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The Lottery Part 49



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ,2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 48 (mf, MF, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision

The Lottery - Part 49 (mf, MF, oral, mm(mild), inc, con)

When Jack and Kim pulled into the school parking lot,
Megan was waiting for them. Jack parked next to her car,
got out of his truck and put his arms around her when she
sprang against him. The two kissed and held each other as
Kim looked on.

Tom and Sally walked from his truck and joined the three
teens. After everyone greeted one another, Kim pulled
Sally out of earshot of the others.

"I think somebody got laid last night," Kim giggled,
glancing at her brother and Megan.

Sally watched Jack and Megan and said, "Why do you think
they did it Kim?"

"Look at them Sally, they can't keep their hands off each
other. Watch Megan when she walks, she's bouncing."

Megan came over to the two girls and began to walk towards
the school with them. They followed Jack and Tom as the
boys walked in front of them talking and laughing.

"They tell each other everything you know," Sally told
Megan, "We all do."

"I know you guys do Sally, I don't mind," Megan replied.

Megan told the two cousins about her time with Jack and
that they had made love. She giggled and told them how
happy she was, thanking them for being her friends.

"I'm so glad that Jack is the first guy that I made love
with," Megan said as they approached the school. "I just
can't imagine it being anyone else."

Kim and Sally looked at her strangely, thinking about
Danny. Megan picked up on their expressions and stopped

"That little bastard Danny raped me, it doesn't count.
Jack was wonderful and loving, he really cared about me,
not just getting off. As far as I'm concerned, the thing
with Danny never happened and I hope I never have to think
or talk about it again."

Kim's eyes filled with tears, she felt so proud of her big
brother and how he had made Megan feel. She remembered
when she and Jack had made love the very first time and how
complete she felt afterwards. Kim knew, deep inside that
Megan was finally going to be able to move on and her
brother was responsible for it.

Megan saw the small tears running from the corners of
Kim's eyes. She put her arm around her shoulder and hugged

"Kim, Sally," Megan said, still holding Kim. "If it
wasn't for you two I would have never come so far. I want
you both to know how much I love you guys and value you as
my best friends."

Kim and Sally smiled and told Megan that they were happy
for her and valued her friendship too. Megan released Kim
and the three girls hurried into school to avoid being late
for class.

"I'll see you at lunch," Megan said as they parted in the

Kim and Sally got to the lunchroom before Megan and sat at
the table they shared each school day. Sally questioned
Kim about how she felt about Megan and her brother, and Kim
assured her that she was happy for the two of them.

"Hi guys," Megan said as she placed her tray on the table
and sat down with the girls. "Are we going to workout
today after school?"

"Yes," Sally said.

"Did your mom tell you about the trip our parents are
going on next week?" Kim asked.

"Yes she did, I'm looking forward to spending the weekend
with you guys, we can have a pajama party just the girls."
Megan said.

They all talked about the upcoming weekend and started to
make plans. Megan said that they could finish talking
about it at Sally's house, while they worked out, and talk
with Lisa. As they chatted, Kim couldn't help notice the
change in Megan's appetite. She watched the thin girl eat
two sandwiches, a bag of chips and three chocolate chip
cookies, washing everything down with two milks.

"It's a good thing we have started to exercise," Kim said.
"You're going to need it, the way you have been eating."

"I know," Megan said, finishing the last of her milk. "I
can't seem to get enough food anymore. I eat everything I

The girls finished their lunches and agreed to meet at
Sally's house after school. They cleaned up their table
and headed for their next classes.

After school, Kim was very quiet on the ride home. Jack
tried to talk with her, but she would only nod or give him
one-word answers. When they got into the house, Kim went
straight to her room after briefly greeting her parents.
Jack sensed something was bothering his sister and went to
her room.

"Kim, can I come in?" Jack said after lightly knocking oh
her door.


Jack opened her door and went into her room, closing the
door behind him. He stood quietly and watched Kim remove
her blazer and hang it in her closet.

"What's bugging you Kim?"


"Kim," Jack said, "I can tell that there's something
wrong. Please tell me what it is."

After removing her skirt and blouse, Kim sat on her bed.
She was still wearing her half-slip and a camisole, over
her bra and panties. Reaching down, she removed her knee
socks, balled them up and tossed them on the loveseat.

"I'm scared you won't want me anymore," she said, staring
at her bare feet.

Jack sat next to her on the bed and put his arm around
her. He pulled her to him and she rested her head on his

"That's ridiculous Kim, why would you ever say such a

"Because of Megan Jack, now that you two are involved you
might not want to do anything with me. After all, I'm just
your sister and Megan well Megan is your girlfriend."

Jack thought for a moment, slipped his arm under her
knees, lifted her and put her on his lap. He pulled her
close to him, put his hand on the side of her head and
pushed it against him. Moving his hand to her breast, he
squeezed her firmly.

"You mean that I wouldn't want to do this?" he said, as he
massaged her.

"Or this?" he added, moving his hand to her leg and
sliding it to the gusset of her panties and rubbing her sex.

Kim opened her legs so her brother could cover her crotch
with his whole hand. She moaned softly as he moved his
fingertips over the cotton panel of her panties and pressed
the material into her slit. When Jack slipped his fingers
under the elastic leg opening and touched her flesh, Kim
threw her arms around his neck.

Feeling his penis pressing against her bottom, Kim began
to move her hips, rubbing him and increasing the contact on
her labia. She pulled her head back and covered her
brother's lips with hers, forcing her tongue into his
mouth. After several minutes of kissing and feeling Jack
rub her, she got off his lap and giggled.

Kim removed her camisole, bra, slip, and panties. She
went to her drawer and took out a black thong and stepped
into it. She pulled on a pair of spandex shorts and a
sports bra and adjusted her breasts in the tight garment,
as Jack sat on the bed and watched. When she had finished
getting ready for her workout, she went to her brother and
gave him another kiss.

"Yes, I was afraid that you wouldn't want to do those
things with me anymore, or let me do this."

Kim knelt on the floor between her brother's legs,
unzipped his slacks and pulled his rigid penis out. She
took him in her mouth and moved her lips over his shaft,
stroking the thick vein that ran along the underside with
her tongue. When Jack began to moan and put his hands on
her head, she released his penis and stood up.

Staring at Jack's penis and wiping her mouth with the back
of her hand, Kim said, "I guess I didn't have anything to
be afraid of. I'm sorry for being such a twit and acting
like I did."

Jack stood up and grabbed her. "So, are you just going to
leave me like this?"

Kim giggled, wrapped her hand around his penis and tucked
it back in his slacks. She redid the button and pulled up
his zipper.

"Sorry, will you take me to Sally's?"

"Only if you promise to finish what you started."

Kim kissed him, smiled, and said, "Maybe later."

"Prick teaser!"

"What did you call me?"

"I called you a prick teaser."

"What's that?"

"A prick teaser is a girl that gets a guy all turned on
and leaves him hanging, like you just did to me."

"Well," she said as she rubbed his still hard penis
through his pants, "I guess that's what I am a prick
teaser. Later on, I'm going to tease your prick until you
can't stand it anymore."

Kim slipped her warm up suit on and grabbed a jacket out
of her closet. The afternoons were getting cold and she
knew she would need it when she came home later. The two
siblings began to laugh and headed downstairs. They told
their parents they were leaving and went out to Jack's truck.

Jack and Kim went into Sally and Tom's house and said
hello to their Aunt and Uncle. They asked where their
cousins were and went to the basement when Marc told them
they were already downstairs. When Kim and Jack went in
the mini gym, they noticed that there was new construction
in one corner.

"Is that where they're building the shower?" Kim asked

"Yes, come over and I will show what they are going to
do," Sally said, dragging Kim over to the construction.
"This is going to be the shower and we will have a dressing
room here."

Sally pointed to the markings on the floor as she told Kim
about the new addition. She said that the shower wasn't
going to be quite as big as the one in the pool house, but
added that four people should be able to fit. The two
girls giggled at the thought of messing around in the
shower, but stopped when Tom asked what was so funny.

Megan and Lisa came downstairs and gravitated immediately
to Tom and Jack. The girls both kissed their boyfriends
and chatted with them for a few minutes before joining Kim
and Sally.

Sally put the video in the player and started it. The
four girls began their warm-ups as Jack and Tom watched.

Seeing the girls twist and stretch in their tight outfits
was more than the two boys could take. They told the girls goodbye and left the basement, telling them they would be
back later.

After the girls were finished warming up, Sally went to
the VCR and removed the tape.

"I picked up a new video," Sally said. "This one is about
flexibility and how to gain it. Do you guys want to give
it a try?"

"Sounds good to me," Lisa said.

Sally started the tape and they all watched as a girl began to explain the process for gaining flexibility. She
demonstrated her point by sitting on the floor and hooking
her heels behind her head, with out using her hands. After
resuming a normal sitting position, the instructor got onto
her knees and bent over backwards, placing her head on the
floor between her feet.

"That makes me hurt just watching her," Megan said. "What
would you ever use it for?"

Just as Megan finished her comment, the girl on the video moved her knees apart and pushed her bottom off the floor,
forming a reversed circle with her body.

"Well, I can thing of something that would be useful for,"
Lisa said, laughing out loud.

Megan started to laugh, as did Kim and Sally. Kim had
thought the same thing, but refrained from saying anything.
When Kim looked at Sally, they both smiled at each other.

For the next half an hour, the girls helped one another
pull and stretch, following the examples of the girl on the
tape. When they were finished, they rested before
beginning their routines' on the various machines.

Sweaty and exhausted, the four girls collapsed on the
floor and tried to recover from the strenuous activities
they had engaged in. Sally asked if anyone would like a
drink and went upstairs to get some sodas with Kim.

Megan sat up and turned to Lisa, tucking her legs under
her. "Jack and I did it yesterday Lisa."

"You did!" Lisa replied. "How was it?"

"Oh Lisa, it was so wonderful, we did it three times. I
want to do it more, but Jack wasn't up for it if you know
what I mean."

Lisa laughed and said that she knew exactly what she
meant. The two girls talked briefly about their sexual
activities, stopping when Kim and Sally returned.

Sally handed Megan a Coke and Kim handed one to Lisa. The
two girls sat on the floor and relaxed with their friends.

"So," Megan said. "What are we going to do next weekend
while our parents are gone?"

"I don't know," Kim replied. "What would you guys like to
do? We'll have my house all to ourselves."

Megan turned slightly red and said, "I was thinking that
we could have a pajama party. I have never been to one and
I don't really know what goes on at them."

"The couple that I have gone to consisted of a bunch of
girls talking dirty and playing games," Lisa said. "I
haven't been to a pajama party in years it sounds like fun
to me."

Kim thought that a pajama party sounded a little childish,
but got excited about the idea listening to the older girls. She and Sally had gone to a couple of pajama
parties with Gail and Millie Miller and had been bored
stiff. She thought that having one with Megan and Lisa
might prove to be fun.

"What kind of games?" Megan asked.

Lisa got on her knees and sat back on her heels. "You
know, board games, cards, twister, games like that."

"Did you ever play strip poker?" Sally said.

"Not with girls," Lisa replied.

"Have you played strip poker with guys?" Megan said.

"Once, with my brothers. It turned out that I was a
better card player that those two." Lisa giggled.

"They lost?" Kim asked her.

"Yes, I had them naked and I was only down to my bra and
panties. They got mad and quit playing." Lisa said.

The girls continued to talk about the upcoming weekend,
making plans for food and fun.

"What are the boys going to do?" Sally said.

"They don't know it yet, but my dad got tickets for the
hockey game on Saturday night for them."

"Jack will love that," Kim said. "He loves the Wings."

"My brothers will love it too, they have never been to a
hockey game before." Lisa said.

Sally agreed that her brother would be excited about going
to the game too. She got up, walked to the television and
turned it and the VCR off.

"Well guys, I have to study and eat dinner. I will see
you all on Friday for our next workout. I will see you and
Megan at school tomorrow Kim."

The girls pulled their warm up suits on over their shorts
and they all headed upstairs. Megan offered to drive Kim
home and she accepted. Lisa, Kim, and Megan thanked Sally
and her parents, then left.

Sally went to her room to shower and called Brad when she
was finished. They talked for an hour about the weekend
and what they each had planned. Sally reminded him about
the birthday for Megan and told him she couldn't wait to
see him.

"I can't wait to see you either Sally," Brad told her. "I
hope we get to spend some time alone."

"Why Brad," Sally teased, knowing that the boy wanted to
kiss her and feel her up.

"Well, ah, I thought maybe we could make out and stuff."

"I would like that Brad, I miss you."

"I miss you too Sally, I miss you a lot."

Sally sat on the edge of her bed and fell back, letting
her legs hang over the side. She was still wearing her
robe and had not put any underwear on yet. She tugged the
belt and pulled the robe open, running her hand over her

"What would you like to do to me Brad?"

"I want to kiss you."

"I like it when you kiss me Brad, you make me hot. Is
there anything else you'd like to do?"

Brad told her how he would love to touch her breasts and
kiss them. He went on, telling her he wanted to feel her
pussy and put his finger into her.

Sally's hand crept down her body and she flicked her clit
as he talked. When she felt herself getting wet, she
pushed a finger into her vagina, letting out a soft moan.

"I would kiss your pussy for you, if you wanted me too,"
Brad said.

Sally was getting worked up, but had to stop her phone
play when she heard her mom calling her for dinner. She
broke off the sexy conversation and told Brad that she had
to go. They chatted for a few more moments and hung up.
Sally put panties and a pair of pajamas on and went
downstairs to eat.

Megan dropped Kim off at home and headed for Lisa's house.
Kim went into the house, greeted her parents, and went to
the pool house to shower. When she was finished, she went
out to the pool and climbed onto the diving board. She
took a couple of quick steps, bounced on the board and dove
into the pool. After swimming several laps, she went back
to the pool house, rinsed off in the shower and dried
herself. She put her warm up suit on over her naked body,
picked up her dirty clothes, and went into the house.

"What time is dinner?" Kim asked her mom.

'In about an hour," Marge replied.

"Okay, I'm going to go and work on my homework, could you
please call me when it is ready?"

"Yes Kim, I'll call you," her mom said.

When Kim got into her room, she tried to call Paul, but
the phone was busy. She sat at her desk and opened her
book to study, wondering where her brother was. Kim
studied her history for a while and tried to call Paul
again. When she got a busy signal, she decided that Sally
must have been talking with Brad.

When her mom called her for dinner, Kim closed her book
and went to eat. Jack was in the kitchen talking with his
mom when she got downstairs and she sat at the counter next
to him.

"What did you and Tom do this afternoon?" Kim asked her

"We went to the mall to find something for Megan's

"Cool, any luck?"

"Tom got her a couple of CD's, but I didn't find anything
I liked. I really don't know what to get for her."

Kim put her hand on her brother's arm and said, "Would you
like me to go shopping with you and help you pick something

"That would be great Kim. Could we go after school

"Sure Jack, I don't have anything planned."

Marge came into the kitchen and told her children that it
was time to eat. They went into the dining room, sat in
their normal places and had dinner with their parents.

"I want to talk to you two about next weekend," Don said
to Jack and Kim. "We have all decided that the girls will
stay here and the boys will stay at your Aunt and Uncle's
house while we are gone."

"That's not fair," Jack said. "Why do the girls get the

"Okay Jack, the guys can stay here and the girls can have
the tickets to the hockey game that Jerry got for you."
Don replied.

"Hockey game! What hockey game?" Jack said.

"Jerry arranged for the four guys to go to the Wing's game
on Saturday night. He has fifth row, center ice seats. If
you boys want the pool, the girls get the tickets," Don
said, grinning.

"Cool!" Kim quipped. "We'll take the tickets and go to
the game. Maybe you could drives us down and pick us up

"No way, the guys would kill me if they knew that I traded
the pool for the game." Jack said. "Besides, we can
always come over here and go swimming after the game or on
Friday night."

Marge looked up at her children. "We have all agreed that
it would be better if the guys and girls didn't get
together while we are away. I don't want you guys to hang
around over here or the girls to go to Anne's house."

"What's the matter mom? Don't you trust us?" Kim asked.

"It has nothing to do with trust Kim, we trust all of you.
We just feel that it would be a good idea if you guys had a
couple of days apart." Marge said.

"Besides that, if someone found all of you kids over here
swimming, there could be trouble." Don added.

"What kind of trouble," Jack asked. "There isn't any law
against swimming."

"You're right Jack, there isn't any law against swimming,
but how would it look if someone found out that all of you
kids were here in the pool and there was no adults around?"
Don said.

Kim looked puzzled. "I don't understand."

"I think what your father is trying to say, is that it
wouldn't be good if you guys were caught swimming nude,"
Marge said.

"Oh!" Kim said. "We could wear our suits."

Marge looked at her daughter and smiled. "Right Kim! You
and Sally are always so modest and never would consider
taking off your suits."

Kim giggled and said, "Okay, we will stay here and the
boys can't come over while you guys are gone."

"It's just for Friday and Saturday night Kim, if you guys want to get together on Sunday it would be okay. Just
don't get carried away."

The family finished their dinner and Kim helped her mom clean up. Jack and Don went into the family room and
waited for the women to finish and join them. When Marge
and Kim came in and sat down, the family talked for a while
about school and other things.

"I'm going to go call Paul and then finish my homework,"
Kim said.

Kim left the room, went upstairs, and called her
boyfriend. They talked for a while about getting together
on Saturday at Megan's birthday party. Paul told Kim that
he and his brother were going to start driver's training
next week and would get their licenses in about a month.

"When is your birthday Paul?" Kim asked.

"Two weeks from next Wednesday."

"Cool Paul, when will you get your license?"

"Real soon after I turn sixteen Kim, I can't wait."

"Will your parents let you guys use the car?"

"Maybe, but Brad and I have been saving for a car. We may
have one by the time we get our driver's licenses."

"That would be so cool! Maybe my parents will let you
take me out on a date if you want to."

"I hope so Kim, I would really like that. Going to the
movies is fun, but I would like it if we could do something
else, you know, something a little more private."

Kim giggled and said, "That would be nice Paul, I would
like to have a little private time with you too."

"Like on the boat?"

"Yes Paul, like on the boat. I can't wait to kiss you
again, I really miss seeing you."

"I miss you too Kim, maybe we can be alone on Saturday
night for a while. I know a place at the club we can go
and be alone."

Kim felt her vagina tingle and slipped her hand into her
nylon warm up pants. She rubbed herself slowly as she
talked with Paul. When she heard someone knock on her
door, she quickly removed her hand. Covering the phone
with her hand, she said, "Come in."

Jack walked in, stood next to Kim's bed and watched her
talk on the phone.

"Listen Paul, I have to go now. Will you call me tomorrow?"

"Sure Kim, I'll call you when you get home from school.
Goodnight baby."

"Goodnight sweetie, I miss you." Kim said, and hung up
the phone.

"How's Paul?" Jack asked his sister.

"He's fine."

"It sounds like you two are getting along."

Kim nodded and sat up on her bed, crossing her legs Indian
style. Jack sat on the edge and looked into her eyes.

"It must be tough finding time to be alone with him Kim,
is there anything I can do to help?"

"No Jack, I'm fine. It is hard to be alone, but that's
okay for right now."

"Whatever you say Kim, I just thought that maybe you two
wanted to you know."

Kim giggled and said, "Yes Jack, I know. I'm just not
quite ready for that yet. I guess it will happen when it
is supposed to happen, I'm just not going to rush it."

"I came up to see if you wanted to go for a swim with me,
I think I'm going to go."

"Sounds good Jack, I could use a soak in the hot tub. I'm
a bit sore from my workout today. Sally picked up a video on flexibility and I worked and stretched muscles I didn't
know I had. Let me get some of my homework done and I will
meet you downstairs."

"Sounds good Kim, I'll go and do my homework too. Just
holler when you're ready."

Jack left and Kim went to her desk. She opened her book
and began to study. After she had completed her
assignments, she went to her brother's room, knocked on the
door and walked in.

Kim found Jack sitting on his bed, reading a boating

"That doesn't look like school work Jack."

"I finished my homework, I was just waiting for you. Why
have we started to knock on each other's doors lately Kim,
we never use to?"

Kim shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know I guess I just figured that you wanted your
privacy, now that you have a girlfriend. Why did you start?"

"Because you did. I have nothing to hide from you Kim,
you don't have to knock."

"What if you're in here with Megan?"

Jack thought for a moment and said, "Oh well, I guess we
would be caught."

The two siblings started to laugh, thinking about the idea
of being caught in bed with someone else.

"Maybe I would just join you two," Kim said, laughing

"Maybe we would let you!" Jack replied, gripping his
sides and roaring.

The two finally settled down and decided to head
downstairs. Jack began to undress, and grabbed a pair of
swim trunks from his drawer. Kim went back to her room,
removed her warm up suit and put on a bikini. Jack watched
his sister through her open door as she put on her sexy
suit. He felt his penis jump when she turned to face him
before putting on her top.

Kim grinned, knowing that her brother still liked to look
at her and tied the top behind her back. She pulled the
small triangles of material over her breasts and tied the
string that held them in place, behind her neck.

"I'm ready," she yelled across the hall.

"Me too," Jack said walking out of his room and meeting
her in the hallway.

The two went down to the pool area and Jack went to the
pool house to turn on the hot tub. Kim waited for her
brother to return, watching the water in the tub begin to
swirl. When he didn't come back, Kim went to the pool
house to find him. When she saw his swim trunks hanging on
a hook, she realized that he must be in the shower.

Kim thought about joining him in the shower, but decided
against it. She went back to the hot tub, stepped into the
hot water and sat on one of the seats. Kim laid her head
back against the edge of the tub and felt the hot swirling
water relax her sore muscles. She was looking up at the
glass ceiling when Jack walked up and stood above her.

Still looking up, she could see up the leg of her
brother's suit. Kim could see his penis and testicles
hanging next to his leg.

"Nice cock," she said, smiling up at him. "Shouldn't you
have something in your suit to support that thing?"

"This suit had lining in it, but I cut it out," he said as
he stepped into the tub and sat across from Kim. "It was
very uncomfortable and cut into me. I only wear this when
I'm at home."

Kim and her brother sat in the hot water and chatted for a

"What are you thinking about for Megan?" Kim asked.

"I don't have a clue Kim, I need help. What do you think
she would like?"

Kim listed off several suggestions, including clothing,
CD's, and earrings. Each time she would suggest and item,
Jack would shake his head.

"You don't have a clue, do you? Let me think about it for
a while, we will come up with something."

"Alright Kim, I'm counting on you."

Kim and Jack continued to talk until they were interrupted.

"Mind if we join you guys?" They heard Tom say.

Tom and Sally stood next to the hot tub and looked down at
Kim and Jack. They both had swimsuits on and were ready to
get in.

"Not at all, climb in," Kim said. What brings you two
over here tonight?"

"Sally was complaining about being sore so we called your
mom and asked if we could use the hot tub. She said it was
okay, so we came over." Tom explained. "Mom and dad are
in the kitchen with your mom and dad, talking about gong to
New York."

Sally sat next to Kim and Tom sat near Jack. The four
cousins talked about the arrangements for the weekend their
parents were gone and the things they had planned. Jack
and Tom were excited about going to the hockey game and
said they didn't mind taking the twins.

Kim and Sally discussed the menu for the weekend, deciding
on easy food items.

"Do you think we will have a chance to play Kim?" Sally
whispered into her ear.

"I don't know Sally, I don't think Lisa has ever fooled
around with girls before. She might be a problem. We'll
just have to wait and see, but I hope we do." Kim
whispered back.

After soaking in the tub for over a half an hour, Kim and
Sally decided to get out. They went over to a couple of
chairs, out of earshot of their brothers.

"You know Kim, if we all watch one of your mom's movies,
Lisa and Megan might just get turned on enough to fool

"Maybe Sally, but I don't think that Megan would mind.
It's Lisa that I don't know about."

"You don't think Megan would get upset about messing
around! Why not?"

"I just don't think she would, that's all."

Sally sat and looked at Kim for a few moments.

"You have fooled around with Megan haven't you? When did
it happen, what happened?"

Kim told Sally about the time that she and Megan had
masturbated one another and how much Megan had liked it.
She didn't tell her about the oral sex, but was sure that
Sally would figure it out anyway.

Sally looked over at the hot tub and saw that Jack and Tom
were still talking. She put her hand on Kim's thigh and
slid it up to her crotch.

"I wish we could be alone right now Kim," she said, slowly
stroking her through her suit.

Kim glanced around, reached into her lap and pulled her
suit aside. She and Sally had their backs to the boys so
they couldn't see what the two girls were doing. Sally
giggled and rubbed her fingertips along Kim's slit, parting
her soft lips. When she felt her cousin's finger penetrate
her vagina, Kim pulled her hand away.

"Follow me," Kim said, standing up and walking towards the
pool house.

When the two girls got into the common area of the pool
house, they both quickly removed their suits. They went
into the shower room and Kim sat on a bench and spread her
legs wide open. Sally giggled and knelt between Kim's
outstretched legs, gripping her thighs and leaning forward
to lick her slit.

Kim grabbed Sally's head and pulled it tight to her
crotch, feeling her cousin's hot tongue probing her. When
Sally nibbled at her clit, Kim shuddered.

"Oh yes Sally, lick my pussy, lick me until I cum."

Sally pushed her tongue into Kim's opening as far as she
could and covered her labia with her open mouth. She
rubbed her lips over Kim's hard button and moved her hands
under her butt. Kim wrapped her legs around Sally's back
and used her hands to massage her own breasts. In the
matter of minutes, Kim was having an orgasm and bouncing
her crotch into her cousin's face.

Kim removed her legs from Sally's back and leaned back
against the wall. Her body was still quivering and subtle
muscle contractions caused her tummy to jump as she
breathed heavily.

Sally sat on the bench next to Kim and fingered herself,
waiting for her cousin to return the favor. Kim looked at
her, smiled and slid off the bench onto the floor. Kim
pulled Sally's fingers out of her vagina and replaced them
with her own. She slowly stroked her two fingers in and
out of Sally, rubbing her thumb over her clit.

"Your pussy feels so hot Sally. Do you like it when I
finger you?"

"Yes, I love the feeling of your fingers in my pussy Kim."
Sally said as she clutched at her breasts and pulled her

Kim moved her hand away from Sally's crotch and covered it
with her mouth. She sucked Sally's puffy lips into her
mouth and chewed them gently, causing Sally to clamp her
head with her thighs. Kim put her hands on Sally's hips
and pulled her to her, probing her hole with her tongue.

Sally had her eyes closed and her head back while Kim had
her face buried in the girl's crotch. Neither one of them
heard the two boys walk into the shower room until Tom

Sally opened her eyes and watched as her brother's, and
her cousin's, penises grew quickly to full length. Kim
couldn't hear the boys, her ears covered by Sally's
gripping thighs. Opening her legs, Sally pulled Kim's face
away from her and tilted her head up.

"We have company Kim," Sally said.

Kim turned and looked at the two boys standing with their
mouths open. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

"So what?" Kim quipped, and returned her mouth to Sally's

The climax that was beginning in Sally, when the boys walked in on them, had subsided. Kim's probing tongue and
sucking mouth was starting to bring her back, but with the
two boys just standing there, it made it difficult to

"Come over here you two," Sally groaned.

Jack and Tom went to the bench and stood on either side of
Kim and Sally. Sally reached out and wrapped her hands
around the two boys penises and began to stroke them.
Feeling the movement from Sally's musings, Kim glanced up,
keeping her mouth attached to Sally's crotch. She giggled
into the soft flesh as she watched her cousin's hands
stroking Tom and her brother, and hooked her arms around
the two boys' legs.

Kim moved her hands up her brother and cousin's legs and
fondled their hanging balls. She rolled the orbs in her
hands and squeezed them gently. Pulling away from Sally,
Kim lay back on the tile floor and beckoned her cousin to
sit on her face.

Sally slipped off the bench and lowered her sex onto Kim's
waiting mouth, never releasing her grip on the two penises
in her hands. When Kim had her tongue between the folds of
Sally's labia again, she reached for the boys' testicles
and resumed her massage. Looking up, Kim could just see
past Sally's breasts to the penises she was stroking.
Using the balls she held in her hands, Kim moved the two
boys closer together. When the ends of their penises were
almost touching, she watched Sally's tongue snake out and
lick the two bulbous heads.

Kim felt the boys flinch as she continued to play with
their orbs. She felt Sally begin to move her hips as she
nibbled on her clit. Releasing Tom's hanging sack, Kim
tweaked Sally's nipple with her finger and thumb, causing
her to release her sweet fluids into Kim's sucking mouth.
Lapping at her, Kim savored the juices that ran from her
cousin's vagina into her mouth. She pushed her tongue into
her opening and felt her cousin's legs begin to grip her

Looking up, Kim watched Sally move her mouth from one
penis to the other, sucking it in and then releasing it.
Kim felt Tom's balls begin to draw up and watched as his
cum splattered Sally's face, dripping down and landing on
her forehead. When Jack began to jet his cum, Sally
pointed his penis down and aimed his ejaculate at Kim's head.

Kim pushed Sally back onto her chest and waited for her
brother's seed to land on her face. The first glob of cum hit her on the nose, the next one in her open mouth. Kim
tried to get as much of her brother's hot cum into her
mouth as she could, but most of it landed on her face.
When Jack's pulsing turned to a dribble, Kim slid out from
under Sally and onto her knees.

Sally's hand was still wrapped around both of the boys'
penises, as Kim took her brothers into her mouth and sucked the last drops of his cum from it. She could feel Sally's
hand bump into her lips as she milked Jack's penis into her

Releasing Jack from her lips, Kim turned her attention to
Tom's penis and sucked it into her mouth. Again, she felt
Sally's hand as she sucked the last drop or cum from Tom's
softening tool. When she was sure that she had all the
cum, Tom's penis had to offer, Kim sat back on her heels
and sighed.

The two girls stood up slowly and turned on the
showerheads, rinsing the sticky substance their brothers
had covered them with off their faces and bodies. They
each picked up a bar of soap, Kim tossing hers to Jack.
Tom took the soap from his sister and the boys washed their
sisters. When they were finished, the girls washed them.

"When are we going to get to see you guys do that to each
other?" Kim said. "You two always watch us, but we have
never seen you."

The boys looked at one another and Tom said, "Well we
don't do that to each other."

"Never?" Sally said as she rinsed the soap from her body.

"Once," Jack confessed, but never again.

"When?" Kim asked.

Tom and Jack took turns telling the girls about the day on
the boat, after Kim had given Jack his first blowjob. When
they were finished with the story, Jack turned off the
water and headed for the shower room door. The other three
teens followed him out and they all picked up towels and
began to dry off.

"Have you ever thought about doing it again?" Sally

"No, not really. It was one of those once in a life time
things," Jack said.

Tom agreed with Jack, telling the girls he never
considered doing anything like that again. In reality,
both boys had secretly thought about that day many times
and wondered what it would be like to do it again.

Kim wrapped her towel around her body and tucked the
corner into the gap between her breasts. Sally said that
she had changed in Kim's room and also covered herself with
her towel. Jack and Tom slipped their trunks back on and
tossed their towels into the hamper.

"Why not?" Kim said.

"I guess it's different for guys. I don't know why." Tom

The four of them left and went upstairs to change. Kim
and Sally went into Kim's room and Jack and Tom into
Jack's. Both of them left their bedroom doors open and
watched one another getting dressed. Kim pulled a
nightshirt over her head and Sally put her jeans and
sweater back on. Jack put on jogging shorts and Tom the
clothes her had worn when he came over.

Once they were dressed, the girls went to Jack's room and
sat on his bed. Both one of the girls was satisfied with
the boys' responses, and they pressed on.

"I can't really understand you two," Kim said. "You guys get all turned on watching Sally and I licking each other's
pussies, but for some reason you don't think that we would
enjoy seeing you. We would love to see you guys suck each
other's cocks sometime."

"Yeah," Sally chimed in. "You guys might really like it."

"That's gay! guys just don't do that." Tom said.

"Oh, I see, it is gay for guys but not for girls? That
sounds a little sexist to me," Kim said. "It's okay for
girls to be bi-sexual but you two think you'd be gay.
That's just plain stupid."

"Kim's right you two, we both like boys and each other.
It doesn't make us lesbians because we enjoy the touch or
taste of a girl and it wouldn't make a guy gay, not if he
still liked girls too." Sally said.

Kim and Sally became agitated by their brother's failure
to see things their way and stood up to leave.

"I love you two guys to death," Kim said, "but you can be
real assholes sometimes."

Kim and Sally went downstairs and into the family room.
They turned on the television and searched through the
channels for a program that looked interesting. The four
adults walked into the room and joined the girls, each of
them carrying a cup of coffee.

Jack and Tom milled around Jack's room, each of them
contemplating the things the girls had said.

"You know," Jack said. "The girls are right. We don't
think anything of watching them mess around, but we act all
macho about it. I don't know about you Tom, but it makes
me hot as hell when I see those two touching and eating
each other."

"It makes me hot too Jack, I just love to watch them. If
the truth were known, I really liked it when we did what we
did on the boat that day, and I don't think that I'm gay because of it."

"I don't think I'm gay either Tom, and I found it exciting
when we fooled around. I think the girls are right about
it being a double standard the way we reacted. Maybe
someday things will work out and we will end up giving them
a little show, even if it's only jacking each other off for

"That would be alright with me Jack, as long as you don't
try to kiss me."

The two boys broke into laughter and made snide remarks
about sex between men. They finally got control of
themselves and headed downstairs.

When the two boys walked into the family room, Kim and
Sally gave them both stern looks. Marge noticed the way
the girls were acting and nudged Anne. The two moms
watched as their children exchanged nasty gazes and finally
Marge became inquisitive.

"All right you guys," Marge said. "What's going on here?"

"Nothing," Kim snapped.

"Don't give us that 'nothing' crap, we can read you guys like a book. Something has the four of you feuding and we
want to know what it is." Anne said.

"Jack and Tom are being dickheads," Sally said.

"You watch your language young lady," Marc said. "Now
tell us what is going on between you kids."

"Okay," Kim said. "If you really must know they think
that if two girls mess around it is fine, but if it is two
guys, they're gay. Sally and I don't agree, we think that
what's good for one is good for the other. Just because
two people, of the same sex, mess around it doesn't
necessarily make them homosexual."

"Sally's right," Don said. "You two boys are dickheads!
Kim is correct in her thinking. If two members of the same
sex enjoy one another it doesn't mean they are gay. A
homosexual is a person that only wants the company of a
person that's the same sex as they are."

Jack and Tom fidgeted in their seats, trying to come up
with an appropriate response. Finally Jack mustered up
enough courage to say something.

"That's easy to say dad, but it still seems a little
weird." Jack said. "Have you ever you know?"

Don realized that he had set himself up for Jack's
question and he felt obligated to be honest with him.
After spending a moment to gather his thoughts, Don replied.

"Yes, I have Jack, and it was enjoyable. Your Uncle Marc
and I have engaged in sex on several occasions over the
years and we don't think we are queer because of it."

"Your Aunt and I have also had sex with each other and we
are fine with it boys. It is wrong to expect someone to do
anything, that you yourselves aren't willing to do." Marge

All four teens sat spellbound. They were trying to absorb
the things they were hearing.

"Told you so dickheads," Sally quipped and she stuck her
tongue out at the two boys.

Everyone broke into laughter, killing the tension that had
been building in the room.

After the laughter began to die down, Anne said, "Okay you
guys, that's enough for tonight. You have school in the
morning and it's getting late."

Anne and Marc got up and told everyone goodnight. Tom and
Sally followed their parents out to the car, waved at their
Aunt and Uncle and told Kim and Jack that they would see
them at school tomorrow. After they were gone, Jack and
his sister told their parents goodnight and went to their

"Are you still mad at me?" Jack asked Kim as he stood in
her doorway.

Kim went over to him, put her arms around his waist and
looked into his eyes.

"No, I'm not mad at you Jack."

Jack put his arms around her and the two siblings hugged.
Kim looked up at her brother and he gave her a quick kiss.
After several moments, they separated and Kim stepped back.

"I'm tired Jack, I'm going to get some sleep. I'll see
you in the morning."

"Goodnight Kim, see you in the morning."

Kim closed her door and climbed into her bed. She flipped
off the lamp on her nightstand, pulled her covers up to her
neck and fell asleep.

Tom and Sally went straight to their rooms and changed
into their bedclothes. Sally went to her brother's room
and sat on his bed.

"I'm sorry I called you a dickhead Tom, I was just upset."

"That's okay Sally, I was acting like one. You and Kim
are right about what you said, Jack and I shouldn't have
been so stupid."

Sally kissed her brother and left his room. She pulled
her sweater over her head, removed her bra and unfastened
her jeans. As she was pushing her pants down her legs, Tom
came in to her room. Sally stepped out of her jeans and
hung them in her closet and removed her thong.

"You are so beautiful Sally, I just love to look at your

Sally smiled at her brother and dropped the pajamas she
had taken from her drawer onto the foot of the bed. She
put her hands on her hips and slid them up her sides,
cupping her breasts when she reached them.

"Tom," she said in a low growl. "Close the door."

Tom pushed her door closed and walked over to her. He put
his arms around her naked body and drew her to his. Sally
grabbed the bottom of his shirt, pulled it off him and
reached between them. She unbuttoned his slacks, pulled
his zipper down and reached in to his open fly. Gripping
his penis, she told him to get out of his clothes.

Pushing his pants and boxers down his legs, Tom moaned as
his sister stroked his hard shaft. When he was naked, she
pulled him towards her bed with his penis.

They stretched out along side each other and began to
kiss. Sally kept pumping her hand over his throbbing
member and sucked on his tongue.

Sally felt her brother pulling at her and broke their kiss.

"What do you want me to do Tom?"

"I want to taste your pussy Sally, come up here and sit on
my face."

Sally turned around and lowered her sex onto her brother's
mouth. She felt his tongue dart against her clitoris and
wiggled her bottom. Leaning forward, she covered his penis
with her mouth and lapped at the head. She felt Tom's
tongue travel along her heated slit and poke at her anus.
He used his hands to spread her buttocks and pushed his
tongue against her tight pucker.

Moving his tongue from her labia to her anus, Tom coated
her with her own juices. When he put his finger against
her rosebud and pushed it in, Sally pushed her head down
and took his entire penis into her mouth and throat. She
groaned around him as he slowly worked his finger deep
inside her bowels.

Sally removed Tom's penis from her mouth and rocked back
against his finger and tongue. She sat up and drove her
hips up and down moaning as her orgasm rumbled through her
body. She clinched her bottom around his finger and then
pulled up, feeling it slip out of her.

Walking on her knees, Sally worked her way down to Tom's
hips, grabbed his penis and guided it into her vagina. She
put her hands on his knees and impaled herself on his
manhood, grunting when he was fully inside her. She
reached between Tom's legs and cradled his testicles,
rolling them in the palm of her hand. When she felt his
hands on her bottom, Sally leaned forward and presented her
anus to him.

Tom pushed his finger back into her tight pucker and felt
his penis as Sally rode him. When she felt his balls draw
up and his penis swell in her vagina, she increased her
movement. The uncontrolled bouncing of her pelvis caused
Tom's finger to pop out of her anus and she began to
contract her vaginal muscles around his shaft.

Before Tom could cum in her vagina, Sally pulled off of
him and quickly moved back. She took him in her mouth,
devoured his slick tool and felt his cum explode into her
throat. Pulling her mouth up slightly, she sucked and
swallowed his seed as it shot into her mouth. When he was
completely spent, Sally removed her mouth and rolled onto
the bed next to him.

Tom put his hand on her bottom and rubbed her soft skin,
as she lay exhausted by his side. After she had a chance
to recover, Sally turned around and snuggled up to her

"I hope you never get tired of me sucking and fucking your
cock Tom."

"I hope you never get tired of doing it Sally. I love it
when you suck and fuck me."

"I don't think I will ever get enough of your big cock.
It feels so good when you fill my pussy with it and when
you cum in my mouth, I love the taste of your hot sperm."

Sally put her hand on her brother's chest and rubbed her
way down to his crotch. She toyed with his flaccid penis,
feeling it jump under her touch.

"Am I as good as Lisa Tom? Do I make you feel as good as
she does?"

"Sally, that's different. You and Lisa both make me feel
real good, but it isn't fair to ask me to choose one of you
over the other. No matter what happens between Lisa and I,
I will always love you and I will always want to make love
to you."

Satisfied with her brother's reply, Sally relaxed next to
him. She held his soft penis in her hand and closed her
eyes. When Tom started to get up, she stopped him.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to wash my hands Sally, and then I'm going to
my room."

"Why, don't you want to sleep with me tonight?"

Tom didn't answer her. He just left and went into his
bathroom to wash up. When he was finished he went back to
Sally's room, closing his door behind him. He pulled the
covers back, slid in next to her and put his arm around her
waist. Without saying a word, she snuggled against him and
fell asleep in his arms.

Anne and Marc climbed the stairs and went into their
bedroom. Anne removed her clothes and sat on the bed
watching her husband remove his. When he was nude, he
joined her, putting his arm around her shoulders.

"You know Anne, those kids never cease to amaze me. It's
like reliving our youth," Marc said.

"It certainly is sweetheart," Anne chuckled. "Do you
remember the first time Marge and I caught you and Don
playing with each other?"

"Yes," Marc said, "I though I would die."

"You two looked like you were going to piss all over

"Yeah, and then you and my sister blackmailed us into
fooling around in front of you two. I don't think I was
ever so embarrassed in my entire life."

Anne got into bed and under the covers and Marc followed
her. Marc laid with his back to her and she spooned
against him, reaching over him and holding his penis.

"This thing is well traveled Marc," Anne said as she
slowly stroked him to an erection.

"I guess so, but really I have only been with a few women
and never with out you being there, except for Marge."

"Have you ever been with another man or just Don."

"Just Don, in fact he is the only guy I have ever
considered having sex with."

"How about the kids? Have you ever thought about it with

Marc rolled over to face his wife and put his arm around

"I have fantasized about making love to Sally, but never

"I have," Anne said, "both of them."

Marc kissed his wife softly and rolled back over. She put
her arm over his chest and closed her eyes.

Marc's mind began to drift back to the day at Anne and
Don's house that he and his brother-in-law got caught.

* * * *

They were in the backyard sitting at the picnic table
talking about the upcoming school year and football. They
heard Marge and Anne in the house and decided to peek in on
the two girls.

Creeping low to the ground, they moved under Anne's
bedroom window and tried to listen to the girls talking.
Anne had a radio playing and the boys couldn't make out
what they were talking about. Rising up, they peeked into
the room and saw the two girls sitting on the bed.

Anne stood up and pulled her sweater over her head,
exposing her white bra. She took off her skirt and sat
back on the bed next to Marge. Anne whispered something to
her friend and put her hand on Marge's leg, moving it up
under her skirt.

Marge unbuttoned her blouse and removed it as Anne moved
her hand under her skirt. When Marge lay back on the bed,
Anne lifted her skirt and put her hand back at her crotch,
slipping her fingers under the leg band of her panties.

The two boys watched as Anne fingered her girlfriend and
talked to her quietly. Remembering the last time they
spied on the girls, Don and Marc began to rub themselves
through their jeans.

Marc dropped down, dragging Don with him.

"Damn that's hot," Marc said. "I wonder just how far
they'll go this time?"

"I don't know, but my dick feels like it's going to bust
right through my jeans," Don said.

Moving back up to their vantage point, the boys watched as
Anne pulled Marge's panties down her legs and dropped them
onto the floor. Kneeling on the floor, between Marge's
legs, Anne pulled her friend to the edge of the bed and
placed her mouth over Marge's soft naked labia. Anne
reached up and covered Marge's breasts with her hands as
she held her face in her crotch.

Don unfastened his jeans and pulled them down far enough
to get his engorged penis out and began to stroke it. When
Marc noticed what his friend was doing, he lowered his
jeans and started to rub himself too.

The two boys watched Anne lapping at Marge's crotch and
jacked themselves off. When Marge pushed Anne's head away
and sat up, the boys ducked. Creeping back up slowly, they
watched Marge walk out of the room in her bra and skirt.
Anne stood up and faced the mirror, her back to the window.
She reached behind her and unfastened her bra and let it
slip down her arms onto the floor. Placing her hands under
her breasts, Anne swayed to the music.

Don and Marc were still stroking their penises when Don
said, "It was better when your sister was jacking me off."

"No shit," Marc said. "It is always better when someone
else does it for you."

The boys were watching Anne do her sexy dance and almost
lost it when she began to roll her panties down her legs.
Feeling a little brave, Marc reached over to Don, wrapped
his hand around his penis and began to rub up and down its
length. Don removed his hand from his own penis and did
the same for Marc.

"That feels nice Don," Marc said, "You're almost as good
as your sister."

"Yeah, so are you Marc."

When the boys heard Marge say, "I thought I was much
better." From behind them, the fell backwards onto the
ground, still holding each other's penises.

"That's really cute guys," Anne said from her window.
"Wouldn't you be much more comfortable in the house?"

When the boys realized they still had their hands on the
other's penis, they quickly jerked them away.

Kneeling on the ground and looking up at his sister in her
bra, Marc said, "How did you guys know we were here?"

Anne laughed and said, "Stand up and look in my mirror."

When the boys looked into the window and across the room
at the mirror, they could clearly see themselves.

"Oh shit," Don said, looking at Anne.

"Do you two want to come in?" Anne asked.

Don and Marc fixed their jeans and followed Marge into the
house and to Anne's bedroom. Anne was still nude and
sitting on her bed when they arrived. Marge removed her
bra, sat on the bed next to Anne and grinned at the boys.

"Well," Anne said. "Aren't you two going to finish what
you two started out there?"

"What the hell are you saying Anne," Don said.

"Marge and I think you two should finish getting each
other off while we watch. You seem to enjoy watching us."
Anne replied.

"I don't think so," Marc said.

"Come on guys, we'll even help you get started," Marge said.

Anne and Marge began to unfasten the boys' jeans and work
them down their legs. Once they were naked from the waist
down, Marge removed her bra and skirt. Marge reached for
Don's penis and began to stroke it and Anne did the same
thing to Marc. After a few minutes, Anne let go of Marc.

"Okay boys, we got you started, now you can finish each
other off." Anne said.

"You two are crazy, we're not going to do that to each
other." Marc announced.

Marge whispered into Anne's ear and the two girls giggled.
They took the boys penises into their mouths and began to
suck on them.

"Oh yeah," Don said. "This is a much better idea."

Anne and Marge sat up, removing their mouths from the
boy's hard penises and smiled.

"If you two ever want us to do that again, you will do
what we ask." Marge said.

"You mean that if we don't play with each other's cocks,
you won't give us blowjobs anymore?" Marc said.

"Exactly," Anne said.

"That's blackmail!" Don protested.

The two girls shrugged their shoulders and grinned. Anne
put her finger into Marge's vagina and began to pump it in
and out slowly. Marge moved her hand to Anne's crotch and
began fingering her.

"It's easy," Marge said. "Just watch what we do and do
the same thing to each other."

Reluctantly, Don reached into Marc's lap and wrapped his
fingers around the startled boy's penis. Slowly, he began
to move his hand up and down over Marc's hot shaft. Marc
switched his eyes from the girls to Don's hand and back.

"Well, it looks like Don wants to have his dick sucked,
but Marc doesn't," Anne said.

"This is bullshit," Marc said, and took Don's tool in his

The four teens sat on Anne's bed and masturbated one
another. After several minutes, Marge leaned over to Anne
and whispered in her ear. Anne smiled and nodded at her
friend and the two girls removed their fingers from one
another's vaginas. Anne stretched out on the bed on her
side and Marge did the same thing, her head at Anne's
crotch. The girls opened their legs and buried their faces
into one another's crotches.

Don and Marc continued to jack the other's penis as they
watched the girls engage in oral sex. Anne pulled her head
from between Marge's legs and glanced at her brother and

"You two aren't doing the same thing we are," Anne said.

"We aren't going to suck each other's cock," Marc said.

"That's fine," Anne said. "We aren't going to be sucking any cocks either then at least not yours."

Anne returned her head between Marge's legs and resumed
tonguing her vagina. The two girls heard mumbling and
groaning and then felt movement on the bed. When Anne
peeked over at the boys, she saw that they were lying on
their sides and had each other's penis in their mouth.

Anne lifted Marge's head up and pointed at their brothers.
The girls watched as the boys slowly pumped their penises
into the other's mouth. Moving around, Anne wrapped her
hand around Marc's penis and Anne wrapped her hand around
Don's. The girls stroked the part of the shafts that were
exposed and pulled the guy's hands to their crotches.

When she felt Marc's penis begin to swell and throb, Anne
let the first pulse of semen squirt into Don's mouth and
then pulled his penis away and covered it with her own
mouth. The girls watched in shock when Don grabbed Marc's
penis away from Anne and stuffed it back into his mouth.

Don's penis exploded and sent jets of cum into Marc's
sucking mouth and Marge didn't try to stop him. The boys finished taking the other's offering and swallowed it all.
They rolled onto their backs and looked up at the girls.

Anne and Marge sat with their mouths hanging open, not
really believing what they had just witnessed.

"Wow!" Marge said. "I never thought that you guys would
do that, that was so hot!"

"Neither did I," Anne said, shaking her head.

"Well," Don said, picking up Marc's penis and fondling it.
"I guess we don't need you two after all."

"Yeah right!" Marge said. "You guys don't want us to do
this for you anymore."

Marge straddled Don's head and lowered herself onto his
face. She bent over and took his penis in her hand, began
to rub it and put it into her mouth. Anne twisted around,
lowered herself onto Marc's mouth and began to suck his
penis also.

The four teens continued to lick and suck until the boys had cum in the girls' mouths and the girls reached their
own climax. When they were finished, they all laid next to
each other and relaxed.

* * * *

Anne felt her husband fidgeting around and she slid her
hand down to his hard penis. As soon as she wrapped her
fingers around him, he came, squirting his cum onto the
sheets. When the throbbing stopped, Anne removed her hand
and propped herself up on one arm.

"What was that all about Marc?"

Marc rolled onto his back and smiled in the darkness.

"I was just reminiscing about that day at your house when
you and Marge made Don and I give each other a blowjob."

Anne chuckled and said, "You guys do know that we wouldn't
have stopped sucking your cocks if you had refused don't

"I do now, but at the time well, I just wasn't going to
take the chance."

Anne kissed him and lay back down. She put her arm around
his chest, nuzzled her face into his neck and they fell


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