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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 44



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ,2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 44 (MF, mf, ff, oral, multi, inc con)
By: Dark Vision
By the time the group of parents had finished dinner, the
country club's dining room was almost empty. Marge, Anne,
Liz, and Dianne all sat together and talked about shopping
and kids while their husbands talked about golf.

"Have you heard from Lisa yet?" Liz asked Dianne.

"Yes, she called to tell me that she and Tom had arrived
at the hotel and that everything was fine." Dianne said.

"I wonder how things are working out with the two of
them?" Anne said.

Dianne chuckled and said, "I'm sure that whatever's going
to happen, will happen or already has."

Anne joined Dianne in her laughter while Liz and Marge
gave them a puzzled look.

"Okay you two, what's so funny?" Marge asked.

"Lisa and Tom decided to share a room at the workshop,
something about saving money for camera equipment or
something. We were just laughing about what might be going
on between the two of them." Dianne said.

"Aren't you worried Dianne?" Liz asked.

"About what? If those two are going to fool around, they
sure don't have to go that far away to do it." Dianne

Liz just shook her head. She couldn't believe that Lisa's
mother was being so calm about her daughter spending the
weekend with a boy, and in the same hotel room at that.

"I guess I'm still having a little trouble getting use to
all of this girls, all of you seem so at ease talking about
sex and even talking about your kids having sex."

The women continued to discuss the sexual activity of
their children and the fact that they really had no control
over it. Liz fought hard to keep from telling her friends
about her experience with Megan and Jerry, and what the
three of them had done, but she managed to hold on to the

The guys were chatting about next year's golf season.
Jerry had promised himself that he would not work so hard
and told the guys that he planned to join them as often as
he could. All of a sudden, Bob changed the subject and
caught Jerry off guard.

"You know guys, we have some hot little daughters. I
really enjoyed watching them in the pool the other day,"
Bob said.

"No shit Bob, sometimes I wish I was twenty years
younger," Don said. "I wouldn't mind having a go with some
of that young stuff."

Marc nodded and Jerry sat in shock. Immediately the
vision of Megan's mouth around his penis filled Jerry's
mind, remembering the night he shared with his wife and
young daughter.

"When Sally and Kim walk around in nothing but a towel, or
those tiny bikinis, it's all I can do to keep from getting
hard," Marc chuckled.

"Have any of you ever thought about doing anything with
your daughter's?" Jerry asked the other men.

"Hell yes," Don said. "What man in his right mind
wouldn't want some of that sweet young pussy? I have
thought about it quite often as a matter of fact."

Marc and Bob both added their opinion and soon the men were making remarks about the cute young girls. Jerry
joined their chatter, but in the back of his mind was Megan.

"Do you guys think you would ever act on your
fantasies given the opportunity?" Jerry asked.

"That's hard to say, I guess if the conditions were just
right and she really wanted to, I might consider it." Marc
said, and then added, "Maybe not I really don't know. It's
been a fantasy lately, but to really have sex with my
daughter "

Don and Jerry said they too might consider if no one would
be hurt, but it would have to be the girl's idea. They all
felt strongly that initiating sex with the teenage girls would be wrong. They were still talking about the subject
when they heard Liz ask what they were talking about.

Looking around to be sure they were alone in the dining
room, Don said, "We're just talking about having sex with
our daughters."

Marge, Anne, and Dianne began to laugh and Liz locked her
eyes to her husband's. Jerry smiled and shook his head no,
letting her know that he had said nothing about the
threesome with Megan. Liz let out a sigh of relieve and
joined in the laughter.

"That's nice guys, do you mind if we do the boys?" Marge

Everyone at the table was laughing and making remarks
about having sex with the teenagers. The women teased
their husbands about the ability of the young guys to
quickly recharge and the guys commented on how tight the
girls would be.

"Does anyone want to take a sauna?" Bob asked the group,
breaking up the chatter. "The health club is closed and we
can have it to ourselves tonight."

"That sounds great!" Anne said.

The group discussed Bob's suggestion and all decided to
go. While the guys took care of the check, the women
waited in the foyer.

"Liz, have you ever thought about swinging?" Dianne asked.

"Doing what?" Liz said with a puzzled look.

"Swinging, you know having sex with another person and
your husband doing the same thing."

"I have never had sex with anyone other than Jerry," Liz
said. "I don't think he would be into it at all and
frankly, I've never thought about it myself. Why do you

Dianne smiled and said, "Oh, just curious I guess."

The four men walked into the foyer, Don and Jerry each
carried two bottles of white wine, with the corks partly
removed. Marc had a stack of plastic cups and Bob a large
bucket of ice.

"Let's go," Bob said, leading the group through the club
and using his keys to open locked doors.

When they reached the redwood room, Bob flipped a switch
to start the heater, set down the ice and began to remove
his clothes. Wearing only his underwear, Bob went to a
cabinet and took out a stack of towels and put them in the
sauna. The rest of the group stripped and the eight naked
adults went into the sauna.

Bob and Dianne took towels and spread them on the tiered
wooden benches and the rest of the group did the same.
When everyone was seated, Don began pouring wine into the
cups that Marc held out. Marc passed the full cups around
handing one to each of them. When everybody had a cup of
wine, Don proposed a toast.

"To good friends and great things to come," he said.

"Here, here." Everyone said and raised their cups before
drinking from them.

The group began to talk about different things and Bob got
up and poured water over the hot rocks, filling the room
with steam.

Anne laid down on one of the benches and put her head on
her husband's thigh. When she stretched her legs out, they
came to rest against Bob's thigh. She smiled at him and
Dianne, and then began to slowly rub her foot over his skin.

Soon the talk turned to sex and Marge asked Dianne about
the first time she did anything with a guy. Don refilled
the plastic cups with a new bottle of chilled wine he
removed from the bucket of ice.

"Do you mean kissing or petting or what?" Dianne asked.

"We will start with kissing," Marge said.

"The first time I can remember kissing a boy was when I
was twelve. He was fourteen and lived next door to us. We
were playing hide and seek in the backyard and he found me
behind the garage. He put his arms around me and kissed me
right on the lips, without even asking." Dianne said.

"Did you kiss him back?" Anne asked.

"I didn't really know what to do, I had never kissed a boy before. I just stood there and let him shove his tongue
into my mouth. I guess I didn't protest too much though.
We kept our lips locked together for what seemed like an
hour, but I stopped him when he put his hand on my tit."

"Did you ever do anything else with him?" Liz said,
joining the game.

Everyone in the sauna had their eyes on Dianne as she
answered the questions about her first encounter with a
boy. Bob, who already knew the story, was more interested
in Anne's foot as she continued to caress him with it. He
let his hand drift to her shin and rested it there.

"Not that day, but over the next few weeks we would go
behind the garage every chance we could. It was always the
same, a lot of sloppy kissing and then he would try to feel
me up. One day, I didn't knock his hand away and he spent
twenty minutes mauling my tits through my shirt and bra."

Dianne took a long drink from her cup, put her back
against the wall, and continued her tale.

"We lived in a bungalow and my bed room was upstairs. If
I left the shade open, he could see right into my room.
After our second or third session of kissing and him
touching my tits, I decided to tease him. One night I was
in my room with the lights off and the shade open. When I
saw him in his room I turned on a light and, acting like I
didn't know he was there, began to change my clothes. The
minute I took my shirt off I saw his room go dark. I knew
he was watching, but I still wanted him to see me. I took
off my shorts and walked around in my bra and panties for a
half an hour. Finally, I took off my bra and gave him a
good look before I turned off my light and put on my

"Did he know that you did it on purpose?" Marge asked.

"Not at first, I went through the same ritual every night
for about a week. The next time we were behind the garage,
I asked him if he enjoyed watching me change my clothes.
He got so red that I bet you could've fried an egg on his
cheek. We spent the next hour kissing and I even let him
put his hand under my tee shirt and touch my bra. I told
him that it was only fair that he undressed for me to see.
That night, I watched him and saw my first hard cock and he
saw his first pussy."

"How far did you end up going with him?" Liz asked,
feeling slightly aroused by the combination of the story,
the wine, the hot sauna, and the naked bodies around her.

"We played the stripping game for a few more nights and I
even watched him jack off once. When I saw that it got my
curiosity up and the next time we were alone I asked him to
take his cock out so I could see it. I was fascinated by
the thing and just had to touch it. When I rubbed him he
came in about ten seconds and shot his cum all over my
legs. He talked me into pulling my shorts down and I let
him play with my pussy for a bit before we had to leave.
He left for vacation with his parents the next day and,
while he was gone, I lost interest in him and we never did
anything more."

"Ok Marge, your turn." Dianne said.

Marge told the story about her and Anne teasing Marc and
Don and getting one another off, avoiding any reference to
things they did with their own brothers.

Jerry got up, poured more water on the rocks, and filled
the cups with more wine. When he sat back down, he put his
back against the side of the sauna and pulled Liz around so
she was sitting between his legs, resting her back against
his chest. She bent her legs, placed her feet flat on the
bench, and wrapped her arms around her knees, blocking
Don's view of her neatly trimmed crotch.

Don and his wife shared the same bench with the Liz and
Jerry. When Marge saw what Jerry had done, she giggled to
herself, turned her back to the opposite side and had Don
sit between her legs like Liz was doing to Jerry. Don also
bent his knees and put his feet on the bench, only inches
from Liz's toes, but he wasn't nearly as modest and gave
her a clear view of his soft penis and hanging balls.

"Ok Liz, your turn, fess up." Marge said looking past her
and at Jerry.

"I'm afraid that my early sex life wasn't as nearly as
exciting as the rest of yours. My first kiss was with my
cousin when we were both fifteen. We were at a family function and went for a walk together. After walking down
by a small stream that ran through my Uncle's property, we
sat down and started to talk. One thing led to another and
he convinced me to play 'I'll show you mine if you show me
yours.' I didn't really want to play the game with him,
but I didn't want him to think I was a chicken either."

Liz felt her husband's penis begin to move behind her and
she wiggled slightly to let him know she was aware.

Jerry looked over to Marge and saw a tight smile on her
lips. When she stretched her arms over her head and
shifted so he could see her breasts, Jerry's penis jumped
against his wife's bottom.

"Go on Liz," Jerry said, moving his hands over her ribs
and touching the sides of her breasts.

"He told me to go first, so I lifted my dress and let him
see my panties. After a couple of minutes, I put my dress
down and told him that it was his turn. He undid his pants
and shoved them, and his underwear, down to his knees. He
just stood there with his penis sticking straight out from
his crotch. I had never seen one before so I moved closer
to get a better look. He said it wasn't fair that I got to
see him naked and her didn't get to see me. He asked to
see my boobs so I unbuttoned my dress and pulled my bra up,
never taking my eyes off his erection."

Liz was getting really turned by her husband hands and her
reminiscing. When Jerry saw her relax her legs a little,
he moved his hands to her knees and gently pushed them
slightly apart. Don could see her labia and the glistening
moisture that had formed along her hairless slit. He moved
his foot in her direction and she moved her feet to allow
his passage.

"There we stood," Liz continued, watching Don's foot inch
closer to her crotch. "He had his dick out and I was
exposing my boobs. He reached out and put his hand on me
and rubbed my boob roughly, so I touched his penis. We
fondled each other until he came. The sight of his cum squirting out of his dick startled me so bad that I let go
of him and ran back to the house, fixing my dress as I
went. We never did anything else or even talked about that
day again. The next time I saw a man naked was with Jerry."

Liz kept a close watch on Don's foot, as it got closer to
her. When she tried to close her legs, Jerry began to kiss
her neck and ear, still holding her knees apart. She felt
Don's foot against her inner thigh and turned her face to
her husband. Jerry covered her mouth with his and pushed
his tongue into her, probing for her tongue. When Don's
foot touched her crotch, she gasped into her husband's
mouth and she pulled away.

Jerry covered her breasts with his hands and massaged
them, tweaking her hardening nipples. He gazed into her
wide-open eyes and whispered into her ear.

"It's up to you Lizzie."

She kept looking into his eyes and mouthed, "Are you sure
about this?"

Jerry nodded and moved a hand to her knee again and pushed
her legs open for Don. She resumed kissing him and felt
Don begin to rub her with his foot. Her moaning began and
suddenly she felt the pressure of Don's foot disappear from
her vagina. When she felt a finger penetrate her, she
opened her legs without assistance.

Supporting her back, Jerry slid from behind her and laid
her back onto the bench. He moved to Marge and began to
kiss her as Don covered Liz's crotch with his mouth and
pushed his tongue into her. After licking her and nibbling
on her clit for a few minutes, Don kissed his way up her
body and put his lips to hers. She responded to him by
opening her mouth and letting his tongue explore hers.

On the tier below them, Liz and Don saw Marc fondling
Dianne's breasts, as she lay on her back, and she was
stroking her husband's penis. Anne had her mouth over
Marc's tool and was wetting it with her spit. When she saw
Dianne had released Bob's penis, Anne quickly moved from
her husbands to his.

"Oh Marge suck my cock," Liz heard her husband say.

She looked over and saw Marge Kneeling on the bench below
him, her mouth covering his hard member. Liz watched her
completely engulf her Jerry's penis and press her nose into
his pubic hair.

Not wanting to be left out, Liz moved down to the bench
and swung Don's legs around so he sat on the bench like
Jerry was. She bent down and licked his thick member and
then took it into her mouth. While she sucked on Don, she
kept trying to take more and more of him, but she gagged
when he bumped against the opening of her throat. Liz
turned her eyes up to Don and he smiled.

"You're fine Liz, you make my cock feel good doing just
what you are doing."

Liz went back to sucking on him and bobbing her head up
and down. She tried, but was unable to take him all into
her mouth. She felt someone pulling her hips down and then
felt a hot tongue swipe across her dripping vagina. She
moaned around Don's penis as the tongue snaked its way into
her opening. She couldn't tell who was eating her so she
pulled off Don and looked down to see that she was
straddling Dianne's head.

Returning her mouth to Don's penis, she soon felt a pair
of hands encase her hanging breasts and begin to rub them.
Liz was drifting into a daze from all of the strange
sensations she felt. The probing tongue had stopped and
she felt her hips being pulled up. The next thing she
knew, someone was sliding a penis into her vagina.

Again, Liz removed her mouth for Don's penis and looked to
see who was entering her. Bob was standing behind her,
pumping his shaft into her hole. She glanced around to see
what the others were doing before taking Don back into her

Jerry was on his back with Dianne squatting over his hard
penis. She was bouncing up and down on it facing Marge,
who was sitting on his face and grinding her hips into his
probing tongue. Marc stood next to them and looked down as
Dianne licked him along the length of his manhood. Liz was
shocked to see Marge take Marc's penis into her hand, guide
it into her open mouth, and make it disappear.

Deciding that the display of incest was just due to the
heat of the moment, Liz returned her attention to Don. She
used her hand to stroke his salvia-covered penis and moved
up to kiss him. Bob continued to pump in and out of her
heated vagina and she felt the waves of her orgasm begin to
build. Her vagina contracted around Bob's penis and he
pushed himself into her as far as he could. As her intense
climax ripped through her body, Liz felt a tongue tapping
against her engorged clit. She peered down and saw the top
of Anne's head between her legs, moving her mouth from her
crotch to Bob's hanging balls and back.

Feeling a little dizzy from the attention, Liz put her
mouth back on Don's penis and drove it into the back of her
mouth. Don began to buck his hips and suddenly, Liz felt
his long hard tool push past the tight opening at the back
of her mouth and into her throat. She felt panicked by the
sensation and began to gag around the intruding shaft of
thick flesh. The vibrations of her gagging caused Don to
erupt into her throat, sending surges of his cum into her.
She pulled back, leaving half of his spurting penis in her
mouth and swallowed his offering.

Bob had pulled his penis out of her and stuffed it into
Anne's mouth. Liz released Don's shrinking member and
watched as Anne sucked on Bob, his penis covered with Liz's
slick juices.

Don pulled Liz up onto the bench next to him and the pair
gazed down at the tangled bodies below. They watched as
each member of the group came, filling various orifices
with cum and vaginal juices. Soon, the group disengaged
each other and collapsed into a pile of satisfied, sweating

Once everyone had regained their composure, Don refilled
the plastic cups with cold wine. They all drank slowly,
welcoming the cool refreshing taste of the wine.

Bob stood up and moved to his wife, resting against her
still heated body. She reached into his lap and picked up
his limp penis and fondled it gently.

"I could use a shower," Dianne said, as she stroked her
husband's penis. "It looks like these guys are all done."

The women all joked about their husband's spent manhood,
each of them moving to their mate and fondling them.

"Oh, I don't know," Anne said. "I bet I can get a rise
out of one of them."

Anne moved to the center of the sauna and knelt on the
floor. She grabbed a towel, folded it, and put it under
her knees. Smiling, she shifted her eyes from one of the
guys to the next.

"Anyone want to give it a try?" Anne asked.

Bob jumped up and stood in front of Anne, putting his
hands on the side of her head.

"Well," Bob said, "I for one could never pass up the
chance of getting my cock sucked."

Anne giggled, wrapped her hand around his semi hard penis,
and pulled it into her mouth. The rest of the group
watched as she sucked in his entire length and cupped his
balls in her hand. Slowly she backed off and let the
stiffening flesh slip out of her lips, and watched it waver
in front of her face. She stroked him several times and
took him back into her mouth, sucking him in until her nose
was nestled into his pubic hair.

Marge was the next to get up and kneel next to her sister-
in-law, smiling up at the remaining trio of men. Jerry
went to her, offered his penis and she slipped it into her

Liz moved from her seat and joined the other two women on
the floor.

"I want to suck a cock too," Liz said.

Marc scrambled off the bench and stood before Liz, his
penis in hand.

"You haven't sucked my cock yet Liz, here you go," Marc

Liz took his penis in and held it snuggly between her
lips. She felt the hot flesh begin to expand and fill her
mouth, pressing at the opening of her throat. Grabbing
Marc's buttocks, she held him tightly against her and let
his penis extend past her opening and into her throat. She
felt herself begin to gag, but relaxed and allowed him
grow. When his penis was at its full size, she began to
slowly move her mouth over it.

Dianne and Don looked at one another and joined the rest
on the floor of the sauna. Soon all four men were pumping
their hips into the vacuuming mouths of the woman that
knelt before them.

As the action heated up and the guys increased their speed
and then Don yelled, "Switch!"

The four men began to laugh and withdrew their penises
from the woman in front of them and offered them to another

Liz took Bob into her mouth and Dianne sucked on Jerry.
Marc and Don were left with their choice of their wives or
their sister's. There was no doubt to which each of them
would have preferred, but they selected their wives.

Hearing her husband begin to moan, Liz glanced at him and
Dianne. She watched as Dianne pulled Jerry's penis out of
her mouth and began to stroke him rapidly. Not wanting to
miss what she thought was about to happen, Liz released
Bob's throbbing member and stroked him while watching her

When the first rope of sticky hot cum shot out of Jerry's
penis and struck Dianne on the nose, Liz gasped. The next
thing she knew Bob was beginning to cum, hitting her on the
cheek. When she turned to him another stream of cum hit
her on the forehead and ran down her face. Opening her
mouth, Liz tried to direct the pulsing jets of semen onto
her waiting tongue, but her aim was off and Bob continued
to spray her face.

Marge and Anne had taken their husbands' penises out of
their mouths and they too were jacking on the hard members.
When Don began to cum, Marge pointed his penis at Anne and
watched his cum strike his sister's face. Anne also
pointed Marc at Marge and the two men sprayed their
sister's faces.

Completely drained, the guys backed up and sat on a bench,
looking at the cum covered faces of the women in front of
them. Their breathing was a bit labored as they rested,
sipping from their cups of wine.

Dianne felt a tingling in her loins and was not quite
ready to quit. She reached out for Marc and pulled him
from the bench.

"You guys aren't done yet," Dianne informed them, "Lay on
the floor Marc, I need my pussy licked."

Marc reclined on the wooden floor and Dianne lowered her
hot vagina onto his mouth. The other three guys moved from
the bench, laid on the floor and pulled one of the women
down onto their waiting tongues.

Anne felt Jerry's tongue drag along her slit, from her
clit to her tight pucker and back. She moaned when he took
her clit between his lips and sucked it firmly, poking at
it with the tip of his tongue.

Liz squatted over Bob, her face still covered with his
hardening cum, and lowered her crotch to his face. She
felt his tongue press into her vagina and started to grind
her hips against him. She let out a groan from deep in her
throat and began to massage her breasts.

Marge presented herself to Don as he lay beneath her.

"This isn't fair," Marge protested. "I can get my pussy licked by my husband anytime I want to."

Liz giggled and switched with Marge. The two women
settled back down onto their new partner's mouths and
relished the feelings they were providing. Liz was the
first to reach the summit of her pleasure and flood Don's
mouth with her sweet juices. She could feel him sucking her nectar into his mouth and feel his tongue lapping at
her swollen vaginal lips. When the quivering in her body
subsided, she rose up off him and sat next to his head.
Liz watched as her friends reached their own climaxes and
soon all of the women were as exhausted as their husbands.

Slowly the group began to move, gathering the empty
bottles and cups. They picked up the towels and made their
way to the shower rooms. Deciding to shower together, they
all went to the men's locker room and into the shower room.

The group paired up with their spouses and washed each
other. When they were finished they dried themselves and
began to dress. Once they were all fully clothed, Bob went
around and turned off the sauna and the lights. The four
couples made idle small talk as they left for the parking
lot and the ride home.

"Are you okay with what happened tonight?" Jerry asked Liz.

"I think so, it all happened so fast that I really didn't
think about it I just joined in."

Liz thought back to the sauna and the sexual activities
that she and Jerry had participated in. She started to
feel a little excited remembering the sight of her husband
with two other women making love to him.

"I must admit," she continued, "The sight of you being
fucked by Dianne and eating out Marge's pussy at the same
time really turned me on. Then to have Don's cock in my
mouth and Bob's in my pussy well, I thought I was going to
faint from the pleasure."

"Do you think you would do that again?"

Without any hesitation Liz said, "Yes."

"You know Lizzie, you're the only woman I didn't get to
have sex with tonight."

Liz chuckled, slid across the seat next to her husband,
and put her feet on the hump in the floor of the car. She
pulled her skirt up, exposing her thighs, put her hand on
Jerry's lap and gently squeezed him.

"Do you think you can get this thing up again tonight?"
She said.

Jerry put his hand on her knee and gripped it lightly. He
slowly slid his hand along her thigh, massaging her soft
flesh until it bumped into her naked crotch. He looked at
her and smiled.

"No panties? My, aren't we becoming a little daring!"

"Surprised? I thought you'd like it."

Liz parted her legs a bit more, giving Jerry access to her
wet vagina. She pulled the zipper down on his slacks,
reached into the fly, and wrapped her fingers around his
soft penis.

"I'm very surprised, and I do like it," he said as he
slipped his finger into her.

"You know Jerry, we've never done it in a car before.
Want to give it a try?"

Jerry removed his hand from between his wife's legs,
turned off the main road onto a side street and parked in
front of a dark house. He looked around to be sure that no
one was looking out their window and turned to Liz.

"Sweetheart, you continue to amaze me. In the past few
days you have made most of my fantasies come true. I have
always wanted to make love to you in a car, but never
thought you would go along with it. Now here we are
you're pulling on my cock, you're not wearing panties, and
you want to do it in the car. I just can't help but wonder
what other things you have in store for me."

Liz removed her hand from his slacks and began to unfasten
his belt. She slid over to the passenger's side and told
him to move into the middle of the seat. When Jerry had
repositioned himself, she continued undoing his pants. She
helped him work them down his legs, letting them gather at
his ankles. She took his penis into her hand and began to
stroke it.

"We really don't have the time to make love," she said as
she bent forward. "I just want to fuck you, if that's all

Liz took his penis into her mouth and sucked it firmly.
When she had brought him to a full erection, she hiked up
her skirt, put her leg over his legs, and guiding him with
her hand, lowering herself onto him. She wiggled her butt
and felt him slide in, her vagina still slick with another
man's cum.

"Oh god that feels good," Jerry said, covering her breasts with his hands.

Moving her hands to the front of her blouse, she quickly
unbuttoned it and pulled it open. She unhooked the purple
lace bra she was wearing and pulled his mouth to her
breast. When Jerry took her nipple between his teeth and
bit down gently, she moaned and began to bounce up and down
on his hard penis.

"Suck my nipple while I fuck your cock Jerry," she moaned.

Jerry tried to keep her nipple in his mouth as she moved
wildly on him. He held her by the sides and pulled her
tight, but her movement was just too eradiate. She held
onto his shoulders and raised herself up until only the
head of his penis was in her, and then slammed down and
ground her hips into him.

Using all his strength, Jerry lifted Liz off his hard
penis, flipped her around so she was facing into the back
seat and pulled her skirt up over her back. He knelt on
the floor, grabbed her hips, and drove his penis into her

Liz held the back of the seat and pushed back against her
husband's driving member as it moved in and out of her.
Each time his hips would slam into her firm bottom, she
would let out a grunt. She took one hand from the back of
the seat, put it between her legs, and began to rub her clit.

"Fuck me Jerry, stuff my pussy with you hard cock, and
make me cum."

Jerry could feel his balls begin to tighten and knew that
he would soon add his cum, to the cum she already had in
her. He groaned and increased his speed.

"I'm going to cum Lizzie, I going to cum in your hot pussy!"

Liz kept her fingertips flying over her hard clit and
moved to match her husband's thrusts. She felt her own
orgasm begin and her vagina contract around his penis. The
muscles in her butt clinched and she threw her head back,
screaming as her climax ran through her body.

When he felt her hot vagina contract around his penis, he
emptied his balls into her quivering sex, holding her tight
against him. When his brief spasms stopped, he fell
against her back and gasped for breath.

They separated and Jerry pulled his underwear and slacks
back up. He slid over, held the steering wheel, and
watched his wife fix her clothes. When she had finished
buttoning her blouse, she moved over next to her husband,
pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him.

"Is that what you had in mind? Was fucking in the car
what you thought it would be?" Liz said.

"It was great Lizzie, although I do prefer our bed."

Jerry started the car, pulled away from the curb, and
drove slowly down the street. Liz pulled her skirt up so
her husband could see the thin strip of pubic hair on her
mound and called his attention to her.

"Are you going to stay like that all the way home Lizzie?


Jerry turned off the side street and onto the main road.
Liz kept her skirt up for a few more minutes, but decided
that it was too risky and pulled it down over her knees.
The couple talked about their newfound sex life and shared
some of the things they would like to experience. Jerry
discovered that his wife had many fantasies, some of them
the same as his. She told him that she wanted to make love
outdoors, play with sex toys, and that she also wanted to
try nudism.

Jerry pulled into the driveway and saw Jack's trucked
parked near the house. He pulled his car into the garage
and the two went inside. They could hear the stereo
playing in the family room and went to say hi to their
daughter and Jack. When they walked into the room, they
saw the two teens asleep on the couch, in each other's arms.

Liz whispered, "Don't wake them Jerry. I'll call Marge
and let her know that Jack is here and asleep."

Jerry nodded and Liz took a blanket and covered the two
kids. Jack had on his slacks and shirt, Megan was in a
pair of satin pajamas. When Liz pulled the blanket near
their necks, Megan opened her eyes. Her mom smiled at her
and put her finger to her lips.

"Go back to sleep honey," she said to Megan.

The young girl smiled, snuggled up to Jack, and closed her
eyes. Liz left the room, went to the kitchen, called
Marge, and told her about the kids. Marge thanked her for
calling and they told each goodnight. Liz turned off the
lights and followed her husband to their bedroom.

"I have to take a quick shower Jerry, your cum ran down my
legs and I'm all sticky."

Liz took off her clothing and walked into the bathroom.
She paused at the door, turned around, and asked her
husband if he would like to join her. Quickly shedding his
clothing, he followed her into the bathroom and joined her
in the shower. Standing under the warm shower, Jerry
pulled his wife to him and hugged her tightly. He tilted
her face to his and softly kissed her lips.

"You know," he said. "I don't ever want to go back to the
way we were. The past days have been so much fun and I
have rediscovered just how much I love you."

"I love you too Jerry. I've had a ball too and want to
keep exploring new things like we talked about in the car."
Liz said, and reached down, covered his penis with her hand
and squeezed him.

Jerry removed her hand and said, "No more tonight Lizzie,
I've cum more tonight that I have in a long time, and I
don't think I can get it up again."

Liz let go of him, smiled, and picked up the soap. She
covered his body with suds and rubbed him with her hands.
When she was finished washing him, he did the same for her.
They both dried off and went to bed, without pajamas.
Snuggling together, they fell asleep.

Kim woke up and climbed out of her bed, leaving Sally
sleeping soundly. She looked out the window and saw it
was very sunny outside. She thought about the upcoming
day, and what she and her cousin would do with the twins.
Leaving her room and crossing the hall to her brother's,
she looked in at his empty bed and saw it was still made.

Downstairs in the kitchen Kim found her mom sitting at the
counter in her robe, drinking coffee.

"Morning mom, where's Jack?" Kim asked.

"Good morning Kim, he fell asleep at Megan's house last
night. Mrs. Stone called and said Jack was sleeping on the
couch and she didn't want to wake him up. So, what do you
and Sally have planned for today?"

Kim poured a glass of orange juice and sat next to her mom.

"I don't know yet mom, Paul and Brad asked us if we wanted
to go to the show or something."

"It is a beautiful day today Kim, it's going to be sunny
and eighty. Maybe you guys could find something to do
outdoors. We aren't going to have too many more nice days
this year, winter is just around the corner."

"Too bad Jack has the boat put away for the winter, we
could all go for a ride. Where is dad this morning?"

"He's still in bed, we were up late last night with your
Aunt and Uncle, the Stone's and the Phillips'. We all went
to the club for dinner and drinks."

"Cool, did you guys have fun?"

"Yes, we had a great time. Lisa and Megan's parents are a
lot of fun to be with."

The phone rang and Marge got up to answer it. She told
Kim it was Paul and he wanted to talk to her.

Kim took the phone from her mom, talked with the boy for
several minutes, and hung up.

"So what's the plan?" Marge asked.

"They want to come over and hang around today. He didn't
say anything about the show."

"Well, it's ok with me if that's what you guys want to do.
When are they coming over?"

"I have to call him back. I think I will go and get Sally
up and see what she wants to do."

Kim ran up the stairs and into her room. She leaped onto
the bed and began to tickle Sally's ribs, calling for her
to wakeup. Sally tried to push her away, but Kim wouldn't
stop her assault. When Sally rolled onto her back, Kim
climbed on her and sat on her hips.

"Time to get up," Kim said, pinning Sally's arms over her
head. "Paul called, he and Brad want to come over and hang
out today."

Sally struggled under Kim, but couldn't free herself. She
looked up and smiled at Kim, pleading with her eyes to be
released. Kim smiled back at her, released her grip on
Sally, and slowly slid her hands down her arms. When she
reached her chest, Kim covered Sally's breasts with her
hands and squeezed them.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" Sally said.

"Warming you up for Brad," Kim giggled.

Sally pushed Kim's hands away and said, "He doesn't need
any help."

Kim moved off Sally and sat next to her on the bed. They
talked about having the boys over and what they could do
today. While they chatted, the phone rang again. Kim
picked it up and talked to Paul, telling him that she was
talking to Sally and they were trying to decide what to do.
After she hung up with him Kim turned to Sally.

"Let's get dressed Sally and go and see what it is like
outside. Maybe we could walk over to the park or
something. If we don't tell those two guys what we want to
soon, I think they will go nuts"

"Ok," she said, climbing out of bed and laughing at Kim's

Sally took off her pajamas and asked Kim if she was going
to shower. Kim nodded and pulled her nightshirt over her
head and the two girls went into the bathroom. They jumped
into the shower together and finished quickly. When they
had dried off, fixed their hair, and brushed their teeth,
they went to dress for the day.

"My mom said it was really nice outside, maybe I'll wear
shorts today," Kim said.

Opening her dresser, Kim pulled out a cute yellow bra and
matching bikini panties. She stepped into the panties,
pulled them over her hips, and put on her bra. Sally took
a black bra and thong panties from her bag and put them on.

"Can I raid your closet Kim?"

"Sure, wear what you want."

Sally went into the closet and came out with a red miniskirt and a dark blue top.

Kim selected a pair of brown cargo shorts and a tan button
down top. When the girls were dressed, they went down to
the kitchen for breakfast. They took cereal from the
cupboard and milk from the refrigerator. Sitting at the
counter, they ate and talked with Marge. Once finished,
the girls went outside to see how warm it was.

While they were meandering around outside, Jack pulled up,
parked his truck and jumped out.

"Morning Jack," Kim said. "Where is Megan?"

"She is at home," Jack replied. "What are you two going
to do today?"

"We haven't decided yet Jack, Paul and Brad want to do
something, but we don't really know what." Sally said.

Jack glances at the sky and noticed that there wasn't a
cloud in site. He leaned against the truck and watched his
sister and cousin walking around on the driveway.

"I should go and get the boat and take it out today," Jack
said. "It is beautiful out here. I'll bet there isn't
anyone on the lake today."

Kim moved next to her brother and also leaned against the
truck. She smiled at him and said, "That's what I said to
mom this morning. It's too bad you have it all put away
for the winter."

"That's really no problem Kim, the building that dad
rented for the boat is heated and all I would have to do is
go and get it. There are a few things to do, but not that
much. Why, would you want to go?"

"Yes!" Kim and Sally said in unison.

"Ok, let me call Megan and see if she wants to go with us,
you two can call Paul and Brad if you want to."

Kim and Sally ran into the house, called the twins, and
asked them if they wanted to go for a boat ride. They said
that they would be over in a few minutes and hung up.

Jack called Megan and told her that he would pick her up
in a little while.

The two girls went to Kim's room to gather a few things,
packed them into a duffle bag and Sally carried it
downstairs. Kim went to Jack's room and walked in. He was
in the shower so she called him through the closed bathroom
door. When he told her to come in, she opened the door and
walked into the steamy room.

"Do you want me to get anything ready for you Jack?" She
asked him, as she peered into the shower and watched him
washing himself.

"You could get some sodas and put them into a cooler and
maybe make a few sandwiches for everyone Kim. I will be
finished in here in a few minutes."

Kim left the room, went down to the kitchen, and took
several cans of soda out of the refrigerator. She went out
to the garage, found a cooler, and took it into the house.
After putting the sodas into the cooler, she covered the
cans with ice and asked Sally to help make the sandwiches.

Just as they finished fixing the lunch, they heard Marge
answer the front door. Dianne and her two boys came into
the kitchen, followed by Marge. They all sat at the
counter and watched Kim and Sally finish packing the cooler.

"Hi Mrs. Phillips, hi Paul, hi Brad," Kim said. "How are
you guys today?"

"I'm great Kim," Paul said. "Thanks for asking us to go
on the boat with you."

Sally also greeted the boys and their mother. The teens
all went into the family room to wait for Jack and the two
adults sat in the kitchen. Don came down and joined the
women, he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat at the

"What is Bob up to today Dianne?" Don asked.

"He went to the club to work around the pro shop. You
should give him a call. Maybe you, Marc, and Jerry could
play golf with him today. Marge and I could go shopping
with Anne and Liz if they aren't doing anything," Dianne

"Sounds good to me, I think I will call the guys."

Don went to the phone and began arranging the golf game.
When he was finished, Marge called Liz and Anne. The women
all agreed to go to the outlet mall and have lunch. Liz
told Marge that she would bring Megan over with her so Jack
didn't have to make the trip.

Sally told Kim she was going to change and asked if she
could borrow another outfit.

"Of course Sally," Kim said. "What's the matter, don't
you want to wear a mini on the boat?"

"No, I don't think it would be such a good idea."

"I do!" Brad said with a big smile.

"Oh you do, do you. Well that's just too bad because I'm
going to wear jeans and a sweater."

Kim giggled when she saw her cousin wink at her.

Sally went to Kim's room and changed from her miniskirt
into a pair of bibbed denim shorts and a button down crop-
top. She ran downstairs and asked Jack if they could stop
at her house so she could pickup her warm-up suit in case
if got cold.

"That's a good idea Sally," Kim said. "I'm going to take
mine too."

Kim took the duffle bag up to her room and packed her
nylon suit into it.

Megan and her mom showed up and Jack took her into the
family room with the rest of the kids. They all greeted
each other and then, after telling their parents goodbye,
they left to get the boat.

Jack and Megan jumped into the front seat, Kim and Sally
sat with the twins in back. As they drove to Sally's, the
two boys told Jack that they hadn't gone out on a boat very
often. Jack told the twins that he would tell them what to
do, but they had to listen.

Jack pulled into the driveway at Sally's and waited while
she ran in and grabbed her things. Once she was back in
the truck, they headed for the building the boat was stored
in. When they reached the building, Jack backed up to a
large overhead door. He went to a small door next to the
large opening, unlocked it, and went into the building.

Kim watched out the back window as the big steel door
slowly opened. Jack backed the truck up to the boat and
everyone got out to get things ready. The twins helped
Jack remove the cover and the girls moved the duffle bags
and the cooler onto the boat. When everything was ready,
Jack showed Kim how to close the doors and lock up. He
pulled the boat out of the building and waited for his
sister to secure the doors.

Jack pulled away after his sister got back into the truck.
Kim sat close to Paul and talked to him about all the fun
they had during the summer, fishing on the boat. She told
him about the big salmon she caught, holding her arms out
to show him the size. Megan turned around and looked into
the back seat.

"Jack said that I could go fishing with you guys this
summer Kim. Maybe I will catch one of those big fish too."
Megan said.

"That would be great Megan, salmon are a lot of fun to
catch. Remind me to show you the pictures from last summer
sometime," Kim replied.

"Make sure she shows you all of them Megan," Sally said.
"She is a pretty good fisherman, but she has trouble
keeping her clothes on."

Kim and Jack joined in Sally's laughter, Megan and the
twins just stared at them.

"What are you talking about Sally?" Brad asked her.

Sally told the story about Kim loosing her top while
fighting a fish last summer. She went on to tell about Kim
pulling her top off when she was trying to catch a fish
too. Soon everyone in the truck was laughing at the
stories that Sally told.

Jack pulled into the launch site and parked the truck in
the staging area. Everyone got out and watched him remove
the straps from the stern of the boat. He attached dock
lines to the fore and aft cleats and handed one to each of
the twins. He backed the boat into the water and stopped
when he was at the right depth. After he released the boat
from the trailer, Paul and Brad held the lines, pulling the
boat to the dock.

Kim and Sally helped the boys tie the lines to the dock as
Jack had taught them to do last summer. Kim climbed
onboard, lowered the out drive, and turned on the blower.
She waited for a few minutes before starting the engine and
letting the boat warm up, while her brother parked the truck.

When Jack got back to the boat, he helped Megan get
onboard and started to get ready to leave. He turned on
the electronics and made sure the engine was up to its
operating temperature. He revved the engine a few times
and told his sister to cast off the dock lines. Kim jumped
out of the boat, removed the forward line, and tossed it to
Paul. Sally held the boat to the dock while Kim untied the
stern line and told Jack they were ready.

Brad reached out to push the boat away from the dock, but
Sally stopped him.

"Just let Jack pull away Brad, if you push the boat he
might loose control." Sally explained.

Jack smiled and said, "That's great Sally, you remembered."

As Jack backed out of the slip, Kim and Sally stowed the
gear below, in the cabin. Megan stood next to Jack and
watched as her maneuvered the boat into the river and
pointed it towards the lake. When the girls had finished
their tasks, they went and stood with the twins.

"You two sure know a lot about the boat," Brad said. "How
did you guys learn all that stuff?"

"Jack taught us last summer," Kim told him. "We spent a
lot of time on the lake when we were on vacation up north."

Jack left the no wake zone and pushed the throttle
forward. The bow of the boat rose and soon they were
skimming across the smooth water of the lake. He headed
south and ran along the shoreline about a half-mile out.
Megan hung on to the side of the seat and looked out the

"Why don't you sit up here next to me Megan?" Jack said.

Megan climbed into the seat and snuggled up to Jack. She
put her arm around his shoulders and held him firmly. Kim
and Paul sat in the jump seats at the stern and Sally sat
with Brad in the seat on the port side. After running for
a while, Jack backed off on the throttle and brought the
speed down.

There were only a couple of other boats on the lake off in
the distance. Jack decided to explore a couple of the
marina that lined the shoreline. He guided the boat into a
cut and slowed down so he wouldn't cause any wake. As they
moved slowly through the marina, the kids made comments
about the boats that remained in their slips.

"It would be great to have something like that someday,"
Jack said, pointing at a large motor yacht. "You could
live on a boat like that."

All six of them watched as the boat passed the large yacht.

"That thing must be at least eighty feet long," Jack said.

When Jack turned and passed behind the large vessel, he
commented that it was almost as wide as his boat was long.

After the brief tour of the marina, Jack headed back out
to the lake and turned north. He asked Megan if she wanted
to steer the boat, and she said that she would try. Megan
and Jack switched places and he instructed her on how to
drive the boat. She sawed at the wheel until Jack told her
not to over-steer and to just relax.

Kim felt Paul put his arm around her shoulders and slid
closer to him. He slowly ran his fingertips over the bare
flesh of her arm, causing goose bumps to form on her. When
Kim put her hand on his leg, just below the hem of his
shorts, Paul turned and kissed her. The two teens held
their mouths together and flicked their tongues at each

Sally and Brad sat in their seats, separated by the engine
housing, watching the two teens making out. Brad glanced
at Sally and asked her to sit with him. Smiling, she went
to where he was seated and sat on his lap. He put his arms
around her and held her snuggly, searching for her lips
with his. They were soon kissing and running their hands
over the other's bodies, like the other two.

Jack looked back to see why the four kids were so quite
and chuckled when he saw them. He whispered to Megan and
she glanced back, quickly returning her attention to the
lake in front of her. Jack rested his hand on her leg and
rubbed her inner thigh. Megan parted her legs slightly and
told Jack how much she liked it when he touched her.

"We're going in there," Jack said, pointing at an opening
in the shoreline. "Just keep the boat between the buoys
and slow down when you get close."

Jack could feel the muscles in her leg tighten, as she got
closer to the cut. She tried to have Jack take over, but
he reassured her and gave her instructions. Megan slowed
the boat and navigated it up the middle of the channel.

"Where are we?" She asked Jack.

"This is a park that has boat slips. I thought it would
be a good place for a picnic."

When they approached the slips, Jack and Megan switched
places so he could land the boat. He called his sister's
name and she quickly released Paul and stood up. When she
saw that her brother was headed for one of the empty slips,
she grabbed the dock lines and stood ready.

"Port or starboard?" Kim asked.

"Port," Jack replied.

Sally saw what was happening and jumped up to help her
cousin. She took one of the lines, and the two girls waited for Jack to pull in next to the dock. Paul and his
brother watched as the girls quickly grabbed the dock and
held the boat when Jack stopped it gently along the dock.
Kim jumped out and went to the bow, securing the dock line
to a cleat and the dock. Sally tied off the stern and Jack
shut the engine off.

"Great job girls," Jack said. "You two can be my mates
anytime you want to."

"I have to pee," Kim said.

Sally and Megan joined her and the three girls walked to
the small brick building that housed the restrooms. While
they were gone, the guys took the cooler from the cabin and
walked to a picnic table near the boat. Jack took sodas
from the cooler and handed one to each of the twins.

"So what do you two think about my boat?" Jack asked.

"It's great!" Paul said. "Thanks for inviting us to come

"Yeah thanks," Brad said. "Sally and Kim sure seem to
know what to do on the boat. Maybe if Paul and I learn we
can go fishing with you guys next summer."

Jack assured the two boys that it wasn't all that
complicated and if they wanted to, they could even take
boating classes during the winter.

"I think that Kim and Sally are planning to take the
classes, and maybe Tom too. I went last spring and learned
a lot." Jack told them.

The two younger boys nodded and drank from their cans,
waiting for the girls to return. They all sat on the top
of the picnic table looking at the water, glancing back to
see if the girls were on their way. Jack laid back and
stretched out on the table, feeling the sun warm his body.

The girls walked back towards the boat from the restrooms,
talking about the boat ride. When Kim saw her brother stretched out on the wood picnic table, visions of the
movie she and Sally had watched filled her mind. She
wanted to run to the table, jump on Jack and do the things
she watched the couple in the movie do. She could feel her
vagina tingle as she envisioned herself straddling him and
riding his hard penis.

Paul called out, "Hi Kim."

She snapped back to the moment and the sexy thoughts
dissipated in her head.

"Hi," she replied and went to sit with him.

Jack sat up and passed out the sandwiches that Kim and
Sally had prepared. The six teens sat at the table, ate
their food and talked about what a warm day it was this
late in the year. When they had finished eating, the twins
cleaned up the trash and tossed it into a barrel.

"Megan," Jack said, "Would you like to go for a walk with

"I'd love to Jack," Megan said, standing up and following
him as he walked along the boardwalk towards the lake.

The other four teens watched Jack take Megan's hand and
walk away from them. Brad asked Sally if she wanted to
walk around too and she said she did. When Sally asked Kim
if she and Paul wanted to go, she declined. Brad put his
arm around Sally's waist and the couple walked away, in the
opposite direction that Jack and Megan had taken.

Kim and Paul sat on the picnic table and watched the two
move out of site. They chatted about the boat and a how
much Kim knew about it.

"I could show you some of the things on the boat if you
want me to Paul," Kim said.

"That would be cool Kim."

They walked to the boat and climbed onboard. Moving to
the helm, Kim pointed out the different electronic devices
and told him how they worked and what they were used for.
She sat behind the wheel and invited Paul to join her on
the seat. When he was next to her, she told him about the
blower and various switches and gauges on the dash. Kim
turned on the radio and tuned it to a music station.

Paul moved his arm behind her and held her close. They
turned to each other and began to kiss one another. Kim
felt Paul's hand slowly rubbing her side and back. When he
touched her breast, she made no attempt to stop him. Soon,
Paul covered her breast with his hand and began to rub it
through her top and bra. Kim moaned softly into his open
mouth and then pulled away from him.

"Stand up Paul," she said. "This is too uncomfortable."

Paul got out of the seat and Kim slid out behind him. She
took his hand and led him into the cabin, moving the duffle
bags to make room on the bunk. She stretched out on the
cushions and motioned for Paul to join her. Paul laid down
next to Kim and wrapped his arms around her.

As Kim lay on her back, Paul propped himself in one elbow
and looked down at her. He took his other arm from around
her and gently ran his fingers through her blonde hair.
She put her hand on the back of his head and drew his lips
to hers. As they resumed their kissing, Paul moved his
hand to her waist and slipped it under her top.

Slowly, Paul inched his hand along her bare midriff,
moving closer to her breasts. When his hand covered one of
her firm mounds, she moaned into his mouth and pressed her
chest up against his hand. Paul could feel her nipple
through sheer material of her bra and traced it with his

Kim felt the familiar tingling between her legs as the
excited boy toyed with the small protrusion that topped her
breast. She could also feel his penis pressed against her
hip as the two continued their kissing and touching.
Removing her hand from Paul's head, she slowly began to
unbutton her top, revealing her yellow bra. When she had
undone the last button, she unhooked her bra and gave Paul
access to her bare breasts for the first time.

Paul gazed at the firm mounds that rose from her chest,
moving from one to the other with his hand.

"You have great tits Kim," he said.

"Thank you, it feels nice when you touch them."

Kim returned her hand to the back of his head and guided
his mouth to her breasts. She moaned out loud and squirmed
as he licked and sucked them. Kim held his mouth to her
breast and rubbed his back with her other hand. Paul
rubbed her stomach and moved down until he touched the
waistband of her shorts. When he tried to slip his hand
under the waistband, Kim grabbed his wrist and stopped him,
placing his hand on top of her shorts.

Paul kept his mouth on her breast and rubbed her pubic
mound. Kim parted her legs slightly and felt him cover her
crotch with his fingers. He massaged her through her
shorts and began to rub his hard penis against her hip.
Feeling her moisture through the material of her shorts, he
again tried to put his hand into her pants. Kim let him
venture lower into her shorts, but protested when she felt
his fingertips go under her panties.

"Paul," she cooed, "You can touch me there, but not under
my panties okay?"

Paul removed his mouth from the breast he was sucking on
and said, "Okay Kim will you touch me too?"

Kim smiled, reached down to her shorts, and unfastened the
button at the waistband. She lowered the zipper and
reiterated her request about staying on top of her panties.
Paul ran his fingers over the silky material that separated
him from his ultimate goal, sliding down between her legs.
Kim moved her hand along Paul's side and covered his
throbbing penis. She rubbed the length of it through his
shorts, feeling it twitch under the confining garment.

Kim could feel herself getting more and more turned on by
his fingers as they rubbed along her wet slit and over her
clit, and she humped her hips, increasing the pressure of
the contact on her hard nub. She gripped Paul through his
shorts and slowly stroked his penis, comparing it to her
brother's. She surmised that it was about the same length,
but a little thinner.

As she stroked him, Paul began to rock his hips and move
his hard shaft against her hand, and continued to rub Kim's
crotch, causing her panties to bunch up in her wet heated
slit. She felt his fingers touch the blood filled lips of
her vagina, but made no attempt the stop him. The feeling
of his fingers against her hot sex, and his penis against
her hand, caused Kim to throw caution to the wind and reach
down to her own crotch.

Pulling her panties aside, she allowed Paul to run his
fingers between her vaginal lips and feel the hot wetness
that was there. Paul moved his mouth from Kim's breast and
to her mouth, kissing her and probing her with his tongue.
When she felt his finger enter her vagina, she spread her
legs wider and increased the speed of her hand on his
hidden penis. Kim moaned into his mouth and stroked his
shaft with the palm of her hand. She felt herself begin to
cum as Paul unknowingly bumped her clit as he plunged his
finger into her. She also felt him grinding his penis into
her hand and knew that he would soon squirt his seed.

When the first surge of cum began to travel the length of
Paul's penis, he told her he was coming and bounced on the
padded surface of the bunk. She could feel his cum begin
to soak through his shorts, but kept rubbing him. Kim felt
her vagina quiver around Paul's finger as she too reached
her climax.

When they had both finished, Kim sat up and looked at the
large stain that covered the front of Paul's kaki shorts.

"I hope you brought something else to wear Paul, you can't
run around like that."

Paul said, "I think I only have jeans, and it's too hot
for them. Maybe I can just rinse these shorts out and tell
everyone I went swimming."

Kim fastened her shorts, hooked her bra over her breasts,
and re-buttoned her top.

"I don't think that will work, your shorts will be all wet
and you might catch cold. Let me see what we have on the
boat," Kim giggled.

Kim looked in a duffle bag that Jack kept on the boat and
found a pair of black nylon running shorts, with built in
underwear. She handed the shorts to Paul, told him to put
them on, and went up on the deck to wait. When he came out
of the cabin, they both got off the boat and walked down
the dock.

Kim went to the picnic table and sat down, taking a can of
soda from the cooler. She pulled the tab on top, took a
long drink, and offered the can to Paul. He drank from the
can and passed it back to Kim, staring into her eyes.

Stammering for words, Paul finally said, "Thanks Kim, that
was great. You're really sexy and hot."

"Thank you, it was nice for me too Paul," she said,
smiling at him.

The two talked about things in general, avoiding the
subject of their encounter. Paul never took his eyes off
of Kim as they sat near one another on the picnic table,
enamored by her presence. When she reached out and took
his hand into hers, he felt his heart jump in his chest.
Slowly, he tightened his grip on her small hand, smiling
when she squeezed back.

Sally and Brad found a small-secluded spot among some
bushes not far from the boat. They leaned against a tree
and kissed each other passionately. Brad had his hand down
the back of Sally's bibbed shorts and was massaging the
cheek of her bottom. The thong panties she had worn
exposed her naked flesh to his hand and she relished the
feeling of his fingers as they rubbed over her. Brad held
her tight against him and she could feel his penis against

Reaching between them, Sally tugged at the zipper on his
shorts in an attempt to pull it down. Brad gripped the
waistband and pulled up, allowing her to unzip him and
reach into his shorts. When she squeezed him, Brad removed
his mouth from hers and groaned.

"That feels so good Sally," he said as she massaged his
firm tool.

"Yes it does Brad, you're so hard and hot."

Sally undid the buttons at the sides of her bib shorts to
allow Brad's hand easier access. When he slipped around to
her front and rubbed her crotch, Sally flipped the button
open on his shorts, and they fell down his legs to his
ankles. She put her hand into his white briefs and rubbed
him slowly, and he put his other hand on her breast.

The two fifteen-year-olds stood close and rubbed their
hands over the other's sex organs. Brad moved his hips
slowly to increase the feeling of Sally's hand on his
penis, and she spread her legs slightly so he could move
his hand between them. He put his hand under her top,
covered her bra-encased breast, and squeezed it firmly. He
put his other hand into her panties and slid it down until
his fingers touched her pubic hair.

Glancing around to confirm that the two were alone, Sally
gripped the elastic waistband of his underwear and pulled
them down. As she lowered his briefs, she lowered herself
until she was kneeling on the grass, his penis level with
her mouth. She took him into her hand and rubbed along the
hard shaft, observing its shape and size. When she
extended her tongue and wiped it around the head, his penis
jumped in her hand.

Sally wet the helmet shaped head of his penis and rubbed
it over her lips. She looked up into Brad's eyes and saw
they were wide open and staring down at her.

"Do you like that Brad?" she said as she continued to move
the end of his penis around her soft lips.

Brad nodded and managed to choke out a hoarse, "Yes."

Sally smiled up at him and said, "Then I'll bet you're
just going to love this."

Opening her mouth, Sally engulfed half of his penis and
tightened her lips around it. She slowly moved her head
back and forth, sucking on him. Reaching up between his
legs, she rolled his testicles in the palm of her free
hand, squeezing them gently.

Brad began to push his hips into her face and back. When
he moved back, his butt bumped into the rough bark of the
tree he was leaning against. Sally kept her hand wrapped
around his penis and stroked him as he slid in and out of
her sucking mouth. She felt him begin to swell, removed
her mouth, and jacked him off until he shot his cum into
the air and onto the ground.

After the last drops of semen fell from the boy's penis,
Sally pulled his underwear back up his legs. He took hold
of the waistband and secured them around his waist, before
reaching for his shorts and pulling them up.

"That was hot Sally, but why did you take it out of your

"I wasn't sure I would like the taste," she fibbed,
thinking that she would have loved to swallow his cum, but
didn't want to give him the impression that she did things
like that all the time.

Brad nodded like he understood, but he would rather have
had her let him cum in her mouth. He pulled her to him and
began to kiss her neck and returned his hand to her bottom,
under her shorts. Sally rubbed her breasts against his
chest and her crotch into his leg. Feeling the need to be
satisfied, she stepped back and hooked her thumbs into the
straps of her bibbed shorts.

"Will you kiss me down there?" she asked as she lowered
her shorts.

Brad fell to his knees and helped her slide her outfit
down her legs. She took one foot out of the shorts and
pulled her panties aside, giving him a clear view of her
pubic mound and the thin strip of hair that covered it. He
reached out and ran his fingertips over the short hair and
dipped between her legs.

Sally moved her feet apart and moaned when he pushed his
middle finger into her wet vagina. He leaned forward,
stuck out his tongue, and licked her labia. He tried to
get a better angle by tilting his head back, but was unable
to get as close as he wanted to be.

"Lay on your back." Sally instructed him.

Brad moved and was lying on his back when she straddled
his head and squatted down. She felt his tongue touch her
clit and travel the length of her slit as she rocked her
hips above him. She pressed down and felt him try to push
his tongue into her tight opening, and groaned.

Placing her hands on his hips, Sally moved her vagina over
his mouth, rubbing her clit on his chin. She kept looking
around to make sure no one was watching them, but in the
back of her mind, she didn't really care. Feeling herself
begin to cum, Sally moved her hips faster and told the boy to put his finger into her.

"Oh yes!" she groaned. "That feels so good. Push your
finger into my pussy and make me cum."

Brad pushed his finger into her as deep as he could and
lapped at her with his tongue. Sally put one of her hands
between her legs and rubbed her clit as Brad pumped her
with his finger and tongue. She felt her stomach quiver
and her climax begin. Brad continued to lick her slit as
her juices flowed out and onto his tongue. When her spasms
began to subside, she clamped her thighs on his head and
pulled his hand away.

Slowly, Sally stood up, fixed her panties, and pulled her
shorts back on. She leaned against the tree and waited for
Brad to get up off the ground. When he was finally
standing next to her, Sally kissed him, tasting herself on
his lips and tongue.

"We had better get back, the other's will be wondering
where we are," Sally said.

"Ok, let's go," Brad said, "That was great Sally, maybe
we can do it again sometime or maybe more."

Sally giggled at Brad and assured him that she would like
to mess around with him again. Together they walked back
to the boat, hand in hand. When they got close, they could
see Kim and Paul sitting on the picnic table talking.

"Did you two have a nice walk?" Kim asked, looking at her
cousin's grass stained knees.

"Yes we did," Sally answered with a giggle in her voice.
"I have to go to the bathroom, do you want to come with me

Kim jumped off the table and walked with her cousin to the

"Did you fall down?" Kim said, pointing at Sally's knees.

"No, why do you ask?"

"You have grass stains on your knees, if you didn't fall
down, it can only mean one thing."

Sally laughed and looked at her knees. When they got into
the restroom, she took some paper towel, wet it, and
scrubbed her knees clean.

The two girls traded details of their encounters with the
twins, giggling at each other.

"Well," Kim said, "I guess that all of our planning was no
good. We both ended up doing things we said we weren't
going to do with the boys."

"I don't care," Sally replied. "I had fun and that's all
that matters."

Back at the picnic table, the twin brothers talked about
their individual conquests. When Brad told his brother that Sally had given him a blowjob, he was surprised.

"She really sucked you cock?" Brad said.

"Yup, but she wouldn't let me cum in her mouth."

"Kim just rubbed me off through my shorts, that's why I
had to change, but it was great anyway. I sure wish she
had given me a blowjob too."

"Yeah, I know what you mean Paul. Sally let me lick her
pussy too until she came."

"Wow! You're so lucky Brad, Kim let me finger fuck her.
I hope she will let me eat her pussy next time."

The girls finished in the restroom and headed back to the
table and the boys. They could tell the boys had been
sharing the sexual experiences each of them had had, by the
way they stared at them. Kim looked around and saw her
brother and Megan walking towards them, their arms around
the other's waist.

"Are you guys ready to go?" Jack said.

"If you two are," Kim said.

"Hey Paul," Jack said. "What happened to the shorts you
were wearing earlier?"

Paul hemmed and hawed, then said, "Um I ah spilled Coke on
them." Turning red in the face.

Jack smiled and Kim tried to keep from laughing at the
embarrassed boy.

They all walked to the boat and Paul put the cooler he
carried onto the deck. Jack started the boat and let the
engine warm up as Kim and Sally stood ready to cast off.
Paul went onto the dock with Kim and stood next to her,
asking about what she was going to do. Kim explained how
she would untie the line and remove it from the cleat when
Jack told her to.

"Can I do it?" Paul asked.

"Sure, just untie the line from the dock and hold the boat
until Jack is ready. Then you can remove it from the cleat
and get back into the boat."

When the boat's engine was warmed up, Jack waved at Kim
and Paul to untie the line. Paul worked at the line,
trying to free it from the dock. Kim showed him how to
release the knot and he removed the line and carried it
back to the stern. Sally untied the stern line and Jack
backed out of the slip.

"Jack, can I show Paul how to steer the boat on the way
out to the lake please?" Kim asked her brother.

"Let me get it into the channel and he can take over Kim."

Once Jack had the boat pointed in the right direction, he
slid out of the helmsmen's seat and let Paul get behind the
wheel. Kim sat next to him and gave him instructions on
how to keep from over-steering and controlling the speed.
She glanced back at the other's to see what they were
doing, and noticed that they were all looking at the houses
that lined one side of the channel.

Kim put her hand on Paul's leg and rubbed him lightly,
causing him to flinch. She grinned as he tried to keep his
mind on driving the boat while she teased him and moved
higher on his thigh. Looking into his lap, she could see
his penis growing under the thin nylon shorts.

"Am I bothering you Paul? I can stop if you want me to,"
she said.

Paul cleared his throat and shook his head no. Kim
continued the drag her fingers up and down the top of his
thigh, from his knee to the bottom of his shorts. She
turned in the seat, tucked her right leg under her butt,
and faced Paul. She removed her hand from his leg, put her
arm around his shoulders, and pulled herself closer to him.
With her other hand she began to stroke his inner thigh as
she shifted her gaze from his face to his lap.

Paul's penis was reacting to Kim's light touches and
caused his shorts to bulge out. She knew that he was
starting to become uncomfortable by the way he squirmed in
the seat, but she didn't stop. She could see that the
other's were busy and not paying any attention to them.
Moving her right hand from his shoulder, she ran her
fingers through the hair on the back of his head.

As Kim watched Paul carefully guide the boat through the
narrow channel, she had a strange feeling come over her.
It wasn't unlike the way she felt about her big brother,
when they began to get sexually involved. She was a little
confused by the way she was feeling, but she didn't try to
analyze it, she just continued to stroke his hair and leg.

Jack walked up behind his sister and Paul, rested his hand
on her shoulder, and watched the young boy steer his boat.

Kim turned to her brother, smiled, and slowly moved her
hand down Paul's leg, letting it rest on his knee. Jack
grinned and shook his head when he noticed that his
sister's attention was having an effect on the boy.

"It's still early," Jack said. "Do you guys want to run
out to the Island?"

Kim kept her fingers moving on the back of Paul's head and
said, "What island Jack?"

"There is an island that a lot of boaters hang out at
during the summer. It has a real nice beach and it is easy
to anchor the boat and walk around in the shallow water.
Tom and I were there last summer and I have a waypoint
marked in the GPS for it."

"How about you Paul? Do you and Brad have to be home
anytime soon?" Kim asked.

"No, we can be out all day," he said, "The island sounds
like fun to me."

Jack checked with the others and everyone agreed that it
sounded like a good idea to go. Reaching over Kim, Jack
punched the buttons on the GPS, bringing up the proper

"Just keep the arrow in the highway between the lines,"
Jack told Paul. "It will take us right there."

Jack went back and sat with Megan and Paul turned to Kim.

"If I turn to keep the arrow in the lines, I will hit the
shore," he whispered.

Kim giggled and said, "Wait until you are out past the
buoys before you turn and you will be fine."

Paul nodded and held his course until he was well clear of
the small red and white buoys that marked both sides of the
channel. He turned the boat slightly, aligning the
indicator of the GPS between the lines on the screen.

"If you don't speed it up, we'll never get there." Kim
heard her brother yell from behind her.

Kim told Paul how to increase the boats speed and watched
as he pushed the throttle forward slowly. Soon the boat
was up on plane, skimming across the smooth water. Paul
still gripped the wheel tightly, but didn't over steer.
After about fifteen minutes they heard Brad ask if he could
drive too.

Reluctantly, Paul pulled back on the throttle and slowed
the boat so he could trade places with his brother. Sally
moved forward with Brad and reached around Paul to hold the
wheel as he climbed out of the seat and his brother climbed
in. Sally got in next to him after he took hold of the
wheel and explained the gauges and switches that covered
the dash.

Kim and Paul moved back and stood near Jack and Megan,
their arms around each other's waists. Jack told the
younger boy what a good job he had done and told him that
if he liked to boat he should think about taking the
boating classes he had mentioned earlier in the day.

"Sally and I should take the classes too Jack, we plan on
spending a lot of time on the lakes with you next summer."
Kim said.

The four talked about the boating classes and what they
could learn. Even Megan said that she would like to learn
and would be interested in taking the classes. They all
felt the boat lunge as Brad began to speed up. Jack
assured Megan and Paul that everything was ok and he would
get use to it. Soon the boat was back at cruising speed
and running smoothly across the lake.

"Will it take long to get to the island?" Paul said. "I
have to pee."

"There is a head below in the cuddy," Jack said, "Kim can
show you how it works."

Kim looked at her brother and saw him wink at her. She
grinned back at him and led Paul to the cabin door. Once
the two were inside, Kim closed the door, turned to Paul,
and put her arms around his neck.

"Do you have time to kiss me before you pee?" She said.

Putting his hands on her waist, he bent down and pressed
his lips to hers. They kissed and pushed their tongues in
and out of each other's mouths. Paul moved his hands to
Kim's bottom and pulled her tight to his body, massaging
her firm flesh as he continued to kiss her. Finally
breaking the kiss, Paul told her he really had to go.

Kim opened the door of the small head and showed him how
to work it. He stepped inside, closed the door and Kim sat
down to wait for him.

When Paul exited the head and closed the door, Kim reached
for his hand and guided him to her. She wrapped her arms
around his waist and rested her head on his stomach. Paul
put his hand on her head and slowly stroked her blonde hair, pulling it away from the side of her face.

Kim tightened her grip on him and he held the side of her
head to his stomach. Glancing down, Kim could see that the
closeness was causing his penis to move in his shorts. She
removed one hand from his waist and began to stroke him
between her face and his waistband.

Shifting from one foot to the other, Paul again began to
move his hand on her head, and with his other hand, he
rubbed her back.

"This is nice," she said as she moved her hand from his
belly to his thigh. "You feel so warm and strong."

Kim stroked his inner thigh, moving closer and closer to
his erect penis. She slowly moved her hand up, covered his
penis, and squeezed it through the thin slick material of
the running shorts. Paul groaned as she moved her fingers
over it from his balls to the very end and increased the
grip on her shoulders.

"Won't the other guys wonder what we are doing?" Paul
asked her.

"No, I think they know what we are doing in here. Do you
want to stop and go back outside?" She said, as she
slipped her hand up under the leg opening of the shorts and
gently cupped his testicles.

Paul groaned and moved his feet apart for her. Kim hooked
her fingers under the elastic of the shorts inner garment
and for the first time touched his naked manhood. She
pulled his throbbing penis out through the opening and
pushed the nylon material up to expose him. Paul flinched
as she used her fingertips to trace the ridge below the
velvety head of his penis and ran her thumb over the tip.

"Kim, if you keep doing that I'm going to cum again." He
said, breathing heavily.

Kim moved her head and looked up into his eyes. She
smiled, wrapped her hand around his hot shaft, and began to
stroke him.

"I know," she said, and looked back down.

Kim extended her tongue and licked the end of Paul's
penis, causing him to jump. She opened her mouth and took
the head in, washing it with her saliva. Paul put his hand
on the top of her head and held it there as she took a
little more in to her mouth. She sucked him gently and
then took her face away.

"Do you like me to suck your cock Paul? Do you want me to
do it some more?"

"Please Kim, I can't stand it. You're making me so hot."

Kim stroked him and took his penis back into her warm wet
mouth. She let all of the hard shaft, above her hand, slid
in, and began to move her lips over the hot member. Paul
moved his hips and pressed down on the top of her head.

Reaching for his arm, she pulled his hand off her head and
put it on her face.

"Don't push on my head Paul," she said, and then took him
back in.

Paul began to pump his hips, sliding his penis in and out
of Kim's mouth. She moved her hand over his slippery tool
and sucked harder. When she felt his buttocks tense, she
prepared herself for the taste of his cum. The first spurt caught her by surprise because she didn't notice his penis
swell like her brothers did when he came. She swallowed
and sucked on the ejaculating boy's manhood until she had
swallowed his entire offering.

Kim held his penis in her mouth and probed it with her
tongue as he softened. She opened her mouth, removed his
semi flaccid penis, and held it in her hand. Using her
free hand, Kim pulled the elastic away from his leg and
tucked him back into the shorts. She stood up, wrapped her
arms around him, and he put his around her.

Neither teen said a word, they just held their tender
embrace. Kim rested her head on Paul's chest and breathed
deeply, thinking about the budding relationship that seemed
to be forming between them. She wondered how her brother would feel about it and if she and Jack would continue to
make love with each other.

Feeling the boat slow, they released their hug and stepped
apart. Paul took Kim's face between his hands, turned it
up, and kissed her softly.

"We should go," Kim said. "I think we are at the island
and Jack may need help with the boat."

Paul followed Kim out of the cabin and onto the deck.
Jack was behind the wheel, maneuvering the boat close to
the tiny island. He grinned at his sister and asked her to
stand ready. He watched the depth gage as he moved into
the shallow water, raising the out drive, as he got closer
to shore.

Finally, he stopped the engine and lowered the power
anchor, stopping it when he knew it was on the bottom. He
jumped out of the seat, went to the stern, and tossed a
second anchor overboard. Jack pulled on the line to set
the anchor and tied it off to a cleat.

"Here we are," Jack said.

The teens all looked at the sandy island that was about
thirty feet from the bow of the boat. Kim leaned against
the side of the boat and looked at her friends and her

"It is so nice out today," Megan said. "I wish I had
brought my swimsuit so I could get some sun."

Kim looked around and saw that they were the only people
insight. She smiled at Sally and began to remove her top.

"I'm not going to miss what might be the last sunny day of
the year," Kim said.

She pulled her top off and relaxed in her sheer yellow
bra. Sally giggled, took the straps of her bibbed shorts
down, and removed her shirt.

"Aw what the hell," Megan said, and she too removed her
shirt, revealing her red lace bra.

Jack pulled out a couple of deck chairs and set them up.
Sally walked over to one of them, removed her shorts, and
sat down in her black bra and thong panties. Soon Kim and
Megan had removed their shorts and the three girls sat
around in their underwear. Paul noticed Kim's trimmed
pubic hair through the lace panel of her bikini panties and
asked her what it was.

Kim stood up, turned to him, and pulled her panties down
slightly so Paul could see the small heart her mom had
shaved into her pubic hair.

"It's a heart," she said. "Do you like it?"

Paul grinned and nodded. Kim heard Brad ask if he could
see it too, so she turned around and let him see before she
pulled the front of her panties up.

The two twin brothers laughed, and Paul said, "That's too
cool Kim."

Kim sat back down and started to talk with Megan and
Sally. Paul and Brad asked Jack if they could go and look
around on the island.

"Sure, I'll put the swim ladder down and go with you two."
Jack said.

Jack flipped the hinged ladder down and the three boys stepped into the water. They made their way to the sandy
beach of the island and walked into the trees.

"What were you and Paul doing in the cabin for so long?"
Sally asked Kim.

Kim giggled and told the two girls that she and Paul were

"Just what were you kissing Kim?" Megan said.

Kim formed her lips into an "O" and said, "Guess!"

The three girls roared as Kim made jokes about her episode
with Paul. Megan and Sally both admitted that they too had
done the same thing. They changed the subject to the
upcoming winter and what they had planned. They all agreed
that they would like to escape to some place warm after the
cold weather set in.

"I can't believe how nice it is today," Megan said. "It
is so warm out."

"My mom said it was going to get up to around eighty
today," Kim offered. "It's very warm for October."

The girls heard another boat and turned around to see it.
Two couples, dressed in swimsuits, slowly cruised by,
waving at them. When Kim stood up and waved back, one of
the guys whistled at her. She sat back in her chair and
watched the boat disappear around the small island.

Jack and the boys waded back to the boat and climbed
onboard. Brad asked the girls who was whistling.

"Just a some people in another boat," Kim said. "One of
the guys whistled at me when I waved at him."

Paul walked over to Kim and stood behind her. "If he
comes back, I'll kick his ass!" Paul said.

"Take it easy tough guy," Kim said. "They didn't mean
anything by it, they were just acting a little crazy.
Besides, they had their own girls with them."

Kim felt Paul's hands on her shoulders and covered them
with her own. She felt funny inside, knowing that Paul was
jealous. She moved her head back and let it rest on his
stomach as Brad and Jack went to Sally and Megan.

They all sat around talking for another hour and Jack
said, "Well, it's getting late. We should head back so we
can get the boat put away."

The girls got out of the chairs, so Jack could put them
away, and put their shorts and tops back on. Kim went to
the helm, turned on the blower, and asked her brother if he
needed any help.

Jack pulled the rear anchor into the boat and coiled the
line. He stowed it in the locker on the starboard side of
the boat and went to the helm.

"I think I have it covered Kim," Jack said.

Jack started the engine and waited for it to warm up. He
looked around to be sure everything was in its proper
place, raised the bow anchor, and backed the boat into
deeper water. He changed the waypoint to one for the boat
launch and headed back. Megan sat with Jack and the rest
of the kids moved to the long port seat and sat together.

After the boat was loaded onto the trailer and Jack was
confident that everything was secure, he drove to the
storage building and put the boat inside. Paul and Brad
tried to help him secure the cover, but it was easier for
Jack to do alone. Jack thanked the boys for their help and
they all jumped into the truck for the ride home.

When they arrived at Jack and Kim's house, they noticed
that Dianne and Liz's cars were in the drive. Jack parked
and the group went into the house to see who was home.
After they walked through the house, they realized that the
adults were not home yet. Kim checked for a note and found
her mother had left one telling her that the women were
shopping and the men were playing golf.

Kim informed the rest of the kids and they all went into
the family room and sat on the couches. Jack turned on the
stereo and searched for a station.

"Put on a CD," Kim said. "There are some in the cabinet."

Jack selected a couple of CDs and loaded them into the
player. He turned it on, adjusted the volume, and sat down
next to Megan. The kids all thanked him again for taking
them on the boat and told him want a good time they had.

The three couples snuggled together and relaxed listening
to the music that played. Kim took Paul's arm, put it
around her shoulders, and laid her head against his chest.
He slowly rubbed her back and she slowly sank down until
her head was on his thigh. She looked around the room, saw
that the others were also settling in with each other, and
closed her eyes. Feeling a bit chilled, she pulled a small
blanket off the back of the couch, and covered herself.
Rolling over and facing Paul's stomach, Kim took his arm,
held it to her breasts, and closed her eyes again.

Kim felt Paul move his hand, cover her breast, and rub her
gently. She put her hand on his and held it to her firm
flesh, wishing she had removed her bra. She felt his penis
moving against the side of her head and smiled to herself.
Kim slowly rocked her head, rubbing his growing member.
Paul shifted slightly to increase the contact of her head
on his penis, and squeezed her breast. Just as she reached
up and began to cover the throbbing shaft with her hand,
she heard her mom call her name.

Turning over quickly, Kim yelled back to tell her mom she
was in the family room. She sat up and saw the two other
couples scrambling to look presentable.

"Hi kids," Marge said as she walked into the room. "Have
you guys been home long?"

"No Aunt Marge," Sally said. "We got home about an hour
ago and we're just relaxing."

"Did you boys behave yourselves?" Dianne asked her sons.

"Yes we did and we got to drive the boat." Brad said.

The kids all told their moms about the trip and how much
fun they all had on the boat. Paul asked his mom about
taking boating classes and she told him that she would
think about it. They all talked for a while and then
Dianne told the boys it was time to go.

Kim and Sally followed the two boys out to their car and
were kissing them goodbye when Dianne came out. She told
the girls that they could see the boys later and maybe they
could come over tomorrow. Kim and her cousin watched as
Mrs. Phillips pulled down the driveway and drove away.

They went back into the house and up to Kim's room to
unpack the duffle bag. Sally took off the shorts she had
worn and put her skirt back on.

"Did you have a good time today Kim?" Sally asked.

Kim nodded and sat on her bed. Sally sat next to her and
asked what was bothering her.

"I really don't know Sally, I just feel funny inside. I
think I'm starting to like Paul a lot."

"Why is that making you upset?"

"I'm not upset Sally, just confused. I have never felt
like this about a guy before, except for Jack. Don't you
like Brad?"

"Yes I do Kim. I like him a lot too. I just don't have
any trouble with it I guess."

Kim fell backwards onto the bed and stared at the ceiling.
"Are you going to do it with Brad?"

"Probably, I just don't know when. I wanted to this
afternoon when he was eating my pussy, but I didn't want
the first time to be outside in a bunch of bushes. How
about you and Paul, are you two going to fuck?"

"I think so Sally, I have thought about it all day, at
least since we messed around in the cabin. He will do what
ever I ask him to, and he isn't too pushy."

"Cool, maybe after we both start doing it with them we can
trade, like we did with Jack and Tom."

Kim laughed at Sally's remark, but deep inside she didn't
want to think about sharing him with anyone. She thought
about her brother and wondered if she would still want him
after she made love with her new boyfriend.

Sally got off the bed and told Kim that she was going to
go and see what was going on downstairs. She grabbed Kim's
arm, pulled her up, and dragged her along. When they got
down to the family room they found that Megan had left with
her mom and Jack was out in the pool swimming.

Anne and Marge were sitting on a couch, pulling things out
of shopping bags.

"Hi girls," Anne said. "Do you two want to see what we

The girls sat on the floor in front of their moms and
looked at the different outfits they had purchased on their
shopping trip. Anne handed Sally a mini skirt and top,
telling her she thought it would look cute on her. Sally
jumped up, stripped off her clothes, and tried on the new

"I love it mom," Sally said.

Marge had picked up a dark blue jumper for Kim, along with
several tops. She reached into a bag and took out a pair
of light beige silk pajamas. The top had a scoop neckline
and the bottoms were short tap pants. She handed it to Kim
and told her it was for her. Kim removed all of her
clothes, except for her yellow panties, tried on the new
sleepwear, and modeled it for the women.

"These are very nice mom, thanks," Kim said, as she sat
down still wearing the pajamas.

After the women had shown their daughters all of the items
in the bags, they put everything away and sat back.

"When will dad be home?" Kim asked.

"He and your Uncle are at the club with Megan and Paul's
dads, they played golf today. Your Aunt Anne and I are
going to go and meet them there for dinner and drinks. Do
you two want to come with us?" Marge said.

"I'm kind of tired mom, I think I will just stay home
tonight." Kim replied.

"How about you Sally?" Anne asked. "Would you like to go
out for dinner with us?"

Sally thought about the offer and told her mom that she
too was exhausted and wanted to go home. Anne told Marge
to go and get ready and they could drop Sally off on the
way to the club.

As Marge got up to go and change, Kim said, "You and dad
are spending a lot of time at the country club lately."

Marge looked at her daughter and said, "I know, it must be
the sauna."

Anne chuckled and Marge left the room. Fifteen minutes
later, Marge came downstairs dressed in a pair of jeans and
a pullover sweater. The tight garment accented her large
breasts and made her waist look narrow.

Anne, Sally, and Marge told Kim goodbye and left. Kim sat
on the couch for a while and watched her brother swim back
and forth in the pool. Her thoughts drifted to her
afternoon with Paul and the things they had done.

"Are you alright Kim," Jack said, snapping her out of her

"Yeah Jack, I'm okay."

Jack was dressed in a pair of knit shorts and was rubbing
a towel over his wet hair. Kim looked up at her big
brother and half forced a smile.

"You've really fallen for Paul haven't you Kim," he said
as he sat next to her.

"Is it that obvious Jack?"

Jack put his arm around his little sister and pulled her
to him. He ran his fingertips over her cheek and brushed
her hair away from her eyes and forehead. He leaned over
and kissed her on top of her head, holding her tightly.

"I noticed it today on the boat Kim, you couldn't take
your eyes off of him. Whenever he would hold your hand or
put his arms around you, you looked like you were going to

Kim snuggled up to Jack and said, "You're not upset with
me are you?"

"Why would I be upset Kim? I think it's cool that you
like Paul so much. You two are almost the same age and
there are a lot of things you guys can do together. If you
want to, you can even double with Megan and I sometimes."

"Really Jack! You guys wouldn't mind having us along with

"No, not at all. In fact, Megan and I have already talked
about it."

"You are so sweet Jack. You really like Megan a lot too,
don't you?"

"We seem to be getting along pretty good Kim, she's a very
nice girl, and yes I do like her a lot."

"I'm very happy for you two Jack. You needed a girlfriend
and Megan needed a sweet guy like you."

Jack released Kim and leaned back so he could look into
her eyes and smiled at her.

"You know that I will do anything for you Kim, don't you?"


"Anything I can."

Kim looked at her big brother and a broad smile formed on
her face. Her eyes lit up and she said, "Will you take me
upstairs and make love to me?"

Jack stood up, reached for her hand, and pulled her to her
feet. He scooped her into his arms and carried her up to
his bedroom, closing the door behind them. He gently laid
her on his bed and stretched out next to her, wrapping his
arms around her body.

"Kim," he whispered as he covered her neck with kisses,
"there isn't anything in the world I would rather do than
make love to you. No matter what happens with Megan or
Paul, or anyone else, I will always want to make love with
you. I just hope that you feel the same."

Kim didn't answer him. She put her arms around his neck,
pulled his mouth to hers, and kissed him tenderly. The two
siblings kissed and caressed each other and slowly removed
their clothes. When Kim crawled onto Jack and pressed her
vagina against his erect penis, he said, "Slow down, we
have all night."


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