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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 57



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. ©2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at
The Lottery - Part 57 (MF, mf, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
Jack felt a hand on his shoulder and rolled away from
Megan and onto his back. He opened his eyes and saw
Megan's mom looking down at him. Still half asleep, Jack
rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms over his head. When
he was able to focus, he saw Liz standing next to the bed.

"Time to get up Jack," Liz said. "Mr. Stone needs to get
to the office. I've decided to ride in with you too."

"Okay Mrs. Stone, I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Jack looked up at Megan's mom and noticed she wasn't
looking at his face. He glanced down and saw his morning
erection tenting the covers and her eyes staring at the
bulge. Liz caught Jack's eye, smiled, and turned to leave
the room. Once she was gone and the bedroom door was
closed, Jack woke Megan.

"Morning baby," he said, kissing her forehead and eyelids.
"I have to take your parents to work. Your mom just came
in and woke me up."

Megan rolled onto her side, nuzzled her nose into his
neck, and said, "Morning Jack, what time is it anyway?"

"A little after seven."

Megan sat up, the covers falling away from her naked body.
She looked into Jack's eyes and then at his crotch, seeing
his erect penis poking up the covers. Reaching down and
taking him into her hand, she stroked him slowly.

"Did my mom see this?"

"Yeah, I think so. She was looking down at me when I woke

"Well, she can't have it," she said as she flipped the
blankets and sheet away, revealing his engorged member.
"Your dick is all mine."

Megan leaned over, kissed the tip of the purple head, and
licked around the sensitive rim. Megan sat back up,
released him, and started to climb over the top of him.
When she had one leg over his hips, Jack put his arms
around her and pulled her down on top of him. He wiggled
around until his penis was pushing against her sex. He
tried to insert his throbbing tool into her vagina, but was

"I have to pee and I'm too dry sweetheart. Besides, my
mom and dad will be waiting to go to work. We can do it

Jack nodded and released her so she could get out of bed.
She went into the bathroom and when she returned, Jack went
in. When he walked back into her bedroom, Megan was
pulling her jeans over her hips; she buttoned them and
pulled up the zipper. Still nude from the waist up, Megan
took a sweater from a dresser drawer and pulled it over her

"Get dressed baby," Megan said. "I'll meet you down

Jack took his clean clothing from his duffle bag and
dressed. He went down to the breakfast nook and sat next
to Megan. Liz poured juice into glasses for each of the
teens and went to the kitchen. She returned with two bowls
of hot oatmeal and placed one in front of each of them.

"Did you two sleep well?" Liz asked.

"Sure did mom, I was bushed from all the swimming," Megan

"Me too," Jack said.

Jerry came into the breakfast nook and sat down in front
of his cup of coffee. He glanced around the room and said,
"No paper?"

"There wasn't one on the porch this morning dear," Liz
said. "I think it is because of the weather."

"Good morning daddy," Megan said sharply.

"Oh, I'm sorry honey, morning. Good morning Jack, have
you looked outside yet?" Jerry said.

"Just out the window Mr. Stone, it looks like we got more
snow last night," Jack said.

"Well, I guess we'd better get a move on, it will probably
take a while to get downtown this morning," Jerry said,
finishing his coffee.

Jack got up and put on his jacket. He went out to the
truck, locked the front hubs, and started the engine to let
it warm up. Leaving the truck run, he went back into the
house to wait for the others to get ready to leave.

"There must be two feet of snow on the ground in places
and it is still coming down," Jack said. "I can't tell
where the lawn stops and the driveway starts."

"I think we'll be okay once we get to the main roads
Jack," Jerry said as he pulled on a pair of boots.

Megan went to the front door, wearing boots and a heavy

"Are you going with us Megan?" Liz asked.

"Yeah mom, I want to go to Jack's house after we drop you
two off at the office. I think Lisa and her brothers are
still there and I don't want to be here all day by myself."

The four left the house and went out to the truck. The
cab was warm and the windows clear of snow. Jack pulled
the lever that engaged the four-wheel drive, put the truck
in gear, and pulled away slowly. He eased the big pickup
down the driveway and tried to avoid the lawn. The snow
blanketed every inch of ground and he had to maneuver the
truck from memory.

"I'm trying to stay off your lawn," Jack said as he drove

"I know it's hard to see Jack," Jerry said. "Don't worry
about it."

Jack pulled out of the driveway onto the street. There
were several cars stuck in the deep snow and he carefully
drove around them. Once he reached the main road, there
were ruts from previous traffic to guide him.

Driving slowly, Jack spotted a snowplow in front of them.
He waited patiently for an opportunity to pass the big
truck. Once there was an opening, he moved around the plow
and continued on his way.

Megan turned the radio on to a local news station and they
listened as the announcer explained how the snowstorm
caught the department of public works off guard. They were
clearing the roads, but it would be late in the afternoon
before they could get all of the main roads cleared.

The news began to list the schools that were closed and
reported the airport was running several hours behind.

The trip to Jerry's office took almost an hour. He said
it was a fifteen-minute drive under normal conditions.
Jack pulled up in front of the office building and Jerry
and Liz got out.

"I'll be home Mr. Stone, just give me a call and I'll come
and get you," Jack said.

"Okay Jack, thanks for the ride," Jerry said. "We'll call
you later this afternoon."

After waiting to be sure Jerry and Liz got into the
building, Jack and Megan pulled away. Jack drove to his
house and pulled up to the garage. He and Megan climbed
out of the truck and went into the house.

Jack and Megan removed their boots and coats, and went
into the kitchen. The six adults were seated at the
counter drinking coffee when the two teens walked in.

"Morning everyone," Jack said.

"Good morning Jack and Megan," they all replied one at a

"How are the roads son?" Don asked.

"They are pretty bad dad, it took a long time to get to
Mr. Stone's office and back here. The plows are out, but
it is still snowing," Jack told him.

"The weather channel said the snow should end this
morning," Marc said. "Hopefully they will get the roads
cleared up soon."

"Where are my sister and the rest of the kids?" Jack asked.

"They are still in bed," Marge said. "They were up late
last night. We heard them in the pool at about two o'clock
this morning."

Jack turned to Megan and said, "Want to go roust them out
of bed?"

Megan smiled and said, "Naw, let them sleep."

Jack and Megan went into the family room and sat on one of
the couches. Jack put his arm around her shoulder and she
tucked her feet onto the couch and leaned her head on his
shoulder. They watched television for a few minutes and
fell asleep.

"Looks like those two were up late too," Marge said, as
she walked into the family room with Dianne and Anne.

The three women chuckled and went out to the pool area to
sit and finish their coffee.

"I'm a little sore this morning," Anne said, rubbing
herself between the legs.

"I can't understand why," Dianne said sarcastically. "How
many times did you get fucked anyway?"

"I really don't remember Dianne, too much brandy," Anne

The women laughed and sipped their hot coffee. Dianne
looked at Marge and then at Anne.

"Do you two mind if I ask you a question?" Dianne said.

"Not at all," Marge replied.

"How long have the two of you been messing around with
your brothers?" Dianne said.

Marge almost dropped her coffee cup and Anne stared at

"What are you talking about?" Anne said, unconvincingly.

"The first time I suspected something was going on was the
night in the sauna when Marge sucked on Marc's cock. I
didn't think too much of it because of all that was going
on. Last night when we were all in Marge's bed, I saw Don
fucking you Anne and I just figured it wasn't the first
time," Dianne said.

Marge and Anne were speechless. They looked at one
another and then back at Dianne. A look of terror was on
the two sister-in-law's faces and Dianne picked up on it.

"Look, it's no big deal to me if you guys are involved
with your brothers, I know that incest goes on. Shit, I
caught my kids fooling around before and based on how your
kids get along, I'd guess they are fooling around too…if
not fucking," Dianne said.

Marge and Anne were lost for words. It seemed that Dianne
knew more about them than they figured.

"Do you guys remember when we all confessed about the
first time we did anything with a boy that night in the
sauna?" Dianne asked calmly.

"Yes," Marge said. "I remember."

"Well, the reason I lost interest in the boy next door is
because we got caught behind the garage with our pants
down. We weren't really doing too much, just touching, but
it was very embarrassing."

"Who caught you?" Anne asked Dianne.

Dianne smiled at them and said, "My older brother."

"What did he do?" Marge inquired.

"He yelled at the kid and told him to get out of the yard.
He told me to go into the house and to my room. I was
scared shitless that he would tell my mom so I did what he
told me to."

"What happened then Dianne?" Anne said.

"Tim, my brother, came to my room and paced back and
forth. He was fifteen at the time and meant the world to
me. I sat on my bed crying and begged him not to tell on
me. Tim came over, sat next to me, and asked why I did it.

"I told him that I was curious and wanted to learn about
boys. He asked what I had done with the kid and I told him
just kissing and feeling each other up. When Tim asked if
I ever saw the kid 'shoot his white stuff', I lied and said

Marge and Anne began to giggle, they knew all about being
curious and wanting to learn about boys.

"Did he tell your mom?" Marge asked.

"No," Dianne said. "But he did take over where the boy next door left off."

"Oh really!" Anne said. "How far did your relationship
with him go?"

"Well," Dianne continued. "Nothing happened for about a
week or so. Then one day I caught him in the bathroom
jacking off and watched him cum. When he saw me standing
in the doorway he told me to leave, but I just stood there.
After he was done, he asked if I enjoyed watching him as
much as playing with the boy he caught me with. I told him
I liked it more.

"One thing led to another and he asked to see me naked.
We went to my room, took off our clothes, and stared at
each other for a while. He asked if he could touch my
boobs and I let him. When he put his hand between my legs
I grabbed his cock and we made each other cum.

"After that we would play with each other every chance we
got. One day we were in the yard, behind the garage and I
gave him a blowjob. It was the first time for both of us,
and when he came in my mouth, I threw up. That didn't stop
him from asking me to suck him off every time we fooled
around though. After a few weeks I blew him again, but
that time was better.

"Tim licked my pussy and I sucked his cock. We would do
it at least three or four times a week. We never did
anything more than that until my sixteenth birthday when we
fucked for the first time. It was the greatest, and we did
it everyday for the next two weeks."

"How long did you and your brother's relationship last?"
Marge asked.

Dianne's face saddened and tears began to roll down her
cheeks. After several minutes she regained her composure,
and said, "It ended the night Tim was killed in an auto
accident, two weeks after my birthday. We made love that
afternoon and he went out with some of his friends. They
were all drinking and driving around town in his buddy's
car. The driver ran a red light and they were hit
broadside by a large dump truck. He died immediately, and
so did two of his friends."

Anne and Marge sat silently, lost of words. Marge put her
hand on Dianne's shoulder and squeezed her.

"I'm so sorry Dianne," Marge said.

Dianne wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and said,
"It was a long time ago, but I still get choked up
sometimes. Tim and I talked about moving in together when
I was out of high school. Don't get me wrong girls, I love
Bob with all my heart, but I don't think I can ever love
anybody the way I loved Tim."

"Does Bob know?" Anne asked.

"Bob was on the golf team with Tim and one of his good
friends, even though Bob was two years younger. After Tim
was killed, Bob started to come around and talk with me.
We were just good friends for the next two years and didn't
really date. One evening we were sitting in my backyard
and Bob kissed me.

"The next thing I knew we started going out on dates
together. He was so sweet and never pushed me for sex.
Then after we had been dating for a month or so, I made the
first move. We ended up doing it in the backseat of his
parents' car the first time we made love.

"We began to go at it every time we went out and I ended
up pregnant with Lisa. Bob and I got married, but before
we tied the knot, I told him about Tim," Dianne said.

"How did he take it?" Marge said.

"Surprisingly well," Dianne chuckled. "I found out Tim
had a big mouth and Bob already knew that we fooled around.
Sometimes we still talk about it, he likes me to tell about
puking the first time I sucked Tim's dick."

All three women began to laugh. They compared notes about
their first experience with oral sex and the day they lost
their virginity.

"So," Dianne said. "Am I right or not?"

Anne looked at Marge and said, "You're right, we've been
fooling around with our brothers ever since we were
teenagers. Up until now, we never told anyone."

"Only the four of you and me know? Your secret is safe
with me, I won't ever tell anyone girls," Dianne assured
Anne and Marge.

"To be perfectly honest," Marge said. "Our kids know too.
They spied on the four of us one night, while were on
vacation, and saw us getting it on. We built a fire on the
beach and went skinny-dipping. When we went back to the
fire, we began having sex and the kids watched," Marge said.

"Did you know they saw you when you guys were doing it?"
Dianne asked.

"Don spotted them hiding in the tall grass, but by then it
was too late. He didn't tell any of us until later," Anne

Dianne smiled and asked, "Are your kids aware you know?"

"Oh yes," Marge said, and related the events of the family night on the beach.

All three women laughed as Marge told how Don handled the
situation. She painted a very clear image of the two
families lying around completely naked, and the reactions
of the kids.

"…After that night, we have just let nature sort of take
its course. We know the kids have fooled around with each
other, but we stay out of the way. The way we see it, it's
better than being in the backseat of some car with someone
we don't know," Marge said.

"Isn't it hard not to become hypocritical, knowing your
kids are having sex with each other? I know I had a lot of
trouble dealing with it when I caught Lisa and the
twins…and they weren't really doing anything," Dianne said.

"Not in this day and age Dianne," Anne said. "You read
about, and see stories about, twelve and thirteen year old girls having babies. We decided that we would rather have
the kids be open and honest than become grandparents. We
put the girls on the pill while we were on vacation. At
first it was to help with their periods, but as it turns
out for birth control also."

"What about my boys?" Dianne asked. "How do you guys feel about them and your daughters?"

"We could ask you the same thing Dianne," Marge said. I
can only speak for myself, but I feel Kim is capable of
making her own decisions. boys will be boys and yours will
try to mess around with the girls. We let them swim and
hang around naked and sooner or later, things are going to

"I completely agree with Marge about the girls, and our
sons," Anne said. "The kids are going to do what they want
to, regardless of what we say. I would rather they feel
comfortable talking with us about things than sneaking
around behind our backs."

The women continued to talk about their children. Don
came out by the pool and walked over to them. He told them
the weather report was calling for clear skies and no more
snow. He asked about their plans for the rest of the day
and said that he, Marc and Bob were going to go to the club
and hang around the pro shop for a few hours.

"Aren't the roads still bad?" Marge asked.

"The plows should have them cleared by now," Don said.

"Okay sweetheart, drive carefully. I'm not sure what we
are going to do, just hang around here I guess," Marge said.

Don left with Marc and Bob, leaving the women home with
the kids.

"I wonder how long the kids are going to sleep today,"
Dianne said. "They must have stayed up talking last night."

"I'll just bet they were talking," Anne chuckled. "My
guess is they were fooling around half the night."

"No doubt," Marge said, looking out the windows and
noticing the bright sun. "A typical November, it snows
like hell and then the sun comes out and melts it all."

The women talked about what they were going to do for the
rest of the day. After discussing several options, they
decided to go shopping. They picked up their coffee cups
and headed for the kitchen.

Jack and Megan were still asleep on the couch, Jack
sitting up, his head back and his mouth open, Megan
starched out with her head resting on his leg. The three
moms didn't bother to wake the teens as they walked through
the room into the kitchen. After placing their cups into
the sink, they went upstairs to get dressed.

Marge went to Kim's room, opened the door, and looked in.
Kim and Sally were asleep, dressed in tee shirts. Marge
went to the side of the bed and woke Kim, gently shaking
her shoulder.

"Honey," Marge said. "Aunt Anne, Dianne, and I are going
to the for a few hours. Your father and uncle went to the
country club with Bob. We should be back in two or three

Kim nodded and rolled onto her side, facing away from her
mom. Marge left, closed the door and went to her own
bedroom to change. Anne and Dianne were in her closet,
looking for something that would fit them. After selecting
warm outfits, the three women headed out of the room and
down the hall.

Dianne opened the door to Kim's room where her daughter was supposed to be sleeping, but she found the sofa bed
empty. Grinning, she closed the door and walked downstairs
with her two friends.

"I wonder where Lisa is," Dianne said.

"Probably shacked up with my son," Anne chuckled.

The three women laughed as they went out into the garage
and got into the car. Marge opened the garage door, backed
out, and pressed the button on the remote to close the
door. She drove down the driveway, turned onto the street,
and took off for the mall.
Kim was unable to fall back to sleep after being disturbed
by her mom. She sat up and swung her legs out of the bed,
letting them dangle over the edge. Lifting her arms over
her head, she stretched and arched her back. Just as she
was about to lower her arms, she felt Sally's fingers dig
into her ribs.

"Hey!" Kim said as she jumped to her feet and spun
around. "Why did you do that?"

"Just cause."

"You scared the shit out of me Sally."

Sally slid out of bed, put her hands on Kim's butt and
said, "I don't feel any shit. Besides, your not wearing
any panties and the shit would be on the bed."

"Ha, ha, aren't you funny. What are we going to do today?
I don't feel like being cooped up in the house for another

"Me either," Sally said as she went to the window and
looked outside. "I'd like to do something fun."

"Let's go wake Paul and Brad up and see what they want to
do," Kim said.

The girls went to the rec room and walked in. The two
boys were still sleeping on the fold out beds.

"Want to have some fun with them?" Sally whispered.


"You get into bed with Brad and I'll get into Paul's bed."

Kim thought about her cousin's idea for a moment and
nodded her head yes. The two girls went to the other's
boyfriend's bed and carefully slipped under the covers next
to the sleeping boys. Kim watched Sally to see what she
would do next.

Sally put her arm around Paul and snuggled up to his back.
She began to slowly work her hand up and down his chest,
pressing her chest into him. Brad was sleeping on his back
and Kim moved close to him. She placed her hand on his
stomach and slowly stroked his naked flesh. As she moved
her hand from his upper chest down to his waist, Kim
realized her wasn't wearing anything at all.

Raising her head up and looking at Sally, Kim quietly
cleared her throat. When Sally looked at her, Kim mouthed,
"He's naked."

Sally smiled and moved her hand lower on Paul, discovering
he too was nude. She grinned at Kim and nodded her head.
Kim watched as her cousin moved her hand to her boyfriend's
crotch and began to rub his penis. Feeling a little put
off by Sally, Kim reached for Brad's member and took it
into her hand. When Sally formed her open mouth into a
circle and shoved her tongue against her cheek, Kim shook
her head no.

Shrugging her shoulders, Sally continued to stroke Paul's
rigid penis. He rolled onto his back and let out a soft
moan, his eyes still closed tightly. She pulled the covers
back so Kim could see her hand on Paul as she moved her
fist over his shaft. Again she indicated to Kim she wanted
to take his penis into her mouth, and again Kim shook her
head no.

Kim also pulled back the blanket and sheet, exposing
Brad's upright penis. She moved her hand up and down,
watching his face for a reaction. When she saw Brad's
eyelids begin to flutter, Kim increased her grip on him.
Suddenly, Brad opened his eyes and looked up at Kim. He
looked down and saw her hand wrapped around his member and
quickly sat up.

"What are you doing Kim?" Brad said.

"The same thing Sally's doing to your brother," Kim
giggled. "Playing with your dick."

Brad snapped his head around and saw his girlfriend moving
her hand up and down his brother's penis.

"Stop that," he yelled at Sally pulling Kim's hand away
from his penis.

Brad's shouting woke Paul and he too was shocked. He
quickly moved away from Sally and looked at Kim to be sure
she wasn't mad.

The two girls began to laugh at the two unsettled boys,
feeling good about the fact they seemed so committed. Kim
and Sally traded places and hugged their boyfriends, still

Paul sat still and didn't respond to Kim's arms around
him. Her laughter turned to a slight giggle, she put her
hand on his chin and turned his face towards her.

"We were just kidding around Paul, there's no need to get
all mad or anything," Kim said.

"Oh yeah, how would you like it if I went over and felt up
Sally?" Paul retorted.

Kim shrugged her shoulders and said, "It would be okay, as
long as you were just kidding around. It isn't like I was
doing it behind your back you know. Besides, Sally was
doing it to you too."

"I see," Paul said, as he pulled away from her and went
over to Sally. "You don't care if I just grab her tits like this."

Paul reached out with both hands and covered Sally's
breasts. He massaged them as Brad and Kim watched. Sally
knew that Kim was trying to prove a point, so she put her
hands on the bed behind her and arched her back. Closing
her eyes and tossing her head back, Sally began to moan out

"Oh yeah baby, rub my tits," Sally groaned, fighting the
urge to laugh.

"If you're going to rub Sally's boobs, I'm going to do it
to Kim," Brad said.

"You can't do that Brad," Kim said. It's only okay for
Paul to goof around, not the rest of us."

"That's bullshit," Brad said, getting a little mad at his
brother. "If he can do it, so can I."

Paul removed his hands from Sally's chest and walked away
from her. "I was trying to show Kim how it feels," he said.

"It looks like you're showing Sally how it feels Paul,"
Brad said.

"Come on you two," Sally said. "Don't fight, Kim and I
want to do something fun today with you guys, but if your
going to act like this we'll just do something ourselves."

Paul went back the bed Kim was sitting on and sat down
next to her. Hanging his head, he began to fidget.

"I thought you loved me Kim," Paul said quietly.

"I do Paul," Kim replied. "I love you, but that doesn't
mean we can't have a little fun. Besides, you fool around
with Lisa, don't you?"

"That was before Kim, things are different now," he said.

Sally and Brad sat close and listened to Kim and Paul
talking. She put her hand on his penis and fondled it as
his brother attempted to make his point.

"What do you mean things are different now Paul? How are
things different?" Kim asked in a frustrated voice.

"You know," he said. "After last night."

Kim turned and pulled her legs up onto the bed. She
pulled her tee shirt down, held it between her legs, and
covered her bare crotch. She was becoming flabbergasted
with Paul's attitude and her frustration began to show.
She sat and quietly seethed as she thought about what Paul
had said.

After a few minutes, Kim began to settle down. She took a
deep breath, looked into Paul's eyes, and began to speak.

"Last night was wonderful Paul. I really liked making
love with you. Believe me, I love you and I don't want to
date any other guys, but just because we made love doesn't
mean we have changed. We are still the same people we were
before we did it. All of us are way too young to tie
ourselves down.

"I want you for my boyfriend more than anything in the
world, but I don't want you getting all jealous every time
something happens. The next thing you know, you'll be
telling me I can't swim naked, or wear sexy clothes. I
don't want to be owned, or try to own you Paul, I want to
love you and have fun."

Paul tried to sort out everything Kim said. He still felt
a bit jealous about the fact that Kim was playing with his
brother, but he also understood what she was saying.

"I'm sorry I acted like that Kim," he said. "I just care
for you so much that it hurt when I saw you playing with
Brad's cock."

"That's all I was doing Paul…playing. It doesn't mean I
want to date him instead of you," Kim said as she rose to
her knees and put her arms around his neck.

"Wouldn't you like to have Sally and I both fool around
with you at the same time?" She whispered into his ear.
"I could sit on your face while she sucked your big cock and them we could switch. Maybe she and I could mess
around with each other while you watched us and then you
could stick your dick in my pussy and fuck me while she
played with your balls. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes," Paul moaned into her ear. "I would love that,
but what about Brad?"

"He could join us too, all four of us could mess around,"
Kim cooed.

Paul felt his flaccid penis begin to rise as he mulled
over the possible scenarios in his mind. Kim saw his
member growing, and begin to stick up, as she rested her
head on his chest. She reached down, wrapped her fingers
around him, and stroked him to a full erection. Moving his
hand between her legs he drew his fingers along her hot
vaginal lips. He parted her labia, felt the moisture that
was forming and inserted his finger into her vagina.

Brad and Sally had stopped paying any attention to Paul or
Kim. Sally was kneeling on the floor in front of Brad,
fondling his penis with her hands and mouth. He held her
head and bucked his hips pushing his shaft through her hand
and into her mouth.

Kim pushed Paul onto his back and straddled his body. She
positioned her crotch over his and held his penis against
her opening. In a steady motion, she impaled herself on
his member, holding still when he was completely in her.
Kim waited for her vagina to adjust to being filled with
Paul's hot throbbing penis, staring into his eyes.

Slowly raising herself, Kim felt all but the head of his
penis slid out of her. She wiggled her bottom and Paul
hunched up, driving himself back into her depths. He bent
his knees, planted his feet flat on the bed and used his
legs to push up tighter to her wide spread crotch. Kim put
her hands onto his chest, lowered herself slightly, and
hovered over him as he began to pump his shaft in and out
of her vagina rapidly.

After a very few minutes, Paul pushed up into her and held
his penis deep in her sex. She felt him swell and leaned
forward, covering his body with hers. Kim could feel his
penis throbbing as he ejaculated, sending his cum into her.
When his body relaxed, Kim stroked his back.

They lay connected for a few minutes and them Kim pulled
up and his penis slipped out of her. She moved up on his
body and rested as her vagina leaked his seed onto his
lower belly.

"I'm all messy," Kim said. "I need someone to clean me up."

Paul chuckled. "That was great Kim, want me to get you a

"I can take care of it for you Kim," Sally said from the
other bed.

Kim rolled off Paul and lay next to him on the bed. Sally
walked over and to Paul's surprise, began to lick Kim
between her legs. He rose up and stared as Sally used her
tongue to clean the salty cum from her crotch. Brad moved
behind Sally, pressed his penis into her, and began to pump
in and out of her slick tunnel.

With his eyes glued to Sally, Paul said, "Do you like her
to lick your pussy Kim?"

"Yes," Kim panted. "It feels great!"

Every time Brad drove his penis into Sally, he pushed her
face into Kim's crotch and Kim grunted. Paul's eyes
shifted between Sally and his brother as he watched them.
Kim grabbed Sally by the head, held her face to her vulva,
and moaned as the girl's tongue lapped at her opening.
Just when Kim was on the brink of an orgasm, Sally pulled
her mouth away.

Paul could see his cum smeared on Sally's lips and chin as
she looked up at him and Kim. Then in a move that shocked
Paul, Sally took his penis into the mouth and began to suck
the drying semen from it. Paul quickly looked into his
girlfriend's eyes. Kim smiled, put her hand on his
shoulder, and squeezed him firmly.

"It's just sex Paul," Kim said. "It isn't making love…we
save that for each other."

Sally engulfed Paul's entire semi hard penis, rubbed her
tongue along the underside, and pulled her mouth off with a

"Very tasty," Sally grinned, as Brad continued to slam
into her vagina from behind. "Almost as good as your
brother's cum."

Sally concentrated on Brad's movements, pushing her bottom
back as he shoved forward. She closed her eyes and felt
him grab her hips as he pushed his penis deep into her
cavern and held himself against her.

Brad's penis shot his cum into Sally as he groaned. Kim
and Paul moved so they could see the connection between the
two teens and watched Brad's butt cheeks tense as he pulsed
into Sally. His orgasm was not as intense as the first,
when he came in Sally's mouth earlier, but it was still
enjoyable. When the pluses stopped, Brad relaxed and
pulled out of Sally.

Kim scrambled to her knees on the floor in front of Brad
and started to clean his penis as Paul watched her. She
raised her eyes to his and pointed at Sally's crotch.
Tentatively, Paul moved to Sally and stood behind her as
she knelt on the bed. When he extended his tongue and
swiped along her vulva, Sally put her head and shoulders on
the bed and tilted her bottom up as she felt Paul's mouth
cover her sex.

Paul and Kim feasted on the other two for several minutes
and then Kim pulled her mouth off Brad. She turned to
Paul, pulled him away from her cousin, and covered his
mouth with hers. They kissed one another, swapping the
fluids they had collected with their darting tongues.

Kim stopped kissing Paul, stood up and said," I need a
shower and some breakfast. Want to go to the pool house so
we can all shower together?"

Sally, Brad, and Paul agreed and they all put on enough
clothing to walk through the house without raising
suspicion. They went to he pool house, passing Jack and
Megan in the family room and quickly stripped. Kim and
Paul washed each other, as did Sally and Brad. When they
were finished, they dried off and redressed.

Kim and Sally went into the kitchen and took out cereal,
bowls, spoons, and milk for the group. They carried the
food, out to the pool area and set it up on one of the
tables. As the four teens sat around the table eating, Tom
and Lisa came out to the pool.

"Morning all," Lisa said. "How are you guys?"

"Great Lisa," Kim said. "You two want to eat?"

Lisa nodded and Tom went into the kitchen for bowls and
spoons. On the way back, he woke Jack and Megan. He
placed a bowl in front of Lisa and sat down to have his
breakfast. Jack and Megan joined the others at the table
and told them they had already eaten at Megan's, when Sally

"What are we going to do today?" Kim asked the group. "I
don't feel like hanging around in the house again."

The teens mulled around several ideas, but none were
suitable to everyone. Finally, Paul said, "Why don't we go
sledding? There is a big hill at the country club and they
have toboggans there for the members."

"That's a great idea Paul," Kim said. "I haven't been
sledding in years."

The group decided that a few runs down a hill on a
toboggan would be fun. They gathered the things from the
table, took them into the kitchen, and put everything away.

"Tom," Lisa said. "Will you please run my brothers and I
home so we can get warm clothes?"

"No problem Lisa, we can meet Jack, Megan, Kim, and Sally
at the club," Tom replied.

Kim and Sally went upstairs and dressed in jeans and
sweaters. They packed a change of clothes into a duffle
bag and headed to Jack's room to hurry him along. Megan
sat on his bed as Jack changed into warmer clothes.

"We need to swing by my house so I can change too," Megan

"You should grab a change of clothes you guys," Sally
said. "We'll probably be wet when we are done sledding."

Jack nodded and grabbed another pair of jeans. He handed
them to Kim and asked her to put them into her bag. The
four left and Jack drove to Megan's so she too could dress
appropriately for an afternoon out in the snow. She
grabbed a change of clothes, like the others, and they
headed for the club.

Tom and Lisa were already there, along with the twins,
when Jack pulled into the parking lot and stopped his truck
next to Tom's. The kids climbed out and went into the
large clubhouse to find the rest of their group.

Paul was waiting in the foyer for Kim and the rest of the
teens when they walked through the doors.

"Everyone is down in the golf lounge," Paul informed them.
"Let's go."

Kim took Paul's hand and he led them downstairs to the
golf lounge. The rest of the group was sitting on a couple
of large leather couches in front of a fireplace. Don,
Bob, and Marc stood near the kids talking to them.

"Hi dad," Sally said. "What are you doing here today?"

"Your Uncle Don and I are hanging around with Mr.
Phillips. He had some work to do at the pro shop."

"We're going sledding," Kim said.

"That's what Tom said," Don replied. "It's a beautiful
day for it."

"Do you guys want to go too?" Kim asked her dad. "It
would be fun."

Don laughed and said, "I don't think so Kim, I haven't
been on a sled in twenty years."

"Please daddy, go down the hill with me at least once,"
Kim said, putting on her best puppy dog face.

Don smiled at his daughter and said, "Maybe later Kim. We
may come and see you guys."

The kids left the clubhouse and followed the twins to the
hill the club used for sledding. They climbed to the top,
took two toboggans from a rack, and went to the starting
point. Kim, Paul, Sally, and Brad got onto one of the
wooden sleds and the others got onto another.

Kim sat in front with Paul behind her. He put his arms
around her waist and slid up to her back so Sally and his
brother could also get on. On the other toboggan, Lisa sat
in front, followed by Tom, Megan, and Jack. Kim counted to
three and the two groups pushed off, rocketing down the
hill side by side. The hill had several moguls along the
way and the sleds almost went airborne as they went over
them. The girls screamed each time the sleds went over one
of the bumps and the boys held onto them to keep them from
falling off.

When the sleds came to rest at the bottom of the hill, the
kids got off the toboggans and pulled them back to the top.
The afternoon sun was high in the sky and by the time the
teens reached the top of the hill they were warm.

"It's too warm for this jacket," Kim said as she shed the
bulky garment.

The rest of the girls agreed and took off their jackets.
They all felt that the warm sweaters they wore would be
sufficient for the activity. The two groups repositioned
the sleds at the top of the hill and climbed on for a
second trip down. This time, Sally and Megan took the
front seat with the rest behind them.

As the toboggan bounced down the hill, Kim felt Paul put
his glove-covered hands over her breasts. She wasn't
wearing a bra under the sweater and could her nipples rub
against the soft wool as her boyfriend cupped her firm

The next time down the hill, Kim sat behind Paul and held
his crotch with one hand, as the sled traveled over the
white snow. The teens made several trips up and down the
hill. They switched the seating arrangements on each trip
down, giving each one a chance to sit in front.

Don, Marc, and Bob were at the top of the hill when the
teens returned from their last run. Kim asked her dad if
he would go down the hill with her one time and he agreed.
Sally and Lisa also pleaded with their fathers until they
gave in.

Kim sat on one of the toboggans and told her dad to sit
behind her. Don climbed onto the sled and put his legs
over hers and his hands on Kim's sides. Sally and Marc got
on and they all slid together. On the other sled, Lisa sat
in front and her dad in back of her. Jack and Megan got on
with them to fill the empty seats. Paul stood behind the
sled with Kim on it and Brad behind the other. The two
boys pushed the toboggans over the crest of the hill and
watched as they went down.

As the their sled approached the first set of moguls, Kim
grabbed her dad's wrists. When they went over the first
small hill and the sled bounced, she pulled on his arms and
drew his hands to her breasts. The toboggan yawed from
side to side as it picked up speed, causing Don's hands to
unknowingly massage his daughter's breasts. Kim felt her
body tingle as her dad gently squeezed her with his hands.
Don wasn't wearing gloves and the soft material of Kim's
sweater was all that insulated her from his hands.

When the sled coasted to a stop at the bottom of the hill,
Don's hands were still covering Kim's mounds. She released
his wrists, but he was slow in removing his hands from her

"That was fun," Don said.

"Do you want to do it again daddy," Kim asked.

"No thanks, I think once is enough for me honey," Don
said. "You and the other kids can ride the toboggans, I'm
going back to the clubhouse for hot coffee."

The eight teens made several more trips up and down the
large hill. The jeans they all wore were wet and the girls complained about being cold. Jack and Brad put the two
toboggans back on the rack and the group walked back to the
clubhouse to change into dry clothes and get something warm
to drink.

"I'm soaked right through to my panties," Kim said after
removing her blue jeans. "I wish I brought dry underwear

"Mine are wet too," Lisa said, and pushed her panties down
her legs. "I'm just not going to wear any."

The other girls also took off their wet panties and
stuffed them into a pocket of their jeans. They finished
dressing and went to the golf lounge to meet the guys, and
have some hot coco. The girls sat on the couches in front
of the fireplace while the boys went to the counter and
bought hot chocolate for them.

"Here you go Lisa," Tom said, handing a cup of the hot
beverage to her.

"Thanks sweetie, it looks so yummy," Lisa replied.

The four couples sat sipping their hot coco and warming
themselves by the roaring fire. Brad and Sally sat next to
each other on one of the overstuffed couches with Lisa and
Tom, while Kim and Paul shared another with Jack and Megan.

After a half an hour or so, the group decided to leave the
country club. They found Don, Marc, and Bob in the pro
shop and told them goodbye. In the parking lot, they all
decided to go home and Kim, Megan, and Jack left in Jack's
truck. Tom drove Lisa and her brothers home and then he
and Sally went to theirs.

Jack and his sister went into the house and removed their
warm jackets and boots. They checked the kitchen and
family room for their mother, but found she wasn't home.

"I'm going to go upstairs and clean up the rec room," Kim
told Jack. "We left it kind of messy this morning."

"Want some help?" Jack asked.

"Sure Jack…thanks."

The two siblings went up to the rec room and stripped the
soiled linens from the fold out beds. They turned the beds
back into couches and replaced the cushions. Kim turned on
the stereo and selected one of the CDs that were still in
the machine. Kim sat on a couch and stared into space as
the soft music filled the room.

"Is everything okay Kim?" Jack inquired.

"Yeah, I guess so."

Jack sat next to his little sister and bumped his shoulder
into hers.

"Do you want to talk about it Kim? I can tell that you're
upset about something."

"Just boy troubles, I'll be fine."

"Did you and Paul have a fight? You two looked like you
were getting along at the club."

"Sally and I did something this morning…something stupid I
guess, and Paul got all jealous."

"What did you two do that pissed him off?"

Kim told her brother how she and Sally woke up the twins
by getting into their beds, Sally in Paul's she in Brads.
She told him that they were just kidding around, but Paul
didn't like it and made a big deal over it.

"Have you and Paul screwed yet?"

"Last night, for the first time."

Jack thought for a moment and said, "And now he thinks
you're his alone…right?

"Something like that," she replied. "We all ended up sort
of fooling around with each other, but I don't think Paul
was really into it. I think he just went along with what
was happening."

"How do you feel Kim?"

Kim twisted around, pulled one leg under her, and leaned
her side against the back of the couch. She gazed at her
brother's profile and remembered the night they made love
on the same couch. How the two of them gave one another
their virginity and the wonderful sessions they shared
after that night.

Jack leaned his head back, turned towards Kim, and looked
into her eyes. He could see her distant look and knew she
was thinking about something other than the things they
were talking about. Jack waited patiently for her to
answer his question.

"I guess I'm just confused Jack. When we mess around with
Tom and Sally, it's fun and we all have a good time. With
Paul it's different. He seems to think that because
we…because we fucked, I shouldn't even look at another guy."

"I can understand the way he feels Kim, I was jealous the
first time you did anything with Tom."
"You were?"

"Yes, but not so much anymore."

Kim extended her hand and stroked Jack's face with the
backs of her fingers. She began to smile at her brother,
knowing that he was jealous when she was with another boy.

"I feel Jealous too sometimes," she said softly. "Are you
jealous of Paul too, or just Tom?"

"Both of them," Jack told her.

"Maybe Paul wasn't that far off base then. Are all boys jealous like that?"

"I have no idea."

"You know Jack, things have really changed for us, or at
least me. Five or six months ago I didn't really think
about having sex with a boy. After the things that
happened on vacation and when we got back home…well, now I
think about it all the time."

Jack laughed and said, "So do I Kim. I though about
screwing a girl before we actually did anything, but I
think all guys fantasize about that."

"Making love is the best, but I still like sex too. Paul
is a real nice boy and I love him, but I don't want to stop
messing around with you or maybe other boys. I'm only
fifteen and no where near ready to settle down and be with
just one person."

Jack put his arm around Kim, pulled her to him, and pushed
her head onto his shoulder. He ran his fingers through her
hair and kissed her on top of her head.

"I really love Megan too Kim, but I would hate it if I
couldn't make love with you anymore."

Kim put her arm around her brother's waist and began to
rub his side. She snuggled closer to him, kissed his
cheek, and giggled.

"I would hate it too Jack, making love with you is my
favorite thing in the whole world."

Jack began to rub his hand up and down Kim's back. He
slipped it under her sweater and stroked her bare skin,
tracing her spine with his fingertips. Kim shivered under
his light touch and moved so she was on her back with her
head resting on his thigh. The sudden movement caused
Jack's hand to end up on Kim's soft tummy and he continued
to rub her.

Moving his fingertips over her skin in small circles, he
moved closer and closer to her breasts. When he lightly
brushed the underside of one of her firm mounds, Kim
moaned. Jack started to toy with the tip of Kim's nipple,
causing it to become erect. He gazed into her eyes and
watched her smile.

"Lisa and the twins do this too," Kim said, out of the blue.

"Do what?"

"Mess around! She told Sally and I that she's jacked them
off. We found out from Paul and Brad that they fucked her."

"Really Kim, does Tom know?"

"He will before the night is over, I'm sure Sally will
tell him."

"Go and call Sally right now Kim," Jack said, as he pulled
his hand out from under her sweater and pulled her up.
"Tom shouldn't hear it from her, he should hear it from

Kim jumped off the couch, went to the phone, and called
Sally's house. Tom answered the phone and she asked him
for Sally.

"Hi Sally," Kim said into the handset. "Did you say
anything to Tom about Lisa and her brothers yet?

"Good, don't tell him. I told Jack and he said we should
let her tell Tom."

"Okay, talk to you later."

Kim hung up the phone and went back to the couch.

"She hasn't said anything to Tom. She's going to call
Lisa and talk to her."

"That's cool," Jack said. "I wouldn't want to hear it
from you, if you knew Megan was fooling around."

"What if Lisa doesn't tell Tom, what then?"

"That's up to Lisa. If she doesn't want him to know, it's
none of our business."

"If you say so Jack, I just think it's only fair Tom knows."

Kim and Jack continued to talk about Lisa and her brothers
for a while. Their mom came into the rec room and told
them she was back and she was going to fix dinner. Kim and
her brother left and headed down the hall. Jack went into
his room and Kim followed her mom to the kitchen to help
with dinner.

Marge and Kim finished setting the table and went to put
the finishing touches on the dinner they prepared. Don
came into the house, announced he was home, and went to the
family room. Marge told her daughter to call her brother and carried a platter of pork chops to the dining room.

The four of them sat together as a family for the first
time in several days. Marge and Don talked about their
upcoming trip to New York and Kim and Jack listened.

"What time is your flight?" Kim asked.

"The plane takes off at eleven twenty Friday morning, but
we have to be at the airport at about ten. We're going to
pickup your Aunt, Uncle, and the Phillips at eight thirty,"
Don said.

"When will you be back?" Jack said.

"Our plane gets in at about two on Sunday afternoon. We
should be home by four or four thirty." Don replied.
"Listen you guys, I don't want the boys over here on Friday
or Saturday, or the girls at Marc's. If you kids want to
get together on Sunday, that's fine."

"Okay daddy," Kim said. "We won't. The girls and I are
looking forward to having the house to ourselves."

"Yeah," Jack added. "We are going to the hockey game on
Friday night and on Saturday I'm going to go over some of
the stuff the guys are going to learn in the boating class."

"That's not fair," Kim said. "The girls are going to take
the class too. We want to have a head start just like the

"Maybe we can wait until Sunday Kim," Jack said. "We'll
find something else to do on Saturday."

Kim smiled at her brother and thanked him. The family finished their dinner, and Kim and her mom cleaned up.
Jack and Don went into the family room to watch television
while the women worked in the kitchen.

Don yelled to his wife, telling her that a good movie was
about to start. Marge told him that she and Kim would be
out in a few minutes.

Once they were finished in the Kitchen, the two women
joined Don and Jack in the family room.

The family sat quietly and watched the movie on
television. When it was over, Don turned to the news.

"It's getting late," Marge said. "You kids should get to
bed so you can get up for school in the morning."

"Okay mom, I'm going to bed. Night daddy," Kim said
getting up from the couch.

Jack also got up, told his parents goodnight and followed
his sister up stairs.

"What is bugging you Don," Marge asked, after the kids
were gone. "You've been acting strange ever since you got
home this afternoon."

"It's Kim, I don't know what I'm going to do with that

"Now what?"

"When we were at the club, Marc, Bob, and I went to the
sledding hill to see the kids. They talked us into going
down the hill on the toboggans with them. While we were
sliding down, Kim put my hands on her tits and held them

Marge chuckled and said, "Why didn't you just pull them

Don thought for a moment, looked into his wife's eyes, and
said, "Because I didn't want to. Now I feel guilty about

"Our daughter is determined, isn't she Don."

"Yes, very determined. Every time I turn around, she is
throwing herself at me."

Marge moved close to Don, put her hand on his thigh, and
said, "As I said before, like mother like daughter."

Don laughed half heartily and put his arm around Marge's
shoulders. He stared off into the room, ignoring his
wife's hand on his crotch. Marge unzipped his slacks,
slipped her hand into the opening, and pulled his flaccid
penis out. She fondled his limp member, becoming
frustrated when he didn't respond.

"Maybe I should put my hair in pigtails and wear a short
skirt for you Don. Would that make this thing get hard?"

"It's not funny Marge, I'm scared to death that one of
these days she is going to come on to me and I'm going to
do something I may regret for the rest of my life."

"I understand, but you know…you may not regret it. You
might find you really like it."

Don's penis began to become erect as Marge continued to
play with it. She leaned over, took him into her mouth,
and wet his member, sucking gently on him. After several
minutes of her oral stimulation, Marge removed her mouth
and looked up at him.

"Are you getting excited because of what I'm doing, or
thinking of Kim?"

Don put his hand on the back of his wife's head and pushed
her back down to his hard-on. She opened her mouth and let
him slid past her lips to the back of her mouth.

"Kim who?" Don said as he unfastened his belt and undid
the button that held his slacks closed.

Marge began to hum as she moved her mouth up and down his
thick shaft, sending vibrations through his lower body.
Don put his hands on the sides of her head and pushed his
hips into her face. He felt his penis slid into her throat
and her nose against his pubic bone.

"Oh god that's good," he groaned as Marge pulled him out
of her mouth and ran her tongue along the underside of his
penis. "You give the best head in the world."

"I do huh? I'm glad you like it as much as I do," she
said as she moved her hand up and down his throbbing shaft,
twisting it as she did.

Don slipped his hand under her top and began to massage
her breast through her bra. He reached around to her back
and used his fingers to pinch the clasp and unhook the
garment, freeing her breasts. Marge sat up, pulled her top
over her head, and let the bra slide down her arms.

Moving onto her back, she gestured for Don to come to her.
He stripped his pants off, tossed them aside, and straddled
her. Marge guided him up her naked torso and put his rigid
penis between her breasts. Pushing the soft mounds
together, she trapped his member between her breasts. Don
began to move his hips, sliding his penis against her warm

"Tit fuck me Don," she moaned.

Don pushed forward and his wife extended her tongue,
licking the head of his penis each time it came within
distance. She put her hands on his bottom, pulled him
forward, and took him into her mouth, covering his shaft
with saliva. He pulled back and began to pump his member
between her breasts as she held them closed around him.

"Come on baby," she said. "Give me you hot cum. Fuck my
tits and shoot your spunk into my mouth!"

Speeding up his thrusts, Don continued to slide his penis
between her breasts. When he felt his testicles begin to
tighten, he sat up and wrapped his hand around his shaft
and began to pump his penis. Marge opened her mouth and
waited for him to begin squirting his semen into it.

"That's it Don, jack your cock off and fill my mouth with
cum. Spray my face and tits with you hot cum baby."

"Here it comes baby, here comes my hot cum for you."

Marge rubbed her breasts as her husband masturbated over
her. The first surge of cum that jetted from his penis
landed on her forehead and trailed over her nose to her
lips. The next spurt hit her extended tongue and she
quickly pulled it into her mouth. Don kept pounding his
penis, sending his seed against her chin and breasts. When
his tool stopped shooting and began to dribble, Marge took
it into her mouth and sucked the last drops from it.

Don sat back on his haunches and watched Marge collect his
semen with her finger and feed it into her mouth. He
listened to her smack her lips and moan as she savored his
cum. When she had wiped as much of the sticky fluid off
her flesh as she could, she began to rub what remained into
her skin.

Marge stood up on the bed, removed her slacks and panties,
and knelt in front of Don. Placing her hands on his
shoulders, she pushed him back onto the mattress, straddled
his hips, and lowered her crotch onto his flaccid penis.
Rocking slowly, Marge rubbed his member with her vulva.

"Dianne saw you fucking Anne last night," she said. "She
knows the four of us have sex with each other."

Don looked at his wife's face as she gazed down into his
eyes. She leaned forward, put her hands on his chest, and
moved her head closer to his.

"Shit," he replied. "I knew we weren't going to be able
to keep it a secret forever, not with all the swinging we
are doing. What did she say?"

"Not too much," Marge chuckled. "It turns out she and her
brother had a thing when they were younger."

"Are they still doing it with each other?"

Marge told Don about what happened between Dianne and her
brother and that her brother was killed. She also told him
that Bob knew about the relationship and was okay with it.

The constant motion of her crotch against her husband's
penis was beginning to make Marge excited. She moved up on
Don's torso, sliding her wet sex over his skin, until her
vagina was over his mouth. Still on all fours, Marge
lowered her crotch and waited for her husband's tongue to
touch her heated labia.

"Lick my pussy Don," she groaned as his tongue covered her.

Don reached around her, grabbed her bottom, and pulled her
crotch to his open mouth. He moved his tongue with quick
jabs, striking her clitoris. He shoved his tongue into the
folds of her labia, found her opening, and probed it as
deep as he could. Marge moaned with pleasure as he sucked her vaginal lips and nibbled at the soft flesh. When her
juices began to flow, her moved his face around and coated
himself with his wife's sweet nectar.

Marge felt her muscles begin to contract and her vagina quiver in response to Don's oral assault on her sex. She
supported herself with one arm and clutched at her breasts with her other hand. Her orgasm built steadily and she
groaned out loud as it reached its peak. When the feeling
began to diminish, Marge lifted her sensitive crotch from
his face and stretched out next to her husband, breathing

"I just love it when you do that to me Don, you make me
cum so fast and hard. I hope you never lose your desire to
eat me."

Don rolled onto his side and kissed her on the mouth. He
could taste his cum, and knew she could taste hers. After
several minutes, they got up and went to shower.


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