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The Lottery Part 48



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ,2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 48 (mf, MF, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision

The two families swam around the pool and groped at one
another. Kim and Sally grabbed at their brothers and the
parents fondled each other. Anne announced it was time to
go after a half an hour of the roughhousing. She stood in
chest deep water and massaged her husband's limp penis as
she told her children to get ready to go.

Sally and Tom went into the pool house and grabbed towels
for themselves and their parents. Once they were dried
off, Sally dressed by the table she had tossed her clothes
on while her brother went up to Jack's room. Anne and Marc
dressed in the family room and went back out to the pool
when they were finished.

"I will see you in the morning Marge," Anne said.

"Are you coming over tomorrow Anne?" Marge replied.

"Yes, don't you remember? Don and Marc have to meet with
Sam Mitchell and Jerry about the trust and we were going to
go shopping."

"That's right, I guess I forgot. Okay Anne, see you in
the morning. By the way, what time?"

"We'll be here about nine, the guys have to be at Jerry's
office at ten thirty."

Tom and Sally told their cousins goodbye and left with
their parents.

Don and Marge climbed out of the pool and went to the hot
tub. When Kim saw them sitting in the tub, she too climbed
out and went to join them, calling to her brother to come
with her.

The two teens slipped into the churning hot water and
settled back. Kim began to slide around closer to her dad,
but he put his hand on her shoulder and stopped her from
getting too close. Kim looked into her father's eyes,
searching for an indication of why he kept her at arm's

"Did I do something wrong dad?" She asked.

"No Kim, and you're not going to either." Don said sternly.

Tears filled her eyes and she looked at her mom. Marge
forced a smile and shook her head no.

Kim began to cry softly. "I don't understand. The last
time we were in here you let me "

Don stopped her and said. "Kim, I love you very much and
you're a beautiful young woman, but what happened, can
never happen again."

Tears began to run down Kim's cheeks. She felt shunned by
her dad and couldn't understand why he was doing it to her.
She wanted so much to touch him and to feel his penis in
her hand, her mouth, and her vagina. She wanted to
experience the closeness she felt when she made love with
her brother, with her dad.

Marge moved around, sat next to her daughter and put her
arm around her shoulders. She pulled the confused girl close and rubbed her back.

"Honey," Marge said, "Your father and I have talked about
this and we realized we both made a big mistake by letting
you two touch us and touching you. I know that you don't
understand right now, but you will when you get a little

Kim pulled away from her mom, got out of the hot tub and
grabbed a towel. She dried herself quickly, threw the
towel on the floor and ran from the room.

Don climbed out of the tub and picked up a towel.

"I'll go and talk to her," he said as he rubbed himself
with the towel.

Don finished drying off and went into the family room. He
picked up his underwear and slipped them on before going to
Kim's bedroom. Don knocked on her door and waited for an

"What do you want?" He heard his daughter say.

"Kim, I think we should talk."

"I don't want to talk to you or anyone else," she shouted.

Don opened her door and walked into her room. Kim was
under the covers, lying on her stomach with her head turned
away. Sitting on the edge of his daughter's bed, Don put
his hand on her back and began to stroke her slowly.

"Kim," he said, I don't want you to be upset with me, not
over something like this. I know you're hurt but it just
has to be this way."

"I thought you liked it when I touched you last night
daddy," she said, her head still turned away.

"I did Kim I liked it far too much. If I hadn't stopped
you when I did I would have done something that I may have
regretted for the rest of my life."

"Why? I wanted you to. It isn't like you were forcing me
to do something that I didn't want to do." Kim said as she
rolled onto her back and looked into her father's eyes.

Don wiped away her tears, with his fingertips, and smiled
at her. He stroked her damp hair as he gazed into her red eyes.

"I know that I wasn't forcing you Kim, but it just isn't
right for a man to have sex with his fifteen-year-old
daughter. parents are supposed to protect their children,
not do the things I was thinking of last night."

"You mean that you wanted to you know?"

"More than anything Kim. Like I said before, you are a
very beautiful young woman. Any man, in his right mind,
would jump at the opportunity to make love to you. It just
isn't going to be me though, I'm not going to run the risk
of you hating me, or loosing everything we have."

"I wouldn't hate you I love you, and I just want to show
you how much."

"You don't have to show me you love be that way Kim, I
know that you love me. I want us all to be happy and have
fun, but not by you and I having sex, or your mom and

Kim sprang up and threw her arms around her father's neck.
She was still naked and Don could feel her breasts pressing
against his arms. He hugged her and held her close.

"I'm so sorry daddy," she sobbed. "I feel so bad for
acting like I did."

"It's okay honey, you don't have to be sorry. I think we
can all have a good time together and do a lot of things
that doesn't include you and I having sex."

Kim took her arms from around her father's neck and leaned
back. She looked straight into his eyes and stood up on
her bed.

"Do you still like to see me naked?" She said, slowly
turning around.

Don broke out in laughter and smacked her on her bottom.

"Yes Kim, I still like to see you naked. Now you'd better
got some sleep, you have school in the morning."

Kim dropped back onto the bed and her dad covered her up.
He leaned over, kissed her on the forehead and told her
good night.

"Good night dad, I love you."

"I love you too Kim, now go to sleep."

Don turned off her lights and closed her door as he left
the room. He was about to go back downstairs when he
noticed that his bedroom light was on.

"Is everything shut down downstairs?" Don asked his wife as he walked into their room.

"Yes Don, Jack took care of it."

"Did you talk with him?"

"Yes, we had a nice chat. He understands perfectly. How
did it go with Kim?"

"Everything is fine Marge, we straightened it out between

The two discussed the substance of the conversations they
had with their children. Don climbed into bed and waited
for his wife to join him. Marge turned off the lights,
removed her clothes and climbed in next to him.

"It must have been very hard for you," she whispered.


"Not making love to our daughter." Marge said as she
rubbed her hand over his chest and down to his hard penis.

"Very hard, but you know we can't do that with our kids,
it just isn't right."

"I will take care of you sweetie."

Marge pulled the covers back, scooted down and pulled
Don's boxers off. She took his penis into her mouth and
slowly began to coat it with her saliva. Twisting her
around, Don buried his face between her legs and licked her
vagina. She removed his penis from her mouth and rolled
onto her back.

"I want you to eat my pussy and fuck my mouth Don."

Lowering himself, Don placed his penis between her breasts and rubbed back and forth. Marge put her hands on the
sides of her breasts and squeezed them around his member.
Each time he would slide back, Marge would extend her
tongue and lick his dangling balls.

"Tit fuck me with your big cock," she groaned.

Don continued to push his penis between her soft mounds
and leaned down. He covered her crotch with his mouth and
pushed his tongue between the folds of her hairless labia.
When he began to nibble her clitoris, she pushed his hips
up, grabbed his shaft and took him into her mouth.

Marge sucked on him as he drove his penis into her throat.
He put two fingers into her hot tunnel and pumped them in
and out. She groaned around him as he pushed his fingers
into her as deep as he could.

Don pulled his fingers out of her vagina and pushed his
fingertip against her tight puckered anus. When she felt
him probing her anus, Marge spread her legs wider, put her
feet flat on the bed and pushed against him. She put her
hands on his hips and pushed him up, causing his penis to
come out of her mouth.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Put your finger in my ass and fuck
me with it."

Marge wrapped her hand around his penis and directed it
back into her mouth. She put her fingertip against his
anus and pushed it into his tight opening. Don stuffed his
finger into her butt and together they fingered one another
and devoured the other's sex.

Removing Don's penis from her mouth and her finger from
his anus, Marge squirmed out from under her husband and
flipped onto her stomach. She pulled her legs up and stuck
her bottom into the air.

"Fuck me," she yelled.

Don knelt behind her and entered her vagina, sinking his
full length into her heated hole. He reached under her and
grabbed her hanging breasts. He pulled back on them,
driving his penis in and out of her. Marge dropped her
shoulders onto the bed, reached behind her and pulled her
butt cheeks apart.

"In my ass! Put your thick cock in my ass and fuck me."

Don pulled out of her wet vagina, grabbed his penis and
pressed it against her anus. She pushed back and the head
popped past her tight ring. Grabbing her hips, he slowly
worked his manhood into her, stretching her as his penis
sank into her bowels. He could feel her anus quiver and
grasp his shaft as he slowly withdrew and pushed back in.

Marge released her cheeks and moved one hand between her
legs and the other to her breast. She rubbed her clit and
pulled on her nipple as her husband continued to thrust in
and out of her anus.

"Oh my god, I'm going to cum!" She screamed into the bed.
"Harder, fuck my ass harder!"

Don increased his speed, slamming his penis into her tight
bottom as she pulled at her clit and nipple. She began to
buck wildly against him and yell incoherently into the
mattress as her orgasm took over her body.

Twisting and turning her butt against Don's thrusting
penis, she pushed two of her fingers into her vagina and
pressed against the thin membrane that separates her vagina from her bowels. She could feel Don's penis against her
fingertips as he moved in and out of her anus.

The pressure of her tight butt and the feeling of her
fingertips against his penis sent Don over the edge. He
gripped her hips tightly, slammed his manhood into her and
threw his head back. He exploded, sending his hot cum into
her bowels and let out a loud groan. Marge cinched her
muscles and milked his pulsing penis until she had squeezed
the last drop of his seed out of his penis and into her

Sweaty and exhausted, they collapsed onto the bed. Don's
flaccid penis slipped from her and he quickly moved so the
soft flesh was lying on her butt. For several minutes,
they lay lifelessly, breathing hard. Finally Don rolled
onto his side, next to his wife, and stared up at the dark

"I really needed that!" Marge said. "It's been a long
time since you fucked my asshole."

"I still love your tight ass honey, it drives me nuts when
I have my cock up there."

Slowly the two climbed out of bed and went into the
bathroom. Don turned on the shower and they both got in
and stood under the hot spray. Marge took a bar of soap
and washed her husband, bending down and kissing his limp
penis when she had rinsed the soap away. Don used her puff
and bathed her, being careful when he washed between her
butt cheeks. When they were finished, they stepped out,
dried themselves and returned to the bedroom.

Marge looked at the sheets and saw that they had soiled
them badly. She asked Don to help her and they stripped
the bed. Still naked, she went down the hall and took
clean sheets from the linen closet.

On her way back, she stopped to check on Kim and found her
sound asleep. The young girl was lying on her back, her
arms out from her sides, and the covers off her nude body.
Marge slipped into her room and pulled Kim's blankets over
her, kissing her on the cheek before returning to her own

Marge and Don put the fresh sheets on their bed, turned
off the lights and climbed in. They snuggled up to one
another and began to kiss passionately. Marge opened her
mouth and sucked her husband's tongue. After a few
minutes, they stopped their kissing and Marge rolled away,
on to her side. Don scooted up to her and spooned his body
against hers, draping his arm over her side. Marge guided
his hand to her breast, wiggled her bottom against him and
told him good night.

Kim and Jack came downstairs the next morning, dressed for
school, and sat at the kitchen counter. Marge put their
breakfasts in front of them and asked how they slept.

"I slept like a baby," Kim said. "Where is dad this

"He'll be down in a few minutes sweetie, he was getting
dressed when I left."

Don walked into the kitchen and Kim jumped off her stool
and scurried over to him. She put her arms around his
neck, kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear.

"Your not mad at me are you?"

Don hugged her and assured her that everything was just
fine. She returned to her stool and he poured a cup of

"Good morning dad," Jack said.

Don took a sip from his cup and said, "Morning Jack. What
do you two have planned for after school?"

"I'm going to Megan's house to work on my algebra," Jack

"Are you having trouble with your math Jack?" Don said.

"Yes, and if I don't do well on my mid-term exam, I might
not pass the class. Megan said she could help me so I'm
going to let her."

"How about you Kim, any plans?" Marge asked her daughter.

"No, not really," Kim said.

"Your father and Uncle Marc have an appointment and I'm
going shopping with your Aunt. If we aren't home when you
get back from school, could you do a few loads of laundry
for me please?"

"Sure mom, I'd be happy to. Anything special I should do?"

Marge told Kim that it didn't matter what laundry she did,
it all needed to be done. The two siblings finished their
breakfast and left for school.

Anne and Marc walked into the kitchen, poured themselves
coffee and sat at the counter. The men talked about what
they might expect at the meeting with their money manager
and Jerry Stone and the women tried to decide where to shop.

After an hour or so, Marc and Don left and headed for
Jerry's office. Marge sat with Anne and began to tell her
about the things that had happened with Kim and Jack and
the discussions she and Don had had with them.

"Kim wanted to have sex with Don?" Anne said.

"Yes, and she was very upset that her father didn't want
to. Don explained the ramifications to her and I think she
accepted his explanation. I had the same talk with Jack,
but he wasn't upset at all."

"I don't know how I would react if Tom wanted to make love
with me, or if Sally wanted to do it with Marc. I hope we
never have to cross that bridge," Anne said.

The telephone rang and Marge got up to answer it. She
talked for a moment and returned to the counter.

"That was Liz, she wanted to see if Megan could spend the
weekend after next with us. She and Jerry have to go out
of town for business," Marge said.

"Is Megan going to stay?"

"I told her that it was no problem. When I told her that
we were going shopping, she asked if she could join us."

"Is Liz coming over?"

"Yes, she will be here shortly and then we can go."

The two women chatted for a while and Marge went to the
door when she heard the bell. She let Liz in and they all
sat at the counter and drank coffee.

"How are things going Liz? We haven't talked in a few
days," Anne said.

"Things couldn't be better. Megan is as happy as I have
ever seen her and she is finally putting on a little
weight. Jerry and I have been fucking like a couple of
rabbits, neither of us can seem to get enough," Liz said
with a chuckle.

"You seemed to have changed quite a bit in a very short
time Liz," Marge said.

"I know, and I don't know how to explain it. It is like a
dam busted and all of the pent up desires I had are flowing
out of control. Mind you, Jerry has never complained and
neither have I," Liz said. "Sex is rather nice when you
start to enjoy it!"

All three of them laughed and changed the subject. They
talked about their children and the upcoming trip Liz and
Jerry were taking.

"Jerry has a meeting on Friday morning in New York City,
and then we are going to do some shopping and maybe catch a
show. You two should have Don and Marc take you to New
York, we could have a ball there for a couple of days," Liz

Marge and Anne talked about going, they had never been to
New York, or anywhere else, and they thought it would be fun.

"That's a wonderful idea Liz, we would love to go," Anne
said. "Do you think we should ask Bob and Dianne if they
would like to come along if it works out?"

"That would be great if all of us could go," Marge said.
"What about the kids, what will we do with them?"

"Well," Anne replied. "The girls could stay here and the
boys could stay at my house. I think we can trust them to
behave for a couple of days."

The three women continued to plan the trip. Marge looked
at the clock and decided that she would call Dianne to see
if she and Bob were interested. She picked up the phone,
dialed the Phillips' phone number and waited for an answer.
When she got the answering machine, she left a message for
Dianne to call her.

"She must be teaching, she won't answer the phone when she
is. Dianne treats her home schooling just like the kids
were in a regular school and never interrupts her classes."
Marge told Anne and Liz.

"Well girls," Anne said. "I think it is time to go
shopping. I will need a new dress if we are going to go to
the theater."

"We can go shopping, but we should wait until we get to
New York to buy new dresses, they have the best shops
there." Liz said as they left the house.

While the three women were driving to the mall, Marge's
cell phone rang. She answered and talked with Dianne,
telling her the plan to go to New York. After they talked
for a few minutes, Marge hit the end button and put her
cell phone back into her purse.

"Dianne said she would talk to Bob and see if they could
afford the trip," Marge informed them. "She thought the
idea of having the girls stay at my house and the boys staying at Anne's was good. She didn't think that there
would be any trouble."

Liz took out her phone, called her husband's office and
told the receptionist to put her through to Jerry. When
she got him on the phone, she told him of the plan and
asked him to convey the information to Don and Marc. After
a few moments of silence, Liz wrapped up her conversation
and told her friends everything was set.

"Jerry will have the office travel manager make all the
necessary arrangements for us," Liz said. "The partners
have good connections for hotels in some of the major

Anne pulled into the mall parking lot and found a spot to
park. The three women left the car and headed for the
stores, chattering about their upcoming trip. While they
were going from store to store, Jerry called Liz and told
her that all of the necessary reservations had been made
and asked if she thought the entire group should meet at
the club for dinner and to discuss the trip.

Covering the phone with her hand, Liz said, "Would you
guys like to meet for dinner tonight at the country club?
Jerry would like to talk about next weekend."

"Sounds good to me," Marge said. "Is he going to call Bob
and Dianne?"

Liz nodded yes to Marge and told her husband that they
would love to go to the country club tonight. When she was
done talking, she hung up and dropped the cell phone into
her purse.
When school let out, Jack left the building and waited for
his sister in the parking lot. Kim came through the door
with Sally and he tried to hurry her up.

"Are you ready to go Kim?" Jack asked impatiently.

"What's the big hurry Jack?" Kim said, knowing that he
was going to go over to Megan's house to study right after
he dropped her off.

"Don't be a brat Kim, you know that I'm supposed to meet
Megan this afternoon to study." Jack said.

Tom came out of the school and joined his sister and
cousins. He said that he saw Megan coming down the hall
and she wanted Jack to wait for her.

When she came outside, Megan kissed Jack and told him that
she was going to head home and she would meet him there.
She talked with Jack for a moment and left for her car.

Kim hooked her arm into her brothers and started towards
his truck. "So what are you two going to study?"

"My algebra, I'm flunking and Megan said she would help
me," he said.

"Do you think you can pass if you work hard?"

"I hope so Kim, I really need to pass the class, or I will
end up in summer school."

"That would suck, you wouldn't be able to fish as much as
you would like to."

Jack and Kim got into the truck and Jack drove out of the
lot onto the main road. He pulled up next to Megan at a
stoplight and peered down into her car. When Jack beeped
the horn, she looked up at him and waved.

When Jack waved back at her, Megan hiked her skirt up and
exposed her legs to him. Jack began to chuckle and Kim
quickly removed her seatbelt and leaned over to see what
her brother was laughing at. Just as Kim looked down,
Megan spread her legs slightly. Seeing Kim looking at her
too, she waved again and pulled away when the light turned

"You can see the drivers in the other cars real good from
up here Jack," Kim said.

Jack smiled and said, "Yes I can, and it's quite a view
sometimes. You would be surprised how many girls have no
idea that I can see them."

Kim put her hand on her brother's lap and asked, "Have you
ever seen anyone do this?"

Slowly rubbing him, she felt his penis begin to grow. She
gripped him through his dress slacks and moved her hand up
and down.

Jack shook his head no and Kim pulled his zipper down.
She put her hand into his fly, wrapped her hand around his
penis and pulled it out through the opening. Kim began to
stroke him as he drove down the main road.

"Or how about this?" she said, as she increased the speed
of her hand.

Jack groaned and said, "No, I've never seen anyone do that."

"Well then," she giggled, "I'm sure that you've never seen
anyone do this then."

Kim bend down and took her brother's hard penis into her
mouth. She licked and sucked on him as Jack turned onto
their street. Feeling the steering wheel rub against the
side of her head, Kim sat up, moved back to her side of the
truck and she stared at Jack's erect penis, still pointing
up from his pants.

"Aren't you going to put that thing away?" she giggled.

Jack pulled into the driveway and up to the garage. He
turned off the truck, pushed the button on the garage door
opener, and turned to Kim.

"You took it out, you put it back."

Kim smiled, scooted next to her brother, and put his penis
back into his slacks. She kept her hand inside his fly and
rubbed him for a moment before pulling out and zipping up
his pants.

Jack opened his door and got out of the truck. When he
began to close his door, Kim yelled for him to stop and
started out his door. Being as unladylike as she could,
she swung one leg out of the truck, pausing so her brother could see that her skirt had risen high on her legs, and
then the other.

"Why don't you just undress out here Kim? You're giving
anyone that might be looking a show."

"Do you want me to take off my clothes out here on the
driveway Jack, I will if you ask."

Jack thought for a moment and decided to call her bluff.
He knew that she would never undress outside like that.

"Sure Kim," he chuckled, "Go ahead, and take off your

Kim detected the doubt and sarcasm in his voice, and
grinned. She unbuttoned her skirt, pulled the zipper down
and stepped out of it. After handing her skirt to Jack,
she removed her blazer and draped it over his arm. One by
one, she unfastened the buttons of her white shirt, took it
off and handed it to her brother.

"You didn't think I would do it did you Jack?" she said to
her stunned brother.

Jack smiled and looked at Kim as she stood on the driveway
in her underwear.

"I've seen you in bathing suits that revealed more than
that," he said, laughing at her.

Kim got a devilish grin on her face and said, "Fine!"

Reaching behind her, Kim unhooked her bra and let it slide
down her arms. She rolled her white panties down her legs
and handed Jack the two garments. Dressed in only her knee
socks and saddle shoes, she started to walk towards the

Kim looked back over her shoulder, wiggled her bare
bottom, and said, "There!"

Jack followed his sister into the house and up the stairs
to her bedroom. He placed her clothing on her bed and
walked over to her.

"You are a nut!" he said, putting his arms around the near
naked girl and hugging her.

Kim looked into her brother's eyes and smiled. She put
her arms around his waist and hugged him to her body.

"You'd better be careful what you ask me to do Jack. Like
I said before, I will do anything for you."

"I know you told me that Kim, I just didn't think you
would strip outside like that but I did really enjoy it."

Jack released Kim and headed for his room to change his
clothes. She followed him into his bedroom and began to
undress him as soon as he stopped moving. Kim removed his
jacket and tie and then started to unbutton his shirt.
When she had undone the last button, she pulled the shirt out of his slacks and down his arms.

"Just what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm helping you get undressed Jack."

Kim knelt on the floor, untied Jack's black shoes, and
slipped them off his feet. Rising up from her bent-over
position, she undid his belt and the button on his pants.
She pulled the small tab on his zipper and lowered his
slacks to his ankles.

"Pickup your foot," she said, pulling the pant leg off
when he did. "Now the other one."

Jack stood in only his boxers and socks, his sister still
kneeling on the floor in front of him. When Kim reached
for the elastic waistband of his underwear and began to
pull them down, he stopped her.

"Kim, I have to get over to Megan's house," he said,
gripping his shorts.

"I know," she replied, still tugging at his boxers, "but
you are going to shower, aren't you?"

"I wasn't planning on it, I was just going to put on jeans
and a shirt and then leave," Jack told her and released his
grip on his underwear.

When she had his boxers down to his knees, she said, "What
if Megan wants to do this?"

Kim leaned forward and ran her tongue along the underside
of her brother's hard penis, circling the helmet shaped
head when she reached it.

"Or this?"

Kim took him into her mouth and bobbed her head over his
penis, letting more than half of it pass her lips. She let
him slip out of her mouth and watched as his penis snapped
up against his stomach.

"You want your cock to be nice and clean don't you?"

Jack laughed, stepped back and pulled her to her feet. He
let his eyes travel from Kim's head to her feet and back,
taking in her nude body.

"I guess you're right, I will jump in the shower."

Jack removed his socks, walked into his bathroom and
turned on the shower. He stepped into the stall and let
the warm water cascade over his head. Hearing the glass
door open and close, he opened his eyes and saw Kim
standing in the shower stall with him.

Smiling, she took the bar of soap from its holder and
began to rub it over his body. She started at his neck and
quickly covered his torso with suds. When she reached his
crotch, she put the soap down and used her hands to wash
his genitals. Jack moaned softly as his sister covered his
penis with soap and gently massaged his balls.

"If you keep that up I'm going to cum," he said, slowly
moving his hips and sliding his penis through her slippery

Kim dropped to one knee, grabbed the bar of soap and
washed his legs. When she finished his feet, she told him
to turn around and she started up the backs of his legs.
Kim covered his bottom with soap and caused Jack to jump
when she ran her fingers between his cheeks and touched his
anus. She washed his back, put down the soap and pressed
her body against his.

Pouring a small amount of shampoo onto his head, Kim
washed her brother's hair. When she was finished, she
reached around and wrapped her hand around his erect shaft
and began to stroke him.

"There now, don't you feel nice and clean?" She said as
she increased the speed of her hand.

"Yes," he groaned, feeling her press her breasts into his
back. "Do you want me to wash you too?"

"That's up to you Jack, you're the one that has to be

Kim tightened her grip on his penis, and pumped him
quickly. She put her free arm around his waist and pulled
his back into her. Jack put his hands on the wall of the
shower and looked down at his sister's hand, watching it
travel the length of his manhood. The sight of her small
hand sliding over his shaft and the feeling it created, was
all it took for him to begin cumming.

Feeling his penis swell and throb in her hand, Kim knew
that he was spewing his hot semen. She could feel him
swell each time a jet of cum surged from his balls, through
his penis and out the end. Kim moved her free hand down,
cupped it over the end of Jack's penis and felt his cum squirt against her palm. When the pulsing stopped, she
rubbed her hand over the velvety head, smearing the sticky
fluid over it.

Kim released him, turned him around, knelt on the floor
and cleaned him with her mouth. She let his softening
penis slip from her lips and used the bar of soap the wash
him again. When she had completely covered his penis and
balls with suds, she stood up, took the showerhead from its
hook and rinsed the soap from his body.

"I just can't seem to get enough of your cock Jack, I love
the taste of your cum and the feeling of having it in my
mouth. I hope you're not mad that I did that."

Jack traded places in the shower with Kim, took the soap
and quickly covered her body. He rinsed her off and then
turned off the water. He slid the door open and reached
for a couple of towels, handing one to Kim.

The two siblings dried themselves and went into Jack's
room. Kim picked his clothes up off the floor and hung
them in his closet. Jack took a clean pair of boxers from
his drawer and stepped into them.

"Here, wear these," Kim said, handing her brother a pair
of button-fly blue jeans and this shirt.

Kim had selected one of Jack's better sport shirts for his
outfit. She watched him get dressed and complemented him
on how he looked.

"Those jeans make your ass look great Jack," she said,
watching him bend over and pull on his socks.

"Thanks Kim, sorry that I have to leave, but I'm late now.
Maybe we can pick up where we left off later, and I can
make you feel as good as you made me feel."

"Don't worry about me Jack, I get all turned on when I
touch and taste you."

Jack laughed, took her nude body into his arms, and gave
her a big hug.

"Okay, what ever you say. I'm going to take off now, I
will see you later."

Jack left and Kim went to her room, closing her door
behind her. She opened the drawer of her nightstand,
reached inside and took out her vibrator. Stretching out
on her bed, she twisted the red knob and felt the pliable
dildo come to life in he hand. Spreading her legs wide,
she ran the tip of the device along her slit, stopping when
she felt it contact her clit.

Kim closed her eyes and thought about her brother as she
moved the tip of the vibrator in tiny circles over her
sensitive nub. When she envisioned his penis penetrating
her, she moved the dildo to her opening and pressed it into
her vagina. Slowly, Kim worked the dancing fake penis in
and out of her heated hole, wishing it were real. She
twisted and pushed the device into her until only the very
end was still exposed. Flexing her vaginal muscles, she
gripped the dildo and felt her orgasm begin.

Arching her back, she moved her leg and held the device in
place with her foot. With both hands free, she covered her
breasts and began to squeeze them and pull at her hard
nipples. Once the spasms ceased, she reached down, turned
off the vibrator and left it embedded in her vagina. She
began to contract and relax her vaginal muscles, around the
phallic device, in an attempt to strengthen them.

After exercising her vagina for about fifteen minutes, she
removed the vibrator and got out of bed. She went into the
bathroom, washed and dried the device and returned it to
her drawer. Kim pulled a pair of drawstring pants and a
tank top on and sat at her desk to do her homework. She
had a little trouble concentrating on her work, as she
thought about her brother and Megan, but she was finally
able to clear her head and begin her studies.

Jack pulled into Megan's driveway, parked his truck and
went to the door. He rang the bell and waited for her to
answer. When Megan opened the door, Jack walked in and put
his arms around her, pulling her to him. He kissed her
deeply, slipping his tongue into her open mouth. The two
teens held their kiss for several moments and then Megan
pushed his away.

"If we start that now we'll never get any work done! By
the way, what took you so long?" she said.

Jack smiled, knowing that she was right and followed her
into the house.

"I took a shower and changed, sorry I'm late. Where do
you want to study?"

"We can work in the breakfast nook, there is a table and
good light in there. If I would have known you were going
to shower, I would have taken one too."

"Get me started and you can go take one, if you want to."

After school, Megan had changed into a pair of sweatpants
and a tee shirt. Jack watched her bottom sway as she
walked in front of him, leading him through the kitchen
into the breakfast nook. He put his algebra book and
folder on the glass table, pulled out a chair and sat down.

"So Jack, what is it about algebra that you don't
understand?" Megan said as she sat next to him.

Jack opened his book and found a chapter that was giving
him trouble. He pointed to the formulas listed on the page
and said, "I can't seem to understand what to do in order
to solve these problems."

Megan looked at his book and took several sheets of paper
out of his folder. She copied one of the problems onto the
paper and began to solve it, explaining to Jack what she
was doing. Jack followed her procedures, asking questions
about why she was doing things a certain way. She
explained the rules of math to him, applying them to the
problem she was working on.

When she had solved the problem, she asked Jack if what
she had done made any scene to him.

"I think so, it is a lot clearer than before."

Megan copied another problem onto the paper and told Jack
to see if he could work it out. He began writhing, using
what he had just learned. When he made a mistake or had a
question, Megan helped him understand what was required.
The two of them finished the problem and Megan copied
another one.

"You work on this one, I'll be back in a few minutes," she

Megan stood up, kissed her boyfriend on the cheek and
turned to leave.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to take a quick shower."

"Want some help? I could wash your back for you," Jack

Megan turned around and looked at him, she smiled and
said, "Yes, I would like some help, but I don't know when
my parents will be home. You just work on your math and I
will try to hurry."

Megan left and Jack returned to his algebra. While he was
trying to solve the problem Megan had copied onto the
paper, her mom walked in the backdoor.

"Hi Jack," Liz said. "Where is Megan?"

"Hello Mrs. Stone, she is upstairs taking a shower. She
is helping my with my math."

Liz walked over to the table and sat across from Jack.
She glanced at the papers he had in front of him and looked
back towards the kitchen.

"Jack," she said. "You know that Megan's birthday is
Saturday, her father and I are planning a surprise party
for her at the country club. I would appreciate it if you
could invite some of her friends from school for me."

"I will see what I can do Mrs. Stone, I don't really know
any of her friends. Maybe Kim and Sally can help me."

"Thanks Jack that will be great. In the past Megan never
wanted to do anything for her birthdays, but I think that
things will be different this year."

Liz reached across the table and took Jack's hands into
hers. She smiled at him and squeezed his hands firmly.

"Jack," she said, her eyes filling with tears. "I don't
know how Mr. Stone and I can thank you or your family enough. Ever since Megan has meet you, and started to hang
around with your family and Sally's, she has become a new
person. Her father and I are so grateful that you folks
have accepted her and helped her get over her tragedy. We
are also grateful that we met your parents and your Aunt
and Uncle. Mr. Stone and I have had so much fun lately and
we are looking forward to having more."

Jack blushed, a little embarrassed by what she was telling
him. Liz noticed the redness in his cheeks and released
his hands. She stood up and began to leave the kitchen
when her daughter walked in.

Megan greeted her mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
They talked about school and shopping for a few minutes and
then Megan returned to the table with Jack. She sat down
next to him and looked over the problem he was solving and
showed him where he had made a mistake.

After working on several more of the math problems, Megan
asked Jack if he would like a soda or a snack. Jack said
that he would and she went into the kitchen to fix them

Megan had put on a red print miniskirt and a tight red tank top after her shower. The skirt was made of thin
cotton and Jack could see the silhouette of her long legs
through the material when the light from the kitchen was
behind her. Watching her every move, Jack could see her
thighs when she bent over to take some crackers from a

"Nice view," he said as she rummaged through the boxes of
crackers on the lower shelf.

Megan looked back over her shoulder at him and briefly
flipped the back of her skirt up, exposing her bottom to

"Is that better?" She asked as she stood up with the box
she had been searching for.

Jack nodded and watched her move around the kitchen. She
cut up some cheese and put it on a plate, took two cans of
soda from the refrigerator and returned to the table.
Megan put the plate in front of Jack and went back to the
kitchen for the crackers and a bag of potato chips.

When she returned, she sat next to him, curling one leg
under her. Jack glanced down and smiled when he saw that
her skirt was pulled up high on her legs, revealing her
thighs. The two teens ate the snack Megan had prepared and
continued to work on the math.

"Your father and I are having dinner at the club with
Jack's parents, the Phillips and the Lewis's. We are all
going to New York the weekend after next, and we want to
make some plans for the trip. Will you two be okay?" Liz
said, as she walked into the breakfast nook.

"I'm sure we'll be just fine mom, have a nice dinner."
Megan said.

"Alright then, I'm off. I have to pick your father up at
the office and then meet everyone at the club. Study hard."

Megan and Jack told her goodbye and returned to their
snack and studies. After another hour of working on the
math, Megan suggested that they take a break.

"Let's go sit in the family room where it is more
comfortable Jack, we can come back and study in a little

Jack and Megan stood up, went into the family room and sat
on the couch. Megan leaned her head over and put it on
Jack's shoulder, pulling his arm around her as she did.
Snuggling up to him, she curled her legs on the couch and
put her arm around his waist.

Jack moved his hand to her side and slowly rubbed her from
her waist to under her arm. As his hand traveled over her
ribs, his fingertips brushed her breasts. He could tell
she was wearing a bra under her top, and he traced the
edges of the thin band of material that circled her chest
with his fingers.

Megan undid a couple of the buttons on his shirt, slipped
her hand inside, and ran it over his warm flesh.

When Jack turned to her and kissed the top of her head,
Megan rolled around to face him. Jack cradled her in his
arms and their lips met gently. They kissed for a moment
and then Megan opened her mouth to receive his tongue.

They held their tender kiss and explored each other's
bodies with their hands. Twisting and squirming around,
they were soon lying side by side on the couch, never
breaking their kiss.

Megan was on her back and Jack on his side next to her.
He put his hand on her stomach and rubbed her in small
circles, moving from the bottom of her breasts to the
waistband of her skirt. Megan rubbed her hand over his
back, removing it only to take his wrist and guide his hand
to her breast.

When Jack closed his hand over her breast, she moaned into
his mouth and returned her hand to his back. Moving from
one small firm mound to the other, Jack massaged her
breasts. He removed his lips from hers and began to plant
soft kisses all over her face.

Jack moved to her neck and Megan cocked her head back,
giving him access to his target. When he glanced down, he
saw that she had pulled her knees up and her skirt was
bunched up at her waist. As he continued to kiss her neck,
Jack flicked his tongue out against her skin. He removed
his hand from her breasts, pulled her top out of her skirt,
and slipped his hand under it.

Rubbing her on her bare stomach, Jack slowly worked his
way back to her breasts. He traced the edge of her bra
with his fingertips, following the contour of her flesh
that was uncovered by the lacy garment. When he moved his
lips to the scoop neck of her top and began to kiss her
chest, Megan pushed his head away.

"Take my top off Jack," she cooed, helping him pull the
tight tank top over her head.

Megan lay back down and Jack propped himself up on one
arm. He used his fingers, and his eyes, to trace her red lace bra as she smiled up at him. Megan moved her hands to
her chest, unhooked her bra and pulled it away from her

Jack gazed down at her, noting how her breasts barely rose
from her chest when she was lying on her back. He placed
his fingertip on her and slowly moved it around her areola,
watching as the darker skin crinkled when her nipples
hardened even more than they already were. When he ran his
fingertip over her nipple, Megan quivered slightly and
began to open and close her legs.

"It feels like my nipples are connected to my pussy and a
jolt of electricity travels to my clit every time you do
that," Megan said. "It feels so good when you touch my
nipples Jack."

Jack grinned, bent down and took one of the hard
protrusions between his lips. He sucked on it and tapped
against the very end of her nipple with the tip of his
tongue. Megan let out a moan and moved her hand to his

Rubbing his hard penis through his jeans, Megan groaned
when he sucked her entire breast into his mouth. She
fumbled with the buttons on his jean, finally getting the
first couple unfastened. She pushed her hand into his
pants and wrapped her fingers around his shaft, feeling it
throb in her hand.

Jack removed his mouth from her breast and sucked in the
other one. He rubbed his tongue over her nipple and
groaned into her flesh. Reaching down, he undid the
remainder of his buttons, making it easier for Megan to rub
his penis. He put his hand on her inner thigh and rubbed
her leg, moving slowly up towards her crotch.

When his fingers made contact with her covered labia,
Megan lifted her bottom off the couch and humped her crotch
against his hand. Jack could feel the moisture and heat
through the silky material of her panties as he rubbed his
fingers over the thin barrier. He found her extended
clitoris and rubbed it briskly.

Megan arched her body, her shoulders and feet the only
part of her touching the couch, as she climaxed. She
gripped Jack's penis so hard that he lost his erection.
Groaning out loud, she clamped her legs together and
trapped his hand against her convulsing vagina. After
several moments, she relaxed and flopped back onto the
cushions of the couch. Suddenly, Megan realized that she
had a death grip on Jack's soft penis and quickly removed
her hand.

"I'm so sorry Jack," she said. "Did I hurt you?"

Jack shook his head and said, "I'll be okay Megan."

Slowly sitting up, Megan removed her open bra and tossed
it on the floor with her top. She slid off the couch and
knelt on the floor. Leaning forward, she picked Jack's
flaccid penis up with her mouth and sucked it in. She felt
it expand between her lips and she slowly pulled her head
back to keep from gagging on it. Wrapping her hand around
his shaft at the base, she rolled her tongue around the
plumb shaped head.

"Does it make your cock feel better when I kiss it Jack?
I really didn't mean to hurt you it's just that you made me
cum so hard that I couldn't help it."

"I'm okay," Jack said, as he watched her take him back
into her mouth. "You make my dick feel great when you do

Megan slowly moved her lips over his hard penis, sucking on him as it bumped the back of her mouth. She removed it,
covered it with kisses, and stroked its length with her

When he felt his balls begin to churn, Jack reached down
and pulled Megan up on the couch. He rolled onto his back,
guided her on top of him and wrapped his arms around her.

"Don't you want me to give you a blowjob Jack?"

"Yes, but I was almost ready to cum and I want to wait. I
can't bounce back as fast as you can."

Megan smiled, put her head on his chest and savored his
warmth. When Jack pulled her skirt up and put his hand on
her bottom, Megan spread her legs so they were laying along
side his and her mons were pressed against his hard-on.
After a few minutes, Megan got up and off the couch.

"I'll be right back," she giggled, "I have to pee."

While she was out of the room, Jack removed his shirt and
flipped it onto the pile of clothing that was beginning to
form on the floor. He laid back on the couch and waited
for her to return, thinking about what may happen next.
Even though he had a strong desire to consummate their
relationship, he knew about her fears. He would never
force her, or any other girl, to do something they didn't
want to do.

Megan walked back into the family room and went to the
couch. She resumed the position she was in earlier, and
covered Jack's mouth with hers. They kissed and touched
one another, rubbing their bare chests together. Jack
could feel her nipples harden against his skin as she
wiggled against him.

Jack moved his hands back down to her butt, pulled up her
skirt and gently squeezed her soft globes. As he ran his
hands around her bottom, he realized that she wasn't
wearing the thong she had on before her trip to the
bathroom. He felt her begin to suck on his tongue and
pulled her tight to his crotch.

As they kissed, touched, and squirmed around on the couch,
they changed positions and Jack was on top of her. Megan
slipped her hands under his jeans, gripped his buttocks and
pulled him to her.

"I think you would be more comfortable without your
jeans," Megan whispered into his ear.

Jack knelt between her legs, worked his jeans down and
off, dropping them onto the pile. Dressed in only his
boxers and socks, he lowered himself onto her, sliding down
so he could taste her breasts. He kissed and licked first
one then the other as Megan held his head. She pushed her
crotch against his stomach and hooked her legs over his.

Moving lower, Jack covered her stomach with soft kisses
and then pushed his tongue into her navel. As he probed
the small indentation with the tip of his tongue, he moved
his hands along her hips and under her butt. Scooting down
even further, Jack lifted her up and tucked his head under
her short skirt. He licked her vulva, parted her labia
with his tongue and probed her hardened clit. He took the
hooded button between his lips and sucked it gently,
causing her to wrap her legs around his head and pull him
to her.

Jack slid a finger into her hot slick opening and slowly
pumped it in and out, sharing the spot with his tongue.
Megan groaned and grabbed her breasts as she humped her
crotch against his mouth and hand. Suddenly, she released
the grip her legs had on his head, put her feet against his
shoulders and pushed him away.

Feeling that he may have gone too far, Jack sat back on
his heals and looked at her. His fears were eliminated
when she spun around on the couch, moved her head between
his legs and reached for his shoulders.

"Please kiss my pussy Jack," she said. "I want to feel
your mouth and tongue on me while I suck your cock."

Jack leaned forward and Megan took his penis into her
hand, guiding it into her open mouth. When she closed her
lips around it, Jack groaned.

"That feels so good Megan, suck my cock."

Wrapping one hand around his hard shaft, to control how
far he could push into her mouth, and the other on his
butt, she pulled him down. Jack buried his face in her
crotch and lapped at her slit, pushing his tongue into her
hot opening. He took her clit between his teeth and gently
bit down, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Megan felt Jack begin to hump his hips, driving his penis
in and out of her sucking mouth. Each time he would rise
up, she would rub her tongue over the head of his manhood
and then let it slide back into her mouth. She moved her
hand on his shaft, letting a little more in each time he
pressed forward. Megan found that by applying and
releasing pressure on his buttocks, she could control the
intensity of his thrusts.

Supporting himself with his elbows, Jack gripped her butt
cheeks and pulled her to his mouth. He moved his tongue
from her clit, down along her labia and probed the small
span of flesh that separated her vagina from her anus.
When he put his tongue against her tight puckered opening
and pushed, he felt her suck harder on his penis.

The feeling of Jack's tongue against her anus sent shivers
through Megan's entire body. She lifted her bottom higher
and pushed it against Jack's probing tongue. When he tried
to enter her with his tongue, Megan removed her hand from
his penis and pulled him into her, gagging around the
intruder as it popped into her throat. Using his fingers
to part her puffy vaginal lips, Jack removed his tongue
from her anus and pushed it into her vagina as far as he

Jack pushed a finger into her vagina and coated it with
the juices that were freely flowing out of her. He moved
it in and out of her several times, and humped his penis
into her mouth. Having trouble breathing because of the
throbbing penis in her throat, Megan pushed Jack up so she
could take a breath. Just as his penis cleared her lips,
he moved his finger from her vagina and pressed it against
her anus.

Grabbing his penis with her hand and stroking it, Megan
yelled out as Jack's finger entered her bottom. She turned
her head from side to side between his legs and rubbed his
hot wet member over her face.

"I'm going to cum!" She screamed as Jack sucked on her
clit and moved his finger in and out of her anus.

Megan was completely lost in lust and began to see little
white stars. She felt her orgasm begin deep in her belly
and explode through her thrashing body.

"Shove your finger into my ass and fuck me," she screamed.

Moving his penis around her face, Megan put it into her
mouth, wet it with her saliva, and then moved it back to
her face. She rubbed the throbbing member over her cheeks
and lips, licking at the flared head. Using her hand, she
pumped the shaft and continued to move it to her mouth and
then back to her face. She felt wave after wave of
pleasure rip through her body as Jack kept the oral assault
on her vagina going and continued to stroke her bowels with
his finger.

When she felt Jack's penis swell in her hand, Megan tried
to get it into her mouth, but was unsuccessful. The first
rope of his hot sticky cum shot out the end of his penis
and landed on her face, covering her nose and closed eyes.
The second pulse hit her cheek and she finally got him into
her mouth and sucked as he emptied his balls. She sucked and swallowed as several more jets of cum filled her mouth
and throat. When the surge began to subside, she sucked all of him in and let the last dribbles run down directly
into her throat.

Jack removed his finger from Megan's stretched anus,
rolled onto his side, pulling her along with him. They lay
quietly next to each other, Jack lazily licking at her
vaginal lips and Megan letting his flaccid penis rest in
her open mouth. After a few minutes, they both regained
their composure and Jack moved off the couch.

Leaning over, he looked at Megan's face and his cum that
covered it. He moved his lips to hers and kissed her.
Megan opened her eyes, and mouth, and Jack extended his
tongue. They kissed and mixed their juices, as their
tongues intertwined.

Megan sat up and rubbed Jack's sticky cum over her face
with her hands. She stood up, removed her skirt and took
Jack's hand into hers. Pulling gently, she led him to the
stairs and up too her room.

"Wow, that was wonderful Jack, I never thought I would
like having something up my butt."

Megan pulled Jack into her bathroom, turned on the shower
and got into the tub.

"You can wash my back now, if you want to."

Jack smiled, climbed into the tub with Megan and took her
into his arms. He held her close as they stood under the
spray, feeling it rinse the sweat off of them.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" Jack asked her.

"No Jack, you didn't hurt me at all. I feel so safe with
you because I know if I say stop, you will. I really enjoy
having sex with you, you make me so hot and I cum so hard.
I thought I was going to pass out for a minute when you put
your finger in my ass."

Megan took the soap and began to rub it over Jack. He
relaxed and, for the second time that day, enjoyed the
feeling of a girl washing him. When Megan was finished
washing him, Jack took the soap and returned the favor. He
soaped up his hands and gently washed his semen from her
face and then moved to her chest. As he washed her
breasts, he toyed with her nipples, causing them to harden.

"Jack, are you sure my tits aren't too small? I think
they are getting a little bigger since I began to gain some
weight, but they aren't as big as the other girls and they
never will be."

Bending down, Jack kissed both of her soapy breasts and
stood up grinning.

"Will you quit worrying about your boobs Megan, they are
perfect. I love to touch and kiss them, and I don't care
about the size."

Once Jack had finished washing her, Megan put her arms
around him and pressed her small breasts against his chest.
She moved the two of them under the water and let it flow
over their heads and down their bodies. As they stood
against each other, Megan felt Jack's penis begin to shift
between them. She moved her hips back, maintaining her
contact with her breasts, and reached down, taking his semi
hard member and pulled it up. She trapped it between her
mons and his belly, pressing her hips into him.

They stood together, under the shower's spray, and Megan
moved her pubic mound against his hardening penis. When
the water began to get cold, Megan turned it off and opened
the glass doors of the tub enclosure. She stepped out onto
the small rug, which was on the floor in front of the tub,
and handed Jack a towel.

"Come out here and dry me off," she said, extending her
arms out from her sides.

Jack stepped out of the tub and began to rub the fluffy
towel over her body. When she was dry, Megan did the same
for Jack and then wrapped a towel around her wet hair. She
left the bathroom and went into her bedroom, pulled the
covers back and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I need to relax for a few minutes," she said. "Would you
like to join me?"

Jack went to the side of her bed and began to sit down
next to her. Megan spun around and stretched out on the
bed, patting the sheets next to her. Jack laid down along
side her and took her into his arms. They snuggled
together, enjoying the feeling of the other's naked body.
After a few minutes, Jack propped himself up so he could
look at her. He used his fingertips to slowly trace her
from her neck down to her mons.

Slowly and lightly, he toyed with the small patch of short
red hair that adorned her pubic area. He ran his
fingertips around and through the soft tight curls, gently
pulling on them.

Megan pulled her pillow out from under her head, folded
it, and put it back. She watched as Jack rubbed his
fingers in her pubic hair and smiled.

"Do you like my pussy hair Jack?"


"Do you like me shaved or would you rather have it longer
and fuller?"

"I would like it either way Megan, but I kind of like a
little more hair. I know that you girls like to keep it
shaved because of swimming, but "

"If you want it longer, I'll let it grow. Then you can
shave me and make it anyway you like." Megan said as she
took his head and pulled it to her chest.

Running her fingers through his damp hair, Megan began to
think about the things they had done downstairs. She
wondered if sex just came naturally, or if you had to learn
and practice. She felt that Jack had experienced sex
before her, and she wondered with who. As she considered
asking him about his past encounters, she felt his tongue
begin to flick against her nipple.

Moving the hand that had been playing with her hair lower,
Jack cupped her sex and gently rubbed her. Megan opened
her legs and reached for his penis. She took him into her
hand and held him firmly, not moving at all. She could
feel his heartbeat telegraph through his hard penis and
wondered if he could feel hers in her crotch.

"Jack, put your finger in my pussy and tell me if you can
feel my heartbeat, like I can feel yours in your cock."

Jack slid his finger into her and held it still. He too
could feel her pulse in the warm depths of her vagina.

"Yes, I can feel it."

Turning his head and taking one of her breasts into his
mouth, he pressed his tongue against her nipple to see if
he could feel her heartbeat there. He realized that the
only pulse he could detect in her chest came from within
and was not present in her breasts. sucking gently on her
nipple, Jack began to move his finger in her vagina.

Megan pulled Jack up off her breast and began to kiss him
tenderly. They opened their mouths and searched each other
with their tongues. Jack added a second finger to Megan's
vagina and slowly stroked the wet walls of her sex.

They tenderly and passionately kissed and caressed each
other, feeling their bodies begin to heat. When Jack
removed his fingers from her vagina and rolled on top of
her, Megan wrapped her legs around his, and held him
tightly. Rolling her hips up slightly, she could feel his
hard shaft rub against her clitoris.

Megan wrapped her arms around Jack's back and pulled him
down to her. She kissed his ear and sucked his ear lobe as
he rocked his penis against her sex. When his penis
slipped down and bumped against her opening, Megan froze.

Sensing her fear, Jack quickly removed his penis from
between her legs and let it rest on her mons. She
retightened her grip with her legs and he resumed the

Megan's mind filled with the thoughts of what had happened
when she was thirteen and tears began to fill her eyes.
She wanted to make love with Jack, but she couldn't get the
image of Danny hovering over her, and violating her, out of
her head. She wondered why the past was haunting her and
why she couldn't just let go. She remembered some of the
conversions she had with the other girls, her friends, and
how they had told her that she had to put her past behind
her in order to move on.

Knowing that something was wrong, Jack stopped rubbing his
penis against Megan and rolled onto his side. He pulled
her close and rubbed the back of her head with his hand.

"Are you alright Megan," he whispered.

Megan nodded her head and snuggled closer to his warm body.

Jack didn't ask her any more questions, he felt he knew
what was bothering her. He didn't know what to do, so he
just held her and rubbed her back.

Megan thought about how much she cared for the boy that
was lying next to her and how much she wanted to feel him
inside her. She finally decided that she was being foolish
and lifted her head so she could look into Jack's eyes.

"I'm sorry Jack," she said.

"For what Megan? You haven't done anything to be sorry

Smiling at him, Megan rolled him onto his back and lay on
top of him. She put her arms on either side of his body,
raised her head up and looked down at him. Slowly she
began to move her hips, rubbing herself against his penis.

"You are the most wonderful guy in the world Jack Graham
and I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have you."

"Megan, you don't "

Putting her fingers to his lips she stopped him before he
could finish his sentence. She put her head down next to
his and her hands on his shoulders. She slowly rotated her
hips and scooted up until she felt Jack's penis slip
between her legs. Moving back slightly, she felt him
against her and she moved her hips up and down, feeling the
head of his penis slip between her soft folds.

Megan moved around trying to align him with her opening,
but was unable to do it. She rose up, bent her legs along
side his hips and reached between them. Wrapping her hand
around his penis, she slowly stroked his hot shaft.
Lifting herself up slightly, she rubbed the head of his
penis along her slit until she felt it at her hole.

Still holding him with her hand, she wiggled her bottom
and let the head push past her labia and into her entrance.

"Megan, are you sure?"

Smiling down at him, Megan lowered herself, and felt his
penis stretch and fill her vagina. When his entire length
was buried in her hot tunnel, Megan leaned forward and
against his chest. The two teens held still, each one
enjoying the feeling of their union. Jack put his hands on
the sides of Megan's face and drew her mouth to his,
kissing her softly. Megan returned Jack's tender kiss and
began to move on him.

Rising up slowly, she reversed and lowered herself onto
his hot member. Jack reached out, held her butt with his
hands and guided her up and down.

"Oh Jack," she moaned. "This feels so wonderful. Please
make love to me."

Once he was confident that she was comfortable with what
they were doing, Jack rolled her onto her back and moved up
between her legs. He took his penis into his hand and
reentered her, slowly sinking his entire penis into her
vagina again. He began to move above her and kiss her
neck. Megan pushed up against him and cooed softly as she
felt him stroking her inner depths.

Megan could feel an orgasm building in her and she put her
legs around Jack's waist. She felt the increased contact
on her clitoris and began to move wildly beneath him. Jack
also felt his own orgasm build, and he increased his speed.

The feeling of Jack's penis deep inside her and his balls
slapping against her bottom, sent Megan into sexual bliss.
She grunted and groaned as Jack continued to pound into
her, screaming out in ecstasy as her climax coursed through
her sweating body.

"Oh Jack, oh Jack," she chanted over and over as she
reached the summit of her pleasure.

Jack felt her vagina spasm around his penis and he
released his seed into her. Maintaining his steady pace,
he kept pumping his penis in her hot vagina. The
combination of his semen and her juices caused a gushing
noise as he continued to move. Finally, Megan let her legs
fall onto the bed and she let out a loud sigh.

Jack stopped moving and relaxed on her, listening to the
rhythm of their breathing. Both of them tried to catch
their breath as they lay connected. Megan could feel the
moisture leaking from her vagina and running between her
butt cheeks, but she didn't care. She was lost in the
feeling of her lover's penis still encased in her sex and
she didn't want to move.

As he rested in her arms, Jack could feel himself begin to
drift off to sleep. He fought the urge to just let it
happen and lifted his head. He kissed Megan on the lips
and smiled down at her.

"You okay?"

Megan smiled back at Jack and nodded her head yes. She
was filled with love for the boy that was gazing down at
her and wanted to tell him just how she felt. All of the
fear of sex had been driven from her and she was completely
at ease with what she had just experienced. As she lie
below Jack and felt him still in her, she wondered how long
it would be before they could do it again.

"Thank you Jack, that was the most wonderful thing that
has ever happened to me. How long before you can do it

"I don't know Megan, it will probably take some time
before I can get hard again."

Megan rolled him off of her, feeling his penis pull free
from her vagina. She looked down at him, smiled, and took
him into her hand.

"Maybe I can help," she giggled as she stroked his slick

"Maybe, but I wouldn't count on it."

Sitting up next to him, Megan leaned down and took him
into her mouth. She tested the taste of their mixed fluids
and decided that she liked it. Jack let out a groan as she
sucked him into her mouth and moved her tongue around.
Lifting her head and stroking him she began to giggle.

"If I suck your cock and make it hard will you fuck me
again? I want this cock in my pussy and to be filled by
you Jack."

Megan leaned over again and took his penis back into her
mouth. The combination of her talk and her oral action
began to bring life back into his flaccid member and he
groaned at the thought of being deep in her again.

Continuing to suck, stroke and lick his penis, Megan
became excited when she felt it begin to stiffen. She
played with him for about fifteen minutes and felt he was
hard enough to do it again.

Moving her leg over him, she guided his penis into her
slick vagina and lowered herself on him. She put her hands
on his chest and began to bounce up and down, feeling his
penis fill her once again.

Jack reached up and covered her breasts with his hands and
massaged them. He took her nipples between his thumb and
forefinger and rolled them firmly. Megan threw her head
back, closed her eyes and moaned. Jack watched her long
red hair whip around her head as she continued to rock her
hips and shake her head, consumed in lust.

Removing one of his hands from her breast, Jack rubbed
down her stomach until he felt her pubic hair. Using his
fingertip, he located her clitoris and began to rub it
rapidly. He could feel the heat of their lovemaking
radiating from their crotches as he tried to keep his
finger against her hard hooded button.

Megan felt another orgasm begin and slammed her vagina over Jack's penis. Keeping him deep inside her, she ground
her clit against his finger as her body tensed and quivered.

"Oh Jack," she yelled, "I'm going to do it again! I'm
going to cummmmm!"

Her voice trailed off and her face contorted as her vagina contracted around Jack's penis. As her climax peaked and
began to fall off, she thought about what was happening.
For the third time in her life she was having intercourse,
and for the second time, she was enjoying it. She wondered
how she could have let the things that Danny had done rob
her of her early teen years and the pleasures of life. She
knew that she may not have had sex, but it was the fear of
boys that had ruined her time in high school and caused the
other kids to start the heinous rumors about her.

Megan fell forward and felt Jack's arms go around her
back. She wasn't sure if he had cum or not, but she was
totally spent and needed to rest. She straightened her
legs, let them lay next to Jack's and nuzzled her nose into
his neck.

"Jack, did you cum? I was so wrapped up I couldn't tell."
Megan whispered.

"Yes, I came it was great."

Megan slipped her arms under Jack's shoulders and ran her
fingers through his hair. She could feel that it was damp
from their shower and the vigorous sex they had shared.
She shivered slightly as she felt his fingertips run along
her spine and tried to hook her blanket with her foot.
Unable to pull the covers up that way, she reached down,
grabbed them with her hand and pulled them over the two of

Jack listened to Megan's breathing as she drifted to sleep
in his arms. He cuddled her slender naked body against his
and he too fell asleep.

After what seemed like several hours, Jack woke up,
feeling a little disorientated, and looked around for a
clock. He spotted Megan's alarm, on her dresser, and tried
to focus on the dim digits. He gently shook Megan and
whispered her name.

"Wake up baby," he said softly. "It's six o'clock."

Megan shifted around, snuggled closer to Jack's warm body
and slowly opened her eyes.


"It's six o'clock Megan, we should get up."

"Why?" She cooed, "I want to sleep. My parents won't be
home until later tonight and besides I really don't care."

"You really don't care about what?"

Megan rolled onto her stomach, rose up on her arms and
looked into Jack's bright blue eyes. She smiled, kissed
him and then laid her head on his chest.

"I really don't care if my parents come home and find us
in bed together."

"Don't you think they would be pissed if they caught us
like this?"

Megan moved her leg between Jack's and shifted around so
her thigh was against his genitals. She rubbed her mons
against his leg and her thigh against his soft penis.

"Like I said Jack I really don't care."

"If you say so, but there is another problem."

"What's the problem Jack?" Megan said, lifting herself so
she could see his face.

"I'm starved! I need to eat."

They both broke out in laughter and Megan sat up, letting
the covers fall away and expose her naked body to Jack's

"Do we have time for another quick shower? I feel all
crusty down here," she said, moving her hand between her

Jack got out of bed, scooped Megan up in his arms and
carried her towards the bathroom.

"You bet we do."

Megan and Jack climbed into the shower for the second time
that day and lovingly washed each other. When they were
finished in the shower, Jack took a towel and dried her
off, and Megan did the same for him. Jack watched her
reflection in the bathroom mirror as she used a blow dryer
to dry her long red hair. When it was dry, she took a
large plastic clip from the drawer and pulled her hair
back, securing it with the clip.

Still naked, they went downstairs and into the family room.

"I thought we were going to work on math today," Jack said
with a chuckle.

"We are working on math Jack. We are trying to find out
how many times this will go into this," Megan giggled,
grabbing his penis with one hand and her crotch with the

Jack began to roar and said, "Have you solved the problem

"Not yet," she said as she gently massaged his growing
penis. "This is one of those equations that may take years
to resolve. I hope you don't mind if I use you as a study

"I'm all yours, just let me know anytime you want to do
your research. Right now, I need to eat, I'm so hungry I
could eat the ass of a live skunk!"

Leaning over, she took his penis into her mouth and sucked it gently. She pulled it out, licked the underside and
looked up at Jack.

"I'm hungry too, do you mind if I have an appetizer
first?" She giggled and took him back into her mouth.

Jack pulled her up and kissed her. "Maybe desert!"

Megan picked up her clothes from the floor and placed them
on the couch. She stepped into her thong, pulled it up and
then slipped her arms through the straps of her bra,
fastened it and adjusted the lace cups on her breasts.
Jack put his things on and watched her finish dressing.

When they were fully clothed, Jack followed her into the
kitchen and listened to her list the things that were in
the refrigerator.

"Does anything sound good to you Jack?"

"Anything is fine with me, unless you would rather go out
to eat."

Megan closed the refrigerator door, turned to Jack and put
her arms around his waist.

"If you take me out to eat today, I promise that I will
make you a special dinner next time."

"Okay, it's a deal. Where would you like to go?" Jack
replied, reaching around her and resting his hands on her

Megan thought for a moment and said, "I know just the
perfect place for us. Let's go, I will show you how to get

They left the house and got into Jack's truck. Megan slid
next to Jack and fastened the middle seatbelt around her
waist. She leaned close to him as he pulled out of the
driveway and onto the street.

Jack followed Megan's directions as she told him where to
turn. He pulled into the parking lot of a small restaurant
and parked the truck. Jack opened his door and Megan slid
out behind him, her skirt riding high on her legs as she
stepped down.

"You'd better be careful, someone will see your panties if
you get in and out of the truck like that." Jack said.

Megan glanced around, reached under her skirt and removed
her thong, tossing it into the truck.

"There," she giggled. "Now no one can see my panties."

Jack patted her on her butt, took her hand and walked
towards the door of the restaurant.

"You're a nut!" he said.

Megan bumped her hip against his and said, "You make me
nuts Jack and you drive me nuts."

Jack pulled the door open, held it for Megan and followed
her into the building. The restaurant was dark and very
nicely decorated. Megan asked for a booth in the back, and
the hostess led them through one room into another. Jack
noticed that each of the booths was situated so that no one
could see anyone else dining.

The hostess guided the teens to a booth and Megan slid
into the circular seat with Jack right behind her. The
hostess handed them menus and asked if they would like
something to drink.

"I would like a Coke," Megan said.

"I'll have a Coke too," Jack told her.

Jack picked up a menu, opened it and began to look over
the various items. Megan sat close to him and read from
his menu, rather than using the other one on the table. A
server delivered their drinks and told them about today's
specials. She left a small card on the table that listed
the things she had told them about.

"What looks good to you?" Jack said turning to Megan and
catching her staring at him.

"You do!" she giggled.

"You look good to me too, but what looks good to eat?"

"You do," she repeated.

They laughed and Jack turned his attention back to the
menu. He decided on a shrimp dinner and again asked Megan
what she wanted.

"I think I will have the Porterhouse steak, a twice baked
potato, a tossed salad and the steamed carrots," she said.

When the server returned, Jack gave her their order.
Megan told her that she would like her steak medium rare
and blue cheese dressing on her salad.

"Sex must make you hungry Megan."

"Lately everything makes me hungry, I have been eating
everything in sight. I don't know what it is, but I feel
like I am always starving."

Jack shrugged his shoulders and Megan moved around,
pulling one of her legs onto the seat so she could face
him. She put her hand on his thigh and gazed into his
eyes. Suddenly Jack's expression turned from happiness to

"Oh my god Megan," he said with panic in his voice. "We
didn't use anything when we made love. Are you going to
get pregnant?"

Megan squeezed his thigh and smiled.

"Don't worry Jack, I just finished my period and started
to take the pill. I'm not going to get pregnant."

Jack sighed in relief, he put his hand on her leg and
rubbed it slowly, noticing that her skirt was so high that
he could almost see her sex. When he took the edge of her
skirt in his hand and began to pull it down, Megan grabbed
his wrist and pulled his hand to her crotch.

Seeing the server approach the booth, Jack jerked his hand
away and pulled her skirt down. The server placed Megan's
salad in front of her and Jack's chowder in front of him.

"I'm so sorry for not thinking about it before we did it
Megan, it's just that once we got started well, I guess I
just wasn't thinking at all."

Megan finished chewing the food in her mouth and said, ""I
know exactly what you mean Jack. I never planned for us to
have sex today, but it happened. I'm not sorry that we did
though, it was the warmest, most wonderful thing I have
ever experienced, even if I didn't really know what I was

"I can see how kids our age end up pregnant, it's so easy
to get carried away."

Realizing what he had said, Jack looked at Megan and said,
"I'm sorry, I didn't think again."

Megan put down her fork, took Jack's face in her hands and
kissed him passionately. She backed away, looked into his
eyes and smiled.

"Jack, that incident is in my past now, and it doesn't
really bother me anymore. Ever since I meet your sister and cousin, my life has been changing. They have helped me
gain the confidence I need to move on, and helped me
realized that none of that was my fault. If it hadn't been
for those two, I would have never gone to the dance, or met

Megan's eyes began to tear and she wiped them with her
napkin. She took Jack's hands in hers and rubbed her
thumbs across the back of his strong hands. Staring down
at her hands, Megan cleared her throat and lifted her head
slowly and stared into his eyes.

"Having you as my boyfriend is more than I could have ever
hoped for. Kim, Sally, and to some degree Lisa, have done
so much for me. They have taught me that I can't live in
fear and go around feeling sorry for myself. They told me
that not all guys are like Danny and I could find someone
that would like me, and not hurt me. Those three girls were right Jack, I have found someone that cares for me and
that I don't think will hurt me."

"I will never hurt you Megan, not intentionally, I may do
something that will piss you off, but I would not do it on
purpose. I really care for you too Megan I care for you a

The server brought their dinners and placed them on the
table. They stopped talking and began to eat their food
while it was hot. As they ate quietly, Megan replayed the
last several months in her mind, noting the various events
that had led up to this day.

As she cut her steak and put a piece into her mouth, she
wondered what it was about the two families that was so
different from any other people she had known. Why had she
opened her life to two strangers, that day at Kim's house,
and told them her darkest secret? Why, after four years of
being called a lesbian by the kids at school, did she find
she enjoyed the affections of another girl? Why, after
four years of vowing never to let another guy put his penis
into her, did she feel she couldn't wait for Jack to do it

Jack nudged her and said, "Are you okay?"

Megan nodded and continued to eat her dinner.

Jack knew that something was on Megan's mind, but decided
that she would tell him if she wanted him to know.

Suddenly, Megan realized what was so different about her
new friends and their families. She remembered being
caught topless at the pool and how Jack's parents had
reacted. She remembered Kim telling her mom that she was
going to shave her pubic hair and how nonchalant Mrs.
Graham was when Kim told her. She thought about the
drastic change in her own parents ever since they had begun
to see the Graham and Lewis families.

"Love and acceptance, that's what it is isn't it," she
said to Jack.

Jack looked at Megan and said, "What?"

"Your family and Sally's family, you guys don't give a
damn what anybody thinks or says do you?" Megan said,
bubbling with excitement.

Jack was confused and really didn't know what she was
referring to.

"I'm sorry Megan, but I'm missing something here. What
are you talking about?"

Megan settled down and took another bite of food. She
chewed, swallowed and stabbed her fork into another piece
of steak.

"I have been racking my brain, trying to figure out just
what makes you, and your family, so much different than
anyone I have ever known. It's love and acceptance, it
must be. You never let what the other kids said about me
influence the way you felt or the things you did. You all
love each other and accept one another for what they are."

"That's not entirely true, we care about what the people
we like think and say. My parents have taught Kim and I to
draw our own conclusions about other people. We don't pay
much attention to what folks say, especially if it's

Megan was suddenly overcome with love and joy. She
dropped her fork onto her plate, got onto her knees and
threw her arms around Jack's neck. She kissed him hard on
the mouth, forcing her tongue past his lips and into his
mouth. Jack put down his fork and put his arms around her,
holding her tightly. Megan broke their kiss and leaned
back slightly.

"I love you Jack Graham," she said loud enough for anyone
near to hear. "I love you and I pray that someday you will
love me too."

Jack looked into Megan's eyes, smiled, and took her chin
in his hand. He pulled her mouth to his and kissed her.

"I love you too Megan, I was just afraid that if I told
you I would scare you off," he said softly. "You are a
wonderful girl and I really enjoy every minute we spend

Megan began to cry and put her head on his shoulder.

"You're not going to scare me away Jack, in fact you're
going to have a hard time getting rid of me."

The two teens held their embrace for several minutes and
then Megan turned and sat back down. She put another bite
of food into her mouth and wiped her eyes. They finished
their meals in silence and waited for the server to return.
When she came back to the booth and asked if they wanted
desert, they both declined. Leaving the check on the
table, the server thanked them.

"Hold on a second," Jack said, reaching for his wallet.
"You can take this now."

The server took Jack's credit card and the check and left.

Megan put her hand on Jack's crotch, squeezed his genitals
and said, "I know what I'm having for desert."

Jack glanced around, slid his hand under her skirt and
rubbed her moist slit. "Me too," he said.

They both giggled, stopping and moving their hands when
they saw the server coming back to the booth. Jack added a
tip to the charge slip, signed it and he and Megan got up
to leave. As they walked, hand in hand, through the
restaurant, the couples in the other booths smiled at them.

After getting into the truck, Jack took Megan into his
arms and began to kiss her. They were soon running their
hands over each other's bodies and groping at the other's

"Let's get out of here," Megan said, "I need you!"

Jack started the truck, backed out of the parking space
and drove away. Megan sat close to him and continued to
rub him through his jeans.

"You're making me a little uncomfortable," Jack said.

Megan realized that his penis was trapped in his tight
jeans and she began to unbutton them.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, let me fix that for you."

Megan fished his hard penis out of his unbuttoned jeans
and began to stroke it. She stared down into his lap and
when she saw a drop of fluid escape the small slit in the
tip, she bent over and collected it with her tongue.

"Mmmmm," she moaned and took him in her mouth.

Jack tried to concentrate on his driving, but found it
nearly impossible to do while his penis was being sucked and licked by Megan.

Pulling her up, he said, "I'm going to wreck the truck if
you keep doing that."

"Well then, find somewhere to park, I can't wait until we
get home."

Jack turned off the main road and onto a secluded side
street. He parked his truck in the shadows and turned off
the lights. Megan unfastened her seatbelt, knelt on the
floor and told Jack to stretch out on the seat.

When he was prone, with his head near the passenger door,
she worked his pants and boxers down his legs. Megan
wrapped her hand around his penis and began to slowly
stroke it. She used her tongue to moisten the bulbous head
and then rubbed it on her face.

Jack reached down and started to slide his hand up her leg
and she stopped him.

"Just lay back and let be suck your beautiful cock. You
can touch me later."

Moving his hand to the back of her head, he relaxed and
let her do what she wanted. She covered him with her
mouth, lowered her head and took over half of his hard
member into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down
slowly, she coated his shaft with her saliva, letting some
run down to her hand.

Removing her mouth from his penis, she smeared it against
her face, feeling the moist heat against her cheek. For
several minutes, Megan repeated the process until her face
was covered with her spit.

Jack began to groan as she moved her mouth up and down
over him and he pushed his hips up to meet her. There was
just enough light so that he could see his penis disappear
into her pursed lips, only to be exposed again when she
lifted her head.

"That feels so good Megan, I love the feeling of your
mouth on my dick."

Megan moaned around his penis, the vibrations telegraphing
into his testicles. She pulled her sucking mouth off him
and looked up.

"I love the taste and feel of your big cock in my mouth
Jack, but I also love the feeling of it in my pussy," she
said hoarsely. "Would you please put it in me and make
love to me? I will suck you later if you do."

Jack pulled her up as he sat up on the seat. He turned
her so she was looking into the back, kneeling on the seat
and moved behind her. He lifted her skirt up and used his
hand to guide his wet penis into her vagina, stopping when
he felt her bottom against him. Gripping her hips, he
slowly withdrew his hard tool and then pushed it back into
the depths of her tight hot cavern.

As Jack pushed forward, Megan pushed back and they soon
developed a steady rhythm. He pulled her top up, slid one
hand up under it and cupped her small bra-covered breast.
He moved his other hand between her legs and rubbed her clit.

Megan wrapped her arms around the headrest and bucked
herself against Jack.

"Do you like that Megan?" he grunted as he kept up his
steady thrusts. "Do you like feeling my cock in you like

"Oh yes! I love the feeling of your big cock in my pussy Jack. Faster, fuck me faster," she yelled. "I'm going to

Jack began to thrust into her as fast as he could, the
sound of his hips slapping against her butt and the feeling
of his hands on her breast and clit brought Megan to her
climax. Jack felt her vagina contract around his penis,
but he continued to push in and pull out of her quivering
hole. Megan screamed as she peaked and clinched the
muscles in her butt, but Jack didn't stop.

Megan yelled out incoherently, as Jack continued to pound
his hard-on into her. He maintained the movement of his
fingers on her hard clit and massaged her breast. He felt
his balls begin to tighten and knew that he would soon
flood her vagina with his hot cum.

"I'm going to cum again Jack," she screamed as she
thrashed around.

"So am I," Jack said.

When Megan's vagina contracted around him for the second
time, Jack released his load into her. He pushed against
her bottom, moved both hands to her hips and held her as
his penis spurted. Megan moved one of her hands to her
crotch and rubbed her clitoris, taking over where Jack left
off and heightening the intendancy of her orgasm.

With his balls spent, and completely out of breath, Jack
rested his head on Megan's back and felt her vagina continue to quiver around his shrinking penis. Megan
twisted around, causing Jack to move and sit on the seat
beside her. She moved to the floor, took his flaccid penis
in her hand and covered it with her mouth, cleaning it

When she had licked the last trace of their fluids from
his soft penis, Megan found her panties and began to pull
them on.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" he said, sliding
onto the floor and parting her knees. "Don't I get desert

Megan slid her butt to the edge of the seat and Jack put
his head under her skirt. He covered her with his open
mouth and used his tongue to scoop up the mixture of his
tart ejaculate and her sweet juices. Spreading her legs as
far apart as she could, Megan held Jack's head with her
hands and pulled him tight to her crotch.

"If you keep that up I'm going to cum again Jack," she
moaned as he took her clit between his lips and gently
sucked on it.

Reaching up under her top, Jack covered her breasts with
his hands. He began to massage her and felt her hand on
his. Gripping the bottom of her bra, Megan pulled it up
and over her breasts, giving him access to her bare flesh.
Jack took her hard nipples between his fingers and tugged
at them gently, causing her to groan.

Megan gripped the edge of the seat, clamped her legs on
Jacks head and had her third orgasm since leaving the
restaurant. She bounced her bottom on the seat and yelled
out her pleasure as Jack tried to maintain contact with her
clit. When he felt her legs relax and she collapsed back
against the seat, Jack released her hooded nub and lapped
her juices as they trickled from her slit.

Placing her hands on his head, Megan pushed him away.

"I can't take anymore Jack," she said. "I'm just too
sensitive there right now."

Jack moved up onto the seat next to Megan and brushed her
hair away from her eyes. He leaned close and kissed her
cheek as she sat back panting.

Rolling her head towards Jack she said, "Wow!'

Megan leaned forward and gripped her thong, which was
still on one ankle, and put her other foot through it. She
pulled the tiny garment up, lifting her bottom off the seat
so she could get the thin elastic band around her waist.
She fidgeted with the thong, trying it get it into place
and finally opened the truck door. She got out, lifted her
skirt and adjusted her thong, centering the small lace
triangle in the middle of her back and tucking the thin
strip of cloth between her cheeks. She squared the front
panel and smoothed it over her mons before dropping her
shirt and climbing back into the truck.

Jack had pulled his underwear and jeans back up and redid
the button fly. He was sitting behind the steering wheel
and watching Megan as she slid across the seat next to him.
She fastened her seatbelt, put her head on Jack's shoulder
and wrapped her arms around his arm.

"Wow!" She said again.

Jack kissed her on the top of her head, started the truck
and pulled away. Resting his right hand on her knee, he
could feel her breast against his arm as she held it close
to her chest. Jack drove around the block, turned back
onto the main road headed for home.

"Are you okay Megan?" Jack asked.


Jack laughed and said, "Can't you say anything except wow?"

"Oh WOW!" She said giggling.

Jack squeezed her thigh and laughed. "Does that mean you
liked it?"

"Liked it? I loved it. I would have never thought that
sex could be so good, not until today. I liked the things
we have done up to now, but the feeling of you inside me is
the best."

Megan pulled up her skirt and her panties down, exposing
her mons. She rubbed her hand over herself and called
Jack's attention to her.

"I think I'm going to get a tattoo right here," she quipped.

"Oh really, of what?"

"It's going to say 'Jack's place' in big red letters,
bordered by tiny roses."

Jack began to laugh as she pulled her thong back up and
covered herself with her skirt.

Megan looked at the clock on the radio and saw that it was
already nine o'clock. She took Jack's arm in hers and
moved his hand to her leg. The two teens were quiet as
Jack drove back to Megan's house, both lost in the memories
of the afternoon.

Jack parked his truck in Megan's driveway and they went
into the house. Megan led Jack into the family room, asked
him to wait for her and ran upstairs. Picking up a
magazine, Jack flipped through the pages, waiting for her
to return. After several minutes, she came back into the
room, wearing a pair of pajamas and a robe.

"What's up Megan," he asked.

"I had to go change my bed, we made a mess of the sheets.
I also noticed some of your cum on my skirt and changed my

Megan sat on the couch next to Jack and snuggled up close
to him. She took his hand in hers, held it in her lap and
twisting sideways, looked at him. Jack smiled and gave her
hand a gentle squeeze.

"Is everything okay Megan?"

Megan's eyes filled with tears and she nodded.

"Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, I'm just I'm I'm just so happy and so much in love
with you. I'm afraid that I'm going to scare you off, or
you will find another girl, one that is prettier or has a
better body."

"Megan," he replied, putting his arms around her. "I told
you before, I love your body and I think you are very
pretty. I never thought that I would find someone as cute
as you for a girlfriend."

Megan and Jack began to kiss and hold each other. Their
kissing was slow and passionate, not hurried and lustful as
it had been earlier in the evening. As he moved his hands
over her body, Jack avoided touching her breasts or crotch.
They were locked in a lover's embrace when Megan's parents walked into the room and announced their presence.

"Hi kids," Liz said, snapping the two teens out of the
loving trance they were in. "How are you two doing?"

Megan looked up at her mom and grinned, keeping her arms
around Jack.

"We're great mom, how was dinner?" Megan said.

Megan's dad walked in, stood next to his wife and greeted
the two teens. When Megan repeated her question about
dinner, Jerry answered.

"We had a very nice dinner Megan, your mom and I always
enjoy getting together with the group." Jerry said.

Jack, feeling a little self-conscious about being so close
to Megan, removed his arms from around her body and sat up
on the couch.

"Good evening Mr. And Mrs. Stone," Jack said,
straightening his shirt.

"Hi Jack," Jerry said with a smile as he looked at his
daughter's smiling face. "Did Liz tell you that we are
planning to go to New York with your parents for a weekend?"

"Yes sir, its sounds like fun. I don't think my parents have ever been there," Jack replied.

"They said it would be the first time for them and your
Aunt and Uncle. We're all looking forward to it."

"When will you be leaving?" Jack asked.

"Jerry and I are leaving a week from Thursday, the rest of
the group will fly out on Friday morning. Jerry has a
meeting the first thing in the morning on Friday and then
we will be free for the rest of the weekend." Liz said.

"Where am I going to stay while you're gone?" Megan asked.

"Jack's parents said you could stay with them on Thursday
night Megan. On Friday and Saturday night, the girls are
going to stay at Jack's and the boys will stay at Tom and

"That's sounds like fun mom, we can have a pajama party."
Megan said.

"Well you two," Jerry said, "I'm going to bed. It's
getting late and I have to be in the office early tomorrow.
You guys have school so don't stay up too late."

Jerry and Liz told their daughter and Jack goodnight and
headed for their bedroom. Jack stood up and told Megan the
he should get going too. They went into the breakfast nook
so Jack could collect his algebra book and folder and then
to the door.

Megan put her arms around Jack and squeezed his so tight
that he felt like he was going to drop his books. She
covered his mouth with hers, opened it to accept his tongue
and kissed him.

"Goodnight sweetheart, I'll see you in the morning at
school. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and evening,
and for being so great."

"Goodnight Megan, see you tomorrow."

"Jack," she said softly, "I meant what I said earlier I
really do love you."

"I love you too Megan," he replied, kissing her on the
forehead. "I just hope that you don't regret what we did,
after you've had a chance to think about it. I don't ever
want to do anything that you don't want to do."

"I wanted to make love with you Jack, I have for a while
now. I won't regret doing it, in fact, I can't wait to do
it again."

The two kissed again and finally separated. Megan watched
Jack get into his truck and drive away. After she locked
the door, she turned off the lights and went up to her room
and got into bed.

Unable to fall asleep, Megan lay on her back and stared at
the ceiling. The vision of Jack's penis disappearing into
her vagina, for the first time, filled her mind. She could
feel a dull throb between her legs, and covering her sex
with her hand, she realized that she was a little tender.

When she heard her bedroom door open, Megan removed her
hand from her crotch.

"Are you asleep?" Liz asked as she entered the room.

"No mom, I'm still awake."

Megan's mom sat on the edge of her bed and reached out,
running her hand through her red hair. Megan sat up, put
her arms around her mom and hugged her.

"Are you okay honey?" she asked as she returned her
daughter's hug.

"Yes mom, I'm fine."

The mother and daughter held their embrace and Liz stroked
Megan's back. She knew the young girl wanted to tell her
something, but she just waited until her daughter was ready
to divulge her thoughts. After a few minutes, Liz became
impatient and decided to ask what was bothering her daughter.

"What is it Megan?"

"I told Jack that I love him tonight mom," she said, as
she began to weep.


"He told me he loves me too," she said, pulling back so
she could see her mom's face. "I was so afraid he would
get mad, but he didn't."

Liz pulled her daughter back to her and Megan rested her
head on her mother's bosoms.

"Why were you afraid Megan?"

"I thought that if I told him how I really felt, he would
back off and not want to see me anymore. He is so
wonderful mom, he treats me like a lady and so kind and
loving. I felt like I would explode if I didn't tell him,"
she said. "Mom he made me a woman today."

Liz held her tighter and stroked her back, she knew the
feelings that her daughter was experiencing. She too had
been made to feel like a woman again from all the sexual
attention her husband, and friends, were displaying.

"Are you okay with what happened? I mean after what you
had experienced when "

Megan stopped her mom from finishing her sentence. She
pulled back, looked into her mom's eyes and smiled.

"It was wonderful mom. Jack was so understanding and
gentle with me. I was a bit hesitant at first, but when it
finally happened well I can't wait until next time."

Megan told her mom about the afternoon and evening, not
really disclosing any of the intimate details of her and
Jack's lovemaking. They sat on Megan's bed and talked for
a while and decided to get some sleep.

"Goodnight mom, I'll see you in the morning," Megan said
and kissed her mother.

"Goodnight honey, try to get some sleep."

Liz pulled the covers over her daughter and left her room.
Megan closed her eyes and finally drifted to sleep, the
thoughts of her lover dancing through her head.


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