she
turned around in her seat and looked out the windshield.
He pulled off the highway and asked Lisa for directions to
the hotel. She took out the brochure and read the
instructions for finding it to him. After several turns,
they pulled into the parking lot of the large hotel and he
parked the car.

"I'll wait here for you to get your room Tom, I don't
think it would look good if we went to the desk together."

"Ok, you're right. I'll be right back to get you."

Tom walked into the lobby and up to the front desk. He
told the man behind the counter his name and that he had a

"Yes sir Mr. Lewis, I have it right here. You will be
staying with us through Sunday and attending the
photography workshop, correct?"

Tom told him that the information was correct and that he
would like to get checked in.

The man handed him a card to sign, gave him a plastic card
and told him it was the key to his room.

"You are aware we had to put you into a suite Mr. Lewis,
it was the only thing we had left when you called."

"Yes, I understand. That will be fine. How do I get to
the room?"

The easiest way is to park your car around back and take
the rear elevator up to the tenth floor. There are only
four rooms up there, yours is the second on the right. We
have a pool and health club for your use, it is on the
first floor as soon as you get out of the elevators.

"One last thing," Tom said. "We have a session on Sunday,
what time is check out?"

"Normally it's noon Mr. Lewis, but you can stay longer if
you want to. We just won't make up the room until after
you have left, if that's ok."

"That will be fine," Tom said.

"Great, have a nice stay."

Tom thanked him and went back out to the truck. He got in
and pulled around the building and parked in a space that
had his room number stenciled on the pavement. Tom and
Lisa got out and he used his pass card to open the door and
they went in.

"This place is beautiful," Lisa said, standing next to Tom
in the plush rear lobby.

"Yes it is." He said, as they waited for the doors of the
elevator to open.

When the elevator arrived, they stepped into the car and
he pushed the button for the tenth floor. They were both
in awe of their surroundings and rode quietly to the top
floor of the hotel. When the elevator door opened and they
stepped out into the wide hallway, Lisa gasped. She had
never seen anything like this place before. The tenth
floor lobby was carpeted in very plush beige carpeting, the
walls were covered with wallpaper. Along each side of the
room were short couches with end tables and lamps on either
side of them.

Tom led Lisa to his room, put the card into a slot in the
door, and opened it. They stepped into the large suite and
again were taken back. They entered a large sitting area
with several leather couches and chairs. In one corner was
a small bar and a large screen television was along one
wall, a round table with four chairs completed the lager
area. Lisa and Tom walked through the sitting area and
into the bedroom.

There was a king-size bed at one end of the room, another
couch, and two upholstered chairs. Lisa went into the
bathroom and called for Tom.

"Look at this," she said, pointing to a sunken whirlpool
tub in one corner, large enough to seat four. Through
another door was the actual bathroom with a large shower,
toilet, and sink counter.

The two wandered around the suite for a few minutes and
Tom said, "Well, what do you think? I can sleep on one of
the couches and we will have plenty of room."

"Don't be silly Tom, you're not sleeping on the couch,
it's your room. I will sleep on a couch," she said,
whispering, "If anyone does." Under her breath.

"Does that mean that you are going to stay here?" Tom

"Where is the phone, I have to cancel my room at the motel
before six and I only have a few minutes."

Lisa went to the phone, dialed the number for the motel,
and told them she had a change in plans and wouldn't be
checking in. She hung up and told Tom they should go and
get their things so they could explore the hotel. They
went to Tom's truck and between them were able to carry
everything up in one trip.

Back in the room, they put their suitcases on the stands
provided and opened them. They each selected drawers in
the dresser and put their clothes into them. Lisa hung
some of her things in the closet and put her toiletries
into the bathroom.

"There, I'm all unpacked," she said. "Let's go and check
this place out."

"Ok, but I have to call home first."

Tom went out into the sitting room, sat on one of the
couches, picked up the phone, and called his house. He
told his mom that they had arrived save, gave her the phone
number for the room, and told her that Lisa was staying in
the room too. They talked for a moment and said goodbye.

"Do you want to call your parents Lisa?"

"Yes, I guess I should. I wonder if I should tell them
that I'm staying with you?"

"I think it would be a good idea Lisa."

Lisa called her house and asked her brother for her mom.
They talked about the trip for a moment and then Lisa told
her about her arrangement with Tom. She was quiet for a
moment as she listened to her mom. She told her goodbye
and told her she would call tomorrow.

"Is everything ok Lisa?"

Lisa sat shaking her head. "I don't believe it, she said
that she thought it was a great idea that we are sharing
the room and that I can get my lens. I kind of thought
that she would be upset about it."

"Why would they be upset?"

""I don't know, maybe the idea of me sleeping in the same
room with a boy!"

Tom got up from the couch and bent over to look at the
front of it. He pulled up a cushion and saw that it was a
hide-a-bed. He put the cushion back in place and went over
to the small refrigerator by the bar and opened the door.
He looked at the assortment of sodas and beer it contained.

"I don't know what the big deal is about sharing a room,
if we wanted to mess around, we could do it anywhere. Look
at this Lisa the refrigerator is fully stocked. It even
has beer in it."

Lisa went over to where Tom was standing, looked at the
assortment of beverages, and walked away.

"Are you ready to go and look around? I want to see where
the workshop is being held. Tom, I don't think it would be
a good idea to get into the beer, we could get into trouble."

"You're right Lisa, I'm going to call the front desk and
have them come and get it, then we will go."

Tom called and asked that the beer be removed from the
room. He also requested another pass card be left on the
table. After he finished his call, he and Lisa left the
room to explore the hotel.

On the first floor, they walked into the spa and looked at
the swimming pool. Lisa followed Tom into the exercise
room and gazed at the large assortment of machines. In one
corner of the room, there was a sauna.

"I wish I had brought a swimsuit and something to workout
in, I didn't pack anything like that because the motel I
was going to stay at doesn't have a pool." Lisa said.

"Neither did I, but we could find a store and buy some, if
you want to."

"It would be nice to be able to use the facilities here."

They left the spa area and wandered around the main floor.
Lisa found the conference room that the workshop was being
held in and pointed it out to Tom. They located the
restaurant and a gift shop that had a nice selection of
swimwear and athletic apparel. Lisa looked through the
swimsuits and held up a string bikini.

"Do you think I would look good in a suit like this Tom?"

"Oh yes!" he said, looking at the tiny garment. "It would
look great on you."

Lisa looked at the price tag and quickly put it back on
the hook she had removed it from.

Leaning close to Tom she said, "They want seventy five
dollars for that suit. I bet I could get the same thing
for half as much at a mall."

They finished looking around the gift shop and went out
into the lobby. Tom went up to the counter and asked if
there was a mall or some shops in the area. The girl at
the counter told him that there was a nice mall about a
mile away, on the same road as the hotel.

"Come on," he said to Lisa, "Let's go to the mall and find
some suits. We can come back and take a swim before dinner."

The two teens went to Tom's truck and drove to the mall.
They went from shop to shop in search of swimsuits.
Finally they found a store that had a nice selection of
suits and picked out one for each of them. They also found
some suitable clothes to work out in, and took their items
to the register to buy them. Lisa took her wallet from her
purse and pulled out several twenty-dollar bills. Tom told
her to put her money away, that it was his treat.

Lisa protested but to no avail. Tom handed the clerk his
credit card and paid for all the items. On the way back to
the truck, Lisa hooked her arm in his and walked very close
to him.

"Thank you very much Tom, you didn't have to do that," she
said. She turned to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank my dad," he chuckled, "it's his money."

"I will be sure to do just that, the next time I see him."

They went back to the hotel and up to their room. Lisa
took her new suit from the bag and headed for the bathroom
to change.

"Do you want to swim or workout first," Tom said.

Lisa stopped, turned around, and walked back to Tom. She
reached into the shopping bag and removed the things she
had bought to exercise in and headed back towards the

"Let's work out for a while and then go swimming, they
have a shower and changing room in the spa."

Tom agreed and took the bag into the bedroom. He pulled
out the knit shorts and tee shirt he had purchased, took
off his jeans and began to remove the tag. He was still in
his boxers when Lisa came out of the bathroom in her new

"Well, what do you think?" She said, glancing at Tom in
his underwear. "Do I look like the workout queen?"

Lisa's new outfit consisted of a pair of very tight black
Lycra shorts and a matching sports bra. Tom looked at her
in the outfit and felt his penis jump in his boxers. He
noticed that the skin tight clothing accented her trim body
and when she turned around slowly, he could see her rounded
bottom and the hint of her butt crack.

"They look great Lisa," he said, holding his shorts in
order to hide his underwear from her view. "I will be
ready to go in just a minute."

Lisa giggled at his modesty and how he turned his back to
her and stepped into his shorts. He removed his shirt and
replaced it with the tee shirt he had picked out at the mall.

"You don't have to be embarrassed Tom, it's not like I
have never seen a boy in his underwear before. I have two
brother's remember and in our small house it is hard to
have any privacy at all."

Nodding his head, he turned around dressed in his things.
They grabbed their suits, put on robes, and left for the
spa. In the elevator, Lisa stood close to Tom, her arm
brushing against his. They went into the exercise room,
selected machines, and began their workout.

Lisa sat on the weight bench and laid back, her legs on
either side of the padded bench. She began to press the
bar above her head up and down, counting out loud. Tom
glanced over to her from the treadmill he was running on
and his eyes were immediately drawn to her crotch. He
could see the outline of her labia in the thin shorts and
watched it flex with her movements.

As she pushed the bar on the weight machine up and down
her butt slid on the bench, tightening the shorts at her
crotch. When she was finished and sat up, he could see
that the shorts had slipped between her vaginal lips and
defined her sex. Lisa could tell that he was looking at
the junction of her legs and stood up slowly. She smiled
at him as she pulled the thin material of the shorts down
her legs.

"Want to trade machines?" she asked Tom.

"Sure Lisa, I've had about enough of this treadmill."

He turned off the belt on the machine, stepped Foff, and
went to the weight machine. He moved the pin to increase
the weight and laid back. As he did his bench presses, he
heard Lisa start the treadmill and begin to run on the fast
moving track. When he had done ten reps on the machine, he
sat up and watched Lisa.

Lisa's movement on the treadmill mesmerized Tom. He
watched her breasts jiggling in the confines of her sports
bra as her feet struck the moving track. Looking up at
Tom, she again saw that he was staring at her. She turned
the machine to a faster pace, amplifying the movement of
her breasts.

Knowing that Tom was watching her excited Lisa. Her
nipples began to harden and pressed against the tight
material of the bra. Tom also noticed the bumps forming on
her breasts and quickly moved to another machine. His
penis was beginning to grow in his shorts, and he knew that
if he didn't divert his attention, he would soon be fully

Tom was on a Stairmaster, working the steps for all he was
worth. The vigorous activity did little to change his
condition, and Lisa noticed the bulge in his shorts. She
stopped running on the treadmill and found a machine that
faced Tom.

Lisa straddled the bench of another weight machine,
reached above her head, and took hold of a bar that was
attached with a steel cable. She pulled down on the bar,
guiding it behind her head. The action caused her breasts to push out in front of her and the shorts to pull tight
against her crotch. Silently, the two worked their
machines, staring at one another.

When Lisa saw that Tom was erect, she released the bar,
stood up, and went over to him. She climbed onto the steps
of the machine Tom was on, wrapped her arms around his
waist, and joined him in his movements. He could feel her
breasts against his back as they both moved their legs up
and down and her pelvis against his butt.

Unable to take anymore of the stimulation, Tom stepped off
the machine and tried to keep his back to Lisa.

"I'm ready for a swim," he said, walking to the spot they
had left their suits. "I'm going to go take a quick shower
and put on my suit."

Still attempting to hide his aroused condition from Lisa,
he picked up his suit and turned to go to the men's locker
room. When he turned, he stepped right into Lisa, as she
stood behind him. They looked into each other's eyes and
held the gaze for several moments. The two teens were so
close that Tom was positive that she could feel his hard
penis pressed against her firm tummy.

Lisa smiled at Tom, reached behind him and grabbed her
suit and robe, maintaining contact with his body. Finally,
she stepped back and turned around.

"Meet you in the pool Tom," she said.

Tom watched her hips sway as she walked away, and said,

When she disappeared into the women's locker room, he
headed for the men's. He stripped off his shorts, boxers,
and shirt and went into the shower. Turning on the water,
he stood in the cold spray. The cold water caused him to
jump, but he remained under it until his raging hard-on
subsided and then he added hot water and washed himself.

Dressed in his swimsuit, Tom went out to the pool and
waited for Lisa to join him. He had purchased a knit suit
that fit snug, and now wished he would have selected
something that was a bit looser. He knew that he would
have a hard time hiding his penis if he became aroused again.

Lisa came out of the women's locker with her robe on. She
walked over to Tom and slowly opened it, revealing her new
swimsuit. She had selected a dark green strong bikini that
did little to cover her 32b breasts. Her narrow waist was
circled with a thin band of material that tied at her hips.
The back of her bikini bottoms only covered about half of
the firm globes of her butt and the front formed a sharp v.

"Wow Lisa, that suit is hot on you." Tom told her.

"Thank you Tom, I'm glad you like it."

Tom smiled and dove into the pool, his penis again
starting to fill with blood. He swam back and forth in the
cool water, stopping at the opposite end of the pool from
Lisa. He stood in the shallow water and watched her dive
into the pool and swim to him.

They swam and splashed around in the pool for about an
hour, deciding to leave when a couple with three small kids
joined them. Using the towels provided by the hotel, they
dried themselves, put on their robes, and headed back to
their room, carrying the clothes they had worked out in.

Back in the room, Lisa went into the bedroom to change
while Tom waited in the sitting area. After being gone for
a while, Lisa called to him and asked if he would get her a
soda. Tom walked over to the refrigerator and opened the
door. He noticed that the beer was gone and had been
replaced with more soda and fruit juices. He took two cans
of Coke out and opened them. When he knocked on the
bedroom door, Lisa told him to come in.

Tom opened the door, walked in and almost dropped the
sodas when he saw Lisa standing near the dresser in a pair
of shear coco colored panties and a matching bra. He
cleared his throat to make sure she knew he was in the room.

"Thank you Tom," she said as she walked up to him and took
a can of Coke from him. She took a drink from the can and
went back to the dresser.

"What are we going to do for dinner?" Lisa said. "I need
to know what to wear."

Unable to take his eyes off her, Tom said, "I guess we can
just go downstairs and eat in the restaurant here."

"Ok, if that's what you want to do, it's fine with me.
I'm done in the bathroom, if you want to start getting
ready Tom."

Tom took a clean pair of boxers from a drawer and went
into the bathroom. He showered, used Lisa's blow dryer to
dry his hair, and pulled his boxers on. He went back into
the bedroom and saw that Lisa had left. Dressing in a pair
of slacks and a button down shirt, he left the bedroom and
went out into the sitting area. Lisa was flipping through
the channels on the television and sitting on one of the
leather couches. He sat down near her, put his socks and
shoes on, and watched the big screen.

"I'm ready whenever you are Lisa."

Lisa turned off the television and stood up. She was
dressed in the jumper and blouse she had worn on the ride
to the hotel. Together, they went down to the restaurant
and ordered dinner. During dinner they made idle
conversation about what they expected from the workshop.
They would glance at one another from time to time and
their eyes would lock together, stopping their chatter.

"What would you like to do after dinner?" Tom said,
finishing the last of his steak and pushing his plate away.

"It's getting late Tom, I would like to just go back to
the room and relax if that's ok with you."

"That sounds great to me, I'm getting tired too. Tomorrow
is going to be a busy day and we should be rested for it."

Tom signed the bill, charging the dinner to his room. He
and Lisa went back to the tenth floor and into the suite.
Tom noted it was a little after nine o'clock and went to
sit on the couch and watch some television. Lisa
disappeared into the bedroom, returning in her robe. She
sat down near Tom and watched the program he has selected.

During a commercial, Tom got up and headed for the bedroom
to change. He opened his drawer and realized that he
hadn't brought anything to sleep in. He thought about the
shorts he had purchased earlier in the evening and started
to look for them. He went into the bathroom and discovered
that Lisa had rinsed their things out and had them hanging
on a towel rack to dry.

Removing everything except his boxers, he put on his robe
and returned to the couch he was sharing with Lisa. She
had stretched out and put her head on the armrest, her eyes
closed. He looked down her body and could see her legs
through the gap in her parted robe. Smiling, he scooped
the sleeping girl into his arms, carried her into the
bedroom, and laid her on the bed. The movement had wakened
her and she looked up into Tom's eyes.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"You were asleep, I'm just putting you into bed so you can
get a goodnights rest."

Tom turned to leave the room when she stopped him.

"Where are you going Tom?"

"I'm going to go and sleep on the couch."

"Oh no your not! This is your room and you're not going
to sleep anywhere but in this bed."

Lisa stood up and went over to Tom. She pulled down the
covers on the bed, took his robe off him, and pushed him
down onto the bed. When he put his head on the pillow, she
pulled the blankets over him.

She turned towards the door and began to walk away.

"Lisa," he said.

She turned back to face him.

Feeling extremely awkward, he rose up on one arm and
looked into her eyes.

"This is really a big bed," he stammered, "I mean um well,
if you want to you could sleep in it too."

Lisa giggled and moved quickly to the opposite side of the
bed. She shed her robe and climbed between the covers,
dressed in her panties and a short tee shirt. Tom set the
alarm clock and turned off the lamp on the nightstand.

"Goodnight Lisa," he said, rolling onto his side and
facing away from her.

"Goodnight Tom."

Tom and Lisa lay quietly in the king sized bed, each lost
in their own thoughts. After thinking about it for a few
minutes, Lisa moved over next to Tom, put her arm around
his chest, and kissed his neck.

"You know Tom, you are something else," she whispered into
his ear.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, most guys that were in this situation would be all
over a girl, trying to mess around. You are just so sweet
Tom, you make me feel so comfortable and save."

Tom rolled onto his back and stared into the darkness. He
put his hand on her arm and rubbed it lightly, causing
goose bumps to form.

"It's just that I really like you Lisa and I don't want to
do anything to make you mad at me. I was afraid that if I
asked you to share the bed you would get the wrong idea and
be pissed."

Lisa rolled onto her stomach, held her head above Tom's
upturned face, and pressed her lips to his. They kissed
softly and soon were exploring each other's mouths with
their tongues. Lisa broke their kiss, laid her head on his
chest, and ran her fingers over his stomach.

"I'm not mad at you Tom, in fact, I wanted you to ask me
to sleep with you tonight. I have never shared a bed with
a guy before and I'm glad it's you. I like you a lot Tom
and really enjoy being with you."

Tom worked his arm out from under her and put it around
her shoulders. He stroked her back gently and listened to
her breath. Bending his head forward, he kissed on top of
her head and again told her good night. When Lisa realized
that he didn't expect anymore than what they were doing,
her entire body relaxed into his arms. The two teens fell
asleep, each one thinking about what would happen over the
next three days.

At some point in the night Lisa woke up. She took a few
moments to acclimate herself to the surroundings. Tom had
rolled onto his side, facing her, his pelvis pressed into
her thigh. He had his hand draped over her, his hand
resting on her stomach. She could feel his warm breath
bathe the side of her head and the heat of his body on her.

Still half asleep and smiling, she took his hand and
brought it to her breast. She moved as close to him as she
could when she felt his hand gently close around her firm
flesh and massage her ever so gently. Wanting to be closer
to the sleeping boy, she lifted his hand from her breast,
lifted her tee shirt, and replaced his hand on her bare

Lisa could feel his penis growing against her thigh and
she moved gently, rolling onto her side and facing away
from him. She wiggled around, being careful not to wake
him, until she felt the throbbing member align with the
crack of her butt. She put her hand on the back of his and
pressed it tightly into her breast, closed her eyes and
fell back asleep.

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