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The Lottery Part 6


"The Lottery" - Part 6 (MF, FF, ff, oral, con, inc,

Kim awoke, got up, and went to the window. As she
looked outside she noticed that it was already dark.
She went downstairs to find the rest of the two
families watching tv in the den.

"Well hello sleepy head," her mother said. "Did you
have a nice nap? How are you feeling?"

"Much better," Kim said, "The pill made the cramps go

Kim sat on the floor near her brother to watch TV,
when she did Jack got up and went into the kitchen.
Kim looked at her brother as he walked away, thinking
it seemed strange that he left so abruptly. For the
rest of the evening, Jack avoided Kim.

That night Sally's period started. Her mother gave
her one of the little white pills that the doctor had
prescribed. At about ten, Kim and Sally went up to

The next few days were uneventful for the girls.
They would watch tv or go for walks on the beach.
During one of the walks, Sally asked Kim what was
bothering her.

"It seems like Jack is avoiding me," Kim told her
cousin. "When ever I get near him he moves away. I
wonder if it is because of the night on the balcony?"

"I don't know," Sally said. "But now that you
mention it, Tom has been acting a little strange too."
The two teens continued to walk along the beach

Sally finally confronted Kim about what had happened
between her and Jack.

"Kim" Sally said as she stopped and faced Kim. "What
was it like?"

Kim replied, "What was what like?"

"What was it like to have Jack in your mouth and
taste his cum?"

Kim smiled, "It was ok Sally. It choked me and I
felt like I was going to throw up when he tried to put
too much in. Our mom's made it look so easy, that
night we saw them on the beach, but I just couldn't do

"How about the taste? What was that like?"

Kim thought for a moment, then told her, "It was a
little salty and bitter, but kind of sweet too. It's
sticky like hand cream."

"Um How about when he ate you?" Sally looked deep
into Kim's eyes as she asked. Thinking that maybe Kim
wouldn't want to do things with her anymore.

"Well," Kim responded seeing the look of concern on
her cousin and lovers face. "It was very exciting,
and it made me cum so hard I thought I would faint.
But, it was not as nice and loving as when we do it."

Sally sighed in relief, being reassured that she and
Kim would still be lovers.

The two girls walked back to the house and found
their mom's sitting on the porch. They sat down in
the glider near them.

"How are you two feeling?" Kim's mom asked.

"Great," Kim told her. "I am all done for another

Sally added, "Me too, thank God."

"Girls," Anne started. "We have something to talk to
you about. The doctor has recommended that you girls take another medication for the cramping."

The two women explained the things that the doctor
had told them about the hormone imbalance and the
effect it has on them. While Marge was continuing
with the explanation, Anne went into the house and
retrieved the birth control pills.

The two teens indicated that they understood and they
would take the medication. Anne returned and handed
each girl a small round plastic container. Their
mothers explained that they were to take one tablet a
day, starting today. The girls opened the lid on
their respective package and observed the circular row
of small pills. Each day of the week was labeled on
the container. Their mothers showed them how to
remove the correct pill and follow the days. Kim and
Sally each pressed a pill into their hand and
swallowed it.

The girls left and went back to their room. Sally
said to Kim, "Do you know what these are?"

"Yes," Kim replied, "They are pills to help with our

Sally picked up a copy of Cosmo, and thumbed through
the pages until she found the advertisement she was
looking for.

"Look," she told her cousin, pointing to the page in
the magazine.

Kim stared at the book with a dumbfounded look.

"They are birth control pills!" she exclaimed, "Why
is the doctor and our mothers making us take these?"

"I don't know," Kim replied, "But I am going to find

The two teens charged downstairs and went out on the
porch, each holding the small packages their mothers
had given them.

"What are these for?" Sally demanded.

"We told you," her mother replied, "They are to help
regulate your period."

"BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!" Kim shouted at her mother,
"We aren't having sex."

Their mothers tried to calm the teens, assuring them
that they knew they were both still virgin. They
explained that the doctor had said it was this or the
shots every two weeks. The four women sat and talked
for a little longer. Finally the girls accepted their
mother's explanation and returned to their room.

That evening the families planned to go in to town
for a festival that was being held on the board walk.
The girls dressed in jeans and tee shirts. They met
the rest of the group down stairs and everyone got
into the cars for the short trip to town.

At the festival, they went to the food tent and had
dinner. The four teens and the adults split up and
wandered around the art displays.

"Are you guys going fishing tomorrow morning?" Kim

Jack said that he and Tom were going to go.

"Can we go too?"

"I guess so," Jack replied half heartily.

The teens walked down the boardwalk to a bench away
from the crowd.

Kim turned to Jack and asked, "What is bothering you
two guys? You haven't said very much to Sally and I
for the past week."

Jack looked at his sister and turned his eyes to his
feet. "It's that stuff that happened on the boat and

Kim snapped at Jack, "Did you tell Tom about that?"

"It was bothering me," Jack replied, "I had to talk
to someone."

Jack and Tom went on, telling the young girls how
ashamed they were for doing such a thing with their

"Do you know what that is?" Tom said to the two
girls, "It's incest!"

"We know," said Sally, "But we thought you guys liked
us and wanted to see us, among other things."

The boys continued telling the girls that it was
wrong, no matter how bad they wanted to do the things
the two fourteens were alluding to. Jack and Tom
tried to change the subject.

Finally, in frustration, Kim blurted out, "Well it
doesn't seem to bother our parents!"

"What did you say?" Tom asked.

The girls told their brothers about the night on the
beach and what they had observed. The two boys told
them they were crazy and just making it up, then got
up and walked away.

"Why did you tell them?" Sally asked her cousin.

"I don't know why," Kim responded, "I was just mad
and I guess a little disappointed that they didn't
want to do anything with us."

Sally told Kim that she understood and added, "Maybe
we will just have to find some boys that are
interested." The two girls laughed and went to find
their parents.

The girls located their parents in the beer tent.
They tried to go in but were turned away because of
their young age. Sally yelled to her dad, who came
over to talk with them. The girls asked how long they
planed on staying.

"Not long," Marc replied, "we'll be going home soon."

The girls walked in to the business district and
window-shopped the small shops. They came to the
little boutique that they had bought the short outfits
in. Kim pulled Sally into the store and the two teens
walked back to the beaded doorway. They went into the
small room and looked at all of the adult items.

Sally asked Kim, "Do you think they would sell any of
this stuff to us?"

Kim smiled and said, "There is only one way to find

Kim picked up a purple dildo about six inches long
and Sally selected a pink vibrator slightly bigger.
The girls nervously went to the cash register and
presented the items.

The girl behind the counter was about eighteen. She
punched the buttons on the machine and smiled at the
two fourteen year old girls. She reached under the
counter and produced a package of batteries, and said,
"You'll need these." She placed the items into a
small bag and handed it to Kim. The two girls turned
for the door when they heard the sales person say,
"Have fun girls!"

Kim and Sally left the store, both sporting red faces. They giggled as they walked back to the
festival in search of the rest of their family. On
the way, they stopped at the Town Car. Sally punched
the code to open the doors into the small panel on the
door. They two hid their package under the seat,
locked the doors and left.

The girls found their parents and brothers and joined
the group. They walked around for a while longer.
Anne said that she wanted to go back to the beach
house. It was clear that the four adults had been
drinking, although, they did not appear to be drunk.
Just to be on the safe side, Jack and Tom drove home.

It was about 10 o'clock when they got back to the
house. The full moon illuminated the lake and the sky
was full of stars. Don went into the kitchen and
selected a bottle of wine. Marge told the four teens
that they should get to bed if they were going fishing
in the morning. The boys went up to their room, while
the girls snuck around to the car to retrieve their

Once safely in their room, the girls changed into
their sleepwear. Kim put on her red pajamas and Sally
the tee shirt she always wore. They took the items
out to inspect them. Removing the purple dildo from
its box, Kim turned it and looked closely at the
detail. She tried to remember her brother's penis for
comparison. She slid her fingers over the length of
it, noticing the ridge just below the head. She
traced the veins that ran from the base to the head.
She was looking it over when she heard a buzzing that
started softly and steadily increased. She looked
over to her cousin who had installed the batteries in
the vibrator.

"It's adjustable," Sally said as she ran the tip of
the hard plastic object over her hand.

Kim placed the purple penis in her mouth and ran her
tongue around the head. She could remember the
feeling of her brother's hard member, and the gagging
it had caused.

As Sally watched her cousin, she inserted a little
more into her mouth. When she had about half of the
six-inch dildo in her mouth, she felt the familiar
reflex in her throat and stomach.

She quickly removed it and said, "I just don't know
how they do it."

Sally turned off the vibrator and took the dildo from

"Let me try," She told Kim, as she looked at the
thing closely for the first time.

Sally put the head in her mouth and let it rest on
her tongue. Slowly she started to move the fake penis
in and out, each time taking a little more. Soon
Sally had the entire length in her mouth as she moved
her tongue around the sides and head. Kim watched in
awe as her cousin used the dildo the mimic the oral
activities the girls had seen their mothers do.

Kim turned the vibrator on and ran it along the
inside of Sally's thigh, moving it up towards her sex.
Sally spread her legs, giving her cousin access to her
pussy. Kim ran the tip over the crotch of Sally's
blue nylon panties, causing her to moan around the
object in her mouth. Kim pulled the thin band of
material aside, and moved the buzzing unit up and down
between the moist lips of Sally's sex. The tip came
to rest on the hooded button of her clit and Sally
moaned louder, removing the dildo from her mouth.

As her cousin probed her engorged clit, Sally grabbed
her breasts and squeezed them, pulling at her nipples
through the tee shirt that covered her. Sally reached
her climax, humping her hips back at the device and
soaking her already damp panties.

Kim removed the vibrator and watched her teen cousin
lay back and recover from the great pleasure she had
just felt. After Sally had clamed down, Kim asked,
"How can you fit all of it into you mouth?"

Sally told Kim that she felt the gagging start, but
she just relaxed and kept working it deeper. She went
on to tell her that she could feel it go into her

Kim looked at her cousin and said, "Will you help

"Sure," Sally replied, handing the wet purple dildo
back to Kim.

Sally explained how to start slow and keep trying to
take more as she moved it in and out of her mouth.
She went on to say that if she felt herself start to
gag, back it out and relax. As her cousin was talking
Kim started to work the purple dildo in and out of her
mouth, each time she allowed a little more to slip
past her lips. She felt the gagging begin so she
slowed down and tried to let it pass.

Sally took the pink plastic vibrator and turned it
on, placing against Kim's pussy. Kim felt her vagina contract as the vibrations shot through her. Sally
pulled the wide leg of Kim's short pajama bottoms
aside and moved up and down the slit of Kim's sex.
When the device came in contact with her clitoris, Kim
threw her head back and the fake penis slid past the
opening of her throat.

Kim shuddered in her orgasm, and pushed the dildo in
as far as she could. As she moaned, she could feel
her throat vibrate around the object imbedded in it.
Sally moved the vibrator down and began to insert it
into Kim's now dripping cavern. When the buzzing
intruder came in contact with her hymen, Kim removed
the dildo from deep in her mouth and told her cousin
to stop.

"I don't want to lose it that way!" She cried,
"Please don't go any deeper."

Sally, with her hand wrapped around the vibrator to
gage the depth, stroked in and out of her cousin's
virgin hole. Finally, not being able to take any more
Kim grabbed her wrist and pulled the object free.

Kim sat up and laid her head on her cousin's firm
breasts. Sally wrapped her arm around the teen's back
and held her close. "I did it," Kim panted.

"You sure did Kim, you took it all." Kim sat letting
the feeling of accomplishment flow through her, her
cousin stroking her back.

Sally looked at the clock on the small table beside
the bed. "It's 11:30," she announced. "If we want to
go with the guys in the morning, we best get some

Kim agreed and the two girls got into the bed,
pulling the blanket over them. The two kissed gently,
and Sally rolled onto her side, Kim spooning to her
and cupping her breast.

Kim could feel the deep breathing of the warm teen
she held in her arms. She started to drift into her
own sleep when she heard laughter coming from outside.
Moving slowly, so she didn't wake Sally, Kim got out
of bed and went out on the balcony. She peered over
the rail and saw her parents and her aunt and uncle
sitting in the hot tub. They were drinking wine,
talking and laughing. Her dad sat close to her mom,
his arm over her shoulders. The night was still warm
and the moon was high in the sky. She could clearly
see the lake and the gentle waves lapping the beach.

Kim stood there for a while, taking in the beauty of
the night when she heard the four adults get out of
the swirling water of the hot tub. Her mother and
aunt wore two-piece swimsuits; her father and uncle
wore trunks. She watched as the four adults picked up
their wine, a blanket and towels. Her mom took her
dad's hand and they all walked down the hill to the

Kim went into the room and shook Sally, waking her.

"Our parents just went down to the beach," Kim said.
"Want to go and see what happens tonight?"

Sally rubbed her eyes, and said, "Sure"

The two girls left their room and were headed for the
stairs when Kim said, "Wait!" She walked over to the
boys' room and opened the door.

"What are you doing?" Sally whispered.

Kim turned to her, and said, "I want to prove a point."

In their brother's room, Kim went over to the bed her
brother was sleeping in and shook him, quietly calling
his name. Sally went to Tom's bed and did the same.

"What the hell do you want!" Jack exclaimed.

"Just get up and follow us, and keep quiet," Kim told
her brother.

The two boys got up and started to complain. The
girls told them to put something on and come with
them. Tom and Jack pulled sweat pants on over the
boxers they were sleeping in and tee shirts over their
heads. The sleepy boys followed their sisters out the
door and down the stairs.

Once outside, the four teens moved quietly down the
path towards the lake. They could hear their parents laughing and talking near the water. When they were
in a comfortable viewing range, the girls pulled the
boys down to the sandy ground and behind the tall
grass that hid the girls the last time they had spied
on their parents.

The four of them sat and watched as their parents sat
on the blanket, drinking wine. Don sat close to his
wife, as did Marc.

After a few minutes Jack asked his sister softly, "So
what's the big deal?"

"Just be still and wait," She told her brother.

Kim was kneeling close to Jack, her arm against his.
Sally sat Indian style next to Tom. She glanced at
Sally, noticing her tee shirt had rode up, reviling
her thin blue panties.

Marc stood up and said he was going for a swim. Don
also got up from the blanket and agreed that a swim
would feel good. The two men shucked their trunks and
walked naked to the water. As they waded into the
moon lit lake, Marge and Anne stood up. They both
reached behind them and removed the tops of their
swimsuits. Then they pushed the bottoms down and went
into the water to meet their husbands.

Jack and Tom started to say that the things that
their parents were doing was no big deal. Kim and
Sally told them to just sit still and be quite.

The four teens sat and watched their parents frolic
in the lake. Marc and Don started towards the beach,
their wives close behind. When the two men reached
the blanket they laid down, face up, staring at the
stars. Marge and Anne jogged out of the water and
onto the sandy beach.

Jack watched his mother's large breasts bounce up and
down as she made her way to the men. Tom noticed that
both of the women's' nipples were hard and sticking
out into the warm night air. They could see the
baldness of their mom's pubic area. The women's tan
skin glistened in the moonlight, accenting the white
areas that were protected by their swimsuits.

The women walked up to their respective husband and
knelt down, with one leg on either side of their head.
The boys gasped as they saw their mothers lower
themselves down to their dad's faces. They leaned
forward, placing their hands on the ground and began
rocking their crotches on the men's probing tongues.
The four teens could see their mother's breasts sway
back and forth as they worked their sex over the men's
faces. Don and Marc stroked their penises as their
wives sat up and clutched their breasts.

The whole seen appeared to be choreographed, each
member making the same moves. As if on queue, Anne
and Marge moved off of the mouths and, on all fours,
knelt shoulder to hip. Anne was facing the lake and
Marge the hill that lead to the beach house. The
teens crouched lower to avoid being seen and watched
their fathers kneel behind their wives.

Don and Marc guided their hard cocks into the warm
wet pussies that were presented to them. They began
to thrust in and out of their wives. The kids watched
as Don reached under Marge and rubbed her clit in time
to his thrusts. The women pushed back at their
husbands. Again the four observers noticed Marge's
breasts swing in time to the lovemaking.

Kim could feel the heat build between her legs as she
sat back on her heals and stared at the action on he
beach. She moved so one heal was positioned squarely
on her wet sex. She glanced around then pulled the
leg of her short pajama bottom to the side, allowing
skin-to-skin contact. She looked at Sally and noticed
that she had her hand in her panties, digging her
fingers into herself. She looked, briefly, at the two
boys and could clearly see their erections tenting the
material of their sweat pants. Kim returned her eyes
to the beach to see her father remove his swollen
penis from her mother.

The four teens were then taken aback as Don moved to
his side and presented his wet hard cock to his
sister. Marc pulled out and did the same thing to
Marge, gripping it at the base. The bright moon
allowed the kids to see the slippery moisture that
coated the hard objects glistening in the light.

They watched as the men wiped the substance over
their sister's faces and lips. Marge opened her mouth
and Marc pushed the large head past her lips, driving
it deep into her throat. Anne extended her tongue and
licked Don from the tip to his hanging balls. She
moved the orbs with her tongue, and then sucked one
into her mouth. Anne reached over to Marge with one
hand and massaged her hanging breast, pinching and
pulling at her long hard nipples. She released the
wet ball from her mouth and engulfed her brother's
entire erection.

The two men attacked their sister's mouths with the
same vigor they had their wife's pussies, holding the
sides of their heads as they pumped their hard meat
into the willing throats.

Marc was the first to lean back, pulling himself away
from the sucking cavity. He grabbed his pulsing
member and jacked it at his sister's face. Soon thick ropes of cum shot from the end and splattered her
face. Surge after surge of the hot sticky liquid hit
Marge on the nose, the eyes, and lips.

As Marc was finishing, Don's cock began to erupt,
sending the first wave into Anne's mouth. He pulled
away and deposited the remaining semen on her face.

When they were finished, the men leaned back and
watched as Anne and Marge sat up facing each other.
Jack took a deep breath as he watched his mother and
aunt, with cum dripping from their faces onto their
breasts, embrace each other. His mother kissed Anne
deeply, and then the two women started to clean the
other's face and breasts with their tongues.

Having completely eaten the sticky fluid from the
other, the four adults made their way back into the

As they walked to the lake the four teens got up and
quickly moved up the hill to the house. As soon as
they were a safe distance from the beach, Kim turned
to Jack and said, "Now do you believe me?"

Jack and Tom just nodded their heads, not saying a

The boys went into their room as did Kim and Sally.
No one said anything, they all just got into their
beds. Each teen replayed the activity they had
witnessed as they drifted to sleep.


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