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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 56



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the author.
Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited without the express
written permission of the author. ©2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to persons
alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are offended by material
of this nature, are under the legal age in your location to read this
material, or it is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at

The Lottery - Part 56 (FFf, ff, mf, oral, inc, con) By: Dark Vision

Crystal began to stir and opened her eyes. The sunlight flowed through
the windows and filled the large rec room with bright light. She got out
of bed, went to the bathroom, and returned to see if anyone else was awake.
Looking at the bed containing Sally, Lisa, and Megan, she noticed they were
still naked, their arms draped over one another's bodies. Crystal went
back to the bed she and Yuko shared with Kim and shook Yuko's shoulder to
wake her.

When Yuko opened her eyes, Crystal held her finger to her lips. Yuko
got out of bed, peeking at Kim's nude body before covering her. The two
girls picked up the things they intended to sleep in the night before, put
them on, and left the room.

The girls walked into the kitchen and found Marge and Anne sitting at
the counter.

"Good morning girls," Marge said, "Did you sleep well."

"Morning Mrs. Graham, morning Mrs. Lewis," Crystal said. "I slept
great. The fold out beds are very comfortable."

Anne got up and moved around the counter. "Would either of you girls like coffee or something?" She asked.

"Coffee please," Crystal said. "Yuko would like juice, if you have

"Sure we do," Anne said as she poured Crystal's coffee. "Apple, orange,
or grapefruit?"

"May I have orange juice please?" Yuko asked.

Anne took a glass from the cupboard and filled it with juice. She
placed it on the counter and Yuko picked it up.

"Have you looked outside yet girls?" Marge asked.

"No," Yuko replied. "Did we get a lot of snow?"

"I'll say," Anne said. "There must be two feet of the stuff on the
ground. I hope the plows get here so we can get out."

"I don't" Crystal said softly. "I really like it here. You people are
so nice."

"Well thank you Crystal," Marge said. "I'm glad you feel at home here.
We enjoy having you and Yuko. Listen girls, Anne and I were just about to
go out and soak in the hot tub for a while, would you like to join us?"

Both of the girls nodded and went with Anne and Marge through the family room to the pool area. They glanced around at the boys as they slept on
the couches, and at Tom, in the recliner. When Marge closed the door, she
commented on the fact that the boys would be asleep for several more hours.

Marge came out earlier and turned on the tub, it was churning rapidly.
Crystal and Yuko were about to go to the pool house and put on their suits
when Marge and Anne removed the robes that covered their naked bodies.
Remembering the night before and how casual everyone was about nudity, the
two girls removed their nightclothes and slipped into the hot water.

"This feels so good," Crystal said as she rested her head on the edge of
the tub and stared up the snow covered glass roof. "I wish we had one at
our house. I think I could live in here."

Megan and Lisa were the next two girls to wake up and go down stairs.
They went out to the pool to see if their friends were there and saw the
four women in the hot tub. They both removed their clothing and stepped
into the tub.

Everyone wished each other good morning and began to talk about the
storm and what they were going to do that day. About a half an hour later
Don and Jerry walked in and said hi.

Crystal and Yuko slipped lower in the tub, trying to conceal the fact
they were nude. After chatting with the women for a few minutes, they went
back into the house. Over the next hour, Liz and Dianne got up and joined
the other women in the hot tub.

Paul sat up on the couch he'd spent the night on and rubbed his eyes.
He glanced out towards the pool and did a double take. When he realized
Kim and Sally weren't with the rest of the women, he stood up and headed
for the stairs.

Trying to be as quiet as her could, Paul opened the door to the rec room
and stepped in. He looked around and saw Kim in one bed and Sally in the
other. Carefully, Paul slipped between the covers next to Kim and snuggled
up to her. It wasn't until he put his arm around the sleeping girl that he
realized she was nude.

Paul's penis grew quickly to a full erection and Kim felt it against her
bottom. She opened her eyes and rolled over to face him, not really sure
who was in bed with her. When she realized it was Paul, Kim smiled and
kissed him.

"Good morning Paul," she murmured, as she put her arm around him and
moved closer.

"Morning Kim," Paul replied, rubbing his hand down her back and
squeezing her butt.

"You shouldn't be here Paul, we'll get into trouble."

"Why are you naked?"

"When I came back up last night I was tired and just fell asleep like

"Did all of you girls sleep nude?"

"I think so," Kim fibbed, remembering the sex the night before.

"I wish I would have come up here to sleep, it would have been fun
sleeping with a bunch of naked girls," Paul said chuckling.

Kim pinched his side, causing him to yelp. She looked over at Sally to
see if the noise woke her up. When she was sure that Sally was still sound
asleep, she turned back to Paul and rubbed the spot she pinched.

"You're a brat Paul. What's the matter, don't I turn you on anymore?"

"I was just kidding, you still turn me on… a lot," he said as he took
Kim's hand and covered his erection to prove his point.

Kim rubbed him through his shorts. She put her hand into the elastic
waistband and wrapped her fingers around his hard penis. Moving her hand
up and down over his shaft, she began to kiss him.

"This feels nice," she said. "Your cock is really hard this morning."

Paul moved his hand between Kim's legs and stroked her vulva. He worked
his finger between the folds and felt the warm moisture of her sex. Kim
opened her legs and moaned into his mouth as he pushed his finger into her.

The two teens toyed with each other's tongues and continued to stroke
one another. Paul covered one of her breasts with his hand and massaged
it. Both of them began to breath heavily as their excitement rose.

Kim pulled her hand out of his shorts and tried to push them down over
his hips. Paul stopped touching her crotch and breast, helped her with the
shorts, and put his hands back as soon as they were at his knees. Hooking
the knit material with her toes, Kim pushed the shorts off his legs.

Rolling him onto his back, Kim lay on top of Paul and began to rub her
crotch over his hard-on. Paul humped his hips up and moved with her as she
coated his penis with her juices. Picking up speed, Kim felt his penis
slip down and press against her. She wiggled a bit and the head of his
tool was at her opening.

Paul lifted his hips up and felt his penis slip into her warm vagina.
As soon as Kim felt him begin to fill her, she pushed down and allowed
about half of his length to penetrate her before pulling away. She moved
so she had his penis trapped between her pubic mound and his and stopped

"We can't do this Paul," she panted into his ear. "Not with out a

"They're in my jeans Kim, want me to go get one?"

"Yes I do Paul, but we can't…not right now. Turn around and kiss my
pussy and I will suck you."

They moved around on the bed and Kim lowered her crotch to his mouth.
She leaned over, took his penis between her lips, and rolled her tongue
around the helmet shaped head. Some fluid leaked from the slit in the tip
of his member and Kim collected it with her tongue.

Paul gently chewed her labia and licked her. Kim ground her hips into
his mouth and took more of his penis into her mouth. She held his shaft in
her hand and stroked it as she sucked on him. Paul moaned into her crotch
as she traced his vein with the tip of her tongue.

Kim felt his penis swell in her hand and knew that he would be filling
her mouth with his salty semen any moment. She started to bob her head
faster, letting his penis slide over her wet lips and tongue. Again Paul
moaned into her sex and she tasted the first spurt of cum, as it shot
against the roof of her mouth. The throbbing member sent several strong
jets of cum into her mouth, and she swallowed it all. When the spurting
stopped, Kim sucked the last of his spunk as it dribbled onto her tongue.

Still gripping him with her hand, Kim lifted up and sat on Paul's mouth
and chin. She rocked her heated crotch over his flicking tongue and began
to reach her own orgasm. Her stomach muscled clinched and she threw her
head back, pulling roughly on Paul's semi hard flesh. He yelled in pain,
his screams muffled by her body.

Paul put his hands under her bottom and pushed her onto her side. He
looked down at her, his face still contorted with pain.

"Damn Kim, that hurt. What are you trying to do…pull my dick off?"

When it dawned on Kim that she had just pulled his penis hard, she
kissed it softly. She turned around, put her head near his, and looked
sadly into his eyes.

"I'm sorry baby," she said as she massaged his limp member. "I didn't
mean to hurt your cock…you just get me so turned on that I forget what I'm
doing. Will you please forgive me?"

Paul smiled at her, feeling proud he made her so excited, "I'll live

They both giggled and Kim kissed him deeply.

"You'd better get dressed and get out of her Paul," she whispered.

Reluctantly, Paul found his shorts and pulled them on. He kissed Kim
again and climbed out of bed.

"Hurry up and come downstairs Kim," he pleaded.

"I will, give me a few minutes so no one will figure out what we were

Paul left the room and went to Jack's. He found his jeans and shirt,
put them on, and went back downstairs.

Kim flopped back onto the bed and relaxed.

"Why didn't you let him fuck you?" Sally said.

Kim looked at the other bed and saw Sally lying there with her head
propped in her hand.

"How long have you been awake?" Kim asked her cousin.

"Long enough Kim, I thought you two were really going to do it."

"I wanted to so bad," Kim said, sitting up and pulling the covers around
her. "He didn't have any condoms with him though."

"So what! What's the big deal anyway? What difference does it make if
he thinks your virgin or not?"

"I don't know, I thought we decided that we were going to try to make
them believe we were…you know, virgins…that's all."

Sally got up, put her tee shirt on, and sat on Kim's bed.

"I know that's what we talked about Kim, but damn…he had it in your

"You could see?"

Sally grinned and nodded yes. Kim shook her head and got up, looking
for her tee shirt. When she located the pink shirt, she pulled it on. She
found her panties, sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled them over her
feet. Standing back up, Kim pulled them over her hips and ran her finger
around the leg openings to adjust them.

"Yup, I could see almost everything."

Kim and Sally pulled the blankets off the two beds and folded them.
They stripped off the sheets, balled them up to go into the wash, and
transformed the beds back into couches. After placing the cushions back on
the couches, the girls picked up the dirty linens and left the room.

After tossing the dirty sheets into the washing machine and starting it,
Kim and Sally went into the kitchen. The four adult women and Megan were
seated at the counter talking.

"Where are Yuko, Crystal, and Lisa?" Kim asked.

"Good morning girls," Marge said. "They're out by the pool eating
breakfast. They have the cereal and milk out there, take a couple of bowls
and join them."

"Do they have the orange juice too?" Sally asked as she took two bowls
from the cupboard.

"I think so," Anne replied.

Kim took a couple of plastic cups and two spoons and went out to the
pool with Sally. They joined the other three girls at the table they were
sitting at and filled their bowls with cereal.

"What's up guys?" Sally said.

"We were just talking," Lisa replied. "How are you two doing this

"Great," Kim said. "I slept like a rock last night."

"How did you sleep Lisa," Sally said giggling.

Lisa blushed and lowered her head. "I slept fine Sally."

"You're not upset about what happened are you Lisa," Sally asked.

"No, I'm not upset…just a little surprised," Lisa said quietly.

"Surprised?" Sally said. "I'm sorry Lisa, it just sort of happened."

"I'm not surprised that it happened Sally…I'm surprised that I enjoyed
it so much," Lisa said.

The girls chuckled. Lisa thought about how erotic it was to have Sally
and Megan kissing and touching her. She felt a slight tingle between her
legs as she reminisced the activities of the night before and the taste of
another woman.

"I never thought about having sex with another girl before," Lisa went
on. "It was different. At first I was a little scared and put off when
Megan and you started, but you guys got me so hot I stopped thinking and
started to really enjoy it."

Sally smiled at Lisa and Said, "I really enjoyed it too Lisa, especially
when you kissed and licked my pussy. You did great…for your first time."

Lisa's face turned red again. She glanced at Yuko and Crystal and saw
them smiling as they listened to the girls talk. Megan came out, pulled a
chair over to the table, and sat down.

"What are you guys talking about?" Megan asked.

"Sex," Kim replied. "What else. Lisa was just telling us about last

Megan giggled and said, "Oh…it isn't as nasty as it sounds is it Lisa?"

Lisa shook her head no and smiled at Megan. She looked at Crystal and
said, "I can see why you two like it so much."

Crystal and Yuko began to laugh. They realized that Lisa thought their
relationship was about sex.

"Lisa," Yuko said. "It isn't just about sex. We are in love…like you
and Tom."

All of the girls turned to Yuko with a puzzled look on their faces. She
took Crystal's hand in hers and squeezed it firmly.

"How does it feel when you look at Tom," Crystal asked Lisa. "Or when
any of you look at your boyfriends?"

The four girls glanced at one another and then Kim said, "It feels like
my tummy is full of butterflies and my heart is stuck in my throat."

Lisa, Megan, and Sally all nodded as Kim described the way she felt
about Paul. Secretly, Kim thought about her brother and the fact that he
made her feel the same way.

"Well Kim," Yuko said. "That's exactly how I feel about Crystal. I
don't feel those things when I see a guy, just Crystal."

"That's how I feel about Yuko too," Crystal said. "We enjoy doing the
same things you guys do with your boyfriends. We like to go to the movies,
out to dinner and just be together. Making love is just part of it."

"You mean looking at guys doesn't do anything for either of you?" Lisa
asked them.

"No more than you looking at girls Lisa," Crystal said.

"I like to mess around with girls," Sally said.

"You like the sex, not taking walks on the beach holding hands, watching
sunsets or just sitting quietly together. Those things you do with a guy…I
do them with Yuko." Crystal tried to explain.

"What about last night?" Kim asked, feeling a little hurt.

"Last night was the first time Crystal and I ever did anything like that
Kim. It was the first time I ever did anything with another girl. It was
really nice…and a lot of fun. I'm really glad it was with you."

"Have either of you guys ever though about fooling around with a
boy…just to see what it's like?" Megan asked.

Crystal and Yuko both shook their heads no. When Megan asked if they
would ever consider it, they shrugged their shoulders.

"Like I told you guys last night," Yuko said. "That was the first time
I ever saw a guy's…you know."

"What about dildos and vibrators?" Kim asked.

Yuko and Crystal giggled. They couldn't believe they were talking with
the four girls they just met about such things.

"Yes Kim," Crystal said, blushing slightly. "We have toys. We don't
think of them as a guy's penis though, just something to enhance our love
life. I don't remember ever using one by myself, only with Yuko."

"I like toys," Kim said. "I use them when I'm alone all the time."

Megan and Lisa were a bit taken back by Kim's admission, Sally just

Marge, Liz, Dianne, and Anne walked out of the family room and over to
the girls. Marge said that the news reported the roads were being cleared
and should be drivable soon.

"So what's on the agenda for the rest of the day?" Marge asked as she
began to gather the dirty dishes from the table.

"I don't know," Kim said. "I need a shower and maybe a swim. Where are
the guys?"

Marge chuckled, knowing why her daughter was asking about the men.
"They're all in the family room watching television Kim."

"Oh," Kim said.

"Do you want me to close the drapes?" Marge asked, knowing that her
daughter wanted to swim nude.

Kim giggled and nodded her head yes.

The four women took the dishes and food from the table and carried it
into the house. The girls watched as the drapes closed, blocking the view
of the pool area from the family room.

"What's that all about?" Yuko asked.

"When the drapes are closed it means keep out," Sally said.

The girls all went into the pool house, shed their clothes and headed
for the shower room. As they stood under the warm spray washing
themselves, Yuko glanced at the neatly trimmed mons of the other girls.

"Crystal," Yuko said. "What do you think I would look like with my
pussy hair trimmed like them?"

"I think it would look good Yuko. Why, do you want to shave yourself

"I was thinking about it, if you don't mind," Yuko replied.

Crystal looked at the four other girls and shouted "Hey guys."

When the girls turned towards her and Yuko, the two looked at the
different styles of trims the girls wore.

"We are thinking about trimming our hair like you guys do, if you
wouldn't think we were weird."

Kim laughed and said, "Why do you think we'd think you're weird?"

Kim put her hands on her hips and spread her legs slightly. When the
others saw what Kim was doing they also posed.

Yuko and Crystal looked at the four girls crotches, noting the
difference between them. They inspected Sally's hairless mons and the thin
strip of closely trimmed hair that adorned Megan and Lisa.

"I don't know which I like better," Yuko said. You guys all look good."

The four girls were still standing with their hands on their hips when
Marge, Liz, Anne, and Dianne came into the crowded shower room.

"What are you girls doing?" Liz asked.

"We're modeling our pussy hair for Yuko and Crystal," Megan told her
mom. "They are thinking about shaving too."

The four adult women joined their daughter's in posing. Yuko and
Crystal both began to laugh and looked over the women's crotches.

"I just don't know what to do," Yuko said. I've never thought about
this before."

"Well girls," Marge said. You know it will always grow back. Some
times I trim mine like it is now, just a strip of hair, sometimes I'm as
bald as a baby's ass. There are times I just let it grow, but not too

"I'll go and get the stuff mom," Kim said. "Maybe you can help them,
you're so good at it."

Kim left the shower room, returning with a plastic basket filled with
shaving gel, razors, lotion, and scissors. She put the assortment on the
bench and said, "Here you go."

"Do you mind helping us Mrs. Graham," Crystal said.

"I'd be happy to girls, if you want me to," Marge replied. "You guys finish and get out of here so we can get started."

All but Marge, Crystal, and Yuko finished in the shower and left. Once
they were gone, Marge picked the scissors up from the basket, snapped them
in her fingers, and smiled.

"Who's first," She asked.

"I'll go first," Yuko said. "I think I'd like a thin strip like Megan
and Lisa."

Marge told Yuko to sit on the bench and spread her legs. She knelt on
the floor and began to trim the straight black hair with the scissors,
pulling it away with her fingers. Crystal watched as Yuko's hair fell onto
the shower room floor and went to sit beside her on the bench.

"How about here?" Marge asked as she covered Yuko's vulva with her hand
and stroked it slowly.

Yuko shivered at the touch of the older woman, leaned her head over to
Crystal's shoulder and said, "Yes please."

Marge put her hands under the girl's bottom and pulled her to the edge
of the bench. She put a small amount of the shaving gel into her hand and
applied it to Yuko's crotch. Taking a razor from the basket, Marge began
to scrape away the hair that sparsely covered Yuko, pulling her dark lips
with her fingertips.

The sensation of having Marge shave her caused Yuko to become excited.
She would never have imagined that being shaved could be so erotic.
Crystal studied Marge's movements, making sure she would be able to do it
for Yuko in the future.

When Marge was finished removing all of the hair between the girl's
legs, she applied more gel to her mons and began to remove all but a thin
strip of the short black hair. She stood up, took a showerhead from its
hook, and pointed it at Yuko's crotch. Using her hand and the spray, Marge
rinsed away the remaining gel.

After returning the showerhead to its hook, Marge covered Yuko's neatly
shaven crotch with lotion, carefully rubbing it in.

"All done," Marge announced. "What do you think?"

Taking a small mirror from the basket, Marge held it so Yuko could
inspect herself. Crystal stood up, moved in front of Yuko, and gazed at
her crotch.

Placing her hand on the asian girl's mons and rubbing her softly,
Crystal said, "It looks wonderful Yuko."

Yuko nodded in approval, as she looked at the reflection of her crotch
in the small mirror.

"Thank you so much Mrs. Graham," Yuko said, touching herself. "It
looks very nice."

Marge pulled the mirror away and patted Yuko on her bottom. "Ok, you go
out to the pool with the rest of the girls and I'll do Crystal."

Yuko smiled, stood up, and left the shower room. Marge turned to
Crystal and told her to sit on the bench.

"So what's your pleasure young lady?" Marge asked Crystal.

"I don't know, what would you suggest?"

Marge looked at the girl's thick bush and thought for a moment. She
picked up the scissors and knelt on the floor.

"Well," She said. "Let's get some of this trimmed off and see what we
have to work with."

"Ok, I'll let you decide for me Mrs. Graham."

Marge began clipping the curls on Crystal's crotch. She noticed how the
young girl's pubic hair grew into the crease of her legs and mons. When
she finished trimming as much as she could with the scissors, she covered
her crotch with gel.

Crystal leaned her head back against the wall and closed her eyes. She
could feel her vagina responding to Marge's touch and the feeling of the
razor on her labia. Marge could see that the girl's curly dark hair grew
between her butt cheeks too and wondered how much she should remove.

"Do you want me to shave all of your hair down here, even your bottom?"

"What ever you think is fine with me," Crystal said with a labored

Marge had the girl stand up, face the wall, and put her hands on the
bench. She pulled her cheeks apart with one hand and smeared gel around
her anus with the other. Crystal moaned softly when she felt Marge's
fingertips brush over her tight brown pucker. Marge noticed the girl was
getting turned on and let her fingertips linger at her anus before removing
them and picking up the razor.

"This is a bit difficult," Marge said as she tried to move Crystal's
globes apart. The girl's butt was larger than the other's girls, and not
as firm.

Crystal put her head against the wall, reached behind her, and pulled
her cheeks apart for Marge.

When Marge finished shaving her bottom, she patted Crystal's butt and
told her to sit back down.

Crystal sat on the bench and Marge covered her remaining hair with
shaving gel. She used the razor the scrape away the girl's hair and sculpt
her mons. When she was finished, Marge rinsed away the gel and applied
lotion. When she felt her hand rub between her legs to her anus, Crystal
pressed herself against Marge's fingers.

Pulling her hand back slowly, Marge allowed her finger to trace between
Crystal's labia, feeling the heat between the slightly swollen lips.
Crystal shuddered when she felt Marge touch her clit and again let out a

"Ok, I'm finished," Marge told Crystal. "Take a look."

When Crystal looked down she began to smile. Marge carved a neat Y into
her hair with the bottom of her letter stopping at the top of her slit.
She looked into the mirror Marge held and smiled.

"It's beautiful!" she said. "Yuko will just love it."

Crystal rubbed herself between the legs. She liked how her hairless sex
felt against her fingertips.

Putting her arms around Marge, Crystal hugged her tightly.

"Thank you Mrs. Graham," she said, pressing her large breasts into her
chest. "It's very nice of you to help me."

Marge hugged the girl briefly and released her.

"Are you ready to go show the others?"

"Yes, I can't wait."

Marge and Crystal went out to the pool. The others were still in the
water, swimming and splashing water at one another. When Yuko saw Crystal,
she looked at her crotch to see what Marge had done. Seeing the small Y
Crystal's hair formed, Yuko climbed out of the pool and ran over to her.

"Oh my god you look so hot," Yuko said pointing at her crotch. "I never
thought that you would do anything like that."

"It was Kim's mom's idea," Crystal said.

Yuko glanced at Marge smiled and mouthed, "thank you" to her. Marge
smiled back, nodded, and dove into the pool.

Yuko gave Crystal quick hug and asked, "Did you get excited when she
shaved you?"

"I almost came Yuko, she has soft hands. She even shaved between my ass

Yuko moved her hand behind Crystal, slid it along her crack and felt the
slickness of the lotion Marge rubbed into her skin. When Yuko pressed her
finger against her anus, Crystal let out a sharp yelp and began to giggle.

"Do you two want to use my room?" Kim yelled from the pool.

Yuko quickly removed her hand from Crystal's bottom, took her hand and
they jumped over Kim into the pool. When the two girls bobbed up from
under water, Kim was next to them.

"Your mom is so cool Kim, it must be great living with her." Yuko said.

"All of our moms are cool Yuko, we have a blast with them. She did a
nice job on your pussy, and on yours too Crystal." Kim said.

"No shit Kim, she did great. I just love having my initial on Crystal's
pussy. Maybe next time I'll have hers shaved into my pubic hair," Yuko

The three girls swam around for a few minutes, went to the shallow end
of the pool, and sat on the steps with Megan, Lisa, and Sally. They were
chatting about Yuko and Crystal's new trims when Marge came over to them.

"Ok girls, I think it's time we let the guys have a turn in the pool.
Why don't you go and put your suits on?" Marge said.

"I don't care if they see me mom," Kim said. "Let them join us if they
want to. I don't want to wear my suit."

"Now Kim, do you think that's fair for Yuko and Crystal? After all,
they're our guests and may be uncomfortable with the guys out here too,"
Marge said.

Crystal looked at Yuko and she shrugged her shoulders. Yuko smiled and
nodded to her girlfriend.

"Mrs. Graham, please don't do anything different on our account. We
have experienced so many new things the last two days. If the men want to
swim too it's okay with us. If we're uncomfortable, we'll go in the
house," Crystal said.

"Well girls," Marge said. "It's up to you. I don't want you two to do
anything you don't want to."

"We'll be fine Mrs. Graham," Yuko said. "Thanks for your concern."

Marge walked over to the door wall, opened it, and stuck her head into
the room. She slid the door closed and went over to the lounges Anne and
the other women were sitting in. Pulling a chair near her friends, Marge
sat down facing the pool.

"I would advise getting out of the way," Sally said.

The girls all laughed and climbed out of the pool. Kim went into the
pool house, turned on the stereo, and when she came out, joined the girls in the hot tub. The six teens relaxed in the hot water, chatting about
clothes and hairstyles.

When the door to the family room opened and the guys began running
across the floor, jumping into the pool, most the girls paid them little
attention. Crystal and Yuko looked at the men, curious about their nude
bodies. They noted the difference in the size and shape of the men's
penises and scrotums. They were amused at the way the dangling flesh
wiggled as the men padded across the floor.

"It's like sex-ed here," Yuko giggled.

The other girls began to laugh as they watched the guys swimming in the
pool. When Don climbed out, went to the diving board, and stood at the
end, Crystal and Yuko couldn't pull their eyes away.

The two girls stared at Kim's dad as he bounced once on the board and
dove headlong into the water. They saw his large penis come up, slap
against his belly and flop back before he disappeared under the water.

"Kind of neat, isn't it," Kim said.

Yuko nodded and said, "Does a guy look a lot different when they are…um,
you know."

"Hard?" Kim said.

Again Yuko nodded.

"Yeah they do," Kim said. "And bigger!"

Kim held her hands several inches apart, showing Yuko and Crystal how
large her dad becomes when he is aroused. They weren't sure whose penis
she was referring to, but they assumed it was Paul.

The girls changed the subject, ignoring the men and boys in the pool.
Kim reached for Yuko slid her in front of one of the strong water jets and
put her hand on her knee.

"Check this out," Kim said as she pulled Yuko's legs open.

When she felt the hot water strike her crotch, Yuko's eyes opened wide.
She moved slightly so she was aligned with the strong jet and leaned her
head back.

"This is wonderful Kim," Yuko said.

The other girls looked at Yuko's smiling face. All of them except
Crystal and Lisa knew the pleasures of the water jet and they began to

"What the hell's going on?" Crystal said.

"Come over here," Sally said to Crystal, guiding her in front of another
jet. "Open your legs."

Soon Crystal felt the pounding water against her crotch and giggled.

"Oh wow," Crystal said. "This is wonderful."

Sally reached between Crystal's legs, used two fingers to part her
vaginal lips, and held her open so the water could hit her clitoris. When
Crystal began to wiggle, Sally stroked her hard nub with her fingertip and
the girl moaned out loud.

Crystal looked into Sally's eyes, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her hand

"You're going to make me cum Sally," Crystal whispered into her ear.

"I know," Sally said. "Kim and I do it all the time…so do our moms."

"What are they doing?" Lisa asked Megan.

"They're getting off on the water jets," Megan said.

Lisa looked at Megan and said, "What?"

Megan moved Lisa to the jet she had been enjoying and pulled her knees
apart. She put her hand into Lisa's crotch, parted her labia, and watched
her face. Lisa's eyes also opened wide as the water caressed her crotch
and Megan stroked her clit.

In moments, Lisa and Yuko were feeling their climaxes build. When
Lisa's legs began to tense, Megan slid her finger into the vagina and felt
it contract. Lisa gripped the edge of the seat and pushed her crotch into
Megan's probing digit as she felt the waves of pleasure rip through her

Yuko was also coming as Kim flicked her finger over her clit. When she
could take no more of the teasing, Yuko put her own hand into her crotch
and stuffed two fingers into her opening. Kim rubbed her clit and Yuko
fingered herself until her body went limp. She removed her fingers,
knocked Kim's hand away, and leaned her head back on the edge of the tub.

Sally looked into Crystal's eyes and smiled. Crystal nodded and Sally
returned her hand to her vulva, seeking her clit with her fingertip. The
other girls watched as Sally worked her fingers around and into Crystal's
vagina, causing her to orgasm. Crystal's climax was very intense and she
covered her mouth with her hand to muffle the sounds that escaped her
throat. When her vaginal spasms finally subsided, Crystal's body relaxed.

Removing her hand from Crystal's crotch, Sally firmly squeezed her thigh
and began to giggle. Soon all of the girls were laughing and making jokes.

"You guys should go and jump into the pool now," Kim said. "It feels

Sally agreed with Kim and stood up. She extended her hand to Crystal
and helped her to her feet. The rest of the girls got up, climbed out of
the hot tub, and scurried to the pool. They all jumped into the cool
water, feet first.

Yuko and Crystal forgot about the naked men that shared the pool with
them as the shock of the cooler water invigorated their bodies. Swimming
underwater, with her eyes closed, Crystal bumped her head into Jack's back.
When they made contact, Crystal opened her eyes and Jack turned around.

Beneath the clear water, Crystal's face was inches from Jack, staring
into his crotch. Jack realized who was there and quickly turned his back,
as Crystal surfaced. She touched Jack's shoulder and apologized for
bumping into him.

"No problem," Jack said turning to face her.

The two smiled at each other and broke into laughter. After several
awkward moments, Jack turned away and Crystal went back over by the other

"I'm so embarrassed," Crystal told the group of giggling girls.

They all were watching when Crystal bumped into Jack and found it funny,
watching the reactions of the two teens.

"I don't know about you guys," Lisa said. "I'm getting water logged. I
think I'm going to get a soda and relax for a little while."

The girls all agreed with Lisa and climbed out of the pool. Kim went
into the pool house, grabbed enough towels for all of them, and returned to
her friends. After they used the towels to absorb the water on their
bodies, the girls went to the cooler and fished cans of soda out of the
ice. They walked to the end of the pool area, opposite the guys, and sat

The girls looked out into the snow covered backyard and drank from the
cold cans.

"I'm going to hate leaving today," Yuko said. "I've had so much fun."

"Yeah," Crystal said. "Me too. I wish we could stay again tonight."

Kim thought for a moment and then asked Sally, Lisa, and Megan to follow
her. They moved away from the other two girls and Kim asked if they
thought they should invite Yuko and Crystal to spend next weekend with

The other three girls said it would be fun and agreed. Kim went over to
her mom and the other women and told them about her idea. After chatting
with the women for a couple of minutes, she returned to the rest of the

"Listen," Kim said to Yuko and Crystal. "Our parents are all going to
New York next weekend and the boys are staying at Tom and Sally's house.
Would you guys like to stay here with us? We're going to have a pajama

"Really!" Crystal said. "I would love to. I've never been to a pajama
party before. Do you want to come Yuko?"

Yuko's eyes began to fill with tears. She nodded her head yes, unable
to talk for a moment.

"I have never been to a pajama party either," Yuko said, small tears
running down her cheeks. "It would be so much fun."

"Good," Sally said. 'We'll have a great time, but I'm not real sure how
often we'll be wearing our pajamas."

The girls all looked around at each other and giggled, noting that Sally
was probably right. They were all still nude and had been that way most of
the afternoon. The girls sat and talked about the things they would next
weekend and the fun they planned to have. After about an hour, they
decided they were hungry and wanted to eat.

"We're hungry mom," Kim said as the group walked up to the women. "What
do we have to eat?"

"We still have hotdogs and burgers from last night," Marge said. "I
don't think your father wants to grill outside, but I could fix them on the

"We could send the boys for Pizza," Anne offered. "Jack and Tom have
four wheel drive trucks."

"Pizza sounds good to me mom," Sally said. "How about the rest of you?"

The girls all nodded their heads and said that pizza was fine. Marge
and Anne called their sons over and told the boys what they planned. Jack
agreed that he would go and pickup the food and left to dress, along with
Tom. The rest of the men also left the pool area to put on their clothes,
leaving the women alone.

"I'm going to go and get dressed too," Marge said. "You girls should
put some clothes on also."

The girls left the pool area. Lisa, Yuko, and Crystal went into the
pool house to dress in the clothing they wore over the day before. Kim,
Sally, and Megan went to Kim's room and put on jeans and sweaters. Once
dressed, the girls met in the family room and turned on the television.

Kim flipped through the channels, stopping at the Weather Channel. The
girls watched the person on the screen explain how the storm they had last
night formed, and why there was so much snow. The weatherman also said
there was a good chance of more snow that night, although not as much as
the night before.

"We may not have school again tomorrow," Kim said.

"That's fine with me," Sally said. "I'd like another day off."

Jack and Tom returned with the pizzas they went to get. Brad and Paul
had gone with them and carried several boxes each. The boys carried the
food out to the pool, placed it on the table that was still there from the
day before, and called everyone to eat.

The teens filled their plates with Pizza and salad, sat at the tables,
and began to eat. The guys and girls sat as couples, enjoying their food.

"So," Jack said to Crystal. "Have you and Yuko enjoyed yourselves?"

"Yes Jack," Crystal beamed. "It's been just great. I can't remember
the last time I had this much fun. Sorry about bumping into you in the
pool earlier, I hope I didn't hurt you."

"I'm fine Crystal, no harm done," Jack replied.

"How are the roads?" Yuko asked.

"They're clear for now," Tom said. "It looks like it's going to snow
again though."

Yuko turned to Crystal and said, "We must go soon Crystal. My father will be very upset if I don't get home tonight."

"Okay hun," Crystal said. "We'll finish eating and leave. I don't want
you to get into trouble, we might not be able to come back next weekend."

The two girls finished their meal, tossed their paper plates into the
trash, and went to say goodbye to the adults. They chatted with the
parents for a few minutes, thanking them repeatedly for having them over.
Yuko and Crystal went back to the table where their friends were sitting
and told everyone goodbye.

Kim, Sally, Megan, and Lisa all stood up and hugged both girls. They
told them they would see them soon and that they were all looking forward
to next weekend. Kim and Sally walked Crystal and Yuko to the door and
watched as they went out to their car, brushed off the snow, and left.

Kim and Sally went back to join the other teens by the pool. They sat
back down next to Paul and Brad and Kim asked what everyone was talking

"We were talking about Yuko and Crystal Kim," Lisa said. "Everyone was
saying how nice they are."

"I really like them," Kim said. "They're a lot of fun to hang with. I
never knew any girls that were…lesbians before, they're not what I

"Me either," Megan said. "I know them from school, but never hung
around with them. The kids at school call them 'the dykes'. I guess I
know how they must feel about being outcasts, it sucks."

"You guys must have a bunch of assholes at your school," Paul said.
"I'm glad I don't go there, I'd be in fights all the time."

"I wish we didn't have to go to the Academy either," Jack said. "I get
tired of the spoiled brats there. Most of the kids think they are better
than anyone else, unless you're in one of their little groups."

"There are some nice kids at school," Sally offered. "After all, we met
Megan there, and now Yuko and Crystal. If you categorize everyone by where
they go to school, you're no better than they are."

"Sally's right," Tom said. "We have to remember what we've been taught
and make our decisions based on what we know. If we listen to some of the
kids at school we'll miss out on making good friends."

"Wow," Brad said. "I thought that being home schooled sucked, I guess
it's not too bad after all. We don't get to meet many new friends, but we
don't have to put up with the bullshit either."

"I like the fact we don't have to wear uniforms," Lisa said. "Our mom makes us get dressed for class, but we can wear almost anything except our

"The uniforms aren't all that bad, you kind of get use to them," Kim
said. "I would like to be able to wear a mini-skirt or jeans once in
awhile though, we can't even wear things like that on optional days."

The teens sat around the table and discussed the pros and cons of going
to a private school for another half an hour. Jack looked outside and
noticed that a heavy snow was falling again and suggested checking the
weather on television.

Jack got up, left the group, and went to the pool house to turn on the
big screen television. The rest of the kids moved so they could watch the
weather reports. Jack rejoined the group and they all watched as the
weatherman predicted another large snowfall for that night.

Kim went into the family room and told her parents about the weather
report. Her dad turned on the television and the adults watched as a
picture of Doppler radar showed a large band of storms moving towards them
from the west.

"Looks like a repeat of last night," Don said. "I guess the kids won't
have school tomorrow."

"I have to get into my office tomorrow," Jerry said. "I have a ton of
work that needs to be done. I'm nowhere ready for my meetings in New York
on Friday."

"I'll bet Jack can get you there in the morning Mr. Stone," Kim said.
"His truck has four-wheel drive."

Jerry thought for a moment, got up, and went out to talk with Jack.

"Jack," Jerry said. "Would it be possible for you to drive me into my
office in the morning? I have a lot of work that needs to be done and
can't afford to miss another day."

"No problem Mr. Stone," Jack said. "I can pick you up anytime you

"Daddy," Megan said, her eyes lighting up. "Why doesn't Jack stay at
our house tonight? That way he can just take you to work when you're

Jerry looked at his daughter, knowing what she was planning for Jack and
her, and said, "That would be fine with me honey, we'll have to ask Don and
Marge though."

Megan grabbed her father's and Jack's arms and pulled them into the
family room. She went to Marge and presented her idea to her.

"That would be alright with me, as long as your mom doesn't mind," Marge

"Not at all," Liz said. "It's very nice of him to offer."

"Liz, you and I should get going. I'd like to get the car home before
the roads are too bad," Jerry said.

Liz gathered her and Jerry's things, told everyone goodbye and left with
her husband. Jack went up to his room, packed some clean clothes into a
duffle bag, and went back to the family room.

"Megan and I are going to take off mom," Jack said. "I'll be home after
I take Mr. Stone to work tomorrow."

Jack and Megan went out to the pool, told the other kids goodbye, and
left for Megan's house. As Jack drove, Megan sat next to him and rested
her hand on his leg.

"Thanks for offering to drive my dad to work tomorrow Jack, that was
really nice of you," Megan said.

"Just glad I could help baby. It's really no big deal."

"It is to me Jack, this way we can spend the night together."

"Yeah right, I'm sure your mom and dad are going to let us sleep
together," Jack said.

Megan smiled and thought about having Jack beside her in bed. She could
almost taste his kisses and feel his hands on her body. Sliding her hand
up his leg and rubbing his crotch, Megan said, "We'll just see about that
lover, if you think I'm going to sleep alone with you in my house…you're

Jack chuckled at his girlfriends resolve. He could feel his penis
growing in his tight jeans as Megan continued to rub him. When he turned
off the main road onto her street, he pulled her hand away from his bulging

"If you don't stop I won't be able to walk into the house," he said.
"You'll just have to wait until later."

The snowfall was getting heavier as Jack parked his truck in Megan's
driveway and they got out. They went into the house and kicked their shoes
off by the door. Megan's parents were in the family room watching
television. She pulled Jack into the room, announced they were home, and
told her parents she was going to take his things upstairs.

Jack sat on the couch and Megan picked up his duffle bag and left the
room. The television had storm warning streaming across the bottom of the
screen as it did the night before.

"I hope the roads are clear enough for me to get to work in the
morning," Jerry said. "I can't afford to lose another day."

"We should have no trouble Mr. Stone," Jack said. "My truck can go
through some pretty heavy snow. It may take longer than it usually does,
but we'll get there."

Megan came back into the family room wearing a long silk robe. The red garment was held closed by a thick belt that wrapped around the thin girl's
waist. Holding the edge of the robe, she sat next to Jack and crossed her

The four watched television for several hours, had dinner, and then
Jerry announced he was going to bed.

"How about you two kids?" Liz said. "Are you about ready to go up too?"

"In a little bit mom," Megan replied. "I want to watch the news first."

"Okay, just don't stay up too late. Your father will want to get an
early start tomorrow morning," Liz said.

Megan and Jack agreed to get to bed after the news was over. Liz and
Jerry went up to their room, leaving the two teens alone. Megan leaned
against Jack, pulled his arm over her shoulder, and held his hand.

After Megan felt her parents had sufficient time to get into bed, she
moved around on the couch and knelt next to Jack. She leaned close to him,
covered his mouth with hers, and began to kiss him. Jack put his arms
around her and held her to him as they probed one another's mouths with
their tongues.

Megan pulled away from Jack, stood up, and untied the belt that held her
robe closed. Gripping the edges, she opened the robe, let it slip off onto
the floor, and revealed a sheer white negligee. Megan's nightie came down
just far enough to cover her hips, but the, almost, transparent fabric
concealed little. Beneath the garment, she wore a matching lace g-string.

Turning around quickly, the negligee flared out and allowed Jack to see
her naked bottom. The thin band of elastic that circled her waist, and the
equally thin strap that disappeared between her buttocks, was the only
thing that covered her backside. The tiny lace triangle that covered her
mons left little to the imagination.

"Do you like it Jack," she asked, standing with her hands on her hips.

"It looks great on you baby," he said as he reached for her.

Jack pulled Megan close to the couch and positioned her between his
legs. He put his hands on the backs of her legs, just above the knee and
slid them up to her butt. Ducking his head beneath the hem of the nightie,
he began to kiss her just above the waistband of her g-string.

Megan moved her hands to the back of Jack's head and held him to her as
his tongue traced a line from her panties to her navel. He poked his
tongue into the small indentation and then began to kiss his way back down.
His lips found the lace of her g-string and he took the material between
his teeth and pulled down on it as his hand worked the elastic waistband
over her bottom.

When the sheer white panties were around her thighs, he released them
from his teeth and began to lick and kiss the thin strip of red pubic hair
that adorned her mons. Jack extended his tongue and flicked the tip
against her exposed clit as he pushed the g-string down to her feet.

Stepping out of her panties, Megan moved her feet apart and gave Jack
better access to her tingling sex. He slid one of his hands up her inner
thigh and traced the outer edges of her labia. Megan pulled his head
tighter to her crotch and moaned when Jack moved his fingertip between her
soft folds.

"Take me to bed Jack," she moaned as his middle finger entered her and
he curled it. "Take me to bed and make love to me all night."

Megan pushed his head away from her crotch, stepped back and bent over
to pick up her g-string and robe. Jack found the remote, turned off the
television, and took her hand. Together, they quietly climbed the stairs
and walked down the hall to her bedroom. She closed the door behind them
and turned off the overhead light, leaving the lamp on her nightstand as
the only source of soft illumination.

Jack unbuttoned his shirt as Megan unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his
jeans, and pulled down the zipper. Gripping the waistband of his blue
pants, she pushed them down his legs. As he removed his shirt and tossed
it aside, Megan knelt on the floor and removed his jeans from his feet.
She pulled his boxers down his legs and helped him step out of them.

Megan straightened up, wrapped her hand around his rigid penis, and
licked the bulbous head. She opened her mouth, guided him in, and closed
her lips around the hot shaft. She didn't move her head a bit as her
tongue slowly stroked the thick vein. Jack placed his hands on the sides
of her head and tangled his fingers in her short red hair.

Standing up to face Jack, Megan pulled her nightie over her head and
dropped it on the floor. She slipped her arm around his waist and moved
him to the bed. Pulling the covers back with her free hand, Megan sat on
the edge of the mattress and moved her legs onto the bed. Jack crawled in
on top her and settled between her open legs.

Neither of them said a word as Jack reached between their bodies and
guided his penis against her vaginal opening. He pushed slowly, removing
his hand, as his manhood slid into her wet tunnel. When he was buried in
her hot slick vagina, Megan hooked her legs over his and her arms around
his back. Jack lowered his chest to hers, feeling her breasts against his

Together, they lay motionless absorbed in the feeling of their lover's
connection. Neither Jack nor Megan felt any urgency begin moving, the
warmth of their coupling and the feeling of closeness was almost
overwhelming. As the two teen lovers remained still, they could feel the
other's heart beating in their chests.

"I love you so much Jack," Megan said, breaking the silence.

"I love you too sweetheart."

Megan flexed her vaginal muscles, gripping Jack's penis with her fiery
walls. Jack moaned and kissed her neck as he slowly withdrew his penis and
slipped back in. Soon the emotion of tenderness was overtaken by passion
and the two began to move. They pushed into one another and then pulled
apart until only the head of Jack's penis remained in her vagina.

Their rhythm became quicker and their lovemaking more intense. They
could hear their bodies slap together as Jack increased his thrusts and
Megan matched his motions. Moving her legs up his, Megan planted her heels
into his butt and drove him back into her each time he pulled away. Jack
rose up onto his extended arms and looked into Megan's eyes as his hips
sent his penis into her vagina as far as it would go.

Jack and Megan's breathing became labored and then changed to grunts.
Incoherent words came from Megan's throat as her orgasm built deep within
her belly. When her vagina contracted around his penis, Jack drilled into
her depths and he held his hips against hers as his testicles emptied,
sending his seed through his penis and into her convulsing cavern.

Megan felt his shaft swell in her and his buttocks tighten against her
feet. She pressed up against him and felt her body quiver as her climax
reached its heights. It felt like every nerve in her body was being
touched with an electrical wire, sending shocks of intense pleasure through
her, culminating in her vagina.

When the feelings of ecstasy began to subside, Megan's legs fell to the
bed and her arms lay straight out from her heaving chest. Jack lowered his
sweat soaked body onto hers and kissed the drops of perspiration on her
forehead. He savored the sweet saltiness and moved his mouth to her neck,
kissing her as he went.

As she lay beneath Jack, Megan remembered the first time they made love.
At the time she thought that she would never experience the tenderness,
passion or intensity of that moment again, but she now knew she was wrong.
The lovemaking she just shared with Jack made that time seem like a mere
primer for what was apparently achievable. The roller coaster ride of
pleasures she enjoyed while having sex, could in no way compete with the
feelings she was experiencing at that very moment and she knew that she
wanted to feel this way again.

Lifting one of her arms up from the bed, she draped it across Jack's
back. When Jack lifted his head and began to speak, she pressed her lips
to his.

"Jack," she whispered after removing her lips from his. "Please don't
say anything right now. I feel so wonderful and content, and I just want
to fall asleep in your arms."

Jack smiled at her, kissed her softly, and rolled onto his side pulling
her with him. His penis somehow remained connected with her vagina as he
put his arm over her and closed his eyes.

The group of remaining teens sat around the table trying to decide what
to do for the rest of the evening. They all agreed they didn't want to
swim anymore or sit in the hot tub. After discussing all of their options,
they decided to go up to the rec room and play pool. They cleared the
table, tossed out their trash, and took several cans of soda from the
cooler. As they walked through the family room, Lisa's mom stopped her.

"What are you kids up to?" She asked.

"Were going to go play pool mom," Lisa replied.

"Don't you guys think it's about time to go home? We have been enough
of a burden for these folks." Dianne said.

"Aw mom," Paul groaned, "Do we have to go? The roads are probably
already bad and we might get stuck in the snow."

Marge caught Dianne's eye and winked at her. "You guys are no burden at
all Dianne. You're welcome to stay again tonight. Don can break out the
brandy and build a fire in the fireplace for us."

Don caught the jest of his wife's offer and said, "Hell yes, you folks
don't have to drive in this weather, stay here again. We may even get the
hot tub to ourselves for a while."

Dianne looked at her husband and Bob shrugged his shoulders. Turning
back to Marge she said, "I don't know Marge, it sounds great, but the kids
don't have any clean clothes to wear and neither do Bob and I."

"We have plenty of things you guys can wear," Marge said. "I'm sure the
boys can find something in Jack's room and Kim has enough clothing for a
third world country."

"If you're sure that we're not putting you out Marge," Diane said. "The
hot tub does sound good…and so does a brandy. Okay kids, I guess we're

Kim led Tom, Sally, Lisa, Brad, and Paul upstairs. They all went to the
rec room and Kim turned on the stereo, while the boys racked the balls on
the pool table. Tom and Brad began shooting pool and Paul watched. The
girls went through several CDs and found one they wanted to listen to.

"Let's go get some of the CDs from your room Kim," Sally said.

Kim agreed and the three girls left for her room. Sally and Lisa
searched through the rack of disks in Kim's entertainment center, choosing
several to take back. Kim flopped onto the bed and rolled onto her side.
She listened to Sally and Lisa list off the different albums they selected,
offering her opinion on their choices.

"These jeans are uncomfortable," Kim said, getting up from her bed.
"I'm going to change."

"That's a good idea Kim," Sally said. "We might as well be

"What are you guys going to wear?" Lisa asked.

"Pajamas, I guess," Kim replied.

Lisa got a devilish grin on her face and said, "Do you guys want to
tease the boys?"

Sally giggled and asked, "What do you have in mind Lisa?"

"We could wear baggy tee shirts and panties. That way when we bend over
to shoot pool and stuff, they can see our ass' and tits'," Lisa replied.
"I'll bet we can keep them hard all night."

Kim thought about Lisa's plans for a moment and left the room. She
returned with three of her dad's v-neck tee shirts and tossed one to Lisa
and another to Sally.

"Will these work?" Kim said.

Lisa pulled off her top and bra, and put on the white tee shirt. She
bent forward and the shirt gapped open, allowing anyone standing in front
of her to see her breasts. Lisa took off her jeans and turned her back to
the mirror. Bending over again, she looked at her reflection to be sure
the shirt rode up far enough to expose her panties.

"These are perfect," Lisa said.

All three girls began to giggle as Kim and Sally stripped off their
clothes and put on the oversized tee shirts. They leaned over and made
sure the garments would have the effect they all desired. Kim went to her
dresser, picked out a pair of yellow thongs, and replaced her bikini

"How about this," Kim said, bending over and pointing her rear at the
other two girls. "Do you think this will turn them on?"

"That is so hot Kim," Lisa said. "I wish I had a thong to wear."

"Help yourselves," Kim said, pointing at her drawer.

Sally and Lisa rifled through Kim's panty drawer and each of them
selected a thong to wear under their tee shirt. Sally put on a black lace
pair and Lisa selected a dark purple thong with tiny white flowers. Once
all three girls were ready, Sally picked up the CDs, and they went back to
the rec room to join the boys.

"Why did you guys change?" Brad asked.

"We aren't going anywhere tonight and we wanted to be comfortable,"
Sally told him.

The girls went over to the stereo and loaded the CD player with the
disks they brought from Kim's room. Kim turned on the equipment and
adjusted the volume.

"How are we all going to play pool?" Sally asked.

"We can play eight ball in teams," Tom replied. "The odd team gets to
play the winners of the previous game."

"That sounds good," Kim said. "Who goes first?"

Tom thought for a minute, went to the cue rack and took an odd looking
bottle from the shelf beneath the cue sticks. He began to shake the opaque
bottle, causing it to rattle.

"What's that?" Lisa asked Tom.

"It's for pee pool, there are fifteen balls in here, each with a number.
When you play pee pool, each player takes a pee and tries to get all of the
balls but theirs off the table. I will give each of you girls a pee and
the two with the highest numbers will play first." He explained.

Shaking the bottle one last time, Tom poured one of the numbered balls
into each of the girls' hands. Sally and Lisa's numbers were higher than
Kim's so the first teams to play would be Lisa and Tom against Sally and

Tom racked the balls and, because Sally's number was greater than Lisa's
and Brad broke. Each of the teens took turns, shooting until they missed.
It wasn't until Lisa had a shot that required her to reach across the
table, that Tom and Paul were treated to a view of her bottom. Brad was
standing at the opposite end of the table and when Lisa bent down, he could
see her breasts.

Kim glanced at Sally and smiled as they watched the boys' reaction.
Once they realized that the girls butts and breasts could be seen from time
to time, they made sure they were standing in the optimum position each
time one of them took a shot.

During the second game Kim and Paul were pitted against Sally and Brad.
It was Kim's turn and she made a point of bending at the waist as she
looked over her options for the next shot. Glancing up, she caught Paul
staring into her gapping shirt. She grinned at him and called him over to
help her with her shot.

Walking around the table, Paul glanced at her almost naked butt before
moving up behind her. When Paul was close enough, Kim backed up slightly,
pushing her bottom into his crotch. She could feel the bulge of his
erection in his pants and she wiggled against him before asking for his

"How do I line this up Paul?" Kim asked him.

Paul put his arms around Kim and helped her with the cue. She stroked
the stick back and forth before striking the cue ball, and sending the
seven-ball into the side pocket. She took her next shot and missed.

Kim stood next to Paul and watched Brad take his shot. She slipped her
arm around his waist and pulled him to her side. Standing on her toes, she
kissed his cheek and smiled.

"You should go put something a little looser on Paul, you're going to
hurt your dick if you keep it all jammed up in those jeans." Kim whispered
into his ear.

Paul nodded and said, "In a minute, it's my shot next."

After Brad made a couple of balls, he missed and it was Paul's turn. He
shot at the one-ball, but missed and knocked the eight into the corner

"Our turn," Lisa said, jumping up from the couch.

Paul put his cue stick into the rack and started to leave the room.
When Kim asked him where he was going, he just smiled.

Lisa went to the end of the table and began to rack the balls. Brad
stood at the other end and watched his sister slide the triangle of colored
balls back and forth to align them. As she pushed the rack forward, she
saw her brother looking down her shirt.

"Are you looking at my boobs Bradley?" She said to her brother.

Brad turned red, having been caught staring at his sister's chest.

"You naughty boy, you shouldn't peek at my boobs! I'm you sister," Lisa

"If you don't want anybody to look at your tits you should wear a
different top," Brad said in his defense.

"What's the matter little brother," Lisa taunted. "Are you getting a
boner looking at my tits?"

"Shut up Lisa!" Brad shouted at his sister.

Kim, Sally, and Tom watched as Lisa taunted her younger brother. The
teasing reminded her of how she liked to tease Jack, and she wondered if
they ever messed around like she and her brother did.

Lisa pointed her cue stick at Brad's crotch and started to chant like an
elementary school girl.

"Bradley's got a boner, Bradley's got a boner."

Brad charged around the table and tried to slap Lisa, but she caught his
arm before he could make contact. The two wrestled with each other for a
couple of minutes until Brad got a hold of her shirt and pulled it up over
her head. Lisa quickly backed off and pulled her shirt down, covering her
breasts and thong.

"Okay Brad, that's enough, you got the best of me this time. Your
break," Lisa said.

Paul came back into the red room just as Brad broke the tightly racked
balls. He noticed his sister was out of breath and his brother's face was
red. He walked over to the couch, sat next to Kim, and asked her what

Kim saw that Paul changed out of his jeans into the nylon gym shorts he
wore the night before. She leaned close to him and told about Brad and

"She is always teasing us, she walks around the house in her underwear
or with her robe open enough to see her tits sometimes. When she catches
us looking at her she acts all pissed off, but I know she does it on
purpose," Paul said.

"Oh really?" Kim said. "Have you guys ever done anything together?"

"We use to play house when we were younger, until we got caught. We
didn't really do anything, we were too young," Paul said.

"How old were you?" Kim asked, keeping her voice low so the others
couldn't hear.

"We were twelve and Lisa was fourteen, when we got caught by our mom."

Fourteen, Kim thought. That's the same age she and Sally were when they
started to mess around with their brothers.

"What were you guys doing?"

"We were just sort of playing show and tell," Paul replied.

"That's all?"

"Well, Brad was kind of laying on Lisa when mom walked in," Paul said.

"They were naked?"

"Yup, we all were."

"Were they doing it?"

"No, just pretending, but mom was really pissed," Paul chuckled.

"I'll bet she was, what did she do?"

"Just yelled a lot and made Brad and I go to our rooms."

"Wow," Kim said. "You must have been scared shitless when she walked in
on you."

Kim and Paul were still whispering to each other when Tom called them
for the next game. Kim put her hand on Paul's leg and asked him if he
would mind sitting out the next game.

"We'll pass on this one Tom," Paul said. "You guys go ahead and play."

Tom went back to the table to play pool and Kim and Paul began to make
out on the couch. The others saw what they were doing and decided that
they too were done with the pool games.

Sally went to the bathroom and left the light on when she returned. She
turned off the other lights in the room and sat at the far end of the couch
Kim and Paul were on. All three couples began to kiss and run their hands
over their partner's body.

Kim slid her hand along Paul's thigh and under his shorts. She began to
rub his penis and he put his hand on her breast. Kim took his wrist and
his hand away from her chest. She lifted her tee shirt and put Paul's hand
back on her bare flesh. Kim covered his mouth with hers and moaned into it
as Paul toyed with her nipple.

At the other end of the couch, Sally and Brad were kissing. She was
rubbing him through his jeans and his hand was on her crotch. He hooked
his finger under Sally's thong and touched her labia, feeling the dampness
that was forming along her hairless slit. Sally opened her legs and
groaned, as Brad pushed his finger into her opening.

Rubbing her hand against the bulge in his jeans, Sally said, "Why don't
you get rid of your jeans."

Brad nodded and got off the couch and headed to Jack's room to find a
pair of shorts. Sally put her head on the armrest of the couch and watched
her brother and Lisa. They were stretched out on the other couch kissing
and whispering to each other. Sally strained to hear what her brother and
Lisa were talking about, but was unable to make out anything. She saw her
brother lift Lisa's shirt and put his mouth onto her breast.

Sally felt funny watching Tom and Lisa, her stomach knotted up and she
knew she was jealous of him, but there was little she could do. Even in
the dim light, Sally could see the pleasure on Lisa's face as Tom suckled
her breast. She turned her attention to Kim and Paul seated a few feet
away. She could see Kim's hand moving in his shorts as she stroked his
hard penis.

When Brad came back wearing a pair of knit running shorts, Sally sat up.
He walked up to her and began to sit down, but Sally stopped him. She put
her hands on his hips, moved him in front of her, and pulled his penis out
the leg opening of his shorts. Brad's soft penis grew quickly in her hand
and she leaned forward and swiped the velvety head with her wet tongue.
Glancing at her brother, Sally took Brad into her mouth and began to move
her tongue around his shaft. She reached into his shorts and cradled his
soft scrotum in the palm of her hand as she pushed her mouth further down
his shaft.

Shifting her eyes back to the other couch, she saw her brother watching
her as he mouthed Lisa's breast. Lisa was also watching her brother moving
his hips and sliding his member in and out of Sally's sucking mouth.

Sally removed her mouth from Brad's penis and tucked it back into his
shorts. She pulled him down onto the couch next to her and began to kiss
his mouth. He put his hand under Sally's shirt, played with her soft, but
firm, breasts, and tweaked her nipple with his fingertips.

All six of the teens were engaged in different stages of their heavy
petting when Marge opened the rec room door. She turned on the light and
the teens scrambled to make themselves presentable. Glancing from one
couple to the other, Marge began to smile. She knew what the kids were up

"We're going to bed, I think it's time you kids did the same thing,"
Marge said. "Kim can make up the couches for Brad and Paul, Tom can sleep
in Jack's room, and the girls in Kim's."

The teens all got up from the couches and Kim went down the hall to get
sheets and blankets. Sally helped the twins take the cushions off the
couches and fold the beds out. When Kim returned, she and Sally covered
the mattresses with the sheets and unfolded the blankets. Kim went back to
the linen closet to get the boys pillows and her mom followed her.

"I don't want you kids making too much noise tonight Kim," Marge said.

"We won't mom, we'll go to bed and be quiet. Can Lisa, Sally, and I
talk in my room for a little while before we go to sleep?"

"For a little while Kim, it's late and you should get some rest. It's
been a very busy day today."

"Okay mom, we won't stay up too late."

Marge went back downstairs and Kim and the other girls went into her
room. Tom went into Jack's room and pulled the door closed behind him.
The three girls sat on Kim's bed and began talking about the day, and the
night in the rec room.

"Paul told me you guys got caught fooling around Lisa," Kim said. "He
said your mom was really pissed at you."

"That little shit," Lisa said. "He can never keep his mouth shut."

"What happened Lisa?" Sally asked as she folded her legs under her on
the bed.

Lisa told Sally and Kim about the time she got caught playing house with
her brothers and how her mom made her start taking the pill.

"No kidding," Sally said. "You've messed around with your brothers?"

Lisa nodded and said, "Yes, when we were younger. Haven't either of you
ever fooled around with yours? What the hell, it's only natural to be
curious and who better to learn from than your own brother."

Kim and Sally glanced at one another and then down at the bed. They
remained silent for several moments and Lisa began to giggle.

"You guys have…haven't you?" She said. "Tell me what you've done."

"We have played show and tell with them," Sally said, trying not to
divulge too much information about the relationship she and her cousin
shared with their brothers. "What else have you done with your brothers?"

Lisa looked at Sally and then at Kim. She could tell they hadn't told
everything so she decided to see how much she could find out.

"Well, I've played with their dicks and made them cum," Lisa said.
"Have you two ever touched Jack and Tom?"

Kim and Sally both nodded their heads, indicating they had touched their
brothers. When Lisa asked if they ever made their brothers cum, they
nodded again.

"Aren't we the trio?" Lisa said. "Tell me about the first time you saw
them cum. Did you do it for them."

Kim and Sally told Lisa about the time on the boat when they went
skinny-dipping and then watched their brothers play with themselves. They
also told her about masturbating in front of the boys.

"It was the first time I saw a boy's hard dick and the first time I saw
cum," Kim said.

"I've jacked off my brothers," Lisa said. "Several times in fact. I
have done both of them at the same time too, one in each hand."

Kim and Sally giggled and admitted they had masturbated their brothers

"All this talk about cocks is making my pussy all wet," Lisa said, as
she rubbed herself between her legs. "I might just sneak into Tom's room
tonight and get some relief."

"That sounds good to me," Sally said. "Maybe I'll let Brad have what he
wants so bad tonight."

"I know he has the rubbers Sally," Lisa offered.

"How do you know they have condoms Lisa?" Kim asked.

"They asked me to buy some for them the night of Megan's party. I had a
bunch of the things I got when I took a sex-ed class at the public high
school, so I gave them to Paul and Brad. I even showed them how to put
them on," Lisa said laughing.

"Did you let them…you know…try them out?" Sally asked.

Lisa cocked her head to the side, scrunched up her mouth, and gave the
two girls a look, but she didn't answer the question.

"I'm getting way too horny," Lisa said. "I need to go and see Tom.
I'll talk to you two in the morning, okay?"

Kim and Sally told her goodnight and stayed on the bed as Lisa left the
room. Before stepping out into the hallway, she looked to see if anyone
was up and around. Looking back, Lisa smiled at Kim and Sally, and then

"I can't believe she is fucking her brothers," Kim said.

"Why not Kim," Sally giggled. "We're fucking ours."

"Yeah I know, but…"

"But what? Do you think we're the only two girls in the world that have
sex with their brothers Kim? Remember our parents do the same thing.
Besides, she never said she was doing it with them."

Kim looked at her cousin and Said, "She didn't say she wasn't either."

"Well," Sally said as she got off the bed. "I really don't care if she
is fucking her brothers or not…I'm going to fuck one of them tonight."

Kim laughed and nodded her head. She got up and together, the girls left Kim's room and walked to the rec room. When they walked in, Brad and
Paul were sitting on their beds, with the lights still on, talking. The
minute they saw the two girls, they shut up.

Sally and Kim scurried over to the boys' beds and jumped in next to
them. Kim pushed Paul onto his back and flopped on top of him. She kissed
the surprised teen and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Sally also began
to kiss Brad and put her hand over his crotch.

The two couples rolled around on the beds, kissing, groping, and
giggling with each other. Sally worked Brad's penis out through the leg
opening of his shorts and started to pump her hand up and down the hard
shaft. Brad tried to pull the leg of the shorts up so more of his penis
was exposed, but they were a little too tight. Sally released his shaft,
pulled the shorts off his hips, down his legs, and wrapped her fingers back
around him.

Kim and Paul were kneeling on the bed facing each other. His shorts
were down to his knees and she was playing with his penis. Kim's shirt was
off and Paul had both hands on her breasts, massaging them. Paul began to
moan as Kim slid her small hand over his hard penis.

"Does this feel good?" Kim asked him.

"Yes Kim, it feels great."

Kim glanced at Sally and giggled.

"Does it feel as good as when Lisa jacks you off?" Kim said loud enough
for everyone to hear.

Paul and Brad's faces turned red and then a look of total shock came
over the two boys. Sally smiled at Brad and said, "Well, does it?"

Without any hesitation, Brad replied, "Better!"

When Kim looked into Paul's eyes, he said, "Yeah, much better."

"What did our sister tell you guys?" Brad asked.

After thinking for a moment, Sally said, "Everything."

Paul and his brother stared at each other, lost for words. Finally Paul
said, "You aren't mad at us are you guys?"

"Think about it Paul," Kim said. "If we were mad at you would we be in
here playing with your cocks? Besides, we did it to our brothers too."

Brad's eyes opened wide and so did his mouth. He looked at Sally, and
then at Kim.

"You guys fucked your brothers?" Brad said.

Kim looked at Sally, grinned, and said, "Told you!"

Sally giggled, bent over, and kissed Brad on the end of his penis.

"Lisa didn't tell us you guys went all the way Brad…did you?" Sally

"She showed us how to put the condoms on and one thing led to another,"
Brad said, his voice cracking. He didn't reveal anything about the first
time, when he and his siblings all lost their virginity.

"You too Paul?" Kim asked.

Paul nodded and hung his head in embarrassment. Kim took his chin in
her hand, lifted his head, and kissed him. She let go of his still erect
penis and pulled him close, hugging him.

"Do you want to show me how to put a condom on your cock Paul?" Kim
asked, loud enough for Sally and Brad to hear.

"Yes," he said, holding her tightly.

"Where are they?" Kim said.

"In my jeans, in your brother's room," Paul said. "Want me to get

Kim pulled back and nodded her head yes. Paul removed his arms from
around her back, got out of bed, and pulled his shorts back on. As he
walked towards the door, his brother asked him to bring him one too.

Paul opened the rec room door, glanced down the hall and left for Jack's
room. He tapped lightly on the door and waited for a response. When he
didn't hear anyone reply, he opened the door and stepped in.

Tom was lying on his back with Lisa seated on his face. When she heard
her brother come into the room, she stopped bobbing her head on Tom's penis
and glanced up with her eyes. Paul smiled at his sister, as he stared at
her with Tom's thick shaft in her mouth. He picked up his jeans, pulled
the condoms out of the back pocket, and spun around, leaving quietly and
carefully pulling the door closed behind him.

When Paul got back to the rec room, he tossed one of the foil packages
onto the bed his brother shared with Sally and jumped onto the other bed
with Kim. The two teens knelt facing each other Paul held the condom up
for Kim to see.

Kim took the condom from Paul's hand and examined the package. She read
the writing on one side, turned it over, and looked at the thing through
the clear plastic on the other side. She handed it back to Paul, grinned,
and said, "Take your shorts off."

Paul worked the shorts down his legs and dropped them on the floor next
to the bed. They wrapped their arms around one another and began to kiss
passionately. Kim put her hands on his bottom and rubbed him as she pushed
her tongue in and out of his mouth. She felt his hard-on pressing against
her panty covered crotch and wiggled her hips against him.

Pulling Kim's chest tight to his, Paul rubbed against her breasts. He
moved his mouth from her lips to her ear and played with her lobe with the
tip of his tongue. Kim put her hand between them, stroked his penis, and
played with his testicles. Falling sideways, they stretched out on the bed
and continued to fondle each other. Paul pulled one of Kim's legs over his
and began to rub between them. Slipping his fingers under her panties, he
drew his finger through her parted labia, touched her clitoris, and dipped
onto her opening.

A few feet away, Sally and Brad were making out. Both of the teens were
naked, Sally lying on top of him. She humped her crotch over his manhood
as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. Brad gripped her buttocks,
pulling her against him. Sliding up his body, Sally dangled her breasts alongside his face. When she rose up and placed a nipple at his mouth, he
sucked it between his lips. Sally continued to rub her mons against his
stomach, feeling his penis bump her, as Brad flicked her nipple with his

"Do you want me to kiss your cock Brad?" Sally asked. "I know you like
it when I do that."

"I love it when you kiss my cock, you do it so good" he panted.

Sally slid down, trapping his penis between her legs. She moved her
bottom up and down several times, feeling his hard shaft rub along her
slit. Releasing the grip of her legs, Sally slid further down and knelt
between Brad's legs.

Taking his penis in her hand, she slowly stroked the full length of it.
Her moisture coated him and her hand glided effortlessly over his member.
Leaning down, Sally rubbed the velvety head over her lips and cheeks. She
opened her fingers, flattened her tongue against the thick vein that ran
from his scrotum to the head and slowly licked up and back. Holding his
hot shaft against his belly with the palm of her hand, she lifted the
weight of his testicles with her tongue and sucked one of the orbs into her

Brad groaned as she moved his testicle around her mouth with her tongue
and reached for her head. He gripped her by the hair and held her face in
his crotch. While still holding his orb in her mouth, Sally took her hand
away from his penis and slid it, along with her other one, under his
bottom. She let his orb slip from her mouth, lifted his butt off the bed,
and pressed her tongue against his anus.

Pulling his feet back and bending his knees, Brad lifted his hips higher
for her. Sally pulled his cheeks apart and tapped at his pucker with the
tip of her wet tongue. Bucking his hips, Brad tried to impale himself on
her tongue. Sally licked from his anus, over his testicles, and along his
penis, stopping at the point his shaft met the bulbous head to flick her
tongue at the junction. She covered the end of his penis with her lips and
pulled into her mouth.

As Sally sucked him noisily, Brad bucked his penis into her mouth. He
began to grunt and let out a yelp when she pressed a finger against his

Kim and Paul were still kissing and touching each other in the other
bed. Paul pulled his head back and looked into her eyes and then at the bed
with his brother and Sally.

"Can we go to your room Kim," he said. "I would really like to be alone
with you."

Kim nodded and the two of them got up and left the rec room. They moved
quietly down the hallway, ducking into Kim's room undetected. Kim led him
to her bed, removed her panties, and they lay down to resumed their
kissing. Paul began to kiss her neck and moved to her breasts, kissing one
and then the other. He sucked on her hard nipples one at a time, massaging
the other with his fingers. He trailed his tongue over her hot flesh,
moving down to her crotch.

Paul knelt between Kim's legs, lifted them to his shoulders, and buried
his face between them. Kim lifted her bottom off the bed and Paul helped
support her with his hands on her butt. Kim giggled in lust as he licked
her vulva and parted her folds with the tip of his tongue. He tapped at
her clit and sucked it between his lips, causing Kim to cum.

Clamping his head with her thighs, Kim moaned as Paul pushed his tongue
into her vagina. She clutched at her breasts and pulled her nipples as
wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. When her orgasm
began to diminish, she relaxed and moved her legs off his shoulders.

Paul searched around on the bed for the condom he dropped when they got
to Kim's room. When he found it he moved up and lay next to Kim, holding
it out.

"Should I put this on?" he asked her.

Kim looked at his hand and nodded yes.

"Do you want to do it for me?"

"I don't know how Paul."

"I'll show you if you want me to."

Kim got up on her knees and said, "Okay."

Paul ripped the package open and removed the condom. He told Kim to
pinch the reservoir between her thumb and finger and put it on the end of
his penis. Holding the condom like Paul told her, she placed it on the end
of his penis and rolled it down as she watched the latex tube cover him.
She stroked his shaft with her hand feeling the texture of the device and
noticed how tightly it fit.

While still holding him, she put one leg over his stomach and then let
go of his penis. She pushed her crotch down and felt his encased member
press against her. She wiggled her hips in an attempt to align them,
making sure he was never at her opening.

"You don't fit," she said. "I can't make your dick go in my pussy."

"Let me try to help Kim," he said as he reached for his throbbing

Holding his penis in his hand, he moved it along her wet labia. When he
felt the tip of his member move into her vagina, he removed his hand. Paul
tried to push his penis into her, but Kim moved slightly and caused him to
pop out.

"Maybe I should get on the bottom," Kim said, as she climbed off Paul.

Rolling onto her back, Kim spread her legs and Paul got between them.
Again he took his shrouded penis into his hand and directed it against her
crotch. Kim bent her knees and tilted her sex up towards Paul's penis. He
moved the covered member up and down her labia, trying to locate her
opening. Again the head slipped into her, but this time she didn't move

Kim tightened her vaginal muscles as Paul pushed into her slick cavern.
When he felt the tight resistance, he backed off slightly and then pressed
forward. After several attempts, he managed to slide his entire penis into
Kim's vagina. Holding as still as she could, Kim felt Paul's shaft moving
in her. She wanted to buck her hips into his and have him slam into her,
but she controlled herself, hoping he would think it was her first time.

"Move your ass up and down," he instructed.

"Like this?" She said as she wiggled up at him.

"Yeah," he panted. "Just like that."

Kim began to increase her movement as Paul increased his speed. She was
just getting synchronized with his thrusting when his body stiffened and he
pushed into her. She could feel his penis swell as he filled the condom
with his seed. When the spurting stopped, Paul rolled off of Kim, gripping
the base of the condom between his fingers.

"I wasn't very good, was I?" Kim said.

"Oh no Kim, you were great. I just couldn't last very long."

"What do you do with that thing?" She said, pointing at his deflating
penis and the rubber that covered it.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to throw it into the toilet."

Paul went into the bathroom. Kim listened to the toilet being flushed
and then to the water in the sink running. When he returned, Paul's penis
was flaccid and clean. He sat on the edge of the bed and Kim reached out
and stroked his back. She pulled on his shoulder and he fell back onto the
bed next to her.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked her.

Kim rolled onto her side, kissed him, and said, "No, I'm just fine, it
was really nice."

Paul snuggled up to Kim and held her in his arms. He thought that he
had just taken her virginity, but he couldn't be sure. They lay quietly
together, stroking one another's sweat dampened skin. Kim began to kiss
Paul and felt movement against her stomach. She reached down, wrapped her
fingers loosely around his penis, and held him as his erection returned.

"Do you have anymore condoms Paul?" She asked the excited boy.

"No, Brad and I only brought one each," he replied, feeling her begin to
stroke his rigid shaft.

Kim nuzzled her face into his neck and let out a muffled sigh.

In the rec room, Sally continued to slurp at Brad's penis. When he felt
he could no longer restrain his climax, he pulled away from her.

Sally let his wet member go, slithered up his body, and covered his
mouth with hers. The two teens kissed, opening their mouths to receive the
other's tongue. Brad reached for Sally's butt, gripped her cheeks, and
pulled her up along his chest. When her breast was level with his mouth,
he began to suckle her hard nipple. He flicked his tongue against the
stiff protrusion as he held it between his lips.

Brad pulled at her bottom again, kissing and licking her soft tummy,
until her hairless mons was at his mouth. When he snaked his tongue
between her soft folds and touched her clitoris, Sally pulled her knees
along his sides and covered his mouth with her sex. As Brad drove his
tongue between her vaginal lips, he reached up and covered her breasts with
his hands.

Massaging her firm mounds with both hands, he sucked her labia into his
mouth and rubbed the flesh with his tongue. Sally moaned, reached for the
sides of his head, and pulled his face into her heated crotch. She felt
her stomach muscles contract as her orgasm began, covering Brad's face and
tongue with her sweet juices. He trapped her clit between his teeth and
nibbled it as she rocked herself over his face.

When Sally's climax peaked, she let out a loud groan and Brad pushed her
crotch away from his face. Sally flopped over onto her back and Brad
grabbed the condom he placed under the pillow earlier. He ripped open the
package, rolled the condom over his throbbing penis and positioned himself
between Sally's wide spread legs.

Brad gripped his shaft and guided it against her wet crotch. He worked
the head of his penis up and down between her folds until he found her
opening. Applying steady pressure, Brad pushed his latex covered member
into Sally's vagina. When he had almost half of his penis in her slick
tunnel, Sally tightened her vaginal muscles and winced as Brad pushed past
the constriction. When he fully penetrated her, Sally relaxed her vagina and savored the feeling of being filled by her boyfriend.

After remaining motionless for a few moments to allow Sally to adjust,
Brad withdrew his manhood until only the head remained imbedded in her
vagina. Sally let out a moan as he pushed into her again, and reversed the
motion. Very slowly, Brad sank his penis into her and then pulled back.
Like Kim had done with Paul, she moved very little, as he continued the
stroke her inner walls with his encased member.

Brad moved in and out of her for several moments and then Sally began to
move with him. When he felt her raise her hips up to meet his thrusts, he
increased intensity of his lovemaking. The action seemed to have gone on
for quite awhile, but within minutes, Brad began to fill the latex bag with
his semen.

Sally hooked her feet over Brad's calves when he pushed into her for the
final time of their first session. She knew he was ejaculating, but the
condom seemed to numb the sensation she was use to feeling when she made
love to her brother. When Brad was spent, he lay on top of her breathing
hard. Sally relaxed and rubbed his back as she too tried to catch her

"Wow," Brad said, raising up, and looking down at her. "That was great.
Did you like it too?"

"It was wonderful sweetie, thanks for being so gentle."

Sally wished, in the back of her mind, that he had slammed into her and
made her cum. She knew there would be other opportunities, but she really
wanted to enjoy their first time more than she had. She wished that she
and Kim hadn't agreed on the deception and made the twins use the condoms.

Brad rolled next to Sally, forgetting to grip the condom, and realized
it was still in her. Sally looked down at his penis, noticed the condom
was gone and looked back into his eyes.

"What did you do with that thing?" Sally asked.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to hold onto it when I pulled my dick out and it
slipped off."

"In my pussy?" she said, reaching between her legs and feeling the
strange device. "How do I get it out?"

"I'll get it for you," he replied as her took hold of the condom and
removed it from her vagina.

Sally reached out, took the cum filled latex bag from Brad, and examined
it carefully. She used her other hand to touch the small reservoir at the
end of the condom, squishing it between her fingers. Once her curiosity
was satisfied, she handed it back to Brad.

He went into the bathroom, flushed it away, and returned to the bed.
Sally noticed his penis was still coated with his sticky cum and she sat up
to pulled him close to her. She lifted his slimy penis with her thumb and
forefinger, leaned forward, and took him into her mouth. She bathed his
member with her tongue, swallowing the remains of their lovemaking.

Sally's warm wet mouth and active tongue caused Brad's penis to start
filling with blood once again. Brad took her breast into his hand and
gripped it as she held his penis in her mouth and rubbed the underside with
her tongue.

With her nose tight against his pubic hair, Sally cradled his testicles
in her hand and moved them against her chin. Brad's penis expanded,
pressed against the back of her mouth, and she let it extend into her
throat. She backed her mouth off of him, put her hand on his butt, and
pulled him back into her.

Brad moved his hand from her breast to her crotch, put his finger into
her vagina and began to move his hips and hand at the same tempo. Sally
could feel his movements become uncontrolled and she wrapped her hand
around his shaft to limit the length of his penetrations.

Sally's excitement caused her to throw caution to the wind. She no
longer cared if Brad thought that he was her first lover, she had a need,
and she wanted it fulfilled. She pulled her mouth off his penis, jumped
off the bed, and turned her back to him. Bending over and resting her
forearms on the mattress, she parted her legs and looked into his face.

"Do it Brad," she panted in lust. "Shove your cock into my pussy and
fuck me…hard."

Brad was dumbfounded and not quite sure what to do. He moved behind
her, took his penis into his hand, and pushed it against her vaginal

"Are you sure," he asked, almost unable to stop even if she protested.
"Won't you get pregnant if we don't use a rubber?"

"No!" she cried out as she backed into him, impaling herself with his
member. "I won't get pregnant. I need you to do it now, I need you to
push your dick into my pussy and fuck me!"

Brad grabbed her hips and began to slam in and out of her quivering
vagina. Sally took one of her nipples between her finger and thumb, and
rolled it firmly.

"Rub me too," she grunted as he kept up the assault on her, slapping his
hips into her bottom with each thrust.

Brad leaned forward, put his hand around her waist, and searched for her
clit with his fingertips. The erratic motion of their coupling made it
difficult for him to locate her nub, so Sally reached for his hand, guided
it to the spot that would provide the pleasure she desired, and held it

"Oh yes, right there. Rub my clit and stuff me with your big hard
cock," she instructed.

Sally felt her orgasm begin deep in her loins and telegraph through her
entire body. She bucked her bottom back against Brad's thrusts and cried
out as her vagina began to contract around his penis. As she reached the
pinnacle of her climax, Brad continued to slam into her relentlessly.

Muffled animal like sounds escaped Sally's throat as Brad humped his
penis in and out of her hot tunnel. She pulled his hand away from her
overly sensitive clit and began to flex her vagina around his shaft. Brad
felt his testicles tighten and, for the second time in less than an hour,
his penis sent his seed out through the small slit, this time into Sally's

Brad held Sally's hips and pulled her against him as his member throbbed
out his hot fluid. Sweat dripped from his brow onto her back and rolled
off her side. When the pulsing stopped, he collapsed onto her back,
pushing her onto the bed beneath them.

The two exhausted teens gasped for breath with their legs hanging off
the edge of the bed, as they remained coupled at the crotch. Sally rolled
back and forth, pushing Brad off and out of her. After several minutes,
Sally moved close to him and kissed his cheek.

"That was awesome," Sally said in a low throaty voice.

Brad nodded his head in agreement. He was positive that he wasn't her
first, but it didn't really matter at that moment. He had just experienced
the best sex of his life, even if his sex life was limited. After finally
regaining his composure, he rolled to face Sally and gazed into her eyes.

"You're the hottest girl I know Sally," he cooed, kissing her face.
"That was the best!"

Sally stroked his moist cheek with her fingertips and smiled. She
licked the droplets of perspiration from his upper lip and savored the
salty taste. She felt his semen leaking from her vagina along the crack
formed by her butt cheeks and clamped her legs tightly together to try and
control the flow.

"I think we need a shower," she said. "I'm all messy and sweaty. Do
you want to wash my back for me?"

"I want to wash everything for you Sally," he said.

Brad's face turned serious as he looked into sally's eyes. He placed
his hands on each side of her head, rubbed her temples with his thumbs, and
kissed her softly on the lips.

"Sally," he said as he rubbed the tip of his nose across the tip of

"Yes Brad?"

"I love you Sally."

"I love you too Brad," she said and then kissed him.

They stood up, wrapped their arms around each other, and hugged. Sally
pulled away slightly covered his mouth with hers and pushed her tongue past
his teeth, searching for his tongue. After several minutes, they broke the
kiss and rested their heads against her other's shoulder.

"I'm going to leak all over the place Brad, let me go to the bathroom
for a minute and then we'll take a shower."

Brad let go of her and she shuffled towards the back of the rec room,
moving her legs only below her tightly clamped knees. He laughed as her
watched her naked bottom wiggle as she waddled away from him. When she
returned, she took Brad's hand and led him out of the room.

Together, they walked down the hallway towards the stairs. When they
were outside Kim's bedroom door, Sally stopped and held her finger to her
lips. Being as quiet as she could, she turned the knob and opened the
door. She pulled Brad into the room and turned on the light.

Kim was laying on her back with Paul on top of her, both asleep. Sally
and Brad could see that Paul's penis was buried in her vagina, but there
was no sign of a condom. Reaching out, Sally touched Kim's shoulder and
shook her. When she opened her eyes and saw her cousin standing over her,
she smiled and winked.

"Brad and I are going to go take a shower Kim," Sally said. "You guys want to come?"

Kim pushed Paul up and woke him. She began to giggle, rolled him off
her and sat up.

"We already came," Kim said grinning. "But a shower sounds fun."

Bending over Paul, Kim whispered into his ear. "Wake up lover, time for
a shower."

Paul rubbed his eyes, opened them, and immediately closed them against
the bright light that filled the room.

"What?" Paul said.

Kim pulled at his arm and he sat up and opened his eyes. He saw his
brother and Sally standing beside the bed naked and grinned.

"What's up?" Paul asked in a throaty voice, still half asleep.

"Sally and your brother are going to take a shower," Kim said. "They
want to know if we want to go with them."

Paul flopped back on the bed and said, "I'm tired…I just want to sleep."

"Okay Paul," Kim said. "Suit yourself. I'm going to go and take a
shower with Sally and Brad…maybe more."

Upon hearing Kim's reference, Paul sprang up and said, "Okay, okay,
let's go."

"Just be real quiet, we don't want to wake anyone up," Sally cautioned.

Kim went into the bathroom and returned with robes for her and Sally.
Paul pulled his shorts on and Brad went back to the rec room for his. When
Brad returned, the four teens went downstairs and out to the pool. They
walked across the dimly lit room and into the pool house.

When they took off their garments and entered the shower room, they saw
Tom and Lisa standing under the spray of a showerhead, embracing one

Tom glanced at his sister, Kim, and the twins.

"What the hell are you guys doing up?" Tom asked.

Sally turned on another showerhead, adjusted the water, and pulled Brad
under the spray with her. She put her arms around his waist, pulled him
against her, and kissed him as the water cascaded down their nude bodies.

"The same thing you two are doing," Sally giggled.


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