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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 58



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited
without the express written permission of the author. ©2001 By:
Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are
offended by material of this nature, are under the legal age in
your location to read this material, or it is illegal for you to
possess this material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at

The Lottery - Part 58 (MF, mf, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
Jack woke up before his alarm went off and lay in his bed. He
moved his hand down to his morning erection and began to stroke
it slowly as he thought about the conversation he had with his
sister the night before. Kicking the covers away, he climbed
out of bed, went into the bathroom, and tried to press his rigid
penis down at the toilet bowl. He was forced to lean forward in
order to urinate, but was finally able to complete his task.

Back in his bedroom, he contemplated laying back down and
masturbating before getting ready for school. After several
moments, he changed his mind and crossed the hall to Kim's room.
Jack opened the door, stepped into her room, and closed the door
behind him. He went to his sister's bed and gazed down at her
as she slept.

Kim was lying on her side facing Jack with her arms under her
pillow. Moving close to the bed, Jack took his hard-on in hand
and lightly rubbed the tip over her slightly parted lips. As he
stroked his shaft, a drop of pre-cum formed at the tip, and he
coated her upper lip with the salty fluid. Reaching down with
his free hand, Jack pulled the covers off her body and revealed
the tank top she slept in. He could see the valley her breasts formed, and traced the flesh above the shirt with his fingertip.

When his sister moved, Jack pulled his penis away from her
lips, but left his fingers on the top of her breast. He watched
her tongue extend slightly out between her lips and wipe over
the upper one. The moment Kim pulled her tongue back into her
mouth, he put his penis back to her lips. She opened her mouth
a little and Jack pressed his member against her teeth. He
slipped his hand under her top, found her nipple, and teased it
with the tip of his finger.

Kim opened her eyes, looked at Jack's pubic hair only a few
inches from her face, and opened her mouth. When she did, he
pushed forward and his penis entered her open mouth. She pulled
one of her hands from under the pillow, wrapped her fingers
around his shaft, and began to suck on the helmet shaped head
that was against her tongue. Jack moved his hand from her
breast to her crotch and raked his fingertips over her heart
shaped pubic hair. She opened her legs and he dipped between
them, parting her labia.

"What do you have in mind this morning?" Kim said as she
rubbed Jack's penis over her cheek.

"Getting laid," he said, and he pushed his finger into her

Kim took his penis back into her mouth and engulfed over half
its length as her brother fingered her. She put her right foot
on the inside of her left knee, opening her sex to Jack's
probing finger. When Jack pressed against her clit with his
thumb, Kim removed his penis from her mouth and began to stroke

"Put two fingers in my pussy," she moaned.

Jack added another finger to her vagina and pumped the digits
in and out. Kim rolled onto her back, spread her legs across
the bed, and lifted her bottom up the meet his hand. She took
her top by the hem, pulled it over her head, and dropped it onto
the floor next to the bed.

"Your pussy is so hot and wet Kim, it feels like it's on fire."

Reaching for his penis, Kim stroked him several times and said,
"It is on fire Jack, put your dick in me and make love to me."

Jack climbed onto the bed between her legs, leaned down, and
kissed her mons. He removed his fingers from her and licked her
labia. Slipping his hands under her legs, he put them onto his
shoulders and moved up, sucking first one nipple and then the
other. When she felt his penis against her sex, she rolled her
hips up and moaned as he entered her.

Pushing slowly, Jack slid his penis into her hot tunnel,
feeling her surround his shaft with her heated flesh. Once he
was fully into her, he held still for a moment and enjoyed the
feeling of her vagina. He pulled back slightly and then pushed
back into her again, moving his hips from side to side.

"Quit fooling around and fuck me," Kim said, grabbing her
ankles and pulling back. "I want you to do it hard!"

Jack pulled back and slammed his penis into her vagina, causing
her to grunt. He pushed himself up on his arms and began to
move his member like a piston in her. He moved so he was
kneeling, grabbed her butt with both hands, and began to thrust
at an ever-increasing pace.

"Like this Kim? Is this how you want me to fuck you?" He

"Yeah Jack, just like that. Shove your big cock in and out of
my pussy!"

Jack gazed down at Kim's breasts and watched them giggle as he
pounded his penis in and out of her. Kim's eyes were closed and
her mouth open as she pulled back on her legs each time her
brother's pubic mound hit hers. The two siblings kept up their
torrid love making as the sound of flesh slapping flesh filled
the room.

"I can't hold on any longer," Jack said.

Kim released her ankles, wrapped her legs around her brother's
waist, and felt his penis swell in her vagina as he spurt his
semen into her. He pressed his member deep into her vagina and
groaned as his muscles tightened and relaxed. Once his spasms
stopped, he let go of her bottom and collapsed on top of her
sweaty body.

"Did you cum too?" he asked her.

"No, but that's okay Jack."

"Sorry, I just couldn't last any longer. You make me so hot I
can't control myself."

"I'll be fine, you can make me cum next time," she said, a bit
frustrated. "We should get going so we're not late for school."

Jack rose slowly, pulling his penis out of her gripping vagina.
He stood next to the bed, extended his hand, and pulled Kim up.
Sliding one arm under her knees and the other around her back,
Jack picked Kim up and carried her into the bathroom. He
lowered her feet to the floor and helped her stand up. Kim
immediately sat on the toilet and Jack turned on the shower.

When Kim was finished, she and her brother stepped into the
warm shower and hugged as the water drenched their bodies. Jack
took a bottle of shampoo from the shelf, poured some into his
hand, and began to wash her hair. Kim kept her hands on her
brother's hips as he massaged the shampoo into her hair and
tilted her head back under the spray when he was finished.
After washing his own hair, Jack took the shower gel and
squeezes some into his hand. He covered the front of Kim's body
with the foaming gel, paying more attention to her breasts than
the rest of her naked flesh.

"Turn around and I will wash your back," he said as he poured
more gel into his hands.

They moved around so the water was striking Jack's back and Kim
was facing away from him. He began at her shoulders and worked
the lather over her back and down to her waist. He moved his
hands over her firm butt, covering the cheeks with suds. When
Jack slid his hand between her buttocks and moved it up and
down, Kim put her hands on the shower wall, leaned forward, and
moved her feet apart.

Jack kept one hand between her cheeks, moving back and forth
and took the shower gel in his other hand. He squeezed some of
the liquid out of the bottle and onto Kim's back at the top of
her crack.

Kim moaned as her brother moved his hand between her legs and
washed her sex. She felt his forearm against her vulva as he
soaped her pubic hair. When he pulled his hand along her crotch
and up to her anus, she shuddered.

Jack moved his soapy fingertip around her tight pucker,
applying pressure. Kim pushed back and yelped when his finger
slipped past the tight ring of muscle into her bottom. Slowly,
Jack worked his finger into her rectum until his folded knuckles
were against her butt. He began to move his finger in her
bottom pulling back and then pushing it in all the way. Jack
drizzled more gel onto her butt and used the slickness to coat
her inner bowels.

As Jack pushed his finger into her bottom, Kim pushed back.
When he felt she was ready, Jack added another finger,
stretching her anus open further. Kim bent forward, placed her
head against the wall and her hands on her knees. When she felt
Jack reach around her and touch her clit, she screamed out in

Kim reached between her legs, grabbed Jack's penis and pulled
him closer to her.

"Put your cock in my ass," Kim groaned.

Jack pulled his fingers out of Kim's rectum, poured some shower
gel into his hand, and coated his penis. He put the head of his
member against her anus and pushed forward. Kim pulled her
cheeks apart and yelled out as the bulbous head popped past her
tight sphincter.

"Wait a minute," she moaned. "I need to get use to it."

Jack felt her tight ring squeezing his penis as he tried to
hold still. His fingers were still toying with his sister's
clit as she pushed back and let more of his penis enter her

"Push in," she said. "Go slow and put more of your cock up my

Jack pushed forward and Kim pushed back. Slowly they worked
together until Jack's penis was fully embedded in her bottom.
He could feel her heat as he waited for her make the next move
or tell him what she wanted.

Kim began to move, sliding her anus up to the ridge of her
brother's penis. When she started to push back, Jack leaned
into her and slid his penis back into her. Once she was
accustom to the pressure and the feeling of being filled, she
let go of one of her cheeks and put her fingers on her clitoris
with Jack's.

"Fuck my asshole Jack! Finger my pussy and fuck me."

Jack slid two fingers into her vagina and felt his penis
through the thin membrane that divided the two cavities. As he
pulled back and then pushed forward, he could feel his shaft
glide against his fingers. Kim's fingers rapidly rubbed her
clit as her brother slid his member in and out of her anus. Kim
felt her orgasm building, making her entire body tingle.

Using her muscles, Kim relaxed her sphincter when Jack pulled
back and tightened it when he pushed in. She also flexed her
vaginal muscles around his fingers as her fingertips flew back
and forth over her hooded nub.

"Oh yes," she cried out. "Do it harder. Fuck my ass hard
Jack. I'm going to cum!"

Jack circled her waist with one arm and humped his penis in and
out of his sister's bowels. His other hand was between her
legs, his fingers deep in her vagina. The combination of her
tight butt around his penis and her quivering vagina around his
fingers had Jack close to another climax. He concentrated hard
on holding off until Kim was satisfied, promising himself he
wouldn't release his seed until she was ready.

"Your asshole is so hot on my dick Kim, it feels so good. Do
you like my cock in your ass? Do you like it when I finger fuck
your pussy and stuff my cock up your beautiful ass?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Kim grunted as he kept slapping her bottom
with his hips. "It feels wonderful having your big cock up my
ass and your fingers in my pussy."

Kim's orgasm reached its apex and she screamed out
incoherently. Jack felt her clamp her tight ring around the
base of his penis as he pressed it into her as far as he could.
He knew she was cumming and stopped holding back his climax,
sending his semen into her bowels.

When Kim felt his penis swell in her rectum, she moaned and
said, "Oh yes Jack, fill my ass with your cum. Fill my asshole
with your hot cum!"

Jack's discharge wasn't as strong as it was earlier, but he
sent several spurts of semen into his sister's bowels. When he
was spent, he held still and waited for Kim to come down from
her sexual summit, holding her around the waist.

Kim was panting, her head pressed against the wall. She
removed her hands from her crotch and butt and placed them
against the wall next to her head. She felt Jack's penis
shrinking in her rectum and slowly began to straighten up. As
she rose, Jack pulled back, pulling his flaccid member from her
stretched anus. She turned around slowly, draped her arms over
Jack's shoulders, and rested her head against his chest.

"Are you alright Kim?"

"Oh yes, I'm just fine. I may not be able to sit at school,
but it was worth it. I came so hard I thought I was going to
pass out."

"Are you ready for me to finish washing you now? I still need
to do your legs."

Kim giggled, released her brother, and stepped back. Jack
applied soap to her legs with his hands, moving slowly up and
down them. He knelt on the shower floor, pressed his lips
against her mons, and kissed Kim. She spread her legs slightly
and jumped when she felt Jack's tongue touch her tender clit.

"I can't take anymore right now," she said, pulling Jack's head
from between her legs. "Stand up so I can wash you before we
run out of hot water."

Jack stood in front of Kim and she quickly washed him. She
took extra care with his genitals, making sure there were no
remains of their anal sex. When the two siblings were finished,
Kim turned off the water and they dried themselves.

Jack went to his room to dress and Kim selected the lingerie
she would wear for the day. She put on her white satin thong,
lace bra, and a camisole. She went back into the bathroom to
dry and fix her hair before she dressed in her school uniform.

When she went downstairs, she saw Jack sitting at the kitchen
counter eating his breakfast.

"Good morning mom," she said. "Where's dad?"

"He's still in bed Kim," Marge said.

"Did you keep him up too late last night mom?" Kim giggled.

"That's none of your business young lady," Marge said.

Kim sat on a stool next to Jack, grimacing as she moved around.
Marge saw her daughter's contorted face and looked into her eyes
as she placed a glass of orange juice on the counter in front of

"Is there something wrong Kim?" She asked.

"No, I'm fine mom. Why do you ask?" Kim said.

"You act like it hurts to sit down," Marge replied.

"No, I'm just fine mom," Kim said.

"Okay, if you say so Kim." Marge said.

Kim and Jack finished their breakfast and left for school. The
roads were clear, but a thick blanket of snow still covered the

"Are you sure you're okay Kim?" Jack asked as he turned out of
the driveway onto the street.

"I'm a little tender back there, but I'll live. I really liked
it when you did me in the ass Jack, it was hot."

"You're real tight there Kim, it felt like my dick was in a

"Does that mean you don't want to do it again?"

"No! That's not what I mean at all Kim," Jack said laughing.
"I want to fuck your ass again…anytime you want me to."

"Jack," Kim said in a low voice. "I loved the way you woke me
up this morning. It was real sexy having you rub your dick on
my mouth. Will you do that again sometime?"

Jack smiled and nodded yes. He turned into the school parking
lot, found a space, and backed his truck in. After unfastening
his seatbelt, he turned to Kim and stared at her.

"You know kid," he said. "You are the cutest girl I've ever
seen. I'm glad we can have someone else and still make love

Kim blushed and said, "So am I Jack. If you don't stop
flattering me, I'm going to suck you off right here in the
parking lot."

Jack reached across the seat, ran his hand over the back of her
head, and said, "Do you think we have time?"

"Sure Jack, as long as you don't care if Megan watches. She is
right there," Kim said pointing out the windshield.

Jack chuckled and said, "I don't mind at all, but Megan may not
like it."

The two siblings broke out in laughter and opened their doors.
They climbed out of the truck and Jack held his arms open for
Megan. She scurried over to him, put her arm around his waist,
and kissed him.

"Hi Jack, hi Kim," Megan said. "How are you guys today?"

"Great Megan," Kim said. "Are we going to work out today after

"You bet, I missed it last Monday," Megan replied, as she
walked next to Jack, hand in hand.

"You know the boating classes start tonight too, do you still
want to go." Kim said.

"Yup, I'm looking forward to it. It'll be fun and I will learn
something new," Megan said.

The three teens entered the school and waited in the hall for
Tom and Sally to arrive. When they came in, they all greeted
one another. Kim, Sally, and Megan talked about working out and
going to the boating classes, while Tom and Jack made plans of
their own.

"We'll see you guys after school," Sally said to her brother and Jack.

The girls headed to their first hour class, waving to the boys.

Kim, Sally, and Megan met in the lunchroom and sat at their
usual table. They chatted about the past few days and the fun
they had at Kim's house during the snowstorm. As they
chattered, Crystal and Yuko came up to the table carrying their
lunch trays.

"Do you guys mind if we join you?" Crystal asked.

"Not at all," Sally said. "Grab a seat. We were just talking
about the storm and being holed up at Kim's."

Crystal and Yuko sat down next to each other and began to eat
their lunches.

"I had a wonderful time," Yuko said. "You guys are so much fun."

"I want to thank you guys again for including us," Crystal
said. "You know that the kids are going to talk about you
because we're sitting here."

"Fuck them," Kim said. "I couldn't care less about what they
think or say."

All five girls began to laugh and make jokes. They finished
their lunches, took their trays to the counter, and stacked them
with the other dirty things. As they walked out of the
lunchroom, Kim stepped between Crystal and Yuko, and put her
arms around their waists. Sally and Megan saw what Kim was doing
so they joined hands and walked out behind the three girls.

Once the girls were out of the lunchroom, they all broke out in
laughter. Kim smacked Yuko and Crystal's bottoms and removed
her arms from the girls.

"That'll give them something to talk about," Kim giggled.

"You're crazy Kim," Yuko said, laughing. "You're going to have
the whole school talking about you before the end of the day."

"They will be talking about Sally and Megan too," Crystal
added, tears of laughter running down her cheeks.

"Screw them all," Sally said sharply.

The girls walked down the hallway, laughing and cracking jokes.
A hall monitor told them to settle down, but they had trouble
controlling their laughter. When they reached the room where
Kim and Sally's next class was held, they all said goodbye.
Megan, Yuko, and Crystal headed for their next class, still

After school Kim, Sally, and Megan met at Sally's house to work
out. The three girls were changing into their outfits when Lisa
came downstairs to join them. Sally put a video into the player
and the girls began to stretch and warm up. After an hour of
exercise, they all showered and dressed.

"What time are we going to the boating class tonight?" Lisa

"I think it starts at about seven," Kim replied.

The girls all agreed to meet at Sally's and ride to the class
together. Lisa said she would bring her brothers and see if she
could borrow her parents' mini van for the night. After making
all the necessary arrangements, Lisa left.

"Megan," Kim said. "Could you please run me home?"

"Sure Kim, I'd be glad to. Maybe I can see your brother before
I go home to change."

Kim and Megan went out to Megan's car and pulled out of Sally's
driveway. On the way to Kim's, the girls talked about what they
had done in the lunchroom and the look on the kids' faces that
saw the display.

"You know Megan," Kim said. "You could always stop at your
house and change now and then eat dinner at my house. That way
we could ride back to Sally's together."

"That's a good idea Kim," Megan said as she turned the corner
and headed for her house.

Kim followed Megan up to her room and sat on the bed. Megan
removed her jacket and went into her closet to hang up her
school clothes. When she returned, she was wearing only her bra
and panties.

"What are you going to wear tonight Kim?"

"I don't know Megan, a skirt and sweater I guess. What are you
going to wear?"

Kim kicked off her shoes and pulled her legs onto the bed.
Pulling her skirt up, she folded her legs under her and leaned
back on her extended arms. The position allowed Megan to see
the gusset of Kim's pink panties, under her skirt, and she smiled.

"Are you trying to tease me Kim?" Megan asked as she walked
over to the bed.


"You are, even if you're not trying to."

Kim giggled, sat up, and hiked her skirt up her legs until it
was gathered at her waist. She put her hands on the inside of
her knees and slowly moved them up her thighs as Megan stared.
When her fingers reached her crotch, Kim rubbed herself and
moaned softly.

"Does watching me rub my pussy turn you on?" Kim asked.

Megan nodded her head and sat next to Kim on the bed. She
could feel the blood rushing to her face and her cheeks burn.
She put her hand on Kim's leg and moved it up, covering Kim's
hand with hers. Kim pulled her hand away from her crotch and
felt Megan replace it. When Megan slipped her fingers under the
elastic leg opening and touched her heated flesh, Kim leaned
back on the bed and closed her eyes.

With her free hand, Megan covered one of Kim's breasts and
massaged it through the white cotton shirt she wore. She
stroked her fingers over Kim's vulva, feeling the moisture that
was forming. Kim moaned as Megan's finger parted her soft folds
and rubbed her moist hot slit. She reached up, put her hand
behind Megan's head, and pulled her mouth to hers.

When Megan's lips met Kim's, she opened her mouth and waited
for the redhead's tongue. She felt Megan probe her mouth and
sucked on her tongue. Megan pushed her finger into Kim's vagina and wiggled it, causing her to lift her butt off the bed.
Suddenly, Megan broke the tender kiss, pulled her hand away from
Kim's crotch, and rolled away. She lay on her stomach next to
Kim, crying.

"What's the matter Megan?" Kim asked as she rolled onto her
side and put her hand on Megan's back.

Megan rolled onto her side facing Kim and embraced her. She
sobbed for a few minutes, holding her head next to Kim's.

"Kim, I've done something awful and I just have to talk to
someone about it."

"What is it Megan?" Kim said, stroking her back.

Megan lowered her voice until Kim could hardly hear her. She
mumbled into Kim's neck as her tears streamed from her eyes.
Kim pulled away slightly and looked into Megan's eyes.

"You can tell me Megan."

"I don't know how…it's so bad."

"Just spit it out, it can't be that bad. If you don't talk
about it, it will drive you nuts."

"I had sex with…with…Oh Kim, I can't."

"With who Megan? Who did you have sex with that has you so
torn up?"

Megan moved her head so Kim couldn't see her eyes. She pulled
Kim tightly against her and held her.

"My dad," Megan confessed softly. "I had sex with my dad. I
feel so bad Kim."

Kim felt jealous of Megan, knowing that she had accomplished
what Kim could only dream about. She hugged Megan and stroked
her back.

"Do you want to talk about it Megan?"

Megan told her about the night of her eighteenth birthday, the
wine she drank, and how she ended up sleeping with her parents.
She didn't go into graphic detail about the things that
happened, but did tell her that she went all the way with her
dad. After finishing her story, Megan relaxed slightly,
enjoying the feeling of Kim's hand, as it traveled from the
waistband of her panties to her bra strap.

"You must think I'm a terrible person Kim," Megan said.

"I don't think that at all," Kim replied. "In fact, I'm
jealous of you. I want to make love with my dad too, but he
keeps stopping me whenever I try."

Megan broke the warm embrace the two shared, looked into Kim's
eyes and said, "It's incest Kim. Do you know how much trouble
my family could be in if anyone else ever found out?"

"Of course I do, I know that it's illegal, but to some people
it's just making love with someone you love. How can that be
wrong Megan? How can being close with a person you love so much
be bad?"

A slight smile formed on Megan's lips and her eyes opened
wider. "I don't know, I just feel so guilty about it. Kim, you
have to promise to never tell a sole…especially Jack, he would
hate me forever if he found out."

Kim fought the urge to laugh as a vision of her brother making
love to her that morning popped into her head. She took Megan's
face in her hands, kissed her forehead and said, "You would be
surprised at just how understanding my brother can be. If Jack
ever found out, he wouldn't hate you Megan. That boy is so in
love with you that it would take something far worse than
fucking someone else to make him stop."

"My dad and I didn't just fuck Kim, we made love. I think
about that night all the time and I want to do it again, but I
feel like I cheated on Jack and it really bothers me."

"The feelings of guilt are something that you have to deal with
Megan. Just remember how long you felt bad about that day with
Danny and how long you carried around the guilt. Do you want to
feel like that again? Who ever said that you can only love one
person or only make love with one person?"

The two girls sat up on the bed and faced one another. The
thought of messing around was gone.

"What happened with that asshole Danny wasn't my fault. I
could have stopped what I did with my dad."

"I know that being raped wasn't your fault, but you felt like
it was for a long time," Kim said. "It was only when you
realized that you had nothing to do with it that you were able
to get on with your life. Don't let what happened with your dad
make you feel that way again."

Megan thought about what her friend was saying for several
moments and then nodded her head. She looked at the clock on
her nightstand and realized that they had to be at the boating
class in just over an hour. Climbing off the bed, Megan held
her hand out to Kim and pulled her to her feet. She wrapped her
arms around the younger girl and hugged her.

"Thanks for being so understanding Kim," Megan whispered. "We
better get going if we want to be on time for the boating class."

Kim noted the time, squeezed Megan firmly, and let her go.
"Throw something on girl, we have to go now."

Megan stepped away from Kim, removed the underwear she wore to
school and took a dark purple thong from her drawer. She pulled
the tiny garment up her legs and over her slender hips,
adjusting the back. She went into her closet and returned with
a black, long-sleeved sweater and a navy blue corduroy jumper.
Megan pulled the sweater over her head, smoothed it over her bra-
less torso, and put on the short jumper.

"What do you think?" Megan asked as she turned completely

"Cute," Kim said. "Let's go so I can change too."

The two girls left Megan's house, drove to Kim's, and went to
her room, greeting Don and Marge as they walked through the
house. Kim quickly stripped off her school uniform and grabbed
a long denim skirt that buttoned up the front, and a sweater
from her closet. Kim dressed, went to her bathroom to fix her
hair, and the girls went downstairs to eat dinner.

Kim and Megan joined the rest of the family at the dining room
table and fixed their plates. They chatted about school and the
boating class as they ate the pasta and sauce Marge had prepared.

"Are you going to go to the class tonight Jack?" Megan asked.

"Yes, I want to see about helping teach the class. The Power
Squadron can always use extra help," Jack replied.

When the group was finished with dinner, Kim and Megan cleared
the table. They rinsed the dishes, put them into the
dishwasher, and put the leftovers into the refrigerator.

How long before you're ready to go Jack?" Kim asked her
brother. "We're all meeting at Sally's house."

"I'm ready now Kim, I want to get there a little early to talk
to the instructors," Jack said.

The teens left the house after telling Don and Marge goodbye.
All three of them decided to ride in Jack's truck, leaving
Megan's new car at the house. Megan sat in the front seat
between Kim and her brother, close to Jack. Before he backed
the truck out of the driveway, Jack turned to Megan and kissed

Lisa and her brothers were already at Sally and Tom's when they
arrived. The teens decided that Tom, Lisa, Brad, and Sally
would ride in Tom's truck, Jack, Megan, Kim, and Paul in Jack's.
Once they were all in the vehicles, Tom followed Jack to the
public school where the classes were being held.

Paul sat next to Kim in the back seat of the truck, his arm
around her shoulders. Kim held his hand in one of hers, resting
the other on his thigh. She turned to Paul and put her lips to
his, kissing him. The two teens probed each other's mouths with
their tongues as Kim rubbed her hand along the inside of Paul's

Removing her mouth from his, she said, "Did you miss me?"

"Yeah, I missed you a lot Kim," Paul replied. "I wish we could
be alone for awhile."

Kim giggled, moved her hand up to his crotch, and rubbed his
already erect penis through his blue jeans. Paul lifted his
bottom up from the seat, pushing against her fingers and put the
hand that was draped over her shoulders on her breast. Kim
pulled the zipper on her jacket down halfway and Paul moved his
hand and massaged her breast through her sweater and bra. She
put her mouth back on his and pushed her tongue into his mouth
as she unfastened his button fly jeans. Kim reached into his
open slacks and wrapped her hand around his shaft, stroking him

Moving her mouth to Paul's ear, Kim whispered, "I wish I could
suck your dick right now and you could eat my pussy."

Paul groaned and increased the pressure on her breast. Kim
glanced into the front seat, lowered her head, and covered the
head of his penis with her mouth. She swirled her tongue around
the velvety helmet, sucking more of him in. The groans that
escaped Paul's throat caused Megan to glance back and see what
was going on.

Megan whispered into Jack's ear, telling him what was going on
behind him. He looked into the rearview mirror and saw Paul's
head leaning back and his eyes closed. Jack began to laugh out
loud, and he said, "Hey you two, we're almost there."

Kim lifted her mouth off Paul's penis and moved her fist over
his hot shaft. "So what?" She said, and took Paul back into
her mouth, pushing down until his penis was against the back of
her mouth.

As Jack turned into the parking lot of the high school, Paul
exploded, coating the inside of Kim's mouth with his semen. Kim
swallowed as Paul's penis shot surge after surge of hot cum into
her sucking throat. When he was finished, Kim held his still
hard penis in her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue.

Jack parked the truck and Kim removed her mouth from Paul,
tucking his penis back into his pants. She sat up, straightened
her sweater and jacket, and waited for her brother to turn off
the engine.

Tom parked next to Jack and the eight teens got out and headed
towards the door of the school. The class was being held in the
cafeteria and there were already several people seated in the
large room when they entered it. When they were all in the
room, everyone except Jack sat down at two tables near the front
of the room. Jack walked up to the head table and talked with
one of the instructors that taught the class when he had taken it.

"What the hell are you two grinning about?" Lisa asked Kim and

"Nothing really," Kim giggled. "I just gave Paul a blowjob on
the way here."

Lisa, Brad, and Sally's mouths dropped open and Paul's face
turned bright red. Megan winked at Kim and smiled, as Tom broke
out in laughter. When the others realized what Kim had said,
they also began to laugh.

The room quickly filled with students and the instructor
stepped up to the podium. He told everyone his name and said
that his assistants would begin handing out the course
materials. Jack, along with several other men, handed out the
course outlines as the instructor began to explain what the
group could expect to learn.

After the introduction, the students were given an opportunity
to purchase the workbooks, charts and plotting instruments that
would be required for the class. Once all of the students had
purchased the materials and returned to their seats, the
instructor began the class.

The first night covered personal watercraft and some of the
rules of the waterways. When the class was over, the instructor
told the group to be sure to purchase line and bring it to the
next session. He explained they would be learning to tie some
of the knots that were used in boating and how each one was used.

On the way back to the trucks, Megan asked Jack, "Where should
I go to get the rope I need?"

Jack chuckled and replied, "It's line, not rope. I will get
enough for everyone before next week. Maybe this weekend I can
teach all of you how to tie the knots we will cover in the next

When the teens arrived at the trucks, they decided that it was
late and would be best if Tom took Lisa and her brothers back to
his house and Jack drove Megan and Kim home. They all said
goodbye, got into the two vehicles and headed for home. Kim sat
in the front seat with Jack and Megan, as her brother drove back
to their house.

Sally sat between Brad and Paul in the back seat of Tom's
truck, chatting with Lisa about the class. When they arrived at
the house, Lisa and her brothers took off and Sally and her
brother went inside. The two siblings went into the family room
and sat with their parents, telling them about the class and
what they had already learned. After an hour, Sally announced
she was going to bed and left the room.

Tom followed his sister upstairs and into her room. He sat on
the edge of her bed and watched her put her books on her desk.

"Can you believe Kim?" Tom asked.

"Sure, why not?"

"I don't know…it just seems a bit bizarre doing what she did
and then telling everyone."

"She was just trying to shock you guys and it seems like she
did," Sally said as she sat next to Tom and removed her shoes.
"What the hell, wouldn't you have liked it if Lisa sucked your

Sally stood up, picked up her shoes, and carried them into the
closet. When she came back, she wore only her bra and panties.
Reaching behind her, she unfastened her bra, let it slip down
her arms, and put it into her drawer. Sally opened another
drawer, pulled out a white satin nightshirt, and slipped it on.

"Well of course I would have liked it if Lisa would have given
me a blowjob," Tom said, and then added quietly, "Almost as much
as I like it when you do."

Sally thought she heard what her brother said, but couldn't be
sure. She turned to him and said, "Really Tom?"

When Tom nodded his head, she was sure she had heard him right.
She turned away and smiled, knowing that her brother still liked
to have sex with her. Sally sat in her desk chair, folded her
legs under her, and opened the workbook for the boating class.
She began to peruse the pages, flipping one after the other.
Her mind wasn't on the contents of the book, rather the
statement her brother made.

Extending her arms above her head, Sally stretched. She put
her hands on her shoulders and rubbed herself, her arms crossed
over her chest.

"What's the matter Sally, are you sore from working out?"

"A little, more stiff than sore."

Tom stood up and moved behind her. He put his hands on her
shoulders and began to massage her. Sally lowered her arms,
folding her hands in her lap as her brother worked his fingers
against her. She moved her head from side to side, moaning as
Tom moved his thumbs to her neck.

"That feels so good Tom," Sally said. "Would it help if I took
off my nightshirt?"

Not waiting for a response from her brother, Sally grabbed the
hem of the nightshirt and pulled it off. She dropped it onto
the floor next to her desk chair and waited for Tom to put his
hands back on her now naked flesh. When he put his fingers over
her shoulders and his thumbs along her spine, she shivered.

Sally leaned forward, placing her hands on the edge of her desk
and her brother moved his hands lower on her back. She held
onto the desk, trying to keep the chair from rolling as Tom
massaged her, but the chair still moved.

"Let's try this," Tom said as he turned the chair so his sister was facing him. He pushed the back of the chair against the
desk and reached over her shoulders for her back. Sally again
leaned forward, holding her brother's hips for support. She put
her forehead against his stomach and groaned as he moved his
fingers along her sides and his thumbs down the middle of her

Feeling her crotch begin to tingle, Sally moved her hands to
the waistband of Tom's slacks and fumbled with the button. When
she finally unfastened the closure, she pulled the tab of his
zipper down and opened his pants. She reached into his boxers,
pulled his penis out of the fly, and wrapped her fingers around
it. Lowering her head, Sally rubbed Tom's hard member against
her cheek, feeling the heat against her skin.

Tom's hips flinched involuntarily as his sister extended her
tongue and lapped at the underside of his shaft. He moved his
hands from her back to her breasts and held them firmly. Using
his thumbs, he flicked back and forth over her hard nipples.

Sally took his testicles into the palm of one hand and began to
roll the orbs gently. She covered his hard-on with pecking
little kisses as he continued to massage her breasts. When the
tip of his penis came in contact with her lips, Tom tried to
push it into her mouth.

"Not so fast Tom," Sally said. "I want to enjoy the taste of
your cock before you cum."

"I'm going to cum soon Sally, you're driving me nuts."

Sally released his balls and penis and sat up. She smiled up
at her brother as he stood above her, his penis sticking out of
his boxers.

"Let's get on the bed Tom," she said, as she pushed his slacks
down his legs.

The siblings quickly removed their clothing and moved to
Sally's bed. Lying on her back, she guided Tom over her, one
leg on either side of her chest.

"Rub my tits with your cock Tom," she instructed holding her
breasts together. "Rub my nipples with the head of you dick."

Tom took his penis in his hand and moved it across her nipples.
He moved from one breast to the other, coating the hard
protrusions with the pre-cum that leaked from the slit in the
head of his member. When Sally released her breasts, he placed
his shaft between the firm mounds and she clamped them around him.

"Yes, Tom," she groaned. "Fuck my tits with your hot cock."

Tom leaned forward, placed his hands on the bed above his
sister's head, and humped his penis between her breasts. Each
time he pushed forward, Sally extended her tongue and the
bulbous head. After several minutes of the activity, Sally
released her breasts and put her hands on his buttocks. She
pulled him up and took his penis into her mouth, closing her wet
lips around the shaft.

The angle of the firm penis in her mouth caused Sally to gag
each time Tom thrust his hips down. She grabbed his sides and
pushed him up, releasing his penis from her mouth.

"Turn around, you're making me choke, Sally panted."

Tom got off his sister, turned around, and put his face between
her legs. He licked her vulva from the top of her slit to her
tight anus and back again. Using one hand, she grabbed the back
of his head and pulled his face tighter between her wide spread
legs. Sally used her other hand to stroke his penis and rub it
against her face.

"Your pussy tastes so good Sally," Tom mumbled into her crotch.

"I love the feeling of your tongue on me," she said. "Hand me
a pillow."

Tom reached out, grabbed one of the pillows, and handed it to
Sally. She folded it lengthwise and put it under her neck,
causing her head to tilt back. Hooking her arms under her
knees, Sally pulled her legs back and along her sides, her
calves next to her head.

"Fuck my face Tom," she said, waiting for her brother to
straddle her head and put his penis into her mouth.

Tom put his hands under her bottom, pressed his mouth over her
sex, and pushed his tongue into her opening. Sally strained to
get a hold of her brother's penis and guide it into her mouth.
The two squirmed around until Tom's shaft was embedded in her
mouth and his tongue was in her vagina. Pushing his hips down,
Tom felt his penis enter Sally's throat and his testicles
against her nose.

Sally groaned around the hot flesh in her mouth as Tom probed
her tight anus with the tip of his tongue. She wanted to tell
him to push his finger into her bottom, but she was unable to
talk. Tom began to slide his shaft in and out of her mouth and
his tongue in and out of her vagina. His head and hips thrust
forward and retreated at the same time as he felt his balls
begin to tighten and his penis swell.

When her brother's movements became erratic and she felt his
penis swell in her throat, Sally groaned and sent strong
vibrations into his member. Tom chewed on her labia and sucked her clit as he pressed his hips down and sent a strong jet of
semen into her throat. The swelling and spurting made it almost
imposable for Sally to breath and she was forced to release her
legs and push him up. When his penis stopped pulsing, Tom
rolled onto his side next to Sally.

"I though you were going to suffocate me," Sally said as she
sat up to catch her breath and coughing.

"I'm sorry Sally," Tom said, rolling on his side to face her.
"Are you okay?"

Sally nodded and Tom began to giggle.

"What's so funny Tom?"

"You've got cum running out of your nose."

Sally wiped her nose with her hand and examined it. She could
see a small amount of her brother's semen on her fingers and she
licked her upper lip, tasting the salty remains.

"I'm surprised that it isn't running out of my ass, it felt
like you shot a quart of the stuff into me."

"It's your fault Sally. If you didn't get me so turned on I
wouldn't cum so much."

Sally smiled and moved her crotch closer to her brother's face.
She lifted her leg, grabbed his head, and put his mouth over her

"Please finish what you started…I didn't cum yet," she cooed.

Tom licked her vulva and poked at her clitoris with the tip of
his tongue. When Sally began to fondle his overly sensitive
penis, he pulled his hips away from her and moved around so he
was kneeling between her legs. He leaned forward, put her legs
over his shoulders, and began to suck and lick at her labia.
Sally used her legs to pull him closer and felt his hands cover
her breasts.

"Oh yes Tom, suck my pussy and play with my boobs. You're
making my so hot!"

Tom continued his oral assault on his sister's wet vagina,
pushing his tongue into her as far as he could. With his
fingers, he rolled her nipples and moved his palms against her

Sally felt her orgasm being to build deep inside her and moaned
as Tom tapped at her hooded nub with his tongue. She reached
down and pulled at her skin, unsheathing her clit. When Tom
took it between his lips and sucked it firmly, Sally bucked her
hips up against his face. Her climax began to rumble through
her and her body tensed. She could feel her vagina quivering
and what felt like electrical shocks in her nipples.

When her orgasm reached its pinnacle, she pulled Tom's hands
away from her breasts and clamped his head between her thighs.
She rocked her hips from side to side and gyrated her sex
against his mouth and chin. Once the spasms began to diminish,
she released the grip on her brother's head and collapsed
beneath him.

Tom removed his face from between her legs and scooted up her
body, covering her with his. Both of them were drenched with
sweat and breathing hard. Sally gazed up into her brother's
face and saw his chin was covered with her juices. She took his
cheeks between her hands and pulled him close, licking the fluid
from his flesh.

"Wow Tom, that was great! You made me cum so hard I though I
was going to faint."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it kid, you taste so sweet I could eat
your pussy for hours."

Sally pulled his mouth to hers and began to kiss him. She
pushed her tongue between his lips and into his mouth, tasting
her own flavor as it mixed with the bittersweet remains of his
semen. When she felt his penis begin to stir against her mons,
she wiggled against him.

"Can you get that thing hard enough to fuck me?" She asked Tom
in a low gravelly voice.

Reaching between them, Tom took his penis in hand, stroked it
quickly a few times, and placed the head against her opening.
He slowly penetrated her slick tunnel, pressing his pubic bone
against hers.

Sally flexed her vaginal muscles and felt his manhood swell to
its full size deep within her. When he was fully erect, Tom
began to slowly move, pulling back half way and then pressing in
as far as he could. Sally hooked her legs over her brother's
calves and started to move slowly, matching his rhythm. Placing
his forearms along her sides and gripping her shoulders, he kept
his chest in contact with hers as they slowly mated.

Their lovemaking was slow and tender, neither of the siblings
rushing their movements. Sally savored the feeling of Tom's
penis as it slipped in and out of her vagina, and he the feeling
of her soft vaginal walls as they gripped him.

Running her hands over his damp back, Sally nibbled at his ear

"I love you Tom," she moaned. "I love the feeling of you big
cock in my pussy…in my mouth…and in my ass. I love it when we
make love slow and soft like we are right now and I love it when
you fuck me hard. Please never stop loving me, or making love
to me Tom."

"I love you too Sally and I promise that I will make love to
you anytime you want…anyway you want, as long as you want me to."

Sally smiled, closed her eyes, and pulled her brother close to
her. She sensed he was getting close to cumming and slowed her
movements in an attempt to make their coupling last a little
longer. When Tom noticed she stopped, he sank his penis deep
into her vagina and held still.

"It's so wonderful to be inside you Sally."

Sally nodded and moved her hips slightly, "It's wonderful for
me too Tom. Please do me…please fill me with your cum."

Tom rose up and then sank back into her. Sally moved her hips
up to meet his thrusts and soon their lovemaking took on a
fevered pace. Tom withdrew his penis until only the head
remained inside sally's vagina and then slammed back down,
meeting her rising hips. The two grunted each time their
crotched met as they continued to thrust against one another.

Sally and her brother continued to increase the effort of their
lovemaking. Their bellies slapped together and Sally's legs
began to flail about above Tom.

"Oh god yes!" Sally screamed into her brother's shoulder.
"Fuck me hard Tom."

Placing her feet on the bed, Sally pushed her hips up into
Tom's driving penis. She moved her head back and forth below
him, rambling on incoherently. Tom felt his penis begin to send
jet after jet of semen into her convulsing vagina as the two
climaxed together. His buttocks tightened and his legs quivered
as he pressed into Sally. When their orgasms concluded, they
went limp, Tom still in Sally's vagina.

After resting, Sally rolled Tom off her chest and snuggled up
next to him. She stroked the side of his face with her
fingertips and smiled.

"That was awesome Tom, can you do it again tonight?"

Tom chuckled and said, "I don't think so sis, I'm worn out…or
at least my dick is."

"Aww, that's too bad," Sally giggled. "I still have a place
you haven't visited yet tonight."

Tom looked at her strangely, trying to figure out what she was
talking about. When Sally rolled onto her stomach and stuck her
bottom into the air, Tom laughed and smacked it.

"You are so nasty Sally," Tom said.

"Why am I nasty? I just like to have your dick up my ass."

Tom began to spank his sister's bare butt, making her squirm
around. Twisting around and hanging his legs over the side of
the bed, he pulled Sally across his lap and held her down with
one arm and resumed spanking her.

When she began to whimper, Tom stopped smacking her red bottom.

"Please don't stop, spank me harder!"

"What?" Tom said.

"Spank me harder daddy, I've been a bad little girl today."

Tom realized that his sister was roll playing and raised his
hand and brought it down on her butt.

"What did you do today young lady? Tell me why you are bad."

"I sucked a boy's cock daddy. I took it in my mouth and sucked it till he shot his spunk down my throat."

Sally could feel the heat building in her buttocks and her
brother's penis moving against her side. The spanking she was
receiving from her brother wasn't hard enough to make her cry,
but she could feel a stinging sensation.

"You know you aren't supposed to do that Sally. Why were you
acting like a little tramp and blowing a boy?"

"I'm sorry daddy," she moaned. "I'm sorry I acted like a slut."

"I'm very disappointed in you young lady," Tom said as he
spanked her. "Just what were you thinking of when you sucked that boy's dick?"

"I can't tell you daddy," Sally said. "If I do, you'll be even
madder at me."

"If you don't tell me, I will get my belt and whip your ass
until you can't sit down."

Sally reached between her brother's legs, gently cupped his
testicles in her hand, and said, "I was thinking of you daddy!
I was pretending it was your cock I was sucking."

Sliding off Tom's legs, Sally knelt on the floor and took his
penis in her hand. She pumped her fist over the rigid shaft,
leaned forward, and took it into her mouth. After bobbing her
head up and down several times, she pulled off his member and
looked up into his eyes.

"Please don't be mad at me for being a little slut daddy. I
just always wanted to suck your cock and have you fuck me."

Tom grabbed her head and guided it down. She opened her mouth
and took his penis back into her mouth, engulfing the entire
length as he pressed down on the back of her head.

"Then suck it you little slut! Suck daddy's cock and make me
cum in your mouth."

Tom moved his hands to the sides of her head, stood up and
began to pump his penis into her mouth. Sally grabbed his butt
with both hands and sucked as hard as she could as the hard
member assaulted her throat.
Just out side Sally's bedroom door, Anne and Marc listened in
disbelief as their children played out their sexual game.
Marc's penis was hard and Anne was stroking it, as they stood
opened mouthed.

They were on their way to bed when they heard moaning coming
from their daughter's room and went to investigate. When they
realized the two teens were making love, they stayed outside the
door and listened. Anne had reached into her husband's pajama
bottoms and began playing with him as they whispered about what
the two were up to.

Marc was about ready to take his wife to bed for some
lovemaking of their own when they heard the spanking start.
Instead of leaving, they stood outside the door to see what
would happen. When they heard their daughter start to talk the
way she was, they couldn't leave.

"What should we do?" Anne said quietly. "Do you think we
should stop them?"

Marc was in a daze. He had visions of his fifteen-year-old
daughter on her knees in front of him, his penis in her mouth.
Moving his hand from his wife's bottom to the back of her neck,
he pushed her down.

"No, I don't think we should stop them, I think you should get
down and suck your daddy's cock."

Anne began to giggle like a schoolgirl, dropped to her knees,
and began to lick her husband's throbbing shaft. She played
with his dangling balls and curled her tongue around the head.

"Like this daddy?" She said gazing into his lust filled eyes.
"Is this what you want me to do to your cock?"

Marc intertwined his fingers in her hair, pulled her to his
crotch, and said, "Don't play around! Put my cock in your mouth
and suck me off or I will spank your ass."

Anne opened her mouth and covered his penis. She swirled her
tongue around the ridge and took him into her throat. Marc
began to pump his hips wildly as his wife sucked him and toyed
with his testicles. In the matter of a few minutes, he felt his
penis swell and the first jet of cum shoot into her mouth.

Reaching down, Marc wrapped one hand around his penis and held
his wife by the hair with the other. He pulled his member out
of her mouth and jacked himself off as his penis sprayed semen
over her face. Anne opened her mouth, extended her tongue, and
waited as the hot sticky fluid hit her face and dripped onto her
tongue. When Marc's ejaculations began to diminish, he pushed
his penis back into her mouth.

Anne suckled him for a moment, released his penis, and turned
her cum splattered face up. She looked into her husband's
glassy eyes, used a finger to scoop the semen into her mouth,
and smiled.

"Did I do it right daddy? Did I make your big cock feel good?"
She said in a high-pitched voice, trying to make sure the kids
on the other side of the door couldn't hear her.

Marc nodded his head, reached for her arm, and pulled her to
her feet. They left their daughter's door and made their way to
their own room, walking silently. Once they were safely in
their room and the door was closed, Marc took his wife into his

"You're not pissed at me are you?" Marc asked his wife. "I
didn't really mean for things to get out of hand like that."

"No, I'm not pissed at you Marc," she replied as she circled
his waist with her arms. "It was real hot in fact. I only have
one request."

"What's that?"

"Next time, you get to play Tom…okay?"

"Why you nasty little woman," Marc chuckled. "Do you mean to
tell me that you want to fuck our son?"

Anne pulled back, looked into his eyes, and grinned. "I've
thought about it, but playing like you are him will have to
do…for now."

Marc and Anne went to their bed, sat down, and faced one another.

"You're serious, aren't you?" He said.

"I've thought about it, that's all. Haven't you thought about
fucking Sally? Don't you wonder what it would be like to make
love with your daughter?"

"Well…yes…I have thought about it Anne. I just don't know if I
could ever go through with it. I don't know if I could live
with myself if I ever did anything like that."

"I know how you feel Marc," Anne said as she stood up, pulled
the covers back, and climbed into bed. "I feel guilty sometimes
just thinking about having sex with Tom. I have no idea how I
would feel if I ever went through with my fantasies."

Marc turned off the light, slid into bed next to Anne, and
wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her softly and stroked
her hair.

"Goodnight sweetheart," Marc whispered into her ear. "Thanks
for not getting mad at me."

"I love you Marc."
Tom's penis erupted for the third time, sending his cum into
his sister's mouth. As soon as he was finished, he pulled his
tender member out of her mouth and stepped back. Sally knelt on
the floor smiling and wiped the drool from her chin with the
back of her hand. She slowly stood up and rubbed her still warm
bottom with both hands.

"Are you alright Sally?"

"I'm fine, I just need a shower…a cold shower. My ass still
feels hot."

"Come on, I'll wash you back for you sis."

"Okay, as long as you take it easy on my ass."

"I'm sorry I hurt you Sally, I didn't mean to."

Sally turned to her brother, hugged him and said, "You didn't
do anything that I didn't want you to Tom. I just hope you
don't think I'm weird or anything because of the way I acted…it
was just a game."

"I know you were just playing Sally. I thought it was hot the
way you acted," he said. After hesitating for a moment he
added, "You don't really think about having sex with dad do you?"

Sally let go of Tom's waist and shrugged her shoulders. She
turned and walked towards the bathroom as Tom stood watching.

"Are you going to wash my back or not Tom?"

"Oh…yeah, sure. I'm coming."

The siblings got into the shower and Sally turned on the water,
setting it cooler than she normally did. She stood with her
back to the spray and let the cold-water cascade down her back
and over her bottom, feeling the heat leave her red flesh. Tom
stood in front of her and stared into her eyes.

"You really do want to fuck dad don't you?"

"I don't know," she fibbed. "I guess I've thought about
it…have you ever thought about doing it with mom?"

Tom picked up the soap and began to rub the bar over his
sister's body, lingering at her breasts. He watched her nipples
become erect as his slippery fingers toyed with them. When he
moved down to her crotch and slipped his hand between her legs,
she grabbed his shoulders for support and moved her feet apart.

"Yeah, I've though about it...I've thought about Aunt Marge too."

Sally turned so Tom could wash her back and said, "Wow, Aunt
Marge! Maybe you could get mom and Aunt Marge together."

Tom laughed and rubbed the soap over Sally's bottom. She
squirmed a little, but let him continue washing her. When he
started to wash the back of her leg, Sally leaned against the
wall, lifted her foot, and placed it on his thigh. After Tom
finished with one leg, she put it down and lifted the other.

Sally rinsed the suds off her body after Tom was finished
washing her. She took the bar of soap and began to return the
favor, moving quickly over his body. When she began to soap his
penis and testicles, Tom felt shivers run through him.

"Having mom and Aunt Marge in the same bed would be hot, but I
would rather have you and mom."

Sally slowly stroked his soap-covered penis and said, "You're
sweet Tom…I think I would like that too. Maybe even all of us,
you know…you, mom, dad, and me."

"It is turning me on to think about it Sally, but you know
it'll never happen. mom and dad would never think of messing
around with us."

Tom pulled his sister's hand away from his penis and stood
under the water to rinse off. He turned off the shower, opened
the sliding glass door, and stepped out onto a small rug.
Grabbing two towels, he handed one of them to Sally, and began
to dry himself off.

"Kim wants to fuck Uncle Don," Sally said as she wrapped her
hair in a towel. "She and I have been trying to tease our dads."

"She told you she wants to have sex with Uncle Don?"

"Yeah, we talk about it a lot. I think she's obsessed with the
idea of having sex with her dad. She brings it up almost every
time we are together," she said, running her hand over her pubic
hair. "Do you think my pussy looks good like this Tom, or
should I let my hair grow back?"

"It looks great Sally. Why do you think Kim is so bent on
having sex with her dad?"

"She just is Tom, I guess most girls think about sex with there
dads at one time or another. Don't guys think about sex with
their moms?"

Tom shrugged his shoulders, but didn't answer her question. He
left the bathroom and went into the bedroom to gather his
clothing. Sally came in and put her arm around his waist. She
stretched up, kissed his cheek, and hugged him close to her.

"Are you going to sleep in here with me tonight?" She asked in
a low sexy voice. "I would really like it if you did."

Tom dropped the armful of clothes he was holding onto a chair
and went to Sally's bed. He pulled back the covers and pointed
to a large wet spot on the sheets.

"We made a mess of your bed Sally, do you want to change it
tonight or sleep in my room?"

"I can put clean sheets on it, I'll run down the hall and a
fresh set while you pull the dirty ones off."

Sally opened the bedroom door, looked down the hallway, and
walked out of the room. She went to the linen closet and opened
the door. While she stood looking into the closet, she heard
her parent's bedroom door open. She turned and looked at her
dad standing in the doorway naked.

The two of them stood staring at one another for several
moments and then Sally said, "Did I wake you up daddy?"

"No honey, I just heard a noise and came out to check it out."

"I'm sorry, I was trying to be quiet. I just wanted to get
clean sheets for my bed." Sally said as her eyes traveled from
her dad's face to his crotch and stopped.

Marc noticed his daughter's gaze and he felt his penis respond.
She made no attempt to move her eyes and watched as her dad's
penis slowly filled with blood. Marc's penis wasn't becoming
fully erect, but it was growing in length as it hung over his
testicles. For several moments the two of them stood facing one
another, Sally's eyes affixed on her father's penis, Marc's eyes
on her breasts.

Finally, Sally forced her eyes away from her dad's member and
up to his face. She walked up to him, put her arms around his
neck, and pressed her body against his. She kissed him on the
cheek, feeling the heat from his crotch against her. He too was
aware of the contact and his penis responded by jumping against
her naked flesh.

"Goodnight daddy," she said in a labored voice. "I'll see you
in the morning."

Unconsciously, he put his arm around his daughter and pulled
her tight to his body. He kissed her on the forehead and let
his lips linger for a few seconds before moving them away.

"Goodnight honey, sleep tight." Marc released her and stepped

Just before he turned to go back into his room, Sally looked
down and saw his penis lift up from his heavy scrotum. She
noticed the bulbous head and its dark hue. Her mind filled with
the image of his thick member entering her mouth and she felt
her vagina begin to tingle. The sound of her parent's bedroom
door closing snapped her out of her trance and she shook her
head in an attempt to get back to reality.

Sally grabbed a set of clean sheets from the closet and
scurried back to her bedroom, closing the door behind her. She
tossed the top sheet on the chair with Tom's clothes and
unfolded the fitted sheet.

"What's the matter with you?" Tom asked, looking into her
glazed eyes and seeing her flush complexion.

"What…oh, uh…nothing's wrong, help me with the sheets."

Tom watched her as they stretched the sheet over the mattress
and tucked it in. He could tell that something had an affect on
her and he wanted to know what it was. Quietly, they put the
top sheet on the bed and then the blankets. Sally turned off
the overhead light, leaving only the small lamp on the
nightstand illuminating the room. She climbed into bed and held
the covers up for her brother as he slid in next to her. She
pulled the towel off her head, tossed it at the bathroom door,
and reached over Tom to turn off the light.

The moment the room went dark, Tom put his arm around her and
pulled her on top of him. He held her close and rubbed her back
as she snuggled against him.

"What happened Sally, you were gone a long time. When you came
back you looked all hot and bothered."

Sally nuzzled her face into his neck and told him what had
transpired in the hallway with their father. As she related the
story, Tom moved his hand down her back and let it rest on her
bottom. Sally wiggled her hip into his crotch and felt his hard-
on press against her as she finished by telling him about their
dad's erection.

"No wonder you were all turned on," he said. "I can't believe
dad got a boner in front of you."

"Why not Tom," she said reaching between them and wrapping her
fingers around his hard shaft. "You get a hard-on all the time
when we are naked together. Don't you think dad thinks I'm sexy?"

"I'm sure he thinks you're sexy sis, who wouldn't. You have a
great body and you're beautiful too. No man, in their right
mind, would think you aren't hot."

Sally slid off her brother, maintaining contact with is body
and keeping her hand on his penis. She didn't stroke him, she
just held him firmly and felt his pulse against the palm of her

"Goodnight Tom."

"Goodnight Sally," he replied, adding softly, "I love you."

Sally moaned, wiggled her body against his, and closed her
eyes. The two fell asleep snuggled together, Sally still
holding his penis.


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