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The Lottery Part 42



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ¸2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at

The Lottery - Part 42 (mf, oral, first, con)
By: Dark Vision

The buzzing of the alarm clock woke Tom from his peaceful
slumber. He immediately realized his hand was under Lisa's
tee shirt and covering her breast. Quickly he jerked his
hand away and rolled onto his back.

"Good morning Tom," she said, rolling to face him.

"I'm so sorry Lisa, I didn't do it on purpose, honest."

"What are you talking about Tom?" She said, scooting
closer to him.

"I didn't mean to touch you Lisa, I must have done it in
my sleep."

Lisa sat up in bed and looked at the embarrassed boy. She
giggled and told him about waking up in the night and
putting his hand on her breast. Her tee shirt was still
pulled up, exposing the breast that Tom had been holding.

"You didn't do anything wrong Tom, I wanted you to hold my
boob. It felt so nice to snuggle up and have you rub me."

Bending over, she kissed him and ran her hand along his
cheek. She glanced down and saw the bulge in the blankets
that covered his crotch.

"Go and use the bathroom so I can take my shower and get
ready," she said.

Tom swung his legs over the side of the bed and went into
the bathroom. When he returned, Lisa was gathering the
clothes she wanted to wear that day. Tom sat on the bed
and watched her pull her things from a drawer.

"Hurry in there, I have to take a shower too."

Lisa told him she would be quick and went into the
bathroom, wishing she could invite him to shower with her.
Tom turned on the television in the bedroom, leaned back
against the headboard, and found a channel with the news.
He watched, waiting for the weather report to come on. He
heard the shower running and turned up the volume to
overcome the noise.

When the shower stopped, he thought about Lisa standing in
there completely nude. He could feel himself getting
excited at the thought and left the bedroom. He went to
the refrigerator and picked out a bottle of orange juice.
After drinking half of the bottle's contents, he went back
to the bedroom to wait his turn in the shower.

Tom walked into the room and saw Lisa standing in front of
the mirror over the dresser, brushing her damp hair,
dressed in only a pair of black thong panties.

"I'm done in there for now Tom," she said, watching his
reflection in the mirror. "You can go take you shower."

When she saw that he was holding a bottle of orange juice,
she decided that it looked good. She walked past Tom and
went to get a bottle for herself. Tom went into the
bathroom and started the shower. When he was finished, he
dried off, wrapped the towel around his waist, and went
into the bedroom.

"I'm done if you need to get back in there Lisa."

Lisa had put on her bra and a pair of hip hugger slacks.
She thanked him and went to put on the little makeup that
she wore. Tom grabbed a pair of boxers and pulled them on.
He selected a pair of tan slacks and a light brown shirt,
and put them on.

When she was finished in the bathroom, Lisa came out, put
on a black tank top and a short jacket. She took one last
look in the mirror, pushed at her hair, and turned to Tom.

"We still have time for breakfast if we hurry," she said.
"Let's go."

They grabbed their camera equipment and left the room. In
the restaurant, they ordered their food and looked around
at the other people seated in the dining room. They could
tell which of the people were there for the workshop by the
camera bags next to their chairs.

After they finished eating, Tom and Lisa went to the
conference room they had found the night before and checked
in with the person at the table outside the room. They
went inside, found two seats, and waited for the seminar to

Tom and Lisa glanced around the room, watching the chairs
fill with strangers. When the room was full Lisa noticed
that there were only three other women in the class.

The man at the front of the room started to explain what
was going to be covered and the schedule for the next three
days. A couple of other men walked around passing out the
course material to each student.

Lisa and Tom listened to the man speak, he started with
the basics of camera operation and progressed to lens
construction. The morning session consisted of mostly the
lecture and several slide presentations. The two teens
followed along in their books, taking notes.

After what seemed like only minutes, the instructor
announced the first break. He told the class that after
they returned, he was going to divide the class up into
groups of four for the afternoon session, and the remainder
of the workshop. There was a table set up in the back of
the room with coffee, tea, and sodas for the class members.
Tom and Lisa went to the table, selected cold drinks, and
returned to their seats.

Chatting about the class, the instructor walked over to

"Hi," he said. "My name is Frank Thomas."

Lisa introduced Tom and herself to the man.

"We are going to form groups of four for the remainder of
the class, you will do your assignments and labs together.
There are only a few women in the class and I would like to
pair you guys up with another couple, if that's ok with you

"It's fine with me," Tom said, "As long as Lisa doesn't

Lisa shook her head and told Frank it would be fine. He
asked a few more questions about what they were most
interested in and left. Tom talked with Lisa about the
different women in the room and wondered who they would be
paired with.

When the break was over, Frank started to move people
around, making up the groups of four. He introduced Tom
and Lisa to the Winslow's. Barbara and Martin Winslow
joined Tom and Lisa at their table. They had a chance to
talk briefly and find out a few things about one another
before the second session started.

Barb and Marty, the names they preferred, were from up
north near where Tom had spent his vacation. They were in
their early twenties, and were married for less than a
year. They went on to tell the teens they lived in an old lighthouse and were interested in learning about color
darkroom techniques. Living in the lighthouse, which was
still active, gave them a lot of time to work in their

Tom and Lisa told them about themselves and their
interests in photography. They were still chatting when
Frank finished forming the small groups and began to speak
to the class again. Again time passed quickly and Frank
announced the lunch break. In addition to the coffee and
sodas, the course fees included lunch.

Several girls, with carts, came into the room and placed
the lunches in front of the students. There was a chicken
salad sandwich, a fruit cup, potato chips, and a small
piece of cake on each plate. The four sat at the table and
ate the food, picking up their earlier conversation.

As they talked, Marty said he knew where Tom and his
family had stayed last summer. He told him that the
lighthouse he and his wife lived in was only about thirty
miles north of the beach house. Lisa and Barb talked about
college, clothes, and the types of photos they liked to take.

"Marty likes to shoot lighthouses, buildings and boats,"
Barb said. "I prefer to take pictures of people and
landscapes. We always find something to shoot, especially
when we are traveling to other lighthouses."

Lisa asked, "Are there a lot of lighthouses in Michigan?"

"Oh yes," Barb said, "The Great Lakes have numerous
lighthouses, most of them are still active, but only a few
have people living in them. Some of the lighthouses have
been turned into museums as well as being working lights."

Frank took the microphone and started the class again.
They covered shudder speed, aperture, and the relationship
of the two. He gave a demonstration of depth-of-field and
several techniques for taking pictures with backgrounds
that are far away.

The afternoon break came and went and the class continued.
Soon, Frank started to talk about what he expected the
class to cover before the next day's session. He told the
class to be sure they had their cameras for the next class
and excused everyone.

Tom looked at the time and noted that it was only four-

"Would you two like to cover tonight's assignment
together?" Tom asked.

"That sounds good to me," Barb said. "Why don't we get
together in about a half an hour, I would like to freshen
up first."

"Where do you guys want to meet?" Lisa said.

"We are staying down the road at a motel," Marty said.
"The room isn't very big but we could make do."

"We have a lot of space in our room," Tom said. "Why
don't we meet back here and study there."

Marty looked at his wife, shrugged his shoulders and said,
"Sure, why not. What room are you in?"

Tom gave the couple the room number and told them to bring
their swimsuits so they could all go for a swim when they
were done studying. Marty nodded and left with his wife.
Tom and Lisa went to their room to wait for the couple.

Lisa went into the bathroom and took their clothes off the
towel rack and put them away. She freshened up and fixed
her hair before returning to the sitting room. Tom was on
the couch, thumbing through the manual they had received.
When Lisa sat down on the couch, he put it away and talked
with her.

"What did you think of the first day Tom?"

"I thought it was really good, I learned a lot that I
didn't know."

"How about Marty and Barb, what do you think of them?"

"They seem nice Lisa, I think it will be fun to work with
them on the projects."

Lisa moved over and sat close to Tom. She rested her head
on his shoulder and put her arm around his waist. She
decided that if he were going to be shy, she would become a
little more aggressive.

"Tom," she said softly, "you aren't mad at me are you?"

Turning to her and putting his arm around her he said,
"No, why would I be mad at you?"

"I don't know, I just thought that you might be upset with
me because I put your hand on my boob."

"No, not at all. I was just concerned that I did it and
you were mad at me. When you told me that you put it
there, I was well, I was really happy. I didn't know if
you liked me like that or not."

Lisa moved so she could place her lips on his. She kissed
him deeply and moved her hands over his chest and arms.
Tom put a hand on the back of her head and stroked her
short brown hair. They were engrossed in their kissing
when they heard a knock at the door. Slowly separating,
Tom went to the door, opened it for Barb and Marty, and
invited them in.

"Holy shit!" Marty said, "This room is huge!"

Barb smacked her husband on the arm and told him to watch
his language. They followed Tom to the couches and sat
down. Tom was laughing as he offered them sodas or juice.

The four chatted for a few minutes before starting their
studies. They reviewed the information they had learned
during the first session and worked on the things Frank had
told them too. At about six thirty, Tom got up and

"Did you guys bring your suits? We could take a break and
go for a swim. They have a great pool here." Tom said.

"I would love to go swimming," Barb said. "It's been a
long day, and I could use a break."

"Do you guys want to change here or in the locker rooms?"
Lisa asked their guests.

"If you don't mind Lisa, I think I would prefer to change
up here," Barb replied.

"No problem, follow me," Lisa said, jumping up and heading
for the bedroom. "We can change in here."

Barb followed Lisa into the bedroom and froze in her
tracks when she entered the room. She looked around and
put her bag on the bed.

"How can you and your boyfriend afford something like
this?" Barb said, pulling her baggy sweatshirt over her

Lisa was quiet for a moment. She had never heard anyone
refer to Tom as her boyfriend, and she liked the way it

"Tom got the room Barb. I was going to stay down at a
motel about two miles from here, but he invited me to stay
with him in this room. We have only known each other for
several weeks, and I had registered for the workshop before
I met him. When I found out he liked photography, I asked
if he would like to come with me."

Lisa watched as Barb removed her bra, releasing her more
than ample breasts. Lisa hurried to catch up, quickly
removing her jacket, tank top, and bra. She put the top of
her new bikini on and removed her pants and panties.

"Really, it seems like you two have been together
forever." Barb said.

"Thanks, I really like Tom, he is the greatest guy I have
ever met."

Barb removed her jeans and panties, pulled on a one-piece
suit, taking care to tuck her large breasts into the
stretchy garment and folded her clothes.

"I wish I had tits like yours Lisa. I would love to be
able to wear a suit like that. I have tried, but I can't
seem to keep the top in place."

Lisa chuckled and said, "I never thought that I would hear
someone complain that their boobs were too big. I wish
mine were bigger."

"Marty likes them, but I would much rather be built like

The two women finished changing, put on their robes, and
left the bedroom. Tom and Marty went in and changed,
returning is a tenth of the time it took the girls. The
four new friends went down to the pool, removed their
robes, and dove into the water. There were several other
people in the pool with them, but it wasn't crowded.

They swam for a while and climbed out of the water and sat
in four of the lounges that surrounded the pool. Tom and
Marty were talking about the class, Lisa and Barb about the

Barb told Lisa that she and Marty had met in high school,
went to a community college together for two years, and got
married. She said that they both turned twenty-one this

What is it like to live in a lighthouse?" Lisa asked her.

"I like it, it is very private. Sometimes Marty and I go
up the top and fool around. The beacon room is all glass
and the sun shines in during the day, but we can run around
naked and no one can see us."

Lisa giggled and asked, "Have you ever stood in front of
the window and wondered if anyone was looking?"

"Yes, we have even well, you know."

"In front of the window?"

Barb nodded her head and laughed.

Tom said, "Does anybody want to check out the sauna? I
have never been in one."

They all agreed to go into the sauna, got up, and left the
pool. When they opened the door of the redwood hut, they
discovered another couple sitting in side.

"Do you folks mind if we join you?" Marty said.

They said they didn't care, and the two couples went in
and sat on the benches.

The new friends sat and absorbed the dry heat of the
sauna. The man they shared the room with, took a ladle
from a bucket and poured water over the hot rocks, filling
the room with steam. After a half an hour of the heat,
Lisa said she wanted to go.

They all told the other couple goodbye and left to take
showers. When they finished, they headed back to Tom and
Lisa's room to get dressed.

While the two guys waited for the girls to change, Marty
asked Tom, "If you don't mind my asking, what does a room
like this cost?"

"About three fifty a night," Tom said. "It was all they
had left when I registered."

Marty shook his head, wondering how someone so young could
afford to stay in a room like this one.

The girls came out of the bedroom, dressed in the clothes
they had worn earlier. Barb went over to Marty and told
him to get dressed so they could eat.

"You too Tom," Lisa said, "I'm starving."

Tom and Marty went and changed. When they returned, the
girls were looking at the room service menu.

"Can we order room service Tom?" Lisa asked. "That way
we can finish our work for tomorrow."

"Sure, if that is what you want to do." Tom said.

The four each selected from the menu and Lisa called down
and placed their orders. While they waited for the food to
be delivered, they resumed their studies. They were almost
finished with the assignments the instructor had given them
when they heard a knock at the door.

Tom went and opened the door for the two people that had
brought their food. They pushed the cart, with the covered
dishes on it, into the room and quickly placed a tablecloth
over the table and set it. When the servers had finished,
Tom signed the check and they left. The four took their
seats, and began to eat.

During dinner, they discussed the final items of the day's
work. After they were finished eating, the girls cleared
the table, stacking the dishes on a tray and set them out
in the hallway. Moving to the couches, they engaged in
idle chatter for a while.

"Well, I think it is time for us to go," Marty said, "We
are going to be busy tomorrow and we all should get some

Marty and his wife got up, gathered their things, and
headed for the door.

"Thanks for everything," Barb said, "Tomorrow dinner's on
us. We will see you two in class in the morning."

"Goodnight," Lisa said, holding the door for them. "We
will see you guys tomorrow."

Barb and Marty went to the elevator and pressed the button
to call the car. Lisa closed the door and went to sit next
to Tom. He had turned on the television and was searching
for something to watch. Lisa snuggled up next to him, put
her head on his shoulder, and stared at the screen.

"I think I'm going to get ready for bed Tom."

"Ok Lisa, I'm going to watch television for a few minutes."

Lisa got up and went into the bedroom, closing the door
behind her.

Still flipping through the channels, Tom turned down the
volume when her heard Lisa call his name.

"What do you want?" He called back.

"Tom, would you please get me a Coke?"

Tom got up and got Cokes for Lisa and himself. He went to
the bedroom, opened the door, and walked in. All of the
lights were off, except for a lamp on the nightstand next
to the bed, Lisa was in the large tub, covered in bubbles.
She smiled at Tom and reached for the soda he was handing

"Would you like to join me?" She asked.

Tom stared down at her and nodded his head yes.

Lisa moved her arms across the surface of the water,
showing him she was nude, and said, "Well get in while the
water is still hot."

Tom began to remove his clothes, watching as the thick bubbles covered her and hid her nude body from his gaze.
When he too was nude, he stepped into the tub and relaxed
in the hot swirling water. The two teens sat and looked
across the tub at each other, both smiling. Lisa slid
around and sat next to Tom, putting her arm around his
shoulders and pressing her breast into his side.

The combination of her soft flesh against his and the hot
water caused Tom's penis to quickly go from its semi hard
state to a full erection. Lisa giggled when she saw the
helmet shaped head of his manhood stick up through the

"I guess you like being in here with me," she said. "Or
at least he does."

Lisa pointed at Tom's exposed penis. He smiled at her and
slowly nodded his head. She pulled him to her and kissed
him softly. Tom put his arms around Lisa and kissed her
back, opening his mouth to her tongue. They kissed and ran
their hands over the other's body, carefully avoiding the
other's private areas. Lisa, in frustration, took his hand
and guided it to her breast.

Tom gently moved the palm of his hand over her firm
breasts. The bubble bath had made them slick and his hand
glided easily on the firm mounds. He could feel her hard
nipples and moved his fingertips the small protrusions,
teasing them. Lisa moaned into his mouth as he rolled one
and then the other nipple between his thumb and fingers.

Lisa, feeling her excitement welling up inside her, pulled
away and slid in behind him. She put her hands on his
sides, and pulled him back until she felt his back against
her breasts and his butt against her crotch. She rubbed
her hands up and down over his chest and kissed the back of
his neck. When she hooked her legs over his, he put a hand
on each of her knees.

Slowly Lisa moved her hand down to Tom's crotch, touching
his penis lightly with her fingertips. She felt it jump as
she slowly ran her fingers along the vein on the bottom of
it. Tom moaned when he felt her fingers wrap around his
hard member and slowly move over the length of it. He
began to move his hips and groan under her touch. From
past experience, with her brothers, she knew that he was
getting close to his climax and she removed her hand.

The two teens caressed and kissed each other. Lisa would
return her hand to his penis, only to remove it before he
reached his breaking point and spewed his cum into the
cooling water. Tom took Lisa's hand and held it up so she
could see that her fingertips were beginning to wrinkle.
She giggled and stood up, knowing that Tom had had enough
of the tub.

Silently, they took the towels Lisa had set beside the tub
and dried their bodies. Lisa pushed the lever on the tub
to drain the water, took Tom's hand, and led him to the
bed. Using her free hand, she pulled the covers back and
sat on the bed, pulling him down with her. Their arms went
around one another and they fell back onto the soft bed,
pulling themselves close to each other.

Feeling a bit awkward, Tom kissed Lisa softly. She opened
her mouth and searched for his tongue with hers. Their
hands roamed over the other's naked flesh and Tom's came to
rest on her breast. Breathing heavily through their noses,
the two passionate teens held their kiss. Lisa moaned into
his mouth when he rolled her hard sensitive nipples between
his thumb and fingers, feeling the waves of pleasure travel
to her vagina.

Tom slowly moved his hand down her chest to her crotch and
rubbed her. He could feel her wetness as he parted her
labia and ran his finger through her slit. Pushing
steadily, he felt his long finger slide into her vagina.
He gradually worked more and more of his finger into her
heated hole, moving in and out as he advanced.

Lisa clutched his back and moaned as his finger snaked its
way into her. When he made contact with her maidenhead,
she clamped her legs together preventing him from going
deeper and let out a muffled yelp.

Tom quickly removed his finger and said, "What's wrong
Lisa, did I hurt you?"

Holding him close and whispering into his ear, she said,
"I'm virgin Tom, you hit my hymen."

I'm sorry," he said, rubbing her back, "I'll stop."

"You don't have to stop, just don't go so deep."

Tom cradled her in his arms and rubbed her back. He moved
her so she was lying on her stomach, bent over her, and
kissed her on the back of her neck. Dragging his
fingertips over her soft skin, he kissed down her back,
flicking his tongue out to taste her. Lisa relaxed and
enjoyed his soft cresses and kisses.

Moving into a kneeling position next to her, Tom traced
her spine with his fingers, followed by his tongue. As he
moved lower on her back, Lisa felt like every nerve ending
was exposed to his gentle touch. She moaned as he
continued his descent, touching and kissing every inch of
her exposed flesh.

When she felt his hands flatten against her firm butt
cheeks and his tongue making small circles in the small of
her back, Lisa slowly parted her legs. Tom moved his mouth
down and covered her butt with tender kissed. He gradually
moved lower, avoiding her sex, and kissed and massaged the
thigh of the leg closest to him, moving ever so slowly to
the back of her knee.

Lisa let out a low gravely groan when his tongue pressed
into the tender flesh behind her knee. She could feel her
body reacting to the attention he gave the erogenous zone,
that until now, was unknown to her. The tingling between
her parted legs began to increase and demand notice. Tom
ignored her twisting as she tried to have some part of his
body touch her and kissed down her calf to the bottom of
her upturned foot. He nibbled on each of her toes before
switching feet and repeating the affectionate oral cresses.

With the same deliberate timing, he worked his way up her
other leg, again pausing at the sensitive area behind her
knee. As he touched her thigh and followed his fingertips
with his lips, he again avoided her crotch. Tom slid his
hands along her sides, pausing when his fingertips felt
soft flesh of her breasts. He moved his fingers on her
breasts as one would drum on a tabletop, each fingertip
making contact after the one before it.

Reaching his starting point on the back of her neck, he
kissed her briefly and then rolled her on to her back.
Lisa opened her eyes and looked into his, her lips parting
slightly, her expression one of contentment and passion.
Tom kissed her forehead, brushing a few strands of hair
away from her eyes. He touched each closed eye with soft
kisses, barely making contact. When his mouth covered
hers, her tongue shot into it and she grabbed the back of
his head to keep him from pulling away.

Tom put his hands on her shoulders and eased her arms down
to her sides. He kissed her ears, and moved to her face,
pausing at her nose, and kissing the very end of it.
Passing over her lips, he moved to her chin and traced her
jawbone with his tongue, moving to her neck and covering it
with pecking kisses.

Lisa tilted her head back and exposed her neck to his
tongue, his hands traveled to her breasts as he kissed his
way over her shoulders. He traced the edge of her breasts where they rose from her chest, making a figure eight as he
encircled them. Moving his mouth to the place his fingers
had just been, he used his tongue to retrace the path.

Tom slid his tongue up from the bottom of one of her
breasts and moved the tip of it around her quarter size
areola, where the light skin of her firm mound met the
darker skin. When he brushed her nipple with his hot
tongue Lisa moaned out loud.

"Please suck my nipples Tom, you're driving me nuts."

Taking her nipple into his mouth, he gently sucked it,
making it even harder than it already was. He released the
nubbin and moved to her other breast, suckling that nipple
until it was equally as rigid. When he moved from her
breasts to her chest just below them, he could see the dark
skin that topped her breast was crinkled from the tension
her harden nipples caused. Lisa moved her head back and
forth on the pillow, moans coming from deep in her throat
and escaping her mouth.

Slowly Tom used his mouth and tongue to cover her stomach,
his hands ran along her sides gently moving from rib to
rib. When he pressed his tongue into the shallow
indentation of her navel, she felt like jolts of
electricity traveled from that point to her vagina and
nipples. Lisa desperately needed to release the growing
passion that churned in her body, but each time she would
begin to quiver, Tom would ease up and allow her to relax a

Lisa's legs sprang open when Tom's kisses reached the top
edge of her neatly trimmed pubic hair and his hands rested
on the rise of her hipbones. He kissed over the ridge and
down to her thigh, pulling her legs back together. As
slowly as he had covered the distance between her butt and
her feet when she was lying on her stomach, he moved down
one leg and back up the other.

When Tom reached the junction of her legs again, he gently
pulled them open. Lisa offered no resistance and again
spread her legs wide. She began to groan, sensing the
impending pleasure that Tom was about to bestow on her now
dripping sex, but he avoided her again and kissed her inner
thighs. Raising her butt off the bed, she tried to bring
her vagina into contact with any part of his body she
could, but like a field mouse avoiding a diving hawk, he
darted out of the way and continued his teasing.

Tom picked his head up from between her thighs and gazed
into her crotch. He could see that her vaginal lips were
swollen and a thin trickle of her juices running from her
parted labia down into the crack of her butt. Using his
fingertips, he touched her below her slit and smeared the
moisture around. Placing a hand on her quivering belly, he
moved it slowly to her breasts and covered her crotch with
his open mouth.

Lisa cried out in pleasure and lust when she felt his
tongue probe her over-sensitive clit and slide into her
heated hole. She thrashed about under him as he stroked
his tongue in and out of her and gently sucked at her puffy
lips. His fingers moved back and forth between her
breasts, pulling and rolling her nipples. She cried out
again when she felt two of his fingers penetrate her and
move in and out, stroking the inner walls of her vagina.
Tom wiggled his fingers inside her, being careful not to go
too deep. He covered her clit with his lips and sucked at
the hard protrusion.

Completely beside herself with pent up lust, Lisa felt an
orgasm begin deep within her and rumble through her body
and cause every muscle to contract and quiver. The moment
her climax concluded, another, more intense than the last,
followed it. Tom was relentless in his oral and digital
assault on her gushing vagina. When he felt her contract
around his fingers, he would remove them, cover her with
his mouth, and suck her sweet discharge from the trembling
cavity, eagerly swallowing her nectar.

Lisa had lost all ability to think, her body was
responding instinctively with animal lust to Tom's
continuous touch and sucking mouth. Climaxing time after
time, the room began to spin. Finally, Tom felt her body
go limp, and he removed his cum covered face from between
her legs and his hand from her breasts.

Tom twisted around to look into her eyes, but they were
closed, and her slightly parted lips formed a slight smile.
Kneeling next to her he realized she was asleep.

Carefully, Tom pulled the covers over them, as he
stretched out next to her. He smiled, closed his eyes, and
fell asleep to the cadence of her shallow breathing.

Tom woke up the next morning and saw Lisa sitting on the
bed, her legs folded under her and her pillow in her lap,
staring at him. When she saw his eyes open she smiled and

"Good morning Tom."

Good morning Lisa, how are you?"

Lisa removed the pillow from her lap, stretched out next
to Tom, and kissed him.

"I'm just wonderful," she giggled, as she covered his face
with soft kisses. "What did you do to me last night? The
last thing I remember was coming over and over again. I
never knew that a person could get that turned on."

Tom smiled at her and said, "I didn't do anything! What
are you talking about?"

Lisa knew he was teasing her, but went along with it.

"Oh, I don't know, I remember some good looking guy making
love to me and eating my pussy. He was very good at it
too! I think I passed out from all the attention he gave
my crotch."

Lisa reached under the covers and wrapped her hand around
Tom's morning erection and began to stroke him. She
covered his mouth with hers, pushed her tongue into it, and
kissed him. Removing her hand momentarily, she flipped the
covers back exposing him to her and put her hand back. She
kissed down his chest, took his penis into her mouth, and
ran her tongue around the head of it. After sucking on it
and moving her head up and down, taking half of him in, she
pulled her mouth away and stroked him.

Tom reached for one of her breasts, but she gently pushed
his hand away.

"They are a little sore this morning, maybe later. We
don't have too much time before we have to get ready, but "

She took him into her mouth again and bobbed her head up
and down. Reaching between his legs, she cupped his balls
and massaged them. She let his penis slip from her lips
again and looked into his eyes.

"I really don't know how to do this Tom, will you help me
learn how to suck your cock and make you happy?"

"You're doing just fine Lisa, just keep it up. I am very
horny and it isn't going to take much to make me cum."

Sucking him in again, she sucked on half of his penis and
rubbed her hand up and down the shaft that wasn't in her
mouth. Tom put his hand on the back of her head and guided
her as she slobbered over his hot tool.

"Oh yes Lisa, that feels great. Tighten your hand a
little and rub my cock faster."

Lisa timed her mouth and hand so she covered his entire
penis, she continued to suck and lick him, feeling him
begin to buck his hips into her mouth. When she felt him
begin to swell in her hand, she took it away and pushed her
mouth down on him, burying his throbbing member in her
throat. Feeling his cum pulse through the vein that lay
against her tongue, Lisa backed off and took his first
spurt into her mouth.

Sucking and swallowing, she ingested his entire load of
hot sticky cum. When the spewing stopped, she held him in
her mouth and rolled her tongue around the head of his
shriveling penis. After a few minutes, she removed her
mouth from him, licked her lips, and smiled.

"I hope I did it right."

Tom took her into his arms, held her close, and kissed
her, tasting the remains of his discharge on her lips.

"That was wonderful Lisa, you did it just right. Are you
sure you have never done it before?"

"I didn't say I never did it," she giggled, "I said I
really didn't know how to do it."

Even though Lisa wasn't as skilled as his sister or
cousin, he enjoyed it nonetheless. He chuckled to himself,
thinking about Sally's abilities and grinned.

"What's so funny Tom?"

"Nothing, I was thinking of something that I shouldn't say."

"What? Tell me what you were thinking."

Tom looked at her and said, "Ok, but don't get mad. I was
just thinking that all you need is more practice and I'm
just the guy to give it to you."

Lisa laughed at him, bent over and took his flaccid penis
into her mouth and sucked it all in. She swiped at it with
her tongue and poked at the slit in the tip. When his
penis began to regain its erection, she sucked harder and
slid her lips over it. Without removing his hardening tool
from her mouth she moved around, knelt between his legs and
took his balls into her hand. She felt him banging against
the back of her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down.

Lisa's hair was flying around as she continued to give Tom
another blowjob, trying to bring out another orgasm. Tom
felt his balls tighten for the second time and again he
shot his seed into her mouth. She sucked on him until he
stopped spraying her with his cum and looked up over his
body into his eyes. She removed her mouth and laid his
spent penis on his pubic hair and then covered his naked
body with hers.

"You're right Tom, I need more practice. How long before
you're ready again?"

Tom wrapped his arms around her and said, "I'm afraid it
will be awhile, we need to start to get ready for class."

Lisa kissed him on the forehead and rolled off his body.
She stood up next to the bed and extended her hand to him.

"Come on Tom, you can wash my back."

Tom followed her into the bathroom and together they
showered, washing each other's bodies. When Tom rubbed his
soapy hand over her crotch, Lisa moaned and pressed into him.

"Is this sore too?"

"No, but you can pretend it is and kiss it better if you
want to," she giggled.

Tom knelt in front of her, rinsed away the suds, and
licked between her spread legs. He stood up, kissed her
head, and asked, "All better now?"

"Not really, but you can fix that later."

They finished in the shower, dried and brushed their hair
and went to the bedroom to get dressed. Lisa looked over
the selection of clothes she had brought and selected a
short red and white dress that zipped up the front. To
Tom's amazement, she slipped the garment over her naked
body and pulled the zipper up, leaving a gap that revealed
the tops of her breasts.

"What do you think?" She said, slowly turning around.
"I think you look hot, but I really think you should wear
some underwear. We are going to be taking pictures today
and you never know what we might encounter."

"Why Tom, are you telling me that you don't want anyone
else to see my body?"

Tom, pulling up his boxers, nodded yes. He put on a
button down shirt and took a pair of jeans from the closet.
Lisa went to her drawer, pulled out a pair of red bikini
panties and a matching bra. She stepped into the panties,
pulled them up under her dress, and lowered the zipper to
put on her bra.

After she had zipped the dress up she went to Tom, put her
arms around his neck and gave him a kiss.

"Is that better Mr. jealous?"

"Yes, and I'm not jealous. There is a time and place but
this is neither."

Kissing him again, smiled and said, "I know, I was just
teasing you Tom, I'm all yours."

Having finished dressing, they grabbed their things and
went down to the restaurant for a quick breakfast. They
saw Barb and Marty sitting at a table and headed over to
them. Lisa had a noticeable bounce in her step and it drew
a big smile from Barb.

"Good morning guys," Barb said, winking at Lisa. "Did you
two sleep well last night?"

"Very well," Lisa said, "Thank you for asking."

Tom and Lisa sat down with their classmates and ordered
breakfast. When they were done, Marty paid the bill and
the four headed to the conference room for the morning
session. They sat at the table they had shared the day
before and talked about the upcoming assignments. Barb
looked at her watch and saw that they had some time before
the class began. She asked Lisa if she wanted to go to the
ladies room and the two girls left together.

"So Tom, what kind of camera are you shooting?" Marty

Tom opened his camera bag, took out his Nikon F5 body,
attached a lens, and handed it to Marty.

"I just bought it this summer and I'm still learning how
to use it."

Marty turned it on, removed the lens cap, and looked
through the viewfinder. The auto-focus lens buzzed quietly
as he pointed it at different objects in the room.

"This is very nice Tom. What did you have before you
picked up this beauty?"

"That's my first SLR, I used a little point-and-shoot my
parents have before this."

Marty chuckled, the camera body and lens he was holding
was worth more than all of his equipment combined. The
used Nikon F2 and the several lenses he had were all
purchased second hand, but everything was in good working
order. He handed the camera back to Tom and took his from
his bag. He passed it across the table to Tom and told him
that it was manual.

"I know Marty, I wish I would have bought something like
this to start. I think I would learn much more."

The two guys discussed the advantages and disadvantages of
the two cameras and waited for the girls to return.

Lisa and Barb went into the ladies room, stood in front of
the mirror, and primped their hair.

"From the big grin on your face and your rosy cheeks, I
would say that you had a good night Lisa," Barb said.

Lisa smiled at her in the mirror and said, "It was
wonderful Barb, Tom's so shy it's cute. I have never ever
met a guy like him before."

Barb turned around and leaned against the sink counter.
"He seems very nice, and he's loaded."

"His parents have money, but it doesn't really matter to
them. They just use it to have fun. He has a little
sister and two cousins, a boy his age and a girl the same
age as his sister. We are all good friends. The girls are
going out with my little twin brothers and his cousin is
dating a friend of mine. We all went to the fall dance at
his school and had a great time."

Barb smiled as she listened to the teen ramble on. "So,
are you two you know, doing it yet?"

"No, he hasn't even tried to do anything like that, like I
said he is very shy."

"I find it hard to believe that two teenagers are staying
in the same hotel room and not fooling around with each
other. When I was your age it was the back seat of his
dad's car."

Lisa giggled and said, "I didn't say we weren't fooling
around, I said we weren't doing it. In fact I have never
done it with anyone."

"I see, so what has you so happy today?"

Lisa told Barb about taking a bubble bath with Tom and
falling asleep together. She told her that they kissed a
lot but didn't go into details about anything else. The
two women finished in the bathroom and went back to the
conference room just in time for the start of the morning

Frank, the instructor, explained that they were to each
shoot two rolls of film in the morning and they would have
a split session in the afternoon. The students that were
interested in learning about processing color film would be
in one group. The rest of the class would have their film
processed by a lab in town and review the results.

The first half of the morning was spent discussing
composition and reviewing the prior day's work, as well as
the assignments Frank had given them to the night before.
The first half of the morning session flew by and Frank
announced the break.

Tom went to the back of the room and picked up drinks for
the four at the table. They reviewed the handout that was
given to them, defining the different shots they were to
take. The first items were cars or trucks, the second
buildings, inside or out and the third people.

"Ok Marty said, let's get started. We can go outside and
do the cars first and grab a few shots of the buildings
around here."

"Sounds good to me," Lisa said. "Let's go."

The four picked up their things and went out to the
parking lot. They selected a couple of cars they would
like to have taken photos of, but they passed because of
the angle. Tom told then that his truck was around back
and he could move it out into the open.

The group followed Tom to the new Expedition and waited
for him to move it.

"Nice truck," Marty said.

"His mom and dad gave it to him for his birthday a few
weeks ago," Lisa said.

Marty and Barb both shook their heads and watched Tom
maneuver his truck into the open. When he returned to the
group, they all started taking shots of the truck. After a
few minutes of walking around the truck and trying
different angles, Tom drove back into his parking spot and
locked it.

Taking a walk along the main street of the town, they
photographed several buildings and houses. Satisfied they
had enough pictures of the first two items on the list,
they talked about a place to take the people photos.

The hotel had a small garden with a gazebo in the center.
Because it was fall the flowers were gone, but it seemed
like a suitable setting to get some of the required shots.
Barb and Lisa sat on a small bench in the wooden structure
and posed for Tom and Marty. As the guys took several
shots of the girls, Barb became a bit risqu‚. She
unbuttoned the top three buttons of her western style shirt and adjusted it so her cleavage was visible. Tom and Marty
both took a couple of shots of her as Lisa watched. Not
wanting to be left out, Lisa lowered the zipper on the
front of her dress until it was open far enough to see the
thin band of red fabric that held her bra cups together.
Tom quickly pointed his camera at her and pushed the
shudder. Marty also took a couple of shots and waited to
see what would happen next.

Barb leaned forward and her shirt opened so the guys could
see the floral bra that confined her large breasts. Tom
watched Marty take a few shots of his wife, but he
refrained. When Lisa saw him waiting, she stood up, put
one foot on the bench, and pulled her dress up on her thigh
for Tom. He took the last of his second roll of film and
removed it from his camera.

Lisa picked up her camera and took a couple shots of Tom
and Marty. She had the married couple pose together and
snapped away. Leading Tom over to a tree she positioned
him for her next shot, quickly kissing him before moving
away. When Lisa and Barb had finished their rolls of film,
the group went inside for lunch.

After eating, the group was led to a trailer in the
parking lot with a portable darkroom inside. Gail, the
darkroom instructor showed the four novices how to process
color film and told the differences between color and black
and white. Once the film was developed and dry, they made
contact sheets and, using a loupe, examined each frame.
They each choose several photos to enlarge and began the

Finished in the darkroom the four new friends went back to
the conference room with their prints and took their seats.
The last two hours were spent on filters and their effect
on black and white as well as color photos. Frank told the
class that the next day would focus on artificial lighting
and the use of strobes. He gave the class their evening's
assignment and dismissed them.

"Are we going to study together again tonight?" Lisa asked.

"That's fine with Barb and I," Marty said. "We were
looking forward to it."

"Cool," Tom said, looking at his watch. "It's only five
now, want to get started, and then maybe we can go for a
swim again."

Barb smiled and added, "Great guys, I have our stuff in
the car this time so we don't have to go back to the motel,
that is if you don't mind me freshening up in your room."

"Not at all Barb," Lisa said. "Go get your things and we
will meet you up there."

Marty and his wife headed for their car and Tom and Lisa
went to their room. The moment they walked into the room
Lisa put her camera bag and books down, threw her arms
around Tom's neck and kissed him. Tom, still holding his
camera bag, felt a rush of excitement as she probed his
mouth with her tongue. When she finally released him, he
put his bag down and followed Lisa into the bedroom.

"What was that for?"

"Just because Tom. Is it ok if I kiss you?"

Tom walked across the room, put his hands on her hips, and
pulled her to him. He kissed her forehead and then her
lips. Slowly, he moved his hands along her sides, lifting
her dress until his hands were under her arms. Holding the
dress up, he put one hand on her panty-covered bottom and
rubbed it across the silky material. Lisa could feel his
penis growing in his pants and press against her stomach.
She rubbed her five-foot frame against him and put her
crotch on his thigh.

"If we don't stop I'm going to ask Barb and Marty to come
back later," she said as she backed away and fixed her dress.

She reached out and covered Tom's hard-on with her hand,
squeezed it gently, and let it go.

Tom reached for the tab of her zipper and began to lower
it, revealing her bra-encased breasts. He traced the top
edge of the lacy garment and slipped his fingers into it.
As he began to tease her nipple, they heard Barb and Marty
at the door. He pulled his hand away, zipped up her dress,
and went to answer it.

"Come on in," Tom said, "Make yourselves at home."

Marty and his wife walked in and put the bags they carried
onto the floor next to the couch. Barb looked at Lisa and
gave her a knowing smile. She picked up a small duffel bag
and walked towards the bedroom.

"I need to clean up guys, I'll be back in a few minutes,"
Barb said.

"Me too," Lisa said and followed Barb, closing the bedroom
door behind her.

Tom and Marty took out their workbooks and placed them on
the table. Tom offered Marty a cold drink and went to the
refrigerator when he accepted. Yelling to Lisa, he asked
if they would like something also. Lisa called back,
asking for two sodas. Tom gave Marty a can of Coke, walked
over to the bedroom door, and knocked.

"Come in Tom," Lisa said.

Tom opened the door and was treated to the two women
standing in their underwear. Quickly, he turned his back
and excused himself.

Barb went over to the embarrassed boy and said, "I'll take
those Tom, thank you."

When her turned to hand her the sodas, he saw her ample
breasts straining against the tight fabric of her low cut
bra. His eyes darted down to her crotch and then back to
her eyes. Barb was smiling at him. She took the two cold
cans from his trembling hands and slowly closed the door.

Barb and Lisa giggled at his discomfort in seeing the
older woman in her lingerie.

"He is shy isn't he," Barb said.

Lisa nodded her head and said, "Yes he is."

Barb went into the bathroom and cleaned up. When she came
out she told Lisa that she was just going to put her
swimsuit on. Lisa also freshened up and took her suit from
the towel rack she had hung it on to dry. She went back
into the bedroom, removed her underwear, and put on the
bikini Tom had bought her. Both girls put on robes and
went out to the sitting room.

"I thought we were going to get some of this work done
before we went swimming," Marty said.

"We are, Lisa and I thought we would just change now."

The four sat at the table and reviewed the things they had
learned that day and began to go over the night's
assignments. The workbook had several pages of diagrams
showing light placement for talking photos of people. They
all reviewed the drawings, trying to understand the
different setups.

"I guess this will all make sense when we see the actual
setups tomorrow," Marty said.

Tom said, "I have my lights in the truck, we could try
some of these things tonight if you guys want to."

"That's a great idea Tom," Lisa said, "Why don't you go
and get the lights and Barb and I will move some of this

Tom and Marty left and went to Tom's truck to get the
cases containing the lights.

"You're just head over heals for Tom aren't you Lisa?"
Barb said.

"Does it show that much?"

"Yes, when we got here tonight, you couldn't have removed
your smile with a hammer. You looked like you had just
gotten a new puppy."

Lisa nodded, realizing that Barb knew exactly how she felt
about Tom. The two women moved a couple of chairs so they
would have room the setup Tom's lights. Sitting near each
other on a couch, Lisa thought for a moment and turned to

"Barb, when was the first time you made love to Marty, if
you don't mind my asking."

"We were in high school, the eleventh grade. I was
babysitting and he came over. We had made out a lot and he
would feel me up, but we were never anywhere we could
really be alone. We started kissing and fooling around on
the couch and the next thing we knew we were naked."

"Does it hurt, like it says in the books?"

"A little at first, we were so turned on that I barely
noticed. I think that I wanted to do it as bad as he did.
The first time only lasted a couple of minutes, he came so
quick that I didn't even realize he did. We did it again
as soon as he could and the second time lasted longer.
After that night, we screwed like rabbits whenever we got
the chance."

Lisa started to laugh and was going to say something when
the guys walked in and broke up the little chat they were

Tom and Marty took the lights out of the cases, mounted
them on stands, and set them into place, using the books
diagrams as an example. The guys took their cameras from
their bags and prepared to begin.

Lisa moved a chair into position and sat on it.

"Barb and I can be your models, if you want." Lisa said.

For the next half an hour, the guys pointed their cameras
at the two girls, making adjustments to the lights. Tom
and Marty changed places with the women and let them take
shots of them. Lisa told Tom to trade places with Barb and
she would take a few of the couple. Barb went to the chair
and sat down, her husband standing behind her, and Tom and
Lisa took several shots of the two. After moving the
lights again, Tom picked his camera up and began to compose
the next photo. Just before he pushed the shudder release,
Marty pulled his wife's swimsuit down, exposing her breasts.

"Take a few of these beauties for me Tom," Marty said.

Tom stood and stared, and Lisa took the shots. He looked
at the large breasts on Barb, their sheer weight pulling
them down on her chest. Her nipples were as big as her
fingertip and pointed up slightly. Marty rubbed his wife's
nipples with his fingertips causing them to become larger.
Finally, Tom pulled himself together and took a couple of
shots. He picked up Marty's camera, focused it, and took a
few for him.

Pulling her suit back over her breasts, Marty said, "Ok
Lisa, it's your turn."

Looking into Tom's eyes for approval, Lisa went to the
chair after he smiled and nodded. He followed her and
stood near her as she sat down and removed her top. Marty
and Barb shot several photos of her and Tom, stopping when
they ran out of film.

"That was fun," Lisa giggled as she put her top back on.

The group decided that it was time for a swim and went
down to the pool. They jumped into the pool and moved
slowly through the water, observing the other guests. Lisa
went over to Tom, put her arms around him, and told him she
was hungry.

Tom climbed out of the pool and asked Marty if he and his
wife were ready to eat. They agreed that they were hungry
too and left the pool. They all dried themselves and went
back to Tom and Lisa's room to change.

"We want to take you guys out tonight," Marty said.

"Ok," Lisa said. "Let's get dressed and go."

Taking turns the two couples changed out of their suits
and into the clothes they had worn that day. They fixed
their hair and all left for a little restaurant that Marty
and Barb had found the night they got into town.

After ordering their meals, they all discussed the things
they had learned so far. Once they were finished with the
meal, they relaxed and chatted about where Barb and Marty

"You two should come to our place sometime, we have lots
of things to take pictures of," Barb said.

Taking out a piece of paper, Barb jotted down her address
and phone number. She handed it to Lisa and told her to
call and set a date for a visit.

Tom and Lisa agreed to call them and maybe come for a
visit. Marty paid the check and they left. After dropping
Lisa and Tom off at the hotel, Marty and his wife went to
their motel for the night.

"I really like them Tom, they are so much fun. Do you
think we could visit them someday?"

Tom flopped onto the couch, picked up the remote, and
turned on the television.

"Sure Lisa, I would like to go and see their house. I bet
we could get some great pictures there."

Lisa sat on the couch next to Tom and pulled her legs
under her butt. She leaned over, put her head on his
shoulder, and rested her hand on his leg. The two watched
television for a while and then Lisa got up, unzipped her
dress, and stepped out of it.

"I'm going to get ready for bed Tom, I'll be right back."

Bending at the waist, she kissed him and scurried off to
the bedroom. Tom put away his equipment and turned off the
lights, leaving only the flickering television to
illuminate the room.

Resting on the couch, he heard Lisa open the bedroom door.
He glanced in her direction, but couldn't see her well in
the dark room. When she came over to where Tom was
stretched out and walked in front of the big screen
television, he could see her trim body through the thin
material of the pajamas she wore. Staring at her profile,
he could make out her firm breasts standing proud on her
chest. They pushed the silk pajama top out away from her
chest, and created a very sexy view.

Lisa slowly walked to the couch, knelt on the cushions,
and made her way to Tom. She straddled his legs, put her
hands on his hips, and gazed into his hazel eyes. Lisa
moved her hands on his hips, sliding down to his thighs.
When she covered his crotch with one of her hands and
massaged his penis, Tom groaned.

When he tried to sit up, Lisa pushed him back onto the
couch. She unfastened his pants and pulled his zipper down
slowly. She grabbed the sides of his slacks and tugged
them down and off his legs, along with his boxers. She sat
on his legs, wrapped her hand around his hard shaft, and
began to stroke him. She kept up her gentle action and
like she did with her brothers, stopping when she felt he
was getting too close to his climax.

Tom twisted under her legs and humped his hips to force
his penis through her hand. Again she felt him swell, and
again she stopped. After repeating the process several
more times, she leaned forward, took him into her mouth,
and coated him with her saliva. She removed her mouth,
took him back into her hand, and began to stroke him again.

"Do you like it when I put you cock in my mouth?"

"Yes Lisa, it feels so good. I feel like my balls are
going to bust if I don't cum soon."

Lisa smiled, bent forward again, and covered his penis
with her mouth. Slowly, she lowered her head until over
half of his swollen manhood was in her mouth. She moved
her tongue against him, looking up into his eyes. Tom
watched as his penis slid in and out of her as she bobbed
her head slowly.

"Oh Lisa, I'm going to cum. Please suck my cock and let
me cum in you mouth."

Lisa reached between his legs and cradled his balls in her
hand. Gently she moved the orbs around in their sack,
feeling them pull up to his body. She pushed her head down
onto him and gagged a little and he pushed into her throat.
Holding still, she relaxed her throat around his throbbing
member and rubbed his balls against her chin. When she
moaned around his stiff penis, Tom shot a strong stream of
hot cum directly into her throat.

Feeling his semen travel through his gland, she raised her
head and left only the flared head in her mouth. She
sucked him and load after load of his seed jetted against
the roof of her mouth and careened down her throat. When
he finished filling her with his cum, she held him in her
mouth and sucked on his penis as it softened. She pushed
the semi limp flesh around the inside of her mouth,
pressing it against the roof. Letting his soft penis slip
out of her mouth, she sat up and smiled at him.

"Was that ok Tom? I want to make you feel good. I want
you to feel as good as you made me feel last night."

Unable to speak, he nodded his head yes. He relaxed for a
few moments, looked into her eyes, and said, "That was
wonderful Lisa."

She crawled over him and lay on his body. She kissed him
and stroked his head gently.

"Will you take me to bed now Tom?"


Lisa stood up and Tom got off the couch. When Lisa turned
to head to the bedroom, he scooped her into his arms,
carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. He
stretched out next to her, put his arms around her, and
held her close. He gently put his lips to hers, pushed his
tongue into her mouth, and kissed her.

Lisa responded to his gentle kiss by pressing her body
against his, feeling his penis through the thin fabric of
her pajamas. As she moved, rubbing him with the silky
garment, he grew to his full erect size. Tom moved his
hands over her body, pausing at her breasts and giving them
a gentle squeeze.

The two teens rolled around, latched onto one another, on
the big bed exploring the other's body with their hands.
Tom, still naked from the waist down, rubbed her butt
through the short bottoms of her pajamas. He worked his
hand into the leg opening of the baggy shorts, ran his
fingers over her wet vaginal lips, and found her clit.

When he took her hardened nub between his thumb and
fingertip, Lisa moaned into his open mouth. She rolled
onto her back, spread her legs, and began to unbutton the
top of her pajamas. When the last button was freed from
its buttonhole, she pulled the top to her sides, and
exposed her breasts to him. He leaned into her and covered
one of her firm mounds with his mouth and sucked it,
flicking his tongue over the nipple.

Lisa held his head to her chest and ran her fingers
through his short hair.

"You make me so hot when you kiss my boobs and touch my
pussy Tom. I love the way your mouth feels."

Tom slid his fingertip between her swollen labia and
slowly pushed it onto her very wet and very slick vagina.
She lifted her hips off the bed and pushed at waistband of
her new pajama bottoms in an attempt to remove them.
Sensing what she wanted, he removed his finger and helped
the garment down her legs. Lisa bent her knees and he
pulled them off her feet, never taking his mouth off her
breast. Once the bottoms were gone, he helped her slip her
arms out of the top. Releasing her breast from his mouth,
Tom sat up and pulled his shirt over his head, not
bothering to unbutton it.

Gazing at her outstretched body, Tom's fingers retraced
the paths they had traveled the night before. He chuckled
as he watched small goose bumps form on her soft skin as he
lightly stroked her. Putting his mouth back on her breast,
he sucked her nipple and circled her navel with his
fingertip. Tom used his free hand to massage her other
breast and began to kiss along the trail his fingers had
just traveled. When he pushed his tongue into her navel
and his finger into her vagina, Lisa felt small tremors
begin deep within her body.

Like ripples on a farm pond, when a stone is tossed into
the middle of the still water, she felt the tremors radiate
from her navel and through her body. She let out the
breath she had been holding and sighed. Tom covered her
crotch with his mouth, leaving a slight gap at the bottom
of her slit where his finger impaled her. He flicked his
tongue against her clit and stroked her inner walls,
slipping his hands under her butt and pulling her to him.

Lisa reached behind her head and pulled a pillow under it
so she could look down at her boyfriend's head buried
between her legs. The sight of his broad shoulders and the
feeling of his hands on her ass were causing her to breath
heavily. His probing tongue and finger were bringing her
close to an orgasm and she put her own hands on her breasts to help induce the climax she searched for.

Lisa's first orgasm of the evening was not the ripping
feeling she had experienced the night before. As she came,
he could feel her vagina gripping his finger and the
muscles of her firm bottom contract and quiver. Tom never
removed his mouth from her as the waves of pleasure
subsided and her body relaxed.

Tom pulled her over the top of him as he rolled onto his
back, still lapping at her dripping crotch. He sucked her
sweet juices from her and savored the flavor. Lisa put her
hands onto his thighs and rubbed her vagina against his
face. Bending forward, she took his penis into her mouth
and sucked on him. Once again, she felt the trembling in
her belly and began to cum. Tom's tongue was pushed into
her as far as he could reach into her tight virgin vagina.
When he pulled it back into his mouth, he felt a rush of
her fluids follow.

Removing her mouth from his rigid shaft, Lisa turned
around and lay on his body panting.

"Tom, you make me cum so hard. When you put you tongue in
my pussy like that I just can't help myself."

Lisa could feel his penis lying against her heated slit.
When she moved slightly, she felt the head rub against her
clit. She put her lips to his and the two kissed, tasting
each other. She slowly rubbed her heated crotch over his
throbbing penis, coating him with her wetness and feeling
it bumping against her clit. Tom moved his hands up and
down her back and sides. Pulling her up slightly, he
started to kiss her again.

Lisa moaned into his mouth and sucked on his tongue as he
pushed it in as deep as he could. She ground her breasts into his chest and clutched at his shoulders. Soon the two
were sweating and panting as they frolicked on the large
bed. The twisting and turning that Lisa was doing on top
of Tom aligned her vagina with the end of his penis.

The two teens froze when they realized that they were mere
inches from actually being coupled. Lisa breathed heavily
into his ear as she remained perfectly still, feeling the
presence of Tom's penis at her opening. Ever so slowly,
she moved her hips and felt his hardness rub along her
labia. He could feel the heat that escaped her crotch,
making it very hard to hold still.

"Lisa, you had better move, I don't want anything to
happen we'll be sorry for," Tom said.

Still moving herself against his throbbing member, she
said, "Just a minute, I love the way it feels against my

Placing her hands on his chest and raising slightly, she
pushed down a little, feeling the blunt end part her
swollen vaginal lips. She rocked her pelvis and moaned
when the bulbous head pushed against her sensitive clit.
Shifting herself, she could feel him enter her wet virgin
tunnel and stretch tight opening to accommodate his
throbbing manhood. With only the very end of his penis in
her she held still and became accustom to the new sensation.

"I'm going to cum if you keep that up Lisa. I don't want
you the end up pregnant." Tom said, trying to control

Lisa bent forward, put her lips against his and the two
teens kissed. Tom put his hands on her hips in an effort
to prevent her from slipping further down on him, but she
had already decided what she wanted. Slowly, Lisa pushed
against his penis, allowing another inch or so to slip into
her. She removed her mouth from his and rested her head on
his shoulder.

Raising her hips slightly and letting all but the head of
penis slide out, she reversed and lowered herself, letting
a bit more of the hard shaft penetrate her. Lisa slowly
began to move up and down on him, taking a little more in,
waiting until she was accustom to the feeling of fullness,
and then pulling back up.

The sensation was beginning to have an affect on her and
she began to take short breaths, hold them, and then exhale
slowly. Tom moved one of his hands from her hip, ran it
slowly up her back, and let it rest on her head.

"Are you sure you want to do this Lisa?"

Moving a bit quicker on him and feeling his penis bump
into her hymen, she groaned, "Yes Tom, I'm sure. I can't
think of another guy in the world I would rather do this

Lisa couldn't see the smile on his face, but Tom felt
flattered that she would want to give herself to him. He
was nearing the point he would not be able to restrain from
ejaculating, but he was determined to hold out as long as
her could. When she pushed him into herself and his penis
made contact with her virginity, her whole body tensed.

Lisa kept up her movements until the passion and lust
overcame her fear of the pain she knew she would have to
endure. She raised up until the end of his penis was at
her opening, gripped his shoulders tightly and pushed down
hard, causing his hard hot tool to break through her
barrier and lodge deep within her stinging vagina. A small
scream came from her as she lay motionless and adapted to
the feeling of being fully penetrated.

"Are you ok?" Tom panted into her ear.

"Yes, it only hurts a little, I'll be fine in a minute."

She didn't want him to see the tears that ran from the
corners of her eyes, partly caused by the tearing of her
hymen, and partly from the joy she felt being coupled with
Tom. When the pain began to subside, she cautiously rose
up and settled back onto him. Slowly Lisa started to raise
and lower herself on the throbbing rigid shaft that was
deep inside her. She quickly became accustom the feeling
of being filled and increased her speed. Tom rolled her
over and hovered above her, smiling at her.

He began to move slowly, sliding his penis in and out of
her hot slippery cavern. Instinctively, Lisa wrapped her
legs around his hips and began to hump into him. Their
pelvises crashed against each other as they lost all
control and began to mate with animal like lust. Shaking
her head from side to side, Lisa spoke incoherently and
short yelps escaped her throat. Tom, concentrating so hard
on pleasing her, forgot about his impending climax. He
continued to pump his hot penis into her, telling her how
good it felt to be inside her.

Lisa's body suddenly tensed and began to shake beneath
him. He felt her vagina contract around his penis, pushed
deep into her, and held his pelvic bone against hers. His
own orgasm began and he shot his cum into her quivering
vagina. When he stopped spewing his seed into her, he
collapsed onto her quivering body. The two lay motionless
for a few minutes, Tom's penis still inside her, each
trying to catch their breath.

Lisa pushed at Tom's shoulders and asked him to get up.
He rolled on to his side, propped his head in his hand and
looked up and down her body.

"Are you ok?" He asked her.

"Yes, I'm just fine. That was so wonderful Tom. I have
never felt anything like it before and I'm so happy you
were my first. You don't have to worry about me getting
pregnant, I'm on the pill."

"Why are you on the pill, were you planning this?

Lisa giggled and told him about being caught playing house
with her brothers and her mother's reaction. She said that
she had been taking the pill ever since she was fourteen,
but never had any occasion to need it before tonight.

"Besides, what if I had planned to seduce you, would you
be mad at me?"

Tom smiled at her, ran his fingers through her hair, and
kissed her forehead.

"No, I wouldn't have been mad at all. I just feel so
privileged to have been your first."

Lisa sat up and hung her legs over the side of the bed.
She looked down and saw the large wet spot with traces of
her blood. She went into the bathroom, wet a washcloth,
and returned to try to clean up the mess. After rubbing
the spot on the sheet for a few minutes, she realized that
her efforts were in vain. She took the damp cloth back,
rinsed it out, and hung it on a towel rack. She went to
the large sunken tub and turned on the water.

"Will you take a bubble bath with me?" She said, smiling
at Tom.

"You bet I will."

Tom went over to her and put his hand on her back as she
bent over and adjusted the water. He watched as she poured
a small amount of the bubble soap, the hotel provided, into
the water. When the tub was full, the two teens climbed in
and settled into the warm swirling water.

"Tom, I am so glad you asked me to stay with you this
weekend. I've had the best time, and I'm going to be sorry
to leave," she said, sliding between his legs and leaning
back against his chest.

"Me too," he replied, wrapping her arms around her and
resting them on top of her breasts. "This has been great.
Maybe we can do something like this again, or go to Marty
and Barb's house for a weekend, someday."

Lisa put her hands on his arms and stroked them lightly.
She used her fingertips to trace small circles on his
strong forearms. Tom put his legs over hers, leaned his
head back, and closed his eyes.

"Do you think we can make love again tonight Tom, I really
want too."

"Yes Lisa, I'd like that too."

Lisa smiled, relaxed against Tom, and closed her eyes
thinking of what was to come. She put one of her hands
between her legs and tested her vagina for tenderness.
Confident that she would be able to enjoy another round of
the newly discovered sexual activity, she put her hand back
on his arm and rested.


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