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The Lottery Part 50



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ,2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

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The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 50 (MF, FF, exb, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
Don and Marge walked into Marc and Anne's house and went
to the kitchen. They helped themselves to fresh coffee and
joined their siblings at the counter. The kids had already
left for school and the four adults had several important
matters to discuss.

Don and Marc had met with Jerry and Sam Mitchell, their
money manager, the day before and the men wanted to bring
their wives up to date regarding their financial position.

"How did the meeting go yesterday?" Anne asked. "Are we
doing okay?"

"We're doing much better than okay, we're doing great,"
Don replied. "Sam and Jerry have made some suggestions and
we need to consider their ideas."

"What's the problem?" Marge said.

"To be quite honest, we're making too much money. Sam and
Jerry have set up a family trust that will take care of our
children's' children. The investments that Sam has made,
on our behalf, have grown very fast and we need to find
ways of sheltering some of the money." Marc said.

"I have never heard of such a thing," Anne said. "How in
the world can we be making too much money?"

"I don't understand either," Marge added. "Just how much
are we talking about here?"

Don took a folder out of the attaché he had brought with
him and opened it. He took out a statement, which Sam had
provided, and looked at the numbers.

"As of yesterday, we have about eighty-five million
dollars." Don said.

"How much of that is in the trust?" Anne asked.

"None of it," Don replied. "The eighty-five million is
after we funded the trust and paid all of the fees
associated with establishing it."

"I'm sorry guys, you are way over my head. I still don't
see the problem," Anne said.

"The problem is, if we don't shelter some of the money,
we'll have to pay almost half of it in taxes," Marc
informed the girls. "We don't want to do that, we would
rather invest it."

"I thought that is what we have Sam for, to invest the
money," Marge said.

"Sam invests in stocks and bonds, as well as a few other
vehicles, we need to consider other investments. We need
Investments that will provide some type of loss for us.
Marc and I don't really understand all of the aspects, but
Sam and Jerry assured us they would help." Don said.

Marge and Anne looked puzzled. They sat and thought about
what their husbands were telling them, but none of it made
any sense to them.

"I just can't grasp the concept of trying to loose money,"
Marge said. "It doesn't make any sense to me. Shouldn't
we be trying to make more money instead of trying to loose

"I will try to explain," Don said. "If we do nothing, the
government will take about forty million in taxes. If we
invest forty million, in the right vehicle, we will only
have to pay about twenty million in taxes. We would rather
use the money to fund a business, or two, rather than give
it away in taxes. We will also make some very hefty
contributions to reduce our taxes."

"Listen," Anne said. "As far as I'm concerned, you guys can do whatever you two think is best. You were able to
support our families on less than eighty thousand dollars a
year before, so I'm confidant that you two will have little
trouble with the kind of money we are talking about now."

"Eighty thousand dollars," Marge said to Anne. "When did
you guys ever make that kind of money?"

"I'm talking about our combined income Marge. When we
were all working we made less than that." Anne replied.

All four of them began to laugh. They could remember how
hard it was to be making ends meet before they're good
fortune and the sacrifices they all made for the kids.

Don put his paper back into the folder and slipped it back
into the case. He went to the stove and filled everyone's
coffee cups and sat back down.

"Marc and I can take care of the money if you two want us
to. We just want you to be informed. We have always been
very open and honest with each other and I don't want that
to change," Don said.

"You know," said Anne. "It's only been a little over four
months since we won the money, but it seems longer. Things
have changed so much for us, so fast, and we have been able
to remain the type of people we were before. I can
remember how hard it was for all of us in the early years
and the things we did to get by. I'm so very grateful that
our kids will never have to go through the tough times we

The group became a bit solemn as they thought about what
Anne had said. They all thought back and remembered some
of the things they felt they had to do.

"Do you remember the winter that you guys were laid off
and how we thought that we weren't going to be able to
afford Christmas presents for the kids?" Marge said
softly. "We could barely pay the bills at that time."

Don nodded and put his hand on his wife's leg. He looked
first at her and then at his sister.

"Yes, I remember. I remember that if it hadn't been for
the great sacrifices that you two girls made, we would have
lost the cars and the houses. To this day, I'm impressed
by the courage and the determination you girls had, and
just how unselfish you two were. I can't imagine how hard
it was for you to do what you did." Don said.

"I can remember that when you told us about your plan, Don
and I almost went ballistic," Marc said, putting his arms
around the two women.

Marge and Anne's eyes began to fill with tears as they
thought about that time in their lives. Anne suggested
that they all go into the family room so they could be more
comfortable. The four of them went in and sat on one of
the large couches, the women between the men.

Marc and Don put their arm around their wife's shoulder
and sat quietly as the girls tried to regain their

"I don't know how courageous we were, more like desperate.
We had four very young children and there was no way Anne
and I were going to tell them that Santa wasn't coming,"
Marge said. "It just wasn't an option."

"I'm just glad that we all got through the ordeal and
managed to stay together," Anne said. "It could have
easily ripped our families apart."

"Well," Marc said. "We all managed to get past it and
move on. The shop reopened after the holidays and Don and
I were never laid off again."

"I can still remember it like it was yesterday," Marge
said. "When Cid asked us if we wanted to earn a little
extra cash, Anne and I jumped at the chance. It was only
after he explained what we would be doing that I began to
get cold feet."

"Yeah, me too," Anne said.

"What ever happened to the outfits you girls wore?" Marc

"I have no idea," Marge said. "That was so long ago. We
were only about twenty years old as I remember."

"I know what happened to them," Anne said. "I have them
upstairs in a box."

"You're kidding Anne," Marge said in surprise. "Why did
you keep them?"

Anne shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "I guess I
thought that someday we could wear them again, for our

"I don't think I ever saw the outfits," Don said.

"You never did. Anne and I would always change after we
left home and then again before we got back. We thought
that if you saw them, you would make us quit," Marge said.

"I would really like to see them," Marc said.

The two women began to laugh at the thought of wearing the
outfits again. Marge said, "I'm not so sure they would
still fit us, like I said…that was a long time ago. I
think we were a little thinner back then."

Don glanced at his watch and sat up straight. "Marc," he
said. "It's almost ten o'clock, we have to get going."

Marc nodded, kissed Anne and got up.

"Where are you two going?" Marge asked.

"We have to run over to Jerry's office and sign some
papers. We should be back by noon." Don replied.

"Okay," Marge said. "We will fix lunch when you two get

Don picked up his attaché and left with Marc. The two
women relaxed on the couch for a few minutes and then Anne
stood up.

"Well Mitzi," Anne giggled. "Do you want to see if those
costumes still fit?"

"Why the hell not Amber," Marge said, laughing out loud.

It was the first time that the two women had referred to
one another by the spurious names they used when they
worked for Cid. The women went up to Anne's bedroom and
Marge waited while her sister in law retrieved an old white
dress box from her closet. Anne set the box on her bed and
used her fingernail to break the yellowed tape that secured
the top.

After carefully removing the fragile top from the box,
Anne folded back a layer of white tissue paper, revealing
the contents. She pulled one of the garments from the box
and held it to her breasts.

"I can't believe that we acutely wore these things in
front of strangers," Marge said as she looked at the
clothing that Anne held up.

Anne put the garment back onto the bed and turned to Marge.

"What do you think, should we take a nice hot bath and
dress up for the guys?" Anne said.

"I like the idea of a bath Anne, we'll have to see how
those things look after we put them on before I agree to
let Don see me in it."

"That's fair, come on."

Anne went into the bath and started the water flowing into
the large whirlpool tub. The women removed their clothes
and, once the tub was full, climbed in. Anne pushed a
button on the edge of the tub and the water began to churn.
She poured a capful of fragrant bath oil into the tub and
the water began to foam. The two women settled into the
hot bubbling bath and relaxed.

"I wonder what ever happened to Cid," Anne said.

"Who cares? I'm just happy I never have to see him again."

"I can still remember that fat little asshole, he would
come into the restaurant every morning and order the exact
same thing."

"I remember, two eggs over easy, two strips of bacon,
white toast, and a glass of orange juice. Every once in a
while he would have coffee, but not very often." Marge

Anne moved around so she was sitting across from Marge.
She moved her foot between her sister-in-law's legs and
gently caressed her mons with her toes. Marge parted her
legs and scooted down into the water, putting her foot
against Anne's crotch.

"I will never forget the day he asked us if we wanted to
work a couple nights a week," Anne said.

As the two women gently rubbed each other's crotches with
their feet, they began to reminisce the events that had
taken place over twelve years ago.

* * * *

It was a very cold November and there was all ready a
blanket of snow covering the ground. Don and Marc had just
been told that their shop was being closed down temporarily
due to a lack of work. Things were slow in Detroit and
even the restaurant that the girls worked in saw a drop in

Marge had just placed Cid's breakfast on the counter in
front of him and went to talk with Anne. Cid was a regular
at the family restaurant, coming in everyday for breakfast
and always ordering the same thing. He must have over
heard Marge and Anne discussing their money troubles,
because when Marge went back to check on him he asked her
if she and Anne would like to make a little extra money.

Motioning for Anne to come over, the two girls listened to
Cid's offer.

"I run a card game a couple night a week for some big
gamblers," he said. "I need a couple of cute young girls to serve drinks and snacks to these men."

Anne and Marge looked at one another and Marge asked, "How
much does it pay?"

"I will give each of you girls one hundred dollars a night
to work. Any tips you make are yours to keep. Most of
these guys are fairly well off and they usually tip pretty
well. The last girls I had made five or six hundred
dollars on some nights," Cid told them.

Anne was skeptical and asked, "What else do we have to do,
that's a lot of money for serving drinks."

"I'm hiring you to serve drinks, that's all. What else
you do is none of my business."

"What did the other girls do to make four or five hundred
in tips, it must have been more than just serve chips and
beers," Marge said.

"I'm not going to lie to you girls, some of the guys that
play can get a little…let's say grabby. You will most
likely get your asses grabbed and your tits squeezed, but
that's up to you. The friendlier you are, the more money
you can make."

"I don't know Cid, it sounds a little fishy to me," Marge

"It does to me too," Anne said. "Where are these games

"I rent a suite at a hotel downtown for the games. We
move around, using a different hotel each week. As you
know, gambling is illegal and we don't want the cops to
catch on."

Marge and Anne moved away from Cid so they could talk in
private. After several minutes of discussion, they went
back to talk to Cid.

"When do you need an answer Cid, do we have any time to
think about your offer?" Anne asked him.

"Today is Monday, I will need to have your answer by
Wednesday at the latest."

"Shit Cid, that's only two days," Marge said.

"I'm sorry girls, the first game is Friday night and I
need two girls by then. I can't wait any longer than
Wednesday, in case you two decide not to do it."

"Okay Cid, we will let you know by the day after
tomorrow," Anne said.

Cid put the money for his breakfast on the counter and
left. Marge picked up the money, four dollars and
seventeen cents, just like every other day. Two dollars
and change for the food, and another two dollars for the
service. Marge rang the sale into the cash register and
put the two ones into her apron.

The two girls didn't discuss the offer for the rest of
their shift. As they rode home on the bus, Marge asked
Anne what she thought.

"I don't know what to think Marge, it's a lot of money and
we could certainly use it right now. Christmas is six
weeks away and we haven't bought a single thing for the

"Not only that, the house and car payments are going to be
due on the first and the guys won't get an unemployment
check until the tenth. Even if we could wait for their
checks, they're only going to get about half of what they
normally get paid."

For the rest of the ride home, the girls thought about
every reason they should accept Cid's offer. The extra
money would more than makeup what the guys were losing by
being laid off.

"You know Marge," Anne said as the bus pulled up the their
stop. "If we worked for Cid two nights a week we could
make an extra thousand dollars a week. That would allow us
to buy gifts for the children and put some away until the
guys go back to work. Besides, if we don't like it we can
always quit."

The two girls got off the bus and headed down the sidewalk
towards their houses. They would walk to the end of the
street together and then split up, each going to their own

"Let's get together with Don and Marc tonight and see what
they think. We can decide after that," Marge said.

They agreed to meet at Anne and Marc's for dinner, and
tell their husbands about Cid's proposal at that time.
When they reached the end of the block, Marge turned right
and Anne went left.

The two families met at Anne's, had dinner and put the
kids to bed. Jack and Tom were four years old, the girls two. They all sat around the kitchen table and talked
about their finances, wondering how they would get by.
Finally, Marge spoke up.

"Anne and I were offered another job today, it's only two
nights a week. We wanted to see what you guys though about
it." Marge said.

"Well," Anne said. "We have this regular that comes in
everyday. He said that he runs some kind of card game and
he needs two girls to serve drinks and snacks."

"How much does it pay?" Marc asked.

"He said he would pay us one hundred dollars a night, plus
tips," Anne replied.

"A hundred buck a night!" Don yelled. "What else do you
have to do, fuck these guys?"

"Calm down," Marge told her husband. "Cid, our customer,
said we don't have to do anything but serve drinks and

"Yeah right," Marc said, getting up and pacing the floor.
"Do you expect us to believe that all you're going to have
to do is serve a bunch of guys drinks and snacks? It
sounds like bullshit to me!"

"Marge and I though it sounded a bit strange when he told
us about the job," Anne said. "Cid assured us that we
didn't have to do anything else. He did say that sometimes
the guys will try to pinch our ass or grab our tits, but he
said we didn't have to let them."

"He said that he would pay you two a hundred each?" Marc

"Plus tips," Marge replied.

"Did he say how much you could make in tips?" Don asked,
settling down a little.

Marge moved closer to her husband and said, "Cid said that
the last girls he had working for him made four or five
hundred a night in tips sometimes."

Marc thought for a second and said, "That's over a
thousand dollars a week."

"Each," Anne said.

The four of them discussed the proposal that Cid had made
to the girls. Marge and Anne reminded their husbands that
Christmas was just around the corned and they hadn't done
any shopping for the kids. The guys talked to each other
like the girls weren't there, making remarks about the
things they thought the girls would have to do.

"I have an idea," Marge said. "Anne and I will ask Cid if
it would be okay for one of you to come and see what's
going on at one of the games and we can decide after that.
If it looks shady, we'll quit, if it's on the up and up, we
will work until you guys get called back to the shop."

"What if he says one of us can't come along?" Don said.

"Then we'll just tell him we can't do it," Marge said.

Don and Marc agreed to the conditions, feeling that if Cid
refused the girls' request they would know that something
wasn't right. They all talked for a little longer and then
Marge and Don dressed Jack and Sally, and went home.

The next morning at the restaurant, Marge and Anne told
Cid about their husbands' request. Without any hesitation,
Cid agreed to let one of then go to the game and observe
what went on.

"I don't have any problem with one of your husbands coming
to see what happens at one of my games. In fact, I think
it's a good idea," Cid said.

"What should we wear Cid?" Anne asked.

"You have to look sexy for these guys, that way they will
tip better. I would suggest you both dress alike. Short
black skirts, tight white blouses, dark pantyhose, and high
heels. Your husband should wear a white shirt, dark
slacks, and a tie. I will tell the players that he is a
new bartender I'm trying out. That way they won't get
suspicious about a stranger being there. The game starts
at eleven o'clock and sometimes runs until morning. You
two will need to be there at ten to help me setup."

The girls heard the cook call out their names, indicating
that they had orders waiting. They left Cid, picked up the
food and served it to the customers that had been waiting.
Once they were caught up, they went back over to the booth
he was sitting in and received more instructions.

"Girls, this is high stakes poker these guys play. There
may be twenty or twenty five thousand dollars on a table at
any given time. It is very important that you stay away
from the tables unless you are serving the players, or
you're asked to come over. Some of these guys will think
you're good luck and want you near them, others will think
you're bad luck and want you to stay away," Cid told them.

"How will we know?" Marge asked.
"You won't at first, so just watch me. I will give you
signals as to what to do. We will go over my hand signals
before the game starts. Also, you must tell your husband
that this is only business. The players won't say or do
anything different than some of the customers in here have
done. If you get your fanny patted, it's just like when
you get it patted here." Cid said.

"That doesn't happen very often in here," Marge said.

"Often enough," Cid replied. "I've seen it myself and you
two have always handled it professionally. Just do the
same at the card game and everything will be fine."

Anne and Marge finished their shift, went home and told
their husbands about what Cid had said. Don and Marc were
at the Graham's house, having decided that it would be
better to watch the young children together while their
wives worked, and listened carefully as the two women
explained what was expected of them, and what to expect.

"You mean that guys at the restaurant grab your ass?" Don
asked Marge.

"Once in a while we get a customer that gets a little
fresh and grabs or pats my bottom," Marge said. "I just
walk away and smile. If I were to make a scene I would get
fired or no tip. It's really no big deal Don, it's not
like I'm going to bed with the jerks."

"You too?" Marc said to his wife.

"Yes Marc, me too," Anne replied. "Why, don't you think I
have a nice ass?"

"You have a great ass Anne," Marc chuckled. "I'm just not
sure that I want some strange guy touching it."

"I love it when you're jealous Marc! The guys at work may
get a cheap thrill once in a while, but you're the only
that gets into my panties."

All four of them began to laugh and Don said, "Marc is the
only guy that gets into your panties?

"You know what I mean brother dear!" Anne giggled.

Again the two couples began to laugh. They went into the
kitchen, sat down to the dinner the guys had prepared and
began to eat.

"Anne and I have to go and pick up a few things for our
new job," Marge said. "Cid wants us to wear short black
skirts and tight blouses, and neither of us have anything
that will do."

After finishing their dinner, the two women changed out of
their work clothes and went to the local discount store.
They each selected matching skirts and white blouses. They
picked up a couple packages of panty hose and returned home.

The girls changed into their new outfits and modeled them
for their husbands. The black pleated skirts fell to mid-
thigh on the two twenty year old wives and rode up slightly
when the bent over. The tight shirts were just shear
enough to show the lace of the white bras the girls wore
beneath them, and the open buttons allowed their cleavage to be seen.

Marc and Don made remarks about how revealing the outfits
were, but decided that because they had agreed, they would
allow their wives to wear them.

On the next Friday night, Don drove Marge and Anne to the
hotel, and went to the room Cid had told them to. In the
large room were three round tables covered with green felt,
six chairs at each table and a small bar in one corner.

"You must be Don," Cid said, extending his hand. "I'm Cid."

"Nice to meet you," Don replied, shaking the man's hand.

"We only have about an hour before the players start to
get here so we had better get started," Cid said.

Cid showed Don the layout of the bar and explained the
drinks he would be preparing. He told the two girls about
what was expected and what they were to do when they were

"Don," Cid said. "We all know why we are here. The
players are interested in playing cards, not having sex
with Marge and Anne. They may say, or do, things that may
make you uncomfortable, but you must not say a word. If
any of you don't think you can handle it, let me know and I
will get you out of here without making scene. Your wife and Anne are real pros at being servers and shouldn't have
any trouble handling these guys."

After going over several signals, that Cid would use to
guide the girls, Marge and Anne started to set up the
tables with ashtrays and cards. Don walked over to a door,
opened it, and looked into the bedroom it concealed. He
pulled the door closed and took his place behind the bar,
set up several rows of glasses on the counter top and asked
Cid about ice.

"The ice machine is down the hall next to the elevators
you came up in Don," Cid said.

Soon the card players began to arrive and take their
seats. Marge and Anne asked them if they would like
anything and went to the bar to fill their orders. Within
a half an hour, the players filled all of the chairs and
the card games began.

Don surveyed the room, noting each of the men that were
present. He observed they all dressed in very expensive
clothing, most of them in shirts and ties. Once the games
started, he also noticed the stacks of money in front of
the players.

A couple of hours into the game, one of the men slid his
hand up Anne's leg and gently squeezed her bottom as she
leaned over to serve a drink. She allowed the man's hand
to remain until she stood up and slowly turned back to the

Marge set a glass in front of one of the players and he
picked up a bill from his pile, folded it, and pushed it
into her bra. Smiling, she thanked him and went back to
the bar and faced her husband. Reaching into her blouse,
Marge pulled the bill from her bra and showed her husband a
crisp twenty.

Don smiled and watched his wife put the bill into a small
container on the corner of the bar. The girls had decided
to combine their tips and split the money evenly at the end
of the night.

The sun was coming up when the last table of card players
called it a night. The girls began to clean up the tables
and empty the ashtrays, while Cid and Don took care of the
bar. Once all the work was finished, the four of them sat
at one of the tables and relaxed.

Cid handed each of the girls a hundred dollar bill and
asked how they did on tips. Marge retrieved the container
that held the money and counted it.

"Four hundred and sixty dollars" she said. "That is two
thirty apiece. That's not bad!"

"That's good for your first night," Cid said. "The last
two girls I had only made about a hundred each in tips.
You two were very good tonight, and I think the players
liked you."

"Why didn't the last girls do better?" Don asked.

"I think that the difference is the way they handled
themselves in front of the guys. When Marge and Anne were
touched, they smiled and went about their business. The
last girls would make faces and act like the players were
doing something wrong." Cid told him.

The four of them talked for a few more minutes and Cid
asked if they would be back tomorrow night.

Marge looked at Don and waited for an indication. When he
smiled at her and nodded, Marge told Cid that they would.

"Unless you don't want to Anne," Marge said. "I didn't
mean to speak for you."

"I'll be back too," Anne said.

Don, Marge, and Anne got up to leave. When Don shook
hands with Cid, Cid handed him an envelope.

"Thanks for your help Don," Cid told him. "I will make
sure that nothing happens to the girls and the guys don't
do anything they don't want done."

The three left and headed for home. They all went to
Anne's house where Marc was watching the children.

Anne shook her husband's shoulder and woke him up. Marc
had fallen asleep on the couch watching television.

"How did it go?" Marc asked.

"Just fine," Don said. "I've never seen so much cash in
my life! Those guys must have had over a hundred thousand
on the three tables."

Marge and her sister-in-law sat on the couch next to Marc
and handed him the stack of bills from their tips and pay.
He counted the money and smiled.

"Not bad girls, this is really going to help." Marc said.

Don opened the envelope that Cid gave him and pulled out
two hundred dollar bills.

"Add this to the money," Don said. "Cid gave me this for
helping behind the bar."

"Eight hundred and sixty dollars," Marc said. "That's
more than Don and I make in a week. Maybe we should retire
and just let you girls take care of us."

"Bullshit!" Anne said. "I'm only going to do this until
you two go back to work. I don't like having my ass
squeezed by strangers."

Marge smiled and said, "I didn't really think it was so
bad, in fact I kind of liked the attention. The way Don
looked, every time one of them put his hand up my skirt,
was priceless."

They all chuckled and Marc slipped his hand over his
sister's bottom. He rubbed his hand over the tight panty hose that covered her butt and smiled.

"So you like it when someone plays with your ass do you?
I'm more than happy to help you out." Marc said.

"Only if you're willing to put twenties into my bra,"
Marge giggled as she wiggled her butt against his hand.

Marc picked up one of the hundred bills, pushed it into
his sister's bra, and said, "What do I get for a hundred?"

Marge knelt on the floor between her brother's legs,
unfastened his pants, and pulled his penis out. She began
to stroke it, feeling it harden in her hand.

"For a hundred you get a hand job mister, for two hundred
I'll blow you." Marge giggled.

Marc grabbed another bill from the stack and waved it in
front of her face.

"Here you go sweetie, two hundred," her brother said. "It
had better be good!"

Marge lowered her head and took his penis into her mouth.
She toyed with the head with her tongue and felt it grow to
its full length as she gently sucked it. Soon she was
bobbing her head up and down on her brother's erection.

"How about you?" Don said to Anne as he opened his pants.
"Do you want to make a quick two hundred too?"

Anne pulled her brother to her as she sat on the edge of
the couch. She reached for his penis and rubbed the hard

"I'll blow you for a hundred, for two I'll fuck you!"
Anne said, and she wet the knob of his penis with her

For the next hour, the girls played the roll of
prostitutes and provided sex acts for their husbands and
brothers. The men paid them with the money they had earned
at the card game, climaxing with each of them. Don had
just finished screwing Marge when two-year-old Sally walked
into the living room and stopped the game.

Anne got up and tended to her daughter's needs, putting
the young girl back to bed when she was done. She went
back to the living room and joined the rest of the adults,
saying that soon the kids were going to be older and they
would all have to be more discreet.

The next night Anne and Marge went to the game, unescorted
by one of their husbands. Things went about the same as
the night before and they made just a little more money.
They talked to Cid during the next week and asked him how
they could improve the amount of money they made.

"Dress and act a little sexier," he told them.

"What do you mean Cid?" Anne asked.

"You two have very nice bodies," he said. "The more you
show the more the guys will tip."

"What should we wear?" Marge said.

"I will pick up new outfits for you and have them at the
hotel on Friday. You can decide then if you want to wear
them. If you choose to wear the things I pick out, you can
pay me for them, if not I'll just take them back."

Over the next few days, Marge and Anne tried to get Cid to
tell them about the outfits he would have for them. He
told them they would have to wait until the next card game
to find out.

When the girls arrived at the hotel on Friday night, Cid
told them the outfits were in the bedroom of the suite and
to go and check them out. Marge and Anne went into the
bedroom and saw two packages on the bed. The opened them
and removed the contents, examining each item carefully.
Once they had all of the pieces of clothing spread out on
the bed, they elected to try them on.

Marge and Anne removed all of their clothing and began to
dress in the outfits that Cid had provided. The pulled on
the white panties and looked at the ruffled fringe that
covered their bottoms. The put on the bras that were in
the packages and examined how they pushed their breasts in
and up, causing their flesh to bulge over the tops of half
cups and realized that the garments were designed to
exposed their nipples. They put on the garter belts and
fishnet stockings that were provided, finishing with a
maid's costume that consisted of a short skirt and a
peasant blouse with a scoop neckline that revealed their
"What do you think?" Anne asked.

"I like it, especially if it means more tips." Marge

"Me too," Anne said, as she slipped a black lace garter up
her leg, just above her knee. "I say we wear them and see
what happens."

The girls put the clothes they had come in away and went
out to show Cid how they looked in their new outfits. He
complemented them and said they should do much better at
making tips.

After the players arrived and began their games, Marge and
Anne served drinks and snacks. When the men discovered the
girls were wearing garters on their legs, the elastic bands
became the preferred place to put the tip money. Marge
moved the garter higher on her leg so it was even with the
hem of her skirt, and found out that the higher it was, the
better the tips. When she shared her discovery with her
sister-in-law, Anne moved hers up too.

None of the players made any crude remarks about the new
outfits, but they did tip better. At the end of the night,
the girls had collected over eight hundred between them.

Over the next couple of weeks, the girls made a little
more each night they worked. They didn't show or tell
their husbands about the costumes, changing before going
home, but they did say that the game had more players. Cid
had added another table and increased the amount he paid
Marge and Anne by fifty dollars a night.

Don and Marc stopped asking for any details of the card
games, satisfied with additional money the girls were
bringing home. Because of Marge and Anne's effort, the two
families had been able to catch up on all of the bills and
even save a little money. The two young mothers purchased
gifts for the children and hid them away for Christmas.

"How much longer do you think you and Don will be laid
off?" Anne asked Marc.

"I haven't heard anything yet baby," he replied. "I hope
it's soon. I wish you and Marge didn't have to work an
extra job."

Anne had just gotten home from the Saturday night game and
was crawling into bed next to her husband. She put her arm
around him and kissed his cheek before rolling onto her
back to sleep.

"I wish we didn't have to either, but the money is really
helping out. As soon as you and Don get called back, we
are going to tell Cid that we are done. Marge and I
promised to give him a couple weeks notice so he can find
replacements," Anne said in a tired voice. "I'm going to
get some sleep now, wake me in about four hours."

Cid didn't hold the games Thanksgiving weekend so Marge
and Anne were able to spend some much needed time with
their families. The following week, they were back to
their new schedule, working at the restaurant Monday
through Friday and the card game on Friday and Saturday

Christmas was two weeks away and the girls had enough
money to last through the first of the year, but they still
worked the Friday and Saturday night card games. They had
gotten to know most of the regulars and they helped keep
the new comers in check.

Marge was handing one of the players a drink when he tried
to put a twenty into her panties. Frank, a regular, saw
him and reached for his arm.

"Nothing less than a c-note in the panties buddy," Frank
told the older man with a chuckle.

The man withdrew his hand, folded a hundred dollar bill
twice and reached under Marge's short skirt. He hooked his
finger into the waistband of her ruffled panties, pulled
them away from her body and deposited the bill. His
fingers rubbed her pubic hair as he slowly withdrew his
hand, and he grinned at Frank.

"A hundred it is!" The older man said.

Marge giggled and walked back to the bar. She told Cid
and Anne what had happened and produced the crisp bill.

"No shit!" Anne said, "He gave you a hundred dollar tip?"

"Yup, and all I had to do is let him put it into my
panties." Marge said.

The three chatted for a few moments and Anne left when a
player signaled he wanted something. Anne took his drink
order, had Cid make it and took it back to the table. When
she returned, Anne removed a ten from her garter and
dropped it into the container she and Marge shared.

"You know girls," Cid said. "It's entirely up to you two,
but I can tell you how the last girls did so well at these

"How?" Marge said.

"Well, along about three in the morning, the other girls use to remove their skirts and blouses and serve the guys in their underwear. I have seen them make a grand in the
last couple of hours." Cid told them.

"I don't know," Anne said. "I would have to think about

"Me too," Marge added. "That may be a bit much."

"Like I said girls, it's entirely up to you." Cid said,
and turned away.

Marge and Anne moved away from the bar and discussed what
Cid had told them.

"A thousand dollars is a lot of money Marge," Anne said.

"I know, but how would we explain it to the guys? We have
been coming home with about a thousand a night for the past
weeks, if we brought home twice that much our husbands
would want to know why," Marge said.

Anne thought for a moment and said, "Well…we don't have to
tell them. We could save the extra money and use it for
things we want later, after they go back to work."

Marge considered the idea and was about to speak when one
of the players called for a drink. Marge went to him, and
asked what he wanted. When she had filled his order, she
returned to Anne.

"I think we should see how things go," Marge told her.
"If it works out, I will do what Cid suggested. After all,
we can always put out clothes back on if we are

The night progressed and the game finally broke up. After
all the players had left, Marge and Anne helped Cid clean
up and sat down at the bar when they were finished. Marge
counted the money they had received and announced that the
girls had collected twelve hundred dollars. The girls changed into their regular clothes and went home, hiding
the scanty costumes in a large purse that Marge had began
to carry.

When the two women walked into Marge's house, they found
their husbands sleeping on the couch. They gently shook
the two men to wake them and announce their return.

"What time is it?" Don asked, as he slowly sat up.

"Three," Marge said, and kissed him.

Marc sat up and asked how the game was.

"Good," Anne answered. "We made twelve hundred in tips
tonight. Are you ready to go home?"

"Not really," Marc groaned, rubbing his eyes and laying
back onto the armrest of the couch.

"I need to get some sleep, I've been on my feet all day
and night," Anne said.

"Stay here," Marge offered. "You can go home when the
kids get up."

"I don't know, I need a shower and a bed," Anne replied,
sitting on a chair and taking her shoes off.

Marge grabbed Anne's arm and pulled her to her feet. "Me
too," Marge said. "Come with me."

Anne followed Marge into the bedroom and the two girls removed their clothing. They went into the bathroom and
showered together, returning to Marge's bedroom when they
were finished. Marge tossed Anne one of Don's tee shirts
and pulled one over her head. When Anne covered her nude
body with the white shirt, she climbed into bed with her

The two girls were almost asleep when Marc and Don joined
them in the bed. The men snuggled up to their wives and
put their arms around them.

"Twelve hundred dollars is great," Don said. "I just wish
you two could quit."

"Me too," Marge said, pulling her husband's hand to her
breast and holding it tight.

"We could have made more," Anne mumbled, half asleep.

"How?" Marc asked her, raising up on his elbow and
looking down at his wife.

"By serving the guys in our panties and bras," Anne said.

Marge was shocked that Anne had mentioned Cid's suggestion
and poked her in the side.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Don asked his
sister and wife.

"Cid said that the last girls made more money by running
around in their bras and panties for the last couple of
hours of the card game," Anne said. "We didn't do it

Don sat up and slid his back against the headboard of the
bed. Marc also sat up and the two men began to question
their wives about what Anne had said.

"You mean that by wearing your underwear you could make
more money? What's next, completely nude?" Marc asked.

Anne rolled onto her side and rested her head on her
husband's thigh, slipping her hand between his legs. She
slowly stroked his inner thigh and smiled to herself,
thinking about the display of jealousy. Moving her hand
under the leg opening of Marc's boxers and wrapping her
hand around his penis, she slowly fondled him until he was

"I never thought about being naked," Anne said. "I bet we
could make even more if we did this."

Anne pulled Marc's hard penis out of his shorts and
covered it with her mouth. She curled her tongue around
the soft tip and lowered her head, taking over half of his
length into her mouth. After sucking and bobbing her head
up and down on him, she released him and began to nibble
the side of his shaft.

Marge could tell what Anne was doing by the slurping
noises she made. She took Don's penis into her hand and
then her mouth, thoroughly wetting it with her tongue. She
moved up, straddled her husband's legs, and lowered her
vagina over his hot penis, feeling it fill her. Laying her
head on his shoulder, Marge slowly moved her hips up and
down over his hard-on.

Anne sat up, removed her tee shirt and threw her leg over
Marc's. She pressed her breasts into his face as she
lowered herself on him and her vagina swallowed his
hardness. The two girls slowly bounced up and down on
their husbands.

Unable to control themselves, the two men bucked their
hips, driving their penises into their wives. The two
couples groaned and moaned and they made love next to one
another, the guys finally filling their wives with their
hot semen. When they were finished, the girls lay against
their exhausted husbands chests and relaxed.

"You wouldn't really fuck any of the guys at the card
game, would you?" Marc asked.

"No, I wouldn't fuck anyone, or do anything else. You are
the only one I want to have sex with Marc, except my
brother. I might try working in my bra and panties though,
Marge and I could make enough money to quit and we wouldn't
have to work the card games anymore," Anne said.

After several minutes of silence, Don took Marge's chin
into his hand and kissed her lips.

"What ever you decide is up to you honey, I just don't
want to know about it. I already feel bad enough about the
fact that you two have to work two jobs to help us get by."
Don said.

Marc agreed with Don, adding, "Just don't do anything that
you don't want to do. If you two want to quit now, Don and
I will figure out someway to get by, even if we have to
take on part time jobs at a fast food restaurant."

Anne pulled herself off her husband's flaccid penis and
scooted back down in the bed. "You two would have to work
for a month to make half of what we make in one night," she
said. "Marge and I can work for a little longer, at least
until you guys get called back."

The two couples stretched out next to one another and the
girls fell asleep in their husbands' arms.

The next night, Marge and Anne showed up at the hotel and
changed into their costumes. They served the players
drinks and snacks; taking the tips they offered and put
them into the box on the bar. At about one o'clock in the
morning, one of the men at a table offered Marge a hundred
dollars for her blouse. Smiling at the older man, Marge
removed her top and reached for the hundred-dollar bill the
man held between his fingers. She walked back to the bar,
showed it to Anne, and dropped it in with the rest of their
money. When Anne made a trip to one of the tables, another
man made her the same offer and she complied. The two
girls continued to work dressed in the bottoms of their
uniforms, allowing the men to put the tips into their bras.

"I'll give you a hundred if you lose the skirt," Anne
heard a man tell Marge.

Anne turned and watched as Marge shrugged her shoulders,
removed her skirt and took the money from the man.

Turning back to Cid, "You put those guys up to this didn't
you?" Anne said, and she too removed her skirt.

Cid smiled and went back to washing glasses and making
drinks. The two girls finished the night wearing their
bras, panties, and stockings. The players began to tip the
girls better and at the end of the game, they had collected
almost two thousand dollars.

On the ride home, Marge took one thousand dollars and put
it aside. She put the rest of the money into her purse to
give to the guys when they got back to the house.

"I really hate hiding the money from the guys," Marge
said. "It makes me feel like we are doing something wrong."

"I know, but we can tell them later, after we quit."

During the next week, the girls worked their regular job
at the restaurant. When they got to Marge's house on
Thursday night, they found their husbands had prepared a
nice dinner for them, complete with candlelight and wine.
The children were already in their beds, fast asleep.

"Wow," Marge said when she followed Anne into the house.
"What is all of this for?"

The two men took their wives into their arms and hugged
them. They simultaneously began to remove the uniforms the
girls wore, dropping the clothes onto the floor. When they
were both nude, the guys led them into the bathroom and to
the tub. A thick layer of bubbles covered the water in the
tub and several candles provided the only light in the
room. Still unsure why the two men were acting the way
they were, Marge and Anne climbed into the bathtub and sat
Indian style, facing each other.

Neither Don nor Marc said a word, even though their wives
continued to ask questions about their behavior. They took
washcloths and began to cover the women with soap, paying
special attention to their breasts and crotches. After
rinsing and drying the women, they led them into the
bedroom and sat them on the edge of the bed. Don and Marc
dropped to their knees, buried their faces between their
wives legs and began to probe and lick at their vulvas.

Marge and Anne both leaned back and enjoyed the attention
their husbands were giving them. As they felt their
orgasms near, they began to massage first their own and
then the other's breasts. Soon they were moaning and
bucking their crotches against the mouths of the two men,
as they continued their oral assault.

When Don pushed a finger into Marge's vagina, she began to
cum. Soon after, Anne also reached her peak and climaxed
into Marc's mouth, gripping the back of his head with her
legs. After the girls came down from the pleasure, the
guys handed them each a new silk nightgown and helped them
slip them on.

At the dinner table, Don and Marc served the women salad,
lasagna, and wine.

"Ok, what's the occasion?" Marge asked.

"We were called back to work today," Marc announced. "We
start right after the first of the year."

Marge and Anne jumped from their chairs and threw their
arms around their husbands' necks. They hugged and kissed
the two men, squealing with joy.

"Tomorrow night we can tell Cid that he needs to find
someone else to work his parties," Marge said. "I can't
wait to quit that job."

"Me either," Anne said. "It will be nice to get back to
normal again."

"Only two more weeks," Marge said. "I can't believe it.
I'm so happy right now I could scream."

The girls returned to their seats and finished their
dinners. They helped the guys clear the table and wash the
dishes. Once everything was in order, the four went into
the living room to relax and finish the second bottle of

Lounging on the floor, they all talked about the upcoming
holiday and how much fun they would have watching the
children open the gifts they were able to buy.

"What would you girls like for desert?" Don asked.

Anne looked at Marge and they both smiled. "Cum!" They
said in unison.

In only moments, all four had removed their clothes and
were moving close to each other. Marge reached out and
took Marc's penis into her hand and stroked it. Anne
grabbed her brother's penis and also began to pump her fist
over the rigid member.

"So, who's cock are you going to suck Marge?" Marc asked
his sister.

"Both of them," Marge giggled and leaned over to take his
penis into her mouth.

Anne covered Don's penis with her mouth and started to
push her lips down, stopping when she felt his pubic hair
against her nose. The women bobbed their heads up and down
on the guys' hard penises, sucking them firmly.

After several minutes, Anne released her brother's penis
from her mouth and stroked him with her hand. She reached
over to Marge and shook her arm until she pulled off of
Marc's manhood and looked at her.

"I want to suck on my husband's cock now," Anne said.

"Okay, let's switch," Marge replied.

Before trading places with Anne, Marge lowered her vagina over Marc's penis and bounced up and down on it. She
looked over to Anne and said, "How about a little sauce on
your desert?"

"Sounds good to me," Anne giggled and did the same thing
to her brother.

When the girls climbed off their brothers and took their
husbands into their mouths, they both moaned. They
continued to suck on the hard penises until both men filled
their wives' mouths with their cum.

Once the guys were spent, the girls lay next to them on
the floor. Marge turned to Anne and pulled her mouth to
hers. The two girls probed each other's open mouths and
savored the flavor of the combined taste of their husbands'
cum. Soon the two girls had positioned themselves so they
could lick at one another's crotches as their husbands

"I need to be fucked," Anne said.

"Me too," Marge replied. "Are you two up to it yet?"

Both men scrambled to their knees and moved behind their
wives. Marge and Anne got up on all fours and waited for
the guys to fill them from behind. When Don slammed his
penis into Marge and began to pump her, she reached over to
Anne and started to diddle her clit.

"That feels so good," Anne said and moved her hand between
Marge's legs to return the favor. "I just love the feeling
of a hard cock in my pussy!"

For the next twenty minutes the two couples carried on,
switching around and making love to their sibling, before
moving back to their spouse. When the four were completely
exhausted and spent, they collapsed onto the floor in a
tangle of legs and arms.

"Are you two going to go home or stay here tonight?"
Marge asked Anne as she caressed her sister-in-law's breast.

"I would love to stay tonight," Anne said. "Who knows,
maybe the guys can get it up again."

The two girls laughed and the four went into the bedroom.
They again made love, this time Don and Marc came in their
sister's vaginas before they all fell asleep.

On Friday night, the girls told Cid that he would need to
find replacements for them. They went into the bedroom of
the hotel suite and changed into the skimpy costumes for
the second to the last time. When they returned to the
main room, Cid was standing behind the bar.

"I may find a couple of girls to take your place, but I
will never be able to replace you two. You guys have been
the best girls I have ever had work my card games and you
have brought in a lot of new players," he said.

"Thanks for the compliment Cid," Marge said. "Anne and I
have really enjoyed working for you and the money has
really helped our families."

Anne smiled and said, "Yes, thanks a lot. It has been
different, but I have enjoyed it too."

"I will let the players know that tomorrow is your last
night girls, it should mean better tips for you two," Cid

"Tomorrow night?" Marge said. "I thought you needed two

"Normally I would, but next week is Thanksgiving and there
isn't a game. I'll have plenty of time to find someone
else," Cid replied.

The room filled with men and the card games began. At
about midnight, the girls removed their tops and skirts and
moved around the room in only their lingerie. Cid told the
players that the girls would be leaving after tomorrow
night and the tips were better. At the end of the night,
Marge and Anne counted the money and found they had made
close to three thousand dollars.

The next night, the girls dressed in only their bras,
panties, and stockings for their last night. The players
all told them how much they would miss them and stuffed
large bills into their underwear as they moved about the

Anne was talking to one of the players as Marge watched
from the bar. She watched her reach behind her and remove
her bra, exposing her breasts to the crowed room. When
Anne returned to the bar, Marge asked what was going on.

"The guy offered me two hundred to take it off Marge. I
thought what the hell, it's our last night and I might as
well make as much as I can."

Marge watched Anne remove two one hundred dollar bills
from her panties and put them into the box. She thought
about what Anne said and removed her bra too. As the night
wore on, the girls became a little friskier than they had
ever been at the card games, allowing the men to touch
their bare breasts when they leaned over to serve the

The guys that normally only gave them a five or ten,
started to hand out twenties when they tipped the two. At
about one thirty in the morning, Marge removed her panties and took a tray of drinks to a table. When she returned
with three hundred dollars, Anne also removed her panties and moved around in only her stockings and garters.

As Marge delivered a drink to one of the regulars he
turned to her and said, "Mitzi, I'll bet you a hundred that
you won't kiss Amber and touch her breasts."

Marge giggled and said, "You're on."

Walking over to Anne, Marge put her hand on the back of
her head, pulled her mouth to hers, and began to kiss her.
She covered Anne's breast with one of her hands and
squeezed it firmly. When Marge moved away, Anne looked at
her in surprise.

"What was that all about?" Anne asked.

"He bet me a hundred I wouldn't do it," Marge said,
pointing to the man at the table.

Anne went to another table and a player that had witnessed
the display offered her two hundred to touch Marge's
crotch. Pulling Marge to the table, Anne put her hand
between her sister-in-laws legs and rubbed her. She took
the two bills from the man and pulled Marge back to the
bar. The two girls giggled and made snide comments about
the way the night was progressing.

For the next couple of hours, the girls touched and kissed
one another collecting bigger and bigger tips. One of the
players offered Anne two hundred dollars for a blowjob, but
she refused.

"Two hundred!" Another man at the table said. "Don't
insult these two, they are the best girls Cid has ever had."

Another player at the same table said, "Shit, I would give
five hundred to see the two of them go at it."

When the man sitting at the table next to the guy that
made the offer heard him, he said he would add another five
hundred. Soon eight guys had offered Marge and Anne five
hundred dollars each to put on a little show.

"Four thousand is a lot of money Marge," Anne said. "I
find the offer very tempting."

"I don't know, I'm not sure I could do anything like that
if front of these guys," Marge said. "Besides, what would
we do if they got out of hand? We could end up in big

Cid overheard the young mothers talking and walked over to
them. "You two are considering the offer the guys made
aren't you?"

"Four thousand is a lot of money Cid," Anne said. "It's
making us think about it. We are just a little scared
about the guys getting too riled up and out of hand. We
don't want to have any kind of sex with them."

"Nothing is going to happen that you two don't want to
happen, I'll see to that," Cid said. "You tell me what you
are willing to do and I will make sure that's all that goes

"Well," Marge said. "I'd do it if no one tried to touch

"No one will touch you girls, I promise," Cid replied.
"You do know that they will get turned on, don't you? They
may even want to pull their dicks out and jack off while
they watch, is that okay?"

Marge and Anne both giggled at the thought of the guys standing around rubbing themselves while they watched them
playing with each other. They told Cid they would talk
about the offer and let him know in a little while. The
three split up and Marge and Anne resumed their duties as
servers. When all of the players had fresh drinks, the
girls went into the bedroom to discuss the idea of making
love in front of the men. After weighing all of the pros
and cons, they agreed to do it and went to tell Cid.

"Okay girls, you two go into the bedroom when you are
ready and I will collect the money for you. I will only
let the guys that pay in the room to see the show."

Marge and Anne dressed in their costumes and waited on the
bed for Cid. When he opened the door, a dozen men followed
him into the room and took their places around the bed.
Anne glanced at Cid and he nodded his head, indicating that
all of the guys had paid to watch.

Turning to Marge Anne smiled, thinking of the six thousand
that Cid was holding for them. Marge grinned, put her hand
on the back of Anne's head and drew her mouth to hers. The
two girls began to kiss one another, making sure the men could see their tongues moving in and out of each other's
mouths. Flopping onto their backs, the girls continued to
kiss and began to fondle the other's breasts.

Soon the tops they wore came off, followed by their bras.
They could hear the men making comments and encouraging
them as Marge covered one of Anne's nipples with her mouth
and began to suck it. When Marge had the nipple as hard as
a rock, she switched to the other one and started to suck
on it. Anne moaned and held Marge's head to her breast.
Part of her sensual noises were from the pleasure, part of
them were to enhance the show.

The two girls twisted, turned and groped at the other's
body, removing clothing as they went along. Anne pushed
Marge onto her back, removed her panties and buried her
head between Marge's wide spread legs. She forced her
tongue into Marge's slit and then into her vagina.

Glancing at the men she could see from her position, Marge
saw that some of the men had their penises out and were
stroking them. She wiggled out from under her sister-in-
law, spun around and the girls got into a sixty-nine

The hooting and hollering intensified as the girls kissed
and licked at each other's crotches. Marge lifted her head
and drove two fingers into Anne's vagina and began to
finger her. She looked into the eyes of the men around the
bed and grinned at them.

"Do you guys like watching me finger fuck her?" Marge
asked with a rough voice. "Would you like me to finger her

The men began to yell instructions to the girls and Marge
complied. She removed her fingers from Anne's vagina and
pressed one into her anus. When she began to move it in
and out, Anne took Marge's clit between her teeth and
rolled the hard nub back and fourth as she tapped at it
with the tip of her tongue.

After a few minutes, the girls switched and Anne assaulted
Marge's bottom while she chewed on Anne's labia. The girls were about twenty minutes into the show and the yells and
comments had increased to an almost deafening level.
Almost all of the men had their penises out and were
jacking themselves at a rapid pace. Anne noticed the men had moved closer and were all standing with their legs
against the bed.

Smiling, Anne surveyed the group and was turning her head
back when she felt a glob of cum hit her cheek. One by
one, the men shot their loads, splattering the girls'
bodies with semen. When the last man had shot his spunk on
the two naked girls, they all began to cheer.

Anne and Marge sat up next to each other and began to rub
the sticky ejaculate over the other's body. When the last
drop of cum was spread into a glistening sheen, the girls fell onto their backs and sighed. One of the guys took a
hundred dollar bill out of his pocket and flipped it at the
two cum covered girls. Soon all of the men were throwing
money onto the bed and telling Marge and Anne what a great
show it was.

The men began to leave and soon the girls were alone in
the bedroom of the hotel suite. They went into the
bathroom, turned on the shower, and washed the evidence of
their escapades away. When they had dried themselves and
redressed in their normal clothing, they left the bedroom.

"Are you two okay?" Cid asked.

"Yes," Anne said. "Just great."

"Things got a little carried away in there, but it seemed
to work out all right. None of the guys tried to get too
friendly," Cid said.

Marge and Anne sat at the bar and watched Cid washing the
glasses and putting them away. When he was finished, he
handed the girls the box they kept their money in. Marge
opened the box and dumped the contents onto the bar. She
and Anne carefully counted the money, stacking it in piles
of one thousand dollars.

The two girls counted the stacks of bills and then
recounted them. "Thirteen thousand six hundred," Marge

"The guys took up a collection after your show," Cid said.
"They really enjoyed it. If you two ever need to pick up
some extra cash, you know where to find me."

"I don't think we will ever do something like this again,
but you never know," Anne said.

The three of them sat around and talked for another half
an hour before the girls finally decided to leave. They
told Cid that they would see him at the restaurant, and
thanked him for giving them the job. Cid told them they
could keep the costumes in case they ever decided to work
for him again.

On the ride home Marge separated the money, putting ten
thousand away and the balance into her purse. When they
arrived at Marge's house, they told their husbands that
they had done very well on their last night and handed them
the three thousand six hundred they had decided to share.

* * * *

"It seems so long ago," Marge said as she stood up in the
tub. "We had better get going, the guys will be back from
Jerry's office any minute.

The two women had spent the better part of an hour talking
about the events of the past. They both climbed out of the
tub and dried themselves before going into the bedroom to
put on the costumes. As they dressed, they talked about
how understanding their husbands had been.

"I don't know," Marge said looking at herself in the
mirror. "I'm not sure that I want to go through with this

Anne looked at Marge and then herself. The costumes were
very tight on their matured bodies and just didn't have the
same allure they did years ago. Anne removed the outfit
and tossed it onto the bed.

"You're right," Marge said, removing the garments. "Let's
just let sleeping dogs lie."

They dressed in their normal clothing, agreeing to tell
their husbands that the costumes just didn't fit. Anne put
the items back into the box and carried it downstairs to be
tossed into the trash. When Don and Marc returned, they
found the girls in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"I thought you two were going to show us your outfits,"
Marc said as he poured a cup of coffee and sat at the
counter next to his wife. "What's up?"

"To be perfectly honest," Anne replied. "We were smaller
then and the costumes just didn't look as good as they did
before. If you guys are really interested, we could buy
new ones that fit. They were just cheap French Maid
uniforms anyway."

"I vote that we just forget it," Don said. He had noticed
a look on his wife's face that told him to just drop the

Marge smiled at her husband and asked, "How did things go
at Jerry's?"

"Just fine," Don replied. "I think we both have writers
cramp though. We must have signed fifty documents for the

The four of them finished their coffee and decided to go
out for lunch.


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