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The Lottery Part 5


"The Lottery" - Part 5 (ff, mast, con)

The buzzing of the alarm clock ended the sound sleep
and erotic dreams that Sally had been enjoying. As
she reached over her still sleeping cousin to stop the
annoying sound, Kim woke up.

"Good morning," Sally said, "its time to go fishing."

Kim rolled over and stood on the floor. Rubbing the
sleep from her eyes, she went to the door, that lead
to the balcony, and pulled it open. She saw Jack and
Tom standing by the rail looking out towards the lake.
Kim felt chilled as the cold morning air cut through
the thin material of her skimpy baby doll nightie.
She stepped back into the room and slipped her short
terry cloth robe on and returned to talk to the guys.

"Morning Jack, morning Tom," she said. "What's up?"

Jack looked at his sister then quickly back at the
lake. "Just look out there," Jack said in disgust.

Kim looked out over the lake and could see the white
caps that crested the tops of the large waves. The
wind was blowing hard out of the northwest. Dark
clouds filled the sky and streaks of lightning were
dancing in the darkness.

"I guess we won't be fishing today," he continued.

Sally stepped outside in time to hear Jacks
announcement. She felt the disappointment well up in
side her, having wanted to repeat yesterday's activity
and maybe more.

The four frustrated teens stood on the balcony in the
cold darkness for a few minutes, and then returned to
their rooms for more sleep.

Kim went into the bathroom and Sally went back to
bed. When she returned Kim said to Sally. "You will
never guess what just started!"

"Your period," Sally answered, knowing that hers is
usually only a day or two away.

"Yup," Kim said. "Now I can look forward to five
days of cramps and headaches."

"I know you have really bad ones. I feel so sorry
for you," Sally said, as she reached over and rubbed
Kim's lower abdomen.

Kim lay on her back and drifted back to sleep as her
cousin tried to comfort her. Sally thought about the
coming days, when she would also experience the
debilitating curse of her monthly cycle.

A few hours later Sally was awakened by a painful
moan coming from Kim. She was clutching herself and
rocking from side to side while lying on her back.
Sally could see the tears running down the side of the
teens face.

Sally went down stairs and found Kim's mom in the

"Aunt Marge," Sally said. "You had better come up
stairs and see Kim."

Marge got up from the table and headed for the stairs
with Anne and Sally close behind.

In the shared room, Marge sat on the edge of the bed
and wiped the tears away from her young daughter's
eyes. She pulled her up and into her arms, stroking
her hair.

"This is absurd," she said, cradling her daughter.
"These girls shouldn't have to go through all of this
every month. I am going to find a doctor and see if
he can prescribe anything to help."

"Good idea," Anne added. "I am going to take Sally
too. She will be experiencing the same thing soon."

The two mothers instructed their daughters to get
cleaned up and dressed, while they went downstairs and
looked for a doctor in the phonebook.

Marge and her sister-in-law walked back into the
kitchen. She asked Don if he knew where the phonebook
was. He got up, went to a cupboard, retrieved the
local directory, and asked his wife what was going

"Its Kim," she said. "She goes through this BS every
time she in on the ra Um, has her period." Marge
caught herself as she saw the two boys walk into the

"Oh, I see," Don said, slightly embarrassed. "What
are you going to do?"

Marge said, "I am going to try to find a doctor that
can help her. There must be something they can do."

Anne looked at her husband and added, "I am going to
take Sally with her. She has the same problem."

The two women looked in the phonebook and found a
couple of numbers for local physicians. Marge dialed
the numbers and talked with the doctors' offices. She
found one that would see the two young girls today.
Marge walked to the foot of the stairs and yelled to
the girls to hurry.

It was about 10 when the four women drove off. The
guys sat around the table talking about how the
weather had spoiled their day. Jack and Tom decided
to go down to the boat and put away some of the new
tackle they had picked up the night before.

While on the boat, Jack and Tom talked about the
sexual activities of the previous day. They commented
on the fact that they had jacked off in front of their
little sisters. Tom asked Jack how far he had been
with a girl. Jack told Tom that he has never gone
very far, and had only touched Suzie Jackson's tits through her shirt once. Jack didn't mention anything
about the things that happened between he and Kim on
the balcony. Tom told Jack that he hadn't even gotten
that far with a girl yet. Jack laughed and the boys went about putting away the lures and other tackle.

At the clinic the girls and their mothers sat in the
waiting room until it was their turn to see the
doctor. Soon a nurse came into the room and called
Kim's name. She and Marge went through the door into
the examination room. The nurse handed Kim a paper
gown and asked her to put it on. Kim removed her
shirt and jeans. She was wearing a pair of white
cotton panties and a plain white bra. When she
removed the bra, her mother noticed the slight redness
of sunburn on her breasts. She didn't say anything,
but wondered how she could have been exposed to the
sun in that area.

After a few minutes, the doctor came in and started
asking the usual list of questions regarding Kim's
medical history. Kim's mother answered most of them,
but when it got to the reason of today's visit, Kim
supplied the information. She told the doctor about
her periods and the cramps that she suffered each
cycle. The doctor asked a few more questions, and
then began to examine the young girl. Kim felt
uncomfortable with this stranger touching her breasts and poking his fingers into the tender flesh of her
tummy. The nurse drew several vials of blood and left
the room with them.

The doctor went over and talked to Marge and asked
her a few more questions that Kim couldn't hear. Both
of them walked over to Kim as she sat on the table and
explained that the doctor was going to do a pelvic
exam. Her mother held her hand as the doctor
explained the procedure.

Kim removed her panties and lay back on the white
paper that covered the table. She lifted her head to
observe the nurse, who had returned, fit metal objects
into the end of the table. She took Kim's legs and
put a foot into each of the stirrups, adjusting them
so that her legs were spread and her knees up. Kim
felt so embarrassed. The doctor sat on a small stool
between her thighs and started poking at her.

Kim jumped when she felt a very cold metal object
being inserted into her virgin vagina. She shuddered
in slight pain as the doctor stretched her opening.
After a few minutes, the doctor removed the object and
told Kim she was done. Kim removed her feet from the
device that had held her in such an uncomfortable
position. She dressed, hoping that her mother had not
seen the trimmed hair of her vaginal area.

When they returned to the waiting room, they saw that
Sally and Anne were gone. Kim smiled, as she knew
what was happening to her cousin. After about a half
hour Sally and her mother returned to the waiting
room. As soon as the blood tests were complete the
doctor would see them.

The nurse came into the waiting room and asked Marge
and Anne to follow her. After they were through the
door the two girls talked about their exams.

"That was so humiliating!" Sally whispered to Kim.
"It felt like he spread my pussy a foot."

Kim giggled and said, "Well now we know it will fit."

"What will fit?"

"A penis silly," Kim retorted as she and her cousin
started laughing out loud.

Then Sally looked at Kim seriously. "Why, do you
plan the have one in there soon?"

"No," snapped Kim. "I was just joking around. I
plan to save myself for marriage."

"Yea right." Was all Sally could say, as she picked
up and old issue of People, and started to flip
through the pages.

In the doctor's office, Marge and Anne sat in front
of a large wooden desk. The doctor came in and sat
behind the desk in an old large leather chair. He
explained that the two girls had a hormone imbalance.
He went on to say that it was very odd that the test
results of the two teens were almost identical, and if
fact they were so close they could be sisters. Anne
and Marge explained the family relationship and the
doctor shock his head, indicating that he understood.
The doctor went over the rest of the test results,
telling the two mothers that both girl's hymens' were

Anne said, "Well doctor, they're only fourteen years

The doctor replied that he has seen many teens, some
younger than their daughters, where that was not the
case. He also said that he has had girls as young as
eleven or twelve come to him pregnant.

"My, how times have changed," said Marge, "When we
were teens the girls would wait until prom night, or
so it seemed." Both women chuckled.

The doctor told them that he was going to prescribe a
mild painkiller that should help the girls deal with
the cramps and headaches. He also said that he
recommended that the girls begin taking birth control
pills to regulate their periods and help balance their
hormones. The pills contained estrogen, and it was a
lack of this in their systems that caused the trouble.

The two women sat staring at the doctor with a look
of disbelief. How could he ever suggest such a thing?
After all the girls were only fourteen and now, birth
control pills!
The doctor went on to explain that the girls could
get shots to accomplish the same thing, but the
regiment would require a trip the their family physician's office about every two weeks.

Marge and Anne talked quietly between themselves for
a few minutes. Finally they agreed to the doctor's
recommendation. They told him that they were sorry
for their reaction, but it was just so hard to accept
the fact that their little girls were becoming young women. The doctor assured them that he understood
their concern, but he could only prescribe a treatment
he felt was best for the girls.

The doctor told the mom's that he would write a
report and send a copy to Kim and Sally's regular
doctor. He recommended that they schedule an
appointment for them in a couple of months for a re-
evaluation. The doctor filled out the necessary
information on the small sheets of a prescription pad
and handed them to Anne and Marge. The women thanked
him and left his office.

"Lets go girls," Anne said to Kim and her daughter,
"We have to make a couple of stops on the way back to
the beach house."

The girls got up and followed their mothers out to
the car and got into the back seat. They told the
girls that the doctor had prescribed some medication
that would help now and in the future. Anne tried her
best to explain their condition and assure them that
they would be ok. She didn't tell them about the
birth control pills, waiting for a more appropriate

Anne parked the car on the town's main street and
told the girls they could go shopping while she and
Marge went to the pharmacy. The girls saw a small
boutique across the street and said they would be in
there. Kim and Sally crossed and went into the shop
as their mothers headed down the street.

In the shop, the girls looked through the racks of
clothing. The shop specialized in items that could
not ordinarily be found in the larger chain stores.
Kim held up a cute little sleeveless shorts suite. It
was one piece, with a zipper up the front. She looked
at the size, ignoring the price tag, and decided the
bright yellow color would match one of the new bra and
panty outfits she had purchased before the trip. She
took the garment into the dressing room and removed
her jeans and shirt and slipped into the outfit.
After zipping it to the neck, she went out to find
Sally. Kim asked her cousin what she thought of it.

"It's very cute," Sally commented, "Here try this."

Sally pulled the zipper down until the opening was
just above the thin strip of material that separated
the cups of her bra. Kim looked at herself in the
mirror. She could see the swell of her breasts that
peeked out above the restrictive bra she wore, wishing
she had put on one that was a little lower cut. She
turned and looked at her butt, the shorts barley
covered the inverse shelf that formed where her firm
buns changed into her tanned thighs. She decided she
would get it.

"Sally," Kim said, "Why don't you get one two, we
would look so hot wearing these together."

Sally agreed and went to the rack and selected one in
power blue. She went to the dressing room to confirm
the fit, redressed and went to find her cousin.

The two teens wondered around the store waiting for
their mothers to return from their errand. As they
looked from one rack to the next, Kim noticed a
doorway in the back of the shop. It had strings of
colored beads hanging in the opening with a very small
sign above it that read "Toy Shop." Kim worked her
way to he opening and pulled the beads aside. Looking
into the room the doorway lead to Kim gasped, quickly
released the strings of beads, and went to look for

Just as Kim located Sally, she saw her mother and
aunt enter the shop. The girls walked over to them
and showed them their selection. Both women commented
on how cute the outfits were.

"If I was a few years younger I might get one for
myself," Kim's mom said, as she and Anne chuckled.

"Why not?" Sally said, "You both would look great in

The girls kept pestering their moms about how young they looked and how much fun it would be the have all
four dress alike. Finally, the older women gave in
and asked where the outfits were. The girls directed
their mothers to the rack that held the short outfits.

Anne selected one in navy blue, while Marge picked
white. The women went to the dressing room and
emerged in short one-piece garments. Marge had the
zipper pulled down midway between her breasts,
reveling her ample cleavage. Anne examined herself,
noting that her ass still looked good. They agreed to
purchase them and took theirs and the girls to the
check out counter.

Kim's mom said that she and Anne were going next door
to look for some things.

Sally started to follow them when Kim grabbed her arm
and said, "We are going to look around here some more,
and we'll meet you there in a few minutes." Sally
looked at her cousin, and then agreed.

As the women left the shop, Kim directed Sally to the
doorway she had discovered. Kim again parted the
beads, but this time entered the room with her cousin.
They stood in the middle of the small room and turned
in a complete circle observing the items that hung on
the walls and racks.

"WOW!" Sally exclaimed, as the naive girls looked at
the assortment of soft rubber penises, vibrators,
oils, lotions and numerous other devices. They walked
around dazed as they observed the sexy garments and
strange leather outfits that hung on floor racks and
the wall.

"Can you believe this?" Kim asked her cousin almost
unable to breath.

Sally just shook her head negatively as she picked up
a large, soft purple dildo.

"What do people do with this stuff?"

"Duh," was Kim's response.

Coming to their senses, the girls started to giggle,
then laugh out loud.

"Lets get out of here before we get into trouble,"
Kim announced. The two teens quickly exited the "Toy
Room" and went to meet their mothers.

The girls found their moms and the four of them got
into the car for the short drive home. After they
arrived, Marge gave Kim one of the tablets the doctor
had prescribed, deciding to wait before telling her
about the birth control pills, and told her to take
it. Kim took her medication and she and Sally went up
to their room. Kim hung the two new outfits in the
closet and told Sally she was going to lie down.

"Ok, I am going to go watch tv for awhile. Kim, I
would sure like to go back to that store." Kim agreed
and went to bed.

Kim lay on the bed waiting for the pill to take
effect and reduce her cramps. As she lay motionless,
her mind wondered back to when she and Sally were only
twelve years old.

* * * *

Their parents had taken Jack and Tom to a dinner for
the football team and would be gone until about
eleven. Mary, the sixteen-year-old neighbor, had been
hired to baby-sit the two girls. Kim and Sally didn't
feel that they needed a sitter, but because of the
neighborhood they lived in at the time their parents insisted.

When Mary arrived, she was dressed in her school
clothes, a short plaid pleated skirt, a white button
down blouse, blue knee socks and saddle shoes. Mary
went to the private high school that Kim and Sally
would have attended if Kim's dad hadn't won the

After giving Mary instructions about dinner and
bedtime, the four parents and two boys left at 4pm.
As soon as the car had pulled away, Mary was on the
telephone with a girlfriend. They talked for a few
minutes then Mary hung up the phone and told the girls that her friend was going to stop by. Kim and Sally
played in Kim's bedroom. A little while later they
heard the doorbell and went into the living room to
see who was there. Mary opened the door and her best
friend Donna stepped into the house.

Marry went into the kitchen with her friend and
heated the food Kim's mother had left for their
dinner. As the two younger girls sat at the kitchen
table waiting for the microwave, they listened to the
two teens talk about boys and school.

Donna told Mary how she had gone to the school dance
with Joe and he had felt her up in the parking lot.

Mary asked Donna, "Inside or out?"

Donna told her "In"

The two girls went on talking like Kim and Sally
weren't even there. In reality, it didn't matter
because the two pre-teens had no idea what they were
talking about.

"How was it?" Mary quizzed her friend.

"Rough," Donna answered, "He must have thought he was
handling a football. What is it with guys anyway?
They are always in such a hurry and so forceful."

Mary said she didn't know.

The bell on the microwave sounded and Mary removed
the food and placed it on the table. While the four
girls ate, Mary and Donna continued to talk. After
dinner Kim and Sally cleaned the dishes, and the two
teens went into the living room.

When Kim and Sally had completed their chore, they
walked into the room where the girls were still
talking. They sat side by side on the couch with
their feet up on the coffee table. As the two cousins
approached them they noticed they could see clearly up
the older girls skirts. They could see the thin strip
of cloth that ran between their legs. They said
nothing as they sat on the floor and watched TV. Mary
told the girls to get their nightshirts on and they
could stay up for awhile and watch 90210.

Kim and Sally went to Kim's room where they took off
their clothes and pulled tee shirts on over their
panty-covered bottoms.

When the girls returned, Donna was leaving. Mary sat
back on the couch and the girls sat on either side of

"Mary," Kim said, "What is feel up?"

Mary was taken aback for a moment, and then she
answered, "That's when one person touches another
person's privates."

"Why would someone want to do that?" Sally chimed

"Well, because it feels good," Mary told the young girls.

They said, "Oh," and went back to watching the show.

At 9 o'clock, Mary said it was time for the girls to
go to bed. They got up and went down the hall to
Kim's room and Mary followed. Inside the bedroom the
girls jumped into Kim's bed. Sally asked Mary if
anyone had ever felt her up?

Mary thought for a minute and replied, "Yes"

"Who?" Sally pressed on.

"Well, a boy I went out with and Donna," Mary said,
"Haven't you two ever touched yourselves or each

Both girls shook their heads no.

"Do you know how?"

Again the two shook their heads.

"Will you show us?" Kim asked.

Mary didn't know what to do at that point, after all
she sort of started this whole thing. Then she
thought what the hell, they have to learn sometime.

Mary unbuttoned her white blouse, and reached behind
her back and unclasped her bra. Her breasts stood
firm on her chest, crowned by firm pink nipples. Mary
took one of each girl's hands and brought them to her
breast. She told them how the squeeze them and pull
and roll the hard nipples. As Kim and Sally massaged
the older girl, they could feel something going on
inside them.

Mary reached out and started to rub the small cone
shaped breasts of the two cousins, mimicking their
actions. Kim and Sally started to squirm as they felt
Mary tweak their small nipples and squeeze their
budding breasts.

Suddenly Mary stood up, reached up under her skirt
and removed her panties. She sat back on the edge of
the bed and invited the two twelve year olds to look
at her vaginal area.

"This is my pussy," Mary said, as she separated the
lips of her sex for the girls to see. Pointing at her
clitoris, she said, "When you or someone else rubs
right here, it feels real good." Her finger was
rubbing in small circles over the small nub that lies
hidden in her soft folds.

As Kim and Sally watched they each put their own hand
down the front of their white cotton panties and
searched for the small button that Mary said was
there. Kim found her clit and jumped as her finger
touched it. She could feel a strange wetness forming
in her crotch.

"I can't find mine," Sally said in disappointment.

Mary pulled the leg opening of her panties away from
Sally's sex and put her finger in the folds of her
pussy. She moved her finger up until she felt the
hooded nub and rubbed her finger over it. Sally
shuddered as she too felt the moisture forming.

Mary stood up and replaced her panties, bra and
shirt. She told the girls that was enough sex
education for one night and told them to go to sleep.

After Mary left, Kim and Sally continued to explore
their own as well as each other's bodies. From that
night on Kim and Sally played with each other whenever
they had the opportunity. While babysitting on other
occasions, Mary had taught them how to use their hands
and mouths to bring themselves to orgasm.



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