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The Lottery Part 54



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited
without the express written permission of the author. ,2001 By:
Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are
offended by material of this nature, are under the legal age in
your location to read this material, or it is illegal for you to
possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at: or at

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 54 (mf, MF, MMF, mm, mast, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
Kim followed her parents into the large room that was reserved
for Megan's birthday party. She put her brightly wrapped
package on the table with the others and looked for her cousin.
When she saw Sally, Kim scurried over to her.

Hi Sally," Kim said. "We just have to talk. Let's go to the

Sally followed Kim out of the room and down the hall to the
ladies' room. Kim quickly looked around to make sure they were

"Operation daddy is working!" Kim said, clutching Sally's arm.
"My dad does want to do it with me."

"What do you mean Kim? How do you know?"

Kim told her cousin about listening to her parents outside
their bedroom door and the things that they said. Sally
listened to Kim with her mouth hanging open as she heard the

"Oh my god!" Sally said when Kim finished. "What did you do?"

"I went back to my room and fucked myself with my dildo until I
came so many times that I lost track. My pussy's sore from it."

Sally giggled and said, "I told you to be patient Kim. You're
always in a hurry for things to be your way."

"I know Sally, but now that I know that my dad wants to have
sex with me I can be patient. It's only a matter of time."

"I hope my dad feels the same way, I want to do it with him too."

"We best get back Sally, we can talk about this later."

Kim and Sally went back to the private room and started to say
hello to the other guests. Sally spotted Angela and her
boyfriend Scott standing in a corner of the room and went over
to them. She talked with the girl for a few minutes and then
moved on.

Lisa and her brothers walked in followed by their parents. Kim
grabbed Sally's arm and the two girls went up to Paul and Brad.

"Hi guys," Kim said, kissing Paul quickly. "Have you missed us?"

Brad kissed Sally and put his arm around her waist. "More than
you'll ever know," he said.

The girls took the twins hands and led them to Angela and
Scott. They proudly introduced them as their boyfriends and
giggled. Scott shook hands with the two boys and said, "Pleased
to meet you two. I know your dad from the club, he's given me

The six teens chatted for a few minutes when two girls walked
into the room.

"Who are those two?" Kim asked Angela. "I've seen them around
school, but I've never met them."

"Yuko Ogura and Crystal Majors," Angela said. "I'll let you
figure out who's who."

Kim and Sally smiled as they watched the two girls walking
towards them. They said hi to Angela and Scott and introduced

Yuko Ogura was a cute asian girl about five feet six inches
tall. Her straight raven hair came down past her shoulders,
framing her doll-like face. Yuko wore a leather mini skirt, and
a tight sheer red blouse, that allowed her red lace bra to be
seen through it. Her black high heal shoes made her almost as
tall and her friend.

Crystal was bigger than Yuko and wore black pants and a dark
blue button down shirt. Her mousy brown hair was very short and
dyed with dark red highlights. She wore it spiked up on top and
cut very short on the sides.

Kim and Sally said hello to the girls and introduced their
boyfriends. Paul and Brad smiled at the girls, but spent most
of their time looking at Yuko. When Kim noticed Paul, she
excused herself and pulled the boy away.

"You shouldn't stare at her tits like that Paul, it's
embarrassing." Kim told him.

"No kidding," Sally said. "I thought your eyes were going to
fall out of your head Brad. What's the matter, don't you like
my boobs anymore?"

"I'm sorry Kim," Paul said. "I didn't mean to embarrass you in
front of your friends."

"Me too," Brad said. "I still think your tits are the best
Sally, I was just comparing."

Sally giggled and slapped Brad on the arm. "Boys!" She said,
"Always trying to weasel their way out of trouble."

Tom and Lisa came over to Kim, Sally, and the twins. The girls chatted about each other's outfits while the guys talked about
the upcoming boating classes.

When it was about ten to six, everyone began to prepare for
Megan's entrance. The lights were dimmed and everyone waited
patiently for Megan to come through the doors.

Kim stood poised near the door with Jack's video camera, ready
to record the couple when they walked in.

Jack drove towards the country club in Megan's new car. She
asked him why they were going to the club and Jack gave her his
rehearsed speech.

"My mom and dad are having dinner at the club and asked me to
stop by so they could wish you happy birthday," he explained.
"We'll just run in for a minute and then go to the restaurant."

Jack pulled into the driveway of the country club, drove up to
the front doors, and got out of the car. He went around to the
passenger side, opened Megan's door and held it as she got out.
Megan wore a dress that was slit up the side and when she got
out of the car, Jack could see the tops of her stockings.

Jack told the valet they would only be a couple of minutes and
asked him to watch the car. He opened the large wood door and
they went inside.

"You look wonderful tonight Megan," he said as they walked
through the building. "If you keep flashing me like you did
when you got out of the car, we'll never make it to dinner."

Megan giggled and took Jack's hand in hers. "That wouldn't be
so bad, would it Jack?" She said.

Jack shook his head no, let go of her hand, and put his arm
around her waist. He reached for the handle on the door of the
private room, pulled it open and guided Megan into the darkness.
Just as Megan began to question Jack about what was going on,
the lights came on and the room full of people shouted "Happy

Megan stood in shock as the group of her friends and family began to sing happy birthday to her. She leaned against Jack
and her eyes filled with tears as they finished the song and
began to come over and greet her.

Kim held the video camera to her eye and taped Megan and her

After everyone had wished her happy birthday, she turned to Jack.

"You knew about this all along didn't you?" Megan said.

"Yes, we all have been planning the party for you baby. Are
you surprised?" Jack said.

"Oh yes Jack, I had no idea that you guys were planning
anything like this for me." Megan replied.

Jack and Megan began to mingle with the guests. She showed
everyone she talked to her ring and told them how happy she was
with Jack. When she finally got over to Kim, Sally, and Lisa,
she hugged each of them.

Megan held her left hand out and the girls admired her new
ring. When Angela and Scott came over to her, Megan thanked
them for coming to the party. Seeing Yuko and Crystal standing
alone, Megan excused herself and walked over to them. She
talked with the two girls for several moments and then returned
to the group of teens bringing them with her.

Megan introduced the two girls to Jack, Tom, and Lisa. She
told her friends that Yuko and Crystal were friends she hung
around with when she first got to high school. The teens all
stood around chattering until Megan's dad announced it was time
for dinner. They all found seats at one of the long tables and
sat down.

Jerry stood up and made a short speech about the joys of
celebrating his daughter's eighteenth birthday with close
friends. He raised his glass and made a toast to Megan, wishing
her great happiness. When he was finished, the servers came
into the room and began to take orders for dinner.

For the next hour the group ate and talked. The adults sat at
one table, the teens at another. When dinner was finished, one
of the servers rolled a cart into the room with a large birthday
cake on it. A soft orange glow radiated from the candles on the
cake and the entire group sang happy birthday again.

Megan went over to the cake, closed her eyes for a moment, and
then blew the candles out. She picked up a knife, cut the cake,
and handed the knife to a server to finish serving it. She
returned to her seat and thanked everyone for coming before she
sat back down.

After eating cake and ice cream, Liz began to take Megan's
gifts from the table and give them to her. She opened a card,
read it out loud, and then opened the package. Kim and Sally
helped Megan by taking the opened gifts and putting them aside.
When she was finished opening the presents, Megan began to go
around the room thanking each person personally.

Kim and Sally sat with Paul and Brad, talking about the party.

"I really like your sweater Paul, you look good in it," Kim said.

"Thanks Kim," Paul said. "It's from my dad's pro shop."

"I think I will get one next time I'm here and his shop is
open, then we can match," Kim said.

"I like the sweaters too," Sally said. "I want one too."

Brad excused himself and went over to his parents. After
talking to his dad for a moment, he returned.

"I talked to my dad," Brad told the girls. "He said we can go
to the pro shop and you two can pick out any sweater you want."

"Really?" Sally said staring into Brad's eyes. "I'd love that."

Kim, Paul, Sally, and Brad left the party and headed for the
pro shop. On the way the girls stopped at the restrooms and
went inside. They chatted about the opportunity to be alone
with their boyfriends and the things that may happen.

When the four teens reached the pro shop, Brad unlocked the
door and let them in. He turned on a light and led the girls to
the sweaters. Kim and Sally began to look through the golf
sweaters, but stopped and turned to the boys. Kim put her arms
around Paul's neck and began to kiss him and Sally did the same
with Brad.

The two couples exchanged tender kisses and began to rub their
hands over one another's bodies. When Paul covered one of Kim's
breasts with his hand, she moved away.

"I want to find a sweater," Kim said. "Will you help Sally?"

Reluctantly, Sally broke her kiss with Brad and went to help
her cousin. The girls each found a sweater they liked and held
them up for the boys.

"Do you think they will fit us Sally," Kim said, winking at her.

Sally saw her cousin's wink and said, "Oh, I don't know Kim,
maybe we better try them on.

"Paul," Kim said. "Is there somewhere we can try on the

"You can use the stockroom," Paul replied, pointing to the back
of the shop.

Sally hooked her arm around Brad, kissed him, and said, "I'll
be right back Brad."

"We'll be right here," Paul said. "Unless you want us to help."

Kim and Sally looked at one another and grinned. Kim took
Paul's hand and led him towards the stockroom. Brad and Sally
walked behind the two, holding hands.

Once the four teens were in the stockroom, Kim asked Paul to
help her unzip her dress. He lowered the zipper on the back of
the garment and Kim quickly turned around to face him. Brad
unzipped Sally's dress and she also turned around. Standing
side by side, the two girls let their dresses drop to the floor.

Kim and Sally stood motionless and the two boys stared at them
with open mouths. The sight of the girls in their sexy bustier
and stocking outfits caused the boys semi erect penis to
transform into raging hand-ons. Kim and Sally watched the boy's
crotches, seeing their slacks push away form their bodies.

Sally moved closer to Brad, reached down and rubbed his
throbbing penis. "I guess you like my underwear," she said,
squeezing the hard member through his pants.

Kim went to Paul, put her arms around his waist and pulled him
close. She could feel his penis against her stomach and she
began to rub him from side to side. Stepping back, Kim slowly
turned around and displayed her bottom. The thin strap of her g-
string panties disappeared between the firm globes of her butt,
making her look naked there.

"I have never seen anything like that," Paul said as Kim
completed her turn and faced him again. "You guys are so hot."

"If you think I'm so hot Paul, why don't you come over here and
kiss me?" Kim said.

Paul lunged for Kim, wrapping his arms around her and placing
his hands on her bottom. He squeezed her butt cheeks and
covered her mouth with his. The two heated teens probed each
other's mouths with their tongues, stopping only to catch their
breath. Kim glanced over to her cousin and Brad, noticing that
she had her hand inside his open zipper.

Sally stroked Brad's hard penis and he rubbed her crotch.
Stopping him for a moment, Sally pulled her g-string down her
legs and stepped out of it. When she put her hand back into his
fly, Brad returned his hand to her vulva and tried to insert his
finger into her vagina. Sally moved her feet apart and felt
Brad's finger slip into her wet opening. She moaned into his
mouth as he quickly pushed the digit in and out of her.

"Slow down Brad," Sally said, "You're hurting me."

Brad said, "I'm sorry," and slowed the thrusts of his hand.

Sally slipped her hands between them, unfastened his belt, and
unbuttoned his slacks. Using both hands, she pushed his pants
and underwear down his legs, freeing his penis. Sally wrapped
her hand around his hard shaft and began to stroke him. Brad
pushed his hips into her hand, trying to match her movement.
When she felt his body tense, Sally removed her hand so he could
hold out.

Kim and Paul lowered themselves to the floor and knelt in front
of each other. Paul pulled the top of her bustier down, and
began to suck on one of her breasts. While he attacked her
breast with his mouth, Kim worked his pants open and took his
hard-on into her hand. With her free hand, Kim pushed her black
g-string down and thighs to her bent knees.

Pulling Paul's head up from her chest she kissed him. She
removed her mouth from his and began to nibble at his ear, using
her tongue to probe it.

"Help me get my panties off and kiss my pussy Paul," Kim panted
into his ear.

Paul took hold of the tiny g-string, slipped them past Kim's
knees, and down her stocking covered legs. Kim pushed Paul onto
his back, straddled his chest, and lowered her crotch to his
waiting mouth. Even though she was still a little tender from
masturbating herself with the dildo earlier, Kim felt like
electrical shocks were running from her clit to her nipples when
Paul's tongue touched the hard button.

Leaning forward, Kim took Paul's penis into her mouth and
bathed the head with her tongue. When she felt Paul snaking his
tongue between the soft folds of her labia, Kim took half of his
throbbing shaft into her mouth. She slowly began to bob her
head on the hard member, sucking him firmly.

Sally laid on her back with Brad above her. Her hand was
wrapped around the base of his penis to keep him from going too
deep as he thrust the hard member in and out of her mouth. Two
of his fingers were buried in her vagina and he was thrusting
them in and out of the wet opening. Sally moved her hand closer
to Brad's body, allowing a little more of his penis into her
mouth. She continued to suck on the saliva-coated shaft, making
erotic slurping sounds.

Sally's vagina started to contract around Brads fingers as her
climax rifled through her body. She felt Brad's penis swell in
her hand and his hot cum splatter against the roof of her mouth.
Gulping down his seed, Sally continued to suck on Brad. When
the pulsating spurts of cum diminished to a dribble, Sally
relaxed and let the salty fluid roll across her tongue and down
her throat. Brad lifted his hips, pulling his penis from her
mouth and turned around. He stretched out next to her and put
his arm across her chest.

Kim's orgasm was less intense than those she experienced
earlier in the day, but satisfying. She swallowed quickly when
Paul erupted in her mouth, sending what seemed like an
overwhelming amount of cum into her. When she knew he was
drained, she raised up, keeping her crotch on Paul's mouth. He
continued to lap at her vaginal lips and poke at her clitoris
with his tongue. Kim felt a second orgasm begin and her juices
flow into her boyfriend's mouth.

Climbing off Paul, Kim sat on the floor next to him. She took
his penis into her hand and stroked the wet member, feeling it
begin to stiffen again. Paul sat up and kissed Kim, swapping
her sweet fluids with his tangy cum. He removed his mouth from
hers, looked into her eyes, and smiled.

"Can I make love to you Kim?" Paul asked with pleading eyes.
"I want to be inside you so bad."

Kim's breathing was labored. She smiled at Paul and asked, "Do
you have a condom Paul? I don't want to get pregnant."

Paul frowned and shook his head no.

Kim snuggled up to him, kissed his cheek, and said, "Maybe if
you get some condoms we can do it Paul. I'm afraid of something
happening that we'll both regret."

"Okay Kim, I understand. I'll get some rubbers and then maybe
we can…you know."

Brad looked at Sally and said, "How about me? If I get some
condoms can we do it too?"

Sally giggled and said, "Maybe."

Standing up and picking up her panties, Sally said, "We better
get going, our parents are going to start looking for us."

Kim and Sally both pulled the tiny g-string panties on and
picked up their dresses. They pulled the garments over their
heads and enlisted the boys to help with their zippers. When
the four teens were finally presentable again, they left the pro

"We never did try the sweaters on Kim," Sally said as she
walked through the hallway holding Brad's hand.

"I think they will fit Sally, besides if they don't we can
always go back and pick out different ones," Kim replied.

"Yeah," Paul chuckled. "You can bet your butts Brad and I will
have rubbers the next time."

Sally giggled and said to the boys, "What's the matter, don't
you guys like it when we suck your cocks?"

Brad stopped walking, turned Sally to him and said, "Hell yes I
like that Sally, and I like to finger and eat your pussy too.
It's just that I really care for you and want to do more…if you
know what I mean."

Sally kissed Brad and said, "I really care for you too Brad. I
want to make love with you, but I'm just not sure that I'm ready
for that yet."

"Well then I'll wait until you are ready Sally. I don't just
like you for sex, I like you for a lot of reasons."

Kim turned to Paul, put her arms around his waist, and looked
up at him.

"How about you Paul, do you like me for more than just sex?"
Kim asked him.

"Kim," he said softly, "I more than like you…I love you. I
don't care if you want to have sex or not, I'll still love you."

Kim's eyes began to fill with tears. She hugged Paul tightly
and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Oh Paul," she said. "You're the sweetest guy in the world. I
love you too Paul, but I was afraid to tell you. I didn't want
to scare you away from me."

"You won't scare me away baby, you're stuck with me as long as
you want me around."

"Does that mean you'll wait until I'm ready to make love with
you?" Kim asked him.

"Yes Kim, I'll wait. I'll wait until you say your ready."
Paul replied.

Kim kissed Paul, wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and
the four teens made their way back to the party. When they
entered the room, Kim and Sally went over to their moms and
showed them the sweaters they selected.

Kim held the thin v-neck garment up to her chest and her mom complimented her on the color and style.

"They must have a lot to choose from Kim, you guys were gone
quite a while," Marge said.

Kim blushed and giggled. "Yes, there's a great selection."

Marge laughed and said, "Honey, I was talking about sweaters."

"I know mom, there's a lot of nice sweaters too," Kim said.

Kim and Sally asked their moms to hang onto the sweaters for
them and went back to the twins. The four teens joined the rest
of the group at a table and sat down.

Lisa looked up at her brothers and saw the big grins on the two
boys' faces. She giggled to herself, knowing that they had been
making out with the girls.

"We're planning a pool party for tomorrow Kim, do you guys want
to come?" Jack said.

"Sure Jack, it sounds like fun," Kim replied.

"Do you and Brad want to come too Paul," Kim asked.

The two boys nodded their heads and said they would like to go
to the pool party. Paul put his hand on Kim's thigh, under the
table, and began to toy with the small fastener that connected
her stockings to her bustier. Glancing around to be sure no one
was watching, Paul pulled the elastic suspender away from Kim's
leg and let it snap back.

Putting her hand under the table and grabbing Paul's wrist, Kim
whispered into his ear, "Behave yourself."

Kim pushed Paul's hand down her leg past the hem of her dress.
When she felt his fingers touch her stockings, she pulled back
so his hand was on her thigh. Paul made small circles on her
thigh with his fingertips, feeling the silkiness of the sheer
stockings. Before returning her hand to the top of the table,
Kim brushed Paul's crotch, feeling his penis jump against her

Sally saw Megan lift a glass of red liquid to her lips and take
a drink.

"What are you drinking Megan?" Sally asked.

"Wine," Megan replied. "My dad let me have a glass to
celebrate my birthday. Jack is driving tonight so I won't get
into any trouble."

The group of teens sat around the table talking about school
and the things they all liked to do. Angela and Scott stood up
and told everyone goodbye.

"Are you going to go to Jack's tomorrow Angela?" Megan asked.

"I don't know yet Megan, it depends on what Scott wants to do.
If he says it's okay, we'll be there." Angela replied.

When Angela and Scott were gone, Lisa asked Megan what that was
all about.

"Scott makes all of her decisions for her Lisa, she told me
that they are going to be married right after school gets out.
I really don't think she's all that happy though, when we were
in the bathroom she talked about breaking up with him," Megan

"What a dick," Tom said. "How can she stand to be with a guy
that tries to control her? If anyone tried to think for me, I'd
be gone."

The teens all made comments about Angela's relationship with
her boyfriend, agreeing that no one should try to control
another person. Megan agreed with her friends, but knew deep
down she would do anything Jack told her to do.

Crystal and Yuko were the next to leave. They thanked Megan
for being invited to the party. Crystal told everyone they
would see them tomorrow at the pool party and left.

Megan got up from the table, went over to her parents, and
returned with her wine glass refilled. She sat next to Jack and
listened to him talk to Tom about what they needed to do for the
party the next day. Kim and Sally volunteered to help their
brothers get ready for the guests and Lisa and Megan said they
would help too.

Jerry walked over to the teens' table and said, "It's getting
late kids, we should get going. What time is your party

"About one daddy," Megan said.

"It's almost midnight now, if you guys don't get some sleep
you'll all still be in bed at one o'clock tomorrow." Jerry

The group agreed and got up from the table. They helped
Megan's dad carry the gifts out to his car and placed them into
the trunk. When they had everything cleared out of the room, the
entire group began to head for the exit. Megan stopped at the
table she had been sitting at, picked up her glass and downed
the remaining wine in one long drink. She placed the glass on
the table and hurried to catch up with Jack.

Kim and Sally walked away from the others with Paul and Brad.
The two girls hugged their boyfriends and kissed them goodnight.

"I really meant what I said Kim," Paul whispered into her ear.
"I do love you."

Kim smiled and said, "I love you too Paul…make sure you get the
things we talked about."

"I will Kim, you can count on it," Paul said with excitement.
"I'll still wait until you say you want to though."

Kim hugged him and kissed him again. They walked back to the
others, their arms around each other's waist.

After saying goodnight to everyone, the families got into their
cars and headed home. Paul and Brad rode with their parents and
Lisa went with Tom. Kim and Sally got into Don's car with Marge
and he took off.

Jack helped Megan into her new Mustang, closed her door, and
walked around the car. Before getting into the car, Jack told
Megan's parents he would see them at their house. He waited for
the Stones to get into their car and followed them out of the
parking lot.

Megan put her head back against the headrest and closed her
eyes. Jack glanced over to her and asked if she was all right.

"I feel a little dizzy Jack, I think I had too much wine."

"I see," Jack chuckled. "You're not going to be sick are you?"

"No, I don't feel sick. My head is just spinning. I'll be
fine. I shouldn't of drank that last glass of wine though, I
really wanted to make love with you tonight," she said, turning
her head so she could see Jack. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry baby, we can wait until you feel better. Maybe
we can sneak away tomorrow and fool around."

"I'd like that Jack, I love it when we make love. It makes me
feel so close to you."

Jack looked at Megan's drooping eyes and smiled. He turned
into her driveway, parked the car and helped her out.
Supporting her with his arm around her waist, Jack led Megan
into the house and sat her on a couch in the family room. He
helped Jerry carry the packages from his trunk into the house
and put them in the dining room.

Sitting down next to Megan, Jack chatted about the party with
her parents. Liz went into the kitchen and returned with a
glass of soda for Megan. After drinking the cold soda, Megan
reached across Jack and put her empty glass on the end table.

"Well," Jack said as he stood up. "I guess I'll be going."

Jack bent down and kissed Megan, wished her happy birthday
again and told her parents goodnight. He went out to his truck,
climbed in, and drove away.

Megan and her parents sat in the family room talking about the
party. Megan thanked them over and over for having it for her.

"This has been the best birthday I can remember," she said. "I
can't believe that you guys had a surprise party for me."

By the time they were finished talking, Megan's head began to
clear. The three of them left the family room and went upstairs
to their bedrooms. Megan took off her high heel shoes and
looked at her reflection in the mirror. She ran her hands over
the red dress she wore, feeling the texture of the knit fabric.
Reaching behind her, she tried to get a hold of the zipper tab,
but was unable to find it.

Megan left her room, walked down the hall to her parents'
bedroom, and knocked on the door. Not waiting for a reply, she
turned the knob, pushed the door open, and walked in. Jerry was
standing next to his wife wearing his boxers. Liz was down to
her underwear, reaching behind her back to remove her bra.

"Can you help with my dress mom, I can't reach the zipper,"
Megan said.

Jerry walked over to his daughter, lowered the zipper for her
and walked away.

"Thanks daddy," Megan said as she let the dress slide down her
body and onto the floor.

Jerry stared at Megan, as she stood in the middle of the room
in her red lingerie. She wore a lace bra, thong panties, and a
garter to hold up her dark stockings. Walking over to her dad,
Megan put her arms around him and pulled her body to his. She
rested her head on his shoulder, feeling his warmth radiate into
her nearly nude flesh.

Liz removed her bra, garter belt, and stockings. She moved
over to her daughter and husband and put her arms around the
pair. She kissed Megan on the forehead and stroked her back as
they maintained their loving embrace.

Megan closed her eyes and began to gently rock in her parents'
arms. She could feel her mom's hand on her back gently stroking
her and her dad's hand at her waist. As they rocked, the trio
made their way over to the bed, falling onto the mattress
together. Megan was on her side, facing her mom and her dad was
behind her. She felt his hand return to her waist and slowly
stroke her side.

When Jerry's hand brushed Megan's breast, she rolled onto her
back. She took her dad's hand, placed it over her breast, and
kissed him on the cheek. Jerry's hand closed around his
daughter's small breast and began to massage her through her red bra.

"Oh yes daddy," Megan groaned. "Rub my boob. Your hand feels
so nice."

Holding his hand to her chest, Megan closed her eyes and
enjoyed the attention. Her mom began to lightly stroke her
stomach with her fingertips, sending shivers through her body.

Liz knelt on the bed next to the young girl and released the
clips that held her stockings. She slowly rolled one of the
stockings down her leg and then the other. She watched her
daughter's hand move to her husband's crotch and fish his penis
out of the opening in his boxers. When Megan's fingers closed
around Jerry's penis and she began to stroke it, Liz put her
hands between her daughter's breasts and released her bra.

Jerry moved the lace cup of Megan's bra away from her breast and leaned over, taking it into his mouth. Placing her free
hand on the back of her dad's head, Megan pressed his mouth
against her. When she felt a hand slide under her back, Megan
raised her hips off the bed. Her mom unhooked her garter belt
and pulled it away.

Leaning over her daughter, Liz covered the head of her
husband's penis with her mouth. She pushed her lips down his
member until they came in contact with her daughter's hand.
Matching Megan's movement, Liz bobbed her head over Jerry's
penis maintaining contact with Megan's pumping fist.

Lost in the feelings of lust her parents were providing her,
Megan began to moan. She felt a hand on her crotch, but she
wasn't sure who it belonged to. When she felt the hand slip
between her panties and bare flesh, she knew it was her mom's.

Jerry and Liz thought things were out of hand when Megan began
to squirm around beneath them. The young girl jumped off the
bed, pulled her panties off, and reached for her dad's boxers.
Gripping the waistband, Megan pulled his underwear down his legs
and tossed them onto the floor. Liz knelt on the bed and
watched her daughter pull her dad's legs so he was lengthwise on
the bed.

Megan knelt in front of her mom, reached for her panties, and
helped her remove them. She put her arms around her mother,
pressed her breasts into her, and kissed her tenderly on the
mouth. Liz groaned when she felt her daughter's tongue enter
her mouth and she began to suck on it. The two naked women
rubbed their hands over the other's bodies as Jerry watched.

Turning around, Megan took her dad's penis into her hand. She
looked into his eyes and smiled, before leaning down and kissing
the soft velvety head. She licked his hard shaft from the tip
down to his balls. She sucked one of his orbs into her mouth
and toyed with it against her tongue. Megan released his
testicle and moved her lips along the thick vein that ran the
length of his penis. When she reached the end, Megan took it
into her mouth and began to work it into her throat.

Liz rolled onto her back put her head between her daughter's
legs and pulled her down to her mouth. She pushed her tongue
into Megan's opening and sucked her labia into her mouth. Megan
groaned and took more of her dad's penis into her throat,
pausing to let the gag reflex subside. Jerry's member was
longer and thicker than Jack's, making it a little harder for
Megan to take his entire penis into her mouth. When she felt
her mom sucking on her clit, Megan drove her head down and felt
her dad's pubic hair against her nose.

Satisfied that she could take her dad's entire penis with her
mouth and throat, Megan pulled her head up and off him. She
fisted his tool and wiggled her bottom against her mom's mouth.

"Oh yes mommy," she cried out. "Suck my pussy and make it all
wet for daddy's big cock."

Liz reached under her daughter, grabbed her breasts, and
increased her effort on her daughter's sex. She moved her
tongue from the hard clit at the top of her slit to her puckered
anus and back again. Megan began to cum, coating her mom's
tongue with her juices. She used her hand to pound up and down
on her dad's penis as she screamed out in pleasure.

Jerry was fighting hard to keep from ejaculating. He grabbed
his daughter's wrist and pulled her hand away from his penis.

"If you keep jacking me off Megan, my cock is going to
explode," he said.

Megan pulled herself away from her mom's mouth and threw her
leg over her dad's stomach.

"Don't cum yet daddy," she yelled, "I want you to do it inside

Megan pushed her crotch onto her father's penis trying to get
him inside her vagina. Liz saw that her daughter was unable to
align herself with the throbbing member and reached for her
husband's penis to help. When she felt the bulbous head being
positioned at her opening she yelled out again.

"Do it mommy, put daddy's cock in my pussy so I can fuck him!"

When Megan felt Jerry's penis begin to stretch her, she drove
her hips down over his thick member. She began to bounce her
hips up and down feeling the walls of her slick tunnel expand to
accept his girth. When she had his full length deep in her
vagina, Megan stopped for a moment to savor the feeling. She
looked down into her dad's lust filled eyes and began to hump
him in earnest.

"Oh yes baby, fuck daddy's hard cock with your tight hot pussy.
Make daddy cum in you."

Liz sat back on her heels and watched her husband's penis
disappear into her daughter's vagina and then come back into
view. She put one hand on her breast and the other between her
legs as she observed the sight. When Megan saw her mom playing
with herself, she pulled off her father's penis and spun around.

Megan knelt on the bed with her bottom in the air. She moved
between her mom's legs and stared at her hairless vulva.

"Do it from behind daddy, fuck me from behind while I eat
mommy's pussy."

Megan covered her mother's crotch with her mouth and extended
her tongue. She pushed it between her folds into her wet vagina as her dad knelt behind her and guided his penis back into her
vagina. Megan moaned into her mom's crotch as her dad slowly
slid his penis in and out of her vagina. When Jerry increased
his thrusts, it drove Megan's mouth against her mom's causing
the older woman to scream out her lust.

Grabbing her daughter's head with both hands, Liz rocked her
hips up and down off the bed.

"Eat mommy's pussy Megan, make mommy cum in your mouth!"

Megan felt her dad's hands on her breasts as he continued to
pound his hard flesh into her hot vagina. Megan began to climax
and reached between her legs searching for her clit. She rubbed
her fingertips franticly over the sensitive nub as her vagina contracted around her dad's penis.

"Oh god," Jerry yelled. "I'm going to cum!"

Moving his hands from his daughter's breasts to her hips, he
slammed himself into her. The sound of his hips slapping
against her firm round bottom filled the room, mixed with the
animal like grunts and groans.

"I'm going to cum too," Liz moaned. "Suck my pussy Megan, I'm
coming now."

Liz intertwined her fingers in her daughter's hair and held her
mouth against her quivering crotch. Megan could feel her mom's
juices coating her face and tongue as she lapped her slick vulva.

When her orgasm tapered off, Liz pushed her daughter's face
away from her oversensitive crotch and tried to catch her
breath. Megan looked up into her mother's eyes. Liz could see
the combination of her juices and Megan's saliva dripping from
her chin onto the bed. She noticed her daughter's eyes were
glazed and her nostrils flared as she breathed.

"Fuck me daddy," Megan growled. "Fuck your little girls hot
pussy. Fill me with your hot cum daddy, I want it deep inside
of me."

Jerry felt his balls tighten and pull up to his body. He
slammed forward one last time and his penis began to send wave
after wave of his seed into his daughter's quivering vagina.

Megan felt his penis swell in her tight cavern and raised her

"Oh yes daddy, I can feel you coming in my pussy. I can feel
your big cock shooting into my cunt."

When Jerry's penis quit pulsing he fell forward, flattening
Megan on the bed under him. After several moments, he rolled
onto his back next to his daughter and studied her naked body.

"My god what have I done," Jerry cried out, his eyes filling
with tears. "I'm so sorry Megan, I never meant for this to
happen. Can you ever forgive me?"

Megan moved to her dad, took his face in her hands and kissed
away the tears that ran from his eyes.

"Please daddy, I wanted you to make love to me. You don't need
to be forgiven. Making love with you and mommy is what I've
wanted for a long time, ever since the time we first fooled
around," Megan cooed.

"It's wrong Megan, it's very wrong for a father to make love to
his daughter," Jerry said.

"I don't think it's wrong daddy. You didn't force yourself on
me or make me do anything I didn't want to. I love you and mom so much and I want to be close to you two."

Liz stroked her daughter's back. She too was crying having
come to the realization of what just took place.

"Are you sure you're okay Megan," she asked her daughter.

"Oh yes mommy, I'm just fine. There's only one problem."

"What's that Megan?" Liz asked.

"Daddy's cock is all yucky and needs to be cleaned."

Megan moved down her father's chest and picked up his penis
with her tongue. She pulled the flaccid flesh into her mouth
and began to suck the tangy mixture from it. Liz watched for a
moment as her daughter mauled her husband's penis with her
mouth. She could see her throat move as Megan swallowed the
remnants of their sex.

Jerry's penis began to come to life as his daughter sucked and
licked it. Megan moaned around the growing flesh and increased
her suction. She felt something warm between her legs and
looked down to see her mom moving her face into her crotch. She
shuddered when she felt her tongue work its way between her lips
and heard the slurping sound as her mom sucked her father's cum from her vagina.

Liz removed her mouth from her daughter's sex and moved up next
to her husband. She wrapped her hand around the base of his
penis and held it as Megan continued to orally stimulate it.

Jerry smiled as he looked into his wife's eyes and she smiled

"Is that cock of yours going to be ready to fuck me soon? I
need to feel you inside me too."

Megan heard her mom and pulled her mouth off her dad's penis.

"I think he's ready now mom. Daddy's cock is hard again."

Megan moved out of the way and watched as her father positioned
himself between her mom's wide spread legs. She sat next to her
parents and stared at her father's penis as it was consumed by
her mom's vagina.

Liz lifted her legs and wrapped them around her husband's waist
as he slowly slid his tool in and out of her. Jerry hooked his
arms under her shoulders and pulled back each time he thrust

Moving behind her parents, Megan studied her dad's motion,
watching his testicles slapping against her mom's butt. She
could see her mom's tight puckered anus and noticed the juices
running from her mom's slit to the dark rosebud. Moving closer,
Megan put her finger against her mom's anus and rubbed the slick
fluid around it.

The sensation of her husband's penis in her vagina and her
daughter's finger toying with the butt began to drive Liz wild.
She began to buck her hips up and down on the bed and yelled out.

"You two are driving me nuts," she said as Jerry began to speed

Megan giggled and pressed her fingertip against her mom's anus.
Liz screamed, bounced her bottom up off the bed and Megan's
finger slipped inside. Slowly twisting her hand back and forth,
Megan pushed her finger into her mom's bowels. When her finger
was as deep as she could get in, Liz reached down and pulled her
cheeks apart.

"Finger fuck my asshole," she screamed.

Slowly withdrawing her finger, Megan began to finger her mom's
bottom. When her finger was deep inside, she could feel her
dad's penis.

"I can feel daddy's cock in your pussy mom," she said, as she
curled her finger against the thin membrane that separated her
mom's vagina from her bowels.

"Can you feel my finger on your cock daddy?"

"Oh yes Megan," Jerry grunted. "I can feel it."

Megan stuck a finger of her other hand into her mouth and wet
it completely. She placed the tip of the finger against her
dad's anus and heard him groan as it penetrated him. Moving
both hands in unison, Megan pumped her fingers in and out of her
parents' anuses as they made love.

Liz was yelling out and Jerry was grunting as their daughter worked her fingers in and out. Megan pushed her hands against
their bottoms as hard as she could and she felt them both tense.
Her mom and dad's bodies began to quiver and she felt her dad's
semen travel the length of his penis with the fingertip that she
had buried in her mom's butt. For several minutes, the two
coupled adult's shook and bounced on the bed. When she felt
them relax, Megan removed her fingers from their tight anuses.

Jerry rolled off his wife and lay next to her. He and Liz
looked up at their daughter and saw her sitting on the bed with
both of her middle fingers pointed into the air. When she saw
smiles form on her parents' faces, she giggled, got out of the
bed and went into the bathroom to wash her hands.

When Megan returned to the bedroom, she saw her mom kneeling on
the bed, cleaning her dad's penis with her mouth. She moved
behind her mom and began to lick her crotch sucking their juices
from her vagina. After they were finished, Megan and Liz got up
and told Jerry they were going to take a quick shower.

"Not without me your not," he said, climbing out of bed and
walking into the bathroom behind the two women.

The three of them showered together, washing one another. When
Megan knelt on the shower floor and took her dad's penis into
her mouth, he reached down and pulled her back to her feet.

"Sorry baby, but I'm not eighteen anymore. I'm afraid my old dick is done for the night."

Liz began to laugh and Megan giggled. They finished in the
shower, dried themselves off, and went back into the bedroom.
As her mom and dad climbed under the covers, Megan gathered her
clothes. She held the crumpled garments against her chest, went
to the side of the bed, and kissed both of her parents.

"Thanks for helping me with my dress," Megan said. "It was
wonderful. Goodnight mom and dad."

As Megan turned to leave her mom said, "Are you sure your okay

"Yes mom, I'm fine."

"Would you like to stay with us tonight?" Jerry asked.

Megan thought for a moment, dropped the clothing on the floor,
and climbed into bed, wiggling between her two parents.

Liz reached over to the nightstand and turned off the light.
They all lay on their backs staring into the darkness. Megan
put one of her hands on her dad's chest and the other on her

"What about Jack?" Liz said.

After several moments of silence Megan replied, "I don't know
mom…I guess I could ask him."

All three of them broke out into laughter. Jerry rolled onto
his side away from Megan and she rolled onto hers, spooning
against his warm body. Liz snuggled up to her daughter's back
and put her arm over her, resting it on her husband's side. It
was almost three in the morning when the sexually exhausted trio
fell asleep.
Paul and Brad were waiting in the living room for their sister when she walked through the front door. She and Tom had been
talking and making out in the driveway for about an hour. When
she saw her two brothers still up, she asked what was going on.

"We need to talk to you Lisa," Brad said.

"Okay," Lisa replied, "Come on."

The two boys followed their big sister down the hallway and
into her room. She sat on the edge of her bed and took off her

"Well," Paul began. "When we went to dad's shop with Kim and
Sally to get them sweaters we kind of started messing around.
When they asked us to help them try on the sweaters they picked
out we all went into the storage room."

"You wouldn't believe what they were wearing under their
dresses," Brad interrupted. "They were wearing the kind of
underwear you see in the magazines you get."

"Oh really," Lisa said. "I suppose it turned you two little
perverts on."

"No shit Lisa," Paul said. "You've never seen undies like
that. They looked so hot I almost came in my pants."

Lisa giggled, reached behind her, and lowered the zipper on her
dress. She pulled the garment off her arms and stepped out of
it. She was wearing matching dark blue lace panties, bra, and a
garter belt. As she released the clips on the suspenders and
rolled her stockings down her legs, the two boys stared in awe.

"You wear stuff like that too?" Brad said.

"Yes Brad, I wear sexy lingerie too," she said smartly.
"What's the matter, don't you think I look good in these."

"You look great Lisa," Paul said.

Lisa unfastened the garter belt, folded it, and put it into a
drawer. She turned her back to her brothers, unhooked her bra,
dropped it into the same drawer, put a button down pajama top on
and joined her brothers on her bed.

"So," she said. "Is that what you two wanted to talk to me
about, Kim and Sally's underwear?"

"No," Brad said. "There's something else we need."

"Well what is it?"

"Well…um…ah," Paul stammered. "We need to get some condoms."

"Condoms!" Lisa said with a giggle. "What the hell do you two
little shits need condoms for?"

"Kim and Sally said that we couldn't fuck them unless we wore
condoms, they said they didn't want to get pregnant," Brad said.

Lisa giggled and thought about what her brother just said. She
was sure the two girls told her they were on the pill at some
point, but maybe not.

"So why don't you guys just go to the store and buy some?"
Lisa asked.

"Do you think they will sell condoms to us Lisa?" Paul said.

"I'm sure they will. They give them out at the high school to
anyone that asks for them. In fact, I think I have some around
here some where from the time I took a health class. The school
board won't let home-schooled kids take certain classes at
home," Lisa told the boys.

Getting up and going to her dresser, Lisa began to search
through her bottom drawer. She pulled a small brown paper bag
out of the drawer, pushing it closed with her foot. Lisa tossed
the bag onto the bed and told her brothers they could have the
condoms because she didn't need them.

Paul snatched the bag off the bed, opened it, and inspected the
contents. He pulled one of the gold foil packets out and looked
it over. When he turned the packet over, he saw the round
object it contained through the clear plastic back.

"How many are there?" Brad asked.

"There's a bunch," Paul said. "Maybe ten or more."

"I just grabbed a handful," Lisa said. "I didn't count them."

"Have you ever opened one of these things and looked at it
Lisa?" Paul asked as he handed the condom to his brother.

"They showed us how to put one on in the health class, but I
never touched it," his sister replied.

"They put it on some guy's dick in class?" Brad said.

"No stupid, they had a thing that was round and long, kind of
like a dildo. They used that to show us how they work," she

"Can you show us how to put one on?" Brad asked.

Lisa thought for a moment and said, "I don't have anything that
looks like a penis."

Paul began to laugh and said, "I do."

Lisa smacked her brother on the back of his head. She always
wondered what a penis would look like with a condom on it, and
how it would feel. She and Tom had never needed to use one of
the things because she was taking birth control pills.

"Okay Paul! Whip it out," she said, calling her brother's bluff.

Paul hesitated for a moment and then stood up in front of her
bed. He pulled the shorts he was wearing over his hips and let
them slide down his legs to the floor. Lisa stared at his semi
erect penis and giggled.

"It has to be hard Paul," she said.

Paul took his penis into his hand and began to rub it. He was
a little embarrassed standing in front of his sister and brother and couldn't get his member to respond.

After watching her brother pull and shake his penis for several
minutes, Lisa reached out and replaced his hand with hers. She
felt him grow as she slid her hand over his penis, finally
reaching its full length.

Lisa ripped package the held the condom open and removed it.

"You hold the tip between your finger and thumb," she
explained. "Put it on your dick, and roll it down."

Lisa applied the condom to her brother's penis as she told the
two boys what she learned in class. When Paul's penis was
completely covered with the latex sheath, she ran her fingers
over it.

"It feels funny," she giggled. "Almost fake. I'm glad Tom and
I don't have to use these things."

Paul wrapped his hand around his penis and felt the texture of
the condom.

"It does feel strange," he said. "I wonder how it'll feel to
fuck with one of these on."

Brad touched his brother's member and scrunched up his face.

"Does your dick feel funny with that thing on it?" Brad asked.

"Yeah Brad, it feels real funny. I bet it won't feel as good
as fucking without one," Paul said.

Lisa was beginning to feel a little excited as she watched her
brothers and listened to them talk. She thought that the condom
would change the way it felt to make love, and decided to find
out. Reaching for her brother, she pulled him closer to the
bed. She looked his covered penis over very carefully, noting
how confined it appeared. Lisa put her other hand between her
legs and began to rub herself through her panties. She could
feel her moisture through the thin gusset of her blue panties and slipped her hand inside.

"Do you want to try a little experiment?" she asked Paul.

Paul nodded his head and watched his sister as she unbuttoned
her pajama top and slipped it off. She stood up, rolled her
panties down her legs, stepped out of them, and lay back on the
bed. When Paul moved between her wide spread legs, she guided
his encased member into her already wet vagina.

When Paul pushed forward, the condom caught on Lisa's labia.
She pushed him away and put her hand on her crotch. Using two
fingers, she collected some of the fluid from her vagina and
coated her dry vagina lips.

"Okay, try it now," she said as she pointed his penis at her
opening. "Just go slow at first."

Paul began to press his hips into hers, backing off and then
moving forward again. After a couple of minutes, he managed to
insert his entire penis into her vagina. He held still for a
moment with his penis fully embedded in his sister's vagina, and
then began to move.

"What's it feel like Lisa?" Brad asked as he watched his
brother's condom covered penis slid in and out of her.

"It's okay I guess," she replied. "Not the same as a bare
cock, but better than none at all."

"How about you Paul, does it feel good?"

"Oh yes Brad," Paul grunted as he increased his speed. "It
feels just fine."

Paul could feel his balls tighten and he reached for his
sister's breasts. He massaged her as his penis began to send
his seed into the condom. When his climax was finished, he held
still in his sister's vagina for a moment before pulling out.
When he backed away, the cum filled condom remained in Lisa's
vagina with only the very end hanging out. Before Paul had a
chance to pull it out of her, she sat up.

Looking at her brother's glistening penis, she said, "Where's
the rubber?"

Paul and Brad both pointed to her crotch and she looked down.
She gripped the condom, pulled it out of her, and held it up.
Gazing at the contents she began to giggle.

"Oops," she said, still laughing. "I forgot to tell you that
you have to hold onto the thing when you pull out."

Lisa extended her arm, presenting the gooey latex bag to her

"Get rid of this thing," she said.

Taking the condom between his finger and thumb, Paul asked,
"What the hell should I do with it?"

"Go and flush it down the toilet Paul, you can't just toss it
into the trash," she said.

Paul left her bedroom and headed to the bathroom. Lisa looked
at Brad and smiled.

"I suppose you want to try it too?" she said.

Brad nodded and removed another package from the bag. He
pulled his pajama bottoms off and handed the condom to his sister.

Lisa took the package from her brother and opened it. She
looked at the condom and began to grin.

"I read about this in a magazine once," she said. "Come here."

Paul came back into the bedroom just in time to see his sister put the rolled condom up to her lips. She folded her upper lip
over her teeth, held the tip of the condom against the roof of
her mouth, and used her mouth to cover her brother's penis with
the condom. She took about half of him into her mouth and used
her hand to roll the condom the rest of the way down his penis.

Before letting his penis out of her mouth, Lisa coated the
condom with saliva. She bobbed her head up and down several
times before pulling her head away and scooting her bottom up to
the edge of he bed.

"I thought that having a rubber covered cock in my pussy felt
strange. Having it in my mouth is even stranger. It tastes
like shit." Lisa said as she hooked her legs around Brad and
pulled him close to her.

Brad took his penis into his hand and began to rub it up and
down Lisa's slit. When he felt her opening, he pushed it in and
began to pump in and out. Paul sat on the bed next to her as
his brother pounded his penis into her vagina.

Paul hadn't really satisfied her and she was afraid that Brad
would cum too quick too. She put her hands on Brad's chest,
pushed him away, and got onto her hands and knees.

"Do it from behind me," she said. "Try not to go off too quick
Brad, I want to cum too."

Brad knelt behind Lisa and put his penis back into her vagina.
He resumed his thrusting, only much slower. Paul moved around
so he could watch his sister's breasts sway as his brother pumped in and out of her.

"Brad," she groaned. "Play with my clit while you fuck me.
Paul, move over here so I can suck your dick while he has his
cock in my pussy."

Paul scrambled around on the bed and stretched out so his
sister could reach his hard penis with her mouth. She covered
the head with her lips and licked the velvety head. Holding him
in her hand she looked up at him.

"Didn't you wash your dick? It tastes like cum."

"I just wiped it off," Paul said, as Lisa took him back into
her mouth.

Lisa moaned around Paul's penis as Brad drove his penis into
her vagina. The feeling of her brother's fingers against her
clit was bringing her close to an orgasm. She pulled Paul's
member from her mouth and put her hands on the bed, raising

"Get on your knees in front of me," Lisa panted. Fuck my mouth
and play with my tits while Brad fucks my pussy."

Paul moved in front of Lisa as she directed. He placed his
penis at her mouth and she took it between her lips. Reaching
under her, Paul grabbed a hold of Lisa's breasts and held them
firmly. Soon the two twins were pumping their penises into
their sister from both ends.

The three teens developed a rhythm, with Lisa doing most of the
moving. She would push forward, taking Paul into her throat,
and then move back, driving Brad's tool into her vagina. The
boys continued to play with her breasts and clit as she began to
buck rapidly back and forth.

Lisa's sporadic movements caused her to gag when she took Paul
into her throat to quickly. She backed off slightly, but shoved
her face forward again. She tilted her head up a little more,
giving Paul's hard penis a straight shot into her throat.

"I'm going to cum," Brad said from behind Lisa.

Brad's fingers moved rapidly over Lisa's clit and he shoved his
penis deep into her. He held himself against her butt as he
filled the condom with spurt after spurt of his cum. Lisa felt
his member throbbing in her hot cavern and her own orgasm began.
Her vagina started to contract, gripping her brother's spewing

When Lisa groaned, the vibrations sent Paul over the edge and
he shot his seed into her throat. Lisa pulled her head back so
her brother's cum would land on her tongue and allow her to
savor the taste. When Paul's penis stopped feeding her his hot
cum, Lisa let it fall from her mouth.

"Grab hold of the rubber," she said.

"I've got it," Brad said.

Lisa rolled onto her back and looked at her two brothers
kneeling on the bed above her. She saw Brad's hand gripping the
base of his penis, holding the condom in place.

"Well there's one nice thing about using a condom to fuck," she
said as she rubbed her tender labia. "No mess!"

"Maybe not for you Lisa, but it is messy for me," Brad said, as
he pulled the condom off his penis.

Lisa and Paul began to laugh at their brother. Brad waved the
condom back and forth and joined the laughter.

"Alright guys, get out of my room now, I have to get to bed,"
Lisa said.

"Okay sis, thanks for the condoms," Paul said.

"Yeah," Brad said. "Thanks for letting us try them out too."

"Your welcome…good luck with Kim and Sally, I hope you two get

Paul and Brad left Lisa's bedroom and headed for their own.
Brad stopped in the bathroom, disposed of the used condom, and
cleaned himself up. They both got into their beds and Paul
turned off the light.

"Paul," Brad said. "Do you feel funny fucking Lisa?"

"Hell no, I love to fuck her, even though that was only the
second time. Why, does it bother you?"

"I like it too Paul, it's just that it's incest and we could
get in big trouble if we get caught."

"Who's going to catch us Brad?"

"I don't know, maybe mom or dad. They would kill us if they
knew we were messing around."

"I don't plan on getting caught, but I do plan on fucking Kim.
She told me to make sure I got the condoms. I might even get a
chance to do it tomorrow at the pool party if we can sneak away."

"I want to do it with Sally too Paul, but I don't want it to be
real quick. I would rather wait until we can be alone for a
while. I really like her a lot and I don't want the first time
to be rushed."

"I see what you mean Brad. I told Kim how much I care for her
tonight and she told me she loves me too. I think I will try to
wait until we can be alone too, that way she won't feel that all
I want is sex."

"You told Kim that you love her?"

"Yes, I told her when we were walking back from the pro shop.
I was afraid to at first, but I'm glad I did. When she said she
loved me, my heart almost stopped."

"I love Sally too Paul. I just haven't had a chance to tell
her. I can't wait until we get our drivers licenses, then we
can be alone with them when ever we want."

"It won't be long Brad. I'm going to get some sleep.

"Goodnight Paul."

The two boys drifted off to sleep thinking about making love
with their girlfriends for the first time.
Kim and Sally were standing in Kim's bedroom talking about the
party when Jack and Tom said hi from the hall. The two girls turned around and smiled at their brothers.

"What are you two doing home so early?" Sally asked. "I
thought you guys would still be with Megan and Lisa."

"Megan was a little buzzed from the wine," Jack said as he
walked into his sister's room. "She said she wanted to get some

"Lisa was tired too," Tom added.

Jack walked across his sister's room and picked his camcorder
up from her desk.

"Did you get some good shots?" he asked her.

"I think so Jack, want to plug it into my television and see?"
Kim replied.

Jack nodded, left her room, and returned with the adaptor
cable. He plugged one end of the cable into the camera and the
other into the television. After rewinding the tape, he turned
it on and the four teens watched the action on the screen begin.
As they watched the tape of Megan's party, they made comments
about the guests and the gifts. When the tape ended, Jack
disconnected the camera and thanked Kim.

"You did a good job," Sally said.

"Thanks Sally, it wasn't really that hard," Kim replied. "I
just pointed the camera at everyone and took the pictures."

Jack turned on his camcorder and pointed it at Kim and Sally.

"What do you think you're doing Jack?" Sally asked her cousin.

"Taking a video of two of the cutest girls I know," he replied.

Kim and Sally stood next to each other in the middle of the
room giggling. Sally put her arm around Kim's waist and the two
girls smiled as Jack kept the camera trained on them.

"You guys need to do something," Tom said.

Kim pulled Sally's dress up, exposing her to the waist. Tom
whistled at his sister as she tried to push her dress back down.
When Kim wouldn't release her dress, Sally reached for the hem
of Kim's and pulled it up too. The two girls frolicked around,
pulling up each other's dresses and exposing their lingerie to
Tom's eyes and Jack's camera. The boys egged them on, calling
for more.

Kim stopped the game, unzipped her dress, and removed it.
Sally grinned and did the same.

"How's this?" Kim said, turning around slowly.

"You look great," Jack said from behind the camcorder. "So do
you Sally."

The girls stood next to one another and posed for their
brothers and the camera. Finally becoming bored with the
activity, Kim went to her bed and sat on its edge.

"Aren't you going to get naked so I can record you?" Jack asked.

"Not tonight, I'm getting tired. I just want to go to bed."
Kim replied. "Maybe some other time."

"Do you guys want to watch some television before you go to
sleep?" Tom asked.

"I guess," Kim said. "Let Sally and I get changed and we will
meet you two in the rec room."

Jack turned off the camera and left Kim's room with Tom. They
went across the hall, changed into shorts and tee shirts, and
then went to the rec room to wait for their sisters.

Kim and Sally removed their lingerie and put on nightshirts.
When they were finished, they left to join their brothers.

Jack and Tom were sitting on a couch, flipping through the
channels on the television when the girls arrived. Kim sat next
to Jack and Sally next to Tom.

"Find anything?" Sally asked.

"Not yet," Jack replied. "What do you guys want to watch?"

"See if you can find a movie Jack," Kim said, pulling her feet
up close to her bottom and pulling her nightshirt over her knees.

Jack searched HBO and Showtime. The teens selected a movie that was already in progress, but they all had seen it before
and knew what they missed. Jack put the remote on the back of
the couch and his arm around his sister's shoulders. Kim leaned
into him and rested her head against his body.

Sally sat close to Tom with her hand on his thigh. She slowly
moved her fingers over his skin, feeling small goose bumps form
beneath them. Tom put his arm around her and held Sally snuggly
to him.

The four siblings watched the movie, snuggled together like
lovers rather than brothers and sisters. The room was dark,
except for the light from the television, creating a romantic
mood. Jack rubbed Kim's side as she rested next to him,
brushing her breasts every so often with his fingertips. Kim
slipped one arm behind Jack's back and circled his waist with
the other.

After about a half an hour into the movie Kim shifted around,
stretched out on the couch, and put her head on her brother's
thigh. She placed her hand on Jack's inner thigh and gently
gripped him. Slowly, Kim moved her hand along her brother's leg
and into the leg opening of his shorts. Jack flinched when she
came close to his testicles and opened his legs slightly.

Using the back of her hand, Kim pushed Jack's shorts away from
his leg and cradled his orbs in the palm of her hand. She moved
his testicles around with her fingers and felt his penis growing
against the back of her head. Jack moved his hand down Kim's
side to her hip and pulled the nightshirt up over her bottom.
He rubbed the firm cheek of his sister's butt, feeling her soft
flesh. He roamed around the small of her back, feeling the thin
band of elastic of her g-string panties.

"What are you two doing over there?" Sally asked, hearing the
soft moans that escaped her cousins.

"I'm playing with Jack's balls and he's rubbing my ass," Kim
said. "If that's okay with you?"

"Yeah, it's fine with me," Sally said. "In fact it sounds like
a good idea."

Sally moved her hand along her brother's leg and massaged Tom
through his shorts. She put her hand under the waistband of his
loose fitting shorts and fondled his rigid penis. Sally pulled
the garment away from her brother's body and gazed at the head
of his rigid member, rubbing the tip with her thumb.

Tom groaned as his sister toyed with his penis, raised his
hips, and pushed his shorts down his legs. He put his hand on
his sister's breast and squeezed it firmly. Using her free
hand, Sally unbuttoned her nightshirt so her brother could touch
her bare flesh.

The four teens were no longer interested in the movie that was
on television. Kim glanced over at Tom and Sally. She saw
Tom's shorts around his knees and Sally's open nightshirt.
Pulling her hand out of her brother's shorts, Kim removed her
nightshirt and Jack's shorts.

"Jack please fuck me," Kim said laying on her back on the floor.

Jack knelt between his sister's legs, grabbed his penis, and
guided it into her vagina. He slowly sank his manhood into his
sister until he felt her pubic bone against his. Kim put her
hand on the back of Jack's head, pulled his mouth to hers, and
kissed him. Jack began to move, withdrawing his penis and then
slowly sliding it back into Kim's slick tunnel.

Kim held onto his shoulders and pushed her hips up as he pushed
in. Their movements were slow and steady as their cousins
watched from the couch. Kim looked up at Tom and Sally, smiled,
and closed her eyes.

Sally stood up removed her open nightshirt and panties. She
took her brother's hand, pulled him to his feet in front of her,
and raised his tee shirt over his head. Dropping to her knees,
Sally faced Kim and Jack. She used the side of her head to move
Jack's head away from Kim's face and covered her lips with her
own. Kim opened her eyes, looked at Sally, and then opened her
mouth to accept her tongue.

Sally moved forward and covered one of Kim's breasts with her
mouth, sucking firmly on her nipple. Tom knelt behind his
sister and pushed his throbbing penis into her vagina. He
gripped her hips and pumped his shaft into her as she suckled
Kim's nipple.

Kim tilted her head and found Sally's rigid nipple with her
lips. She held her nipple between her teeth and teased the tip
of it with her tongue. Kim wrapped her arms around Sally and
pulled her down to her. She placed her feet on the floor and
raised her bottom up, forcing Jack to kneel in order to keep his
penis embedded in her.

"Lick my pussy while Tom fucks me," Sally groaned.

The two girls moved so their heads were positioned at the
other's crotch and they began to flick their tongues out against
the clit of the other. Kim could feel Tom's penis against her
tongue as she probed Sally's hard button and Sally could feel

Tom's testicles bounced off Kim's forehead as he continued to
slide his shaft in and out of his sister. Kim reached up,
cupped his balls, and then circled his penis with her finger and
thumb. Pushing Tom back until his penis popped free of Sally's
hole, Kim tilted her head and guided him into her mouth. She
sucked the juices from his hot member as Tom continued to pump
his hips.

When Sally felt her brother pull out of her, she looked down to
see what happened. When she saw Tom pumping his penis in and
out of Kim's mouth, she took Jack's penis into hers and began to
suck on him.

Sally felt Kim's mouth cover her sex and probe her slit with
her tongue. She moaned around Jack's penis and pushed him back,
freeing her mouth of his penis. She dropped her head between
Kim's legs and began to flick at her clitoris with her tongue.
The two girls nibbled and sucked at each other's crotches,
leaving their brothers kneeling at their heads with their stiff
penises sticking out.

"Hey! What about us?" Tom protested. "What are we supposed
to do?'

Sally lifted her wet face up from Kim's crotch and giggled, "I
guess you guys will just have to take care of each other…we are."

Jack and Tom looked at each other and then moved so they were
kneeling at their sister's sides. They each took their own
penis into their hands and began to stroke themselves as they
watched the girls. Jack looked at Tom in shock when he felt his
cousin's hand on his penis. Jack removed his hand from his
shaft and watched Tom's take over the fisting. Shrugging his
shoulders, Jack put his hand around Tom's penis and began to
jack him off.

Sally watched her brother and cousin as they masturbated each
other and pulled her head up so she could see them better. Kim
moved out from under Sally and also watched the boys handle each
other's penises.

"That is so hot!" Kim said. "Why don't you guys use your

Tom and Jack both shook their heads no as the girls knelt in
front of them. Jack looked down at Tom's penis and watched it
slide through his hand. He thought about the afternoon he and
Tom played with each other on the boat and began to consider his
sister's request.

Kim and Sally moved so they were facing each other and began to
finger the other's vagina as the boys stroked the penis in their

"Please Tom," Sally begged. "Let us watch you guys like you
watch us. I'll do anything you want me to if you do."

Tom looked into his sister's eyes and saw her lust. He too
thought about the boat and the taste of his cousin's penis when
he and Jack took the others cum. He also thought about the day
in the shower and the things that were said. Finally, Tom made
his decision and leaned over. He opened his mouth and covered
the head of Jack's penis with his lips.

Jack groaned as he watched his penis sliding into his cousin's
mouth. He released Tom and the boys moved so they were lying on
their sides facing the other's crotch. Kim and Sally moved
closer and loomed over their brother's as they slowly moved
their mouths closer to the others penis. When Jack opened his
mouth and allowed Tom's penis to enter it, Kim let out a gasp.

"Oh my god they are going to do it Sally," Kim said. "They're
really going to suck each others cocks."

Tom took Jack into his mouth and the two boys began to slowly
let more and more of the others penis into their mouths. They
both could taste their sister's juices as the moved their
tongues around the throbbing member between their lips. When
Jack pushed his head forward, allowing more of Tom's penis into
his mouth, he began to gag.

"Take it easy Jack," Kim said as she wrapped her hand around
Tom's shaft and gauged the amount of flesh that could enter his
mouth. "It's not as easy as it looks until you've had some

Tom placed his hand on Jack's butt and pressed him into his
mouth. When he felt the intruder against the back of his mouth,
he paused before gagging on it. Sally cupped her brother's sack
and massaged his balls as she watched Jack's penis sliding in
his lips.

The girls had their hands between their legs moving their
fingertips over their clits at a very rapid pace. The sight of
their brothers sucking on each other was driving them into a
sexual frenzy. Jack reached for his sister's hand, pulled it
away from Tom's penis, and let it exit his mouth.

"Let go," Jack said, and he licked Tom from the base to the tip
before taking him back into his mouth.

Jack felt his stomach turn as Tom's penis came into contact
with his palate and he again began to gag. He relaxed and let
the bulbous head sit against the opening to his throat, but was
unable to take anymore of Tom in. Soon the two boys found a
rhythm and the amount of the others penis they could handle.
They used their hands to prevent choking on the throbbing member
in their mouths, the continued to suck one another.

Kim felt her orgasm begin and moaned out loud as her stomach
muscles contracted and her vagina convulsed around her fingers.
She eyes were glued on her brother and cousin as they maintained
their sucking. Sally began to cum too, as she sat memorized by
the sight. The two girls were at the pinnacle of their climaxes
when they saw Tom's cheeks swell. They watched his throat move
as he swallowed the hot seed Jack's penis was shooting into him.

When they heard Jack groan, they shifted their eyes to see him
begin to swallow Tom's offering. The two boys held the other's
penis between their lips, sucked, and swallowed the others cum.
When they were both spent, they let the softening member that
was in their mouths fall from their lips.

Kim sprang forward and covered her brother's mouth with hers,
pushed her tongue in and licked Jack's teeth and tongue. She
savored the flavor of Tom's salty cum as she pulled the remains
of her brother's oral activity into her mouth. Sally lay on her
back and guided Tom's mouth to hers, letting the tangy fluid
that remained flow onto her tongue. She sucked Tom's tongue
into her mouth and wrapped her lips tightly around it, treating
it as a miniature penis.

Completely exhausted, the four teens lay on their backs on the
carpeted floor. Kim rested her head on her brother's stomach,
feeling the heat that he radiated. Sally moved close to her
brother and put her arm around his chest.

"That was totally awesome," Kim said. "Was it really all that

"No, I guess not, but I like eating pussy better," Jack replied.

"You're right about that Jack," Tom said. "You do suck a mean
cock though Jack."

All four of them began to laugh and Sally turned to her brother.

"Is he better than me?" Sally asked Tom.

"No, Jack isn't better than you," Tom replied.

"I'm all sweaty," Kim said. "Does anyone feel like taking a

"Sounds good to me," Jack said. "Let's go."

The four left the rec room and headed for the pool. Sally and
Kim put their nightshirts back on and the boys put on their
shorts. When they passed Kim's room, the girls tossed their
panties onto the bed. When they reached the pool, they saw
Marge, Don, Marc, and Anne sitting in the hot tub.

"What are you kids up to?" Don said. "It's late and you have
a party here tomorrow."

"We know," Jack said. "We're just going to take a quick swim
before we go to bed."

The teens noticed their parents were nude in the hot tub, but
didn't give it a second thought. They went into the pool house,
dropping their clothes on the floor, and walked into the shower.
When they were finished in the shower, they ran from the pool
house and dove into the pool.

The adults watched their children swim and splash around in the
pool. Marge slid next to her husband and put her hand on his
leg. Leaning close, she whispered into Don's ear, reminding him
about the roll playing they did earlier that day. She moved her
hand to his penis and felt it expand as she squeezed it.

"Still want to have sex with Kim?" Marge asked.

Don nodded his head and said, "Yes, but I'm not sure that I
ever will. She might not really want to do it. Maybe she just
wants to know she could."

Marge smiled and thought about having her son in bed with her.
She squirmed around as she though about his penis in her mouth
and vagina.

"What are you grinning about?" Anne asked Marge.

"Oh nothing really," Marge replied. "I just had a nasty

Anne giggled and said, "You're thinking about doing your son
aren't you. I'm thinking the same thing about Tom."

"You two are a couple of dirty old broads," Marc said.
Thinking about having sex with those two boys…you guys should be

"Yeah right," Anne said. "Like you and Don haven't ever
thought about fucking your daughters."

Kim and Sally climbed onto their brother's shoulders and the
teens began to play a game of chicken. Don and Marc stared at
the girls as they sat atop of the boys, their firm young breasts jiggling as they attempted to dislodge one another.

"Damn those two are sexy," Don said.

"No shit," Marc replied. "They're too good looking for their
own good."

After several games, Kim called out to her parents. "You guys want to play chicken too?"

"Maybe in a few minutes," Don yelled back, removing his wife's
hand in hopes that his hard-on would subside.

Marge and Anne left the hot tub and jumped into the pool with
their children. They swam over to the girls and began talking
about the plans for the party the next day. A few minutes
later, Don and Marc joined their families in the cool clear water.

The four women climbed onto the shoulders of the guys and began
to push and pull at each other. Sally was the first to fall,
pulled off Tom's shoulders by her Aunt Marge. Jack worked his
way behind Anne and Marc, and Kim pulled her Aunt backwards off
her Uncle's shoulders. With Kim and her mom the only ones left,
they began to grab at one another. Marge finally got the best
of her daughter and Kim toppled into the pool.

The group played several more games, the adults winning each
one. When Anne and Marge felt they had enough, they called an
end to the games. Don and Marc climbed out of the pool, grabbed
the new chairs, and tossed them into the water. They jumped
back into the pool and each of them climbed into a chair.

Marge and Anne got out and sat in a couple of lounges, watching
the pool. Kim and Sally swam to the deep end, hung on to the
side of the pool and conspired to dump their dads out of the

Ducking under water, the girls swam over to their fathers and
came up between their legs. They both tried to dump the men out
of the chairs, but were unsuccessful. After regrouping, Kim and
Sally moved in for another attack. This time Kim grabbed her
dad's legs for leverage and tried to lift them and dump him
backwards into the water. Fighting to remain seated, Don leaned
forward, grabbed Kim by the shoulders, and pulled her towards
the chair.

Suddenly, Kim realized her face was only inches from her dad's
crotch. She could see his penis semi floating in the water and
his testicles dangling beneath his flaccid member. As if she
was driven by instinct, Kim opened her mouth, drew her dad's
penis in and closed her lips around it. The moment Don felt his
daughters mouth on his manhood, he reeled back and out of the
chair. The movement caused his growing penis to be pulled out
of Kim's mouth, leaving her staring at him.

Kim lunged through the water, threw her arms around her dad's
neck, and began to whimper.

"I'm sorry daddy, I don't know why I did that. Please don't be
mad at me," she said.

Don held his naked daughter against him and rubbed her back.

"Okay Kim, just don't ever do that again. You know what I've
told you about that, or anything like it. I think it's time for
you kids to go to bed now," Don said.

Kim smiled and said, "Alright daddy, I'm so sorry…it just kind
of happened."

Don released Kim and she swam away from him. She climbed out
of the pool and told her brother and cousin's what her dad said
about going to bed. Jack, Sally, and Tom all got out of the
water and the teens went to rinse off.

While in the shower, Kim stood under the spray and smiled. She
knew that her dad was getting excited when his penis was in her
mouth, if only for a moment. Sally came over to Kim and asked
what she was grinning about and Kim told her that she would tell
her later. The four teens finished in the shower and dried
themselves before going back out to the pool to tell their
parents good night.

Kim and Sally kissed their moms and dads, and told them good
night. They left the pool area, went up to Kim's room and she
pushed the door closed.

"What's going on Kim," Sally asked.

Kim told her about having her dad's penis in her mouth and
feeling it respond to her suction.

"No kidding, is that why he was hugging you?"

"He was telling me never to do it again, but I know he wants
to. It's just a matter of time until my dream comes true and my
daddy makes love to me," Kim said.

The girls went into the bathroom, dried their hair, and climbed
into Kim's bed. The two naked teens lay on their backs, their
hips touching and gazed into the darkness.

"What was it like Kim?"

"Big Sally, it's real big. It might not fit in my pussy, but
I'll find a way when the time comes."

The two girls giggled and then quieted down. They drifted off
to sleep, each one thinking of what they wanted to do with their

Don sat next to his wife in a chair at the side of the pool.

"What the hell was all that?" Marge asked him.

Don told his wife, sister, and brother-in-law what happened in
the pool. Marge laughed and shook her head.

"I told you she was going to win the battle Don," she said.

"What battle?" Marc asked.

"Kim has it in her head that she wants to make love with her
father. She, and Sally I might add, are doing everything they
can to seduce you guys," Marge said.

"I thought they were acting a bit strange lately," Marc said.
"Don and I will have to be on our guard. If we get started
messing around with the kids, there could be hell to pay."

All four adults agreed that they must be careful, but each of
them secretly wanted to engage in sex with their kids.

"Well, we are going to have a house full of teenagers in a few
hours, I need to get some sleep," Marge said.

They got up from their chairs and headed to the pool house to
shower. As they walked into the shower room, Anne said, "Do you
mind if Marc and I crash here tonight?"

"Not at all," Don said. "You two know you are always welcome
to stay."

Once finished in the shower, the four went upstairs. Don and
Marge went into their bedroom, Anne and Marc into the guest room.

"Want me to finish what Kim started?" Marge asked her husband
as they climbed into bed.

Don chuckled, put his hands on the sides of Marge's head, and
guided her to his penis.

"Does that answer your question?"

Marge took her husband's penis into her mouth and sucked it as
it filled with blood. When he was fully erect, she began to bob
her head over him quickly, knowing that he wouldn't last long.
Removing his hard shaft from her mouth and pumping it with her
hand, Marge looked up at Don.

"Are you thinking about me or her?"

"You," Don said without hesitation. "I'm not thinking about
Kim at all tonight."

Satisfied with her husband's response, Marge licked his penis.

"That's good sweetie, now you're going to get a blowjob to end
all blowjobs."

Marge took him back into her mouth and pushed her head down
until his thick member entered her throat. She pulled back,
letting him out of her mouth, and rubbed his penis over her face
as she used her hand on his throbbing shaft. Marge repeated the
process several times before she told her husband to roll over.

"Fuck my throat with your big cock Don," she said as she lay on
her back and pulled him back into her mouth.

Don began to pump his hips, driving his penis into her mouth
and throat. Marge sucked him as he pulled back and relaxed as
he pushed his tool past the back of her mouth and into her tight
throat. She grabbed the cheeks of his butt and set the pace of
his movement. Marge could feel his balls slap against her chin
as he continued to pump his rigid member into her sucking mouth.

"I'm going to cum," he said as he tried to pull back.

Marge pulled against his bottom and held him in her throat as
his penis began to swell and send his seed into her. She tried
to breath through her nose as her husband sent load after load
of cum directly into her throat. When the pulsing stopped,
Marge let go of his butt and let his penis slide out of her mouth.

Moving up and lying next to Don, Marge kissed him on the cheek.

"Goodnight sweetheart," she whispered into his ear. "I hope
you enjoyed that as much as I did."

"I did baby, you're the best cock sucker that ever lived."

Marge smiled, knowing that she could still bring her husband
off in minutes. She rolled onto her side, put her arm over his
chest, and moved her hand to his wet penis. Together they lay
quietly, listening to Anne and Marc make love in the next room.


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