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The Lottery Part 52



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited
without the express written permission of the author. ,2001 By:
Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are
offended by material of this nature, are under the legal age in
your location to read this material, or it is illegal for you to
possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 52 (mf, ff, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
Marge called up the stairway for Kim and Sally and told them it was
time for dinner. Kim was finishing getting dressed after her shower.
The two girls put on the white bikini swimsuits they purchased on
their vacation and slipped nylon shorts over the bottoms.

"Just remember what we decided," Kim said as they left her room.

"I will," Sally replied. "Ready for operation daddy."

The girls giggled as they bounced down the stairs. When they walked
into the dining room, they took seats across from their fathers. The
table was set and a plate of baked potatoes sat in the center. Kim's
mom and Aunt made a large salad and it too was on the table. Don
came into the dining room carrying a platter of sizzling steaks and
began to distribute them.

"Medium for you two girls," he said, taking the steaks off the
platter with a pair of long thongs and placing them on the girls'

"Thank you daddy," Kim said."

"Yes, thanks Uncle Don, they look yummy," Sally told him.

The two families passed the other items around and started to eat.

"What did you two girls get for Megan's birthday?" Anne asked.

"Nothing yet mom," Kim said. "Can one of you take us to the mall
tomorrow morning so we can shop for her?"

"I'm sure one of us can drive you two to the mall. What do you have
in mind?" Marge said.

Kim and Sally told their parents that they weren't sure what to get
Megan, but they would find something at the mall.

"Did your brother shop for her yet?" Marge asked.

Kim giggled and nodded yes.

"Well, what did he buy Megan?" Marge said.

"I think he wants it to be a surprise mom," Kim said.

"We aren't going to tell Megan what he got her," Anne said. "Tell
us what it is."

Kim thought for a moment and finished the piece of meat she was
chewing. "He bought her a ring."

"Oh really! What type of ring did he buy?" Marge said.

Kim described the ring to everyone. She told them that the ring had
Megan's birthstone in the center with two small diamonds on each
side, set in a thin gold band.

Marge and Anne exchanged glances and smiled.

"Well, I guess I should have seem this coming," Marge said.

"Seen what coming?" Don asked.

"Jack and Megan," Marge said.

"What are you talking about Marge, he just bought her a ring for her
birthday," Don said.

"Men!" Anne said. "He is going to ask her to go steady with him."

Don and Marc both shook their heads. "So what's the big deal?"
Marc asked.

"It's a very big deal daddy," Sally said. "It means that Jack won't
go out with another girl and he wants Megan to only date him."

The two men chuckled and made a couple remarks about monogamy. The
women chastised them for their crude remarks, telling them that it is
very special for teens.

When dinner was finished, Kim and Sally helped their mom's clean the
table and put the dishes into the dishwasher. When the work was
complete, the girls said they were going out to the pool.

Marge and Anne were in the kitchen putting away the last of the
leftovers, Marc and Don went into the family room to wait for them to

"Anne," Marge said. "Do the girls seem to be acting a little
strange to you?"

"I really didn't notice, what do you mean?"

"They have started to call their fathers daddy, instead of dad like
they normally do."

Anne thought for a moment and said, "You're right Marge, they were
calling them daddy. I wonder what they are up to?"

Marge shrugged her shoulders and said, "Just a phase I guess. You
can't ever tell what is going on in the heads of fifteen year old girls."

The two women finished in the kitchen and went out to be with their
husbands. Don and Marc were sitting on the couch, watching their
daughters out by the pool. Kim had turned on the stereo and she and
Sally were dancing to a fast song.

"What's going on?" Marge asked as she sat next to Don.

"We're just watching the girls honey," Don said.

Marge and Anne looked out through the glass doors and watched their
young daughters sway to the music. The girls turned the volume up
loud enough that the music could be heard in the family room. After
dancing to several songs, the girls stopped and talked to one
another. Kim walked over to the pool house and returned with a
couple of mats that were used to lie on the hard floor.

After spreading the mats out on the tile floor, the girls sat on
them with their backs to their parents. They began to go through one
of the flexibility routines they learned, leaning forward and putting
their foreheads on the mat between their legs. Next, the girls laid
on their backs and pulled first one, and then the other leg back so
their knees touched their shoulders.

"That looks like it would hurt!" Marc said. "How do they do that?"

"They have been working out in our basement every other day," Anne
said. "They're sure getting very limber."

"I'll say they are," Don said. "Look at that!"

Kim and Sally put their feet flat on the mat, arched their backs,
and pushed themselves up with their hands. They moved until their
hands were near their ankles and the top of their heads were pointing
at the floor. The two girls smiled at their parents and began to
move their feet apart.

In the position they were in, the girls breasts were also pointing
at the family room. The small tops of their swimsuits barely covered
them as they stretched.

"You two need to learn how to do that," Marc said. "It would be
great for fucking and eating your pussies."

Anne and Marge laughed.

"Maybe you should learn how to bend like that too Marc, it would be
good for giving you a head job." Anne said.

All four of the adults began to laugh. They made comments about how
being flexible could aid their sexual play.

Kim and Sally stopped their display, took off their shorts, and
walked to the edge of the pool. They both jumped into the water and
swam to the other side. The girls milled around in the cool water,
keeping their backs to the family room.

"That sure looks refreshing," Marge said. "Do you guys want to go
for a dip?"

"Why not?" Don said. "It'll feel good to get wet."

Marge went up to her room and returned with suits for everyone.
They went to the pool house to shower, saying hi to the girls as they
passed them.

"Looks like our parents are going to go swimming," Kim said.

"Yup," Sally replied. "Just remember to stick to the plan. No
getting naked."

"I remember, but it might be hard."

The two girls giggled and watched their parents exit the pool house.
Marge and Anne both wore two-piece suits and the guys were wearing
trunks. Marge and Anne walked to the shallow end of the pool and
walked into the water, stopping when it reached their bare midriffs.
Don and Marc dove into the pool headfirst from the deep end,
surfacing near their wives.

"Don," Marge said. "Where are the pool chairs you bought? If would
be nice to be able to relax in the water with a drink."

"I have them out in the garage Marge. Do you want me to get them?"
Don replied.

"Please," Marge said.

Marc followed Don out of the pool. They wrapped towels around their
wet suits and went through the family room doors. Kim and Sally swam
over to their moms and talked with them.

"How long have you two been doing that stretching thing we saw?"
Anne asked.

"Not long, I bought a video and all of us girls have been doing it
as part of our workout," Sally said.

"It looks like it would hurt," Marge said.

"It is hard at first, but it gets easier the more you do it," Kim

"Maybe Anne and I should start working out with you girls, I know I
could use a bit more exercise," Marge said.

"Me too," Anne said, placing her hands on her stomach. "I'm
starting to get a round tummy."

"You guys are more than welcome to join us," Sally said.

Don and Marc returned, each of them carrying two of the pool chairs.
The chairs were made up of a plastic tubular frame with webbing for
the seat and back. White Styrofoam blocks served as armrests as well
providing the flotation. They dropped the chairs into the pool and
asked their wives what they would like to drink.

Marge and Anne told Don what they wanted and he turned to go and
make the drinks.

"I'll have a rum and Coke daddy," Kim shouted at her father.

"That sounds good to me too," Sally added.

Don looked over at his shoulder at the giggling girls and went into
the family room.

Marge and Anne each climbed into a pool chair and settled back. Kim
and Sally got into the other two chairs and paddled themselves next
to their moms.

"These are great mom," Kim said.

The chairs sat low in the water. When seated in them, the girls'
bottoms were in the water and the tops of their thighs were above the

Don and Marc returned carrying drinks. They waded into the water,
handed their wives a cup and moved to their daughters. Don gave Kim
a plastic cup filled with Coke and a lime wedge. When she took a sip
of the dark liquid, she looked up at her dad.

"This tastes like Coke," Kim said. "Where's the rum?"

"You girls are too young to drink booze," Don said.

"Well, you can't blame me for trying," Kim giggled.

Don and Marc laughed and asked the girls if they could use the
chairs. Kim's dad watched his daughter slip out of the seat,
noticing how the action pulled her suit bottom tight against her
crotch. He could see her heart shaped pubic hair against the tight
material of the wet suit. Kim made it a point to submerge herself to
wet the top, making it almost transparent.

When Marc and Don were seated in the pool chairs, the girls made
their way to the shallow end of the pool. As soon as their bottoms
broke the surface, Kim and Sally slowed their pace in order to give
their dads a good look at their behinds.

Kim put her drink on the edge of the pool and whispered into Sally's

"Watch this Sally," Kim said.

Climbing out of the pool, Kim hooked her fingers under the leg
openings of her suit and adjusted it. She went to the diving board,
climbed the two steps and stood on the board. Making sure no one was
watching, Kim loosened the ties that held the bottoms of her suit in
place. She ran to the end of the diving board, bounced once and dove
headlong into the pool.

When she surfaced near her cousin, her suit bottoms were gone. Kim
stood up and walked towards Sally, stopping when she was in knee-deep

"Kim," Marge yelled. "You're missing something."

Kim turned towards her mom and looked down. She was nude from the
waist down. Slowly, Kim walked back into the water, diving when she
was up to her waist. She swam past her dad's chair and went under
water when she was past him. Kim retrieved her suit from the bottom
of the pool and swam back to Sally.

"You are so bad!" Sally said as she watched Kim put her suit back on.

"I know," Kim giggled.

The girls got out of the pool and sat in a couple of lounge chairs.
They faced their parents and reclined into the lounges. Kim and
Sally talked quietly as their parents relaxed in the pool watching

Don slipped out of his chair, asked the other adults if they wanted
another drink and walked out of the pool. His wet swimsuit clung to
his body, outlining his genitals. Kim stared into her father's
crotch as he stood in front of the two teens and asked if they wanted
another Coke.

"No thank you," Kim said, never removing her eyes from his crotch.

"I'm all set too, Sally told him.

Kim watched her dad walk to the doorway, wrap a towel around his wet
suit, and disappear into the house.

"This isn't working Sally," Kim whispered. "He isn't even hard!"

"What did you expect, that he would grab you and fuck you right
here? You need to be patient Kim, it may take some time for our plan
to work. We just have to keep trying different things until they
give in."

"So what do we do next Sally?"

Sally thought for a few moments and began to smile.

"I have an idea Kim, just go along with what I say and do," she said
with a giggle.

"What?" Kim asked.

Sally put her finger to her lips and pointed towards the family room
doors. Don walked back into the pool area carrying four fresh drinks
and headed to the pool. he distributed the drinks and got back into
his chair.

After giving her dad and Uncle time to drink half of their beverage,
Sally got up and went to the pool. Kim followed her cousin into the
water and up to the chairs their dads were sitting in.

"Daddy," Sally said. "Kim and I are bored. Will you and Uncle Don
play chicken with us?"

"I guess so, if your Uncle Don wants to," Marc said.

Don nodded and got out of his chair. Kim giggled, moved behind her
dad and climbed onto his shoulders when he stooped down. Sally got
on her dad's shoulders and wiggled her crotch against the back of his

"Are you guys ready?" Marc asked.

"Yup!" Kim said, feeling her dad grip her legs just above her

Marc and Don moved towards each other and their daughters began
grapping at one another. Kim got a hold on Sally's arm and pulled
her off her dad's shoulders, almost falling herself. When Sally
climbed back onto Marc's shoulders, they began round two.

Marc moved around behind Don and Sally grabbed Kim. She hooked her
arm around her cousin's neck and tried to dislodge her from her dad's
shoulders. Kim fought back, gripping Don's neck with her thighs.
When Don turned to his right, Kim rotated around his neck until her
crotch was right at her dad's face. Kim pushed herself towards Don's
face and he quickly released his grip and let her fall into the pool.

Kim realized that the twisting and turning on her dad's shoulders
caused her suit to pull to one side, exposing her vulva. She pulled
the thin gusset of her suit back into place, swam to Don, and asked
him to let her back on his shoulders.

"That's enough for now Kim," Don said. "I want to take a break."

Nodding, Kim watched her dad climb back into the pool chair. She
glanced at his crotch and noticed that there was no sigh of
excitement. Frustrated at her failed attempt to get her dad's
attention, Kim went to the end of the pool and got out of the water.

Sally climbed out of the water and sat in a lounge next to her cousin.

"What's the matter?" Sally asked quietly so their parents couldn't

"Nothing," Kim replied, staring up at the glass ceiling.

The girls sat silent for a while, watching their parents in the
pool. Finally, Sally stood up and turned to Kim.

"Let's go and watch television or something, this is boring," Sally

Kim got off the lounge and followed her cousin into the pool house.
The girls removed their suits, walked into the shower room, and
turned on the water. They quickly rinsed the chlorine from their
bodies and went out into the common area to dry off.

"I stuck my pussy right in his face and he didn't even get hard,"
Kim said as she wrapped a towel around her wet hair. "What do I have
to do to get him to notice me?"

"Kim, you're being a brat! I told you that it would take time. You
can't expect our dad's to just scoop us up and take us to bed."

"Why not? That's what I want him to do. I want my dad to make love
to me like he does with my mom."

Sally laughed at her cousin and shook her head. She wrapped a towel
around her body, tucked the corner between her breasts and grabbed
Kim's arm.

"Come on, let's go to your room," Sally said as she pulled Kim out
of the pool house.
Jack, Megan, Tom, and Lisa sat in a booth at the little Mexican
restaurant, finishing their meals.

"I got an email from Barb," Lisa said. "She and Marty want us to
come to the lighthouse and spend a weekend with them. She said that
the photo opportunities are just great right now."

"That sounds like fun," Tom said. "When do they want us to come up?"

"She said any time, but if we wait until there's snow we could get
better pictures," Lisa replied.

"I would love to be able to go away for a weekend," Megan said.
"Jack and I have been talking about it."

Megan put her hand on Jack's leg and squeezed it firmly, smiling at
him when he turned to look at her.

"Yeah, we want to spend some time alone," Jack said.

"Why don't I ask Barb if you two can come with us? I'm sure they
wouldn't mind," Lisa replied.

"Really!" Megan said. "That would be so cool. We could have a
blast together."

Jack nodded and waved for the server. "We'd better get going if you
guys don't want to be late for the movie," he said. "Lisa should
email Barb and ask if we could all go up north. If they don't have
room at the lighthouse, Megan and I could get a motel."

The server came to the table and put the check on the table. Tom
picked it up and told Jack how much his half was. The two boys put
their money on the table and the four of them left.

Jack and Megan got into the front seat of Jack's truck, Tom and Lisa
climbed into the back. Megan slid to the middle of the seat and
fastened her seatbelt. She waited until Jack fastened his and turned
to kiss him. Jack kissed her, put his arm around her shoulders, and
pulled out of the parking lot.

On the ride from the restaurant to the movie theater, Megan and Lisa
talked about the possibility of going away with the guys for a
weekend. Jack and Tom listened to them discuss shopping and

Jack pulled into the movie theater's parking lot and found a spot to
park the truck. He and Tom walked behind the girls as they continued
to talk.

"They sure have nice asses," Tom said as he and Jack watched the

Jack chuckled and agreed with his cousin.

The girls both wore tight mini skirts and sweaters. The jackets
they wore didn't hide their bottoms from the gaze of the two boys as
they lagged behind. When the four teens entered the theater, the
girls made a beeline for the restrooms, telling the guys they would
meet the at the concession stand. Tom and Jack purchased the tickets
and waited for the girls to return.

"Do you two want anything to eat or drink?" Tom asked when the
girls walked up to them.

"I don't," Lisa said.

"Not anything you can buy from there," Megan said giggling.

Jack, his face turning pink, patted Megan on her bottom and told her
to behave.

Megan took Jack's hand in hers and the two started towards the
hallway that led to the screen playing the movie they were going to
see. Tom and Lisa followed them down the hall and into the dark
theater. They found four seats near the rear of the theater and all
sat together. Jack and Tom sat on the outside of the two girls.

Lisa and Megan slipped their jackets off and left them behind their
backs. The girls took the boy's arms, put them over their shoulders,
and leaned into them. Jack tested the armrest and found it would
fold back, removing the barrier that separated him from his
girlfriend. When Jack pushed the armrest out of the way, Megan moved

"This is my first time," Megan whispered into Jack's ear.

"Your first time for what?" Jack asked.

"It's the first time I have ever gone to the movies with a guy," she

Jack kissed her on the cheek and said, "It's my first time too."

The movie started and the two couples watched the events unfold on
the big screen. Megan glanced over at Lisa and Tom and saw his hand
covering her breast. She pulled on Jack's hand, guiding it to her
chest. She pressed it against her breast and wiggled against him as
his fingers closed around her.

Jack flexed his fingers on Megan's breast, causing her to feel a
tingle between her legs. She removed one of her hands from his
forearm and placed it on his thigh. After a quick glance at the
people seated near them, Megan moved her hand up to Jack's groin and
over his erection. Megan gripped the hard shaft and moved her hand
over its length. His penis was pointing down along his leg and
Megan's attention was making him uncomfortable.

Reaching into his slacks, Jack rearranged his hard-on so it was
pointing up. Megan put her hand back on his penis and resumed her
slow stroking motions. After several minutes, Jack removed her hand.

"If you keeping doing that I'm going to cum," He whispered.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cum, I just wanted to touch
you," Megan said.

"Later, okay? I don't want to have a big stain in my pants when we

Megan nodded, moved her hand back to his arm, and pulled him tight
to her chest.

Tom and Lisa were also fondling one another as they watched the
movie. Lisa pulled Tom's zipper down, covered his lap with her
jacket, and put her hand into the opening of his fly.

Lisa probed Tom's ear with the tip of her tongue and exhaled her
warm breath into it. She moved her hand up and down his hard penis,
smearing the fluid that oozed out tip over the velvety head with her

"I want to suck on this," she cooed into his ear.

Tom felt his penis jump in her hand and quickly grabbed her wrist.
He pulled her hand out of his pants and zipped them up.

"Not here," Tom said. "Wait until we're alone."

Lisa agreed and sat quietly watching the movie.

When the film ended, the four teens made their way out of the
theater. On the way out, Tom told the rest of the group he needed to
stop in the restroom. Megan and Lisa went into the ladies room and
Jack followed Tom into the men's' room.

"I almost blew a nut in there," Tom said as he and Jack stood in
front of the urinals. "Lisa was turning me on so much that I thought
I'd lose it."

"No shit Tom, Megan was rubbing me so much that I almost came in my
pants," Jack said.

The two boys chuckled and finished in the restroom. They stood
outside the ladies room and waited for the girls.

Tom glanced at his watch and said, "What do you want to do now?
It's only ten."

"Got me," Jack replied. "I guess we should see what the girls want
to do."

Megan and Lisa came out of the restroom and walked up to the guys.
They both hooked their arms through the boys and the four of them
walked towards the door.

"What do you girls want to do now?" Tom asked.

"It doesn't matter as long as we can be with you guys," Megan said.

"Do you two want to go and get something to eat?" Jack asked.

Megan looked over the seat at Lisa and the two girls began to laugh.

"Megan and I were talking in the bathroom, we want to go somewhere
and park," Lisa said.

"We could go to my house," Tom said. "I think my parents are at

Megan turned to Jack and said, "We really wanted to park."

Jack grinned, drove out of the lot and headed towards the lake. He
turned into one of the marinas and backed the truck in between two
boats that were stored for the winter. He turned off the lights and
adjusted the volume on the radio.

A large light was mounted on a pole, near the spot Jack parked the
truck, filled the cab with a soft white glow. Jack released his
seatbelt and reach over Megan to undo hers. Megan put her arms
around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. They kissed deeply,
searching the other's mouth with their tongues.

In the middle of the heated kiss, Jack opened his eyes and glanced
into the back seat. Tom and Lisa were also engaged in a long hot
kiss. Tom's hands roamed her body. After several minutes, Jack and
Megan parted and stared into one another's eyes.

Megan stroked Jack's cheek and neck with her long fingers, causing
goose bumps to form on his sensitive skin. He moved his hand to
Megan's leg and rubbed along her thigh. As his hand traveled up and
down over her firm leg, she parted them slightly. Looking down, Jack
could see her skirt was high on her legs. Nuzzling her mouth into
his neck, she kissed and licked him.

A low throaty groan came from the backseat, causing Megan to stop
what she was doing and look. Lisa's hand was in the open fly of
Tom's pants, moving slowly. Lisa noticed Megan watching her and

"Did you find something you like in there?" Megan asked her.

Lisa nodded and said, "I sure did."

Turning and kneeling on the front seat, Megan watched her friend
playing with Tom's penis. She reached into Jack's lap and began to
rub him through his slacks. Megan pulled at the tab on Jack's
zipper, lowering it. When Megan put her hand into the opening and
groped around, Jack slid his hand up her leg to her bottom.

"Oh my!" Megan giggled. "I think Jack found something too."

"Really?" Lisa replied. "What did he find?"

"My ass," Megan said as she wiggled her butt against Jack's hand.

Jack moved his hand over Megan's bottom, dipping between her legs.
He rubbed the side of his hand along her vulva and back to he butt.
When Jack's fingers moved back between her legs and touched her
clitoris, she clamped her thighs together and trapped him. Leaning
back, she kissed Jack and pulled his penis out of his pants.

Megan removed her mouth from Jack's, looked down, and watched her
hand stroke his hard shaft. She ran her thumb over the tip of his
penis and under the edge of the velvety ridge. Jack put his free
hand on her stomach, under her sweater, and moved up to her breast.
He massaged her breasts through her bra, moving from one to the other.

Releasing Jack's rigid penis, Megan reached behind her and
unfastened her bra. Jack moved his hand under the loose garment and
resumed his fondling, tweaking her hardening nipples. Turning
sideways on the seat, Megan bent down and swiped her tongue over the
head of Jack's penis.

Lisa unfastened Tom's pants, pulled his penis out, and was rubbing
it when she saw Megan's head disappear. She knelt on the seat next
to Tom and kissed him. Tom put his hand under her short skirt and
rubbed the damp crotch of her panties. He worked his fingers under
the tight leg opening and found her clit. As he rubbed the hard nub,
Lisa moaned and tried to open her legs.

Pulling her skirt up to her waist, Lisa hooked her thumbs into the
waistband of her panties and worked them down her thighs. One at a
time, she pushed them over her knees, down to her feet and reached
behind her to remove them completely.

With her black lace panties out of the way, Tom was able to insert
his finger into her vagina. Lisa left one knee on the seat and moved
her other leg so her foot was on the floor of the truck. She began
to moan as Tom fingered her tight vagina and rotated her hips against
his hand.

Megan undid Jack's belt, released the button of his slacks, and took
his penis into her mouth. With her hand wrapped firmly around his
manhood, she worked her mouth up and down his penis. In an attempt
to get more comfortable, Jack turned his back to the door and pulled
one leg onto the seat. Megan knelt between his open legs and
continued to suck on him.

Jack looked back at his cousin and Lisa, watching Tom fingering her.
Lisa was pumping her hand over his penis and resting her head on his

"It sure got quiet up there," Lisa said, never looking up. "What
are you two up to?"

Megan removed her mouth from Jack and said, "Having desert…what are
you doing?"

"Getting my pussy fingered," Lisa groaned.

Megan rose up and looked back at Lisa and Tom. She could see Tom's
arm moving under Lisa's skirt as he slowly worked his fingers in and
out of her.

Jack and Tom looked at one another, wondering what the two girls were up to. The boys were no strangers to having sex in the other's
presence, but didn't know that the girls were willing to be seen
fooling around.

"That's nice Lisa, but I'm going to finish sucking Jack's cock,"
Megan said, and bent back down.

"Okay, but if you need any help, let me know," Lisa replied.

Megan took Jack's penis deep into her mouth, tightened her lips
around it and slowly lifted her head until only the bulbous head
remained unexposed. Jack ran his hands down Megan's back, grabbed
the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up. When the garment was
under her arms, Megan helped Jack remove it and her bra.

Jack covered her breasts with his hands and squeezed them firmly.
Megan moaned around his penis as he rolled her nipples between his
fingers and teased the ends of the hard protrusions with his thumbs.
Megan began to bob her mouth over Jack's penis in earnest as he
excited her with his hands.

Bouncing his hips up, Jack groaned as he felt his balls tighten and
pull up. He released one of Megan's breasts, put hand on the back of
her head and intertwined his fingers in her short red hair. Megan
felt his penis swell and then her mouth was flooded with Jack's hot
semen. She sucked and swallowed as Jack's penis sent spurt after
spurt of cum into her mouth.

When Jack stopped sending the bittersweet fluid into her, Megan
cradled his softening penis in her mouth. She removed her mouth and
lapped at him with her tongue, making sure she had every drop of her
boyfriend's seed.

"I guess you didn't need any help giving Jack a blowjob," Megan
heard Lisa say.

Looking up, Megan saw Tom and Lisa looking over the seat at her and
Jack. They had watched Megan sucked him and ingested his cum.

"None at all," Megan said, seductively licking her lips. "I can
handle it all by myself."

Lisa took Tom by the shoulders, pushed him back onto the seat and
knelt on the floor between his legs. She pulled his pants down to
his knees and took his penis into her hand.

"My turn for desert," Lisa said.

She pulled her sweater over her head, removed her bra and bent down.
Jack and Megan watched as Tom's erection vanished into Lisa's mouth
and she began to suck on the firm flesh. Tom reached for Lisa's
breasts and massaged them as they dangled from her chest. He pulled
at her nipples and pinched them between his finger and thumb.

As Megan watched Lisa work Tom's penis in and out of her mouth, she
reached under her skirt and removed her panties. She guided Jack's
hand to her sex and moaned when his finger entered her. Moving her
hips, Megan matched Jack's probing finger, pushing down when he
pushed in. She watched Lisa's concave cheeks as she sucked on Tom's
penis and felt her own orgasm begin to build.

When Lisa stopped moving her head on Tom and her throat began to
contract, Megan and Jack knew she was gulping down Tom's discharge.
They watched Tom throw his head back and his face contort as his
penis pulsed into Lisa's mouth.

Tom's body went limp and he relaxed against the seat as Lisa cleaned
his penis. When she was finished, she let his limp flesh fall from
her mouth and straightened up. Lisa moved from the floor onto Tom's
lap and she put her arms around his neck.

"I love to suck your cock Tom," Lisa said out loud. "You taste so

Megan was flush with a burning desire to cum. Jack could feel her
vagina quiver around his finger as he pushed it deep into her.
Moving behind her, Jack pulled Megan's skirt up to her waist and
began to cover her bottom with kisses. He moved as low as he could,
kissing and licking her salty skin.

In a move that surprised Jack, Megan hung herself over the seat,
bringing her crotch up to a position that he could access it with his

"Lick my pussy Jack," Megan growled.

Jack attached his mouth to her labia and pulled the puffy lips into
his mouth. He probed her with his tongue, moving from her heated
slit to the tight pucker of her anus and back. Lost in lust, Megan
reached behind her and pulled her butt cheeks apart so Jack would
have better access to her.

Lisa and Tom stared at the excited redhead as she reached out and
put her hands on the backseat, only inches from them. They could see
the passion in her face as Jack continued to lick and suck her. When
Jack took her elongated clit into his mouth and rolled it between his
teeth, Megan reached for one of her breasts.

"Oh yes Jack! Eat my pussy and suck my clit!" Megan yelled.

The sight of Megan being serviced by Jack renewed Tom's penis. Lisa
felt it grow under her and wiggled her butt against him. Turning to
face forward, Lisa straddled Tom's legs, reached between them, and
positioned his hard member at her opening. She lowered herself,
engulfing his hard-on. Grabbing Tom's wrists, Lisa pulled his hands
to her breasts.

"Squeeze my tits while you fuck me," Lisa said.

Megan heard her friend and looked to see the two teens joined. She
watched Tom's penis move in and out of Lisa and saw how the girls labia encompassed the hard shaft.

Lisa put her head back on Tom's shoulder and closed her eyes as he
humped up into her and played with her breasts. She placed her hands
on the back of Tom's and pressed him tightly to her chest.

Feeling Jack remove his mouth from her, Megan looked back. She saw
Jack kneel behind her and felt his penis at her vaginal opening.
When he pushed his penis into her, Megan pushed back, feeling him
expand her tight cavern. Jack began to pump into her and reached
around to rub her clit.

"Do it Jack! Fuck me with your big hard dick," Megan cried out.

Jack increased the speed of his thrusts, driving himself into her as
deep as he could. He felt her vagina contract around his penis as
she reached her climax, but never let up with his motion. Megan was
still watching Tom and Lisa as her own vagina was being filled with
Jack's penis. She could see that her friend was getting close to her
orgasm. Jack pressed tight against her bottom with his hips and
Megan felt another climax rip through her.

When the orgasm began to subside, Megan felt her body relax
slightly. Jack was still embedded in her vagina, stroking in and out
slowly. She watched Lisa's face change and without thinking, Megan
reached into her lap and rubbed her clit with her fingertips.

Lisa's eyes popped open and she started to protest the intrusion,
but the sensation of Megan's fingers combined with being filled by
Tom's penis caused her to begin to cum. Her body tensed and her
stomach muscles contracted, as Tom pushed into her and Megan's
fingers made a small circular motion on her hard clitoris.

Megan's fingertips slipped from Lisa's clit and touched Tom's slick
penis. When he felt her fingertips rub against the thick vein along
the bottom of his hard shaft, Tom exploded into Lisa's vagina. When
Megan realized where her fingers were, she quickly returned them to
Lisa's crotch and sought out her clit.

Jack watched his girlfriend touching Lisa and it brought him to the
summit of his own climax. He felt his penis swell and his cum travel
through the rigid tool into Megan's cavern. Megan also felt Jack
expand within her and she had another orgasm. She removed her hand
from her friend's crotch, gripped the back of the seat, and threw her
head back.

The four exhausted teens flopped against the seats of the truck and
sat in silence. They wrapped their arms around their partner and
cuddled in the afterglow of the sexual activity they all enjoyed.

"I have to take a piss," Tom said from the back seat.

"Yeah," Jack said, "so do I."

The two boys got out of the truck and stepped around back. They
were facing away from the truck relieving themselves when they heard
two doors close. Megan and Lisa stood next to the boys watching as
they shook the last drops from their penises and tucked them back
into their pants. The girls were still topless and their skirts were
hiked high on their legs.

"It's so easy for guys," Lisa giggled. "All you have to do is whip
it out and pee where ever you are."

Lisa turned to face the truck, grabbed hold of the bumper, and
squatted down. Her feet were spaced shoulder wide as a sharp stream
of urine splattered onto the ground.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Megan giggled as she assumed the
same position her friend was in. "I've never gone to the bathroom
outside before. Jack, do you have any tissues in the truck?"

Jack went to the cab of the truck, took two napkins out of the glove
box and returned to the girls. He handed each of the girls a napkin
and watched them pat their crotched with them.

When Megan and Lisa stood up, the boys noticed that the cold night
air was having an affect on their bare nipples. Megan hugged Jack,
pressing her breasts into his body for warmth.

"I'm going back in the truck," Lisa said. "It's too cold to be out
here like this."

The four got back into the truck and Jack started the engine. After
letting the engine warm up, he turned on the heater for the girls.

Megan reached for her bra and began to slip her arms through the
straps. Jack covered her breasts with his hands and rubbed them

"Are you ready to go?" Jack asked.

"Not if you're going to do that," Megan said.

"Do what?" Lisa said from the back seat.

"Play with my boobs," Megan replied.

Lisa turned to Tom and asked him if he wanted to play with her too.
Tom quickly placed his hands on her chest and nodded yes.

The girls leaned against the guys and enjoyed the feeling of their
hands on their breasts. Jack nibbled on Megan's earlobe and kissed
her neck, sending shivers through her body.

"That was another first for me," Megan said.

""What was?" Jack asked her.

"Peeing outside," Megan replied.

"It's no big deal," Lisa said. "I do it all the time when I'm
working at the golf course. I just go into the bushes and let it

"Why don't you use the bathrooms?" Megan asked her.

"I do, but it's fun to go outside too. I learned from my brothers,"
Lisa said.

"They have seen you do that?" Megan said in surprise.

"Sure, I have seen them too. I think it's funny the way they shake
their dicks when they are finished, it's like they are playing with
themselves." Lisa chuckled.

"It's only playing with yourself if you shake it more that five or
six times," Tom said laughing.

All four of them laughed at Tom's remark. Megan twisted her head
around and looked at Jack.

"Do you play with your dick Jack?" she asked.

"Sure, all guys do. Do you play with your pussy?" Jack said.

Megan nodded and turned her reddening face away from Jack.

"Well," Jack said. "It seems that we all play with ourselves. I
have to say that I really like it better when someone else does it
for me."

"Yeah me too," Tom said. "Lisa's hand is much nicer than mine."

Lisa giggled and rubbed Tom's crotch. She unfastened his pants,
fished his penis out of his boxers and started to stroke it. Tom
moaned as she moved her hand up and down his shaft slowly, pausing
when she reached the head to run her thumb around the ridge.

Megan looked at Lisa and watched what she was doing to Tom. She
took Jack's penis out and began to stroke him, keeping her eyes on
her friend's hand. Jack turned in the seat so he could see both
Megan and Lisa as they pumped their hands up and down the penis they
were holding.

"That feels so good Megan," Jack said. "I love the feeling of your
hand on my cock."

"Is she jacking you off too?" Tom asked. "Lisa is doing me and
it's great!"

Megan looked into Jack's eyes, smiled, and asked, "Am I doing it
right Jack?"

"Yes, just squeeze a little harder and turn your hand as you go up
and down," Jack replied.

Megan tightened her grip and rotated her hand as she continued the
pumping motion. She looked at Jack for his approval and he nodded.
Lisa did the same thing to Tom after hearing Jack's instructions.

"Like this Tom?" Lisa asked.

"Just like that baby, if you keep it up I'm going to cum," Tom

Lisa released Tom's penis, knelt on the seat facing him and pulled
up her skirt. Parting her legs, she put one hand between them and
her other back on Tom's hard shaft. She resumed her stroking and
began to rub herself as Tom watched.

"Do you like watching me touch myself while I jack you off?" Lisa
asked Tom. "Do you get turned on when I touch my pussy?"

Tom nodded as he watched her slid her finger between the soft folds
of her sex. He could see her finger disappear and then come back
into view, covered with her moisture. Megan looked into the back
seat and watch Lisa finger herself and rub Tom's penis. Jack also
looked at his cousin and Lisa, humping his penis into Megan's hand.

"Want me to touch my pussy too Jack?" Megan said softly. "I will
if you want me too."

Jack said, "I would really like that Megan."

Megan hiked her skirt up around her waist and touched her crotch.
She used two fingers to rub over her labia and clitoris. When she
felt herself getting wet, she removed her hand from Jack's penis and
moved it to her crotch. Pressing two fingers into her opening, Megan
covered her hand with the slick fluid that escaped her. Once her
hand was wet, she returned it to Jack's penis and resumed jacking him

Jack began to groan as Megan stroked him and herself. He watched
her hand rubbing her crotch and her fingers dipping into her vagina.
When he felt like he was going to cum, he grabbed Megan's wrist and
stopped her hand.

"What's wrong?" Megan said.

"I'm close to coming, I want to wait for you," Jack replied.

Megan grinned and told Jack to lie on the seat. She turned around,
straddled his head with her knees and bent forward.

"Lick my pussy and I'll suck your cock," Megan said as she took him
into her mouth.

Jack put his hands on her hips and pulled her sex down to his mouth.
He extended his tongue and pushed it into her as far as he could.
Megan rocked her hips against his face and took the head of his penis
into her mouth. Using her hand, she stroked his hard shaft and
bathed his smooth helmet with her tongue.

Lisa noticed that she couldn't see Jack or Megan and looked over the
seat. She watched them in their sixty-nine position and decided she
wanted the same thing. Pushing Tom back onto the seat, she pressed
her crotch into his face and covered his penis with her mouth. The
moment Lisa pushed down over Tom's member, he erupted into her mouth.
She swallowed as he sent several jets of hot cum into her sucking mouth.

Tom pulled Lisa's hard clit between his lips and tapped at it with
his tongue. She moaned around his penis and felt her body tense as
she too reached her climax. When they were satisfied, Tom and Lisa
rolled onto their sides and toyed with each other's sex with their

Megan felt Jack's penis swell in her hand as she waited for the
first spurt of cum she knew was coming. She began her own orgasm
begin as the first rope of Tom's semen splattered the roof of her
mouth. She pumped Jack as he continued to shoot his load into her
mouth, but she didn't swallow. As soon as Jack's penis stopped
pulsing, she sat up and pressed down onto his face.

Placing her hands over her bare breasts, Megan rubbed them and
pulled at her nipples. Her mouth still held Jack's salty cum and she
moved it around with her tongue. When her climax reached its peak,
she tilted her head back and let the thick cum run into her throat.
Jack sucked on her clit until she could no longer stand it. Megan
lifted her crotch from Jack's face and hovered inches above his mouth.

Suddenly, Megan let out a scream. "I saw something moving out
there," she said, searching for her sweater.

The four teens scrambled to get dressed, but before they could
completely cover themselves a bright light shown into the truck.

"You kids get the hell out of here before I call the cops," they
hear a man say.

Megan and Lisa held their sweaters over their bare chests with one
hand and tried to pull their skirts down with the other. Jack pulled
his slacks closed, turned on the ignition and rolled down the window.

"Please turn off the flashlight," Jack said. "We're leaving."

The light went off and Jack could see the marina's security guard
standing at the side of the truck.

"You can't come in here unless you have a boat in the marina," he

"I'm sorry," Jack said. "We will leave right now."

Jack started the truck and put it in gear. He eased out of the spot
between the boats and headed for the exit of the marina. Megan and
Lisa pulled their sweaters over their heads and searched around for
their underwear.

"I wonder how long that pervert was watching us?" Lisa said,
pulling her panties on. "I hope he enjoyed the show."

"Oh my god!" Megan said. "Do you really think he was watching us?"

"Of course he was," Lisa said. "Wouldn't you have watched?"

"Yeah, I guess so. It's just so embarrassing to know that he might
have seen what I was doing." Megan said.

Jack drove down the road for a little bit, listening to the girls talk about being caught. He glanced into his mirror and saw Lisa
pull her sweater off and begin putting on her bra.

"You really don't care if someone sees you, do you Lisa?" Jack said.

"Who can see into the truck? Besides, I have to finish dressing,"
Lisa replied.

Megan looked over the seat and watched Lisa fasten her bra and pull
her sweater back on. Slumping down into the seat, Megan pulled her
arms out of her sweater, put on her bra and put the sweater back on.

Jack glanced at the clock on the dash and noticed it was a few
minutes past midnight. He pulled off the main road onto a side
street, parked the truck and turned to Megan. Taking her into his
arms, he gave her a long deep kiss.

"Happy birthday sweetheart," Jack said.

"Thank you Jack, it's the best birthday ever," Megan replied.

"Yeah, happy birthday," Lisa told her. "How does it feel to be an
old lady?"

"Eighteen isn't old! Besides, you'll be the same age in a little
while," Megan giggled.

"Not for over a month," Lisa said.

Tom wished Megan happy birthday and leaned over the seat to kiss
her. Jack pulled away from the curb, turned around and headed
towards Lisa's house.

"What are you going to do for your birthday tomorrow Megan?" Lisa

"I don't know, my parents haven't said anything about it," Megan

"I sort of thought that you and I would go together," Jack said.

Megan wrapped her arms around Jack's and squeezed him. She moved
one hand to the back of his head and ran her fingers through his hair.

"I would love to go out with you tomorrow, it would be the best
birthday present I could get," Megan cooed onto Jack's ear.

"Where are you going to take her Jack?" Tom asked.

"I was thinking about going to that new Italian restaurant up on the
bay," Jack said. "I hear they have great food."

Everyone but Megan knew that she was going to have a surprise party
at the country club. They continued talking about the things that
Jack and Megan could do the next night. Jack pulled into Lisa's
driveway and parked the truck. Tom's Expedition was in the street in
front of the house. Lisa and Tom got out of the truck, told Jack and
Megan goodnight and Jack left.

Megan snuggled close to Jack as he drove towards her house. She put
her hand on his thigh and rubbed him, bumping into his crotch several
times. Jack put his arm over her shoulders and hugged her to him.
When he pulled into her drive and turned off the truck, Megan began
to kiss him.

Jack moved his hand over her back and around to her side. His hand
covered her breast and he gently massaged her through her sweater.
Megan pushed her tongue into Jack's mouth and probed around,
breathing heavily through her nose. Breaking the passionate kiss,
Megan looked into Jack's eyes.

"Can you come in for a little while?" she asked. "My parents will
be asleep and we will have the family room to ourselves."

"Okay, for a little while. It's late and my parents will be worried
if I'm not home soon."

Jack and Megan got out of the truck and went into the house. A lamp
in the family room was on providing enough light for them to find
their way. Megan took Jack's hand, pulled him to the couch and they
sat down.

"Can I call my mom?" Jack asked.

"Sure, I'm going to run upstairs and change out of these clothes
while you do," she replied.

Megan stood up, kissed Jack and headed upstairs. Jack picked up the
phone and called home. When his mom answered, he told her that he
was at Megan's and would be home later.

"Are you going to stay there tonight?" Marge asked him.

"I wasn't planning on it mom, but if I fall asleep or feel too tired
to drive I will," he said.

"Okay Jack, I'm going to bed soon so I will see you in the morning."

Jack hung up the phone and ran out to his truck. He pulled the bag
with Megan's birthday present in it out from under the seat and went
back inside. Hiding the small package near the end table, Jack sat
back down to wait for Megan's return.

"Sorry it took so long sweetheart, I jumped into the shower," Megan
said as she walked across the room.

Megan wore a pair of dark green satin pajamas with loose short
bottoms and a sleeveless top. The armholes were cut low, giving Jack
a view of her breasts when she moved just right. She sat on the
couch next to him and leaned against his body. Jack put his arm
around her and held her close to him.

"Did you call your mom?"

"Yes, I told her I was here and would be home later…unless I fell
asleep or was too tired to drive."

Megan giggled softly, stood up, and sat on Jack's lap. She put her
arm around his neck and her mouth over his. The two teens kissed
passionately, exploring the other's mouth with their tongue. After
several minutes of kissing, Megan removed her mouth from his and
rested her head on his shoulder.

"It was really exciting tonight Jack," she whispered in his ear.

"Yes it was baby."

"I didn't think that I would like messing around with Tom and Lisa
in the truck with us, but it was kind of hot."

"Did you like watching them?"

"Yeah, it was a real turn on to see Lisa sucking on Tom's dick and
watching them fuck. It was even more of a turn on knowing they were
watching us."

Jack rubbed up and down Megan's side, feeling the slippery satin
fabric of her pajamas under his fingers. When he felt her bare flesh
through the armhole, he moved his hand inside and lightly stroked the
side of her breast with his fingertips. Megan shivered at his touch
and wiggled in his lap.

They sat silently as Jack moved his fingertips over her firm mound,
teasing her nipple. He kissed her chin and moved his mouth to her
neck, extending his tongue and tasting her. Megan felt herself begin
to get warm as Jack continued to kiss her and fondle her breast.

"That feels so nice Jack, I love when you play with my tits."

Jack hooked his arm under her legs at the knees and lifted her off
his lap. He put her on the couch and pulled her legs to the front so
her feet were on the floor. Moving off the couch, Jack knelt in
front of Megan and reached under the end table for the small bag he
hid there.

"Happy birthday baby," he said as he handed her the bag.

Megan smiled down at Jack, turned on the lamp and removed the card
from the bag. She opened the envelope, removed the card and began to
read it. When she opened it and read what Jack wrote inside, her
eyes filled with tears.

"To the girl I love, I wish you all the happiness in the world…love
Jack", she read out loud.

Leaning forward, Megan kissed Jack and said, "I love you too Jack."

Reaching into the gift bag, Megan removed the small box and
carefully removed the foil wrapping paper. Her heart was pounding in
her chest as she pulled the lid off the silver carton and took the
velvet box out. With shaking hands she slowly opened the ring box
and looked inside.

"Oh my god it's beautiful Jack," she said with tears of joy running
down her cheeks.

Megan removed the ring and held it to the light, examining it. Not
really sure what to do, She handed it to Jack and asked him to put it
on her. She rested her hands on the tops of her legs and waited for
Jack to select a finger. When he took her left hand in his and
slipped the ring onto her ring finger, Megan began to cry.

Sliding off the couch, she threw her arms around Jack's neck and
hugged him so tight he could barely breath. She began to cover his
face with wet kisses as she wiggled against him.

"Jack, you have made me the happiest girl in the whole world. I
love you so much."

"I guess you like the ring then?"

"Like it? I love it! It is the most wonderful thing I have ever
gotten as a present in my life."

Megan kept her right arm wrapped around his neck, extended her left
arm, and stared at the ring on her finger. She moved her hand from
side to side, watching the light reflect off the small diamonds and
the stone in the middle.

"Megan, does that mean that you're my girl and will go steady with

"Oh yes Jack, I'm all yours. I will go steady with you and do
anything that you want me too," she said with a gleeful voice. "I
want you forever."

Megan leaned into Jack and pushed him onto his back. She knelt
beside him, leaned over, and began to kiss him. They groped at one
another's bodies and pushed their tongues back and forth in each
other's mouths. When Megan felt Jack's hand slip under the top of
her pajamas, she sat up and removed it.

Jack pulled her back down and covered her breast with his mouth,
sucking and licking her firm mound. He ran his tongue over her hard
nipple and caused her to shiver. Reaching for his pants, Megan
unfastened the button and pulled down his zipper. She reached inside
his slacks and rubbed her hand over his hard penis.

"This floor is uncomfortable," he said. "Let's get on the couch."

Megan stood up, removed the bottoms of her pajamas and sat on the
edge of the couch. Jack pushed his pants down and off, and then
removed his shirt. Kneeling between Megan's legs, he covered her
vulva with his mouth and licked the puffy lips of her sex.

Jack moved his hands up her sides and covered her beasts. He
massaged her mounds and probed her vagina with his tongue. Megan
wrapped her legs around him, put her heals against the back of his
head and pulled him tight to her crotch.

Sucking on her clit, Jack moved his hands over her breasts and
nipples. He could feel the stiffness of her small protrusions and he
rolled them gently between his fingers, rubbing the ends with his

Megan put her hands over his, held them to her breasts, and moved
her head from side to side. She kept her eyes open and gazed at her
ring as her lover continued to devour her.

"I want your dick in me Jack! Please put your dick in my pussy and
make love to me."

Jack moved his head out from between her legs, slid her butt to the
edge of the couch, and guided his erection into her vagina. He put
his hands on her thighs and pushed her legs apart as far as they
would go. Megan put her hands on his shoulders and stared into his
eyes as he slowly moved his hard shaft in and out of her hot cavern.

"Kiss my tits while you fuck me," Megan moaned.

Jack leaned forward and sucked one of her breasts into his mouth,
sucked it firmly and then moved to the other one. His hips moved
slowly, pausing when his manhood was buried completely in her vagina.
He swiveled his crotch against her, rubbing her clit, before pulling
back until only the bulbous head was concealed in her sex.

Megan put her hands on the back of his head, but positioned her left
hand so she could see her ring. She felt Jack's throbbing penis
stretch her vagina when he pushed forward and felt it contract as he

"Your pussy feels so hot on my cock Megan. I love the feeling of
being inside you."

"I love it too, please fuck me now. Fuck me until I cum!"

Jack began to move faster pounding his hard penis into her hot
vagina. Every time he would hit her clit with his pubic bone, she
would let out a grunt. Megan began to bounce her hips up into his
thrusts and wrapped her legs around his body. She pulled him into
her with her legs and shoved her hips against his.

Jack felt her vagina contract around his shaft and heard her
announce her climax.

"Oh yes Jack," she moaned. "Harder, do it harder…I'm coming!"

Jack's balls slapped against her bottom as he slammed into her
quivering vagina. He felt his own orgasm build and pressed tightly
against her, shoving his penis in her as far as he could as his balls
emptied into her cavern. When he was spent, he fell forward against
her heaving chest. Megan stroked the back of his head and felt her
muscle spasms begin to subside. She let her legs relax and drop to
the floor on either side of Jack's sweaty body.

After a few minutes, Jack's penis began to withdraw from her vagina.
Megan pushed him onto his back on the floor and knelt over his
flaccid tool. Moving slowly, Megan rubbed herself over his semi hard
penis, their fluids leaking from her onto him.

Megan scooted down, leaned over and licked the underside of Jack's
penis. She coated her lips with the cum that coated his manhood and
drew him into her mouth. Humming, she took his entire penis into her
mouth and cleaned the remnants of their sexual coupling from his
growing shaft. Slowly, she worked her mouth up and down his length,
feeling it grow against her tongue.

Wrapping her hand around the base of his penis and moving up and
down, she removed her mouth and looked up. Watching his eyes, she
pumped her fist up and down his shaft. She smiled and took him back
into her mouth, never taking her eyes away from his.

Out of the corner of her eye, Megan saw movement in the shadows.
She shifted her eyes to the area of the hallway and tried to focus.
Standing at the edge of the doorway were her parents, watching her
and Jack. Megan began to panic, but instead of jumping up, she
sucked Jack's full length into her throat. She began to bob her head
steadily up and down Jack's renewed hard-on, moaning deep in her

Megan looked back at Jack's face and saw that his eyes were closed
and he was smiling. She knew she was pleasing him and decided not to
stop even if her mom and dad watched. The hand that was wrapped
around the base of Jack's manhood was becoming wet with her saliva.
She glanced back at the doorway and noticed her parents were gone.

Jack was starting to groan as Megan sucked on his penis. She moved
her wet hand from his shaft and moved it under his balls. She rubbed
the area between his balls and anus with her fingertips, feeling Jack
flinch when she touched his puckered opening.

When she pressed her fingertip against his anus, Jack lifted his
butt off the floor and groaned out loud. Megan increased the
pressure against his tight ring until her finger slipped into him.

"Oh my god that feels good," Jack moaned as Megan began to press her
finger deeper into his bowels.

Feeling his penis swell in her mouth, she began to finger his anus,
driving her finger deep into his tight opening. Jack bounced his
hips on the floor and felt his penis throb in Megan's mouth. He
exploded and sent several jets of cum into her throat, unable to
restrain himself any longer.

Megan stopped moving her finger and swallowed Jack's cum. When his
penis went limp between her lips, she slowly removed her finger and
let his spent manhood slip out of her mouth.

Sitting back on her heals, she gazed at Jack, as he lay exhausted on
the floor. She watched his chest rise and fall as he breathed
deeply. After a few moments, Megan stretched out on the floor next
to him, put her arm over his shoulder, and kissed his cheek.

"Did you like that Jack?" She asked.

Jack nodded and looked at her.

"Did I hurt you when I put my finger in your ass?"

"No, it felt a little strange…but it felt good. It made me cum faster though, it felt like you touched something, and I couldn't
hold back."

Megan kissed Jack again and got up. She went into the bathroom,
washed her hands, and studied her ring. Her heart began to pound as
she gazed at the ring on her left hand and thought about its meaning.
She was going with Jack and now she could show everyone she knew the
symbol of his love for her. She turned off the light, went back into
the family room and found Jack sitting on the couch, fully dressed.

Picking up her pajama bottoms, Megan stepped into them and pulled
them up. She found her top, put it on and sat next to Jack.

"Are you going to go sweetheart?" She asked him.

"I don't want to, but your parents will be mad if they find me here
in the morning."

Megan giggled and said, "Somehow I don't think so."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I saw them watching me suck your cock earlier."

"Oh no Megan, they're going to kill us! What are we going to do?"

"They're not going to do anything Jack. If they were pissed they
would have said something when they saw us."

"Are you sure they won't be mad at us?"

"I'm sure, I would really love it if you would stay tonight."

"Well…I did tell my mom that I might stay. If you're positive that
your mom and dad won't be upset, I'll stay."

A big smile formed on Megan's face and she stood up. She reached
for Jack's hand and pulled him to his feet.

"Let's go," she said, pulling him towards the stairs. "It's late
and we should get some sleep."

When the reached the top of the stairs, Jack whispered, "Which room
should I sleep in?"

Megan guided him down the hall, and in a low voice replied, "mine."

Jack followed her into her room and when she closed the door, said
"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"I think it is a wonderful idea baby. I can't wait to fall asleep
in your arms. I love you so much that I feel like I'm going to bust
and I want you to be with me tonight."

"I love you too Megan and I want to be close to you. I just don't
want your parents to get mad at me and try to keep us from seeing
each other."

"Don't be silly Jack, I'm eighteen now. They can't tell me who to
see or not to see."

Megan began to unbutton Jack's shirt. She slipped it down his arms
and reached for his slacks. Jack stood motionless as she unfastened
his pants, pulled down his zipper and knelt at his feet. She removed
his shoes and socks, and then pulled his pants down his legs. He
lifted first one foot and then the other as Megan removed his slacks.

Dressed only in his boxers, Jack watched as Megan stood up and
wrapped her arms around him. She kissed him and hugged his body to
hers. Jack returned the hug, feeling her warmth.

"I should take a quick shower," he said. "I feel all sweaty."

Megan pointed towards the bathroom and said, "I'll get you a clean

Jack went into the bathroom, started the shower, and stepped into
the stall. He tilted his head back and let the warm water flow over
his head and down his body. Reviewing the evening's events, he
realized just how much he cared for Megan. His heart rate increased
as he thought about making love with her and the tender touches they
shared. He marveled at how the shy girl transformed into a
passionate lover.

Megan opened the sliding door and got into the shower with Jack,
startling him. He opened his eyes and looked at her nude body. He
moved his gaze from her short red hair to her dark blue eyes. A
smile formed on his face as his eyes took in the beauty of her small
firm breasts and the hard nipples that topped them, he noticed, for
the first time, that her breasts has a slight upward tilt. He
studied her trim waist and shallow navel, noting how her ribs were

Standing motionless, with her arms hanging at her sides, she watched
Jack explore her with his eyes. She saw him looking at her crotch
and moved her feet apart. Jack observed her neatly trimmed strip of
pubic hair and the gap between her thighs. His eyes locked on the
dark flesh of her labia and noticed that her could see her clitoris
peeking out between the folds. When he finished studying her trim
legs and petite feet, her returned his eyes to hers.

Megan loved the fact that he was so enamored with her body and
turned around so her could examine her from the back. She could
almost feel his eyes as they moved slowly from the back of her head
to her heart shaped bottom and down the backs of her legs.

When Jack finished his visual exploration, he reached out and placed
his hands on her waist. He pulled he to him, wrapped his arms around
her, and began to kiss her neck.

"You are so beautiful and sexy," he said.

Megan shivered, turned in his arms, and looked into his eyes.

"Do you really think I'm pretty Jack? I pray that you aren't
disappointed with my body."

Jack took her chin in his hand and tilted her face to his. He
kissed her lips and said, "Please don't ever say that again Megan, I
love you, your body and your mind. You are very sexy and I'm not the
least bit disappointed."

Megan felt tears form in her eyes and she rested her head on his
shoulder. In an attempt to lighten things up, Jack moved his hands
to her breasts and massaged them. Still gripping one breast, he
moved his other hand to her bottom and squeezed her.

"You have really nice tits…and a great ass too."

Megan started to giggle and put her hands on his butt. She gripped
his cheeks firmly and rubbed her crotch against his.

"You have a nice ass too Jack, and a wonderful cock."

The two laughed and Jack stepped back. He took the bar of soap and
started the rub it across his chest, but Megan stopped him. Taking
the soap from him, she began to cover his body with suds. She spent
several extra minutes washing his genitals and his butt. Kneeling,
Megan rubbed the bar of soap up and down his legs, turning him around
so she could do the backs of his thighs and calves. When she
finished soaping him up, she put the bar into the soap dish, took the
spray head and used the water and her hands to rinse away the foam.

Jack returned the favor, washing Megan in the same manner. When
they were both clean and rinsed, Megan turned off the shower and they
stepped out. They dried each other with the fluffy towels Megan had
provided and when they were finished went into her bedroom.

When Jack picked his boxers up off the floor and began to step into
them, Megan grabbed his wrists.

"You won't be needing these," she said, pushing his underwear back
down his legs.

Megan tossed his boxers onto a chair, turned off the overhead light,
and pulled Jack by the arm to her bed. She pulled back the covers,
climbed in the bed and when Jack joined her she covered them up. The
two teens wrapped their arms around each other and moved together.
Megan toyed with her ring as she and Jack lay silently in the

"I love you more than you will ever know," she said, searching for
his lips with hers.

Jack kissed her tender lips and said, "I love you too
Megan…goodnight sweetheart."

"Goodnight Jack," she replied, rolling in his arms and putting her
back to his chest.

Megan pulled Jack's hand to her breast and held it snuggly against
her. The thumb of her left hand rubbed slowly around the thin band
of gold on her finger as if she was making sure it was still there.
Fighting to keep her eyes open and stay alert, Megan listened to
Jack's breathing change to a slow steady cadence. She could feel his
chest expand against her back each time he took a breath and soon her
breathing matched his. Megan drifted off to sleep, wrapped in the
arms of her lover and friend.
"This just isn't working," Kim said as she pulled the towel off her
and tossed it onto the loveseat in her bedroom. "My dad is never
going to do what I want him to do with me!"

Kim pulled a pair of running shorts out of her dresser drawer and
put them on. She sat in her desk chair, turned on her computer, and
waited for it to boot up.

Sally removed her towel, took a pair of panties out of her duffel
bag and put them on. She pulled a long tee shirt over her head and
sat on the edge of the bed near Kim. She could tell that Kim was
upset about the apparent lack of interest her dad had shown when they
were playing in the pool. Sally watched her cousin move the mouse
pointer around the computer screen and click on an icon that brought
up her Internet browser.

Kim typed an address into the location field and the screen changed
to a site with pictures of nude girls. Kim continued to select
different icons until there was a gallery of naked young girls displayed.

"What the hell are you looking at Kim?" Sally asked.

"You've got to check this out Sally, it's so hot!"

Kim clicked on one of the photos and the screen changed to a group
of pictures of a very young looking girl and an older man. The
photos showed the couple in various sex acts, ending with a picture of the girl's face splattered with cum.

"That's so nasty Kim, how did you find this site?"

"Just surfing around, if you keep following the links you can find
some real neat stuff. There are even sites with live cameras. You
can watch people fooling around for real."

Sally got off the bed and stood behind Kim. She put her hands on
her shoulders and leaned closer to the monitor.

"Do you know where any of those sites are, the ones with the
cameras?" Sally asked.

Kim giggled and opened her bookmarks. She clicked on a site and
waited for it to load. When the new site was on the screen, she
opened a web cam. There was a man on the screen stroking his penis.

"Wow!" Sally said, "That thing is huge!"

"It's no bigger than my dad's or you dad's. Wouldn't you love to
have a cock like that in your pussy?"

"Yeah, I'll bet it would feel great."

Sally let her hands drift down and cover Kim's breasts. She rubbed
them and watched the man on the computer. Kim clicked onto another
cam and there was a woman nude from the waist up. The two girls watched her touch her breasts and then move to the keyboard to type.
She was chatting with a guy and following his instructions.

"We should get a camera too Kim," Sally said. "It would be fun to
play on here."

Kim checked a few more cameras, but didn't find anymore naked people
to watch. She shut down her computer and moved from the desk chair
to the bed. Sally and Kim laid back on the bed, stared at the
ceiling and chatted about what they saw on the computer.

"We should get the guys to get a camera and we could get one too.
Then we could fool around and watch each other," Kim said.

"Which guys?"

"Paul and Brad silly, who do you think!"

Sally rolled onto her side, propped her head on her hand and looked
at Kim. "Are you still all pissed off about what happened tonight…or
should I say what didn't happen."

"No, I guess not. It's just frustrating that my dad won't fool
around with me. I know that it's incest and all that, but he doesn't
seem to mind that I'm fucking Jack."

"Did you ever think our brothers are minors too, after all Kim, we
are only fifteen and if an adult had sex with us they could go to
jail. Maybe that's why our dads don't want to fuck us."

"I never thought about that Sally, maybe you're right and I'm just
being stupid. I just get all turned on when I think about making
love with my dad."

"Me too Kim, but I don't want him to go to jail either. I'm happy
fooling around with Tom and Jack…and you," Sally said, putting her
hand on Kim's stomach and stroking her soft skin.

Kim rolled on her side and faced her cousin, smiled and said, "I
guess your right. I'll just have to be happy with our brothers,
you…and Paul for now, but I'm not giving up on my dad."

Sally smiled and said, "I've been having phone sex with Brad, but
I'm getting a bit bored with it. I think I'm going to let him fuck
me if we have a chance. I've been thinking about it a lot lately and
it makes me hot. How about you and Paul? Are you going to let him
fuck you anytime soon?"

Kim nodded and said, "Yeah, I think so. I just have to figure out
how to make him believe that I'm still you know…"


"Yeah, I wouldn't want him to know that I've been doing it. He
might ask with who and I don't think that it would be too cool if he
found out that it was Jack or Tom."

"How are you going to convince him that you're a virgin Kim, you
don't have your cherry anymore."

"Do you think he will be able to tell? I mean, I think he is virgin
too. How would he know the difference?"

Sally sat up and folded her legs into a lotus position. She thought
about what Kim said and tried to come up with an answer to their

"I've got an idea Kim, the next time we are alone with Paul and
Brad, we can get them all worked up. If they try to fuck us, we will
tell them that we don't want to get knocked up and that they will
have to get condoms. Then when we do actually do it, the condoms
will make it feel different and they won't think we have been
screwing because they won't know we are on the pill."

Kim Pushed Sally onto her back. Her legs were still locked in the
lotus position and her knees pointed up at the ceiling. Kim pulled
the gusset of Sally's panties aside and rubbed her finger along her
slit. The talk made Sally wet and Kim's finger slipped easily into
her vagina.

"How do you know how it will feel with a condom Sally? Have you
ever had Tom use one?"

"No, but it must feel different, at least for the guy, just think
about it."

"Sally, I have never even seen one, let alone know what one feels

"Well," Sally giggled. "I guess for a guy it would be like having a
balloon on his dick."

Kim started to laugh and said, "Yuck! That doesn't sound like it
would feel good at all. What happens to the cum, does it just stay
in the condom?"

"I guess it would Kim. If you go along with my idea, we'll find out."

"Okay Sally, it's a deal. The first time we let the twins fuck us
we'll make them use a condom. That way we can find out what it feels
like and they won't know that we're on the pill."

Sally unfolded her legs and spread them across the bed. She moved
her hips into Kim's probing finger and let out a low groan.

"It feels so good when you finger my pussy Kim, want to get naked
and fool around?"

Kim nodded, removed her hand from Sally's crotch and slipped her
shorts off. Sally removed her panties and top then stretched out on
the bed. Kim laid next to her with her head at her feet. The two
girls reached for the other's crotch and began to touch and rub one

Sally inserted two fingers into Kim's vagina and began to move them
in and out. Once Kim was very wet, she rolled on top of her and
covered her sex with her mouth. Kim put her hands on Sally's hips,
guided her over her mouth, and pulled her down. The two teens gently
kissed and licked the other's labia, teasing each other's clitoris
with their tongues.

The oral stimulation they shared wasn't hurried tonight. They both
kissed the soft folds of the other's vaginal lips tenderly and
flicked their tongues against the hard clit hidden between them.
Every once in awhile, one of the girls would push their tongue into
the other's vagina and savor the sweet juices that coated their
tongue. When Kim's neck began to hurt from being bent up, she rolled
Sally onto her side.

When Sally felt Kim begin to quiver and move, she backed off
slightly and allowed her to calm down in an attempt the match her
climax with hers. Knowing that they couldn't prolong their building
orgasms much longer, Kim and Sally rolled onto their backs and began
to finger one another.

Kim felt her stomach muscles begin to contract, followed by her
vagina. She squeezed Sally's probing fingers with her hot tunnel,
signaling that she was coming. Sally used the trick of contracting
her vaginal muscles around Kim's fingers to let her know she was also
ready to cum. Together, Kim and Sally's orgasms rolled through their
bodies and into their vaginas. The uncontrolled convulsions of the
two girls vaginas began slowly, built to a crescendo, and then

They laid quietly next to each other, consumed in the glow of their
encounter. The girls had shared sex with one another many times in
the past, but never as tenderly and lovingly as they did now. After
several minutes, Kim and Sally got up, turned down the bed, and
slipped between the covers. They faced each other and then shared a
tender kiss.

"That was the best it's ever been for me Kim," Sally whispered.

Kim stroked Sally's cheek with her fingers, moved her hair away from
her eyes and whispered back, "Me too, it was so nice and gentle."

"I wonder if that's how it is for lesbians? I mean, they must make
love too, not just have sex."

"I don't know…I guess so. I've never really thought about it too
much. We have always kind of just gotten the other one off before
Sally. This was more like it has been with Jack, when we make love…I
really liked it."

Sally snuggled against Kim and put her arm around her. Their faces
were only inches apart and they could feel the warm breath of the

"I really like it too Kim, but I still like to have a cock in my
pussy or mouth."

Kim giggled and agreed that having sex with a guy was the best.
They talked for a while, discussing their next encounter with their
boyfriends. Soon, they both became silent and drifted off to sleep.


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