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The Lottery Part 55



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited
without the express written permission of the author. ©2001 By:
Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are
offended by material of this nature, are under the legal age in
your location to read this material, or it is illegal for you to
possess this material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 55 (FFf, ff, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision

Megan woke up in her parent's bed alone. She got up and
checked the bathroom to see if her mom and dad were in there.
Finding it empty, she went back into the bedroom, picked her
clothes up from the floor, and went to her room. After dropping
the bundle of clothing onto her bed, Megan put on a robe and
headed downstairs.

Liz and Jerry were sitting at the table in the breakfast nook.
When Megan walked into the room, she noticed her parents were
very solemn.

"Morning mom and dad," Megan said with a bubbling voice. "Did
you two sleep as well as I did?"

When Megan put her arms around her father's neck and tried to
kiss him, she felt him stiffen up. She backed off and looked
first into her dad's eyes and then her mom's.

"What's going on here?" Megan asked. "You two look like
something's wrong."

"Something is wrong Megan," Jerry said. "Your mom and I have
been up all night trying to come to terms with what happened.
We feel terrible about last night and don't quite know what to

Megan sat down at the table across from her parents. She
smiled at them, but they still had very concerned looks on their

"I thought we settled this last night," Megan said. "I'm not
the least bit sorry we all made love. It was wonderful."

"That's the problem," Liz said. "It was wonderful. Your
father and I just can't seem to rid ourselves of the guilt
though. What happened was wrong and against the law. We could
all go to jail for doing what we did…even you."

"Is that right daddy?" Megan asked. "You're a lawyer, what's
wrong with consenting adults having sex? I just don't see how
it can be illegal if we all wanted it to happen. After all, it
isn't like you guys forced me or anything, I did it because I
wanted to."

"I know it's hard to understand honey," Jerry said. "The laws
regarding incest are very strict and even if all parties
involved agree, it's still illegal. Besides, it isn't the legal
aspect that has your mom and I upset, it's the moral issue. I
can't help thinking that if we hadn't drank as much as we did,
we would have never done the things we did. I know it's no
excuse, but I'm sure the booze contributed to it."

Megan could feel tears forming in her eyes and running down her
cheeks. She studied her parent's faces, but could see they were
still upset. After thinking for a few minutes she wiped her
eyes with the back of her hand and smiled.

"You know," Megan said. "The last few months have been a big
change for all of us. I went from feeling that all men were to
be feared to loving the most wonderful guy in the world. I
found out that sex could be tender and loving not rough and
dirty. I have been able to put my past behind me and begin to
really have fun.

"You two have changed too, you are much different. mom dresses
sexy and dad doesn't work as much. You guys can hardly pass one
another without touching each other. My guess is that your sex
life has undergone a big change also. mom told me that she has
done things that she never did before, and she likes it.

"I know you have gone naked in front of other people, and have
enjoyed the freedom of not following societies stupid rules. My
guess is that you have even swapped with the rest of the group
and you both like that too. What I'm trying to say is that we
aren't the same as we were before and we never will be again. I
don't feel any guilt about us making love last night and there
isn't anything that's going to change my mind."

Liz and Jerry sat open mouthed and listened to their daughter try to justify what happened, but they were still unsure.

"I enjoyed our love making too Megan," Jerry said. "You're
right about your mother and I, we have changed our outlook on
sex and life in general. I'm just not convinced that having sex
with you is right…even though I do like it."

"Your father is right and so are you," Liz said. "I have
learned so much so fast that I don't feel like the same person.
I do have to admit that I like myself much better now, I feel
like I'm alive, sexy, and sensual. We just don't think it would
be a good idea to make a habit of what we did last night, that's

"I don't plan to move into your bedroom, if that's what you
were thinking," Megan giggled. "I want to make love with Jack
as much as I can and even have him spend the night with me when
we're able. I love him so much that I feel like my heart is
going to pop out of my chest every time I see him or he touches
me. I just don't want to feel guilty about having feelings for
my dad, or you mom, and I don't want you guys to feel guilty

Liz and Jerry began to relax and even chuckled at Megan's quip
about moving into their room. Liz stood up, went to her
daughter, and put her arms around her.

Megan stood and hugged her mom and the two women began to cry.
Jerry came over to them, put his arms around both of them, and
pulled them all together.

After hugging for several minutes, they parted and sat back
down. Megan asked what was for breakfast and Liz went into the
kitchen to prepare their food.

Jerry sat across from his daughter and looked into her eyes.
He was at a loss for words, words that could explain just how he
felt about his little girl. Megan looked back at her father,
remembering the wonderful feeling that having her dad's penis
deep inside her gave her. She smiled at him and began to speak.

"You know daddy, the only regret that I have is that I feel
like I cheated on Jack. Even though I know that our
relationship may not last forever, I still love him and plan to
enjoy every minute we're together."

"I think that part of my problem is that I feel I've betrayed
Jack too. He seems to treat you like a princess and I can tell
he is very much in love with you. It's hard for a father to
realize that his little girl is growing up and doesn't need him
as much as she use to."

"I will always love you and need you daddy."

"I hope so Megan, I feel like your mom and I have lost your
brother and I don't want that to happen to you too."

"You haven't lost Andy daddy. You just have to reach out to
him and let him know you care and love him. When was the last
time you called him to just say hi?"

After thinking for a few minutes, Jerry looked down at the
table and said, "I really don't remember, it's been a long time."

"Why don't you give him a call? I know that he would love to
hear from you. He always asks about you and mom when I call

Jerry thought about what his daughter was requesting. Even
though his son came home a couple times a year, the meetings
were always tense. Andy left home for college and never came
back. He and his dad never seemed to be able to see eye to eye
on a number of subjects. Jerry wanted his son to go to law
school, but he choose the computer field instead.

Liz came into the breakfast nook carrying a tray of food. She
placed a platter of pancakes on the table and sat down.

"What are you two talking about?" Liz asked.

"We were talking about Andy mom, I told dad he should call
him," Megan replied.

Liz nodded and changed the subject. She knew how her husband
felt about their son and that it had caused many arguments
between them. Liz always wanted to be closer to Andy, but she
was never able to convince him to move closer.

"What time are you going over to Jack's Megan?" Liz said.
"About noon I guess, I want to see if I can help Kim get things
ready. Mr. Graham is going to cook burgers and dogs on the
grill for everyone."

"I wonder why they don't just hire a caterer to supply the
food, it isn't like they can't afford it," Jerry said.

"I guess it's just not them," Megan said. "Mrs. Graham still
cleans their house, and so does Sally's mom."

The family finished their breakfast and cleared the table.
Megan went to her room to get ready for the party and Liz and
Jerry remained at the table drinking coffee.

"I'm going to head over to Jack's," Megan said.

"Okay honey," Liz replied. "We'll see you there a little later."

Megan put a jacket on and left the house. The late November
days were growing shorter and the wind had a bite to it. The
sky was very gray today, and the weatherman said that it could
snow. As Megan drove her new car over to Jack's house, she
thought about the night she spent with her parents and all the
things they did. When she arrived at the Graham's, she parked
in the driveway, and went to the door.

"Hi Megan," Marge said, opening the door. "How are you today?"

"I'm well Mrs. Graham. How are you?" She replied.

"A little tired, but I'll be fine. The kids are still up in
their rooms. I think they just woke up a few minutes ago. You
can go up and see if you'd like."

Megan went upstairs and knocked on Kim's bedroom door. When
she heard someone say, "Come in," she opened the door and
stepped into the room. Kim was standing in front of her dresser
wearing a bikini swimsuit. Sally walked out of the bathroom
with a towel wrapped around her hair and nothing else.

"Hi Megan," Sally said. "What's up?"

"Hi Sally, not too much. I though I'd come over early and see
if I could help you guys get ready for the party," Megan said.

"That's cool," Kim said, looking at herself in the mirror and
adjusting her top. "I'm just trying to decide which suit to
wear today. How does this one look?"

"It looks great," Megan told her. "But any suit looks good on
you and Sally. You two have such nice bodies."

Kim blushed slightly and said, "What suit are you going to wear
today Megan?"

Megan opened her bag, pulled her yellow and black two-piece
out, and held it up.

"This is the only two-piece I have," Megan said.

"You look good in that suit," Sally said, stepping into a navy
blue bikini bottom.

"You're welcome to any of my swimsuits Megan," Kim said
pointing to her open dresser drawer. "Help yourself."

"Really Kim! Thanks a lot, maybe I'll wear one of yours
today," Megan said as she began to look through the selection of
suits. "You have so many Kim, I can't decide which one to wear."

"Some of them are Sally's, she just keeps them here," Kim said.

"How do I know which is which?" Megan asked.

"It doesn't matter," Sally said. "Pick out what ever you like."

Megan pulled a black suit out of the drawer and held it up.
She put the bottoms up to her waist and looked into the mirror.

"Try it on," Kim said.

Megan pulled her sweater over her head and stripped off her
jeans. After removing her bra and panties, she pulled the
bottoms of the suit up her long legs. Kim and Sally watched
Megan as she turned her back to the mirror and looked at her
butt. Pulling the suit off, Megan went back to the drawer.

Giggling, Megan held up Kim's tiny Wild Weasel swimsuit and
said, "How about this one, do you think that my dad would

"I'm not too sure about your dad, but my brother would have a
hard-on all day if you wear that one," Kim said.

Megan put the tiny suit on, adjusting the thin strips of
material that made up the top, over her breasts. She tied the
bottoms at each side and covered her pubic mound with the
triangle of fabric that was attached to the thin straps.
Looking in the mirror, Megan could see a thin band disappear
between her cheeks.

"Wow Megan, you look great in that suit," Sally said. "Your
boobs are the perfect size."

Looking at herself in the mirror, Megan could see the sides of
her breasts that were exposed by the top. Her nipples were
poking out against the thin material, creating an erotic look.

Just as she turned her back to the mirror again, the door
opened and Jack walked in.

"Holy shit, you look hot in that suit Megan," Jack said and let
out a low wolf whistle.

Megan spun around and bumped into Jack as he stood staring at
her. Once she was over the initial shock, Megan put her hands
on her hips and smiled.

"Do you really like it Jack?" Megan asked.

Jack nodded his head and smiled at her. The three girls glanced at his crotch to see if Kim was right about her brother becoming excited. When Kim saw Jack's shorts move, she turned
to Megan and giggled.

"Told you," Kim said.

Megan turned red and Jack asked what was going on.

"I told Megan that if she wore that suit, you would have an
erection all day…and I was right," Kim said grinning.

Jack sneered at his sister, went to Megan, and put his arms
around her. He held her against his body and put his mouth
close to her ear.

"You make me hard no matter what you wear Megan," he said,
pushing his crotch against hers.

Megan blushed and kissed Jack on the cheek.

"Get out of here so I can put on something a little less
revealing," Megan said.

"Why?" Jack said. "You look so hot in that suit."

"Maybe Kim will let me borrow it sometime when there isn't
going to be so many people here, but I'm not going to wear it
today," Megan said, pushing him towards the door.

"Okay, okay," Jack said. "I'm leaving."

Jack pulled the door closed as he left and Megan took off the
suit. She put it back into the drawer and selected a red bikini
that tied at the sides. She put the suit on and decided that
she would wear it at the party.

The three girls put on cover-ups and went downstairs to get
things ready. Kim and Sally stopped in the kitchen, poured
themselves bowls of cereal, and sat at the counter to eat. When
they were finished, the girls went out to the pool house to be
sure there were enough towels for the day.

Once the pool house was in order, they went into the house and
looked for Kim's mom.

"What needs to be done mom?" Kim asked.

"You girls can get the coolers out of the garage and fill them
with sodas and ice," Marge replied.

Jack and Tom came into the garage and picked up a table. They
watched Kim and Sally try to lift the heavy cooler and told the
girls they would come back for it. The girls left the garage
went to the kitchen and carried paper plates and plastic
tableware out to the pool area and put it on the table Jack and
Tom set up.

Once everything was prepared, the teens sat around the pool
waiting for their guests. Jack went to the pool house and
turned on the stereo system, filling the large glass room with
music. When her returned, Lisa and her brothers were sitting
with the girls and Tom, talking.

After everyone said hello to one another, Brad and Paul went to
the pool house to change.

"Aren't you and Kim going to help them?" Tom asked his sister,

Sally glared at her brother and said, "I'm sure they can fend
for themselves Tom."

Kim heard her mom call her and she went to see what she wanted.
When she walked into the family room, Crystal and Yuko were
waiting there.

"Hi Crystal, hi Yuko, I'm glad you guys could come. Follow me,
everyone is by the pool." Kim said.

The two girls followed behind Kim and went out by the pool.
The other kids all greeted them and invited the two to join
them. Crystal pulled a chair next to the one she was standing
near and Yuko sat in it.

"You have a great house," Crystal said. "I love the indoor

"Thank you Crystal," Jack said. "We really enjoy being able to
swim year round."

Paul and Brad returned from the pool house, their hair wet from
the shower. They said hi to Crystal and Yuko and sat down near
Kim and Sally. The group of teens talked and listened to the
music for twenty minutes or so, and then Kim stood up.

"Would you and Yuko like to change into your suits?" Kim asked

"Sure Kim, where do we go?" Crystal replied.

Kim led the two girls into the pool house, showed them the
shower and the dressing rooms. Yuko thanked her and Kim left so
the girls could change.

Kim returned to the others and joined in a conversation Lisa
and Megan were having about bathing suits. Lisa was telling
Megan how nice she looked and Megan told her about Jack catching
her in the skimpy suit she was trying on in Kim's room.

The boys sat at another table and talked about the boating
classes that started next week and the twin brothers made
arrangements with Tom to pick them up.

Crystal and Yuko returned from the pool house wearing their
suits. Crystal had a short terrycloth jacket on over her two-
piece swimsuit. The suit was comprised of a green halter-top,
that covered most of Crystal's chest, and a pair of matching boy-
short bottoms. Yuko wore a bright pink floral bikini that
barely covered her breasts. The bottoms rode low on her hips
and were covered with a matching sarong tied at her side.

Lisa was the next to change into her suit. She had on a
conservative blue and white, stripped two-piece that covered her
breasts and bottom completely.

When Lisa returned to the group, the girls removed their cover-
ups and headed for the pool. Kim walked behind Crystal and Yuko
and noticed that both girls had very small, matching butterfly
tattoos on their shoulders.

After the girls swam around for a little while, Kim moved
across the pool to where Crystal and Yuko were standing close to
each other in waist deep water.

"How's the water?" Kim said, attempting to start a conversion.

"Very nice Kim," Yuko said in her singsong voice. "Thank you
so much for inviting us. We don't get asked to parties, by the
kids at school, too often."

"Really, why not?" Kim asked them.

Crystal looked at Kim strangely, and said, "Because we're

Kim shrugged her shoulders and replied, "So what."

Both Yuko and Crystal began to chuckle.

"Most of the kids think we are going to attack them I guess,"
Crystal said. "You don't have to worry though, we will do our
best to keep our hands off you."

Kim joined in the girls' laughter and said, "Why, don't you
think I'm cute?"

Kim put one hand behind her head and the other on her hip. She
posed like a calendar pin-up and giggled. Yuko and Crystal
stopped laughing and looked at Kim with wide-open eyes as she
wiggled around.

'You're very sexy Kim," Yuko said. "I just thought that you

"Boys?" Kim interrupted.

"Yes, I thought that Paul was your boyfriend." Crystal said.

"He is, but that doesn't mean that I only like boys," Kim told

Crystal and Yuko were dumbfounded at Kim's candor. Neither of
them would have ever thought that the cute fifteen year-old
liked girls.

"Are you telling us that you are bisexual?" Crystal asked.

Kim thought for a moment and replied, "I'm just telling you
that I'm sexual. I like boys, but I'm not turned off by girls."

"I think I understand," Yuko said. "I've never really been
with a boy so I can't compare it to making love with a girl, but
I really like the things Crystal and I do together. We better
change the subject Kim, here comes Paul."

Kim felt two arms circle her waist and felt Paul against her
back. She leaned her head back and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hi Paul, did you miss me?" Kim asked him.

Crystal and Yuko started to move away from Kim and Paul.

"I'll talk with you guys later," Kim said.

Yuko nodded and swam into the deep water with Crystal. Kim
watched Yuko's trim body glide through the clear water, noticing
her round bottom.

"What were you girls talking about?" Paul said.

"Just girl talk sweetie," Kim replied, turning in his arms to
face him and putting her arms around his waist.

Kim moved backwards slowly leading Paul into deeper water.
When the cool water reached her breasts, she moved her hand
between them and rubbed his penis through the thin swim trunks
he wore. She giggled when she felt his already firm member jump
against her hand and wrapped her fingers around it.

"Looks like your cock is happy to see me," she giggled.

Paul nodded and looked around to be sure that no one was
watching them. Kim released him, reached into the leg opening
of his trunks, and pulled his stiff penis out through the
opening. She took his shaft into her hand and stroked him
slowly as she looked into his eyes.

"When are you going to get the condoms?" She asked Paul.

"I already have some," he said in a throaty voice.

Kim giggled, slid underwater, and covered the end of his penis
with her mouth. She rolled her tongue over the velvety glans
and sucked him firmly before she resurfaced.

"You're going to make me cum if you keep that up Kim," he said.

Kim smiled at Paul and said, "So, don't you like it when I make
you cum?"

"Hell yes, but what about the other kids?"

Kim heard Sally call her name and quickly tucked Paul's penis
back into his swim trunks. She turned around and hid his hard-
on, from her cousin and Brad, with her bottom.

"What are you two pervs up to?" Sally asked.

Kim looked at her cousin and said, "Snorkeling!"

"You are so bad Kim Graham," Sally said. "You guys are going
to be in trouble if you get caught."

"I don't plan on getting caught Sally," Kim said.

Sally grabbed Kim by the arm and pulled her away from the two
brothers. The two of them swam to the deep end of the pool and
hung onto the side.

"Brad said they have the condoms Kim," Sally said.

"I know, Paul told me too. I wonder when we are going to get a
chance to try them out."

"I don't know Kim, but I hope it's soon. The more I think
about doing it with Brad, the more I want it."

Kim giggled and swam away from her cousin. She saw Paul
standing by the food table and climbed out of the pool to join
him. Reaching into the cooler, Kim pulled out a can of soda and
touched it to Paul's back.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Paul asked her.

"Just trying to cool you down baby, I wouldn't want you all hot
and bothered," Kim said.

Kim and Paul went over to a table and sat down with Jack and
Megan. When Kim noticed that Crystal and Yuko were sitting
alone, she called them over. The two girls left the chairs they
were sitting in and joined their new friends. Soon, Tom and
Lisa came over, followed by Sally and Brad.

The five couples sat around the small table and listened to
Jack talk about the boat and the fun every one had fishing on
Lake Michigan.

"Fishing sounds like fun Jack," Yuko said. "In Japan, we ate
fish at almost every meal. Maybe sometime we can all go on your

"I guess I'm going to have to talk dad into a bigger boat,"
Jack said. "It might be a bit crowded on the twenty-seven
footer with all of us on her."

"You could always ask dad for a boat like the one we saw at the
marina," Kim said. "We could all fit on that one."

"Fit on it," Jack said. "We could all live on it."

Sally smiled and said, "Wouldn't that be great! We would never
have to get dressed if we all lived on a boat out in the ocean."

"Don't mind my sister," Tom said to Crystal and Yuko. "She
would run around naked all the time if given the chance."

Yuko smiled at Tom and said, "So would I, I love to be nude.
It's so great feeling natural and having the sun on my body.
Crystal likes it too. We plan to move to Florida after we're
out of school. They have a beach in South Miami that allows you
to go topless, although I've never been naked around other
people before."

The teens all laughed and made jokes about being naked in public.

The parents came out to the pool area and announced they were
ready to fix dinner. They asked everyone what they wanted to
eat, and Don and Marc headed out to the grill to start cooking.

Marge sat down at the table with the teens and asked what they
were all talking about.

"Jack wants Uncle Don to buy him a bigger boat Aunt Marge,"
Sally said. "One that we can all live on."

"Oh he does, does he," Marge replied chuckling. "Well I don't
think Uncle Don is interested in another boat, at least not
right now."

"What do you mean by not right now mom, has dad said something
about another boat?" Kim asked.

"Not really Kim, but I think he liked the yacht we toured this
fall." Marge said.

Marge left the table and went over to Anne and the rest of the
adults. She began to get the table ready with buns for the
hamburgers and hotdogs. Dianne came out of the family room with
a bowl of potato salad and put it on the table. The four women
made a couple more trips to the kitchen and brought the rest of
the food out.

Don and Marc each carried a platter in from the grill. They
placed the meat on the table and told the kids everything was
ready. The four boys were the first ones out of their seats,
rushing over to the table to fill their plates. Once the boys were finished, the girls walked to the table and fixed their

"It's getting cold out there," Don said as he removed his
jacket. "I think it may snow before the night's out."

The teens heard Don and looked up at the glass ceiling above
the pool. They could see the dark clouds that had formed in the
gray sky, making it very dark outside. By the time everyone was
finished eating, the snow began to fall, blanketing the glass

The men walked to the back of the pool area and stared out into
the back yard. The wind was driving the snow almost vertically
across the yard. After standing at the glass wall for a few
minutes, Don went into the family room and turned on the news.
He watched the weather reports about the sudden storm and then
went back to join the others.

"We're getting slammed," Don informed the group as he walked
past them on the way to the pool house.

When the group saw the large flat screen television light up,
they all turned their attention to it. Don switched to a local
news station, turned off the music, and turned up the sound on
the television.

Everyone watched the pictures on the television of points west
of them. Some parts of the state were already covered with a
foot of snow and the weatherman was predicting more before the
storm was finished. Travel warnings streamed across the bottom
of the screen, warning of slippery roads and near zero

Jack watched the images of the Doppler radar and told everyone
that the storm was huge. Reaching up, he pointed at the screen
and said, "This is where we were this summer. The storm is over
two hundred miles long."

"Jack, Tom, let's get some firewood stacked in the garage," Don
said. "Marc and I will go out back and test the generator."

"We can help too," Paul and Brad both said. "We'll go get

Paul and Brad went into the pool house to dress and Jerry and
Bob put on Jackets. When the two boys came out in their jeans
and shirts, the four men went to assist Jack and Tom with the

Yuko turned to Crystal and said, "We must go Crystal. My
parents will be very worried."

"You girls can't drive in this weather," Marge said. "Why
don't you two call your parents and tell them you're here?"

Yuko looked at the television and then out into the yard. She
could see that several inches of snow already covered the ground.

"Maybe she's right Yuko," Crystal said. "Let's go call."

Marge led the two girls into the family room and pointed to the

"I'll talk to your parents if you'd like me to," Marge told the

"Could you Mrs. Graham, my parents are from Japan and don't
understand these things," Yuko said.

"Sure dear, get your mom on the phone and I will explain the
situation," Marge said.

Yuko dialed the phone and began to speak in Japanese. After
she talked for a few minutes, she handed the phone to Marge.

"This is my father," Yuko said. "My mom doesn't understand
English too well."

Marge took the phone and talked with Yuko's father. She
assured him that his daughter was welcome and it would be no
trouble to have her stay until the storm pasted and the roads
were safe to travel. When she was finished, Marge handed the
phone to Yuko and smiled.

Yuko talked with her father and hung up the phone. She thanked
Marge, telling her that her dad was concerned that she would be
a burden.

"We have plenty of food, room and things to wear Yuko, you will
not be a burden at all." Marge said. "Would you like me to
talk with your parents too Crystal?"

"Maybe Mrs. Graham," Crystal said as she dialed the phone.

After speaking with her dad, Crystal handed the phone to Marge.
She talked with the girl's father, assuring him that she would
be just fine and could stay as long as necessary. When she
finished, Marge gave Crystal the phone so she could say goodbye
to her father.

The three women went back to the pool and turned their
attention back to the news. Crystal and Yuko thanked Marge
repeatedly for being so kind and inviting them to stay.

The men came back into the pool area and joined the women.
They explained that there was almost six inches on snow on the
ground and the wind was howling.

"Damn it's cold out there," Jack said. "I'm freezing."

Kim jumped up, went into the pool house, and started the hot
tub. When she returned, she told the guys to put their suits
back on and sit in the hot water. Jack, Tom, Paul, and Brad
headed to the pool house and returned in their swim trunks. The
four boys stepped into the swirling hot water and sat on the
seats beneath the foam.

"Ah yes," Tom said. "This is much better."

Kim looked at the other girls, smiled, and said, "Want to join
the guys?"

All of the girls, except for Yuko and Crystal, headed to the
hot tub. When Kim saw the two girls sitting at the table, she
went back to them.

"Come on you guys, there's enough room for five couples in the
tub. It'll be cozy, but we'll manage," Kim said.

Yuko and Crystal looked at one another and then at Kim. They
stood up and followed her to the tub, waiting to see what Kim

"Make room for us," Kim said.

The teens in the hot tub shifted around and made room for Yuko
and Crystal. Kim got in, sat on Paul's lap sidesaddle, and
wiggled her bottom against him. The five couples sat in the
churning water talking and began secretly touching each other.

Megan was sitting on Jack's lap, facing forward and leaning
back against his chest. Jack's arms were around her waist and
he was petting her crotch with his fingertips. As the teens
looked around at each other, they all realized that every one in
the tub was touching their partner sexually.

The teen's caresses were not heated or rushed. They never
stopped talking to one another as their fingers roamed over
flesh and wet swimsuits, cloaked by the foaming water. Kim was
the first to let on that something other than conversation was
going on in the tub. She let a muffled groan escape her throat
when Paul's finger slipped under the gusset of her suit and
touched her clit.

Glancing around quickly, Kim realized that no one was really
paying any attention to her and her boyfriend. They were all
consumed in their own activities and didn't care what the couple
next to them, or across the tub, were doing.

Yuko looked over at the table where the parents were sitting.
She saw that they were all talking amongst themselves and were
paying no attention to the kids. Crystal's hand was gently
stroking Yuko's stomach, moving from the waistband of her
bottoms to the fabric that concealed her breasts. When Crystal
slipped her finger under the top and brushed her breast, Yuko
moaned softly.

Leaning her head back and whispering into Crystal's ear, Yuko
said, "I can't believe what's happening here Crystal. This is
the very first time we've been with couples that weren't
lesbian. I feel so comfortable here."

Crystal nodded to acknowledge her lover's assessment of the
situation. She too was feeling very welcome in the group. Just
as Crystal kissed Yuko on her cheek, Marge glanced over to them.
Crystal froze and was about to tell Yuko what happened when
Marge smiled at her and turned back to the other adults.

Sally felt Brad's hard penis pressing against her bottom as she
sat on his lap. She moved her hand, rubbed him for a moment,
and said, "I'm going for a swim. Are you coming with me Brad?"

"Sure," Brad said.

Sally got up from her boyfriend's lap and walked towards the
pool. Brad followed her to the edge of the pool and they dove
in together. One by one, the rest of the teens left the hot tub
and jumped into the cool water of the swimming pool.

After swimming around the pool, the teens climbed out, picked
up towels, and dried themselves. They went over to the tables
and chairs that were near the television and sat down.

They watched the storm reports on the large screen, commenting
on how bad things were becoming.

"I guess the schools will be closed tomorrow," Jack said.

"Aw darn," Tom said. "I was looking forward to the math test
that I was going to have to take."

The teens all laughed at Tom and told him that his truck was
four-wheel drive and he could make it to school if he wanted to.

Looking up at the clock, Megan saw that it was only a little
past six o'clock. She turned to the girls and said, "I'm think
I'm going to get out of this wet suit for a while."

"That's sounds good to me too Megan," Lisa said. "I'm starting
to feel clammy."

The girls all agreed that dry clothing would feel good and got
up from their chairs. Again Crystal and Yuko remained seated
and Kim told them to come with the rest of the girls. They
followed the short procession into the pool house and stood
quietly waiting to see what was going to happen.

Kim pulled her top off and hung it on the rack to dry. She
pushed the bottoms of her suit down, stepped out of it, and hung
it next to her top. Megan, Sally, and Lisa, removed their wet
suits, hung them on the rack, and headed into the shower.

"You guys are welcome to join us," Kim told Yuko and Crystal.
"We don't bite, you know…at least not hard."

The two girls laughed and stripped their suits off. They
followed Kim into the shower room and joined the rest of the
girls. All four showerheads were on, sending the warm spray
into the large room. Kim moved under one of the showers and
tilted her head back, letting the warm water flush the chlorine
from her hair.

When Kim saw that Yuko and Crystal were not under a showerhead,
she grabbed Megan by the arm and pulled her under hers, freeing
the one she was using for the two girls.

Yuko and Crystal moved under the shower and glanced around the
room at the other girls. They both noticed that unlike them,
the other girls' pubic hair was neatly trimmed. Yuko removed
the elastic band that held her braided hair, shook her head, and
used her fingers to release her jet-black locks.

"I see all of you guys shave your pubic hair," Crystal said.

"Yup, we started to trim our pussies when we got tired of
trying to keep it in our suits." Sally said.

"I love your little heart Kim," Yuko said. "Is it hard to keep
up with?"

"Not at all Yuko, I let my mom or Sally do it for me," Kim

Kim looked at the asian girl's naked body. She looked into her
black almond shaped eyes and at her doll like face. Glancing
down, Kim noticed how firm and round her breasts were,
estimating them to be the about the same size as her own.
Yuko's waist was narrow and her hips slightly wider. The girl's
pubic hair was as black as the hair on her head, and perfectly

Kim moved her eyes back up Yuko's body and met hers. The two
girls smiled at each other for a moment and Kim asked her, "Do
all Japanese girls have straight pubic hair? I'm use to seeing
curly muffs like Crystal's."

"A lot of asian girls have straight hair Kim," Yuko said.

Crystal was larger that the rest of the girls in the shower.
Her full breasts sagged a little and her hips were quite broad.
Kim noticed she carried a little extra weight around her waist
and her thighs were thick.

"Your hair must be very easy to take care of Crystal," Megan

"It's very easy," Crystal replied as she covered her short hair
with shampoo. "I just towel dry it, put a little mousse in it
and spike it up with my fingers. I can have it done in about
three minutes, if I'm in a hurry."

The girls finished washing themselves, turned off the water,
and went into the common area to dry off. Kim took towels from
the cabinet and tossed two to each girl. They all dried
themselves and wrapped a towel around their wet hair, except for
Crystal. She just rubbed the towel over her head and tossed it
into the hamper.

Sally, Kim, and Megan's clothes were up in Kim's room so they
wrapped towels around their naked bodies, tucking the corner
between their breasts. They waited for the other three to put
on their clothes before leaving for Kim's room.

"I'm going to raid Kim's closet," Lisa said as she walked with
Yuko and Crystal behind the other girls. "I don't want to wear
jeans all night."

"I know what you mean Lisa," Crystal said. "I wish I had a
pair of sweats or something."

"Kim has more clothes than Saks," Lisa said. "I'm sure we'll
find something for you guys to wear."

As the girls walked across the tiled floor of the pool area,
the guys began to whistle at Kim, Lisa, and Sally in their
towels. Kim turned towards the table they were sitting around
and grabbed the edges of her towel. In a move that shocked Yuko
and Crystal, Kim flashed the boys and parents that were watching
her. Carrying the towel in her hand, Kim went through the
family room doors and headed up the stairs butt naked.

The rest of the girls broke into uncontrolled laughter and
followed Kim to her room.

"Oh my god Kim," Crystal said, trying to control herself. "I
don't believe you just did that."

The girls gathered in Kim's bedroom, sitting on the loveseat
and the bed.

"What?" Kim said. "Do you mean flashing the boys? They've
all seen me naked before…it's no big deal."

Yuko and Crystal gave Megan a puzzled look. Megan smiled and
explained that everyone the two girls met today had gone skinny-
dipping together.

"If you two spend any time around these families you're going
to find out things about yourselves that you never knew. Kim
and Sally's parents are the coolest people I know. They don't
judge anyone about anything."

"Yeah, our moms and dads are pretty cool," Sally said.
"They're a lot of fun too."

"Okay," Kim said. "Who wants to wear what? I have pajamas,
nightgowns, sweats, shorts and the good old stand by…tee shirts.
I'm going to wear a tee tonight."

Kim went to her dresser and opened a couple of drawers. She
told the girls to help themselves to whatever they wanted.
Reaching into one of the drawers, Kim pulled out a long pink tee
shirt and pulled it over her head. She took a pair of pink lace
panties out of another drawer and put them on as the rest of the
girls made their selections.

Sally also selected a tee shirt and took a fresh pair of
panties out of her duffle bag. Lisa and Yuko both picked out
pajamas and Crystal put on a pair of nylon running shorts and a
sweatshirt. Megan put a button down nightshirt on and a pair of
thongs she brought with her.

Once the girls were dressed, they went back downstairs. When
they entered the family room, they saw that Don had built a fire
in the fireplace and the adults were all sitting on the couches
in the room, drinking brandy.

"Where are the boys?" Sally asked her mom.

"I think they are in the shower," Anne replied. "They should
be done in a few minutes."

The girls all sat on the floor in front of the fireplace,
watching the orange and blue flames dancing above the logs. Kim
stretched out on her stomach and rested her chin in her hands.
The tee shirt she wore rose up and exposed her panty-covered
bottom to anyone that looked at her.

Megan sat Indian style and looked up at her dad. "What does
the news say about the snow storm daddy?"

"It looks like it's going to last most of the night Megan,"
Jerry said.

Jack, Tom, Brad, and Paul walked through the family room on
their way to Jack's bedroom. When they returned, they were all
wearing shorts and tee shirts.

The boys sat on the floor next to the girls and asked about the
sleeping arrangements for the night.

Marge looked over the group and thought for a moment. "Well,"
she said. "Jerry and Liz can sleep in one of the guest rooms,
Bob and Dianne in the other. Anne and Marc can use Jack's room
and Don and I will sleep in ours. The couches in the rec room
open into beds and the girls can sleep up there. The boys can
camp out here in the family room or in Kim's bedroom."

"There are only two couches that open into beds in the rec room
mom," Kim said.

"I know Kim, they're queen size beds and each one will sleep
three of you girls. I know it isn't the best accommodations in
the world, but we'll just have to make do." Marge said.

"When I lived in Japan," Yuko said. "My whole family lived in
a two room apartment. I have two brothers and a sister and we
all slept in one room on mats on the floor. My grandparents
lived with us and slept in the same room as my parents. I never
knew what it was like to have my own bed until we came to the
United States."

"How long have you and your family been here?" Liz asked.

"We came to this country when I was twelve. My family has been
here for six years. My father is an engineer and works for the
Ford auto company. He was transferred here ten years ago, but
we didn't come until later." Yuko told them.

"How do you like the United States Yuko?" Dianne asked.

"I like it here very much. You have so many things to do and
places to visit. After I've been here ten years, I will become
an American citizen. I never want to live in Japan anymore."

"Welcome to America Yuko," Jerry said. "We hope you will find
happiness here."

"Is all of your family here?" Liz asked.

"Just my parents and my sister. My brothers are older and work
in Japan. My grandparents now live with my Uncle in Japan, they
didn't want to come here. They are older and set in their
ways," Yuko explained.

"How long have you and Crystal been together?" Anne said as
nonchalantly as some one would ask for the time of day.

Yuko looked at Crystal and squirmed around on the floor.

"Yuko and I met in the first year of high school, we have been
together ever since," Crystal replied.

"You girls are always welcome in our home," Don said.

"Thank you Mr. Graham, you are very kind. All of you people
are very nice and make Crystal and I feel comfortable. After
Megan's birthday party we talked about whether or not we should
come, we're very happy we did," Crystal said. "We only knew
Megan, but we have heard a lot about Kim, Jack, Tom, and Sally.
After the fall dance, they were the talk of the school."

"When Megan and Jack went to the dance together, a lot of the
kids at school had to eat crow," Yuko said. "I wish we could
have been there to see it."

"Why didn't you two go to the dance," Don asked.

"We aren't accepted at the school because we are…because we are
lesbian," Crystal told the group.

That was the first time she ever referred to their relationship
like that in front of heterosexual adults. For some reason, she
didn't feel threatened or uncomfortable in Kim's home, even with
the adults present.

"There are other girls like us at school, but they are still in
the closet. Yuko and I got tired of sneaking around and decided
to stop hiding the fact that we are a couple. We don't wear it
on our sleeves, but we don't run anymore either."

Yuko looked around the room at all of the people there. She
smiled and said, "This is the first time we've gone to a party
where no one else is gay. I was very apprehensive about coming,
but Crystal talked me into it. I'm so grateful she insisted,
I'm having a wonderful time."

Don got up and added a couple logs to the fire. He pushed the
wood around with a poker and closed the screen on the fireplace.
Looking first at his children and then at Tom and Sally, he
smiled and nodded.

"In our home, we don't judge. The people that come through our
doors are accepted for what they are. We don't prescribe to
societies rules here, we make our own. As long as it's legal,
it's accepted, for the most part," Don said.

Everyone in the room nodded their heads in agreement.

Marge stood up and asked if anyone wanted some hot coco. The
teens all said they would like some and Marge went into the
kitchen to prepare it. Yuko got up, followed her into the
kitchen, and asked if she could help.

"Yes Yuko," Marge said. "There's mugs in the cupboard above
the stove, you can get them out and put them on the counter."

Marge took a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator and poured
it into a large pan. She adjusted the flame under the pot and
looked for the coco in the pantry. Yuko asked where she could
find spoons and Marge pointed at a drawer.

Yuko put a heaping spoonful of coco into each cup and waited
for the milk to warm. When it was ready, Marge poured hot milk
into each cup and Yuko stirred the contents. When the coco was
dissolved and the milk turned dark, Marge put a handful of
miniature marshmallows into each mug. Together, Marge and Yuko
carried the hot coco out to the family room and distributed the

Jack and Tom got up from the floor and went to see how much
snow was on the ground. They went out through the garage,
returning with more firewood.

"The snow is almost a foot deep," Jack said as he and Tom
stacked the wood into the rack on the hearth. "It's still
coming down like there's no tomorrow."

Marge dimmed the lights in the family room and sat next to Don.
The teens moved around on the floor, coupling up near the
roaring fire. The television still displayed storm warnings
across the bottom of the screen, but the sound was turned off.

Jack leaned back against one of the couches and Megan sat
between his legs resting against his chest. Tom and Lisa sat in
the recliner, Lisa on his lap. Paul lay on his side with his
head propped on his hand and Kim put her head against his
stomach, with her legs extended straight out. Brad and Sally
were stretched out on the floor and his arm was draped over her
body at the waist.

When Yuko and Crystal saw everyone snuggling together, they
moved closer to one another. Crystal sat with her legs folded
Indian style and Yuko rested her head on her thigh. Crystal
lightly stroked Yuko's dark hair with her fingertips and Yuko
hugged her leg.

The entire group was quiet, watching the hypnotizing fire.
Occasionally, one of them would glance at the television to see
if the warnings were different, but they quickly returned their
eyes to the fireplace.

When the fire would begin to die down, one of the men would go
over and add more wood. Marge reached up to the lamp next to
her and turned it off, leaving the fire and the television as
the only source of light in the room. The strong wind of the
storm could be heard as it drove the endless snow against the

Suddenly, the television went black and they could hear the
emergency generator start up outside. Don reached across Marge
for the remote to turn the television back on, but Marge grabbed
his wrist.

"We know its snowing Don, just leave it off for a while," Marge
said softly. "This is the first time we've been able to enjoy
the fireplace since we moved in."

The families relaxed in front of the fire for a couple of
hours. Each member of the large group was lost in their own
personal thoughts. There was a slight chill in the room close
to the floor and Kim got up to get blankets for her friends.
She went to a closet, removed a stack of blankets, and returned
to the family room.

Walking carefully around the teens on the floor, Kim dropped a
blanket next to each couple. She offered the rest of them to
the adults and they all accepted one.

Moving around so they could share their blankets, the teens
covered themselves. As soon as they were hidden from the others
view, the kids hands sought each other's bodies.

Tom moved his hand over Lisa's crotch and slipped it into the
waistband of her pajamas. Moving only his fingers, he stroked
her labia and found her moist slit.

Jack fingered one of the buttons of Megan's nightshirt until he
unfastened it. He put his hand into her top, covered one of her
breasts, and toyed with her nipple.

Kim slid her hand into the leg opening of Paul's shorts,
wrapped her fingers around his penis, and held it as it grew.

Brad and Sally sat with their legs folded and touched each
other through the material of their clothing.

Yuko put one hand under Crystal's shorts and the other into her
own panties.

Even the adults took advantage of the blankets, fondling their

Bob and Dianne were the first couple to announce they were
going to bed. They told the rest of the group goodnight and
headed upstairs to the guest room.

Megan's parents were the next to leave. When they stood up,
Jerry held the blanket in front of him to hide his erection.
When his back was to the room, he tossed the blanket on the
couch and followed his wife up the stairs. The remaining
members of the group could hear them giggle as they ascended the

A half an hour later, Marge said, "Okay kids, I think it's time
we all hit the sack. It has been a long day and we don't know
what's going on tomorrow."

The teens all quickly removed their hands from one another.
The girls climbed out from under the blankets, leaving them for
the boys to conceal their erections.

Marge and Anne led the girls up to the rec room, stopping for
sheets and blankets on the way. The women removed the cushions
from the couches, pulled put the beds, and made them up. Once
the beds were ready, Marge and Anne told the girls goodnight and
left the room.

The six girls stood around for several minutes, wondering who
was going to sleep with who.

"I'll sleep with Crystal and Yuko in this bed," Kim said. "You
guys can sleep in that one. Last one in bed has to turn off the

Kim jumped into bed and covered herself with the sheet and
blanket. Yuko climbed into the other side and moved to the
middle. The other girls were already in bed, leaving Crystal to
turn the lights off. Walking to the switches on the wall,
Crystal flipped the lights off, completely darkening the room.

"Turn them back on for a minute," Kim said as she climbed out
of bed. "I'll turn on the bathroom light incase anyone has to
get up in the night."

Crystal turned one of the lights on and waited for Kim the
return from the bathroom. When Kim came back, Crystal flipped
the switch and headed for the bed. The soft light that spilled
into the room from the light in the bathroom was enough to allow
the girls to make their way to the bed and climbed between the
sheets, with Yuko in the middle.

Kim lay on her back staring into the darkness. She felt Yuko
roll onto her side to face Crystal and listened to them kissing
each other. When she felt Yuko's bottom press against her leg,
Kim rolled onto her side and rose up.

Leaning over the girl, Kim whispered into her ear, "You two can
use my bedroom if you want to."

Rolling onto her back and brushing Kim's breasts with her arm,
Yuko looked at Kim in the faint light.

"I'm sorry Kim, we don't have to many opportunities to sleep
together. We would rather stay…if you don't mind," Yuko

"It's up to you two," Kim said. "I just thought that if you
guys wanted to make love, it would be easier if you were alone.
Besides, you guys are making me all hot and bothered."

"We are?" Crystal said, moving her head so it rested on Yuko's
breasts. "It doesn't bother you that we are fooling around?"

"Why should it?" Kim replied.

"Megan was right about you…you are very open minded." Crystal

Kim was quiet for a moment and then whispered, "Can I ask you
two a personal question?"

"Sure," Yuko said.

"Have either of you ever been with a boy?"

Both girls told Kim that they have never done anything sexual
with a boy before. Yuko told her that she had a boyfriend in
Japan, but only kissed him a few times.

After another pause, Kim asked, "Have you guys ever been with
another girl?"

"Not me," Yuko said. "Crystal had another girlfriend, but
broke up with her before we met."

"So you guys are monogamous?" Kim asked.

"We don't date other people…if that's what you mean. Our
relationship is about love Kim, not just sex," Crystal replied.

"I know," Kim said. "But don't you just have sex
sometimes…even though you love each other?"

"Sure we do," Yuko said. "With each other. I can't believe we
are talking like this."

"Why not?" Kim said. "Are you uncomfortable talking about sex?"

"No," Crystal giggled. "It's just not something we are use to.
Most girls think we are sick because we're the way we are."

Kim felt someone grab her shoulder and pull her onto her back.
She looked up and stared into Sally's face.

"We can't sleep with all this whispering," Sally said. "We're
going for a swim."

Lisa and Megan were standing behind Sally waiting for Kim's

"Sounds good to me," Kim said.

"Let's go," Sally giggled. "I think the boys will be asleep by

Sally, Lisa, and Megan started towards the door. Kim turned to
Yuko and Crystal and asked if they were coming. The two girls bounded out of bed and followed Kim down the hallway to the
stairs. Moving as quietly as they could, the six girls went
down the stairs and into the family room. The guys were all
stretched out on the couches and seemed to be asleep.

The girls moved through the room, single file, and went out to
the pool. Yuko and Crystal began to head towards the pool house
to put on their suits, but stopped when they saw the other girls striping.

"What are you guys doing?" Yuko asked Kim.

"Going for a swim," Kim replied.

"Naked?" Crystal said in shock.

"You bet," Sally said, as she took of her panties and jumped
into the water.

"I don't know about this," Yuko said. "What if the boys wake
up and catch us?"

Kim pulled her tee shirt over her head and tossed it on a
chair. She pushed her panties down her legs and used her foot
the send them on top of her shirt.

"It's up to you two," Kim said. "The guys have all seen
pussies and tits before. You know where your suits are if you'd
be more comfortable."

Kim turned, scurried across the tile floor, and dove into the
pool from the diving board.

The two girls watched their friends swimming and splashing
around in the pool, stark naked. Crystal turned to Yuko,
shrugged her shoulders, and began to undress. When she was
naked, she turned to Yuko and began to unbutton her pajama top.
She opened the garment, pressed her breasts against Yuko's, and
kissed her on the mouth.

"Come on sweetie," Crystal said as she tugged the pajama
bottoms down Yuko's legs. "It looks like so much fun."

"You know I like to be naked Crystal, it's just the boys…I'm
not sure I want them to see me."

"Listen Yuko, you still want to go to Florida, don't you?"

The cute asian girl nodded her head yes.

"Do you think they are going to ask all the men to leave the
beach so we can go topless?"

"No, I guess not. I've never really thought about it."

The girls finished undressing and joined the others. They swam
across the pool to where the four girls were standing and Yuko
began to giggle.

"This is so cool," She said. "I've never gone skinny dipping

"Have you ever gone skinny dunking before?" Kim asked.

Yuko looked at her strangely and was about to ask what she was
talking about when Kim lunged at her and pulled her underwater.
Yuko struggled with Kim and was finally able to break free and

Megan grabbed Lisa and in an instant all of the girls were
grabbing at one another and pushing each other underwater. The
free-for-all continued with no defined opponents. The girls would just grab the person closest to them and wrestle until one
of them went under.

Crystal came up behind Kim and reached around her. When she
felt the girl's hands on her breasts, she didn't resist.
Looking over her shoulder, Kim said, "That feels nice."

Giving Kim's firm breasts a brief squeeze, Crystal pulled her
backwards and into the water. As Kim came up, her hand went
between the girl's legs and Kim rubbed her crotch.

Once they were standing again, Kim and Crystal looked into one
another's eyes for a moment and then were attacked by Lisa and

After a few more minutes of the rough housing, the girls rested
along the side of the pool. They all were breathing hard from
the strenuous activity and tried to catch their breath.

"Who grabbed my pussy?" Lisa said.

"That would have been me," Megan replied. "Want me to do it

Lisa giggled and half heartily said, "No. That's Tom's job."

All of the girls were giggling, when they heard a loud splash
behind them. They turned around to see the boys swimming across
the pool towards them.

"You guys woke us up," Jack said. "So we decided to join you."

Kim, Sally, Megan, and Lisa didn't need to look to see if the
boys were naked too, they knew. Crystal and Yuko guessed they
were, but looked to be sure. The two girls could see the boys'
penises under the clear water, and they both blushed.

Paul moved behind Kim, wrapped his arms around her waist, and
pressed into her bottom. She allowed him to hold her for a few
seconds before moving away. When she turned to face him, Paul
gave her a funny look.

Kim leaned close to him and said, "Not right now sweetheart."

Smiling, Kim moved to his side and stood next to him. She
reached under the water, took the confused boy's hand in hers,
and squeezed it. When Paul realized that she didn't want to
fool around with all of the others present, he squeezed her hand
and grinned.

As the group of naked teens stood in chest deep water talking
about the storm and the amount of snow that was piled against
the glass of the pool enclosure, Yuko and Crystal began to
relax. They realized that to their new friends, being naked in
the pool was normal.

"Do you guys swim naked a lot?" Crystal asked.

"When ever we can," Jack replied.

"What about your parents, what do they say?" Yuko said.

"Nothing," Megan told her. "Most of the time they are in here
with us."

"Naked?" Yuko said.

"Yup," Megan replied.

Megan told Crystal and Yuko about the first time she went
skinny-dipping, and how Kim, Sally, and Lisa's parents joined
them. She explained how she was shocked at first, but after a
very short time forgot she was nude in front of strangers.

The teens talked for a few more minutes and Kim said they
should go back to bed. Everyone agreed with her and began to
exit the pool. Kim went into the pool house, grabbed a stack of
towels, and passed them out.

As the group stood by the side of the pool and dried
themselves, Yuko and Crystal found it hard to ignore the naked
boys. Neither of the girls was accustom to seeing naked males,
and Yuko didn't remember ever seeing a penis before, even when
she lived in the small house in Japan, everyone was very modest.
Crystal use to baby-sit for a family and she changed the boy's
diapers, but she never saw an adult males sex organ.

Once everyone was dry, they went back to their rooms. The
girls picked up their clothes on the way out of the pool area,
told the boys goodnight, and carried them back upstairs.

Back in the rec room, the girls sat on the beds and rubbed
their wet hair with their towels, still nude. Kim noticed that
Yuko and Crystal were very quiet and she moved closer to them.

"Are you two okay?" Kim asked.

Both girls began to giggle and Crystal said, "Yes, we're fine."

"What's so funny then," Kim said.

Yuko stopped giggling and replied, "That's the first time we've
ever seen a guy's…you know."

"Cock?" Sally said as she came over to the bed and sat down.
"You guys never saw a guys cock before?"

Megan and Lisa overheard the conversation and joined the other
girls. They listened to Yuko and Crystal as they explained that
they never saw a male naked before, except for a little boy.

"To be honest," Crystal said. "They didn't look as bad as I
thought they would. I have seen pictures before and I thought a
real penis would be much…um…uglier."

"Well," Lisa chimed in. "Personally I think a cock is
beautiful. I just love to look at them and feel them."

Yuko stared at Lisa for a few moments and cleared her throat.
"Lisa," she said, in a very low voice. "What does one feel

"They sort of feel hard and soft at the same time Yuko. When a
boy has a hard-on, his cock throbs in your hand, or your pussy.
I don't know if you have ever had a dildo or anything in you,
but a hot hard cock is much better. When you saw our brothers
they were soft, and a little shriveled from the water. A cock
doesn't look bad like that, but when they get hard, they're
wonderful," Lisa explained.

"Aren't boys rough and nasty when they have sex?" Crystal asked.

"Some are." Megan said. "But not all guys are that way. When
Jack and I make love it is the most wonderful and warm thing in
the world."

Kim felt her stomach jump and pangs of jealousy when Megan
commented on having sex with her brother.

"You know," Lisa said. "I could always go and get my brothers.
They would love it if you two wanted to feel what a cock felt
like or see what one looks like when it's hard."

Kim and Sally knocked Lisa onto her back. Kim jumped on her
and held her shoulders to the bed while Sally held her feet.
Lisa squirmed around beneath the two girls, but was unable to
free herself.

Paul and Brad are just fine where they are, thank you very
much," Kim said as she held Lisa down. "Why don't we go and get
Tom instead?"

While the three girls were wrestling on the bed, Kim's knee
pressed against Lisa's crotch. The more Lisa wiggled around the
more her vulva rubbed her leg. All of the talk and the contact
with Kim made Lisa begin to feel a little excited. When she
finally quit resisting, Kim and Sally released her.

All of the girls were laughing. Kim sat down near Yuko and
Sally sat next to Lisa.

"If it's all the same to you guys," Crystal said, as she put
her arm around Yuko. "I'll just stick with what I have."

Yuko nodded and leaned against Crystal, resting her head on her

"Suit yourselves," Lisa said. "You don't know what you're

Yuko circled Crystal's waist with her arm and said softly,
"Maybe you don't know what you're missing Lisa."

Kim glanced quickly between Megan and Sally, smiling at both of
them. Lisa shook her head, but could still feel the excitement
of her contact with Kim.

"Well guys," Kim said. "It's getting late and I need to go to

Lisa, Megan, and Sally got up and moved to the other bed. The
girls picked up their sleepwear and began to put it on. Kim
pulled the sheets back and got into bed, still nude.

"Someone turn off the lights," Kim said, as she pulled the
covers up to her neck.

Sally flipped the light switch and the room darkened. She saw
her cousin get into bed without dressing and did the same. Lisa
put the top of her pajamas on and climbed into the middle of the
bed. Megan began to dress, changed her mind, and got in.

Yuko and Crystal relished the idea of sleeping together nude
and slipped between the sheets. They snuggled up to one
another, trying to maintain a gap between them and Kim.

Kim listened in the darkness to the two girls kissing and
whispering into one another's ear. She felt a tingling between
her legs and her nipples begin to stiffen as she tried to
imagine what they were saying or doing. When she heard one of
the girls moan, Kim could no longer control herself. She rolled
over, faced Yuko's back, and put her hand on her side.

Kim moved her fingertips lightly over Yuko's soft flesh and
felt Crystal's hand near her waist. When Kim began to pull
away, Crystal took her wrist and held it. She moved her hand on
top of Kim's and guided it over Yuko's hip. Together, Kim and
Crystal stroked Yuko's flawless skin.

In the next bed, the three girls strained to hear what was
going on. They all suspected that Crystal and Yuko were
touching each other, but they had no idea that Kim was involved.
Sally leaned her head close to Lisa's so both she and Megan
could hear her.

"I think that Yuko and Crystal and getting it on with Kim right
next to them," Sally whispered.

"Really?" Lisa said quietly. "Don't you think Kim will be

Megan rolled onto her side, moved close to Lisa, and said,
"Only if they don't invite her to join in."

Sally fought hard to keep from giggling and moved closer to
Lisa too. She didn't want to disturb what was going on in the
bed only ten feet or so from them.

Lisa could feel both Sally and Megan's warm breath on her face
and neck. She tried to focus on the two girls, but it was
almost impossible in the dim light from the open bathroom door.

"Are you saying that Kim wouldn't mind if one of them touched
her?" Lisa asked.

"She wouldn't mind at all, in fact I'll bet she wants them
too," Sally whispered into Lisa's ear.

"That's sounds so sick…" Lisa began to say, but before she
could finish, Sally covered her mouth with hers.

Lisa's body stiffened and she put her hands against Sally's
head. She tried to push her away, but when Sally's hand touched
her crotch, she froze. Parting her lips slightly, Sally traced
Lisa's tightly closed mouth with her tongue. When Sally began
to move her fingers between her legs, and found her clit, Lisa's
body relaxed.

Removing her mouth, but not her hand, Sally stared down at Lisa.

"What are you doing?" Lisa asked Sally, in a labored voice.

"Showing you what you're missing and what Kim probably isn't."

When Megan realized what Sally was doing to Lisa, She slipped
her hand under her top and began to caress her breasts. Lisa
turned her head towards Megan and felt the redhead kiss her.
This time she didn't freeze, but she kept her mouth closed.

Sally continued to rub Lisa's labia and clit. She pushed her
fingertip between the puffy lips and felt her wetness. Sally
moved her finger lower until she was pressing at Lisa's opening.
When her finger penetrated her, Lisa gasped and Megan slipped
her tongue into her mouth.

Megan continued to massage Lisa's breast, pulling at her nipple
before moving to the other mound. Sally slowly moved her finger
in and out of her vagina and rubbed her thumb over her hard

Lisa's uncertainty of what was happening to her was replaced
with lust and she tried to open her legs. Megan and Sally both
moved away slightly, allowing Lisa's legs to part. When Sally
pulled her finger out of Lisa and moved her hand away, she
grabbed her wrist and put it back.

Sally moved her mouth to Lisa's ear and began to kiss her. She
took Lisa's ear lobe between her lips and sucked it gently.
Megan removed her hand from under Lisa's top and fumbled to undo
the buttons. When the pajama top was open, Megan covered one of
Lisa's breasts with her mouth and flicked at her nipple with the
tip of her tongue.

Kissing down Lisa's neck, Sally put her mouth over Lisa's and
pushed her tongue into her open mouth. Lisa returned the kiss,
moving her tongue against Sally's. Moving lower, Sally kissed
down Lisa's neck to her chest. She took Lisa's other breast into her mouth, bumping her head into Megan's.

Both girls removed their mouths from Lisa's breasts and kissed
each other. Lisa began to move her hands over the two girls naked bodies, finding one of Megan's small breasts. Sally and
Megan broke their kiss and returned their mouths to Lisa's
nipples, sucking and chewing them gently.

Sally moved around so she was kneeling at Lisa's side. She
took Lisa's hand and guided it to her crotch, spreading her legs
to give Lisa access to her sex. Sally released the nipple she
was suckling and began to kiss down Lisa's chest. She pushed
her tongue into Lisa's navel and felt her finger slip into her

Flattening her tongue against Lisa's stomach, Sally moved her
head lower. She put her head between the girl's legs and
replaced her probing fingers with her tongue. When Lisa felt
Sally's hot tongue moving between her engorged vaginal lips, she
let out an uncontrolled groan.

Lisa's first orgasm, at the hands of another girl, ripped
through her body and caused her to shudder. She could feel her
vagina contracting and felt Sally's fingers enter her quivering

When Sally began to suck on her clit and finger her vagina,
Lisa lost all control.

"Oh yes," Lisa said loud enough for the girls in the other bed
to hear her. "Eat my pussy Sally."

Sally shifted between Lisa's legs, lifted them over her
shoulders, and put her hands under her bottom. Lisa lifted her
butt off the bed and Sally pulled her labia open with her
thumbs. She attacked the hot pink flesh that was exposed to her
with her flattened tongue. Humping her hips up, Lisa drove her
gaping sex against Sally's mouth.

Megan was becoming very aroused and wanted to cum. In a bold
move, she moved around on the bed and straddled Lisa's head.
Placing both of her hands on Lisa's breasts, Megan lowered
herself onto Lisa's mouth.

Lisa could smell Megan's excitement and cautiously extended her
tongue. When she tasted Megan's slit and found it wasn't
offensive, Lisa grabbed her hips and pulled her down on her
mouth. Megan began to slide her vulva over Lisa's mouth and
felt her tongue poke at her opening. She released Lisa's
breasts and moved her hands to her own. In the matter of
minutes, Megan began to cum, coating Lisa's tongue and chin with
her juices.

When Megan climaxed, it caused Lisa to have yet another orgasm.
She clamped her legs against the sides of Sally's head and held
her as her entire body convulsed. When the spasms subsided,
Lisa's body relaxed and she released Sally's head.

Megan climbed off Lisa's face and Sally moved up to lie next to
her. The three girls lay panting as they savored the afterglow
of their sexual activity. Sally hadn't achieved an orgasm yet,
but she was satisfied in knowing she has given her brother's
girlfriend several.

In the next bed, Kim, Yuko, and Crystal all lay on their sides,
each with their head between another girls' legs. Kim lazily
tongued Crystal's crotch while she lapped at Yuko's. Yuko toyed
with Kim's clit, using her tongue and holding her labia open
with two fingers. The three girls moved their hands from breast to breast, massaging whom ever they touched.

Their lovemaking wasn't as heated or physical as the other
girls', rather slow and relaxed. Kim achieved several orgasms
at the hands of the two lesbian lovers. None of them were
earthshaking, but each was gratifying. They had listened to
Lisa's moans of pleasure as they made love, knowing she was
experiencing something new.

Megan moved over Lisa and between Sally's legs. She pressed
her mouth on Sally's vulva and licked her. Lisa began to suck
one of Sally's nipples and massaged her other breast with her
hand. Together, Megan and Lisa brought on two quick orgasms for
Sally, trading places between each one.

When all of the girls were sexually and physically spent, they
covered themselves with the blankets, and fell asleep in each
other's arms. Lisa thought about her new experience and how
wrong she had been about the touch of another girl. She vowed
to do the things she has just done again, as soon as the
opportunity arose.

Kim's breathing became deep and timed, indicating she was
asleep. Yuko gently covered Crystal's face with light kisses
and she said, "Are you okay with what happened?"

"Oh yes sweetie, I'm just fine. I think we may have found some
new friends Yuko, friends that don't care that we are lovers."

"I think so too Crystal…goodnight."

"Goodnight darling…I love you."


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