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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 47



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ,2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at

The Lottery - Part 47 (mf, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
Tom carried his suitcase and camera bag into the house,
set them on the floor, near the stairs, and went to look
for his mom and dad. They were sitting in the family room
reading and listening to music on the stereo.

"Hi mom, hi dad," he said as he walked into the room.

"Hi Tom," his mom said. "How was your trip?"

"It was great mom, I learned a lot about photography and
developing color film," Tom replied.

Tom sat on the couch, near his mother, and told her and
his dad about the workshop and the hotel room. After they
had talked for about fifteen minutes, Tom asked where his
sister was.

"I think she is in her room," Anne told her son.

Tom left the family room, picked up his things and went
upstairs. He put his suitcase and camera equipment in his
room, went to Sally's bedroom and walked in.

Sally was seated at her desk and surfing the Internet when
he walked up behind her.

"You shouldn't be looking at that stuff," he said,
startling her and pointing at the photo on the screen.

Spinning her chair around to face her brother, Sally
jumped to her feet and threw her arms around his neck.
Tom's arms automatically circled her and he hugged her to
his body.

"Welcome home Tom, I have missed you so much!" She said
and then kissed him full on the lips.

Tom kissed his little sister back, receiving her probing
tongue in his mouth. The two held the kiss for several
moments, and then Sally broke it off.

Gazing up into his eyes, Sally smiled brightly at her big
brother. She could feel his hands rubbing over her back
and down to the top of her bottom.

Taking her arms from his neck, she said, "I want you to
tell me all about your weekend."

Sally pulled him over to her bed and they sat down near
one another. Folding her legs under her butt, Sally stared
into her brother's eyes, mesmerized by his presence. She
was wearing a sports bra and a pair of Lycra shorts, having
planned to workout in the basement before her brother got

"Did you have a good time? Did you learn a lot about
taking pictures?"

Tom stopped her, "Slow down. Yes I had a good time and we
learned so much about photography."

"What did they teach you?"

"Lisa and I learned about lighting, filters, color
processing and a bunch of other stuff."

Tom glanced at his sister's crotch, the way she was
sitting had her tight shorts pulled into her and he could
see the outline of her puffy labia.

"So kid, what are you looking at on the computer?" Tom
pointed at the monitor and the picture of a naked girl it

"I was just checking out a few sites, I wanted to see how
to pose for you." Sally said, blushing slightly.

"That's cool, show me what you've found."

Sally went to the computer and started to open several
photos of nude teenage girls. She came to one that showed
a girl lying on her back with her knees pulled back to her
shoulders and her butt in the air.

"Wow!" Tom said. "That looks like it would hurt."

Sally giggled as the two of them studied the photo.
"Check out this one," she said, clicking the mouse on a

The same girl had her legs under her arms now and her
fingers were pulling her vaginal lips apart.
"She must be some kind of gymnast," Tom said. "She's very

Sally got up from her chair, went to her bed and tried to
imitate the girl in the photo. She pulled her legs back
towards her shoulders but was unable to get them into the
same position. Tom watched as she pulled and wiggled. Her
shorts pulled into the crack between her butt cheeks and
defined her firm globes. Finally she gave up and returned
to her desk chair and continued to look at more pictures.

"It's not as easy as it looks," she said. "I wish I could
learn to do that though, it would be a great position to
make love in."

Tom felt his penis flex in his pants when he heard her
remark. He thought about the girl in the picture and how
she was fully exposed.

Sally brought up a few more photos and stopped when she
came to one of a girl tied spread eagle on a bed. Her arms
and legs were bound to the bedposts with what looked to be
nylon stockings.

Spending a few moments looking at the picture, Sally felt
her heart begin to race slightly as she closely examined
the photo.

"Would you like to tie me up Tom? You could do anything
you wanted to do if I couldn't move."

"Does that picture turn you on Sally?"

Sally nodded and said, "Yes it does. I wonder what it
would be like to be helpless and have a guy take advantage
of me."

Tom's penis was fully extended now and felt uncomfortable
in his slacks. He reached into the waistband and adjusted
himself, pointing his hard-on straight up. He watched the
monitor as his sister brought picture after picture of
girls in various states of bondage. Some were standing
with their hands tied above their heads and others were
bound to chairs or tables.

"How did you find these sites Sally?"

"Just following links from a site that Kim told me about.
We have been checking them out for a few days now. When I
find a good one, I email the address to her and she does
the same for me."

"Do you like looking at pictures of other girls?"

"It's okay, I like to look at guys better, but there
aren't many on the sites I've found."

"Have you found any good ones yet?"

"Well," Sally said, as she clicked on her bookmarks and
selected a site. "There's this one."

Tom watched as the site loaded and his sister clicked on
several links. Soon a picture of a nude guy with a girl kneeling in front of him appeared. She had her hand around
his long hard penis and her mouth only inches away. As
Sally clicked through the sequence of pictures, they showed
the girl taking the guy into her mouth and giving him a
blowjob. The last picture showed the girl with her face
splattered with cum.

Sally clicked on a few more pictures showing guys engaged
in various sex acts. When she found one of a girl standing
on the floor with one leg up on a table and a guy behind
her pushing his penis into her, she stopped.

"That looks interesting," Sally said. "Maybe we could try
that sometime."

Tom looked at the photo and thought about Lisa. He
wondered if she would try something like that with him. As
he daydreamed about Lisa, he felt Sally's hand on his
crotch. He turned to her and grinned.

"That does look interesting, I would like to give it a try

Sally giggled and squeezed his penis firmly. She thought
about herself it the same position as the girl in the
picture and her brother behind her. Tom was thinking about
Lisa, but his sister's groping fingers made it impossible
to concentrate. He put his hand on her back and rubbed
slowly up and down.

Clicking the mouse, Sally changed sites and looked for
more sexy photos. The two teens surfed around for a bit
longer and then Tom moved his sister's hand from his crotch.

"I have to finish unloading my truck and take a shower,"
he said.

Sally stood up and walked towards the door, following her
brother. They went downstairs and Tom went out to his
truck while Sally went to the basement.

Tom pulled the cases with his lights out of the truck and
carried them into the house. He went downstairs and put
them on the shelves outside his darkroom. As he headed for
the stairs, he heard music coming from the exercise room
and went inside. Sally was on the treadmill running at a
steady clip. She didn't see Tom enter the room and sit on
the weight bench behind her.

As he watched her running, he couldn't help staring at her
bottom. The white Lycra shorts Sally had on followed every
nook and cranny of her trim body. She stopped the machine
and climbed off. When she saw her brother sitting on the
bench it startled her.

"Don't sneak up on me like that Tom, you scared the shit
out of me!"

"I'm sorry, I was just enjoying the view, and I didn't
want you to stop."

Sally grinned and said, "So you like to watch my ass when
I run?"

Tom nodded his head yes and said, "You have a real nice
ass Sally, especially in those shorts."

Sally turned her back to him, bent over and grabbed her
legs just above the ankles and looked at him through her

"You think I have a nice ass? Sometimes I think it is too

Sally ran her hands up the back of her legs and over her
bottom. When she was bent over like she was, her butt
formed a perfect heart shape.

Tom reached out and ran his hands over the silky material
of her shorts and said, "Your ass is just fine Sally."

Standing up and turning to face her brother, Sally said,
"Thanks, I'm glad you like it."

Sally straddled the weight bench facing Tom. She put her
hands on his knees and gripped them firmly.

"So tell me big brother, did you and Lisa have a good time
in the hotel room?"

Tom was caught a little off guard by her inquiry. He
cleared his throat and nodded yes.

Slowly moving her hands over his thighs, Sally asked,
"What did you guys do? I know Lisa was a virgin when you
two left, is she still virgin?"


"Will you tell me about it Tom?"

"Sally, I don't think you really want to know what we did.
I don't want you to get mad at me or hate me."

"I love you Tom! I'm not going to get mad or hate you
because you have a girlfriend or because you had sex with
her. I want you to be happy."

Tom told his sister about the things that he and Lisa had
done while they were together in the hotel. He told her
about the first night, the whirlpool tub and having sex
with Lisa for the first time. He didn't go into any great
detail, but he was sure that his sister knew most of what
went on. As he talked, she continued to stroke his legs,
getting closer and closer to his erect penis. When he
glanced between her spread legs, he could see a wet spot
forming in the crotch of her tight shorts.

Running his fingertips over the damp panel in her shorts,
Tom said, "Does it get you hot when I tell you about making
love with Lisa?"

"Oh yes," she panted. "It makes me all tingly inside. I
hope you don't mind that hearing about you and Lisa turns
me on."

Tom increased the pressure on her crotch and moved his
fingertips up and down. He watched her smile and felt her
hands slide up his legs to his crotch and begin to rub his
balls through his slacks.

"I'm glad you're not mad at me for going out with Lisa, I
really like her a lot."

Sally put both of her hands on her brother's cheeks and
looked into his eyes.

"I know you do Tom and I'm glad you found someone. I love
to make love with you and suck your cock and stuff, but I
know that we can't be like a boyfriend-girlfriend. We will
always have each other, I hope, and we will just have to
accept one another's desire to date other people."

Tom put his arms around his sister and pulled her close to
him. He stroked the back of her head and put her face into
the crease of his neck. As he held her, he thought about
the relationship his parents shared with their brother and
sister and wished that it could be the same for him and
Sally. After several minutes, he sat back and looked into
her eyes.

"You haven't told me what you did while I was gone Sally.
Did you have a good weekend?"

"Yes, Jack took Megan, Kim, the twins and I out on the
boat Saturday. We went to a park and had lunch and then
went to some island."

"I see, did you have fun with Brad?"

Sally told her brother about making out with Brad in the
clump of bushes at the park and the phone call later that
night. After she told Tom about her day, she said, "I'm
going to take a shower. What are you going to do?"

"I think I will mess around in my darkroom for a while."

"Okay, I will see you in a little while."

Sally got up from the bench and leaned over to kiss her
brother and planted her lips on his forehead. He watched
as Sally left the room, wiggling her bottom as she walked.

Sally went to her room and took a quick shower while her
brother went to his darkroom. Tom shuffled around the
room, looking over all of the things that he had stacked on
shelves and stored in the cabinets. Glancing at his watch,
he noticed that it was still early and he had time to
develop a roll of film.

Tom went upstairs and asked his mom about dinner. Anne
told him that she would fix something in a little while.

"Cool," Tom said. "I'm going to work in the darkroom for
a while and develop a roll of film."

Running upstairs to his room, Tom took a roll of the film
he had shot at the workshop and headed back into the
hallway. Stopping by his sister's bedroom, he went in and
struck his head into her bathroom.

"I'm going to develop a roll of film from this weekend
Sally, I will be down in the darkroom."

"Okay Tom," she said, poking her head out of the shower.
"Wait for me so I can watch how you do it, I'll be done in
a few minutes."

Tom acknowledged her and left the room. He went down to
the darkroom and began to assemble the things he would
need. After he had all of the necessary chemicals and the
film tank situated so he could find them in the dark, he
sat on the folding chair and waited for his sister.

While he waited, he thought about what Sally had said
about the relationship between his parents and his Aunt and
Uncle. He remembered the night on the beach and the things
he had watched the four adults engage in. Tom also
remembered the morning after Kim's party and the sex the
four cousins had experienced together. Reaching between
his legs, he began to rub his hardening penis. He lowered
his zipper, reached into his fly and slowly stroked himself
as he thought about the past months.

It wasn't that long ago that his only sexual release was
masturbation and the thought of having oral sex was but a
dream. Now, he was engaging in sex with his sister and his
new girlfriend. He slowly ran his hand over his member and
reminisced about his sister and cousin Kim performing oral
sex in front of him and Jack and how turned on he became as
he watched the two girls. He wondered if Lisa had ever had
sex with another girl, or if she would be willing to try.
He began to picture Lisa and his sister playing with one
another when a knock at the darkroom door interrupted his

"Come in," he said as he zipped his pants and got up to
stand in front of the counter.

Tom was hiding his obvious erection when Sally rotated the
darkroom door and stepped inside.

Looking at Sally, he noticed she had pulled her damp hair
back and held in place with a large plastic clip. She was
wearing a thin white bathrobe and a pair of slippers. She
went to Tom's side and asked if he had waited for her. He
could smell the fragrance of her shampoo and body wash as
she stood very close to him.

"Yes, I waited for you," he said, taking a deep breath
through his nose. "You smell really good."

"Thank you Tom."

Sally watch and listened as Tom explained each step of the
process. He told her to stand still and he turned off the
lights, sending the room into total darkness. As he loaded
the film onto the reel, he told her what he was doing, even
though she couldn't see. Once the loaded film reel was in
the tank and the lid was secure, he turned on the lights.

Tom poured the developer into the tank and started the
timer. He progressed through each phase of the process,
still explaining his actions to his sister. Once he had
completed the developing of the film, he put the reel into
the rinse.

"It has to rinse for a while before we can look at the
negatives," he said.

Sally jumped up on the counter and watched Tom put the
things he was finished with away. She smiled as he
scurried around, putting each item into its proper place.

"I don't know how you can keep this darkroom so neat and
your bedroom such a mess."

Tom shrugged his shoulders and finished putting away the
last bottle of chemicals. He glanced at Sally and saw that
her robe was open below the belt that secured it around her
waist and he could see her thighs. The deep tan she had
gotten last summer was beginning to fade and her skin was
becoming lighter.

"You're losing your tan Sally, you need to get some sun."

"I know! I wish I could get some sun, I'm going to be
white in no time," she said, pulling her robe open and
looking down at her legs.

Tom moved the folding chair so he was sitting right in
front of his sister. With her robe open to the waist, he
could see her pink flowered panties. He watched her run
her hands along her inner thighs, stopping when they bumped
into the cotton panel that covered her sex.

Scooting the chair closer, Tom put his hands on Sally's
knees and began to rub her. He moved slowly up the tops of
her legs, pausing just before he made contact with her
hands, which were still against her crotch. Sally removed
her hands and made room for her brother's. He moved closer
to her crotch, sliding his hands back to her knees and then
traveling back up her legs. Small goose bumps formed as he
approached her covered crotch and traced the hem of her
panties with his thumbs.

Sally untied the belt of her robe, pulled it open and
revealed her body to her brother. She watched a smile form
on his lips as his eyes traveled from her crotch to her
breasts and back. When his thumbs pressed against her sex,
she opened her legs wider to give him better contact. She
moaned softly as his thumbs lightly stroked her labia
through the soft material that insulated her moist slit
from him.

Tom slipped his thumbs under the elastic that held her
panties close to her legs and touched her bare flesh. He
could feel the dampness of her slit as his thumbs gently
pulled her lips apart. Using one of his thumbs, he dipped
between the folds of her sex and pressed it into her
opening. Sally leaned back on the counter, resting her
back on the wall, and enjoyed the feeling of his penetration.

Bending forward, Tom placed his lips on her leg and kissed
her soft flesh. He moved back and forth, from one leg to
the other, flicking his tongue out to taste her. Each time
he went from one leg to the other, he moved higher and
closer to her crotch. Finally, Tom stood up, pulled the
crotch of her panties aside, and kissed her mons. He
outlined the thin strip of pubic hair with his tongue and
then probed her clitoris.

Sally put her legs around his back and moved her heals to
the back of his head. She pulled his face tight to her
with her legs and groaned as his tongue replaced his thumb
in her heated hole. Holding the strip of pink material
away with one hand, he put his other hand on her breast and
began to massage the firm globe. Her nipple felt hot
against the palm of his hand, and when he took the hard
protrusion between his thumb and finger, Sally arched her

"Suck my pussy and pull on my tits Tom," she moaned. "I
love it when you do that to me."

Tom continued to lick at her vagina and roll her nipple.
He felt her body shudder as she came, and flooded his
tongue with her juices. sucking gently on her slit, he
tasted the sweet honey that drooled from her slit to his
tongue. He lowered his tongue and pushed it between her
butt cheeks, holding it just above her anus, and collected
her cum as it trickled out of her vagina.

Feeling her relax her grip on the back of his head, Tom
removed his mouth from her sex and put her panties back in
place. He stood up and looked at his satisfied sister as
she slumped against the wall.

"Are you okay?" he asked as he extended his hand to her.

Sally nodded and took his hand, pulling herself up into a
sitting position. She slid off the counter and stood in
front of Tom, wrapping her arms around his waist and laying
her head against his chest. When she felt his arm go
around her shoulders, she pulled him tighter to her warm
body. Tom could feel the heat of his sister's nearly nude
body against his and her breasts press into his chest.

"Do you want me to give you a blowjob?" Sally cooed.
"You made me feel so good and you turned me on so much! I
just love it when you kiss me down there and make me cum."

"I'm glad you liked it sis, I love to do it to you. As
far as the blowjob goes maybe later, you just enjoy how you

Sally reached between them, put her hand on his hard penis
and squeezed it.

"Your cock wants to be sucked," she giggled. "I can tell
by how hard it is."

"You don't have to do that just because I did you, it
makes me happy when I make you feel good and I don't always
expect anything in return."

"I know," she replied as she unfastened his slacks and
lowered his zipper. "I like to make you feel good too."

Sally worked Tom's pants and boxers down his legs, knelt
in front of him and took his penis into her mouth. As she
snaked her tongue around the head, she detected the taste
of his cum, left over from when Lisa had sucked him in the
gas station bathroom. She removed him from her mouth and
looked up into his eyes.

"It tastes like you already came today. Did Lisa do this
for you earlier?"

Tom nodded and watched as she took him back into her mouth
and began to suck on him. She slowly bobbed her head,
letting his hard shaft glide between her lips. Gripping
his penis with one hand and rubbing his naked butt with the
other, she continued to orally massage him. Again she
removed his penis from her mouth and gazed up at him.

"Can I ask you something without you getting mad at me?"
She said as her hand stroked his saliva-slicked penis.
"It's kind of kinky and sick."

"You can ask me anything Sally."

"Do you think that um sometime after you ah um would you
let me suck your cock after you fucked Lisa sometime?"

Tom's penis jumped in his sister's hand as he thought
about her sucking on him after he had made love to Lisa.
He remembered when Sally had cleaned him, off after he had
screwed Kim, and how much it turned him on.

"Sure, if you want to Sally."

Sally grinned up at him and put him back into her mouth.
She removed the hand she had wrapped around him and put
both of her hands on his butt. Pulling him towards her,
she engulfed his entire length, gagging slightly as he
slipped into her throat.

Tom began to thrust his hips and pump his penis in and out
of Sally's throat. He could feel the tight opening grip
the bulbous head as he pulled back, only to drive it into
her again. When Sally felt his butt clinch, she pulled
back and he exploded into her mouth. As spurt after spurt of hot cum rocketed into her, Sally swallowed rapidly,
capturing every drop.

When Tom's penis stopped sending his seed into her mouth,
Sally held him between her lips as pushed the softening
member around with her tongue. She moved back and watched
as her brother's flaccid penis dropped when she released
it. Placing her hands on his hips, she pulled herself to
her feet, rubbing her breasts along his body. She pulled
him to her, looked up and kissed him.

Tom was panting, his knees still weak from the oral sex
his sister had just preformed. He hung his arms over her
shoulders to help support himself and took several deep
breaths. Finally stable again, Tom gently pushed her away,
reached for his underwear and pulled then up. Bending
again, he gripped the waistband of his slacks, pulled them
over his hips and fastened them.

"You just won't take no for and answer, will you?" He
said as he pulled the tab of his zipper up.

"Not when it comes to having sex with you. I will do
anything you want me to and maybe even something's you
wouldn't think of."

Tom reached out, put his hands on her sides and slid them
up to her breasts. He squeezed them briefly and then let
them go and grabbed her robe. He folded one side over the
other and tied the belt.

"Just what do you mean by that?" He asked her, and sat on
the chair.

Sally sat on his lap, put her arms around his neck and her
mouth near his ear.

"I mean just what I said, I will do anything in the way of
sex you want to do," she said softly. "If you want to fuck
my ass or my mouth or my pussy, it's fine with me. If you
want to tie me up and do things to me that's fine too. If
you felt like pulling my skirt up and doing me from behind
in the school parking lot, or anywhere else, it's okay by
me. I will try anything with you at least once."

Tom couldn't believe what he was hearing. It sounded like
his little sister wanted to be one of those sex slaves that
he had read about. The thoughts that raced into his mind
caused his penis to flex beneath his sister's bottom.

"What about your boyfriend, or future boyfriends, don't
you think that it might mess up your relationships with
them? You're only fifteen now, I'm sure you will feel
different when you get older and start to think about
getting married and starting a family."

Sally leaned back a little so she could look into her
brother's eyes. She got a very serious look on her face
and cleared her throat.

"I don't care about other guys, not like I care about you
Tom. When mom and dad are gone, you and I are the only
family we'll have, except for Jack and Kim. I love you so
much that some times I think I will explode when you look
at me. When we make love it is the greatest feeling in the
world, and when we just have sex, it is wonderful too. I
think our life and our relationship is more than sex
though, I feel that we are best friends too."

"I love you too Sally, more than anything in the world.
It's just that things change. Think about it, several
months ago we would hardly ever talk, except to fight or
make silly remarks, and now things are very different. I
don't know exactly what changed, but I like things this way
much better than the way they were before. Something
happened while we were up north on vacation between us, our
cousins, our Aunt and Uncle and our parents. It might be
the fact that we have money now, but I don't really think

Sally turned and straddled Tom's legs, facing him. She
put her hands on his shoulders and gazed into his eyes for
a few minutes.

"I don't really care how it happened Tom, I'm just happy
it did. It is so much nicer now that we do things
together, things other than sex. I know that I'm young,
you are too, but that doesn't change the way I feel."

The two siblings continued to talk with each other about
their feelings and future goals and desires. When Tom
asked Sally about Brad, and their relationship, she giggled.

"Brad is a really nice guy and I like him a lot. We
haven't gone all the way yet, but we probably will someday.
He is so cute and always acts like a gentleman around me.
His brother is cool too and is nice to Kim. I don't want
Brad to think I'm easy so I'm careful about what I do with

Tom reached under Sally, put his hands on her bottom and
moved her slightly. He was erect again and needed to
adjust himself.

"Brad had better treat you like a lady, or he will have me
to answer to. If he ever hurts you I will kick his ass, or
any other guy for that matter!"

Sally felt her heart beat faster as she listened to her
brother tell her he would protect her. She took his face
into her hands and kissed him on the lips. The kiss began
as a gentle one, but quickly accelerated into a passionate
intertwining of tongues. The two siblings held their
mouths tightly together and ran their hands over the
other's body. Only when they heard their mom call them for
dinner, did they reluctantly separate. Tom removed the
film from the rinse and put it into the dryer. As they
left the darkroom and started across the basement, Sally
took her brother's hand into hers and held it firmly.

"I really love you Tom, as my brother and my lover," she
said as they began to climb the stairs.

"I love you too kid," he said.

Tom released her hand and gave her a gentle smack on her
butt as they ascended the stairway. Sally stopped, turned
around, and smiled at him.

"So you want to spank me do you?"

Tom grinned, and smacked her again, this time a bit
firmer. Sally ran ahead of him and into the kitchen.

"Mommy, mommy," she squealed, "Tommy is hitting me!"

Sally ran around behind her mom and hid from her brother like she would do when they were younger. Anne began to
laugh and pulled Sally from behind her. She looked at her
daughter and saw a glow in her cheeks and a sparkle in her
eyes, and knew that the two kids had been doing more than
hitting one another.

"Okay you two! Knock it off and get ready for dinner."
Anne said to her children.

Sally hit Tom on the arm and then darted for the bathroom
to wash her hands. Tom waited outside the bathroom door
and when Sally stepped out, he grabbed her in a headlock
and rubbed his knuckles on the top of her head. As she
struggled with her brother, her robe came open.

"Your mother told you two to behave," Marc said as his
eyes traveled over her exposed body.

Tom and Sally stopped their roughhousing and went into the
dining room to eat. Sally fixed her robe and sat down next
to her brother. Anne placed a platter of fried chicken on
the table and went back to the kitchen to get the rest of
the meal.

The family talked about school, the workshop, and Sally's
day on the boat as they ate. Marc asked his children how
they were doing in school and if they were ready for their
mid-term exams.

Tom and Sally both assured their parents they were
prepared for the tests and would be studying hard for the
next week and a half. Once everyone had finished their
dinner, Sally helped her mom clear the table and clean up
the kitchen. Tom and his dad went into the family room,
turned on a hockey game and sat on the couch.

"Mom," Sally said as she rinsed the dinner dishes and put
them into the dishwasher. "Are we going to go on a winter

"We have been talking about going to Florida for winter
break with your Aunt Marge, Uncle Don and cousins."

"Are we going to go to one of those places we talked about
up north?"

"What places are you talking about Sally," her mom said,
knowing full well what she meant.

"You know, one of the clothing optional resorts that Uncle
Don talked about."

Anne chuckled as she wiped her hands on a towel. She went
around the counter and sat on one of the stools and watched
as Sally finished the dishes. After she had put her last
plate into the dishwasher, Sally joined her mom at the

"I don't know Sally," Anne said, trying to hold back her
laughter. "We have been talking about going with the
Stone's and the Lewis's and I don't know if they would want
to go to a place like that."

Sally thought for a moment and then said, "Would we go if
they wanted to go to one of those resorts too?"

Anne was no longer able to control herself and she began
to chuckle.

Sally looked at her and said, "what?"

"What do you find so interesting about a nudist resort
young lady?"

"I don't know mom, I just think it would be fun to check
one out. We could always leave or wear clothes if we
didn't like it you know."

Anne was laughing harder now. "Yes, I guess you're right
Sally, we could always do something like that, but for some
reason, I think you would want to stay and stay naked."

Sally grinned and shifted on her stool. Her cheeks turned
pink and she could feel them warm. She didn't say
anything, waiting for her mom to continue.

"Sally," Anne said, putting her hand on her daughter's
knee. "Do you like the idea of seeing other people naked,
or being seen?"

"Both, I guess."

"Oh my, my daughter is a bit of an exhibitionist is she?
Do you like the idea of being seen naked?"

"Well yes. Do you?"

Anne smiled and nodded her head yes. "When I was young I
use to make it easy for your Uncle Don to catch me in
various states of undress. Sometimes I would leave my
bedroom door open a crack when I changed my clothes and my
window shade up so he could peek at me."

"Did Uncle Don peek at you?"

"Yes, every chance he could."

"Did you peek at him too?"

"Every chance I could!"

The two began to laugh and make remarks about seeing their
brothers undressed and being seen. Anne stopped laughing
and looked into her daughter's eyes.

"Sally, are you and your brother getting along okay?
There isn't any problems because of Lisa or Brad is there?"

"None, we are getting along great."

"How about you and Brad?"

"We're just fine too mom, I'm not having sex with him if
that is what you want to know. We have kissed and fooled
around, but nothing more."

"I wasn't asking if you were having sex with Brad honey, I
only want to make sure that you don't get hurt."

"Oh, he has been very nice so far, I think if he hurts me
Tom will beat him up."

"That isn't the answer to anything Sally. If you go out
with any guy long enough, you will get hurt at some point.
You need to be able to talk things out if there's a problem."

"I know, I just think it is sweet that Tom would say
something like that."

Sally listened to her mom tell her about how important it
was to talk to the people you are close to. She explained
that if you jump to conclusions, you could end up saying
things that you really didn't mean to say and ruin a

"Mom, the four of us girls have become real close friends
and I like them a lot. I have noticed that it seems like
one of us is always having our period. Is there anyway
that one can change things so we all have it at the same

Anne explained that by changing the day they started
taking their birth control pills the girls could all have
their periods at the same time. She cautioned her that if
they were going to do that, they must be very careful not
to get pregnant.

"I think it would be better if we were all on the same
schedule, that way if we go to Florida this winter we can
all have fun. I don't think it would be too cool to walk
around naked with a string hanging between our legs."

Anne laughed, "No, that wouldn't be very becoming at all,
but you could all end up having your periods while you were
there, if we go."

Sally giggled and she and her mom talked about the
upcoming winter and what they were going to do. In the
past, they spent most of the cold months indoors. They
decided that they would try to get outdoors and maybe even
take up a winter sport like skiing. The two talked for
over an hour and then decided to see what the guys were up

Anne and her daughter went into the family room and joined
Tom and Marc. They were still watching the game and didn't
pay much attention to the women.

"I think I'm going to go and study," Sally said. "I want
to do well on my mid-term exams."

Sally went to her father, bent over and kissed him on the

"Goodnight Dad, I'm going upstairs."

Marc said goodnight to his daughter, but never took his
eyes off the television. Sally told her brother she was
going up, but he too was mesmerized by the hockey game.
She kissed her mom and walked towards the stairs. Just
before she rounded the corner, she turned, faced the family room and opened her robe.

Anne broke out in laughter as she watched her daughter shake her shoulders and make her breasts wiggle. Tom and
her dad never looked, so she just left for her bedroom.

Once in her room, Sally closed the door and removed her
robe. She looked in her drawer for a nightshirt, but
decided to go without. Walking to her full-length mirror,
she looked at her reflection, turning from side to side.
Placing her hands under her breasts, Sally lifted them
slightly, 'Not bad!' she said out loud.

Toying with her eraser sized nipples, she observed how
they hardened and stood out from her dark pink areolas.
Her thirty-four C breasts only sagged slightly when she
removed her hands and she thought about how they may look,
as she got older. She slid her hands down her sides and
pinched her flesh at her waist.

Sally though to herself, 'I'm getting a bit flabby, I need
to work out more.' She turned so she could see her rear
and put her hands under her butt cheeks, thinking that they
could stand to be firmer too. She rolled her pink panties down her legs, stepped out of them, and reassessed her
bottom, twisting her head around and looking over her

Deciding that she would have to set a schedule if she was
to make any progress, Sally made up her mind to workout on
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. She also decided to ask
Kim, Lisa, and Megan if they would like to workout with
her, knowing that it would be easier to maintain a routine
if she had her friends with her.

Sally spent a few more minutes if front of the mirror and
then went to her desk to get her history book. She took
the book to her bed, turned down the covers and climbed in,
still naked.

For the next hour or so, Sally studied the chapters she
had covered in class. She was about finished when she
heard a light tapping on her bedroom door. Sliding down,
she pulled her covers over her bare chest and said, "Come

Tom opened the door, went into his sister's room and sat
on the edge of her bed.

"What are you up to?" Tom asked.

"I've been studying my history book, it's one of my weaker

"I should be doing the same thing, I need work on my
English and math."

When Sally rolled onto her side, Tom noticed that she
wasn't wearing a top. She pulled the blankets up to her
chin and propped her head on her hand.

"Who won the game you and dad were watching?"

"The Wings, four-one. Are you topless under there?"

Sally nodded and pulled the covers down, showing her
brother her naked chest. When she saw his eyes widen, she
pulled the covers down further, revealing her nude body.

"Bottomless too," she giggled, and pulled the covers back
over her.

"What made you decide to sleep naked? I didn't know that
you did that."

"I don't know, I just wanted to I guess."

Tom stood up and headed for the door, pausing and turning
around before he left.

"Goodnight Sally, I'll see you in the morning."

"Night Tom."

Pulling the door closed behind him, Tom left his sister and went to his room. He removed his slacks and shirt and
climbed into bed, wearing only his boxers. He thought
about his naked sister as he lay in his bed and moved his
hand to his crotch. Tom began to massage his penis through
the material of his boxers, pulling it out the fly when it
began to harden. Slowly stroking his hard-on, Tom thought
about the things he and Sally had done in the darkroom
earlier and about what she had said.

Tom stopped masturbating himself and rolled over on his
side. He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep, but the
images of his sister tied spread eagle filled his head.
After tossing and turning on the bed for a half an hour, he
pulled the covers back and got up. He went out of his
room, closing the door behind him, and to Sally's.

"Want some company?" Tom said as he stepped into the dark

"I was hoping you would come back Tom," she answered,
pulling her covers back for her brother.

Tom pulled off his underwear and climbed into bed next to
his sister. She pulled the covers over the two of them and
snuggled up to his naked body, rolling onto her side and
facing away from him. When he put his arm around her, she
put her hands on it and pulled it to her breasts. Tom
spooned up to her, his erect penis pressing into the crease
of her butt.

Sally wiggled against the welcome intruder and reached
between her legs. She moved away slightly and pulled his
penis between her legs, trapping it against her sex as she
brought her legs back together. The two siblings lay
motionless for a few minutes and then Sally began to rock
her hips slowly.

When Tom began to match her gentle movement, Sally reached
down and guided him into her slick vagina. The feeling of
her tight tunnel around his shaft was getting to Tom and he
began to slide in and out of her.

"Don't move Tom, I just want to feel you filling me."

Tom stopped his motion and pressed against her bottom,
sinking his penis into her as far as it would go. The two
teens lay still, both enjoying the sensation of their
joining, and soon drifted to sleep.

The alarm clock woke Tom and Sally early Monday morning.
She rolled onto her back and looked at her brother as he
lay next to her. Feeling something wet between her legs,
Sally reached down and covered her crotch with her hand.
She could feel a thick sticky fluid leaking from her vagina and nudged her brother is the ribs.

"What did you do?" She giggled.

"I'm sorry Sally, I just sort of exploded."

Sally rolled on top of Tom and rubbed her crotch over his
stomach, smearing his cum on his skin. She slid down and
sat on his deflated penis, rubbing her slick slit over the
soft member.

"I'll forgive you this time, but you had better wake me up
next time so I can enjoy it too."

Sally got off of him and headed for her bathroom, telling
her brother that he should go and get ready for school.
Reluctantly, Tom climbed out of bed and went to his room to
shower and dress.

When Sally went down to the kitchen, she saw her brother sitting at the counter, half finished with his breakfast.
Her mom was standing behind the counter, fixing Sally's food.

"Good morning," Anne said to her daughter, "Did you sleep
well last night?"

"Morning mom. Yes, I slept great," Sally replied, sitting
next to her brother. "Morning Tom."

"Good morning sis, hurry up or we will be late for
school," Tom said.

Anne put Sally's breakfast on the counter, smiled at her
and turned her back to her children. Sally looked at her
brother and he just shrugged his shoulders. The two teens
finished eating, took their dishes to the sink and rinsed

"I'm ready anytime you are Tom," Sally said.

"Cool, I want to get there a little early so I have a
chance to talk to Jack before school." Tom told her as he
grabbed his backpack.

Marc walked into the kitchen, poured a cup of coffee and
sat at the counter next to his wife. He said good morning
to Sally and Tom and then took a sip of the hot black
liquid, from his cup.

"Good morning Dad," Sally said. She hugged her father and
kissed his cheek. "Would it be alright if Kim, Megan,
Lisa, and I worked out in the basement a few days a week?
I want to start a regular routine and I thought I would ask
the other girls if they wanted to workout too."

"No problem sweetie, you and your friends are always
welcome here," he said.

"Thank you dad, I will talk to them today. I think I
would like to workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Dad, have you ever thought about having a shower built
downstairs? It would be easier for us to clean up after
exercising," Sally said, putting on her best puppy-dog face.

Marc could never tell her no when she pleaded with her
eyes like she was doing. He chuckled, hooked his arm
around her waist and pulled her to him.

"We'll see, I have never thought about having a shower put
in, but it isn't out of the question. Let me talk with
your mom about it and maybe I will have the contractor,
that built Tom's darkroom, give me a quote."

Sally giggled, knowing she was going to have her way, and
kissed her dad on the cheek. Marc moved his arm and she
moved away, thanking him. Grabbing her backpack, she told
her parents goodbye and went outside to meet her brother.

Tom was already in his truck, the engine running. She
climbed into the front seat, pulled the door closed and
fastened her seatbelt.

"Dad is going to have a shower built in the basement for
me," she told her brother, as he backed out of the garage.


"Because I asked him to," she replied, grinning from ear
to ear.

"You're a spoiled brat Sally!"

"I'm not a brat!"

Tom laughed at his sister and glanced at her. He thought
about the ride home from the workshop with Lisa and how she
had flashed him, and the truckers. Tom considered telling
his sister about the escapades of the trip home, but
decided against it, at least for the time being.

"Mom was sure in a good mood this morning," Sally said.
"I wonder why?"

"I'm not sure, but I think she saw me leaving your room
this morning and going to mine."

"Were you "

"Yes," he chuckled, "I was naked."

Tom pulled into the parking lot of the academy and parked
in his usual spot. He and Sally sat in the truck and
waited for their cousins to show up. Sally unhooked her
seatbelt and turned in her seat to face her brother. He
looked at the long skirt that covered her and her crisp
white blouse.

"Those clothes aren't very sexy, are they?" he said.

"No, or comfortable. I liked it better when we could wear
our regular clothes at our other school. It is okay here,
but I miss the kids we knew from the old neighborhood. Do
you think we could go and visit them sometime?"

Tom nodded, adjusted his tie and looked around for his
cousin's truck. When he saw Jack pull into the parking
space next to him, Tom opened his door and got out. Sally
also exited the truck and waited for Kim to get out of
Jack's pickup.

"Hi Kim," Sally called out, as she walked over to her
cousin. "How are you this morning?"

"I'm great Sally," Kim said.

The two girls began to talk, telling each other about how
they spent their Sunday. They both started laughing when
they found out that they had both slept with their
brothers. Sally asked Kim about working out and Kim said
that she would like to join her and the other girls, if
they wanted to.

Tom and Jack talked about the weekend. Tom told him about
the workshop and spending the weekend with Lisa, Jack told
him about the boat ride and the yacht they had seen.

Tom was telling Jack about making love with Lisa when
Megan walked up to them. They quickly changed the subject
and Jack greeted Megan with a kiss and a hug.

The five teens headed for the school buildings. Sally
asked Megan if she wanted to join her and Kim to workout
and she agreed.

The day passed quickly, the girls met for lunch, like they
always did, and they all gathered in the parking lot after

"Is everyone ready for mid-terms?" Megan asked.

"I'm almost ready," Kim said, "I just need to work on my
English and Spanish a little more."

"I need to study history, French and review my math,"
Sally said.

Tom and Jack didn't respond to Megan's question. As they
walked towards their vehicles, Megan asked Jack again.
Jack mumbled something and took Megan's hand into his.
When they reached her car, Megan turned to Jack and put her
arms around his waist.

"What's the matter Jack? Are you doing okay in all of you

"The teacher told me today I needed to do really well on
my algebra test or I will fail the class. I just don't
seem to get it Megan. I did pretty good in math at my old school. It seems the classes are much harder here."

"They are harder Jack, this is college prep. You're
probably a year or so behind the other kids in your grade.
If you need some help with algebra, I can tutor you. I've
always done very well in math."

"Really Megan! You would help me?"

"Don't be silly Jack, of course I will help you. Why
don't you bring your books to my house after school
tomorrow and we can get started? We could start today, but
I told Kim and Sally I would workout with them three days a
week, beginning today."

"Tomorrow will be great Megan."

Megan slid her lean body against Jack's and kissed him.
They agreed that they would see each other at Tom and
Sally's later and Megan got into her car. Jack went to his
truck and talked with his sister and cousins about the
afternoon. Kim told them that she had called Lisa and she
was going to workout with them.

"Tom," Sally said, "Would you please pick Lisa up and take
her home today?"

Tom agreed, relishing the opportunity to see his
girlfriend. The four teens got into their trucks and
headed for home.

On the way home, Jack stopped at a bookstore and parked
the truck.

"I want to pickup a couple of magazines Kim. Do you want
to come in or wait in the truck?"

"I'll come with you jack, I'd like to look around."

The two went into the store and Jack went straight to the
magazine rack and started to look through the vast
selection of boating magazines. Kim wondered around the
shelves of books, picking one up, thumbing through it, and
replacing it. When she got to the self-help section, she
began to study the various offerings that referred to sex.

Kim pulled a book from the shelf and began to leaf through
the glossy pages, stopping when she came to a chapter on
positions. She quickly perused the photos that showed a
couple in a bevy of different sexual positions. Feeling
her face beginning to warm, she closed the book and held
onto it, as she looked at the other offerings on the subject.

Jack found his little sister and told her he was ready to

"Would you buy this for me please?" Kim asked.

Jack took the book from her, glanced at the cover and
added it to the magazines he had selected. He smiled at
Kim as they went to the counter to pay for the selections.
Kim waited near the door while her brother handed the book
and magazines to the man behind the counter and paid him.

Kim followed her brother back to the truck and climbed
into the cab. She pulled her book from the bag and stuffed
it into her backpack.

"What's that for?" Jack said, trying not to laugh at his

"I just thought it might give us some ideas Jack.
Wouldn't you like to try a few new things?"

Jack felt his penis jump as his sister talked about having
sex with him.

"I really like having sex with you Jack. It is so nice
when we are close and make love like we did last night, but
I think it can be fun too. Sometimes I like to just do
it like when we fucked in the truck behind the library, or
like the morning after my party. Don't you like to just
have sex for fun?"

"Well yes, I guess so. I'm just not as forward as you are
about it Kim. I still get all nervous, and get butterflies
in my stomach, even when I see you dressed sexy or naked.
It's even worse when I'm around Sally or Megan, especially

Kim felt her heart jump when he told her that she had such
an affect on him. She knew he really liked Megan, but to
know that he was still enamored with her made Kim feel

"Do you think that you will make love with Megan someday

"Maybe, when she's ready. I don't want her to do anything
that she doesn't want to do, or feels uncomfortable with.
We are doing fine right now and I'm not going to do
something that will hurt her."

"I think she wants to do it with you Jack, but she's still
scared. I can see by watching you two that she really
likes you a lot, and I think that she loves you. Megan
hasn't said it in so many words, but whenever she's near
you she seems so happy and content."

Jack pulled his truck into the garage and the two siblings
went into the house. Kim went to her room to change and
Jack headed strait for the refrigerator, like he did
everyday after school.

In her room, Kim took off her school clothes and hung them
up. She changed into a pair of tight shorts and a sports
bra, and then put on her nylon warm-up suit. Taking her
new book from her backpack, she sat on her unmade bed and
began to look through it. She started reading the first
chapter, learning about the history of sex and difference
between sex for fun and sex for the purpose of making babies.

Jack knocked on her door and walked in, dressed in jeans
and a sweatshirt. He sat on the bed and looked at the book
his sister was reading.

"Did you know that humans are the only species that have
sex for something other than making babies? animals only
do it at certain times and only to reproduce. That doesn't
sound like any fun at all!"

"No it doesn't," Jack said, laughing. "I don't think that
I would like it if the only time you could mess around was
to knock your partner up."

Kim put the book away and laughed along with her brother.
She asked him about the magazines he had bought and he told
her to come to his room to see them.

Standing next to her brother, Kim looked at the photos of
the large yachts in one of his new magazines. He pointed
at the pictures and made comments about how the different
boats were decorated and laid out.

"Look at the bridge on this one Kim, I'll bet the
electronics alone are worth more than our twenty-seven

"How would someone ever learn to use all those things
Jack? It looks very complicated to me."

"I guess you just learn a little at a time, like anything
else. They have books and schools for this type of stuff."

"Do you think dad would ever buy a boat like one of those?"

"No, I don't think so, I just like to look at them and
read about these yachts. Someday I may even get to ride on
one. Some of these are designed to cross the oceans.
Could you imagine going to Europe on a yacht?"

"That would be neat Jack. How long would it take?"

"I have no idea," he said as he closed the magazine and
tossed it onto his bed. "It's just a dream. It would cost
a fortune to own something like the yachts in that magazine."

Kim and Jack went downstairs and into the family room.
They sat down and greeted their parents.

"Dad," Kim said. "Jack wants a yacht that we can drive to

Don looked up from his newspaper and at his children. "Oh
he does, does he, well I would suggest he finds a good job

The four family members all broke into laughter. Marge
told her children that they were going to have dinner at
about six and asked what they were going to do until then.

"I'm going to workout at Sally's with Lisa and Megan, we
all decided to get together three days a week and
exercise." Kim said.

"I have to straighten up the boat," Jack said, "I am going
to see if Tom wants to go with me."

"Okay, just be home for dinner on time, we are having
company." Marge said.

"Really?" Kim said. "Who is coming over?"

"Your father and I have invited the Millers for dinner
tonight, they're bringing Millie and Gail with them. You
two haven't seen them for a long time and we thought it
would be nice to get together."

"Wow!" Jack said. "We haven't seen them since we moved.
Are Tom and Sally going to be here too? I'll bet they
would like to see them."

"Yes, your Aunt and Uncle are also invited so Tom and
Sally will be here too." Don said.

Dominic and Cynthia Miller were neighbors before the
Graham and Lewis families moved to their new homes. Their
two daughters, Millie and Gail played with Kim and Sally,
but they were never real close friends. Marge and Anne met
Cynthia at the restaurant, where they all worked as
waitresses. Dominic worked for one of the auto plants as
an electrician. During the years they all lived in the
same neighborhood, the adults would get together to play
cards and have backyard picnics.

Kim remembered the two girls as being a little spoiled and
always having the latest style of clothes. They were fun
to play with and Kim liked them, but that was before.
Things were much different now and she wondered how the two
girls would accept her and her cousin.

"We had better get going if we are going to be back on
time," Jack said.

Kim and her brother left and went to their cousin's house.
They went inside and said hi to their Aunt and Uncle.

"Where is Sally?" Kim asked.

"She's down in the basement with Tom and Lisa," Anne

Jack and Kim went downstairs and found them in the mini-
gym. Sally was hanging posters of different exercises on
the wall with the help of her brother and Lisa was sitting
on the weight bench watching them.

"What's that?" Jack asked, pointing to blue chalk lines
on the floor in one corner of the room.

"My dad is going to have a dressing room and shower built
down here. Sally asked him to and I guess he agreed." Tom
replied, finishing his task.

Jack and Tom walked over to the marked area and Tom
explained what his dad had told him about the addition.
The three girls chatted about what kind of workout they
thought was best and referred to the posters on the wall.
As they were developing their routine, Megan came
downstairs and joined them.

"Hi guys," Megan said, and went straight to Jack.

Everyone said hello and watched as Megan quickly kissed

"You guys get out of here so we can get started," Sally

Jack and Tom laughed and headed for the door. Lisa jumped
up, kissed Tom and whispered something into his ear. Once
the two boys were gone, the girls resumed their
conversation regarding the series of exercises they would
start with. Sally spread several videos out on the floor
and they all looked over the selections.

"I think we should start with this one," Megan said,
holding up a video on stretching and warming up. "We don't
want to get hurt doing this. I also think we should avoid
overdoing it, we should start slowly and work our way up to
a more vigorous level over the next few weeks."

The other girls agreed with Megan and they decided to get
started. Kim removed her warn-up suit and Sally pulled the
sweatshirt and sweatpants she was wearing off. Lisa
removed her skirt and sweater, revealing the clothes that
Tom had bought her while they were at the workshop.

"I didn't wear my things," Megan announced. "I need to

Megan removed her jeans and shirt and reached into the
small duffle bag she had brought with her. She pulled out
a pair of tights and a bodysuit.

"Are you gaining weight Megan?" Lisa asked.

"Yup," Megan replied, removing her bra. She sat on the
weight bench and pulled her tights up her legs, standing to
stretch them over her hips and butt. "I've gained about
five pounds. I can't seem to stop eating. I was so glad
when you guys invited me to workout with you, I would have
never done it on my own."

Megan stepped into the bodysuit and pulled it up. She put
her arms into the sleeves and smoothed it over her.
Cupping her small breasts and jiggling them she smiled at
her friends.

"I think that my boobs are even getting bigger, my bras
fit better that they use to."

The four girls broke out in laughter and made comments
about each other's breasts. Sally put the video into the
VCR and picked up the remote. She pushed the buttons on
the device, turning on the television and starting the tape.

Lining up in front of the television, they began to follow
the instructions the girl on the screen was giving and
mimicked her movements. For the next hour, the four girls stretched, twisted, turned, and moved to the videos. After
they were done warming up and doing some aerobics, they
turned off the television, turned on the stereo and began
working out on the machines. Each of the girls did the
same exercises, completing two series and the same number
of reps, after they were finished, they collapsed on the
carpeted floor and rested.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm going
to feel a little sore tomorrow," Lisa said.

"You're probably right, but just think how good we will
look in our bikinis," Sally chirped. "You do want to look
hot for the guys don't you?"

All four girls laughed and admitted they wanted to look
good in their swimsuits. They all dressed and left the
basement. Megan and Lisa told Kim and Sally goodbye and
went home.

"You know that Millie and Gail are coming to my house for
dinner tonight don't you," Kim said to Sally.

"Yeah, my mom told Tom and I when we got home from school.
I wonder if they're still so stuck up? I remember how they
would flaunt their designer jeans and shoes when we were
wearing clothes from the discount stores."

"Well," Kim said with a smile. "We sure don't have to
wear those things anymore. I think I will dress in my best
hip huggers and a nice top tonight."

"That sounds good Kim. Are you going to wear the black
ones or the new green paisley ones?"

"I'm going to wear my black pants, why don't you wear the
brown ones you just got, they really look good on you."

The two girls agreed to dress up for the night, hoping to
show the two girls from their old neighborhood that they
had nice things too.

Kim left, deciding to walk the two blocks to her house.
She felt the cool fall breeze as she strolled along the
paved road and heard the dry leaves falling from the trees
to the ground. It was beginning to get dark and she knew
that before long winter would be here.

When she got home, Kim went to her room and took off her
warm-up suit and the shorts and top she had worn to workout
in. She tossed the dirty clothes into her hamper, making a
mental note to wash them before her next exercise session.
She went into her bathroom and took a long hot shower.

Standing in front of her bathroom mirror, Kim spent a
little extra time fixing her hair. Once it we just the way
she wanted it, she applied some mascara and eyeliner. She
went into her bedroom, opened her dresser drawer and
selected her sexiest black bra and a matching thong. The
bra had a thin wire under the slightly padded cups with
very shear lace on the upper half. A thin strip of
material connected the cups, creating cleavage. Her thong
panties were made of the same lace in front and she could
see the small heart shape of her pubic hair through the
material. A thin band of elastic circled her waist and
attached to a small triangle of lace in the back. She
turned so she could see her butt in her full-length mirror
and centered the sliver of cloth that extended down from
the triangle of lace, between her cheeks.

Kim went into her closet and took her new black hip hugger
pants from the hanger and pulled them on. She adjusted the
stretchy material and made sure the waistband of her thong
didn't show. She took a tight, ribbed long-sleeved top
from a shelf and pulled it over her head.

Back in front of the mirror, she straightened the sleeves
and adjusted the scoop front. Putting her hands beneath
her breasts, she pushed them up so the top would accent
them. Kim pulled at the neckline of her top until it was
just above the lace of her bra and the slightest amount of
bare flesh was exposed. She put on a pair of black shoes
and took one last look in the mirror.

When she walked into the kitchen, her dad let out a low
wolf whistle. Her mom glanced at her and then went back to
stirring the food on the stove.

"You look very nice tonight Kim," Marge said.

"Thanks mom, I wanted to look nice for the Millers."

Kim asked her mom if there was anything she could do to
help and Marge told her that everything was all set. She
went into the family room and found her brother sitting on
a couch watching television.

"Hi Jack, do you want to help me check the pool house and
make sure everything is okay for tonight? Millie and Gail
might want to go for a swim." Kim said.

Jack looked at Kim and smiled. He liked the way she
looked in her skintight outfit. He followed her out into
the pool area, staring at her bottom as she walked. They
went into the pool house and Kim checked the cabinet to be
sure there was plenty of towels. She went into the shower
room and called for Jack to bring in some soap.

Once they were done stocking the shower with soap and
shampoo, they went back into the common area.

"Do you think we should turn on the hot tub Jack? Someone
may want to use it later."

"Good idea Kim," he said. "I will turn on some music too."

Jack opened the doors on the cabinet that contained the
computer and started the hot tub. He turned on the stereo
system and asked Kim to step out and see if the volume was
set right.

"It's fine Jack, thanks."

"You sure look hot tonight Kim. Why are you all dressed

They left the pool house and sat on a couple of the lounge
chairs near the hot tub. Kim told her brother about how
Millie and Gail use to act when ever she and Sally hung
around with them.

Jack laughed and put his hand on Kim's back. He rubbed up
and down over her tight top, stopping when his fingertips
felt the bare flesh between the bottom of her top and the
waistband of her pants. When Kim leaned forward, her pants
rode down and exposed the thong she was wearing. Jack
traced the small triangle of lace with his fingertip,
feeling his sister's soft skin.

"Do you know that your panties show when you lean forward
like that Kim?"

Kim nodded and continued to enjoy her brother's attention.

"Do you mind that they do?"

"No, it's sexy."

Marge called out the sliding door, telling Kim and Jack
that their company had arrived. Kim stood up, pulled her
pants up to cover her thong, and walked towards the family room.

The Millers were already in the family room when Kim and
Jack walked through the doorway.

"Hi Millie, hi Gail," Kim said to the two sisters. "Hello
Mr. and Mrs. Miller how are you?"

"We're fine Kim, how are you doing?" Cynthia said.

"Just great, thank you," Kim replied.

Marge asked the Miller family if they would like a tour of
the house and they all said yes. She led them into the
living room, the den, and the kitchen and then headed
upstairs. Kim tagged along and listened as her mom told
the Millers about the house. On the second floor, Marge
showed them the master bedroom and the guest rooms. They
went to the recreation room and then to Kim's bedroom.

When Marge was finished showing off her house, she and the
other adults returned to the family room and Kim and the
girls stayed in her room. Millie was looking in Kim's
bathroom and Gail was checking out her closet when Sally
walked in.

The two Miller girls greeted Sally and they all sat down
to talk about the old neighborhood.

Kim and Sally asked Gail about their old school and the
kids they use to hang around with. Gail told them that not
much had changed since they moved. The girls all talked
about their boyfriends and the things they had done over
the summer.

Kim took out a photo album and showed Gail and Millie the
pictures from the night of the fall dance.

"Wow, they are so cute! Where did you meet them?" Gail

Sally told them about Megan and Lisa and how they all met,
pointing to a picture of the whole group. Kim and Sally
told the girls about the limo and the dance. Kim asked the
two girls if they wanted to go downstairs and see the pool
and they said they did.

As the girls walked down the stairs, both Kim and Sally
noticed that Gail and Millie were wearing designer jeans.
They also noticed that they were the same jeans that the
girls had worn the last time they had seen them.

When Kim led the two girls out to the pool area they both
gasped. Gail and her sister turned around slowly,
observing all the details of the large glass room.

"My mom said you had a pool Kim, but she didn't tell me it
was indoors. If I would have known I would have brought a
suit with me." Gail said.

"Yeah, me too," Millie added.

"I have plenty of bathing suits, you guys can borrow one
and go swimming after dinner if you want to." Kim said.

Jack and Tom came out of the house and joined the girls.
They both said hi to Gail and Millie.

"Dinner is almost ready girls, mom said to come in and
eat." Jack said.

All six teens went into the house and to the dining room.
They all sat down and waited for Marge and Anne to bring
the dinner from the kitchen. Don, Marc and Dominic were
discussing golf and some of the old neighbors, Cynthia was
just listening to them talk.

"Mom, you didn't tell us the pool was indoors, we could
have brought suits and gone swimming." Millie said.

"I'm sorry girls, I didn't know that the pool was covered
or I would have told you." Cynthia answered.

"Kim said that she has suits we can wear mom. Can we go
swimming after dinner?" Gail asked.

"We'll see, it all depends on how long your father wants
to stay." Cynthia replied.

Marge and Anne came into the room carrying platters and
bowls. They set them on the table and returned to the
kitchen for the remaining dishes. Once all the food was on
the table, they began to pass it around and started to eat.

When they were finished with dinner, the teens excused
themselves and went back to the pool area. They sat in the
lounge chairs and listened to the music that was filling
the room. After a few minutes, Gail turned to Kim and Sally.

"I really like your outfits, you guys look great," Gail
said. "It must be nice to be able to buy nice clothes."

Sally wore a pair of brown hip huggers and a matching top.
Her shirt was a scooped tee with thin shoulder straps,
which barely covered her beige bra straps.

"Thank you Gail, you and Millie look nice too." Kim
replied. "Do you guys want to go for a swim?"

"I would love to, let me go and ask my dad and mom," Gail

The four girls went into the family room and Gail asked
her father if they had time to go for a swim. The adults
were all sitting together on a couch, drinking coffee, and
sipping brandy. Don had built a fire in the fireplace and
room glowed orange from the bright flames.

Dominic glanced at his watch and his wife. She nodded and
said that it was fine with her.

"Okay girls, you can go swimming for a little while, just
remember that you have school tomorrow," Dominic said.

Millie and Gail thanked their parents and followed Kim and
Sally up to Kim's bedroom. Kim took several two-piece
swimsuits out of her drawer and spread them out on her bed.

"I have a couple of one-piece suits if you would rather
have one," Kim said.

Gail picked up a black and yellow striped bikini and held
the bottoms up to her waist.

"May I wear this one Kim?" Gail asked. "You have so many
nice bathing suits that it's hard to pick one. All of
these are much sexier that the suit I have at home. I just
hope my dad doesn't get pissed when he sees me in this."

Millie asked to see a one-piece suit and Kim pulled a
couple out of her drawer. One of the suits was the one she
had had for swimming class at her old school and Millie
selected that one.

"Do you know where my white suit is?" Sally asked.

Kim smiled and said, "In the bottom drawer with mine."

Sally opened the drawer and removed the two matching
bikinis. She balled them up, not allowing the two sisters
to get a good look at them.

Gail began to remove her blouse and Kim stopped her.

"We can change in pool house Gail, we have to take showers
before we can go in the pool," Kim said.

Gail redid the buttons on her shirt and the girls went
down to the pool house. Once they were in the common area,
Kim and Sally began to remove their clothing.

After Kim had removed her top, she told the girls that
there were dressing rooms if they wanted to use them.
Millie glanced at the row of doors that Kim was pointing at
and contemplated using one. She looked at Kim and watched
her remove her black bra, and then decided that she would
undress with the rest of the girls.

Millie removed her top and revealed her white padded bra.
She turned her back to the rest and pulled her jeans off,
exposing her white cotton panties. The young girl stood in
her underwear and waited for her sister and the cousins to
catch up.

When Kim and Sally removed their pants and Gail saw their
thong panties, she gasped.

"Do your moms know that you wear things like that?" Gail
said, pulling her blouse off and standing in her white
cotton bra.

"Yes," Sally said, "They bought these for us and they do
our laundry."

"Our parents would ground us for a month if they caught us
in underwear like that," Gail said.

Kim and her cousin giggled and removed their thongs,
exposing their trimmed pubic mons. When Gail and her
sister saw the neatly trimmed patches of hair and Kim's
little heart, they both began to laugh.

"I guess your moms know about that too," Millie said,
pointing to Kim's crotch.

"Yup!" Kim giggled.

When Gail and her sister finished removing their
underwear, Kim and Sally saw that they both had thick dark
pubic hair. Gail's breasts were large and sagged a bit,
while her sister's were pointed and firm.

Kim and Sally headed towards the shower and told the girls that there was plenty of room for all of them. Gail and
her sister followed the girls and they all showered. Once
they had their suits on, they went to the pool and jumped
into the deep end. They all swam around, splashing and
dunking one another for a while.

The three older girls swam to the shallow end of the pool
while Millie climbed out to use the diving board. The
three girls lazed around in the shallow water and started
to talk about their boyfriends.

"Let's go and sit in the hot tub," Sally said.

They all climbed out of the water and walked to the hot
tub. As they were crossing the tiled floor, Kim noticed
the dark curly pubic hairs peeking out of Gail's suit.

"Do you two know that you can see through your suits when
they are wet?" Gail said.

Sally said that they knew, but didn't care.

"Are you going with anyone special Gail?" Kim asked.

"Yes, I have been dating a guy for a few months now. He's
really cute and plays football for my school." Gail replied.

As the three girls talked, the subject finally got around
to sex. Sally asked Gail if she was fooling around with
her boyfriend.

"A little," Gail said, blushing slightly. "He likes to
feel me up and kiss my tits."

"Have you ever let him get into your pants?" Kim said.
"Or gotten into his?"

Gail nodded and turned red. "He fingered me a few times
and I touched his dick."

"Did you two ever go any further that just touching?"
Sally said.

"Well a couple of weeks ago we went to a party and I drank
a few beers. We parked on the way home and were making out
in his car. He started to finger me and I was rubbing him
when he asked my to kiss his dick. I was feeling no pain
so I did."

"Did you give him a blowjob?" Sally asked.

"No, I kissed it on the end and he squirt his cum allover
my face. I got some in my mouth and it tasted horrible."
Gail said.

The girls all began to laugh and saw Millie coming over to
the hot tub. They dropped the subject of sex and waited
for the fourteen year old to join them. When Kim asked the
younger girl if she had a boyfriend, she shook her head no.
Gail stood up and told the other girls that she had to go
to the bathroom and stepped out of the tub. When she
disappeared into the pool house, Millie turned to Kim.

"I have a boyfriend, but no one knows. My parents won't
let me date until I'm sixteen and if Gail finds out she
might tell on me." Millie confessed.

Kim and Sally assured that her secret was safe and asked
her about the boy. Millie told them he was in her grade at
school and they would walk home together and go to the
park. When Sally asked her if she kissed him, she nodded.

"That's all we have done," Millie said, "I want him to
feel me up and play with my boobies, but he hasn't tried

Kim and Sally giggled and teased her about her boyfriend
until they saw Gail coming out of the pool house.

Just as Gail settled back into the hot water, her mom came
out and told her and Millie that it was time to go home.
The two girls climbed out of the tub and started to head
for the showers, along with Kim and Sally. Before they
reached the pool house, they heard a splash and turned to
see Jack and Tom in the swimming pool.

Kim and Sally stopped short of the pool house door and
considered joining their brothers in the pool, but after
chatting for a moment, decided that would be rude, and
followed the girls in. They all removed their suits, hung
them up to dry and rinsed off in the shower. When they had
finished dressing, the four girls went to the family room.

Joining their parents, the girls sat on the floor and
talked for a few minutes. Dominic stood up, thanked
everyone and led his family to the car.

Once the Millers were gone, the two families went back to
the family room.

"How did things go with Millie and Gail?" Marge asked.

"Okay I guess," Kim said. "I felt like things were
different though. They seemed to be much nicer and not
such brats."

"Things are different," Don said. "I noticed that the
Millers were uncomfortable being here. I guess things
change, like it or not. I don't think we will see much
more of them. When we lived in the old neighborhood we
were all equal. We use to talk about the people that live
in places like we do now and we never thought that we could
ever be like that."

"We're not like most of the people that live around here
Uncle Don," Sally said. "We are the same as we always
were, we just have money now. A lot of the kids at the
academy act better than us, even though you guys are
probably much richer that their parents."

Marc smiled at his daughter and said, "Well, it isn't how
you really are that makes people react that way, it's the
way they perceive you to be. The Millers think that we
have changed because we came into good fortune, but it's
them that have changed, we are the same as we were, they
just don't see it that way."

"That sucks!" Kim said. "Why do people think like that?
Does that mean that we can only have rich friends? Do we
have to choose our friends by how much money they have
instead of who they are? What about Lisa's family, they
don't act like that."

"I know that it doesn't seem fair girls," Don said. "I
have no idea why people think the way the do, they just do.
You guys can have anyone you want for friends, rich or not.
The Phillips didn't know us from the old neighborhood, so
they have nothing to compare us to except what they see
now. All of you kids treated them nice and welcomed them.
None of you put on airs or acted like we were any better
than they were."

"We didn't treat the Millers like we were better," Sally

Marge sat forward on the couch and looked at the two
girls. "You didn't? Don't you think that by wearing the
clothes you have on you made Gail and Millie uncomfortable?"

"They always wore those designer jeans, when they came
over before we moved, and made comments about our clothes.
I just wanted them to know that we have nice things too."
Kim replied. "We didn't say anything mean to them."

"Maybe you girls didn't say anything mean, but just think
of how they felt. You two were acting just like they use
to. You could have put on nice jeans and tops instead of
the outfits you're wearing."

Kim and Sally sat quietly and thought about what their
parents were saying. After a few moments of silence, Kim

"You're right mom, I did wear these things to show off. I
guess I wanted to get back at them for before. Maybe I
should call Gail and invite her and Millie over again
someday and if they come, be a little nicer."

"I really feel stupid," Sally said. "I guess I wasn't
thinking about anything but how I use to feel around them."

The girls talked with their parents for a little longer
about how things had changed and how they should avoid
letting it go to their heads. Kim got up, went over to her
parents, and gave them both a hug, thanking them for
talking with her and her cousin.

"Do you want to go swimming with Tom and Jack?" Kim asked

"Sure, if we're going to be here for a little while."

Anne told her daughter that she had time for a swim and
the two girls went out the glass doors into the pool area.

Their parents watched the girls walk over to a table and
begin to remove their clothes. When they were both naked,
they ran to the edge of the pool and jumped in, splashing
their unsuspecting brothers. The four teens splashed water
at one another and chased around the pool.

"Those two girls are really turning into a couple of
beautiful young ladies," Anne said.

"They're already beautiful young ladies," Don said.
"They're turning into gorgeous women."

"You're right Don," Marc chuckled. "Just look at the
bodies on those two. They're both built like a brick shit
house. If Sally's tits get any bigger, they'll be bigger
than her mothers."

Anne laughed and said, "She can already wear my bras Marc.
Pretty soon she'll have to buy all new ones."

The adults watched their children playing around in the
pool. Sally climbed out, went to the diving board and dove
back into the water. When she surfaced, she came up right
in front of Tom, rubbing her body against his. Tom put his
hands on Sally's head and pushed her underwater, when she
came up, she was holding his trunks over her head and
swinging them in a circle.

"Like Aunt like niece," Marc said. "You were always
pulling my suit down when we went to the gravel pit Marge.
At least Sally keeps her head above water."

Just as Marc finished his sentence, Sally tossed the suit
onto the side of the pool and submerged in front of her
brother. After several minutes, she popped up, pushed off
his chest, and swam away.

All four adults broke out in laughter.

"I guess she's just like her Aunt," Anne said.

Don stood up, pulled his shirt over his head, and said, "I
don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like going for
a swim."

In a matter of minutes, all four of the adults were naked.
They went out to the pool and jumped into the water,
joining their children.


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