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Archived Sex Stories

The Lottery Part 59



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual property of the
author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly prohibited
without the express written permission of the author. ©2001 By:
Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity to
persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex between
family members. It is intended for adults only. If you are
offended by material of this nature, are under the legal age in
your location to read this material, or it is illegal for you to
possess this material, go no further.

The author may be contacted at

The Lottery - Part 59 (MF, MFM, MMF, MM, oral, inc, con)
By: Dark Vision
Anne and Marc sat next to each other at the kitchen table
drinking coffee and talking about the night before. Sally and
Tom hadn't come downstairs yet, although it was getting close to
the time they would have to leave for school.

Marc didn't mention what happened in the hallway to Anne when
he returned to the bedroom, telling her it was only one of the
kids, but he felt guilty for not telling her what happened..

"Anne," he said, holding his coffee cup with both hands. "Last
night when I went out to see what the noise was, I saw Sally in
the hallway. She was at the linen closet looking for clean

Anne smiled and said, "She and Tom must have messed up the bed.
Those two can't seem to keep their hands off one another

Marc chuckled, took a sip of his coffee, and stared into the cup.

"When I saw her, she was only wearing a towel…wrapped around
her head. She acted like it was no big deal to be walking
around naked."

"It isn't a big deal Marc, you've seen her nude a lot of times."

"I know honey, but this time it was different…this time it
aroused me. I feel like shit, thinking about it."

"Well it isn't any wonder, after what we heard and did in the
hall last night. I'd be worried about you if seeing Sally naked
had no affect on you," Anne said reaching over and putting her
hand on his leg.

"Christ Anne, I'm her father! I'm not supposed to have
thoughts like that."

Anne squeezed his leg and giggled. "You're a man Marc. All
men think with the little head sometimes…in fact, most of the
time. You aren't going to tell me that seeing a cute young girl doesn't make you think are you?"

"No, but my daughter! I feel like some kind of pervert."

"Let me get this straight," Anne said laughing. "You fuck your
sister, you fuck my brother, and you feel like a pervert because
your daughter gave you a hard-on! I think you're losing your
mind Marc."

Marc smiled and then began to laugh. "I see what you mean
Anne, I am being a bit of a hypocrite…aren't I?"

Anne nodded and slid her hand up to his crotch she gently
squeezed his genitals and kissed his cheek. She heard Tom and
Sally talking and removed her hand just as they entered the

"Good morning," Anne said. "Did you two sleep well last night?"

Sally glanced at her brother and grinned, "Morning, I slept

"Me too," Tom announced as he took two glasses out of a
cupboard and filled them with orange juice. He placed one on
the table and drank the other down.

Sally brought two bowls and a box of cereal to the table,
placed one of the bowls in front of her brother, and filled the
other from the box. She slid the box of cereal over to her
brother and poured milk into her bowl.

"Are you guys all ready to go to New York?" Sally asked.

"Almost," Marc said. "We just have to pack a few more things."

"What time is your flight dad?" Tom said.

"Our flight is at six-thirty tomorrow morning, we have to leave
for the airport at about five," Marc replied.

"Wow, that's early," Sally said. "I'm glad I don't have to get
up at that hour."

"We have to get up at about four in the morning," Anne said.
"Your Uncle Don is going to pick us up and then we have to
pickup Mr. and Mrs. Phillips."

"Don't wake me up to say goodbye," Tom chuckled. "I only get
up that early to go fishing."

Marc and Anne both laughed and assured their children they
wouldn't wake them. Tom and Sally finished their breakfast and
left for school.

"Would you like to go into the family room and watch the news
with me Anne?" Marc asked his wife as he stood up and went to
the counter for more coffee.

"Sure honey," she said. "Pour me another cup too."

With their cups refreshed, they went into the family room and
Marc turned on the television. They watched the news,
commenting on the local events. When the weather came on, they
listened to the announcer predict more snow for late that night
and into the next morning.

"That's just great," Marc said. "It will take forever to get
to the airport. Maybe I should call Don and suggest we leave

"I think that would be a good idea, I don't want to be late for
our plane."

Anne got up from the couch and went to the phone. Just as she
reached for the handset, it rang. She picked it up and said
"hello" to her brother. Anne talked for a few moments and hung

"That was my brother," she said. "He wants to leave tonight
and get a room at the airport so we don't have to drive in the

"That's fine by me, how long will it take us to finishing

"Not too long, I only have a few things left to pack. We have
all day to get ready. I don't want to leave until the kids get
home from school."

Anne sat back down on the couch, picked up her coffee, and
watched the rest of the news with her husband. When the news
was over, they went upstairs to finish packing.
"Anne said she and Marc think it's a good idea too," Don told
Marge. "I will call Bob and Dianne and let them know."

"Okay Don," Marge said. "I'm going to run upstairs and start

Don called Bob and told him about getting a room at the
airport. When he was finished talking with Bob, Don called the
hotel at the airport to reserve the rooms for the night.

"I talked to Bob," Don said as he walked into the bedroom. "He
said that it was okay with he and Dianne."

"Did you call the hotel?" Marge asked as she went through her
drawers pulling out the clothes she would need to pack.

"Yes, they only have one room left. It seems like we're not
the only ones that want to avoid the bad roads. I took the
room, it has two queen sized beds in it and I figured we could
make due for one night."

"I'm sure it'll be fine Don."

Don pulled two suitcases out of the closet and placed them on
the floor. He opened the bags and asked what he could do to
help. Marge pointed at the stacks of folded clothing on the bed
and told her husband which suitcase to put them in. Once all of
the items they wanted to take were packed into the bags, Don
closed them and placed them in the hallway outside their bedroom

Walking up behind Marge, Don put his arms around her waist and
pulled her back against him. He began to kiss the back of her
neck and flick her earlobe with his tongue. Marge put her hands
over his and leaned her head back onto his shoulder. When he
began to kiss her neck, she pulled his hands up to her breasts and moaned softly.

"What do you have in mind?" Marge asked.

"Well, I thought we could have a little fun before we leave,"
Don whispered into her ear.

"Are you afraid you won't get enough while we're gone?"

"No, I'm afraid I won't get enough of you while we're gone," he
said as he slipped his hands under Marge's shirt and back up to
her breasts.

Marge turned to face Don, unfastened her slacks, and worked
them over her hips and down her legs. She took her top off as
Don quickly dropped his pants and removed his shirt. Once they
were both naked, Marge wrapped her hand around his penis and
pulled on it. Don followed her to the edge of the bed and
reached between her legs.

As Don's penis grew in his wife's hand, he rubbed her vulva and
probed between her vaginal lips. He slipped his finger into her
vagina and wiggled it in the warm wet cavern.

"Oh, that feels good," Marge moaned. "I like to feel your
fingers in my pussy."

"You do huh, how about my cock? Would you like to feel that in

Marge picked up one of her legs and placed it on the bed. She
pulled Don's penis to her crotch and rubbed the head against her
mons. Don removed his finger from her vagina and she placed him
at her opening.

"Put that thing in me," She said.

Bending his knees slightly, Don moved closer to her and pushed
his hips forward. Marge held his hard shaft until she felt him
enter her and then let go. Placing her hands on her husband's
sides, she leaned her head back and groaned as his manhood slid
deep into her vagina.

Don began to pump his penis in and out of Marge slowly,
hesitating each time he was fully embedded in her. He began to
increase the speed of his lovemaking as his wife thrust her hips
towards him. Grabbing her by the hips, he stopped her movement,
pulled all the way out of her, and then drove his member back
into her vagina.

Marge grunted and groaned as he stabbed his penis in and out of
her heated hole. She put one hand between her legs and rubbed
her clit as Don continued his assault. After about fifteen
minutes of pounding his penis into his wife, Don pulled away and
turned her around. Marge climbed onto the bed and waited on all
fours for him to resume his action.

Holding his penis in his hand, Don rubbed his slick member
between the cheeks of her upturned bottom. With his other hand,
he gripped one of her hanging breasts and massaged it firmly.

"Quit fucking around and put your dick back in my pussy Don, I
feel empty."

Don pointed his member at her opening and shoved it in until
his hips slapped against her butt. He pulled back and then
slammed forward as he held her shoulder with one hand and her
breast with the other.

Marge rocked back as Don pushed forward, groaning out her
pleasure. She began to flex her vaginal muscles around his
penis, gripping him each time he was all the way into her. The
two kept up their lovemaking for several more minutes and then
Marge pulled away again. She spun around on the bed and took
his penis into her hand.

"I want to taste your cum," she said as she fisted his penis.
"Tell me when your ready and I'll suck your big cock dry."

"Okay baby, you keep jacking me off and it will only be a
couple of minutes."

Marge opened her mouth and pumped her hand over his rigid
shaft, anticipating the first surge of semen. Don stood at the
side of the bed, his hands on his hips, and watched his wife's
hand glide over his throbbing flesh.

"I'm getting close Marge, I going to shoot my load soon. If
you want to eat my cum you best get my cock into your mouth."

Keeping a grip on his penis, Marge flipped onto her back and
looked up at him. Again she opened her mouth and pulled him
closer to her. She extended her tongue and licked the head of
his penis, collecting the pre-cum that leaked from the slit in
the tip.

Don leaned forward, placed his hands on the bed beside Marge,
and began to groan. Marge scooted on her back until her head
hung over the side of the bed and pulled him into her mouth.
The minute he felt his penis against her tongue, Don pushed down
and feed his member into her mouth.

Marge wrapped her lips around his shaft and sucked hungrily on
his penis. She kept her hand wrapped around the shaft to
prevent him from sinking into her throat and shooting his semen
past her tongue. She wanted to taste his cum when he ejaculated and she couldn't savor the flavor if he went too deep.

"Here it comes!" Don groaned. "I'm going to cum in your mouth."

Marge increased her suction and swirled her tongue against his
penis. When the first spurt of semen shot into her mouth, she
stopped the suction and pumped his shaft. She closed off the
opening to her throat with her tongue, allowing his spunk to
collect in her mouth. When he was spent, she removed his penis
and sat up on the edge of the bed.

Opening her mouth so Don could see inside, Marge moved the
puddle of salty fluid around with her tongue. A small amount
dribbled out of her mouth, ran down her chin, and dripped onto
her lap. After several moments, Marge swallowed the semen and
licked her lips.

"Mmmm, that's so good," she said. "I love the taste of your
cum and the feeling of it in my mouth."

Don wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand,
grinned at his wife and said, "You do huh? Well anytime you
need to taste me, let me know. I'll let you suck my cock
anytime you want to…but you already knew that."

"I know," she said as she licked at his flaccid penis. "I just
like to hear you say things like that."

"Have you ever heard of the 'mile high club' Marge?" He asked
as he sat next to her.

"What's that?"

"It is a club you become a member of when you have sex in an
airplane…you know 'a mile high'."

Marge leaned against him and smiled. "So are you a member?"

"No, but I thought we might become members on the flight to New

"Sounds like fun to me Don. Were you planning to make me a
member…or do you have someone else in mind?"

"Like who?"

"Oh, I don't know," she chuckled. "Maybe your sister or Dianne."

"Well, I never really thought about anyone but you, but your
idea is intriguing."

"Asshole!" she said, slapping his leg. "I was just kidding. I
want you to do me…if you fuck anybody at all in the plane."

"I was just kidding too," he said as he rubbed his leg.

Marge kissed his cheek and said, "You had better be kidding.
If you want to fuck your sister or Dianne, you can do it after
you fuck me. How do you plan to do it in the plane with out
getting caught?"

"Well, if it was dark you could just sit on my lap in the seat,
but we will have to do it in the bathroom."

Marge giggled at the thought of making love in the tiny
bathroom aboard the plane. "I can't wait for that Don."

"Me either baby, we'll just have to control our noise. We
don't want a flight attendant to open the door to see if
something is wrong. You know how loud you can get sometimes
when we're fucking."

"Yes, I know," she said. "Does it count if I blow you? That
way my mouth would be full of cock and I couldn't scream."

"Yeah, I guess that would count, but I would rather fuck you."

"Okay then," she giggled, "it's settled. You fuck me and I
don't scream."

Don began to laugh at her, slipped his hand under her bottom,
and squeezed her. She put her arm around his neck, pulled his
mouth to hers, and kissed him. The two cuddled and kissed for a
few minutes and then got up from the bed. Marge smoothed the
covers and made sure there was no evidence of their lovemaking.

"I'm going to jump into the shower and then get dressed to go,"
Don said.

"Alright honey," Marge said. "I'll get cleaned up when you're
finished. I would jump in with you, but I have to shave."

Don went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and stepped
inside. Marge opened the drawer where she kept the box of sex
toys and videos and looked through its contents. She turned on
each of the devices, making sure the batteries were good, and
then returned it to the box.

She decided that she would leave all of the items home and
remind Kim where they were. She figured that with six girls spending the weekend alone, they might want to have a little fun
with one another.

When she heard the shower stop, Marge went into the bathroom
and watched her husband climb out of the shower. She stepped
into the stall, turned on the water, and closed the door. As
she washed her hair, she talked with Don about the things they
were going to see on their trip.

"Do you think we will have time to visit the Statue of Liberty
while we are there Don?" She said as she rinsed the shampoo
from her hair.

"Yes, I want to do that and take a buggy ride through Central

"Do they have a club for that too?"

"No, I don't think so," he said with a chuckle. "I guess we
could start one though."

Marge finished in the shower and opened the door. She took a
towel from the rack and began to dry off. After wrapping
another towel around her wet hair, she went into the bedroom and
selected the lingerie she would wear.

Don came into the room and watched his wife fasten her shear
red bra and pull on a pair of matching bikini panties. He
noticed that he could see her neatly trimmed pubic hair through
the thin material and smiled. Walking up to her, he put his
arms around her waist and rested his hands on her firm bottom.

"You really look sexy in that stuff Marge, I'm not sure I'll be
able to keep my hands to myself today."

Marge laughed and said, "I would hope not, I wear these things
to turn you on."

Don squeezed her butt with both hands and replied, "It's
working. I put the bags in the car while you were getting
ready, I hope you don't need to pack anything else."

"No, I have everything I need for now. I plan on shopping in
New York for some new clothes. When are we going to pick up the

"After the kids get home from school, I want to remind them
about the rules before we go," he replied. "I don't think we
have to worry, but I feel I should talk to them anyway."

Don and Marge went downstairs to wait for their children to get
home from school. They sat in the family room watching
television, reading the paper, and talking about the trip. Don
looked up from the paper he was reading when her heard three
beeps from the television, signaling a weather update. The blue
banner that scrolled across the bottom of the screen said that a
severe storm was forming to the west and could dump as much as
eight inches of snow before morning.

"I hope they don't cancel our flight tomorrow," Don said.

"So do I Don," Marge said. "I'm really looking forward to this
trip. It isn't very often we get to go away without the kids."

As they watched the weather report repeat its self, they heard
Kim and Jack come in through the garage.

"Hi mom and dad," Jack said. "It's already starting to snow
outside. I hope you guys don't have a problem getting to the
airport in the morning."

"We're going to leave this evening and stay at a hotel," Marge
said. "That way we won't have to drive in the morning."

"Are Aunt Anne and Uncle Marc going to go tonight too?" Kim
asked as she slipped her jacket off and folded it over her arm.

"Yes, and Mrs. and Mr. Phillips too," Marge said. "We are all
going to spend the night at the airport tonight."

Kim nodded and went to the closet to hang up her coat. She
picked up her backpack and headed up stairs to change, leaving
her brother with her parents. Jack began to walk towards the
kitchen when his dad called to him.

"Jack," Don said. "I want to remind you about this weekend.
You boys are to stay away from your sister and the rest of the
girls until Sunday. I don't want you to forget that Brad and
Paul are younger and you and Tom need to keep your eye on them
at the hockey game."

"No problem dad, we are going to work on the boat on Saturday
before the game and then just hang out at Tom's house after the

While Don and Jack were talking, the phone rang and Marge
answered it. She talked for a few minutes, hung up, and turned
to her husband.

"That was my brother Don, he said he and Anne were ready
anytime we are," Marge said.

Don finished talking with Jack, went to the bottom of the
stairs and yelled for Kim to come down. Kim bounded down the
stairs, and went into the family room.

"What's up?" Kim asked.

"Your mom and I are going to get going. We wanted to say
goodbye before we left," Don said.

After a few last minute instructions, hugs, and goodbyes, Don
and Marge put their coats on and started to leave. As they were
backing out of the garage, Megan pulled up the driveway in her
bright yellow car. Marge rolled down her window and talked to
her for a moment. She told Megan to park in the garage so her
car would be protected from the snow. When they were finished
talking, Marge rolled up her window and Don continued down the

Megan parked in the garage, turned off her car, and climbed
out. She pulled her small suitcase from the backseat, took her
school clothes off the hook, and closed her car door. Walking
into the house, she pushed the button to close the garage door.

Jack sat in the kitchen eating a sandwich and Kim was back in
her room. Megan placed her bag at the foot of the stairs and
yelled out for Jack and Kim.

"I'm in the kitchen," Jack yelled back.

After hanging her school clothes in the coat closet, Megan went
into the kitchen to see Jack. She walked up behind him, circled
his waist with her arms, and kissed him on the neck.

"Hi lover," she cooed into his ear as she covered his neck with
kisses. "Did you miss me?"

Jack put his sandwich down, turned on the stool, and put his
arms around her. He kissed her lips, pushing his tongue into
her mouth. He let his hands drop and rest on her butt, pulled
her closer and replied, "You bet I did sweetheart."

Megan moved her hands to his neck and began to undo his tie.
When she had the tie undone, she unbuttoned the first few
buttons of his white shirt and kissed him just at the base of
his neck.

Jack kneaded her firm butt cheeks through the material of her
skintight jeans and kissed the top of her head. When he slipped
his hands under her sweatshirt and covered her braless breasts,
she moaned into his chest. He could feel her nipples harden
against the palms of his hands as he made small circles over her
soft mounds.

"If you keep that up I'm going to make you fuck me right here
on the kitchen floor," Megan groaned, moving her hand to his
crotch and massaging the lump his hardening penis formed.

Jack rolled her nipples between his fingers and said, "You
don't have to make me fuck you Megan I'll do it willingly."

The two teens were still embracing each other when Kim walked
into the kitchen.

"Hi Megan," Kim said with a giggle. "I would ask how you're
doing, but I think I already know."

Megan laughed, but made no effort to conceal what was going on
between her and Jack.

"Hi Kim, I'm doing great. How about you?"

Kim sat on a stool next to her brother, turned to face the two,
and pulled Megan's sweatshirt up so she could see her brother's
hands on her breasts
"Not nearly as good as you're doing Megan," Kim giggled. "I
wish Paul was here so I could get my boobs felt up too."

Megan and Jack both laughed at her. Megan stepped back and
removed Jack's hands from under her shirt. She looked into
Kim's eyes, winked, and said, "Okay, we'll behave."

"Oh, you two don't have to stop because of me, I'll just go to
my room and mope," Kim said.

Jack got up from his stool, walked over to his sister and put
his arms around her. "You don't have to go Kim…I don't mind if
you watch us."

Kim and Megan both smacked his arms and began to laugh. Jack
went back to his stool and sat down, Megan sat next to him. The
three of them talked for a few minutes, trying to decide what to
do for the rest of the evening.

"Well," Megan said. "I don't know about you two, but I have
some homework to do. I think I'll get it out of the way so I
have the rest of the night to do what ever I want to."

"Me too," Kim said. "I'm going to go to my room and study
until dinner time."

The two girls got up and left Jack sitting at the counter.
They went to Kim's room and took their books out of their
backpacks. Megan sat on Kim's bed and Kim sat at her desk. The
two girls began to do their schoolwork, but were interrupted
when Jack came into the room.

"I'll be in my room," Jack said. "Whenever you're ready to
eat, let me know."

"We will baby," Megan said.

Jack left Kim's room and went to his own. He took out his
books and began to study, but his thoughts were of what he and
Megan would be doing later.
By the time Don pulled his Suburban into the parking structure
at the airport, the roads were already getting slick and snow
covered. The three men pulled the suitcases out of the back of
the truck and divided the load between themselves and their
wives. The group walked across the parking structure to the
airport hotel and Don went to the front desk to check in.

When he returned with the room key, he led the group to the
elevator and up to the eighth floor. They found the room and
Don inserted the plastic card into the lock. When the door
opened, they all filed into the room.

Glancing around, they noticed the room contained a small round
table with four chairs, two queen-sized beds, and a dresser. On
top of the dresser were a television and a telephone.

"It'll be cozy, but it is all they had left," Don said. "Let's
go get dinner and we can workout the sleeping arrangements later."

The group put their luggage down and left the room to find a
restaurant. Marge asked at the front desk and was directed to a
place that was close to the hotel. The six adults had to wait
for a half an hour to be seated so they sat in the bar. They
all ordered drinks and were nearly finished with them when they
heard Don's name come over the paging system.

They were seated in a corner near a window overlooking the
runways. After ordering another drink and selecting from the
menu, they talked and looked out at the planes arriving and
taking off.

"Do you guys think the kids will be okay while we're gone?"
Dianne asked, speaking to no one in particular.

"They'll be fine," Anne said. "We're only going to be gone for
a few days."

"I just hope the twins leave their sister alone," Bob said.
"Those two can be a handful."

Dianne looked up into her husband's eyes, smiled, and said, "I
hope she leaves the boys alone."

Everyone chuckled at Dianne's remark. Marge and Anne knew what
she was referring to, but Don and Marc were at a loss.

When the server brought the salads to the table, Marc ordered a
couple bottles of red wine. The server left and returned with
the wine and six glasses, placing one in front each of them.
She removed the cork from the bottle and poured a small amount
of the dark red liquid into Marc's glass, waiting for his
approval before filling the rest of the glasses.

Marc, acting like he knew what he was doing, smelled the
contents of the glass and took some of the wine into his mouth.
After a moment, he nodded his head and the server poured an
equal amount into each glass, starting with the women and
finishing with Marc.

Raising his glass, Marc said, "To great friends and a wonderful

Everyone voiced their approval of the toast and drank from
their glasses. The server brought their dinners, with the help
of a busboy, and placed the food on the table in front each of
them. After asking if they needed anything else, she left them
to enjoy their meals.

For the next thirty minutes, the six of them ate, drank wine,
and talked about the upcoming trip. Each of them made
suggestions of things they wanted to see and do while they were
in New York. When they were finished eating, Marc topped off
everyone's wine glass with the remainder of the bottle.

Marge, feeling the glow from the wine, raised her glass and
leaned into the table. "To hard cocks and wet pussies," she
giggled. "May there be an abundance of both."

The group broke out in loud laughter as they tried to drink
from their glasses. After regaining some of their composure,
Anne lifted her glass.

"To limp dicks and sore pussies," Anne slurred.

"To the fun of getting there," Dianne added.

By now the group was roaring with laughter. Several people in
the restaurant stared at their table, wondering what was going
on. After settling down, Marc signaled for the server and
ordered another bottle of wine.

When the third bottle was empty, Don paid the check and they
left. In the hallway outside the restaurant, Don handed the
card to the room to his wife and told her that he and the other
men were going to try to find a liquor store.

"You girls go up and figure out how we're going to sleep six
people in two beds, and we'll go and find a bottle of brandy for
a nightcap," Don said.

The women agreed and began to walk away. "Hey," Don yelled.
"What room are we in?"

"Eight fifty two," Marge yelled back at her husband. "Don't
get lost!"

The three women went to the elevator and up to the room. They
sat on the beds facing each other, Marge across from Anne and
Dianne. After several moments of silence, Anne finally spoke up.

"Okay girls, how are we going to do this? The beds are big
enough for three people each so one of us can't sleep with our

Dianne grinned and said, "Well, maybe none of us should sleep
with our husbands. That seems like the only fair thing to do."

"What do you have in mind Dianne?" Anne asked.

"I'm not sure how to work it out, I guess you and Marge could
sleep with Bob, or Anne and I could sleep with Don, or Marge and
I could sleep with Marc," Dianne replied.

"It all sounds good to me," Marge said. "Why don't I sleep
with Marc and Bob and you two with Don…after all, we can always
switch later if we want to."

"Okay then, it's settled," Anne said.

Marge went to the door and opened it after hearing a knock.
The three men walked into the room, Don carrying a paper bag.
He reached into the bag and pulled out a bottle of brandy, six
plastic cups, and placed them on the table. After twisting the
cap off the bottle, he poured equal amounts of the amber liquor
into the cups.

"Did you girls figure out how we are going to sleep?" Don
asked as he passed out the drinks.

"Yup," Anne said. "You guys are going to sleep in one bed and
the girls in the other."

All three of the men looked at their wives and shook their
heads. When they saw the women begin to giggle, they knew Anne
was just pulling their legs.

"It's a surprise," Dianne said. "We'll tell you guys later."

Bob turned on the television and surfed the channels for
something to watch. The hotel had several movie stations and
Bob stopped at one with a movie that was just beginning. The
three couples sat on the beds and watched the movie, drinking
their brandy. After an hour, Don stood up and removed his shirt.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I need to get
comfortable," he said as he unfastened his belt and opened his

Everyone agreed, and within minutes they were all down to their
underwear. They all glanced around nervously until Marge
reached behind her back and released the clasp of her bra. She
removed the garment and then rolled her panties down her legs.

The rest of the group removed the remainder of their clothing
and stood naked. Marge turned down the covers of one of the
beds and climbed into it. When Anne and Dianne grabbed Don by
the arms and pulled him to the other bed, Marc and Bob climbed
in next to Marge.

Dianne turned off the light above the beds, leaving the
television the only source of illumination. She propped her
pillow against the headboard and leaned back. Don pulled the
only other pillow out from under his sister's head and sat up
next to Dianne.

"This sucks," Anne protested. "I don't have a pillow."

Don put his arm around Anne's shoulders and pulled her close to
him. He pushed her head down to his chest and stroked her hair.

"You can use me for a pillow," Don said.

Anne relaxed against her brother's chest and watched the movie.
She stretched across his and Dianne's bodies and took her drink
from the nightstand. Still over the top of her two bedmates,
she put the plastic cup to her lips and emptied the contents in
one gulp. When she reached for the bottle to refill her glass,
her breast brushed Dianne's face.

As Anne poured more brandy into her cup, Dianne extended her
tongue and flicked it at her nipple. Anne wiggled around and
pressed her soft flesh into Dianne's mouth, moaning as she
sucked the nipple between her teeth and bit down firmly, but

Anne took a drink of her brandy, holding the liquid in her
mouth. She pulled back, pressed her lips to Dianne's and the
two women passed the warm brandy back and forth between their
mouths. Seeing the two women kissing one another, Don slid from
under Anne and watched.

From the other bed, Bob and Marc watched their wives. Marge
also watched and took both of their penises into her hands. She
massaged the two flaccid members, feeling them grow in her hand.
Once both of the men were erect, Marge began to pump her fist up
and down their shafts slowly.

When Bob bent over, took one of Marge's nipples between his
lips, and began to suck on it, she removed her hand from his
penis and pulled his head up. She returned her hand to his hard-
on and resumed her stroking.

"Let's just watch them for a few minutes," Marge said.

Bob nodded, looked back over to the other bed, and watched his
wife and Anne making out. Anne got up on all fours and licked
her way down to Dianne's breasts. She took first one nipple and
then the other into her mouth and sucked on them. Anne moved
one of her hands between Dianne's legs and moved her fingers in
a small circle over her vulva.

Don flipped over onto his back and put his head between Anne's
legs. He reached up, placed his hands on her hips, and pulled
her sex to his mouth. Anne groaned as she felt her brother's
tongue pressing at her opening and she spread her legs. Don's
tongue darted out and flicked between her clit and opening as
Anne kissed and licked her way down to Dianne's mons.

Twisting around on the bed, Dianne moved so Anne could lick her
crotch and she could reach Don's penis. She wrapped her hand
around his rigid shaft and began to jack him off as Anne probed
her labia with her tongue.

Marge, Bob, and Marc had moved so they were sitting on the edge
of the bed, watching the threesome going at it. Marge sat
between the two men and continued to fondle them as she stared
at her husband.

Anne pulled her face out from between Dianne's legs, slid down
her brother's body, and lowered her vagina onto his penis.
Dianne held him at Anne's opening until she felt the woman's sex
hit her hand. She pulled her hand out from between them, threw
her leg over his head, and lowered herself onto his mouth.
Dianne and Anne sat motionless atop Don, looking into each
other's eyes. Anne leaned forward, put her hand behind Dianne's
head, and pulled their mouths together.

As the two women kissed above him, Don lifted his hips up off
the bed and began to move his hard penis in and out of his
sister's vagina. His tongue pushed into Dianne's heated slit,
pushing her clit against his upper teeth. Dianne moaned into
Anne's mouth and then pulled her head back. She reached out for
Anne's breasts and gripped them as she ground her sex against
the probing tongue beneath her.

Anne moved her hands behind her, placed them on Don's thighs,
and used her legs to raise and lower herself on his throbbing
member. Dianne stared between Anne's legs and watched as her
friend's labia flexed around Don's penis. She could see his
shaft glisten in the dim light cast from the television, Anne's
juices coating him. Lowering one of her hands from her breast to her crotch, Dianne rubbed Anne's clit and felt Don's shaft
against her fingertips.

"I want to fuck him too," Dianne groaned out loud. "Please
trade places with me so I can feel his cock in my pussy."

Anne smiled and pulled off her brother's penis. Dianne
immediately fell forward and took his slick member into her
mouth, sucking the juices from Anne's vagina from him.

"Get off your back Don," Dianne said. "I want you on top of me
when you fuck me."

Don sat up and Dianne stretched out on the bed. He moved
between her spread legs, grabbed her butt, and pulled her up to
him. Scooting forward, Don slid his penis into her slit and
wiggled his pubic hair against her crotch.

"What about me?" Anne asked as her fingers danced between her

"Sit on my face and I'll suck your pussy Anne," Dianne grunted
as Don pulled out of her slowly and them shoved his tool back
into her.

Facing away from Don, Anne covered Dianne's mouth with her
crotch. She arched her back and leaned her head back against
her brother's shoulder, searching for his mouth with hers. Don
kissed her, grabbed one of her breasts, and massaged her as he
pounded into Dianne's vagina. Dianne reached over Anne's legs
and used her fingers to pull her vaginal lips open and the hood
that covered her clit back.

Flicking her tongue against her exposed clitoris, Dianne felt
Anne's juices flow out of her opening and onto her chin. Anne
entwined her fingers in Dianne's hair and pulled her head tight
to her sex.

"I'm going to cum!" Anne yelled out loud as her brother pulled
at her nipple and Dianne assaulted her crotch with her mouth.
"I'm fucking cumming."

Dianne could taste the sweet fluids that leaked from Anne's
vagina and feel the heat of her crotch. Anne grabbed her free
breast and mauled it as her vagina contracted and her tummy
quivered. Her climax built slowly and she ground her sex into
Dianne's face. Finally, Anne rolled onto her side and watched
as Don slammed his penis into the woman beneath him. He reached
down, grabbed Dianne behind the knees, and pushed her legs open
as far as they would go. He held her up off the mattress and
pounded his thick penis into her vagina as she twisted her head
from side to side.

The room was quiet except for the sound of Dianne's continuous
moaning and Don's testicles slapping against her bottom. Sweat
dripped from Don's forehead onto her stomach as he rammed his
penis in and out of her. Anne finally regained enough composure
to roll onto her side and put her fingers between Dianne's wide
spread legs.

Anne's fingers were a blur as they moved over the panting
woman's clitoris. She moaned and looked first into Anne's face
and then into Dons. Turning her head to the side, Dianne could
see her husband watching from the other bed, his mouth open, and
his penis in Marge's hand.

Smiling at Bob, Dianne turned her head back to look down and
watch Don's hips thrusting against her. She felt her stomach
tighten, and knew she was close to her orgasm.

"Oh fuck!" Dianne groaned. "Fuck me harder Don, pound me!"

Don felt Dianne's vagina grip him and quiver as she climaxed.
He kept up his rapid pace as she yelled and groaned below him.
The combination of Don's penis thrusting in her vagina and
Anne's fingers rapidly rubbing her clit was more than Dianne
could stand. She closed her eyes tightly and tilted her head
back as her body convulsed.

When her orgasm began to subside, Dianne pulled her legs back,
put her feet against Don's chest, and pushed him away. Anne
knew her clit would be very sensitive so she removed her hand.
Dianne finally began to come down from her intense climax and
looked down at Don as he knelt between her legs.

"You're still hard!" Dianne stated as she stared at Don's
still erect member. "What does it take to make your cock cum?
I can't take anymore…not right now."

"Well I can," Anne said. "I'll bet I can make that thing shoot
its load. Don has always been a sucker for a good blowjob."

"You're right about that sis," Don said with a grin. "Get over
here and stuff my dick into your mouth."

Don stroked his shaft as Anne walked on her knees over to him.
She pushed him onto his back and lowered her mouth over his
rigid member, not stopping until her nose was buried in his
pubic hair. She groaned and felt her throat vibrate around his
penis as he thrust his hips up.

Slowly pulling her head up, Anne kept her lips clamped around
Don's shaft. She pulled off him, wrapped her hand around him,
and began to pump her fist over his tool.

"You like my hand or my mouth on your dick Don?" Anne asked him.

"I like both! Your mouth is good, but so is you hand. I like
it even better when you suck on my cock and jack me off at the
same time."

Anne put her mouth over the bulbous head and closed her lips
around him. Dianne watched her friend's hand glide over the
shaft that wasn't in her mouth and her cheeks cave in as she
sucked him. Moving behind Anne, Dianne pushed two fingers into
her vagina and worked them around. When Dianne put her thumb
against Anne's anus and pushed it past the tight ring of muscle,
Anne moved her hand away from Don's penis and engulfed his
entire length.

As Dianne wiggled her fingers in Anne's vagina and her thumb in
her bottom, Anne moaned around her brother's penis. She felt
him begin to swell in her throat and knew she would soon taste
his semen. Pulling back, so his velvety head was against her
tongue, Anne stroked him and wiggled her butt against Dianne's

Don felt his testicles begin to tighten and he groaned.

"I'm almost there Anne, keep sucking my cock," Don said.

Anne increased the speed of her hand and the suction of her
mouth. Dianne pulled her thumb out of her anus and replaced it
with two fingers, driving them deep into her anus. Anne pushed
back against Dianne's hand and screamed around her brother's

The first strong surge of semen ripped through Don's member and
splattered against the back of Anne's mouth. She swallowed the
first load and felt the next coat the inside of her mouth.
Dianne was using her other hand to rub Anne's clitoris as she
pumped her fingers in and out of her tight bottom.

Don sent several more jets of his cum into his sister's mouth
before the pulsing began to diminish and the jets turned to a
dribble. Anne kept her lips fastened around his penis as her
own orgasm coursed through her body. When the siblings were
finished, they all collapsed onto the bed. Anne let out a sharp
yelp as Dianne pulled her fingers out of her anus and then

Don, Anne, and Dianne heard clapping and cheers coming from the
next bed. Don pulled himself up onto his knees, faced his wife,
the two men, and took a bow. Anne and Dianne stood on the floor
between the beds and curtsied as the group on the other bed
yelled 'bravo, bravo.'

After they were finished taking their bows, the girls picked up
their cups and drank from them. Anne had to pour a little more
brandy into hers, having drained it earlier. Dianne placed her
cup on the nightstand and went into the bathroom to wash her
hands. Anne sat on the bed and leaned back against Don, pulling
his arm over her chest.

"That was pretty good," Marge said as she stood up and turned
towards the bed. She moved into the center and grabbed Marc and
Bob by the shoulders, pulling them back. "Now it's our turn.
I'm going to fuck you two until you can't walk."

Dianne came out of the bathroom, joined Don and Anne on the bed
and watched to see what was going to happen next. Moving close
to Don, Dianne pulled his other arm around her and to her
breast. She reached down and picked up his flaccid penis,
cradling it in her hand.

Marge hovered over Marc as he lay on his back. She took his
penis into her mouth and began to suck on him as Bob ran his
hands over her butt. He pushed his finger into her wet vagina and moved it slowly as she bobbed her head on her brother's tool.

Bob knelt behind Marge and shoved his penis into her. He held
her hips and began to thrust, forcing more of Marc's member into
her throat. Pulling her sucking mouth off Marc's penis, Marge
threw her head back and enjoyed the feeling of being filled by

"Get on your knees and fuck my face," Marge said to her
brother. "Shove that big cock down my throat like you did when
we were kids."

Marc got onto his knees in front of Marge and used his hand to
point his penis at her mouth. When she opened wide, Marc moved
forward, slid his member across her tongue and into her throat.
Holding her mouth open wide, the only contact on Marc's penis
was her tongue and the tight ring of muscle at the opening of
her throat. As he pushed in and out of her, she could feel the
ridge formed by the head of his penis, snap back and forth in
her throat.

Bob slipped his hands under Marge and gripped her dangling
breasts. He used them for leverage as he continued to thrust
into her gripping vagina. The sight of Marc's penis gliding in
and out of Marge's open mouth and her vaginal muscles gripping
his penis brought Bob close to his climax. Not wanting to cum too soon, he pulled out of her and put his mouth against her sex.

Marge groaned around Marc's penis as Bob shoved his tongue into
her from behind. When he moved from her labia to her anus and
probed her with his tongue, she pushed back. The movement
caused Marc's penis to become dislodged from her mouth and he
sat back on his heels.

"Fuck my pussy Marc," Marge said, her eyes wide open and
glazed. "I want your cock in my cunt and Bob's in my mouth."

Marge flipped onto her back and scooted down towards the foot
of the bed. Marc moved between her legs and pushed his penis
into her vagina, forcing the air out of her lungs. Bob moved
around and straddled her head. He pushed his hard penis down
and into Marge's mouth as Marc began to pick up the speed of his

For several minutes the three of them engaged in their heated
sex. Marc drove his penis into her vagina and Bob drove his
into her mouth. Marge reached over her head and gently grabbed
Bob's swaying balls. She rolled the orbs in the palm of her
hand and used them to push Bob back and out of her mouth.

"Your cock tastes good Bob, but I want to suck your balls,"
Marge said.

She pulled down on his scrotum and took one of his hair-covered
testicles into her mouth. Bob groaned as she moved the orb
around the inside of her mouth with her tongue. She looked up
and saw Bob's eyes were closed, his head tilted back. With her
free hand, she reached for the back of Marc's head and pulled
him down.

Marc's face was only inches from Bob's waving penis. Marge
continued to bathe his testicle with her mouth as she hooked her
fingers over the top of his throbbing shaft. Pressing Bob's
penis down, she pulled her brother's head closer. Marc grinned
and opened his mouth as his sister guided Bob's penis into his
mouth. When Marc closed his lips around his shaft, Bob's eyes
sprang open and he looked down.

Feeling his stomach roll over at the sight of his penis in
another man's mouth, Bob tried to pull back. Marge increased
the grip her mouth had on his ball and used her hand to pull him
closer to Marc.

Dianne stared open mouthed as she watched her husband perform
oral sex on another man. When she began to protest, Don pulled
her closer.

"Just watch," Don whispered into her ear. "Marc is one great
cock sucker. I'll bet that Bob gets into it before this is over."

Dianne watched as the expression on her husband's face turned
from shock to lust. She saw him put his hands on Marc's head
and begin to thrust into his mouth. When she saw Bob's penis
completely in Marc's mouth and his pubic hair against his nose,
she relaxed and felt her vagina come alive. She moved her hand
between her legs and rubbed herself as she stared at the other
bed and the activities going on there.

The feeling of Bob's penis in his mouth and on his tongue
caused Marc to stop thrusting into Marge and concentrate on Bob.
When Marge felt the penis in her vagina stop, she squirmed out
from under her brother and knelt next to the two men. She
covered Bob's mouth with hers and kissed him deeply. Pulling
back she whispered into his ear and waited for a response.

When Marge saw Bob nod his head, she separated the two men.
She pushed her brother onto his back and positioned Bob over his
head. Marc glanced at Marge and winked at her. He took Bob's
penis into his hand and stroked it, pulling it into his waiting
mouth. Marge took marc's member in her hand and moved up and
down on it. With her other hand, she rubbed the back of Bob's
head and applied a little pressure.

Bob leaned forward and got closer to Marc's penis. Marge
continued to stroke her brother and guide Bob's head down. When
Bob extended his tongue and touched Marc's helmet, Marc
increased his suction.

"Just open your mouth and let it in Bob," Marge said softly.

Closing his eyes, Bob parted his lips and allowed the head of
Marc's penis to enter. Marge rubbed the back of his head,
stroked Marc, and whispered instructions. When the head of
Marc's penis disappeared into Bob's mouth and he closed his lips
around it, Marge removed her hand. She sat back on her heals
and watched as Bob became accustom to the feeling of another
man's penis in his mouth and began to relax.

"Don't try to take too much," Marge whispered as she fingered
herself. "If you start to gag, just stop until the feeling goes
away. Suck on Marc's cock Bob, do the same thing he's doing to

Marc forced himself to remain still as Bob took a little more
of his penis into his mouth. When Bob had several inches inside
his mouth, Marc groaned. Feeling a little more confident, Bob
lowered his head onto the strange object between his lips. When
Marc's bulbous head touched the back of Bob's mouth, he gagged
and pulled off him.

Marge leaned forward, covered Marc's penis with her mouth and
lowered her head. She let him slip into her throat and then
removed her mouth.

"Next time Dianne sucks your big dick you'll know how much she
loves you. It takes a lot of practice to be able to do it
right," Marge said as she held Marc's penis.

Bob nodded and took Marc into his mouth again, lowering his
head until he felt it at the opening of his throat. This time
when he gagged, he didn't pull away. He relaxed until the
feeling subsided and began to move his lips up and down the shaft.

"Isn't it a turn on to watch your husband suck Marc's cock?"
Anne asked Dianne.

Dianne just nodded never removing her eyes for the two men in
the next bed.

After several minutes, Marge gently lifted Bob's head from her
brother's penis. She replaced his mouth with hers and began to
bounce her head over him as Bob watched. Coming up and looking
at Bob she smiled and glanced at her brother's head.

"Okay Marc, that's enough. I need a cock in my pussy now,"
Marge said as she pulled Bob off him. "Which one of you studs
is going to fuck me first?"

Bob looked over at his wife and then back at Marge's naked
body. He pushed her back on the bed, moved between her legs,
and sank his penis into her vagina. Marge worked her legs under
Bob's and between them she hooked her feet against his calves
and pushed his legs apart.

As Bob shoved his penis in and out of Marge, Marc quietly moved
behind them. Placing his hands on Bob's hips he scooted closer
to their coupled crotches. Marge noticed her brother's position
and planted her feet on the bed. She pushed up and Bob had to
get onto his knees to maintain his connection.

"Pull your dick out and let me have a little pussy," Marc said
to Bob.

Bob looked over his shoulder and grinned back at Marc. He
pulled his penis out of her and felt Marc move into her,
sandwiching him between their sweaty bodies. Marc moved his
member in and out to her vagina and then pulled back.

"Okay, your turn," he said to Bob. "Fuck her good."

Bob stuffed Marge's vagina with his throbbing penis and began
to pump into her. Marge lifted her body to meet his thrusts,
hearing their bellies slap together.

"You two look good like that," Marc said.

"Why don't you join us Marc," Marge grunted. "I'm sure you can
find some place to put that cock of yours."

Marc chuckled and moved back in between Bob and Marge's legs he
fisted his slippery penis, feeling the juice from his sister's
vagina. Moving closer, Marc put the tip of his penis between
Bob's butt cheeks and pressed forward. When he felt the blunt
object at his anus, he glanced back at Marc.

Bob didn't quite know what to do. He had already had Marc's
penis in his mouth and found that it wasn't as bad as he always
imagined it would be. He thought for a moment and then pushed
back slightly, feeling Marc stretch his virgin anus. Marge held
her breath, knowing what her brother was doing behind Bob. When
she felt him push deep into her, she was sure that Marc had put
his penis up his bottom.

Marc sank into Bob's rectum slowly, moving back and fourth.
When his penis was fully implanted in his rectum, Marc began to
move at a steady pace. Bob felt Marc bump his prostrate and felt
a strange sensation in his testicles. He began to move in Marge
again and soon the threesome developed a rhythm.

Bob pulled back and felt Marc slid into him and then he pushed
forward into Marge. The three of them kept up the motion for
several moments, but soon Bob knew he couldn't hold out any

"I'm going to cum," Bob announced.

Suddenly, Marc picked up the pace, driving his penis in and out
of Bob's anus as Bob grunted and shoved in and out of Marge.
Marc was the first to release his seed, sending his semen into
Bob's rectum. When Bob felt Marc's penis swell in him, he also
came, filling Marge's vagina with hot cum.

Marge groaned beneath the two men as they climaxed. She was
close, but she knew they would both be spent before she reached
her orgasm. When the two men collapsed in exhaustion, Marge
tried to wiggle out from under them. Marc pulled his penis out
of Bob's butt and Bob pulled out of Marge. When Bob rolled onto
his side next to Marge, Marc covered her vulva with his mouth
and her breasts with his hands.

Groaning loudly, Marge hooked her legs over her brother's
shoulders and shoved her sex against his mouth. She moved one
of Marc's hands away from her breast and replaced it with one of

"Finger fuck my asshole Marc," Marge cried out as she bounced
her crotch against his mouth.

Marc moved his fingers to her crotch, shoved two of them into
her vagina to make them slick, and then moved them to her
bottom. He pressed first one finger into her tight anus and
then the other. As he pumped her butt with his fingers, he
sucked her clit and probed her vagina with his tongue.

Bob moved his other hand to her breasts and roughly mauled both
of the firm mounds of flesh. Marge groaned and twisted her hips
as the two men brought her back to the brink of her orgasm. She
gripped her brother's fingers with her sphincter muscles as her
vagina began to quiver and contract. She put her hands on top
of Bob's and pressed them into her chest. Her climax ripped
through her body, causing her toes to curl, and her stomach
muscles to spasm.

Marc kept his fingers buried in her rectum and his tongue in
her vagina as she reached the summit of her pleasure. Suddenly,
her entire body went limp and Marc pulled his fingers out and
his mouth away. When her arms flopped out to her sides, Bob
released her breasts and snuggled up next to her.

Marc also moved close to Marge and kissed her.

"Wow, I can't believe what I just saw," Dianne said, shaking
her head. "I've never seen two guys going at it before."

Slowly, the exhausted lovers climbed out of bed and milled
around the room. Don poured the remainder of the brandy into
the cups and tossed the empty bottle into the trash. Marc
turned on a lamp next to the bed and sat down.

Dianne moved next to her husband, put her arm around his waist,
and kissed his cheek.

"Do you want to go and jump in the shower?" Dianne asked Bob.
"You may want to wash up after that."

Bob nodded and headed for the bathroom, pulling Dianne along
with him. When they were in the bathroom, he closed the door
and pulled the shower curtain open. Dianne stood next to Bob as
he twisted the knobs on the wall of the shower and tested the
water with an open hand. Once the temperature was set, he
stepped into the tub and held his hand out to Dianne.

Together they stood under the warm spray, letting the warm
water cascade down their bodies. Dianne picked up a small bar
of soap and pealed the paper wrapper off of it. Rubbing the bar
between her hands, she worked up a lather and began to rub it
over his body. When she was finished with his upper torso, she
knelt and started to wash his penis.

"What was it like?" She asked as she lifted his flaccid member
and soaped his testicles.

"What was what like?"

What was it like to have another man's cock in your mouth and
up your ass? What was it like to have Marc sucking on you?"

Dianne leaned to the side and allowed the water to hit Bob's
chest. She pushed him back slightly and rinsed his gentiles as
he nervously shifted his weight from foot to foot.

"It shocked me when Marc put my dick in his mouth and sucked on
me," he said. "I didn't know what to do or how to react. After
several minutes though, it began to turn me on."

Dianne continued to fondle his penis and looked up into his
eyes. "What about when you had Marc's cock in your mouth, did
that turn you on too?"

Bob stared at his wife and nodded yes. She took his penis into
her mouth and pulled his entire length in. Bob groaned as she
pushed the soft flesh around the inside of her warm mouth with
her tongue and began to apply suction. Slowly, she moved her
head back and released his from her lips.

"I hope it still turns you on when I suck your cock Bob," she
said as she fisted his shaft. "I can't fuck your ass like Marc
did, but I can still blow you…and you can fuck my asshole if you
want to."

Bob chuckled and pulled Dianne to her feet. He put his arms
around her waist and pulled her tight to him.

"Fooling around with another guy isn't something I want to do
all the time honey, I was just caught up in the heat of the
moment. I would much rather have my cock in your mouth…and up
your ass."

"That's good," she giggled. "I don't want to have to worry
while you're out playing golf."

Bob slapped her wet bottom and began to laugh. "I don't think
you have anything to worry about, I still like pussy better."

Dianne stopped laughing, stepped back, and wrapped her fingers
around his penis. She stroked him and felt him begin to become
hard again.

"Do you think you would do something with a guy again if I was
the woman next time?"

"Would it turn you on?"

"Yes, it really got me hot watching…I can only imagine what it
would be like to be part of it."

Bob turned Dianne around and rubbed his penis between her
cheeks. He reached around her, put his hand between her legs,
and cupped her sex. As he rubbed her crotch and slipped his
finger into her vagina, he used his other hand to bend her
forward. She reached between her legs and guided him into her

"That feels so nice," she moaned as he sank his penis into her.
"Your cock feels great in my pussy."

Dianne placed her hands on the wall of the shower and pushed
back as Bob began to slide his member in and out of her vagina.
Just as they developed a rhythm, Marge pulled the shower curtain

"All right you two, no fair!" she said.

"What do you mean Marge, we're just having a little fun,"
Dianne replied.

Marge laughed and yelled out the bathroom door. "Hey you guys,
Bob and Dianne are fucking in the shower."

The rest of the group filed into the bathroom and watched as
Bob made love to Dianne from behind. After several minutes, Bob
lost his erection and pulled away from his wife.

"You guys really know how to mess up a good fuck," Bob said.
"Give us a minute and we'll be out."

The rest of the group began to laugh. Don said, "Take your
time, but save some hot water. The rest of us need to shower

Dianne dropped to her knees, took Bob's penis into her hand,
and said, "Okay, just as soon as I have this thing clean." She
leaned forward, took him into her mouth, and began to suck him
noisily. Dianne pulled his entire flaccid member into her mouth
and then let it slid out slowly.

Bob and his wife finished their shower and the rest of the
couples went back into the bedroom. When Dianne and Bob came
back into the bedroom, Marge and Anne went to shower.

Once everyone was cleaned up, the women each called home to be
sure their children were okay. When the phone calls were
finished, they all climbed into the two beds. Don turned off
the lights and television.

"Goodnight all," Don said. "We have to get up and get going
early tomorrow."

"Goodnight honey," Marge called from the other bed.


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