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The Lottery Part 53



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited
without the express written permission of the author. ,2001 By:
Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are
offended by material of this nature, are under the legal age in
your location to read this material, or it is illegal for you to
possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 53 (mf, MF, mast, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
Megan began to stir, feeling the presence of Jack next to her
in the bed. His arm was still draped over her, his hand resting
on her tummy. Snuggling back against him, she felt his morning
erection pressing into her bottom. Megan placed her hands on
Jack's arm, pulled it tight to her chest, and wiggled her butt
against his warm hard penis.

Kissing the back of Jack's neck, Megan felt her heart begin to
race. She touched the ring on her left finger, making sure that
she wasn't dreaming about receiving it. Jack woke up and rolled
onto his back. He opened and closed his eyes several times as
he became aware of his surroundings.

"Morning Jack," Megan said softly. "Did you sleep well?"

"Good morning baby…I slept great. What time is it?"

Megan twisted her head around so she could see the alarm clock
on her nightstand and said, "nine-thirty."

Jack felt Megan's hand on his throbbing penis. She began to
stroke him and fondle his testicles.

"Oh baby, that feels very nice, but I have to go take a piss,"
he said. "I'll be right back."

Jack climbed over Megan and got out of bed. His penis pointed
straight up, almost touching his stomach.

"How are you going to go to the bathroom?" Megan giggled.
"Stand on your head?"

"It isn't easy when I'm this hard," Jack laughed.

Jack went into the bathroom, stood in front of the toilet and
tried to point his hard-on at the bowl. His erection began to
diminish and he was able to complete his task. When he returned
to the bedroom, Megan was sitting on the edge of the bed,
dressed in her pajamas.

"We better go downstairs and see what's going on Jack, I think
my parents are up."

Jack nodded and began picking up his clothing from the floor.
While he dressed, Megan went into the bathroom to take care of
her morning duties. She returned wearing a short terrycloth
robe over her pajamas and watched Jack finish dressing.

"I wish I had a toothbrush," Jack said, buttoning his shirt.
"My mouth feels like it's full of cotton."

"Follow me," Megan said walking back into the bathroom.

Jack went into the bathroom and watched Megan open a drawer and
produce a new toothbrush. She handed it to him and he tore open
the package. Megan pointed to the tube of toothpaste on the
sink counter and watched him brush his teeth.

When Jack was finished, Megan took the toothbrush and dropped
it into the holder next to hers.

"Now you have a toothbrush here sweetheart, I hope you get to
use it often."

Jack grinned and said, "Me too."

Jack took Megan into his arms and kissed her. They stood in
the bathroom, their arms around one another, and kissed for
several minutes.

"I love you Megan," Jack said. "It was great being able to
sleep with you last night."

Megan's throat tightened like it did every time he expressed
his love for her. Her eyes filled with tears of joy and she
tightened her grip around his body.

"I love you too Jack Graham," she said. "Spending the night
with you…and my ring has made this the best birthday I could
ever have."

Megan and Jack kissed again and decided to go downstairs. When
they walked into the kitchen, they found Megan's parents sitting
at the table in the breakfast nook.

"Good morning mom and dad," Megan said as she scurried over to
her parents. "Look what Jack got me for my birthday."

Megan extended her left hand and displayed the ring for her
parents. Her mom took her hand in hers and examined the new
jewelry that adorned her daughter's finger.

"Good morning, and happy birthday Megan," Liz said.

"Happy birthday sweetie," Jerry said.

Jack stood nervously, shifting from one foot to the other.
"Good morning Mrs. and Mr. Stone," he said sheepishly.

Jerry said, "good morning," and folded his newspaper. "Did you
two kids sleep well last night?"

"Yes sir," Jack replied.

"Good morning Jack," Liz said. "The ring is just beautiful."

"Sit down Jack," Jerry told Jack.

Jack pulled out a chair and sat at the table with Megan's
parents. Megan pulled her hand away from her mother's, bounced
around the table and held her hand out for her dad.

"Isn't it just the nicest ring you have ever seen daddy," Megan

Jerry held his daughter's hand and looked at the ring.

"It isn't an engagement ring," Jerry said with a chuckle.

"Daddy!" Megan giggled. "No, it's not an engagement ring…but
it does mean that we are going steady."

Jerry laughed and released his daughter's hand. "It's very
nice honey."

"Come on Megan," Liz said. "Give me a hand in the kitchen.
You two kids must be hungry."

Megan and her mom went into the kitchen, leaving Jack alone
with Jerry. They looked at one another, both trying to find
words to break the silence.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Jerry cleared his
throat and said, "Jack, I want to thank you for taking such good
care of my little girl. Ever since you and Megan have started
to date, she has been a different person."

"I really care for Megan Mr. Stone." Jack said.

"I know you do son," Jerry said, looking around to be sure
Megan couldn't hear him. "Is everything set for her party

Jack nodded and told Jerry that he and Megan planned to go to

"I'll make an excuse to stop at the country club and have her
there by six," Jack said. "I don't think she has any idea about
the party."

Jerry smiled and started to say something, but stopped when her
heard his wife and daughter returning.

Liz and Megan carried trays with the breakfast on them and set
them on the table. Liz handed Jack and Jerry each a plate of
bacon and eggs while Megan passed out the juice and toast.

When the four were finished with their meal, Liz cleared the
table and returned with a wrapped package. She handed it to
Megan and said, "Happy birthday, from your father and me."

Megan opened the envelope that was taped to the package, read
it, and passed it to Jack. She carefully removed the bright
colored paper and lifted the lid off the box it had concealed.

Wrapped in white tissue paper was a black satin blindfold.
Megan pulled it from the box, held it up, and examined it.

"Um…it's nice," Megan said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Well put it on Megan," Jerry said, fighting back the urge to

Liz helped her daughter cover her eyes with the blindfold and
took her arm. She pulled Megan out of her chair and began to
lead her around the house with Jack and Jerry close behind.
After several trips through the house and up and down the
stairs, Liz guided Megan out to the garage.

Standing behind his daughter, Jerry pulled the tag ends of the
ribbons that held the blindfold over Megan's eyes. When he
pulled it away and restored her ability to see, Megan saw a
brand new, bright yellow, Mustang convertible with a large red bow on the roof.

Megan stood dazed, staring at her new car. She felt her dad's
hands on her shoulders and heard him say, "Well, do you like it?"

Spinning around, Megan threw her arms around her father's neck.
She hugged him, kissed his cheek and turned back to the car.

"Thank you so much daddy! It's wonderful!"

Megan went to her mom, hugged and kissed her and grabbed Jack
by the arm. She pulled him to the new car and he opened the
driver's door for her. Sliding into the black leather seat,
Megan gripped the steering wheel and looked over the dashboard.

The keys were in the car and Megan twisted them, bringing the
engine to life. The new car purred and she pressed the gas
pedal, causing the engine to race. She turned on the radio and
tuned it to her favorite station, filling the car with loud music.

Jack stood next to the open door and watched her fiddle with
the controls. Megan turned down the radio and asked Jack how to
put the top down.

"I'm not sure," Jack said.

Closing her door, Jack went to the passenger side of the car,
removed the big bow, and climbed in. He pulled down the visor
in front of Megan and reveled the instructions for lowering the
convertible top. Megan read the instructions, released a latch
at the top of the windshield, and reached for the latch above

Pressing a button on the dashboard, the top began to retract,
and folded itself into a compartment behind the back seat.
Megan sat proudly behind the wheel of her new car grinning.

"Jack," Megan said. "Can we take my new car when we go to
dinner tonight?"

"Of course we can Megan," Jack said.

Megan pushed the button that controlled the top and refastened
the latches when it was in place. She turned off the engine,
opened her door, and climbed out.

Standing between her parents, she thanked them again for the
present. Liz and Jerry went into the house, leaving Megan and
Jack alone in the garage.

Moving in front of Jack, Megan put her arms around his waist
and pulled him close. She tilted her head up, placed her lips
against his, and opened her mouth. When Jack parted his lips,
Megan snaked her tongue into his mouth and searched for his.
They kissed for several moments and then Megan pulled her head

"The ring is still the best present I've gotten…or will get

Jack smiled and hugged her tightly. He put his hand on the
back of her head, guided her mouth to his, and kissed her.

"How do you like my new car?" Megan asked.

"It's great Megan, but it's kind of small inside."

Megan giggled, knowing what he was alluding to, and placed her
hand over his crotch.

"I'm sure we'll manage Jack," she said. "I can't wait to try
it out."

Jack slid his hands down her back and gripped her bottom. He
squeezed her butt cheeks and said, "I'm sure we'll find a way to
fool around in your car."

The two teens laughed and went back into the house. Jack told
Megan's parents goodbye and headed for the door.

Standing in the foyer, Jack and Megan kissed and held each other.

"I'll pick you up at five Megan," Jack told her. "Dress nice."

"Okay sweetheart, I'll be ready when you get here."

They kissed again and Jack left. Megan went into the kitchen
and joined her parents. Jerry was reading his newspaper and Liz
was sipping her coffee. Sitting in a chair next to her mother,
Megan picked up her glass of juice and finished it.

"It looks like that young man is very much in love with you
Megan," Liz said.

"I hope so mom, because I love him to death," Megan replied.
"I hope you and daddy aren't upset that he stayed here last

"No honey, we're not upset. We like Jack and would rather have
you two here than in the backseat of a car somewhere," Liz said.

Jerry put his paper down, looked across the table at his
daughter, and said, "Just don't make a habit of it Megan."

"What do you mean daddy?"

"I mean that you are still young and have a lot of life to
live. I just don't think that it's a good idea to spend all of
your time with Jack. You need to have other interests too," he

"I do have other interests daddy, I spend more time with Lisa,
Kim, and Sally than I do with Jack…at least right now."

"What about college Megan?" Liz asked. "You do still plan to
go don't you?"

"Of course I do mom, I still want to be an accountant," Megan
said. "However, I think I would like to stay here and go to the
local university rather than go away to school. I want to be
close to you guys and my friends."

"Megan," Jerry said. "You've already been accepted at Boston
College, I thought that's where you wanted to go."

"It was daddy, that is until I met Kim and Sally. I know they
are much younger than I am, but they are my best friends, them
and Lisa. I didn't have any real friends all through high
school and now that I do, I don't want to leave them. I'm a
straight 'A' student and I can go to any college that I want
to…and I want to go here."

"I'm sure that Jack doesn't have anything to do with your
decision to change schools does he," Liz said sarcastically.

"Of course he does mom, I want to be close to him too. What's
wrong with that?"

"There's nothing wrong with wanting to be close to Jack, or
your friends Megan," Liz said. "I just don't want you to miss
out on life."

Megan began to cry. She looked at her dad and back to her mom.

"I have already missed out on my teens. The last five years
have been very hard for me, and not much fun. Now I have met
new friends, gotten a boyfriend that cares for me, and I don't
want to leave. I want to stay here and be with them and that's
what I'm going to do," Megan said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Megan jumped up from the table and ran upstairs to her room.
She flopped onto her bed and buried her face into her pillow.
Liz came into the room, sat on the edge of the bed, and began to
rub her daughter's back.

"Megan honey," Liz said. "I'm sorry if I upset you, I didn't
mean to. Your father and I are just concerned. We don't want
you to get hurt."

Megan rolled onto her back and looked up at her mom. "If I get
hurt, I get hurt. If I don't do anything I'll never get hurt,
but I won't have any fun either."

Liz sat quietly, pondering what her daughter just said. She
thought about her own life and the things she missed out on.
Reaching down and pulling Megan up, Liz hugged her daughter.

"You're so right Megan. I don't want you to miss out on
growing up and learning life's lessons…I don't want you to be
me. You can choose any school you want to and your father and I
will support your decision."

"Okay mom. I'm sorry I got so upset, it's just that it seems
like my life is just beginning and I want to be able to make my
own decisions."

"Your father and I are parents Megan. It's hard for us to
accept that you're growing up and will soon be gone. I will try
to do a better job of understanding you and your needs honey…I
just want to be part of your life."

Megan hugged her mom and rested her head on her shoulder.

"I want you and daddy to be part of my life too. I want to be
able to come to you and ask questions and get advice. I also
want to be able to screw up and know you two still love me."

Jerry was standing outside Megan's door, listening to her and
Liz talk. He walked into the room, sat on the bed and put his
arm around his daughter.

"Megan," Jerry said. "You can come to us about anything. We
know you are an adult now, even though it's hard to accept.
Your mom is right about school, you go wherever you want to. If
you ever need to talk to me I will be there for you."

"Thanks daddy," Megan said.

Liz smiled and took her daughter's chin in her hand. "Okay,
that's enough of that. Why don't we all get dressed and go for
a ride in your new car."

Megan giggled, jumped off the bed and took off her robe. She
headed for the bathroom and said, "I'll be ready in fifteen

Jerry and Liz left Megan's room, went to their own, and began
to get ready.

"I feel like such a shit Jerry," Liz said as she took off her

"Why?" Jerry asked.

"I spent most of our married life in a sexual vacuum and now
I'm trying to do the same to our daughter."

"Well, from the way she was sucking Jack's cock last night, I
don't think she will have any troubles in the sex department. I
thought I saw her take him all the way into her throat a couple
of times, and she really seemed to enjoy it."

Liz laughed, dropped to her knees, and took her husbands penis
out of his pants. She stroked him with her hand, looking up
into his eyes.

"You mean like this?" She asked and took him into her mouth.
She coated his manhood with her saliva and then sucked his semi
hard penis in all the way.

Her nose was against his pubic hair, her hand around his
hanging balls. She moved her mouth over him, feeling him grow.
Pulling his penis out of her mouth, she licked the underside.

"Do you like it when I take your cock into my throat?"

"Oh yes," Jerry groaned.

Liz put him back into her mouth and sucked gently. She bobbed
her head over his hard-on, taking more and more into her mouth.
Jerry's penis was throbbing and as big as it would get. When
his wife pushed her head forward and took his entire length into
her mouth and throat, Jerry let out a groan. He put his hands
on the sides of Liz's head and began to pump his hips, sliding
his penis in and out of her sucking mouth.

It had been several days since they made love and it didn't
take Jerry long to feel his penis begin to throb with his
impending orgasm. Liz felt him swell in her throat and backed
off, holding only the bulbous head between her lips. She
wrapped her hand around him and began to fist his penis until
she felt the first spurt of cum travel its length.

Pulling him out of her mouth, she continued to pump his shaft.
The first jet of hot cum splattered against her cheek and she
adjusted her aim. The next hard spurts shot into her open mouth
as Jerry looked down and watched. When his ejaculations began
to diminish, Liz took him back into her mouth and sucked the
last of his cum out of his penis.

"Do you think I'm as good as Megan?" Liz asked as she
collected the thick cum on her cheek with her finger and sucked it clean.

"Well," Jerry chuckled, "I guess there's only one way to find

Liz stood up and said, "How's that?"

"I guess I'll have to let Megan suck my cock again and then I
can compare you two."

Liz slapped him on the arm and called him a dirty old man.

"Well if that's how you think you should find out, maybe I
should suck Jack's cock and see what her thinks."

Jerry stopped laughing and looked at his wife. "Maybe we
should let Megan suck and fuck Jack and you and I will suck and
fuck each other."

"I was just kidding Jerry, don't get so serious. Get dressed
now so Megan can take us out in her new car."

Jerry went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. As he
washed his genitals, he became aroused. His mind drew a mental
picture of his daughter with his penis in her mouth and his wife doing the same thing to Jack. Shaking his head to clear the
nasty thoughts, Jerry reached for the hot water control and
twisted it off. He let out a muffled scream when the ice-cold
water struck his body and his mind cleared of the exotic image.

"Are you okay in there?" Liz asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. I'll be done in a couple of minutes."

Jerry finished in the bathroom and Liz went in to get ready.
While his wife showered, Jerry went downstairs to wait. Megan
was waiting in the family room, sitting on the couch.

"Your mother is getting ready Megan," Jerry said. "She'll be
down in a few minutes."

Megan nodded, picked up a magazine and began to flip through
the pages. She thought about the conversation she and her
parents had that morning.

"Daddy," she said, never looking up from the magazine. "Are
you mad because I want to stay home and go to school?"

"No honey, I'm not mad. In fact after thinking about it, I'm
happy you have decided to stay home. I haven't been around much
for you or showed much interest in you these past years, and it
will give me an opportunity to make up for lost time."

"I'd really like that daddy. I would love to do more with you
and mom," Megan said, tossing the magazine onto the couch. "I
just hope that we can include Jack too."

"Yes, we can include Jack…You're really in love with him aren't

Megan got up off the couch, went to her dad's chair and sat on
his lap. She put right arm around his neck and held her left
hand up for him to see. Leaning against him, Megan put her head
on his shoulder.

"I love him very much daddy. He makes me feel pretty and sexy
and like…like a woman."

Jerry put his arm around his daughter's waist and held her. He
moved his hand to her back and rubbed up and down along her spine.

"Megan, you're a very beautiful woman. Jack's lucky to have a
girl like you…but to me…well, you'll always be my little girl."

Megan hugged her dad tight and said, "I always want to be you
little girl daddy, but I want to be a woman too. I like to feel
sexy and desired."

Jerry felt his penis flinch under his daughter's bottom. The
wrap around skirt she was wearing was open and her could see her

"Am I making you uncomfortable daddy?" She asked, having felt
the movement against her butt.

Jerry cleared his throat, nodded and said, "Just a little,
you'd better get up."

The though of her dad becoming aroused by her excited Megan.
She wiggled her bottom and stood up, giving her dad a quick
glimpse of her panties. She fixed her skirt, glanced at her
father's crotch, and smiled at him. The telltale bulge in his
slacks made Megan feel sexy.

"Are you two ready?" Liz said as she walked into the room.

"I sure am," Megan said. "I can't wait to drive my new car."

Megan, Jerry, and Liz all went out to the garage and got into
the new convertible. Liz climbed into the back seat behind
Megan and Jerry jumped into the passenger seat. Megan started
the car, backed out of the garage, and took off down the

When she reached the street, Megan pushed down on the gas pedal
and the bright yellow Mustang jumped forward, squealing the
tires. She sped down the street, slowing to make a turn onto
the main road.

"I think you're going to need to find a job Megan," Jerry said.

"What for?" She replied.

"To pay for the tickets you're going to get if you drive like
this," Jerry said with a chuckle.

Megan slowed down to the posted speed limit. She drove several
miles and pulled into a parking lot to turn around. Jerry
looked over at her and noticed her skirt was open giving him a
clear view of her thighs. He felt his penis begin to stir again
as he stared at his daughter. When she looked over at her dad,
Megan noticed that he was gazing at her legs.

A big smile formed on Megan's face as she pulled out of the lot
and back onto the street. She shifted around in the seat,
causing her skirt to open further. Glancing into the rear view
mirror, she saw that her mom was looking out the side window.

"I love the car," Megan said. "It's so fast."

Megan stopped at a red light and turned to look into the back
seat. When she did, her skirt opened far enough for her dad to
see her sheer white lace panties. He could see the thin strip
of red pubic hair through the almost transparent material.

"Do you want to drive mom?" Megan said. "It's really fun."

"Sure honey, I'd love to drive your new car," Liz replied.

Megan pulled off the road into a parking lot, got out of the
car and folded her seat forward so her mom could get out of the
back. Megan climbed into the backseat and her mom got behind
the wheel. Liz pulled out of the parking lot and took off down
the road.

"You're right Megan," Liz said gripping the steering wheel.
"This car is fast. If you're not careful, you'll get speeding
tickets like your dad said."

Megan sat in the middle of the backseat and put her hands on
the backs of the front bucket seats.

"I'll be careful mom," Megan said. "I've never gotten a ticket
and I don't want to start now."

Jerry turned when Megan spoke and was looking right between her
legs. She had her feet placed on either side of the hump and he
could see the crotch of her panties. After staring for a
moment, Jerry turned around and looked out the windshield.

Leaning back, Megan giggled to herself, knowing that her dad
had looked up her skirt. She could feel a tingling beginning
between her legs and her face felt flush. She thought about the
night that she went into her parents' room and the things that
happened. After sliding behind her dad, Megan slipped her hand
between her legs, rubbed her crotch, and then quickly removed
her hand. She pulled her skirt closed and let out a deep sigh.

Liz pulled onto their street and turned into the driveway. She
parked the car in the garage and the three of them got out and
went into the house. Jerry and Liz went into the kitchen for
coffee and Megan went to her room after thanking her parents for
the car again.

Megan went to her closet and began to look for something to
wear on her date with Jack.
Kim was wakened by someone knocking on her bedroom door. She
rubbed her eyes and said, "Come in."

Jack opened her door, stepped into the room, and stopped in his

"Oh shit," Jack said. "I'm sorry…I didn't know Sally was here

"It's ok Jack," Kim said. "What's up?"

Jack glanced at Kim's bed. Sally was still asleep, uncovered
from the waist up. Kim sat up against the headboard and pulled
the covers over her and Sally.

"I wonder if you could do me a favor and take pictures at
Megan's party tonight?" He said.

"Sure Jack, I'd be happy to. Do you want me to use your video camera?" Kim asked.

"That's a great idea Kim, that way you can get the surprise on
her face when she walks in." Jack replied.

"Yeah Jack, and when you give her the ring too." Kim said.

"Well, I already gave Megan the ring. I gave it to her last

Kim swung her legs over the side of the bed, covering her
middle with the sheet. Jack looked at her bare breasts and felt
his penis begin to get hard.

"Did she like it? What did she say?" Kim asked him.

"Yes Kim, she likes it. She said it made her happy." Jack said.

Kim stood up, went to her dresser, and took a long tee shirt out of a drawer. She pulled it over her head and sat down on
her love seat. Sally began to stir and opened her eyes.

"Good morning," Sally said, pulling the covers up around her

"Jack gave Megan her ring last night," Kim said.

"That's cool," Sally replied. "I'll bet she almost pissed her
pants when she got it. Speaking of piss, I have to go to the

Sally got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She pushed
the door as she went into the room, closing it about half way.

"Was she surprised?" Sally said from the bathroom.

"Yes, she was very surprised Sally," Jack said.

When she was finished, Sally came back into Kim's bedroom. She
was slipping her arms into a robe as she went back to the bed
and sat down. Sally sat on the edge of the bed, her robe half

"Did you get laid?" Sally giggled.

Jack smiled and nodded his head. "I ended up spending the
night at Megan's house."

"Did her parents get mad at you for sleeping over there?" Kim

"No, they were cool about it. They gave Megan a new Mustang
convertible for her birthday." Jack said.

"Really! What color is it?" Sally said.

"Bright yellow." Jack replied.

"I can't wait to see it and maybe go for a ride. Have you been
for a ride it yet?" Kim asked her brother.

"Not yet Kim, but we are taking it tonight. Is everything
ready for the surprise party tonight?" He said.

"I think so, we talked to a few kids at school, but I'm not
sure who will come." Kim replied.

"Thanks," Jack said. "I'm sure the party will be great no
matter who comes from school, we're her real friends. Where are
mom and dad?"

"I don't know, I was sleeping," Kim said. "Did you check to
see if there is a note on the bulletin board?"

Jack shook his head no and left the room. He came back a
couple of minutes later, carrying his video camera. He turned
it on, pointed it at Kim and then at Sally.

"Do you remember how to work the camera Kim?" Jack said as he
moved back and forth between the girls.

"Yes," Kim replied. "I remember."

Kim stood up and while Jack was taping her, she turned around
and lifted her shirt. Jack laughed as he centered her bottom in
the viewfinder and continued to record her antics. When Kim
bent over and wiggled her butt at him, Sally jumped off the bed
and scurried over to her.

Facing Jack, Sally grabbed Kim around the waist and began to
spank her naked butt. Kim squirmed around, but Sally maintained
her hold and continued to smack her hand on Kim. Reaching
around Sally, Kim grabbed her robe and pulled it open, exposing
her to the camera.

Giggling, Sally pulled Kim's tee shirt up and over her head.
Kim lunged, knocking Sally onto the love seat and the two girls began to wrestle. They were soon on the floor, each trying to
get an advantage over the other. Kim finally managed to get
Sally onto her back and sat on her stomach. She grabbed Sally's
legs, pulled them forward, and pushed them apart.

"He's taking pictures of my pussy!" Sally grunted as she tried
to free herself.

"So what, he's seen it before," Kim giggled.

Sally tried to knock Kim off her, but was unable to get enough
leverage. Kim finally released Sally's legs and quickly closed
them. Kim got off her cousin and helped her to her feet.
Picking her tee shirt up from the floor, Kim covered herself.

"Wow!" Jack said. "That was cool. You two should let me make
a movie of you wrestling sometime."

"Yeah," Sally giggled. "We could make it X rated. I'll bet
you'd like a video of two girls going at it…wouldn't you."

Jack turned the camera off and removed it from his eye. He
looked at the two girls and said, "Hell yes, it would be great."

The three teens laughed at the idea of making a dirty movie.
Kim could tell that Jack was turned on by the thought, seeing
the bulge in his slacks. She went over to Sally, opened her
robe and put her mouth over one of her breasts.

"Would you want us to do something like this Jack?" Kim asked
and then returned her mouth to Sally's breast.

"Oh yeah!" Jack said. "That's hot."

Sally moved her hand between Kim's legs and started to rub her.
"I could finger fuck Kim while she sucked on my boob, would you
like that too?"

Jack moved his hand to his crotch and began to rub his hard
penis. He watched his sister and cousin as they played with
each other.

"I think Jack's cock is hard Kim," Sally said. "He's playing
with himself."

Kim removed her mouth from Sally's breast, replacing it with
her hand.

"We could make a movie of Jack and Tom jacking off too Sally,"
Kim said as she watched her brother.

"Okay," Jack said. "I'm out of here. You two are going to end
up getting me into trouble."

Kim and Sally laughed at Jack as he left the room. Once he was
gone, they closed the bedroom door and sat together on the bed.
Kim pulled up her shirt and looked down at her mons.

"I think I need a trim Sally. I want to shave my legs too."

"Me too, I'm getting a little hairy down here," Sally replied,
running her hand over her crotch. "I'll do yours if you do mine."

Kim pulled off her tee shirt and the two girls went into the
bathroom. When they were finished, they went back to Kim's

"Thanks Sally, it looks great," Kim said, examining her neatly
trimmed heart shaped pubic hair in the full-length mirror.

Kim went into her closet and returned with a black halter
dress. She put it on the bed, went to her dresser, and took out
a black bra and a pair of panties. After putting on her
underwear, Kim slipped the dress over her head. She looked at
herself in the mirror, turning from side to side.

When she looked at her back, she said, "This looks like shit
Sally, my bra straps show."

Sally went to her cousin and tried to adjust the straps so they
weren't so obvious.

"You're right Kim, you need a different bra, if you're going to
wear one."

Kim pulled the dresses strap, which went behind her neck, over
her head, removed her bra, and put the strap back into place.
Again she looked at her reflection in the mirror, shaking her

"I'm going to see if someone can take me to the mall, I need a
new bra to wear with this dress," Kim said, removing the dress
and placing it on a hanger. "Do you want to go with me?"

"Sure, I need to get Megan a gift."
Kim and Sally got dressed, both of them selecting jeans and
sweaters. Kim went to Jack's room and asked him if he would
drive them to the mall.

"I can take you and Sally in a little while, I have to get
cleaned up first," Jack said.

"Okay, Sally and I will have breakfast and wait downstairs for

The two girls were finishing their breakfast when Jack came
into the kitchen. He sat down at the counter and watched the
girls putting their dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Once the
kitchen was cleaned up, they all left for the mall. Kim told
Jack that their parents went shopping and they might even see
them at the mall.

It was almost noon when the three teens entered the mall. Kim
and Sally made a beeline for the store that they liked to shop
in, Jack followed close behind them. When the girls went into
the lingerie department and began to look at the items there,
Jack told them he would wait in the common area of the mall,
outside the bookstore.

Kim searched through the vast selection of bras, looking for
something that would go with her dress. The sales girl that
helped her in the past came up to Kim and Sally and asked if she
could help.

"I have a halter dress that I'm going to wear to a party
tonight. All of my bras have straps that show so I need
something new." Kim told her.

"Well, let's see what we can find for you. Are you going to
wear stockings tonight?" The sales girl asked.

Kim was surprised that the girl remembered her and the fact
that she had bought stockings.

"Yes, I'm planning to," Kim told her.

The girl led Kim and Sally to a rack of strapless bras and
began to show them to them. After holding up several styles,
she told the girls to follow her. She took them to another rack
and pulled out a black bustier. She held it up for Kim and
explained that it had removable straps and stocking suspenders.
Kim took the garment and went into the dressing room to try it on.

Kim came out of the dressing room wearing the tight lingerie.
The bustier was sheer, with strips of satin running from the bra
top to the lacy bottom. Elastic suspenders dangled on her legs.
The bustier fit snug at the waist and flared out over her hips.

"That is so sexy," Sally said.

"I know," Kim replied. "I'll take it."

"Would you like matching panties to go with it?" The clerk
asked Kim.

"Yes please," Kim said.

The sales girl left and Kim went into the dressing room to
remove the new garment. When the girl returned, she carried
several styles of panties that matched the bustier.

"Which ones do you like?" She asked, showing Kim the different
items. "I really like the g-string."

Kim took the tiny g-string panties and looked them over. She
asked Sally what she thought and she said she liked them too.
Kim also looked over the thong and a pair of high cut bikini
panties, deciding to get all three pairs.

"How about you?" The girl asked Sally. "Would you like to see
something like this too?"

Sally thought for a moment and turned to Kim.

"What do you think Kim, should I get one too?" Sally said.

Kim nodded yes, thinking about how Paul and Brad would react if
they saw them in their new underwear.

"My dress is wine colored, do you have anything that will
match?" Sally asked.

"I think we can get close, let's go look." The girl replied.

Kim and Sally followed the girl out into the store and watched
as she hunted through the racks. She pulled a light purple one
out and showed it to Sally.

"My dress is darker," Sally said. "Do you have anything else?"

The sales girl continued searching and produced a darker purple
bustier. She held it up for Sally and asked if the color was

"Yes, that's very close. I'll need panties too," Sally told her.

The girl gathered three pairs of panties, like the ones that
Kim selected. She asked the girls if they needed stockings and
went to that department when they said they did. The girls paid
for their things and headed out to meet Jack.

They found him sitting on a bench outside the bookstore,
thumbing through a new boating magazine. The two girls sat
beside him.

"Jack," Sally said. "I need to get something for Megan. Any
ideas about what she wants?"

"I don't know Sally," Jack said. "I know she likes clothes. I
figured that you two would know better than I would."

"I can get her a new outfit Jack, would you help me pick one
out?" Sally said.

"I need to get her something too," Kim said.

The three of them went back to the store Kim and Sally just
left and they began to look for outfits for Megan. The girls selected mini skirts and matching tops, after looking at several
items. They asked the sales girl to put them into boxes and
left the store. On the way out of the mall, they stopped at a
card shop and picked up cards and wrapping paper.

Kim and Sally put their packages into the backseat and climbed
in front. Kim sat in the middle, between her brother and Sally.
Jack drove to Sally's house and dropped her off. She told Kim
that she would call her later.

Jack pulled out of the driveway and onto the street. Kim
remained next to her brother, feeling his leg against hers.
When Jack put his hand on Kim's leg, just above the knee, and
squeezed it firmly, she leaned into his body.

Kim parted her legs slightly as Jack rubbed her thigh. He kept
his hand moving, getting closer to Kim's crotch. When Kim felt
his hand bump her mons, she opened her legs wide and grabbed
Jack's arm. Jack moved his fingers over her jean-covered
crotch, feeling the heat of her excitement.

Jack turned into the drive, parked the truck, and got out. Kim
retrieved her packages and followed her brother into the house.
The two siblings went upstairs and into Kim's room. The moment
Kim dropped her packages onto the loveseat, Jack took her into
his arms and began to kiss her.

Kim put her arms around her brother's waist and gripped his
buttocks. She sucked on his tongue as Jack probed her mouth,
moaning softly. When Jack moved his hand from her back to the
hem of her sweater, Kim raised her arms and let him pull it over
her head. Jack unhooked her bra and slid it over her arms,
letting it fall to the floor.

Standing with her arms at her side, Kim smiled as her brother covered her breasts with his hands and massaged the firm flesh.
He rubbed her nipples with his thumbs, watching them respond.
Kim pulled Jack's shirt out of his jeans and slowly began to
unbutton it. She pulled the shirt off his shoulders, down his
arms and tossed it aside. Wrapping her arms around him, she
pulled Jack close, pressing her breasts into him.

Jack took her face in his hands, tilted her head back and
kissed her forehead. As he covered her face with soft kisses,
he guided her towards her bed. When the backs of Kim's legs
contacted the bed, Jack began to kiss her neck and shoulders.
He licked and kissed his way down her chest, pausing at her
breasts to suckle her hard nipples.

Kim put her hands on the back of his head and held his mouth to
her breasts, groaning as he nibbled on her nipple. He moved
from her hard protrusion and ran his tongue under her breast.
Lowering himself to his knees, Jack kissed Kim's stomach and
pushed his tongue into her navel. He unsnapped her jeans,
lowered the zipper, and began to push them, and her panties,
down her legs.

Feeling her knees begin to weaken, Kim sat on the bed. Jack
untied her shoes, removed them, and pulled her jeans off her
legs. Placing his hands on her knees and pushing them apart, he
covered her vulva with his flattened tongue.

Leaning forward, Kim watched her brother lapping at her crotch.
She felt his tongue poke at her clitoris and groaned when he
sucked her puffy lips into his mouth. Jack reached up with one
hand, put it on her breast, and pushed her back onto the bed.
His other hand moved to her crotch and he inserted a finger into
her vagina. Using his tongue to trace her heart shaped pubic
hair, he slowly moved his finger in and out of her vagina,
feeling it become wet. When Jack put a second finger into her
tight opening, Kim squeezed them with her vaginal muscles.

The combination of her brother's fingers and tongue brought Kim
to an orgasm. Her body quivered and her vagina contracted
around his fingers. When Jack removed his hand from her breast,
she replaced it with her own.

Kim's climax was beginning to diminish when she felt her
brother's penis press between her labia, parting the heated
folds of wet flesh. When she felt him push into her, stretching
her vagina, Kim grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled
them back to her breasts.

Jack placed his hands on the bed, next to Kim's shoulders, and
pushed his throbbing shaft all the way into his sister's vagina.
When his pubic bone pressed into hers, he wiggled his hips,
rubbing her clit. Pulling back until only the head of his penis
was still embedded in her, Jack paused and then pushed it back
in. In a slow, timed cadence, he continued to slide his manhood
in and out of Kim. Each time he would feel her pubic mound
against his, he would move his hips from side to side.

Kim released her legs and put them onto Jack's shoulders. She
took her nipples between her finger and thumb and rolled them
while pulling them away from her breasts. Kim moved her legs
from her brother's shoulders to his butt and pulled him into her
as another orgasm started deep in her tummy. Letting go of her
nipples, she grabbed Jack by the shoulders and pulled him down.
Their sweaty bodies made contact and Kim started to kiss his

Jack's buttocks tightened and his cum filled his sister's
vagina. He pressed himself into her as his penis throbbed and
sent his seed into her hot tunnel. Kim screamed into his chest,
her sound muffled by his flesh as she reached the summit of her
own climax. Her legs flailed wildly as wave after wave of
sexual pleasure ripped through her.

When the two sibling's orgasms subsided, Jack collapsed onto
Kim. His legs were shaking and his breathing labored. Kim
stroked his sweat covered back, enjoying the feeling of his
penis buried in her and the closeness they shared. After
several minutes, Jack rolled onto his back next to her and

"What was that for?" Kim said, breaking the silence. Neither
one of them had said a word since they dropped Sally off at her

Jack rolled onto his side, facing Kim and said, "Because I love

Kim grinned, kissed his lips and replied, "I love you too Jack.
I really like the way you show how you love me. That was great!"

Jack glanced at the clock and said, "I only have a couple of
hours before I have to pickup Megan, and I'd better get going."

Kim smiled at her brother, kissed his lips, and stroked his
cheek. "Do we have time to take a shower together Jack?"

"Sure, let's go. We can use mine."

Kim and Jack got out of bed. She looked back and saw a large
wet spot on the sheets. Kim pulled the covers off the bed and
dropped them onto the floor. She grabbed the corner of the
stained sheet and pulled it away from the mattress, rolling it
into a ball.

"I wish my pussy could swallow," she said. "We always make
such a mess."

Jack laughed at her, smacked her bare bottom and said, "You're
nuts Kim. Come on, let's go and get cleaned up."

Kim tossed the balled sheet onto the floor, followed her
brother to his room, and climbed into the shower with him. They
took turns washing each other and rinsing away the soap. Kim
knelt on the shower floor, took her brother's penis in her hand,
and guided it into her mouth. She sucked the flaccid member all
the way in, backing off as it grew. She cradled his testicles
in her hand and rolled the orbs in her palm.

Jack put his hands on the sides of her head and pumped his
hips, sliding his penis between her lips. When she thought that
her brother was getting too excited, she pulled her mouth off
his member and stood up.

"You better save some of that sweet cum for Megan," she
giggled. "I wouldn't want her to get pissed at me."

Jack pulled her to him, his hard-on pressing against her body.
He kissed her on top of the head, reached behind her, and
slapped her naked wet bottom firmly.

"Like I said before Kim…you're a prick teaser."

Kim giggled and took his still erect penis in her hand. She
stroked it several times and rubbed the head with her thumb.

"Sorry Jack," she said. "I won't tease your prick anymore if
you don't want me too."

"Oh it's okay, I don't mind at all," Jack chuckled.

Kim bent over, kissed his penis on the end and Said, "Good! I
wasn't going to stop anyway."

Jack turned off the water and they both got out of the shower.
They took towels from the rack and dried each other's bodies.
Kim took a second towel and warped it around her head. She
covered her body with her towel and began to leave.

Jack grabbed her, hugged her to him, and kissed her
passionately. When he broke their kiss, Kim smiled at her
brother and left the room. On the way across the hall to her
room, Kim saw her parents at the top of the stairs.

"What are you up to?" Her dad asked.

"Saving water," Kim replied, and went into her room.

Marge and Don both laughed and headed for their bedroom to get
ready for Megan's surprise party.

Kim removed her towels and was headed into her bathroom to fix
her hair when her phone rang. She picked it up and said, "Hello."

"Hi Kim, this is Lisa, how are you today?"

"Great Lisa, what's up?

"I was wondering what you are going to wear tonight to the

"I'm going to get dressed up Lisa, I don't have much of a
chance to wear my nice clothes."

"That's cool Kim, I wanted to dress up too, but I didn't want
to be the only one there in a dress."

Kim told Lisa that she was wearing a new halter dress and about
the lingerie she and Sally purchased at the mall.

"Wow, I'll have to tell my brothers, they won't be able to keep
their hands off you and Sally."

"Don't you dare tell them Lisa!"

"I won't Kim, I was just teasing."

"What did you get Megan for her birthday Lisa?"

"I found a real cute pair of hip-huggers and a top. How about

"Sally and I both bought her mini skirts and tops. Jack gave
her the ring last night."

"Really! I'll bet she almost pissed her pants when she got it."

"Jack said she was real surprised and real happy. She is head
over heels in love with him."

"I know she is Kim. I think it's great that she has a
boyfriend now. She has been unhappy for so long."

"Her mom and dad bought her a new car, Jack said it's a Mustang

"No kidding…a new car! I wish my parents could afford to get
me a car for my birthday."

"Please tell your brothers to dress nice," Kim said, changing
the subject. She didn't want to get into a discussion about
money with Lisa.

"Okay Kim, I'll tell them. I need to start getting ready now.
I'll see you later."

"Me too, I'll see you at the club Lisa."

Kim hung up the phone and went into the bathroom to get ready
for the party. She took extra care in fixing her hair, making
sure it looked good. She opened her drawer, took out her makeup
bag, and set it on the counter. She stared into the bag and
then grabbed her robe from the back of the bathroom door.

Kim knocked on her parents' bedroom door and waited for a
reply. When her mom said, "Come in." She entered their room.

Marge was sitting at her dressing table, in her panties and
bra, putting on her makeup. Kim went over to her and stood
behind her mom, looking at her in the mirror.

"Mom, can I wear makeup tonight?" Kim asked.

Marge looked up at her daughter's reflection and said, "How
much makeup do you want to wear Kim? You really don't need it,
you're very pretty without any at all."

Kim sat next to her mom on the bench and smiled.

"Thanks mom, but I would like to wear some tonight."

"Wear some what?" Don said, as he walked into the room from
the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Kim wants to wear makeup tonight Don," Marge said. "We were
just discussing it."

"You don't need makeup Kim, you're beautiful enough without
it," he said.

Kim blushed at her father's statement and looked to her mom for

"Well Kim," Marge said. "I guess it'll be okay for tonight.
What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know mom, will you help me?" Kim asked.

Marge smiled at her daughter and told her to face her. Kim
straddled the bench, facing her mom and Marge took several items
out of her bag. She applied eye shadow and liner, and then
mascara. Marge rubbed a little blush on her cheeks and asked
what color of lipstick she wanted.

Kim looked over her mom's selection of lipstick and picked up a
tube of bright red.

"How about this mom?" Kim asked.

"I don't think so young lady. Pick something a bit more
appropriate for a fifteen year old." Marge said.

Kim put the red lipstick down and selected dark pink lip paint.
She showed it to her mom and Marge nodded in approval. Marge
took a lipliner pencil and formed a fine line around Kim's full
lips. She applied the lip paint to Kim, carefully blending it.

"That's it Kim, how do you like it?" Marge asked.

Kim looked into the mirror and smiled. She looked older with
the makeup and felt great. Her dad was standing behind the two,
watching the whole process. Kim turned to him for his approval
and giggled when he nodded. Glancing down, Kim noticed her robe
was open, exposing her breasts and naked crotch. She also
noticed her dad's eyes shifting from her face to her chest and
parted legs and then back to her face.

Kim saw that her dad's towel was tented away and grinned.

"Daddy, are you looking at my boobs?" Kim said, making no
effort to cover herself.

"Um…ah…well, I guess I was," Don said, turning away. "You
should keep yourself covered."

Kim pulled the robe closed and stood up. She went to her
father, put her arms around his waist and hugged him. She could
feel his penis against her body and giggled when she felt it move.

"Sorry daddy, I thought you liked my boobs," Kim said.

Don hugged his daughter and then pushed her away.

"I do," he said.

Kim giggled again and headed back to her room to finish dressing.

Marge also noticed her husband's reaction to seeing his young daughter's breasts and crotch. She turned around on the bench,
faced Don and pulled his towel off. Seeing that her husband was
almost fully aroused, Marge took his penis in her hand and
pulled him to her.

"You're going to loose this battle," Marge said as she stroked
his shaft.

"What battle?"

"Don't be so naïve Don. You know damn well what I'm talking
about. Kim is trying to seduce you…and from your cock's
reaction, she is succeeding"

"Don't be silly Marge, she's doing no such thing. Any man, in
their right mind, would get excited if they saw her, she's built
like a brick shithouse."

"I can't believe you are so blind Don. That girl takes almost
every opportunity to show you her body. After that night in the
hot tub, she is determined to have sex with you. Didn't you and
Marc see the way she and Sally were acting in the pool last

"They were just playing around, they didn't do anything."

"For goodness sake Don, stop acting like a complete dunce. Kim
damn near had her pussy on your mouth when she was on your
shoulders. You're the one that put a stop to the game, and I
think you stopped it because you were getting excited."

Don stood in front of his wife, his hands at his sides, as she
continued to rub her hand over his penis. He knew she was right
about his daughter and he also noticed her behavior had changed
after the night in the hot tub.

"What the hell am I going to do Marge?" Don said, moving his
hips into his wife's hand.

"What do you want to do Don?" Marge asked him.

"Well, if the truth be known, I want to fuck the little vixen's
brains out. Kim turns me on so much sometimes that I feel like
I'm going to explode. Marc and I have even talked about it, and
he feels the same way about Sally. I don't know what I'm going
to do Marge, given the right circumstances, I don't think I will
be able to control myself."

Marge knew that her husband was enamored with their daughter.
She had thought about having sex with Jack many times and was
even a little jealous of Kim, knowing she was making love with
her brother. She pulled her husband closer to her and ran her
tongue over the purple head of his penis.

Grinning so Don couldn't see her, Marge said, "You mean that
you want our daughter to do this Don?"

Marge covered Don's penis with her mouth and toyed along the
thick vein with her tongue. She put her hands on his butt and
pulled him deep into her mouth, feeling him slip into her throat.

Letting him slide out of her mouth, Marge rubbed her face over
his wet member.

"Do you want our little girl to suck your big cock Don?" She
said as she licked the underside and then took it back into her

Don put his hands on the back of his wife's head and closed his
eyes. He humped his penis into her sucking mouth and let out a

"Oh god yes! Suck daddy's cock," he said, imagining his
daughter's mouth was on him.

Don began to pump his hips into the mouth around his penis. He
though about Kim's tight sexy young body and started to move his
hips faster.

"Suck me Kim," he said in his sexual frenzy.

Marge increased her efforts as her husband used her mouth as
his daughter's. She put her hand between his legs and rolled
his balls with her fingers. Marge was as turned on as Don was
and she felt herself tingle between her legs.

Sucking Don hard for several more minutes, Marge needed relief
too. She pulled her mouth off Don's penis, stood up, and pulled
her panties off. She removed her bra, turned around, bent over,
and grabbed the bench.

"Fuck me daddy," Marge yelled back at her husband. "Fuck my
hot pussy and make me cum!"

"Daddy's going to fuck you baby, I'm going to fuck you until
you can't take anymore. Your hot pussy feels so good on daddy's
cock Kim!"

Don held his wife's hips and slammed his hips into her bottom.
Marge braced herself, reached between her legs, and found her
clit with her fingertips. As she rubbed the hard nub, she felt
Don's testicles slapping against her hand.

Marge and Don continued to rut, grunting and groaning as they
each thought about their children. Marge felt her climax
building and pushed back against Don's thrusts.

"Fuck me Jack," Marge said, her fantasy turning to her son.
"Fuck mommy's pussy and cum inside me."

Don heard his wife and increased his speed. He reached under
Marge and grabbed one of her swaying breasts. Gripping her
breast, he pulled on it as he continued to pound his penis into
her vagina.

"Do you like that Kim?" he grunted. Do you like daddy to play
with your tit while he fucks your pussy?"

"Yes! Play with my tits and fuck me hard!" Marge yelled.
"Squeeze mommy's tit and fill my pussy with cum."

Marge and Don didn't hear the other's references to their
children, each was consumed in their own fantasy. Marge clamped
her vaginal muscles around her husband's penis and felt it swell
deep within her vagina. Rubbing her fingers feverishly over her
clit, Marge's orgasm rocketed through her body as her husband
ejaculated into her. Don pulled Marge against him and held
still as his penis spewed his cum into her vibrating tunnel.

When Don's penis stopped pulsating in her vagina, Marge turned
around, knelt in front of him, and took him into her mouth. She
covered her vulva with her hand to capture the cum that began to
leak out of her and sucked on Don. When she was finished
cleaning his flaccid penis, Marge let it fall out of her mouth
and looked up at him. Removing her hand from between her legs,
Marge used her tongue to clean her hand.

Don helped his wife to her feet and wrapped his arms around
her. They kissed each other and ran their hands over the
other's back.

"I guess I'm not the only one that thinks about having sex with
their kid," Don said. "It would seem that it's on your mind too."

"I think about Jack," she said. "In fact I would have fucked
him that night in the hot tub if you hadn't put a stop to
things. Don, was that the first time you fantasized about Kim
while were making love?"

"Yes it was Marge. How about you, have you thought about Jack
while we were fucking before?"

"Not with you Don, but I did once when Marc was fucking me,"
she admitted.

"Do you know how high the stakes are if we engage in incest with our children?" Don asked.

Marge nodded, removed her hands from around his waist, and
stepped back.

"Yes, I know how high the stakes are," she said. "We could
loose everything if we were ever caught. That doesn't change
the facts though."

"What facts?"

"The fact that we both want to have sex with the kids. The
reality is that our daughter is on a mission to seduce you and I
don't think she will stop. I want to make love to our son and
I'm willing to do so, given the chance. I also want to make
love with Kim," Marge told him.

"We better get into the shower and get ready to go Marge."

They went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and stepped
inside. Swapping places, Marge and Don quickly washed
themselves and turned off the water. They began to dry
themselves, each lost in the thoughts of their children.

"Marge," Don said. "I think that I can satisfy my urges by
roll playing, like we just did, for a while, but you're right,
Kim is going to eventually win. I'm afraid that I'm just not
strong enough to put off her advances forever."

"I know sweetheart, I feel the same. We just have to take
things as they come and make the best of it. If it happens,
we'll deal with it then. For now we can play and hope that
things work themselves out."

Don smiled at his wife, kissed her on the mouth, and said, "It
was pretty hot…thinking about Kim while we fucked."

"It was for me too Don. Now lets get going or we'll be late."

Kim lay on her bed, jamming her soft dildo in and out of her
vagina. She had lost count of her orgasms, but felt another
begin the rip though her.

She had gone back to her parents' room to ask her mom about her
makeup when she heard them. She heard her dad talking while he
was obviously making love to her mom. When Kim heard him use
her name, she felt flushed and began rub her own crotch as she
eavesdropped on her parents. When she realized that her dad
wanted her as much as she wanted him, she climaxed.

When her parents were finished with their lovemaking, Kim ran
back to her room, took her dildo from her drawer and began to
masturbate, thinking of her dad. She imagined the phallic
object was her father's penis, like she did so many times in the
past, but this time it was different. This time she knew that
her dad wanted to be in her and make love to her.

When her orgasm began to diminish, Kim let go of the dildo,
leaving it deep inside her vagina. She let her arms lay limply
along her sides and tried to catch her breath. Kim slowly
pulled the dildo out of her and climbed off the bed. She went
into her bathroom, washed the toy and her crotch.

Back in her bedroom, Kim quickly began to dress, still thinking
about what her dad said to her mom earlier. Once she was
dressed, Kim went to the mirror and fixed her mussed hair. Some
how it didn't seem as important to have it perfect anymore, her
thoughts were not on Paul.

When she was satisfied with her appearance, she left her room
and went downstairs to wait for her parents.

Marge and Don came into the family room and told Kim that it
was time to go. The three of them went out to the car and Don
drove towards the country club. Kim sat in the backseat, almost
unable to control the urge to tell her parents that she knew
they wanted the same thing she did. She shifted in her seat,
feeling the tingle between her legs, as she sat silently. "The
time will come for daddy and me," she thought to herself.


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