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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 45



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ,2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 45 (MF, Mf, mF, mf, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision

Lisa felt Tom's penis begin to move against her bottom.
She slid away from him, turned around, and knelt in the
large tub between his legs. Reaching down, she wrapped her
hands around his now rigid member and stroked it.

"Looks like this is ready," she said, shaking his penis
under the water.

"Yup! Lets go take a quick shower and go to bed"

They got out of the whirlpool tub, went into the bathroom
and Tom turned on the shower. Together they climbed into
stall and Lisa began to cover his body with soap. When she
had soaped his upper body, she knelt down and started on
his legs. Working her way up from his feet to his crotch,
she saved his genitals for last. Lisa soaped up her hands
and took his balls into them, feeling their weight and
size. She slowly stroked his penis, covering it with suds.

"You have a beautiful cock Tom," she said, as she rinsed
away the soap.

Making sure he was completely void of any soap, she took
him into her mouth and sucked him firmly. Beginning very
slowly, Lisa moved her lips over Tom's hard tool, licking
around the head, when it popped out of her mouth and then
quickly engulfed it again. She kept up the sexy process
until Tom began to move his hips and groan.

"That's enough for now lover boy, your turn to wash me."

Tom helped her up and applied the soap to her naked flesh.
Just as she had done to him, he knelt before her to do her
legs. When he came to her crotch, he washed it quickly,
avoiding as much sexual touching as he could. When the two
teens were rinsed, they turned off the shower and stepped
out to dry themselves off.

Lisa used the blow dryer on her brown hair, while Tom
rubbed his head with a towel. When he was finished, he
went into the bedroom to wait for Lisa. He covered the
mess they had made on the sheets with the covers and turned
down the other side of the king sized bed. Sitting on the
edge, he tapped his foot on the carpeted floor as he waited
nervously for his new girlfriend. He thought about the
things that the two of them could do together when they got
home and the places they could go.

When Lisa walked out of the bathroom, completely nude,
Tom's penis immediately began to fill with blood and rise
up. She sat next to him on the bed, put her hand on his
leg, and ran her fingertips along the top of his thigh.
They sat and fidgeted on the large bed, both of them
feeling a bit awkward. Even though they had enjoyed each
other before, this was different, this time they had
planned their lovemaking and didn't really know how to get

"Would you like a soda or something?" He asked her.

Lisa looked into his eyes, smiled, and shook her head no.

Tom put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to
him. Taking her chin into his hand, he tilted her head
back and covered her lips with his. They kissed each other
and moved their tongues around inside the other's mouth.
Pulling her back gently, Tom laid Lisa onto the bed and
stretched out along side her. With their arms and legs
intertwined, the two teens kissed and caressed each other.

Covering her breast with his hand, Tom gently massaged her
flesh, enjoying the elasticity of the firm mound. He took
her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and gently
rolled it between his digits.

Lisa moaned into his mouth as they continued their slow
and gentle explorations. There was no urgency in their
movements this time, or need to rush through the experience.

Rolling him onto his back, Lisa rose up and hovered her
face above Tom's. She covered his face with soft kisses,
starting at his forehead and slowly working her way down to
his neck. Tom felt like electrical energy was surging
through his body when she put her lips to his ear and
traced every nook and cranny with the tip of her wet
tongue. Lisa covered his body with hers and rocked her
pubic mound over his hard penis as she moved to his other
ear and repeated her oral caresses.

Tom put his hands onto her back and stroked her soft skin,
moving his touches to her buttocks. He held her round
globes in his hands and gently squeezed and released them.
He could feel her hot breath on his neck as she kept up the
steady movement of her hips.

Lisa pushed herself up, pulled her knees alongside Tom's
hips, and sat back on his thighs. She placed her hands on
his chest and looked down at his exposed manhood. Taking
him into her hand for the first time since they had begun
their lovemaking, she slowly stroked him. Her fingers were
barely touching his hot shaft as she moved over its length.
She felt his hands resting on her thighs as she moved his
penis around, examining every detail. Pushing it onto his
belly, she traced the bottom of his penis with her
fingertip. She felt him jump beneath her when she touched
the point where his veined shaft met the flared head.

Rising up, Lisa adjusted herself and his penis to align
with her wet vagina. She lowered herself onto the firm
member and, wiggling her hips, impaled her heated sex with
his throbbing manhood. When she felt her crotch press
firmly against his, she held very still and gazed into his
eyes. Lisa could feel Tom's penis twitching inside her
tight vagina, as he fought the urge to pump it into her,
and the tightness in his face.

Tom reached up and covered both of her breasts with his
hands and held them snuggly. He could feel her hard
nipples pressing into the palms of his hands and her
heartbeat telegraph through his fingertips, which pressed
against her chest above her mounds. He maintained his grip
on her breasts, as she leaned forward, until there was no
space between his chest and hers. He rested his chin on
the top of her head and stroked her hair, as they lay
joined, both physically and emotionally.

Lisa's mind was void of any thoughts other than those of
her and the boy she was so intimately connected to. She
had never experienced feelings this intense with any of the
boys she had been with previously, and was thoroughly
enthralled by the new sensations. Moving as slow as she
could, Lisa rose up and felt her slick vaginal walls graze
Tom's penis as it exited the warm tunnel it had been
encased in. With only the very end of his member still in
her, she waited for a moment as her vaginal passage
contracted back to its normal diameter, and then pushed
down, feeling him stretch her again.

Tom moved his hands down her back from her shoulders and
held her bottom as she continued to repeat her movements.
When she rose up, he could feel the cool air on his exposed
shaft, only to feel the heat of her vagina when she slid
back down. Tom felt the familiar feeling in his testicles
that signaled his impending climax and ejaculation.

"I'm going to cum Lisa," he said.

"That's okay," she replied and began to increase her speed.

The two teens groaned as they began to push against each
other and move their hands over the other's hot flesh. In
the matter of minutes, Tom felt his semen surge through his
penis and into Lisa. She felt him swell in her and pushed
down and remained still as his pulses of cum entered her.

Feeling his body relax below hers, Lisa laid quietly on
him. His penis was still somewhat erect and she could feel
it in her vagina. Neither of the lovers said a word or
moved, they remained coupled, their sweaty bodies pressed

Lisa closed her eyes and relished the feeling of Tom's
hands resting on her butt. She listened to his breathing
and felt his chest rise and fall beneath her.

Suddenly, Lisa jumped off Tom and let out an agonizing
scream. She stood next to the bed and grabbed her left
thigh, tears running out of her eyes.

"What's the matter?" Tom said. His voice filled with
fear. "What did I do?"

"You didn't do anything Tom," she said, half laughing and
half crying. "I have a cramp in my leg!"

Tom was standing next to her and he quickly dropped to his
knees and massaged her thigh. He could feel the knotted
muscle beneath her skin and worked it firmly. Lisa held
his head to her tummy as his hands worked at the cramped
muscle that had interrupted their lovemaking. When he felt
the lump in her leg relax, he rubbed her thigh to help
restore the circulation.

Lisa moved away and sat on the edge of the bed. Tom
walked on his knees to her and put his strong hands back on
her thigh and massaged her. Glancing up, he could see the
remnants of their sexual activity leaking from her reddened
vagina. Smiling, he moved his eyes up to met hers and

"Are you alright now?" He asked.

"Yes," she replied sheepishly. "I sure know how to ruin a
moment, don't I?"

Tom stood up, took her face in his hands, and pressed his
lips to hers.

"You didn't ruin anything sweetheart, it's not like you
planned to get a cramp."

Lisa put her arms around his neck and pulled him onto the
bed next to her. They wrapped their arms around each other
and hugged. Lisa reached into Tom's lap, picked up his
coated limp penis, and held it in her hand.

"It looks like I scared the life out of your dick." She
said with a giggle. "Do you think it will ever be the same?"

Tom felt his penis responding to her touch and it began to
expand in her hand. He put his hand between her legs and
rubbed her wet crotch, smearing the combination of their
fluids over her hairless flesh.

"I think my cock will live," he chuckled, "It just needs
someplace warm to hide in."

Pushing his finger into her wet vagina, he slowly stroked
her inner walls. Placing his thumb on her clit and rubbing
it, Tom guided her back onto the bed. Lisa spread her legs
and he moved between them and aiming his penis with her
hand, he slowly sank into her.

"That feels so good Tom, I love the feeling of you inside

Tom slowly withdrew his penis and then pushed it back into
her. He propped himself on his forearms, looked down at
Lisa's smiling face and bent forward to kiss the top of her
head. Gripping her shoulders with his hands, he continued
to move his hips against hers.

Lisa put her hands on his back, hooked her legs around his
waist, and rocked her body in time with his. She slowly
rotated her hips and began to thrust her crotch into Tom's,
moaning each time he fully penetrated her. When she felt
Tom's hand squeeze between their bodies and his fingertip
find her clit, Lisa tightened her legs around him and pawed
at his back.

Feeling her stomach muscles begin to twitch and her clit
tingle, Lisa knew that she would soon explode in the
ecstasy of her orgasm. She groaned and ground her crotch
against Tom's finger and thrusting manhood. Scratching at
his back with her fingernails, Lisa let out a muffled
scream as she reached the pinnacle of her climax.

When Tom felt her body stiffen and heard her screams of
passion, he drove himself into her and held his pubic bone
against hers. He removed one hand from her crotch and the
other from her shoulder, slid them under her bottom, and
pulled her tight to him. Tom felt his penis throb and send
his semen into the writhing girls body.

Lisa was lost in the sensations of lust their energetic
lovemaking provided her, and unaware of the fact that Tom
had cum. Lisa's spasms began to subside and her body went
limp below Tom. When he felt her relax, Tom lowered
himself, covered her body with his, and remained still,
until she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him off

Tom rolled onto his side, propped his head on his hand and
gazed down at her as she lay breathing heavily.

"Are you alright Lisa?"

"Oh yes," she panted, "I'm better that alright. That was
more amazing than the last time I came."

Tom smiled and brushed her damp hair away from her eyes.
She turned her head and moved closer so she could kiss him.
He rubbed his hand over her side, brushing her breasts as
he moved from her hip to her underarm.

"Stop that, I'm ticklish there," she said.

Moving his hand to her breast she cooed, "Rub me here, I
really like it when you touch my boobs and nipples."

"Then I guess we're a perfect pair, I really like to touch
you boobs."

Lisa giggled, pushed her legs together, and hung them over
the side of the bed. She stood up and began to walk
towards the bathroom, telling Tom she wanted to clean up.
Tom rolled onto his back, closed his eyes, and listened to
her in the bathroom. He could hear her running water and
softly singing a song that he couldn't quite make out.

Carrying a wet washcloth, Lisa walked to the bed, sat on
the edge, and gently cleaned the remains of their
lovemaking off his flaccid penis. When she had removed the
last trace of their mixed fluids, she bent over and kissed
his penis. Using her tongue, she pulled the soft flesh
into her mouth and sucked on him.

Lisa pulled her head away and said, "Mmmmm, that sure
tastes good. Maybe I will have a little snack before we go
to sleep."

Tom moaned and covered his eyes with his arm. Lisa put
the damp washcloth back into the bathroom and returned to
bed. She slid in next to Tom, pulled the covers over them,
and turned off the light. Putting her arm around his
chest, she lay on her side and snuggled up to his warm body.

"Goodnight sweetheart," she whispered into his ear.

"Goodnight baby," he replied, putting his arm around her
and holding her close.

Lisa lay quietly next to her first real lover, feeling his
chest rise and fall with his breathing. She replayed the
last three days in her mind, remembering all the things the
two had done with each other. She could hear Tom's gentle
snoring begin, signaling he was asleep and smiled before
closing her own eyes.

"I love you Tom," she whispered, knowing that the sleeping
boy couldn't hear her.

Lisa drifted off to sleep, her arm over the chest of her
new lover and love.

When Sally got home, she went upstairs and into her room.
She removed her clothes and went to shower. After she was
finished, she dried herself and put on a short robe. She
brushed her hair and went to her mom's room to see what she
was doing.

Anne had just finished putting her jeans and blouse on and
was walking out of her bedroom when she met Sally in the

"Is everything okay Sally?"

"Yeah mom, I was just coming to see what you were doing."

"I'm just heading downstairs to leave for dinner with your
Aunt Marge, are you sure you don't want to join us?"

"No, but thanks for inviting me. I think I'm going to
kick back and watch some television or something tonight."

Anne kissed her daughter on the forehead and went down to
get Marge and leave for the country club. Sally walked
back to her room, but went into her brother's instead. She
sat on the edge of his bed and looked around the room,
noticing how empty it was without Tom.

Sally thought about her brother and Lisa, alone together,
in the hotel room. She wondered if they had made love, and
if they had, would he still want to have sex with her.
Slowly she stood up and left his room, returning to hers.
She turned on her television and stretched out on her bed.
After flipping through the channels, she selected a show
and settled back to watch it.

The telephone rang and she reached over to answer it.

"Hi Brad," she said, "How are you tonight?"

"I'm good Sally, I just wanted to tell you what a nice day
I had with you and everyone else. I like the boat."

"You do huh, better than what we did at the park?" She
asked, slipping her hand into the opening of her robe and
running her hand over her stomach.

"Well um no, the stuff in the park was much better."

"You better say that! If you liked the boat better I
would be hurt. What are you doing tonight?"

"I'm just hanging around, Paul is in the living room
watching a movie, but I wanted to talk to you."

"That's sweet Paul, so you enjoyed yourself today?"

Sally moved her hand down between her parted legs and over
her crotch. She rubbed herself firmly and slipped her
finger between the lips of her sex.

"You were really hot today Sally, I liked what you did to
my dick and what I did to your pussy. What are you doing

"Just hanging out. My parents went to the country club
for dinner, but I didn't want to go. I liked it when you
licked me down there too Brad, maybe we can do that
again if you want to."

"Really Sally? You'd like to do that again sometime?"

Sally could feel the moisture building between her vaginal
lips as she continued to talk to Brad and rub herself. She
slipped her finger into her vagina and slowly moved it in
and out as she replied to his question.

"Yes Brad, I'd love to wrap my hand around your cock and
rub it. After I got it real hard, I could put it in my
mouth and suck it for you. Would you like me to do that?
Would you like me to put your hard cock into my mouth and
suck on it?"

"Oh yes!" Brad moaned into the phone. Sally could tell
that his breathing had changed and thought that he might be
playing with himself too.

"Brad, you sound funny. What are you doing?"

"Um ah nothing."

"Now Brad, don't lie to me, are you playing with yourself
while we are talking?"

The phone was quiet for a moment, and then Brad said,
"Yes, I'm playing with myself sorry, but you are getting me
all turned on Sally."

"That's okay, are you pretending that it's my hand that is
on your cock and jacking you off?"

Sally removed her hand from her crotch, reached over to
her nightstand, and took out her vibrator. Twisting the
small knob on the back end of the device, she giggled as it
came to life in her hand. She moved the device between her
legs and rubbed it over her clit before inserting it into
her vagina.

"Yes Sally, I'm pretending that you are rubbing my cock."

"Does it feel good Brad? Do you like to think about me
jacking you off? I'm playing with my pussy and thinking
about you."

"Oh yes, it feels real good, but not as good as when you
really played with me. Are you pretending that it is my
hand on your pussy?"

"Yes," she said as she slowly twisted the buzzing dildo in
her wet tunnel. "I am thinking about your tongue and how
it felt when you licked me and sucked my clit."

"Oh I'm going to cum Sally!"

"Not yet Brad, stop touching yourself. Please don't cum yet."

"Okay, I stopped, but you are making me crazy."

"Cool, what are you wearing Brad?"

"A tee shirt and jeans."

"You still have your jeans on?"

"Yes, they are just unbuttoned and unzipped. What do you
have on?"

"Nothing," Sally said as she slipped her arms out of her
robe. "I'm laying here naked on my bed. Can you take off
your jeans and underwear so we are both nude?"

"I don't know, what would I do if Paul came in?"

"Do you think he will? I thought he was watching a movie."

"He is, but he could still come in and catch me."

"Whatever, I just don't think it is fair that I'm laying
here naked, touching my pussy and thinking of you and you
are still dressed. Would you still be dressed if you were
here with me?"

"Okay, okay, I will take my jeans off for you Sally there,
now I am naked too. Now what?"

"Tell me what you would do if you were here and laying on
the bed with me Brad."

"I would rub your boobs and lick your nipples until they
were real hard. Then I would put my finger in your pussy and finger fuck you Sally. After I fingered you for a
while, I would move my mouth down and kiss your pussy."

"Mmmmm Brad, I can feel your tongue on my pussy, lick me
and push your tongue in. I would turn around and sit on
your face and rub your cock for you."

"I'm sticking my tongue into your pussy and sucking on it."

"I'm bending over and putting your cock into my mouth and
sucking on it. It feels so hot and hard, I'm licking
around the head of your cock and taking more into my
mouth." Sally said, working her vibrator in and out of her
tingling hole.

The two teens carried on their sexy conversation for a
little longer. Explaining to each other what they would do
if they were together.

"Sally, I'm going to cum! I can't hold on any longer."

"Cum for me Brad, pretend you are coming in my mouth and I
am swallowing your hot cum. I'm coming too, I'm coming on
your face, and my juice is running into your mouth."

Sally could hear Brad groan on the phone and she knew that
his cum was squirting out of his penis. She pressed the
end of her vibrator against her clit and brought on her own

"I'm coming Brad!" she yelled into the phone as her body
quivered and shook.

After a few moments of silence, she heard Brad talk.

"Wow Sally! That was cool. I've never had phone sex

"I have never had phone sex with a guy before either Brad,
it was really hot and I came hard."

"Sally, would you really like to do those things with me?"

"Maybe someday Brad, we'll see."

"Do you think you might want to do more?"

"Like what Brad?"

"You know go all the way."

"I don't know Brad, I'm not sure I'm ready to do that
yet." Sally said, thinking of how much she wished her
brother was around so she could make love to him.

"Okay, I just think you are so cute and sexy."

"Thanks Brad, I think you're cute too. Let's change the
subject though. When are you going to start driver's ed?"

"Next week, I should be able to get my license right after
my birthday next month. Paul and I are talking about going
in together and buying a car."

"That would be cool."

"Yeah, we've been saving for almost two years to get one."

"Well Brad, I think I'm going to go to bed now. I will
talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay Sally, goodnight and thanks for messing around with
me tonight and today, it was great. Do you think we could
have phone sex again?"

Sally giggled and said, "Maybe goodnight Brad."

The two hung up and Sally flopped back on the bed. She
picked up her vibrator and started to rub it against her
crotch. Once she was wet, she slipped it into her and
twisted and pushed on it until it was buried deep inside.
Remembering how much her brother liked it when Kim squeezed
his penis with her vagina, she decided to learn how.

Sally tried to tighten several different muscles in an
attempt to grip the plastic penis, but was unable to figure
out how to do it. She lay still, thinking about how Kim
could do it when she felt the urge to pee. She tightened
her muscles to hold her urine and felt herself grip the
dildo. Flexing and relaxing the muscles, she could feel
her vagina contract around the phallic object. She
practiced for a few minutes longer and decided that she
just couldn't hold it any longer.

Reluctantly, she removed the vibrator, got up, and went
into the bathroom. While she washed the toy under running
water, she thought about Tom and how surprised he would be
when he felt her newly discovered talent. She decided to
practice as often as she could, until she could squeeze
real hard.

Sally went back into her bedroom, put her vibrator into
the nightstand and put on a long tee shirt and a pair of
panties to sleep in. She climbed into bed, pulled her
covers over her, and started to surf the television
channels for something to watch. Finding a movie that
looked interesting, she set the sleep timer and settled
back to watch it.

Don and Marge arrived home from their dinner with their
friends shortly after midnight. Marge followed her husband
through the dark house and up the stairs to the second
floor. While Don went to their bedroom to get ready for
bed, Marge went the other way, deciding to check on her
children. She looked into Kim's room and found it empty so
she went to the door of Jack's room. She stood outside the
closed door, contemplating whether or not she should look
inside. She remembered the discussion she had with her
children and telling them that she and their father wouldn't be nosey.

After several minutes of fighting the urge to peek into
the bedroom, she gave in to the curiosity and quietly
opened the door. The small lamp on the nightstand, next to
the bed, cast a soft glow over the bed. She could see her
young daughter laying on her back and her son stretched out
on his side next to her. Jack had his arm draped over
Kim's body and his hand rested on her breast. The sheet
that covered the sleeping siblings only came up to their
waists, exposing the upper half of their naked bodies.

Marge leaned against the doorframe silently watching her
children sleep, reminiscing in her mind the few occasions
she and Marc had enjoyed sleeping in each other's arms.
She thought about the fact that even though she loved her
husband very much, there was just something very special
about sleeping with her brother. As she loomed in the
doorway, she noticed that Kim had opened her eyes slightly.

Kim turned her head towards her mom and smiled at her,
before she rolled on her side facing her brother. Marge
gently pulled the door closed and walked down the hall to
her own bedroom. She removed her clothing, slid into bed
next to her husband, and snuggled up to him.

Don put his arm around her and said, "Are the kids okay?"

"They're fine," she said as she put her head on his

Don kissed Marge on the cheek and felt the wetness of her
tears. He pulled her close and softly stroked her hair.

"What's the matter baby? Why are you crying?"

"I'm alright Don, I just feel so happy."

Marge told her husband about seeing their children
together in Jack's bed and how it made her feel. She
reminded him about their youth and the times they had spent
with their own siblings.

"You know Don, I really like our new friends and enjoy
doing things with them. I have had a ball messing around
in the sauna and the like, but I also miss the time that
you, Anne, Marc and I use to spend together."

"What do you mean Marge? We still spend a lot of time
with your brother and my sister."

"I know we see one another a lot and do many things
together, that isn't the time I'm talking about. I'm
talking about the times we would spend the night sleeping
with each other, you know you and Anne, Marc and I."

"Yes Marge, I know what you mean, I miss that too. It
seems that with the kids getting older and all that has
happened, we just don't take the time anymore."

Marge moved closer and laid her chest across his, nuzzling
her nose into his neck. She covered his flesh with a
series of pecking kisses, moving to his ear.

"Don," she whispered, "I love you more that anything in
the world and I would never do anything to hurt you but I
miss my brother I miss making love with my brother. We
have had plenty of sex, but I would like to just be alone
with him."

Don stroked her back, moving his hand from her neck to the

"I understand Marge, I guess I would like to spend some
time with Anne too. Maybe we can work it out so that we
can get away for a couple of days, just the four of us."

"That would be great Don, but maybe we could take the
children too. If we get four rooms, we could all go. I
think that Jack and Kim might want to spend a couple of
days together too, and If Jack and Sally would agree, well
it would be like it was up north this summer."

"I will speak to Marc and we will work something out."

Marge reached down and rubbed her hand over her husband's
penis and balls. She squeezed them gently, feeling his
soft member react to her gentle caresses. Moving her head
down his chest, she slowly licked and kissed him until her
mouth was over his manhood. She extended her tongue and
bathed his penis, never taking it into her mouth. Once she
had him hard, she moved up, put her leg over him, and
guided him into her wet vagina.

Slowly Marge worked up and down on his hard penis until
she had him fully embedded in her sex. She lay still and
enjoyed the feeling of having her vagina filled with his
throbbing penis before starting to move.

"I love having your hot dick filling my box Don, it makes
me so excited. Will you get on top of me and fuck my
brains out?"

Don lifted her up and moved her over next to him, pulling
out as he rolled onto his side. He kissed her and moved
his mouth to her breasts, sucking on each nipple. He put
his hands behind her knees and pushed her legs towards her
shoulders, causing her bottom to rise from the bed.
Bending forward, he covered her crotch with his mouth and
pushed his tongue into her slit.

After licking and sucking her clit, he put her legs on his
shoulders, stuffed his penis into her vagina, and began to
slam his hips against her. Marge moaned as she felt his
large shaft pumping in and out of her and pushed back every
time he pushed forward. The two kept up the feverous pace
of their mating, grunting and groaning as they bounced
their bodies together.

"Oh Don, I'm almost there! Fuck me Don, pound you hard
dick into my pussy and fuck me!"

Don reached for his wife's breasts and grabbed one with
each hand. He mauled her large mounds, pulling on them as
he continued to slide his penis in and out of her hot slick
hole. Marge began to buck and squirm beneath her husband
as her orgasm rocketed through her body. She pressed her
crotch against his and held his penis deep inside her.
Feeling her vagina contract around his penis, Don held
still and let her enjoy the climax she was experiencing.

Finally, Marge collapsed below Don and her legs slid off
his shoulders and down his arms. She looked up at her
husband and smiled.

"Thanks sweetheart, I really needed that."

Don removed his hard penis from her and rolled onto his
back. Marge reached over and took him into her hand and
stroked his slick shaft.

"You didn't cum yet."

"No, not yet."

"Remember the first time I did this to you? You didn't
last three minutes before you started to squirt your cum allover the place."

"Yeah, I remember. You acted like you were afraid of my
cock the first time you jacked me off. If you keep that
up, I'm going to fire a load pretty soon."

Marge increased the pressure of her hand and the speed of
her stroking. She rubbed her thumb over the thick vein on
the bottom of his hard-on and massaged his balls with her
other hand.

"Do you still like it when I jack you off Don?"

Don moaned and nodded his head yes. Feeling his orgasm
begin, he bounced his butt on the bed, sliding his penis
through her hand. Soon the first eruption of cum traveled
up his penis and into the air, landing on his chest. After
several more spurts, his cum ran out the slit in the head
of his tool and down over his wife's slowly stroking hand.
When he was completely spent, she released him and went for
a washcloth.

Marge used the warm wet cloth to wipe up the sticky cum that covered her husband's stomach and pubic hair. Once
she was finished, she returned the washcloth to the
bathroom and joined Don in bed.

Marge moved up close to Don, put her arm around his chest,
and kissed him tenderly. He thanked her for the hand job
and rolled onto his side. She soon heard him begin to
snore, indicating he had fallen sound asleep. Marge rolled
on her side, pressed her naked butt against his, and
drifted to sleep, thinking about the next time she would be
next to her brother in bed.

Jack woke up and looked at his sister as she slept beside
him. He gazed at her nude body, uncovered from the waist
up, and thought about the tender lovemaking they had
enjoyed the night before. Gently placing his fingertips on
her head, her traced along her cheek to her neck and down
to her breasts. Barely touching her, he circled the dark
ring of her areola where it met the lightly tanned flesh of
her firm breast. He watched her nipple harden and stand
high on her mound. Jack moved his hand to her other breast and repeated the process until both of Kim's nipples were

Moving from one nipple to the other, Jack continued to
taunt the eraser size protrusions until her areolas'
crinkled. Kim began to moan softly and her legs parted
under the cloak of the sheet that covered her. She moved
her hand between her legs and began to rub herself. Jack
carefully pulled the sheet down so he could watch her probe
her vagina with her fingers.

Jack removed his fingertip from Kim's breast and moved to
get a better angle to view her masturbation.

"Don't stop Jack, it feels so good when you touch my
nipples," Kim said with her eyes still closed.

Chuckling, Jack leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

"How long have you been awake?" He asked.

Kim kept rubbing her wet slit, moving her finger from her
clit to her opening, slipping it in, and then returning to
her hard nub.

"Ever since you first touched me, I wanted to see what you
were up to."

Jack sat up, folded his legs Indian style, and continued
to observe Kim's hand as she hooked two fingers into her
vagina. Slowly, she pushed them into her as far as she
could and twisted her hand back and forth.

"Do you like to watch me play with my pussy Jack?" Kim
said, her breathing becoming labored.

"Yes, it's very exciting to watch you do that."

Kim moved so her brother could look right between her wide
spread legs and pulled her vaginal lips apart, giving him a
clear view of her wet pink vagina. Using her other hand,
she pulled at the top of her labia, unsheathing her
engorged clit. She put her finger on the exposed nub and
rubbed it briskly, her body reacting to the contact.

As Jack watched his sister bring herself closer to her
climax, he wrapped his hand around his strained penis and
began to stroke it. Kim looked at his hand as it moved up
and down over his hard shaft and increased her own
movements. They stared at each other, watching the other's
hand pleasure their own sex. Suddenly, Kim jumped up, put
her legs over Jack's, and lowered herself onto his penis,
pushing his hand away with her crotch.

Kim pressed her breasts into her brother's face and
groaned when her took her nipple between his lips and
sucked it into his mouth. Jack held her by her sides and
guided her up and down on his penis, feeling his orgasm
churning in his balls. He pulled his mouth off her, making
a popping sound as her nipple came out of his still sucking lips.

"I'm going to cum Kim," he panted as she began to hump him

Kim tightened her vaginal muscles and gripped his penis.
She stopped moving and pulled off him before he came inside
her. Rolling onto her back, she pulled him on top of her
and adjusted herself so his penis was on her chest, between
her breasts. Placing her hands at the sides of her mounds,
she pushed her breasts together around his hard penis.

Jack began to slide his shaft between her soft mounds.
His penis slid easily, coated with Kim's slick juices. Kim
tilted her head down, extended her tongue, and licked the
head of Jack's penis each time he pushed forward.

"Oh Kim," he groaned, "I can't hold out any longer."

Kim pressed her breasts tighter and pinched her nipples
between her fore finger and thumb. She opened her mouth
and let the head of his penis pass her lips as he moved
faster. Jack let out a moan and his penis erupted, sending
a stream of cum against Kim's chin. She released her
breasts, grabbed his spurting member, and stroked it,
milking his semen out and onto her face, neck, and breasts.

Pulling on his penis, she moved him to her mouth and
licked the sticky cum from the helmet shaped head. When
she had completely cleaned him, she pushed him off her and
sat up. Some of the cum on her face dripped off her chin
and onto her breasts as she sat smiling and watching her
brother stare at her. She put her hands to her cheeks and
seductively massaged his semen into her face and then moved
to her chest.

"Skin cream," Kim giggled, as she rubbed the substance
into her skin.

"You're a nut Kim, a very sexy nut but a nut!"

"Didn't you like tit fucking me Jack?"

"Yes, it was great. What brought that on, if I can ask?"

"I don't know, just wanted to I guess. I'm going to take
a shower and go get some breakfast, you're tasty, but not
very filling."

Jack laughed and watched his sister get out of his bed and
walk into his bathroom. He heard her turn on the water,
got up and followed her. When he got into the bathroom, he
opened the shower door and joined Kim. They washed each
other and got out to dry off.

Kim told him she was going to go and put something on,
left his room and went to hers. She took a pair of pink
thong panties from her drawer and, stepped into them and
pulled them up and over her hips. Checking herself in the
mirror she straightened the panties and noticed that she
could see her heart shaped pubic hair through the thin lacy
material. She slipped a short satin robe on and went down
to the kitchen.

Her mom and dad were already up and sitting at the
counter, drinking coffee and eating toast.

"Good morning mom and dad how are you guys today?"

"Just fine dear," her mom said, "How are you this morning?"

"I'm great!" Kim said, jumping onto a stool next to her
dad. "What's for breakfast?"

"We're just having toast and coffee," her dad replied,
glancing at her lap and noticing her pink panties through
the gap in her robe. "What would you like to eat

"I don't know," Kim said, as her brother came into the
kitchen and sat next to her. "What do you want to eat Jack?"

"It doesn't matter, anything is fine with me." Jack said.

Kim caught her dad's eyes and saw that he was looking at
her. She glanced down and realized that her robe was open
slightly and he could see her underwear. Complaining about
the fact that she could never keep it closed, Kim untied
the sash, opened and re-closed the garment, and tied the
sash into a bow.

Marge stood up, went around the counter to the stove, and
took out a frying pan. She broke several eggs into the pan
and began to scramble them for her children. Kim slid off
her stool and went around to help her mom get breakfast
ready, asking her dad if he would like more toast or some
of the eggs.

"Sure Kim, I'll have a little." Don said, as he watched
her move around the kitchen.

Both Jack and his father watched the two women prepare the
food. Marge, also dressed in a robe, and her daughter finished fixing the meal and set the food onto the counter.
They went back to their stools and joined Jack and Don, and
Marge scooped the scrambled eggs onto plates.

You guys should have seen the nice boat we saw yesterday,"
Kim said between mouthfuls of her breakfast. "It was
really big."

"That wasn't a boat Kim," Jack said. "It was a motor
yacht, about eighty feet long."

"Whatever! All I know is that it was really big and
really beautiful. Could you drive a yacht that big Jack?"
Kim said.

"I'm sure I could learn Kim, I think they have schools for
that." Jack replied.

"Don't you need a captain for something that big?" Don
asked his son.

"I'm not sure dad, you probably do," Jack said. "I would
love to have a yacht like that, we could take it to
Florida, or anywhere we wanted to."

The family finished their breakfast and talked about
boating and the things they could do on a boat that size.

Jack said, "Do you and mom want to take a ride to the
marina and see the yacht today?"

"We can go if you'd like Jack, I would like to see what
you kids are talking about." Marge said.

"Cool," Jack said, "I'll go and get ready."

Kim and her mom cleaned up the kitchen and washed to pans.
They were standing at the sink chatting when Kim turned to
her mom.

"You aren't mad at Jack and I, are you?"

"For what Kim?"

"I saw you looking in Jack's room last night. I just
don't want you or dad mad at us for sleeping together."

Marge put her hands on her daughter's shoulders and looked
into her eyes.

"No Kim, I'm not mad at you or you're brother. I'm sorry
that I checked on you two, I know your dad and I said we
wouldn't. You have to understand that mom's feel it
necessary to do such things, someday you will understand."

"I don't care if you check on me mom, as long as you
aren't mad at me."

Marge hugged Kim and assured her that she wasn't upset
with the fact that she and her brother had spent the night
in the same bed. She told Kim to get dressed so they could
go and see the boat. Together they went upstairs, heading
to their own rooms when they reached the hallway.

Kim went into her room and untied her robe. She looked
out her window to see if she could tell if it was nice
outside. Unable to really tell what it was like, she went
to her brother's room to ask if he knew.

"I don't know how it is outside Kim, hang on a minute, and
I will go check."

Jack ran down the stairs and went outside, he returned to
his room and not finding his sister there, he went to hers.
Kim was sitting on her bed, her robe still open when Jack
walked in.

'It's not too bad out Kim, not as nice as yesterday, but
not cold either."

Kim thanked her brother, stood up, and removed her robe.
She took a wrap-around skirt from her closet and a top that
would match the black skirt. She pulled the top on over
her bare breasts and wrapped the skirt around her waist, as
her brother stood in her room and watched. Once the skirt
was secured around her waist, she pulled it up, tugged on
her shirttails, and let the skirt drop. She sat on her bed
and put on socks and shoes, got up and looked in her mirror
and announced that she was ready.

"What, no bra? Maybe you should just go without any
underwear at all," Jack said.

Kim looked at her brother, smiled, and reached under her
skirt, removing the pink panties.

"There, is that better?"

"I was just kidding Kim."

Kim giggled and said, "I'm not! Let's get going."

Jack and Kim went down to the family room to wait for
their parents. Jack sat on the couch and Kim in her dad's
recliner. When she flipped the lever and pushed the chair
back, Jack could see under her skirt. Kim moved her legs
apart, held them open for a moment and then closed the gap
between her legs. She watched her brother stare at her as
she played her little teasing game, and giggled at his

"You're going to get caught by mom or dad if you keep that
up Kim."

"So, you made me feel so special last night that I'm still
all tingly inside and I feel like being a tease. You might
be surprised at what I may do today if you know what I
mean," Kim said as she opened her wrap-around skirt, gave
her brother a shot of her mons and her neatly trimmed pubic
hair, and then covered herself.

"What do you mean Kim?" Marge asked as she stepped into
the room, just in time to observe that her daughter wasn't
wearing panties under her skirt.

"Um nothing mom, we were just fooling around." Kim turned
red when she realized her choice of words.

Marge grinned as she watched Kim lower the chair, get up,
and head for the kitchen. She, like her daughter, was
wearing a skirt, although it wasn't nearly as short. After
thinking about what she had just seen, Marge went into the
small half bath, on the main floor, removed her panties and
returned to the family room.

Don came down stairs and told his family he was ready to go.

"Who is going to drive?" Don asked.

"We can take my truck dad, I'll be your driver today, and
you and mom can relax." Jack replied.

The four family members went out into the garage and got
into Jack's truck. Jack pressed the button on the remote
to open the garage door and backed out, closing the
automatic door when he was clear of it. Jack turned around
in the driveway and headed for the marina where he and his
sister had seen the large yacht the day before.

As they traveled along the main road to the marina, Kim
sat in the front seat with her brother, her back turned to
the door. She had one leg tucked under her bottom and
looked over the seat at her parents. Kim was talking to
her mom about Paul and telling her how much she liked the

"Kim, I want you to realize that teenage boys can do some
very stupid things," her dad said. "I want you to be
careful and not get hurt."

"How could I get hurt dad?" Kim said.

"Well honey, sometimes boys think with their hormones and
not their brains, what little brains we have at that age,
and will do dumb things. Do you remember about us telling
you guys about the cheerleading party when your mom and I
were in high school? That is an example of how teenage
boys will do things they shouldn't. Your Uncle Marc and I
hurt your mom and Aunt Anne very much. We didn't do it
intentionally, but we hurt them just the same."

"I think I understand what you are saying dad. If Paul
says or does something dumb it might not be to hurt me, but
I will feel hurt. Does the same thing go for girls? I
mean, can't we do things that will hurt boys too, and not
mean to?"

Don chuckled and said, "Oh yes Kim, girls can do things
like that too. When your mom went out with that jerk,
after what happened at the party, I thought my heart was
broken for life. I was never so hurt or upset in my life."

Kim glanced at her brother and saw him moving his eyes
from the road to her. The skirt she wore was slightly
open, revealing her thighs to his glances. Smiling, Kim
shifted and adjusted her skirt to allow her brother a
better view, but she still concealed her naked crotch from
his eyes.

"You guys made up after that didn't you, I mean you are
married and all." Kim said.

"Yes honey, we made up. I love your mom more than
anything and would never do anything to hurt her again,"
Don said, sliding next to Marge and putting his arm around

Kim thought about the things she had seen on the beach
last summer and how her mom and dad had engaged in sex with
her Aunt and Uncle. She remembered how much fun she and
her brother had with their cousins and the things they had
done as a group.

"How can you prevent hurting someone? I mean what if you
want to do something, but you aren't sure if it will upset
another person?"

"You talk," Marge said. "You have to develop an open line
of communications with the people in your life that mean a
lot to you and try to discuss things before they become a
problem. I know that you can't always do that, especially
at your age, but it is better to talk if you can."

"What about the things you can't talk about?" Jack said.
"Kim and I can't really talk about well you know what I

"Yes Jack, I do know what you mean," Don said. "Those are
things you just have to work out. You two know the
ramifications of disclosing the secrets we share and you
must be very careful about being discovered. The
relationship you and Kim share has to remain yours and
yours alone."

Kim listened to her dad talk about the need to keep quiet
about the things that she and Jack shared and she knew that
if the wrong people were ever to discover that she and her
brother were lovers it could destroy the family. She also
thought about Paul and the fact that she would be forced to
lie to him, should he ever question her about her past
sexual experiences.

"Dad," Kim said. "What if I found out that a boy I was
dating was having sex with a member of his family, could I
tell him about me?"

Jack turned into the marina and drove up to the small
guard shack that secured the entrance. Don rolled down his
window and spoke with the watchman, telling him what they
were doing there. After mentioning the names of a couple
of the country club members, he knew kept boats at the
marina, the guard let them pass. Jack drove to the back of
the facility and parked his truck as close the large motor
yacht as her could.

"I really don't know how to answer your question Kim," Don
said. "I guess if two people had the same things to loose
it would be okay. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know, I'm just curious." Kim said.

Jack opened his door, got out of the truck, and waited for
the rest of his family. Once everyone was out, they walked
towards the end of the docks where the large yacht was tied
up, Kim and her mom following behind the guys. A cool fall
breeze was coming in from the lake, wafting the leaves,
which were scattered about, into the air. Kim watched as
the leaves danced along, only inches above, the pavement of
the marina's blacktop road. The young girl's skirt flipped
open, where it crossed over itself, forcing Kim to hold it

"A little windy out here isn't Kim?" Marge said, gripping
her own skirt. "I bet you can feel the breeze under your
skirt too."

Kim looked at her mom with an inquisitive stare.

"You know honey," her mom said. "Don't you feel the
breeze on your bare bottom? I sure do!"

"You Know?"

"Yes, I saw you when you were sitting in your dad's chair.
After I saw you, I decided the do the same thing."

"You're not wearing any panties either?"

"No, and it feels good. I can't remember the last time I
went out in public like this," Marge said as she moved
closer to her daughter. "What made you decide to not wear

Kim lowered her head, looked at the ground, and said
quietly, "To tease Jack."

Marge laughed and put her arm around her daughter's
shoulders. She pulled Kim close to her and held her snuggly.

"What are we going to do with two kids?"

Kim slipped her arm around her mom's waist and said, "I
don't know what do you want to do with us?"

Marge didn't answer Kim's question, but her mind raced
thinking of the things she would like to share with her
daughter and maybe even her son. The two women caught up
with Jack and Don, who waited near the end of a long
building that covered a dozen boat slips. The four of them
rounded the corner of the building, and saw the motor yacht.

"It's even bigger than I thought it was," Jack said.

"Well," Don replied, "I see what you mean about being able
to live on it. It is twice as big as our old house, maybe
even bigger."

The large yacht was too tall to get a good look at the
cabin. From their vantage point they could see the windows
of the pilothouse and the radar bridge that towered above
it. The wide radar bridge was covered with different
colored lights, antennas, and two radar units. As they
moved along the side of the yacht, they saw a man standing
on the deck.

Jack waved at the middle-aged man and he waved back.

"Your yacht is beautiful," Jack shouted to the man.

"Thanks," he replied, but it isn't mine, I'm just the
captain. The owner is down in Florida and I'm getting her
ready to run down."

The man looked down at the family and said, "Would you
like to come aboard and have a look?"

"I would love to," Jack said with obvious excitement in
his voice.

The man walked to the gangway and asked them to remove
their shoes before coming aboard. They Grahams' removed
their shoes and the guys followed Kim and Marge up the ramp
to the deck. As the girls walked in front of them, the
wind caught Kim's skirt and gave Jack and his dad a quick
view of her nude bottom.

"Welcome aboard the Lone Eagle, I'm Tony, the captain."
The man said, extending his hand to the visitors.

The four family members shook hands with Tony and
introduced themselves. They listened to him tell about the
yacht as they followed him forward to a door that led inside.

"The Lone Eagle is a seventy-two foot motor yacht with a
master stateroom and two guest staterooms. Forward and
below there are crew quarters that will accommodate three
crewmembers. She has a range of about two thousand miles
on full tanks at a cruising speed of twenty-six knots."
Tony explained.

Moving from the deck into the cabin, he led them into the
salon. Marge and Don looked at the large room, decorated
with the type of furniture that you normally would find in
a home. There were two leather couches, several chairs,
and a coffee table to the rear of the salon and a dining
table with eight chairs in the forward section. Tony took
them into the galley and showed them all of the modern
appliances it contained.

"What is she powered by?" Jack asked.

"Twin turbo-charged diesels. She also has a pair of
diesel generators that will provide enough power to run
every electrical unit onboard."

Tony took the family through the main deck, telling them
about the yacht's many features. He said that he couldn't
take them below to see the staterooms because the owner
didn't allow it. He led them to a small spiral ladder and
went down, asking them to follow. Jack started down the
ladder, followed by Don and then Marge. Kim was the last
to descend into the crews' quarters below.

Don watched his wife and daughter negotiate the small
steps as they made their way down. He noticed that neither
of them was wearing any panties as he looked up at the two
women. When both of them were on the deck in the small
room Don leaned over to his wife and whispered in her ear.

"What is that all about?" He said with a big smile.

Marge grinned at him and whispered back, "Just a little
something special for you dear."

"What about Kim?"

"Something special for Jack. Why don't you like it?"

Don put his hand on his wife's butt and squeezed it
through the thin material of her skirt. He smiled and
nodded his head yes and then moved up near their children.
Tony opened the hatch to the engine room and showed them
the two big diesel engines and the pair of generators.
After leaving the engine room, Tony went up the ladder,
followed by Marge and Kim.

Nudging Jack, Don pointed up at Marge and Kim as they
moved up the steps. Jack could see his mom and sister's
naked crotchs beneath their skirts and he grinned at his
dad. The two of them went up the ladder and back into the
main passageway.

After a brief tour of the pilothouse, they left the yacht,
thanking Tony for showing them around. They walked back to
the truck and got inside.

Jack started the truck, turned around, and headed for the
exit. Marge and Don sat next to each other in the back
seat and Kim turned to talk to them.

"That yacht was unbelievable! I never knew that those big
boats were so nice inside." Kim said.

"I would love to have something like that someday," Jack
said. "We could travel all over with a yacht like that."

"I wish we could have seen the bedrooms," Marge remarked.
"I wonder how big they were?"

"If they were like everything else we saw, I think they
would be very nice." Don said.

Jack pulled out of the marina onto the road that ran along
the lake. As he drove, the family continued to talk about
the yacht and how nice the captain was for showing them

"Where would you guys like to go now?" Jack asked.

"Why don't you just drive along the lake for awhile, we
can stop and get some lunch in a bit," Marge said. "Unless
you kids have something else planned."

"That sounds like fun to me," Kim said. "Paul was going
to come over, but I would rather spend some time with just
our family, we don't get to do that very often."

Jack agreed with Kim and continued to drive along the
lakeshore. Houses lined the road, but they could still
catch glimpses of the water between them. Kim turned her
attention to Jack and the road in front of them, turning
sideways in her seat. She positioned herself so that if
Jack looked over at her he could see up her skirt.

Don put his hand on his wife's knee and, making sure the
kids weren't watching, slid it up her leg to her naked
crotch. He rubbed her lightly, teasing her labia with his
fingertips. After a few minutes of his caresses, Marge
began to become wet and he slid a finger into her vagina.
Don slowly moved his finger in Marge's wet vagina, rubbing
her clit with his thumb.

Kim noticed what her father was doing in the backseat and
fought the urge to laugh. When Jack glanced at her and saw
her open legs, he smiled. Kim pointed towards the
backseat, keeping her hand out of the view of her parents.
Jack glanced into the mirror, but he couldn't see what they
were doing.

Stopping at a traffic light, Jack quickly turned and
looked over the seat at his parents. He could see his
dad's hand under his mother's skirt and the movement of his
dad's arm.

"You two behave back there!" Jack said.

"You just pay attention to the road and drive young man,"
Marge said. "Your dad and I are fine back here."

Kim and Jack began to laugh and Kim said. "Kids!"

Kim released her seatbelt and slid next to her brother.
She sat facing forward, clipped the center belt around her
waist, and took Jack's wrist in her hand. She pulled his
hand to her and placed it on her inner thigh. Parting her
legs slightly, she guided his hand to her bare crotch and
held it snuggly to her.

Jack continued to drive along the road, gently rubbing his
sister's moist slit. When he pushed his finger into her,
Kim let out a low groan and spread her legs even further
apart. As they rode along in the truck Don fingered his
wife and Jack his sister. When she heard her mom begin to
moan in the back seat, Kim had a small orgasm and also
began to moan. She clamped her legs together on Jack's
hand and rotated her hips against the finger buried inside
her. Glancing into the backseat, she saw that her mom had
her eyes shut and was holding her dad's arm, pulling it
into her crotch.

Kim pulled her brother's hand away from her sensitive
vagina and wrapped her arms around his arm. She looked
into his lap and saw the bulge his hard-on was making in
the front of his slacks. Kim put her hand on his hard
penis and squeezed it firmly.

"Poor boy," she said softly, "I think you have a problem

The two kids heard their mom giggle from behind them and
say, "I think your father has the same problem."

All four of them began to laugh. Jack turned off the road
into the parking lot of the boat launch he used and drove
to the back of the large lot. He parked so they could look
out over the lake and turned off the engine.

"This is where I come to launch the boat mom," Jack said.
"We can walk out to the point if you guys want to. There
may be some people fishing out there."

They all got out of the truck, grabbed the jackets they
had brought and followed Jack along a narrow path that led
to the point. When they got to the end of the path they
noticed that no one was fishing on the banks of the river
or lake. They stood and looked at the rough water and the
white caps the rolled into shore, slamming against the
steel seawall. Jack sat down on a log and Kim sat next to
him, snuggling against his side. Marge sat next to Kim and
Don beside her.

"It is a little rough out there today, at least for my
boat," Jack said.

"It wouldn't be too rough for the Lone Eagle," Kim said.

The four sat and watched the lake for a few minutes and
then Kim complained about being chilled. Marge agreed that
it was a bit too cold to sit there dressed as they were and
asked the guys if they could head back to the truck.

Jack got up, took Kim's hand, and pulled her to her feet.
They started back to the truck, followed by their parents.
Marge and Don both noticed that Jack didn't let go of his
sister's hand as the two teens walked in front of them.

"Our daughter has a nice ass," Don said quietly to his wife.

"So does our son!" Marge replied.

"Did you ever think that things would be like this between
them? I can still remember when they fought all the time."
Don said.

"I guess that deep down inside, I always hoped that they
would get along. I guess you can never really know just
how things will turn out though. It makes me happy that
they love each other so much, I only hope that it doesn't
lead to problems for them in the future."

"So do I," Don said as he put his arm around Marge's waist.

They sat in the truck and Jack started the engine and
turned on the heat to help them warm up.

"It looks like fall is finally here, the cold weather is
setting in. The next thing you know there will be snow on
the ground and we will be freezing our butts off." Jack

"You're right Jack," Don said. "Let's go and have
something to eat, my breakfast is long gone."

Jack backed up and turned towards the gate and the road.
He drove to a small family restaurant near the boat launch.
They all went inside and ate a late lunch. When they were
finished, Don paid the bill and they left.

"What next?" Jack asked as they went to his truck and got

Kim looked at her brother, opened her skirt so he could
see her crotch, and said, "Let's go home and spend the rest
of the day there."

Jack smiled at her and turned to his parents. "How about
you two, what would you like to do?"

"Home sounds good to me," Marge said. "I could use a dip
in the hot tub to take the chill off."

Jack pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the
expressway. It was much faster than the route they
traveled to get to the boat launch and the restaurant and
the trip home only took a half an hour. Jack parked his
truck in the garage and they all went into the house.

Kim checked the answering machine and heard a message from
Paul for her and one from Megan for Jack. She told Jack
about the call and picked up the phone to call Paul. Kim
told him that she was spending the day with her parents and
brother and she would see him during the week. Jack called
Megan and told her he would see her at school tomorrow.

Kim went out to the pool area and into the pool house.
She turned on the hot tub, took off her clothes, and went
into the shower. Just as she turned on the water, Jack
came in and turned on his own showerhead. The two teens
began to wash and were joined by their parents. The four
of them washed themselves and talked about the day.

Taking a bar of soap and handing it to her dad, Kim said,
"Will you please wash my back?"

Don took the soap from her and began to rub it on her soft
skin. He worked up a lather, put the soap down, and began
to move his hands over her back. Marge handed her bar of
soap to her son and asked Jack to wash her back. Soon the
two guys were rubbing the foaming soap over the girls'

"Don't forget my bottom dad," Kim said, smiling over her
shoulder at him.

Don hesitated for a moment and then moved his hands to his
daughter's firm round butt. He slowly covered her flesh
with soap, gently pressing against her skin. Jack saw what
his dad was doing and did the same for his mom. He dropped
to his knees and washed Marge's legs, carefully avoiding
her crotch.

Marge looked down at her son and saw his erect penis, she
glanced at her husband and saw that he too was turned on.
Jack stood up, took the spray head from its hook, and
pointed it at his mother's back, rinsing the soap away.
Don did the same for Kim and then handed her the bar of soap.

The two teens soaped their parents' backs and rubbed the
suds over their skin. Kim felt her dad's buttocks clinch
as she covered them with soap. In a daring move, Kim
reached around her dad and quickly rubbed her soapy hand
over his erect penis and then his balls. Don gasped when
he felt her hand touching him and knocked it away. Kim
took the showerhead, rinsed her dad's body, and hung it
back on its hook.

As Jack soaped his mom's back, he let his hands rub over
the sides of her breasts. Marge turned sharply to one side
and then to the other, causing her son's hands to cover
each breast, one after the other. Jack felt a little
uncomfortable and ended the washing, rinsing the soap from
his mom's body.

They all turned off their showers and left the room. Kim
and Jack headed to the hot tub and their parents lagged
behind. Don turned on the stereo and turned to his wife,
telling her what their daughter had done in the shower.

Marge giggled, reached down, and grabbed his penis.

"Like mother, like daughter! I guess none of us Graham
women can keep our hands off your big cock."

Don chuckled at his wife's remark, but still felt a bit
uneasy about the whole thing. He and Marge went to the tub
and joined their children in the hot swirling water. Don
sat next to Marge, with Kim on his other side. They all
relaxed in the water, feeling the jets against their skin.
Don stretched his arms out along the edge of the tub, one
behind his wife, and the other behind Kim.

Kim slid next to her dad, rested her head on his arm and
her hand on his leg. She leaned back and closed her eyes,
feeling the warmth of her dad's body against hers. As she
relaxed, she noticed he dad squirming around. Slowly
inching her hand up his leg, she felt her mom's hand bump
hers as she slowly stroked Don's hard penis.

Marge looked over at her daughter, took her wrist, and put
her hand on her dad's penis. Kim opened her eyes, looked
at her mom, and saw her smiling. She felt her mom's hand
cover hers and guide it up and down her dad's hard shaft.
Kim snuggled closer to her dad and enjoyed the feeling of
his manhood in her small hand.

Don wrapped his arm around Kim's shoulders and held her as
she stroked him slowly. Marge motioned for her son to come
and sit beside her. When Jack moved next to his mom, he
felt her hand circle his hard-on and begin to rub it. He
put his hand on her breast and looked into her eyes for
approval. Marge nodded, covered his hand with hers, and
pressed it into her breast.

Seeing Jack's hand on her mom's breast, Kim took her dad's
hand and brought it to hers. She moaned as he massaged her
firm mound with his strong hand and increased the pressure
on his penis.

The four of them sat silently in the hot tub touching each
other. Kim kissed her dad and pushed her tongue against
his lips, inviting him to open his mouth to her, but he
resisted her. Marge and Jack also kissed, Marge being the
aggressor and Jack following his mother's lead.

Kim slowly moved her small hand over her father's hard
shaft, her fingers barely touching her thumb. She felt his
ridge as she stroked up and then reversed her motion. Her
thumb ran along the thick vain on the underside of the long
hard penis and in her mind she compared it to her
brother's. When she began to speed up her movements, Don
gripped her wrist and slowed her down. Moving her hand to
the top of his penis, Kim covered the bulbous head and
squeezed it gently.

Marge was stroking her son slowly, knowing that the boy wouldn't have the staying power her husband, or brother,
had. When she sensed he was becoming too aroused, she
stopped and let her hand rest near the base of Jack's
penis. Glancing at her husband, Marge could see the look
of lust in his eyes. She wondered if he wanted to screw
his daughter as much as she wanted to feel Jack inside her.
The feeling of her son's hand on her breast and his hard
penis in her hand had Marge very excited. She took one of
Jack's hands, guided it to her crotch, and held it against

Jack pushed a finger into his mother's vagina and moaned
as she resumed stroking his heated member. He could feel
the difference between his mom's vagina and that of the
younger girls he had experienced up until then. Jack
noticed that his mother's vagina was not as tight as his
sister's and felt softer inside. He moved a second finger
into her and then a third. Marge groaned as her son pushed
his fingers deep into her and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

Suddenly, Don pushed Kim away from him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Kim asked, with a hurt look
on her face.

"No honey, you didn't do anything wrong, but if we don't
stop I might."

Don moved in front of his wife, put his hands under her
arms, lifted her away from Jack, and sat her on the edge of
the hot tub. He pushed her legs open and knelt between
them, holding his penis in his hand. Leaning forward, Don
pushed his hard penis up to his wife's vagina and sank it
deep inside her. Marge wrapped her legs around his waist
and dug her heals into his butt, grabbing his shoulders
with her hands.

Kim and Jack watched in awe, as their parents began to
move, their dad slowly pushing and pulling his large penis
in and out of their mother's hole. Each time he would push
into her, Marge would pull herself against him with her
legs and arms.

Feeling excited by the events that had led to this moment,
Kim sat up on the edge along side her mother and motioned
for her brother to come close to her. When Jack was within
reach, she pulled him between her wide spread legs, wrapped
her hand around his penis and pressed it against her
opening. Jack lunged forward, impaling her as she moaned
and bucked against him. Feeling the urgency of his
impending ejaculation, he began to pound his tool into his
sister's vagina. He held her shoulder with one hand and
one of her breasts with the other.

Kim's legs flailed wildly, kicking her dad a couple of
times as she received her brother in her overheated body.
She put her hand between them and rapidly rubbed her
fingertip over her clit, feeling her brother's penis
pulling at her vaginal lips as he continued his assault.
She felt her orgasm begin deep in her stomach and clinched
her vaginal muscles around Jack's driving manhood. As she
tightened and relaxed the muscles around him, Jack pushed
in and let out a muffled groan.

The four family members were side by side, the two women
on the edge of the tub, the men making love to them. When
she heard her son's groan, Marge looked over and saw his
butt cheeks clinch, and his head flop back, as he pumped
his semen into his sister. Kim felt his penis swell deep
in her vagina and increased the speed of her fingertip
against her hard clit. She felt her stomach muscled
tighten and wrapped her legs around her brother, holding
him as she too climaxed.

Marge and Don watched their two children as they both
collapsed into one another's arms. They saw Jack gently
stroke the back of Kim's head and kiss her forehead. Don
began to move faster, sliding his penis in his wife's slick
cannel. He thought about how wonderful it would be to have
his manhood buried in his daughter's young vagina and
experience the hot tightness he knew it would provide.
Marge also thought about having Jack stuffed into the place
he had come into this world from, only seventeen short
years ago.

Each of the two adults was lost in the thoughts of having
sex with their offspring as they reached the plateau of
their sexual own pleasure. Don began to send his seed into
Marge's vagina and she felt a gentle, but gratifying,
orgasm slowly roll through her body. When they had both
finished their climaxes, Marge and Don held themselves
tightly together, like their children were still doing.

Jack saw that his parents had stopped their lovemaking and
were snuggling together. He held his sister tight and fell
backwards into the tub, dragging her with him. The two
kids rolled around in the water, finally moving to the
seats and sitting next to each other.

Don and Marge untangled their arms and legs, sat near
their children, and relaxed in the hot tub. After several
minutes, Don announced he was getting out and stood up.
Kim stared at his crotch and thought about what it would be
like to have her dad make love to her. She slowly moved
her eyes up, taking in every inch of her father's nude body
that was visible to her, and finally met his gaze. He
smiled at the young girl and slowly stepped out of the tub
onto the tiled floor.

As Don walked away, Kim scrambled out of the tub and went
to him. She put her arms around him, hugged his naked body
against hers, and laid her head on his chest. Don put his
hands on her back and gently stroked her, resting his chin
on the top of her head. Kim could feel his flaccid penis
against her flat stomach and she wiggled a little to
amplify the sensation.

"Why did we have to stop?" She asked her dad looking up
into his eyes.

"We just did," he whispered softly. "I didn't really want
to, but I just couldn't go that far, not with my little
girl. I love you far too much to do anything that would
hurt you or make you regret it."

Kim's eyes filled with tears of joy and she put her head
back on his chest. She savored the warmth of his body and
texture of his skin against her breasts and stomach.
Feeling his penis jerk slightly against her tummy, she
released him and stood on her toes to kiss him. Don's
closed lips met hers and they kissed briefly. Don turned
around and walked into the house and Kim returned to the
hot tub.

Marge and Jack had gotten out of the water and were
standing next to each other at the edge of the tub. Marge
hugged her son, pressing her breasts into his chest and
kissed him on the mouth. She released Jack and put her
arms around her daughter, holding her close. She kissed
Kim and told the two teens she was going into the house and
to bed.

Jack turned off the hot tub and walked back to where his
sister waited for him. She hooked her arm in his and
pulled him towards the sliding glass doors that led into
the family room.

"Come we me," she cooed, "I'm not done with you yet."

Jack chuckled and, arm-in-arm, they headed upstairs. They
went into Kim's room and she grabbed two towels from her
bathroom, tossing one to Jack. They dried themselves and
slipped into Kim's bed and each other's arms. Kim reached
over to her nightstand and turned off the small lamp,
causing the room to darken.

"I can't see you," Jack said.

"That's alright," Kim giggled, as she reached between them
and cupped his balls and penis with her hand. "You will
just have to feel you way around."

Jack put his hand between her legs and covered her sex,
wiggling his fingers along her labia. The two siblings
caressed and fondled each other until they were completely
aroused and then Kim crawled onto her brother's chest and
guided him into her vagina.


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