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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 51



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited
without the express written permission of the author. ,2001 By:
Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are
offended by material of this nature, are under the legal age in
your location to read this material, or it is illegal for you to
possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at

The Lottery - Part 51 (mf, ff, MF, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision

Kim waited for her brother in the hall near the doorway of the
school building. She had gone outside, but found it to be too
cold and windy to wait there. As she rested against the wall,
several of the girls from her classes stopped by and chatted
before going out into the cold. Sally came up and stood next to
her and waited for Tom.

"What are you doing tonight Kim?" Sally asked.

"Jack and I are going shopping for a birthday present for Megan
and then I guess I'll just do my home work. How about you?"

"I don't have anything planned, just schoolwork and talking to
Brad. He wants to get together this weekend and do something."

"Yeah, Paul does too. I think those two want to fool around
with us."

Sally grinned and giggled, "That's cool, I want to fool around

Kim looked down the hallway and saw Tom, Jack, and Megan
walking towards them. She smiled at her brother and waved.
When they were all together, they left the school and headed for
their vehicles.

Jack walked Megan to her car, talked for a few minutes, and
kissed her goodbye. When he climbed into his truck he tossed
his books into the back seat and started the engine.

"Are we going to go home before we go shopping Jack?" Kim asked.

"Not unless you want to Kim, I thought we could just go to the
mall, get the shopping done and then go home," Jack said as he
removed his tie and unbuttoned the first two buttons of his
white shirt.

"That's fine, let's go."

Jack pulled out of the parking lot and drove towards the mall.
Kim reached over the seat, pulled her backpack into the front
seat and put it on the floor. She unzipped the pack, removed a
pair of jeans and put them on the seat next to her. After
removing her shoes, Kim pulled the jeans up her legs and over
her knees. Wiggling around on the seat she managed to get the
pants all the way up before she removed her skirt.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jack asked as he shifted his
eyes between his sister and the road.

"I'm changing my clothes, I figured that you would want to go
straight to the mall and I came prepared. I'm not going
shopping in this getup."

By the time Jack pulled into the mall's parking lot, Kim had
removed the remainder of her school outfit and put on a sweater.
She fastened her jeans and put on a pair of tennis shoes she had
also packed. Jack parked the truck and the two went into the

As they walked along, Kim quizzed her brother about what he
wanted to get for Megan.

"I have no idea Kim, what would you suggest?"

"Let's go get something to drink Jack, we can talk about it in
the food court."

Jack bought Cokes for each of them and they sat on a bench to
drink them.

"Just how personal do you want the gift to be Jack," Kim asked
her brother.

After thinking for a moment, Jack said. "Very personal I guess."

Kim glanced around and made sure no one could hear them
talking. She began to giggle and put her hand on Jack's leg
just above his knee.

"Well then, that makes it easy. We can just tie a ribbon
around your cock for her."

"Kim!" Jack said, "Please try to be serious."

"Okay spoiled sport, finish your drink and follow me. I think
I know the perfect gift for you to give Megan."

Jack tossed his empty cup into a trash container and followed
his sister through the mall. She led him to a jewelry store and
to a counter full of rings. While Kim was slowly looking at the
rings in the glass counter, a salesgirl asked if she needed any

"I would like to see something with a topaz stone," Kim said.

The salesgirl guided them to another counter and took out a
display case filled with rings. Jack stood next to his sister and shifted from one foot to the other as Kim examined the
rings. She pulled a ring out of the box and looked at it
closely. The ring had a yellow topaz stone in the center and
two very small diamonds on each side. She slipped it onto her
finger and held it out for Jack to see.

Jack held Kim's fingertips and looked at the gold ring on her

"What do you think Kim, will Megan like it?" Jack asked.

Kim looked up at her brother and smiled, "Yes Jack, she'll love

"Okay then," Jack said to the sales girl. "How much is this

The girl looked at a small tag on the ring and said, "Eighty
five dollars plus tax."

Jack took out his wallet and gave the girl his credit card.
"I'll take it."

Kim handed the ring to the salesgirl and asked her to gift wrap
it for them. She put the ring into a small velvet ring box and
then into a silver box. After she had covered the package with
bright foil paper, she completed the transaction and gave Jack
the slip to sign.

"I want to stop at another store while we are here," Kim said.
"I need to look for a new pair of pajamas for next weekend."

Kim headed to her favorite clothing store and Jack followed
her. He clutched the small bag the girl had put the ring into
as they walked along. When they reached the sleepwear
department, Kim began to look through the racks of pajamas.

"How about something like this?" Jack said, holding up a white
see-through baby doll nightie with a very small g-string bottom.

Kim looked at the garment and smiled, "I don't think that would
be appropriate for a pajama party with a bunch of girls…but I
will wear it for you if you want."

Jack started to put the nightie back on the rack, but changed
his mind. He held onto it as his little sister continued her
search. Kim found a pair of silk pajamas with long, drawstring
bottoms and a short-sleeved top. She took the nightie that Jack
was holding and her selection the to counter and paid for them
both. The two siblings left the mall, went to Jack's truck and
got in.

The ride home was silent and only took a few minutes. After
Jack parked in the garage, they both went into the house. Kim
found a note in the kitchen from her mom, telling the kids that
they were out with their Aunt and Uncle. Kim informed Jack and
went up to her room.

Kim took her new items out of the bag and put them away. She
took out her books and sat down at her desk to do her homework.

Jack raided the refrigerator and found food left over from
dinner the night before. He sat at the counter eating and
staring at the bag containing the ring he had bought for Megan.
His mind wandered back to the afternoon at Megan's house and the
lovemaking they had enjoyed. He thought about her tight nude
body and how he felt when he held her close to him. His heart
began to race and his penis twitched in his slacks as he thought
about being in her vagina and having her legs wrapped around him.

By the time Jack had finished his afternoon snack, he had a
raging erection, and a burning desire to see his girlfriend. He
put his dirty plate into the sink and called Megan.

"Hi baby," he said when she answered the phone. "What are you

"Hi Jack, I was just hanging around the house, I finished my
homework and don't really have anything to do. How about you?"

"I was just thinking about you and wondered if you would like
some company for a while. Maybe we could work on my algebra or

"I would really like that Jack."

"Cool, I'll be right over, I just have to change."

"Hurry Jack, I miss you."

Jack hung up the telephone and ran up the stairs to his room.
He quickly removed his school clothes and put on jeans and a
shirt. Once he was dressed, he went to Kim's room to tell her
that he was leaving.

"I'm going to run over to Megan's house and work on my math
with her," Jack said as he stood next to his sister.

"Okay big brother, I'll see you later."

"Kim," he said, sitting on the edge of her bed. "Are you sure
that she will like the ring?"

Kim turned around in her desk chair and rolled it up close to
Jack. She reached out, put both of her hands on his knees and
smiled at him.

"Jack, Megan will love the ring, it's very pretty. She will
also love what it stands for."

"What do you mean Kim?"

"Well, if you put it on her left ring finger it will mean that
you want to go steady with her. It's something that's very
important to a girl."

"I don't understand Kim, I haven't gone steady before."

"It means that you only want her as a girlfriend and won't date
anyone else. Megan will show everyone she knows the ring and
tell them who gave it to her."

Jack thought about what Kim said and asked, "What about us?"

"I would hope that's different Jack. You and I are something
special and I hope we can continue to enjoy our relationship."

Jack leaned forward, took Kim's head in his hands and kissed
her softly on the lips.

"Me too, I don't ever want things to change between us."

Kim's eyes filled with tears. She got up and sat on Jack's
lap, put her arms around him and held him tightly.

"Me either Jack. Now you had better get going or I'm going to
rip your clothes off and fuck your brains out," she said as she
stood up.

Jack also stood up. He put his arms around Kim and his hands
on her bottom. When he lifted her up by her butt, Kim wrapped
her legs around his waist and hooked them behind his back.

"Maybe you and I can go for a swim when I get back Kim."

"Maybe Jack, we will have to see what time you get home."

Kim unhooked her legs and reluctantly moved away from her
brother. She pushed her chair back to her desk and told him
goodbye as he left the room.

Jack drove over to Megan's house and knocked on the front door.
When she opened it, Megan sprang into Jacks arms and began to
kiss him. He put one arm around her back and held his books
with the other as Megan covered his face with small wet kisses.

When she finally released her grip on his neck, Megan closed
the door and invited Jack in.

"I'm so happy you came over Jack, I really miss you," she said
as she took his hand and pulled him into the family room. "I
love you so much Jack, and just hate to be away from you."

Jack followed close behind Megan with his eyes fixed on her
bottom. She had changed out of her school clothing and put on a
pair of skintight stretch pants and a tank top. His gaze
traveled up her back, pausing at the two-inch strip of flesh
between the waistband of her pants and her snug top. He
examined her narrow waist before looking up at the back of her

"You had your hair cut," he said as they reached the couch.

Megan stopped and turned to face Jack, ran her fingers through
her short red hair, and said, "Yes, I stopped after school
today. Do you like it?"

Megan's hair had been cut into a boyish style, exposing her
long neck. Jack looked at the newly styled hair as she slowly
turned around.

After a few moments, Jack smiled and said, "It looks great on
you Megan."

Jack reached out and ran his fingers through her hair, noting
its stiffness. His hands moved to her neck and he pulled her to
him, covering her lips with his. Breaking the kiss, he cocked
his head and kissed her exposed neck, causing Megan to lean her
head back and exhale slowly.

Small goose bumps began to form on her skin as Jack nibbled on
her ear lobe and probed her ear with the tip of his tongue. He
tossed his book on the couch behind Megan and put his now empty
hand on her waist. Rubbing gently along her ribs, he moved his
hand to her breast, covered it and made small circles over it
with his palm.

Megan moved her hands, which had been dangling at her side, to
Jack's butt and gripped his firm cheeks. She pulled his pelvis
to hers and ground herself against his now stiff manhood.

"That feels so good," she said as she rotated her hips and
massaged his hard-on with her mons.

The two teens were lost in their lust and barely heard Megan's
mom when she walked into the room.

"Hi kids," Liz said. "How was school today?"

Jack and Megan quickly parted and looked in the direction of
Liz. They were both turning red and trying to recover from
their sensual embrace.

Liz crossed the room, flipped at Megan's hair with her fingers,
and smiled. The teens could see her eyes move from Megan's hair
to her breasts and then to Jack's crotch. Megan's nipples poked
against the thin material of her tank top, and Jack had an
obvious lump in his jeans.

"You hair is so cute Megan," Liz said. "I really like it like

"Thanks mom, I decided to try something different. I have worn
my hair long forever and wanted to see how I would look with it

Liz fought the urge to giggle and put her arms around the two
teen's waists. She pulled them close to her and said, "You
know, there's nothing wrong with being in love. I have a
headache and I'm going to go upstairs and lay down. Your dad
will be home in about an hour and a half. Maybe if I feel a
little better, we can go out for a bite later."

"That sounds good mom, Jack and I are going to work on his
algebra," Megan said.

Liz released her grip on her daughter and Jack, and replied,
"Okay, have fun. I'll see you two in an hour or so."

Jack and Megan stood quietly and watched Liz walk out of the
room. When she was out of sight, the two teens looked at one
another and began to giggle.

"Well," Jack said. "That was certainly embarrassing."

"What's the matter Jack, don't you like it when my mom watches
you playing with my tits or me squeezing your ass?" Megan

Taking Jack by the arm, she sat on the couch and pulled him
down next to her. She put her hand into his crotch and rubbed
his now relaxed penis.

Jack groaned as she brought his penis back to its erect state.
He put his arm around her and cupped her small breast in his
hand, covering it completely. As he gently gripped and released
her firm flesh, he felt her nipple harden against his hand.

"Aren't you afraid your mom will come back?" Jack said.

"I don't care if she does," she replied, and covered his mouth
with hers.

Jack parted his lips and accepted her tongue as she pressed it
into his mouth. He could feel her explore his teeth, tongue,
and inner cheeks with her hot tongue as she increased the
pressure on his stiff shaft. While she continued to kiss him,
she fumbled with the small tab of his zipper and pulled it down.

When her hand snaked into his fly and pulled his throbbing
penis out of the opening, Jack moaned into her mouth. He could
feel her fingers barely graze his torrid shaft as she moved her
hand from his fly to the bulbous head.

Megan removed her mouth from his, laid her head on his chest,
and looked down at his penis. She placed her fingertip on the
thick vein that traversed its length and slowly traced up and
down, running her finger under the edge of his helmet when she
reached the top. When his penis jerked, she tried to maintain

Jack moved his hand away from her breast and to the exposed
flesh of her waist. He slipped his hand under her top and back
up to her breast, taking her rigid nipple between his finger and

"You make my pussy tingle when you play with my nipples Jack.
If you keep it up I'm going to cum."

A small drop of fluid formed at the tip of Jack's penis and
Megan leaned down and collected it with her tongue. She moved
her tongue over her lips, coating them with the salty discharge.

"You taste so good," she said as she again licked the end of
his penis.

Megan stood up and pulled her top over her head. Straddling
his legs, she knelt on the couch, put her hands on his
shoulders, and pushed one of her breasts into Jack's open mouth.
He put his hands on her butt and massaged her cheeks as he
sucked her nipple.

Reaching between them, Megan unfastened the button of his jeans
and then wrapped her fingers around his penis. She slowly moved
her hand over the hard shaft, rubbing her thumb along the
bottom. When she felt Jack begin to thrust his hips and move
his penis in her hand, Megan released him and stood up.

"Let's go and work on your math," she said with a chuckle.

Jack watched as she picked up his book and her top and started
to turn towards the kitchen. When she looked over her shoulder
and saw Jack tucking his hard-on into his jeans she said, "Just
leave that cock out Jack, it will give me something to do while
you work."

Jack walked behind Megan, his hard penis swaying from side to
side. He held his jeans at the waist so they wouldn't fall down
his legs. When they got to the breakfast nook, Jack sat down
and Megan sat next to him.

"Now where were we?" she said as she opened his book.

Jack looked at her bare breasts and then at the math book. "I
think we were working on this chapter," he said and turned to a
page he had marked.

Megan stood up, went into the kitchen and returned with a pad
of lined paper. She copied one of the problems onto the paper
and told Jack to start to solve it. Jack began working on the
equation and Megan gazed at his softening penis through the
glass tabletop. She reached into his lap and began to fondle
him as she told him how to work out the math problem.

"Um, it's kind of hard to concentrate Megan."

"I know, but I'm working on it," she said as she slid her hand
into his boxers and cuddled his testicles in her palm.

"I meant it was hard for me to concentrate."

"Oh, I'm sorry Jack. Do you want me to stop?"

Jack glanced down and watched her small hand moving around in
his underwear. He shifted in his chair and started to laugh.

"No, I don't want you to stop. Your hand feels real nice on my
balls and dick, but I'm still worried that your mom is going to
come back."

"Why? She's seen my boobs before."

"That's not what I'm talking about and you know it. What would
she say if she saw what you were doing?"

Megan knew that she was frustrating Jack. She stroked the
length of his penis and removed her hand.

"I think she would say, 'nice cock' and want to play with it
too," she giggled. "But I wouldn't let her. Your beautiful
cock is all mine! Besides, she has already seen you naked, at
your house."

Jack smiled and immediately thought about his sister and cousin
Sally. "That's different, we were all naked, and you weren't
playing with it. In fact, we weren't really even going together

Megan's heart began to pound in her chest. She still liked to
hear Jack talk about going together and being her boyfriend.
She could feel her vagina tingle and her face become flush.

He looked back at the paper and began to work on the problem
Megan had copied for him.

"Do you have a calculator? We're allowed to use one in class."

"Yes, I have a calculator, but it's better if you learn how to
do it this way first. The calculator doesn't do any good if you
don't know the fundamentals of algebra. You're doing just fine."

Megan watched as Jack finished the problem, finding the correct
answer. When he looked up at her, she told him it was right and
began to copy another onto a clean sheet of paper. Looking at
the wall clock, she realized that her dad would be home in a
half an hour.

"Here you go, see if you can solve this one."

Jack began to work on the problem, breaking it down like she
had shown him. He was so involved in his work that he didn't
notice Megan when she slid off her chair and knelt on the floor,
under the table. When he felt her kiss his penis, Jack looked
down and watched Megan suck his soft member into her mouth.

Megan glanced up and her eyes met his. She continued to orally
massage him as his penis grew in the warm wetness of her mouth.
As it reached it's full length, she pulled back, leaving the
velvety head against the opening of her throat.

Slowly, Jack moved his chair back so Megan was out from under
the table. Once her head was no longer restricted by the
tabletop, she began to bob up and down on him, increasing her

Jack started to push his bottom up off the chair, matching
Megan's motion. When she heard him moan out loud, she removed
his penis from her mouth and stood up.

"I want to feel you inside me Jack," she said as she pushed her
tight pants down.

Megan stepped out of her pants and straddled the chair and
Jack's legs. She took his penis into her hand and rubbed the
head along her slit, parting her labia and holding it at her
opening. With her knees pointed at right angles to his legs,
she lowered herself and felt him fill her vagina.

Jack put his hands on her bottom and guided her up and down his
shaft. She pressed her chest into his face and her breast to
his mouth. Extending his tongue, Jack swiped her hard nipple
before sucking it between his lips.

Gripping Jack's shoulders, Megan moved up and down on him,
feeling his penis stretch her heated tunnel. The combination of
Jack's mouth on her breast and his manhood buried in her vagina sent Megan into the throws of an orgasm. Her vaginal muscles
contracted around Jack's penis and her juices flowed onto his lap.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she groaned as her entire body shook and she
sat down hard on him, driving him as deep as she could.

Jack's penis expanded and he shot his cum into her quivering
sex, reaching his own climax as hers began to subside. When he
had finished sending the last drop of semen into her, Jack
released her breast and pulled her to him.

The two teens clung to one another panting, Jack's penis still
in Megan's vagina.

"Jack," she said, resting her chin on his shoulder. "I want to
spent the whole night with you so we can wakeup in each others
arms and make love in the morning."

"I'd like that too sweetheart, someday we'll have the chance to
sleep together the whole night."

"I'll make love to you…and fuck you…until you can't walk Jack.
I want to suck your cock and feel it in my pussy all night long.
In the morning I'll wakeup and have you for breakfast."

"That sounds so nice Megan, I want to fall asleep with my cock
in your hot pussy and have you for breakfast too."

Jack and Megan were talking about the things they would do
together if they could spend the night alone. During their
sexual verbal exchange, they heard the garage door opening and
realized that Megan's dad was home.

Megan jumped off Jack's lap, grabbed her clothes and ran for
the bathroom. A string of cum ran down her inner thigh as she
stepped into the half-bath off the kitchen and pulled the door
closed. Jack sprang to his feet and stuffed his semi ridge
penis, still coated with the combined juices of his and Megan's
love making, into his boxers and pulled his jeans up.

When Jerry walked into the kitchen, Jack was working on his
math problem.

"Hello Jack," Megan's dad said. "Where is everybody?"

"Hi Mr. Stone," Jack replied. "Mrs. Stone is upstairs, she
said she has a headache. Megan is in the bathroom I think."

Megan came out of the bathroom and went to her dad. She hugged
him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Do you like my new haircut daddy?" She asked her father.

"You look very cute Megan," Jerry said.

"Mom said that we might go out to eat if she was feeling better
when you got home," Megan said.

"Okay, I'll go up, check on her and change into something a
little less dressy." Jerry said as he turned and left the
breakfast nook.

"Wow, that was a close call, your dad almost caught us!" Jack

"Yup, it sure was," Megan replied as she took a piece of paper
toweling and wiped up a glob of cum that had leaked out of her
and onto the floor.

Megan sat down next to Jack and told him the finish the problem
he had started.

Jerry walked into his bedroom and found Liz sitting on the bed
with her back to the headboard, reading a book. He removed his
jacket, loosened his tie and sat on the edge of the bed.

"How are you felling?" he asked as he put his hand on her bare
leg and squeezed.

"I feel fine Jerry."

"The kids said you had a headache and came up to lay down."

"Oh that, I just used that a an excuse to leave them alone.
When I got home from the office they were making out in the
family room."

Liz removed her suit when she came upstairs and was in her
underwear. She set her book on the nightstand and scooted
closer to her husband. Putting her arms around his neck, Liz
hugged him and began to kiss his neck.

"They were working on some homework when I came in," he said,
moving his hand to his wife's back and rubbing her.

Liz chuckled and said, "That's not all they were working on, I
went down to get a soda and saw them going at it like there was
no tomorrow."

"Oh really! What were they doing?"

"Maybe I had better show you Jerry," she said as she slid off
the bed onto the floor. "Your daughter was topless and kneeling
on the floor in front of Jack like this."

Liz removed her bra, unfastened Jerry's belt, and slacks then
pulled down his zipper.

"She was kissing his cock and sucking on it," Liz said pulling
Jerry's penis out into the open and running her tongue around
the head.

Jerry rose up and pushed his slacks down his legs. When he
started to work his boxers off his hips, Liz released his penis
and helped him. Once he was completely exposed, she took his
penis into her mouth and used her tongue and hand to bring him
to a full erection.

"You watched Megan sucking his cock?"

Liz nodded her head yes and continued to move her mouth over
his swollen shaft.

"Did you watch her finish him?"

Liz pulled her mouth off him slowly and began to work her hand
up and down his penis.

"No, I left and came back up here. I don't know if she gave
him a blowjob or fucked him. All I know for sure is that it
made my pussy very wet and I couldn't wait for you to get home."

Returning her mouth to his penis, Liz began to suck and bob her
head on him. She slid one hand under his balls and rolled them
around as her other hand stroked the thick shaft that she didn't
have in her hot mouth.

"I love to watch my cock sliding in and out of your mouth Liz,
you are becoming quite the cock sucker. If you want me too,
I'll eat your pussy while you suck me off."

Liz shook her head no and pushed down on him, feeling his penis
press against the opening to her throat. She gagged slightly,
but keep up her assault until she felt him enter her throat and
her nose was touching his pubic hair. Jerry held the sides of
her head and bounced his hips, moving his penis in and out of her.

When Liz heard her husband announce that he was going to cum,
she backed off until the ridge of his penis was at her lips and
waited for his semen. She fisted his shaft and sucked gently,
knowing that at any moment her mouth would be flooded with the
salty juice she had grown to love.

Jerry suddenly had a vision of his young daughter the night she
had given him head. He felt his penis swell and fire the first
load of cum into his wife's mouth. He heard Liz moan as the
next pulses of hot semen shot from his penis. He intertwined
his fingers in her hair and pushed his erupting tool deep into
her mouth as she continued to swallow his seed.

Liz held his spent penis in her mouth, savoring the taste of
his cum. She moved her tongue from his helmet to the sides of
her cheeks, searching for the tiniest trace of the bittersweet
substance. She let his penis slip past her lips and out of her
mouth, keeping her fingers wrapped around him.

"I just love the way you taste and feel," she said as she
licked the underside of his softening penis. "You can return
the favor later and lick my pussy until I cum. Right now we
should get ready and go to dinner."

Megan giggled to herself as she walked past her parents' room
on the way to hers. He had heard her mom's comment about how
her dad tasted and thought about Jack. She went into her
bedroom and stripped off her clothes, wishing Jack could be
there to help. Megan took a quick shower and put on clean white
panties and a bra.

"Are you almost ready?" Megan heard her mom say.

Megan turned around and said, "Almost, I'm just trying to
decide what to wear tonight. Where are we going?"

"I would like to try that new steak house. I hear they have
good food. Would that be okay with you and Jack?"

"Sounds great to me, I really don't think Jack cares where we
go, as long as there's food."

Megan saw that her mom was wearing one of the new skirts she
had bought when the two of them had gone shopping. The black
skirt was shorter than her mom normally wore, stopping a couple
of inches above her knees. She had a red blouse on that was
open enough to see her cleavage when she moved just right.

"How about that nice denim skirt and the western shirt you
have, you looked nice in that outfit when you tried it on at the

"That's a good idea mom, Jack is wearing jeans today, we'll
match. Are you wearing pantyhose too?"

Liz lifted her skirt and showed her daughter the stockings and
garter she had on. "Not tonight, I haven't been wearing
pantyhose too much lately, you dad likes these much better."

Megan went into her closet and returned with the skirt and top
her mom referred to. She put her shirt on and looked at herself
in the mirror. She tugged at her shirttails, pulling it tight
against her chest.

"You know mom," she said as she turned and looked at her
profile. "For the first time in my life I'm not ashamed of my
small tits."

"I'm glad you've finally realized that you have a nice body
Megan," she said as she stepped behind her daughter, reached
around, and cradled her breasts in the palms of her hands.

Megan leaned her head back and rested it on her mom's shoulder.
"Jack likes them and that is all that matters to me."

Liz kissed Megan on the cheek, gave her breasts a gentle
squeeze, and released her. "Finish getting dressed now, I'm

Megan chuckled and then began to laugh as she thought about
what she had heard from her mom's room. She stepped into her
shirt, pulled it up, fastened the button and zipped it. She
gathered the skirt around her waist and pulled her shirttails
down before dropping it and smoothing it with her hands.

"What is so funny Megan?"

"Nothing," she replied, her laughter increasing.

"Something is funny to you," Liz said, watching her daughter holding her sides. "Please tell me what it is."

Megan was laughing uncontrollably now and her stomach was
beginning to hurt. "Well, after what I heard you say to daddy
when I walked past you room, I thought that you might not be all
that hungry."

"Megan!" Liz said, and also began to laugh. "You shouldn't be
eavesdropping on your father and I."

"I wasn't eavesdropping, I just heard you tell daddy he tasted
good when I walked by."

By now both of them were laughing. Liz caught her breath and
blurted out, "Well it looked like you were enjoying a snack of
your own earlier. I went down to get something to drink and saw
you and Jack in the breakfast nook."

"Mom! You watched us?"

"No honey, I didn't watch you. When I saw you two I went right
back up stairs…but I wanted to stay."

Megan turned red, stopped laughing and looked at her mom. "I
guess we should be a little more careful. I'm so embarrassed!"

Liz smiled at her daughter and said, "You don't have anything
to be embarrassed about honey, it's perfectly natural for you
and Jack to do those things. I'm just happy that you aren't a
prude like I was."

Megan sat on her bed, pulled on a pair of socks and her cowboy boots. "What do you mean you were a prude?"

"Like I told you before, up until recently my sexual knowledge
was very limited. Now I realize just how much fun I've missed
over the years and I don't want you to do the same thing that I
did. I'm so relieved that after what happened…"

Megan stopped her mom before she could finish her sentence.
"Please don't ever bring that up again mom, I have put it behind
me and am moving on with my life. I'm happy that you understand
about Jack and I, I really love him."

"I know you do honey, it shows. I do understand and I want you
to feel comfortable enough to be able to talk about things with
your father and I…even about sex."

Megan and her mom hugged. They heard Jerry calling them from
the bottom of the stairs and started out of the room.

"Mom," Megan said as they walked down the hallway. "I'm not
upset that you saw Jack and I… it's really kind of exciting."

"What's exciting?"

"Knowing that someone was watching."

"Yes, I agree that it is exciting to be watched…and to watch."

The two were giggling when the walked into the family room and
told the guys they were ready.

"What took you two so long?" Jerry asked.

"We were having a mother-daughter talk. What have you two been
up to?"

"Jack was telling me about the yacht that he and his family were on the other day and about the boat trip the kids took."
Jerry replied. "Are we ready to go and eat?"

"Yes sir," Jack said, as he stood up and walked to Megan's
side. "I'm hungry."

Jerry and Liz watched their daughter and Jack walk hand in hand
out to the car. Jack opened the door for Megan and held it as
she slid into the backseat. Jack got in, closed the door and
slid next to Megan.

The two adults got into the front seat and Jerry backed out of
the garage. Liz turned in her seat and looked at her daughter sitting close to Jack. Her skirt rose on her legs and Jerry
could see the tops of his wife's stockings as well as the creamy
flesh above them. Liz talked to her daughter about her upcoming
birthday, being careful not to mention the party she had planned.

Jack watched Megan as she and her mom talked, but he didn't
hear what they were saying. His mind was filled with the
thoughts of their lovemaking. He could see her mouth move as
she spoke and visualized his penis disappearing into her lips.
His heart was filled with joy and love for the tall redhead and
he wondered if the ring he had bought for her would convey his
real feelings. When he replayed the words his sister said about
the meaning of the ring being more important than the ring
itself, he felt more comfortable with his selection.

"We're here Jack," Megan said, gripping his thigh and snapping
him back to the moment. "Are you okay?"

Jack let out a sigh, smiled, and said, "Things couldn't be
better sweetheart. Let's go and eat."

As the two teens walked behind Jerry and Liz, Jack kissed Megan
on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Megan asked.

"Just because I love you Megan," he replied and put his arm
around her waist.

Megan stopped, turned to Jack, and looked into his eyes. Her
face glowed and her dark blue eyes sparkled as she stared at
him. "I love you too Jack…more than I could ever hope to tell

Megan kissed him on the lips and they continued their walk into
the restaurant. They found Megan's parents in a booth and slid
in across from them. The server handed the four menus and took
their drink orders. As they looked over the menus, Megan heard
her mom tell her dad that he had better save room for desert.
Glancing over the top of her menu, Megan caught her mom's eye
and smiled. Liz smiled back at her daughter, realizing that she
had overheard her comment.

The server returned to the booth with the drinks everyone had
asked for and asked if they were ready to order dinner.

"Can I start you out with an appetizer?" The girl asked.

Megan and her mom both broke out in laughter. Jack and Jerry
looked at the two women and tried to determine what was so funny.

"I think I'm all set," Liz replied. 'How about you Megan?"

"Yes, I'm all set too. I will have the filet, medium rare, a
baked potato with sour cream and butter, and the mixed
vegetables. I would also like a tossed salad." Megan said.

"What kind of dressing would you like on the salad?" The
server asked.

Megan thought for a moment and then said, "Something thick and

Liz chuckled and so did Megan. Again the two men looked at
them like they had lost their minds.

"Blue cheese?"

"Yes," Megan said, still giggling. "Blue cheese will be fine."

Once the server had taken everyone's order and left the booth,
Jerry turned to his wife.

"Just what the hell is so funny?" Jerry asked.

Liz shook her head and said, "Nothing honey, just a private
joke between Megan and I."

Jerry pressed his wife for details of the joke that she and her
daughter were laughing about and she finally gave in and
whispered into his ear. Jerry's face had a look of shock at
first, but a big smile formed as he listened to his wife and
looked back and forth between his daughter and Jack.

Megan knew what her mom was telling her dad and she began to
whisper into Jack's ear, relating what her mom and her had
talked about in her room. Jacks eyes opened wide when Megan
told him that her mom has seen her on her knees under the table
and knew what she was doing to him.

When the women were finished telling the guys what they had
been laughing about, Jack shifted nervously in his seat. He
tried to avoid Jerry's eyes, but Megan's dad kept looking at him.

"Well Jack," Jerry said. "It looks like you and I are the only
ones that didn't get an appetizer before dinner."

Jack tried to force a smile, but he still felt very
uncomfortable knowing that Megan's parents were aware of their
sexual activity. Megan put her hand on his leg, squeezed his
thigh and slid it up to his crotch before returning it to the

Liz could see that Jack was uncomfortable and quickly changed
the subject to school and asked how he liked the academy.

"It's okay I guess, they have a lot of rules there," he said.
"At my old school we could wear regular clothes."

The four talked about the school and the difference between
attending a private school as opposed to a public school. The
server came over and placed the salads in front of everyone and
left. The group ate their salads and the server brought the
rest of their food. They all ate in silence until they had
finished their dinners and the server asked if they would be
having desert.

"No thanks," Jack said. "I don't think I could eat another

"Me either," Megan said.

Jerry paid the bill and they left to go back to Megan's house.
When they arrived, the four went into the family room and Jerry
turned on the television. While they were watching a movie,
Megan leaned over to Jack and whispered into his ear.

"I wish my parents would go to bed so you can have desert," she
said softly.

Jack put his arm around her shoulders, pulled her close to him
and nodded. Megan moved her arm and pressed her breast into his
side. She glanced at her mom and smiled when her mom looked back.

"Jerry," Liz said. "Let's go upstairs."

When Jerry looked at his wife she ran her tongue over her lips
and winked. Jerry got up and told Megan and Jack not to stay up
too late. He followed his wife up the stairs, leaving the two
teens alone in the family room. As soon as her parents had
disappeared, Megan kissed Jack.

Jack returned her kiss and began to rub his hand over her back.
Megan moved so she was sitting on his lap and kissed his ear.
She took his hand and put it on her leg, moving her knees apart.
He slowly rubbed his hand along her thigh, moving nearer and
nearer her crotch.

"Touch me Jack," she cooed into his ear.

Jack moved higher on her thigh and began to rub the gusset of
her panties. He could feel the dampness of her excitement as
his fingers moved up and down over the silky material. Megan
moaned and opened her legs wider as she flicked at his ear with
her tongue.

Standing up in front of Jack, she reached under her skirt,
removed her panties and tossed them aside. She sat next to Jack
and the two engaged in a warm embrace. They began to kiss each
other, opening their mouths and searching for the other's
tongue. Jack moved his hands to her shirt, slowly unfastened
the snaps and pulled it open. He covered her breast with his
hand and massaged her through her bra.

"Why don't you take your bra off Megan," Jack whispered. "I
want to kiss your boobs."

Megan reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and pulled it
up to expose her breasts to him. He bent his head down, took
one of her breasts into his mouth and sucked it firmly. Megan
pulled his head to her chest and quivered as he poked at her
nipple with his tongue.

Jack put his hand between her legs and moved it up to her naked
crotch. He ran his fingertip up and down between her heated
lips, parting them. When he found her clit and rolled it
between his thumb and forefinger, Megan gasped and thrust her
hips upwards.

"Put your finger in my pussy."

Sucking on her nipple, Jack pushed his middle finger into her
warm wet vagina. He pumped it in and out of her slowly,
brushing her clitoris with his thumb. Megan threw her head back
and sighed as she felt him toying with her sex. She put her
hands on his shoulders and pressed down, indicating that she
wanted something else.

Jack released her breast and knelt on the floor between her
legs. He used his free hand to push her skirt up and put his
mouth over her sex. He licked around her puffy labia, still
fingering her slowly. Taking her clit between his lips and
sucking on it, he hooked his finger and unknowingly rubbed
against her g-spot.

Megan groaned out loud and pulled her knees up and apart as
Jack licked and sucked at her. She reached for his head with
one hand and pulled it tightly into her crotch and rubbed her
breasts with the other hand.

Putting his hands under her butt, Jack lifted her up and pushed
his tongue into her opening. When his tongue moved lower and
circled the wrinkled skin around her anus, Megan let out a loud
shrill and began to thrash about on the couch. Jack moved his
tongue back and forth from her clit to her anus, poking at the
tight pucker each time he came in contact with it.

When her body began to shake and she groaned, Jack pressed his
tongue against her anus and tried to penetrate her.

Overcome with the feeling of lust, Megan growled out, "Use your
finger, put your finger in my asshole!"

Jack lubed his finger in her dripping vagina and then moved it
to her anus. He applied a steady pressure until it slipped past
the tight ring of muscle into her rectum. He put his thumb into
her vagina and rubbed it against his finger, separated only by
the thin membrane.

Megan moved her head back and forth as she felt his finger
probing the depths of her bottom. Her next orgasm was even more
intense than the last. She gripped his hair and pulled his head
to her crotch and began to yell out instructions.

"Suck my clit and finger fuck my asshole!" She yelled. "Push
your finger in deeper!"

Jack withdrew his finger slightly and then shoved it deep into
her bowels. He pumped it in and out of her as she bounced her
butt up and down on the couch. Jack had his tongue in her
vagina and felt her juice coat it and run down to his invading

Suddenly Megan's body tensed up, shuddered, and then went limp.
Jack slowly withdrew his finger from the grip of her anus and
raised his head. He looked at Megan's face and saw that her
eyes were closed and her head hung limply. When he stood up and
kissed her, he realized that she had passed out.

"Megan, are you alright?" He asked, gently shaking her shoulder.

Slowly lifting her head, Megan nodded.

"What did you do to me? I've never felt anything like that
before. It was like I was floating and all of a sudden I saw
little white stars."

Megan put her arms around his neck and hugged him close. Jack
put one arm around her and held the other away from her body.

"I'll be right back," he said.

Megan let her body flop back against the couch and watched as
Jack walked away. When he returned, he saw that she had covered
her breasts with her shirt, but didn't button it. He sat next
to her and put his arm over her shoulders.

"Are you sure you're okay Megan?"

"Oh yes, I'm just fine. My butt is a little sore that's all."

"I'm sorry, I won't do that again…it's just that you said…"

"I didn't say I didn't want you to do that, I just said I'm a
bit sore. Believe me, I want you to do that again…maybe more.
In fact, I want you to do anything you want with me…if I don't
like it I will tell you."

Megan snuggled up to Jack and they sat close together and
talked about the places they would like to go and the things
they would like to try. Not sexual things, rather the type of
things any couple would do. After a couple of hours, Jack said
that he had to go home and get some sleep.

Jack got up and Megan walked him out to his truck. They kissed
goodnight and told one another how much they loved each other.
Jack got into his truck and pulled his door closed. He looked
out the window at Megan and grinned when she opened her shirt and exposed her breasts to him. Pushing the button on the
armrest, he opened his window.

"Your tits are going to catch cold if you don't keep them
covered," he said.

"You'll just have to keep them warm for me lover," she replied.

"Goodnight Megan, I love you."

"Goodnight Jack, I love you too."

Jack backed away and Megan pulled her shirt closed. She stood
in the cold night air and watched as Jack's taillights
disappeared in the darkness. Returning to the house, Megan
turned off the television, picked up her panties and shut off
the lights as she made her way upstairs and into her room. She
removed her clothes, pulled a tee shirt over her head and
climbed into bed.

It was almost eleven o'clock when Jack walked into the house
and went up to his room. He removed his shirt and jeans and
stretched out on his bed in his boxers. He was sure that the
rest of his family was fast asleep and didn't turn on his
television for fear of waking them. Jack put his arm across his
eyes and relaxed as he rehashed the day's events.

Jack was almost asleep when he felt something warm and wet on
his penis. He moved his arm, uncovered his eyes and looked down
to see Kim licking his erect member. She was completely nude,
kneeling next to his legs and running her tongue over his penis.

"It tastes like you had a good time tonight Jack," she said,
her warm breath bathing his penis. "Your cock tastes like cum and pussy."

"Kim! Stop that, I haven't had a chance to clean up yet."

"I'll do it for you Jack," she said and took him into her mouth.

As he watched his penis glide effortlessly into his sister's
mouth he knew he should put a stop to what was happening. Not
because it was his sister that was performing oral sex on him,
but because he felt guilty. He felt that he was cheating on his
girlfriend and that she would be very mad if she ever found out
that he was having sex with someone else, let alone his little
sister. He also remembered the promises that he and Kim had
made to remain sexually active with each other even if they had
a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Kim had removed her mouth from his penis and was sucking on his
testicles, one at a time. She started to lick the dried cum from his pubic hair and stroke him with her hand. Jack stopped
thinking about Megan or his guilt and relished the feeling of
Kim's attention.

"There you go big guy, your all clean," she said as she sat up.

"Your crazy Kim, but I still love you. Come up here and cuddle
with me."

Kim sprang forward, landing on her brother's chest. She
nuzzled her nose into his neck and began to kiss him.

"I really liked sucking Megan's and your cum off your cock
Jack. It makes me feel so…so…so sluty."

Jack pushed her up off his body and looked into her eyes.
"You're no slut Kim! Don't even talk like that."

"I know that I'm not a slut…it just makes me feel…well, dirty
to do things like that. I would never do anything like that
with anyone else, just you."

Jack lowered her back down and put his arms around her back.
He slowly moved his hand from the back of her neck to her
bottom, squeezing her butt cheek. Kim squirmed around, put her
legs on the outsides of his, and rubbed her crotch on his
stomach. She slowly worked her way down, stopping when his
penis pressed against her sex.

Jack held her tight, rolled them over and hovered over her. He
pushed his hips forward and felt his penis slide into her tight
vagina. Using a rocking motion, he moved against her until he
felt his pubic bone against hers. Kim groaned at the feeling of
being filled and raised her legs up, bending them at the knee.
She ran her hands down Jack's back, hooked her arms into the
crook of her knees and pulled back. The workouts at Sally's had
made her much more flexible and she was able to almost bring the
tops of her thighs into contact with the bed.

Moving slowly, Jack partly withdrew and then pushed his penis
back into her. Kim looked up into his eyes and smiled.

"Does it feel good for you with my legs back like this?"

"Oh yes, it's great," he replied as he continued to slowly
slide in and out of her vagina.

"It feels good to me too Jack, I really like it when you move
slow like that, but right now I want you to fuck me as hard and
as fast as you can. I want to feel your dick deep inside me,
and your balls slapping my ass. Please fuck me Jack, please
fuck me hard!"

Jack pulled back and slammed his penis into her. He gradually
picked up speed until his balls were slapping against her bottom
and his pubic bone was thumping against hers. Kim pulled her
legs and hooked them over Jacks shoulders, freeing her hands to
attack her breasts. She pulled at her nipples and roughly
kneaded her flesh as her brother continued to pound into her.

"That's it Jack, stuff my pussy with your big dick. Make me
cum Jack, fuck me until I cum!"

Kim removed one of her hands from her breasts and moved it to
her crotch. She found her clit and began to rub it with her
fingertip. She looked up into her brother's face and saw that
he had his eyes clamped shut and was biting on his lip to keep
from ejaculating too soon.

Feeling her own orgasm building deep in her belly, Kim groaned

"Let it go Jack, fill my pussy with your hot cum. Oh god, I'm
coming Jack…fill me now!"

Jack felt her vagina contract around his penis and his cum rush
through it. He sent surge after surge of his semen into her
convulsing vagina as she continued to talk to him.

"Can you feel my pussy gripping your dick Jack, can you feel me
squeezing you? I can feel you coming in me, I can feel your big
cock filling me with cum."

"Yes, I can feel your pussy Kim, it feels so good."

When the two siblings were finished, Jack stretched out on top
of Kim. They both were breathing hard and trying to calm down.
After several minutes, Kim pushed Jack off her and spun around.
She took his penis into her mouth and for the second time
tonight cleaned the remains of a lovemaking session off it.
Jack was still very turned on and feeling as nasty as his little
sister. He grabbed her legs, threw one over his head and pulled
her dripping sex onto his mouth.

Kim moaned around his penis and pulled her mouth off of it.
She wiggled her hips, coating Jack's face with the sticky cum that covered her vulva.

"Oh yes Jack, eat my pussy! Suck the juice from my hot hole."

Jack listened to the words that his little sister was using.
It seemed like each time they had sex, her language became
nastier. He scooped the tangy mixture of their lovemaking from
her vagina, swallowing the juices as fast as he could. Kim had
covered his penis with her mouth again and was taking all of him
into her throat. He felt his erection begin to return as she
sucked and bobbed her head on him.

Finally Jack couldn't take anymore. He rolled Kim onto her
side and pulled his penis away from her sucking mouth.

"I have to rest Kim, I'm getting sore."

Kim turned around and snuggled up to her brother. She put her
arm around him and stroked his back.

"I'm sorry Jack, you just make me so fucking hot I can't stop."

"Kim, is it really necessary to talk like that all the time?
It's okay when we are doing it, but it just isn't sexy when we

Kim thought for a moment and said, "I'll stop Jack…I just
thought that you liked it when I talked dirty."

"Like I said Kim, I like it when we are making love or having
sex like we just did, but if you talk like that all the time it
isn't sexy when we are messing around."

Kim and her brother were lying on their sides facing each
other. Kim pulled him against her body and put her head on his
chest. Jack hugged her and stroked the back of her head.


"Yes Kim."

"Is it still okay if I still ask you to fuck me, or do you want
me to use another word…like screw?"

Jack took a deep breath and chuckled, "Yes Kim, it's okay for
you to ask me to fuck you…or eat you…or to offer to suck my
cock. Just don't make the f-word part of your vocabulary."

"Okay…you know Jack, Megan and I are very lucky girls."


"We just are Jack…we just are. Will you please cover me up,
I'm getting a little chilly."

Jack pulled the covers out from under Kim and over both of
them. He spooned up against her back and the two fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, her brother's loud snoring
awakened Kim. She shook his shoulders several times, but he
continued to sleep. Finally, Kim couldn't take anymore of the
noise and she got up and went to her own room. She climbed into
her bed and fell back to sleep,

When Jack woke up and found his sister missing, he went to her
room to see what was wrong. Kim was still asleep, the covers
pulled tightly under her chin. Standing and watching her sleep,
Jack felt his penis begin to fill with blood. He thought about
what happened the night before and how she sucked and licked his
penis clean of the remains of his sex with Megan and the
coupling that followed.

"Wake up Kim," he said as he shook her shoulder.

Kim rolled onto her back, opened her eyes, and looked at him.
Her eyes moved from his face to his crotch and back. She
noticed he was slightly excited and a broad smile formed.

"Morning Jack."

"When did you come in here Kim?"

Kim pulled her arms out from the covers, rubbed her eyes and
sat up.

"I don't know what time it was, you were snoring so loud I
couldn't sleep."

Why didn't you wake me up and make me stop?"

"I tried Jack, you wouldn't budge. I guess you were just worn

"Yeah, I guess I was. You better get going, we have to go to

Kim stood up, reached out and wrapped her hand around Jack's
penis. She stroked it, feeling it expand in her hand. Jack
watched his sister's hand move over him as she pulled the skin
over the purple head.

"Too bad we don't have more time," she said as she released him
and headed towards the bathroom.

Jack started to say something to her, but decided against it.
He watched her disappear into her bathroom and left her room.
When he stepped into his shower, Jack finished the hand job Kim
had started.

Kim and her brother met Tom and Sally in the school parking
lot. The two girls talked about what they had the night before,
but Kim left out the part about having sex with her brother.

"Did you call Angela last night and ask her about coming to
Megan's birthday party?" Kim asked her cousin.

"Yup, she said that she and Steven would be there for sure and
she would ask a few of the other kids Megan knows."

"That's cool, you should see what Jack got her."


"He bought her a ring."

"No shit! Is he going to ask her to go steady?"

"I think that Megan will just assume that she and my brother are going steady when she gets the ring. I think it is so cool
that Jack has a girlfriend, especially one like Megan."

Sally turned to Kim with a puzzled look. "Why?"

"Because I like Megan, I think she is good for Jack and he's
good for her. Jack is shy and Megan is…well, you know…"

Sally giggled and said, "innocent?"

"Yeah, and she doesn't have past boyfriends to bother them."

Kim and Sally walked towards the school, Tom, Jack, and Megan
close behind them. The morning was a bit cold and a blanket of
clouds darkened the sky. When the two girls got into the
building, they headed for their first hour class.

Megan met Kim and Sally in the lunchroom and joined them at
their usual table. Kim saw Angela across the room, behind Megan
and smiled when the girl formed a circle with her thumb and
forefinger, indicating that things were all set for the party.

Sally and Megan were talking about their upcoming workout and
how much fun it was to get together every other day.

"I really like the flexibility exercises," Megan said. "I feel
so much better since we added them to our routine."

"Me too," Sally said. "The workmen are almost finished with
the shower room in the basement. Pretty soon we will be able to
freshen up and get dressed after our sessions."

"That will be great Sally," Megan said. "It is getting colder
now and I don't want to get sick by going out all sweaty."

"I really hate winter, there's nothing to do," Kim said. "I
can't wait till we can go out on the boat again."

"Speaking of the boat, are we still going to take that class
Jack talked about?" Megan asked.

"I am," Kim said. "It starts in a few weeks."

"Brad asked me about it last night," Sally said. "He, Paul and
Lisa all want to go."

Kim giggled and asked, "Does Brad want to learn about boating,
or just have another opportunity to get his hands in your pants?"

Sally started to laugh and said, "Both…I hope."

All three girls were now laughing. They carried their trays to
the counter and left for class.

After school, Kim, Lisa, and Megan all met at Sally's house.
They began their warm-ups and stretched their muscles. Sally
put the video for the flexibility exercises and they all began
to follow the girl on the screen. The four girls sat on the
floor, side by side. Their legs were spread and they were
leaning forward, placing their foreheads on the carpet between
their knees.

In the next sequence the instructor knelt on the floor, leaned
back and put her hands on her thighs. When she pulled her head
between her open legs and looked up into the camera, the girls all groaned.

"How can she do that?" Lisa said. "It looks like she doesn't
have any bones."

The girls tried to mimic the girl on the tape, but were unable
to achieve the same position. They worked on the form for a few
minutes and then stopped to see what she would do next. Again,
they all groaned as they watched her stand up, lift her right
leg, and with the help of her hands, hook her heal behind her

"I'll fall on my ass if I try that," Kim said.

The instructor explained how you must first be able to put your
heal behind your head while sitting before trying it standing
up. She unhooked her foot and sat on the floor, demonstrating
the procedure. She hooked one foot behind her head and then the
other. The girls pulled on their legs, and they all finally
were able to get one foot behind their heads.

As the four teens worked on their other leg, they toppled onto
their sides or backs. Kim looked up at the television to see
what the instructor was doing and let out a gasp. The girl was
laying on her back with her legs behind her shoulders and her
hands resting on her inner thighs. Her bottom was off the floor
and her crotch pointed up.

The girls stared at the nimble woman and all secretly vowed to
practice until they could get themselves into the sensual
position. Kim hooked her arms through her legs and pulled back
in an attempt to get her knees behind her shoulders. Megan,
Lisa, and Sally also tried to mimic the girl, feeling the
muscled of their legs being pulled tight.

The girls were all in the compromising position when Jack and
Tom walked into the room. They both stared in disbelief as they
observed the girls. Jack glanced up at the television and
nudged Tom. He pointed to the girl on the screen and then they
both hurried out of the room before the girls caught them looking.

The two boys went into Tom's darkroom and began to chuckle.

"Do you believe what we just saw?" Tom said.

"No, but I hope the girls learn how to do that, it would be
great to fuck in that position."

"That's exactly what I thought," Tom said. "We will have to
keep track of their progress."

Tom began to set up to print some of the negatives that he had
developed. Jack asked if he could help and followed Tom's

Sally changed the video and the girls began their normal
workout, using the machines and doing aerobics. Kim watched
Megan lie back on the weight bench and put her legs on either
side. She felt an overwhelming desire to tell the redhead that
she licked and sucked her juices off Jack's penis the night
before. She wondered how Megan would react if she knew that she
and her brother were having sex, even right after Jack had made
love to her.

Kim shook her head to clear the thoughts and began to work the
stair machine. She turned her head away and watched Lisa on the
treadmill, but her eyes kept darting back to Megan's spread
legs. She could picture her brother's hard penis sliding in and
out of her tight vagina. Kim felt herself begin to tingle as
she thought about being with the two of them and joining them in
their sexual acts. She jumped when she felt Sally touch her
back and ask for the Stairmaster.

Stepping off the machine, Kim smiled and went to the weight
bench, which had been abandoned by Megan.

After the girls were finished with their session, they all
slipped warm up suits over the short outfits they wore. They
exited the mini-gym and started for the stairs.

"The light over the darkroom is on Sally, what does that mean?"
Lisa asked.

"It means that Tom is probably in there working," Sally replied.

Lisa turned and walked towards the darkroom and Megan followed

"I wonder if Jack is in there with Tom?" Megan said.

The two girls knocked on the darkroom door and waited for a
reply. Kim and Sally went upstairs to Sally's bedroom and sat
on the bed.

"What are you going to wear to Megan's party tomorrow Sally?"
Kim asked.

"I haven't thought about it, what are you going to wear?"

"I think I'm going to get dressed up Sally, I don't get much of
a chance to wear my nice things. I have a real cute dark blue
halter dress and a short matching jacket that my mom bought me.
I'll probably wear that."

Sally walked to her closet and perused the clothes she had
hanging there. Sally took a black dress out of the closet and
showed it to Kim.

"How about this," she said, holding the dress up to her body.

"That's sharp, when did you get it?"

"My mom bought it, the same time your mom bought yours I think.
It was when they went to the outlet mall." Sally said.

Carefully laying the dress on her bed, Sally removed her warm
up suit and tight shorts. She pulled her sports bra over her
head and tossed it into her hamper.

"I really need a shower, I'll be right back,' Sally said.

Kim watched her cousin walk into the bathroom, roll her panties over her hips and down her legs. Sally reached into the shower,
turned on the water and stepped in.

While Sally showered, Kim got onto the floor and tried to get
her heals behind her head. She could get one leg into position,
but the slippery nylon of her warm up suit prevented her from
getting the other leg into place. Frustrated, she pushed the
bottoms of the suit down and off, trying again to twist her body
into the obscene position.

Finally, after many tries, she was able to get both feet hooked
behind her head. Kim lay on her back and allowed her muscles to
stretch and relax. After a few minutes, she worked her right
arm between her body and her leg, moving her calf behind her
shoulder. Again she waited for her muscles to become accustom
to being stretched before attempting to get her left arm behind
her leg.

Sally finished in the shower and walked back into her bedroom
just as Kim worked her left calf behind her shoulder. She
watched her cousin move her hands along her inner thighs and
come to rest on her crotch.

"Does it hurt?" Sally asked, rubbing her hair with a towel.

"A little, but I'm getting use to it."

Sally knelt in front of Kim and ran her fingertips against her
tight shorts. She traced her puffy vaginal lips and Kim's body
jerked at her touch.

"Too bad you have your shorts on Kim, you are in a great
position to get your pussy licked."

Kim giggled and said, "It would be good for fucking too."

Sally nodded and moved her hand away from Kim's crotch. She
stood up and watched Kim untangle her legs and arms. Kim got up
off the floor, sat on Sally's bed and watched her cousin pull a
pair of panties on.

Picking the dress up, Sally slipped it over her head and pulled
up the zipper that ran up the back from the waist to her neck.
The hem stopped about three inches above her knees. She looked
at herself in the mirror and straightened the scoop neckline so
it was centered over her breasts. When Sally bent forward to
pull down on the hem, Kim could see her bra-less breasts.

"You look sexy in that dress Sally, I think you should wear it
to the party, but you best be careful when you bend over." Kim

Sally glanced down, looked at the gapping neckline and shrugged
her shoulders. She straightened up and smoothed the dress over
her stomach.

"Me too, I think I'll wear my stockings with it."

Kim smiled and thought about the night of the dance and how her
brother and Tom had reacted to the sexy lingerie they had worn.
She didn't know if there would be any opportunity to show them
to Paul and Brad at the party, but she was sure that would like
them too.

"Are you going to let Brad see your undies?" Kim giggled,
drawing out the young boy's name.

Sally took off the dress and returned it to its hanger. She
put it back into her closet and pulled a tee shirt off a shelf.
Pulling the tee over her head, she went back to her bed and sat
next to Kim.

"I might let him see them, if we get a chance to be alone. How
about you, will you let Paul see you in your underwear?" Sally

"Maybe…are you going to let Brad do it with you?

"Someday, I just want to be sure that he really likes me and
doesn't just want sex."

Kim pulled her legs onto the bed and sat back on her heals. "I
want to fuck Paul, but I'm going to wait too. Jack is still
keeping me happy in that department, although he might not want
to do it as often as I do now that he's screwing Megan."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Tom and Lisa have been working in
the darkroom together and I'm sure they aren't just developing

Both girls began to giggle. Kim parted her knees and put her
hands on the bed behind her. Slowly, she leaned back until her
head touched the mattress. Her back was arched and she
continued to lower herself until it was flat on the bed.

Sally moved around and tried to get herself into the same
position, but found that it was more difficult than it looked.
She bounced herself, stretching her muscles, until she too was
lying next to Kim with her legs opened and folded at her knees.

The two girls stared at the ceiling. Sally finally broke the
brief silence.

"Kim, do you ever think about having sex with any of the guys at school?"

"Not really, I haven't met anyone that really turns me on.
Why, have you?"

Sally turned her head so she could see Kim and said, "No, but…"

"But what?" Kim asked as she moved so she was on her side
facing Sally.

Sally returned her gaze to the ceiling and smiled. "I've been
thinking about my dad…I've been thinking about him a lot."

"Really Sally, you mean you want to…?"

"Yeah, I want to have sex with my dad," Sally said.

Kim told her cousin about the time in the hot tub that she
played with her father's penis and what he said to her. She
noticed that Sally's tee shirt was pulled up, exposing her
tummy. Kim reached over and rubbed the naked flesh, making a
small circle between the waistband of her panties and the bottom
of her tee.

"I still think about what happened and I still want to make
love to my dad, but I don't think he will ever let me," Kim told

Sally watched her cousin's hand move over her skin and down to
her mons. She groaned when Kim slid her hand over her vulva and
rubbed the damp gusset of her panties.

"I don't know why, he knows that you are doing it with Jack and
it's almost the same thing. I mean incest is incest, isn't it?"

"I guess so Sally," Kim said as she slipped her hand into he
waistband of her panties and cupped her hot sex. "My dad just
doesn't see it that way."

Sally lifted her bottom off the bed when she felt Kim's finger
penetrate her vagina. She humped herself against Kim's hand and
gasped when her cousin toyed with her clitoris. Kim moved
between Sally's knees, pulled her panties aside, and touched her
hard clit with her tongue.

"Oh Kim, that feels so nice, if you keep it up I'll cum."

Kim pulled her face away and smiled up at Sally, "That's
exactly what I have in mind." She moved her free hand under
Sally's shirt and covered one of her breasts.

"How about if I pull on your nipple while I lick your pussy,
will that make you cum?" Kim moved her mouth back to Sally's
crotch before she could answer.

"Oh yes," Sally sighed, "If you play with my tits and suck my
pussy I'll cum for sure!"

Kim flattened her tongue and covered Sally's gaping labia with
it. She pushed it into her vagina as deep as she could and
mashed her firm breast. Sally began to groan and move her
bottom as much as she could in her position. She felt her
stomach tighten and begin to quiver as her orgasm rolled through
her body. Kim pushed her finger into Sally and felt her vagina contract around it.

Sally felt her legs begin to cramp and moved to unfold them.
Kim kept her finger buried in her and held onto her breast as
she squirmed on the bed. When Sally began to calm down, Kim
removed her finger and moved the crotch of her panties back into

"What was that all about Kim?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just got all turned on thinking about my
dad," Kim said.

"You're really obsessed with the thought of making it with him
aren't you?"

Kim got up and began to pace the room. She looked at herself
in the mirror and cupped her breasts.

"I don't know if I'm obsessed, I just want to. Do you think
I'm sexy? Maybe I don't turn him on enough."

"You're sexy Kim and you have a great body," Sally said walking
up behind her and covering her breasts with her hands. "I think
that you dad is just trying to protect you, my dad too."

"I don't want him to protect me," Kim said, leaning her head
back onto Sally's shoulder. "I want him to fuck me…or at least
let me suck his cock."

"I want my dad too Kim, I want him bad. Do you think we are
sick or something because we want to have sex with our dads?"

"I don't think it's any sicker than doing it with our brothers

Sally tightened her grip on Kim's breasts and rubbed them in
small circles. She could feel her nipples begin to stiffen
through the fabric of the sports bra she wore. When Sally moved
one of her hands down to her crotch, Kim stopped her.

"I feel all sweaty Sally, I need a shower."

Sally removed her hands from Kim's body and turned her around.

"What we need is a plan Kim."

"A plan?"

"Yes, a plan to get our dads to mess around with us."

"Do you have anything in mind Sally," Kim asked with interest.

"No, not yet, but a couple of sexy girls like us should be able
to think of something. Why don't we spend the night at your
house tonight and work on our plan?"

"If you want to, or we could stay here."

"I would rather go to your house, you have the pool."

"Okay Sally, get dressed and we will go. I'll go ask Jack to
drive us over there and you gather your things."

Sally pulled off her tee shirt and went to her dresser to get
the clothes she would need. Kim went down to the basement and
knocked on the darkroom door. When she heard Tom yell, "Come
in," she went into the room.

Tom and her brother were cleaning up the darkroom and talking
about what they were going to do later. Kim asked where Lisa
and Megan were and Jack told her that they went home to clean up
and change so the four of them could go out.

"Would you please run Sally and I to our house Jack, she is
going to spend the night?" Kim asked.

"Sure," Jack said. "I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Kim went upstairs and waited for Sally to come down. Her Aunt
and Uncle came into the family room and greeted her.

"Hi Aunt Anne and Uncle Marc, how are you today?" Kim said.

"Just fine Kim. What are you kids up to?" Anne said.

"Sally is going to spend the night at my house, if it's okay
with you. The boys are going out with Megan and Lisa tonight
and we don't have any plans." Kim replied.

"It's okay with us if Sally wants to stay at your house Kim.
Your mom and dad invited us over for a barbeque tonight, so we
will see you two there anyway." Marc told her.

Sally came down and hugged her parents. They told her that Kim
explained their plans and they would see them later.

When Jack came up from the basement, the girls left with him.

"What are you guys going to do tonight Jack?" Kim asked.

"I think we're going to dinner and the show," Jack said. "The
girls want to see some new love movie."

Jack pulled into the drive and parked his truck. He and the
two girls went into the house and looked for Kim and Jack's
parents. Marge was in the kitchen fixing dinner and Don was out
on the patio starting the grill. The kids said hi to Marge and
told her about their plans for the night. Then they walked
through the pool area and out one of the sliding doors to say hi
to Don.

"It's getting a little cold to grill outside isn't it Dad?"
Jack asked.

"Not really son, I just have to stand in the house and go out
to flip the steaks when they need it," Don said. "How do you
guys want your steaks cooked?"

"I want mine medium," Kim said.

"Me too Uncle Don," Sally said.

"How about you Jack, same as always?" Don asked.

"Not tonight dad, Tom and I are taking Megan and Lisa out for
dinner later." Jack said.

"Okay, suit yourself. There is plenty if you and Tom want to
bring them here." Don said.

"Thanks dad, but the girls want to go to a Mexican restaurant
tonight," Jack told him.

The girls complained about the cold and went back into the
house. They went into the kitchen and Kim told her mom that she
was going to go shower, but she would help when she was
finished. Marge said everything was all set and the girls didn't need to help.

Sally picked up her bag and the two girls went up to Kim's
room. Kim took off her warm up suit and the clothes she
exercised in, tossing them into the dirty clothes hamper. She
went into her bathroom and took a quick shower while Sally waited.

Kim came back into her bedroom with a towel wrapped around her
head and a terry cloth robe on. She pulled on a pair of sweat
pants and removed the robe. After taking the towel off her
head, Kim pulled a tee shirt on and began to brush her damp hair.

"So Sally, what kind of plan do you have?"

"I don't really have one yet Kim, we will have to think of
something together."

"I don't know what we can do, we run around naked in front of
our dads as it is."

Sally thought for a moment and a big grin formed on her face.

"Maybe that's the problem, they are getting use to seeing us
nude. Remember what our moms told us about the difference
between being sexy and naked?"

"Yes I remember, why?"

"Well, maybe we shouldn't let them see us naked so often.
Maybe if we dress sexy and just let them catch glances of us
they will get turned on and want us. After all Kim, they're
guys and it seems that guys will let their cocks think for them
if given a chance."

Kim smiled and nodded her head. "You might be right Sally, I
know that I can tease Jack and make him do most anything I want.
Maybe it will work with our dads too."

"Yup," Sally giggled. "Besides, it will be fun even if it
doesn't work."

The two girls laughed and sat on Kim's bed. When they had
calmed down Kim said, "Okay Sally, here is what we are going to


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