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The Lottery Part 43



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ,2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at

The Lottery - Part 43 (Mf, mf, ff, toys, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision

Kim and Jack picked Sally up Friday morning and the three
rode together to school. They met Megan in the parking
lot, like they did every morning that week.

"It's just not fair," Sally said as they walked towards
the building. "Tom gets to take the day off and we have to
go to school."

Sally and her cousin lagged behind Jack and Megan,
watching them walk hand in hand, talking, and giggling.

"Have you heard from Tom yet?"

"Yeah, he called last night when he and Lisa got to the
hotel. My mom said that they were going to share a room so
Lisa could save some money."

"You ok with that?"

"Sure, why not? If he and Lisa are going to get together,
they're going to get together. I want him to be happy and
have a girlfriend. Maybe we can all go out together, you
know, all eight of us."

"I know what you mean," Kim said, still watching his
brother, "It looks like Jack, and Megan are going to keep
seeing each other."

Sally nodded and said, "So, what are we going to do this
weekend? Tom is out of town, Jack has the hots for Megan,
and we need to figure out something for us. I was thinking
that we could do something with Paul and Brad."

"Ok, Paul will be calling me after school today, I'll ask
him what he and Brad are doing."

"How do you know he will call you after school?"

"Because he calls me everyday after school."

The two girls laughed and Sally told Kim that Brad calls
her too. They went into the school building and headed for
their first class.

During lunch, Megan joined Kim and Sally at their table.

"Hi guys, how are you two doing today," Megan said. "We
didn't get a chance to talk this morning."

"I'm good," Sally said, "Kim and I are just trying to
decide what to do this weekend."

"We were thinking about getting together with Paul and
Brad. Do you have any plans?" Kim said.

"I think I'm going to go to some fishing store with Jack,
he said there was a big sale and he wants to pick up some
stuff. Other than that, I don't have anything going."
Megan replied.

The girls talked about the upcoming weekend and the
possibility of getting together on Sunday. Megan told Kim
and Sally she had picked up tampons so she could go
swimming. When the lunch period was over, they went to
their classes, agreeing to meet in the parking lot after

As Kim and Sally followed Megan down the hallway, they
noticed that the other kids were saying hi to her.

"Things have sure changed for her since she started to
hang around with my brother. I'm so glad that the kids
don't treat her like shit anymore." Kim said.

"Me too," Sally said, "I think she is feeling better about
herself now."

Kim and Sally split up, each having a different class. At
the end of the day, the three girls met outside the door
and waited for Jack to show up.

"I can't wait to get out of these clothes and get into
something comfortable," Megan said. I'm really learning to
hate the uniform and having to wear it everyday."

I don't like them either," Kim said, "but you only have to
wear it until June, we still have three years, after this

"I may be graduating in January," Megan said. "For the
last three years I have been taking extra classes, after
all, I didn't really have anything else to do. I have all
the credits I need, but came back this year to graduate
with my class. Now, I really don't care about all of that."

Sally asked, "What would you do?"

"I'm not sure, that's another reason I'm here. I don't
really want to go to college yet." Megan replied.

Jack walked up and joined the girls. He put his arm
around Megan and gave her a quick kiss.

Kim giggled and started repeating, "PDA, PDA," over and

"What is PDA?" Jack asked.

Megan kissed him back and said, "Public display of
affection, it's against the rules."

"So what," Jack said. "What are they going to do, make me
wear a sign?"

They all laughed and walked towards their vehicles. Kim
and Sally went to Jack's truck and Kim entered the keyless
code to unlock the doors. Jack walked Megan to her car and
kissed her again before going to his truck and heading for
home. Kim had put the armrest up and all three of them sat
in the front seat.

When they arrived at Sally's house, they all went in.
Anne and Marc were in the family room and they all went to
greet them. Kim and Sally went to her room and Jack sat in
the family room with his Aunt and Uncle.

Sally removed her school clothes and tried to decide what
to put on. She picked out a pair of jeans and a sweater
and changed from the white underwear she had worn to school
into a hot pink thong and a red bra. Just as she finished
changing, her phone rang.

"I'll bet I know who that is," Sally said, reaching for
the phone.

"Brad!" Kim said with sarcasm, drawing his name out as
she said it.

Sally giggled, nodded yes, and answered the phone. She
spoke with the boy, telling him that she and Kim were
wondering what he and his brother were doing on Saturday.
After talking with him, she told him she would call him
back and they could make plans.

"He said that he and Paul didn't have anything planned and
they would like to get together with us." Sally said.

"That's cool, do you want to stay at my house tonight.
Tom isn't here and we could find something to do together."

"Good idea Kim let me go and check with my mom and dad."

Sally left Kim and ran down to the family room to check
with her parents. She went back to her room, pulled out
her duffle bag, and packed several different outfits into
it. While Kim was looking away, she pulled her sex toys
out of the nightstand and dropped them into the bag.

"I'm ready to go Kim," Sally said, grabbing her bag and
putting the strap over her shoulder.

The girls went to the family room, told Marc and Anne
goodbye and left with Jack.

"Are you staying at our house tonight Sally?" He asked.

Sally nodded, telling him that with Tom gone she didn't
really have anything to do at home.

Jack pulled his truck into the garage and they went into
the house. Marge and Don were out by the pool, sitting in
lounge chairs.

"Hi mom and dad," Kim said, as she walked over to where
they were sitting. "Sally is going to spend the night, if
it's ok."

"Of course it is Kim, you know that," her mom said. "Your
father and I are meeting the Phillips for dinner at the
club tonight, do you guys want to come with us?"

Kim thought for a moment and said, "Are Paul and Brad
going to go too?"

"No, I don't think so."

"I will ask Sally and let you know," Kim said, turning and
walking away.

Kim went into the kitchen and sat at the counter with
Sally. They watched as Jack rummaged through a cupboard in
search of something to eat.

"What are you doing tonight Jack?" Kim asked her brother.

"Megan and I are going to dinner and the movies," he said.

"That sounds like fun, what are you going to see?" Sally

"I don't really know yet, I haven't looked at the movie guide."

Kim nudged Sally and said, "Can Sally and I go with you

Jack spread peanut butter on a slice of bread, folded it,
and took a bite. He shuffled around, trying to figure out
how to tell his little sister that he didn't really want
company tonight. Finally, not wanting to hurt her he said,
"Well I guess so. I will call Megan and ask if she minds."

Kim started to giggle, got off her stool, and went over to
Jack. She stretched up and kissed him on the cheek.
"You're just too sweet Jack, I was only kidding."

Jack gave her a soft swat on her bottom as she turned to
leave. Kim spun around and swung her hand at him, but he
dodged her. Not giving up, she chased him out of the
kitchen and into the living room, cornering him. Kim moved
in, but instead of hitting him, she put her hand between
his legs and gently squeezed.

Standing very still, Jack relaxed and enjoyed his sister's
gentle massage. When Kim felt him begin to get hard, she
removed her hand, gave him a kiss, and left him standing

"You are such a tease," he said quietly, as she rounded
the corner and went back to the kitchen.

"Did you get him?" Sally asked.

"Yup, right where it hurts. I'm going to go upstairs and
change, I want to get out of these clothes and into
something a little more comfortable. Oh, I almost forgot,
do you want to go to dinner at the club with my parents and
the Phillips tonight?"

"Are my parents going too?"

"My mom didn't say, let's go ask her."

"Hi Uncle Don, hi Aunt Marge," Sally said as she and Kim
approached the two adults. "Are my mom and dad going to
dinner with you tonight?"

"Hi Sally," Marge said, "Yes they are, and maybe Lisa's
parents too. Did you guys want to go?"

Kim and Sally talked quietly to one another and told Marge
that they were going to stay home.

"Do you want me to see if the twins can come over
tonight?" Marge asked.

"I don't think so," Kim said, "We are probably going to
see them tomorrow."

Marge told the girls that she understood. Kim and Sally
left and went up to Kim's room so she could change. Kim
glanced into Jack's bedroom, before going into her own, and
saw him standing in his underwear, his back turned to her.

"You should really close your door Jack, we have company."
Kim said.

Jack looked over his shoulder at the two girls standing in
the hallway and smiled. He grabbed the waistband of his
boxers, pulled them down, bent over, and mooned them. Kim
and Sally began to laugh and went into her room. Kim
pushed the door closed and Sally tossed her bag onto the

In a matter of seconds, Kim had removed her school clothes
and stood in her panties and bra. Reaching behind her, she
unhooked the restrictive garment, tossed it aside, and
rubbed her breasts.

"Want to go for a swim Sally?"

"That sounds good, let's go."

Kim put on a robe and Sally grabbed a suit from her bag.
They headed for the door when Sally noticed that her cousin
didn't have a swimsuit with her.

"Aren't you forgetting something Kim?"

Kim grinned and said, "Nope."

When she realized what Kim was planning, she tossed her
suit back into Kim's room and followed her downstairs. The
two went into the shower, turned on the water, and quickly
washed themselves. When they were finished they headed for
the pool, both stark naked. Kim went to the diving board,
bounced up and down and couple of times and went headlong
into the pool. Sally jumped onto the diving board, ran to
the end, and jumped in, almost landing on Kim.

Don and Marge watched the two young girls frolic in the
clear water, swimming laps. Don gazed at the firm bottoms,
of his daughter and niece, as they swam from one end of the
pool to the other. He could feel his penis stirring in his
slacks as his eyes followed them out of the water at the
shallow end, along the pool's edge and to the diving board.

"They are sure growing up," Marge said, also watching.
"Both of them have great bodies and are going to be man killers when they get a little older."

Don shifted in his seat, adjusted himself, and said, "What
do you mean they're going to be they already are."

Marge glanced at her husband's crotch, and then at the
pool. When she saw that the girls were looking the other
way, she covered his bulge with her hand and rubbed his
excited manhood.

"I guess you're right Don, they already are. I wonder if
they would mind if I pulled this big piece of meat out of
your pants and sucked it?" She said, as she increased the
pressure on his penis. "Do you think they would get mad
watching me suck your cock?"

"Maybe they would want to help," Don chuckled.

Kim and Sally climbed out of the pool and sat in a couple
of lounge chairs, facing out into the backyard. Marge,
thinking that they couldn't see her, pulled the zipper down
on Don's slacks and put her hand into the open fly. She
wrapped her fingers around his penis and massaged it.

"Is that what you want dear? Do you want your daughter to
help me suck you big hard cock?"

Marge was starting to get turned on by her own words and
actions. She increased the pressure on Don's penis as she
continued whispering into his ear. Don groaned as his wife worked her hand over his penis in the confines of his pants.

After glancing at Kim and Sally, Marge moved to Don's
lounge chair and sat between his legs. She pulled his
penis out of his fly, bent over, and took him deep into her
mouth. Marge began to quickly glide her mouth up and down
Don's hard shaft, moaning as she did. Don was starting to
move his hips, driving his penis into his wife's sucking mouth. When he looked up, he noticed that his daughter and
niece were watching the action in the reflection in the
large glass panels.

"The girls are watching you suck my cock Marge, they can
see our reflection in the window."

Marge slowly removed her mouth from his penis, but
continued to stroke him with her hand. She carefully
tucked his hard member into his slacks and pulled up his
zipper. Standing up, she offered him her hand and they
left the pool area, never acknowledging that they knew of
the girls' voyeurism.

"Can you believe my parents?" Kim said, moving her hand
between her legs and rubbing her excited crotch. "I think
my dad saw us watching in the window, that's why they left."

Sally saw what Kim was doing and put her own hand on her
vagina. "I think it is cute, they still act young and mess

The two girls sat with their legs parted, slowly
masturbating themselves. Kim pushed her finger into her
vagina and pumped it in and out. Closing her eyes, she
imagined having her dad's big penis pushing into her and
making her cum.

"Sally," Kim said, removing her finger from her wet slit.
"Have you ever um you know thought about messing around
with ah your dad?"

"Sure Kim, I think about it a lot. It makes me hot to
think about having his cock in my mouth or pussy. Why, do
you think about it too?"

"Sometimes, I thought I was just being sick or something,
but I guess it is kind of natural for a daughter to think
about her dad, or at least I hope it is."

"I'm going to jump into the water and cool off," Sally
said. "I've gotten myself all worked up."

"Me too, it's too bad Jack is going out tonight, I think I
would fuck him silly if he wasn't."

The two girls walked to the pool and stood at the edge at
the deep end.

Sally looked at Kim and said, "I'll fuck you silly
tonight, if you want me to." She grabbed Kim's arm and
they jumped into the water.

They swam, underwater, to the far side of the pool and
popped up along the wall. Kim put one arm around Sally's
neck, pulled her close, and kissed her on the mouth. The
girls pushed their tongues back and forth in each other's
mouths, pressing their breasts together. When they broke
their kiss and moved apart, Kim put her hand on Sally's
crotch and found her clit with her fingertip.

"That sounds fun to me, you should have brought your toys."

"I did," Sally said, "It's been quite awhile since we have
fooled around together, you know, just the two of us."

Kim slipped her finger into Sally and moved it slowly.
She rubbed her clit and felt her body tense beneath the
water. Removing her hand, she swam away from Sally and
climbed out of the pool.

"I'm going to go and shower Sally, you should come too."

"Why?" Sally asked climbing out of the pool and walking
over to Kim.

"Because you need a trim, your pussy is getting picky."

Sally put her hand between her legs and ran her fingers
over her pubic mound. She felt the short stubble that Kim
referred to and giggled.

"You're right, I do need a shave."

They went into the pool house and Kim took a razor and a
can of shaving gel from a cupboard, and followed Sally into
the shower.

Marge watched the girls go into the pool house from the
family room and told Don to go upstairs and get cleaned up.
She walked out the sliding glass doors into the pool area
and went to the pool house. Quickly, she removed her
clothes and walked into the shower room with the girls.

"Do you guys mind if I join you? Don's gone upstairs to
clean up and I need to take a shower."

Kim and Sally shook their heads no, and Marge went to a
showerhead and turned on the water. She watched her
daughter shampoo Sally's hair as she stood and let the warm
water flow over her. When Kim picked up the soap and began
to rub it over her cousin's body, Marge felt a slight
tingling in her loins.

Smiling, Marge picked up a bar of soap, went over to the
girls, and began to wash Kim as she washed Sally. Taking
the soap from Kim, Sally started to rub it on her Aunt's
body. The three women rubbed their hands over each other,
covering their bodies with foamy soap. When Sally got down
near Marge's waist, her Aunt parted her legs.

"Don't forget my pussy Sally." Marge told the young girl.

Sally moved her hand between her Aunt's legs and slowly
rubbed her soap-covered hand in her crotch. Kneeling in
front of her, Sally washed her legs, moving up the back of
them to her butt. When her hand slipped between her
globes, Marge bent forward, grabbed her cheeks, and spread
them for Sally. The girl moved her hand up and down
between Marge's cheeks running her fingertips over her
tight brown pucker.

Marge moaned and pushed back against Sally's probing
fingers, moving her hips in small circles. Sally, not
knowing quite what to do, stood up and finished washing her
Aunt's back. She took the showerhead from its hook and
rinsed the soap from the older woman's body. Sally
replaced the spray head and watched as Marge finished
washing her daughter.

Once Kim was rinsed clean, she picked up the shaving gel
and told Sally to sit on the bench. She knelt on the
floor, spread her legs, and applied the foaming gel to her
crotch. Marge shampooed her hair and watched as Kim used
the razor to scrape away the unwanted stubble on her
cousin's crotch and pubic mound. When she was finished,
Kim covered Sally's legs with gel and shaved them smooth.

Sally stood up and took the gel and razor from Kim,
telling her to sit. When Sally moved close to Kim, Marge
asked if it would be all right if she shaved her daughter.
Sally nodded, handed the things to her Aunt, and sat next
to Kim to watch. Marge knelt in front of Kim, pushed her
knees apart, and covered her crotch with gel. She set the
can on the bench and used her hand to rub the slippery gel
over Kim's mound, causing it to foam.

Taking the razor in hand, Marge shaved her daughter's
crotch. She slipped her finger into Kim's slit and pulled
her vaginal lips tight so she could get every trace of
hair. When Marge's knuckle bumped her clit, Kim moaned and
spread her legs wider. Moving up to her pubic mound, Marge
carefully trimmed the small triangle of hair that covered it.

"I could make a little heart shape in it Kim," her mom giggled.

Kim looked down at her mother and smiled. "That would be
cool mom, go ahead."

Sally watched as Marge used the razor to sculpt her
daughter's pubic hair into a small heart, the bottom tip
pointing at the beginning of her slit. When she was done,
Marge asked Sally to hand her a spray head so she could
rinse away the gel. Sally stood up and handed it to her,
staring as she directed the spray at Kim's wide spread

"That is so neat Aunt Marge," she said, when she saw the
neatly trimmed patch of hair. "If I let mine grow will you
do that for me?"

"Sure I will Sally. Now who wants to shave me?"

Kim scrambled off the bench, grabbed the gel, and squirt
some into her hand. She applied it to her mom's crotch,
rubbing it around slowly. Marge put her feet onto the
bench, spread her knees apart, and leaned against the wall.

Sally knelt next to Kim and watched her rubbing the gel
around, covering the entire area with foamy soap. Kim
picked up the razor and began to shave her mom and Sally
pulled at her labia to keep it taught. Marge moaned
feeling the two young girls touching her, and covered her
breasts with her hands. When Kim was done shaving her mom,
Sally took the spray head and directed it at her Aunt's

Kim rubbed her hand over the freshly shaved area, making
sure that all the gel was gone. When Sally removed the
spray, Kim bent forward and kissed her mom on the crotch,
letting her lips linger before pulling away.

Marge stood up and thanked the girls and told them that
she had to go and get dressed. Before leaving she hugged
them, first Sally and then Kim.

"My bottom left dresser drawer," she whispered into her
daughter's ear before backing away and leaving.

Kim was confused about what her mom had said, but decided
to investigate once she and Sally were alone. The girls went out into the large room in the pool house, grabbed
towels, and dried themselves. They wrapped the towels
around their bodies, carefully tucking the end between
their breasts and left. They went into the family room and
saw Don sitting on the couch, waiting for Marge to finish

"Where is Jack?" Kim asked her dad.

"He left about twenty minutes ago to pick up Megan."

The girls walked through the room towards the stairs. Don
watched them as they padded across the family room floor,
their towels barely covering their butts. He felt his
penis react to the sight of the two fifteen year old girls and tried to think of something else. He didn't really
like the feelings he was experiencing when he saw his
daughter and niece, but they were uncontrollable. He
wondered, to himself, if his wife had the same reactions
when she saw their son.

Kim and Sally bounded up the stairs, two at a time, losing
their towels in the process. As they rounded the corner at
the top of the stairway, they almost bumped into Marge.

"I have left money on the counter so you two can order a
pizza, if you don't want to fix anything. You guys have
fun and we will see you later. We will be home about one
or so, you know how it is when we all get talking."

"Ok, bye mom, you and dad have a nice night and we will
see you when you get home, or tomorrow if it is late."

"Goodnight Aunt Marge, see you later."

Marge went downstairs and the girls went into Kim's room.
They dried their hair, went into the bedroom, and sat on
the bed. Kim took a bottle of lotion from her nightstand
and poured some into her hand. She used her free hand to
pull Sally's legs apart and rubbed the soothing cream over
her freshly shaved crotch. Sally fell back on the bed and
spread her legs wide, giving her cousin easy access to her.
She moaned when Kim put her finger on her clit and massaged
it firmly.

When Kim was finished with her, Sally returned the favor,
covering Kim's crotch with the lotion. Sally completed her
task and bent down to kiss Kim's puffy vaginal lips.

"You smell like coconut," she said, "but it doesn't taste

The girls pulled long tee shirts over their heads and went
down to the kitchen to decide on what they wanted for
dinner. Kim opened the refrigerator and looked through
several plastic containers, calling out their contents.

"Nothing sounds good," Sally said. "Let's order pizza and

Kim opened a drawer, pulled a menu from a local pizzeria
out, and put it on the counter. The girls decided what
they wanted and Kim called to place the order. They waited
in the family room, listening to the stereo, for the
delivery of their dinner.

"Oh shit!" Kim said, "I forgot to call Paul. What do you
want to do tomorrow?"

"I don't know, I guess we could go to the movies again or
just have them over here to go swimming."

Kim picked up the phone and called Paul. They talked
about their options and decided on the movies at the mall
and then maybe going swimming at Kim's house. The two
teens talked for a little while, hanging up when Kim heard
the doorbell. She went into the kitchen, picked up the
money her mom had left and went to the door. She took the
square box from the delivery boy and Sally took the salad.
She paid him and closed the door, realizing that she was
wearing only the tee shirt.

"I wondered why that guy was staring at us," Kim said.
"Our tee shirts don't really cover too much."

Sally watched Kim walk in front of her, the bottom of her
naked butt exposed by the short tee shirt.

"You're right," she giggled. "You can see your ass when
you walk. I bet that guy is still outside, playing with
his cock."

The two girls laughed, walking into the kitchen, and
putting the pizza and salad on the counter. They sat next
to each other on the stools and put their food onto the
plates they had taken out earlier. While they ate, Kim
moved her knee against Sally's and slowly moved it against
her skin. Sally pressed her leg into Kim's and smiled, her
mind drifting to thoughts of what was to come.

After they finished, they cleaned the counter and put the
leftover food away. While Sally stood at the sink rinsing
the plates, Kim stepped up behind her, put her hands on her
hips, and slid them under her tee shirt. When Kim reached
her breasts, she cupped them, and toyed with her nipples,
Sally laid her head back and moaned. Leaving the dishes in
the sink, Sally dropped her hands to her side and reached
behind her cousin, gripping her butt. Pulling Kim tight to
her backside, Sally slowly ground her butt into her crotch.

Kim lowered one of her hands and rubbed the small tuft of
pubic hair that adorned Sally's mound. When Sally felt her
finger dip into her slit and find her clit, she turned to
face Kim. Placing both of her hands on the sides of Kim's
face, she drew their mouths together and kissed deeply.

"That's enough for now," Kim said, pulling away. "We have
something to do first."


Kim told Sally what her mom had said in the shower as the
two climbed the stairs. They went into Kim's parents bedroom and over to the dresser. Kim knelt down, gradually
pulled the drawer open and peered into it, seeing a couple
of sweatshirts. Removing the sweatshirts, they saw a large
box, like the ones dresses would come in, and she pulled it
from the drawer.

The girls were a bit apprehensive as Kim lifted the lid
off the box and revealed its contents. Staring into the
box, the girls saw an assortment of sex toys and several
videotapes. Sally reached in and retrieved a penis shaped
dildo that was attached to a strange looking harness and
held it in her fingertips for Kim to see.

"What the hell is this?" Sally said, twisting and turning
the odd apparatus.

"I don't know, let me see it."

Kim took the device from her and examined it. She started
to giggle, stood up, and put her legs through two of the
straps. Pulling it up her legs, Kim fastened the strange
contraption around her waist and thrust her hips out.

"It's a strap on cock!" Kim said, trying to control her

"Wow! It sure is," Sally said, as she walked on her knees
over to Kim.

Sally wrapped her hand around the seven-inch pink rubber
device and rubbed it over her face. Opening her mouth, she
licked the end of it and let it slide past her lips into
her mouth. She quickly removed the thing from her mouth
and released it.

Kim took the device off and went back to the box to see
what other surprises it contained. She watched as Sally
took another unusual looking object out of the box of adult
toys and looked it over. The girls recognized the longer
round part of the thing as a dildo, but it also had a
smaller finger attached to it that they were trying to
decide what purpose it served. A cord ran from the device
to a small white box with a switch and round control
attached to it.

When Sally turned the switch to the on position, the
device sprang to life in Kim's hand. They watched as the
large part vibrated and a clear portion, filled with
colored beads near the base began to move. The small
finger like extension also moved up and down rapidly,
making the thing seem alive.

Sally turned the dial and the speed and intensity changed.
She turned it off and dropped it back into the box. One by
one, they examined each of the items, some familiar, others
not. Kim picked up one of the videotapes and looked at it.
There was no description on the box, but she felt she knew
what it was. The girls put the things back into the box,
replaced the lid, and carried it to Kim's bedroom.

Kim put the box on her desk, opened it again, and took out
one of the tapes. She removed it from the carrier and
inserted it in her VCR, turned on the power and pushed play
on the remote.

The two girls sat on Kim's bed, looking at her big screen
television. They watched as the black screen flickered and
an image appeared. It showed a young girl, that looked
about fifteen or sixteen, dressed in a short sundress, her
hair in pigtails, swinging on a swing set. She went back
and forth, pointing her toes towards the sky each time she
moved forward. Her yellow print dress would fly up and
reveal her white panties, as the girl swung forward, and
fall to cover her as she moved back.

Soon a man stepped behind her and pushed the girl higher.
Each time she swung back, he would place both hands on her
butt and shove her forward again. The swinging went on for
about two or three minutes. The man stopped the swings
motion and the girl hopped off.

As the camera moved back and the view widened, the girls could tell it was filmed in a park. The man took the
girl's hand in his and they walked to the slide. "Can I go
down Uncle Frank?" she said.

He nodded and she ran up the steps and sat at the top.

"Catch me!" she said, and pushed off, zipping down to the
waiting man.

He put his hands out, caught the girl under her arms, and
pressed his thumbs into her breasts. He picked her up and
she put her arms around his neck and her legs around his
waist. The man put his hands under the girl's bottom,
beneath her dress.

He carried her to a picnic table and sat her on the bench.
"Show Uncle Frank his surprise," he said.

The girl stood, reached under her dress, and lowered her
panties. She sat on the top of the table and lifted her
dress, showing the man her hairless crotch. The man sat on
the bench between her legs and pushed her on her back. He
lifted her legs over his shoulders and pressed his mouth
over her naked sex.

"It's a porno film!" Kim exclaimed.

Sally watched the action unfold and said, "Yes it is, and
it's hot!"

The two girls watched the tape. They saw the man licking
the girl and sticking his fingers into her exposed hole.
She clutched her breasts and screamed as the man used his
mouth and hands on her. After a few minutes, he stood and
lowered the fly of his pants. The girl sat up, reached
into the opening, and pulled his soft penis out. They
moved around so she was sitting on the bench in front of
him. She stroked his flaccid penis, and put it into her
mouth. The girl sucked and pulled at the penis until it
began to stiffen. As she backed her head off the tool, Kim
and Sally could see its full size.

The cousin's gasped when the man's penis was fully erect.

"That thing is huge!" Sally said.

The teens stared at the screen as they observed the girl's
lust for the big tool. She had both of her hands on it,
one on top of the other. Her fingers couldn't meet because
of the massive penis's girth. She bent forward and put the
plum shaped head into her mouth and moved her head up and
down over the thing. She released her grip on the man's
penis and grabbed his buttocks. The man gripped the young girl's pigtails and together they pulled, forcing his penis
down her throat.

Kim and Sally could see the girl's neck swell and contract
as the man moved his penis in her. She sucked on him,
causing her cheeks to pull in. They continued this
activity for a while, then the man pulled out of her throat
and mouth. The girl turned around and knelt on the table,
on all fours. The man picked up her dress and pushed his
large penis into her gaping vagina. He moved back and
forth until the entire length was buried in the girl.

The girl turned her head to look back at him, and said,
"Stuff my cunt with that big cock!"

The man began to really pound into her. The pair were
grunting and groaning as the long hard tool slid in and out
of the girl.

She folded her arms on the table and pushed her butt into
the air. The man pulled out of her vagina and put the dark
purple head of his penis against her anus. Kim and Sally
were speechless as they watched the man push himself into
the girl's rectum. He put an arm around her waist and
pumped in and out as she screamed out her instructions to
him. This went on for a little longer and then he pulled
out of her, her anus was stretched and gaped open.

She spun around and sat on his lap, facing away from him.
While he held his penis so it pointed strait up, the girl lowered herself and allowed the large member into her anus
once again. She had her feet on the bench on either side
of the man and her hands on his knees. Using her legs, she
would raise and lower herself on him, driving his penis
into her butt. The man held her by the waist and guided
her movements. After a few minutes of this position, she
again climbed off the long hard shaft.

The girl flipped over on her back on the tabletop and
opened her mouth as wide as she could and the man used his
hand to stroke himself rapidly. Soon a long thick rope of
cum erupted from the end of his penis, traveled the length
of her body, and landed on her face. The huge member
continued to spew its load, sending stream after stream of
the hot sticky cum over the girl.

When his ejaculations ceased, the girl sat up. Her face
was covered with the man's cum and it dripped off her onto
her dress. The girl used her fingers to scoop up the
substance and push it into her mouth. She kept this up
until her face was void of the sticky cum, but still shiny
with its moisture. She got up from the table and table and
took the man's hand.

As the two walked away she said, "Can we come to the park
tomorrow Uncle Frank?"

The tape ended and the screen went dark. Kim and Sally
continued to stare at the blank screen until Kim said,
"Wow! I can't believe what I just saw! Did you see the
size of that thing?"

Sally nodded yes. She was still in a slight state of
shock. Kim pressed the rewind button on the remote and
waited for the tape to return to its normal starting place.
When the machine stopped and pushed the tape out, Kim
removed it and put it away.

"Are you alright?" she asked Sally.

"I think so." Sally replied, "I have never seen a porno
film before and I had no idea that it was going to be like

The girls began to giggle and make remarks about the man and girl in the film.

"I'll bet he was bigger than Tom and Jack put together!"
Kim said laughing out loud.

"No kidding," Sally said. "Did you see her take it up her

"That must have been trick photography. Nothing that big
could fit in there."

Sally smiled at Kim, and said, "I don't know, it sure
looked real to me."

The two teens continued their comments to each other. Kim
looked at her cousin's chest. She could see Sally's hard
nipples through the thin material of her tee shirt.

"Are you turned on too?"

Sally said, "Yes I am."

Kim moved next to Sally, put her arm around her neck,
pulled her lips to hers, and kissed her with an open mouth.
The girls probed each other's mouth with their tongues.
Sally put her hand behind her cousin's head and held her
tight. Kim responded by placing her hand on Sally's breast and massaged it gently.

Quickly removing their tee shirts, they wrapped their arms
around each other and resumed their kissing. Kim moved
from Sally's lips to her chest, licking her breasts. Sally
moaned and pulled Kim's head tight to her breast. She slid
her hand down Kim's belly and cupped her crotch. She
massaged her firmly, and could feel the moisture and heat
of her sex as she parted the puffy lips and traced her slit
with her finger.

Kim turned around and knelt above Sally's head. "Slide
down," she said.

Sally moved down and diagonally on the bed. Kim bent over
and kissed her on the lips, pushing her tongue into her
mouth. The girls rolled onto their sides, facing each
other, their feet at opposite ends of the bed. As the two
kissed, they reached above their heads and held the other's

Sally scooted up a little and aligned her mouth with one
of Kim's breasts. The adjustment placed her breasts at
Kim's mouth level. They started to suck each other's
breasts and bite at the nipple they had in their mouth.
They continued to move about on the bed, each girl's head
getting closer to the other's crotch. As soon as Sally
felt Kim's hot breath on her vagina, she rolled onto her
back. Kim rolled onto her hands and knees and lowered her
crotch to Sally's mouth. She bent over, covered Sally's
hot sex with her mouth, and pushed her tongue between her
wet folds.

The girls sucked each other's clits and probed their hot
tongues into the moist cavern of the other's vagina. They
reached up and massaged the breast that their hand came in
contact with, sometimes it was their own that they rubbed
and pinched.

Sally felt her orgasm build, starting deep within her.
She moaned into Kim's mound as the first waves of pleasure
rocketed through her body. She bucked her crotch against
Kim's sucking mouth, and increased the speed of her own
tongue. Kim could also feel the shuttering movement in her
own belly. When Sally's teeth scraped her clit, Kim came
too. The girls remained locked together as they
experienced their first climax of the night.

Kim moved off Sally and lay next to her.

"I love the taste of your pussy Sally."

"Um I love yours too," Sally said, as she reached over and
ran her fingers between Kim's legs and stroked her wet slit.

Kim got up, went to her desk, removed the funny looking
vibrator, and returned to the bed. She placed the tip of
the device against Sally's vagina and slowly moved it over
her slick slit. Spreading her legs and bending her knees,
Sally waited for the feeling of fullness that the phallic
object penetrating her would soon provide. Slowly, Kim
used the blunt end of the toy to part her vaginal lips and
pushed it into her. Moving the device in and out, she
worked it deep into Sally's vagina until the small finger
contacted her clit.

When Kim flipped the small switch on the white box that
was connected to the device, Sally pushed her butt off the
bed into the air and let out a loud groan. Kim watched the
small finger flicking at her cousin's clit and her puffy
vaginal lips contort as the beaded section moved at her

Kim grabbed the base of the toy and pulled back slightly,
causing it to break contact with Sally's hardened clit.

"Put that thing back into my pussy!" she yelled. "Make it
touch my clit again."

Sally's hands were on her breasts massaging them. Kim
pushed the object back into her and the finger again began
to manipulate the frenzied girl's clit. She bent over her
and covered one of Sally's breasts with her mouth and
sucked on her nipple.

"Bite my nipple Kim," Sally cried out, reaching between
her legs and grabbing the vibrator. "Suck my tits and bite
my nipples now!"

Kim chewed on the hard nipple that was between her teeth
as her cousin twisted and pushed the dancing vibrator
against her sex. Sally grabbed Kim's hair, pulled her head
to her mouth, and kissed her roughly. As their tongues
battled in their open mouths, Kim grabbed one of Sally's
breasts and squeezed it firmly.

Screaming vulgarities into Kim's mouth, Sally reached an
earth shattering orgasm. Her body twisted and bounced on
the bed beneath Kim, her legs flailing wildly in the air.
Kim pulled away from her cousin's mouth, flipped around,
and pulled the vibrator from her quaking hole. She covered
Sally's sex with her mouth and sucked the juices that
flowed from her vagina, pressing her tongue inside.

Sally clamped Kim's head between her thighs and held her
in place, feeling another climax rush through her body
before the first one had fully subsided. Finally, Sally's
entire body became rigid and then completely relaxed.
Lying on her back panting, she felt her heart pounding
against her chest. Kim flicked at her clit lazily with her
tongue as Sally basked in the pleasure of her lust.

"Please stop Kim, my pussy can't take anymore right now."

Kim removed her head from between Sally's legs and
stretched out next to her. She stroked her hair and
watched the exhausted girls chest rise and fall with her
labored breathing. After several minutes, Sally sat up,
reached down and picked up the strange new toy and held it

"This thing is dangerous," Sally said, lying down with her
head on Kim's naked stomach. "If you had enough batteries,
you wouldn't need guys at all."

The girls laughed and made comments about the device and
its usefulness. Sally set the thing on the bed and rolled
onto her side, facing Kim's feet. She slowly traced the
heart that Kim's mom had sculpted her pubic hair into and
then moved her fingers between Kim's legs.

Sally softly rubbed the moist puffy lips of Kim's vagina and placed her finger against her clit. Making small
circles on the small hooded button, Sally felt Kim begin to
move. She removed her finger, sat up, and climbed off the

"Hold on a minute, I have to pee."

Sally disappeared into the bathroom as Kim lay still with
her eyes closed. Before leaving the bedroom, Sally grabbed
the strap on dildo and took it with her. Finished in the
bathroom, Sally went back to Kim's room with the fake penis
waving from her hips. It was all Sally could to do to keep
from laughing as she watched the long rubber dildo swing
from side to side while she walked.

"Where do you keep the toys we bought up north Kim?"

Kim never opened her eyes, she just pointed towards the
head of the bed and said, "In the nightstand top drawer."

Sally took the pliable vibrator and the bottle of scented
lubricant that Kim had bought on their vacation and moved
onto the bed. She crawled up between Kim's legs and kissed
her pubic mound softly. Pushing her tongue into Kim's
slit, Sally licked the length of it, pausing at her clit
and tapping against it with the tip of her tongue.

Kim moaned as her cousin licked and sucked at her crotch,
spreading her legs out wide. When Sally put the vibrator
into her vagina and turned it on, Kim let out a deep sigh.
Slowly pushing and twisting the buzzing object, Sally
worked it deep into Kim. She began a steady in and out
motion and kept it up until Kim began to gyrate her hips.

Sally slowly removed the vibrator, scooted up between
Kim's legs, and replaced it with the strap-ons pink rubber
penis. When she thrust the thing into Kim and grabbed her
shoulders with both hands, Kim opened her eyes and looked
up into Sally's eyes.

Putting her lips over Kim's and pushing her tongue into
her mouth, Sally began to move. She pushed the phallic
penis in and out of Kim as if she were a man. Kim wrapped
her legs around Sally's back and humped into the thrusting
girl, matching her movements. When Kim began to moan and
grind herself into the fake penis, Sally pulled out of her.

"Don't stop Sally! Put that thing in my pussy and fuck me
with it."

Sally rolled her cousin onto her stomach, pulled her butt
into the air, and reinserted the dildo into her wet vagina,
gripping her hips. She pushed in, feeling Kim's bottom
against her, reached under her and rubbed her clit.

Kim put her shoulders against the bed and pulled her knees
up, her bottom rising higher. Sally kept up her pumping,
sliding in and out of Kim's hole. Reaching over to where
she had left the bottle of lubricant, Sally picked it up
and put the cap between her teeth. She twisted the bottle
with her hand holding the cap firmly, until it was open.

Sally straightened up and trickled the sweet-scented
lotion into Kim's butt crack. She used her other hand to
spread the slippery liquid around Kim's tight pucker,
causing her to moan into the bed. Pouring more of the
substance onto her fingers, Sally replaced the cap, set the
bottle down and returned her fingers to Kim's anus.

Holding the dildo deep in Kim's vagina, she pushed her
finger against the tight opening of her butt. When Sally's
slick finger popped past the tight ring of Kim's anus and
slid all the way in, Kim groaned. Sally worked her finger
in and out of the tight opening, and began to resume the
thrusting with her hips. Feeling her tight sphincter
muscle relax, she put another finger into Kim's bottom.

"Oh god that feels good Sally. Fuck my ass and pussy,"
Kim grunted.

Kim was beginning to lose all control of herself. She
bounced around and ground her hips into the intruders that
penetrated her. Sally, sensing that Kim was getting close
to her climax, pulled the dildo out of her vagina and her
fingers out of her butt. Before Kim could protest, Sally
held the rubber penis at Kim's anus and leaned forward.
When Kim felt the thick dildo pushing into her bottom she
reached back and pulled her cheeks apart.

"Stuff that thing up my ass," she growled. "Stick it in
me and fuck me hard!"

Sally gripped her cousin's hips and slid the phallic
object deep into her bowels. When she began to move in and
out of her tight butt, Kim screamed into the bed. Shoving
her bottom back at Sally in an attempt to have the thing
deeper inside, Kim slipped and the dildo came free. She
turned around and pushed Sally onto her back, hovered over
the pink penis and, like in the video, lowered her butt
onto the device. She bounced up and down on the dildo,
feeling it fill her.

Reaching next to her, Sally picked up the dildo she had
used on Kim's vagina earlier and turned it on. She reached
around Kim and held the tip of the thing against her clit,
moving it slowly.

"Put it in, I want both holes filled."

Sally pressed the vibrator against Kim's vagina and it
slid into her hot slick hole. Kim grabbed her breasts,
squeezed them, and pulled at her nipples as she was totally
consumed with passion and lust. The feeling of the dildo
and vibrator filling her was more that she could stand.
Kim's body began to convulse and quiver as she sat down
hard on the strap-on penis that Sally had inserted into her
butt, grabbed her cousin's hand, and pushed the vibrator
into her vagina as far as it would go.

Twisting around on the dildo in her bottom to face Sally,
Kim began to lean back. Sally scrambled to her knees and
pulled Kim's legs up onto her shoulders. Gazing between
their bodies, Sally could see the very end of the vibrator
that stuck out of Kim's crotch. She reached down and began
to withdraw the buzzing device and pushed it back in as she
pulled back on the dildo in her butt. Alternating the
strokes, she moved the objects in and out until Kim screamed.

Kim's body again began tense, as she was overtaken with
her climax. She clutched at her breasts and mumbled as
Sally kept up the assault on her stretched holes. When
Kim's arms flopped onto the bed, Sally slowly removed the
two objects and slid down to taste the nectar of her
exhausted cousin. She covered Kim's sensitive vagina with
her open mouth and lapped the juices that leaked out of
her. When Kim pleaded for her to stop, Sally pulled away
and looked down at her.

Sally left Kim resting on the bed and gathered the toys
they had used. She went into the bathroom, washed and
dried the devices and returned them to their proper places.
Kim sat on the edge of the bed and watched her cousin
attend to the toys, offering to help.

"I've got it covered," Sally said. "How do you feel?"

"That was the most incredible feeling I have ever had
Sally, but I think am I going to be sore."

"You'll be surprised Kim," she said, as she put the cover
on the box of her Aunt's sex toys. "After Tom and I did
it, it didn't take any time at all to get back to normal."

Kim giggled and said, "I can't wait to have a real cock up
my ass, it just has to be better than that rubber thing not
that that was bad."

"Why don't we but your mom's things away and go sit in the
hot tub? I bet that would feel good to you right now."

"That's a great idea Sally, let's go."

The girls returned the box to the drawer where they had
found it and covered it with the sweatshirts. They went to
the pool house, turned on the hot tub, and waited for it to
come up to temperature. Stepping into the warm swirling
water, they sat down and leaned back.

"I wonder what it would be like to have two cocks in you
at the same time?" Kim said.

"I do too, I also wonder what it would be like to have a
cock like the one in the porn film in me anywhere!"

"That thing was huge, it must take some getting use to. I
don't think that girl was as young as she looked either, if
she was under eighteen it would be illegal."

"Kim, don't you think the whole movie was illegal?"

"I don't think so, they sell them in stores don't they?"

Sally thought for a moment, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Reaching between her legs, Kim lightly touched her vagina.
When she didn't feel any tenderness, she moved her fingers
to her butt and tested there.

"Everything alright?" Sally asked.

"Just fine, my pussy isn't sore at all and my butt is ok
too. It still feels like I have to go to the bathroom

The girls giggled and relaxed in the warm tub. Kim moved
around so one of the jets shot a stream of water at her
crotch and opened her legs.

"What are we going to do with Paul and Brad tomorrow?"
Sally said.

"I thought we were going to the movies and maybe swimming."

Sally giggled and said, "Yeah I know, but what are we
going to DO!"

Kim smiled at her cousin and thought for a moment. "I
don't know, how far do you think we should go with them?
I'm nowhere ready to let Paul fuck me or anything like
that, but "

"Me either Kim, I don't want them to think we are sluts or
anything. I would like to feel his cock though, even if it
is through his pants."

"Would you let Brad touch your bare boobs or your pussy?"

"My tits for sure, I don't know about my pussy though. I
might wait for awhile before I let him get that far."

"I was thinking that I would let Paul get his hands on my
boobs too, but as far as down there not bare skin, maybe on
the outside of my jeans or panties."

The girls laughed and talked about their plans for the
twins. They were about to change the subject to their
brothers when Jack and Megan walked in.

"Hi guys, what's up?" Jack asked the two girls.

"Not much, we're just relaxing here. I thought you two
were going to dinner and the movies," Kim said.

"We did, it's after ten. We thought we would stop and see
what you two were doing," Jack said.

Jack was standing behind Kim, with Megan next to him.
When she leaned her head back to see her brother, Kim was
looking right up Megan's skirt at her crotch.

"Like I said Jack, not much. We thought that the hot tub
would feel good so here we are. Feel free to join us if
you want to."

"That sounds great," Megan said, pulling her top over her
head and removing her bra. "Don't mind if I do."

Jack shrugged his shoulders and removed his clothes. When
both he and Megan were nude, they climbed into the tub and
sat next to each other. The four teens talked about the
movie that Jack and Megan had seen and the restaurant where
they ate. Kim and Sally decided to ask the twins to take
them to the same movie tomorrow.

After the four of them had spent about a half an hour in
the tub, Kim winked at Sally and said that she was getting
water logged and going to get out.

The two girls climbed out of the tub, went into the pool
house for towels, and dried off. On the way back, Kim
brought her brother and Megan each a towel and set them on
a chair near the hot tub.

"I'll see you two later," Kim said as she and Sally headed
for the family room door.

"Ok, thanks for the towels," Jack called to her as they
disappeared through the door.

Kim and Sally went through the family room and stopped
once they were out of sight.

"Do you want to spy on Jack and Megan?" Kim asked Sally.

Sally nodded and said, "How?"

Kim led Sally into the family room again, keeping low and
close to the wall. The two nude girls sat on the floor in
the shadows and looked out into the pool area. From their
vantage point, they had a clear view of the hot tub. They
watched for a while as Jack and Megan just sat and talked.
Even though they couldn't hear what was being said, they
could see Jack's lips moving.

Megan stood up in front of Jack and straddled his legs.
She sat down on his knees and pressed her mouth to his.
Jack put his arms around Megan and pulled her close,
leaving his hands resting on her butt. They kissed each
other and Megan rubbed her hands over Jack's back and head.

The two young voyeurs had profile view of the couple in
the hot tub and could easily tell what Megan was doing when
she slipped her hand between her body and Jack's. They
watched as Megan's arm moved up and down, knowing she was
stroking Jack's penis.

"She's jacking him off," Kim whispered to Sally.

They saw Jack bend his head slightly and take one of the
tall redhead's firm breasts into his mouth and suck on it.
He moved from one to the other, licking her nipples, and
then pulled her entire breast into his mouth. Megan threw
her head back and turned it from side to side as Jack
continued to suckle her small breasts.

Megan removed her hand from Jack's penis and pushed her
crotch against him. Placing both of her hands on his
shoulders, she rubbed her pubic mound against his hard shaft.

"Is she going to fuck him?" Sally asked.

"No, I don't think so Sally, she has her period."

"How do you know that?"

Kim said, "She told me about not being able to go swimming
this weekend and I told her about using tampons."

Sally put her hand on Kim's leg and rubbed her inner
thigh. As her hand crept closer to Kim's crotch, she
spread her legs. Sally finally reached her goal and ran
her finger between Kim's vaginal lips, feeling the wetness

"You are getting turned watching your brother and Megan,
aren't you?"

"Yes, it's making me hot to see them do what they're doing."

Turning their attention back to the hot tub, the two girls watched as Megan stood up and Jack sat up on the edge of
the tub. Megan slowly knelt between his legs and rested
her arms on the top of his thighs. Sliding one of her
hands up, Megan wrapped her long fingers around his penis
and began to stroke it again.

Kim moved her hand to Sally's crotch and began to rub her.
The two girls slowly masturbated each other and watched
Megan do the same thing to Jack.

Megan leaned forward, extended her tongue and licked
around the head of Jack's penis. She opened her hand and
used her tongue to lick him from his balls to the shinny
head along the bottom of his tool. When she took him into
her mouth and lowered her head, Kim gasped.

"She's going to give him a blow job," Kim said. "Do you
think she will let him cum in her mouth?"

Sally hooked her finger and slid it into her cousin's
vagina. She slowly stroked her and told Kim she didn't
know. They watched as Megan slowly bobbed her head up and
down on Jack's penis, stroking what she didn't have in her
mouth with her hand.

Jack began to lift his butt off the tiled floor as Megan
continued to suck him. She moved her hand from his shaft
and pushed down until Jack's entire penis was buried in her
mouth. Megan put her hands on Jack's butt and he put his
on the sides of her head.

Kim was beginning to feel her stomach tighten and her
nipples throb as her orgasm built deep within her. Sally
was moving two fingers in her hot vagina and bumping her
clit with her thumb.

The girls watched as Megan removed Jack's penis from her
mouth and said something to him. Jack stood up and she let
him push his manhood back into her open mouth. Holding
Megan's head, Jack began to thrust himself into her sucking mouth. Megan had one hand on his bottom and the other on
one of her breasts.

Kim and Sally watched Jack's buttocks tighten and push
forward. They could tell by the look on his face, and
Megan's cheeks, he was pumping his cum into her mouth and
she was drinking it down. When he stopped, he stood still
and looked down at Megan as she held his penis in her
mouth. Finally, she opened her mouth and let Jack's
flaccid penis slip out.

Megan stood up next to Jack, kissed him and they both
looked right at Kim and Sally and waved.

"Oh shit!" Kim said. "They knew we were watching them."

The two girls quickly removed their hands from each
other's crotches and saw Jack and Megan motion for them to
come back out to the hot tub.

Sheepishly, they stood up and walked to the glass door.
Kim slid it open and they walked out towards Jack and Megan.

"Did you two enjoy the show?" Jack said, laughing at them.

Megan smiled at the embarrassed girls, licked her lips,
and said, "Your brother is sure tasty Kim."

The two older teens laughed out loud as they watched Kim
and Sally squirm.

"How did you know?" Kim asked.

"Look," Jack said, pointing towards the family room.
"Besides, I know you two."

The girls looked where Jack was pointing and could see
that their hiding place was plainly visible from the hot
tub. The light from the hallway backlit the area they had
been kneeling in and watching.

Megan glanced at Kim's naked crotch and smiled, "Love the
trim Kim."

Jack also looked at his sister's small heart shaped pubic
hair and winked at her. She knew that he liked the fact
that she had let it grow at his request.

Kim grabbed Sally's arm and pulled her towards the family room doors.

"We will leave you two alone now," Kim said. "I'm sorry
that we spied on you."

"You guys don't have to leave, we are just going to hang
out for a while and maybe go swimming," Jack told the girls.

"Ok, if you're sure. We don't want to intrude," Kim
replied, as she released Sally's arm and turned back to the
hot tub.

"No problem Kim," her brother said. "Why don't I turn on
some music?"

The three girls nodded and he headed for the pool house.
They watched as he walked across the tile floor, noting how
his muscles flexed as he took each step. When he opened
the door and disappeared, Kim turned to Megan.

"I see you took my advice," Kim said, pointing at the
short white string that was hanging between Megan's legs.

Thinking for a moment, Megan said, "Oh, the tampon they're

The girls stepped back into the hot tub and waited for
Jack. They heard the room fill with music and saw the big
television screen light up, displaying a dance video. Kim
looked at her cousin and grinned.

"I know of a better video than that," she whispered into
Sally's ear.

Sally giggled quietly and nodded her head.

Jack came back, got into the warm water, and sat next to
Megan. The four teens talked about school and how much
they were beginning to dislike the dress code and the over
abundance of rules.

"I can't believe that you can get into trouble for kissing
your girlfriend in the parking lot," Jack said. "They
didn't allow sex in the hallways at our old school, but you
wouldn't get punished for kissing."

When Megan heard Jack refer to her as his girl friend, she
felt a lump form in her throat. She turned her head away
so the others wouldn't notice the tears that filled her
eyes. It wasn't very long ago that she would have never
entertained the idea of a date, let alone a boyfriend, and
now she was sitting in a hot tub, stark naked, with a guy
that referred to her as just that. She wiped her tears of
joy away with the back of her hand and turned back around.

Kim could tell that something had affected her friend and
she looked at her inquisitively. She moved around and sat
next to Megan, opposite her brother. Leaning close, Kim
whispered in her ear.

"Are you ok?"

Megan nodded and smiled at Kim.

Kim put her hand on Megan's arm and said, "Come with me."

The two girls stood up and stepped out of the tub. When
Sally saw them, she followed.

"What's up?" Jack asked, watching the three girls wrap
towels around their naked bodies.

"Just girl talk, we'll be right back," Kim replied.

Leaving Jack in the hot tub, the girls went to the other
side of the pool area and sat down.

"What's the matter Megan, you look like you're going to
cry. Did we do something to upset you, or did Jack?" Kim

"Oh no Kim, it's nothing like that. I just got teary eyed
because of what he said a minute ago."

"What did he say?" Sally said.

"He called me his girlfriend."

"Well," Kim said, "aren't you?"

Megan smiled and said, "I guess I am, I just never thought
that I would ever have a boyfriend, at least not one as
nice as Jack."

The three girls talked for a while, Megan going on about
how she felt and how she never thought that she would fit
in. Kim and Sally listened to her repeat the things she
had told the two girls in the past. Finally, Sally became
a bit perturbed at her friend's lack of self-confidence.

"You know Megan," Sally said, "You have to let go of that
old person that dwells inside you, and let the new Megan
take over. You keep telling us how you don't think you
deserve the things you are experiencing and that you never
thought Well frankly I think it's a bunch of bullshit!
After all, didn't you just give Jack a blowjob while we
watched? Do you really think the old Megan would have done
anything like that?"

Megan shook her head no, as she listened to Sally. Kim
put her hand on Megan's leg and started to talk to her,
picking up where Sally left off.

"Sally's right Megan, we all like you, but listening to
you whine and cry all the time is getting old. Just be
yourself, or be whatever you want to be, but let go and
have some fun."

The girls chatted for a few more minutes, stopping when
they saw Jack climb out of the hot tub. He walked over to
them and sat down.

"I have had enough of the hot tub, I'm going to get
dressed. Megan, do you want to go and get something to eat?"

Megan stood up and said, "Ok, Jack."

The two left Kim and Sally sitting in their chairs and
went to get dressed. Jack took a towel and dried off and
Megan, already dry, started to dress. Once they were
finished, they told the girls goodbye and left.

Kim stared out the large glass panels, into the dark
backyard. Her thoughts were of her brother and the fact
that he had called Megan his girlfriend. She reflected
back over the past few months, remembering all of the
things she had experienced with him and her cousins.
Putting her feet up on the chair, she wrapped her arms
around her legs and rested her chin on her knees.

"I'm going to jump into the pool Kim," Sally said,
interrupting her thoughts. "Want to join me?"

"In a minute."

Sally got up and waded into the swimming pool, diving
under the water when it reached her waist.

Kim watched as her nude cousin swam in the clear water,
noticing her bottom when it would break the surface.
Thinking about the things she and Sally had done earlier,
Kim began to question her own sexuality. She couldn't
really decide if she enjoyed being with her cousin or her
brother more. "Am I gay?" she thought to herself, "I like
the things I do with Jack, but I also enjoy being with
Sally." Her mind was cluttered with conflicting thoughts
and emotions, she thought back to her encounter with Megan
and the pleasure she had gotten from messing around with
her. "I wonder if she has told Jack about the things I've
done to her? If he knows, I wonder if he cares?"

Sally had climbed from the pool and went back to sit with

"What's up?" Sally said.

"Nothing, just thinking."

Sally, feeling playful, shook her head and splattered Kim
with water. She went behind her, put her hands over her
shoulders, and rested her hands on Kim's breasts. Tilting
her head back so she could see her cousin's face, Kim put
her hands over Sally's and held them in place.

"Do you think we are strange Sally?" Kim said, enjoying
the feeling of the hands that gently compressed and
released her flesh.

"Strange how?"

"I mean I really like it when we do things together, you
know sex things and I also like to make love with Jack.
I'm just not too sure which I like better and it's driving
me nuts thinking about it."

"Kim, I have been thinking about the same things and have
decided that I want both. I really love to feel Tom in me
and to suck him, and to have him do things to me. I love
what we do together too. I don't really like one more than
the other, so I'm just going to do both if you want to."

Kim put her head against Sally's arm and rubbed her hands.

"Of course I want to mess around with you. I like to have
you near me and touching me."

Sally released Kim's breasts, moved in front of her and
extended her hand. Kim took it and Sally pulled her out of
the chair. They walked along the edge of the pool, Sally's
arm around her waist.

"I know exactly what you need right now Kim."


Sally jumped into the swimming pool, pulling Kim with her.
When they surfaced Sally smiled at her cousin and said,
"You need to cool off!"

The two girls lounged around in the refreshing water,
their arms hooked on the pool's edge.

"I'm going to get out of here and take a shower," Kim
said. "I've had enough of swimming for one day."

Sally followed Kim into the shower and the girls quickly
washed the chlorine from their hair and bodies. After
drying themselves, they went to Kim's room and fixed their

Kim took a nightshirt from her drawer, slipped it on, and
buttoned it. Sally grabbed a pair of short pajamas from
her bag and put them on. The two girls climbed into Kim's
bed, turned on the television, and laid back to watch it.
Feeling very tired, Kim rolled onto her side, facing away
from Sally, and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight Sally, I'm tired and want to get some sleep."

Sally turned off the television, spooned up to Kim, and
put her arm around her.

"Goodnight Kim, see you in the morning."

The two girls fell asleep, Sally slowly rubbing her
cousin's stomach.


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